Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript


The Berliner Zeitung and Die Welt.

I'm out of Die Welt.

Then I'll just have the Zeitung.

Thanks. Bye.

Come on!

Morning. I forgot my card.

-Will you let me through?
-No problem.

-Any luck hunting?
-Always the amateur.

-Know what time it is?
-I just wanted a ride.

-I can give her a workout later.
-You don't have to.

-You're supposed to relax and enjoy it.
-I do. Is Philip up yet?

Well, breakfast's ready.

Not for me, thanks.

"A sacred moment." Your words.

-I know. Don't make me feel guilty.
-You've burned out before.

-Three years ago.
-Now we've got Philip.

I know what the deal was.

-Because this case came to me.
-Came to you?

-It came to me. I think I need it.
-Hi, Philip.

-Caught anyone yet?
-We're not that quick.

You think he lives here?
You think it's a woman?

-Why do you ask?
-I'm just curious.

I have to go. See you later.

It's criminals killing other criminals.
Nothing to do with ordinary people.

-Where have you been?
-I overslept.

Couldn't get to sleep last night.

What's Helen saying?

Have they arrested anyone?

-You haven't said anything?

And you, you're just so dead!

-I'm sorry.
-You're sorry?

Fat lot that helps.

My face hurts real bad.

You could've broken my nose!
Or busted my eyes!

Relax, he's said he's sorry.

He stood up for you. Mia was
badmouthing your motocross.

Philip shut her up. Heroic.

You're like...

-She said...
-I don't care what she said.

-Don't you get it?

Stay away from me!

I've got some clothes for you.
You can change later.

You locked me up.

Did I have any choice?

Tell daddy exactly what happened

before you came to the club,
and why you're dressed like this.


Everything from the start.

Me and a friend...
Just listen to me.

We were downtown.
Someone attacked us.


-Tell me the truth!
-It's true.

Don't give me that! Stop lying!

Bujar was right.
You've lost all sense of respect.

I'll be back this evening.

You'll tell me everything
from the start. Get it?!

Daddy! Don't go!

Sit down!

Come back, daddy. Come back!


I'm proud that we've set up
a command centre

in less than 24 hours
in this former People's Hall.

I'm also happy and proud
to be able to tell you

that the investigation will be led by
our very own Sheriff Helen Sikkeland.

This means that SO
will serve as an auxiliary,

while the investigation
will be led from here.

Given her experience, I'm convinced
the case is in the right hands.

-I couldn't tell you about the call.
-It was undercover ops or an informer.

That goes without saying.
What pisses me off, is you not telling me

that there's another person
involved in this situation.

-Right. Tell me what you've got.

The victims were Ferrymen,
a supporter club for the Sixers.

-Major hash and amphetamine players.
-I know that.

The Sixers are huge,
but don't do their own dirty work.

So they contracted
a killing from the Ferrymen.

Could be. Our informer has cost
the Ferrymen two shipments.

-Which means they have huge debts.

Anyway, it seems the intended victim
was saved by his own.

They've had to have
some way to trace the Audi.

Did you find any GPS in the car?
Anything else from the crime scene?

They were all killed by
the same weapon, a 9 mm pistol.

But let's back up a bit.
Christer Johansson calls you.

He tells you they've got someone in
the trunk who's about to be liquidated.

But he doesn't say who it is.
Does Christer know who it is?

I don't know. I didn't have time
to ask him before he hung up.

You were Christer's controller.
Why didn't he call you?

He said Lars didn't answer the phone.

-He usually calls her instead of you?
-Why is that relevant?

-Christer was your brother-in-law.
-How do you know?

Police work. Shall we continue?

So how much time can you give me?



We'll come right away.

A bomb has gone off at the Exodus.
A restaurant in central Oslo.

We're not done!
I'm in charge of this investigation.

-Exodus is run by the Z gang.
-Hamit Milonkovic?

-I'm coming with you.

We've been looking for his daughter
since yesterday. I'll take my own car.


Help! Help me!

So you've been looking for Milonkovic's
daughter in connection to the murders?

-There was a fifth person in the car.

We looked at missing persons.

His daughter was reported missing
the day before yesterday.

She lives in Gothenburg.

So you knew about
the person in the trunk?

-Then why the charade this morning?

Why didn't you tell us?


-I can't tell you.
-Fine. Okay.

Let's just swallow our pride
and focus on the case, alright?

-You suspect Zana was in the trunk?
-It's possible, yes.

And that Milonkovic or someone
else from the Z gang saved her?

We haven't got that far. We can't rule
out anything at this stage, you know.

-Great. Mutual trust from now on?
-That's fine by me.


How could she know?

Try to relax.

It went off in the backyard.
We don't know how many are injured.

We've got five officers here.

-Dead and wounded?
-They're still searching.

-Was Milonkovic in the building?
-We don't know.

The bomb was in the backyard,
in one of the containers.

I guess you know what the Z gang
has been up to lately?

-We've got a pretty good idea, yeah.
-Then what's this about?

Drug war. The Z gang has
dangerous friends. There'll be payback.

-The bikers against the Balkan mob?
-I doubt it. Too quick a response.

But it could be.

-Let me through!
-It's Hamit.

-Hey, take it easy. Easy!
-I have to get inside!

-We've got people in there.
-It's my place. My place!

-I've got employees in there.
-How many people are inside?

Hey, Lars! Come here!

Then she just vanished?
They rescued a young girl.

Fourteen or fifteen years old.
Looked Slavic.

-Where is she now?
-She was right there.

So who'd be interested
in hurting you or your business?

-I've no idea.
-"No idea"?

You know what happened
two nights ago in Mysen?

With those bikers?

-Are you involved with the Ferrymen?
-I've nothing to do with this!

A young girl was found in the building.
Has that got anything to do with you?


Nita Caglar.
That's what she calls herself.

A young Kurdish girl.


She works for me. She has no
residence permit, but what the fuck?

How old is she?


She wouldn't happen to be
a friend of your daughter?

Zana lives with her mother.
What does this have to do with her?

When did you last see her?

Six months ago.

-Where is she now? Where is she?

She ran away from home. They reported
her missing. That's all I know.

-Why did she run away from home?
-How would I know?

-Has she contacted you?
-Then I'd have told you, right?

That I don't get hysterical doesn't
mean I don't care about my daughter!

Don't you have children?
I'll tell you this:

They're like a part of you.

All you want is
for them to succeed in life.

If there's anything else, take me
in for questioning. By the way...

I've never liked cops.

No fatalities? Good.
Any leads on the girl?

No. We'll have to hear
what the technicians say.

Right. I can speak now.

No, I can't right now. That's the deal.

Me neither.

Maybe tomorrow.
They won't even know I'm gone.


-We'll talk tomorrow. Who was that?
-Were you eavesdropping on me?

I didn't mean to.
Why the secrecy?

Jeez. Henning wants help
marking trees tomorrow.

I'd have to skip the last lesson.

It's no big deal.
Henning's just a bit unsettled.

-Don't lie to me, Philip.
-I'm not lying!

I know that was your mother.
Let me have a look at your phone.

-It's my phone.
-We need trust to be a family.

Then trust me. Trust me!

What's going on here? Hello?

-She thinks I was talking to mom.
-I can't accept Philip lying to me.

I realise that you need
to speak to her.

But you can't sneak off to Oslo,
and you can't lie to me.

-Is he lying?

-I apologise.

-It's not me you should apologise to.
-I just can't accept...

I'm sorry.

I realise how tired you are.

To all driving passengers.
Please proceed to your vehicle.

Avoid starting the engine before
the signal to drive is given. The upper...

-Who are you?
-Sorry. I'll leave.

Hold on a second.

You pinched anything?

-What are you doing in my cab?
-I'm leaving.

Yeah, you're going
to the police with me.

I've just slept here.

Yeah, in my bed. Come on.

How old are you?

No, you're coming with me.

No! Let go! I'll scream.

Go ahead.

You pervert! You tried to rape me!

Sikkeland speaking.


Yeah. Fine. Thanks.


Right. Hamit Milonkovic, you're charged
with abducting your daughter,

Zana Korda. Why did you lock her in
a room above the Exodus?

This is bullshit.
I haven't met her,

seen her or heard from her
since she disappeared.

Why didn't you tell us she was in
the building? Did you want her to burn?

Is that why you cut the fire rope?

Did you do it yourself, or hire...

Listen to me! It's bullshit, okay?

Do you have any proof
of these allegations?

Zana has been there countless times
of her own free will.

Most recently a few weeks ago.

The girl in your apartment was
treated for a minor cut in her arm.

-The DNA shows it's Zana's blood.
-You shouldn't say more now.

I'd like to have a few words
in private with my client.

Okay. She came a couple of days ago.

Something had happened.
I don't know what.

I was afraid she'd hurt herself. Tried
to find time to talk about it with her.

Then there was the fire.
Zana disappeared. I panicked.

You mean you cut
the fire rope to protect her?

Don't you understand?
I was afraid she'd hurt herself badly.

She's capable of anything.
She might easily harm herself.

Where were you
between 09:00 and 09:30

-on the day the blast happened?
-With him.

Hamit was discussing his visitation
rights to his daughter with me.

I'm sure you realise how worried he is.

So I assume that we're...

Well, is this just
cultural differences?

Locking up your daughter,
cutting the fire rope for her protection.

-A little later the house caught fire.
-Was that why he was worried?

-Do you believe him?
-I don't know, but...

What if he was afraid
of something else?


-I got you a cup of coffee.
-You think I've been drinking?

No, I don't.

I know I make a fool
of myself sometimes.

-But I usually land on my feet, right?

Is that the best you can do?

I brought these. If it's too much,
mom and I can handle it.

You don't have to.

He'd just become full member.

Well, a huge funeral
costs a lot of money.

We'll make it dignified,
though intimate.

-We're in this together.

What about the club?

They cared about him, about me too.

Won't you let them come?
Show their respect?

I won't turn away anyone,
but a full club burial...

You won't? He was my husband.
Not yours. I have the final say.

I know. If Ferrymen was just
an ordinary biker's club...

But they're much more than that.
I don't want you to owe them anything.

He lived for that club.

Died for it too.

-My condolences.
-Thank you.


He was a good man.

-I can take the flowers to your place.
-That would be great. Thanks.

I'm sorry for your loss.

We're holding a wake.
I think you should come. Okay?

They're holding a wake
at the clubhouse later.

They want me to come.

-Can you take Jimmi?
-No, say you're with family.

-Can you stop being a cop for once?
-Of course we'll babysit him.

We have to let her do it.


The funeral was nice.

I just wanna say he was a great guy.
He was like a brother to me.

-Like a brother, get it?
-We heard you.

-But he was!

I won't just sit there
when they've killed my bro.


Unleash the fucking fury!

Now piss off.

Sorry about that.

-It's for you.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

You'll get cash every month
until you're back on your feet.


But I have to ask you
to do me a favour.

-This is between you and me.


Christer was holding a package for me.

Do you understand? A package.
You sure you understand?

I don't know where he's put it.

-Maybe it's at your place?
-I wouldn't know.

No. But I think you should check.

-Of course.


-Same old song.
-Hey, Philip.


Philip should've come along.

He might well inherit some forest.
How are you feeling?

-Okay, I guess.
-See a lot of him?

-You seem to be together all the time.

I said no.


That one.
Well, who knows?

Maybe he'll be out here with a chainsaw
in a year or two. Want some coffee?

This is where I usually sit.

I saw it on the evening news. Horrible.
Four people murdered in cold blood.

Do you know anything more about it?

I guess the police
are bound by confidentiality.

It's so unsettling to think about
a killer roaming around where you live.

-How are you doing, mom?

I'm really looking forward to
getting out, sorting out everything...

You're only halfway.
You have to complete the program.

I will.

I will.

But how are you doing?

What are they like?

-Are you happy with them?
-They're okay.

That's good. And school?


What about love?

Tell me.

What's her name?


Is he good to you?

-Promise you won't tell Helen and Sven?
-I promise.

-Pretty good?

Give it another year.

I started when I was thirteen.

So you could drink coffee
at your confirmation without choking?

Don't make fun of an old man.

-You thought you were tough?
-I was.

Wash up, will you?

I must admit
I'm glad you came along, Henning.

-I don't feel safe out here anymore.
-Shall we go?

Put out the fire.

Hi. I was sleeping.

Come in.

-I just have to change.
-Fuck that. Come here.

Come here, I said.

-Tell me what you know.
-What I know?

Christer was working for the cops.
He was a rat.

Stop kidding! I don't know shit!

-Where's the package?
-Not here. I've looked everywhere.

-Did he give it to the cops?
-He'd never do that!

He was working for them.
Got that?

I don't believe you. Why would he?

Just ask your sister.


-Relax. Nobody knows you're involved.
-What about Siri?

-Siri will be okay.
-She paid for the funeral.

-I bet they're furious.
-Hey, listen.

Bikers have a code about women. If she
doesn't know anything, she's home free.

-You know that's bullshit.

Did the police
put Christer Johansson at risk?

-Was he working for you when he died?
-Not now.

Nothing about the circumstances
surrounding the case?

No, we're not commenting the article.


Can we comment on the forensic findings?
Will you come to my office?

But with an extra thousand from VG,
he can afford the latest iPhone.

Good morning, everyone!

This'll make today much harder,
but we'll have to do our best. Elisabeth?

Nothing of any use from SO.
But we reviewed the Oslo police log.

One report might be of interest.

A patrol picked up a girl matching
Zana's description just outside Oslo.

They couldn't get anything out of her.
Thought she was psychotic.

-They took her to a psychiatric ward.
-And? Is she still there?

No, she ran away. They reported it,
but nobody's seen her since.

Find out if it's Zana.


You've now reached...

Can you see it?

-What now?
-Want them to find it?

-I want to tell them the truth.
-Don't you dare.

Dad will kill me, get it?

What are you doing?

Give me a hand.

Throw plenty of them.

Thanks. Thank you.

-It was Zana.
-The night after the murders. On E6.

-Mastemyr. 50 km from the scene. Why?
-It's Geir Tangen.

Geir Tangen from VG? I'm sure
it's important to him, but I'm busy.

-Maybe Zana...
-I don't think she was in the quarry.

With that level of professionalism,
I can't imagine how she could escape

or be freed during such a handover.

-So what was she doing on the E6?
-Heading for her father.

Why don't you pick up the phone
when I call? I was scared to death!

-Are you okay?
-Who the hell do you think you are?


Were you just going to keep quiet?
Was that the plan? Hope I never found out?

-I couldn't tell you about his role.
-That's not what I mean.

I've told you a thousand times.
All that ended in high school.

He was working for you!

Working for you!

You spoke to him that night!
I'll talk as loudly as I like!

Okay. Sit down.

Sit down, Siri.

-Who have you been talking to?
-They don't believe shit of what I say.

Of course they assume that I knew.
Now they want loads of money.

-Please tell me who you've talked to.
-Don't even try to deny it.

That journalist found out everything.

Did he sleep over
when we'd argued?

A night or two. On the couch.

-I didn't have sex with him!
-You just worked.

You had secret police business
at night? Goddammit.

Why didn't you stop him? How could
you let him work on both sides?

You were the one
who talked him into it.

-Dammit! You're not my sister.
-He wanted to do it, Siri.

-Wanted revenge for what happened in...
-He was killed working for you.

He was working for you!
You killed him!

Now they'll kill me too,
which is just as well.

If they threaten you, I can help!

You're the last person
I want help from.

I think we can rule out Zana.
At least for now.

-Cast a wide net.

-There must be some way forward.
-Darn it.

-Tangen from VG is outside.
-Did you talk to him?

I told him what I knew.
Which isn't much.

Looks like he's prepared to wait.
He's got double burgers and a coke.

Right. I'm listening.

Just so you know.
I won't let this rest.

But it's bad. You should know
before it hits the press.

-What are we talking about?
-We got a tip

regarding a shipment of coke.
Johansson was responsible for it.


You don't know about it?

Is this an interview or a tip-off?

The tip concerns
the whereabouts of the package.


Hi. Camilla Bjerke?
We need to ask you some questions.

-And search your apartment.


-We got a tip.

A tip? About what?

That's all I can say right now. Sorry.

-Could you get dressed?
-You must be joking.