Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 10 - Through the Looking Glass, Part 2 - full transcript

It's part two of the Face Off: Battle Royale finale, as the artists and their teams create their short film, and one is crowned champion.


- Action.

- Previously
on "Face Off: Battle Royale"...

- You will be creating
whimsical characters

who will star in
a Wonderland-themed short film.

- It's a wonderland!

- I feel great

we don't have to resculpt
any of our pieces.

- It needs to look
more like a fox.

- Yeah. I have no idea
how this is gonna play out.

- You want to win $100,000?
- Yeah.

- Then make the best damn
gingerbread man I've ever seen.

- This challenge has been
one long nightmare.

- And, tonight...

- John has made a big change
to the script.

- Ouch.

- This is just
the worst news possible.

- Let me know when you're ready.

- Adrenaline's flowing
through me,

and I'm just really hoping
that this isn't the one thing

that's gonna keep me
from winning this whole thing.

- Quiet on set!

- This is it.

My heart's going
a million miles an hour,

but nothing's gonna stop me
from winning this whole finale.

- This is where
we'll actually be shooting.

- I need this.
I'm hungry for it,

and I really, really want this.

- The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"


- This
is "Face Off: Battle Royale."


[exciting music]

? ?

- All right, guys, now that
you've gotten your feedback

and you've seen
your characters on camera,

you'll have two more days
to revise and re-create

your makeups
before filming starts.

John, I thought
they did pretty well.

What do you think?

- Think you guys did
really well.

There's a little bit of work
still to be done,

but I think we're gonna
be okay.

- Before you all head home,

John has made a big change
to the script.

- Of course.

- He has an idea
that will elevate

the final film,

and it involves you guys
each making a third character.

- Ouch.


This is a lot of pressure.

It's just taken it
to a whole new level,

and I'm really nervous.

- This is just
the worst news possible.

I have to restart two makeups

and then dump another one
on top of it.

I can't think
of any worse of a scenario.

- So here's
the general idea, guys.

As Alice moves
through the mirror,

she herself is gonna change,

and our real-world Alice
is going to evolve

into something
that's better suited

for your individual scenes.

- Now, John has revised
the scripts

to include
some brief descriptions

on how Alice appears
in each of your scenes,

and he will be coming by the lab
in the morning

to walk you all through it.

In the meantime,
we obviously know

that this is a big deal,

and we're not gonna
leave you hanging.

Let's get you some more help.

- Where are they at?
- Guys, come on out.

? ?


- Welcome back.

- Okay, you each get to pick
one more teammate.

Jordan, you're first.

- Jo.
- Yay!

Hello, everybody.

- Matt, you're next.
- Sasha.

- Congratulations.
- And, of course, Walter.

- You're stuck with me.
- Aw.

- Good to see you, man.

- All right, I do have
one more surprise for you.

- [groans]
- It's gonna be good, though.

I promise.

We have
a very special guest judge

joining us
for this season's finale.

He's one of the most prolific

and accomplished makeup artists
of all time,

ranking inside the top-ten list

of people with the most
all-time Oscar wins.

Seven-time Academy Award winner
Rick Baker.

[cheers and applause]

- That's so awesome.

This is awesome.

To have Rick Baker judging
one of my makeups

in the finale for "Face Off,"

this is a dream come true.

- All right.
I will see you all on set

in a few days.

Good night,
and good luck, everyone.

- Thank you.
- Hell, yeah.

- Rick Baker, dude.
That's cool.

[upbeat rock music]

? ?

- Alice emerges from beneath
a table with a velvet cover

and finds herself
in a throne room.

She looks down at her hands,
which look like

those of a wooden toy.

So we get to the lab today
and read the script,

and we find out
that it's a wooden Alice,

and that, to me, screams
very toylike,

a lot of textures,

and I'm really excited
about this take.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- How you guys doing?

All right, so,
dropped a little bombshell

on you guys last night.

Where you guys at?

- We wanted
to keep the feminine side,

but we also wanted to bring
that toy aspect, and wooden,

so we wanted to bring in
a little bit of filigree in here

and do some grain texture.

- Okay.
Without me having to say much,

you're already on
the right path.

I do have this one shot

that I'll repeat
throughout the film

that's a POV shot

where she does need to look down
and realize that, like--

"Oh, my God.
I'm not me. I'm a toy."

You come to set.
You have to be ready to go.

I have a very,
very tight shooting schedule.

All right.
- Awesome.

Get back to it.
I'll see you guys later.

- What about her face?

Do we have any ideas
what we want to do?

I'm just gonna sketch some--

might as well have something,
you know?

- Right now,
I'm not exactly sure

what to do
with the Alice character,

so I'm really looking forward
to a consult with John

just so that I really understand
what he wants.

- So you guys are kind of, like,
rebooting a little bit.

- Mm-hmm.
- Where are we at

on terms
of those two creature designs?

'Cause that will help inform
a little bit more of your Alice.

- This is kind of more so
the direction

we're gonna take
the Ginger General.

- The General?

- So he'll be way more lovable
and more like a cookie.

- Okay, I love that idea.

I see that you guys
have redesigned her,

so that's good.

- So, she, like, kind of has,
like, a lollipop.

That's her, like, bun,

so we want to keep the form
on a ballerina.

- Right.

- And then
we're gonna give the silhouette.

- Okay. Let's talk a little bit
about new Alice.

- Yeah, kind of going with,

like, a soft fondant
kind of character,

giving, like, a doll face.

- Okay.

- Or, like, make it
cool stylized icing.

- Exactly.
- Fun stuff like--

- That's exactly it.
Like, icing, dessert--

that's just integrated
into your makeup design.

- Okay.

- I have all the faith
in you guys.

- Absolutely.
Thank you so much.

- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.

- From Alice's point of view,

she looks around
at giant mushrooms and flowers

and down to see her hands
are now covered in a light fur.

- Howdy, howdy.
- Hey, how's it going?

- Tell me a little bit
what you guys are thinking.

- So we were thinking a bunny.
- Bunny.

I like it.
I like it.

- Can even do, like,
a flat mold with silicone,

where she has,
like, little pads.

- Mm.
- Oh, yeah.

- That mimic,
so that it looks like her hands,

but they're sort of
bunny-ing out.

I like that

- It can be paws
or whatever you want to do,

but just make sure
she can hold something.

All right.
I got to get out of here.

Get back to work.

- Yeah, it was good
to see you, man.

- Good seeing you.

Good morning,
and good afternoon.

- The most important thing
for us to do

is to knock out
these two characters.

We've got so much on our plate
with Ginger General

and Lollipop Ballerina

that I really want to get those
out of the way.

So Derek's gonna get started
on the Lollipop Ballerina cowl,

while I start
on the Ginger General face.

And since we already made arms
for the Ginger General

but didn't get to run them
in foam,

I really need Yvonne to get
those molded as well.

She'll look very candy-like.

I don't want the Alice to be
as much of a failure

as our first characters were,

so I have Kelly coming up
with some basic ideas

to build off of,
then, hopefully,

we'll come up
with something cool.

? ?

- After our camera test,

I feel great knowing

that we don't have to resculpt
any of our pieces,

so we're really looking
at building up on a foundation

that we've already created,

and, to me,
that's where you can bring it

to a whole new level.

As far as, like,
everything up here goes,

I know
you want to do your filigree.

- The filigree there.

- I want to sculpt
brand-new arms

for the Tin Jester
and a chest piece,

and, for our Alice character,
we are going to have to sculpt

a cowl, a face,
and some joints for her,

and also a bunch of filigree

that we'll implement
in all three characters.

Even though
we have a head start

because we didn't have to
restart anything,

we still got a lot to do.

? ?

- I'm feeling pretty good
going into the next two days.

For Alice, we're going with
the bunny character,

so I'm having Kevon start

sculpting the face
and the ears.

Mel's working on the face
for the fox character

to give it more fox feel
that John was looking for.

Jo is working on putting
together a upper-body fox suit,

making sure
that it's fitting down nicely

to the mannequin form,

and I'm working on sculpting

this large leg piece
for the grasshopper character.

We can run one mold of it
for both sides of his legs.

It's really important
that we get

a lot of these pieces
done today

so that we can come in
on day two

and be ready
for application day.

- Paint it up?
- Hell, yeah.

- Cool. I'll get that done.
- Awesome.

- One hour, everyone!

? ?

- All right, guys.
That's time.

It just needs to be popped open

? ?

Let's see how this came out.

- It's day two of our finale,

and we really need to focus
on the Alice character.

I think we should stay away
from, like, the center.

- Okay.

I still want her to look
human and beautiful,

but I really want to frame her
face with filigree frosting,

and I want
the hair to look like fondant.

Gonna have
Derek take over the face

and Kelly work on the hair.

In the meantime, I'm gonna get
the Ginger General cowl done.

I like the new direction a lot,
so I'm really hoping

that we have time
to do all this.

- I think maybe even putting
some lines on her lips,

kind of like wood--
just very subtle.

- Definitely.

- We still got a lot to do.

So, while I'm working
on Alice's face,

Graham's fabricating
the jester staff,

Damien is finishing up
molding the arms,

and Sasha is working
on filigree,

but she's also working
on the ball joints for Alice.

Time management is very crucial,

but I think I'll be able
to get everything completed.

? ?

- That's the first one?

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, nice.

It's really nice
to have all of our pieces

before our application day,

so we can get everything
pre-painted as much as we can.

- I think
we can get everything done.

We just got to [bleep] hustle.

- Really helps
having Mel along by my side,

making lists,
and keeping things on track.

- Oh!
- Yeah!

I'm getting
more and more psyched.

I'm really thinking
I could win this whole thing.

- We are at 30 minutes exactly.

? ?

- That's time.

? ?

Everything just seemed to
stretch out longer than planned,

and it really left no time
for pre-paint.

I really want to come back
from this complete redo,

and I want a chance at $100,000.


[fast-paced break beat music]

- Whoo, whoo, whoo!

- Our team gets to apply first,

since our scene
is gonna be shot first.

I'm both excited and nervous

for our last chance
to get these characters right

and hopefully take
that win home.

- Jo, can you grab me an apron?
- Yeah.

- Oh, it's so weird
no one else is here. Aah!

- Jo and Mel are gonna be
swapping back and forth

the fox character and Alice,

while Kevon and I work
on the grasshopper.

- Greetings.
- Morning.

- How you guys doing?
- Good to see you.

- One of the girls
is gonna start on you.

I'm gonna finish
fabricating some pieces.

The grasshopper needs
a lot of spikes

to go up and down
his arms and legs,

so I'm making them

by rolling little chunks
of friendly plastic

and then spraying them green.

Once everything's applied
and painted,

they'll fit into the foam.

- Our biggest revision
has been removing the pants

and making
full grasshopper legs.

All the pieces we made really
gives him that plated bug feel.

Now I got to pull off
the super-detailed paint job

and make everything
flow together.

[crunchy rock music]

- Everything feels okay?

- Yeah, it feels awesome.
- That's good.

So, after I get
Alice's face applied,

I start to lay hair on the fox

and just filled
a big, furry cowl

to match the suit.

There we go.

The hardest part is making sure

that all the hair's going
in one direction

and getting it in
as smooth as possible.

Something like that?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

? ?

- Is that lined up?
- Feels like it.

- In the script,
Alice looks at her hands,

and she sees
that she's growing hair on them,

so they're a very big
focal point for this character,

but it's difficult getting them
to lay down nicely.

- Ugh.

This is so thick.
We should've just gotten foam.

It's not going down
the way it's supposed to,

and it just looks
wrinkly and old.

I have to fix this,
and we have no time at all.

I'm blending them
the best I can,

but I have to stop

because I'm burning through
all my paint time.

I'm gonna move on from this

'cause, like, your face
is still not painted.

The hands are important,
but your face is more important.

- How much time do we have?

- 26 minutes.
- Damn.

I'm gonna coat the inside
of that cowl real quick.

- Cool.

- In the last few minutes,
things are hectic.

There's brushes
flying everywhere.

We're tripping over things.

Alice is falling behind
the most.

- I need an airbrush.
I need an airbrush.

- But all these characters
have to be camera-ready

before we get to set.

? ?

That's time, guys.

Time's up.

We done it.
- Thank God.

- It's really nerve-wracking
leaving the lab.

This is the last time
to really impress the judges,

but I'm really happy
with how this came out.

I came back
so that I could take

the entire competition,

and I'm feeling pretty confident
in winning this whole thing.

? ?

We arrive to set
at this giant mansion.

Everything looks so crazy.

- All right, guys--Jordan--
well done, well done.

- We've got Rick Baker
standing there

with all three of the judges.

This is the moment
that we've all been working for.

- We're gonna get down to set.
Get shooting right away.

- All right.
- Let's do this.

- The adrenaline's flowing
through me right now.

I'm pretty amped,
and I'm ready

to get these characters
on camera.

- Let's bring in our fox
and grasshopper, if we can.

- It's pretty cool to be on set

and see
all the behind-the-scenes

of how everything is going.

- You're so handsome.
- [laughs]

- Our
giant grasshopper character,

he has
that very dapper feel to him,

and just to see
a full bug character

there, that we made,
is awesome.

You guys are awesome.
- Back to one, please.

One more.

- And--
let me know when you're ready.

Fantastic job on this.
- Thank you.

- Your grasshopper is sick.
- Thank you.

- Mark.
- Action!

- Look out!

- I like the color palette
on the grasshopper.

I think that he works
really well all over.

- The ground is clearly uneven.

- I think
the false grasshopper leg

works really well too.

- Yeah.
I do love that tweaked mustache.

- I do too.
That's so great.

- Camera cuts! Great job!
Let's move on!

Makeup team,
look at Grasshopper, please.

- The grasshopper--

his knee
literally just fell off.

I'll glue it on for you
real quick.

It won't take long at all.

- Unfortunately,
we're out in the hot sun,

so our characters are sweating
all their pieces off.

We have to do a lot
of touch-ups on our characters

and as fast as possible.

So at this point,
I'm just really hoping

that this isn't the one thing

that's gonna keep me
from winning this whole thing.

I think he's looking good.

- Looking good.
- All right, let's go.

Let's do it. Fox, stand-by.
Stand-by. Let's go.

And action!

- Look out!

- I like the teeth.

- It looks like he has
a really nice animated mouth,

and it doesn't feel
just stuck on.

- Mm-hmm.
- Camera cuts!

That's perfect.
Fantastic work!

- It's time
to start filming Alice.

? ?

I'm kind of worried

'cause Alice
is our weakest character.

- My concern right now
are these hands.

- Yeah.

- What are some options
that we have

to make this look better?

- Alice's hands
aren't ready for camera.

It really sucks.

John is disappointed
with the character,

so we have to figure out
how to revamp the hands

and get them ready for film.

- You have five minutes, okay?
Let's go.

- We grab some four-way stretch
for her,

stretch those
around her forearms.

Where's those gloves at?

- And we grab some white gloves,
slip those over her hands

and start cutting holes
in those

and having some hair poke out
here and there,

just to really kind of sell

as much of the rabbit idea
as possible.

She got furry arms now.

- Camera sets.
And action!

- Where am I?
- The profile is beautiful.

- She does have a great profile,
doesn't she?

- Yeah,
she looks very cute in it.

- Okay.
That's good, that's good.

- I'm a lot happier now
with how Alice is looking,

and I feel like
John's pretty happy

with the characters
that we've given him.

And I'm just really excited
to see it all put together.

- Yes, yes, yes.
Keep going, and cut!

- Nice.
That was awesome.

- Yeah.

- All right, guys.
Listen up, listen up.

That's a wrap
on our garden scene today.

Well done, team Jordan.

- So, at the end of the shoot,

I'm proud of the makeups
that we accomplished.

- I'll see you guys later.
Thank you very much.

- Thank you.
- Yay. Thank you, guys.

- I couldn't have asked
for a better team.

They were just so happy,
so energetic the entire time,

and they had my back
through it all.

I know our team put our all
into this finale,

so I think I've definitely got
a shot at winning.

[all cheer]


[upbeat rock music]

? ?

- It's Valentine's Day.

I choose to own this day

and look at each one
of these makeups

as the last makeup of my life.

Yeah, I think it'd be good

not patching these up at all,
man, like--

- Yeah.
- Should be good.

The plan is to have Graham
finish out the fabrication,

Damien start pre-painting
the jester,

and Sasha just start
finishing up the cape,

and I'm going to patch the seam
and pre-paint Alice's hair.

This is the most work
I've ever done

in this season or any season,

but I've got more than enough
fellow team members

to help me
knock this out of the park.

? ?

- Aah!

- Hey.
- Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- So, we have some jobs
for you guys.

- I just really need to start
getting this Alice together.

Dude, I hope we get
all this done in time.

We have so much to do.

This Alice paint job is gonna be
very time-consuming,

so I really need
to get these pieces on

and the base coat of paint

so I can start painting
all the designs.

? ?

- Is this looking all right?
- Oh, yeah, it's badass, man.

- So far, I'm really happy
with the way

the paint job is turning out
for the Tin Jester.

I think
we have a really good base.

That's good.

We still have to age it

and add some rust
and a little bit of detail,

so I still have
a lot left to do.

[upbeat rock music]

? ?

- I'm trying to pull this edge
as far as I can get it,

so it's nice and tight on him.

- The face
on the Porcelain Prince

is coming up a little further
than we wanted

over onto the cowl.

Should we just cut this
right here, do you think?

So we decide
to just cut that piece away

where the crack is,

so it seamlessly blends
into the cowl

without having to apply
another piece.

- Open this up, trim it off,

and then glue it down

? ?

- One hour left.
- Aah!

[fast-paced metal music]

- Time is running out.

Sasha and I have been working
on the Alice face.

And then Graham calls for help
for the Tin Jester.

- I'm just all over the place.
I'm, like, scatterbrained.

? ?

That's time, everybody!

- Whoo!
Last "Face Off" makeups ever.

- Yeah!

All three of our characters
look really good.

I'm just hoping
that all these makeups

hold together
and nothing's gonna stop me

from winning this whole finale.

[cymbal shimmering]

[upbeat rock music]

? ?

We drive up to set,

and it's a beautiful view
of Los Angeles,

but I'm full of nerves because
I'm about to put my makeup

in front of Rick Baker,
and that is intimidating,

but it's also an honor

to have this icon
look at something I created.

- Good to see you again,

- You too.

- This looks great.
- Thank you.

- Look at this.
I love it.

- That's fantastic.

- All right.
Follow me inside.

Let's make this happen.

? ?

Welcome to set.

- Awesome.

- We walk in,
and all the filigree work

in all the design
of the architecture

just screams, like,
"Alice in Wonderland,"

and it feels like
my characters would exist here,

so I'm really excited
to see them move around

in this new environment.

- Our first setup
is Alice is on the throne.

She's gonna come down,
run towards the mirror.

- Mark.

- Quiet on set!


- Hear, ye, hear, ye?

- The sculpture of the hair
manages to say,

"This is carved out of wood."

- I love the filigree
for the eyebrows.

- Yeah, it's very well done.
These guys did their work.

- Guards!

- Camera cuts!
- Still kind of cool.

- We really got to make sure
that thing comes out.

- The pull string has to work

to sell
that she's a hard wooden doll,

but we made the rope so long
that it still stays in.

- Let's just make it
so it comes out a little easier.

- Okay. So we go in,
and we cut the rope down a bit.

- Just cut my excess off here
like that.

- Make sure
it doesn't get in the zipper.

As we're doing that,
Sasha's working on touch-ups.

- We're good, John.

- And we all hope
that it works better this time.

- Action!

- Guards!

- There we go.
- Yeah.

- It works.

The Porcelain Prince
pulls it out.

It looks great.

It accomplishes
what John wanted

and what we set out to do.

It's just, we got to be ready
to keep making changes

like this
throughout the whole day.

- It's been ages!

- The sheen is perfect on this.

It really has
a nice porcelain quality.

- That's an impostor!

- That Jester makeup is so good.

- The accordion-like activity
of the waist and the head,

it looks like
it's a bouncing spring.

- Camera cuts.
Fantastic. Let's go.

God, your makeup's good.
- Thanks.

It's amazing to be able to
see these characters on film.

It makes me proud.

It makes me happy of myself
and my team

and what we've accomplished.

- All right,
let's finish strong.

Check her hands.
Make sure they look good, okay?

- The last shot of the day
is the most impactful scene.

Alice crawls out
from under the table,

looks at her hands,
and sees the wood grain,

and she's been wearing it
all day,

so I'm really stressed
about that.

- How we doing?
- Just doing a little touch-up.

- We don't even have
any more of that paint,

so we end up
using a Kryolan pencil.

Fingers are crossed.

- Let's do this.


- Alice sits up,
looks at her hands,

and it's perfect.

All the paint's still on.

I don't know how it happened,

but her hands are amazing.

- Cut.
That was fantastic.

- I've never seen someone
so enthusiastic

about the work that I've done.

John was, like, beating me up.

Smacking me on the arm,
like, real bro-friendly,

and that's really cool.

- That's a wrap for today.
Thank you very much.

- Whoo!
- Team Matt.

Awesome job.

- That's a wrap.
It's out of my hands.

It has been a whirlwind
of whimsical fun.

Bring it in.

And I'm so proud
and so happy for my team.

I couldn't have done it
without them,

but until I hear
my name called,

I'm not done yet.


[dramatic rock music]

? ?

- This is application day.

I'm feeling very nervous
and a little overwhelmed.

That looks pretty cool.
- Yeah.

- Standing between
me and winning

is three great applications

followed by
three great paint jobs.

Ouf. Edge City over here.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You got your work cut out
for you.

? ?

- Hello.

How's it going?

- Good, how are you?
- Good to see you.

- Oh, whoa, cool.

- It's a total switch-up
from fat suit.

- Yeah, a little bit different.

- Our game plan
is I'm gonna pre-paint

the Lollipop Ballerina

Derek's gonna stay
on Ginger General

and make sure
he gets completely painted,

Kelly's gonna be taking care
of all the little details,

and I really need Yvonne
to focus on Alice

and getting these incredibly
terrible edges to work.

? ?

- Alice's hair
is an intricate design,

and cutting out the curls

and making it smooth
like frosting

is taking way more time
than I'd like it to.

It's just [bleep] tedious.
- I know.

- I'm like, "Cool that I did
a cool, intricate sculpt,

but damn it, Kelly."
- Yeah, I know.

- We got to call it good enough
at a certain point

and start painting.

? ?

- Here we go.

The Alice facepiece
came out really, really thick,

so I have to apply Cabo-Patch to
every single edge on her face.

It's gonna be a while
before you can open them.

In a perfect world,

this process shouldn't take
too long,

but this is taking
a lot more time

than I anticipated.

- The Lollipop Ballerina cowl

came up and wrinkled
in the front,

so I grabbed some L200,
I shape it into a tiara

to cover up that fold.

It's creating a wrinkle in here.
- Oh.

- So what we're gonna have to do
is just hide it with this.

- Okay.

- From here, he could probably
get in his wardrobe,

since we're down to an hour.
- Okay.

- I'm really happy
with Ginger General,

but what's not coming together
are the other two characters.

There's almost no paint
on either of them.

It's crucial
that we nail this last hour.

? ?

That's time.

When time's up,
the Ginger General looks

so incredibly awesome,

but Alice and the ballerina
still need a lot of work.

This is not where I want to be.

I haven't given up,
but we got to rally

and fix it later on set.

? ?

- Look at that.

- We get out of the van, and--

- Let's just take a bite.
- You look sweet.

- I'm very surprised
everyone seems

to really enjoy our makeups.

It takes my mind off
of how upset I am,

and now I'm pumped
to get started.

- All right, guys.
Let's go inside.

Let's get to set.

- Good luck, guys.
- Thank you.

- This is where
we'll actually be shooting,

so take a step in real quick.

- As soon as we get inside,

is really great-looking.

There are desserts set up
all over the table

and taxidermy
animals everywhere.

It's wild.

- From where we were
to where we are right now...

- Perfect. That's good news.
- Okay?

All right. Here we go.
Let's do it.


- It's kind of looking
really cool.

- The Ginger General
looks fantastic.

He is fun to watch.

He fits the theme,
he fits the room,

and it's definitely a relief

because the lighting test
was a total failure.

- I like the little
cream filling curlicue thing

coming out the top
of his head.

- I want to see how it emotes
when he's doing his dialogue.

- Balderdash.

Clockwise is the only way
to truly stir one's tea.

- It looks pretty good,

- [laughs]

- And camera cuts.

- [indistinct]

- Okay.
Let's get Lollipop going.

How far away are we on her?

Will she be ready
in three minutes?

- Yes.

- The ballerina's
coming together,

but there's a shot where

the lollipop ballerina
has to do a twirl.

- Oh, ho, ho!

- Okay, so we got to fix that.

- Of course, the whole collar
and everything falls apart,

so heat-singe her down
and glue things together

and make sure
that it doesn't fall apart

when she twirls around.

- Mark.

- Action!

- We get it to work.

She performs really well,

and it ends up coming together
and looking really cool.

- Join us for tea?

- I like the stuff that's going
on in the back of her head.

- You've almost taken
the wrapper of the lollipop

and then used it as dressing
to display the lollipop color.

- [laughs]

- Camera cuts!

Fantastic. Let's move on
to the next shot, please.

Hey, Walter?
- Yeah?

- I think you need to add in

some, like, pink or lavenders
into this swirling

so that we can actually see it
on camera.

- It's time
for Alice's close-up,

but she's a giant disaster.

So, really fast,
Yvonne puts lipstick on her,

and Derek and I touch up
the paint,

so it's definitely better
than it was.

- Action!

- Please,
I'm only trying to get home.

- Her eyes are
just way too heavy.

- Uh-huh.

But the rework of the paint job

makes it look
like frosting now.

- That's good.

Let's go to the master
and call it a day.


- Please, I'm only trying
to get home.

- Oh!
- When John mentioned

Walter had to start
completely over,

I did not think
he was gonna be able

to come up
with the likes of this.

- That's impressive in itself.

- Camera cuts!
Let's go!

Good day.
Good day, guys.


Great work, everybody!

- I'm extremely proud
of my team.

We rallied.
we worked well together.

Thank you very much.

I think I did some
of my best work this season,

and I don't have any
that I'm not proud of.

[cymbal shimmering]

[dramatic music]

- Welcome, everyone.

As you know, tonight,

one of you will be crowned
our newest "Face Off" champion.

All right, well,
before we get started,

why don't we say hello
to our incredible judges?

Owner of Alchemy Studios,
Mr. Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- Hey, Glenn.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning
makeup artist,

Ms. Ve Neill.

- Evening, guys.
- Hi, Ve.

- Creature and concept designer,
Mr. Neville Page.

- Hello, gentlemen.
- Neville.

- And, of course,
we are thrilled

to be joined again
by a legendary makeup artist

with seven Academy Awards
to his name.

The one, the only,
Mr. Rick Baker.


Well, it's fantastic
to have you back with us.

- It's great to be back.

- And hello, judges.
How are you all doing?

- We're good. Thank you.
- Fantastic.

- So, John,
how did things go for you?

How do you think these guys did?

- I am extremely proud

of these three contestants
and their teams.

I threw a lot at them.

I'm really happy
with what they did.

- Excellent.

All right, well, one of you guys

will win
our grand prize package,

which includes
a brand-new Fiat 500,

a VIP trip to one of Kryolan's
85 international locations,

and $100,000.

[cheers and applause]

- That's a lot of money.

- All right, so, obviously,
there's a lot at stake here,

so let's get to it.

For your final
Spotlight Challenge,

we asked you to dive deep
into the world of Wonderland

and create three
wildly whimsical characters

that would be featured
in a short film

directed by John Wynn.

So, let's see
how it all turned out.

- This is it.

My heart's going
a million miles an hour.

I'm really excited to see
these characters on film.

- I'm hoping
that all the changes

that we were able to make

helped push our characters
over the top.

I know everyone else has done
a really awesome job.

Just hoping
that ours will be better.


- I definitely worked very hard
on these characters.

It's a pretty big risk,
starting over.

that paid off for me.

I'm excited to see what happens.

- So, let's see
how it all turned out.

[clock ticking]

- Great shot.
- Oh, it wasn't that bad.

- [indistinct]

[whimsical music]

- [indistinct]

- So strange.

- Look out!

- Where am I?

- Oh, never mind that.
You must join.

- Absolutely not.

How dare you intrude,
little girl?

And you.
- What?

- You shouldn't be talking
to strangers.

Especially silly little girls.

- Aw. Well, the Queen lets me
play with my friends.

Even silly little girls.

- Do you know
what's happened to me?

- The Queen
most certainly would not.

- Would too.
- Would not.

- Would too.
- Would not.

- Would too.
- Would not.

- Would too.
- Would not.

- Would too.
- Oh, dear.

- Would not.
- Would too.

- Would not.
- Would too.

- Would never.

- Would too.
- Would not.

both: Would too!

- Wait,
you haven't even played yet!

- Oh, stupendous lollipops!

Extremely wonderful!

Fancy frosting!

Fall in!

- Join us for tea?

You should always add
the sugar to your tea

before you add the milk.

- Don't listen to her,
little Miss; you should--

- You should make sure to stir
it all in counter-clockwise.

- Balderdash.

Clockwise is the only way
to truly stir one's tea.

- Please,
I'm only trying to get home.

- Oh.

[ominous music]

Well, then,
you must follow the rules.

? ?

Or take the door to the left.

- Oh, you shouldn't confuse her
with wrong directions, General.

The door to the right
is the only way out.

- Lollipop,
I think you're high on sugar.

Oh, I say!

There are proper ways
to do things!

- This is why
I don't serve frosting!

[voices fade out]

- Excuse me.

Excuse me.

- Why, Your Majesty.
It's been ages.

- I've had the strangest day,

and I'm trying
to find my way home.

- Come. Come.
- Could you tell me how to--

- Ascend to your throne.
- You silly prince!

That's not the Red Queen.
That's an impostor!

If you insist
on keeping up this charade,

you will be punished severely!

- Watch your tongue. It shall
not be her punishment coming,

but yours!

Come, come, Your Majesty.

Prove to this jester
your magnificence.

- Oh.


Oh, yes.
[clears throat]

Oh, dear.

Hear, ye, hear, ye?

- [laughs]

- How dare you try to take
the throne with your lies?



[in slow motion]

[screams indistinctly]

- It was just a dream.

[ball thuds]


- Wow.

- That was phenomenal.

Great job to everyone.

All right, well,
let's get down to business.

The judges would like to speak
with each of you

before they choose a winner.

Walter, you're up first.

- Hello, Walter.
- Hello, Glenn.

- Tell us about your approach
to these characters.

- Uh, well,

we had to start over
after the screen test,

and we just did
completely new makeups.

I wanted to kind of mix it up

and not just do
a gingerbread man,

so I thought of making him,
like, a cookie man.

On Alice, I decided
to make it look like icing.

- How did that affect
you mentally,

having to start over?

- It was a real bummer
watching people pre-paint

while we're molding.

- What you guys did

in half the time
of everyone else

is truly impressive.

- Thank you.

- I really thought that

your Ginger General concept
was visually compelling,

and I think
it fit into this world

very, very well.

the choices on Alice's face

were very confusing to me.

- I loved
the Lollipop Ballerina.

The back of her head

was probably the best part
of the makeup.

All that beautiful
lollipop layering

you did back there.

- Thank you.

- The ballerina character,

with the additional makeup
that you did--

she had a very regal quality.

I applaud the fact that you were
able to change gears like that

and survive the day.

- Walter, if you please,
sit back down.

- Thank you guys,
and thank you guys.


- Matt, you're up.

- Hello, Matt.
- Hi.

- Would you please tell us about
your Wonderland characters?

- John informed us that it was
more of a toylike atmosphere.

Each one
of the different characters

was very high-textured,

so we wanted to have that
toylike, almost animated feel.

- I think you had three
really beautifully done,

well executed characters.

Your Alice character
was really clever.

Her hair was
really well executed.

Beautifully done.

It's so difficult
to create that wood texturing,

and you did an amazing job
on her.

- Thank you.

- The Tin Jester, though--

that was a highlight.

All the things
that you guys did.

Great shape.
Great form.

Great execution.

You guys nailed it,
so congratulations.

- I thought
they were all very successful.

On the Porcelain Prince,

I think the effect
of it looking like porcelain

worked very well.

I congratulate all of you.

- Thank you.

- Matt, if you please,
sit back down.


- Jordan.
Please step up.

- Whoo, whoo!

- Hey, Jordan.

Tell us
about your Wonderland wonders.

- The two
that we started off with

were both animals,

so we wanted
to incorporate their wardrobe

as if it was a part
of the animal's anatomy,

so, for instance,

for the White Rabbit
Alice character,

we wanted the ears to flow
with her natural hair.

- The intentions
were all successful.

So let's start off
with the Alice character.

Her silhouette was so gorgeous.

You really captured
a beautiful balance

between your actress
and this bunny,

and your dapper grasshopper--

it was, head to toe,
so well executed.

You guys clearly, as a team,
work so well together.

- I had an awesome team
behind me on this one.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

- I thought
the fox was a lot of fun.

It's really hard to do
that long kind of snout

and have it work,

and I thought
it worked beautifully.

- Thank you.

- The paint and design
on the grasshopper,

represents you so accurately.

So successful.
- Thank you.

- Jordan, you can have a seat.

- Thank you, guys.

[cheers and applause]

All right, guys.

It's time
for the judges to deliberate

and choose
this season's champion.

? ?

All right, judges.
Let's get to it.

Why don't we start with Walter?

- Walter did end up delivering

three very strong characters

and really did something
we've not seen from him,

and I found that to be the most
exciting part of his efforts.

You know, a typical gingerbread
man would be boring,

and we would've said,

"He took it too literally
and made a gingerbread man."

- The Alice eye makeup
was way too heavy,

but it actually worked pretty
good on the Lollipop Ballerina.

- He definitely belongs here
in the finale.

- All right, judges.
Let's move on to Matt.

- All three of those characters
were absolutely superb.

They all look
like they belong together.

- They're very finished
and hit the bill perfectly.

- Yeah.
- It was by far the best Alice.

- The showcase item
was the tin character.

It was so good
in absolutely every single way.

- He did a wonderful job.

- And finally, Jordan.

- Of all the challenges,

this is perfectly matched
to Jordan's skill set.

His characters I think conveyed
the whimsy best.

- The grasshopper
was outstanding.

There's a good balance
between how wonderful the sculpt

and the fabrication is

and how well the paint
supports those forms.

The fox
is beautifully engineered,

but there are some serious
problems with Alice.

That seam
in the middle of the face.

- Well, I thought
she was very cute

when you saw the profile,

and the farther shot
where you couldn't see the edge

or the hair,
that worked.

- Both Walter and Matt
have been consistent,

but Jordan has shown us
the ability to take

every single note
that we've given him

and grow from it,

making this
an extra hard decision.

- All right, judges.

Have you chosen
this season's champion?

- Think so.
- Think we have.

- Let's bring 'em back out.

All right. So who is the winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"?

- The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"


[dramatic music]

? ?


- The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"


[dramatic music]


[cheers and applause]

- Congratulations!

- [indistinct]

- The winner of "Face Off"

is Matt Valentine!

Freaking awesome.
So cool.

It's, like, hard
to take this all in.

My whole goal was to make it
to the finale and win it,

and I accomplished that.

- Come on up, guys.

- Well done, man.

- [indistinct]

- Great work, you guys.

- After this entire process,

I'm really taking a lot away
from this competition.

I've learned so much throughout
each and every challenge,

and I've really improved
my skill set

throughout this entire thing.

It's really given me the energy
and the ambition that I need

to really move forward

and put out the best work
that I possibly can.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.

- I'm extremely thankful
to have been an all-star,

to make it to the finale again.

I met some
of the coolest people ever,

and we created
some of the coolest stuff

I've ever seen on the show.

That is something
that you can't take from me,

even though I didn't win.

- Congratulations.

You are the winner
of "Face Off,"

and here is the key
to your new car.

- Thank you so much.

[cheers and applause]

This experience
has greatly changed my life.

This is sweet.

This opportunity helped me
grow and learn

and really believe in myself
and my talents and gifts.

- A huge thank you
to everyone watching.

Have a good night.

[cheers and applause]