Eyewitness (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

- Previously on "Eyewitness"...

Start from the beginning.

I want you to try and remember

exactly what happened
inside this cabin.

- I heard a car pull up.

Then these guys got out,

and they took this other guy
out of the trunk.

So I hid in there.

- The man in the trunk...
Did he shoot anyone?

- Yeah. He shot everyone.

- How did you get away
without him noticing?

- I didn't.

- I want you to be
the one to raise Jake.

Just promise me.

- Yes, I promise.

- I went to Poughkeepsie PD and
they gave me this cell phone.

It was Sita's.

- Tell me the story...
You know,

the one I wrote when you
first saw me at the hookah bar.

- But you're sure the man in
the truck was the shooter?

- I saw him looking
under the bed,

and I just came out and hit him.

- Who's that?
- Oh, that's our eyewitness.

He just came forward.

- What is it?
- The dog.

His neck was snapped.

He's dead.

- Lukas is here.
- What's going on?

- Hey. Hey!

The guy in the cabin... I think he
just tried to kill my witness.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You swim here?

- It's the only place around,

- Yeah.

I mean, it's not regulation
size, but it's beautiful.

- Yeah.

I'm sorry to hear about Sita.

How are you holding up?

- I miss her... a lot.

- It's a good distraction,

You can't hear the real world
under there.

- Yeah.

- It would be good
running into you.

Am I gonna see you back at work?

- I think I gotta
take care of Jake.

- How about dinner tonight?

I mean, just to talk things

- I think I could find
a sitter. Sure.

- Great.

I got a few more laps.

- Race ya.

- Can you sit down, son?

- Sure, Dad.
What's going on?

- Lukas, I think you identified
the wrong suspect.

- What do you mean? Why?
- Because that suspect is dead.

- So?

- We have reason to believe
the man you saw is still alive.

- Somebody is out there.

- But everything's
gonna be okay.

We're gonna get you
an FBI detail.

- The FBI?

- It's for his protection.

- Why?
Is the guy after Lukas now?

- Well, they're not sure,

but they want to err
on the side of caution.

Trust me, they'll keep him safe.

- Okay, but how
do you know that?

- Look, if Lukas were out there
alone, I'd be worried.

- But what if he is alone?
- Well, he's not.

Helen and Tony are gonna be
with him till the FBI shows up.

- Yeah, okay, and then
what if the guy gets past them?

- The FBI is gonna
stay close to Lukas.

There is no way that guy's
gonna get anywhere near him.

- Hey, where are you going?

- I'm going over
to the Larsons'.

They're not picking up.

I need to see what they want me
to do with the dog's remains.

- How long are you
gonna be gone for?

- Not long.

Hey, you want to come with me?

- Oh, no, I'm good.
I'm good.

- Is this guy after me?

- We're not sure, but
it's always best to be careful.

- Wait.
Is he gonna be able to practice?

- We need to take
every precaution

until we have
the right guy in custody.

The FBI is sending
someone for protection,

but in the meantime you'll have
to stay inside the house

so that my partner and I
can keep an eye on things.

Lukas, the FBI asked that we
keep you off your phone for now.

- So what am I supposed to do?

- I'm sorry, Lukas.

- Thank you.

You know, I don't think
I've seen you wear color before.

- Yeah, it's Sita's.
Is that weird?

- No, no.

- It's comforting.
It still smells like her.

I bet you travel a lot
at your rank, huh?

- Yeah.
- Do you get lonely?

- Well, I'm alone,
but I'm not lonely, no.


- You know what?
No matter how hard things got,

even when we were kids,
Sita always had this part of her

that would stay positive,

like she was convinced
that things would work out.

- What about you?
- Yeah, I had that.

I lost it somewhere.

- Oh...

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, no.

It's Helen.

I promised to send someone
to protect her witness,

but I'm slammed.

Burlingame can't spare anyone.

- I could do it.
- What about Jake?

- I could get my aunt
to watch him for a little while.

- You know, you don't owe me
anything, Kami.

- It'll keep me busy.
I want to.

- Good...

because there is no one
I would trust more.

- Be cautious if you feel that
your previous life experiences

have left you angry,
depressed, or resentful.

Negative emotions
from your own past

could hinder your ability
to be a positive parent figure.

- You know what that
means to me?

- Yeah, I know.
It's been in the family forever.

- Yeah, got a lot of us
through some tough times,

and now it's gonna keep you safe
with everything that's going on.

So I want you to have that.

- Is Helen taking me to school?

- I knew you wouldn't
be able to walk away.

- I'm going to.
- So what are you doing here?

- Ryan's team's got their hands
full with the bust.

He asked me to help protect
your witness.

- What level protection
are we talking about?

- 24/7 detail.

- With a tracker
and secure perimeter?

- Mm-hmm.
All information about

Lukas's whereabouts will be
between me and my number two.

- Good. Where's Jake?

- He's with Aunt Lee.
For now.

- You know, when I asked
for the FBI's help,

I was hoping you had moved on.

- I told you, this job
makes me happy,

and I really need
that right now.

- I see that.

- Hi.

I'm Agent Kamilah Davis.

I guess you're Lukas.

- Yeah.

- I heard you got
some bodyguard now.

- Well, they gave me
this lame phone.

It doesn't even text,
but it's got a tracker.

So if I see anything weird,
I just hit this button

and that FBI lady's over here
like a flash.

- Okay.
Well, what about me, Lukas?

I mean, he saw me too.
What am I supposed to do?

- That guy... he's gonna kill me.

- Are you even listening to me?

What am I supposed to do?

- As long as you're... as long as
you just stay by me and Helen,

you're safe.
- What about at school?

- What about it?
I'm right here.

- So we can hang out here
around your friends?

- Yeah. Yeah, of course.
- Okay. Just give me a minute.

- You make it stop.
He's gonna kill me.

- What am I missing?
- I don't know.

You're looking right at it.
- No, I'm missing something.

- Why are you taking it down?
- Because I'm not seeing it.

- Hey, you do know that
Lukas would most likely be dead

if it wasn't for what you did?

- Yes, and three other kids
might still be alive

if I had done better.

You really want to help me?

- Yeah.
- So why are you sitting there?

- Okay.

- Okay, we've got
three dead Vescovis,

a staged shooting.

We've got Bella's hair
in the trunk.

A day later, two kids die
in a staged overdose.

Sita blows up Mithat's apartment

and then claims
she doesn't know him.

Bella runs away.
She plans some mystery date...

and that same night,
she's found dead.

The suicide was staged.

Her rape exam
tests for Mithat's semen.

Sita kills Mithat
before we get his confession

and then kills herself

before we can ask her why.

Case closed.

Until Lukas comes forward
with this gun,

says he's witnessed
the cabin shootings,

IDs Mithat...
Case closed again,

except someone's still out there
trying to silence him.

- And you can't figure out who?
- No, I can't figure it out.

So why don't you try
to figure it out, hmm?

Go ahead.
Tell me what I'm not seeing.

- I don't know, Helen.
What do you want me to say?

- I don't want you
to say anything.

Just put the pictures
back on, please.

- Okay.

- Not in the same position.

- Then how?

- Can you just put them up

Mix it up.

Come on.



Thank you.

- What's up?

- Lukas just spotted him
outside the school.

- The shooter?

I thought he said
he forgot what he looked like.

- Call Buffalo PD.

Ask for Cheryl Pitzker

and tell her I need her
to get here as soon as possible.

- Is that Cheryl with a C?
- Yes.

Best sketch artist
in the business.

I'll let Kamilah know about her.

- Okay.

- No one at school can know
what's going on.

- Okay.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?

- Yeah.

- So Lukas is absolutely sure
he saw this guy?

- I don't know.

I mean,
he looks pretty shaken up.

- Well, he looked pretty
shaken up about Mithat too.

- How fast can you get
another lineup together?

- I don't want to put
any more images in his head.

I'm having a sketch artist
come down tomorrow.

- Well, I can just get one
from the city.

- No, this woman, she
specializes in kids with trauma.

Whoever Lukas saw,
she'll put his face on paper.

- Okay.

- So you really saw the guy?

- I don't know... maybe.
- Well, what happens

when they find out that
you didn't actually see him?

- Why are you stressing me out?
- I don't mean to. It's just...

- And why are you whispering?

- Because maybe it's wired.

- They didn't say that.

- Yeah, probably 'cause they
don't want to freak you out.

- Really? Why?

- They probably want to hear
if you're being attacked.

I don't know. Give it a try.
Say something.

- Like what?
- Anything... just something.

- Philip's obsessed with me.

Help! He's attacking me.

No, wait. Wait, Philip
was the cabin shooter!

- Lukas likes dicks!
- What?

- Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
- What?

- What if that guy is really
out there looking for us?

- No one can find us here.

- How do you know?
- How do I know?

'Cause that... only that FBI lady
knows where we are, remember?

- Yeah, okay.

- This is Helen.
Leave a message.

- Hey, Helen. It's Tony.

I looked into the address
on Sita's phone.

I got eyes on
a surveillance camera...

Gonna try to get the footage
for you.

Give me a call back
when you can, okay?

- What's going on, partner?

- Hey.
- I got a present for you.

- Oh, yeah?
- It's a USB stick

with the security cam footage...
Think you're gonna like it.

- It's great work.
- Right?

Pound it out.

Bam... knew I'd get you.

- You been making
potpourri again?

- No.

Oh, you know what?
It's probably the cologne.

- What cologne?
- Um...

Okay, so...

- Not the cologne Bella bought?

- Uh, well, I've been
watching this documentary

on how to get into a serial
killer's mind, right, and...

- You are not telling me that
you're wearing the evidence.

- N... well, technically,

technically, I'm wearing
a sample of the evidence,

'cause I bought it, remember?

And another thing, um...

you still haven't reimbursed me
from petty cash.

We'll talk about it later.
- God damn it, Helen.

- Bye, Tony.
- All right.

- What's up?
That looked urgent.

- Uh, no, we just...
We just need the FBI

to clean up some surveillance
footage, that's all.

- She's driving all the way
to the city?

- No. The task force relocated
to Poughkeepsie.

Helen didn't tell you?

- Right.

- She won't be long.

You know, the FBI has
pretty fast decoders.

Oh, boy.

- I have a few hours before I
need to get back to our witness.

- Well, that's not much time.

- You want a drink?

Good. The witness
is in a secure location.

- Oh, good.

- Wait a second.
I'll be right back.

- Okay.

- Yeah, this probably
wasn't a good idea.

- No, it's a great idea.

- Okay.

- I actually got a call.

I've got a meeting in the city.

- Right, right.

- We should do this again.
- Yeah, I would like to.

- Hey.

- Where is everyone?

- Oh, final day off before
we lock it down for the bust.

- Right.

How come an empty police station
always makes me

feel like I'm at a graveyard?
- What's going on, Helen?

- Tony pulled an address off
Sita Petronelli's phone.

- Okay. Look, I'm about
to close up shop...

- We located nearby
surveillance footage

from the night of the shooting.

The file's corrupted. You think
you can clean it up for me?

- Why?
- Because I think

Sita was involved
in the cabin shootings,

and this address
could be a part of it.

- Too bad we can't ask her, huh?

- Well, if I'm right,
we won't need to.

Whoever's in the trunk,
they'll be on this tape.

- Okay, yeah.

I'll give you a call
when it's done.

You know, you don't have
to wait here.

- I'll wait.

- Why the obsession
with this case?

- Catch the bad guy.
- No, I'm serious.

- Thrill of the hunt?

- No.
There's something else.

- You think
you can figure it out

in the time it takes
to decode this footage?

- I can guess.
- I don't think so.

- I read your psych eval
from Buffalo.

- Okay.
So you know everything?

- Yeah, everything except

what was on the pages
that were torn out.

- Well, it's pretty convenient,
having an old-school shrink...

Hard copy only.

- It's that bad?
- No, it was nothing.

- Why not tell me?

- 'Cause I haven't even
told my husband.

- Isn't that the point
of marriage,

telling someone
all your secrets?

- No.
It's more about knowing

you have that someone to tell,
if you want to.

- I wish I felt that way
about someone...

The way you do
about your husband.

- Gabe.
- Right, Gabe.

- You've never had someone
to open up to?

- Once.

- Was she someone in the Bureau?

- No, she was just sitting
in the edge of frame.

- What do you mean?
- I was on a job,

doing surveillance
at this cafe...

weeks, months.

I'd zoom the camera
from my target up to her face

and just stare at her for hours.

Then one day the job wrapped up.

We moved on, but I just...

I couldn't get her
out of my mind.

I missed her more and more
every day.

- So you looked her up?

That's probably
what I would've done.

- I showed up at the cafe,

and there she was,
sitting in the same place.

- Did you talk to her?

- No, I just stared at her
for a while, at first,

and then she noticed,
and I started up a conversation.

- Did you tell her what you do?
- No.

I told her I ran a company
that produced LED bulbs.

- That was the best
you could come up with?

- Yeah.

- Why her?

- I don't know.

I just... I felt this connection,

and we couldn't have
been more different.

She was younger, a student.

How could she...

she had no way of knowing

or even understanding
what I was about.

- Were you in love with her?

- It was like everything
in my life

had led me to this girl...

Like I wanted to confess my sins
to her and only her,

which was strange because,
I mean, I barely knew her.

- So what happened?
- I got to telling her

I was a cop.
She seemed excited.

- They always are, at first,

until they find out
we're batshit crazy.

- I couldn't bring myself
to tell her much of anything.

I mean, I talked, but I didn't
really say anything.

What did she do to deserve

to hear about my nightmares,

And then I just wanted
to be with her

and for her to remain exactly
how she was in that first moment

that I saw her...

Innocent, beautiful, and young.

How did it end?

- Badly.

After Buffalo,
I couldn't go on anymore.

I just wanted to end it all.

- Who hasn't?
- No, I really did.

I wrote the letter...

forged the prescriptions,

got in my car,
and started driving.

- So what happened?

I ran out of gas in Tivoli.

And then I went to buy
some vodka to go with the pills.

And I bumped into Gabe.


- He talked you out of it?
- No, he was buying beef jerky,

and he made me laugh.

- And that's it?
That's all it took?

- Yeah. Well, I hadn't laughed
in a really long time.

- Right.

- And it was like
I had this free pass

for that one night to just be
whoever I wanted...

Happy, even.

- You guys got drunk together.
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

And then the next morning,
I got back to my motel.

There was no more vodka
to wash down the pills,

and so I stayed in Tivoli

and I got a job as a sheriff.

- Mm.

This incredibly
decent man loved me.

So I became the woman
he met that night,

and that's still who
he thinks I am.

- Well, it seems to be working.

- It's working,
but it's a lot of work

to keep it working...

- Hmm.

- To be someone you're not.

I don't know.
I think I'm just tired.

- You really want him to know...

everything, all of it?

- How can you keep secrets,
real secrets,

from the people you love?

- I don't know.

Here we go.

With any luck,
this will be our killer.

Big guy is Stig Vescovi.

He died the night in the cabin
with the other two.

Does this zoom in? Can you
enlarge this image for me?


Damn it.
I can't see his face.


Just every time we get close...

- Sorry I couldn't
help you find him.

Thank you.

- You know, Helen,
your husband...

Maybe you should try
telling him.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- You've been sitting here
since I left?

- Yep.

- I'm sorry I ran out.
I had... I sent you a text.

- I saw that.

- I had to go into the city.

- Yeah.



- Vodka?

We never drink vodka.

- We did the first night
we were together.

- I can't believe we finished
that whole bottle.

- We... I practically
killed myself trying to keep up.

I hate vodka.

- Then why are we drinking it?

- Because we did that night.

You were the best thing
that ever happened to me.

- What about now?

- Nothing's changed.

- Gabe.

- Some things have changed,

but that's... normal.

But it hasn't...

hasn't changed us...

Who you are to me.

- Who am I... to you?

- You're my wife,
and I love you.

- I hate that stuff.

- Then why did you
buy it that night?

- I can't remember.


Lukas, we have you set up down
the hall in Philip's old room.

Philip will be upstairs,

and there'll be an agent
right on the porch.

- Okay. Thank you,
Mrs. Torrance.

Sheriff Torrance.

- And Lukas,
I'm having a sketch artist

come work with you tomorrow

so we can nail down what
this guy really looks like.

- Cool.

- Good night.

- Who's this?
- Hey, it's me.

I'm down here on the FBI phone.

Do you miss me already?

- You gotta help me, Philip.

- Is it the nightmares again,

where you can
see the guy's face?

- No, that's the problem.

- Just hang on a second.

- So you're sure?
- Yes.

I know he's after me,
but I can't see him at all.

- I used to do this thing

whenever things
got really bad back home.

I would turn the sink on

and close my eyes,

and I would pretend
that I was underwater,

like I was floating in a pool
or something at the bottom.

It was all quiet,
just floating there,

and I couldn't hear anything.

No one could get to me.
No one could touch me.

I was safe.

- Did it make things better?
- No.

No, but it made me forget
how bad things were.

- I still can't
remember anything.

When that sketch artist comes
tomorrow, what am I gonna say?

What am I gonna say?

They'll think I'm an asshole.

- There's nothing from all
those nightmares you had?

- The gun was always
covering his face.

- How do you know, seriously?
- I don't know.

What else could it be?
Oh, there's your dad.

- Lukas.
- What?


- Enjoy it, son.

- This bike is insane.
- Yeah. Yeah, savage, dude...

It's a 250 two-stroke.
It's got twice the power.

- You think you could jump
the water with this thing?

- Hell yeah, I can.

Oh, my God,
that would kill on my reel.

- Oh, yeah.
- Let's go.

- Okay. Let's go.
- Yeah.

- Whoa, you guys cool?
- Yeah.

- Helen's gonna be here in ten
minutes with the sketch artist.

- Can we practice
a couple jumps?

It's right over that hill.

- Yeah, I don't feel comfortable
letting you do that.

- Just one jump, please?

- Okay, one jump,
Be back here in ten minutes.

- Thank you.

- Burlingame,
what's your status?

- We've speculated
that the Vescovis

have been manually
splitting their tanks

to hold half gas
and half heroin.

- Based on?
- Well, based on the fact

that they've been
filling up twice as often.

We got eyes on every
gas station along the route.

- Good work. So what's next?

- Dry run this afternoon.

- Excellent work.

I'll meet you guys in the field.

- Copy that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- This is Cheryl Pitzker,
the sketch artist

I was telling you about.
- Nice to meet you.

- This is Kamilah Davis
with the FBI.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Okay, I'm gonna get Lukas.
They just went for a ride.

- Okay.

- Whoa.

That sky looks so good.

Yeah, I think I can get
all your air from here.

- Lukas!