Eyewitness (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript


-Wow! See that?
-What if you'd crashed?

That's not my style.

Wow, I'm thirsty.

-Are you thirsty? Did it look good?
-It looked awesome.

-Hey, catch!
-No! Dammit!

Come on.

-You make it that much easier.
-Oh, shit!

-Gotta learn to catch.
-It ended up way back here.

-Well, it's yours.

-Dad won't be happy.

-That was sick.
-I couldn't see shit.

I'll show you some
even meaner tricks later.

-Been long since you did the dishes?
-Why'd you think I brought you here?

It's nice here. Not.

-Have you ever brought chicks here?
-Chicks? No?

That'll be the day.

Nope, no chicks out here.

What the hell are you doing?

What would you do if I was your babe?

You don't even wanna know.
I promise.

I do.

Shit. What if someone sees us?


-Toilet open?

-You drive American?
-Not exactly.

Got a '58 Bel Air,
but I need some cash to fix it.

Let me borrow your mobile.
Short conversation.

Come on.
I'm not gonna steal it.

-It's me. You've gotta hurry.

-They're about to kill someone.
-You serious?

-Would I call you otherwise?
-You called Lars?

Yeah, but he's not answering.
I'm at a gas station outside Mysen.

We're driving a black Audi A6.
AA 56567.

-Okay. Where are you going?
-I've no idea. We're heading east.

-I can't stop this.
-Can I call you?

No communication on this ride.

Turn right after the bus stop.

-Is that a problem?

I just showed my face
at the gas station.

Did you have trouble
following orders in Sweden as well?

-You would've checked.
-I have.

Fuck, what's that?
Someone's coming!

-Is it your dad?

-Is it your dad?
-I don't know.

The window's bolted shut.
Get dressed. Get ready to run.

You start up the truck.

-You get him out.
-On his own two feet?

Or you can carry him.


-They're shooting each other!

He's coming. He's coming!

Please don't...

Philip, come on!

Henning! Henning!

What the hell are you doing?

He moved!

Get the bike. Get the bike!

Henning! Henning!

-Give me the gun!
-What are you doing?

Give me the gun, Philip!

-Let me have it!

Henning? Henning!
What are you doing?

-Don't tell anyone about this. Nobody!
-But it wasn't your fault! Fuck!

You're not telling anyone!
I'm not gay, get it?!

Everyone will know what we did there.

I'll never tell anyone
unless you want me to.

You saved my life.

-Take my jacket, Philip. Take it.
-No, forget it.

Put it on.

Yeah, come on!

Maja! Yes, that's great.

You didn't drive her too hard?

She's fit for racing.
Shall we eat?

Philip has had a rough night.
I let him sleep.

Good morning. Sleep well?

Would it be okay if I went to Oslo
to see mom after school today?

-But what about the race?
-It's her birthday.

-Philip, we had an agreement.
-Yeah, but then I remembered mom.

-Isn't her birthday in winter?
-In winter?

I thought you said she was a Capricorn?

What if you visit her next week?
We'll drive you.

He has to realise
that he can't lie to us.

-Her birthday's in January.
-We can't make him forget her.

No, but he has to learn.

-How long did you stay out last night?
-I'm not sure.

-I didn't check.
-Your dad says it was past two.

You can't do that on schooldays.
Were you with Philip?

No, I was motocrossing by the river.

-At night?
-The bike's got a headlamp.

-I have to practice.
-You got the key to the shack?

Maybe in my raincoat. Why?

Dad was looking for it.
He's there now.

Right, one or two eggs?

There's a whole bunch
of dead bodies in the quarry.

Horrible. The shack's burnt.
There's a burnt-out car too.

-Is Helen home?

Fuck! There could be a whole bunch
of maniacs with guns there right now!

About your mother...
It's complicated.

She has to manage on her own.
They're taking care of her.

You don't know how it feels.
You've got family. Mom only has me.

You have to talk to Runar. Right now.

We'll talk later.

-Has something happened?
-Yeah, Henning's father has found...

Well, there appears to have been
a shooting incident in the quarry.

-Has someone been murdered?
-You mustn't tell anyone about this.

Do you understand?

It's spooky to see a dead body.

It looks like the living person did,
but the person is gone.

Only the shell remains.

It could be almost anything.

Have you seen one?


He died in our apartment.

-We found him one morning on the sofa.

-Who was he?
-Mom's friend.

-Holy shit!

Nobody enters before the technicians
arrive. Can you cordon off the pit?

Is it AA 56567?

-Yeah. Why?
-We searched for it last night.

-They called from Oslo. The SO Section.
-Special Operations?

-What did they say?
-"Stop and search it."

-They said they might be armed.
-Did you get a name?

-It's in the log.
-Give me the name and number.

-Who told you?
-My dad.

-He's been working all night.
-But he's a cop.

But they say it's extraordinary.

-At Henning's place?
-The sand quarry.

They only call it "extraordinary"
when it's murder.

Could be Henning's crashed
and killed himself.

-He does ride a lot.

It's only a question of time.
He's obsessed.

-Hey, have you talked to Henning?
-No, I haven't seen him.

-Did you hear what happened?

Don't you live at the sheriff's place?

Hey, Philip? Has Henning finally killed
himself, or is this a real tragedy?

Oh my god!

I can't have him riding around at night
when people are being killed out there.

-It's gotta stop.
-There's Jørn.

Damned if I know.
You wanna settle a score?

The sand pit would be perfect.
It's remote. Abandoned.

-But how did they find it?
-What do you think?

-You figure it might be locals?
-I've no idea.

What we're interested in now,
is if anyone has seen or heard

anything yesterday or recently.
Anything at all.

The key to the shack in the quarry
was missing this morning.

-I left it in my raincoat.

Runar, you've got it back.

So you were out biking last night?

Yeah, motocrossing by the river.
I don't know for how long.

Training for the district cup.
Forgot the time.

It was past two.

You came pushing your moped
so I wouldn't hear you!

Did you hear any gunshots
or anything like that?

No, I don't hear much riding
with the helmet on.

Well, they burned both
the car and the shack.

It must have lighted up
the sky pretty well.

You didn't see any lights, any...

No, not that I noticed.

-Were there no survivors?
-Not that I know of.

-Hitting a girl!
-She asked for it.

-That bitch is...

Hey! Mind your language! Please.

Okay. Admit everything.
Then apologise. Right?

-Good. We'll talk this evening.

We're holding a press conference
here in Mysen this afternoon.

Yes, I'm in charge until you come up
with someone competent, okay?

Wait. Something's happening.

-Lars Strømme, SO. Is the sheriff here?
-That's me. Helen Sikkeland.

-We spoke earlier.
-Camilla Bjerke.

So you put out the APB on the car?

Our patrol cars searched for it.
Do you know who was in it?

-Not necessarily.

We got an anonymous phone call
that we couldn't afford to ignore.

-Where are the suits?
-Over there.

Do you know who he is?

Stig Berg, from Halden.

Hey, wait! One at the time.

Get up, Camilla.

Get a grip. Get up.

I'm okay.

-Come on, let's go outside the tape.
-Yeah, I get it!

-No, we've identified all of them.

-A colleague from Oslo got sick.
-Dammit! Not on the crime scene?


-Oh, thanks.
-Are you feeling better?

I don't usually react that way. Sorry.

Okay. We just need
a DNA sample from you.

Sure, no problem.

Okay, here are the victims' names.
I'll mail you their addresses later.

Are they all connected
to the same MC club?

Yeah. The Ferrymen.

I suggest we go to my office
and retrieve the info.

-Better coffee there.
-We have to get back.

-Then let's get it over with.
-There's not much to say.

I'll send you an email.

I realise you're working undercover.
But I need all the info I can get.

You've already got it.

Make sure the APB on the car
last night remains under wraps.

That's vital, okay?

Just tell the press you found out
this morning. That's what you did, right?

-Was this Christer Johansson a cop?

I said no.

I'd like to hear about
the tip you got last night.

We have to go. If you need more info,
ask Riseth at the Organised Crime Unit.

I'm holding a press conference at five.
We'd all be better off with your input.

Remember to give the technicians
a DNA sample before you go.

What the hell are you doing?
There are others around.

Why's your mobile off?

-I was afraid something had happened.
-Nothing's happened.

-Did someone beat you up?
-I got into a fight with Ketil.

-Have the cops been here?

-You didn't say anything?

The car was torched.

The shack as well.

Someone must have
done it after we left.

-You think it was him?
-They said there were no survivors.

-Must have been. The others were dead.
-We don't know that.

I'm sure I shot him!

-Can't we just tell them what we saw?
-No way!

-I can tell Helen we were out biking.
-And suddenly had to get naked?

They'll find out.
DNA and all that shit.

It's just a suggestion.
But what if he's looking for us?

-I shot him.
-What if you missed?

You really are a fucking fag!

You're not talking, huh?

I've said I won't.

Four Ferrymen were liquidated
in a quarry in Mysen last night.

One was my informer.

The sheriff is about to blow
his cover to the press.

-This is between us two.
-Camilla has vital info.

Save it for later.


You came dressed as punks
and puked on the crime scene.

-So that bitch called?
-What did you call her?

Cut it out. Sikkeland, the sheriff.
Can you get to the point?

You don't know who she is, do you?
Does the name Helen Østby ring a bell?

Eight years in homicide. She quit, got
married and became Sheriff of Mysen.

Quit? That's not what I heard.

Thanks to you,
Johnsen wants to see us in his office.

-She called Johnsen?


Okay, we've set up a command centre
in the old People's Hall by the silo.

All patrols head down there now.
Jørn Hamre is in command there.

-Any comments?
-Not yet.

There's a press conference
at the school at five.

I don't know.
Why get involved?

You're involved already.
Which one borrowed your phone?

-Borrowed? I had no choice.
-Hey, you're not charged with anything.

-Do you recognise any of the others?
-They didn't leave the car.

It was an Audi A6, 2006 model. Black.

-Catch any of the conversation?
-Like I'd listen to a guy in the loo.

-You might have overheard something.
-I didn't hear anything.

Just a moment.

There's no caller ID,
but I managed to crack it.

It belongs to the Oslo Police District.
I can call from another number.

No, head down to the gas station

and see if you can hear talking
in the restroom from outside.

Can't someone else do it?
I'm a bit... Now?

Yeah, now.


-You want coffee?
-Yes please.

I've hardly slept a wink.
Jimmi still has a fever.

Probably another ear infection.

And Christer hasn't
been home for three days.

What's wrong?

-Is Jimmi asleep?
-Has something happened to mom?

Christer is dead.

He was shot last night
along with three others.

You're lying.

Tell me you're lying.

Tell me you're lying!

I told him to go to hell.

-That it's his fault Jimmi's sick.
-It's just words. It's not your fault.

-Who did it?

I don't know.

We were called out this morning
to assist in the case.

-We had to identify the victims.
-Who were the others?

-I can't say.

Siri, I can't tell you.
I had to tell you about Christer.

Was it anyone I know? Stig?
Surely you can say something?

No, I can't.

What did he look like?

Go and pick up Jimmi.

Where did they shoot him?


-Where was he shot?
-I can't say.

Can't you tell me
how my man was killed?

Yes, but not yet.

Siri... Stay away from that stuff now.

Siri, you won't be alone.
We'll look after you.

Do you have 500 kroner?
I need to go for a walk.

-Jimmi shouldn't see me like this.
-Siri, please listen to me.

-Stop it!
-You don't understand shit!

-Put down that wallet.
-You've never even had a hangover.

Where are you going?
Where are you going?!

a candidate club for the Sixers.

Any hint of an informer, and six months
of surveillance will be wasted.

-I'll talk to Sikkeland.
-Might as well talk to the wall.

She's blackmailing me with that
press conference, the ruthless bitch.

She's screwed informers before.
What'll happen to his family?

We're not responsible for informers
or their families. He knew.

We're responsible
for not screwing them.

-We follow the law. So does Sikkeland.
-Of course we follow Norwegian law.

We should ask the directorate
to transfer the case to Oslo.

We'll have full control. No leaks.

-That's out of the question.

We can't request the transfer of
a huge, expensive investigation

two weeks before getting
a new assistant chief.

But I'll talk to Sikkeland.

-She can't do that!
-Johnsen doesn't have any leverage.

And you know Sikkeland's reputation.

-Hello? Are you there?
-But what does that mean for us?

That her press conference
could prove interesting.

-We'll talk later.
-How terrible! Shot?

Oh dear.

I can't say I'm surprised.

-She's nothing but trouble!
-This isn't Siri's fault.

-Where's his pacifier?
-In the kitchen. I'll call you later.

There were two men in the car.

I'll get back to you later.

-Any luck at the gas station?
-I haven't got around to it yet.

I didn't find anyone to go with me,
so I had lunch.

-You've been sent to assist us from...?
-Sarpsborg police station.

Then you may return to Sarpsborg.
You are no longer required. Thank you.

I'd advise you not to tell anyone.
If there's any pressure, call us.

But... When can I have my phone back?

Guro will requisition
a new one for you.

In the same price range.

-I can't let you starve.

-So you don't expect me home soon?

-Hey, I have to cancel the race.
-I've done it.

-When will you be relieved?
-Hard to tell.

Special ops have intel
they won't share with us.

Can't the NCIS send someone?

Yeah, they've sent some technicians,
but no senior officers yet.

-None who fit your standards, right?
-This is the worst thing I've seen.

-We've still got a deal?
-The deadline's tomorrow.

Good. It's vital that we're
both present. I can tell.

Why? Because of his mother?

No, but... He doesn't know us yet.
We don't know him.

Don't try to make me feel guilty.
I'll be there tomorrow.

-I'll be home tonight.
-Wake me.

-The police chief's here from Askim.
-We'll meet up at the crime scene.

I'll take my own car.

Any tracks on the road have been
erased by rain and the owner's truck.

But we found something interesting
at the scene. A series of tyre tracks.

A motorbike that's
been here repeatedly.

Henning Øby.

He'd been riding motocross in the
forest until past two in the morning.

-Did he hear anything?
-No, he was down by the river.

Well, we have to grab
that bike as soon as possible.

Get hold of Henning.
Take him to my office.

Don't forget the bike!

So special ops came looking mean?

-Yeah, on a Harley.

I'd prefer to keep
this case in the district.

-Don't even try.

It's not that I don't want to.
But I need time with my family.

Excuse me? I have to...


-Is Philip still inside?
-He went home hours ago.


Said he had a headache.



Why do they wanna talk to you?

Jørn wants you
to come to the sheriff's office.

-Yeah, well...

You tell me.


-That was quick.

The relatives only knew an hour ago.

What do they want from
the press conference?

-To send a payback warning.
-Yeah, but to who?

Excuse me.


You shouldn't bother her right now.

Are you hurt?

Hi. What's happened to you?

It's nothing. I just had an argument
with someone at school.

-Well, a fight. A small one.

Okay, we'll talk about it later. Sven
tried to call you. Is your mobile off?

-Battery's flat.
-I've got a press conference.

-I'm calling Sven.
-Hey, listen.

I got on the train to Oslo, but...

A woman says she has new info.

-Who is she?
-She won't say.

Just wait a moment.

Sikkeland speaking?

Philip, something important
has come up.

-I can't talk about it.

Can you wait here
for Sven to fetch you?

-Okay, great.


-Like I said, this is off the record.

Sorry about what happened earlier.

But we have
a policy regarding informers.

-You won't reveal his identity?
-That depends on what you tell me.

I was hoping you could
forget about the rules for once.

-"For once"?
-Yeah, or...

You know what people are saying.

I've got a press conference shortly.

-I was the one he called last night.
-At 01:14.

-From the Shell station in Mysen.
-They had someone in the trunk.

-They were going to kill him.
-Not one of the victims?

-Did he say who it was?

-So we're one person short?
-I called Lars Strømme, his controller.

-He called your police district.
-Why'd he call you? What's your role?

It was...

because of me
he became an informer.

He is, or rather...

He lived together
with my half sister, Siri.

They have a one-year-old son.

If they find out he was
a snitch, you know...

We're talking about Christer Johansson?

Who was in the trunk?

I don't know. He didn't say.

-Is this the press conference?
-You can't get in without a press card.

We in the Ferrymen lost four
of our men last night.

Show respect! Be careful about
what you write. Thank you.

-Move. We're going in.

There was one more person in the car.
A captive.

Put away whatever you're doing,
and focus on persons

recently reported missing
on both sides of the border.

-Any age, sex, nationality?
-Run them all against the database.

Should we ask the Swedish police
to search as well?

I want results as soon as possible
after the press conference.


-I think we have to start.
-Give her five more minutes.

-Hi, Henning.
-They're waiting for you.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Hi. Hasn't Sven picked you up yet?
Wait outside while I speak to Henning.

-Got paracetamol? I've a headache.
-Had it for long?

-I don't think so.
-Wait a moment.


I'm not a rat,
if that's what you think.

-Then why are you here?
-He saw me on the train.

-The killer. He saw me.
-What train?

He looked straight at me.

-Did he follow you?

You see? He doesn't remember you.
I hit him real hard.

Or else you're lying because
you've spilt your guts.

Here. Will you wait outside?

I know you were
in the quarry yesterday.

I was down by the river
on the motocross trail.

I think you're keeping
something from me.

I went to the quarry to pick up
something from the shack.

Pick up what?

You can't remember?

-Dad's gonna kill me.
-Kill you?

I pinched some gas for my bike.

Dad keeps a jerrycan
in the shed for his chainsaw.

When did you leave the quarry?

Around dinnertime. About five.

-They're getting impatient.

Okay, welcome to
this press conference.

I'm Birger Mathiesen,
Chief of Police for Follo.

What we can say is that the victims
are four men in their 30s and 40s.

They were found in
a sand quarry outside Mysen

this morning at 7:30.

They had been shot and killed
sometime last night.

For the time being, the investigation
is being led by the Sheriff of Mysen,

Helen Sikkeland,
with assistance from the NCIS.

-We're open for questions.
-Grøttum, Smaalenenes Avis.

Have you identified the victims?

Names are being withheld
for their families' sake.

-But they're known to the police?
-That's affirmative.

They were all connected to
a gang operating in our district.

Could you be more specific?

No, but the burned-out wreck of
a car was found at the crime scene.

We need help from the public to find
out where it's been the past 24 hours.

The car was a stolen,
black Audi A6.

Its license number is AA 56567.

Geir Tangen, VG.

Didn't the Follo police search
for that same car last night?

Yes, it had been stolen.

My sources say the operation
was more extensive

-than what's normal for a stolen car.
-Was that a question?

The car was stolen.
No further comment.

Does this mean you had
informers in the community?

It means I have no further comments
about the operation last night.

But I can tell you there
was no contact of that sort.


-They've got my fingerprints.
-And your dad's.

They'll find yours as well.

-I thought the shack burned down?
-Not entirely.

-You didn't say anything about me?
-I said I'd been there to pinch gas.

Before dinner.

I can tell Helen I was with you.

Or not?

You wouldn't want to involve me
in the thing about the gas.

You don't have to do that.

I won't say anything in any case.

You saved my life.

Well, I have to go.


Hi. What'll you give
for new info about the case?

-A thousand for something tangible.
-I won't risk my life for that.

I wouldn't if I were you.

You got a card?

We've checked out seven
missing persons. One fits the bill.

Zana Korda,
a 15-year-old from Gothenburg.

Reported missing today.
Lives with her mom and uncle.

They're connected to
the Turkish congregation.

But her father lives in Oslo:
Hamit Milonkovic.

Implicated in two major
narcotics cases in 2009.

A runaway 15-year-old
isn't exactly news.

No, but the Audi was caught
on traffic cameras in Karlstad.

Zana Korda.

Not very likely.

We can't get through to her.
She seems scared to death.

-We're afraid she's been molested.
-Who is she?

-I don't know.

-You'll take it from here?

-Let's go in here.

-They're chasing me.
-I know you're frightened.

But you're safe here.

-I need to use the bathroom.
-Over here.

-I wanna talk to Hamit.

-He's not here.
-Let go of me!

Get lost. Scram.


What are you doing here? Huh?

Why are you here?

Daddy will take care of you.
Get in.

-Stay there. Jeez.

What time is it?

-My god, you must be exhausted.

Philip came to talk to me today.

I take that as a good sign.

-There was an incident at school.
-Yeah, I heard.

There'd been some sort of argument.

-He hit a girl in his class.

-That's asking for trouble.
-Hit a girl? Who?

Mia. She probably said something
that made him snap.

He didn't say what.
I've spoken to the school.

-That's not like him.
-We don't know him that well, you know.

Is someone coming
to relieve you tomorrow?


I want to see
this investigation through.

That wasn't the deal.

No. I know.


Your daddy will be disappointed.