Eyewitness (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Bless the Beast and the Children - full transcript

As Philip and Lukas find haunting proof that the killer's alive, Helen struggles not to let the case affect her marriage with Gabe. Meanwhile, a new head of the FBI task force is revealed.

- Previously on "eyewitness"...
- No one's gonna know about this,
because you're never gonna tell them.
- All right, whatever.
- what the--
get under the bed. Now.
- set him down. Get the door.
- Look out!
Come on.
Come on. We got to get out of here now.
- there's some dead guys in my cabin.
I mean, it's a mess. They're all shot up.
- Step aside, please.
- Kamilah davis, fbi.
- Sheriff helen torrance.
- Helen said she found three bodies in the cabin.
What if somebody survived?
- I think the killer is still out there.
- Are you gonna be the one to find him?
- feels good, doesn't it?
- What? - Having these murders to solve.
- Mm, I would rather be on the water with gabe.
- Oh, get out of here. I see you walk into the station
with your lunch box and not much else to do.
- Yeah, I like it that way.
That's why I moved out here. Remember?
- Well, maybe.
But I know you love the smell of napalm in the morning.
Movie reference.
- you've never lived through a murder investigation, have you?
- I've never lived through nothing.
Not like you.
- Oh, that's a good thing.
- Yeah, but what's the point of being a cop
if nothing's ever gonna happen, you know?
I mean, you know, there was the thing with the bear,
but other than that, nothing.
I don't know, you know, sometimes I just kind of
lie awake just thinking, you know, just...
Is this what it's gonna be?
Forever? Just waiting for nothing?
I mean, all I'm looking for is just--
- meaning and purpose?
- Yes. That's it. Meaning and purpose.
- Well, you know, solving a triple homicide
can help with that.
- You, uh, think something was in here?
- Or someone.
Get this strand of hair to the lab.
- fbi's making a big mistake underestimating us, huh, helen?
- Huge.
- All right. I'm gonna run this.
Pound it.
- Nope. - Okay. Next time.
- you know, I keep hoping that I'm gonna wake up
and that you'll be gone.
- Not until you tell me who chris petronelli was to you.
Was he your informant? Your boyfriend?
- Whoever he was, you don't have the clearance.
- You know what? I am done with this shit.
I'll just leak to the press.
Start with chris, see where it leads.
- 'kay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
He was our informant, okay?
- So you're covering up evidence
to protect a dead source?
- No. To protect his wife.
- Why? She next in line to be flipped?
- She's my sister.
The vascovis find out that chris was informing,
they're gonna kill her, helen,
and her baby.
Charlie, let's get this tarp.
- Who was in the trunk of this car?
- I don't know. Chris died before he could tell us.
- But someone did get away? So we need to get on that.
- Helen, there's a bigger picture here,
so just back off, leave it to the fbi.
- Kamilah, there's a murder suspect
possibly walking around out there,
and you guys are just gonna sit on it?
- None of this matters to me until I get my sister out.
- And the bureau doesn't have a problem
with your conflict of interest?
- So what? You gonna call my boss?
- I just want to investigate this case, kamilah.
- Okay, fine. You just leave my sister out of it.
- Fine. That works.
- We're done up here.
- Yeah. You can take the car.
I already got what I needed.
- lukas!
Come here. Give me that.
you don't think you're freaking out the birds?
They're okay.
- You got the signs ready for the turkey shoot?
But why isn't that done?
- I'll do it now, dad. - You know, the family's been
doing these shoots on this farm...
Since world war I.
- Yeah.
Why do you always got to be so different?
- you got something you'd rather be doing?
- No. No. Sorry, dad.
Hey! Hey.
- What are you doing here? You--you can't be here.
My dad's inside.
- I just saw the guy from the cabin.
- What? You said he was dead.
- No. I thought he was.
I just saw him. He looked right at me.
- He saw you, and--and you came here?
Did he follow you?
What if he knows what I look like?
I'm dead.
- No, he didn't follow me.
- Go, go, go. - What are they doing here?
- hey, lukas. What are you doing?
- I'm getting signs ready for the turkey shoot.
Hey, my dad's inside. Do you want me to take you to him?
- No, it's okay. I'm here to talk to you.
Were you at his cabin yesterday?
- No. I don't jump there anymore.
- Oh, no? Why not?
Well, it gets--you know,
it gets way too muddy this time of year.
- Really? Well, that's weird.
I found some tire tracks in the mud,
and I thought maybe they were from your bike.
- No. - No?
'cause the pattern is identical.
- I have, like, a thousand of... - Lukas, I think you were
at your dad's cabin yesterday, and I want to know
why you were lying to me about it.
- Uh... - Lukas!
- Okay. He--
he's gonna kill me.
- Who?
- my dad.
I stole some gas from my dad.
He keeps an extra barrel up at the cabin for the chain saws.
- What time were you there?
- Uh, like right after school.
- So you just got the gas. Okay.
Did you see anything that I should know about?
Anyone suspicious?
- No. - No?
You didn't hear anything when you were riding around
up by your dad's cabin?
- I can't hear anything with my helmet on.
- Well, that must be nice tuning everything out.
- Yeah, I guess. - You should be careful, though.
I hear you got a big race coming up.
- ugh!
- Maybe he didn't see us.
- Why were you talking to helen about me?
About my race?
- I wasn't. Maybe your dad said something.
- You should leave before my dad comes back.
And, philip, I--
I fixed your flat tire.
- please, no, mithat. I can't.
I got to be in court for my kid.
I can't.
okay, look. I--
I know you want your payment back, your drugs.
I mean, the crew that I hired messed up,
and I don't know what happened, but...
They're all dead, and so is chris,
so that's why I can't ask him.
Please, no.
Please. Please just let me go and see the judge.
I promise I will come right back,
but if I don't, they will take jake away from--
- shh.
Do you know what it's like to lose a child?
- No. - No?
- No, I just lost my husband.
I can't lose my baby. Please, just--
- perhaps if you do,
you'll be more motivated to find my drugs.
Okay? Now come on.
- hey. - Hey.
- Figured it out.
All we got to do is find someone with red-tipped hair.
Case solved. - That's a good place to start.
- Yeah. Okay. So we should--
- check missing persons, hair salons, previous records.
- Right. That's a good--okay. So I should--I should go to...
- County records. - County records right now.
Okay. I'll go do that.
Hey, you still thinking that the vescovis kidnapped some guy,
put him in the trunk?
- Who says it was a guy?
- shit.
no! No!
No! No! No!
- wait! No!
No! No!
- I'll set the table. You deal the cards.
- Oh, I see. - Mm-hmm.
- All right, well, you get points for romance,
but I'm still gonna kick your ass.
hey, I got us a couple of tickets
to george jones this week.
- Oh, yeah? Great. He's coming all the way up here?
Wow. - He's dead.
- What? Then who are we seeing?
- It's a dance at dunbrooke's.
They play george on vinyl.
- Of course. I love this town.
- philip. Mm.
- Hey, philip. - Hey.
- I thought we should open up the table.
- Oh, okay.
- Thank you, philip.
The cards, babe?
seven-card stud.
- Uh, actually, philip plays texas hold'em.
- Ah, I don't really know how to play that.
- Oh, that's okay. I can play your game.
I'll figure it out.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Hey, that's a cool camera. Where'd you get that?
- Borrowed it. - Really?
Is the school lending out electronics now?
- Uh, no, it was a trade
with this kid in my class for my jacket.
- I like that. Bartering.
Okay. I will be the big blind.
and you will all feel my wrath.
Promises, promises.
- mm-hmm.
Let's see here.
- you want to know something?
- I've got to finish this, rose.
It's just-- you know my dad.
"turkey shoot's tomorrow, boy.
Better have all these signs up."
- but it's so tacky.
- Yeah, but it's tradition.
- Old people standing around shooting birds?
- Yeah, I mean, they've been doing it for 100 years.
They're not gonna stop now.
- Why do you care? - I don't care.
- Mm? - I don't care.
Look. You don't even know! - Why do you care?
- you don't even know. It's just, like,
that's how they've been getting people ready
to go to war here.
- Hmm. - Yeah.
- You remember how I said
I wanted us to wait?
- Yeah. I--I remember. - Yeah?
I don't think I want to anymore.
Why not?
well, you know, you've just been so patient with me.
- yeah. - Mm-hmm.
And a lot of other guys wouldn't be that cool.
- They wouldn't? - No, they wouldn't.
- oh, shit.
oh, damn it, rose,
I--I'm really sorry. I--
my dad, he's about to go "full metal jacket" on my ass.
I got to get to the range right now and finish this up.
I'm sorry. Got to go.
- See you, philip. - Bye.
- Bye.
- Everything okay, babe? - No.
I got three dead bodies, one strand of hair,
and no witnesses.
- I mean just now, with philip.
Poker in my office...
did you know that was my favorite time with you?
- Come on. It's a half hour once a week.
- Yeah, it's not about the time; it's that I found a man
who knows to make that time, just us, huh?
Am I evil for wanting to keep it like that?
Just a little.
- no.
You'll feel different once philip opens up to you.
- Opens up?
The kid's not even worn the boots we bought him.
- He's a great kid. - Yes, he is.
But something's going on with him.
- Yeah. He's adjusting to a whole new life
right in the middle of high school; it's a lot.
- Okay. But still, the last couple of days,
he can barely look at me.
He's all jittery like he's hiding something.
- He's a teenager, babe, not a perp.
- Okay.
You're probably right.
- Probably. - Probably.
- what the hell is this?
- This is how partners sit.
See it in the movies all the time.
- Okay. You know you have to earn it
if you want to sit across from me.
- Okay.
How about a 15-year-old girl reported missing this week?
- Dark hair, red tips?
- That, I don't know.
- Well, then why are we talking about it?
- Check this out.
So I find the missing persons report in the database, right?
- Mm-hmm. - But when I click on the link,
shows up blank.
No name, no photo, nothing.
What do you think about that? - I think someone's trying
very hard to keep us off this case.
- Mm-hmm. So why are those fbi dickheads shutting us out?
- Because they can.
Now, why would a 15-year-old girl be
in some drug dealer's trunk?
- Come. - Don't touch me.
Don't touch me. Get off me!
Papa. - Bella.
Come. Come in.
Come. Come.
- did you bring the file?
- What do you want from a missing child report anyway?
- I just have to find out if she had dark hair with red tips.
Okay, so you did bring the file.
What's it gonna take for me to get to look at it?
- They took my sister's kid away.
She missed her court hearing,
and unless she has a first-class excuse for the judge,
her kid stays in the system.
- But what does it have to do with me?
- If you tell the judge she was up here with you
being interviewed for the quarry case...
- You mean the one I was supposed to leave her out of?
- Her husband's dead.
- I would really like to help you,
but I'm not gonna perjure myself.
- Not even for intel that's gonna blow your case wide open?
- Okay. Give me the file.
If it leads anywhere, I'll do it.
if I go through with this, it's gonna cost you more
than just this one file.
- Understood.
- mithat milonkovic?
- Yeah, that son of a bitch is about to become
the biggest heroin supplier in the valley.
- please call me. I love you.
Call me.
Why did you run away from school?
- Me and a friend, we went into the city--
- and who is this friend?
- It's nobody.
- He's not nobody, bella.
He is a pedophile.
- No. - Yeah.
I love you, bella. I care for you.
Why you shame me with an old man?
What spell he has put on you?
- Stop. - Bella, this is phone
you use to call him. - No!
- Not another word from you.
Okay? No more!
- what? - No.
- You said you wouldn't tell helen.
- I wasn't going to, but then I--
- but what? Huh? - Did you even read my texts?
The guy looked right at me,
and then he didn't even follow me when I got off the bus.
- I hit him really hard. He probably can't even remember
what you look like.
- Maybe. Or maybe he wasn't after me
because he was after tommy.
- What?
He doesn't even know tommy.
- Tommy borrowed my jacket,
the one that I was wearing that night,
and maybe that's what he remembers.
What if he thinks that tommy is me?
- Are you insane? - If I'm insane,
then how come tommy hasn't texted me back all day?
- Because he doesn't like you.
You're just overthinking it, all right?
We just need to chill.
- I just don't want anything to happen to tommy
because of us, because we didn't say anything.
- Nothing's gonna happen.
He's probably off just hooking up with tracy somewhere.
You said you weren't gonna tell. - No, no, no...
- You promised. - No, we should've told helen
right when this happened. - You promised! You--
please, philip,
don't--don't tell.
- mr. Milonkovic, I'm sheriff helen torrance.
I was wondering if I could speak with you for a minute.
Are you aware your daughter's been reported missing
from her boarding school?
- She's 15. She is wild.
It's not the first time.
- We have evidence that she might have been
in the trunk of a car at a crime scene.
- Bella? No.
- When was the last time you saw her?
She only calls me when she needs money.
Have a good day, sheriff.
- I'm looking for a killer, mr. Milonkovic.
Is there anything you're not telling me?
- Why? Because I'm not crying?
It does not mean I do not care about my daughter.
- Well, that may be, but you don't seem very concerned.
- Do you have any kids?
- No, not really.
- Then you don't know.
- It's not about me.
- I would never let anything happen to my bella.
Good day.
- is that bella's phone?
Is that bella's phone? Mr. Milonkovic.
- is that you,
you freak?
I will find you.
- damn it!
Where are the goddamn drugs, chris?
what the--
Your turn. Yeah, take a swing.
Take a swing. Let's see what you got.
Batter up!
- oh, yeah, you swing like a girl.
- Shh. Now I'll chill, though, so...
- Oh, yeah?
- what was that?
- Here. Hold on.
Line it up.
oh! - Whoo! Oh, yeah.
- Okay, I'm kind of impressed. - And that's gone.
- Pretty impressed. - That's gone.
- So where's your girlfriend?
- Mm, I don't know.
But, uh...
She wants to blow me.
you jealous?
- You want me to be.
Screw you.
You know what?
If that killer finds me,
this time, I'm gonna...
Bash his skull in.
- Right, okay, tough guy.
Too bad he's not looking for us.
- Oh, yeah, watch out, tommy. He's coming for you.
What? He's...
I'm just kidding.
It was--it was a joke. I'm just--
Mm. Ugh.
I'm kidding. It was a joke. Come on.
It's all right. He's gonna be fine.
It was a joke.
Wait--oh, shit.
What, what, what, what--
- Many teenagers become defiant when you threaten them,
or tune you out when you give them lectures.
Trust must be established for your teen
to feel comfortable opening up to you.
- Why--why did you kiss me earlier?
- What? - Because you wanted to,
or because you didn't want me to tell?
- I'm not supposed to like you this way.
- Sheriff, we got to talk, right now!
- Bo, calm down. I'm here.
The boys are inside... - Oh--oh, shit.
- What do you want me to say? I'll say whatever you want.
- We can't talk, right, if we're even more wasted?
- Is that hand sanitizer?
No, no, no, don't do that.
- Drink this. Drink this. - No, no, no, no.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Put it down.
- Are you serious? - Uh-huh.
- oh, my god.
- Okay, so who has the fake id?
- So, what, you two are friends now?
- No. - No? You just happen
to get drunk and smash windows together?
- Babe. - Yes?
- Okay, I don't get it.
What the hell's going on with you two?
- hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on--
Okay. Okay.
You know what? Why don't we just--
you can come back tomorrow, and we'll talk about it then?
- Yeah, we'll talk about that first thing tomorrow.
Come on, now.
I'm not gonna lecture you right now.
- She wants to.
- Yeah. I really want to,
but that's not how you establish trust,
so I'm going to listen.
So you want to tell us what happened?
- okay. Okay.
- helen?
- Can you give us a minute, tony?
- No, helen, it's urgent.
I'm serious.
- You okay? - Oh, yeah, I got this.
All right. Got it out of you?
- when did you get home?
- Late.
- Mm. Parents keep you there talking?
- No, not really.
I stood outside their houses for a long time.
I just wanted to give those families
as much time as I could, you know?
'cause I knew once they opened the door and I stepped in,
then nothing would be the same.
And then at tommy's house, they were all...
Laughing inside,
and I just wanted to walk away so bad.
- Oh, babe, I'm so sorry.
- oh, no. Not your back.
Oh, yeah.
- don't move.
Give it to me.
- Okay.
All right. Yeah.
It's really gonna be an epidemic up here, this heroin?
- I don't know. It looks that way.
- Oh, right there, babe. Oh, yeah, that's the spot.
We got to make sure we steer philip clear of all that.
- I hope it's not too late.
- What do you mean? - Tommy lombart.
He was wearing philip's jacket when we found him.
- That's his friend, right? The one he bartered with?
Camera for the jacket?
- So he says. - Hey, you don't think
philip's involved in all this, do you?
- No, no, of course not.
Gabe, I've seen this so many times
with kids you least expect it.
And I spent time in tommy's room.
You know, football was his way into notre dame,
so I just find it hard to believe that a kid that driven
is gonna do heroin.
- Yeah. I'm so sorry.
* I'll be the calm *
* I will be quiet *
* stripped to the bone *
* I wait *
* no, I'll be a stone *
* I'll be the hunter *
* a tower that casts a shade *
* I lie awake and watch it all *
* it feels like thousand eyes *
* I am the storm *
- You know, when a situation like this
happens in a small town,
it can escalate so fast.
- Yeah, they're afraid it's gonna become an epidemic.
- yeah, I didn't really know those kids very well.
- philip, tommy had this when we found him.
- that's the boy you traded the camera with, right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Ah, philip.
I am so sorry.
excuse me.
Hey, I'll be there in a second!
- Are you sure that they overdosed?
- Why? You don't think so?
- I don't know. I just--
I just can't believe that tommy would do drugs.
- Well, they found heroin in his bloodstream.
- Huh.
Can I show you something?
So tommy took these a couple days ago.
It's so weird, right? They look happy, not high.
- No.
- I don't get it.
- Sometimes you think you can know someone,
but you really don't.
Do you want to take your jacket?
- Oh, don't you need that?
- No. It's not a criminal case.
- I don't really want it.
- Okay.
You know, me and gabe are always here
if you want to talk about anything.
- hey, kamilah. - Yeah?
- If you want me to talk to this judge about your sister,
get me access to mithat's apartment.
I think he's got bella in there.
- Fine. I can try to expedite a search warrant.
- I take full responsibility for keeping sita petronelli
from her court hearing, your honor.
we're investigating a multiple homicide,
and it was crucial that we immediately take
sita's testimony.
- The baby sleeps here. - Yeah.
- I'd never met her before, your honor,
but based on our interview, I can assure you
that sita's greatest concern
is for the well-being of her child.
* dripping money *
* on your thighs *
you are wise...
To be good...
To mithat.
- and knowing the demands of raising a child,
I believe the court is safe to reunite sita and her boy.
- all right, that's good!
There we go.
want to help orville with the hitch?
- Yeah.
- Well, you know, son, I know you weren't that close
to, uh, tommy and his girlfriend,
but if anybody pressures you about drugs...
- No way.
- all right.
Whatever you need, you can talk to me, right?
- Okay, dad.
- All right.
Go get some water and food for these birds.
- Hey, dad? Sorry about yesterday.
- Yeah, I just, uh--
I can understand drinking.
We all got into that in high school,
but smashing windows with some city kid?
You're supposed to be better than that.
go ahead, orville! Fire her up!
- where is she?
where is--
where's--where's the girl?
There's a teenager with dark hair.
- oh, my god.
Emergency vehicles only...
- helen!
hey. Hey.
Helen, how are you doing?
oh, man.
let's get you out of here, okay?
- lukas!
hey! - No!
Tommy and tracy--hey!
- I showed helen the pictures of tommy and tracy.
She still thinks they overdosed.
You know he killed them. What if he's still out there?
- No. No. No!
- Stop! Stop! Stop!
- No! - Stop. Stop.
- It's never gonna stop, is it, philip?
All this killing. It's never gonna stop.
And it's my fault.
- What are you talking about?
- Tommy and tracy...
The turkeys...
They're just gonna shoot them, for nothing.
And it's my fault.
- doesn't have to be.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
- okay, listen up, people.
Glad you're all having a good time on the bureau's tab.
I'd like to introduce special agent ryan kane.
Ryan's been coordinating surveillance
on the turkish heroin pipeline,
mostly mithat milonkovic.
* and way down we go-oh-oh-oh *
* oh, way down we go *
- agents burlingame and davis are already
laying the groundwork for a new narcotics task force
based out of poughkeepsie.
- Okay.
* oh, way down we go *
- look, he's back!
* oh, baby, yeah *
* oh, way down, ah-ha *
* hey *
* ooh, ooh, ooh *
* yeah *
* way down we go *
* oh, way down we go-oh-oh *
- we've recruited ryan to oversee an expanded operation.
If you'd like to be considered,
you can talk to agent kane directly.
* so way down we go *
* ooh *
- thank you.
I've had my eye on this operation for a while now.
* way down we go *