Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Sanem "Albatros'unu" buldugunu sandiginda Can ne yapacak? Sanem, Polen'i; Can da sahte Albatros'u kiskandikça isler çigrindan çikacak.


** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra // Revision: Verinha

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Hi, I'm Sanem, I work for Mr. Can.

And I am Polen.

I see you came to see Can, but now he's not home.

- Are you Mrs. Polen? - Yes

Well, as Mr. Can is not here now, I will come later.

It is not necessary.

Since you've already come here. Please come in.

Really no. I do not want to bother. I better go.

This is impossible. Especially since Can is already on his way, he will come soon.

Will it arrive soon? Have you talked to Mr. Can?

No, I didn't speak.

I just wanted to surprise him.

Does it look like you came for something important?

No, nothing important. It's about work.

I will speak to Mr. Can later.

Don't go, come in. Let's wait for him together.

In between.

It looks like Mr. Can hasn't gone yet, but suitcases are here.

Oh no. These are my bags.

Your bags?

That is, if he has not left, now that you have arrived he will not go.

Will you stay long?

It sounds too much, right? Can will be scared when he sees them.

But there are things for my job.

By the way, I prepared dinner!

If you want to. If you are hungry you can eat here.

Do not.

Why did I enter the house?

You said you just arrived, but ...

You are well prepared!

Well, everything is simple. I cooked in less than 5 minutes.

Can be delighted with this.

I thought Mr. Can mashed grilled meat, but that is exotic.

I'll take it to the living room. It's ok?

What are you still doing here? You have to get out of here!

Okay, I'll offer you something else.

Do you think ... wine?

Do not.

No, no.

I just drink water.

Do not bother yourself.

You know where everything is.

We just worked on this house.

I work as an assistant, I drink water here often, so I know that.


I will help you.

I take it to the table.

It's ok. You can get this one.

It's raw ... Shall we cook it?

I'ts not ready. You can take it.

Mr. Can loves roasted meat, and he also likes it cooked.

It's raw.

It is very, very interesting!

That's raw meat: Tartar

I just never saw it before.

Can love it.

Let's go there?


They said that you will go abroad. It is true?

Do not know.

Do not go.

You have to go? Are you sure you will?

- When? - In the very near future.

I have nothing here.

I don't have time for anything because of work.

I can only afford to come a few times.

And now, that Can is not in a good mood, I couldn't take it and came.

Why isn't Mr. Can in a good mood?

I don't know, Can has changed a lot lately.

If I ask, he won't tell me. I know.

Have you noticed any changes in Can recently?

No, I don't know.

And he won't tell me anything. I'm just an employee.

You are a couple.

You know better.

In fact, we are done at this point. And this problem I need to solve.

What does it mean to resolve, Ms. Polen?

Please call me Polen.



Sanem, I know I did something ugly when I asked you.

But I know that if I ask Can, he won't say.

You look so sincere, and we talk almost like friends.


We actually met on the stairs at the agency's anniversary event.

Yes, I was also there with Can.

But I had to come back the next day because of work.

Otherwise, I would have seen you more often.


Are you from the fashion industry or do you work for an advertising agency?

No, there is no connection. I'm a physicist.


How physical therapy?

No, I have a scientific laboratory in London, I am studying quantum physics.

- Scientific. - Yes.

This is a joke?

I understand.

I mean, you get along with physics ...

I'm sorry.

I wouldn't even think you were studying science.

I'm like this.

I'll make a call, if you don't mind.

Sure. I'll be waiting for you here, Sanem.

Osman, what is this?


You cannot do this in two parts.

Uncle Nihat, we are doing this for us, not for sale.

Do not do.

If we want these meatballs to be recognized ...

... then we must have our own standard.

So, you need to do it all over again!

Exactly. Do it all over again.

And I will do my own business in the room. Please, Osman.

Make the meatballs carefully!

Because it is a very important job!

Ayhan, my daughter and you ... Well, well!


Who is it?

A friend.

- I'll answer and I'll be right back. - If you want, I'll answer and you continue.

No, no.

I'll speak quickly and I'll be right back.

Okay, okay.

I'm listening, Sanem.


I need a man's advice!

I don't really know what I'm doing.

What are you doing? Where are you?

What am I doing? I...

I'm at Mr. Can's.

He was going abroad.

I came to stop you.

I mean, I have nothing to say if he asks why he shouldn't go.

After all my lies, I can't tell him that I love him.

I really can't get out. I don't understand why I'm here.

Sanem, you are in love and doing stupid things.

Get out of there quickly!

I can't, I met your girlfriend Polen.

She insists that I stay!


Sanem, what did you get yourself into again? Do you want me to pick you up?

No, no, don't come!

It would be better if you didn't come, Osman.

Now I don't even know if mr. Can it be gone or not.

Although Polen has come.

If he's gone, he'll probably be back.

If he comes back, I think they'll be reconciled.

She is simply an incredibly excellent woman!

I can't describe it to you. I can't even.

Sanem, you were going to admit you were in love and you can't.

You lied, said he wouldn't take it.

And you said in his face that you didn't want to see him and that you didn't love him.

I said.

Then come back.

Of course, if you have nothing to say.

Do not.

He will be with whomever he wants and when he wants. It doesn't concern you.

You will continue to be a fool with this behavior.

Behave firmly and come back, as if nothing had happened.

It's ok.

I'll fix it!

Polen, I'm coming. Apparently, Mr. Can will not come.

Good evening.

Would you stay a little longer, Sanem?

No, no. I have to go.

It's all right. As you wish.

By the way, the raw meat really surprised me!


Because at first I didn't understand when I heard about raw meat.

I only know the raw meat chickeft, but I didn't know anything about it.

I have very good recipes!

I want to cook for you sometime!

I am very happy to meet you, Polen. Good evening.

I'm happy too, dear Sanem.

Mr. Can, didn't you?


Polen, what's going on here?


I wanted to surprise you.

I would come to you.

I like that. I could not resist.

As always.

And why did you come, Sanem?

No for nothing.

It was about work, nothing important.

Thanks to Sanem, while I was waiting for you we talked for a while.

It was very interesting!

Dear Sanem, I am very happy to meet you!

Me too, Polen.

- Good evening! - Good evening!

I'll come in a minute.

Okay, okay.

Sanem, a sec! Sanem!

Sanem, wait a second!


Sanem, I don't want to shout for you, Sanem! Sanem! Wait for me

Wait a second.

I'm listening, Mr. Can.

What's up, Sanem?

Why did you come?

It is not much...

It is not very important, I already solved that.

What kind of problem? What was not important?

I told you, it doesn't matter. No problem, I solved everything.

It's over, Mr. Can.

Sanem, a sec!

I mean, if it doesn't matter, why did you come here?

Even if it doesn't matter, I want to know the reason that brought you here.

Could you please tell me?

Mr. Can, even if I say it doesn't matter.

Look, Mrs. Polen arrived, she prepared you a dinner of raw meat.

I think you should go back to her.

Sanem, I didn't know that Polen would come.

That was a surprise to me. Did not know.

- It was a surprise? - Yes.

It was a surprise for me. It was also a surprise for you.

We met at the door.

Then we looked at each other for a long time. And so we met.

Are you okay, Sanem?

Mr. Can, you always ask me if I'm okay.

I wanted to be okay.

I wanted to be okay.

Or maybe I'm fine, Mr. Can!

Maybe I'm fine!

Let's talk!

You said a lot of nonsense again!

You are completely incapable, Sanem!

If you are going to forget, then forget this man. Don't be ashamed any more.

Shut up, for the sake of the Most High. Shut up now!

Okay, I'm done with Mr. Can.

Now you will see a completely different Sanem.

Can ..

You're not mad at me for coming suddenly, are you?

Yeah ... I cut my hand ...

I found something and I'll be back.

No, I'm not angry.

Why would I be angry? I'm just surprised.

Suddenly, after you spoke on the phone ...

I felt terrible. You were really mad.

You are absolutely right, I was rude.

I wanted to come to you, but because of the work I couldn't.

I want to stay here for two days.

Maybe we can talk a little, spend time together.

We had been together for a long time. You broke up so suddenly ...

My heart was restless.

Sure, sure. Let's talk

I can stay here?

I don't want to go to my mom.

Of course, you can stay. You came from afar, of course.


So let's eat.

Let's eat.

Everything looks delicious, did you make tartar?


However, Sanem insisted that Mr. Can loves roast beef, but ...

A very nice girl. I liked her.

She is like this.

When she got to the door, she saw me looking a little surprised, and she didn't want to enter.

But I invited you in.

You did well.

- Thanks. - You're welcome.

So, where do we start?

You certainly have a favorite.


As in the legend of the Bride's Rock, I will become a rock or a bird like that girl.

Or I will stand in front of him like a rock.

Or, like a bird, I will fly away from him.

Since I cannot become a bird, I will become a rock.

I will see myself strong in front of him.

I already want to forget.

Starting over.

I want to open a completely new page, pure and full of happiness in my life.

What should I do?

You actually became a business woman.

From home to work, from work to home. Well, he even works in front of the house.

That is, this is how it happens.

My daughter.

Come back, my daughter!

I've been so bored since you left!

Come my blue eyes!

I will eat those beautiful eyes of yours!


What are you doing?

I'm talking to Leyla.

What should I do?

Your father was not here, neither were you.

What should I do?

I share my problems with your sister.

Mom, are you talking to yourself, like me?

Does the voice in your head speak to you?

A voice in the head?

The other head? Above your head?

The other head?

Daughter, you were depressed! I swear, you are not yourself!

Allah! Do not allow, Almighty!

Ah, Most High, protect us!

Mom, why am I not myself? Besides, I'm not depressed! Everything is good!

Everything is good!


Come on daughter, let's talk like mother and daughter. Come here.

Come on.

Come on, let's talk to both of us, alone, as mother and daughter. Come here.

Why are you angry? What anger is that? I'm not angry.

We are friends, the two of us, mother and daughter, as friends among us.

You and I...

You can tell me everything, dear. I will not be angry.

For example, why did you arrive late yesterday?

Did you walk along the embankment?

Or maybe something else has happened?

Okay, I'll tell you.

Last night I went to Mr. Can's.

What was it like doing the night at Mr. Can's house?


Take some documents, that's all!

Mom, okay, it doesn't matter. I won't tell you.

Do not do it! No daughter!

How can you not tell me that?

My daughter, I am not angry and I will not be angry.

But the mother's feelings are like that, they suddenly explode when I'm worried.

Let's go. Lets go Girl.

Tell me!

You will tell mom, I am not angry!

- Mom. - Allah, Allah!

Say it!

At Mr. Can's house was your girlfriend, I met her.

Yes! What kind of girl?

Very beautiful!

Very smart!

What do you mean?

Very polite!

She has beautiful long legs.

Long legs, that's ...

Such a beautiful girl fits this man.

Although he wears all kinds of rings, bracelets ... But he is still a decent man! Eee?

She made a beautiful dinner for Mr. Can.

Beautiful dinner!

And what did I tell you?

The way to a man's heart is won by his stomach.

But you don't even know how to make an egg.

You see, the wives of others are preparing ...

- Mother! - Why are you so incapable?

But you all constantly force me to bring something to carry!

Allah, Allah!

Prepare the food and don't bring anything else. Listen to me

What did she do, daughter? What did you prepare for food?

She made a tartar.

What is tartar, daughter?

How should I know?

Raw meat with spices!

Look this! Do they eat raw meat?

In fact, in Europe they eat this constantly.

I mean, I didn't know that Mr. Can had these taste preferences.

These rich people don't know what they eat!

We have these delicious chi-köfte meatballs and stuff.

What is this raw meat for?

Enough! Does not matter!

Let them eat, let them enjoy their appetite!

I'm thinking about my taste preferences!

What do I care? Where's the father?

Up there, sleeping!

I was trying to cook vegan meatballs. The man was exhausted, I'm sorry for him!

Allah, I have to go to work!

Daughter, fry and make bulgur.

I'm going to work too!

- Mom, I'm going to work too! - Don't leave the kitchen!

- I'm saying I'm going to work too! - No.

This woman is burning the house!

Everyone here has become so adept at work!

I will also become a business woman!

Good Morning!

I didn't hear you leave.

I walked a little, I ran.

I walked from right to left. I spent energy.

Did you feel comfortable at night?

Is it possible to sleep in your bed and be uncomfortable?

What's up, Can?

Can't I play with anything?

In fact, you slept in the garden last night.

Since the moment I arrived, I haven't heard anyone.

Darkness reaches me, squeezes me. I usually visit the streets.

I go to bed, sleep, spend time there and everything.

More relaxed.

Maybe we should talk?

This is correct.

I came to talk, but you think about running away.

What can I do, Can?

I feel that everything is normal and I want to expand a little more.

Can, that is, you say it's all over, right?

Probably, in this life I am a woman who knows you better than anyone, right?

That is, in some way, we continued this relationship for years.

It doesn't matter how far we live. Even + while I didn't see you ...

This is something very valuable, Can!

What's between us. You know that, right?

I know.

Do you know.

But you can easily deny that.

Won't you give me another chance?

It doesn't work, Polen.

It doesn't work and that's all!

I mean, in my opinion, you shouldn't be more upset than you already are.

You will also find that this is not good for you.

Yes, you have been with me for years. But I know, and you also know that ...

Now you want something more!

Do not want?

Can, but I'd rather see you three times a year than not at all.

And why shouldn't we see each other?

You are one of the most precious people in my life.


So, are you saying that we will be friends?

OK, Can.

I mean, you already refused ...

There is no need to continue this conversation.

Good morning, friend!

Good morning, friend!

Should I know what that joy is without a cause?

What happened?

Were you able to speak to Mr. Can yesterday?

I did it, I did it!

I found your beloved Polen.


What ?!

You are surprised, right?

I was also surprised!

It turns out that Mr. Can had a girlfriend from day one, you know?

He's with Polen.

They even went to the agency's 40th birthday party.

I had seen her, but since I didn't know her, of course, I didn't realize it.

While I was kissing in the VIP room with Albatros,

... most likely, Mr. Can in the next room was kissing Polen.

How interesting, yes?



Joy and at the same time a hysterical look frightens me a little.

What are you saying?

What am I saying?

Polen, I say that!

She's his girlfriend, I'm saying.

But haven't they finished?

they broke up! They broke up, don't worry!

I saw Polen!

She is so beautiful, so beautiful! Long-legged and luxurious woman!

That is, it is very likely that they already reconciled last night.

I can't stand it anymore!

Yes, I should have joined them myself by combining their hands!

Mr. Can will definitely be reconciled to her.

And if he doesn't make up, he will act like a fool!

Polen is a woman to be reconciled! I'll tell you!

In one sentence you said the word reconcile 175 times, sister!

Interestingly, without realizing it, can you be depressed?

The opposite!

I have a lot of energy!

So much, Ayhan ...

I decided to write my novel again.

Everything that happened in the novel, last night!

Now everything is in the past.

All the despair I will leave behind!

Everything will be just fine!

And what will happen to Mr. Can?

Girl, I came back to myself! I am recovered!

Sanem cleared his mind! Cleaned! Okay, you're a girl!

Now I realized what kind of women Mr. Can likes.

What women?

Tall and very sexy!

I mean, I'll never be in the category of women that she likes so much!

And if he hasn't reconciled with Polen, right?

He came and asked about me.

It's impossible, but ...

Don't take it in your head, let's dream!

I do not want!

I will not be able to love him after what he has told me so many times!

Mr. Can doesn't want me, I don't want Mr. Can!

Everything is good!


You are so in love with this man ...

Can you forget about it as fast as you say, little sister?

If a woman wants to, she will do everything, Ayhan!

My joy is in its place, don't you see?

Come on, I'm going to work.

What kind of work, girl? Didn't you come out?

That was yesterday? No, the day before yesterday.

I quit.

May your work be easy!

Thank you, my soul!

I have resigned so many times that no one will notice!

In addition, today I have a meeting with Mrs. Remide.

Yes, and I will see if Mr. Can and Polen have reconciled!

Kisses, Ayhan!

Kisses, little sister!

I swear, the girl burned your brain!

The gears burned before my eyes, but I couldn't do anything!

But it's genetic!

I swear it's genetic! This is from Aunt Mevkibe!

Polen, I don't want to bother you anymore.

When I left here, I said:

Can never leave me for another woman.

For a woman who impresses him at a time when he is upset, he feels weak and his thoughts are confused.

But I see, Can, that your thoughts are not completely confused.

You are very ... very clear.

That's why I'm interested. Who can this woman be?

Because you told me you weren't in a relationship.

Do not.


So, is it platonic?


It's true, I'm interested. I mean...

Can a woman you haven't lived with impress you more than me?

So I’m very curious.

Who can this woman be?


Nothing. Do not do it. It's ok?

Let me guess!

A Harvard graduate who runs an international charity foundation?

Intelligent and courageous woman, who left everything for the good of other people?

Or I don't know ... Maybe she is like you, photographer ...

Polen Please.

Please. Really, please.

So be it, as you said!

We will continue to be friends.

But whoever that woman is, Can ... In my opinion, she is just a whim.

Go, live, try, look.

Yes, you haven't lived like this before!

But let's be clear, I will always be here!

I will be here for us. Do you know.

I know.

Polen, I'm sorry.

But it will be the most correct.

Now time will tell you what is right.

But for now, leave it as you like.

I will walk a little.

And then I'll go through the company, okay?


Thanks. By understanding

We really missed you at breakfast!

This advertising industry killed us!

I wonder if we can move to another sector.

It's true, Nilufer!

I cannot practice Pilates or take care of the skin.

It's botox time, I didn't. I am very exhausted!

Don't say nonsense, my life!

You are like a figurine!

Speaking of stickers ...

Aylin is here.

What kind of figurine were you talking about?

Don't you dare turn around!

She is sitting behind us.

With whom?

She is alone? Who is she?

Is that Mr. Levent?

Who is Mr. Levent?

I swear, it's Mr. Levent, friend!

Who is Mr. Levent?

You know, the owner of Madame Remide's Galino!

This is your eldest son!

I never met him!

We are involved in Galino's business.

He leads the production of organic products.

I thought you had organic products.

Due to the fact that the brand is relatively new, we are still committed only to promotion, working on the concept of advertising.

Aylin will take the case!

She brought this man here to take the job alone.

- What kind of job? - For organic work!

Nulifer, what should I do?

I already know what I'm going to do ... Just a minute.

I'll pretend to go to the bathroom and go over to your table.

And as I will be passing by, I will greet Aylin.

Then I will say that I am Deren Keskin, the art director of Fikri Harika.

I'm looking for a man. How do you like the idea?

My life, please calm down.

I can't be calm!

Because I can't give this woman one more thing!

Do you know what the difference is between me and that woman?

Because she is a demon!

The devil!

I'll see.

They don't seem to be sincere.

What can I do?

Nulifer, if you don't feel ashamed, then I need to get up.

In the end, the director is Ms. Remide.

If I can persuade you, I will take this case!

I will not leave that matter to that woman!

You see, I will not leave!

Where are you going?

My lamb, you and I were unable to have breakfast.

We talk now in a week, okay?


May your job be easy.

Thank you!

You are the head of the store again.

Well, so-called artisans open stores early, right?

And owning a store is another thing!

Our job is like no other!

And did you think that I would abandon everything and leave?


My love!

I'm listening.

My hot milk with cinnamon.

My dear.

We go together in the morning, so let's walk together from here.

Let's go arm in arm!

I will go too, we will go together, we will go together, together.

No, it won't work, we can't work together, Nihat.

In addition, I am the official owner of this store.

Okay, so let me be unofficial?

I will stay here, I swear, I will stay like this, I will not do anything!


Has arrived.

Daddy Nihat! Mama Mevkibe! How are you? Have a nice day!

Honestly, if you ask, how am I doing, then you'll know ...

My mom came and sat in my underwear store!

I'm out of work, like a babysitter, I'm wandering from place to place.

I became a useless person without a job!

My only consolation is that Sanem quit his job.

And she's out of work! And I'm out of work!

No, with work. She didn't leave work.

Let's go?

It was the last day of work.

Your work is done!

Wouldn't we have to walk the roads together without work?

Muzaffer, my son. This is Sanem!

Yesterday she told us she resigned ...

And today got dressed and went to work!

I swear, I don't want to judge you!

But you seem to put a lot of pressure on this girl!

Work, daughter! Work, Sanem! Get ready!

Work, my daughter! Work Sanem! Job!

Allah, Allah!

And how can we make a person not want to work, Muzaffer?

Are you okay?

I was told she would split up. I'm not well.

My head turned gray!

I have all my contacts burned!

Mevkibe, did you think?

This is my final decision, Nihat!

Well, Nihat!

Not annoy me!

I'm here as a business woman!

I was really good! Why are you doing like this?

And I'm going to Osman's butcher shop.

I will continue my career making meatballs!

But you will call me very often, Mevkibe!

I'll call, I'll call!

I have your phone number, my good husband!

Turn on?

Are you going to Osman? I will go too.

And I will go!

Especially since I don't have a job, I just walk around.

I left the photocopies here! Who took them? Where are?!

What document are my sketches in?

I do not remember anything! Where is everything?

What happened to what? How was it? Everything is in bad shape!

Ceycey, I can't find my reports!

Don't cry, poor thing!

How am I interested in doing this?

I will throw it in the air and then I will put everything in order.

I like this!

Well done!

Also, what will be your problem?

We are very tense with the fact that Mrs. Remide is coming.

We can't even do ordinary, everyday work.

Yes, Madame Deren! Look look!

The poor people have just come out of a state of food poisoning!

They were very sick. We gave it to him ...

The tea they received, vitamin tea!

And then they just stayed like that!

They were about to come back to themselves!

But Mrs. Remide made a big noise!

Now we are in a state of panic!

No, I don't think you're in enough panic.

You have to panic!

Because catastrophic things can happen!

For example, we can lose Galino!

Did you hear me?



What's going on, Mrs. Deren?

We need to find new ideas!

I have a very fruitful day.

Ideas fly in front of my eyes!

We need to work inside this store!

Sanem must do this. The store is your idea.

Where is Sanem?

I don't see Sanem around.

In case you don't remember, she resigned.

- Where's Can? - He's not here either.

As I thought!

You three with me in the office! Let's do a brainstorm.

It's ok.

No matter what, don't bother us, Ceycey!

But I also need to be there!

I need to control everything!

Let everything be under my control, Mrs. Deren!

Good! As you wish! But then don't come crying!

Think you are losing your brain!

Think that the brain will not be in that meeting, yes!

Yes friend! Everything is good!

Why should my mood deteriorate? Friends, what are you doing with my computer?

Uncle Nihat, all the cabinets are full! Are we done yet?

No, no!

As long as we do everything quickly, we will continue.

Look, there are empty seats here. It is necessary to fill them out.

Daddy Nihat, I thought I wouldn't speak, I wouldn't ...

But the conditions make me say!

Where is my lamb's land, lambs?

What are these foreign traditions?

Who's going to buy a vegetarian meatball?

Where are the good lambs ...?

Izmir zucchini and Kutahya manantiales?

Where are Deniz's cocks?

I'm very nervous now.

My head doesn't understand anything, after my mom took my store!

Allah, Allah!

What can I do, Muzaffer? What can I do?!

Look, Aunt Mevkibe took my store away!

Is something happening to me? Am I going crazy?

What am I doing?

I don't fall, I create territory myself.

What are you going to do?

Then you create this territory yourself!

Uncle Nihat! Brother Muzaffer!

I understand that you lost your jobs, but ...

I think we spent a lot of time together.

Can we break up?

No, this is so good.

No, no. Is so good

Take it in your hands.

Help the girl!

Muzaffer, help! Help me!

Which is?

Do you know what this is?

These are cool boxes.

You made a lot of meatballs. And I thought of something!

As a promotion, we will put 250 grams of meatballs inside.

After that...

I noticed several strategic points, where we are going to distribute the meatballs.

How do you plan?


Super! Super!

I think this is an excellent plan!

I also made this sticker.

Here we will write our address, phone number, everything is written.

Pretty good, isn't it?

Let's start to work! We fill everything, as I said.

Ayhan, can we talk a little bit?

Easy work!

- Let's go ahead. - Thanks.

What happened?

What's the matter, brother?

Ayhan, please go talk to Aunt Mevkibe and Aunt Aysun.

Let these men go back to their work!

We are together day and night!

At the butcher we are together, at home, together!

I'm about to explode!

okay, calm down. This business is in me.

I see that you are very sure of yourself!

I'm like this.

My business is so good!

I have 20 customers. I am expanding the business.

I mean, everything is super!

By the way, Leyla will be here at 11 sharp. I have this information.


- Really? - Yes

Oh, you are the best sister!

Then I will choose the best meatballs.

I will eliminate my evil eye account!

What kind of evil eye?

In effect! My account is the evil eye.

Oh! Oh, what a pearl dream.

Good Morning!

Good morning, Ceycey!

♪ Teldeki güvercin A pigeon on the wire ♪

♪ Yalıdaki çapkın The newbie in the garden ♪

♪ Kaldırımda baygın. Sana da günaydın ♪ ♪ Unconscious on the sidewalk. Good morning to you too.

Good Morning.

Sanem, what are you doing here?

Didn't you quit?

You are drinking coffee here.

Yes I did. But now I'm back.

I came back, like a working woman, standing firmly.

- Winning everything and enjoying .... -... The coward!

That's right, Ceycey!

Look at her and drink coffee too. What are you doing, Sanem?

Don't drink coffee! You drink tea!

Why are you drinking coffee now?

Now I'm open to everything new. And I drink coffee.

In the end, this is our national drink!

And I'll still have tea, of course. I maintain my style.

Do you keep the style? It's good!

Keeping your style is good!

Sanem, do you understand what you're doing?

You go out, you don't go out ...

So you come, you sit here like nothing has happened!

Dove on the wire, good morning!

You drink coffee! What are you doing?

It's okay, thanks.

Which is? I returned!

In addition, today I have a meeting with Mrs. Remide.

I should be here.

Sanem! Welcome! You came back?

Thank you! Look!

How did Güliz react normally?

Now, I expect the same from Madame Deren!

I do not believe!

You drink coffee?

It's just the beginning!

Look what I tell you now!

I downloaded a new application: A fortune teller on coffee grounds!

He knows everything, do you believe?

She knows that I will become a famous actress!

Come on! Really

A woman is really brilliant! How nice!

You say that she knows everything?

Maybe you can show me?

- Yes. Let's show it. - I'm going crazy!

Now you turn and turn 3 times, ok?

Up, up, go around.

One two Three!

So, now come back to yourself!

To the inner world revealed!

So I turn?

Well, let's see!

When will we ship?

Now we wait. Let cool.

Then we will send.

I swear it's the first time I've heard about this online guess!

I will tell Ayhan about it. Leave it and it will show.


What will you say to Ayhan? What will you say to Ayhan?

What will you say to Ayhan? Did she come here and tell you something?

Did you tell him about your friends? Did you talk to her about your colleagues?

Do you congratulate your friends?

Are you telling me? Are you talking about that?

Are you talking about coffee? Speaking of fortune? Narration?

Or about friends from work? Tell me!

Tell me about it, praise me, praise me for Ayhan!

Praise! Because she doesn't treat me like that!

They're not!

She doesn't understand anything!

Praise be to Ayhan! Praise for that!

- Ceycey! - Did you praise her?


It's ok. Calm down

I will say Don't be angry.

Everyone in the office is very upset!

This is the shipping address.

You will say that these vegetarian meatballs are a gift from us.

If you wish to place an order, all of our contacts are listed in our tables.

Very simple!

Two suggestions! Do not increase!

Specially you!

Looking at you I say. Do not increase, Muzo.

Correctly. Do not increase.

We will be back. Let's go.

I will also leave you and go home.

Because I missed my daughter. I want to see you faster!

Me too!


Why don't I give up on that?

Okay, okay. Business.

Then, delivery begins!

- Let's go! - Let everything go well!

Inshallah, there will not be one who is not a vegetarian!

Come on! Come on Muzaffer!

Come on, son!

- Which is? - The horse.


Yes, a horse.

Isn't that a horse? I went down the stairs.

It arrived, it arrived, it arrived, it arrived. Come on

Come on

How fast it arrived. This is an automatic message.

- At this point, can you see the destination? - Yes, wait, Ceycey. Come on, good luck.

Let her show me my destiny!

Not so much!

Let my destiny show me my state ...

My destiny.

From where you are now, look back.

You will wait for three periods of time.

And someone in blue and white, with a beard, will come through the door.

And it will become the love of your life!

A kiss is not enough. Once again, you will kiss him!


Talk about Albatross!

What I said? I told you! I told you.

What did you say? What are you talking about, friends?

He says that after 3 periods of time, I will find the love of my life.

That is, he talks about the albatros!

Güliz, what is this period three times, I wonder?

Three weeks? Three months? Three years? Will I wait here for three years?

No darling. Nothing. With all that coffee. This is not accurate.

Okay, so let's do this!

Let's start with 3 hours and then continue to increase.


You cannot agree with that. There is nothing like that.

Why don't we consider three seconds?

Look, 3 seconds have passed. Perhaps now it will.

Why don't you consider them?

Three seconds is too little!

Sanem! Sanem! Look at this!

White and blue and bearded! I do not believe! I can not believe!

Just a coincidence!

And, in fact, in the white blue he had a beard.

Look at the coincidence!

- Welcome. - How are you?

Fine thanks.

- How are you? - It's also good, thanks.

Of course it is possible.

Another white and blue beard is coming now!

Mr. Can! - Mr. Can is coming!

You came?

I came.

Wouldn't you come?

I should go?

Do you want to go out?

If you want me to stay?

This will continue, yes?



See you later!

See you later, Mr. Can.


Levent, how are you? Welcome

Thank you, I'm happy to see you!

You left a beard. You came close.

And you are so athletic!

- Good morning Good Morning.

I was passing by!

I thought, I'm going to work on our business!

- Very well. Aunt Remide? - Did not come?

Your blood pressure increased.

Restless: Levent, Take care of this business!

I say I'm busy.

I let the brothers commit themselves. But not. Just trust me.

I interrupt them, but I need to get in.

You guys have a good conversation! Good?

- I am waiting. Come on - Okay.

Can, I'm going to ask you something.

Who's That Girl?

What? That girl?


He just smiles at me, so ...

Does she smile at you?

Okay, let's go to the studio.

Is here.

On here.

Welcome, dear Leyla.

Osman, dear, thank you. How are you?


You made me miss you!

- I'll take your suitcase. - It's ok.


AND ? How was it?

Very good, Osman. Splendid!

They told me that I would certainly be a businesswoman, you know?

It is indeed so.

So you really needed to hear it from someone?

Osman, dear! How sweet you are!

Honey flows from your lips! Honey!

And what is this?

I made vegan meatballs.

I mean, I brought it to your mom. But you love it too.

You're vegan anyway!

Vegan meatballs! Big idea!

Osman, look at this! You are very talented!

No darling.

I thought about creating your own brand. I just tried.

Ah, honestly, they thought well, I think.

You know, at one of the seminars in Ankara, I learned how to create new brands.

If you want, I can share my knowledge with you from there.

I will be very happy, Leyla!


Yes, absolutely not, Osman.

Friends are for that, right?

Especially after what you did for Sanem ...

Do not.

It was nothing.

Maybe I think ...

Can we see today? For example, at night.

Osman, it would be good in reality. But I won't have time to finish my job.

Very late, I will finish.

So we can do that tomorrow as it will be Saturday.

Tomorrow we will meet and talk calmly. It's ok?

Sure. Good.

So tomorrow!

- good. Perfect - good.

Honestly, I see you very funny!

I swear you are good! Bravo to you!

And I will give you that!

Let's go honey.

Very well, Osman!

Very well!

See you!

Bravo to you, Osman!

Very well!

I swear, good boy!

Mr. Can?

You called me?

Güliz, I saw you a few days ago.

You made a good breakfast.

Can you do it for me? I really wanted to do this

Bring orange juice too. It will be great!

Of course, Mr. Can!

I did some sports. I will fill myself with energy with vitamins.

Let's start the day with good! No?

And you're in a good mood today!

I wonder what happened that you are so ...

- C'mon C'mon. - All right, all right. Now I am going.


Enjoy it!

I swear you did a good job, Emre!

Thank you, Levent! Thanks!

So I go to the manager of the creative department.

Good My brother is there, you know.


- See you later. - Let's go. See you later!


I'm listening, Aylin.

Emre, why don't you answer the phone?

Aren't you interested in what I'm saying?

I can not talk now!

I've been working since morning. Don't you understand?

I told you to think a little, I asked you for a little time.

Well, okay!

Forgive me for bothering you!

I will bother you, Emre Divit!

I plan my day to hour.

Sports, leisure, meetings, lunch.

I even plan every minute.

What are you talking about? What do you say?

Otherwise, there would be no time for everything.

Is that you?

I act as I feel, Levent.

I look at the situation as I want.


When I organized the meeting, I took two minutes to talk.

And now it's time for work.

Has it been 2 minutes?

I run the organic part of our company, you know?

I know I know. How not to know? Sure.

We will open a store with references to the organic environment.


It's your idea

That is, to be more precise, it is Sanem's idea. Something like Sanem.

Yes. Yes. This is Sanem's idea.

I will deal with this subject in detail.

I mean, I'm going to take a look and leave immediately.

Don't worry, I won't bother you too much.

No, you can do what you want. No problem.

Mom talked to you and Sanem about it.

By the way, who is this Sanem? She is here?

Here's your coffee.


Enjoy it!

Mr. Can, how are you drinking your tea without sugar ...

I did this without sugar. Here it is.

Which is?

Due to the fact that he said his tea would now be brought by Çeyçey ...

I brought you coffee.

I drank too. Pretty good.

Sometimes it is useful to make some changes. I advise that.

Are you okay, Sanem?

Everything is good?

Is she Sanem?

We were talking about you!

Hello, Mrs. Sanem. I'm Levent.

Hello, Mr. Levent.

Can the three of us organize this meeting?

I'm sorry? About? What does this means?

About the Galino organic product.

I am Mrs. Remide's eldest son.


Of course. We will do this, we will do the meeting.

I will take the tray.

I will find a notebook and then we will arrange a meeting.




I'm going to ask you something.


Why did she bring coffee?

I think he likes me.

Ah, Levent!

No. The truth is, no. Absolutely

Are you sure?

No possibility I mean, no.

You don't care!

I mean, I don't think so.


Daughter, did you arrive?

I arrived dad. I'm up here.

I'm going, my dear!



I tell you, I was too afraid to never see you again, my daughter.

I really missed you!

I missed you too, dad!

But you know that there is something about you that attracts a person.

Is there anything, yes? -Yes

And you too!

You should have seen your mother. No, she was just spinning, Leyla and Leyla.

You can't imagine how crazy she got.

She drove me crazy, you know?

He called me every half hour on the phone!

Everyone thought it was my boyfriend, calling so many times!

Now she said she is at the store. I will go there.

Well then, let's go.

Dad, I wanted to take a shower first, change my clothes.

It's ok. It's ok.

By the way, why are the mom in the store and you at home?

Your mother is now in the store, daughter.

Yes, she became a business woman and I am a domestic man.

Dad, I can't be gone for two days.

You are full of surprises!

Yes, and don't say that.

Another adventure, but what?

Can I escape from here?

Mrs. Aylın, call for payment.

At least I'll see a date.

Don't you dare answer!

If I could make an appointment, I probably would have told you already, right?

We wouldn't be working at home like that, running away.

An offer came from the company of that car.

They really liked our project. They want to work with us.

This is a very big deal.

Why don't you accept?

I can not do.

To accept a big customer, I need a lot of money.

And for there to be a lot of money, you need a great customer.

Did you understand the cycle?


You may come in? This is personal.


Sevil, please say something good.

Aylin, I'm sorry, you didn't get a loan.

The amount is small, but a late payment report came from the company, so it was declined.

This can be?

And I thought about increasing the loan amount.

Okay, honey. Thanks.


Hello, Mr. Levent.

You know, we all like this project.

Don't say all that nonsense, Sanem!

You know, at the party in honor of the agency's fortieth anniversary ...

You know, you know!

Don't you know other words, Sanem?

If this man is albatros, it won't last two minutes!

Run, run!

Do not.

I can't. It will not work

No, Sanem! Will you do this!


You can do what you want if you want!

You are strong, smart and talented!

Forget Mr. Çan!

Very well!

Now go and win the heart of Albatros!


What are you doing here?

You did not go?

I swear, Mrs. Deren, I've known you for so long that I thought you understood this time.

Sanem asked, what are you doing here?

I'm going to Mr. Çan's office, there will be a meeting.

What nonsense are you talking about, what kind of meeting?

Ask Mr. Çan.

Mr. Can knows very well when to inform someone.

Good Morning!

Look at that!

Sister Aysel, there are 45 lire.

Thank you!

We can see each other

Inshallah, dear Mevkibe!

I will definitely wait. May your job be easy.

Thank you!

Oh, is my mom a business woman now?

Very suitable for you!

Oh my love!

My only blue eyes. Oh Allah, how I missed you!

In two days, you only have skin and bones?

What happened? Why did you wear black clothes?

Are you in mourning?

Is there a mental disorder?

No mom, I think black is for me, I like to use it.

Also, I think a serious businesswoman should dress seriously.

I swear, I gave birth to the most beautiful girl in the universe!

How are you Mevkibe?

Well, great, I'm a business woman, everything is fine with the store!

I mean, it's okay!

Honestly, how good!

May Allah give more! MashAllah!

Well, I'm going to have a cup of tea.

Of course, dear, tea from the restaurant! Are you going to drink too, daughter?

I can't get mom, I'm going to be late, I just came to see you.

We were very bored. Don't be late.

Well, we miss you so much, especially your mother.

Mom missed you so much, oh-oh!

Let me kiss you too. Let's go.

I'll be back later. See you!

Mr. Nihat, I ask you to come here. Go to the street.

Go to the street, don't stay here too long.

As you know, the street is much cooler.

Rahmi, bring us two teas.

It's not hot, but the humidity is terrible!

I tell you, the humidity is much worse than the heat!

But for the glory of Allah, we are selling meatballs, father.

Delivering to a lot of people ..

Working like crazy, I'm waiting for orders, Inshallah.

Good job, Muzaffer!

I also distributed, I also finished!

Come on, let's go to Osman!

We will go with Osman.

We spend 18 hours a day with Osman, but we go with him

Nihat, let's have tea!

Drink your Mevkibe tea.

Pay me for the water.

A lyre.

Friendship is friendship, but work is work. Here it is.

And where is Mrs. Sanem, Can? I have many meetings.

Precisely, you actually measure the minutes. It will now come, come, come.

Careful, carefully.

Mr. Levent, I prepared for the meeting, I'm sorry.

It's good this way.

I will put this here.

It's done.


I'm ready for the meeting!

I mean, the conversation ...

Ah, she's talking about the meeting now ...

Well well. Good

Go ahead

Well, since Sanem said we can start.

Sure, let's get started, if so, she said that. Let's go.

Deren, what's going on?

Is that Levent?


Emre, today I saw how Aylin and Levent were having breakfast.

As well?

Aylin is trying to rob us!

Or trying to steal the organic brand.

Or something else that tries to steal, which I don't know, but it doesn't depend on me!

Does my brother know that?

Do not.

He holds a meeting without even telling me.

Emre, why am I not at the meeting?

What is Sanem doing there?

How can I know Deren? Go to the meeting.

I like this.

If we work as a brand, then we cannot do that.

We still need to find an alternative, we are not taking any chances.


Welcome Deren!

Ms. Deren is a creative director.

Much pleasure!

I didn't get a chance to meet you, Mr. Levent.

I'm so happy too.

What a coincidence, I was dealing with Galino's business right now!

Of course, she was also busy with the affairs of her store, a very good coincidence.

But I did not come to such a detailed meeting.

Mrs. Sanem said there would be a meeting and I stayed.

Did Mrs. Sanem say that?

She is very well versed in this sector.

Thank you, Mrs. Deren.

On the occasion of Galino, we will still have a detailed conversation with Mrs. Remide.

Now the general conversation is about the store.

That is, we talk about the main.

Well, in that case, let's talk about my ideas related to the store.

In fact, I came here to hear Ms. Sanem's ideas.

Here, Levent, Deren is our most valuable collaborator.

In my opinion, you should listen to your ideas before deciding.

If you say.

Please, mrs. Sanem.

So, I have an idea more.

If we divide the products in two as organic and inorganic,

... we can attract even more consumer attention.

I will show you this.

I'm going to start with organic.

Now, the egg that returns ...

I have a completely different idea, I think there must be a new brand!

Let it not depend on Galino!

After all, you have organic products.

Objects will be separated and production sites are separated, the customer segment must be separated.

Therefore, consumers will not be confused.

New brand...

In the morning I saw him with Aylin!

Don't show it, but this morning I saw you with Aylın.

It looks like Aylin is up to something new!

Levent, have you been with Aylinn?


I am thinking of making sketches with Aylın for organic products.

Good. So, do all the business with Aylin, we won't do that business.

As well?

Or put all organic products in one brand and open a store, Sanem’s ideas!

And you will give all the publicity to us.

Or give Aylin to do this, you will know what you are doing.


Well, then we are with you!

Mom wanted it that way.

So I'm going to call Aylın.

Call, call!

Let her know, call.

Mr. Levent?

If your business is over, we can see each other.

I see.

There's nothing wrong!

Next time!

Good Morning!

Well, in this case, at the next meeting, we will clarify all the ideas.


Mrs. Deren, I am very grateful for all your contributions.

Grateful to you, Mr. Levent.

Mr. Levent, I hope you enjoyed the meeting.

It is like!

You have so many ideas, Sanem!

I'm sorry, I meant, Mrs. Sanem.

No, you can treat me like Sanem.

Everyone treats me like Sanem.

I want to ask you something.

I think I've seen you before ...

The face looks familiar, but ...

Perhaps at the party in honor of the Agency's fortieth anniversary?

You were there?

Of course!

Yes, I remember there.

I've been there.

You were there?

And were you in a room?

Of course I was in the room?

Is that you?

For a moment!

Now it's clear what's going on ... The room, the room ...

That's right, of course.

Of course, of course, the room.

The room, of course, now everything is clear.

Levent remembers that night, did you have a beard?

Enter the flash memory, enter, observe, go back to the past.

Do you have beard? It looks like there was no beard.

I had, like now.

You did not have. He had a beard.

My brother, no!

Brother, I had. I swear you didn't have a beard!

I had, that is, a little.

Sanem, he had no beard! Allah Allah!

I had a beard like that.

Like a beard, you didn't have a beard!

Mr. Can!

-He had a beard. Brother, you didn't have a beard.

Okay, okay, I don't remember. I do not remember.

- You do not remember. - Well, I don't remember, okay.

Its not good! So I don't remember, okay!

Do not remember.

So, tomorrow, can we see the place together?

Because I was never there.

When you have a lot of work, it's hard to follow.

What do you say?

Are we going tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Saturday!

In general, we do not work on weekends. Sanem doesn't work on weekends either!

For me, work is the most important.

I go to work the weekend, no problem.

Let's tell the time, Levent. Tomorrow at one in the afternoon.

It's ok.

Then I go.

See you, Mr. Levent.

You can call me Levent.

See you later!

See you later, Levent.


See you!

Good Morning.

Good morning, Levent.

Good Morning.

He had no beard!

Yesterday, his beard ...

He was unshaven! He put something.

There are all kinds of means ...

He put something and it came! He had no beard!

Exactly! Well, that is the exact information! I'm sure of it!

If the meeting is over, I will leave.

Aylın, dear, I told you not to hurry.

Why do you panic right away?

Because I know Emre.

He doesn't need time.

He's trying to get away from me slowly.

Does not matter. How do you know.

You are paying for a home with a mortgage, right?


This month payments are very limited. I had no other choice.

There is a great customer. I have to get it. This is the last option.

It's ok.


I wanted to ask you something else.

Can you call Emre and tell him that I delivered the house for a mortgage?

You want this?

Do you want me to call Mr. Emre?


You are in charge of your values.

Call him and tell him that Aylin will hand over a house for a mortgage.

Aylın, please don't say something stupid.


Do not hand over a home for mortgage?

I'm putting.

You will not lie.

I just want Emre to know.

I can't do this, dear. Do not be offended.

Dear Sevil, after all my good deeds to you, you won't want to deny me!

I have provided you with many customers.

- Aylın, within the framework of ethics ... - Sevil.


Yes, Mrs. Sevil.

Mr. Emre, how are you?

Thanks. Thanks.

By the way, I still haven't been able to answer your email.

I'll answer as soon as possible, okay?

Thank you, Mr. Emre.

Mr. Emre, I actually called you for another reason.

I don't know how correct I am going to say, but ...

I mean...

Something important? What happened?

Today came Mrs Aylin.

With a request.

I put your home on the mortgage.

As well?

Yes. That house you bought.

To tell you the truth, I felt I should warn you.

Excuse me!

I understand you.

All good thank you so much. Thanks.



Again, Sanem? Again?

I mean, again?

What's that again, Mr. Can? Again?

Again Albatros? Albatros again? Again?


I'm saying, did you come back with this?

Have you returned to Albatros again? Again, Albatros?

Again Albatros?

I never forgot Albatros.

You did not forget?

I haven't forgotten it. What happened?

Of course dear. There's nothing.

This is normal. What's wrong with that? This is normal.

I'll tell you something!

I'll wake you up so you know. He's not Albatros!

You're wasting time, I'm telling you.

How do you know?

In a moment you became the enemy of albatros!

Sanem, what can I tell you?

What can I tell you?

I have nothing to say to you!

It actually exists! There is something to say!

Tell me, why did you come to my house last night?

Say it!

Right now.


Last night I went for a walk.

I was thinking about Albatros.

Then I looked around: I just happened to get to your house.

The light was on and I decided to knock on the door, that's all.

You talk a lot of nonsense!

Great nonsense, great, great!

Your head is flying!

This time, it finally disappeared!


On Albatros land, on Albatros ... What's going on?

On the right is Albatros, on the left is Albatros! You are impossible!

So it is!

What happened to your boyfriend, Osman?

Your boyfriend Osman? Tell me that.

Osman ...

Yes, Osman.

Osman ... Yes. Yes.

I am still committed to my boyfriend.

Our love for Osman continues.

But that, then the other!

What are you saying?

So ... you ... you ...

Do you want to drive me crazy, for the sake of Allah?

Do you want to drive me crazy?

And what will you do with Albatros, then?

I said.

I said I would ask him.

Are you going to ask?

Yes, I will.

Well, tell me how you will ask.

Only one...

I'm very bad at explaining!

Very bad?

Can? You are here?

I'll get the documents ... I got it.

Then I will bring them back. Welcome, Polen.

Thank you, Sanem. How are you?

I'm very well. I have a lot of work. Everything is good.

I will leave you alone.


I definitely came here for your coffee.

I will prepare. We will see the fortune too.

What's new, Polen?

- How are you? I'm fine, Can.

I took the documents and all that.

I think I will work here quietly in that corner.

Of course, this place is ideal for work.

It is ideal. Go. It is very comfortable there. Settle down.

Tell me? What you will drink?

Tea, coffee?

- Maybe a little later. - It's ok.

Sanem calling.

Hello, Sanem, how are you?

Ayhan, everything is very confusing here!

I had a little confrontation with Mr. Can.

My heart just jumped. Then Polen arrived.

It looks like they reconciled.

But what I do? Do not continue this!

I will no longer look at Mr. Çan.

I will live a life away from lies and deception.

By the way, I gave Mr. Emre the damn ring.

And I ended it all with Mr. Emre.

I think I found Albatros. Everything is good.

How? Wait a minute. I didn't understand anything.

How did you find Albatros?

I tell you, he suddenly appeared in front of me.

I think this is how it should be.

Everything is good.

Everything is good!

Everything is good!

Good! Good!

Did you say that everything is in order?

Drinking tea constantly, my mouth became a horse's hoof, Daddy.

I swear, I've never seen such stagnation in the business!

At least we sit here. Maybe we can play backgammon?

Well I do not !

What should I do?

Osman, can we clean your store?

No, Uncle Nihat. Why is this necessary?

I take care of the cleaning, don't worry.

But thanks for thinking about it. - Good.

We made a köfte for everyone, but we received no comments.

Equity is zero!

Muzaffer! Tolerate, my son, hold on!

Trade means patience!

It won't take five minutes for this phone to ring.

Look! What I said!

Who is it?


Yes, this is from the Butcher Yilmaz.

So, did you like?

Allah, they call me too! Now they're calling!


We deliver.

Lets do this!

No, we haven't fried yet!

But in the future we will do that. This is one of our projects.

Good! Thanks!

Enjoy it! Good Morning!

May I help! Butcher Yilmaz!

It was not touched by the hand! Completely vegan!

2.5 pounds?

Yes! We have a lot!

Okay, I'll send it right away. By the way, can I get your address?

Send it to the fortune teller.


What are you doing, Çeyçey?

In fact, what are you doing, Sanem?

What are you doing? What are you doing?!

Why are you going to the bosses' meeting?

What is your life plan in the first place?

Have you been fired?

Will you resign? What have you done?

Don't you work at that agency anymore?

Even me, I don't have time! You come, go! I don't know what you are doing now!

It was a divination message.

What are you saying, Sanem?

What are you talking about?!

Listen, these are your peculiarities, business woman, you really start to bother me.

Come back to yourself!

Get back to you, otherwise our relationship will deteriorate!

Honestly, whoever that girl is, tomorrow or the day after, you're going to need my help, I'm telling you.

What kind of girl? Who's the girl?

Where's the girl? What kind of girl?

I don't know what girl you're talking about right now.

What girl were you talking about? Who is she?

I swear, whoever she is. Do not know.

But I say that you will need me.


In his face, he came and sat in a kind of craze!

Get back to your senses, Sanem! Please!

Look, this is not the Sanem I met.

In your face expression now I read madness!

I'm gonna tell you a secret?

Secret? Do not tell me!

Do not tell me! Don't tell the secret!

So I suffer! Do not tell me! Please don't tell me!

I'll tell you! Tell me!

I found Albatros!

Where? Where?


- Where? It's the...

- It's the! What?

Who? Who is he?

Mr. Levent!


He was at the agency's 40th birthday party and in a room.

It happened in divination!

You say you saw it in the divination?

Divination has come true, you say?

As soon as? Good?

If that happened in the guesswork, do you say it's okay?

Well, I'll see you tomorrow. When I see him, I will clear this up.

Okay, so tell me too!

Because I gave 100 lire to the fortune teller.

If that doesn't come true, I will sue you.

Do you laugh at the fact that I'm going to sue you?

It was 20 lire, did you give 100?

Curse! Curse! Curse!

Why did they charge more money?

Now my mood ...

Maybe I have seen 5 divinations? So he charged 100, I imagine?


It can be 3 days and 3 hours!

3 days! Or 3 hours?

Let's see what they wrote.

What did they say?

Can, I'm going to ask you something. You work tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Saturday, but I have a job after dinner, why?

We opened a very good institution.

You can just book a table several months in advance.

My friend will give us a table. If you want, of course.

Sure, sure. If you want, we will go.

Well, then I will order it immediately.

Ask, ask.

Can, I want to ask you a few questions about the design.





What a nice surprise!

Although I don't even know if it's a surprise. Can not say that you would come.

Yes, I surprised him.

What are you doing? How are you?

As always, you look very well.

No darling.

We remain at the bottom of your shadow, you are a professional at it.

Well, how's it going in the lab? You are not moving to Istanbul, right?

No darling.

I will be here for a few days.

Oh well. You will go in a few days.


I just wanted to see this file for the website design.

We will ask the opinion of the rest.

Sanem is responsible for that place. You can do another job.

We will go tomorrow with Sanem.

Are you going with Sanem?

Good. Let's see what happens to us this time.

I will be with her, there will be no problems.

If you're close ...

This will not happen.

OK then.

See you, Polen!

See you later!

Hello Ceycey, how are you?

Good and you? What are you doing?

Nothing, what should I do?

Work, I am very tired.

We didn't see each other

Didn't we see each other?

We just saw each other

Truth I'm calling you ...

I requested an online coffee guessing service.

Look, you talked about divination and coffee, and it got my attention.

Which is? What did they say?

They said about silent cinema and the destination is agreed.

I didn't understand and decided to ask you!

I think it says the following!

New things will happen quietly, unnoticed in your life.

I believe that.

I understand, I understand. I wanted to see if I understood everything correctly.

I'm going to ask you something. You work tomorrow?

Do not.

So, do we have a session?

Let's even have a quiet session. Good?

We will not speak to each other.

Let's see if we understand each other.

Because it is very important for my work.

Do you mean with your eyes?


What eyes?

Note! Watch with your eyes ...

As a session associated with observation.

I understand you. It's ok.

So I will go tomorrow.




Hang up the phone.

Turn it off!

She hung up

It is full of unusual surprises!

I arrived at the exit while talking!


Mr. Emre.

I don't need this anymore. Take this

Thank you. For everything.

Do you have a few minutes?

For what?

You said you wouldn't go back to work ...

I'm curious, why did you change your mind?

Are you worried because i came back?

Do not.

I feel really bad about you.

I know how much you need this job.

I don't want you to lose your job because of me.

Of course, I owe you 40,000 lire, right?

Don't talk nonsense!

If that bothers you, I will erase that debt.

I don't need a cent from you!

I will return everything I owe. Do not worry.


I'm listening!

Okay, okay. So be it.

I know what you promised me, but ...

You are very close to my brother lately.

And you can suddenly say everything ...

Don't worry, I will never tell Mr. Can what your brother is like.

If I tell you what kind of person you are, he will be surprised and very upset.

This unpleasant secret will remain with us. Anything else?

No thank you.


Little sister!


Thank you!

Did you come here immediately from Ankara?

Yes, I did.

Why do you wear black in the summer?

Allah, Allah!

Sanem, I like it a lot!

Leyla, welcome.

Thank you, Mr. Emre.

Why did you come right away? You must be tired of the trip.

I decided to come and see if there is anything to do.

I thought you might need me.

Sanem, it looks like you're done, right?

I have no job here.

So get out, little sister.

-Comes. Sit down. -Mr. Emre ...

I have a lot to tell! Everything was very good!

Ah, Allah!

Yes, Ah, Allah!

Mr. Can, I will be leaving soon. I'm informing you in advance.

Okay, okay. I'll pick you up at noon. We will go together.

Okay, but ...

It will not be ugly for Miss. Pollen?

That is, if you have reconciled ...

After all, you reconciled, she came for a few days to see you.

If you want, don't waste time, myself ...

We are not reconciled, Sanem.

Should we be reconciled? What do you think?

A truce

So go ahead.

I think your wound has healed.

Can you give me my scarf?

Why is this handkerchief yours? Someone left him on the coast.

I found it there, I found it by chance.

And here it is. Why is it yours?

It's mine.

Mr. Can, I ...

MS. Sanem, please, could you leave? Please I beg you.

I'm going to ask you something.

Be honest. I'm interested in your opinion Is it appropriate?

But tell the truth. It's adequate? You don't have to say anything!

Do not say anything. I understood. Very suitable

I think it is very appropriate. Thank you, all right. See you tomorrow.

You ask a question and don't hear the answer!

Yes it is!


What are you doing here?

Surprised me.

We need to talk


Leave the drink, sit down.

Why are you meeting Levent?

Do you still want to steal company customers?

I'm not stealing customers, Emre.

I'm trying to stand.

My company is in a difficult situation. I need customers

And I organized a meeting with Mr. Levent. What's wrong?

She still says that she organized a meeting with Mr. Levent.

There are no other customers in Istanbul!

I met Mr. Levent many months ago.

But thanks to your brother for laying the stone!

I do not know what to do.

Once again, we have a difficult financial situation.

I know.

Sevil called from the bank today.

You mortgaged the house to get a loan.

As well?

How can she talk about it?

What kind of disrespect ?!

I will ask her!

Aylin, calm down.

Since I gave you this house, she decided to tell me everything.

Do not exaggerate.

Why didn't you tell me that you needed money?

Do you pretend I'm not here, don't take my calls and ask for money?

As if I didn't suffer enough!

Cancel the mortgage.

Do not.

Anyway, this house means nothing without you.

Maybe I'll sell it.

I'm going to rent an apartment in the building.

I'm confused, I need to clear my thoughts.


What do you want, Emre?

Don't pity me!

You supported me before that moment!

And now I will learn to live without you!

I didn't tell you to finish.

I told you to rest and give us a break.

I know you well.

And I know what you are doing.

I wouldn't want to give you this ring like that, but ...

I don't want him to stay with me.

The ring that Sanem wore.

If my brother sees this with me, it will confuse everything.

Accept, sell.

And cancel the mortgage.

I waited for you to replace this ring with another ...

Even if you wanted to, you couldn't hurt me anymore, Emre.

Let him stay with you.

I didn't fall so low.

Can you go out, please?


Emre, can you go out, please?

It's ok.

Call me when you calm down.

Let's talk.

I will not leave you like this.

I just need time.


Restaurante Bejazade 5 kilos!

Yes, 5 kilos.

Is there a Tarjirm family?

They wanted 3 pounds!

Daddy, some want 3 kilos, others say 5 kilos!

Osman says they want 10 pounds! How are we going to deal with this?

There is work, one problem, I don't work, another problem!

You don't have to succumb too much to stress!


Next to you is a trader with 40 years of experience!

Get ready! Let's open a store!


Orders are increasing!

Are you with us, Osman?

What about?

Open a vegan store brand!

No, no, no! What else?

Where are we going to get the store? And if we find it, with what money?

I will solve this problem right away! I'm going to do an event with the free store.

But I need to see my mom in person.



Come too. The water is beautiful.

I'm fine like this. I will read now.

Have a good time. I feel good.

It's ok?

I'm very well. You don't, if you don't come.

I'm fine like this.

Here is the password. Enjoy.

The password is Polen.





Come on! The food is ready! Come on!

I'm going mom.

Try this too. Delicious

Good Morning!

-Good morning Good Morning.

What a breakfast!

Health in the hands of Brother Rifat.

Truth. Whatever Brother Rifat does is delicious.

I'm going to make some tea. Emre, do you want it too?

Sure. I want.

-I'll open the door first. -It's ok.

What are you doing? How are you?


Hi, Can.

Hello - Is Emre home?

Emre is at home. Come on

I actually wanted to talk to you about something.

Good. Let's go inside. We will talk there.

We will not talk here, probably.

If I don't interrupt ...

Come come. In between.

This way.

Brother Rifat also has a dairy farm. Look, this cheese is from there. try it

It's very tasty, right?


Aylin? Hi!

-Enjoy it. -Thanks.

Come on, Aylin. Sit here. Let Emre give you some tea.

Emre and me too. And even for yourself.

We need tea, tea.

Let them bring the dishes.

How are you?

Very well dear. How are you? -I'm fine too.

Daughter, come on, I'm waiting for you to speak!


I swear that on Saturdays I am very tired.

What time is it, mom?

Twelve why?

It's ok. It's too early.

Osman and I will join. I will tell you about the seminar in Ankara.

It will create a brand.

And your father opens the seal with him. Meatballs.

Osni! (Osman and Nihat)

Come, sit down.

I swear, I feel really bad.

My daughter, it's hard to be a businesswoman.

Ah, mom!

I mean, Can was very cruel at that time, right?

Don't ask, I was too exhausted at the agency.

Which is? So?

So, of course, Mr. Can scolded me.

He said: If you make a mistake again, you will tell me first.

I was afraid he would tell Mr. Aziz everything, but ...

He didn't say, he protected me.

This happened a long time ago. I don't remember, to be honest.

And then Emre came, of course.

Emre's arrival was a remarkable event. Emre lived with his mother abroad.

After many years, he decided to return to Turkey.

I didn't forget that. Once...


Don't bother, if you want.


Emre, I really wanted to talk to you, but ...

I will not ruin your mood now.

Can, I have a business proposal for you.

We'll see.

I got a deal from a big automotive company.

It is so important that I cannot make it economically.

Now, I think we'll give you that job, if you want.

You can consider it as a gift of reconciliation.

What do you say?

I mean, I'm surprised.

Because it is a small gift of reconciliation.

Do you want something in return?

Of course, we're talking about work here.

In return, I want us to share Levent's organic products project.

Let the stores remain yours.

I tried hard for this cause.


I lost the customer again.

This was a matter of principle.

I didn't have this problem of how to get your customer out.


What do you think of my proposal?

I won't interfere with Galino, I promise.

Only in organic products.

We will work together and share as you please.

I want to think about it a little bit.


Only if you can, inform me as soon as possible.

From that, I will talk to the company and solve everything.

Now with your permission.

Don't get up. Do not bother yourself.

Emre, you don't have to come, I know the way.

Ok, Enjoy your meal.


Princess? Good Morning!

Early bird, what's wrong with you? You used to be 5 minutes late.

I'm writing my novel, girl. I didn't sleep until morning.

Okay, I'm going to work.

Daughter, what job do you have over the weekend?

Mr. Can will come and get me.

Now does your boss take you to work?

Nothing like that!

We must inspect a place.

You two?

Yes, we are both going! What's wrong with that?

You say that, but ...

Someone came with him. Who is she?

Who's with whom?

Daughter, is it the same girlfriend you were talking about?


Yes, it's her.

Don't overdo it too!


Angry! Angry!

Good morning, Sanem.

Good morning, Mr. Can.

Good morning, Mr. Can.

How are you, Leyla? Hello, Mrs. Mevkibe.

Welcome! How are you, Mr. Can?

Fine thanks. How are you doing?

You came and you look better than steel!

You lit up our street like the sun!

I came to get Sanem to work.

I mean, if there's no problem, I'll take it.

Take her! Take her!

That is, let her go with you. What can happen?

She will return when it is convenient.

Can I get a document for permission, if I wish? Let's take

No. I don't think you need paper. We will decide everything between us.

You know what is best, Mr. Can.

So I take it. See you later!

Let's go. Easy work

See you!

So honest, MashAllah!

How are you, Sanem?

Hello, Polen!

We will be waiting for you.

I will definitely be back.

She is a direct friend of Mr. Can.

He's a good boy!

He's a really nice guy!

However, the girl is very beautiful.

Yes, mom, I saw this girl up close. It is very slender.

Like a model!

When I found out that you were coming with Can, I decided to join.

Very well. The place is very beautiful. You will be delighted.

Yes it is.

Goodbye, good job!

Wait, I'll fix them.

And I'm going to give you a little massage. Let's go.

Ah! Muzaffer came!

Come on, tell us good things.

I start immediately.

I put my mother in front of me.

I opened the subject.

So beautifully counted!

Graphics, dialogues, incredible things.

You should have seen me! I swear, I'm a businessman!

If you could see me.


And then?

Our business didn't work ...



I mean, speaking well. We didn't make the request in vain. There is no place to put it.


Everyone can return to their calm, their personal and isolated life.

Incredible punctuality! Exactly 1 hour.



What are you doing here?

You haven't changed anything.

And you are still the same.

How do you know each other?

Our parents are friends.

When I was at Harvard, Polen also studied in the United States.

Our parents introduced us.

They built dreams that we would be a perfect couple, but ...

There was never electricity between us.

That is, and now there is, of course.

How are you, Sanem?

Thank you, Levent. How are you?

I'm fine thank you.

Yes! Sanem

You come?

Sure, let's go in, Mr. Can.

Come on

I couldn't find this place for an hour.

I didn't remember, I never came here.

Very interesting.

So I'm waiting for you on the coast.

I see your ways all the time.

Welcome, Mr Nihat. What will you take?

Measures, Mevkibe!


Help me with this. I will measure here.


Go to that counter.

Is that for good, I hope?

Go! Go! Go!

Do you measure this for the exhibitor? No, no, I already did that.

It is not necessary, because it is very expensive. It is not necessary now.

No, no. Don't get up.

Mevkibe, are you in the store?


Are you a business woman?


You are a business woman and I am a domestic man.


Mevkibe, I am not meant to be a domestic man.

If you remember, I'll wash the dishes ...

Alright Nihat. Get to the point. What are you saying?

- Say .. - Okay.

I told you before that Osman doesn't have time to make vegan meatballs.

What we need is a place.

What did your husband do? I thought at once.

I said that our store is very big.

For that, in this corner of your ...


You have half the store, you're trying to get me out of here!


No! In another store, we're leaving. No!

Come on, Nihat, come on! In another store!

Come Nihat! Please!


Bring 1 pound of minced meat at night, okay?

I will not leave my store!

Allah, Allah!


Ah, are you okay?

Damn it!

I hate this dust! This is not for me at all.

After living in a building ...

I'll clean it up and be back.

It's just dust, what's wrong with that?

Girl, don't be like that!

Handsome man!

Most likely Albatros!

And so it continues ...

Don't look at Can.

Focus on albatros!

Don't look at Can!

Don't look at Can!

Okay, fine, fine.


Mr. Can?

Yes, Sanem?

Could you come here? I need to ask you a very important question.

Very urgent?

Very urgent, Mr. Çan.

Then ask from there. I'm listening.

No. I need to show you. It is out.

I understand. It's ok.

I'll. I'll be right there.

I am waiting.

Polen, I'll see and I'll be right back.

Yes, Sanem? What happened?

This ... I needed to ask something very urgent.

Tell me. Of course, ask.

Say it...

What color is the exterior wall?

The outer wall?


Did you say it was urgent and it was just the outer walls?

That is, as long as we don't decide anything on the inside, are you interested on the outside? On the walls?

Mr. Can, but without knowing the color of the exterior walls, I cannot think of the decoration.

That is, what color will be the interior finish. Do not know.

I can not imagine. That's why I asked.

I understand you. I understand you.

There is a retro smell!

We definitely need this to stay.

We definitely need to preserve everything in the same way, Sanem.


So how is it.

In your natural state, do you think it will not be perfect?

You think?

Very well!

I had an allergy again!

I will probably take care of Polen. She is uncomfortable in heels.

I'm going to help you.

You have a very, very correct choice!

- Thank you, Mr. Can. - A logical choice.

If you need help again, call me. If there are questions, I will answer again.

If there are urgent questions, I will inform you in the same way again.


If there is a question, I will call you.

I'll be right there.

Are you okay, Polen?

- Oh, Can. - It's ok?

It's not good! Look what happened to my legs! Look at that!

Let me see.

It is nothing to worry about.

Shoes look great on you. But that was not a good choice.

- It became a little problem in my head.

Don't you have that style of shoes?

If we didn't go to dinner ...


I wouldn't use that look.

Daddy! Welcome!

Inşhallah, with good news!

Can we say we have a store?

We can, dear Muzaffer.


I would really like to say that, but unfortunately, my son.

Osman, I also apologize. You were also so excited, hopeful ...

But it did not work!

Aunt Mevkibe ... I'm sorry.

No no Uncle Nihat, what are you?

I already made an account for the district.

Yesterday's sales don't cover the costs!

How do you not cover?

Honestly, it's not covered!

If you remove the ayran and divide it into three ...

You still don't keep it! Does not work!

It doesn't work either! In no way!

We don't face this business, dad!

Does not matter.

Don't be discouraged anymore. You will also find some work.


You have honey dripping from your mouth, son Osman!

I'm ... saying that we'll find it, I didn't mean it here. That is, not now.

In the future. In the future, we will find something one day.

Does not matter. We will close the topic. I will buy you tea.

Please sit down Come on, come on, come on.

We are going to have tea. Let it be hot.


In my opinion, all of your ideas are very good.

Then, in a week, you send me the project. I will look again.

Here we will have to make an advertising film next week.

Everything should be ready for the presentation. Is very urgent.

It's ok. I will talk to Deren, we will work with her on several ideas immediately.

By the way, Aylin also decided to work.

He will support you in the design part.

She call me. I am very happy. Thanks.

Sanem, thanks too! My mom will be happy!

There will be a wonderful place inside!

You're welcome.

By the way, if I'm obsessed with something, I'll call, okay?

Levent, if you want to call me first, I'll talk to Sanem.

And at the same time, I will know everything ...

Good. We will do so.

Can, honey, should we go?

Or we will lose the reservation.

Sure, sure. We will

Reservation? Where?

A place called Mundaizi. Have you heard of him?


How did you get the reservation?

They gave me a deadline of at least 3 months later.

I really envy you!

If you want, also come with us.

I mean, if you want, come along with Sanem.

My friend is the administrator, he works there. He arranged everything.

It will be super!

In this case, we will go on a double date.

Sorry, Levent.

Did you say double date?

Well, two couples. Two times two is four.


Sure. I will go.


I don't really know what I'm going to eat.

Very well! Look at the menu!

Shall we order together?

Sure. We'll see.

Polen, dear, thank you very much!

Look, everyone we know here.

Sanem, how do you see this place? Did you like it?

Yes. Yes. I liked it, I really like it.

Why don't you drink wine?

Sanem doesn't drink wine.

I don't drink alcohol either. I am in a detox.

Can, don't be silly. We are not at work. Leave her alone. Let her drink.

No, you can't.

That is, wine ruins Sanem. She starts to complain.

That is, she cannot stand the delusions if she drinks.

Can I vent?

I can't help but complain, is that it?


I'm going to have a glass. I'm going to have a glass of wine.

I mean, do you want to go crazy?

You say that I would not restrain myself, no matter what?

You say, it won't happen, right?

I'm going to have a glass.

Drink it. Drink it.

Sanem, we cannot speak at all.

What were we talking about? The last time we spoke was about the 40th anniversary, right?

We're talking about Balcão-Malkon ... fortieth anniversary.

Yes! Bacon- Malkon ...!

Levent, weren't you that day with a girl?

I remember it was.

Remember? Don't say no, because I know it was.

Yes, I was with Yeshim.

Yeshim! Angry! Yeshim!

Look, he didn't have a beard, but there was a girl. I remember that well.

It's ok.

Do you know what happened that night?

Yeshim experienced a fit of jealousy and left!

So, you say she left?

Can I ask you something?

Why did she leave? What happened?

I can't tell you here. It was unforeseen.


Maybe it's romantic.

It's romantic for a woman, but ...

For a man, something unexpected.

Have you decided what to order?

Now let's decide what to eat, We still haven't chosen.

But before meals, it is very urgent!

But very urgent! Can I get another whiskey? Please, urgently.


I decided

We can ask.

Can I have a glass?


What did you decide, Sanem, dear?

I'll see.

Thank you.

Enjoy it.


Come on, Osman! This time it will come out!

How are you, Leila? I was going to get it.

I mean, I thought about taking you home.

Osman, dear, I had business in the market.

I decided to come to you and then we would go back to the market together.

I thought, maybe we can talk and at the same time, let's have a drink.

I thought that maybe we could eat together?

A vegetarian restaurant opened two streets down.

I thought, could we go?

But look, you do the same!

Veganism and vegetarianism are not the same.

Everyone thinks it's the same!

For example, I cannot eat at a vegetarian restaurant!



That is, they are different things!

Leila! What are you doing here?

Çeyçey? What are you doing here? This is my neighborhood!

This is true.

Çeyçey, welcome!

Ayhan, I'm happy to see you!

I heard your voice from a distance. What a strong voice you have.

Yes it is. And there it is. I have a strong voice.

For example, Ayhan.


Everything quiet. We are in the district.

Hi, Çeyçey.


You are Sanem's old boyfriend.

Not really.

Its a secret. I know, too.

Sanem told me. I know that too.

I also know that this is a lie!

It's between us.

Çeyçey, Osman is my brother.

And so?

Brother, Osman ...



Mr. Osman, brother.

How to name it?

How should I call you?

Call me Osman.

Then it will be easier.

Are you ready for a silly marathon?


Are you going to play mime?

-Exactly - I really liked it!

And let's order pizza from our pizzeria.

Yes. They have a very tasty vegan pizza. I've wanted to eat it for some time.

What do we do? I wonder if we can join them, Osman.

Join now!

Let's go to our pizzeria.

Yes, we will go.

Brother, are you going to order pizza there?

I believe too!

Good. If so, then fine.

And what is this? What you have in your hands!

Flowers! These are flowers!

Ayhan asked me.

She was going to decorate the house. Isn't that right, Ayhan?

Here they are, Ayhan!

Come on, brother. I asked yes.

We decorated the house with flowers.

These are my favorite flowers.

Truth? Your favorites?

- She loves them, loves them. - What kind of flowers are these?

It will be very fun! I love copycats.


Sanem, can you go out with me for a few minutes?


Let's go there.

Sanem, don't do that.

- Are you talking about Levent? - No way.

I am speaking in a general sense. Do not do it.

What? Don't do what?

I am asking.

What are you doing? I mean, what are you doing, Sanem?

Can we clarify what you are doing? I don't understand you, I can't understand.

And what is not clear here, Mr. Can?

If you are concerned about my relationship with Mr. Levent for your business, I will not go near him.

If you're angry about that ...

I'm not angry. I'm not mad.

When was I mad at you, Sanem?

You know that there are only two of us at that table, right?

Polen leaves, Levent is not the albatros.

There is nothing like that. You are wasting your time.

Why are you interfering with that?

Why do you care?

Let me decide for myself!

Don't bother Polen.

Polen and I broke up.



You are still very suitable for each other!

I think Polen is incredible.


I will continue to act in the same way.

In addition, I can take care of myself.

Are we back inside?



Beauty is a pain!

The time is over! It's over! It's over! High five! High five!

Off! Osman! This film does not exist! You just made it all up!

Why are you angry? We're playing!

Our turn, our turn. Are you ready? Stand up!

Ready! Ready!

I think we can do this, we will do very well.

I think that, although we don't know each other, we can do it.

I'm nervous. Maybe we shouldn't play?

Don't talk nonsense! Don't be stupid!

Allah Allah! Calm down a little!

We have 3 minutes, and they belong only to us.

For me it will be like 3 seconds.

Go Go go!

Good! I act!

Which movie should I act in?

Relax, okay?

Calmly and explain.


Your time has begun!

3 words!

An exterior!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Well, tell me, I guessed!

Yes, you guessed it!

I think yes!

What's that?

I can not believe!

I guessed right the first time, right?

Wait a second, a minute.

Did you whisper something?

Do not.

You just whispered.

Because the easiest word in this movie is hitchhiking.

You didn't show it, but she understood immediately!

You just whispered! You tricked me!

Do not Cry!

She was called a crybaby in childhood.

- Crybaby! Crybaby! Crybaby! - Crybaby! Crybaby!

He didn't whisper. Brother, did you see him whisper?

He did not see! Come on those five! Give me five!

- Come on, five! - Yes, our souls have similar eyes.


What do the eyes of the soul mean?

Eyes of the heart ...

They are the same ... No ...

Eyes ...

We see life in the same direction, Brother Osman.




Brother Osman!


So our eyes don't look in the same direction, Osman.

Because I explained it very well, you should have understood immediately!

It is really very strange that you do not understand.

Is it possible, dear?

Leila, we grew up together!

We run through these streets together.

I am since the beginning of elementary school like your brother.

These are your records recorded on me. Do not worry.

This is true, of course.

Only this is apparently not enough.

I got bored! What do we do? Can we have ice cream?

We can. We are going to have ice cream. Let me guess. His favorite is with caramel.

Yes, with sweets! How do you know?


Lets have an ice cream.

Is it possible, dear? I'll ask.

You see that.

The car costs millions. If there is a scratch, we are lost.


In the end, he is a customer, what are you going to tell him? Will you deny?

You can't say, you can't!

So, of course, you can't ...


Can we leave this couple alone and go somewhere?

We can. We will leave them alone.

Let's go.

I will say something. Write your number, Sanem. I will find you later.

Levent, you came by car.

Leave Sanem, we'll take you in a taxi.

Don't worry, we will solve this.

Yes, we will solve it. Isn't that right, Sanem?


Come on, Polen.

Get up, get up.

Get up, get your bag.

I will bring your car.

Be careful, come on, come on.

Wait! Wait!

Be careful.

Brother, wait 2 seconds. I will be back soon.

You have ...

I'm looking for the right word, one second! That...

Are you sure you want to go with that ****?




Good. Good morning.


Come on. Let's go.

I will not go. Go you.

How's that?

We have a whole night ahead of us!

I hope Albatros is not you!

I do not want to go. Go you. Good Morning.

Good. You know. Nobody insists


It's ok.

Do you feel dizzy or is your stomach not feeling well?

The head is spinning now. I feel bad.


Are we there yet?

Be careful! Be careful!


Can, it was a very good day, right?


Polen, I'll be gone for a while, okay? Not for long.

I'm not in the mood.

I want to be a little alone.


Get some sleep, Polen.

Lay down.

Do not wait for me. I'm leaving.

Go to sleep.




Sanem, Can is gone.

Polen, are you?

Yes, it's me, Sanem! I really feel bad!

Can went somewhere and was very drunk. I could barely stand!

What if something happens to him?

What should I do? Where to look?

Tell me, Sanem.

Don't look anywhere.

Don't you dare go anywhere. You are also drunk.

Nothing will happen to Mr. Can. Do not worry.

Sanem, I feel really bad.

What will I do? Do not know.

I really need to be with him now and say very important things.


I need to talk to him!

I understand.

I understand, but...

Okay, so I go alone and look.

Don't you dare leave!

Ok I'm on my way.

But until I get there, don't go anywhere. Wait for me.

Okay Sanem, please come quickly.

Listen, I'm asking you one last time.

Very well, think.

If you say that I stay, I will stay.

If you tell me to go, you'll never see my face.


♪ Ah love ♪

♪ You are on a beach in Bodrum! ♪

♪ Ah, love ♪

♪ You are in this room somewhere ♪

♪ You are in my heart ♪

The Albatros you are looking for ...

It's me.

♪ You are in my heart ♪

Do not do it!

Do not Cry!

Please, do not cry

This place is magnificent.

Just like you.

It looks great

♪ I'm in the thorns ♪

♪ I still am ♪

♪ I'm on the floor ♪

♪ You are in my heart ♪

♪ You are in my heart ♪

Actually, I want to tell you something.

I never felt that before.

I mean, my hands are shaking.

♪ I'm stuck in this place ♪

♪ I'm stuck with myself ♪

♪ I'm stuck in this place ♪

♪ I'm stuck with myself ♪

♪ You are in my heart ♪

♪ You are in my heart ♪

Is here.

We did it like that. But Mr. Can, won't you be angry with us?

If he told you he wants to be alone ...

That is, he doesn't want to be disturbed.

Sanem, we will only see if everything is fine and let's go, that's all.

It's ok?

Also, why are you so worried?

Right. You're right.

Should I go with you? You feel good?

I'm much better. Thanks.

The coffee really did well. Stay here, okay?

It's ok.

Let's wait here for a while.

Of course, as you wish.

** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra // Revision: Verinha