Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Without asking Sanem, she was a part of such a game, and he lied so much that Can was both torn apart. But an excuse, a glance, a touch does not bring them together.



Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN



- Sanem, don't do that. - Mr. Can, you got it all wrong.

- Sanem? - Let me go.

Mr. Can, please let me go.

Mr. Can, please let me go.

- Let me go. - Sanem?

What are you doing? Can't I really understand you? I really can't.

I do not want you.

Don't run after me. You do not even know me. You do not know who i am.

Leave me alone. I told you I don't want you.

Sanem, listen.

This is not a joke. Are you serious?

Do not play with me.

Sanem, listen.

I will ask for the last time. Think carefully.

I will stay if you tell me to stay.

If you tell me to go, you'll never see my face again.

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Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN

Allah! Allah!

Did you jump out of a window?

Yes. She ran out the window.

How many more times do I have to say, Nihat?

Mr. Can came. And did she jump out of the window?

Allah! Allah! Is there a problem?

Is there a problem?

Whatever the problem, the person will open the window and leave.

- Why would a person run out of the window? - Thank you, Mevkibe.

Mevkibe, she escapes from childhood, when something is wrong, either through a window or through a door.

So did she do that when Mr. Can arrived?

If Leyla were here, we would have found out.

Or maybe she made a mistake, right?

What kind of mistake did she make?

Allah! Allah!

Could this girl have let the company go bankrupt?

Mevkibe, for Allah, calm down!

Isn't our daughter an employee at this company?

How can this bankrupt a large company?

The girl is crazy and you are looking for logic!

Allah, Allah, she’s not crazy!

A little emotional, unusual, frivolous.

Wait, wait. It's probably Sanem.

I will check. In a friendly way, I will find out what happened.

Don't try to behave smoothly!

Be a little firm, like me.


Sanem, where have you been?

I came.

Mom, can we talk later?

No, now it's time to ...

Sanem ?!

Sanem, what happened, child?

Why are you crying?

What's wrong, child? Something happened?

No, nothing happened.

.. Mr. Can.

Did Mr. Can bother you?

Did he kick you out of work, kid? Is that why you are crying?

No, mom, he didn't do anything.

Girl, tell me, don't make me crazy.

Tell me.

Mom, I have nothing to say!

Do I have to tell you everything ?!

This is difficult for me!

Can't you stop?

You do not know anything!

Come here.

All right girl.

Okay, daughter.

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

No, my beautiful daughter.

Mom, I don't want to go to work anymore.

My daughter.

If you don't want to, don't go, daughter.

Ayhan, girl!

Girl, what are you doing here in your pajamas tonight?

What do you do at night?

I work the night shift, what's wrong?

Something happened?

Answer me girl. What happened?

Ayhan, are you here? In between.

What happened, Aunt Mevkibe?

You called me at night, I was worried.

My daughter, Sanem is very bad, child.

And she doesn't tell me.

Find out what happened and then tell me.

Of course, I will not tell you.

I will speak, but with one condition.

Do not press too hard.

And don't make me tell you everything.

And without looking threatening.

Well, fine.

Talk to my daughter. At least, find out why she wants to leave work.

What trauma the girl experienced, why is she now in such a state.

At least tell me that. Find out and tell me.

Okay, okay, don't worry. OK.

Calm my daughter.


I know it's a little bit late now.

Shall we have tea?

Come in, Melehat, come in.

Only you were missing. Come in, let's have a drink. In between.

I will make tea for you.

And I was thinking, Melehat is going to ring the bell soon.

Mom, don't go in!

It's me Ayhan. Are you busy? I can enter?

Come in, Ayhan.


What happened to you?

Tell me.

Something very bad has happened, Ayhan.

It seems that Mr. Can realized that I was in love with him.

You tried to make me say that.

Allah, Allah.

And he also started to say "yes"! What, I wonder, for him what is the difference?

I behaved very badly with him.

I lied to him so many times and I couldn't tell the truth.

Then again I had to lie to him.

And he left.

And he said I would never see him again.

How am I going to live without seeing you, Ayhan?


At some point, I thought, maybe ...

Maybe he too ...

Maybe he loves me too ...

I thought so.

I said to myself: Come on, Sanem, confess everything.

Can Divit, world famous photographer.

Beautiful, smart. With a good heart.

And then I said to myself.

Why does this man need you?

How can I explain this ring to him?

An attempt to steal documents from your home ...

The fact that I tainted his job, his and his profession.

That left his honor in the mud.

Okay, let's say I'll explain myself.

And then that person is going to love me, right?

This happens only in fairy tales and movies.

In real life, I can only sit and cry.

Do not say that! Allah, Allah.

You deserve better.

Take a napkin.

What should I do?

I feel it for the first time.

I urgently need to forget this. Please help me.

I'm going to help you. Of course I will help you.

Listen, sister.

I will tell you that.

The best love is platonic.

You will love from afar.

No problems and worries, and you will calm down.

If you like Mr. Can so much.

Love the dream, close this topic.

Also, what happened to Albatros?

Don't you have an Albatros?

Enough, take Albatros, let him fly you.


I will forget and erase him from my life.

Furthermore, is a girl able to address a "gentleman" to a man she loves?


This is a little silly. What kind of gentleman?

But Mr. Can is so ...

I do not know...

This can be found once in a thousand years.

An incredibly nice, sincere person ...

When you look at him ... Ah ...

I was just thinking.

What were we talking about?

We were talking about Albatros, my dear.

Look, Albatros.

He's in front of you.


Sanem, where are you?

It's 9:56 and you still haven't arrived!

You're 56 minutes late! Just look at that!

Several minutes have passed!

I'm already paralyzed! Look, how I look!

- I'll call again. - Look! It's been 57 minutes.

No employee can be so late.

Specially you.

That is, you must bring and carry everything that people need.

It can't be like that! This is unacceptable!

Ceycey, where's the other one?

I do not know. She didn't answer, so I left a voice message.

Was it a voice message? I thought you were talking to her!

What should I do, Mrs. Deren?

She didn't answer, so I left a voice message!

You constantly pressure me!

Ceycey! Scream a little with Guliz!



Mrs. Deren!

Don't say nonsense!

Can also not answer the phone.

Are they likely to be together?

No, I don't think so.

The fact that they are together is you ...

It's ok.

On the table is a folder with 300 pages!

The brief description should be ready by now! We need it for the presentation!

I don't know where this Sanem is, at home or where, but find her and bring her here, Ceycey!

Sure. Okay, Mrs. Deren.

Let's go! Let's go.


I'm running, but what do I do? Fall down here?

- Good morning, Ceycey. - Good morning, Mr. Emre.

I'm sorry, Emre.

Please take my calls.

Without you, neither this job nor this house means anything.

Let's talk again. Give me another chance.


Do you know where Can is?

He doesn't answer the phone.

He didn't come home yesterday.

It will probably come soon.

But the team is waiting for him for an hour downstairs.

He never did that. He himself wanted to bring everyone together.

I understand.

So I'll call.


Brother, are you okay?

You didn't come home at night.

You're home now?

Do not.

You are wanted in the office, they are waiting for a meeting.

I will not.

What do you mean you will not come? Where are you?

I'm not going, Emre. I am not going to work. Tell them not to wait.

Brother, you're a little confused here.

You are expected to work with the "Galino" project.

Tell Deren to send me the folders home. I will work from home.

I need to decide something.

Brother, I ...

- What happened? - Turn off.

Typical of Can.

I told you to send the folders home.

He will look at them there.

Okay, I'll send it, but ...

But this is impossible. People are waiting down there.

What I'll do?

Emre, join the meeting.

What do I understand about creativity?

You say you came instead of Can. You are also the boss.

Besides, you are the boss!

Okay fine.

Let's go.

- We will? - Let's go.



Come on, wake up now!

I talk to your mom every 10 minutes. Have pity on me!

Let's go.

Leave it, Ayhan.

Let me calm down.

Allah, Allah. What is it suffering from love under a blanket in such heat?

Also, be original. So I already did.

This has already been done. Let's go.

Ayhan, I don't want anything.

I don't want to do anything.

I'm talking about the soul.

My soul wants Can.

How can I not see it?

You can see it, sister.

He's on social media.

Come and see, sign up.

Ayhan, how well do you support.

What happened?


Did Mr. Can come by any chance?

Wait, I'll take a look.

Wait, I won't look.

Why do I show up? You appear.

And because he wants to look at you, it will be a mutual look.


I'll check.

Has arrived.

Has arrived.


What are you doing to me?

One night ... I couldn't take one night without seeing you.

Me too.

You too?

Did you really mean that?

Yes, yesterday I couldn't sleep because I didn't tell you to stay.

Let's get out of here?


Is there a difference?

You're not going to push me away, are you?

Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN

Welcome to our neighborhood! You rose like the sun!

Sister Melehat said you left your job and went back to your area.

I swear, I didn't even know how I was supposed to rejoice!

Can I light a fire and jump over it?

Or dance a halai? I swear not!

Can it cost to give lead?


Zeberdjet, why are you throwing rocks?


I do not know. Just stupid actions.



Where did she go?

Come here! Sanem?


Friend, what are you doing? You are crazy?

Why did you throw the stone?

It hurts now! You hit your head!

Is the blood coming? Look, does that bleed?

No blood, right?

What if I got hurt too much? If I wasn't well?

Answer me!

What would have happened if I had hurt ?!

Brother, what have I done?

I threw a rock at my neighbor in my neighborhood.

And then accidentally hit you.

Why are you screaming?

Why do you raise your voice?

Why are you making noise?

Friend, I'm Sanem's friend from work.

Of course! I came for her.

The location shows this address.

No, nothing like that.

Mrs. Sanem doesn't live here anymore!

She's gone. We received such information.

Now she is dedicated to the family, the children.

Also, what kind of company is this? The chief comes personally to the district.

Employee - personally.

What's up with Sanem?

What do you want friend? What you want?

Sanem, Ceycey has arrived.

Ceycey came?

And is he here?

Can I pass?


Just don't touch! Do not touch! I get nervous when they touch me!

Look, if I touch you, you'll be nervous too!

No, I'm not too nervous. It's because? Because this is my neighborhood!

Get out of here!

Why are you coming to the Sanem area?

Friend, please put yourself aside.

No! You are not welcome!

You're still playing!

Of! Of!

Ceycey, what are you doing here?

Muzo, what are you doing?

Ayhan! You too ... See what a coincidence.

So today we were meant to see each other. You see?

Sanem, how are you? What are you doing? Hi!

Come on, open the door. I will take you to work.

I can not believe this.

What kind of person is this? Who is he?

Calm down, Can.

Let's continue!


If I went up I would have brought a few more people with me.

Until you leave! Does not work! Enough! Leave it!

- I'm going to faint. - Me too.

Emre, dear, what are you thinking?

Deren, my dear, wait a second.

One second, I'm working.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your work.

There is no news from Ceycey.

He probably didn't find Sanem's house.

And what should we do then?

Let's transfer the documents with which Sanem will be working here from my desk.

And I will try to entrust the work to someone else.

Deren, you yourself told me to send everything on the table, linked to the "Galino" project, to Mr. Can.

I sent all the documents!


Bravo to you!

I have absolutely nothing to say!


It's all because of you!

Sanem, what a stubborn girl you are!

What do you mean I won't go? I'll freak out!

I quit.

I say I will not go.

What's not understandable, Ceycey?

Dear brother...

Friend, what don't you understand?

The girl says she resigned.

He left his career completely, said he wants to dedicate himself to his family.

What don't you understand, friend Heihei?

What is Heihei ?!

And what is Ceycey? Does this make any sense?

You entered our district shouting "hey-hey".

So I said Heihei. What is the difference?

Zebo, you shut up a little!

What about Zebo?

Quite the opposite!

Written on the contrary. Oh, please.

Brains are free!

Come please!

"Mrs. Deren"

Deren is calling.

I can't answer it right now. I can not. What can I say? I can't answer it.

Ceycey, I'm going to say something ...

Tell Mr. Can that Sanem will not be working.

It's simple.

Ayhan, my soul!

My dear, Mr. Can is not involved.

Deren calls Sanem to work.

She promised to read 300 pages and summarize them!

Didn't you say that? You gave the word, you spoke!

Yes, I said that.

Why didn't Mr. Can go to the office today?

And here it is now?

The main question is why you didn't come!

Mr. Can, the boss. He doesn't want to come, he won't come.

I'm already getting up!


Mrs. Deren?

I found Sanem, yes!

I give the phone, of course.

Do not.

Not of.

Pick it!


Sanem, where are you?

Now you come here!

I will make you pay for everything you did!

But pray that I have a very important matter for you.

Mrs. Deren, I shouldn't be going. I quit.

Get out if you want!

It's like I have to deal with this!

Come on, finish the job, give me the documents.

And then, if that is possible, then don't come!

Sanem, finish this job. I beg you, I beg you.

Don't think about you, think about me, the agency.

Don't think about the agency, think about Mr. Can.

Don't think about Mr. Can, think about Mr. Aziz!

I don't know, think of something!

I know what to think.

So, Sanem, will you come?

If you say "please", I will say that I will go, Mrs. Deren.


Sanem, you ...

I resigned, I am not obliged to go.

But if you say, come, please, then I will go.

For a second, stay on the Sanem line!

Sanem, stay in line!

Sanem, my dear!

Could you please come?

Of course, Mrs. Deren. I will not disappoint you.

Why shouldn't I go?

I will not work in the office. I will work from home.

Oh yes, work wherever you want!

Still, go to Mr. Can's.

All documents were sent there.


Deren ...

She hung up.

He said to go to Mr. Can's house.

The documents are in Mr. Can's house.

- She says Take the documents and work.

I'll get it, you don't have to go.

I'll get it, okay? Just do this job.

No, no.

Don't try, I can manage this alone.

If I do, I will do everything until the end.

Is it hard to go to Mr. Can's?


Girl, didn't you want to not see Mr. Can?

Well, that's ...

I will not work anymore.

I will not see his face.

Two minutes to look at him.

My preposition is ready!

It will be difficult for you to forget this man.

In the end, that's it.

This and this.

In the literal sense, it doesn't end.

Friends, sorry, this is not something I knew well, this is ...

What decision would I make?

Well, leave!

Emre, do you still have any ideas?

In your opinion, which road should we go on?

There is.

Yes, there is, of course. Now.

A bird that asks: Where are my organic conditions?

... before us is a chicken asking a question.

Let's put music here. Sure? Let it be sad.

Write it all down.

We see the expression on the mother's face.

You can see the pain.

We see tiny tiny eggs that are separated from the mother.

There is also pain there.

That is, all of this is dramatic music. Write down. Write down.

I don't want to interrupt you, but we have a song, Emre.

And customers love it!

We've been using the same theme for an entire year, Emre.

Do we sell chicken and eggs?

Maybe we shouldn't create an emotional connection with the product?

I understood.

Understand. It's all right.

As I said. This is not something I understand.

Deren, you decide.

Friends, the meeting is over!

I will collect everything.

Then Deren will decide what is best.

I will take this too.

Thanks! Good work!

I wonder if anyone can make me an espresso?

If possible, double!

So be it!

Ah, Can!

Oh, Can, look at what you brought me, Can!

Left punch.

Get it right.

Punch, punch.

Left punch.

Can, that is enough for today. I'm finishing.

Brother, come on. Let's go.

You know.

Hit right.

Punch, punch.

Shoulders up. Left punch.

Can, listen, what you do is not boxing.

I am completely exhausted!

Enough, we’re done today or you’ll get hurt.

Should I tell you something?

I don't know what your problem is, so I can't solve it.

Then, I will go.

Come on, thanks!




What is it?

It can not be!


I'm doing boxing.

Something is wrong?

The documents.

They told me...

Mrs. Deren, left the documents here.

They are my documents. I came to get them.

I understood.

Didn't you leave your job?

I left.

But the last deal is not over.

And I came to finish.

Mrs. Deren called and asked.

I will finish and from tomorrow I will not go to work.

You came for work.

And you won't be back tomorrow.

If you want, then see for yourself.

My head hurts.

That is...

You said you didn't want to see my face anymore ...

If you want, I will.

No, Sanem, you got it wrong.

I mean, don't look at me, but see where the documents are.

Of course, if you want to look at me, you can look.

But it looks like you don't want to look.

You can see where the documents are.

Okay, so I'm going to collect the documents. I will not bother you.

The documents are here, get them, I'm going to take a shower now.

I swear, the job is done, glory to Allah! Glory to the Most High!

Glory to Allah!

Hello my son!

Who I see in our store!

Mom, first of all, welcome!

Judging by the fact that you came again, you are used to our store!

What do you want?

Haradies or saffron with saffron? Or order the Ottoman ice cream?

Son, are you okay?

Where can I find them? Allah! Allah!

Why do I need a hard-core?

OK, let's go!

I came to return.

What happened?

Didn't Daddy Nihat like it?

Forgive me, Lord!

What does he have with that, dear?

They don't fit my budget, I can't pay for it, so I want to return it.

Oh no! No!

We do not receive, this is our principle, we do not accept returns.

Since we are traders and this is a store.

We can't take anyone from anyone, we can't do anything from anyone!

Do not worry son!

No, we are now in the wrong direction!

No, I didn't mean that! Can you be like everyone else?

You are our favorite, very dear to us, but here the principles are firm.

We cannot accept a return.

Muzaffer, make a comeback, son! Come on, son, make a comeback!

So I will exchange it especially for you, mom.

Let's go.

Okay, I'm going to look for and buy something for my daughters.

Buy for your daughters, buy for yourself, we have everything, thanks to Allah!

We will make an exchange, but we will not be able to return the money.



Ceycey, where have you been?

Where's Mr. Can? Where is Sanem?

Calm down, everything is fine.

I have all the information!

What do you know?

What is happening? How can you be so calm?

A person gets stronger when everything is falling apart, Guliz.

I hope you will be like this one day.

I convinced Sanem to work at Mr. Can's house.

She received approval from me.

If the agency has Ceycey, it means there are no problems!

Problem solved!

Ceycey, why didn't you tell me you were here?

Deren, calm down, I just arrived, everything is fine!

Ceycey, do you know what happened?

Everything Metin did, the graphics, everything is messed up.

Everything is completely confused! And Can is nowhere to be found!

Chaos, Ceycey! Chaos!

Too much chaos!

Mrs. Deren, what can I do?

Make me a coffee!


Mrs. Deren, another one? This is your fifth coffee.

Maybe you shouldn't be drinking coffee again.


What happened to that woman?

She seems to have lost her mind!

Caffeine bounces back and forth like a ping-pong ball!

And she screams, coffee!

Hatidje, are you back?

Yes Dear.

I'm waiting for you at the store! I know you like!

Muzaffer, I'll be back later.

Well, try harder, look. If you want to.

- May it be forever, dear, Aisun! - For Allah's sake! Thank you!


Mevkibe, come.

Back to shopping?

No, I just arrived.

At the opening, you said: May it be good!

Every day, now do you come to wish good?

For good? InshAllah!

It is possible?

Does the desire for good have a day?

Not today, tomorrow, tomorrow or the day after, we will also go to Sanem.

Then we can ask for her hands!

I made an offer to your youngest daughter.

In the neighborhood everyone admires my speed!

In my spare time I write poetry! Insallah! How are you?

That is, you just sit in the store, right?

I understand, thanks to Allah!

The boss came and it was time for you to go home.

Come on son, come on!

What kind of boss are you talking about?

The boss's chair is mine!

Tomorrow or the day after, Sanem will probably leave work!

Who will maintain this?

She will find a brave man like me!

For the sake of Allah, you opened a lingerie store in such a closed place!

Now, how are you going to sit among the men ?!

What a shame!

Okay, for you, today I will.

I will collect an account, I will work from home!

OK, let's go!

Oh, oh, what an elegant woman!

I see, you became the boss!

You now refuse to sweep your home floor 3-5-15-20 times, and now you are going to sit in the store?

Mevkibe, you don't know these things!

The problems of working women, only a working woman can understand!

Now think about what you will do at home.

Tidy up your house, wash your dishes ,. Let's go!

You have a lot of work, so do I!

Come on, see you!

What she is!

Business woman!


If you leave now, you will no longer see Mr. Can.

But it's time for me to go.

Wait a minute, find something, some reason ...

But what can I say?

I will say. Do I want to stay at your house?

Ah, are you my voice of conscience?


I now seem to really go crazy!

It is no longer enough for me to talk to myself alone, so I am speaking with my voice in my head!

You know better!

You will not see him again!

But nothing comes to mind!

What am I going to tell him?

You tell me, then!

Tell me what should I do?

Say it!



Yes Yes.

One second, Mr. Can!


OK see you later.

Are you okay?

Mr. Can, I couldn't leave, I stayed here.

Are these documents yours? You need?

Yes I need. Why?

I need it too, I need to work.

There are copies in the office.

I cannot go to the office.



Because I don't have a very good relationship with Mrs. Deren.

And now everyone is going to ask why I gave up.

I don't want to mess with this.

Of course, you cannot say a logical argument.

You will stutter.

Yes, probably.

That is right, it is true.

So I'm going to get the copies, send them to your home. Work at home.

I cannot go home.


Because I don't have a computer.


You ask a lot of questions, Mr. Can ...

Because I don't need a computer at the store,

All of these digital pieces are not for me.

I wonder if I should work here?

Won't I distract you? Isn't that a problem for you?

On here?

Yes, in a corner.

Not even my voice will be heard.

Sanem, what are you doing now?

After last night do you feel guilty?

No, I don't feel guilty.

If you don't feel it, then what?

Why are you here? Why did you come?

I can't understand you, I can't solve this!

You're right. It was very ridiculous. I'll.

Sanem! Sanem!

Can you let me go?

I apologize, I apologize!

Again, without understanding and noticing, I act rudely.

It is true that you can stay here as long as you want.

You don't even have to ask!

Stay as long as you want and work here.

It is not necessary, however, I will go.

Sanem ...

Do not leave me please.

You go there, go there, I'll bring a computer.

OK? Go, go.

Come in, I want to see you going.

Please, can you go?

Okay, as long as you insist like that ...

But you haven't gone yet! Come on!

- Very well, Mr. Can, I am going. - Let's go! Let's go.

Be there, go!

Let's go.


Again I made it up!

Such that! Let it stay in the past, dear Engin!

At night I will take revenge!



By the way, work well!


Nihat, you're going home, now I'm going to sit here in the store!

Why? What happened? Something happened?

Angry with Sanem again?

No, Sanem didn't come, why would I be angry?

You go home, I will stay here.

Ah, are the wholesalers coming today?

No, they will not come.

Why don't you go home?

Ah! Did you lose Leyla ?!

In order not to get bored, you came here, you sit down and get a little distracted.

... a little look here, a little rest, isn't it?

I miss work, Nihat!

Did you miss the job?

Mevkibe, you never worked.

You don't even have a job! Why are you so bored?

What's that again, Mevkibe? Something happened to you again!

Nihat, come on, what I'm saying, you will do this.

Listen, if you want, walk along the coast.

If you want, rest at home. Or go to Osman!

Chat at the butcher shop, come on!

Come on, Nihat, come on!

What's going on, Mevkibe? I do not understand anything!

It's been 40 years, and his mood swings have not abated.

What's going on, Mevkibe?


Do you mean it will be good to talk to Osman?



Then the store is with you.

With me.

Then I will go to Osman.

Go and say hello.

Mrs. Sanem, please. Your tea.

Thank you very much, Mr. Can.

And this is your computer.

Thank you. I'm sitting here and you are bothering.

Stay seated.

I will be at the house.

When you need something, you can call me.


Yeah ... I'll take the folders.

I will give you a pen.

Thank you thank you.

It is difficult to choose a profile photo.

Ayhan, what are you doing? Good work.

What do I do? I'm working. What are you doing? Why did you come? Why aren't you in the store?

The deal with the store just got a lot more complicated.

Don't even ask. My mom moved to the store.

I swear, stormed the store like pilgrims!

And immediately he sat down in the chief's chair.

It would be better to open another institution.

Not like a lingerie store.

Well, Muzo!

Good my friend.

I'm giving lessons on personal growth, right?

I give you so many opportunities for growth. Where does all this go?

Sometimes I say to myself. Maybe I'm a bad instructor for personal growth?

I wonder.

No, you are not.

Then you will go to this store.

You will open this door.

In front of your mother, let go of the fear and tell her that this shop is yours!

Say you painted this store in purple.

You will say that you and I have invested our work in it!

I swear, you're right!

Now I'm really crazy!

I'm going to put my mom in front of me and tell her!

What these panties and these bras and all the transparent sets ...

I will say that I did it all with my own work!

I will tell her personally!

I go to the store and see who's who! Let's go!

Well done! Bravo to you!

Can not.

What happened?

The woman is 50.

Although it is not noticed, but she is already aged. I don't want her to be upset.

Forget it, girl. Let her play and then she will leave the store.

And I'm just going to sit here in silence for a while.

I will surf the Internet. Maybe I can help you.

Give me the computer, Muzo. Allah, Allah.

I am working at ayhanca. com I am doing something for the website.

Girl, it would be better if we added muzo. with

Make a pleasant arrival in this society!

We will not bother with these underwear.

And is it possible that my mother did not leave her again?

We can do it. I will finish with my website.

Then we can open your website.

It seems to me, reasonable. Because it can benefit the store.

I just won't do it for free. Give me that.

As well? Are you asking for money? Are you asking for payment now?

What kind of forgery is this?

Don't click to zero! No! You multiply now.

Subtract a little. Further. Divide once.

I swear, you raised again.

With a discount for the friend ...

60 lire?

For me, this is an adequate budget. I agree.

It's here somewhere.



What are you doing?

I study the site for personal growth.

New changes came. She put a picture.

You and personal growth? This is strange.

What? You don't listen to advice. Who is this personal growth trainer? Your name?

Ayhan Ishyk.

Ayhan Ishyk.

She came recently. Ayhan Ishyk.

That girl. She is very cool.

This is her website. You see?

Yes. So cute. And then she has wings.

That's true.

Very beautiful.

Okay, get me a coffee. And I'm going to write a message to my instructor.



Everything clean, white. Clean \ clean! How good it is now!

This will increase the sale.

Let there be a feminine touch.

It ended very well.

I finished, there is nothing more to do.

Sister Serap also comes every day and today she came 3 times.

We prepared this, Mrs. Deren.

There is also that.

This one?

Make a copy.

You still need to prepare an office for the meeting. Why are you still here?

Why didn't they carry that? As I say, we will be dishonored!

Also, what is it? As if there was a fire here!

Ah, Can! Ah, Can! He found time not to come to work!

Mrs. Deren, I spoke to the poultry farmers. They'll be here in 30 minutes.

Do we distract them until Mr. Can arrives?

I told you that Mr. Can will not come, Ceycey!

Will you be distracting them over and over?

Okay, Mrs. Deren. What should I do? Tell me, will I do?

Gather everyone in the office in the meeting room.

Take my cell phone again. And get me some coffee.

Mrs. Deren, that is enough.

Because of this amount of coffee, you will become a piggy bank!

This is a...

Anti-electric ...

Anchitepeak ...



You will have an alarm!


I will bring your phone.

Your anxiety.


Can, the poultry farmers are coming!

We haven't chosen a design yet.

We have not decided how we will conduct the presentation.

They are already on their way, they will come soon!

Okay, Deren, calm down. OK.

Send it now. OK.

I sent.

You did not see?

Don't you check your email?

How can a person live without checking his correspondence?

Deren, you have a strange voice. OK? Hang up, I'll call you back.

He hung up.

Did he hang up while I spoke?

Or fell when I spoke.

Sanem, sorry, I'm interrupting your work.

I need the computer.

We need to see something. They called me.

I was carrying it. I just connected the wire. If you want, sit down ...

No, you sit down. I will look from there.

- Hold this. - Thank you.

He hung up.

The charge is over.

Don't get up.


The cable cannot reach.

What to do?

I will show.

This cable ...

Ah yes. Come here.

There is enough to go there. Yes.

Also, what to do now?

We will connect here.

You are right. It's reasonable.




You thought very well.

I still hadn't seen the screen because of the sun, it was shining in my eyes.

And here is better. Here is a shadow and more clearly the view.

It's better here.


I need to check the email.

Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN

It's possible?

It looks like I have pins and needles on my legs. I'm going to get up a little bit.


Ramie, send two hot teas in 10 minutes!

Girl, how are you?

Melehat, I was looking for you and you came.

What is this girl?

Shall we order two coffees and talk?

I do not drink coffee.


You do not know.

Aysun bought a coffee maker for his store.

And it handles everything.

Allah, Allah.

Is there a coffee maker in the underwear store?

Yes, friend, she bought a coffee maker.

It offers to try all types of coffee from around the world.

The woman organizes a show.

Allah, Allah.

And what happened to the magnificent Turkish coffee?

Then something happened. The whole area is there.

Is the whole area there?


Wait a few minutes.

With the. Sit down and don't you dare go anywhere.

Hey, come back quickly!

OK! Allah, Allah.

Sister Serap.

Try the cappuccino.

Thank you dear.

Enjoy your food. You will be delighted, I swear.

Yes, caramel makiato with sugar is ready.

You are a student, you need energy, right?

It was tasty.

Ladies, what are you doing here?

Did you organize a girls' party in the middle of the street? How not to be ashamed!

Come here too, sit down, dear Mevkibe.

Aysun makes us such a delicious coffee.

She bought a machine.

Did she buy a machine?


Hey, what are you doing here?

So young, and sitting in front of the underwear store. Is this a bachelor party?

They said there is free coffee, so I came.

What should I do? After all, I'm a student.

Mevkibe, welcome.

Come here, I'm going to make coffee, honey.

We're talking like Storks' Day.

You can talk, you know.

Listen to me, obsessed with the purity of the bra, Aisun.

From the hooks on the bra I will make earrings, you will get hurt!

My store with 26 years of experience for 1 day will destroy your store.

Listen, at night you guys come to my store.

Cupcakes, bureks, sweets, tea.

You know, I have skilled hands.

Keep in mind. You will come!

We will, we will.

You come too. You? Not you.

Don't drink too much, otherwise, honestly, the throbbing will become more frequent.

Don't trust her device.

Deren, I made corrections, followed the standards.

You can use this in the presentation.

No, I will not.

I trust you, you will organize everything.

Let's go.

Sanem, you can get the computer, I'm done.


Where do you write your novel?


You said you don't have a computer. Where do you write the novel?

I write with a pen in the notebook.

I think it's more poetic.

In fact, I don't write anymore, I changed my mind.


They will not be a writer.

I don't want to write anymore.

What is it!

Melahet, why did you give it to me? Now I can't stop.

What to do, dear. Mevkibe gave it to me.


Where have you been?!

Why did you leave the store and leave? This is our income!

Am I going to tell you, Nihat?

Allah, Allah. I am a businesswoman, I am responsible for my duties.

I am engaged in strategy.

The woman is involved in the strategy.

What are you doing, Mevkibe?

Girl, at night in the store there will be a celebration.

Food and stuff, I'm waiting for you.

I come. Girl, I love celebrations.

What celebration, Mevkibe?

Celebrating our store's 26th anniversary.

Trust my negotiating mind. All of this to increase sales.

Bravo, friend.


I am proud of you.

Thank you.

You have become a great businesswoman.


What kind of mind do you have! Bravo, honestly.

Oh, okay, thanks.

Okay, you praised me, that's enough, Melehat.


Thanks. Hello.

Welcome, Mr. Burke.

Welcome, Mr. Uguz.

- Mr. Burke, welcome. - Mr. Emre.


Mr. Uguz, welcome.


How are you?

Well, thanks, how are you?

Fine thanks.

And isn't Mr. Can there?

My brother had a small setback.

I will join you at the meeting instead.


We are ready.


Sure, please.

How much can we be prepared with you?

Because your father's firm ...

Sanem, don't do that.

It is not...

I don't understand Mr. Can.

I wanted to say...

Don't work like that, being hungry.

You are hungry?

Yes, I am hungry.

Now I can place an order over the phone, toast or something.

Something simple

This situation weighs me a little.

Maybe we should go somewhere more open?

What do you say?

I understand you.

I overwhelmed you.

Then I will go.

Because my job is over.

Of course, you must have thought too ...

You probably also thought, when I said, let's go somewhere.


That is...

Sanem, you can leave if you want. OK.

I want to leave.

And where are you going?

Inward ... That is, in the door.

Open the door.

This with your permission.

Thank you for everything.

It was very healthy to work with you.

What are you doing?

As I said, you will not see me again. You don't have to quit your job.

I know.

But I don't want to work anymore.

I love work.

But I can’t continue working there anymore.

I couldn't guess anything.

You got inside me tangled.

Good morning, Mr. Can.

Good Morning.

Hello, Aunt Mevkibe.

Hello, Ayhan, welcome.

What are you doing? Why that?

This quarter has differences, there is a struggle, there is a struggle.

Don't you know that the Cold War is about to start?

But, of course, it is built on strategies.

I don't understand, I have no strategy.

No tactical strike, direct strike, Aunt Mevkibe.

Why you called me?

Come here.

Is Sanem okay?

Listen, if there's anything, but you didn't tell me ...

Well, Sanem is doing great.

As far as I know, and as far as you know, Sanem went to work.

I do not know nothing more.


Are you sure? So there are no problems? Everything is good?

Aunt Mevkibe will be very angry.

And then she will kill you.

Don't try to hide anything and keep silent about anything.

Do not.

Don't you hide anything?

- Yes? - No.

And why do I suspect?

Why does it look like you're up to something?

Listen, for example, this pair of bright eyes screams at me about it.

I suspect, why?

Where did you get that, Aunt Mevkibe?

Come here!

I'm always by your side.

Do you participate in the war?

Look, I'm always on your side, okay?

And now I go in silence.

But where am I going?

Do battle coloring.

You asked, and I should be ready for war!


Good girl, girl!

I made delicious treats!

I swear.

Mrs. Aylin, I brought the payment reports you asked for.

I noticed that we need to pay urgently.

Checkout money is not enough to pay for all of this.

Are you going to send it back to your company again?

What should we do?

No. This time, it doesn't work like that.

You still do, but I will find a way out.


Okay, now you can go.

Okay, Mrs. Aylin.

Sister Serap!

Honey, you've prepared a lot!

I swear, I prepared.

Listen, don't be late. Be here in 20 minutes.

You prepared dolma from the grape leaves. How can I not come?

- Do you like. - Now I'll get it and come back immediately!

Easy work!

Just don't stay too long! I will wait.

Let's have a lot of fun today!

Is Uncle Nihat Aunt Mevkibe's Birthday?

No, it's been 26 years since the store opened or something.

She cooked for that.

And what kind of drinks are these?

These are special scourges of Mevkibe.

There are different spices.

Very tasty when you drink cold!

The candies look very appetizing. InshAllah, she will leave us.

You can't say anything to Aunt Mevkibe.

You ask and she is immediately irritated.

She looked at us.

Act naturally, Osman.

Uncle Nihat, I can't move.

Is she trying to say something?

Soon the guests will come.

There will be many women.

Don't stay here.

Go away.

My dear Nihat.

Let's go shopping.

I will spend the day in your butcher shop, I will cut the meat.

No, Uncle Nihat. The last time you almost lost your finger.

Leave the job to me. Come on, let's just talk.

Okay, come on, you're right.

Let's go.

What is the period of relations, Uncle Nihat? You communicate with your eyes.

Well, probably, son. We still have many things.

InshAllah, and you will have it. You will find a beautiful girl.

And you will have a long and happy marriage!



- How are you bro? - Well, how are you?


I swear I feel really bad. I'm on the verge of going crazy.

I will tell you something. If you are free, can I go to see you?

Or not, I changed my mind. There are many people there now.

Let's go somewhere else? Come on.

Okay, brother.

I'll ask. Is this related to Sanem?

Yes man. It's about Sanem.

What did you do to her again?

Boy, don't you feel sorry for her?

Such a good girl. Why do you always insult her?

Akif, what nonsense are you saying?

Why should I offend? Where did you think I offended you?

Okay, come and you will explain.

I just say that right away. I will talk. Keep that in mind. Right?

Everything is fine man. Okay, okay. See you later.

Why should I offend Sanem? And keep talking nonsense!

Allah, Allah.


- Here. - Let's go darling. I will drink.


Health to your hands!

Enjoy your food.

Now, as you know, in Asia Minor they make ice cream from flowers, from different fruits.

That is our wealth.

For example, this Indian ice cream.

This is melon.

It is made of pieces of melon.

It is necessary to try hard. And what a flavor!

Great! Is not it?

Wait, I will serve you Indian ice cream.

Here it is.


Wait, I'll give you ... Have you tried sweets?

Eat after the ice cream ...

Until I'm used to just ...


Look, there are mojitos "kokito, bigakey".

You are now eating healthy food.

Health to your hands, Sister Mevkibe. It was very tasty.

- Well done! Eat, eat! - Sister!

Give me a glass.

I will drink this. What is it about, Mevkibe? Is it melon?

Melon, melon. I'll put.

Believe me, it is a big problem while you are cooking.

That Cool.

Let me see.

Girl, it's so delicious!

Mevkibe, I want the same too!

It’s very tasty! You will also do it for my salon.

You promise?

Come on, Melehat, come on. You haven't eaten a dish yet.

Come on, take it.

Health to your hands!

Look at this, look.

What curiosity, what curiosity. Look how she looks. Look.


She was left there alone.

It is as if it were excluded.

Isn't that wrong?

Come on, Melehat, come on.

You haven't helped yourself to a plate yet. Let's go.

Stay still. Let's go.

Ladies, we are celebrating the 26th year of our Leyla store!

We celebrated!

We eat, drink. Is it time to dance yet?

Let's Dance!

♫ Aivah has blossomed!

♫ Is summer coming?

♫ Is the heart refusing this love?

♫ Will your actions remain unanswered?

♫ I was burned, Allah, Allah. burned.

♫ Don't burn me. - So it's Mevkibe war?

It's just getting started!

You will see what happens!

♫ Don't lie to me!

♫ Don't wake me up from a deep sleep.

So brother? Aren't we going to talk?

I am fine.

Boy, you called, said you were wrong.

He said he was on the verge of going crazy.

Brought me here.

Since you weren't going to speak, why did you bring me here?

To sit, Akif.

Sometimes a person just wants to sit with a close friend, look at his stupid face.

Just this.

All fine brother.

Come on, enjoy!

Thank you!

We'll see you at the meeting tomorrow.

I think today was a very productive meeting.

Tomorrow, we’ll review your items again.

I convey my love, respect and greetings to everyone! See you later!

See you later.

It was nice to meet you.

I hope that tomorrow's meeting will be more effective.

Because we are a little confused.

And I see that you are also confused about this campaign.

It is possible? Our campaign is ready.

Only this time it took longer, because this is a project with details.

I agree. See you later.

See you later.

I messed up.

Creativity turns out to be so difficult. I don't understand that.

I still have a lot to do.

I would manage myself, but this company is traditional, from another company.

They will not explain our rules.

They need to see the boss.

Previously, Mr. Aziz participated, and after him Can.

Why can't Can come to work, Emre?

How should I know, Deren? Don't you know my brother?

Suddenly he bought a ticket and left.

As well?


You both make me worry at my age.

Do you see, Osman?

I lost my job in one day. In one day.

So be alone.

Otherwise, you will walk through the neighborhood later, like me, son.

Are they chops?


Osman, what part of the animal is this, son?

Straight above the spine.

I understand.

And by the way, Ankara chops are very popular.

Leyla must be eating a lot.

Leyla is a vegetarian, son. Did not you know?

What's that flat?

Vegetarian chop.

Look what a coincidence. Leyla became a vegetarian, right?

Take that, let her try. She will like it too.

Do you have meatless meatball, son?

What's that flat when there's so much meat around?

We have created an alternative for uncle Nihat buyers.

There are people who love meat, but there are those who don't like meat.

This is important for maintenance.

Don't look like that. It is really delicious. Just try.

No, no. I won't even try.

I will take it to Leyla. If she wants, she will eat.


By the way, how's Leyla? Is she happy?

Sugarplum. I spoke to her.

She was very happy.

She went to a very important seminar.

And now Leyla had a dream of settling in France.

She met several French people there.

So she was very happy, very happy.

As well? Will she move to France? Now?

Son, how can she go immediately?

Allah, Allah! Doesn't she work here?

But there is a very important advertising agency or something.

She wants to get there.

It looks like it will be arranged to work there. She said something like that.

She told me, but I didn't understand it well.

Osman, son, are you okay?

Okay ... Okay, brother.

There was not enough thyme in the koft, therefore.

I'm sorry, Emre.

Please take my calls.

And this house, and this job is meaningless without you.

Let's talk.

will you give me another chance?

If you want to impress a woman,

... then surprise her with small, smart gifts.

Small and smart gifts ...

Surprise her.

Daughter, you didn't eat anything. Are you okay?

Okay, okay.

A little upset Dad, but it will pass.

Of course my soul, it will pass. Will pass.

It will pass, but ...

We are not used to seeing you like this.

That is, when we see you like this, we are frustrated.

What happened, my one? Is this work related?

Or with someone at work?


This is associated with someone at work.

So don't go.

Thanks to Allah, we don't need anything.

You will stay at home, you will have a rest.

There is! Or you...

Or are you going to work because you borrowed money?

Is this because of me?

No! No, Dad!

How could there be such a thing?

I'm getting along with everyone in the company.

There's only one person I don't get along with, that's all.

I have been busy with Zeberdjet for years and still keep going!

Can't I handle this? Of course I can!

Thank you, Mevkibe.

Enjoy your food!

I can't even see the tea right now.

What's happening to me?

Thank you Mevkibe.

I'll get some air!

Go my daughter, breathe, it will do you good.

Let the child breathe a little air to relax. She is not well.

InshAllah, may she get better!

Okay. Don't worry too, Mevkibe.

She is a young girl. It happens sometimes.

She will manage.

Of course!




I said that ...


Me and my store, can we get together again?

Do not.


No, I am a business woman. This place is for me.

Don't worry at all ... Right?

I will go, I will not return here again.


Everything in the store is perfect. Everything was very clean.

Everything was excellent!

Why are you looking at me?

Look at the paper. The questions are there.

Did I look at you?

OK. That's true...

You asked me everything here, from my birthday to today.

I will fill it out, however I have a condition.

You will also complete this form.

In that case, you can.

I am your life coach.

I need information about you.

And what will you do with my form?

But you think so: in this relationship, with the trainer for life ...

... in the end, you will know everything about me, right?

For example, you will know that I really like ice cream.

If you know it, I must know it too.

And what ice cream you like, let's eat. In this sense.

It is not so complex.


Because you are my client.

In the end, the customer is always right.

And since I am already a positive person and open to new ideas ...

I'm going to fill this out.

Why not fill in?

OK! That's why I chose you as a life counselor.

What is it?

What is it? You realized that. Allah!

In fact, I should give you this at the end of the day.

But our relationship started.

Relations with the coach for life.

I thought of bringing you a little gift.



For Allah's sake!

You know, Ceycey, I love these gifts! What have inside?

Let's go?! Surprise!

Oh, wow!

This is my style!

These are the socks I wear! How can you have guessed my style that way?

Yes! Because you are an elegant girl!

That is, you are also free. Because of this.

Ah, very cool! However, thank you very much. Truth. Amazing!

I can not stand. I'm going to try them on, okay? I'll put it on and then I'll come.

OK. Try it.

I was wondering how they would look on you myself.

I want to see.

Sorry what?

Does not matter.

What did you say?

I want to see.

Did you ... see me?

On me ... on my leg ... These socks ... you ...

What a pervert you are! You you...

Do you have a fetish in stockings ?!

No! What does this have to do? I am speaking in a positive way ...

What in the positive sense ?! What in the positive sense ?!

Are you kidding me?!

You bought me these socks with bad intentions.

No! With good intentions ...

There are no good intentions. OK!

I can't deal with you again today!

Today, life training is canceled!

Let's go over here.


On my leg ...

- Yes, the intentions are good ... Ah!

Are you going or not?

Well, when will our next lesson be?

When I want!

When my nerves calmed down.

Because I need to get my energy back.

I will let you know when my positive attitude returns.

You can go out?


How rude, how dangerous. What a bad girl.

What a wonderful girl!

I swear, I fell in love!

Translation: Ivete Barra

Sanem! Why are you crying? I really do not understand.

Why are you crying?

Mr. Can, you ...


You understood all wrong.


Let me go!

The moment is like in fairy tales.

The man appears.

I missed your face.

I need to take a few steps.

But this story cannot end with a happy ending, as in fairy tales.

He is not a bad king.

I happen to be the bad character in the fairy tale.

I lied to a person who hates lies.

Who's there?


Aylin? What are you doing here?

I was waiting for Emre.

That is, if he is at home.

I just wanted to talk about something ...

Do you want me to call him?

No! Please don't call!

He won't come if he finds out I'm here.

He doesn't answer my calls.

Come, enter the house. Why are you here?

No. I will not disturb you.

Aylin, come on, come on! Come on, for Allah's sake!

The house was even more beautiful!

Your father changed the decor again.

It changed every 3-5 years.

Honestly, I am not at all interested in these matters.


You look a little upset. Is there a problem?

I'm still in love with Emre.

Since your father kicked me out of work, and since Emre left me ...

That is my problem.

Do you say yet?


After so long ...

Does Emre know that?

Of course he knows.

He doesn't answer my calls, he constantly rejects me.

And I came to his door.

When a person falls in love, he can do stupid things.

Your father unfairly kicked me out of work, Can.

But my fault was not true!

I did nothing that could damage my relationship with Emre.

But in the end I was without love and without work.

Of course, there is also your father's hatred!

This is somewhat linked to the fact that you have removed clients from our agency.

That is, your spy gave you a stirrup.

There is no spying, Can.

I didn't take your customers.

I got them.

But you know yourself, in business everything is permissible.

All agencies are chasing each other's customers.

Nevermind. Let's forget that.

Do you want me to call Emre? Are you sure you don't want to?

I'm sure.

In fact, I can't even say why I came.

On the one hand, I say that this is very stupid.

Does it serve you to wait at the door at night?

I say. what are you doing?

But I can't help but think of him.

It feels like I'm going crazy.

You understand?

Unfortunately, it is not difficult to understand.

I'll be right away. This afternoon.

You know.

Furthermore, Emre cannot come anyway.

Can ...

You are a very good person, Can.

Thank you so much for listening to me.

Good evening!

Good evening!


What are you doing brother?


What kind of business can you do with a computer?

What are you doing on the computer?

What can I do?

on the Internet.

I will see what you are doing.

- Okay ... - Let me see!

Why France?

What can you have in France? What are you up to?

Ayhan, what should I start?

I am conducting an investigation on the job.

What happens in the world, how can I develop my profession and all that?

Do you say profession development?

I, for example, investigated my profession.

You can work anywhere in the world.

That is, it is an international profession.

And you too, then?

You are a butcher. Do you want to go to France?

No, no. I am not going there.

It turns out that there are butchers. Registered.

They send raw meat, cold as minced meat.

They have more moldy cheese or whatever ...

Roquefort or whatever ... Do you know?

No, I don't know at all.

I am very cold about France.

You can even talk to Leyla, don't let her go too.


And I also tell you how this France unexpectedly came into our lives!

That is, all of these efforts are for Leyla, right?


Come on, honey, let's go. It's time to sleep. Let's go! Let's go!

Oui, oui monsieur!

The butcher in France!

Come, I will not mess with you! Let's go! Let's go!

Enjoy your food!

You are so Beautiful...

I even feel bad for touching you.

Why did you tell me to go?

Because I don't want you.


I do not love you.

Because you do not understand?

I do not believe you.

When you look at me ...

Your touch...

Your smile...

I do not believe you.

There is something else.

Something you are not telling me.


You do not know me.

Why you say that?

What don't I know about you?

I do not want to talk.

I just want you to go.

I fell asleep!

You fell asleep, right?

Are you doing great?

You didn't go to the company and everything became a mess.

Just look at the time, I finished the job and came.

Oh how cool Let the little brother work.

And you sit here like a boss.

Oh, what a buzz

You had guests.

You are wisk drunk

Do you know who was visiting me?



As well? Did Aylin come here?


What did she say?

The girl is crushed, man.

He says that Emre abandoned her many years ago.

She says she is still in love with you.

And he came to talk about his problems.

It's probably a joke, right?

Aylin complained to you about your problems?

Brother, I don't understand anything.

What do crazy people do for love? She does the same.

Do not go to work.

Come to your home.

She thinks about you all the time.

You cannot get rid of those thoughts.

And yet she thinks of you.

Wherever she looks, she sees you.

Talk to that girl, man.

Even though my father hated her?


What difference does it make to you what others think?

Do you really care?

Do you still love this girl?

Let's go. Then we'll talk.

Emre, listen.

Whether you want to or not, go and tell her in person.

OK? Do not run.

Whatever your decision, I am always with you, brother.


So I will go and speak.

Yes, go and talk.

Drink some more.

Do not.

See you later.


In between.

Hello, Ceycey, I came.

I brought documents, I don't want to enter.

And don't go in, Sanem! If you only knew what happened to us!

We will be quarantined!

Half the company’s staff was poisoned!

What is happening? What kind of poisoning? What kind of quarantine?



I'm listening.

Did you call Can?

I called. Your phone is always off, I couldn't speak.

What I'll do?

What I'll do? What I'll do? Ceycey, you're not telling me anything!

How should I know, Mrs. Deren.

I am the lowest link in the chain. I cannot know that.

You should know.

I do not know either.

It feels like I'm going crazy.

Furthermore, it is so slow. Maybe I'm already angry.

Everything fell at the same time!

The woman is angry.

Gone mad. She's crazy now.

Ceycey, what's going on?

Don't ask, Sanem, don't ask. We finished! We finished!

Yesterday, company employees ate chicken.

Everyone is poisoned!

Designers, managers, advertisers - everyone is in the hospital with droppers!

Soon the meeting will begin!

And at the agency there are no people to lead the meeting.

Mr. Can? Was Mr. Can also poisoned?

Friend, how is this related to Mr. Jan?

Or maybe I’m poisoned? Perhaps this poison is contagious?

Can it be transmitted by air?

Because I feel sick, dizzy, something is happening! I'm about to throw up!

Did I throw up? What happened?!

It looked like I threw up!

Can I live ?! Am I poisoned?

Ceycey! Ceycey, calm down, take a deep breath.

Ask someone for help. Who can help?

Who can help?


Where's my coffee?

My head doesn't work if I don't drink coffee. Don't you know that?

Mrs. Deren, you are very tense, wouldn't it be better to cancel the meeting?

What happens if we cancel the show, Ceycey?

We will be finished!

The agency's annual turnover will decrease. It's the same as dying!

I have been telling you for two years that you will become a vegetarian!

I understand, Mrs. Deren. So let's do this: tell the truth.

We will say that the agency employees ate the chicken and poisoned themselves.

Shall we tell our customers who supply us with chicken that they have poisoned all of our employees, Ceycey?

Um ... let's just say ...

We will say that they ate at another company and poisoned them.

Let's say that our customers supply chicken, that the staff did not like the chicken and were poisoned by another chicken, yes, Ceycey?

Another chicken ...

In another firm ...

I will bring your coffee.

What are you doing there?


As I expected. That's what suits you.

Stay up the good work! Do what you want!

Don't even surprise me, right Sanem?

Call Mr. Emre.

Tell them that the whole team has been poisoned.

Maybe he will come to the office.

But you still need my help.

Good Morning.

Get down, get down. Honestly, I'm going to cut that branch.

It looks like your meeting with Aylin was a good one.

We will say that everything went well.

Brother, get down now. Listen, looking at you, I feel uncomfortable.

Get down, get down.

Wait. Wait, wait.

Last time. Ending.

Say, Sanem.

As well?! What happened? How many people?!

Where are they?! Okay, I'm going.

I'm going to the office.

Creative department employees were poisoned by chicken.

Wait, wait, wait.

Poisoning? What hospital are they in?

It looks like nothing serious. They will take some serum and then go home.

Of course, they won't be able to come to work. Come on, I'll run.

Who told you?

Sanem called.


Sanem resigned, what is she doing there?

Call and ask.

Besides, did you stay with this girl?

She probably brought the documents to the office. How should I know?

So is she at the office now? Do I understand correctly?

Yes, in the office. Ok, I will, will you come?

Okay, don't come.

You exercise a couple of times, and I'll fix everything.

OK Bye.

Look at you! Are you still asking for a chicken ?!

Poison, poison yourself. Only you have not eaten enough and poisoned yourself!

Yes friends!

Today, of all of you, I am waiting for a very dedicated work!

Everyone will work together, we will organize collective work.

Sanem, ready prints?

Almost done.

Ece, today at the meeting you will show graphic designers.


What's this guy's name?


Put it!

And you will be the author of the texts.

But I did not write these texts.

We probably know that you didn't write.

Are you actually able to read and write?

Honor, remember, learn.

At the meeting you will fight to the end, but present them as your ideas.

I understand, fine.

That's great.

Is there news from Volkan?

He's still in the hospital. He can't take it.

He said he can't stand.

He would like to come to the meeting. But if he comes, he will vomit during the meeting directly at the table.

Ceycey, don't give us unnecessary details!

This is cool?! It's horrible!

Also, I don't care, you can eat, even a poison!



But what am I going to do now?

How will I manage the meeting without managers?

Where will I find managers now?

It's impossible.

She knows everything about buyers, sellers and quantity.

Only she knows all the campaigns.

You can not.

Yes, it is possible.

Let's get to work.

What is happening?

Sanem, my dear.

Today, instead of Volkan, you have to attend the meeting.

No, I won't.

I finished.

Here it is. This is ready.

- Because I can not. - You can.

You can.

You know everything by heart!

You did it before and very well! You will do well!

- Knife? - Sanem, don't offend us.

We have a very big crisis. Let's go.

Sanem, come on.


Yes Yes. Angry!

Our representative.

Do not.

Do not.

I can't, because I don't want to.

I want to know why?

I want to know why?

But you've already done that.

Beloved Sanem.

Our agency really needs you!

Can you please attend the meeting?

Of course, Mrs. Deren. Why not?

Stay in a corner.

And don't say anything until asked.


Mrs. Deren! Mrs. Deren!

Mrs. Deren.

Horror, a disaster! We are lost, we are lost! We will be destroyed!

What worse could happen?

What a beautiful bat.

Ceycey, who is this woman?

The head of poultry farmers.

Mother of all the chickens in this country.

Very nervous woman, she is very angry.

That is, the crisis, as everything disappeared.

Or there will be a crisis before it arrives.

She goes.

Hello guys!



Mrs. Remide, what a pleasant surprise.

Give me a kiss.

What a surprise?

We have a meeting, so I came.

in a few minutes.

Aren't you ready?

Ready, ma'am.

Everyone in the department is ready.

My team told everything about yesterday's meeting.

Something told me to come.

To come and see!

After all, we've been working with this agency for 40 years.

After Aziz left, this agency is a little strange.



No, ma'am.

These are all the fictions of our rivals - agencies.

We have prepared a very good campaign for you!


Let's go then!

Friends in the meeting room.

Mrs. Remide.



How are you, son?

Fine thanks.

How is Aziz?

He is fine. He has a great rest.

The Mediterranean Sea.

I know, sometimes we talk.

Say hello for me.

As you wish.

- Let's go. - Please.

You can wait outside.

- Thank you! Good work. - Say hello to your wife!

Good work!

- Uncle! - Sister.


What are you doing, girl? Where are you going?

Aysun provided something on the beach. I will look.

What did you get?

I do not know. She said it was for the store presentation.

Allah, Allah.

- I will go too. - Let's go.

- Rami - Yes, sister.

Take care of the store for a few minutes.

Okay, sister.

And in the end, I'm going to show you this, Mrs. Remide.

This is all of our work.

Here I just liked the idea of ​​a head chicken.

A very good idea, but it is not divulged.

Furthermore, I cannot believe that this idea came from one of you.

It is like someone from the people who came with this.

Whose idea is this?

Because I don't want to, if it's a stolen idea!

How would that be possible, Mrs. Remide?

We all work hard on your campaign.

How we just don't have to think! Because we know your character.

Only you speak at meetings, daughter?


Aunt Remide!


My dear, my smart and handsome boy.

Where were you?

I was here. I'm sorry, I'm a little late.

Are you okay?

It's okay, honey.

I'm sure our company has welcomed you.

Wasn't it, friends?

Yes for sure.

So let's continue.

Mr. Can, if you want, sit down.

- Thanks, Ceycey, don't bother. - Please, dear.


We carry on.

And so, ladies, we greet the sun and receive our greetings.

Now we remember that we are constantly being pulled upstairs.

Advance forward.

Lean forward.

Lean, bow. We are dragging, we are dragging.

Don't forget to take a deep breath.

Mother, what is this?

Do you give gym classes to people to buy underwear?

This is not gymnastics, but yoga.


Now we have changed the leg.

We removed the left leg.

Allah, Allah.! How does this help our store?

We changed the leg.

Ayhan, you came in tight.

What is this personal growth? Why do you need Yoga?

We do the same. Lean forward.

Son, Yoga - this is my second job. Allah, Allah!

In addition, I worked hard to open this store.

Let me do my job, Muzo.

Okay friend. Your job, I don't say anything.

Ladies, pay special attention to our backs.


My friend Mevkibe.

It turns out that this is Aysun's program.

I can not believe this.

Look, they do Yoga.

I regret it, Most High!

Oh, Mevkibe! I swear, this is very interesting! Wait, I'll try too!

- Look at Melehat! Melehat! - Get up girl.

Sit in the corner.

Welcome, Sister Melehat.


Take your mother to the doctor.

I swear, let's get rid of the whole area. Maybe she can get medicine.

What is it?

Mom, I think this is a marketing movement.

But I also didn't understand. I didn't understand any of that.

He turned women into tigers. What is it?

Sales will grow.

Carefree consumers spend money more easily.

But not everyone can do that.

For example, Sister Mevkibe.

As with other issues, it is also not very flexible.

I hear.

No! I now realized what this is all about.

The store is empty, waiting for me. I will sit in the store.

Since you raised your hand, bye, bye!

You're a little out, but I'm going to fix this.

Truth. I don't want to mess with you today, tomorrow or ever.

Ayhan! Ayhan! And you, here you are ...

First my scratches, then Aysun's exercises!

Oh! MashAllah, you all use it!

And my daughter, she is like a daughter to me. It's a shame!

It's a shame!

How exalted you are!

Tell me sister Mevkibe.

Did your sales increase after the ice cream?

I suppose they did.

After breakfast, we went up the hill.

Because people love innovation.

Is this innovation?

It is a pity. I took the women from the district and literally dropped them on the floor.

What are you doing, Sister Fikret?

You are a thin and thin woman, Sister Fikret.

You weigh 1 gram.

You will break your bones. It is a pity.

Get up girls! Aren't you coming?

Get up, Melehat, get up.

I will stand up. Wait, girl.

Come on, Melehat, come on.

Stand up.

This is not for me! I can not!

Ayhan, I remembered!

Every negative energy we turn into a positive one.

Give it all the best!

Listen, I'm really hungry because of this sport.

- Shall we eat minced meat? - No, I'm on a diet, I can't.

With yogurt.

Still completely in butter.

A little.

Just a little.

- I swear you can. - We are going to eat.

- Ayhan! - Still talking about Ayhan. Let's go.

Look, there's one on our street. It cuts so thin!

Can, I'm glad you came, son.

The idea is good, but the children were unable to explain.

This campaign suits me.

Only now, after how much we spent this year on advertising, we expect a lot.

We need to increase sales, folks!

That is, your responsibility in this matter is very great!

But these things are not done that way, of course.

Shut up. The woman heard. Look!

What are you doing?

You can talk?

Did you want to say something?

I don't think your kids run the company well.

That is, I do not understand how you do not perceive this?

I say this out of respect for you, don't get it wrong.

Sanem, dear, maybe we shouldn't touch anything on those topics?


Go ahead, Sanem. Continues.

Of course, I started. I'll continue.

Ms. Remide, you use organic food in the same way as other organic leaders.

But you used aromatic herbs, so that, compared to others, the taste was more pleasant.

However, their children, because of the high cost, did not use these plants.

That is, your eggs have become the same taste as other organic eggs.

The number of chickens has also increased!

That is, as a chicken to carry eggs, you need a place of 4 meters ...

Now they fall 3 meters.


I wonder what the chickens would say if they started talking?

So, the idea of ​​advertising was yours!

Can! Who is this girl?

That girl is Sanem.

Sanem ...

Very intelligent, very direct, very creative ...

Our employee, whom we will never want to lose, Aunt Remide.

Honey flows from your lips, daughter!

I was tired of these artificial expressions, which were pronounced by those who during those long years came and went to this agency.

We need strong-willed, sincere people just like you!

As for my children ...

I am aware of every mistake they make.

But Sanem, doesn't love turn a blind eye to error?

If we don't catch ourselves with our mistakes, what is the meaning of love then?


After work, do you have any business?

No, Mrs. Remide.

OK. I want to show you a place.

The driver will come and pick you up.

Oh no!

The driver will not be able to come.

Better let Can take you.

Can, I want you to see this place.

Maybe I shouldn't go?

Be at the factory at 7 am.


Honey, will you bring me coffee? I'm going to have coffee and go.

Of course, Aunt Remide. I will get.

See you kids!


What was this?

- She flew like the wind. - I swear I'm tired.

- Ended. "A woman, a captain's aura!"

- Amazing! - I mean freely!

Strong woman. Here is a strong woman!


Yes, Aylin?

Beloved, how are you?


I'm too tired.

So I will not stop you. I'm thinking of making dinner tonight.

I called you not to plan anything.

I can't at night.

Why? Do you have any business?

No, I have no business.

I just need to think a little.

What are you going to think, Emre, I don't understand?

Aylin, this time we are not going to rush.

Are you saying we are not going to hurry?

You didn't say that last night!

I have a weakness for you, Aylin.

But I can't afford it.

It does not work.


I'll call you later.

So, are you telling me not to call you?

You will put that distance between us.

Very good!


It's okay, Emre, it's okay.

Let's not hurry!

As you said!

I will show you how not to hurry.

I won't rush you so much that ...

Sevim, how are you, my soul?

Can you call after leaving the bank?

We need to talk urgently.

No, no. Tomorrow morning, I'm comfortable even at 5 o'clock.

Exactly. You can, you can. I haven't slept lately.

So I'm going to arrive at 11 am, right?

Ok, ok Thanks.

Mr. Can, your tea.

Thank you, Sanem.

I see that you came to work today.

Yes, Mrs. Deren, she instructed me to work.

I will finish by tomorrow.

I understood.

So, starting tomorrow, you won't be here, right?



Can you tell Ceycey to bring me tea tomorrow?

Okay, I say.

Sanem, did you leave your job?

Yes, Aunt Remide. Today is her last day.

Aunt Remide, you said to come tonight. But this is a failure.

Does not work. Impossible.


Didn't anything I wanted come true today?

You grew up in my arms.

First, you do strange things.

You shut yourself up.

Don't do that, boy. Do not do.

Aunt Remide, what does that have to do with the subject now?

This has nothing to do with the topic.

I am speaking in general.

See you tonight!

See you later Aunt Remide.

Sanem, what are you doing?

Why can't you hold your tongue?

Is it your job to complain about your bosses?

You go out and, at the same time, you want promotion!

What are you doing? Where are you going now?

I'm leaving. I enter the room with the files. I don't want to see anyone!

Enough. At the same time, I will not spoil anything!

I will finish the job and go home!

So what is this? Why are you so sensitive?

What kind of expression? Are you offended?

I'm not offended, Ceycey!

Because in my heart there is no place that can be hurt!


Sanem, why would I offend you ?!

I am more likely to break my head than your heart.

Hilal, have you seen Sanem?

I didn't see it, Mr. Can.

Has anyone seen Sanem?

No, Mr. Can.

Mr. Can?

Are you okay?

Well. And how are you?


How nice.

God bless you.


Mr. Can, what are you looking for?


Galino. I need Galino ...

You saw the previous Galino folder. I'm looking for her.

The Galino folder must be in the folder with the letter G.

certain Galino, G.


Logically, Galino.


A, B, C, D, E, F ...


Galino. So it's somewhere in here.

G, this is right.

I found Galino.


Found it.

So I'm going.

Because I found Galino.


And why are you working here?

It's more comfortable.

Because I don't want to see anyone.

What does anyone mean?

No one.

OK. Good work.


See you later.

See you later!

Can, honestly, it's good that you came.

If you hadn't come, I would have had a heart attack because of Mrs. Remide.

Very sweet this woman.

If that means sweet in your understanding ...

Something similar.

Harmful, unpredictable, capricious.

I think it is very terrible.

Mr. Can, I came here to meet with Mrs. Remide, which will be held at 7 am

Should we go? Do you want?

I got you a car.

The driver will take you.

That is, you can go, I go in my car.

OK see you later.

See you later.

Mr. Can, that was left at the agency.

It looks like it's yours.


Brother, I will take orders.

Okay, there’s meat left, go quickly.

Okay, I'm going now.

Brother, what are you doing?

I make cutlets, Ayhan.

Chops? And your color is not too yellow?

What are you doing? What is it?

Vegetarian chops.

This is my last hope, Ayhan. Last hope.

You take this.

Put it in the fridge, come on.

Come on, we still have a lot of work.

Allah, Allah.

What is that hope, brother?

You are the cutest guy in the Middle East and the Balkans.

What are you talking about?

Ayhan, this is not the time, I will tell you later.

Listen, don't I understand?

So many vegetarian chops you made for Leyla.

But it is also impossible.

You constantly undermine your charisma.

You constantly torment yourself. You can't do that.

Come, I will give you a lesson in personal growth.

I swear, it helped the whole neighborhood. And it will help you.

You are Marlon Brando of this district.

Is your problem worth it?

That would just be my problem, dear Ayhan.

Come here, let's finish these chops. Let's go.

Instead of helping to make chops, I prefer to go out.

Because I don't really like everything vegetarian.

So I run, take care of yourself.

Ayhan! Ayhan, come here!

I just talked about work, and she left again.

On here.

For years it is empty.

Aunt Remide, you never talked about him.

An old woman full of surprises.

Let's go.

It is a great place.

I'm glad you liked.

Because I want you to find out what we're going to do here.

I? I will say?

I dont understand.

We have many organic products.

I want to show everything here.

I want to collect everything under one brand and present it for sale.

A great idea.

In fact, maybe so ... That's ...

Here you can organize an organic bazaar, because recently it is very popular.

If it gets a little clean here, people can shop.

And you can also install a tasting stand.

Well, it's going to be really cool.

And you also seem to be eating organically.

I don't understand about organic. I love a steak with meat ...

Naturally, organic food is very important.

Come, think.

We will think about it.

Mr. Can, I will not disturb you. You take pictures.

And then I will go, I will think ...

No, dear, is it possible? What's wrong with you? I will not disturb you.

I will go out and you think.


I have absolutely no time.

Come, think.

Good job to you.

I will help you, Aunt Remide.

Watch out.

A very special girl that you rarely met.

Aunt Remide, what are you saying? Stop, for the sake of the Most High.

Come on, do some work.

Aunt Remide, let's finish quickly and get to you.

3 lire! 3 lire! 3 lire! 3 lire! Ladies, neighbors, that quality for 3 lire.

And those who buy 5 things, get one as a gift.

Give me these for 2 lire.

Three! Three! Three!

Mevkibe, how can you sell panties and bras in front of the store?

Why are you angry, Nihat? I am involved in trade.

Look, our neighbors will have quality things.

Only 3 lire, why are you angry?

Allah, Allah.! But everyone in this cafe looks at me and laughs.

Turn your back!

Turn around! See, they're not looking anymore. Please, Nihat, don't be angry.

This is awesome!

No, nothing much. It is the free market economy.

Everyone can sell what they want.

We congratulate and come back.

What are you doing here?!

Do you think you are selling panties? Look at this!


Thank you, dear Muzaffer.

Do you want to try it?

Look, we sell high quality products for 3 lire.

We, unlike you, do not sell low quality products for thousands of lire.

Do you want? You will like a pale color.

- Do you want to try it? - Get those dirty things off me!

Listen, Mevkibe, don't make me angry!

What's wrong?

- Get out of yourself, what's wrong! - Okay, fine, Mevkibe.

Let her lose her temper!

- Yes, all right, what do I care about you! - Okay, you do your thing.

What is it?! Are they underwear ?!

Are they underwear ?!

- Mom what are you doing? - Are they underwear?

- What are you doing with other people's things ?! - Mevkibe!

Don't get involved in nonsense! Mom!

What are you doing?!

No, no!

Oh, clothes!

Ah, something happens to my son!

Oh my son!



What kind of mother are you?! Once again the child was injured!

You did it again so that the child passed out.

- Muzaffer! - Muzaffer!


Muzaffer, my son.

Muzaffer, open your eyes.

- Muzaffer! - Muzaffer!

- Muzaffer. - My son.

No, I'm fine, calm down. I didn't pass out.

I pretended to pass out. Why?

To end this war.

I did it for peace. Let the pigeons of the world fly in the air.

After all, we arrived here to congratulate.

Daddy, beautiful panties, I can't believe it.

If I find panties for 3 lire, I swear, I'll buy it too.

- Go home. - One minute!

Okay, we're going back to our store.

We run. No!

Congratulations, we run. Let's go.


No, his mother is crazy.

He's crazy himself.

But how did I get caught in this crazy bait and come to this condition?

He's going through his trauma. Ladies...

- neighbors, let's celebrate. - Come here, sit down.

We will continue to negotiate, but I honestly ...

I can't do it anymore, I want this woman to move out of that area.


- Osman ... - I want her to move.

Is there anything else? I don't think so.

It is a really incredible place. I think that in 2-3 months we can open it.

Yes, very beautiful.

It will be beautiful here, I'm sure.

Oh, sure ...

You will leave tomorrow.

Sanem ...

Why then did you come here?

I couldn't say no to Mrs. Remide.

Couldn't you say no?

Can I go, Mr. Can?

It is no longer worth asking that question to me.

Mr. Can.

The door is probably stuck, it won't open.

Did the door jam? Was it rusty?

Wait, I'll try.

Hold this.

It didn't, someone did.

Open it, man!

Aunt Remide!


Hello, Aunt Remide? Someone locked us up. We're stuck here.

Oh, Allah!

This place closes at 8 am. I forgot.

Now I'm going to call the watchman.

The watchman lives in Izmit. It may take some time for your arrival.

As well?

Okay fine. I understood.

What to do? Let's wait.


She will call the watchman, but it may take some time for him to arrive.

You will have to wait.

OK. What to do?

Wait a couple of hours.

Then you will open it. OK?

As you wish.

Let the best happen.

It's already dark, but they haven't arrived yet.

Mr. Can.


Mr. Can.

Mr. Can, you scared me!

Sanem, can you get that light out of my eyes?

I am here like a hare.

I apologize.

... I was looking for a place where electricity turns on, but it seems not.

We stay in the dark.

There should be matches on the window and a lamp should hang on the wall.

Where you are from...

clear, clear.

Photographic memory. Sure.

Ok, ok

Where did you say?

On here.

It's loud enough.

No. You will not make it.


You will rise, I will raise you.

I'll get you up and you ...

Do not.

Mr. Can, I'm going to fall.

You will fall?

Last time you came down from the heights twice.

And here you fall?

You can. Nothing will happen. Come here.

Nothing will happen.

I'll get some.

Just don't break it.

Are you okay? Ready?

I take.

I can.


Let's go.

Mr. Can, a little to the left.

A little, a little ...

Okay, I got it.

I caught.

I will take.

Mr. Can, you have blood. What happened?

Yes, apparently I cut myself. Nothing serious.

isn't it dangerous for your life?

I do not know. Let's take.

The matches were there, right?

Yes, there.

I had cornflower oil.

Cornflower oil will help a lot, even if there are germs.

The oil will benefit your wound.


it's possible.

Today is the last night.

Today is the last night.

From tomorrow I will not see you.

Your beautiful face, your voice.

I can reach out my hand now.

If you reach out your hand now, I won't let you go.

You are not saying anything.

So many lies that I told.

Forever will separate us.

You are not saying anything.

You do not want to see me.

If you really loved me.

It would not go away.

If you knew me, you wouldn't love me.

It would be nice if there was something to heal.

In fact, there is something.

In the back pocket.

This is your bandana. I wanted to give it to you.

You forgot on the coast.

It stayed in my pocket.

If you want, we can use it.

I will bandage.

Sorry, young people. I'm late.

- You can go out. - we will leave soon.

I'll get my things.

Mr. Can, do you see that the speed is 40km?

Yes, it is necessary here.

Just a sign.





This is for you.

A parting gift.

In homage to the company goodbye.

You will see when you get home.

I didn't have to.

It was not necessary.


If you're connected to me ...

If my presence at the company gives you anxiety ...

I will go abroad.

So you don't have to quit your job.

Are you really going abroad?


In the very near future.

Nothing is holding me here.


You are a very special woman.

You are smart, creative.

You are funny, practical.

You have many talents.

You will go a long way if you don't leave your job at the agency.

Think about it.

I will still go. You will be informed when I go.

And then you can make a decision.

Mr. Can.

Of course, if you want to work somewhere else ...

You have to go? Are you sure you're leaving?

Good night, Sanem.

I hope you don't give up.

Because you deserve more, the better.

Good evening.

Good evening.

♫ Somewhere inside you.

♫ I found my roots, which are strongly intertwined and tangled.

♫ To see you, be together with you.

♫ It may be really cool, but ...

♫ Imagining is completely different.

♫ Your white skin is like the color of the moon.

♫ Your hair color is like night.

♫ I dream of them at night.

♫ When you cover your heart with me.

♫ You took my mind, you took the feelings away.

♫ Take it, because I miss it.

♫ When you cover your heart with me.

♫ You took my mind, take the feelings away.

♫ Take it, because I miss it.

It's your dreams ... Don't stop writing.

Hello, Ayhan.

You could come? I am at home.

I need you.

I will stay if you tell me to stay.

If you tell me to go, you'll never see my face again.

If you are stressed by my presence at the company ...

I will return abroad.


Are you going abroad?



No, no, until tomorrow morning at 5 it is right for me.


It's appropriate. Especially recently, I hardly sleep.

So it will be at 11, right?

Mr. Can.

It was left at the agency. It looks like it's yours.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Sanem, little sister.

What happened? I was very worried.

You had such a strange voice.

What is it?

Mr. Can's farewell gift.


The ink inscription of Can Divit. It is really poetic.

What is this parting?

You said goodbye, didn't you?

Mr. Can is going abroad.

Tomorrow morning at 5 he has a plane ticket.

How is he doing?



I'm leaving.

Where are you going?

For Mr. Can.

Friend, what are you going to say to Mr. Can?

I will say, do not go.

I will say that I cannot live without it.

I do not know. I will say whatever comes to my mind.

Listen, Sanem, if this time you say don't go, let him stay, then there will be no going back.

Ayhan, if he goes, it won't work. And if it isn't, it won't work either.

I am going!


** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra