Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 5 - Death Dealers - full transcript

McKenzie: Previously on
"Face Off: Battle Royale"...

The artists staff
a spooky hotel.

Matt's ghostly chef
brought him to victory,

but Yvonne and Kelly failed
to impress the judges

and were sent home.

And tonight...

You will each be making
your own version of Death.

- Oh.
- Awesome.

- This could be a person
that had a minor stroke.

- I don't even know
what the hell I'm doing.

- Walt accidentally
tipped that over.

I am pretty upset.

Damn it.

- This is "Face Off:
Battle Royale."

[all cheering]

[exciting music]

? ?

[upbeat music]

- I have a feeling we're
going inside that building.

We're heading
to our next challenge,

and we come across this giant,
old looking house.

- This place looks wicked.
Look at that stone.

- Looks pretty cool.

Maybe something creepy
is inside.

- Oh, wow.

- There's all kinds
of these old portraits

and paintings on the walls.

- Oh, man.

- Then we walk into
this big ballroom

all laid out in marble

with this veiled figure
flipping tarot cards.

Feeling like it might be
a dark challenge,

so I'm pretty excited.

- [raspy voice] Gather around.

Discover what the future holds.

I'm just kidding.

I'm not a real
tarot card reader.

I wish I was though.

- That was great.
- However!

Mysteries of the tarot
are at the heart

of this week's
spotlight challenge.

Now, in the spirit
of our 13th season,

you will each be
making your own version

of the character
on the tarot deck's 13th card...


- Oh.
- Awesome.

- Death is right up
everyone's alley.

Death is the final enemy
we all must face,

so I'm real excited to start
working on this challenge.

- All right, now,
in order to make sure

that your characters
are as diverse as possible,

you'll each be getting a
tarot card reading of your own.

- Ooh.
- That's right.

You must use the cards

from your own readings

as inspiration
for your Death character.

- I'm really excited,

because I can't wait
to hear my fortune.

I think it'll be super cool.

- Now, since you are all making
a Death character,

we have randomly assigned

your battle partners
for the week.

So Walter, you're going up
against Jordan.

- Hmm.
- Come on, man.

- Hard to believe,
but Damien versus Graham again.


Kevon, you're matched up
with Derek.

- All right.

- And that leaves us
with Mel against Matt.

All right, now before I send you
off, just a quick reminder

that there is a huge prize
on the line again

for this week's winner.

The help of an industry expert
in next week's challenge.

- I want to win this one
and could use the help,

but just meeting
the expert alone

would be
such a awesome experience.

- It's time for you guys
to go get your readings.

We have two of Hollywood's
leading tarot card readers

waiting for you in rooms nearby.

So I want you to head on back
there with your battle partner

and see what the future
has in store for you.

Good luck, guys.

- Thanks.
- See you soon.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'm Justine.
- Nice to meet you.

- So I'm just gonna spread
the cards here.

- I'm very curious as to
what she's going to tell us,

and how I could incorporate

my tarot card reading
into a makeup.

- Great.
So, your first card is the Sun.

And this is about
being able to tap into

what makes you happy.

And that second card,
the nine of Cups,

has to do
with being able to look

at what you've accomplished
in your life.

And then your last card
here is the Magician.

That's you, the alchemist,

and you can create anything
that you want to do.

That's the 10 of Cups,
the four of Cups,

and the Judgment card.

Your cards represent being open
to a higher calling

and bringing
in something profitable.

It's actually all very positive.

So you guys are gonna have
to find a way to do Death

with a positive spin on it.

- [exhales]
- [laughs]

- Hi. I'm Angie.
- Hi.

I'm all around very skeptical,

but I enjoy
a good tarot reading.

It's fun,
so we'll see what happens.

- We have the Hierophant,
the Tower,

and the four of Wands reversed.

You're gonna show what you've
learned but also teach others.

So, like, this is
your chance to fly,

but it's gonna be
a little bit scary.

- Okay. That sounds
like most challenges.

- All right, Derek, you ready?

- Yeah.

- So we have the four of Cups

the five of Swords,
and the Hierophant reversed.

So what you're designing,

you're gonna want
to take the easy route.

This is like, "No.
Take the plunge.

You've got this."

- Sounds cool.
- Okay.

Pull three cards.

We have the Justice card

the six of Wands reversed,

and the nine of Swords.

With Justice reversed, there's
something that's not fair.

A six of Wands--it's someone
who's really good at their job,

but when it's reversed,
you've forgotten that.

So the cards
are trying to tell us,

if you think negatively,

that it's gonna go negative,
but you can change things

so that you can find
the positive in it.

- Awesome.

- Oh. We've got the nine
of Swords.

- Whoa.

- The six of Wands reversed.

- Dude.
- And the Judgment card.

- I think we're doomed
to be together forever.

- How would we get
the same two cards?

There's 78 cards in this deck.

That is very weird.

- Judgment is very Karmic.

There will be an ending
that's creating a new beginning.

Like, if you look,
all the angels are raising up,

and he's got this trumpet.

- Battling Damien,
I've lost twice.

Maybe this means
he'll stop beating me.

- This is the change.
Like, get ready for it.

Step up to the plate.

- Yeah, I can dig that.
- Hi, Justine.

- Nice to meet you.
Just pull three cards.

So that's the five of Swords,

the queen of Pentacles,
and the Moon.

Five is money, sex, and power.

The queen of Pentacles is being
free to express who you are,

and the Moon's about balance.

Now, we'll do you next.

- I do feel some presence
in the room,

and I know those cards
are gonna speak directly to me.

- This really represents
the energy of winning.

- Awesome.

- What the [bleep]?

The cards are shamelessly
in Matt's favor.

- It really is having strength
on all levels of your being,

not just, like,
a physical aspect.

Good luck, you guys.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

- I'm either subject
to the whim of the universe,

or it's all [bleep].

We'll find out this week
on "Face Off."

- I really want
my Death character

to embody religion
and spirituality.

I'm not, myself, Catholic,

but the idea of the Pope's
mitre hat seems really cool.

Or the cowl
to represent strength.

I also want a skeletal ribcage

to give a very sinister
look to it.

And a Venetian bauta mask

that you can present
to the judges upon reveal.

- For my makeup, I'm taking

the message of balance
from the Moon card,

and the queen
of Pentacles lesson

about showing my true self.

A big part of the actual
Death card signifies

an ending of one thing
and the start of something new.

And the pain of death comes

from the unwillingness
to accept it.

So I want to create something
that's half-demon

and half-human
to show the transition

between denying
and accepting death.

Matt's design was
going more religious.

Mine's going more demon.

So they'll look cool together,

but they're very different

So my idea
for this Death character

is mainly coming from the
imagery from the cards.

The Justice card
has a crown on it,

and I think it'd be
really cool to combine

that with the nine of Swords

and make a sword helmet
that hides his eyes,

because Justice is blind.

His mouth will be melded shut

and look like these pieces
of membrane-like skin

hanging all over his body.

It's gonna be awesome
to see it come to life.

- Damien and I have designs
with similar elements--

obviously, since we have
two of the same cards.

But he's going terrifying
and monster-y,

whereas I'm going
beautiful and artistic.

There's an angel
on the Judgment card

that I really like,

so I've got
this Angel of Death idea.

She's gonna have
angelic features like wings,

and symmetrical lips,
and a nice nose,

but I'm gonna
fabricate a helmet,

and then I might give her
some sort of sword collar,

because I want the sword
imagery there with the angel.

- All right, guys.
Let's go back to the lab.

- Come on, guys.

- Give me some fun
and some foam.

[rock music]

? ?

- I'm battling Kevon again.

I've battled him
in the first challenge.

It was tough, and I think this
one will be a tough one too.

My cards are the Hierophant,
the five of Swords,

and the four of Cups.

On my Hierophant card,

the character's
wearing this big crown.

I'm gonna put the tips
of the five swords

as the points for the crown.

I'm thinking tips of the swords.

- Yeah, that's good.

- My Death character represents
the Hierophant, the Tower,

and the four of Wands

I want to create a bony, really
angular kind of character

that represents
the four of Wands.

I also want these four spikes
on his shoulders.

So I'm making
a full pull-over torso.

I have a lot of work to do,

but I think
I can get it all done.

- The tarot cards that I get
are the Sun,

which means material wealth,

the nine of Cups means
love and happiness,

and the Magician
actually means trickery,

and he is the guider of souls
to the underworld.

And I come up with, like,
a skeletal character

who has a soft side.

So I think I want to do this
heart thing that's glowing red,

and he's going to have a crown
to represent material wealth.

And to keep it
kind of trickery,

he will have a sinister
look about him.

- So for this challenge,
the three cards

I draw are Judgment,

four of Cups,
and the ten of Cups.

Judgment deals a lot with past
interactions you've had.

Four of Cups
is aspects of the future.

And then the 10 of Cups,

is telling me that all of
my wishes are gonna come true.

So let's hope that's true.

I'm gonna do this

demony-looking guy.

Also, I want to give these
three eye sockets to it.

One to represent the past,
one to represent the present,

and one to represent the future.

I know Walter's
gonna bring his A-game,

and I'm ready
to battle him out at it.

- Hi, everybody.
- Hello.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey, Mr. Westmore.
- Hello.

- What is the concept?

- So I want
to bring spirituality

in the character
by keeping it very elegant.

- I'd maybe try to do
something here the chin

to square this off a little bit.
So it's a--

- More pronounced?
- Skeleton peeking through.

Not exoskeleton,

but the skin stretched tight
over the chin underneath.

- I like that.

- I am focusing
a lot on the moon,

because the moon shares
some similar themes with death

in that it symbolizes
rebirth and balance.

I want to have rocks
coming out of his skin,

and turn into a sort of,
like, magma-ey feel.

- From just looking at it--
just first impression,

this could be a person

that maybe had a minor stroke.

- I want it to look
somewhat demony, somewhat scary,

and Mr. Westmore says

it just looks like
a human who's had a stroke.

This is not a good feeling.

I mean, Matt's got
a lot going on,

and I don't even know
what the hell I'm doing.

If I lose my battle,
then I'm definitely going home.

- This could be a person
in a movie

that maybe had a minor stroke.

- I want it to look somewhat
demony, somewhat scary,

but it really--it just looks
like a human who's had a stroke.

- I think you can possibly even
over-exaggerate it a little bit.

You've taken your real mouth
right to there.

You come all the way over here,

before you do this--just
this little turn-down.

- Mr. Westmore
gives me advice

about making
more dramatic downturns

and more dramatic anatomy,

so that it doesn't
just look like a human.

I think this is really
gonna elevate my makeup.

This is actually very helpful.

- Good.
- Thank you.

- Good luck.
Looking forward to it.

- Thank you.

- Death was very skeletal--
- Mm-hmm.

- So--and represented
by a skeleton.

So I wanted to go
very skeleton-like.

- Well, I think you've got
a good profile with it.

You've got so much
neat stuff going on

that you've got to be careful
in painting this.

Do a wash over the top of it.
- Definitely.

- Every one
of those little wrinkles

will hop out with a wash
over the top of them.

- Cool.

- So the upper half of the head
will be more skeletal,

and he's gonna have
three eye sockets

that he can look into the past,
the future, and the present.

- Now, this ends
pretty abrupt into the face.

It needs a little bit
of distance there,

'cause otherwise it's going
to look like--

- Just a ledge?
- Well--

a ledge and with a mask on it.

- Yeah.

- Oh the hierophant, he's
wearing a--kind of a crown or--

- Right.

- So I want to implement
that going around,

and I want to incorporate
five sword points.

- Now, what are you doing here
to the throat?

- Right now, I'm just laying out
the shapes I want.

In between, I want to elevate
these areas as texture.

- Don't be too subtle.

- Okay.
- You know?

Because too subtle
is gonna disappear on you.

- Yeah. Right.
- Good luck to everybody.

all: Thank you.

- I feel fairly confident
about where my sculpture is.

I do have a couple
last minute details,

and then I'm off
to the mold room

to start molding his face.

I know I'm gonna cut it
really close as far as

getting this molded, cleaned
out, and ready for foam.

But it has to happen,
since I'm ripping

a giant piece of foam
out of the mouth.

In case this doesn't go well,

I need to be able to get
a second run tomorrow

as a back-up.

[upbeat techno music]

? ?

- All right, guys, that's time.

- That sculpt's tight, dude.

- It is.
- But for something so simple,

it's bad-ass looking.

- Oh, thank you.

[percussive music]

- Foamy, foamy, foamy.

- We get to the lab,

and I immediately begin
blocking out the cow.

Since I am integrating
with the Pope's mitre hat,

I have to go really high
with the clay.

I have decided to put
a four-winged angel

in the middle
to be a centerpiece,

and that adds ever more
spirituality to the character.

- I am just
a sculpting machine today.

I hop
from sculpture to sculpture,

refining each of them as I go.

They're looking good,

but it's gonna be
very exhausting molding them.

- It's gonna be, like,

this scapula ripping
through his skin.

- That's cool, dude. Sweet.

- For my Death character,

the shoulders come up
into points.

So I want to do
these shoulder pieces

that are actually his scapula
and his collarbone

meeting into these points
like exaggerated anatomy.

It's very important
to have these shoulders,

because they give me a very evil
and sinister-looking silhouette.

- Does that look more
like Death, I think?

- Yeah, that looks
great, actually.

- I'm in a better place today.

My face finally looks more
like a demon,

rather than a human
who's had a stroke.

But I still have to do
my whole cowl,

and I want to make sure

I leave myself
enough time to sculpt

and mold without
being in a total panic.

- It's a big concern to me
that I get a helmet finished.

So I started to carve
out L200 foam

and curve the foam over
a life cast using heat.

Then I apply some glue
onto the seam

and carefully start
to push the two parts together.

Kind of just forms
this nice dome.

- What you doing?
- Nothing.

- Nothing.

- Trying to beat you.

- After I get as much detail

packed into my face
as possible,

I move back over to my cowl
and do the same.

I'm thinking this more, like,
bone structure,

demony-looking silhouette
to it.

So far I'm really
having fun making it,

and my best pieces come out
when I'm having fun.

- I start blocking out the cowl
with a lot of spikes

and horns tapering up

to the larger swords
in the back.

And I find these real wood
pieces that look like swords.

I want it to look organic,
like a crown is

growing out of her head.

I place them there to see
how they look,

and it's looking cool.

- When I finish cleaning out
my cowl mold,

it's gonna run really nicely.

And I go over,
I check my shoulders--

- Walt, I accidentally
tipped that over. I ran into it.

- This?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah, I think this back piece,

right here, is broke.

- Damn it.
- I'm sorry, dude.

- One of the shoulder pieces

is completely shattered
and cracked,

and it's not looking good.

Ah, [bleep].

These shoulder pieces are a very
important part of my makeup.

- Coming around the corner
there, wasn't looking.

I'm sorry, man.

- I'm pretty upset.

I think this back piece right
here just broke.

- Yeah, I t- Damn it.back piece,
ri- I'm sorry, dude..

- One of the shoulder pieces
is completely shattered

and cracked,
and it's not looking good.

- I'm sorry, man.
- It's all good.

I'll figure something out.

Maybe I'll salvage at least one
and make a copy

with poly foam
on application day.

"I accidently
knocked over your thing.

I'm real sorry."
I'm not gonna hold a grudge.

It's okay.
But it's my duty to make sure

that he does not
forget about it.

- I could have walked away
and been like,

"Yep, I didn't do that."

- Totally,
and I would have been like,

"Wait a minute,
how'd this [bleep] happen?"

- I feel terrible.

I'm probably never gonna
hear the end of this.

- Don't battle Jordan.
He'll [bleep] your [bleep] up.


- So I go to
pop my chest mold..


but a hairline crack starts.

So I'm gonna patch that seam
and let it cure overnight,

so I can run it
in poly foam tomorrow.

This really is a bump in
the road, but it'll get done.

It's just, at what quality?

- I'm gonna make a helmet using
the nine of Swords

as my inspiration.

My Justice card
has a crown on it,

so I really want to make sure

that crown comes through
in my design.

I start by drawing
a template on L200.

And I'm able to cut that out
and then heat form it

around a head to get the shapes
that I need.

I'm covering up the face
and the eyes a little bit,

because Justice is blind.

And 'cause this helmet
is removable.

I want him to take the helmet
off to have the reveal factor.

Everything's coming out great,

and I'm pretty excited
to put it all together.

- 30 minutes, guys.

? ?

- That's time, guys.

? ?

- Check out this bod.
- Nice.

- First thing I do is check
on my cowl piece.

Ooh. That's not good.

There's a big,
huge split down the middle.

It's the main piece
of my creature.

- Oh, [bleep].
- That's all right.

I'll have to make it work.

I'm battling Kevon again,

and I battled him
in the first challenge.

It was tough, so this makeup
needs to be flawless.

Now I'm going to have
to work on fixing this.

So that's time
out of my application.

- I got a lot of work to do.

- The first thing I do
is pour the poly foam

into the mold
for the chest piece.

I leave the poly foam about
20 minutes before I pull it.

It's got really heavy edges,
but the form is still there,

and I can work with this.

- How you doing?
- Test fitting.

- Today, for my application,
I start with the torso,

because the other pieces
are layered on top of it.

After that, I begin to apply
the cowl and then the face.

It's starting
to look pretty cool.

I have battled Derek before,

and he was the victor
last time,

so I'm hoping maybe
we can flip things around.

- This actually blended
surprisingly well.

- So maybe we'll cut this short.
- Yep.

- I've got worries
on the application day,

because I need to make wings
for my Angel of Death.

I have my model start
gluing down

all of the feathers
onto a piece of L200 foam.

It's gonna eat up a lot of
my application and paint time.

But it was in the cards
for me to make these wings,

so I have to have them done.


- It would be so cool
to beat Matt,

but he's got
a great track record.

So the only way
I can win this week

is to put
a killer paintjob on it.

The paint is transitioning

from this
sort of minty zombie color

to this bone grey.

And I feel really proud of it.

I think this will be
really cool makeup.

- I've already wasted
a lot of time

trying to salvage at least
one of the shoulders,

but they're just unusable.

And I notice that I can use
these pieces that I designed

for the elbow up
on the shoulders,

and it'll give me, like,
a baby version of what I wanted.

Not as cool as it would have
been, but still is something.

- Flex your abs for me.

I'm really second guessing
this pink color scheme,

because it's looking
like bubble gum.

So I start airbrushing
in purple veins,

and contouring
all of his anatomy,

and just trying to bring
this paintjob more to life.

I'm still not really happy
with where it's at, yet,

but I'm really hoping
that it pays off in the end.

- Lot to paint
on this one here.

Battling Walter, I'm really
gonna need to up my skills.

He's got super clean makeups,
awesome paintjobs.

So it's extremely important
for this character

to be painted
as best as possible.

So I start off by laying down
a real bone-white color

on the head to really give it
that skeletal feel to it.

After I get the bone-white
laid on there,

I go in and start airbrushing
a little bit of brown

around the edges
to really give it

that more three-dimensional
and dirty look.

15 minutes, guys.

[dramatic music]

? ?

- That's time. Yeah.

- And we still don't know
what you're gonna look like.

Because I spent so much time
making these wings,

I didn't finish my helmet,

and I'm gonna have to do all
of my painting in Last Looks.

Everybody else is going out
with completed makeups,

and I have a skeleton head
with nice nose

and lips but no paint.

So this is
the worst-case scenario.

? ?

- All right.
We get to Last Looks.

First thing that I do
is start applying

this membrane mouth of his.

Can you breathe all right
through your nose?

Everything goes down
and is working in the way

that I want it to.

Whenever my model breathes in
or opens his mouth,

it'll lay against
that big open hole that I made,

making the mouth
on the underside

of the baldies look bigger
than his actual mouth.

- It's Last Looks.

It's time to make it
or break it,

and I grab
my trusty airbrush gun,

and just start painting.

And immediately, the character
starts to come together.

She looks beautiful
and terrifying.

This is exactly
what I had visioned.

- This looks cool.
- Yeah.

- I feel like I'm the most
behind I've been

in any of the challenges
at this point.

But I'm confident
I can pull this off.

I begin modeling
with the airbrush,

speckling and applying
gold pearlescents.

I think I've made a smart
decision by going lighter.

Mine's gonna at least
stand out as a unique piece.

- Last week, I was critiqued on
having too muddy of a paint job.

So I'm going very subtle.

I'm doing some light mottling,

so that the grey part
is not just grey,

it actually has blues
and greens in it.

And the greens,
I--actually has greys in it.

We're trying to avoid
hard lines and hard veining.

I don't want to misstep
on this makeup.

- Got to get your hands.
Time is running out.

And I realize I still haven't

actually got my Death
character's hands painted.

With this battle,
I know Walt's gonna lay down

an awesome paint job,

so I really need
to get his hands

looking as dead as possible.

- 15 minutes, guys.

[tense music]

? ?

- It's time, guys.

- Yay. Thank you.

- I'm feeling pretty good
about my character.

I'm definitely happy
with how he came out.

And I see Walter's character,
and, of course, it's awesome.

And it's really up in the air
as to who's gonna win this one.

[ominous music]

? ?

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the "Face Off"
reveal stage.

Please say hello
to our esteemed series judges.

Owner of Alchemy Studios,
Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- What's up, Glenn?

- Oscar and Emmy Award
winning makeup artist, Ve Neill.

- Good evening, guys.
- And, of course,

creature and concept designer,
Neville Page.

- Hello, everyone.
- Neville.

- Neville.
- All right, let's get to it.

In the spirit
of our 13th season,

we asked you to delve
into the mysteries of the tarot

and create a unique
Death character inspired

by your own tarot readings.

Let's take a look
at your creations.

Mel and Matt,
you're our first battle.

[dramatic music]

? ?

- I really like my makeup.

To me, mine reads like Death,

but I think Matt
might be like Death

in a more conventional way.

? ?

- Her profile and dynamic
head structure

really has a presence.

I think I've got
this battle won.

? ?

- My Death is very striking
from afar,

but I think it's a toss-up
between the two makeups.

? ?

- I really like
how my character turned out.

I feel like
she's strong and fierce-looking

but also sexy
and powerful-looking.

? ?

- He's scary.
He's cool looking.

And he looks like the guider
of souls to the underworld.

I'm so proud
of how he turned out.

? ?

- This is one of my favorite
makeups I've ever done.

With this battle, this is
the closest it's ever been.

I'm not sure if Walt's gonna
take this one,

or if I'm gonna take this one.

? ?

- The foundation is there,

but the finishing touches
are all wrong.

I know that I'm capable
of putting something together

that's better than this.

? ?

- Damien's has this
really fun look,

but it has this toy-feel to it.

Mine looks like it
came off of a tarot card.

- All right, judges.

Go ahead and take a closer look
at tonight's makeups.

- This is Death?

- You don't really get that,
do you?

A lot of really
just nebulous texture

that doesn't make sense, and--

- He's very blocky too.

It's a great color palette.
- I'm with you on--

and he can't go wrong
with that beautiful mitre shape.

And adding that embellishment
takes it up a notch in detail.

You are so courageous to make
a chest piece integrated

into the facial appliance.

- If he would have made the head
a little more bulbous on top,

the proportions would have been
a little bit better.

- Love the stripes in the chest,

and this paint pattern's

- I just think
it's a little messy, guys.

I mean, I like the idea of it,

but I think
the paint job's messy.

- I see your point, but I think
there's just enough value-shift

and breakup to kind
of hold it together.

- Some of the color transitions
are mind-blowing.

- I love the crown as well--
the gold tips.

- There's much more interesting
things going on up close.

- I feel like this
is very much a step

in the right direction
for Jordan.

It's still a little cartoony,

but it fits this challenge
really well.

- I feel like this is
what Death would look like

if it came for you
at a German metal festival.

- It's a--pink is weird choice,
don't you think?

- Mm-hmm.

- I like that instead of going
skull to represent Death,

it's an anatomical version.

- Yeah, the sculpting's

- It's super-subtle.

There's no texture,
and it works.

Thank you.

- Okay, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers of each battle.

Let's find out
who came out on top.

All right, guys, it's time
to get on Twitter and tell us

who you think won
tonight's battles

using #FaceOff.

Let's find out who came out on

In battle number one,
Mel versus Matt,
- Let's find out
who came out on top.

the winner is Matt.

In battle number two,
Kevon versus Derek,

the winner is Derek.

In battle number three,
Walter versus Jordan,

the winner is Walter.

- Good job, man.

- And finally,
in battle number four,

Damien versus Graham,
the winner is Graham.

- [Inaudible].

- Congratulations
to all our victors.

Now, the judges would like
to speak with some of you

to find out more
about your work.

Derek, you're up first.

- Hello, Derek.
- Hi.

- Tell us about
your Death character.

- Oh my tarot reading,
I got the Hierophant,

the five of Swords,
and the five of Cups.

The image had a big crown

that I want to implement
in my makeup.

And I also want to input in the
five sword tips on the crown.

- You've done
an extraordinary job.

- Thank you. Appreciate it.

- It's quite eloquent,
and it's very original.

And you've also done
a masterful job

of finding a way to weave in

some of the symbolism
and imagery

from the other cards.

Very well done.
- Thank you.

- Your sculpture's
absolutely astounding.

However, just using that grey
diminished your gorgeous work.

So try to use a myriad of colors

that will accentuate and enhance
your beautiful sculpting.

- Got it.

- From afar, I find this

a very captivating character.

I particularly love
the crown of swords.

And up close,
it becomes more interesting.

It's pretty damn good.

- Thank you.
- Derek, please step back.

- Thanks.


- Damien, you're next.

- Tell us about
your Death character, please.

- The six of Wands symbolizes
success and creativity,

but the nine of Swords
symbolizes self-doubt,

so I wanted to build a helmet
to signify

the nine of Swords
covering the six of Wands.

And I also wanted to hide
his eyes a little bit,

'cause Justice is blind.

- You went astray
on this one for me.

- Yeah.

- He looks like a heavy metal
rock and roll guy.

The only thing
missing is the guitar,

and I find the choice
of pink very strange.

- Yeah.

- Can you take the helmet off?

I like the intelligence behind
the choice of doing a helmet,

but the reveal
isn't particularly good.

And as a consequence,
this falls short.

- Couldn't agree more.

- I actually quite like
the helmet,

but I'm really not thrilled
with the makeup.

It seems to me
that conceptually,

you really put your foot down
on the wrong path.

- Damien,
if you'd please head back.

- Called it.

- Matt, please come forward.

- Tell us about
your Death character, please.

- I got She strength card.

I got the queen of Cups,
and the queen of Swords.

Those basically
symbolize spirituality,

prosperity, and winning.

So I wanted
to integrate the faith

by emulating
the Pope's mitre hat.

- The vision of this,
head to toe, is so alluring.

You've created something
that is creepy,

makes the statement of death,
and is artistic.

Beautiful work.

- Thank you so much.

- You did
an absolutely amazing job.

That head shape
has a very regal look to it,

and that combined
with the color palette

is mind boggling.

It's so successful.
- Thank you.

- That pearlescence

and that rusty color
underneath it all

just makes everything look
so beautiful on top of it.

She is stunning.

- Thank you so much.
- Matt, you can step down.

- Good job.
- Thanks.

- Jordan, please step forward.

- Tell us about
your Death character.

- The three cards that
I got were Judgment,

the 4 of Cups,
and the 10 of Cups.

Within all three of those,
it talked about the past,

the present, and the future.

So I wanted to give him
three eye sockets

representing vision
into the past,

present, and then the future.

- This is not as realistic
as what we're looking for.

- Got you.

- You've got beautiful paint,
beautiful quality,

but it doesn't look
like a makeup.

You're taking that jaw out
and burying the actor behind it.

There's no longer
an emotive experience for us.

They're not performing
through it.

So it feels like a mask.
- Right.

- At a distance,
it does read like a mask.

However, up close,
it is absolutely exquisite.

Your paint skills
are beyond the beyond.

Dude, put this into a makeup,

and you're gonna
knock it out of the park.

- Thank you.

- One thing I would have loved
to have seen--

that little bit of color

that you have
in the sinus areas--

if you would have made
that twice as much,

that would have lent itself

to something that feels
not so monochromatic.

- Got you.
- Jordan, thank you.

Please step down.
- Thank you, guys.

- All right,
let's talk to Graham.

- Please tell us
about your Death character.

- I received nine of Swords,

six of Wands,
and the Judgment card.

What I liked about the Judgment
card is it had this big angel,

and I thought,
"Let's bring beauty to death,

rather than making it

- I think you have
achieved that.

She is beautiful,
and I like how you painted it.

I like your color choices.
It's really fantastic.

- Thank you.

- I think this amount
of restraint is to be praised.

You just managed
to hold this thing

and contain it in such a way,

with no texture and none
of the typical tropes of death,

and it works very, very well.

- Thank you.
- I love that it's not a skull.

You went, "Let's do
an anatomical version

of man-without-a-face."

I love that.
Very well done.

- Thank you.
- Graham, you can head back.

All right, thank you, guys.

Will you please head
back to the makeup room,

while the judges deliberate.

All right, judges, so let's talk
about tonight's makeups.

Why don't we begin with someone
that you spoke to

for the first time
on tonight's stage?


- I do love the graphic
breakup, that's subtle,

that's happening on the face.

I think that's one
of the features

that makes this stand out.

- The biggest fault for me
is the fact that the teeth

and the eyes got messy.

But it's still
a phenomenal design.

It's definitely
one of my favorite

designs on the stage tonight.

- All right,
let's move on to Matt.

- I love that makeup.
It was so beautiful.

- Such complex conceptual
design thinking.

To find a way to work in

all these different pieces
from the different cards,

and make it a Death
that is not anything

near a traditional version
of Death?

Truly impressive.

- All right,
so let's move on to Graham,

who, for the third time,

went head to head with Damien,

but for the first time
came out on top.

- Graham did so little in terms
of quantity versus Damien,

but it's so much better.

- I think he did
a fantastic job.

I love the color choices
around the eyes

and the really graphic

- He created a makeup
that feels

like a real, live character.

- All right,
let's move on to Damien.

- I did not feel the presence
of any of the tarot,

or the symbolism,
or even the style

of art in Damien's creation,

and that's why it was
such a huge problem for me.

- I don't get the pink.

I mean, okay,
that was, like, hot pink.

- And let's talk about somebody

who finally lost their
first battle tonight, Jordan.

- But only barely lost it.

- His sculpting
is so beautiful,

and his painting
on that was stunning.

- Think about how much
more success he would have had

if everything exactly the same,

just blended
into the actor's lips.

It would have been amazing.

- Agreed.
- All right then, judges.

Have you made your decision?

- Yeah, we have.
- Great.

Let's bring them back out.

[tense music]

? ?

Welcome back, guys.

All right, Glenn, who is the
winner of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

McKenzie: The winner of
"Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip from
Kryolan Professional Make-Up

to one of their 85
international locations,

the all-new Fiat 500,
and $100,000.

who is the winner
of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

[dramatic music]



There's some stunning details
throughout your character,

and we especially love
the pearlescent bone paint job.

Absolutely great work, man.

- Thank you so much, guys.

I feel amazing,

because this is
a back to back win,

and that puts me in the lead.

- Matt, congratulations.
- Thank you.

- You have won the help
of an industry expert

in next week's challenge.

Nice job. Okay, everyone,
why don't you all head home

for some well-deserved rest
before your next battle begins?

- Good night.

- Matt won the battle,
and the universe won this round.

So I think that
with my battle record,

next week I have to go big
or go home.

McKenzie: Next time
on "Face Off"...

- Interesting.

- Don't forget to knock
on some wood.

- Quit trying
to distract us, Graham.

- Just leave me alone.
- [Bleep].

I'm getting stressed out.

- The cowl is so big,
it could be a catastrophe.

- We will do battle.
- We will battle.