Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 34 - Episode #1.34 - full transcript

The jealousy crisis between Can and Sanem grows and Can finally gives up and kidnaps Sanem. Is it enough to end the resentment between Sanem and Can?

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Erkenci Kus- Early Bird 34 -

-Translation: Cah Granvier -

Can you let me go?


Can, let me go ... I beg you ..

What he is doing?

He lifted her up in his arms and carried her.

Can, I will report you for violating human rights.

Are you still talking


Can .. let me go.

Can, what are you doing?

Sit there.


Can, what are you doing? What bad manners.

Open this door.

I locked the door, don't shake it. Don't even scream like a child.

Can, you can't take me anywhere.

I will take you anyway ..

Where? You can't take me anywhere.

Well, let me out please.

Everything is fine, everything has changed, until the season ... And your subject is still the same.

You say the same thing .. So that I let you out.

Change that now, I get it, okay? It is enough.

I think it's over ... But you come again, again.

Stop the car now .. Get me out of here.

I will not stop, we go to a quiet place where we can talk like normal people, and we will stop there, but not now.

Let me out.

Do not.

Let me out.

Do not.

Faster .. They are moving away from us.

I do everything in my hands, Polen.

Well, I can't believe it.

How can Can do that? I still can't believe it.

Look at him .. He's kidnapping someone during the day.

What if he does something with Sanem?

Don't be silly, Yigit.

It is not like that.

Still defending him, incredible.

I am going crazy.

Where are they?

Were they not right in front of us?

No, don't you see?

Sir, I'm going to go crazy.

I don't know, curled up here somewhere.

Where are we going, at least say.

You will see, when we arrive.

Do you think I have no one?

Give me my cell phone.

You don't have a phone.

I'll call my sister, let her know.

Everything you did .. I will tell my sister.

I have the Aydin family on my back.

I have a huge neighborhood on my back .. You don't even know.

Why do you put the family and the neighborhood in the middle?

This matter is between us.

We will discuss this completely, decide and resolve.

I have nothing to decide with you, Can.

You have no problems with me, do you?

I understood everything wrong?

No, no .. I have a lot of problems with you.

If there are many ... Then let's talk.

Do not speak.

Let's talk.

Do not speak.

Let's talk.

It will take a long time like this. Let's talk, don't talk, talk, don't talk.

You just bother.

Do not speak.

Does not attend.

Nor does Sanem.

This is a joke?


I'm going to call Emre .. He knows exactly where they are.

Call, but call now. Otherwise, I'll call the police.

Come on, Emre .. Take this phone. Let's go.

No, I asked your forgiveness. I told you that we would try to fix this.

I said .. "Let's start over again."

And you didn't agree ... You.

He also took a long-legged Polen there.

I didn't take it. Why should I take it?

Okay, maybe so. How is this possible? In a fantastic world, I believe.

So I took everything.

I decided to build a new life, a new path.

Can Divit did not like this situation. He did not want this to happen.

He pushed me into the car like a bag of potatoes.

You see? He decided to talk.

He wanted to talk to me.

Did I hurt?

Look, you have a lot, a lot to talk about. Do you speak.

What does that mean?

You said we weren't going to talk.

You then spoke ... And now you speak, you are here speaking.

But I wanted to talk to you many times. You didn't agree.

Now you want it, but I don't want it.

But you are still talking now. Do you speak..



I understood.

Ok, Ok, I get it.

So, we need to talk .. I'm not saying anything bad.

We are talking about something in reality.

Okay, Polen, I'll talk to my brother and then I'll tell you. OK?

OK Bye.

Deren .. I'm leaving.

Emre? Emre, wait a minute.

Emre, Emre, just a minute.

Where are you going? Emre?

Mrs. Deren?

I'm listening, Guliz ...

I have a personal business. Can I leave early?

No, you can't, Guliz.

CeyCey had a personal business, he left.

Emre also had a personal matter, he left.

So, Can is a personal matter.

But, Miss Deren.

Without any "but".

Without any "but".

Don't I have personal matters?

I also have personal matters, but I don't go out.

If I am here, then you are here. That is all.

That is all.

I hear you, Gyuliz.

Guliz, all personal matters are banned here.

That is all.

I really said, "Why are you talking about?"

I'm telling you that we needed to talk.

These are different things. Why are you angry?

Why do you insist?

When you wanted to, we didn't talk ... Now let's talk.

So now it's time to talk.

Also, when you wanted, we talked.

I explained everything to you openly, I said.

I told you I was confused, that I was hurt.

I told you all of that.

This is the situation, I said. What did you do?

You went and threw yourself into *** Yigit's hands.

It's possible?

Don't even deny it.

And so...

You became Yigit's partner, just to piss me off.

It cannot be so.

Bravo, Sanem. You do not say anything.

It doesn't even move.

Just keep silent.

Bravo, Sanem .. Bravo!

If you are stubborn, then I am even worse.

I i i.

Master Yashar I am much more stubborn than you.

As well?

What do you mean "kidnapped"?

Mr. Emre, what did he do? Where did he take her?

How can I know, Leyla?

He took her in his arms, put her in a car, and took her away.

Mr. Emre .. Do you understand what you're saying?

What does it mean: "You took her in your arms, put her in the car and took her"?

What century are we living in?

Couldn't they speak like cultured people?

They are both stubborn, you know.

If they could speak like cultured people, .. they would not have come to that.

Does not attend..

Okay ... If I know something ... I'll tell you.

Okay, Mr. Emre .. Thank you.

Lord God.

I am going crazy. Give me some tea, son.

What happened? What happened?

Do you know what happened.

Lord God. Nothing happened.

I took it there too.

What took?

Lets take a tea.

There's nothing like that. This is a rumor.

Everything poisoned.

Enough .. What kind of poisoning are you?

Enough. Enough with poisoning?

Enough ...

Stop gossiping, ladies.

There is no poisoning.

No. See, you're talking now.

Don't gossip. There's nothing like that.

Once they say that .. It means yes.

What will happen?

Girls .. That's enough.

I swear they are already pissing me off.

Girl, we've been doing this since morning ... What are we talking about?

This is all because of Ihsan's flesh and not because of it. Everything here is organic.

Look, you have a flush on your face, what will happen? Stay at home.

Yes. Your face went red.

Oh my God.

Stand up.

We ate very well, something organic. It's healthy food.

At least let your face turn red.

They are red.

Muzaffer .. What if they are not released from the police?


Girl, will my mothers get out of here?

- What kind of words are those? -Not.

What are those words? This is a disgrace. Will I be without mom?

Girl, you scared the child.

Will I be without mom?

No mother?

There is no one better than Mom.


- Man without a mother. -Do not Cry.

I can not believe this.

Locked me up here in the middle of the mountains.

Even if I scream "for help" .. Who will listen to me?

Mountain, mountain bear.



Leave it, I don't want to ... Put it in your pocket.

Really, this is not the time.

I really don't want to talk to you right now.

And what is bad? Alone, away from everyone with her Can. Ohhh.

He's not my Can in the first place.

He's everyone's Can.

We left on a good note.

Shiuuu ... leave me .. I'm mine ..

Tell me, come on.

I'm frozen now.

I do not wanna talk to you.

It will warm you up.

Can will heat it up.

It would be enough to just hug.

How do you say that?

How he took you in his arms .. Don't go screwing this up.

Don't screw it up. Don't screw it up.

You have good intentions.

And the fireplace is there .. Ohhhh, great.

No .. I don't know.

He forced me to get in the car, in the end.

It was wildness.

I will die of cold. I will light the fireplace.

I will hit you.


Are you trying to warm up by hugging a log? What are you doing?

Apparently, you froze a little.

Look what I bought you.

I bought you colorful things. Look .. look.

Look how beautiful.

What did I buy you?

Use this and you will not freeze.


I even bought earplugs for you, I swear. Such that.

To prevent your ears from freezing. Look how cute..

I'll light the fireplace then.

Apparently, you will still be stubborn. You will not get dressed, so as not to freeze.

Apparently you will not speak. You will be sulking and silent.

It's ok..

If you don't get angry .. I want to ask you something.

Aunt Mevkibe had a popular sign language.

She pointed with her fingers and was silent for several days. You said something to me like that.

Is this your connection to that?

It seems similar to me.

Calm calm.

I was curious, and I asked. Maybe it does.

So it seemed to me.

We are hungry? Want to eat?


Do I light the grill?

Meat roasted like a pomegranate?

Sausage with bread?

We will do. Sausage with bread?


I bought the wings. Chicken wings. I bought liver too. You love liver.

I swear, I'll put everything on the fire now ... Mix and prepare. Hmm?

And a salad together? Ayran?

Your eyes are looking over there, you look at the keys ... I understand your intentions.

Don't even think about running away.

Do not even think. I'll tell you already.

Little by little it is snowing, you will become a victim of wild animals. God forbid.

It has everything ...

There is brown bear, polar bear, even pandas.

It has everything ... Everything can appear in front of you.

Do not try.

Do not even try. Do not think about it.

First I'll light the fireplace and then the grill.

I will start then.

I swear, don't look at me.

The man is already reading his thoughts.

Understand this now, girl.


- Come here .. - Come on, come here.


It is true that they are ...

Let Turkish justice live.

-Mom? - Thank God, thank God.

-We were really scared, I swear. -Welcome.


I thought you were going to rot there. I swear, I got scared.

- Girl, where did you go? -My mother.

It's true, I'm really scared.

Well, disperse .. It's all over, come on, come on.


Mevkibe, for God's sake, tell me what happened?

We witness and return.

We return ... we return.

What testimony was given?

If you gave that testimony .. Then you have very sweet expressions.

If I were a policeman, they would leave immediately.

Muzaffer .. Witnessed, witnessed.

If you leave the store for this jackal, you will still give a lot of evidence to the police.

I told you, I told you not to put a jackal here.

She did not say?

But this is because of her.

- You brought him here. -What did I do?

Jackal? It's the name..

The man said he would help. What do you understand about money?

What is happening?

What is this talk?

Everything fell apart in their heads.

Ok .. Everyone is looking for him.

Thank God, let them search.

They look for .. But where they find it interesting.

I do not know where he is. I do not know.

Do you know where he is?

On that side.

What are you yelling at?

Shut up now!

Don't trust incomprehensible people anymore!

Everyone have a good job. Although how can it be so in such a mood.


Ahh Ok .. That's it for now.

Mevkibe, banks ...

Still talking about banks!

Are you sure you're not hungry?


I don't understand how you resist that smell.


I understand these meat matters very well. Such that.

Salt .. Sprinkle some salt.

Are you saying anything? I didn't understand you.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You swore you wouldn't speak.



Do you want some?

Do not.

In this country ... Ayran goes out quite differently.

Really ... He does a lot too.

It looks like nothing is going to spoil.

Are you sure you don't want to? There are kilos of meat, ayran, salads.

Are you sure you don't want to?

So I'm going to give it to cats and dogs. For the birds.

Otherwise, everything will deteriorate. We should all eat.

Say, Sanem, I will help you. Say what you want?

Sanem, I don't understand, you turn your eyes to the right to the left. Something is happening to you.

Perhaps because of hunger .. Are your eyes already narrowed?

Tell me openly that you are hungry.

Sanem .. If you don't speak, you won't see food.

I will speak ... If I open my mouth, I will say very bad things.

Thank God he spoke. I already feel this friction.

Volcanoes are already exploding in your eyes. I understand.

Blowing up? Blowing up? You not only kidnapped me, but you also punish me with hunger?

I do not understand this.

Hunger can be created well. I already understood that.

Laugh ... laugh.

Laugh like that.

When that doesn't work, just laugh.

I think your blood sugar has dropped.

Because you fell. Dropped down

Dropped down

Your Turk also fell.

Sometimes you go to a tutor, otherwise your boss will be angry. Turkish is very important.

My last Turk is stuck in the meat of that grill.

I think about creating a campaign. I will speak to all my superiors.

Do not worry.

Only here I advise you to eat without speaking.

Otherwise, it will get stuck in the throat.

Maybe you have to decide? He wants to speak, and when he speaks. You say silence.

I don't understand what you want?

Take a spoonful of salad.

I will talk to you, explain my problem.

CeyCey ...

CeyCey .. Are you okay?

Sister Ayhan?

Sister Ayhan ...

CeyCey ..

CeyCey ..

CeyCey ..

CeyCey, I'm calling. CeyCey

Oh my God.

It looks like he's coming to himself.

CeyCey ... CeyCey

CeyCey .. Did you make a proposal for my sister?


I didn't propose ... Sister Ayhan took it on her account.

The proposal..

Did I make a proposal to her?

So it did. I heard.

He came to himself.

Yes, yes. Brother Osman. I did, brother, Osman. I did.

But Ayhan has not yet accepted.

Didn't you accept, Ayhan?

Take your time, Ayhan.

In my happy moment .. The tongue flew out of the mouth.

She is not obliged to accept. And if you refuse, I can accept it with understanding.

I think so.

But I accepted.

I accepted silly. I accepted, brother. Yes! Yes!

Once again yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I accept!

Let everyone hear! Let the entire court hear, yes!

Go on, go on, go on.

Ayhan, I have to explain something to you.

Well done, you are a brave guy. Well done, well done.

Are you serious with my sister? Well done, well done. Well done!

Brother, he really loves me.

Serious serious.

Then I will give you the first greetings.

Come here! Come on.

I'm so anxious, everything is like a dream. I want to go and tell everyone that I said yes!

So all of this will soon be made official through the event.

It is not?


Ayhan .. Are you sure you want to marry this man?

CeyCey? Hey ... CeyCey, CeyCey, CeyCey, CeyCey ...

Only this indigo blue really suits you a lot.

You are like an eggplant.

The stomach filled and the mood changed ...

If you still eat those nuts. It is very useful.

Back to the beginning again?

We will sit silently in silence.

We are not going to talk about anything.

And? Such that?


Can ...

I love you very much.

I ..

I don't know how to say, how to start.

Let's start from the beginning?

Because I don't want to lose you.

You don't expect me to say that, do you?

Sanem ...


You are a miracle in my life.

You are the sun of my heart. You are in every breath of mine.

I love you more than anything, believe me.

To tell you? After all?

Is that what I should say?

Do not say anything. I don't want to hear from you.

I know everything. And I know it can't be.

What was then passed.

What else can I say?

I'm leaving. Ok .. With your permission, I'm running away.

No, there is no permission.

No, no .. I'm leaving Can.

Until we fix the situation between us ... You can't go anywhere.

Leave here.

Listen, Sanem ..

Look, that between us ...

Yes, it's gone. What was, then is passed.

For all of us. Ended.

Let it stay in the past. End.

Wait a minute ... Didn't you say you don't want me?

Didn't I say you're going to leave me and go? Why are you still arguing?

What do you still ask about me?

I like you.

Liking someone feels wrong.

You lose a woman who loves you more than herself, because of your ego.

You say you can't stay anymore and leave, leaving me.

But he still expects his actions to be respected.

And you want her to act the way you want.

This is impossible. Because this is not a reality.

Well, you speak like a book .. You speak beautifully. OK.

You're right, I apologize. I'm so sorry. You are right, I apologize.

Come in, sit here. Excuse.

Give me a second.

You're right, sit down. I'm so sorry.

But in emotions, we make the wrong decisions.

My decision .. I will decide what I want.

Yes, you are right, you are right.

But the wrong decisions are made with a lot of persistence.

At first, we get angry, and then you put yourself in situations that bother you.

I don't want to hurt you .. I don't want you to be upset.

What happened happened, you are right.

We did some things wrong with each other, ok.

But now we are here, in this moment.

Forget everything now.

What do you mean?

I mean that we respect what we live, at the very least.

Yes, we were not successful. Yes, we could not be a couple.

But at least, let our friendship continue.

And then I will go to the Balkans, with a calm head and heart.

I don't want my mind to stay here .. Otherwise, I'm going to go crazy.

Yes, go wherever you want! Am I telling you to stay?

I don't want to be your friend .. My friends are enough for me! Understood?

No, Sanem.

I don't know what to play.

Do not play.

I do not want to be your friend!

Get out! Go away..

Turn around..

I give you much more than you deserve.

Don't yell .. Otherwise, I'll tie you to this table again.

Tie! Do what you want!

I was tied to your heart .. But you didn't see that.


Don't you sleep at night? Hmm? Can't you close your eyes like that?

So I won't be here. You will see.

Give up.

Give up.

Let everyone hear! The whole neighborhood! I'm getting married!

Girls, I'm getting married!

Kiss, kiss, come!

Yes, very well .. Are you becoming a son-in-law? Son in law?

I will explain everything.

Come on ..

I want to say something, but ...

But he will ask you for me!


My sweet! I will eat you! I will eat you!


Thanks. Thank you..

And who is the groom?

The groom is here.

Well well. Congratulations.

Aunt, I'm getting married!

That's enough!

Yes Yes Yes.

Ayhan, Ayhan, wait, where are you going? What are you doing?



Are you going to marry?


Is that the groom?

This is the groom ..

This one?

This one.

Groom .. Groom .. that ..


Ayhan ... Ayhan

-Let go .. - Help me.

Auntie, let him go ... Let's go, thank you, auntie.

Aunt! Let go, auntie!


Congratulations Ayhan.


Congratulations son..

Kiss, hand .. kiss, hand

I couldn't explain. But it's not like that. Ayhan, I'm talking about pictures ...

Yes, yes, the photos are beautiful ..

Until then, it was bad.


What? What are you doing?

I will married.

You are lying.

It must be a lie.

He made a proposal for me .. He actually made a proposal.

I can not believe this! Come here, hug!

My dear.

Are you becoming our son-in-law? Will you be son-in-law?

Neighbors, Ayhan is getting married! He made a proposal!

She is going to get married ..

OK? You become a son-in-law in our neighborhood.

You take the girl away from us.

You take the girl. Congratulations. Congratulations, congratulations, Mr. Cengiz.

- Kiss your hands. Congratulations. -Thanks.


I didn't put it in my head.

What? Also tie a dog.

A hunting dog is also tied up here.

I'm going to drink some water.

Nothing more.

Can you make tea? Will do?

Drink a drink? You drink..

Will I make tea?

Do not create a problem with this. Should I make tea? Then leave the tea.

Let's drink.

In fact, if the kitchen is free, I will cook

Let's do it like a golden day.

Do something yourself, that is your contribution.

What I need? I'm trying to have a conversation with you.

I don't want to ... I don't want to have a dialogue.

My sister is very worried, please give me the phone, I leave the message, I warn you.

What century are we living in?

Your sister has a confused relationship.

The turmoil in her life is enough for her.

And you stop filling your head with your problems.

What do you mean,? Tell me, I'm going to write a message to Emre.

He passes it to Leyla.

Here .. I write .. Throw the message away now.

Clean with me. Don't worry about us.

Hum Hum ..

We haven't killed ourselves, yet ...

Points ...


Don't wait for us at night.


Tell that to Leyla.

Well, everything is fine then.

Help! Help me! You are welcome!

Sanem, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?

I'm yelling Can .. What should I do?

I can't do anything without Can, probably.

I'm tired of everything.

Send them the address. Because here I am going crazy more than anything.

A very bad joke .. Joke in bad taste.

A really bad joke.

I think you have oxygen so high affected.

Mountain conditions.

More and more cold jokes ...

Where? Where are you going?

The joke was bad

And here's a joke?

And here's a joke? Open this door!

Don't hit that. Don't knock. Because it doesn't break.

In Turkish, there is such a statement. So now I use it.

-Don't knock in vain. -Please..

It doesn't break .. This is a protective glass.

See you later.

You will pay me ..

Where did you go?

Didn't you know where they went?

Oh my God. Will they be together?

But ... well, fine, Mr. Emre.

Thank you for letting me know.

Good? Any news about Sanem?

Mr. Can said to Mr. Emre. Said they're together.

I'm getting crazy. It all goes together.

And where did he take her?

What do you mean? He kidnapped her in broad daylight.

Like a barbarian.

What are you looking at? You saw it yourself. This is barbaric.

Sanem shouted there.

Only here ... Mr. Yigit, those screams may be the norm.

Relations between them were chaotic.

Can he do something bad with Sanem?

I think the exact opposite.

Let's pray that Can comes home in one piece.

And this one now ..

I don't believe it ... What else.

Leyla, I'm sorry. This is your sister, but she is.

I don't understand why some people are so obsessed with the broken relationship?

Mrs. Polen .. I remind you, it was Mr. Can who kidnapped Sanem.

Yes? Here she is right. Exactly.

What is this nonsense? Can may not understand, but now he risks his career.

Also because of such stupid incomprehensible nonsense ... well ...

I'll call Sanem.

Don't you dare, don't you dare, no. Don't you dare call Sanem, don't do that.

What are you doing? Let go.

No, no.

If you call them now, it will ruin everything.

Do not call and do not ruin the situation. Because they have to talk about something now.

To end it all and say goodbye.

He was unable to put the keys here.

And here it is? Couldn't he leave the keys to the machine here?


I'm stuck here.

There are olives.

I am so sick, so sick.

What to do? Drink olive oil?

No..I'm stuck here. I will try here.

Snow air. Great.

So the door is not locked.

This means that there is no child lock on the doors.

You'll have it when you don't see me.

How am I going to connect this?

Ahhh Sanem. Ahhh.


Oh, Sanem .... Oh, Sanem.

My scourge is, Sanem. The source of problems in my life, Sanem ...

Where is she going? Where she goes?

It's not scary at all, did you know Can? Very good.

I prefer to push the gas.

It’s interesting to walk around here ..

Very good.

What is a good thing?

I have to be careful.

Yes, I am very good and serious.

How good I drove.

Come on my girl. Come on my girl.

Come on ..

Come on my girl.

What happened?

The wheel got stuck in the snow.

What am I going to do here now?

What is that sound?

Sanem, be quiet.

Sanem, be quiet.

There is nobody here?

Lion, run away .. Paraparapum ..

Sir, I'm cold.

There is nobody here?

Sir, I got lost.


I did not understand it. What are these tracks?

I'm really confused.

There is nobody here?

Is this the top of the mountain?

Oh, Sanem. Oh, Sanem. It just does crazy things.

I hope to God, that nothing has happened to you.

Ah, Sanem .. Ahhh

There is nobody here?

I'm going to die here, for God's sake.

There is nobody here?







I hear your voice Can ..

Look to your right. Right ..


Can, I can't believe it. You are here.

Like a joke.

Where are you from?

Where did I come from, yes?

Where did I come from?


Okay, let me go.

Let go of me, won't you? Behavior change has come.

Very good.

You shouldn't call me Mr. Can ... but yes, Can the savior.

Why should I? I came here for a walk. I went trekking.

For God's sake, an avalanche can fall. You could become food for wolves, bears, even birds.

Why are you doing this? They'll find you all frozen. They'll hang your head in a restaurant, and they'll fill it up inside.

And you will fall on the head of another.

Why do you need this?

God forbid. -Let's go...

The bike is there ...

What bike? She's out of gas. I had seen..

- Is the gas out? -Yes.

So add gas and we'll get out of here.

Yes. We find a gas station everywhere.

I'll call and ask then. How much do you want?

-4, 4 liters - I'll order a mix then.

We will go on foot. Come on.

- On foot? - Yes, we are forced.

You kidnapped someone. Why don't you have a plan B? I did not understand.

First, you are unfair to me.

Besides, you shouldn't have gone from point A to point B. Why then would I have plan B?

And this is true.

It is logical.

Just a second, Can. Give me a second.

I watched a lot of documentaries. I have a well-developed intuition.

Go ahead, continue ..

I am looking .. Show ..

In that direction.

If you're done ,,, Okay.

As if we were on top of a mountain. There are no people around here.

The height here is 2500 m.

2500 m?

Yes, the number.


Your mother is ending up here ..

Welcome daughter.

Thanks. What are you doing?

I used to play merchant .. Now I'm a housewife, as you can see.

Where is Sanem?

I will help you.

Okay .. help.

It will be necessary when you get married. Learn to cook. Wash your hands.

Where is Sanem?

Don't force your mom to talk about marriage. Please..

What are you doing?

How was the organic theme at the store?

If you only knew what fell on us.

What happened?

Come come.

Take it.

What happened?

This Aysun, slapped my head cunningly ... Because of that Jackal.

- Unpleasant. - More unpleasant.

He even made products at home.

Cream, jam, oil, etc.


Yes, Ihsan.

And then I brought it ... To sell at my organic store.

He sold it to the people.


I swear I did.

You should have seen people, daughter.

Everyone swelled up.

The people came all red and red.

One quick after another. He came to the ambulance to and fro.

Everything was on fire.

I swear we almost had a hospital here.

A shame.

Mom what do you say. I hope nothing has happened to people?

Thank God, it didn't, daughter. It didn't happen, but we ...

We went to the police to testify.

For the police?

Where is this Ihsan? God forbid, turn your neck.

I do not know. The police are looking for him everywhere. Damn it.

God, it's okay.

How can this be..

Add that. Let it fry.

The smell really flows.


The rest is wonderful. I haven't told you the main thing yet, daughter. Come on.

What happened?

Come come.

What happened then?

Daughter ... CeyCey made a proposal to Ayhan.

Ahhhh ... I know about that.

How do you know? How did you know?

How did you find out?

This ... Ayhan called Sanem and told him.

I know from there. And Sanem is now at Ayhan. Talking about that.

So they will now talk about the wedding .. Infinitely until tomorrow.

No, let her talk about your sister's wedding.

No, it is not a problem. There is still time before my wedding.

Daughter, what's left then?

You have no dowry. What will we do?

Look ... I bought you bedding. Would you like to know the color?

I also ordered the blankets to sew. Such cotton.

You will see and be delighted.

What else did I do?

2 more tablecloths ordered. One for you, one for Sanem.

Done beautifully. Interestingly, did they turn pale in the chest?

I need to see. There is a henna night, except for the house.

Shopping walk. Invitations I don't know how we can handle this, daughter.

Are you going to have a wedding like Hussein?

It will be great. If you ask why.

If it rains, there is a covered place. Okay, I swear.

Mom, that's enough. What is it? You drove me crazy, for God's sake.

I'm tired, I swear.

How tired am I now?

Come on Leyla .. Let's think about it ...

Daughter getting into the bath ... Oh, bath.

Arrange daughter, bride in the bath. Daughter Munise so well organized them in the bath.

And henna was there. How fun it was.

Listen, Leila ... Shall we do it? I beg.

Mom, I can't hear you. I headed for the tunnel now.

I don't hear you. I don't quite understand what you're saying. Excuse.

See you later.

I will go to Ayhan. It will be a pity, I will go.

-Kisses. Bye Bye. - Not normal.


Everything will be done.

Go straight to Ayhan. Go there .. go.

Go to Ayhan. For God's sake, look at this.

She's getting married, she hasn't matured. I'm going to be sick.

I became a lover of problems.

Where are we going? I did not understand.

We lose?

You already lost me. That's sure.

What will happen to my cold test?

Test the cold. I beg.

We stay in the freezer, the air conditioning breaks ... We get stuck in the mountains.

Am I in love with a snowman?

That is ... I was in love ..

Now I'm not in love.

I love ... loved the snowman?

Come come. Comes.

With the.

What is it?

Throw 3-5 pieces in your mouth.

What is it? Are you trying to poison me?

Why should I? This is for blood sugar.

OK? Now I could say the name in Latin and show it ... But now I don't need it.

Too much.

And take this.

It tastes great.

So they grow up in snowy places. Therefore, I did not see them.

I understand now. I understand better.

I'm starting to understand everything here.

Here, everything was the reason why I learn everything.

I created this solution.

If you can be quiet.

You will save energy. If you save energy ..

I think you will be less cold. If you get less cold ...

I think you will talk less. If you had entered such a circle.

It will be very good for both of us. Because I don't know how much further we should go.

So, I think you need to do that.

How come you don't know?

Where's your training? Aren't you a mountain man? Where's your knife?

Yes, everything is there.

Like? Okay, what time?

-Where's your watch? -The hours here.

-Ok ... -Red.

So let him show you the way.

If you allow. If I can concentrate.

I will solve everything.

I am silent.

I don't interfere.

Nature is with you.

I am dizzy?

Because of the berries, what did I eat?

Due to the fact that you talk a lot .. You are played left and right.

If you stay quiet a little.

You can maintain your balance.

You poisoned me, Can.

Bitter a little.

Of the berries ... And it can be logical.

-What? -We can guarantee your silence.


I have nothing like that. I checked you out.

I understood your intentions.

Do you really get married now? I congratulate you both.

Thank you very much, bride.

Thank you Leyla.

But it looks a little like ..

Suddenly, hurriedly.

-Highly. -Not.

Do not.

Do not.

Not much, not much.

No, it is not very unexpected.

In the sense that "no". Said that.

Okay, honey.

It ended well, in my opinion.

It looks like you will become a bride before me, Ayhan.

No, I won't.

No, my life .. You will become a bride first.


But I don't care about that. If you want to get married earlier, you can get married.

Ayhan, remember. I will never be offended by this. Marry you first.

I hesitate, it is impossible.

Here, after all, there is Brother Osman. I care what he thinks too.

You know better, Brother Osman.

You must get married first.

So, Osman? Osman agrees with me.

OK brother Osman?

We have prejudices.

I then said. Do not misunderstand.

-First ... -No.

- We are here for you to get married -Brother ....

I cannot pass Brother Osman.


And here it is? If you worry about shame, then I ..

So? Did you make a plan?

Well ... we're going to make a plan. But not everything has been clarified yet.

There are moments that still need to be clarified in our heads, brother.

What is not yet clear.

Topics that are not clear are very disturbing.

Everything was right.

There is such a moment.

And that is ... well. This way...

To make it clear.


What details?

That is .... When the matter is late, the marriage fails. Couples somehow ..

Therefore, you prefer to get married.

No, you get married first. I am not this ...

As I said, I will not be offended. Are you going to marry.

No, we got married, but so did you ...

I therefore

Alright, CeyCey

What happened?

What happened?


What is happening?




I will try.

No, the taste is wonderful.

And this is delicious.

I practiced with him ..

When you get married, add pepper.

So you have practice.

Drink water. Have a drink.

It's true, so ...

Friend of Sanem, right. Jokes like hers.

Where's Sanem, by the way?

I call all day. She doesn't answer calls.

Tell her that I'm offended by her when you see.

If I see you, I say, Ayhan.

What happened? Where is Sanem?

Can kidnapped Sanem.

-What? -What?


After a cooking workshop, he threw it on his shoulder. They got in the car and ran away.

Where did he take her? Where did you kidnap?

We only know that they are in order.

Where could they go? He certainly prepared a surprise.

Something like a holiday ... A romantic vacation.

He will not take you to the mountains.


Well, yes.

But sometimes a person needs something like that.

One person may need to be alone.

Especially during this period .. Stress at work and everything.

It's good to get away, rest.

It's good.

Perfect. Brother Osman. It is not?

What did you get us into? I can not believe this...

- Did you say something, Sanem? - That's the sound of my chin.

I thought you were addressing me.

Why would I address you? Just see what you got us into.

Sorry, I couldn't assume you would run away.

I beg your pardon .. Because I knew you would kidnap me, right?

I wasn't ready for that either, sorry.

What sound is this?

Is that a bird?

What kind of bird is this?

You know birds, you tell me.

No, this is not the bird I know.

Don't be like that .. This is probably not a bird.

Can I take your hand? I'm afraid.


Stay away from me .. I'm scared.

I arrived..

Welcome, my princess.

What are you doing?

Where is Sanem?

Sanem stayed with Ayhan, she didn't come.

Why that?

Mom, don't you know? They both start blah blah blah blah, don't shut up.

My head is already sick with them.

Sanem spoke so much that she didn't notice that I left. Just imagine.

They talk constantly at night.

My God, Mevkibe. And how are they going to talk in the afternoon?

The girl is working.

Look, too, so she needs your friend .. Here she is beside her.

And the best time of day is night.

Good girl my daughter.

Isn't it daddy? I agree with dad.

So what to do? During the day, she doesn't see her friend, at least they talk at night, mom.


You do not wait for Sanem .. She will be back very late.

I don't know, maybe she won't be back .. She will spend the night with Ayhan.

OK then.

Okay, I'm going to bed too.

I wake up early tomorrow.

Now now.

Come on good night, Dad.

Good night.

- I love you. - Me too.

What is it?

I can park a car here, .. Look at this distance?

Stay a little closer to each other.

Ok daughter, ok ..

Not good, dad .. Not good.

Get closer to each other, let's go.

Come on, Mom .. Move.

Dad, I expect the same from you.

Yes. How cute, how beautiful.

Just like that ...

Good night.

Cover yourself with a blanket, don't be cold.

Okay daddy.

What are we going to do now?

There is a house nearby.

I think we can settle there.

In fact, it's very cold ...

I'm already scared, I panicked.

Don't panic, Sanem, if you panic, your body will consume more oxygen.

And if the blood oxygen goes down ...

Am I ordered to walk in the forest with a biology teacher or something?

Oxygen, nitrogen ... Yes, of course.

Listen me

If the amount of oxygen in your body decreases .. You will want to sleep even faster.

Well then, if you want to sleep .. I will not be angry.

I will not be angry with you.

But it's not like that ... You can't fall asleep here, lighting a fire.

There is a possibility that you will not wake up anymore.

I don't want to sleep .. What are you doing?

I'm going inside. What else do I do?

Perfectly. We can spend the night here. Ah, if there was still firewood ...

It rained, come on.

You froze, right?

I swear that God loves us.

Come straight here.

The thunder of the street resonates, understand?


Whose house are we at?

What if the owners come now?

What do we tell them?

What will they say? They will pity us.

Look at our smiling faces ...

And we will be welcomed, I think.

They can be serial killers.

They can be angry with us and try to kill us, what will we do then?

I think they should be afraid of me.

I think so.

I am even more dangerous.

Are you cold?

Cold, of course.

Fingers ... Or some other part of the body numb?

Is there such a thing?

Do not.

Do you know wild ducks?

Quick transition to another subject.

There is no wild duck that I know personally.

But in general, I know wild ducks, yes.

When they go to the frozen lake ...

That is, in the breeding season ...

Lest your partner freeze ...

Let the feathers not be covered with ice.

They watch them swimming in the nearby water. Did you know?

Bravo, I admire them.

Smart birds.

I lost that information.

Why not fly like albatrosses?

Because they are loyal.

Their house is there, their couple is there .. Why should they run away?

Are these ducks unscrupulous?

I understood you well.

Sit down?

Still .. Love is having wings, but not flying away.

It is to settle down and start a family.

If there's one that flaps its wings in the water so you don't freeze ...

You will not leave it and you will not leave.

Me too, then, a little fantasy.

In a slightly different format.

For example, if we now freeze here ... And this situation has that.

If we get frozen.

If we are found many years later ... We will be defrosted and brought back to life.

Do you think we will still remember each other?


Would they be frozen too?

When you can remember without freezing ...

When you can live and make you feel close.

Isn't this a bigger miracle?

True love will not freeze.

True love will melt all the ice.

But, if this is true love.

You cannot know that.

You collect firewood .. Cut it with an ax ...

I do not know. Let you have mountain houses or huts in the forest.

This suits you more.

We are going to sleep .. Watch one at a time.

In this case.

We take turns ..


Then it's your turn.

- Then I'll stay here. - Um Hum ..


Lay down here.

And you wake me up when it's my turn.



I listen, it's me. Good Morning.

Ahhh ... Good morning ...

Did you make toast?

No not me.

Such that? And who cooked then?

There is a snack bar nearby.

I ordered there.

Snack bar?

How do I do it? We see that the will of destiny has arrived. Where is the cafeteria?

But their toast is ...

Impressive. Very very good.

So .. They said to eat until we calm down.

As well? One minute.

We are here ... How did we not notice, when we came here?

I knew, to be honest.

Such that?

I knew it.

I decided to torment you a little.

You understand? Yes, and there is a red watch.

Do I usually wear a watch? You should know.

There is a GPS here.

There is a telephone.

There is nothing unknown.

Did you lie, looking me straight in the eye?

Why did you do that?

I didn't lie ... I thought you would think a little.


I thought.

I also advise you to think that, from time to time, it benefits the person.

Don't worry if your head hurts.

None of that, you can think from time to time. Practice..

Can, you made a big mistake.

Do not be nervous...

Don't you smell it?

Breathe in the aroma ..

Bite .. Eat now.

Because when you're hungry, a monster comes out of you. You eat and then we talk.

Easy conversation will be more sensible.

You will pay me for it.

I pay for everything.

All accounts closed.

Can .. You are being smart now.

And what fragrant tea.

Oh my God.

It's hot .. Blow.

Blow, blow. Blow.


We speak again.

I didn't see so much beauty.

It will be very difficult for you to see this beauty in the future.

You expect.

I am talking about the vision.

You are so cruel.

True, very damaging.

But very tasty ...

Don't appreciate me.

All this around ..

This is not the case.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Mom, come on .. I'm going to work.

Did Sanem wake up? I called her yesterday, the phone was off.

The phone was off.

Because Sanem left him carrying it. Charging your phone ..


Because the phone charging has been turned off. She just called me.

She said she woke up.

Just like that. I will pick you up at Ayhan.

Yes, and I told you .. Why did you wake up in the middle of the night?

Why did not you sleep? You knew she wouldn't come.

I don't know .. I couldn't sleep, daughter.

Good, but I told you she wouldn't come.

Okay, Mom, I will. I'm late for work.

I'm going to Ayhan, pick up Sanem and go.

See you later.


I'm listening to mom.

You and I have to start buying the dowry.

What dowry, mother?

What does "dowry" mean?

Daughter, very little is left before your wedding.

We are already late ... So we are in a hurry to buy everything.

Okay, mom .. Let's see.

We will see, we will not go. I don't know what you're going to do there, take a break from work, let's solve this problem.

Well, mom, there's still time before the wedding. Don't push me.

Daughter, what time is it? God, God ... You will soon become a bride.

Yes, and Osman is going to buy a house.

Shall we send you empty-handed or something, daughter?

Are you going empty-handed to your home?

Of course, if you have no other plans.

No, mom, what plans can I have?

I'm late for work. OK mom? Let's go, please.

So we speak.

Let's go. She was nervous.

No, I didn't make you take my hand. Do not.

After eating, you become more reasonable. It is true.

Yes, but am I a child? I'm trying to be reasonable.

I also stay calm after eating.

And when the opposite is hungry.



Sled. Shall we ride on a sled?

Didn't you just say that you are not a child? Child actions.

You are a child

No .. Only the child inside me wants this.

But thanks to you, a child can leave.

This is another matter ..

Stop, shut up. Let me see it.

Let me have a look.

Look at the ears ...

I am feeding your kind. Come on, come on, come on.

No, I do not want.

Stop this. You don't want to admit that you don't know how.


Don't say that you can break something and then lie for 3 weeks.


I rode the sled when we had snow in the neighborhood. Uncle Ahmet's son came in second and I took first.

We will organize a competition then.

You are not a child ...

You have no childlike spirit.

I always take this with me.

So let's run ... Let's organize this competition.

I'm going to run.

- Don't fall, you'll fall. - I'm going to run.

Don't do anything stupid.

Why don't you want to understand?

I say my grandmother called.

She says that if I don't get married, she will die.

What should I do? Only that came to my mind.

I decided to take a photo and send it so that the woman would not die.

Why don't you want to understand ?!

Everything is complicated, because it is about marriage.

I came then, was I going to say how? Brother Osman came, and I lost consciousness!

Everything is complicated.

I get it, CeyCey! Okay, don't yell. Okay CeyCey.

I understand that you don't want to marry Ayhan. OK.

I want..

Just not now. The time has not yet come.

Everyone in the cafe understood, except you! Did you understand friends?

Yes? Because I've been explaining since the morning.

CeyCey..I'm saying. Don't shout in front of everyone.

So what do you want? Do you just want to talk to this girl?

Guliz, you will not understand. I explain the plan. We are going to the store.

We stand in front of Ayhan, and you all say why I can't. Listen me!

As if you were interrupting!

Well, calm down. That's with me.

Should I calm down?

Yes, calm down.

I will speak very well. OK?

Don't worry, I'll convince you.

I will pay.

Oh thank you.

Nothing. If the plan doesn't work, I'll take it back.


Such that.

Let ...

Thank you .. Good job.

- And I'll get it ... - Okay, CeyCey.

You can keep the change.

Come on CeyCey.



Dear Ms.

What are you doing?

As always. What am I doing?

Oh, the packages! We help people.

I became the assistant president.

And now I help the needy who live in our region.

I became an athlete.

Isn't that right, neighbor?

Of course, of course. Muzo ..

Muzo has a heart of gold.

Therefore, it always helps older people.

As a social project.

What do you mean?

This is just a design from the heart.

From heart?

Do women like men who make them laugh?

Muzo, you are really very funny. I can not believe.

How can you not believe? I swear by the heart.

I swear by the heart. What should I swear on?

I can help.

Well, we will.

Yes .. Yes. We are late. See you soon, ok?

We will see you. Then I will run more to help those in need.

Of course, of course.

Hey, buddy!

Maybe that's what she calls you.

Call, call, calm down. Do not pay attention.


Look here, Muzo.


You didn't pay me back.

Our help will continue.

Do not worry. The main thing is not to throw seeds on the ground. It is enough.

We will send it to you by post if you need anything.

Come on.


I'm listening.

Muzo, are you selling?

Are you helping the store?

No what? No, what kind of assistant?

Besides, is this a bad thing?

Even the assistant has a palace.

Assistant's Palace.

CeyCey, we're late. Come on, we need to go, CeyCey.

We go, Muzo.

So we speak.

The coach makes me play in the wrong place.

I have to play offense and play defense. But I am not an assistant.

I swear I'm not a helper.

Friends .. Here are your sleds.


I'll get the keys downstairs.

The sled is my lifestyle.

I don't understand .. Why sledding is a lifestyle.

In fact, I know everything.

You are ready?

Are you ready?

I am very ready.

So, 1!

two! 3!


Can .. Can!

I will fall!

I will fall!

I didn't think so!

I will fall!

You deliberately fail.

You deliberately fail.


Hold me...

I think I saved you now.

Do not.


Why did you pull me?

Because you fell.

No, I don't understand why you're pulling.

- No. - I wanted to stop you.

No, you understand that you would lose.

You understand that you would lose.

No, you understand that you would lose.

I have time ...

No, you have nothing to do.

So it was.

I got you there.

Guys ... We're closing.

You see now! You did it on purpose.

Come on guys.

Let's go..


OK .. let's go!

Let's go!

I congratulate you very much, Ayhan. I'm very happy for you.

Thank you very much, Guliz. My darling did it, did it so crazy.

This is good, you can act now.

Madness, yes ...

Our CeyCey is really crazy!



And is ...

And that can make sudden decisions.

Yes, he can make sudden decisions.

Well, yes, maybe. He can make sudden decisions.

But it works very well!

By the way, I'm trying to take an order, I'm sorry.

I work at the same time.

It was not possible to explain the details.

CeyCey was unable to explain the details.

Oh, we have a lot of time to discuss the details. It is not?

Yes, yes .. Stop playing.

I can play..

Why do you translate that? Why translate?

Yes, I just ...

OK, let's go.

I'm talking about honey.

My beautiful eyes.

Guliz .. Now I understand by his look what he means.

Very good.

But that is ... Ayhan, visions can be deceiving.

A person can have an illness.

You may have astigmatism. You can only wake up.

Hmm. Guliz?


Perhaps. We just woke up.

True .. It is possible.

It happens when you wake up. Isn't it, Guliz?

When it comes, you repeat "maybe, maybe". How do you help me?

Say something already.

Why don't you say anything?

She has a knife, CeyCey

This is not a knife. You don't understand anything about meat.

And you don't know.

Guliz dear ..

They say that when the hearts of two people become one, then there is a connection.

Perhaps. Yes.

Are you still going to stay here?

If you stay, I will order tea for you.

No, no, no. I need to go to work.

I'm already leaving. I go to work and then I drink.

Stay Guliz .. Have some tea ..

- This is a very tasty tea. - Well, see you.

Yes, I'm leaving.

You forgot your bag. You forgot your bag here.


I'm leaving.

Have some tea.

- No, no. - That is not considered.

We will wait to visit us at home when we get married.

And that is not considered.


Yes, therefore. I will go to your home. I'll see you.

- We don't consider it, we don't. - Come on, bye bye!

Mr. Groom

We were left alone.

Yes. This ... I felt hot when you did this. Is there something like a refrigerator here?

I'm going there.


Where? Where?

On that side. Why?

It got hot.

It got hot when you kissed me. Therefore.

- Really? - Hum Hum

So I'm going too.

This time we are going to lock ourselves in the fridge.

- I misunderstood ... - CeyCey, I found a suitable match.

Ahhh ... Miss. Guliz!

Did I scare you? Excuse me, please, Miss.

- Did I scare you? - Muzo?

Muzo and who else? Who else can get out of these corners?

Muzaffer can leave.

I recently felt that you thought badly of me.

And I came to fix this.

No, no. I didn't think, I didn't find anything.

Watch out. Carefully and don't think.

I swear, I almost saved your life.

You thought I was selling, helping the store.

No, no! This is not true.

But I don't really help the store.

I sell underwear, on my mother's side.

Lingerie? What kind of underwear?


We have a colorful world of underwear.

And we are also there, in the colorful world of underwear.

That is, as I understand the outer world of women, I can also understand the inner world.

You speak to the real Don Juan!

It was out of place.

Yes .. Yes. Nothing. I remembered ... Your mother spoke. She said, I remembered.

Yes, the mother spoke here.

And the store is right here.

Very unusual. We have unusual models from the underwear world.

If you want to decorate your inner world, then look at us.

But I really need to go urgently.

Where is the exit from this neighborhood?

Get out of here, I'll take you. Come come.

But before you leave ... Maybe have a cup of coffee?

I'll tell you my secrets, secrets, regrets ...

About the loneliness on this top.

And let's talk a little bit.

Don't you drink coffee?

Muzo, I really need to go to work so urgently, I can't explain it.

Therefore, we will do this at another time. OK?

Taxi has arrived! Next time, ok Muzo?

Okay .. come on.

Thank God.

I take the phrase "next time" as a promise.

Then we'll drink some coffee, and talk sometime.

And that you have a good job.

Have a good journey, Miss ..

What are you doing?

Brother Ilyas, your name, car number is engraved in my memory.

Take the girl to work.

And make sure it was.

I'm watching you.

Muzo, you know that we're not doing anything.

We will not argue now, Brother Ilyas.

Can I seat

Of course, of course. Excuse.


Brother Ilyas, I am watching you.

We can go? Come on.

I made her crazy.

She's thinking about me now.

She is not now, I swear!

Very good.

Very good atmosphere, see everything. It is not?

Very beautiful.

As if time has stopped here.

Very beautiful, white and clean snow.

Hot chocolate.

Also with cream.

Did you know .. When I was little, I put jam in the snow and ate.

I don't remember the name now, but it shouldn't be done. The snow is very bad.

What happened?


What happened?


On the lips.

And you don't have it here.

There is no cream.

Let him call.

No, maybe it's something important.

Let him call. Leave ..

Answer it ... answer it.

Let's go.


Answer .. Ok ..

Answer? Hmm?

Answer ..





This is a joke.

But I'll answer it so that she doesn't call anymore.


Dream, Sanem. Dream

Dream nonsense .. That everything will be very good.

He needs to answer, you see.

I wonder what is so important there?

I said I'm fine, Polen. Do not worry.

Can .. How can I not worry about you?

You seem to be crazy.

He picked up Sanem and took it before my eyes.

I ask where are you? What do you do?

I'm interested. I worry, it doesn't depend on me.

I'm fine, Polen.

Hello, Yigit?


Yes, Yigit.

What happened?

Sorry .. Sorry.

Yes, I'm listening.

Ok Can .. I understand dear.

I mean .. You could have done it a little differently, Can.

You could go to a cafe .. Talk like normal people.

Yes, and I don't understand Can .. What do you still have to say?

Do not worry.

I'm fine, we're fine. We speak like two adults. We needed to discuss something.

I told Emre, I said we were fine.

Is there anything else?

When you will come?

In other words, I wanted to say that we have to take a picture of the book. That's why I ask.

I don't know now, let's see. I'll be back when the case is over. And when we get back, we'll fix everything.

Can, you say you will decide when to return, but there are a few days left. You will go to the Balkans.

I'm going to hang up ... hang up. I'm in the tunnel ...

OK? It won't ... Hello?

Does not start. Hmm..



He hung up.

I can not believe this. He spoke and hung up the phone ..

I'm fine, nothing happened. Sorry, I made you worry, but ...

No problems. You can be sure.

Sanem, there's another reason why I called you ..

Did we talk about the writer?

Bouquet Erdem. You liked her.

I said I saw her manager.

It seems that our dream of working with her is becoming a reality.

Are you serious? I am very happy, Yigit. This is very good news.

Exactly. Isn't that super?

She will be at an exhibition in Izmir.

She has a very tight schedule, but I said that we can go to Izmir.

And she agreed to a meeting.

Yes, and I thought we would meet a few more people.

I'm going too?

I will go.

I'll go, okay. When?

Tomorrow night?

In Izmir?

OK lets talk.

Ok .. see you.

See you later.

What did this guy from Yigit say?

There is a writer that I really like.

Bouquet Erdem.

They will meet at an exhibition in Izmir. He said that maybe we can start working together.

And I was also invited to the exhibition.

Are you two going together?

Yes, Yigit, as a publisher owner .. And I am your employee ..

How cool, honestly. What a wonderful World.


And what did Pauli say ... That is, what did Polen say?

She's worried?

Is there a problem in Istanbul? What happened?

Everything is great. Everything is as it should be.


He goes somewhere, without telling me anything.

And then I call and ask him when he will return.

And he says he doesn't know.

"Let's see" .. It is that kind of answer.

By the way, this man will be going to the Balkans in a few days, Mrs. Huma.

These are definitely not Can's actions. This Sanem ...

Exactly. All of this is Sanem's fault.

Sanem gets on Can's head. That's why he behaves that way.

There is no other explanation. I'm sure about that.

Ah, enough! Enough, my head is already spinning.

Pollen, calm down a little .. Calm down.

Sorry, Mrs. Huma. But I am having a panic attack right now.

Hold this.

I created a dream.

I made a plan from beginning to end. How can Can do this to me?

Ok .. Okay, wait. I will come up with something.

And even invent ... Um?

What else happened to you?

Am I listening, mom?

Emre dear ..

Why do you have that voice?

Dear apparently hiccup .. I'm in the hospital, possibly an allergy.

You are in the hospital?

Yes. Since yesterday, weakness, dizziness. I came to the doctor, but asked for tests after the consultation.

What kind of consultation, mom? What do other doctors say?

Are you alright?

Suspected thyroid gland. I didn't understand it either.

Separate analyzes will be for this.

I don't know .. I'm afraid, I panicked.

Mother, calm down. I go to the hospital, where are you?

No. Don't come ... I'll be out soon.

I'll go home.

You go home? Ok .. I'm going home too.

Son, why do you worry? Look, don't you dare talk to your brother, lest he be worried.

Okay, fine .. See you later ..

"No way, when my mother is ill, my soul."

I just found it, now will I lose?

Perfectly. This is a great plan, really.

No, what do you want? Why do you care?

I really ask .. Why should you take Polen's calls?

Ask what you want.

Ask. Do I leave your questions unanswered?

When did I not answer?

I answered the phone, because I would call non-stop

Our heads would explode from the calls.

I hung up to get rid of it, I didn't care anymore.

OK enough.

In addition, when Polen calls, you answer immediately. But when I say I want to call so they don't worry, you don't.

You make me angry.

You do everything to make me angry.

No, no. The only thing that makes you angry is that I'm going to work at a publisher, nothing more, okay?

Come here. Sit down.

No, I will not sit ..

- Stay here. - You have a job.

You have been finding a new job. You have a job.

You decided to go with a stranger to Izmir.

You are crazy, Sanem.

I at least leave the region. And you are going abroad, Can.

You go with Polen to the Balkans.

Free your way ...


Together? Don't talk nonsense.

Ok .. Touching, touching. Answer ... answer. Say "Hello."

Is Emre calling?

What did you say?

Emre speaks, louder, louder. Much louder.

Mom is in the hospital. Feels bad for a few days.

They did exams ..

Let's go?

Something serious? Is it something serious?

What does he say?

She says that everything is in order .. But the voice was weak.

I suspect something.

She told me not to tell you .. But I decided to call.

I'm going home ... If you want to come, ok?

Okay .. I'm going to go.

I will go..

Well, hanging up.

Polen calling?

Polen calling?

Mom got sick, something like that.

I need to go see.

Come on?

Come on, sure. I'll get things.

I'm going ... I'm going.

What happened to her?

Age, something like that ..

We will see.

MS. Deren, where are you going?

Miss Deren, wait a minute.

MS. Deren?


MS. Deren?

I'm listening, Miss. Deren?

Can you kidnap Sanem? Guliz said that.


Guliz did you know how to speak?

- No. - Um?

Why did you say?

Why did you tell?

Why didn't you say anything at the butcher shop?

He was silent, after all.

Mr. Jan, you killed my youth.

- Miss Deren .. - Ahhh ..

CeyCey .. Why are you screaming like a patient?

You answer me ...

Can you kidnap Sanem or not?



My psyche is broken.

And why are you happy?

For the fact that they love each other .. Well, they will embrace, they will be together.

Besides ... I'm glad Yigit didn't go after Sanem.

Mr. Yigit

Because I don't immediately switch to "you" with anyone.

Yigit didn't go, because the publisher just opened, so you can't make any mistakes.

The information that will save life is true.

We really did.

Leave me alone.

At least before the wedding, leave one. You will not leave, I better go. OK.

I'm leaving.


- I'm going to the file. - OK..

If I don't come in some time ... Then I'm in the file room.

Ok .. If you want to be alone.

In the file room.

You disgraced us ..

Who else?

Don't start again, Mevkibe, for God's sake.

What became a huge neighborhood?

How would I know that the man is a cheater? I ask you.

Stop, for God's sake ... Are you kidding a child?

For the love of God.

Have you signed anything yet?

Mevkibe, my patience is running out.

I tell you, my patience ..

I will not hear a word about partnership .. I already notice ..

Partnership is not enough.

What kind of partnership are you talking about?

You lost a lot of time. I came to the store alone.

If it weren't for Muzaffer .. Would you be able to get in through that door?

Because of Muzaffer.

Look at me, from now on we won't even greet each other. There is no more partnership.

And tell this Jackal, this Ihsan Jackal ... that I'm going to salt it, squeeze it and sell it like a cucumber.

I will sell it ..

Mevkibe, for God's sake.

And I will not greet you, I will not.

I wish you have no more trade. May there be no trade.

Is it worse than you can be?

Is it worse than you can be?

Come here...

Ahhhhh ....

What is happening?

What is happening? I am going crazy.

That's enough.

That's enough.

That's enough.

Still plays.

Stop it .. By God ,,

What is it?



I'm here, dear .. Come.

What happened mom?

Are you alright? Emre said you were sick.

Look ... son, look. I told him so much, not to tell you.

What shouldn't I tell you?

Would it be possible? Of course he would say.

Of course he will.


Tell me what happened?

What was said at the hospital?

I called the hospital.

More precisely, the doctor's assistant called saying that I had a cold.

Weakness, dizziness, that's why.

Thank you dear.


So they said?


You see, you just arrived.

You also made a child worry.

How's mom?

You said you were in the hospital. That you felt bad, I called my brother.

In fact .. It was not in vain, of course.

Every minute with you children .. It is important to me.

AND? Tell me where have you been?

The birds sang something, but ..

If the birds sang, everyone would sing.

Everything needed to be heard.

I will not say, not to interfere .. You hear from them.

What is this .. Come here, talk like a son with a mother, come on

Okay, let's tell it in your ear

You are very bad, very bad. The devil, the devil.

Do you think I don't know what you did ..

I'm going to the agency, Emre. You come?

I'll go I'll go.

Mother, I got off the case and arrived.

Very tasty, good appetite.

Health for your hands.

AND? Aren't you reconciled?

No, not really. He didn't even apologize to me.

Sanem, sister .. So it is clear that Can loves you.

Some people don't know how to apologize. They can't.

You would not be elevated because of that.

What kind of love is that?

Like a bag of potatoes, I was put in the car.

You had to see my condition.

Some people show love like that ...

I think so, all in different ways.

Why are you laughing?

Why is it so funny ...

I couldn't call, nor could you call.

A wild man. And you worried.

Sanem, if mr. If Emre hadn't told me, I would have exploded with curiosity.

Even if he asked for forgiveness .. I don't know what he would say ..

But he hasn't asked yet.

Did mom say anything?

No, I solved this case. I got it.

Sanem, are you back?

Yes, I arrived recently.

Are you alright?

Do you want a rest at home?

No, no.

It is not necessary. Thanks.

I will work too, many things.

Good job.

I apologize, if I made you worry.

No, is that possible?

Why are you apologizing That Can, who must apologize.

We saw you. He put you in the car.

Are you alright?

I'm not well.

If you knew Can .. I would understand that he wouldn't hurt me.

It still says: "If I met you .."

I think you need to go to the police.

Not even.

I mean..

Well, what he did was wrong.

These are confusing matters. We have issues that need to be resolved, actually.

But Can would never hurt me, rest assured.



I'll be back to work.

I'll start..

OK, good job.


Hi Can .. Are you free?


I didn't expect you.

Polen, don't be offended .. I worried you too.

I went with you ... And then, without telling you, I went out with Sanem.

Of course, thanks for the explanation. But I was really concerned, Can.

This is normal, normal. Do not worry. You are right.

We needed to talk urgently.

A little tense ... I did what came to mind.

Stupid though.

I understand.

Have you solved the problem between you guys?

Everything is confused. I do not know...

Everything is incomprehensible ..

Is everything incomprehensible?

Does that make you fly to the Balkans? It is not?

Let's talk about it. Are we done with the case we're facing?

Will we make a book?

I came to you for that.

I worked on several alternatives .. I will show you soon ..

Good deeds, neighbor.

President, welcome .. What is this?

Muzaffer .. I cannot work with your mother.

Something bad is going to happen soon.

Look, we started this journey together .. Let's go back.

I swear, president, 1,000 people want Muzaffer, and only one takes.

Are you a bride, son? For the love of God.

I made my delivery using Nihat Spor.

I agreed with Pope Nihat. I started working with him.

I'm with him.


Yes Yes.

We agree.

Muzaffer .. I am very pleased with you, son.

Thank you very much, Dad.

What are you doing, stealing my assistant? Are you taking my partner?

Why should I take your partner?

The guy stayed here alone.


Tell a man to rot there?


Is it not clear that you sell, that you grow?

Leave the child to stay here, and learn the business.


Muzaffer .. I give you twice what this man gives you, son.

Muzaffer .. I will give you twice the price this woman gives.

What do you think of me? May God reward you twice.

Road, food, insurance and everything you need ..

Very clear.

Muzaffer, don't make me crazy ... Let's go.

Muzaffer, stay here.

I stay ... I stay.

Mom, let go of me.

We saw their organics.

Now I want to work with Father Nihat at the store.

And I am satisfied with the conditions.

Do what you want.

Shame on you, Muzaffer.

What we do with it is organic.

Are all conditions true?

Take a look. Talentless.

Look that.



If you need to go .. Then we took stock.

Yes. Here's the situation, friends.

All of this is in your hands.

Yes. If the colors and the background fit, then we can start immediately.

I think it's appropriate.

Health to your hands, Deren.

You are welcome, Yigit.

Polen, what do you think?

In fact, I also liked it a lot.

Can and I discussed this alone yesterday.

Alone ...

What did you say?

- Hmm? - I did not hear?

Hmm ..

"Alone," said Polen?

Yesterday, Yigit and I also talked for the first time alone, for a long time.

It occurred to me that ... We were talking alone ... You and her, me and Yigit.

For a long time?

You don't need to talk any longer, I think.

What you wrote, we will take and resolve everything.

We will send the book for printing.

Yes, I think everything is ready, as I said.


I also liked it a lot.

Good, good, everyone liked it.

We can finish the meeting then.

Hum Hum ..

Mr. Can? Um hum ..

Let's see if the publisher liked it. Maybe the writer liked it.

She likes everything .. Why? We can't know.

She likes bad things too.

You are exaggerating.

The editor hasn't been here since elementary school either, after all.

Everything must take into account.

If you say .. I want to hear your opinion as an editor.

Please .. Dear publisher.

The cover is very good, I liked it ... But what are we looking for?

Something magnificent ..

Mr. Can, I'm going to make you do some more work.

Please, won't you sit down? I ask...

Let's go.

With your permission .. I will start ..

I think we should change the names of the dishes.

We can change the names, because they are free to change.

I say this to attract more attention.

We will resolve this, before you go to the Balkans.

Not even.

Aren't you going to the Balkans anymore?

Not even. Not even. Not in that sense.

What does it mean to change names?

You're talking nonsense. Especially now.

Certainly. I join Can.

You can't change anything, Sanem.

It's true, Sanem. This is stupid.

Sanem, I think so too ... It can be confusing.


I do not suggest that you change the names of all dishes.

For example, Keshkek.

Delicious. Do you know how you feel?

As if I was very sad for what you did.

Keshkek ... If I can go back.

These are the emotions that encourage.

In addition .. Keshkek is also given at weddings.

Such free desires.

You are again filled with extraordinary ideas.

As always.

- Brains are enlightened, aren't they? -Highly.

The mind opened.

Mr. Can, what is it? Are you tired already? We just started.

In addition, the cover photo, everyone forgot. But I remember.

We have to discuss the cover photo.

Ahhh ... You haven't forgotten. Bravo, Miss. publisher, bravo.

You're right, dear publisher. We got a little distracted.

Yes. In the end, we came to talk about creating a book.

They came to organize this meeting.

But the cover photo doesn't have it ... Can't you see?

See, there is no photo. There is no it.

One second ... How come there is no cover photo?

Do not.

Yes, it does.

I have not seen. There is not.

We work on it, Sanem. Here you are.

Too bad.

Excuse .

Look here. Many different variations.

There are options with an even greater amount of display.

Our favorite, I want to show you. Where is he?

Here it is. On here. Very beautiful. Perfect.

Friends, what is this? What is it?

What is it? What?

This guy is average.

Trash trash. Excuse.

Why shoot like that?

And what is this?

A shame. Bad dream.

For example?

As food for weddings.

This is me giving a presentation.

What I don't like, I play. Like this...

- Too bad .. - Terrible.

Horrible. Oh sorry.

Why shoot like that?


Bad .. And this is bad.

A nightmare.

- Offf - Bad.

We reached the end, will the latter also go?

It can be ..

I think we can do with this .. Ok

I liked it better too. Give me..

Everyone liked it, are you happy, Sanem?

I think there are no other alternatives?

No, Sanem. I had no time.

Well, okay, so be it ... I agree with that.

If it's okay, we can disperse. Finally. Free from the operation.

Let's have a cup of coffee, then.


I think we deserve it.

I also think. Dear publisher.

Aren't you going, Sanem?

Not now .. I will look at everything again.

You are very diligent. Highly.

You are my teacher, Mrs. Deren.

Ayhan was unable to sleep all night because of the excitement.

Ceycey this ... CeyCey that ... Everything like that.

Okay, it's normal. What should she do?

The man she loves has made a proposal. It's natural.

Like us.

Today the broker called.

There are a couple of new apartments, offered to see .. I agreed.

OK let's see.

One is right next to our neighborhood ..

At the same time, you are not far from your mother.

Of course it will be good.

Maybe then .. Can we look at the restaurants for the wedding?

Until spring there was nothing.

Do you want to see restaurants?

We can do it outdoors, but maybe we'll still see the restaurants before they're all busy.

But let's first decide what kind of wedding we want.

Osman, I was thinking. Is such a marriage necessary?

Isn't it, Leyla?

You buy an apartment.

Even so, if we organize a wedding, it will be a huge burden for you.

You are close to me. I can handle it all.

Well then, let's talk again.

See you later.

What did you do, CeyCey? He got stuck in a difficult position.

I can't go home, I can't stay here.

I am not going anywhere.

What I'll do? What should I do?

What are you saying to yourself?

It hasn't come out yet.

And you didn't, Mr. Can. As a captain, the last to leave his ship.

I say nonsense, I'm sorry.

No problem .... Matter of love? Hmm?

Yes .. Subject of love.

Come on, let's go.


- Wait - Sure.

Where did I put the coat?

♫ Thin rosette of my thoughts .. ♫

♫ My joyful nightingale of my heart ♫

♫ Thin rosette of my thoughts .. ♫

♫ My joyful nightingale of my heart .. ♫

♫ That day I saw you ... ♫

Sing ... sing ..

Why are you so tense? Relax, free yourself.

Straighten your shoulders. Take it off.


Let the tension go. We are not the boss and the employee.

Now we, as two friends .. We came to relax.

If you want, we can dispel everything here. Relax.

Everything is good. Don't try, take it easy.

-Ismet .. Take care of us now. -Welcome.

Ismet .. To start with, serve us a white cheese, okay?

Give us grilled chicken, marinated for now.

Leave the rest to CeyCey CeyCey a very close friend of mine. Take care of him too.

Choose what you want, CeyCey.

Hmm ..

This one.

More eggplant salad.

It also looks tasty. But can it be salty?

No, they are not salty .. They know I don't like it.

They do it for me. So don't worry, choose.

Prices are a little warm.

In the expensive sense? CeyCey, it's all up to me, they don't even tell me.

I make good contributions here. We have a good relationship.

Are we going to emphasize that too?

Choose what you want, don't think.


So this, this, this, this and this we take ... And this, this, this, this, this, this ... this too.

This, this .. Oh last yes. Is important.

An adult should eat 40 of these. You know for the liver.

And give me another "Muhammar".


Of everything. We, of course, take it. But can we eat?

Apparently your stomach is big. You surprise me.

It is for the taste Mr. Can ... I like to appreciate.

Ok .. Can you do ..

-Bring on. - Okay, Mr Can.

Just a little bit in the middle of everything. We are the medium, come on.

Ok Mr Can .. I will write everything down to cook.

Mr. Can, in confidence, we can do this: eat some fish dishes first, to say you ate.

We can say that.

It's possible?

Oh well.

I will want shrimp. Yes, just bring shrimp.

Do you understand, Ismet?

Two, lots of pepper, buttered. Make with red hot peppers.

Ismet, you know that. Let's go.

♫ Your hands are in mine .. ♫

♫ Your lips on mine .. ♫

♫ Your hands are in mine ... ♫


Enjoy your food.

I will watch the match. It will soon begin.

If you noticed, I just told the girls, Mevkibe.

Because you left me no choice.

These differences are your creation.

It was difficult .. But you did it.

If you can .. Put your dirty dishes in the sink.

Because you know .. I am not your cleaning lady.

You can not? Call Muzo, he'll do everything.

Thank goodness, hands and legs work, let's do it ourselves.

Do not worry.

I hope you have a group of naughty buyers like Muzaffer.

Then I will look for you.

Muzaffer will come and work at the organic store.

Otherwise, I get a neurosis.

Will not come.

Will come.

Do not.

Will come

No. Enjoy your meal, girls.

Will come.

Thanks Dad.

Isn't this our Muzo?

What's wrong with him? Our Zeberdzhet.

See, it got bad, bad .. All because of your father.

Is that you? No words pronounced. What are you hiding?

Something happened? Speak..

Do you say something happened to Osman?

No mother. Nothing happened.

Did he say something to you?

No, what should he say then?

I don't know, maybe he decides to leave the marriage and make us laugh.

And you're afraid to tell me about it.

No, nothing like that, everything is fine. There is nothing.

Is that you?

Nothing ... Nothing happened.

Although with you I almost know what it is ... But that's okay

No. It’s not that. There's another one. From others.

How do you know that I know? Hmm?

Did something happen at work?

Didn't you like the new job?

The new job is very good

If everyone had that job.

How not to hex that.

Is there a problem with the boss?

Everything is fine with the boss. If everyone had these heads.

Perhaps something else has happened between you and your former work partners, your neighbors? Fight?

No, I don't mix work and feelings.

Ayhan just received a proposal ..

Once the subject came up, I remembered it well, I went to her, drank tea, talked.

Wait, didn't you have Ayhan last night?

Sister, you went to her yesterday too, talked, drank tea. It even stayed.

What is it every night? God God..

What is this tea? They don't all end. What are they talking about?

Open this door now!

Let's go. Your friend has arrived.

Wait a little friend ..

Bride ... Have some tea.

What about tea?

Try the fish, it is boneless .. Very tasty.

Hold on, hold on. Put everything in the liver.

Liver it.

Mr. Can.


We haven't sat like this before. It was not possible.

If I had the opportunity ... I could give you some tips.

This time has passed. It is then necessary to speak.

If we could. It would give me valuable tips. It would show the way.

Speaking right. But if it was not possible, then it will now be CeyCey.

Are you leaving, how will it be?

We cannot see each other.

For example, Sanem is an example.

What will she do without you? What will the team do? We? Company?

You are not just punishing yourself .. But us.

Do you think I paid no attention .. But I realized.

This dinner turns into a dinner according to Can's conviction. Do not.

We are not going to push the head. You are now pressing on your brain.

We will not linger in the past. We will be positive.

We will look forward to it.

Well, we don't hang up. But your speech shows that you are obsessed

The way you do it, says that.

You don't answer those questions ... Avoid them.

So, running away? Do not run. Let's talk

Here you go there in a crowd .. But you can't do the rest.

Will be back in a few days. So don't go ..

Do you think I can't? I can't live there? I can not be successful and come back?

Come back.

Aii aiii ... There is something else.

You are so in love with each other. Sanem and you cannot be without the other.

This is so obvious.

Sanem is fine. Located downstairs, she found an alternative.

She's fine, the mood is in place.

It is not so, it looks different. I know her.

She is stubborn because of you and you are stubborn. It will be a shame if you go ..

Yes, she is more stubborn than me.

She is much more stubborn than I am.

Ismet, are you there? I completely forgot about us.

Let's change the accessories.


Do you have your own dance in your country? Like Izmir has.

- Of course there is .. - A dance like Izmir.

What is your name? Say, we will ask.

Is this our topic now? We have another branch.

- Put it for ceyCey - Put it for CeyCey

Mr. Can, I speak only of the fact that we are talking for the first time so closely. We are like friends.

Otherwise, I would try not to interfere.

How could I? You are hitting around the bush now, CeyCey.

Even in a taxi .. You would write 50 liras upwards now.

Let's start talking. Start a subject.

Speak what you wanted. Which is? Say what you want.

You are settling in the past!


Too much time talking.

Mr Can. You focus on the past.

Yes, OK. Sanem may have made mistakes.

But you cannot be so caught up in the past.

If this is the problem.

So big .. How can I not get stuck in this?

This is my big problem! This is me!

Because Ayhan is like that!

Should I offer her to kidnap her? I can't, I can't throw you on the shoulder, I can't kidnap!

And you kidnap ... Because this girl is very small.

Yes and kidnapped ... How do I kidnap Ayhan?

Ayhan like that!

Of course, my back hurts a little.


We will have a massage at some point. Go to the hammam for a massage.

Treat yourself in some way. What did you say?

Let's pamper, Can ..

Let's pamper. Yes!

So I live a little bit of my life.

This is your normal condition. Skirt. This is your normal condition.

What are you doing?

Sit down

Water water. You drank the water.

What did you drink? Still, good quality.

And that is not tap water.

Why do you put so bitter water on the table?

As if they threw pepper in the water.

Very bitter water.

Normal, normal water.

How did she act on you?

That is, the brain is here.

Calm down. Drink crayfish, normal crayfish.

What is he looking for?

What is he looking for?

See his actions.

Don't pour me water ... More tea leaves.

Have a tea leaf. I will drink strong tea.

- Are you sure? - Right.


Pour, pour.

She has problems.

Exactly. Let's go.

It will taste like poison.


Pour more, pour.

- More? - Pour more.


Yes, the same. A beer, a beer.

A little bit of that?

No, no. Let there be a tea leaf.

- Pour, pour. - You will burn your mouth. It will burn the whole mouth.

No .. Everything is burning inside me.

My heart is burning. What if my mouth burns?

I'm so mad at CeyCey ... He pissed me off a lot.

That no tea will work for me now.

At least you know everything. Look at us, everything is confusing.

Oh, let him help.

Let's go.

How is that clear to us, sister? How is that clear?

We understand?

He makes a proposal and then disappears. Is all this clear to us?

Everything is confused. Is that you?

Come here...

Because you're sad? Tell me.

Is nothing. I'm in a good mood, I'm fine.

Listen, if there are problems about the marriage.

I don't know, there you want a specific room or wedding dress.

First come and tell me, okay?

Okay, Ayhan.


I'm already very tired of talking about men, weddings.

Let's close the subject. Talk about something else.

Exactly. Okay, what about?

I go to the room and you talk, ok? Honestly, I felt bad.

I will go...

I am also in trouble.

I am also in trouble.

I gave a lot of strength because of this relationship.

It's burning in my mouth.

Blow ...

I will not explode now.

Blow with your mouth.

Have some tea.

Can dear .. That is ..

I say, let's talk about women.

And you don't want to.

I understood.

I say, let's talk about work, and you don't want that.

What are we two men going to talk about now?

Well, work is impossible. Everything has its place.

It is necessary to talk about matters of relevant situations. All kinds of male subjects.

About cute things. Women are a scrupulous subject.

We're nervous.

It is not necessary. There are a million subjects.



- You do not understand? - I understand, I understand.

Speaking of football, I remembered that ...

Did you meet here, right and left?

Setting the table is like creating a football team. Did you know that?

Are we too many or what?

This is not about stocking. Do not think that this is the composition of the staff.

A large number of people are not good.

Does the team have three goalkeepers?

You need to select.

Choose and form a team of 11 people in your head.

At your discretion. Am I expressing myself clearly?

What I mean..

Of course, of course.

That's sure.

- You fill the table with snacks. - Hmm..

What will these snacks do?

They will give each other a pass ...

Imagine that .. When closer, then close the passage. For example.

Look? We take this ...

Now burning, spicy.

What I'll do?

I throw a pass. Where to play? Imagine what it is ..

Beans .. I pass the bean pass.

And you calm down a little.

Do not clean thoroughly.

Did I understand clearly? And then the ......

Favorite .. Imagine that I move to the favorite.

What is happening?

Rejoice. You please put this in your mouth.

Do you understand, CeyCey? This is art, football. How to create a team is very important.

The composition of the team at the table .. It is very important.

Can, really ...

Like a verse.

You said...

Very pleasant. You spoke a very simple language.

The language is beautiful. In general, good.

Good, but I don't remember now.

What happened?

- I forgot here. - Look, look.

For love...

Look at that mustache.

Isn't he a crank?

This is a new model, brother.

Look at him.

What are you talking about? Tell me, we will also laugh.

Ahh ...

No, you don't laugh.

Why shouldn't I laugh?

Pay no attention ...

- Pay no attention ... - OK.

Do not continue .. Look ahead.

That you look forward to.

I look forward and you sit like that.

Okay, don't continue. Turn around.

Brother, did you eat the heart?

A heart? No ... was it a heart? No, we don't ask.

No, we don't ask ..

Doesn't he look like an Arabian horse?

Make sure the Arabian horse has not shown you something later.

Don't mess with them.

They are looking for problems.

Do not get angry.

If only there were journalists on the street ...

You understand?

If you get involved with this, what do you say to reporters? What did you say?

I will solve this. I will say that they do not know what is going on.

Girls, can I sit down?

- No, no.

No .. It doesn't suit you.

Listen first, before you refuse.

If they tell you .. Who is this mysterious yellow stranger?

Who is this mysterious stranger next to Can Divit?

I came from that table.

I thought, if I go to the girls ...

I'll ask them ...

What would it be like if we joined the tables?

So, let's save the table.

And maybe we have a little fun.

I thought that way.

Why? Don't you pull the payment on the table?

That's enough.

It hasn't given us rest since we arrived.

It was not enough, constantly looking at us ..

So now you've gone to the words? And what will happen next?

- How ugly. Do I look like that person? - Ismet, can you come here?

Apparently the friends' dinner is over ...

Talk, it's simple. Bring the bill and let go.

What a disgrace.

Okay, Ismet. I heard.

Um .. Chat etc.

What's going on, brother?

Okay, Ismet. I heard. You get out of here.

- Don't make trouble. - Ismet, go away.

What are you saying buddy?

What are you doing? How do you behave like that with Ismet?

What do you mean?

May God punish you. What are you saying? Are you a greengrocer, mate?

What's your problem?

Ismet, take them, brother.

Come brother.

Now I'm going to hit it once.

Let's go.

So much courage will be gone.

Are you okay, Can?

In order. Sit down

Sorry daughter. It created problems for them.


Enjoy your meal.


I constantly think about Can. I just can't concentrate on my romance.


If you don't mind, can I go?

I drank tea and it felt like my stomach hurt.

I drink mineral water to help, but no.

It's no use ...

I will go. .. OK?

Where did he go?


See you later.

We hit people well, Mr Can.

Was good. Well fought.

Who are you, CeyCey? Who appeared in you?

Mr. Can, I am very fast. You will not see me in a fight.

Sir, of course.

The coffee was good .. it favored me a little.

I came back to my senses.

But they deserved it. They deserved it, so I say.

Those guys are the scum. Of course they deserved it.

They deserved it.

But I didn't deserve that.

Didn't you deserve that, Mr. Can?

But what is not deserved?

What Sanem did ...

CeyCey .. I ...

I loved Sanem very much.

It’s not just like that.

I never loved anyone like that, as I loved her.

For example .. I loved the mountains more than anyone.

But more than the mountains.

I loved Sanem.

For example, I saw the Tibetan mountains.

And I saw the forests in the Amazon.

And when I saw that ..

I thought nothing was going to turn me on more than they did.


I was wrong.

CeyCey ...

Nothing in this world excites me more than Sanem's smile.


This is your dimple.

I wouldn't trade your dimple for anything.

Nothing in this world.

But Sanem, took it and left.

Tell me, CeyCey. What should I do now? If not, then what to do?


Mr. Can, we are closing.


Take the coat.

Ok .. I'll get it.

See you, Ismet.

Does not work.

Stay out of the light, my dear, don't move. Leave it.

Haven't you started shooting yet?

Sanem, this is a preparation. It takes a while.

It is not anything .. There is a photographic detail ..

For every need, special conditions. Therefore.

It needs time.

Be ready, we will be here at night.

Until the night here?

It's impossible. I need to catch a plane.

I fly with Yigit to the fair in Izmir. I must not be late.

Do not be late.


And you need to catch a plane .. Isn't it Mr. Can?

Belgrade? Fly there ... Fly?

Well ... So you won't be late.

Mrs. Melis, hello. I’m Emre Divit.


The meeting dragged on a little.

I just got to your profile.

-No problems. -Thanks.

And I'll get it.

I will review quickly.

By the way, did you come on Mr. Atyf's recommendation?



-Deren? - I'm listening.

Who's that next to Emre?

Probably came for the interview ..

Emre is looking for an assistant. For Leyla's place.

Mr. Atyf indicated.


Leyla dear ...

Mrs. Huma .. Welcome.

Thank you very much, my sweet.

I came to see a photo shoot.

We pay a lot of attention to that .. Our Pollen ...

Of course, of course, I understand. And for us it is very important. And we pay attention.

I decided on the road and came to you.

Emre handles the budget.

If you also upload a detailed report.

Quickly do that.

Okay. I already did all the work. Everything is ready.

I will take.

Ok .. I'll look at the rehearsal then.

And the office is not bad.

Normal, like you.

The office is not bad.


Like you..


After the photo shoot, I head straight to the airport with Sanem.

How many days you will stay?

3 days.

I will see with some people with her. If there is time, we will walk around Izmir for a while.

Look at my brother.

Everything planned from A to Z.

Sometimes a plan is good, Paulie.

And I recommend it to you too.

You see, I make the best plan. Do not worry.

How are you, Merve?

Good job.


Hi Ozan

How are you? Good job.

Miss Leyla has arrived.


How are you?



Yes, exactly.

That day we worked until morning.

Of course, those days are rarely.

But you put things in order.

I am satisfied.

I really want to work with you.

I always wanted to work for an agency.

Of course, from the outside everything looks very colorful at the agency.

It's not like that inside.

I believe that with you I will overcome all difficulties, Mr. Emre.

Mr. Emre.


I will introduce you. MS. Melis.

Leyla .. Miss. Melis.



Leyla worked in the position you are applying for.

But she resigned and moved to a neighboring company.

And now we are working together on joint projects.

I'm glad you are still friends.

Well, that was not a fight.

Yes Yes.

Mr. Emre, I have completed the budget plan.

Thank you Leyla.

I see that you've speeded things up.

It didn't take long ..


Strongly accelerated.

I noticed.

Yes Leyla?

Well, I will. Good work for you ..

By the way, Melis, yes?


Melis, don't get it wrong. I want to give you a little advice.

Mr. Emre is very demanding in his job.

And the assistant must be very attentive.

Sometimes you even have to be more demanding than Mr. Emre.

Remember .. Be aware.


It's my pleasure.

Where do we stop?

Yes, we said ...


Mrs. Huma ...

Did you bring the documents?

And did you get tired, dear ?.

No, what is it? This is my job.

You probably met Melis.

Emre's new assistant.

Very beautiful and hardworking girl.

And don't you think they will be a good team?

Sure. And for me they will be a great team. She looks like a very nice girl.

I'm working. I will go, work with your permission.

Good job.


MS. Melis, you have an excellent experience and education, but you are not very suitable to work with us.

I cannot say that I will call you tomorrow.

And give you hope.

Yes ... it is better to get an answer quickly ... than to wait.

At least we know each other.

I'm sure you can find an even better job.

I hope we see each other again, Mr. Emre.

The red stood out ..


Yes. This was the last one, friends. The rehearsal is over.

It was a good rehearsal. Tiring, but it was worth it, in my opinion.

Thank you all.


Health for your hands. Look at this beauty.

You finished the rehearsal before dark. You are excellent, Can.

Yes, yes, it ended very well. Thank you all.

Can, I want to ask ... Maybe with a tripod ..

Or okay, something is going to happen.

We have come a step closer to the launch of the book.


I will, one second.

I'm going to pack up and leave.


Look, don't be late.



Now, after all, everyone has their own business.

Somewhere to go. Come on.

I told you not to be late.

Sanem, did you bring a suitcase with you? We are going immediately to the airport.




Can, listen.

Can ... Can.

Can .. Wait, please.

Can, I'm calling you. Why don't you stop?

Head in the clouds .. I was thinking.

I will say something. You will probably go straight to the plane.

First say goodbye.

I will come to you at the first opportunity. Yes and I will organize the trip.

Polen, I ...

I will not.

I abandoned the project.

In the morning I spoke to the London office.

Why did you make that decision, Can?

I'm not at all ready for such a step, Polen.

I shouldn't have agreed from the start.

Polen, I'm not going to the airport.

I'm going to the mountain home.

In between.

He refused.

Who refused?


Do you believe that everything was ready?

From start to finish, everything was ready.

He refused to travel to the Balkans.

Ok .. Sit down.

Calm down. How did he refuse?

Are you sure?

Sure, sure. He just spoke ..

I thought we were going to the airport.

And he goes to the mountain house.

And do you know what he said to me?

I am not ready to leave this place. I am not ready to leave Istanbul.

The only thing he is not ready to leave behind, is Sanem.

I'm sure of it.

Perhaps he has another reason.

- It wasn't ... - Calm down.

Take your time, wait a minute.

There is no other reason.

I know very well .. You don't say anything to Sanem.


Just take it and get it out of here.

I somehow ...

I will try to convince Can ... It is true.


He already refused, as you said.

And can you refuse?

Yigit, I only ask you one thing.

Get Sanem out of here. Keep it as you can in Izmir.


Because I know Can so well. He will be angry with rage.

And in this moment.

Somehow, I can persuade Can.

Yes, I will convince.

To do this in some way.

Polen, I don't know. I'm going to be late for the plane. I gotta go.

And I don't want to leave you like this.

Think calmly.

Yigit, do as I say, please.

As well?


You are ready?

I'm ready.


So we go early. Have a coffee or a drink.



You didn't take the suitcase.

I forgot.

Stop, I'll get it.

Like this.

Come on.

Are you afraid to fly?


Fear of flying ..

A little..

♫ The hand of justice will not fold if your words are made of glass. ♫

♫ I swear, I swear, I haven't forgotten, love. ♫

♫ If my hell is your body, I will run without thinking. ♫

♫ If at all in life, you are in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ And my burden and the problem is love. ♫

♫ If at all in life, you are in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ It is my burden, and the problem is love. ♫

♫ Is it possible, because of stubbornness, to overcome joy? ♫

♫ We don't pass, we don't pass. The cure for us is love. ♫

When you remember, until you freeze.

When you live and make you feel close.

Isn't this a bigger miracle?

True love does not freeze.

True love will melt any ice.

But, if this is true love.

You can't know that, for me.

♫ You wait and life goes by, my love. ♫

♫ If my talent is poetry, I will not lie, you are my pen. ♫

♫ If at all in life, you are in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ And my burden and the problem is love. ♫

♫ If there is everything in life. ♫

♫ I have you in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ It is my burden, and the problem is love. ♫

♫ Is it possible, because of stubbornness, to overcome joy? ♫

♫ We didn't pass, we didn't pass. ♫

♫ The cure for us is love. ♫

I love you, Can.

And you love me.

We love each other. If we want, we will handle everything.

We, Can ...

We, we, we don't say us, Sanem. Don't tell us any more.

There are no more us, Sanem.

If our relationship were special, it would not happen. You are to me like any other.

♫ If there is everything in life. ♫

♫ I have you in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ And my burden and the problem is love. ♫

♫ If there is everything in life. ♫

♫ I have you in me. ♫

♫ If I run, don't let me go. ♫

♫ It is my burden, and the problem is love. ♫

What are you doing here?

Didn't you fly to Izmir?

I did not go..


Catch me...