Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Sanem found the person who set up the trap for Can. At the same time she learned that she was part of this trap, whether unintentionally or not. On top of that, Can heard that Sanem was in love with himself.


Episode 7


Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN


I will tell Mr. Can everything.

What are you going to tell me, Sanem?

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Mr. Can ...


What are you going to tell me, Sanem?

Mr. Can, that man ...

Let's call the police.


They will decide what to do. OK?

Mr. Can.


He's running away again.


Mr. Emre, it wasn't me.

Everything was planned by Mrs. Aylin.

How do you know me?

I am an intern at your company.

Mrs. Aylin paid me, she made me upload all the pictures.

Mr. Emre, I don't want to go to jail.

Shut up!

Listen to me well.

You will do whatever I say. Right?

Understand me?


Very well.


Mr. Can.

Are you okay?

How it feels?

I was...

I am fine.

Come here.

You really scared me a lot.

Don't let anything happen to you.

Where's Mr. Emre?

He ran after the man.

What were you going to tell me?

Mr. Can, actually ...

Go, go.

Come here.

You almost killed the girl!

brother, calm down!

Mr. Can, please.

Mr. Can.

Calm down!

Calm down

She saved you, she saved you. Sanem ...

Sanem saved you.

She followed his trail.

We can never thank you for that.

Who are you?

What's your problem with me?

Come on, come on, say it all.

Come on!

Mr. Can, I did this.

I posted your photos on the Internet.

We know that. Who do you work for?

Where did you find the photos? Who gave them to you?

Nobody gave it to me. That was my idea.

Me and my friend...

We enter your company's system.

And when we saw the folder with the project there

I decided to use it.

Did you decide to use it?

Very well!

What are your problems with me, boy?

Mr. Can. Nothing personal.

I did an internship at your company.

They fired me ...

And I wanted revenge.

He didn't get the job.

And decided to destroy the boss.

Well done! Angry!


You will go through many stages.

Thank orque now I have more important things to do.

Pray that nothing bad will happen to Sanem, otherwise ...

Mr. Can!

Mr. Can, please.

Did you call the police Emre?

I called Metin, he's on his way.

Together with the police

What police, Mr. Emre?

Let's go to the hospital, you got hit on the head.

No, no, Mr. Can. It is not necessary.

Sanem, please.

Excuse me.

I swear, we are good friends!

How did we do that? We made them talk, yes?

Yes, it is true, brave for us!

It was very exciting! I was really nervous.

I swear, I felt like James Bond.

Is there a link 007?

Is he from Antalya too?

I understood!

I teased again.

Very well. One minute.

If you are James Bond. So who am I?

Yes, you are "Jane".

Isn't it Tarzan's girlfriend?

Yes right

I was worried. So I confused everything.

Why? Are you still worried?

Everything has passed, we left this whole situation behind.

Sometimes I worry.

There is no water! I should drink water.

It's up front, you're going to buy it.

Can we sit somewhere?

And talk.

And what are we going to talk about?

What are we going to talk about? Let's talk about personal development.

Share information with me, maybe even help me.

Personal development.

My work is already based on conversations.

You talk and I will show you the way.

You can, you can. Show me the way

Also, show us where we will sit. Let's walk ....

Well, I'll show you. There is a good place later ...


No! I will take you to our place.

Okay, let's go.

Mr. Emre, I don't want to go to jail! Please, Mr. Emre!

Mr. Emre, please!

Mr. Emre, you told me to tell you everything!

I don't want to go to jail! Please, Mr. Emre!

I should have thought of that before.

Mr. Emre, please don't do this!

Thank you very much, friends!

It was a pleasure to help.

Emre, stay here, I'll get the car.

We need to talk

What will you tell me? You solved everything in 5 minutes!

Mr. Can should know everything.

What happens if you say so?

It will hurt me and you.

And then he leaves.

He will never trust anyone in his life again.

I promise you.

I will fix this.

What will you do?

How do you recover the lies you told?

How do you recover the games that made me participate?

What dirty business did I find myself in?


Come on, Sanem.

Come on

Let me go.

Sit here for a few minutes.

I'm sorry. I made a mistake.

I'll fix it, I promise!

it's all right

You admit that you made a mistake.

You are sorry. Shall we sit down and discuss everything with Mr. Can?

You don't know my brother

He hates lies.

Even if we say, he will not accept.

It will erase me from your life.

How do you know? It may not be so.

I know...

I know how attached it is to its principles.

He wiped his mother out of his life.

And he didn't see her again.

He will erase you and me from his life.

I really don't know what I have to do!

Don't say anything to him today.

Tomorrow I will decide everything, I promise!

Trust me, one last time.

Last time.

And what will happen to Hilmi? Does the guy go to jail for you?

I will resolve this issue.

Believe me.

I will resolve.



Sanem, what happened to you?

Nothing, just a little scratch. Nothing serious.

Let him recover soon!

My brother, I congratulate you!

After all, how is the case?

Do not worry.

Sanem, we go to the hospital

Mr. Can, it really isn't necessary. I will solve this at home.

Sanem, can you get in the car? Come on

Come on.

I will go too. They may need something.

Come on.

Call me if necessary.

I swear, Mevkibe.

I left the store open, but it was worth it.

- Health to your hands! - Enjoy your food.


Homemade cake is completely different.

Your cake is quite different.


I'm fat?

No dear. Where did that come from?

Do I need a diet?

No dear! What you got there?


There's nothing!

It's normal, but I'm a little ...

It seems that I gained a little weight.

Do not bother yourself. There's nothing.

It's okay

Someone is at the door.

I'm going to open it, you're eating.

Eat some more.

I'll get it, I'll get it.

Welcome! Come in.

Please enter.

Sanem, what's wrong with your head?


Mom, nothing happened. I just hit my head. Nothing serious.

Come in! Welcome!

Yes, I will give you slippers.

Of course, you are absolutely right.

We are not used to it.

Yes it's true.

And we are bothering you.

I'm going to put the shoes on here.

Sure, sure.

I am Emre, brother of Can.

I am very happy to meet you.

Leyla tells me a lot about you.

I am very happy to meet you.

Please, I will show you the way.

Come on.


Nihat, look.

- Mr. Can, son, welcome - Thank you, how are you?

- Thanks. And how are you?

Hello, I'm Emre.

Hello, Mr. Emre, welcome.

Nice to meet you.

Please don't stand up, come.

Watch out

I don't use it anyway.

Sir, Sanem had a little accident, but there is nothing to worry about.

I personally took her to the hospital. and then I brought her home.

But you don't even have to worry, it was nothing. She is fine.


Allah, Allah, why didn't you call me?

What happened, okay?

I'm fine, don't overdo it mom.

Ah, Mr. Can, this girl has been my job since childhood.

She always hit something. She was always hurt.

Is Sanem disorderly? Really?

And I never noticed your awkwardness. Now I am very surprised. This is interesting.

I think we should go.

Why? You just arrived, have some tea.

You made this trip, you brought Sanem ...

Please have a seat, please.

Thank you. We have business, we must go.

Mr. Emre, by the way, Leyla is a hard worker.

She is so happy because you sent her to Training. Thanks.

You're welcome. We all thank Miss. Leyla for her work.


Well, should we go?

Come on, but Sanem shouldn't sleep yet, that's what the doctor said.


Sanem, if you want, we can take you for a walk along the pier, what do you say?

No, no. I don't need this, I can do this alone.

It's ok. As you wish

See you later.

See you later, sir.

Thanks again for coming. Thanks.

Over here, please.

Child, is this a way to get rid of people? You can only say "go now".

Allah, Allah.

Are you okay? My daughter, why are you so clumsy?

Why are you like that?

Don't you feel sorry for your mother?

I will change my clothes.


I'm really tired!

Always happens.

May Allah give you health. May Allah give you health

She is so strange. Why is this girl in a bad mood?

What happened to that girl? It is usually not like that.

Mr. Nihat, if you need anything, you can always call me.

Thank you very much, Mr. Can.

- Nice to meet you. - Me too, Mr. Emre.

Take care. See you.

Come on, I'll leave you!

Go. I must get the car.

Okay, see you later.

Yes Leyla.

Mr. Emre, because of this chaos, I forgot to tell you.

I'm going to Ankara tomorrow, so I'm not going to be in the office.

But at night I'll be back.

Won't the seminar last 3 days? Why do you come back at night?

This is very expensive Mr. Emre.

They will join leaders and senior leaders, and I will be alone. That's why...

Leyla, one day you will also become a high-level person.

Don't think about money. The company will pay.

I am also going as a rapporteur.

In this way, I will familiarize you with important people at a high level.

Are you serious, Mr. Emre?

I am very happy. Thank you.

So I'm going to prepare your program for a week and I'm going to leave it on your desk.

Okay, good morning.

See you later!

OK thank you.

A good place, but the menu is limited.

Is the menu limited?

What else should be on the menu?

Look, there's toast and cheese.

Double cheese toast, with cheese and sausage. That is, there are three different types of toast.

It has soda, tea, ayran.

What else is needed?

Brother Adil, make me more with cheese and sausages!

Okay, I do.

But don't cut the ingredients. Sausage is not enough.

And bring tea, brother.


You also like tea. Sanem also drinks tea constantly, why are you like that?

We love it, and my sister does. Don't you like tea?

I am a fan of coffee with milk.

Yes, you are ideal for an advertising agency.

How is this connected? In our village, everyone drinks coffee with milk.

In your village? What kind of people are these?

It doesn't matter where you are.

In our village there is such a story. Many years ago, an emigrant from Germany arrived in the village.

And he brought a coffee with milk. Everyone likes coffee with milk, you can't do without it.

And after that, all the houses started making coffee with milk.

Of course, in a village with fifty houses, there is a third generation of coffee makers. Did you know that?

Very original story. Where is your village?

I'm sorry.

"Sanem ligando"

Hello, sister, how are you?

It's ok. Let's talk

Come, I'm in our cafe.

OK kisses.


Sanem is coming.

She wants to talk to me, she's a little upset.

If it's personal, then I will.


By the way, I want to take classes on personal growth.

But you are smart, unusual, you know fashion.

What personal growth lessons will I teach you?

I don't think you need that. I won't.

But it happens ...

For example, there are times when I can't express my feelings to people.

Because of this, it may be necessary.

But, dear, that's why you should go to a psychologist. This is not my field of activity.

I want to plan my career. Perhaps at the expense of that?

I can plan. Because in this matter I am good.

So call me. And then we'll meet.

It's ok.

Then I will go.

- See you later. - See you later.

I'll get up.

Yes, see you later.

Hello, brother?

Aylin, where are you?

I came to the company, I'm in the parking lot. I will start the meeting soon.

Don't move anywhere, I'm coming.

We need to talk, I'll be there in 2 minutes.

- Thank you brother. - Enjoy it.

Sister, welcome.

Come here.

What happened?

What happened?

Something bad has happened. I can say that I ruined my life and that of Mr. Can.

I am very sad.

Come here.

Sit down.

Don't worry, don't cry.

Do I ask for water or tea for you?

I do not want anything.


What happened? Ayhan told me, and I came immediately.

Emre, what's going on?

We could talk after the meeting.

What are you doing?!

What do you think you're doing?

Emre, you couldn't calm down.

Enough! Enough!

Stop pretending!

We caught Hilmi! He told me everything! It turns out you did it!

You ruined my brother's name!

Remember if!

My brother and I are from the same family!


Emre, who is Hilmi?

I don't understand what you're talking about.

I don't know what he said to you.

You're still lying

You came to my room during the corporate picnic.

Secretly took the pictures and sent it to Hilmi!

- Emre, you ... - Don't touch me!


I did it because I love you.

Do not touch me

Emre, don't do this.

I didn't do it on purpose. The situation developed independently of me.

But since Can lost his license ...

And he wants to leave the company.

Let him go.

Didn't we want this from the beginning?

Then you become the boss.

What a dangerous woman you are.

Yes, I want to be a boss, but not like that.

How could you think that I could dishonor my family?

How could I love you?


Everything I did was for you.

For our sake.

There are no more "us"! It's all over!

You destroyed my brother's pride, how can I look him in the face?

Emre, this is not related to you.

Hilmi said my name.

He will be creating enmity with me again.

I spoke to Hilmi.

He will not speak your name.

Why did you persuade Hilmi?

Why don't you give my name?

Because love me.

You want to protect me

I love you, is that it?

If I talked.

everything would come to light.

I would have lost everything.

Our company and everything.

And now, at least, Sanem will be left alone.

Because my brother believes that his capricious little brother is jealous.

But I will deal with Sanem.

Because she is also more of an innocent in this business.

Don't even think about calling me again!

I have nothing to do with you.

It's all over.



I can explain everything, you got it wrong.

This should not be so.

You can't end it all like this!

Wait a minute, we can talk!


How can you get out of this situation, sister?

I do not know.

First I made up the lie of the engagement.

So, I helped Mr. Emre undermines the authority of the company.

I became the reason why everyone believed that Mr. Can is a thief.

If he finds out, he won't look me in the face!

All of this would be a reason for him not to look at your face.

What are you going to do? What do you think?

I will tell you everything.

He will know that I am a two-faced person.

He will find out what mr. Emre really is.

And after that, it will disappear from my life.


I will resign.

And I will disappear from your life.

But in any case, I will never be able to see Mr. Can again.

And he will probably go to his pollen, I don't know ...

Sanem, in such a big world, you fell in love with your boss!

Wasn't it already impossible from the start?

This is what you said.

I didn't expect anything else.

I needed to see your face, hear your voice.

In fact, I wanted nothing more.

My little sister!

How did you fall in love?

Come, come to me.

Come here.

What are you doing?!

Ten million times you should be ashamed!

Barely gossip started about his love. And you are already embracing.

Now I can see them hugging!

A little understanding, a little respect, a little education!

Muzaffer, this is not the right time. Let's talk later?

When are we going to talk, boy? When are we going to talk?

Osman, take Zebercett and we will follow you.

Come to us for sure!

Tell me what's your problem

My problem is that you are my friend. I swear, I thought you were.

You'll see me.

Allah! I explained, I explained! He doesn't understand!

I say that my brother and Sanem are not engaged.

But he doesn't understand. It's stupid!

He's been like this since childhood.

He doesn't understand anything

What am I going to do, Ayhan?

Enough. Come on, get up. Do not do it. We will find a way out.



Why are you crying?

Nothing. I'm just not in my best moment.

I would like to be a little alone.

We will talk later.

What happened? Why did you come back?

I came for this ...

I didn't get your phone number.

I'll call you about the meeting.

So I came to get your number

Is it urgent? Do not understand.

Tomorrow Sanem would have taken it.

I wanted to, but I wanted to text you this afternoon.

About the meeting. So I thought, I'll get it right away.

I came back 4 kilometers.

I will write.

Zero, thirty.

Mr. Emre. Your three-day program. Thanks again for the seminar.

Mr. Emre?

It's all right?

What are you doing here?

Mr. Emre, I told you that I would be leaving today only after I completed your three-day program.

I just finished my job.

Mr. Emre ...

Can I do something for you?

I spend hours asking that question.

Can I do anything?

Where did I make a mistake?

Mr. Emre, do you ...

What big mistake could you make?

You are an incredible person.

Do you have any secrets?

Something you hide from everyone ...

Something you're ashamed to admit ...

I have no secrets.

That is...

I live a normal life, I want to work and work

so I have no secret

Each person...

It has dark sides.

One or more secrets.

And when the secret is revealed, then everything you appreciate ...


I'm bothering you tonight.

Go home.

No. It is nothing.

Have a good night, then ...

Good evening.

Mr. Emre, do you want me to accompany you home?

I am not going home.

So, okay, then.

I'll get that bottle.

And the phone, if you need ...

Then, I'll see you at the seminar.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Translation: Ivete Barra - Proofreading: Verinha


I'm sorry, I couldn't call.

I apologize a thousand apologies, forgive me. You're right.

Yes, it was resolved. Was solved.

This will take a while, regain permission.

But in the end, I'm justified.

Exactly. I'm fine, I'm fine now. It's all right.

Yes, I was going. But I can not.

But I will go. Soon, I will see you.

Yes exactly, let's talk.

What are we going to talk about?

Well, Pollen ...

I think you know.

I think you understand.

It doesn't work, Polen.

Does not work.

We were always honest with each other, right?

In this life, you know me better than anyone.

Does not work. Does not work.

No, no. It is not another.

I mean, there is no other in my plans, as you think.

Poólen, do you really want to hear all this?

Yes. There is someone. But there is nothing between us.

I'm very confused.


I'm confused.

Polen, please don't ask any more questions. OK?

I will be with you soon.

We will talk face to face

It's ok. It's ok.


Mr. Can, I need to talk to you about a subject.

Can I come in?

She saved you! Sanem saved you!

She found this guy's trail.

Come here.


How is sister?

Are you a little better? Does your head hurt?

Everything is good. Passed on.

Where have you been?

It was in the office. I had a lot to do, but I'm done.

It's ok.

Sanem, I can tell you ...

Mr. Emre was in the office drunk.

He felt so bad. The man was falling apart.

He deserves it! Very well!

Sanem, why do you say that, sister?

Are you supposed to say that? The man brought you home.

He was worried!

Well, okay.

I need to go to bed now. Because tomorrow morning I will wake up very early.

But if your head hurts or gets sick, call me right away.

Scream at me "sister!" And I will go immediately.

I will hear you.

Okay, sister?

It's ok.

Good evening.


Hello, Mr. Can? Good Morning!

Good morning Leila! I am concerned about Sanem.

She must be resting, I didn't want to disturb you. That's why I called you.

Mr. Can, Sanem is probably down there.

Most likely she is eating her breakfast right now.

If you want, I will look.

No, no. It is not necessary.

Thank you Leyla. See you later.

Mr. Can, I saw Mr. Emre last night at the office.

He didn't look very well.

Did he come home well?

He didn't come home. Was he at the office?

Yes, he stayed in the office ...

It's ok. I'll see. Thanks

It's seven thirty in the morning.

You only get up at four, sick?

I couldn't sleep.

Why are you here right now?

Boy, do you lie to me at night, say you have a girlfriend to come to work?

I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

So, that's why we stayed here until morning ...

You should have called me, we would have shared problems. I would have come.

Are you okay?


Ah, it hurts me.

You smell bitterness! Go take a shower. There will soon be a meeting.

I'll get my things. Where's my phone?

Keep your balance, or you will fall!

I'll be back.

I'll be here in half an hour. I'm going to change, okay?

May your job be easy, sir. Nihat!

Welcome, Mrs. Aysun.

You have yogurt, right?

Yes. I'll be right back.

Let me give you a little bit.

Please, mrs. Aysun.

Take your yogurt.

Do you have saffron?

No. Since when do I have spices? What happened?

Honestly, I'm cautious now, Mr. Nihat.

Thanks to saffron, I decreased 6 kg.

6 kg?

How much?

4.75 L - Okay.

I swear, if my stomach loses weight, it will be like 6 kg.

If you bring saffron, I will buy it and it will do you good too.

4.75, your 25 change.


OK thank you.


Have a nice day!

And you also have a good day!

Mrs. Aysun, you didn't do your shopping at competing stores!

What happened?

For the sake of the Most High! Is there another store in the neighborhood?

Let one open, so your path will no longer be here, Mrs. Aysun.


I need butter right away.

I'm going to make meatballs with butter, Nihat.


Did you see Mrs. Aysun?

How thin she is!

Make her look like a girl!

She does something with saffron and yogurt.

Lost 6 pounds!

Look at us

When we are side by side, we are like gunners who are going to take a stronghold!

I wonder if maybe we can do the same.

You call me fat ...

You say, belly, like a gunner?

Belly, you say?

Let me give you the butter.


I do not want!

I better go.

I'll take my gunner's belly, my stupid head and go!

I'll get that stupid head and go!

Mevkibe! You forgot the butter!

Well, I'll take it in the afternoon!


Sanem, where are you going? I am looking for you!

Where's Mr. Can? He arrived?

It arrived, everyone arrived. We are waiting for you.


Yes! Come on! Go on, let's go!


We found out that a traitor entered my computer, stole my projects

and uploaded everything to the Internet with previous dates.

The traitor was found and admitted his guilt.

Lawyers are involved in a legal process.

In the process, the face of the company, Mrs. Sanem, became a victim with me.

It was a very difficult period for me.

And I want to thank all my team who didn't leave me alone during this period ...

and especially my partner, brother and companion.

I want to thank Emre.

In the end, for everyone's peace, my secret hero, Sanem.


For the support you gave me, I want to say: Thank you!

She helped find the traitor and get rid of me.

Sanem, thank you very much!

Friends, thanks for coming! thank you

Sanem, can you come with me?

Friends! This betrayal is not very pleasant!

We need to use technology in a positive way!

Please be careful with that, okay?

Ceycey, that's enough. - All right, all right.

I wanted to say something.

Friends, thank you!

Come come.

Sit down

Do not.

I will not sit down, Mr. Can.


I couldn't thank you enough.

Mr. Can, Ayhan and Ceycey followed the traitor. It was not me.

Well, who told them to go? You!

It doesn't matter, I don't talk about traitor and work.

And what are you talking about?

About you.

Sanem, throughout my life, there was only one thing

that I believed in, and it was my job as a photographer.

I escaped everything that held me, except that.

I got away from it all

Just my camera and me.

I chose solitude.

Do you know what happened when they took my photographer's license?

What happened?

I wanted to run, run ... Don't come back ...

Maybe settle on some island.

But it did not work.

My world did not collapse.

Because you were here.

A new person I can trust after years.

- Mr. Can, I ... - Sanem.

When you arrived at my house yesterday, you wanted to confess something.

You couldn't say, stopped in the middle of the sentence.

Can you tell me what you were going to say?

It was nothing.


Mr. Can, you probably didn't get it right. I...

I was going to say something about work, but ...

- Now I don't remember. - Sanem!

Do not do it!

Mr. Can!

It's true, I say I have nothing to say!

What is incomprehensible?

One more step...

This color is so light! You can see when the dust settles!

Oh, mom, all right! Do not clean! I can't see, that's it!

Listen to me, daughter, be careful. Don't get sick. OK?

Mom, why could I get sick?

It is a tradition that mothers tell children when they leave: don't answer me!

And also...

Listen, don't play with your nerves! Don't you dare eat yogurt with saffron!

What kind of yogurt with saffron?

Yogurt with saffron and that's it. Yogurt with saffron. Yogurt with saffron and that's it.

Do not eat!

All right mother.

My little daughter!

Come on in! Don't wait here.


Ah mom!

Come back soon!

All right mother. Yes, I only go for 3 days!

I'll miss.

Come back quickly!

Do not make me cry. C'mon C'mon!

Let's go! Let's go!

Well, I'm going.

See you! To have a nice day!


Good Morning! You are going?

Oh, Osman?

What are you doing here at this hour?

I thought it would help with the bags. As you said yesterday that you would ...

So ... I came.

Well, it's not necessary! It has training wheels. I do it myself. Is not difficult.

No! It is heavy. Let me help you.

It's ok.

In fact ... Maybe I should take you to the airport?

In fact, it would be good, but they will send the company car.

It's ok.

So I will wait here with you.

Okay, right.

But shall we wait there in the shade?

In two minutes I will melt in the heat. Let's go!

Too hot!

Are you going for 3 days?

It turns out that this is a long time.

Actually, it seems like a long time, but ...

I don't think it's much, Osman.

This seminar is so important for my career that I am very excited!

Who knows who I'll meet!

Who knows who you will meet?

I would only go for one day, but Mr. Emre sent me for 3 days.

Because I am the main employee of the company ...

He's a very good person.

Yes, it seems so. Maşallah, Maşallah!

Ah, it's here!

Ah, they sent a car!

I told you. He's an excellent man. Can you see that?


Osman, let me kiss you.

- Give it to me ... - I'll take it.

It `s OK dear.

Very cute!

Good trip.

Bye Bye! See you!

Brother, be careful!

It really is a "vip" car.

I can't stay at this company for another minute. I will resign.

Sanem, wait. What is happening?

I can not wait!

I can't look at Mr. Can after the lies!

I'll tell you everything!

Can you calm down?

Now you must think about your conscience ...

And the result of your actions.

And you and I must calm down and make a plan.

Are you and I going to come up with a plan?

- What is this, a joke? - Sanem, listen.

You cannot go now.

It would attract a lot of attention.

That is, let me think of something in 2-3 days.

What do you say if I quit?

I feel sorry too. I'm sad.

I promise, I'll fix it.

Listen, Mr. Emre. I can not do it

I'm leaving.

Or I will tell Mr. Can.

I understand your desire to leave you.

I can't keep you here by force.

Wait just a few more days.

And then you can go wherever you want.

I'm sorry...

Which is?

This is for your new life.

Go to the Galapagos Islands.

Follow your dreams.

I can do this for you, at least.

500,000 lire

Is it money for silence?

Don't say nonsense, Sanem.

That's why you did it all.

What you made me live

You can't buy with anything!

Sanem, alright. I'm sorry.

Stay a few more days.

Not for me.

But by Can.

I promise, I'll fix it.

Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN

Have a nice day, Mrs. Serap!

And this is for your grandson.


Ramy. Tea!

Have a nice day, Sister Serap!

Have a nice day, dear.


Welcome, Mevkibe. I swear, I was looking at the road.

I'm as hungry as a wolf.

Ah, are they chops?

She brought six more servings.

I am very hungry!

It smells delicious.

What is it, Mevkibe?

Broccoli. Broccoli.


And what happened to the meatballs?

It became a dream and evaporated.

That you were in shape!

You will now get rid of that belly!

Enjoy it!

Come on eat!

Now it's like this!

What happened again?



You will be thin.

It is very useful. My tea.

Sit down.

What happened? Why you called me?

I'm listening to you, speak up.

Welcome! What do you want?

I do not want anything. Thanks.

I saw the ring that I thought you bought for me.

And then I saw you hand in hand.

I thought there was something between you.

I lost my mind

And I wanted to get even with you and your brother.

I'm sorry, Emre.

Aylin and her revenge.

Revenge and Aylin.

You are so beautiful that ...

It is difficult for a person to believe that you are so angry.

How did we get there?

How did I become such an unpleasant person?

Emre, there is nothing we cannot fix.

Believe me

My father dismissed you undeservedly.

We wanted to get married, it didn't work.

My father was afraid of losing his company ... I understand that.

I couldn't defend you.

I couldn't take your hand and say that I would go with you.

I agree.

I thought I could give you some little things.

I wish you were happy.

That I wasn't ashamed.

I gave you one more thing and one more thing.

For your ambitions ...

I became a nasty guy

Who betrayed your company, your family, your brother.

You destroyed everything Aylin.

I and my brother.

It is us.


Everything is gonna be okay

We will be together again.

We cannot be apart.

We cannot be without the other.

I don't want to see you right now.

I don't want to see you.

Emre, please.

Everything is gonna be okay

No one will know.

Your brother will not know.

The topic is closed.

Sanem knows! Sanem!

I told her to bring the photos!

She repeats that she will tell everything to Can!

I could hardly convince her to stay for a few days.

How can I prevent her from speaking?

Honey, she won't speak.

Do not worry.

This unhappy woman fell in love with Can.

What nonsense are you talking about?

You men sometimes miss a few moments.

You didn't even notice, right?

How she blushes when she is with Can.

How it trembles before him.

Can have pollen ...

He will not look at Sanem.

Who's talking about your brother?

I say the girl is in love.

Why do you think she stayed at the company for a few days, why did you want that?

It remains, because it cannot leave.

She can't, even if she wants to.

She can't help but see Can.

Like a moth flying around a fire.

She is in a desperate situation

Maybe she wants to tell you everything. But relax, she won't.

She cannot.

She doesn't want Can to hate her.

How can you be so sure of that?

Because I am a woman in love.

She won't want to lose you.

Why wouldn't it be worth it?

Do not leave me.

I will make you forgive me.

I promise.

I love you very much, Emre.

I wish you didn't love me.

Because you don't love anyone but yourself.

Do not call me Anymore.




Sanem, are you okay?

Yes. I felt a little sick when I cleaned the dust. What else can I do?

Are you going to drink coffee? I'll bring coffee

No thank you. Thanks

I drank a lot today.

Sanem, Sanem.

Did you graduate from breeding chickens?


Wait a few minutes.

I'm advertising on organic eggs.

I had this idea.

Listen to me, Sanem.

Sanem, listen to me. Attention to me

I'm listening.

Therefore, the egg is brown and white.

They are standing side by side on the screen

I made up a theme.

Chicken eggs.

Do not pay attention to appearance.

Don't go without eggs

What do you think?


You didn't laugh.

So it's not funny.

But it had to be funny.

I just don't have the humor, so I didn't laugh.

Well, look, there's still this.

I'm here, I'm here. listen

Chicken, Heliano!


It's not like this. No, that doesn't work either.

What will I do?

What am I going to do with that chicken?

Let him resign.

She will say that your resignation is here!

He will say he is resigning!

She will say that it is enough, that they release him and go.

Super, super.

Very well. You know, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Let him fight for his rights. But take it easy, of course.

It's very good. I will write this.

I will write this.

Very funny.

Good work.


For you too.

Have less interest in these chickens

If we don't get a positive result, you will be fired.

Then fix it. You got it?

Okay, solve this.



I have to tell you. I can't be quiet anymore. I can't hide it.

What can't you hide?

Sanem, you are not committed

Because you lie?

Because lied? Because you lie?

Come here, Ceycey.

Sit down, my friend.

It's ok.

I dont understand.

So listen.

Guliz, where's Sanem?

She went in that direction, Mr. Can.

If you want, I ...

I have no fiance.

I mean...

My fiance ...

I broke up with Osman.

Ah, so no ... I understand.

Why did you break up?

Osman has been my friend for a long time.

I grew up with Osman ...

It was a childhood love.

We misunderstand our feelings.

How is this a misunderstanding? How childish is that?

Because I kissed a person in the dark and fell in love with him.

Did you kiss someone while you were engaged?

Who is it?


Albatros ... What happened to Albatros?

Nothing happened to him.

I fell in love with someone else.

I fell in love with someone who will never love me.

So you were committed.

There is Albatros.

And there is a man who will never love you.

What is this story? How...

Are you writing a fairy tale, Sanem?

Anyway, we're done.

Well, Ceycey, I have to go now.

It's ok. What I was going to say.

At some point, I thought you were lying to me.

I apologize, but I thought that.

Ceycey ...

You made up a lie to Fabbri that Can and Sanem are engaged.

I invented the same. I've never had a boyfriend.

But don't tell anyone.

Do not do.

I don't know how to keep secrets.

Out of here.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Leave, today I don't need to talk.

With nobody.

Aunt Mevkibe?

Any fire ?!

Did something happen to Muzo?

Did something happen to my little sister Sanem? Did the leg dislocate?

Does Sanem have a dislocated leg?

Did Sanem displace his leg?

No, not in that sense.

She's clumsy, something happened to her.

She had already hurt her knee the day before.

Maybe she hit her head?

Did I come to talk about it, Ayhan?

And what did you come to talk about?

You knocked on the door as if I owed you something.

I opened it and thought something horrible had happened.

Look at me.

Look, look in a good way.



Child, we will melt like a candle.

I will take you to work.

And half of me will leave!

Half of me will go and only half of me will stay.

Make me lose weight.

Aunt Mevkibe.


Now, barking, let's do a dog pose.

I'm letting go of your hand.

I'm letting go ..

I don't know what the dog's position is. Allah!

Ah, my foot!

It's ok?!

Daughter, why do you need this, the dog pose ...

We will do everything humanly.

Come here.

Get up, drink water. Give it time.

After all, dog posture is difficult.

So, let's do a warrior pose.

I like this!

That yes.

Let Nihat see the warrior within me!

Let him see.

Now. Is ready?

I'm ready.

Right foot forward.

Left leg to the side.

All of our weight is directed to the left.

Hands up.

Carefully, carefully! Be careful.

We are true warriors.

Breathe in deeply.


We will throw all of our negative energy into the grass.

We relax.


I don't need to relax, but to lose weight.

Daughter make me lose weight. What are we doing here, ah?

Don't be nervous, Aunt Mevkibe

Take a deep breath and exhale.

I will teach you how to lose weight.

I promise, okay?

But let's finish yoga without stress.

We will breathe better.

What are you doing? You spilled some coffee everywhere!

What a disaster, get out of here!

Get out of here!

Out of here!

Ceycey ...

Mr. Can searched for Sanem, did he find her?

Why are you asking me questions, huh?

How should I know? How should I know? Do not know.

I don't know if you found it or not.

Today you can ask questions just about coffee!

Otherwise, don't ask me any more questions. Don't ask me questions!

Ceycey, listen, you're definitely hiding something.

You always behave like that when you hide something.

No, I'm not hiding anything.

I don't really hide anything. I have no secrets.

What were you whispering to Sanem? Is Sanem in a bad mood?

No, we usually whisper.

We didn't say anything.

We usually talk about coffee and the like. We speak like this.

Tell me, tell me. What happened? Tell me.

What happened to Sanem?

Nothing happened.

Tell me, tell me, something happened. Tell me, come on.

As soon as?

In fact, Sanem ...


What happened?

Nothing happened. Nothing happened.

I closed my mouth

Please tell me. Something happened. Tell me.

Sanem ...


Shut up, don't ask questions, please.

Don't ask questions.

There's nothing.

Tell me.

We are all under the stress of a possible layoff. This is what happens.

Ceycey, tell me.

Sanem ... Actually Sanem ...


Ceycey, what is it?

You are trying to make me speak!

Don't ask questions!

Don't ask questions!

You are definitely hiding something! Okay, you're going to open your mouth soon.

And I'm going to take a pound, Osman.


On here

Again, beautiful girls with Osman.

I don't understand what you see in this guy?


Children, my daughters.

I wonder why you buy meat in this butcher shop in Osman, although it’s cheaper in other butchers?

What are you trying to achieve? What's your goal, girl?

What are you saying?

I'm sorry.

Muzaffer recently has no mood.

How much do I owe?

70 lire.

See you later, Brother Osman.

Enjoy it.

She also says "brother".

Don't say "brother", you don't have to.

I swear, I'm obsessed with you, Osman.

I swear, after that situation you bother me.

I want to hit you in the face.

But I remember our past.

And I restrain myself.

But I'm obsessed with you!

You annoy me!

Listen, brother, I told you many times.

There is nothing between me and Sanem.

Yes or no, I don't care!

It bothers me that between you and Sanem there may be the possibility of a relationship.

It bothers me that you're making friends with girls.

I am irritated by your sickening friendship.

What do they find in you and don't find in me, boy?

Besides, why are you friends with the girls?

Friends, then! May they be my friends.

Listen, dear Muzo, brother.

What is Muzo dear? One minute, now there is no Muzo!

You will say "Mr. Muzaffer".

Now I need you to call me "Mr. Muzaffer".

And I, starting from my subtleties

Beautiful and cute or beautiful and cute.

Now everyone will see my subtleties.

In front of my door, the girls will come.

And I'm even going to open a store!

I'll open the store right in front of you!

In front of this butcher shop ...

there will always be the opposite sex!

I don't like you and you don't like me.

- Sanem, you could come here! - Sanem, you could come here! - Sanem, you could come here!

I'm sorry. I wanted to ask Sanem for tea, so bring me tea.

But my business is urgent.

I changed my mind, I manage myself.

How are you?

Well thank you.

Dear Sanem, if it is not difficult for you ...

I want to ask you to do something, if it is not difficult.

Mrs. Deren, is that possible? Why can this be difficult for me?

Why you say that?

Do not know.

Perhaps now what you are doing here will seem difficult for you.

After all, you have become the secret heroine of our agency.

It's very interesting for me ...

How did you become the hero of Can so fast?

Mr. Can is overreacting. I just...

I am already aware that Can is overreacting.

Take this.

In 15 minutes, make 6 photocopies.

But during this time they will not be ready for the meeting.

After making photocopies, divide them into groups and place them in a folder.

Send it to the creative department's meeting room.

And you will be there with the documents.

You got it?

Understood. Okay, Mrs. Deren.

Very well.

For me, it is enough that you understand this.

You can go.

Last year, your work was better, this year you repeat a little.

Renew yourself a little.

For example, here ...

Ceycey, can you get Mr. Can some tea?

Sanem, are you okay?

Allah, this is Madame Deren's classic.

Listen, don't talk about this woman, don't do that.

You will be really fired.

It would be great.

Mr. Can.

Your tea.

Ceycey, why did you bring tea? I asked Sanem.

It's the same tea.

The same tea that Sanem made.

If you want, I'll send her over.

Yes, Ceycey, take it and let it bring.

And next time, do as I ask.

Yes, you're right.

Should be like this.

That is, in a company, everything should be done like this.


Sanem! Here, you must take tea to mr. Can!

Don't talk nonsense. I'm making photocopies.

Besides, I'm not Mr. Can's personal employee.

I am everyone's employee. Go and tell Mr. Can.

Sanem, what are you saying? He wants you to take this. What should I do, ah?

That person is nervous and quickly gets angry!

You know! Go and take it! Or do you want us to lose our work?

Well, then you do the photocopying.

I will do.

I'm tired of bringing and taking!


Will you help me?

Boy, are they good, good.

Well what? When I make a decision, everything mixes in my head.

Well, is there anything else? I'm leaving.

I'm going to Germany.

I will attend the afternoon meeting.

And tomorrow morning I'll see a customer and then I'll be back.

Are you going to talk, are you? - Yes.

Who knows what you're going to say? blah blah blah...

I would mock you a little.

It is about lessons in financial management in crisis situations.

You will not understand

For Allah's sake. Do not do.

Look at me. You are fine, right?

Aren't you obsessed with the separation problem? Let me look at you

You look great.

It doesn't matter, I'll fix it.

Very well.

At night, there will be no one at home.

Who am I going to argue with? With whom?

Call me. We'll see you soon.

Is cold. Cold.

Enjoy it.

What are you doing?

Can you look ahead please?

Can you do anything?

You work very well.

I swear, you work really well!

This curly hairstyle works really well, I swear.


"Beloved calling"

Hello, Mina dear, how are you?

I am not well, dear. I can't work

Maybe we can see each other?

Okay, I understand.

I said okay.

See you later.

Mr. Can!

Translation Ivete Barra / Proofreading: Verinha / Team: LanaN



It was really beautiful here.

Very suitable.

What are you doing, Muzo?

It will hurt your hand. Is that how you use a drill?

Allah, Allah. It would be better to call someone.

Allah Allah! You already know a lot!

There is nothing like my drill. Learn this

Besides, I don't need anyone.

I am so strong that I will get over everything.

Hidden, hidden! Everywhere Casper.

How will it be? So I'm going to look more closely.

That is, they are probably hidden in fact. Because I didn't see it.

Aha ha ha

What kind of words are these? It's disgusting!

Put this one gently.

I will ask you.

Okay, how are you?


But what kind of store is this?

I'll start thinking about the index ...

Index? Girl, don't put any indexes.

Let's open the store. Have we entered the stock market?

I know we're going to open a store. That's what I'm saying.

I am your personal growth trainer. Why did we open this store?

Why don't I know, for example?

Perhaps because it is a surprise, dear Ayhan?

I have a surprise for the whole street. A good surprise.

Everyone will be very surprised.

Especially this your brother.

I swear, he'll be in shock!

Crazy. He's obsessed with my brother.

What are you doing?'

I hang up, if you support me, you can take anything.

Girl, does he open the store or what?

What do you think?

He's focused on Osman, everyone says.

I would open at least one blanket store.

No, sister.

Are there other blanket stores around here?

Melehat, what are you looking at?

Aysun, will your son open a store today?

What kind of store is he opening? You should know.

Tell me now. Speak?

How could I not know what kind of store my child is opening?

I know ...

But I won't tell ...

Don't go on like this. Here, then stay.

Be careful with him here, so stay.

It's here, I put them on.

Son, Muzaffer, are you opening the store today?

Why didn't I know?

What are we talking about?

Wouldn't you invite me to the opening, son?

What are those words, mother? How could there be such a thing?

Of course, at the opening of our store, you are the first guest.

Due to the fact that we recently decided to open our store ...

Therefore, we could not inform you.

If she is the first guest. And I? What am I, then?

Are we going to talk about it now, Ayhan? Should we discuss this in front of my mom?

You are my assistant, my partner.

Son, don't change the subject.

You will open a store here.

Grocery store! The best is a supermarket!

No, I will not open the store. I will reveal something more. Just "this is not a grocery store"

I have very good plans.

I swear, you will be delighted. Let's rejoice Let's become colorful.

Come on, leave me. I'm going to open this place already.

With your permission, I need to work. Come on, you too.

He's very tired. How can there be such a store?

Come on, everyone will see later.

I am helping!

Thank you.

However, once let me make a decision.

At least I want to make a decision on my own. Please!

Enjoy it.


Can you come to my office, please?


Can, where were you?

We are waiting for you to start the meeting.

Let's go.

Let's talk.

Our motto: "Alone, organic life, the rest is bad.

This is also very good. Can, what do you think?


All ideas are good so far.

Is there any other idea?

Maybe something ...

I will show

We have a chicken that likes to work. Which leaves the contents of the farm.

She will wear a suit, straighten his tie and hit the boss!

And it's very interesting, look.

I liked too.

I brought the documents.

You can leave them on the table. Go on, Volkan.

And he will say that.

"Or I, as a decent chicken, will live in an organic sphere."

Or I will not lay eggs. I will carry my egg inside me. "

With such thoughts, our chicken will come.

Very well? And what is your motto?


Sanem! Sanem.

What was the motto? The one we talked to?

Volkan, why do you ask Sanem?

I had this idea with Sanem.

I developed a little.


- Sanem, won't you say anything? - No.


Sanem, come, sit down, if that's your idea.

Join the meeting.

Can, why? What will Sanem do at the creativity meeting?

Well, maybe when they discussed this with Sanem, she passed the idea on to Volkan.

But the idea was developed by Volkan. Isn't that right, Volkan?

Inspiration, that's it.

She didn't even give the idea.

You and the flower or insect will be inspired, that is.

Something like.

Volkan ..

I didn't do anything anyway.

Sanem, Sanem.

Come in, sit down, please.

See how creative meetings take place. You will find out how it is.

Come in, sit there.

So let's continue.

Well, pick up fast.

Release, release. Go out...

Skirt! Skirt!

Go somewhere else, look at the documents.

"Ceycey calling"

Hello! Ceycey?

Go away

What's up with your voice?

Did you catch a cold?

No, my voice on the phone is like that for others.

My friends say that.


What happened? Why did you call?

I called about the personal growth course. See you today?

I have many things to do today. I will go to an opening.

I'm still trying to update this site.

I am increasing the number of subscribers.

I have not yet reached the desired amount.

For that, you need to do this.

There are settings that I can show you.

If you want, I can help you.

In the end, it's not like catching a hacker.

This is the internet.

We are already on the way to improving.

I have two advisers. And now they are in a state of crisis.

Today it will be difficult for us to see each other.

I understand.

We can meet tomorrow. I'm free tomorrow.

Okay, tomorrow.

Did we talk about the price?

No, we don't speak.

And how much?

The session is a hundred lire.

A hundred lire?


A hundred lire, if I see you three times a week, I will pay 1200 lire a month.

I'm a friend of Sanem. I can be considered your best friend!

There are no discounts, I wonder.

Okay, okay. I make 50 lire for you.

Fifty. Excellent And I will help you with the Site.

In the end, I'm an expert on that.

I have digital marketing certificates for that, you know?


So, let's do it like this. You don't give me money.

I will not give you anything either.

Then we will help each other. A mutual agreement.

Great. You are a super person. Great! So I'm going.

How's it coming? Allah, Allah!

I will let you know when I am free.


Ah, since you say that ... Hello ...


She hung up the phone.

Very sweet girl

Have coffee! What do you want, get it!

There are teas! And there is tea!

Now there are teas!

Yes, unfortunately, now we are approaching the least pleasant part of the meeting.

documents for company "Galina".

Annual production of eggs and chickens, their factories, tables of income and losses.

And it made today's socially important day.

Projects and advertising campaigns are in these documents.

These 240 pages will be reduced to 25 pages and we will provide information to customers.

Is anyone interested?

Mrs. Deren, just to read everything you need in 3 days!

And we already have work up to the roof!

So, divide everything between you and do that.


If you want, I can help. Because I read everything while copying.

246 pages, Sanem.

Yes, you always do the show. But don't overdo it!

Ask something. We'll see.

Try it.

It's ok.

So I ask.

So I'm going to ask randomly now.

The Afyon plant has production data for 2016.


In December, 128,342 chickens, 952,336 eggs.

In January, there were 128,348 chickens, 96,383 eggs.

In February...

Stop! Stop!

For the first time in your life, stop!

You never stop!

It's ok.

If you want, the job is yours.

We will see your work.

The meeting ended Can?

We already discussed everything, right?

In the afternoon we will meet.

Let's discuss the ideas.

If necessary again.

For tomorrow, this work must be completed.

Mr. Can can I leave early?

I mean, do you want to run away again?

I can go?

No, you can't.

Why are you doing this to me?


At night we will meet, we will see the company together.

Sanem, you too will come.

Ayhan, let's go! We are bored!

Don't you open it?

All right, sister! A little patience!

Where were you, Mevkibe?

This Muzaffer did the job.

Which is? Surprise store and a surprise store!


I swear, I'm very curious! I'm about to explode with curiosity!

Oh, I was very surprised by your curiosity!

Ayhan! Ayhan! We are curious.

And we too!

What have you been secretly doing here for so long?

Girl, open what you want to open!

We are already full of curiosity!

Sister Melehat! I also do my job.

Muzo will give me a signal. When he gives me the signal, I will leave. And we will see together.

I swear! And for me it is a surprise! "I am also full of curiosity!

Here, our saffron has arrived!

Did you come to see your rival Mevkibe?

Yes, does it happen that we are competitors?

You open a store

Saffron and ginger cannot be in this area. Don't sell in vain.

Sister Melehat!

Sister Melehat! Has no shame! Come here please.

Come here girl. Come here!



Please, on this beautiful day, let's leave the regional controversy.

Ayhan dear, I'm ready!


Neighborhood people. Are ready?

Ready! Ready!

Let's open it! Open it!

Let the new store in our neighborhood be successful and happy!

For us, there is nothing. Let's go.

In fact, we are competitors.

Do you sell in pounds?


Go ahead, ladies! Please don't panic!

In my area, are women worse than foreigners?

Now, then, how, the days, the nights will also be colorful!

The women in my district will not be left behind by the angels!

Let's go!

Son, take off that green thing! Allah, Allah! You are crazy?!

Mother! This is an incredible sector! I learned on the internet.

People cannot find bread to eat, but will buy underwear.

In fact, an incredible sector!

I don't like wearing a bra, girl!

Muzo, I swear, you are very crazy!

Brother, I'm going to tell you something.

Absolutely, an excellent idea!

It's actually incredible, Muzaffer!

In fact, something incredible!

Mother Mevkibe!

I swear I'll give you something like that. Daddy Nihat will fall in love with you again!

Come on, get it!

Take it, dear!

And the imposing leopard print!

Please get a leopard!


Weren't they all there?


I take it all, my boy. Give me all!

Let the first purchase come from me!

Right now I pack everything. Ayhan, dear!


I take care of that.

Wait my ...

Look this. Everything is for ladies!

I swear, this is my first check!

I have to hang this on a board!

Here it is!

Muzaffer, I will buy this in installments.

I will pay the first part in a few days.

No problem, mom!

He took 10 pieces. Pay in 10 installments.

Thank you!

I have amazing others!


Yes, he is already on his way.

He just hung up the phone.

It has some time. Do not worry.

Okay, see you later.

Mr. Emre! Welcome!

Thank you, Leila.

How was your flight?

Great. Everything went well.

And the seminar? What did you do?

Everything is going very well, Mr. Emre. Everything is so profitable!

I learned a lot. When we get to Istanbul, I will tell you everything in detail.


Oh no, I'm late.

I just called.

I said you were on the road. And he said his phone was not available.

Exactly, the phone.

I bought it today.

Put to load.

Sure, sure. I will do.

Thank you for last night.

I hope I didn't say nonsense.

It doesn't matter, Mr. Emre.

Are you hungry? Do I order something quick?

I ate something.

You will talk?

Can't I Mr. Emre?

I rewrote my speech that way.

I give it to you, take it.

Great excellent.

Let's go then.

I will introduce you to several important people.

It's ok. As you wish.

I took everything.

I've arrived, Mevkibe!

What is it?

What is wrong with me?

I still know what kind of vision you prefer!

I love you anyway, Mevkibe!

Mevkibe! I'm hungry, what's up?



This is very good for skin care and healthy nutrition.

If you prefer yogurt with saffron, I can do it!

You can and it is possible!

What's going on with you, Mevkibe?

What happened, Mr. Nihat.

What happened?

I'm not cooking anymore!

If you want to eat, cook.

With your permission.

I will lose weight.

Is that you ...

Eat a salad!

with the!



I am going to the garden.

You heard, we're going to the garden.

Welcome. Welcome.

Cold drinks are available in the garden.

You can drink. Welcome.




You read?

One of my favorite books.

I know each line of memory.

It doesn't surprise me.

I didn't know what each of you eats and drinks, so I cooked a little.

In this corner there is sushi, if you want, we can go there. What do you think?

Ah, I don't believe it!

Did you say sushi?

I Love! It is wonderful!

Super! Great! Friends, you can go there.

Sit down.


Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN


What is wrong with you?

I swear!


Very well.

Right. I can not do.

I mean, really, I'm not going to bother, although I don't need it.

I like this.

I can see, Melehat.

Aunt Mevkibe!

Don't lose our motivation!

Last 20 pedals.

Come on, Mevkibe, look.

What does the child say? 20 times.

Twenty times. Come on dear. Don't stay there.

She is standing like a wall! This pedal doesn't work!

What is damaged?

Where do you get those words?

Press the button. Push some more!

It will work, it will work.

I stood still, I'm saying! I stood still!


Of course, your legs are thick.

Fatty fat.

Therefore, you have no muscles.

You work a little ...

Become as muscular as I am, so you can accelerate!

Don't worry, do this.

Do what the child says. Come on, turn around.

See Melehat, Melehat!

I fell head over heels with a sports trainer with seeds in my hands!

Your legs are muscular and mine are greasy! Look, look, look!

A little less.

Oh, Most High!


How beautiful Aysun has become!

How did she get so thin?

That would have distanced me from this pedal!

I would leave that pedal!

I will move.

Did you move the pedal?

You are going, Melehat. Go.

See your skinny friend. Melehat, come on.

You tired me.

Honey, sport doesn't do you any good, you endure a lot of stress.

Ayhan, see you later.

Hello, Melehat! How are you?

Aunt Mevkibe!

Don't look, don't lose your motivation!

Get up on the simulator! Come on!

One two!


Listen to me!

It will not work! Now find another way!

I swear I will kick you out of work!

Find another way and make me lose weight!

But, Aunt Mevkibe ...

When you look so scary, I can't do anything!

My legs are getting confused!

Good! Let's go the other way!

What will we do?

You should know!

Let's do what we're going to do!

Coaching is a very difficult profession!

It is true, very difficult!

Furthermore, none of my sides admit it!

Your legs are like that. Here are your legs ...

She can't ride.

So, judging by the fact that we have solved the first part, we can now go back to the second part.

The chicken got dressed, got dressed, approached the boss and said what?

Let's talk about this.

I protest!

Leave it.

Well, this is like sending a lawyer to several courts

Or I will fly!

"You can't hug me!"

Let's say so.

Volkan, you flew well today!

Let's fly, very good!

I didn't say anything, dear! Let it fly. We continue

Can, a good idea has to come here!

It was wonderful outdoors.

Beside him, a person lights his head, creativity increases.

I wonder if it's because of the stones?

Do not.

You know, I don't like it when someone touches the rocks, except me.

You're right. Sure. You do not need to obtain other energy.


Because stress ...


Does anyone have any other ideas?

In my opinion, we ran out of ideas.

Let everyone disperse.

Then we'll meet again, if you want.

Something else will come out. Let's work some more.


Play something else!

Sanem, you didn't say anything!

The advertising for the first part was your idea, in my opinion.

Regarding the last part, some thoughts, a comment ...

You have, in my opinion.

What does the chicken say to your boss?

In my opinion, the chicken will not say anything to the boss. Do not put pressure on the chicken.

Then she said what she wanted to say.

I say, we are not going to pressure the chicken.

So you don't speak, Sanem!

Listen, you're doing what bothers me most.

Now you have exhausted our own negative light energy!

Do not speak!

Excuse me.

My left shoulder is numb at the same time.

When it happens.

It happens when I get negative energy.

We will do as they say in Turkey.

Let's take an hour's break. May everyone have free fun.

In an hour we will meet again.

Friends, there is everything!

There is everything, as you see.

Have fun!

Why are you running around like a crab?

Stop! wait! Do not run away! I will sit at a distance.

I do not approach you.

No, I ... I ...

Why should I run away from you?

Why should you run away from me? How long can you run?

One of these days you came to see me at home.

And said, "I'm going to confess something".

Do it now! What did you want to say

I told you. I have nothing to say.

I will not tell you.

Okay, you said "I'm going to confess something".

What's up, Sanem, huh?

What happened two days ago that you started acting like that?

My boyfriend is calling. Excuse

Answer, of course, answer.


Yes, Osman?

Are you worried about me?

I'll be leaving soon.

I miss you too.


Wait! Wait! Ceycey.

Ceycey is calling.

I don't think you need to speak to Ceycey right now.

I will reject. You will speak later.

How's it going with Osman?

Everything is fine with Osman.

And you and Miss. Pollen?

Ah, do you also know about Polen? Very well!

Very well!

I'm not with Polen anymore. We broke up yesterday.

And that's why ...

The last time, at camp, you said that you are allergic to pollen.

Okay, okay.

Why are you bothering me? What you want?

Why do you constantly piss me off?

I want you to talk to me, Sanem.

I want you to confess what you wanted to confess.

I have nothing to discuss with you.

I already told you everything I had to say.

Why do you pressure me so much? Why are you so offended? Do not understand.


Mr. Can, please.

Friends, that's all for today.

It is late and we are tired. We will meet again.

Good evening.

Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena.

Sometimes it feels like we have a room with two doors.

Everyone clings to your pen.

If one of us closes his eyes.

then the other one runs after your door.

And if the first one will say something

then the second must have closed the door for a long time.

And it disappears.

Today I saw you again in a dream.

You were very sad.

Because I pretended not to hear you.

Maybe I didn't pretend not to hear.

I just couldn't answer.

It's hard to tell the truth.

It's here.

Like me.

And even more than me.

In the same place, where I am.

More than that, you are more.

Uff Mevkibe! Uff!


Good Morning.

Good morning darling

How are you? Sleep well?

I feel a little bad. I left my job.

Okay, so you're going to rest at home.

Yes, they force you to work hard.

Dad, what is that? What do you eat?


This is your mother's new daughter menu.

She tries to make me lose weight with hunger. But I don't know why.

I swear, I'm afraid to ask.

I will prepare the food today.

Otherwise, we will starve to death.

I'm going to open the store and read a magazine.


What you want? What do I cook?

I don't want to talk, but ...

Dad, you cook worse than me. How will you prepare?

I will see the recipe. And follow the same recipe.

My beauty, what can I do to cheer you up? What you want?

Give me a hug.

I am ready to give my life for you.

I do everything for you.

Enjoy your food

Eat more slowly and finish quickly.

Yes, that is correct.

How do I start?

Let's start with black.

Mr. Emre, I wish you a safe trip.

You don't have to take me to the door.

Soon the seminar will begin.

come on in.

Mr. Emre, it is not work.

Also, thank you for yesterday afternoon.

If you need something, don't forget to call! Right?

I call. You will be here for two days.

Take a rest.


The driver arrived. I'm going.

We'll see each other soon.

See you.

Have a nice day!

Thank you!


I swear, I can't believe it. Was she okay?

Have you returned to our region?

Can we say that Sanem is at the "Leyla" store?

Yes, I'm back, Zebercett. Want something? What you want?

Ah! No. I don't want anything.

I also have a store next to you.

We are neighbors.

I opened a store with colorful underwear!

I came to say that we are close to each other.

Phone call!

Go away, don't leave the store alone.

In the end, the store owner must do this! No?

Don't leave the store, go!

My store has nobody.

You must not disappear too.

Stay here

Does not attend.

Wait, it's calling.

Yes, Ceycey.

Sanem, where are you?

The time is 10-22. You should have been here an hour and 22 minutes ago

Mrs. Deran came, Mr. Can came! Where are you?

I quit.

What do you mean by resigned? How can you not come? Who did you tell? When?!


Did she resign? Why?

You cannot quit alone. It is necessary to write a letter.

Mrs. Derain will fire you because you are late.

No, I won't.

What are you saying, Sanem?

Mr. Can will soon ask for you. What am I going to say?

Ceycey, Ceycey! Mr. Can!

Ceycey, where's Sanem?

Ceycey, don't give him the phone!

On the phone ... At home.

She's at home. It just doesn't come.

Hello, Sanem?

Yes, Ceycey ...

Wait, don't hang up the phone.

What are you doing?

I won't be going back to work.

I gave up my job.

You left your job. Allah Allah! Why?

Well, I was bored.

I don't want to work anymore. And still...

My fiance doesn't want me to work either.

He says I'm very tired and we don't spend time together.


Doesn't your fiance want it?

Sanem, I'm going to ask you one last time. Won't you really come?

Do not.

Mr. Can, I ...

I want to thank you for everything you taught me during that time.

The truth is very ...


He hung up.

Her boyfriend doesn't want ... Her boyfriend doesn't want to.

Her fiance said that she shouldn't work.

- Your fiance? - Yes, the boyfriend said that.

Why doesn't your fiance want it?

Because he is your fiance! How do I know why I don't want to?

Why are you looking at me like that? She has a boyfriend!

We all saw her boyfriend!

He even joined the games!

But don't shout.

Because he is the groom.

I said, because he is.

If it were not so, I would not say.

Uff, Mevkibe, uff!

I cut myself!

When you do everything it seems so easy, Mevkibe!

I found problems!

Oh, the food will burn!

And the meat is still swimming.


It doesn't boil here.

I'll put it in the oven.

And I'll put the spices

Where are the spices?

But it burned!

And it pours!

I'm going to ask Osman for help!

Osman! Osman!


What kind of clothes is that, Mr. Nihat?

Ah, Allah, I’m mixing the ingredients.

First meat, then onion ...

Or first the onion and then the meat ...

You're cooking? And where is Mevkibe?

She has things to do. I decided to surprise her and cook her food.

But I confused and burned the food.

Now I'm going to ask Osman for help, because he understands that.

Wait, wait. I will help you, for the sake of the Most High.

No, it is not necessary.

Ah, Allah!

Mrs. Aysun!

Mrs. Aysun, don't help me.

You tell me how I have to put the ingredients ...

How much dirt, mr. Nihat?

Mevkibe will go crazy.


Mrs. Aysun, my Mevkibe is very organized.

If she saw that, she would have a heart attack.

I made this mess!

What did you do, Mr. Nihat? It burned inside.

Ah, all of that sticky, horror.

What did you do? What have inside?

Give me a napkin?

And this is horrible!

I will take.

Mr. Nihat, it’s burning here, what did you do?

What is that, Mr. Nihat? What were you trying to cook?

A recipe.

But that will not work, Mr Nihat.

Mr. Nihat, do you know what we're going to do?

What do we do?

Let's throw it all away.

And let's start from the beginning.

You really had a great idea. Let's play everything.

And let's start from the beginning.

In addition, you cook deliciously.

Of course, compared to Mevkibe, my dishes are incredibly delicious!

Wait, I'll clean it up right now. And then let's think about what we're going to do next.

Mevkibe ...

Do you have an idea for the dishes?

What are you doing here?

Your husband asked for help and I came to help.

Otherwise, what can I do in this house?


I'll get you, Aysun!

I will take!


I will transform your saffron.

I hope you drown in this land!

- Let go. - Mevkibe!

Mevkibe! Mevkibe!

My little wife!

Why are you interfering in the lady's affairs?

I will now intervene in your affairs.

Wait, I'll come back to you.

I turned to you!

I'm coming! Aysun!


Like this? One minute, one minute.

Did you suddenly hang up the phone while I was talking to you?

How he would not be ashamed.

It doesn't matter, Ayhan.

He was angry. He's my boss, he's right.

After all, the company won't go bankrupt if I don't go to work.

For an hour they found a new employee.

So, the subject mr. Can ends.

Allah, Allah.

I mean, is it possible?

That terribly beautiful one ....

Very lovely man, but ...


We will find another one. Like you don't want another Can. Probably in ...


You made me feel worse today.


Was there another one like that?

Would it be possible?

Let's drink a soda

Like old times.

Open up, let's have a drink.

And don't be sad

What is done will be for the better.

Do you know?

I missed the store. True, this is my life.

Sell ​​newspapers ...

Put the fruit there.

I am so happy.

Because this is my world

What is it?

Some kind of color life ...

The advertising agency ...

The dynamic world ...


This dynamic life ...

It's too much for me.

It looked very dynamic. Why wouldn't I go back to the store?

- Do not you think? - Yes, you're right.

After all, my father has a store, I support him.

With him...


I'm committed.


My father is my father.

We have a stable, stable branch ...

Delicious soda

I ... I'm going sister. I...

I have something

Very cute...

We also have a beautiful friend ... We are with him ...

What am I saying?

Let's go.

Take the soda and drink on the way.


For the company.

I will not go.

So I'm not going either. I'm going to read a magazine.

Which is?

Magazine and Culture. I will read.

After all, there are soda and stuff in the store. And we are going to eat and drink.

And the breeze is blowing.

I will read everything, no problem.

Wife, it's true, listen again.

She had good intentions.

I wanted to surprise you and prepare a meal.

And then...

Mrs. Aysun suddenly came in and I didn't have time to say anything.

She had good intentions.

I wanted to cook for you.

A tasty and romantic dinner.

Besides, you didn't say ...

that now you’re not going to cook anymore?

So that I could cook?

I did not say that.

I filled you with yogurt and saffron!

You also defend Aysun!

You say you have a thin waist, but what about me?


I love you anyway, Mevkibe.

You are beautiful that way.

I said that for our health, beloved.



Let's make it up.

Let's go.

I promise, really, I will do what you want.

Hello! Peace be with you.

Daughter, why do you come from there? Enter humanly through the door.

Did I make the garden door for everyone to pass?

I love the garden, Aunt Mevkibe.

Do you know?

We don't spend much time together.

I decided to spend time with you and I came.

You did well.

Ayhan, will you stay with your aunt Mevkibe here?

Wonderful. Spend time together.

And I'm going to see Sanem at the store.

No! Don't go Uncle Nihat.

Don't go out, because I have news for you.

The news is ...

I have good news for you, Aunt Mevkibe.

I studied.

I looked on the internet, which can help you lose weight.

It turns out that belly dancing helps a lot to lose weight

Burns a lot of calories.


You told me you would do what I wanted, right?


So let's go.

Get ready.

We will dance the belly dance.


We will all dance together.

How are you?

Look what I brought you!

I prepared all this for you, eat.

Here are the proteins, son. There will be even more!

Enjoy your food!

I will eat you, I will eat! You are very dear!


You'll be gossiping!

Very tasty, Sanem.

Its very tasty. Much.

I understood everything

Don't believe, don't believe.

Yes, Deren.

What meeting?

I forgot again.

Okay, I'm going now.

Sanem, I have a meeting.

It's your campaign with chickens. I will go to your presentation.

What time do you close?

I will close now.


I'm going to your house in the afternoon. I will see you there.


Mr. Can?

He said he is going to your house.

He said he would come home.

What? Where?

What kind of ears are these? What kind of ears are these?

Congratulations, Mevkibe!

You forced me to do this.

I'm all covered in dust.

I found it, I found it!

I found the cassette tape.

Collection of dance compositions.

Very well.



Right? Are we ready, Mevkibe?

Mevkibe, there are thousands of ways to lose weight.

Why did we choose a belly dance option?

You will do what I want, Nihat!

Everything I want! That is all.


Start, daughter!

Come on!

Come on, shake it up!

Don't shake your head, shake, Nihat!

I'm going to check on Sanem. I'm going.

Let's go!


I swear I didn't even dance at our wedding! It's good!

Oh! Look look!

I've already lost weight.

Mevkibe, what's going on? You left the door open ...

Girl, you have fun here! Why didn't you tell me?

Come here, come!

Actually, I came here to say something, but I already forgot.

Forget! Forget!

It really helps a lot!

Come on Ceycwy! Can you tell already?

What do you say?

What didn't you say? How should I know?

What do I say? I do not know anything.

How should I know?

Come All

I said .

Say it Say it! Come on

Friends, actually boyfriend Sanem ...


He doesn't want her to work.

Can you see that?


What's going on here?

Welcome, Mr. Emre!


My brother is here?

Mr. Can and Mrs. Deren went to the team meeting.

I understand.

Guliz, where's Sanem?

Send it to me.

Mr. Emre, Sanem is not here.

Sanem resigned.


We also don't understand.

I understand.

I understand.


It's true, right?

Her boyfriend didn't want to.

Sanem, where are you?

Friends, don't ask questions.

Don't ask questions!

Don't ask questions! Do not know!

Do not know! How should I know?

Friends, I don't know.

Translation: Ivete Barra / Review: Verinha / Team: LanaN

Mr. Emre.

You don't feel comfortable here. If you want to go somewhere else?

It's not a problem.


Why did you give up?

Why didn't you wait?

Don't worry, I won't surrender.

I tried to speak to Mr. Can, but I couldn't.

He constantly asks me questions. I can't go on like this.

As well?

Does he suspect anything?

Do not know. I do not believe.

He came to the store.

He asked why I quit.

He said he would come again. Please tell him not to come back again.

Okay, I'll talk to him.

By the way, Sanem.

I'm sorry.

I created many problems for you.

If I can do something.

I want you and your brother away from my life.

Then I will have peace.

Please don't call me again.

Nor can Mr. Can.

Please, Mr. Emre.

It's all right.

Then I will go.

One last thing.

I really do not understand.

Why did you set a trap for your brother?

It is very important to me.


This is a very old business.

My desires, which I didn't understand.

The opportunities that Can received.

The fact that my father ...

He always loved him more than me.

Does not matter. As you will understand, this is a long story.

I spoke to my father. He will come back.

Can says he's leaving. At least that's what he said.

And I will think about it for a while.

He can leave the company.

Is Mr. Can leaving? Are you sure?

He has no reason to stay here.

He cannot stay anywhere. He is an unusual (wild) man.

Everything he wants comes true.

Everyone wants to see you around.

But he doesn't want to see anyone.

He always does what he wants.

One day you will see him ....

but soon he will be gone.

I'm sorry again.

I'm leaving.


Can we go to the coast?

I called Muso.

He will be a fool and so we will relax.

I just arrived from the coast.

I would suggest that you conduct a personal growth lesson.

But what you felt will bother me.

I will get the reason. Do not worry.

Everything will remain in the past.

I told Mr. Emre that Mr. Can should stay away from me.

Is Mr. Can upset with you?

Ayhan, I think he realized that I fell in love with him.

He plays with me like a cat and mouse.

Do you think he found out?

If not, why so many questions about what I wanted to say?

Girl, what is he going to do?

Who knows if you confess your love.

And he will find a new girl.

Then he will run to the new love.

He has many girls who can run. Do not worry.

Does not matter. Ended.

Exactly! Ended!

Get that out of your head.

Oh no!

Mr. Can?

Who is it? He came!

Ayhan ... Ayhan, stay here, okay?

And where are you going?

I don't know, I'll think of something!

And what am I doing now?

Mr. Can, welcome!

Thank you Aunt Mevkibe! How are you?

Good and you?

Thank you, I'm fine too.

Is Sanem here?

At home, at home. She's up there. Come on.

Did Sanem make a mistake?

No, no! I want to talk to her.

I will wait here. Can you call her?



Sanem! Run! Run, daughter! Mr. Can came!

Welcome, Mr. Can! Hello!

Maşallah, you again.

The necklace is very beautiful.

Do we have a problem? I can help you?

Run, call Sanem.

Go daughter. Run, call Sanem, dear.

Mevkibe, I apologize for disturbing you.

Don't bother, enter the house. I will wait here.

It's not a problem.

Do you wait here?

Okay then.

Just be careful.

Hi! Good afternoon!

Thank you! Good afternoon!

Who is it?

It's me, Ayhan. Open it. Mr. Can is waiting downstairs.

Come down! Wait for me at the door!

I will escape!

What did you say? Do not understand.



Daughter open the door.

Allah, Allah!

Does not open and does not respond. It's closed here.

Allah, Allah!



Very well!

Much! Very very very!


Let's go. Take your shoes and let's go.

Very well.

If you want, put it on.

Very well.

Here here! The car is here.

My sister and I always ran away from home.

And we went back through the window.

I had a very moving childhood.

As you can imagine, I was very active.

Constantly sitting in the treetops, like a cat.

I imagine.

Mr. Can.

Why do you come constantly?

What do you think?

I do not know.

You do not know.

And why do you come and stop, Sanem?


Are you coming to my house in the middle of the night?

Or because?

Do you walk miles to meet me in the forest?


Why do you hold my hand when I reach out and accompany you?


Do not know.

You do not know.


I will say.

You don't know, because there is no need to know.

You don't have to think.

You just need to listen.


Your soul, your heart.

We need to hear them.

I listened.

And that is why I am here, I came.

Sanem, why are you crying? I really do not understand. Why are you crying?

How can you be so naive?

I don't know.

Friend, how that bad person became.

The traps where you work, some kind of game and stuff.

Tell me.

Are you going to talk about yourself?

Who entered your house like a thief.

What was it to steal information?

What did the campaign folders bring me?

Tell him that too.


Sanem, don't do that.

Mr. Can, you got it all wrong.


Let me go.

Mr. Can, please let me go.

Mr. Can, please let me go.

Let me go.

Sanem, what are you doing? I don't really understand you.


I don't want to see you.

Stop following me.

You don't even know me.

You don't know who I am. I tell you, I don't want to see you.

Sanem, listen.

Do not play with that.


Do not play with me.


Look, I ask you one last time.

Think carefully.

If you tell me to stay, I will stay.

If you say that I go, you will never see me again.


** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra / Proofreading: Verinha / Team: LanaN

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