Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 4 - Haunted Hotel - full transcript

In this elimination challenge, the artists have to create the quirky and ghostly staff of a haunted hotel.


McKenzie: Previously on
"Face Off: Battle Royale"...

- Ooh.
- What?

McKenzie: The artists
battled head-to-head

with their Aztec aliens,

and Damien earned
his first victory.

- What?

McKenzie: And tonight...

- Oh!

- Welcome to the
Face Off Grand Hotel.

- This is so cool.

McKenzie: No one is safe

in this spooky
elimination challenge.

- I'd go even bigger.
- I'm not feeling it.

- Her edges are not going down.
It's insane.

- I don't know if they're gonna
like this makeup.

- This is
"Face Off: Battle Royale."

[all cheering]

[exciting music]

? ?

[intense music]

? ?

- What?

- Oh, this is awesome.

[eerie music]

- Spooky!

- Oh, it's Damien's room.

- We walk into the lab,
and it's all foggy,

and I see cobwebs, and I'm like,
"Finally, we're getting scary."

? ?

- Is that a ghost?
- Yes, yes, yes.

- There's this
eerie hotel desk,

and someone's
putting mail away.

What's going on right now?

- Oh!

Hello there.

Welcome to
the Face Off Grand Hotel.

Are you checking in?

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, fantastic!

Well, we do happen to have
just enough rooms

for each of you
on the 13th floor.

- I knew it. I knew it.

- Oh, my God.
This is so cool.

McKenzie has never done
anything like this before.

She is so spooky
but quirky and fun,

and I'm just excited
to get into this challenge.

- Unfortunately, we do--
we do seem to be having

just a little problem
with our hotel staff,

because, you see, our finest,

they went to go ready
those rooms,

and, well, they disappeared,

but perhaps you could help.

- Yes.
- Would you? Yes!

Thank you so much.

I happen to have enough tags
for our missing staff,

just some spare ones.

So if you would
all just be a peach

and come and grab one
and bring them back to us,

oh, we would be
forever grateful,

and we understand that they're
not gonna be quite the same.

Maybe a little quirkier.

Maybe even a little ghostly.

All right,
so who wants to go first?

How about my little pirate there
with the gray beard and hair?

If you could
come pick one there.

Yes, that would be fantastic.

What's it gonna be?

Oh, great choice.

- I think I'm gonna do maid.
- Yes!

Oh, this is so exciting.

You with the striking
arms there.


- Maid.
- Oh, good.

Ooh, I love it.

Oh, another bellhop.

Ha, ha, ha.
Let's see yours.

- Chef.
- Well, now you made that easy.

[bell dinging]

- Concierge.
- Concierge it is.

One final one.
You get the handyman.

Oh, you're just too cute.

- You too.
- Thank you.

Oh, I'm so excited
to see our staff again.

Now, I must let you know
that in two days' time,

it'll be
the one-year anniversary

since our entire staff

and the supernatural energy
will be at its peak.

So it's imperative
that you get the job done.

[scattered chuckling]


- Okay.
- Thank you so much

for choosing
the Face Off Grand Hotel.

Bye-bye, now.
I'll see you soon, okay?

- Bye.
- Thank you.

[rock music]

- Since I won
the last challenge,

I'm actually gonna get
Mike Mekash to help me,

which is freaking amazing.

- Damien?
- Hey, Mike.

- Nice to meet you, man.

- He works on
"American Horror Story: Hotel."

So this is his forte, creating
spooky hotel characters.

So what I was kind of thinking,

since we really only
have time for a face,

is just doing, like,
a fat makeup.

The concept that Mike and I land
on is this fat, overweight chef

who's locked away
on the 13th floor,

and he's actually been
eating himself to death.

- Maybe do multiple rolls.
- Leading up to that big one?

Yeah, some saggy cheeks
would be cool.

- You know what I mean?
- Mike feels really confident

in the foundation
of the concept that I have

and just builds
right on top of it,

making me feel even
more better about it.

Black-and-gray, like,
'50s, '40s style.

- Yeah. I mean, I don't think
that's a bad idea.

- So do you think I should--

- I just--but add
some color into it.

- I see Damien as
my number-one threat,

so I've been wanting
this battle to happen.

My concept is a ghostly,
emaciated chef

who poisons himself
by eating his own food,

and now he's damned
to be infused with the forks

and knives and the food
that he served people himself.

So I want to give it a Disney
"Haunted Mansion" kind of look.

I've never done
a two-day challenge

on "Face Off" on my season.

So the number-one thing
is time management.

? ?

- I chose the concierge.

My idea is that he's just been
waiting for so long,

he starts rotting,

and I want to make
his face all decrepit.

I've got my work
cut out for me,

because I'm battling Walter,
and he is very talented.

- What are you doing?

- I'm doing an old,
spooky ghost.

You getting scared?
- It scares me a lot.

- I can see it in
your face, Walter.

- Whew.

For my concierge,
I would really like to try

and do some things
that I don't normally do,

which is beauty makeup
as well as hair work.

So I'm going
for a bubbly, quirky,

Harley Quinn-meets-zombie.

I want her to have slits
coming from her mouth,

like maybe she went crazy

and kooky and carved
out her smile, like the Joker.

- Great. Let's show the drawing
on one, two, three.

? ?

- [groans]

- I got this idea
that this bellhop,

he was constantly told,

"You know,
you need to smile more.

You need to smile more,"
and he just snaps.

So he takes a staple gun

and he staples
a smile on his face.

I love my concept,
but I'm worried that

it's a little too creepy
for the judges,

but it's still a ghost, and I
still want to scare some people.

- So my battle partner
this time around is Kelly,

and she's a quirky character.

I'm a quirky character.

So it's gonna be a good
mash-up in our battle.

So the idea for my bellhop

is whatever she saw
on the 13th floor,

just completely
scared her stiff.

So now she's stuck
in the afterlife

with this permanent
screaming expression.

I feel like, with the quirky
nature of this challenge,

I can put my style in there
a little bit.

So that has me excited.

? ?

- So I have the maid, and my
idea is that she died cleaning.

She is still feather-dusting.

She's coughing.
She's covered in cobwebs.

She spent her
whole life cleaning.

She's gonna spend
her whole death cleaning.

So far in this competition,

I feel like I have been
a little abstract in design.

So for this challenge,
I am not gonna go too big

and I'm not gonna go too weird,
and we'll see what happens.

? ?

- I'm so excited
for this challenge.

For the first time,
I have so much clarity.

I have such a strong direction.

My concept for my maid
is that she walked in

on some famous person
having an affair,

and they strangled her
to shut her up.

I'm actually
pushing my fingers in

to create
this frozen-in-time,

like she just stepped out
when she died.

So I'm hoping it'll make
this character quirky and fun.

? ?

- I really wanted
a bellhop or concierge,

but I think the handyman

could be the creepiest
out of all them

just 'cause he probably lives
in the boiler room.

So I just start sculpting
this cool, asymmetrical face.

His nerves are all shot,

so he has this
one side drooping.

I want to run mine
in silicone so, like,

the facial features
will move a lot better.

It will help me win my battle.

- My concept is
a clumsy handyman

that eventually ends up
getting electrocuted to death.

As I'm sculpting,
I'm having flashbacks.

On my season,
I did this handyman

ghost figure to fit
in a "Beetlejuice" setting.

Now I feel like
there's a lot of pressure

to outdo myself
from the last time.

Why did I do this to myself?

And on top of it,

I'm battling Derek
for this challenge,

and I feel quite intimidated,
'cause he is very good.

I know that if I don't present
something truly unique

and I lose this battle,
I'll definitely be in trouble.

[tense music]


- I picked the handyman,
and I can't believe I did this,

because I already created a
handyman character on my season,

and he was a ghost,
and, on top of it,

I'm battling Derek
for this challenge.

So this is intimidating.

This is a two-day challenge,

so I don't have time to dwell
on worrisome parts of this.

So I just stop thinking

that I already created
something like this.

I stop thinking about
who I'm battling,

and I just really focus
on making a fun,

cohesive character.

? ?

- He's definitely
looking like a fat guy.

- Yeah.
- Just make sure,

when you get your fat suit,
that your fat suit

goes up high enough
and it really kind of pushes--

- Pushes that up a little bit.

We pretty much have
the entire face blocked out.

We're actually
gonna make a cavity

inside of the neck of the
gullet so we can put some bags

filled with water inside.

So as my character's
turning around,

his neck can flop and actually
have real water weight to it.

- This is looking amazing.
- Thanks.

- Man, I did a handprint
in the last two hours.

- Mike's so awesome.

He's easy to talk to
and get along with,

but it's time for him to leave.
Later, man.

- All right, buddy.
- Well, it's sad to see him go,

'cause we were having
a lot of fun together.

It's not every day
that you actually get to work

with one of the best
makeup artists in the industry.

? ?

- Hi, everybody.
- Hey!

- Well, I selected the chef.
- Okay.

Why do you have
such a realistic nose

and all this whimsical
fantasy going on?

- Well, I wanted to try to make
it real Disney-esque, a bit.

- I could see more of a--

coming this way
and distorting your nostrils.

- Thank you.
- Good. Good luck.

- So I have the bellhop.
- With your stretching,

if you're gonna
bring this up to here,

that skin then
needs to stretch from here.

Otherwise, this would
stretch down here like that,

which leaves you
a lot more open mouth.

- Okay.

- I have the handyman.

Well, half his face
is drooping,

and this side is gonna
be more evil-looking

and just kind of grumpy.

- When you're
gluing this down,

leave this unattached
across the eye here,

just so it lays on the eye.

You're gonna get a really
great effect of that, you know?

- Right.
- I selected the handyman.

He has some dings and a broken
nose like he's beat up all day.

- Now, with your veins here,
take your stick

and literally
go around both sides

so you get a very soft
little rise

as opposed to,
you know, a worm.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Well, good luck to everybody.

- Thank you.
- Bye-bye.

? ?

- I'm doing
a fragmental design.

Which is many pieces

that are meant to work
on one face together.

I have my forehead
and cheek sculptures finished.

So I'm making one mold that
has three prosthetics in it,

and I can move on to the nose
and chin sculptures.

I've got a lot of work to do,

but I'm really hoping
the judges are gonna be like,

"You did all this in one day?"

That would be a nice kudos.

? ?

- ? Making a fat suit ?

? Making a fat suit ?

So the overall fatness
of this guy

is one of the core ideas
of this makeup.

So I start off by fabricating
a foam fat suit on a mannequin.

I'm trying to make the gut kind
of come out from the ribcage,

and I really want to give him
some nice man-boob covering.

- That looks good.
- We'll see.

I don't want to spend too much
time fabricating this fat suit,

but I feel like
it's coming together.

Yeah, I think I'm just
gonna do the upper torso

and then just stuff
the rest of him

with whatever I need.

? ?

- Graham, do you still have
that permanent marker?

- Yeah.
- Can I use it real quick?

- Mm-hmm.

- I want to make
a chest piece for my maid

that just sort of brings out her
sternum and see some ribcage,

just 'cause it's been
a year since she's died.

So I want that to show
a little in her body.

I grab a piece
of plastic wrap

and I put it over
Yvonne's chest

and roughly sketch the space
that I want it to fill.

- This is a really good idea,

especially since your
feature is, like, right there.

- And then I put that
on a flat board and draw it out.

So I know
that I want my sculpture

roughly to fit in that area.

It's definitely a good idea,

because I would have made
that thing so much bigger.

They're little ladies.

Yvonne, you're so little.

? ?

- She's got long hair,
but it needs to be white.

Trying to make her
own hair white

might be more trouble
than it's worth.

- I think it would be.
- You do?

- I think it would be better
to use a wig.

- All right, thank you.

So this character is basically
going to look like

almost a feather duster
walking through these rafters,

just kind of collecting
everything in her hair.

So I take a nice, beautiful,
sleek wig and I mess it all up

into this big
tumbleweed-looking shape,

and I then take hot glue

with compressed air
right behind it,

and I start spraying
this glue everywhere,

and I made these
really cool spider webs.

Like, black feathers
to white feathers--

- Ooh, yeah. I like it.

? ?

I need to be
in the mold room,

but I'm still working
on this face.

I decide to make it
a bit more realistic,

and then I step back,
and instead of a smile,

it looks like he's just...

so I'm not feeling it.

If I make it out of this one,
I'll be impressed.

It's too [bleep] lost.

This isn't a scary challenge.

This is a quirky challenge.

I don't know,
if I go too creepy,

they're gonna scorn me or
if they're gonna love the fact

that I've really added
that horror element.

I'm nervous.

We got two people going home,
and I don't want it to be me.

Please just let me be safe.

It'd be a miracle.


- Please just let me be safe.

It'd be a miracle.

The face I'm sculpting
is not working.

I tried to go more realistic,
but I'm not feeling it.

So I asked for Kevon's opinion.

- Yeah?
- Better?

- Personally,
I'd go even bigger.

- So I instantly go in,
bring out some teeth more,

and make it a bigger smile.

I should've just
[bleep] stayed with

how I was going
in the beginning.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

What the [bleep] ever.

I'm not happy with it,
but at this point,

I got to get it
in the mold room,

otherwise I don't have a face,
I don't have anything.


? ?

- So now that the face
is finished molding,

I'm spend the rest of my day
making the utensils

that are going to be fused
with his body.

I'm making little epoxy molds
to stick them in

so I can put that under
the foam so they won't wobble.

I think these are
the perfect additions

to give my character
that extra pop.

- That's time!

- We did it!

- At the end of day one,

I'm feeling really good
and confident,

and I really want
to put an end to Damien's

winning streak and create
an even battleground.

? ?

[aggressive rock music]

? ?

- We walk into the lab,
and all my pieces look awesome.

I'm excited to apply
the silicone for this challenge.

I have a lot of experience
in recent films

I've worked on with silicone,

so I feel confident
that it'll come out great.

? ?

- What up, man?
- Hey, nice to meet you.

- Hi. I'm Mackenzie.
- I'm Jordan.

- Hello. I'm Kelly.
- Hey.

- I have to paint the teeth,
make braces,

and make it look good before
I even put it on my model.

So I've got to work smart.

? ?

To make foam latex
look like teeth,

I take my epoxy putty, mix it
to a solid-colored consistency,

and I brush over each tooth.

Not only will it give it shine,

but it'll also
make them more rigid,

so it's gonna move
with the model and stay put.

And this is the reason
I'm not doing this on your face.

? ?

- Everything I'm applying
is a silicone,

but I'm not overly familiar
with that material.

Ooh, this looks cool.

This looks very cool.

I figure, if I apply
the chest and I go up,

I can build
in my own learning curve,

and hopefully, by the time
I get to the face,

I'll be a silicone expert.

These are not going down as nice
as they were in my brain.

? ?

- I'm going to make
you beautiful, darling.

With just having
a face prosthetic

and not having to worry
about a whole lot else

on this challenge, I just
really want to get in there

and make it
as clean as possible.

As I'm painting my piece,

everything's going along
pretty smoothly.

I start off by painting
a little bit of red,

and then I go in with
a little bit of a darker purple

and start spattering
over that.

I think it's gonna
turn out really well.

? ?

- So my maid is going to
have a very non-colorful design

in her wardrobe
and in her hair,

so I want to bring some color
into the makeup.

I begin contouring
with some dark blues.

I contour with some grays,

and I also go in
with some white,

kind of dust her face.

I then add lavender
to give her

that ghost look
and to pale out her skin.

It's gonna be really cool
if I do it right.

? ?

- Hold it right here, and
that'll kind of hold that open.

Time is of the essence today,
so I'm doing careful planning.

I wrote out a whole list,
and if I can follow this list,

I can get this makeup done.

As I dissolve some of the edges,
it's irritating the model,

and I need to cool off
any areas

that he's not feeling
comfortable with.

I'm just trying
to dab water on it.

That feel better?
- Yeah, kind of.

- There's so much to do.

So I just figure,
you know what?

Some of these edges
I can look past,

and we can just turn them
into flaky skin

or something like that.

You doing okay?
- Yeah.

- It's an hour to paint it.
Ha ha.

- Cool.

? ?

- It's paint time,

so I start
with a dark purple base.

Then I go with a lighter blue,
and I bring in some more purple.

? ?

I'm trying to pull out
that "Haunted Mansion,"

"Ghostbusters" feel to it,

and so far I feel like it's
getting really spook-tacular.

? ?

- I really want to showcase
the electrical burn,

so I grab some gelatin,
and I put some tissue

and latex over top of that
so I can pick out parts

and really just make it nasty.

I still have to paint it,
but it's looking pretty gnarly.

I'm happy with it.

? ?

- I'm terrified of this.

The last time I did
a beauty makeup was season ten,

so it's been a while.

? ?

I want her to be pretty
but scary and crazy-looking.

So I'm doing ombre lip effect,
the smoky eye,

and then I do some purple
mottling from the sides.

I don't have that much
beauty makeup experience.

So hopefully it works out
and I can squeak by this one.

? ?

- We got 15 minutes, guys.

[intense music]

? ?

- That's time, guys!

That is time!

- I'm gonna put your hat
on a little bit further,

just to make sure
it doesn't come off.

Time is up on application,

and I'm starting to worry
about the contrast

maybe a little bit,
that he might be too dark.

So I really need to dial in
a lot of the paint.

I have to lay a mustache
and then finish this gullet.

So I'm gonna have a lot of work
to do in Last Looks.

? ?


[suspenseful music]

? ?

- [bleep].
Forgot all my brushes.

It's Last Looks,
and I realize, [bleep],

I don't have my brushes.

They're back at the lab.
I am screwed.

I have to get
this character painted,

so I'm applying makeup
with lip gloss brushes.

Not ideal in the slightest,
but got to make it work.

? ?

- Oh, like--
- Yeah.

- The gelatin's coming off
around the hands,

so I'm freaking out.

I don't have time to fix it,

and I have a lot to do
to complete this character.

- Might as well come over here.

I am always so stressed in
Last Looks, and today I'm not.

I just need to refine
a few details.

I'm really just buttoning her up
at this point.

I like that a lot.

- The neck
left a giant cavity,

so I take a condom
filled with water

and then place it inside
of the neck,

so that way it actually
has a jiggle to it.

Yeah, looks cool, man.

- Ten minutes--

[intense music]

? ?

- All right, guys,
it's time.

- Time's up, and I don't know

if they're gonna like
this makeup.

I didn't get the hands painted.

I don't even know
if I like this makeup.

All I know is that it
was not fun making this makeup.

Damn it!

[suspenseful music]

? ?

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the
"Face Off" reveal stage.

Tonight, two of you
will be eliminated.

Before we get to business,
please say hello

to our awesome series judges.

Owner of Alchemy Studios,
Mr. Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning
makeup artist Ms. Ve Neill.

- Helloooo, everyone.
- Helloooo.

- And, of course, creature
concept designer Neville Page.

- Hi, guys.
- Hey.

- Hey, Neville.
- All right, let's get to it.

Now, from what I understand,
a certain deranged bellhop

asked you guys
to help bring back

the staff of the
Face Off Grand Hotel,

and it seems she only gave you
two days to complete the task.

- Yep.
- Well, suffice it to say,

we're excited to see
what you all came up with.

Let's take a look at your
haunted hotel employees.

Graham and Walter,
you're our first battle.

? ?

- After looking at it
out on stage, I go,

"That's a cool ghost.
I can deal with that."

? ?

- I don't feel that she looks
quite as good as Graham's,

but hopefully I at least
fulfill the challenge

and it's enough to get me by.

? ?

- I'm definitely worried,
because I'm against Derek,

and his makeup looks
really awesome.

So I don't know where I stand.

? ?

- I'm loving how he's looking,

but Yvonne's looks
a little bit more quirky.

So I'm a little worried.

? ?

- I feel it's
one of my most fun

and dynamic makeups
I've done.

I think I have Damien
on the ropes at this point.

? ?

- My paint is a little dark.

I kind of wish there was

a little bit
more contrast in there,

but otherwise I'm fairly
happy with the character.

? ?

- I like my makeup,
but I'm wondering

if I should have made
the hand more obvious.

You question everything
when you see it onstage.

? ?

- I definitely pulled off
this challenge.

She's funny.
She's spooky.

She's everything I wanted.

? ?

- I'm seeing my guy cheesing out
and I cannot stop laughing.

I definitely could have done
a cleaner makeup, but he's fun.

? ?

- She screams quirky, wacky.
This is definitely my style.

I'm feeling pretty confident
with this character.

? ?

- All right, guys,
let's take a look

at the staff of the Face Off
Grand Hotel back in action.

Check it out.

[gentle music]

? ?

[vacuum cleaner whirs]

? ?


Okay, judges,
go ahead and take

a closer look
at these quirky characters.

- Give us a little "grr."

- What is--the teeth
are just painted on

to make it look crooked,
isn't it?

- Yeah.
- It kind of works.

It's pretty clever, actually.

It's very Joker-like
with this purple outfit on.

I don't know if that's right
for the challenge.

- The nails don't go
with the face.

The face isn't really
necessarily ghastly.

It's a bit confused.

- It's got a decent
distance read and silhouette.

- His veins are so not right.

- The wrinkle directionality
is so strange.

That expression is quite creepy.
It's very effective.

- I wish that his left side
was a little bit more specific.

- I love the asymmetry of
the eyebrow up there.


- It looks like
the Imagineers' work at Disney.

I think that's a great
approach to the challenge.

- Don't you think it's just
a bit too colorful, though?

- For another challenge,
I would agree.

- No, but I love the paint job.


- Nice. Very nice.

- Oh, what a reveal.
- I wish it had

a little bit more
diversity in the color.

- I love the bloated chin.

- It is a bit odd.

It got a little muddy,
I think.

- I think she does look
really cute,

but she also looks super alive.

- The colors are too warm
to feel quite dead.

- I'm worried that I haven't
met the challenge.

- All right, guys,
it's time to get on Twitter

and tell us who made
your favorite haunted hotel

employee using #faceoff.


- That looks
a bit too full of vigor.

The colors are still
too warm to feel dead.

- I like mine.
It matched my vision,

but I'm worried that
I haven't met the challenge.

- I don't understand

why Mel couldn't
do a better beauty makeup.

Well, it's quirky, all right.
- Oh, yeah.

What is so successful with
this one is the proportion.

- Oh, good God.
All the makeup's coming off.

- I can't make any sense out
of the shapes of this sculpture.

It's very, very confusing.

- Feels like it's a theme park
pneumatic pop-up head.

- And I dig that
for this challenge.

I just don't want to see every
single thing look like this.

[suspenseful music]

- Okay, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers of each battle.

So let's find out
who came out on top.

In battle number one,
Graham versus Walter.

the winner is Graham.


In battle number two,
Yvonne versus Derek,

the winner is Derek.


In battle number three,
Matt versus Damien,

the winner is Matt.


- Great job, man.

- In battle number four,
Mel versus Kevon,

the winner is Kevon.


- Thank you.

- And, finally,
in battle number five,

Kelly versus Jordan,

the winner is Jordan.


to all of our victors.

All right, now the judges would
like to speak with some of you

before they make
their decisions.

Mel, please step forward.

[tense music]

? ?

- Hi, Mel. How are you?
- Good. How are you?

- Tell us about
your ghostly character.

- I thought that she would
go into the room

and walk in on someone
having an affair,

and they would strangle her.

- There's some huge problems
with the color palette.

She does not look dead at all

but rather very lively
and heavily shaded,

and so I think it's a major
issue with the color choices.

- This makeup got
a little muddy for me.

You really need to do
a lot more definition,

especially around the eyes.

- The colors
that you chose make it feel

more like
a theatrical stage makeup.

The sternum reads well,
but from a distance,

there's just not much
of a draw to this character.

- Mel, you can head back.

Kevon, please step up.

? ?

- Kevon, tell us
about your ghostly maid.

- I wanted her to personify
the feather duster.

So she is one with her
occupation in death.

- She's very successful.

She's got
a great distance read.

I love the coloring
around her eyes.

She does have a bit of Who nose,
we were noticing.

- Yeah, I think I wanted
to keep her a little endearing.

You feel sorry for anyone

that has to spend
their entire afterlife cleaning.

That's terrible.
- It's so perfectly balanced.

It's a fantastic character,

- Appreciate it.

- The stylized sculpture
is perfectly balanced

with the paint job
that you did on it.

You've really tuned in
to one singular vision.

That's what I want to see
from you every single week.

- Thank you so much.
- Kevon, please step back.

- Good job, dude.
- Thank you, guys.

- Kelly, you're next.

? ?

- Tell us about
your ghostly bellhop.

- So I have Clarence.
and he's constantly being told,

"You need to smile more.
You need to smile more."

Then, eventually, he just snaps,
and he takes a stapler,

and he staples a big smile,

and he's just like,
"Is it big enough now?"

- The lack of integrity in the
anatomy of the face concerns me.

Where the makeup jaw ends
and where the actor's jaw is

are two totally
different places.

It no longer feels right.

- He's got the proportions
of a mailbox

more than he does a head.

I like the idea of his lips
being stretched open.

Unfortunately, I think it got
away from you this week.

- I think your paint job
is a little lacking.

It's just a pale,
bluish-gray muddiness.

There's not enough definition
of color around the mouth

to define the staples
compared to his skin tone.

- Kelly, thank you so much.
If you'd please head back.

Matt, please step forward.

- Tell us about
your spectral creation.

- With my character,
I wanted to go

a little ghastly with it,
a little tone of horror.

So the idea is that it's a chef
who wanted to commit suicide,

so he poisons the food and feeds
it to the rest of the staff

and joins them all in death.

- This is exactly what I was
looking for in this challenge.

I think it worked exceedingly
well during the performance.

There's enough
contrast to the color

that it read
during that entire thing.

- Thank you very much.
- I love the color palette.

She just shimmers,
and the forks--I love the forks.

and that little reveal
with taking the hat off,

very clever.

Great job this week, honey.

- Thank you so much.

- I do love the sculpture,
but for me it stops there.

Some of the parts
don't add up for me.

- Matt, you can head back.
- Awesome job.

- Yvonne, please step forward.

- Tell us about
your electrifying ghost.

- He's the handyman
for the hotel,

and he had a few dings
in his past life

and ended up
getting electrocuted.

That took his final life.

- I don't feel that this guy
is very inspired.

It's missing the quirkiness
that I wanted to see.

It just looks like a Tim Burton
guy with a gray face.

- The boniness around the eyes
is handled, I think, quite well,

but then from
the cheekbones down,

you've got some
asymmetry going on.

So there's moments, but
it's not a cohesive character.

- It ended up feeling
very alive and very organic.

It doesn't feel like a ghost,
and that's a big problem.

- Thank you.

- Yvonne, please step back.

All right, thank you, guys.

If you'd please head
back to the makeup room

while the judges deliberate.

? ?

All right, judges, so we have
a lot to discuss tonight.

Let's start with your
favorite makeups this week.

Why don't we begin with Kevon?

- I think, overall,
he did a great job.

It was really
a cohesive character.

It had a great distance read.

It was a little rough up close.

- This thing is
so much better than anything

that he's produced this season.

He didn't beat it to death with
details that it didn't need.

- That metaphor
that he chose, the duster,

allowed him to
edit himself down,

to do what we needed him to do
in a two-day challenge.

- All right,
let's move on to Matt.

- It's such
a complete character.

It worked within the challenge

but most importantly, it looked
great during the performance.

- I loved the makeup.
It was fun.

It was quirky.
Just what we asked to do.

- So as you know, we are sending
two people home tonight.

So let's move on
to the makeups

that didn't work
for you this week.

Let's start with Mel.

- Mel just didn't do
the challenge or a lot,

and what she did do,
she did in such an odd way.

- And the face is colored, as if
it's as alive as you and I.

It has more color than we do.

- And you know what?
It was messy.

The eyelashes were sloppy.
The eye makeup was sloppy.

She could have made her
look beautiful and ethereal

and done a really clean makeup,
even with the prosthetics,

and she didn't do that.

- All right,
let's move on to Kelly.

- Oof, that jawline,
it was like

this far off
that actor's jawline.

- It's just a lack
of working with the anatomy.

It's this weird blue rectangle
of braces and bad paint.

It was a mess.

- You know, lately,
she's not been doing well.

- And, finally, Yvonne.

- It wasn't
a zombie challenge,

and that's kind of
what she ended up with.

It did not feel like a ghost.
It did not feel ethereal.

- At least if she could, like,

do something fun
with the paint job,

it would've been
a little bit more exciting,

and the skin
texture's bizarre to me.

- It's just raked-in lines,
and that's not going to cut it

on a season with
this many talented people.

- All right, judges,
have you made your decisions?

- We have.
- Yes.

- Let's bring 'em back out.

? ?

[suspenseful music]

? ?

Glenn, who is the winner
of this challenge?

- This decision
was not unanimous,

but the winner
of tonight's challenge is...

? ?

McKenzie: The winner of
"Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip from
Kryolan Professional Make-Up

to one of their
85 international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


- All right, Glenn, who is
the winner of this challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

[suspenseful music]

? ?



[upbeat rock music]

There's some great stylistic
choices in that sculpture,

and the color palette
really helped your character

to stand out
during the performance.

- Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.

It's my first win.

I've been top,
but I hadn't tasted

that victory yet.
It feels great.

- Matt, congratulations.
Great job this week.

- Thank you.
- You and Kevon are safe

and can head back
to the makeup room.

? ?

All right,

that means you are all
on the bottom this week,

and two of you will be
going home tonight.

Please step forward.

[suspenseful music]

? ?

All right, Glenn, who is the
first person going home tonight?

- The first person going home
tonight is...

? ?


You had another great concept,

but the proportions
of the sculpture

didn't really work,

and the paint job itself
seemed very unfinished.

- Kelly, honey,
you are so talented.

You're gonna do well
in this business.

Go rock it somewhere, baby.

- Thank you.

- Kelly, it's been so great
having you here with us,

but you have been eliminated.

If you'd please head
back to the makeup room

and pack up your kit.

- Thank you.
- Bye, honey.

- I just wish I could've
gone one more round,

but I'm proud of myself.

Next step is just keep on doing
what I do and never giving up.

- So, Glenn, who is the second
person leaving us tonight?

- The second person that's
going home tonight is...

? ?


We think you're very talented,

but the way that
your makeup was executed,

it undermined your otherwise

very good ideas
for this character.

- Thank you so much
for bringing me back.

This is so cool.

- Yvonne, I'm so sorry
but you have been eliminated.

That means, Mel,
you are safe this week

and can head back
to the makeup room.

- Thank you.

- Yvonne,
you're gonna be missed.

- Aw, thank you.
- You truly are,

but I think we haven't seen
the last of you.

- Well, thank you again.

- Yvonne, it's been so great
having you back with us again.

Please head back to the makeup
room and pack up your kit.

- It's a pretty big bummer
to leave,

especially this early
in the competition,

but I'm really happy
I've been a part of this.

I'm going home.

- Oh.
- What?

- And you too, Kelly?

- I had so much fun,

and I got to meet
some amazing artists.

I love what I do, and I'm just
gonna keep on making monsters.

- Now that
this journey's over,

now I have to go on
to the next.

So I want to be
an on-set makeup artist,

and I enjoy sculpting,

so my goal is to balance
those two worlds together.

McKenzie: Next time on
"Face Off"...

- What you doing?
- Trying to beat you.

- I accidentally tipped
that over.

- I am pretty upset.

- I'm capable of something
that's better than this.

- It's pretty damn good.

- Dude, your paint skills
are beyond the beyond.