Eyewitness (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Previously on "Eyewitness"...

Lukas saw everything.


I saw the gun.

- You don't believe me, do you?
- False intel.

- Turns out there is no gun.
- You need to apologize.

For lying about Lukas
seeing the murders,

for making up a gun.

I need to be relocated.

I just can't live here anymore.

Helen and Gabe are taking Philip back.

- He's gone.
- Philip wasn't lying.

I was there, in the cabin.

I need to confirm that
Mithat was responsible

for those shootings at the cabin.

Case is closed, Helen.

He's dead.

I want you to be the one to raise Jake.

Promise me.

Start from the beginning.

I want you to try and remember exactly
what happened inside this cabin.


I'm gonna tape you so
you can just ramble.

Anything you can think of.

Even the smallest detail
can trigger a memory.

There was this guy and he was
shooting all these other guys.

Okay. What were you doing
before they showed up?


Can you tell me exactly
what you were doing in here?

Have you done this before?

What happened there?


But you're remembering something.


All I did was steal
some gas like I said.

Okay. And then what happened?

I heard a car pull up.

It had a loud engine, like
it was really souped up.

Then these guys got out

and they took this other
guy out of the trunk.

Before I could leave, they all
ran in here, so I hid in there.

The man in the trunk...

- did he shoot anyone?
- Yeah, he shot everyone.

And you were inside
here when it happened?


So you couldn't see much?

I guess not.

But you're sure the man in
the trunk was the shooter?

Did you see him do anything
else before he walked away?

No, I left before him.

How did you get away
without him noticing?

I was nervous and I think I coughed.

I saw him looking under the bed
and I just came out and hit him.

He didn't move, so I grabbed
his gun and I ran to my bike.

And you threw the gun in
the water like Philip said?

- Yeah, can we go now?
- One minute.

Can you describe the shooter's face?

I don't... I don't know. Maybe.


Do you think he saw you?

I'm not sure. Why?

- Did they talk to each other?
- They were all kind of yelling.

- What about?
- I can't remember.

Did you notice anything
about their voices,

what they were saying?

Did they mention anything gang-related?


They... they just seemed angry.

Okay, is there anything
else you can remember?

- Can you keep going?
- No.

That's all I remember, okay?

Okay, okay.

Do you think you'd know his
face if you saw the killer again?

If I showed you a lineup?

Before you go investigating,

try communicating
honestly with your team.

If they aren't willing to open up,

you'll need to start putting
the pieces together yourself.

What happened with Helen?

I don't want to talk about
any of that shit right now.

I'm sorry I said that stuff about you.

My dad said I wouldn't get a sponsor
unless I stayed away from you.

So then why did you
bring the gun to Helen?

I guess...

'cause they were gonna take you away.

My dad's gonna destroy me.

Helen told him that I
was there at the cabin.

Yeah, but he doesn't
know that I was there.

I thought that was all
that mattered to you.

Yeah, I guess.

But everything matters to my dad.

So what are you gonna do?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I guess I got to go home sometime.

You going back to Helen and Gabe's?

I don't know.

I mean, when I packed
up my stuff to leave,

they didn't try to stop
me or anything, so...

Yeah, Helen sucks.

But Gabe... Gabe likes you, right?

I guess. Maybe he does.

You think they took
you in for the money?

I'm not sure why they
took me in, but I just...

I don't want to go back there anymore.

Well, you better not leave Tivoli.

Does your stomach hurt?


Well, you know, that's how
you know that you're in love.

Is it?

Nope, don't feel a thing.

- You do now, right?
- Okay. Come here.

So you let Sita slip away,

and an hour later, Kamilah goes missing,

and you're telling me it's not related?

I don't know, but I'll find her.

- We'll flip Sita, I promise.
- Don't bother.

Looks like we can't rely
on either one of them.

So we're basically back to square one.

No, we're closer than that.

We just tapped a meeting
between Vick and the Vescovis.

He's making it happen.

- You wouldn't answer my calls.
- I'm busy.

Losing Mithat caused a
major shift in our operation.

Yeah, mine too.

So you found a gun?

Yes, and I need it processed for prints.

They're just gonna match Mithat's.

Exactly. Then we'll know for sure
he committed the cabin murders.

And what's the point in adding
charges, Helen? The man's dead.

To make sure we shouldn't
be charging someone else.


- Can I question Sita?
- I haven't found her yet.

Where is Kamilah?

See, now, I thought you might know that.


She won't return my calls.

All right.

Let me know about the gun.

Thank you.

Hey, Dad.

Heat up your dinner.

It's been sitting there for a
while, so it only needs a minute.

I wanted to tell you. I really did.

I didn't want to lie.

But I thought...

I thought...

that if I didn't say anything,
it would just go away.

See you later.


You're not gonna wait to talk to Philip?

We put that poor kid through hell

and he was telling the truth.

He went to his room

- right when I got home last night.
- I don't blame him.

What do you want me to say?

Well, I want you to say,

"How did the call go
with social services?"

How did the call go
with social services?

It went good.

That counselor's gonna follow
up with Philip once a week,

- just to make sure...
- That's great.

- What? What's going on?
- Nothing.

I'm showing Lukas a lineup before school

to see if he can ID the killer.

I don't give a damn about that now.

I know.

I'm gonna make it up to Philip.

I have an idea.


That's how your mom always
packed your lunch, right?

No, but thanks.


I know you're confused and
scared and I would be too.

Heck, I wasn't even there, and...

all this recent gang-related
violence is keeping me up.

Whatever you saw in
that cabin that night,

I know you're trying to forget it.

What, do you recognize this guy?

I don't know. Maybe.

Can't remember.

Well, is this the guy
you saw at the cabin?

Yeah. Well...

he does kind of look familiar.

Well, that's good.

This guy was killed last week.

If this is the guy you saw,
this whole thing could be over.



I wasn't expecting the
brass to check in on me.

Turks are shipping 80 kilos, confirmed.

I'm not checking in on you.

Well, social call from
the big, bad FBI director.

Not exactly.

- How you holding up?
- Good, yeah.

Ready to get out of this
dump, live at home for a while.

After all that time in
Afghanistan I can only imagine.

I heard it got pretty
ugly on your last tour.


Heard it was more than that.

Maybe a little more.

I'm being kicked upstairs to D.C.

Chief and I feel strongly
that you're the best candidate

to replace me in New York.

Wow. Um,

a little unexpected, but...

But nothing.

It's well-deserved.

The interview process
requires a polygraph,

and if you have anything
you don't want to come out,


I got nothing to hide.

We blew it, Philip.

Why did you think that
I would lie about a gun?

I didn't, not at first.

But Helen convinced you.

Only after she found out that you
lied about your mother's boyfriend.

I don't know why I do that sometimes.

You know, like, lie about
things for no reason.

I used to do that, too.


Lie, like you did.

Yeah, why?

I don't know.

I think...

because I wanted to get close to people.



You don't need to do that with me...

or with Helen.

Yeah, okay.



I don't... no.

Wait. No, go back.

Yeah, that's... that's
him. That's the guy.

You are absolutely sure
he was in the cabin...

Yes, that's him.


Where are you going?

- It's Wednesday afternoon.
- So?

So I'm going to the farmer's market

because my granola's getting stale.

You haven't put your stand up for weeks.

Yeah, because we had
a murder case to solve,

and now we don't.

Don't go.

Why not?

If we leave now, the case is wrapped.

It is, Helen. It is very wrapped.

No, as long as we're here

and there's something on that
board, there's a case to solve.

Ok, just because I keep
Jill's picture up on my fridge

doesn't mean she's still
my girlfriend, now does it?


I didn't... I don't know why I
used that analogy right there...

Tony, what's the first thing
you noticed about Mithat?

He had the saddest eyes
I've ever seen in my life.

Okay, the second thing.

His... his accent.

Exactly, so if Mithat was at the cabin,

Lukas would have heard his accent.

We gonna finish building
that ramp over there?

Nah, it's almost ready. It's all good.

What, you don't want me
to shoot your practice?


Then what are we doing here?

We're going swimming.

So you coming in or what?

I don't know.

Dude, the water is nice.

Man, chill out. We got
nothing to worry about anymore.

That guy's dead.

You sure that was the right guy?

Yeah, I mean, I only saw him,

like, all the time in my nightmares.

So you're good now?

It's not making you crazy anymore?

Yeah, I'm good.

Okay, stop, stop, stop.


I don't swim.

Dude, come on. It's
like, five feet deep.

And I just came out and hit him.

He didn't move, so I grabbed his gun...

Play that part again.

- What part?
- The part you just played.

Okay, what are we doing here?

Can you please just play it again?

I don't have to 'cause I have
the whole thing memorized.

Okay, so what's the
last thing Lukas said?

He said he hit him and he
didn't move, then he took...

Wait, he knocked him out.

What could he have used to hit him?

I don't think he said.

And I just came out and hit him.

He didn't move, so I
grabbed his gun and I ran...

Well, he had to use something, right?

Like a bat or a lamp?

Okay, um, I'm sorry.

I'm not following on this one.

Whatever it was, it had to have DNA.

I'll be right back.

Will you get Lukas on the phone

and ask him what he used?


- Hi.
- Hey.

I don't think I can do
the poker thing today.

How about the pizza thing?

Come on, let's step
outside. Share a slice.

I'm sorry, I really
shouldn't leave the office.

Case isn't closed yet.

So Lukas still hasn't
identified your guy?

Um, no, I might have
come across new evidence.

Okay. Great.

Guess I'll see you tonight.

All right, thanks, buddy.

It was a frying pan.

Okay, so let's check
evidence, see if it's there.

Okay. Gabe didn't leave the pizza?


Good boy.

How long will he be with us for?

A couple more days so
I can monitor his shots,

make sure he's okay.

You, um, still worried
Lukas might hurt himself?

Not anymore.

He found out that the guy is dead.

The one that he saw
shoot all those bikers.

Lukas was able to identify the killer?



Um, this morning with Helen.

Where is she, by the way?

She's working late.

Surprise, surprise.

Did you serve as an FBI liaison

to special forces in Afghanistan?


Are you withholding any information
regarding any drug history?


Have you ever been
involved in any activities

that if uncovered would
constitute a felony?


Have you ever caused harm
to an innocent person?

I have.

Yes or no answer, please.


And did you cause that harm
while fulfilling your duty

as a military or a government official?

That harm?


I did a tour over there.

I get it.

So why isn't the pan on our board?

- Because we didn't know it existed.
- Well, we do now.

So where is it?

I don't know, Helen.

Where the hell do you think it is?

Jesus, someone's on edge.

Yeah, maybe someone is on edge

because someone is exhausted and hungry

and he doesn't understand
why he's trying to find

some pan in the middle of the night.

That's just gonna give
us more of Mithat's DNA,

which we already have from a rape kit.

Unless it's someone
else's DNA on the pan.

If Mithat wasn't the killer,

then why would Lukas identify him?

I don't know. Maybe he was tired.

Maybe he wanted all of this to end.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Look, even if we go home now

and stop looking at that
damn board for a second,

wherever the pan is,

it's still gonna be there
by tomorrow morning, okay?

So I'm going home.

Good night.

Good night.

Guess I'll just liaise
with the FBI myself.

Okay, I'm awake now.

What do we need?

You can start by
checking whether the FBI

logged a frying pan in their evidence.

Okay, I can do that.

I can do that.

Thank you.

Kamilah, what happened?

Sita's dead.


Poughkeepsie Police found
Sita's body floating downstream.

God, I'm so sorry.

- Why haven't you told anyone?
- I don't know.

I guess I thought if
I didn't say anything

then maybe it never happened.

You know, maybe she never jumped.

Does that make any sense?

Yeah, it does.

So why are you here now?

I can't keep driving in
circles with this baby.

Why do you think she did it?

I think because she loved him.

She knew as long as she was alive

that Jake would be no
better off than she was.

Or maybe she thought he
was better off with you.


But if I'm gonna take care of
him I'm gonna have to quit my job

and without my job I'm
no better than Sita.

Are you happy being an agent?

Yeah, it's the only
thing that makes me happy.

I used to feel like that.

Why'd you leave Buffalo?

One day it stopped

and I realized I didn't
have anything else

and I had to find something.

But you're happy now, right?

I'm not not happy.

Well, I thought you
said it was worth it.

The kid, the firm, the husband.

It is, but...

You miss the work.

I wanted to be the woman that
could fill that space with family.

I'm not sure I can.

You know no guy anywhere in the whole
world right now is having this dilemma.

Yeah, you think?

They said we could have it all.

Yeah, well, they lied.

I heard a car pull up.

It had a loud engine like
it was really souped up.

Excuse me. Hey.

- Can I help you?
- Hey, Agent Kane.

It's Helen's Tony.


Her liaison.

We... for the... the cabin shooting.

We met. We met. We already...

Right, yeah, no, of course.

Agent Nunez sent me up here, you know,

to check the evidence logs.

Check it for what?

The only thing we can't locate.

You already found the
gun. What else is there?

A frying pan we have to find.

Helen thinks that it might be
a break in the case, you know?


Hope you find what you're looking for.


But you're sure the man in
the trunk was the shooter?

I was nervous and I think I coughed.

I saw him looking under the bed

and I just came out and hit him.

- Who's that?
- He didn't move, so I grab...

Who? This?

That's our eyewitness.

He just came forward.

Who is that?

Well his name is Lu...

That's smooth, boss.

Yeah, you almost had me
on that. I know the rules.

Can't release a minor's identity
without parental consent.

I know, I know.

But I tell you what, though,
if this pan exists, believe me,

I'ma find it. My guess, it's probably

in the woods near where the
kid parked his motorbike, so...

Helen's not here.

Philip, we'd like to move
you to the upstairs bedroom.

Why? My room is fine.

Yeah, but the upstairs is nicer.

It's more permanent so you
can have a place of your own.

You can come and go as you
want, even after you're 18.

If you'd like, this
can always be your home.

And Helen is cool with this?

More than cool.


You want me to give
you a ride to school?

No, I got a ride.


You started without me?

Yeah, well, you were taking forever.

Tell me it was worth it.

Well, the FBI had nothing on the pan.

So you came all the way out
here to confirm a negative?


I went to Poughkeepsie
PD and they gave me this.

It was Sita's.

Now it's a little bit waterlogged so...

I figured all we got to
do is put it in some rice.


You never dropped your
phone in the toilet before?

- No.
- Well, it's common.

- Well, let me help you look.
- Well, it's no use.

I've already searched the
entire perimeter twice.

What are you doing?

Checking again.

Going home, Tony.

You want to come back after lunch?

No, we're not coming back here.

This is over.

- What's up?
- Nothing.

You want me to get off here?

You don't... you don't have to.

It's fine. I can walk.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

All right, well, I told Rose I'd give
her a ride home after school, but...

can we hang after?

Yeah, sure.

All right.

Hey, baby.

Hey, it's Sita.

I don't really check
this, but leave a message

if it makes you feel better.

Hey, Sisi.

Why aren't you here?

You're messed up, but
I need you, and Jake...

You didn't know shit but at
least you knew how to be a mom.

What am I supposed to do?

I know I promised you
I'd take care of him.

I just...

Please don't be mad at me, Sisi.


No, it's okay.

Got you this.

Where did you find this stuff?

They barely even make it anymore.

There's a specialty photo
shop in the city. And...

unlike Chinese food,
they deliver out here.

Thanks. Wow.

Film is so much nicer than
digital, don't you think?

Let's give it a go.

I like how you can just watch
it develop in your hands.

Yeah, and for like, 30
seconds, time kind of stops.

I used to love taking Polaroids.

Yeah, the colors make them look so old.

- Philip?
- Yeah?

I'm sorry for not believing you.

I'm okay now.

You know we weren't gonna
let you leave, right?

Gabe told me about moving
to the room upstairs.

That's really nice of you guys.

Letting me stay there as long as I want.

You told Philip he could
live with us forever?

- Yeah.
- Without discussing it with me?

You weren't around to ask.

Well, I thought the plan
was to take care of him

until his mom got better.

There was never a timeline for that.

Wow. You're really that mad at me?

You think having him here is punishment?

No, but we used to talk
about these sorts of things.

It's nice to see them
being back to friends.

Please don't change the subject.

Okay, let's talk.

You swear you're not lying?

Why would I lie?

Because that's all you do.

I lie to everyone else. Not to you.

You swear?

I swear I broke up with Rose, okay?

What did she say?

She said that she never liked me anyway.

Yeah, right.


You got the film?


- No, dude, no.
- Smile.

- No.
- Too late.

That's-that's a classic.

Pull it out.

- Do I shake it or something?
- No. No, no, no.

That's how you ruin it. You just got to
watch it develop for, like, 30 seconds.

30 seconds?

So we just got to sit
here like, one, two...

Shut up.

Why did you do it?


'Cause I don't want a girlfriend.

Wait, wait, what are we listening to?

It's a little surprise.

I made us a playlist.


So you want to tell
me where you've been?

- I was working the case.
- The case is closed, Helen.

I know Lukas identified the killer.

- What is that?
- That's the Larsens' dog.

He's here for shots.

The case is more complicated than that.

Well, why don't you explain it to me?

- Because I can't.
- Well, you haven't even tried.

- I can't, Gabe.
- You keep evading,

- you keep changing the story.
- That's my job.

I can't tell you
everything about it, can I?

And I wish you would stop asking!

I'm gonna go unload the groceries.

Listen, I'm upset that you did that,

and I know I haven't been
here as much as I should lately

but I love you and I think if we just...

What is it?

The dog. He's dead.

It's that coyote?

No, his neck was snapped.

- Lukas is here.
- Yeah, they're in the barn.

Did you hear anything out there?

- Did you see anyone?
- No.

What's going on?

Call Tony, please.

Hey, hey!

Hey, stop!


This is Agent Ryan
Kane. Leave a message.

Ryan, it's me. It's Helen.

It wasn't Mithat. The guy in the cabin,

I think he just tried
to kill my witness.

I need your help on this.

You need to get him protection
until I find this guy, okay?

Please call me back.

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