Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 33 - Episode #1.33 - full transcript

The fact that Can and Sanem stay at the ice house does not make them come to peace and cause them to become even more stubborn. They both form a race to make each other jealous.

- Erkenci Kus 33 - Early Bird

Translation: Cah Granvier ..

- Ayhan? - Hmm?

That's not enough? Can we open the door?

Enough or not enough?

As well?

Ayhan ... Didn't you say you thought of everything in the smallest details?

Do you know if it's enough or not?

Now I can't decide.

I don't know the exact moment when they freeze.

We will not wait for the exact moment when they freeze.

We don't want them to freeze.

They need to leave before they get cold.

Aii Can .. Definitely this time, I will be shot.

Do you hear any sound? Do you hear any sound coming out of it?

Did Sanem freeze like that? Hmm?

Died? Is it frozen?

Dont be silly.

Open it.

Okay, I'll open it.

Open it..

-CeyCey, open it. - Yes, open it.

-Open it. - Wait, wait.

Ok .. ok.

Just a minute. Just a minute..

I need to protect myself.

Open it, CeyCey.

Calm down .. Shut up now.

Ahhhh the phones .. The phones ..

Run, run, run.

Let's run.

That's enough. It looks like you're kidding me.

I will not wait another 11 days. I am leaving work now.

The remaining days? Discount those I worked overtime.

Well .. ok .. ok .. ok. Okay, well.

Do what you want. Go away, ok.

It is my fault that I think of you. I'm leaving too. I am going to the Balkans.

I don't waste any time either. Tomorrow I start working for a publisher.

I'm leaving tomorrow too. Tomorrow, to the Balkans.


Let your way be free ...

And you ... you leave your way free ..

Okay .. Okay ..

I leave immediately tomorrow.

Okay. I'm also going to sign the book today too.

I already left. I'm going there.

I have an essay for an interview .. Posing like this.

Be careful, let them edit your nose .. It is very red.

They will probably solve this. They know this business, don't they?

I probably don't know.

Did they leave?

We are finished.

Did we really want to help and screw it up?

Insolent, arrogant.

Just a minute.

What minute? What?


What does "where" mean? I'm leaving.

What are you doing? Will we meet halfway?

No ... where?

It looks like they'll get it right ..

Yes, yes .. They will get it right.

CeyCey, you're pushing my head.

What does "push" mean? What does "push" mean?

You had to turn on the music, Ayhan .. You had to turn on the music.

What happened?

What happened? What?

What are you doing?

I don't want your things with me.

Thank you, thank you .. Good morning.

Good morning to you too.

Good day.

I left your way clear. Look..

It's even colder here, than inside, Can Dvit.

Don't breathe, we just can't be seen.

- Ah Ah .. - Ah Ah.

They are gone.

Everything messed up. - Yes.

He left, he left ..

Did not help.

-Yes, their brain was cold, their brain was cold, we held them for a long time. - That didn't help.

Bravo, really.

A thought, that he is in the Balkans. Another thought that she launched a book.

The brain froze.

The plan did not work.

What didn't work? what else could it be?

- They should freeze and hug. -Don't yell at me.

What a good plan.

The brain froze.

The brain froze.

You have been saying nothing for a few minutes .. Just looking at the sea.

Leila .. I told you that I love you.

You just stayed silent.

At least, are you happy with Osman?

I have a right to know that.

Hello CeyCey ... What happened? What did you do?

The eagle chased the sparrow.

But he did not reach the shore. He flew the other way.

The lion ate the gazelle.

Rooaarrr .. and ate .. ate.

That's how it is.

One went to the left, the other was straight. And I went on the right.

There was nothing.

Where did you go? I do not understand .. Explain clearly.

Leila, it didn't work.

Sanem and Mr. Can fought. They fought, and the weather got worse.

Do not say...

Well .. what are you doing now?

What are we doing now? We are going back to the agency.

Ok, Ok..I'm going too. Up until.

What happened Leila?

We go to the agency. I'm going there, and so are they.

The plan didn't work, I don't know. They had a fight, let's see what happened.

I will take you .. Come on.

Hello, Sanem?

Sister, where are you? At the agency? Can you leave the agency?

Little sister, I'm not at the agency .. I'm on the street.

Ok, ok .. We need to meet.

Okay, I'm going to sit somewhere and send you the address. Come on, okay?

Are you alright? You have a very bad voice.

Not good. Nothing is in order.

Why that? Let's talk.

The weather is good, then it gets bad. I am already tired.


-Hi. -Hi.

It looks like they had an ugly fight.

I think I'm going to sit in one of the cafes here, Mr. Emre.

I will send the address to Sanem, and she will find me ..

It will be better if I speak to Sanem in private.

Ok, ok .. You are right.

And I will call my brother.


Olive oil is at the top, Mevkibe.

Very well..

If you hadn't cleaned, you would be dirty.

For God

Get up ...

- God .. - Everything is organic, everything is organic.

-God . - Everything is organic, wait, wait.

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. I came in very abruptly.

Where are you from?

I had a lot of time to think.

I thought you couldn't do that. Who could not, do not understand this subject.

I decided to come and help.

My name is Muzaffer.

Mu-zo. Everything is evident. My name is clear.

Just a minute, just a minute. Do you mean I can't tell?

Is that what you mean?

No, I was misunderstood. Well, what is that? It is possible?

I thought you women .. could be in trouble.

This is a difficult question, you are not going to solve it.

You can't handle it, I think.

Ahh. Come on son .. come on.

You first learn to talk to adults.

Come on, come on.

- No, you misunderstood me. -Come on son! Let's go.

I put a lot here. I put a lot here ...

Come on .. get out.

- Oh God .. -What's going on?

Papa Nihat .. A man with a huge heart.

-Let's go. -God

What's going on here?


Mothers expel me.

-I'm too tired. - What is it?

What's going on, ladies?

God .. God .. He says we don’t know how to count.

God God..

I'm lying?

Is the boy lying? He tells the truth.

If they knew how to count ... They wouldn't open this store in front of the other store.

That's right.

Ahhh ... Are you really Mr. Nihat?

Yes, yes, Miss Mevkibe.

Take your child and go, take the child and go. You are like a pot with a lid.

Very fit.

Come on, go .. Go to Uncle Nihat.

Go son. Let's go.

I don't say anything else.

Do what you want.

I don't say anything either.

Just two words ...

I look at the first word .. And it is ..

Papa Nihat, take me too. You left me.

I was nervous about this store.

Guliz .. Did Mr. Can arrive?

He arrived .. He is very angry.

What happened

Was the plan bad?

What happened? Tell me that.

Do not speak.

What do you mean "don't talk"? I'm interested.

Aiii ... He is very angry.

- Yes Yes.

No, I can't wait, I can't wait.

Tonight or tomorrow at the latest, I want to leave.

It doesn't matter, maybe. I can go.


Who is he talking to, who is so interesting?

I don't know, but he is very tense.

He has very fast movements.

The movement of the arms is very accentuated. The physiognomy lasts ..

I am very tense .. CeyCey, you are leaving me even more now.

I say how it is. I am realistic


What's going on here?

I got scared ... I'm listening.

Are you watching a horror movie?

Yes .. Something like that, actually.

We think about what Can will say when he sees us.

Ok .. I will solve this.

You didn't see us. We haven't been seen yet.

Because we are not ready yet. You haven't seen us yet.

Solve it, Mr. Emre .. Please "configure it". Yes.

Thank you. Thanks.

Hum Hum ..

All fine brother?

Well, Emre .. Well.

I'm leaving in 3 days.

When I take the plane, the hotel. In 3 days.

Do you know what they did .. Or did you also plan this nonsense?

I didn't plan this .. But I knew.

I understand, thank you. It is enough. Thank you very much, it was enough.

I understood that it was necessary. Thank you Emre.

Can you leave me?

There are things I have to sort out before I leave.

Can tell you one thing?

Don't be angry with anyone.

It was all for you.

It will be the way he wants it. It will go away, but it will interfere where I work, in my actions, in what I do, right?

No, what else?

Want something else?

What else could you want?

No, we don't want anything else, dear. Do not.

When they want, they come into our lives. When they want, they leave.

No, nobody thinks .. Are you hurt?

Because you are a robot.

You are not a robot, and I am not a robot.

Ladies, are you okay?

We are not well.

You have also experienced many things.

Exactly mana. We are not robots. We also have feelings.

Look, I got engaged to Osman .. He couldn't stand to see me in 2 days.

What did I go through, what did he do to me? I kept going to the agency.

I continued the work .. Looking for them.

I cried blood, and drank blackberry syrup.

See, see?

I will not work another day at the agency.

Let them do what they want.

See if they work things out without me.

I'm not going to the agency, it's all over.

Don't go sister .. don't go. It is true.

I will not go either. I quit too.

We are so exaggerated that I won't even ask if you are confident.

Exactly, sis. We're even late.

But what about the bill?

What account?

We don't drink your tea.


I will not swallow that innocent face of yours. It is not?

You owe me an explanation.

Mr. Can, I apologize, I don't know what happened there, I wasn't there. But I apologize, Mr. Can.

Two minutes and she already sold out ..

Guliz, you said you weren't there. Etc. and such.

He apologized if we didn't. You asked, but we didn't.

No, I didn't say any of that.

- I asked everyone ... - Shut up.

You know what you did .. Yes, you know what you did.

- CeyCey? - CeyCey

I can hear you, Mr. Can ... I can hear you, yes.

You know what you did, at least .. Don't you?

Can, everything was like this .. Sanem and me ..

Deren, you are the art director for this company .. Not my life.

What does it mean to lock a person in a freezer?

Mr. Can .. We thought there would be a warm atmosphere.

In addition, the microbes would die.

What right do you have to interfere in my personal life? Is that right?

This is our personal life !!


What are you doing?

You are crazy?

This is your personal life!

Yes, we will interfere!

This is an open office! There are windows everywhere, everywhere you can see everything!

All feelings, all emotions.

I've been watching this love for months!

What should I do? Yes..I am also a man! I have feelings. I'm emotional! I have feelings!

CeyCey dear, dear ...

What? What? I'm listening? Where are you going? What?

Where are you going without my knowledge? Especially with Polen!

Can you shut up now?

You will meet in the Balkans!

And cold winds have been blowing there for years. You know it.

Do you follow time at all?

You did not survive for 5 minutes in the freezer .. How will you live in the Balkans?

It's so cold, your finger will freeze like that and it will remain in the shape of a fork!

- Calm .. - You know

I will not allow this love to be destroyed! I will not leave.

I will not allow you to destroy this love!

Shut up!

- I'll follow from here! I will see everything! - Yes, shut up now!


I will not leave .. Where is he going?

CeyCey ..

Can, he loves you very much, that's why he behaves like that. I know he went further.

I know, Deren.

In fact, we all did it out of love.

Can, you're right. I, being an employee, crossed the line.

Interfering with your privacy.

But put everything aside ... I ask you as a friend.

Are you sure about this Can?

Of course, Deren.

But what you did, on the one hand, was good.

I saw how easily Sanem rejected me. In the end, I'm leaving.

What can I say?

I hope you're right.

I hope.

CeyCey, calm down.

Okay, I'm calm, Guliz, let me go. Why are you screaming?

- I'm calm .. - Ok ..

- Shut up! More space for me! - OK

Aaah ...

Sanem is coming .. Calm down.

Welcome Sanem.

What are you doing, Sanem?

I will collect my things, and get out of here as soon as possible.

Where are you going? 11 more days to go.

Look, it's written there.

I can't wait for Can's term.

I need to get out of here as soon as possible!

Such that? So you take our friendship, all our smiles, joys, sorrows, memories, put it in that box and leave?

No, I just put my things in the box, CeyCey. I'm leaving, yes, I'm leaving!

Sanem dear ..

I'm so angry

But look, you have 11 more days. 11 days to think.

I thought enough, Miss. Deren.

I had some doubts .. But in the freezer, I realized that I needed to leave.

Thank you all. I understood perfectly what you wanted.

Sanem .. Sanem, you are free.

Yes, I'm free. Of course I'm free.

Are you free. I will not and will not tear the paper like you.

I'm not doing a show. So you shouldn't behave that way.

And I don't have to take it anymore.

You can go out

Thank you!

No, thanks even more!

No, no. I thank you for everything you've done before.

No, I appreciate it more.

I am grateful to you.

No, I'm grateful.


On the way out, I will release a pigeon!

Go away .. Go away now.

You have a long way to go. Bye.

I told you that this plan would not work.

You followed Mr. Emre and Ms. Leila.

I told you that the plan would not work. We shouldn't have done that. We had to do what I said.

CeyCey, what are you talking about? That plan was all yours.

Here it is .. The girl is gone.


- No, thank you! - Thanks also.

Thanks for everything!


You have a long way to go.

That ... That was your plan.

It was not my plan.

You created it, CeyCey!


No, thank you!

You have a long way ...

Mr. Emre, can we talk?

Ok ... I wanted to talk to you. Comes..

I can hear you, Leyla.

Mr. Emre .. I quit.

In fact, I've been thinking about it for a long time, you know.

But it did not work.

I can't work here anymore.

I can't ...

Please .. My resignation letter.

OK I understand. But let's calm down and talk.

Mr. Emre, I know, now you're going to tell me about the notice, but I don't want to stay here anymore, please.

Listen, the situation with Can and Sanem is obvious.

While we stay, things get worse.

I'm already tired.

Okay, Leyla. You don't have to wait for the term, I accept your resignation.

May I leave now?

Yes .. You can go out, Leyla.

You can pack your bags and leave immediately.

OK thank you.

Dear Emre .. Do you know what's going on with Leyla?

Son? Something happened? Are you alright?

Nothing, Mom.

Like nothing? I know when something happens.

Come on, tell mom. Perhaps we will find a solution.

Leyla resigned ..


Because of me. Because of what I did to her.



I quit..

It happened that it should have happened ..

Sanem .. The term was working, you arrived early.

Like? Early? Should I leave now?

No, what do you say .. Is your table not there?

Yes. I chose this place.

Then sit down, once you've arrived.

A pair ... 1 there, 1 here.

1 here, 1 there, a couple.

Couple, everywhere a couple.


Things have arrived, beautiful, yes?

Little sister?

Hello Mr. Yigit.


Sanem, I said what I needed. He put things together. I'm going home.

At home at night, let's talk about the details.

Okay, sister.

Good job..


Leila, give me a second. What's all in the box in your hands?

I also resigned, Mr. Yigit. So I packed my things.

I'm going home now.

Good work for you.

Leila, I'm going to say something. It's a little sudden, but what do you think of the next one?

Is there a plan?

I don't know, probably a couple of days off. And then I will look for a new job.

Good Morning

I'll ask you something else. I'll stop you again, but ...

What are you asking?

Since you are looking for work .. I will get you out of this job.

We just need a contactor, like you.

Isn't it, Sanem?

Got it! I understand now!

Sister! Sister, it will be super! What do you think, I don't know.

I don't know, it's so sudden.

If you are tired, of course, rest.

No, she is not tired. Mentally she is not tired.

No ... I'm not tired, I like to work. And I never get tired, my tiredness was different.

So super, I'll get this. Perfectly.

-Sister. -Little sister.

Congratulations. I'm in shock now.

I'm going to put your suitcase here for now. Tomorrow you will choose your office. OK?

Ahhh sister, you don't even have to choose. I was looking at this office.

You better choose this one.

Sister .. And you work here, don't you?

So I will choose this office .. We will work in front of each other.


Yes .. super! So, congratulations. Perfect.

Thank you, it was very unexpected. I'm in shock now.

The secretary is ready, the editor is ready, the accountant is ready.

We have become a great team.

So let's get to work.

Yes ... Girls, let's do this ...

Today you are going home.

Have a good rest. Because tomorrow is a new beginning for us.

Yes, the new stage begins.

Everything will be great.

Now let's look ahead.

Let's move on.

See you then.

So see you later.

Goodbye, Mr. Yigit.


I forgot my coat.

Leyla, there's only one thing ... It's not Mr. Yigit, but just Yigit.

Okay, Yigit.

Perfect ... Leyla, Yigit, Sanem, Leyla, Yigit.

- Yes perfectly.

Very good. Super.

That's all, Yigit.


See you later..

See you then.

- See you later. - Up until.

Ok .. Super.

I can't believe .. How beautiful it is.

Ahhh the phones calling

Immediately both.

It's Osman ..

Hello .. Yes, Osman?


No, I'm leaving the agency now. Many things happened.

I quit...

Okay, I'll tell you the details. Where are you?

Okay .. Sanem and I are going to eat at the store.

Well, I see you.

How can this ... While we tried to get rid of one, both are gone.

A blow two hares.

Bravo, Mrs. Huma. I knew you would succeed. Yes..

But so quickly? I didn't even imagine.

Why do you think I organized this dinner? Hmm?

If I do anything ... Then there is a plan behind it.

Yes, exactly. But we still have a fact.

Sanem is going to work downstairs with Yigit.

But you are clinging to the details. You lose the overall look.

Sweetie .. In Can's life there is no more Sanem.

No. You take Can and leave.


I'm leaving with Can for the Balkans. Truth..

Now we need to focus on getting Can to get back to his work.

Here is a great mission, which fell on me.

I need by all means to remind Can, why he has been with me for years

By the way ... I don't think Yigit is going to stay here very long.

Yigit will certainly be bored and come back.

You see? Sanem won't be long in your life.

It means what? No problems.

No problems.

And there is nothing to worry about.


Where were you? I've been trying to contact you since morning.

Playing sports.

I don't even notice the time passing ..

What happened? What is the problem? Speak..

Is nothing..

What is nothing? Talk at once .. You called so many times. I came to the gym.

Say .. Did something happen?

Sanem and Leila resigned ..

I do not believe..

And did she leave?

Although she had some kind of problem, it was obvious.

I thought you wouldn't be surprised.

I still thought I could convince you ... But it didn't work.

No, my brother, no. These Aydin sisters do not change their minds, they do not have this resource.

It's the genes. The whole family is like that.

They are very stubborn, they do everything they have in mind.

Why are you so upset? Just yesterday you said they didn't fit.

No, she was just my best secretary.

I can hardly find such a thing.

Ahhh secretary..Of course it is the secretary. Let me interrogate you.

- I will not leave. I gotta go. -Come here, come on.

- I have to go to the post office. - No .. come here.

- I have to go to the post office ... - Come here. Come, it will be better.

And didn't they tell you about the notice, as Sanem said?

No, they didn't speak. So I accumulated time on the outside and there wasn't much work left.

I packed up and left.

Well done. Well done.

And in the place where I work now ... My sister is going to work too!

Because she received an offer to work there.

Yes, at the agency where Sanem is currently working, there is a boss, Yigit.

He offered me a job, I took it. And Sanem and I didn't part ways at the same time.


You see? As he gave up, good things started to happen.

Everything will be even better, my Leyla.

Even better days are waiting for us.

Yes .. Everything will be even better.

Are we meeting at CeyCey tonight?

I need to discuss something with you. Urgently


Good, great good.

Talk to the mother and father, explain the situation.

After dinner, we'll meet at CeyCey.


OK see you later.

Where is Ayhan?

I don't know ... I don't know.

I really launched Ayhan.

Very high?

Come on.

So tasty!

With the...


What do you have? Hmm? What are you hiding? Your eyes are back and forth ..

I left my job.

Well, yes, you did. We know.

- It's not like this. - Yes..

Ok..I gave up completely .. I left Fikri Harika behind ..

I will definitely not be going back there .. I quit my job.

Daughter, we don't want to put pressure on you, interfere with your work, but are you sure?

Your mom says that just so you don't regret it, does she?

Right. It will be better for me.

Ok .. If you say that, ok.

So be it, daughter.

I also resigned.

Well, you too? Where did that come from, daughter?

Nothing wrong, Dad, so it was necessary. Do not worry.

Right, right, right. You ask why? Because there was no rest.

Long hours of work. So, when you get married, it would be a problem for you.

That's right. Right.

Hum Hum .. You're right, mom.

My sister and I started a new job.

Oh my gosh! This spoon hasn't even touched that mouth yet.

You talk everything in pieces. Immediately tell me, what job?

Mom, this is such a new publisher.

Sanem and I started working there together.

I'm in the finance department, Sanem is editing. Everything is super.

Where does this come from? Is it far? Can you go there? Is it convenient to go there?

No problems? You will have none later.

No, there will be no problems. This is a good place.

At any time, you can meet our new boss.

OK then. OK no problem. If you say.

Where is the publisher?

- Do you know our previous work? Fikri Harika? - Yes.


Our old agency.


There is a ladder right there.

Daddy you saw that you were there.

Okay, right, Dad.

When I said so suddenly, I'm confused.

Mom, you know too.

Left and right.

But first you go there, so then ...

Here, from these stairs, you go downstairs. She stays there.

Isn't it great? We work in the same place, together again.

And we are going to work in the same place.

Our life hasn't changed much.

Well, yes, indeed ... The girls are right, Mevkibe.

And they didn't share it with their friends, did they?

Above the bass is beautiful, beautiful.

Downstairs, at the bottom.

- Yes. - In the background.

Deren knows perfectly well what this brand wants.

She will tell you.

We also found the slogan for the plastic company. Our options have been sent, we are waiting for their response. OK?

So in general, is there a problem?

Not? Then we will be in touch. I will help you from there.

Are you really leaving?

My God .. again .. again.

We discussed this, Emre, are we going to discuss this again? Yes, I'm leaving.

I already organized everything for myself. Why don't you believe it yet? I did not understand

I thought it was a decision made under instant anger.

You're really leaving.

Really leaving, Emre.

If you had told me that before .. I would have jumped for happiness, because you left the job to me.

But I am no longer the old Emre.

If you were the same Emre, I wouldn't leave the job for you and I wouldn't leave.

Don't go out anyway, brother.

By the way, after the Redmod brand, we took another job. OK?

Deren is working on it.

Don't run with that. Be careful, okay?

Emre, can you concentrate? I am saying important things.

Polen will come soon, we will work with her.

Before we eat, we need to finish everything.


Neighbor ...

Ahhhh ...


Hello .. Welcome ...


What a surprise to me.

We came to congratulate you.


Welcome, Miss Deren.


Congratulations, this very beautiful office. And your table is beautiful.

Yes, I settled here .. I even got used to it ..

Hum Hum ..

I bought you an evil eye.

Thank you CeyCey ..

This is very beautiful. Nice place. Say glory to God.

Say the same, thank God!

I want to hear: Thank God!

Why are you shouting CeyCey? Can we hex that?

Sanem .. You forgot about it at the agency.

I brought it as a small version of CeyCey.

Take it.

What 'nearrr'?

Ai CeyCey..You and these strange things .. These shamanic rituals ...

What about shamanic rituals? I have a soulful side.

When you are in trouble, tell him .. And he will tell me.

I come immediately.

Come here come..


I adapted here so quickly.

- Yes .. - Um Hum ..

I left some small things behind.

One thing I use a lot ..

But you are not so far away.

We will have lunch together .. We will see each other often. It is not?

Yes, but you know, Sanem, your absence is so noticeable. They will probably have a tea crisis.

Everyone has to drink coffee. Some ... some ...

Some ...

Make it worse. You can come here anytime and drink whatever you want.

I'll make you tea, I promise.






My sister also started to work here.


Is that so? I am very grateful for that!

I was upset that you left us, but we will see each other often. I'm happy.


It feels so good, maybe I can work here?


Why? There is no one who eats, intervenes, swears.

She said scolded Deren.

I also heard "scolded".

Of course I said scolded, scolded ... Sure, scolded.

I will scold you. We have tons of work at the agency.

Come back again.

We will be back..

Ohhh .. Will we transfer you friends too?


We came to congratulate Sanem. We really like the office. Very beautiful.

Thanks. There are a few more repairs, but ...

You drink coffee, don't you?

And how not?

Oh oh

And how not? And the job at the agency?

It has tons ...

You can go out if you want. I will drink coffee.

So, coffee?

Do you like coffee too?

Yeah .. Since birth.

And I since birth

Since birth, since birth ..

Sanem .. Polen will come now, so run.

Obviously, you are not leaving!

I have an unfinished business left at the agency.

I will go and decide this, lest they later say that I left my work unfinished.

Behind my back, they won't speak.

Come on then, see you later.

- Ok - Ok

Sanem, can you tell Polen that the art director is coming soon for the meeting? Maybe she knows, but I forgot.

I wanted to go to the file, but because of you I will.


I go to my office.

Good job..

Yigit, I want the same coffee as you.

What do you want?

I don't want candy.

I want the same, Yigit.

Okay, CeyCey.

By the way .. What does CeyCey mean?

Is this our topic now?

Okay, I'll bring coffee, then we'll talk.

Do you have time to print?

I'm really tired of you.

Do you have time to print?


Do you have time to print?

Can, I'm going to ask you something .. Because of my book, are you not taking care of your affairs?

No, no. I transferred it calmly to Emre.

And I want to focus on your book.

Before I leave, I want to finish.

You are perfect. Thank you Can.

Excuse me.

Back to the past.


What are you doing here? Didn't you start your new job?

Yes, start now.

I have a very pleasant atmosphere there.

I continue to work.

Well. Then I will repeat my first question.

What are you doing here?

To be honest ... We need to talk about something.

About this ...



I did not understand

Sorry .. This is between us.

- What "Sports" is this? - Shiuuuu

What are you doing? You ruined the secret. Secret.

Ahhhh "Sports". Ok .. I understand your caution.

Nothing wrong. Polen is not a stranger .. You can say that in front of her.

It is not a stranger, it is visible.

I finished my business at the agency ..

What did you have to give ..

I am very responsible, and I am busy working. Behind it only remains "Sports".

Leave it ..

Can, can you look?

Just a second, Miss. Pollen. Give us a second.

Leave it?

I do not care. I did it somehow.


Hum Hum ... I decided myself, no problem.

That is, it is nothing to do with you.

Can honey, look here.

One second, Polen.

No problem, I decided.

I thought it would help with something.

But you can look here.

- One second. - One second.

One second, Polen.

Sure. Thanks for the work.

There's no problem for you. Thanks for helping.

Well, who knows. You know then.


Yigit asked to remind you of the meeting about the book.

Do you remember this?

Of course, I know Sanem dear. I will go now, don't worry.

If hair is too red.

Can dear, let's see.

I'm going .. I'm going.

Good job, Mevkibe.

Good job, president.

By God's will.

We became partners.

I also have a store. And I have to stay there.

Ihsan will stay here instead of me.

Like? Whereby?

Let him stay in your store. What's his business here?

Is it possible for a man to stand next to his underwear? Let me go.

Customers are waiting.

Aysun wait. Where are you going? Aysun ..


President .. can I have a jar of honey?

What are you doing?

How do you touch the products? For all that is most sacred ..

It's organic honey, president.

- President, eat honey. - Shut up.

Stay quiet. Don't make me angry, otherwise it will be bad.

Ok ... I'll save the eggs.

Do what you want, do it.

As you are the project director .. The final decision is of course yours.

But what I want is to continue with this type of cuisine.

Here, take a look at you.

I understand, sweetie.

Very good.

Sure. And by the way, this book in London is one of my favorite books.

Sorry, but will this book be released in England?

No, it will only be sold in Turkey.

Who has this kitchen at home?

Who will believe that? Stupid.

What do you mean, Sanem?

What's the relationship, my sweet?

A lot of relationship, my sweet.

Excuse me. The cover of this book looks rich.

It gives very rich thoughts.

Now, if the kitchen looks like this, then the food will be more expensive. People will think that.

I think this is wrong. Trash.

I'm confused. Is it possible for me to meet the photographer?

Sure. Let's call him now, if he's not busy.

No. He's probably busy. I'll explain everything to him later.

Please please. These details are very important. Someone must call.

Sure, see you. It is upstairs.

You will spend half an hour.

I'll call then.

In the agenda he is in 2nd place.

In the first, my mother.


Eeee ...

Can? Can you spend 5 minutes with me?

He spoke to me. And we had to speak to each other. We decided to call.

Yes friends. I already know the theme of our project. "Thatcher, you're going to eat this."

Ahh that means .. You are going to eat this.

What the Lord has given, say that.

We don't say that.

I don't know how you say it, but we have it. You keep saying that. No problems.

This slogan is more like those on a diet. For vegans, for example.

It's not right! This book must be promoted by recipes.

This is a cookbook, so where is it?

My friend, friend. Am I not intellectual?

Your other side is bad.

Pick a few and that's it.

I will choose now. Now.

Yigit, just look at him.

Mr. Deniz .. I also agree with Can.

We must choose more traditional, suitable for the Turkish people.

Yes. You didn't understand much ..

But we want a cookbook from the world.

There are many obstacles here ... And my brain is going to explode.

Always some kind of discontent. Always a complaint.

We do just that. We are at our job ..

I do not understand .. we will not understand each other. Continues.

Friend-photographer, don't you understand?

Friend-photographer, you know, right?

I'm trying.

You just need to take a few pictures. Understood ? And then leave everything to me.

I'll take it off, so can you handle it?

You are not helping me..

I'm in shock now.

Mr. Deniz, you are a little aggressive. Explain more calmly.

I wanted the style of the seventies. Make the photo shoot in vintage concept.

Do you want to take a picture of the 70's kitchen and put it in a 2019 cookbook?

Very good.

Very .. very .. very .. Very good.

The food will age.


Among them 50 years.

Mr. Yigit, I will not waste any more time here ..

My time is precious to me.

I can't work like that with you ..


You misunderstood us.

Mr. Deniz, just 5 more minutes.

And you didn't understand us.

What are we going to do now?

Who will be the director?

We have little time and no director.

I will perform this .. Don't worry.

Can .. Are you serious?

Well, if I am guilty, then I must fix this.

Thank you.

In my opinion, Polen spoke rudely. But I do not know.

Yigit calm down, calm down. We found a new director, Can Divit.


Seriously? Perfect.

- Publisher .. ready. - On here

Director .. ready ..

Ok .. We are your new customers.


What kind was that? Dissatisfied with something. "Meneman does it that way"

My sweet, "Menemen" is prepared without onion.

I didn't say "Karnybaar", is it "Menemen" in English?


What is this organic Indian nutlet?

And how interesting it is for people. Early in the morning they went far away.

Just think that everyone is from the Dominican Republic, everyone is directly sick with it.

I can handle this.

Ingredients include "Gray" oil and starch.

I would do much better than all these things.

I'm going to try this .. Um.

What is it? There's nothing yummy.

God .. But it is well sold.

God ... Ohhh Muzo

Come here, friend. Comes.

What kind of son is that?

Just look at me.

I started working with Father Nihat.

I work as a porter.

Perfect .. It's working.

And good luck to you, friend.

You are doing what I have been working on.

Have you moved to the organic sector?

Very well Jackal. By God Perfect.

You are really lucky.

Friend, what are you doing? Mevkibe went to someone's house.

I'm not, I'm still here.

Mevkibe your mistress?

She is my soul.

Sit down!

Sit down

There is a big elephant.

There is a worm, which is bigger than a jackal.

And even more that he has a bear.

Everything ends sooner or later.

You will like me one day

You won't have anything.

Nobody and nothing is forgotten.

What are you talking about as a maniac? You go and I will find out.

Let's go. Mind your own business.


Oh my God

Even the umbrella has broken. I'm going to use the umbrella it won't open anymore.

Let's go.

We can start?


We are ready .. You can start.

Let's start.

Sure, let's get started. We are all here to begin.

I'm trying to concentrate. Calm down.

I urgently need to drink tea.

Now. How many do I have to bring?

Sanem, what are you doing? You are a customer.

I'm a customer

The customer is always right. You told me so.

Yes, just don't overdo it.

I will bring some tea now.

- Tea. - Tea.

- CeyCey..Coffee. - CeyCey coffee.


Mr. Can ...

I will start then.

Or do you, as the publisher of the book, want to start?

I'll start.


I am a publisher.

Please, Sanem. MS. Sanem.

Sure, get started.

We trust you about the photos.

Thank God.

We saw your initial work.

You are very talented.

Because of your work, or rather, photos.

Talented, yes.

It is very good to hear these things from you. Thanks.


Mr. Can will also be involved in art direction. He said it himself.

Can, really? Why didn't you tell me?

Well, then, Deren.

Mr. Can really wants to do this.

You don't even know how he wants it. Words cannot describe.

And Miss. Polen really wants to support me. That is her wish.

That is, I'm not even going to say what she'll do.

Thank you, Can.

If that business wasn't in your hands.

I wouldn't be so calm.

Because Can understands me, before I say anything.

I can say that our hearts are beating. It is not?

We understand perfectly. Do not worry.

They are like doves.

Like a pair of turtles.

Very interesting.

This project got me.

Time .. And got me.

Very surprising.

I even felt it deeply, to be honest.

Big chance!

Truth? Frankly, I was also surprised.

The chance is ours. We are happy to work with you.

I would like to..

- Talk - Please.

Working together for two people who are very similar ...

So beautiful that .. I advise everyone.

It is not? Just one day working.

Yes, 24 hours

24 hours. But it looks like we've been working together for several years.

How wonderful. Wonderful.

Okay, I won't interrupt anymore.

You say it looks like you have years together, don't you?

Together with Mr. Yigit.

How wonderful. Look what can happen, just because of an accident.

- An unexpected accident. - Yes.

An accident that we don't want, but look.



We work together, Sanem. It is not?

Excuse me. Sorry .. fell here.

Does not matter. I also wanted to say ..

My brain is now dormant, the brain.

Where's the tea? CeyCey?

I'm going, Mr Can. Wait.

I came.

Let's go.

I ordered coffee.

Tea doesn't stay. Forgot, CeyCey?

Just kidding...


Did you all drink?

I think everything is clear. It is not necessary to argue for a long time.

We are where we left off.

Arrived there?

It is worth discussing whether you like tactics or not.

Why? Going somewhere? Where are you going? When? With whom? Return?

We're talking about the book.

Ok .. I'm talking about the book.

That is, our program depends on you.

What dates do you think?


Now? Just a minute.

We want to release as soon as possible.

In a week.

Just a minute. It is possible?

Of course it is possible. Even the impossible is possible with us.

Sanem dear ... This time it's impossible.

No. We have many other things to do.

Can't we deliver, Derain?

Unfortunately not, Can.

There is a shoe company. So much to do.

Okay, I will work in advertising. Ended.

Yes, I help to promote too.

Thank you CeyCey.

And the car company?

I already did half. Daria is working. Soon it ends.

Bravo, Sanem.

CeyCey, one second.

Sanem dear .. I say, maybe we will decide the business of the company ourselves.

In addition, it is the company's business.

Even if we split up ... We are still together, Miss. Deren.

I'm really close.

Very good.

- What tasteless tea ... - What?

While I was gone, the tea spoiled.

I like it. Thank you CeyCey.

Look, I drank it all at once.

Burnt throat.

Of anger.

Very high.

Clean it up. Mrs. Huma is coming.

What are you talking about?


Guliz, Mrs. Huma.

That said?

In fact, I wanted to say ...

We talked about it ...

I smell coffee.

The smell of fresh coffee.

Where's my coffee?

I'll bring it right now.

Such that.

Now it will be.

See you then.

My sweet...

I'm listening.

I did not speak to you..

I spoke to Pollen.

Listen, Mrs. Huma.

Do we drink coffee together?

Sure. OK.

Yigit, I'm going to have coffee. So you look at everything, okay?


Guzem, take coffee to the office.

Okay, Mrs. Huma.


She calls me Guzem.

Sanem, let's go?

Come on.

Sure, go. Please please.

Good job. See you.

Good job.

Mr. Can, do you want coffee?

Yes .. Yes. I want to.

Very strong.

Sister, I'm going to go crazy soon.

What happened?

What happened sister? You can explain?

Can drive me crazy. I will be sick soon.

Don't say you didn't say something .. This is not good, it's getting out of my hands.

Why? Why?

Who else can drive me crazy?

Can Divit, how was the meeting?

Emre, you know me. I am by nature extremely respectful, polite and kind.

Patient, a tough man.

You know that I never resort to violence.

I am by nature against violence.

If I have a problem like that, I solve it at the gym, not on the street.

I agree with courtesy, I agree with a gentleman. But in terms of violence.

Emre, I tell you not to be surprised or shocked. I will say immediately.

I will beat this Yigit. Good?

I hit people well, you know. I hit well.

OK? He will get away from me

Brother, don't be a fool .. For God's sake.

Sister, sit down. I look at you and my head is spinning.

No, no, no. I will not sit at all. I need to vent my energy.

I will be the killer of Can .. I will do something.

I will shoot Can ... Mom explains the appropriate language.

Does he, I imagine, know kickboxing, jiujitsu?

Familiar with the techniques? Do you understand, does he know?

I go to the gym where he is.

OK? There I will deal with this case. Why...

With an experienced person, my conscience will be clear.

So why ... Ok ..

If you don't know, we'll be upset, of course. But if he knows.

The situation changes ... Do you understand?

No .. no .. I can't really see him.

Let him go. Let him go.

I will see them together and go crazy. Call a doctor for me ..

I am a doctor. Why did you bring me here?

Sit down. My head is already spinning.

Sit down, calm down, please. Breathe.

Aiii Ok ..

And I forgot the term. She started working in a new place. Ok .. But come here again and directly.

Gets on my nerves.

I have a new job, I took a step into a new life. He reappeared in front of me.


Yigit, hello. Like you?

Fine thanks. How are you?

Well thank you.

How are you? Did I finish my business? And you?

Laughter heals a person, just like a conversation.

Yes, we simply talked.

Hello, Osman.

Ahh ... Are you here?

Home to see? Where did that come from?

No, you are right. We need to look for it little by little.

Ok, Ok .. Wait, I'll be there.


- Osman has arrived. Calling to go look for a house. - OK.

- Don't make him wait then. - Hmm..

See you later.

Preparing for the wedding.



Thanks. See you later.

I will also start to collect my things. If you could take the top floor.

So good. For example, I have my own table.

At the agency, it took me a while to get a table. After they gave me a table.

Oh God ... I'm glad you're happy

I am very grateful for that.

At the agency I was a "take-back". They always asked to bring something. I didn't even have a normal position.

They said to bring tea.

I took and carried the tea. "I came, Mr. Can."

"Please, Mr. Can." For example, you take tea.

And he really likes it.

They are constantly waiting, but they are worrying.

Constantly loud. How can I be productive under these conditions? It's impossible.

But is it really here?

It's amazing here.

Beautiful yes?

Calm and calm. It's really good here.

High ceiling.

You get stuck in the high ceiling.

The height is good.

It's still there, but it goes away.

Let it be our only problem.

Ok ... Since there is such a beautiful place to work.

Maybe we should start working? A little about romance ...

You don't want to read what you wrote. You're shy. But ...

Maybe talk a little. If you want of course.

Of course we are going to start ... I came here to work.

Let's go to my table.


This. Sit here.

What do you think of the story? Any idea?

Yes. I want the name to be "Erkenci Kus".

And I write this novel based on my life and my dreams.

Well, well, well .. Writers usually write about their stories in the beginning.

More sincere. More vital. To be more beautiful.

What else?

I talk about the journey of a girl from a small area with big dreams.

Your dreams are so big. I will tell you about her big dreams and that she doesn't fit in with herself.

I want the character to be real. The character must necessarily live.

Okay ... And why the name "Erkenci Kus"?

Because her dreams are so big.

She misses the day. To fulfill her dreams, she is forced to wake up early.

Your family has a store. She opens this store every morning.

You have already formed a character.

And the story is ready. I think you should start as early as possible.

I haven't reached the end yet. And I won't tell you when I decide the ending.

Okay. I think you should start writing as soon as possible.

-OK. -Hi.


I will start working then.

I was waiting for you. Let's go to the office.

Room spray.

Not? Is there no room spray here?

I'm looking forward to it.


The man does not choose a family.

What do you think?

Very well. Linda, but where did this house issue come from so unexpectedly, Osman?

What? Did not you like it?

No honey, I liked it. We just don't talk about it.

I didn't know that you wanted to buy a house.

I'll make a call.

Thank goodness things are going well.

And walking with you on the same path .. I looked and realized what I could do.

I decided that I would take a loan and the house we would live in after the wedding would be ready.

Is bad?

No dear. You thought well.

I think it was necessary to take out a loan and make debts

I have a promotional contract for a year, and the show is going well.

Honey, don't you worry. Everything will be fine.

In the summer, our life will change to beauty.

Yes. Everything is going to change a lot.

The main thing, is that you liked our house

You are here now.

Everything is good.


What do you think?

We like the house very much. We can think.

- Okay, call me on the phone ... - Have a nice day.


-CeyCey, son. - I'm listening, Grandma.

Why are you cutting so thick?

No, it's finely chopped. Finely sliced.

Do not.

Thick that you cut .. Do you also eat canned food?

I don't eat canned food. I bought it, I take it for granted.

A little .. Not quite.

I eat organic food.

I didn’t pull the lump, I’m going to remove it Grandma, you ...

Do not lie to me. I have eyes everywhere.

OK. Why did you call, grandma? Tell me.

CeyCey, dear, I'm dying.

You are dying? How do you die?

Are you dying now? Why did you call me then? I'm a thousand miles away.

- Call an ambulance, let them come. - Shut up.

I am not dying right away.

Now you don't die, do you die tomorrow? What kind of death is that? Death according to plan.

What is death? Hmm?

Didn't you celebrate your 100th birthday last week?

Isn't that right, naughty?

I'm 100 years old, but I'm still upset. Still miserable.

I couldn't see Murvet.

Murvet? Who is Murvet? No I do not see.

And I didn't see it.

And haven't you seen Murvet? Then why...

Oh, you want to see my joy (Murvet's name, joy).

Get married immediately. If you don't get married, I will die.

What? Die if you don't get married?

Grandma, where did that come from? I have plans.

I don't want to hear about your plans.

Why are you yelling at me? Don't be mad, I didn't say anything.

Enough, don't make me angry.

Grandma, you started talking again and again. You are not listening to me at all grandma.

Shut up, donkey.

Is there such a will? She threatens me directly.

What should I do now? So leave, then leave everything.

I will not cut anything thin.

And the avocado will remain in the core.

And I eat that kind of food, canned food.

If you happen to see it again.

Mevkibe dear, I swear .. You cooked again perfectly.

Yes, daughter?


I'm delighted and delighted.

Good appetite, good appetite. Of course, I cooked everything in my organic olive oil.

I like it comes from the land, daughter. Totally different.

Was that the bottle you used, Mevkibe dear?

Yes. It was that bottle I used.

From there?

From here.

Why do you laugh?

No, no, very tasty.

I have butter from my store here.

I didn't let you know, and I spilled it there.

Therefore, there is no difference in taste between them.

Enjoy your meal.

Health is good for me. You make us sick.

And then I think I have everything without saying anything.

I actually tasted rotten. I thought it was this eggplant.

I thought it was not a good season.

Therefore. I swear, Daddy scored a very good goal.

God .. Be quiet, be quiet.

Mother, shake your hands. I will write my novel.

Write daughter ... Bright mind. Look ...

And tell your sister to eat and eat. What kind of diet is that? She was completely thin.

There is absolutely nothing left. Let her eat and eat something.

Okay mom, I'll tell you.

Okay, tell me.

Look at the goal Daddy scored ... Ahaaaaaaaa ....

Brainless ..

I got you.

What are you doing here? What are you doing?

I'm so cold. Let me stay under the blanket.

Let's go. I'm trying to sleep, I can't.

What happened? It's ok? You didn't come down for dinner, either. Something happened?

Do you know..

I am completely confused about Osman, Sanem.

I'm not sure I'm ready.

Aren't you ready?

Osman today wanted to kiss me.


But I couldn't.

I couldn't kiss.

Why it happened, I don't know.

I did not want. You understand?

I could not. I couldn't kiss. Why does it happen?

Why is this interesting? Maybe it will take time.

Do you think the time has not yet come?

We've been engaged for weeks.

I do not know. Because it's like this?

You don't love Osman, do you?

I love, of course, Sanem. What kind of words are these?

Of course I do.

In addition, these love affairs are greatly exaggerated. The main thing ...

Friendship, trust, joint hobby. Is important.

What Ayhan and I are. It is not?

No, not really.

But a little bit like that, yes?


If you think, then yes.

Sir, why is it so? I am completely confused.

I want to fall asleep quickly. I want this day to end, Sanem.

But you will only save one day.

I need you to decide what you want. Understand what you want.

I want to, too, but it's so hard.

And who in this life knows what he really wants, Sanem?

You are right.

So you get some rest.

Good night.

Good night sister.

Well, I won't say "I told you so".



Very well, Leyla, well done you.

CeyCey are you?

Yes please.

Grandma, what did you get?

Why are you doing these surprises?

Don't you behave like normal people? Grandfather.

I accept, Mr. Emre.

Ah, Sanem, ah, Sanem. Because of you I read a sentence 3-4 times to understand.

All my concentration, is now in a shameful position.

Come on, first romance, new emotion.

I'll start.

It is not so, it is not so.

I'll start..


Can I read it out loud?

Yes, and I will also act.

Try to focus on the romance?

After a fight that passed like a storm, silence covered the house.

Mert stayed there and tried to forget everything, when he suddenly heard the bedroom door open.

A pair of legs started to approach him.

Mert closed his eyes to suppress the voice of his heart.

And he turned ... Sanem?

This book brought me that too ...

I can already hear the sound of footsteps.

Erkenci Kus .. Early bird.

I went to the bakery counter.

The delicious smell of bread spread everywhere. This time of day is your favorite time.



It doesn't matter, let her be Sanem for now.

Then I'll change it anyway.

After all, this is a bit of a biography.

So, where did we stop?

This time of day is best for Sanem.

When everyone is sleeping sweetly.

And the time when Sanem dreams of bread that smells very tasty.

While Sanem travels the world with a pen, Can enters.


Constantly crosses my path ..

While Sanem travels the world with a pen, he comes in ...

Come on ... No, of course, no Muzaffer will enter.

Goes into ...

Mehmet enters. Mehmet. Yes, Mehmet.

Leave Mehmet for now.

Good job.

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

What did you want?






We will wait for more.

I didn't find what I wanted in Turkish.

Let's see if I can read something in English?

Can I start with that?


Early in the morning.

Walking down the empty street.

Sanem met Can.


I will break, I will show him ..

I have an allergy.

Atchimmm ..

I was scared in my sleep.

What I said? I started talking nonsense.

I really feel bad.

She even appears in a dream.

Should I call Sanem?

Should I call him?

Do I say what I saw in a dream?

I will tell him that I saw him in a dream.

This is very commonplace.

This is the most common in this world.

Or I write a message: "are you sleeping?"

I will say that I cannot sleep.

She will think of something else.

Sanem, I love your determination.


Who is he talking to?

Sure, talk. Okay, sure.

Of course it does. It brought me into this state.

And talk to someone like that.

Don't be mad ... It doesn't concern you.

I'm going to remove all Janov from here.


Maybe he has other problems and is talking to his mother.

Yes, and I will say a few words. I will not say anything like that.

Let him do what he wants.



I called you?

I was going to call Ceyla .. Apparently confused ...

How are you?

My voice is gone. How are you?

Very well, healthy. How are you?

I'm fine too.

You go away .. You are probably saying goodbye to friends.

Miss you or not ... I won't be long ..

To be honest, I didn't want to hang up .. Since I already did.

I'm certainly not at home. It's pretty normal.

Is that you? are you free? I mean, at work. Are you free?

If you're busy working .. I'll call you back later. So we talk.

No, I am not working.

Just chilling.

Ok I'm on my way! See, see? Welcome.

Relax, of course. Sure, relax.

And this Yigit ..

He's an educated guy. That is, a guy like a flower.

This will probably help you relax.


Thanks to him, very helpful.

He supports me a lot ... I am grateful to him.

To be honest ... He gave me a lot of ideas about my romance.

I don't know what I would do without him.

Okay, okay. He's a very successful guy.

Polen too, so inspired. How did I suddenly find myself in the middle of work? I didn't even understand.

Is not true? Like someone pushed from behind.

Yes, in the end this is an unusual thing for you.

Very helpful ... Very, very, very.

It ended very well. You there and me here Divided in different directions.

We are going on unexpected paths.

That's true.

Who knew that would happen?

Truth? What does that mean?

Well, that is ... without interfering with someone else's life.

Showing respect, being civilized.

Looking at each other. It is very cool.

Civilized, right? The right word, civilized.

You said it again, Sanem.

Lucky that we don't behave as before. There was no more jealousy.

We are now ordinary people to each other.


Well, yes.

Those who separated, and could not remain friends.

This is so uncivilized.

Really? Really?

Still, friendship is much greater than love. Love disappears.

There is nothing like that. And the friendship remains.

She continues.


The phrase is just super.

I will sign. Angry! If it weren't over the phone, I would have applauded ..


Sign? You are right. So I will not stop you.

Are waiting for me

Give me a second.

I will not keep you waiting.

Yes. I will not take your time.

I swear, they wait for me.

Many candidates. That is, I swear, my hands are already falling to say hello.

Okay, I'm going to hang up.

Then get in touch.

See you later ... See you later ...

At first I was busy .. And now at least he answered.

You shouldn't be stuck with these things.

You see? I am not jealous.

This is not jealous of you. I am not jealous.

So things are not done.

As soon as things are not done, you need to show actions.

Much more work.

As well? As well? Aren't you jealous of me?

Is this your state when you are not jealous?

You almost chained me so I wouldn't leave the agency.

Oh stop, I beg you! This is so childish.

You see, I am now like everyone else. Well, then I will be like everyone else.

The point is not that I would like everyone, but the fact that I cannot be like that.

Let everyone know their place, and everyone will be himself.

So that we know who we are. It is not?

This is childish. It's true, childish. I can't be stuck with that.

Can you turn off the lights? Waiting for me to do everything?

See what it means not to be jealous.

Sanem .. Sanem, .. What are you doing?

They will put evil eye on you.

This? Why?

What "why" do you say? What do you mean? Don't pretend you don't know.

Take it.

Okay, CeyCey .. OK.

Get back to work ..

To work.

Come here come..

Let's go.

Everyone is watching you. Do you see how they are looking?

But Mr. Can, the one who should see ... has not yet arrived.


I do not care.

As well?

Well, when I hear his name, nothing happens to me. I do not care.

You are talking about Mr. Can.

Yes. Your name doesn't impress me.


Mr. Can.

Can, Can, Can, Can, Can, Can ... Can, Can, Can, Can, Can, Can ...

My heart is not beating now. Maybe I died?

There is no pressure, no sugar, no cholesterol. I am not impressed, I am very well.

Sanem, what is this relationship? This doesn `t happen.

Dressed like that, she did makeup. You came in setting the hall on fire. Why did you do that?

CeyCey, I am like this every day.

I forgot some things.

I came here, pick it up and go. That is all.

Hmm, forgot things ...

Mr. Can.

I don't care, CeyCey. I do not care.

Mr. Can is coming.

What are you saying? (Slang that means more or less. What is it)

Come on .. Get your things, Sanem.

You came to get your things. Why don't you take them?

Take things, go get them. What are you looking at?

Go and get you then ..

I have a few things in Mr. Can's office.

I'm going to pick them up and leave.

Hmmm ...

Back to work..

Mr. Can?

Good job, Mr. Can.

I think I forgot a couple of things.

I came to get your sanity ...

I came to get my things.



Suppressed saliva.

Let's focus. What did you say?

Could I get my things?

Yes you can, why not. That is, it can be.


I must have passed too much. If this in any way distracts you, I can immediately open the window.

Do not you dare.

Do not.

It's cold ... Leave it closed. Do not open. Leave it like that.

I say I don't want to cause any inconvenience for you.

Everything is good.

You know why? Because I'm a little cold.

Cough, as you can see.

Besides the nose is blocked.

I smell it ... But not much.

How lucky.

Too sensitive.

Many microbes.

Maybe you got a virus?

Then I will look for my things.

Oh yes? Documents.

Excuse me.

That's it ... You became ... Stayed ...


Trying to find the right word.

I mean ... May God save you from the evil eye, of course.

- It changed, I think. - How did I change?

You changed .. I mean.

I changed? You have also changed.

The hairstyle is different.

Yes, they say it goes better with me.

Yes, yes, great. New accessories.

Once again he started dressing classically. Perfectly.

There is still a belt.

Yes I liked..

I'm interested..

The albatross tattoo. Is the albatross in place or is it gone?

Even if it flew away, it will return. He's a trained bird

He wouldn't do that ... He won't return.

Nothing is likely to distract you both ....


I care about you. Furthermore, you are no longer a child.

But again I say, I am not so changed.

I am still the same. How do you see.

You are kind of weird. Look at the time ..

It is snowing and the possibility of becoming a snowstorm is high ...

And you are somehow not dressed according to the weather. It's too open ..

You can freeze, I think.

I, as a friend, decided to give advice.

Thank you very much my friend.

Did you manage to find what you were looking for?

Yes, I found the documents, I found everything. I'm looking for a pen with a heart.

On here.

Heart pen .. I found it. Pen with a heart here.


It is a pen with a heart.

That is broken

I can give you my heart.

From the pen .. I can give

I think this is no longer necessary.

Impossible. That's what you're saying.

See you then.

At least for a while.

And the documents?

Documents. Yes the documents.

Yes. I forgot about them.

I will take them. Since this is my last job.

Think again about the tattoo.

Deadly handsome.

Did I see it wrong?

What did she do? It's just like an hourglass.


Sanem, are you okay?


Open this door. What happened? Something happened?

Nothing happened. Wait a second.

Oh my God

Okay, I'll be right out.

What are you doing there?

Hold this.

Sanem, what kind of look is that? And what happened to him?

You changed your clothes.

Clothes changed

Of course I changed my clothes. Am I going to dress in here? I work, after all.

Besides, I already sent a message to anyone who was interested. Now I will return this dress.

I will not wear this dress anymore.

God grant you judgment, sister. What else can I say.

Brother how are you?

Very beautiful. I learned, at least it seems.

I swear, it is better not to have this store, if there is no such profession.

I swear, my foot size is 39, and steel is 40.

One person buys 2 eggs with delivery on the 8th floor.

2 eggs on the 8th floor.

And the elevator doesn't work.

I will lay 2 eggs myself if I go to the 8th floor.

My brother, but otherwise you will not earn for bread.

The forehead must sweat.

Look at Muzo, brother, he works in a store.

I brought the man.

Why isn't he listening to us?

Hey, handsome.

What happened to him? He's kind of thoughtful.


What is happening?

Handsome guy.

What happened Are you in no mood?

Muzo, sorry, I'm thinking a little.

Do not think.

You are the groom.

You are the groom.

What should we do if you think? We will die immediately.

You will have a wedding soon, soon we will be waiting for the wedding.

It is not?

Okay ... I have a wedding soon.

Don't worry brother Oh my God. Everything will be alright.

Don't you have a recording? Go to the recording.

Today there is no filming.

I breathe some fresh air, ,, I can do the job.

Yes, breathe the fresh air.

Ayhan, I'm just a little distracted.

I will distract you.

I will distract you like a man.

I will organize a bachelor party.

I swear, you will get married later and change your mind, there will be a bachelor party.

We will also organize a farewell party.

Don't say those things!

You are a girl and we are men.

For men, bachelor parties are different.

- Muzo! - This is a male prerogative.



This sister is looking for you.


Who is this?

I will see ... really sister.

I'm listening, madame

Hello, Mr. Muzaffer.

I came to clean Mr. Cengiz's house.

The keys are with you.

And Mr. Cengiz's keys are with me.

When you turned to me "Mr. Muzaffer" I was surprised, no one calls me sir.

Wait, wait.

This is only ...

Mr. Cengiz is a very capricious person.

Let everything shine.

Ok .. But how am I going to find the house?

Will you help me?

Honestly, I'm a messenger, I deliver everything.

My back hurts.

Ayhan, it depends on you.

She knows better where Mr. Cengiz's house is.

How should I know?

Come, come, it's up to you.


You take it .. Don't let it wait.

I? I?

So I'm going to take you, I'm going to get my coat.

- I'll be right back. - Okay daughter.

Because of 4 apples, I walk one and a half kilometers.


Mr. Emre.

I wanted to talk about the cookbook, which will be presented by "Fikri Harika".

Sure, sit down. How can I help you?

You know, we will make a contract.

There are several details that are worth discussing. Yigit sent us to you.

If this concerns the contract ... I think you better see a lawyer.

No, no, it concerns the budget.

This is the finance department, isn't it Leyla?

Or maybe I should call you "Miss", because we don't work together anymore.

Okay, Mr. Emre. Out of habit, I also called you Mr. Emre.

No problems. As you wish.

I want a lot of things

I'm listening?

I say that I do not act as I want.

Yes, you talked about the budget, I studied everything, I don't think there's a problem.

And I think there is a problem.

The budget is small for all these matters.

Such a right, referring only to the fact that Mr. Can and Mrs. Polen are friends.

We decided.

No, no, we think about it.

Yes, and you made that decision, because it will be professional.

As you understand, we will need to change some of the terms of the contract.


I don't see such a need, Mr. Emre.

We're just starting to spin.

For this reason, our budget is as follows.

Mr. Can should take pictures for us.

But then at his will ...

I want to emphasize.

At his ease ..

I wanted to become our art director.

Since our writer chose to work with those with whom he was comfortable.

We agree with your offer.

Leyla, you don't have to talk business.

I will not negotiate with you.

Let's go to the total.

And in the end, this is the budget we can give you.

Mr. Emre.

Deniz, who agreed to this budget, quit his job because he had a fight with Mr. Can.

I think that in this case, Fikri Harik should have no objections.

Sure enough? Is there any other question?

No, Leila.

Great, have a nice day.

It will be an excellent master class in January

My friend told me and I said that I would go.

But now I think ...

If I go there ..

So it will be a big step in this industry.

I think it will be useful.

Anyway, Can ... A very famous chef will come.

Yes, you come very well. Indeed.

But I invented something else, Can.

I put your name on the list. That is, we will go together.

Where will you go?

I told you yesterday about a culinary master class.

I talked about it, but Can disagrees.

Ah ah .. Why?

Mom, look at me. Do I look like a person who is interested in this?

But Can cooks very well.

- You probably know. - Yes.

Well, the more you love the cook.

Will be very good. And I'm sure you find yourself in that scenario ...

You will have great ideas for a book.

You see? One head is good and two is even better. You thought well, Polen.

You are also not capricious.

If you don't, Polen will be uncomfortable in front of a friend.

Who knows how many people didn't make it ... But did you?

Yes, Can, well .. I beg you.



You are super. I guarantee that everything will be fine. You will see.

Good job.

It will be easy, it will be easy, come on.

Have new item arrived?

Our products, see?

What do you mean "our products"?

Some bought, some made ...

You bought

And I bought and produced something like that.

Well, you do. Do not poison people.

Aysun, why are you talking about evil? What is poisoning?

I found a website on the Internet.

Complete, critical formulas are good, everyone is very satisfied.

Take for example.

Can you distinguish this honey from that?

It's honey?

This is honey, but this one is cleaner.

Because it's fresh and stagnant.

Don't get us in trouble Ishan.

I'm just going to create a problem for you in the form of notes falling on your head. Trust me, I have dedicated years to this business.

Listen, Aysun, I studied the components.

We cannot resell all the time, we need to produce.

You will destroy our reputation, I will tell you.

No, don't stay there. We spent years doing it all.

I'll ask you something.

Mevkibe will come and see this, he will start to resent it.

You understand? And you say what you bought from aunt and aunt.

Think of something.

For God's sake, what is it?


What did you write here? Although on the label, write correctly. What is it? A or E

Verenye ... I mixed it here.

What to do, Aysun? I don't have time, everything is in me.

You came just in time.

Come on, I'll show you the production.

What production?

You come with me, go, go, Aysun.


This is our production, Aysun.

I made an apple tree, you will pray that it doesn't end.

You cooked


Look, and here I give you the taste of plums, Aysun.

Mevkibe has arrived, wait.

It smells awful. Close, close

Don't talk nonsense, natural smell like that, I bought it.

Hold on, hold on.

Wait, think about money.

Don't think about the smell.

What is it?

It is not a bad smell, just natural.




Who are you looking for?

I am looking for my daughters.


Sanem, daughter.

Mom ...

What are you doing here?

Passing, I decided to come.

Your mother?


Hi, I'm Yigit.

Nice to meet you..

It's my pleasure.

Mom, welcome.

- What are you doing here? - You are so similar.

Thank you daughter, for the interrogation?

Can't I eat daughter? Why do you ask so many questions?

You can eat, of course.

Glad you came.

We are always here, always waiting.

Very comfortable place.

Very light, I liked it.


Thank you, everything is beautiful, isn't it?


- Yes. - Let it be so calm, spacious.

Especially, it is better not to relax.

If you ask, why? This is an office.

The office still needs seriousness.


We work very seriously.

Seriously, as far as possible.


"You must not take anything seriously in a world where death exists."

Kafka spoke.

In the sense of "death"?

That is ... When there is such a thing as death, everything else is no longer a problem.

In this sense.

No, seriousness is very important, Mr. Yigit.

There is no need to lose it.

Then the person will remain frivolous ...

Isn't that so, Mom?

This is my office, let's see.

No, no, I saw what I wanted.

I am ... on the sly ...

Well, then give the Dolmas (cabbage rolls.)

And we will.

This is not for you. Oh my God

And who then?

Am I going to report to you?

I came, I saw, I left.

Okay, I'm going .. Good luck.

Let's go.

We will wait again.

God forbid.

That's ... Aunt Lifer because she lives nearby, and then my mom wouldn't have to come for anything.

It seems to be yes. They are very close friends, she often cooks for her.

Walk to her ...

I will return to work in all seriousness.

Good luck.

I will also go to my office.



Mrs. Mevkibe, welcome.

Thank you CeyCey .. How do you?

Fine thanks. You broke into our company as a catering employee.

Well thank you.

Sanem is no longer here, she is not working here. Do you know?

I didn't come for Sanem .. Forget it. Do not think about it.

I'm excited.

She has some plans.

When this woman is planning something, it certainly happens beautifully.

So, Sanem will come back, she'll probably do something like that.

Yes, great. To work! Take care of the work!

Mrs. Mevkibe, welcome.



This is Sanem's mother. And this is Polen.


Be healthy.


You too? Sanem has the same problem.



That ... she doesn't pass ... Did you know that?

We must first do a test, but so unexpectedly ...

There are no horrible diseases. Thank goodness, this is just an allergy.

Of course, thank God.

Thank God You come here ... come here.

It will be more convenient here.

I immediately smelled Sarma, you know?

Polen, you wrote the book, you cook well and everything, but ...

The kitchen queen is here.

Everything cooks very well. She is very, very, very good at cooking.

Well, what is that son? How could it be?

There is no fork and knife, but I will eat with my hands, because Sarmas are crying ...

Aii Can, you eat with your hands ... What are you doing?

In health, son.

Nobody is cooking at home either.


I would say that I will cook for you. Cooking stuffed cabbage at home, isn't it, Can?

Do you want son?

Can you want? To cook your cabbage at home? You need this?

That ... Of course it would be nice if the houses were ...

But it won't be the way you cooked it. Those hands should touch them ...

A recipe, everyone can cook a prescription, but ...

The hands are different.


Oh, why you need to go to his house and cook stuffed cabbage, you don't.

I will cook and bring Can. I bring Can? Isn't it son?

Do you want a daughter too?

Thank you.

Do not misunderstand. We have a master class at night.

I heated up my appetite.

Poor thing.

Look, completely skinny, her eyes are drawn, her legs are long, but ...

Like sticks.

Daughter, you need to eat to build meat.

Yes, I will take note of your advice.

I'll accept. Yes.

But I have to go, I have a lot of work.

See you today.

Can, okay?

Take care .. It was a pleasure ..

See you later.


Not to hex that.

Mrs. Mevkibe, it looks like you came to see Sanem. But ...

Sanem is not here, she is not coming, you know .. After all, she left work.

Not forever, I think.

Not forever, probably, son.

Sanem fits this place a lot.

I also think. I also think.

Fits ...

She probably doesn't want to be in the same environment with me ...

In fact, she didn't have to leave because I was leaving.

You also don't go out.

You also fit a lot in this place.

Listen, Can, from me to the useless adviser.

I am not the best advisor in this.

But I say, based on my experience.

It is too much for a difficult person if he could not find his place.

It is very difficult for one person to find another person.

In youth, of course, you don't understand that.

And if you find that person ... You can't let him go.

And if I let go, it means I never found it.

The roads don't end. The path is endless.

But on the way, you need a satellite, son.

"First, the satellite and then the road" Our ancestors said.

And again ... ancestors.

What to do? Ancestors ...

I am going now..

Mrs. Mevkibe, welcome.

Thanks. I'm leaving.

You're leaving? Can, why didn't you say?

Mevkibe arrived and you didn't tell me?

Also with the legendary sarma.

See, I didn't want it at first. Now I have become a fan.

Enjoy your meal.

Sumptuously. Health for your hands.

You know, along with Sanem and we will lose this sarma. It hurts me more.

Don't get lost, lady, she is not lost. She is somewhere here.

The search engine will find it. So is. Can?

Have a nice day.

Health for your hands.


Thank you so much for everything.

You're welcome.

Stay with God dear.

Up until.

What did I say? I said something bad. Can?

No darling. Have you ever said something bad?


I will go to Emre.

Lovely people from this beautiful neighborhood.

We organize discounts in the organic sector.

Thank you brother.

We have no goal to win.

Our income is your happiness.


How to use it?

This is a legendary product.

Work well, Father Nihat.

No customers came to us. They are paddling money. Take a look.

Use for hair. After 10 minutes they shine.

Wow. See, this moment interests you a lot.

Every morning, eat a tablespoon on an empty stomach.

After 3 months you are 10 years younger.

Minute, minute. If you don't like it.

After 3 months, you will be reimbursed.

Sure. What do you think?

Come on dear. Let's go.

They say "grocer". This Ihsan rascal, I swear.

He took on organic products, Jackal ..

He took possession of everything I created.

This is not a normal sale.

Otherwise, why is it impossible? I hope it is good.

From the lick money, his tongue was numb. This guy is going to be sick.

The microbes will fail. So much money to lick.

I wish I had licked so much money.

Give it to your child.

Enough is enough. Enough girl

Ok, Ok .. We broke up.

Take it and do what you want.

Come on, take it. Put it in another pocket.

Good God

Ihsan, good job brother.

What's going on here?

Nothing, president.

Mommy .. Beauty is mine, Mevkibe's head.

The store is very busy, the store makes money. I understand.

- So, how did I make the slogan, help me? -I don't help.

Where should I go?

Go to the store. Go, Uncle Nihat is waiting.

Come on, son, to Uncle Nihat. Go.

King of parents. The most beautiful of all parents.

Welcome, president.

What did you do?

The products were discounted, President.

Which package came from home? Besides, from where?

Is this our topic now, Sanem?

The package .. What matters is what is inside the package.

It is true. What was in the package?

The groom's wedding dress and suit.

Why are you applauding? Why are you applauding this?

What I'll do? Grandma said I should get married before she died.

Grandma threatened you .. It can happen.

Something like a threat. I also don't know what to do.

You love Ayhan. Get married and everything.

Get married and everything. What is it?

Yes? Get married and go nowhere. Stay forever.

True CeyCey, you say it right. Don't go anywhere.

Don't go away.

For example, you wake up one morning and someone is at your side. Who is he?

The man you married. Or go to the bathroom, knock on the door. Who is he?

Once again .. The man you married.

The person.

The years go by and he is there. For example, you hear noise in the kitchen.

Do you think .. Who is it?

Mouse? Mouse? It's a rat?

In front of the refrigerator, there is someone. The light goes to his face. Like a serial killer.

- Who is he? -Who is he? - This is Ayhan. Ayhan

The man you married.

That is, Ayhan. Of course, this is Ayhan.

Ayhan Mayhan. Sanem, can a person be with you for 60 years? Doesn't a person change?

Long time.

And you stiffened, Leyla. I know.

You have crazy questions in your head.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I think I will make the proposal to Ayhan.

One minute .. You are confused. Earlier you said you didn't want to, now you say you're going to make a proposal?

It is not so, just so. Just kidding, let's imagine ...

It's like taking a picture. I'm going to wear a costume, and she's wearing a wedding dress.

I will say "Let's take wedding pictures". We are going to put flowers here and there like that.

There will be these photos. We are going to make invitations. We invite you to the wedding of ...

Come ... Why don't you come? Gold hanging etc.

I think of something like that.

If someone cheated on me .. I will be very angry.

I think Ayhan would be very angry. I think it is very ugly.

But, Sanem, think so.

Well, I know, Ayhan is your friend. This is the last wish in a woman's life. She's old.

You understand Put yourself in my place. Empathy.

Empathy ... Let's empathize. Show empathy.

Ok .. Don't yell.


Think calmly. Wait .. wait ..

Do it. What to do?

You go to Ayhan and explain all your problems one by one.

But maybe even one pretend, but are you going to buy a ring?

There is a ring. Grandma sent everything.

Ok .. To be honest, I approve.

Thank you Sanem.


Yes. Congratulate me, Mrs. Deren. Yes.

Angry. Good idea. How quickly decided.

Miss Ayhan, if you don't need anything else, I will go.

No, you can go. I thank you..

- Thank you, have a good day. - And a good day.

Ayhan. Ayhan, etc.

I'm going too.

What is it?

Dropped down.

No .. no .. Why would I do that? I will not look.

But I am very curious .. It is a huge box.

I'll open...

I'll open.

Is that a groom's suit?

Wedding dress? What is it?

I'll take a look.



I swear .. It's a ring.

CeyCey ..

CeyCey will propose to me ... CeyCey's proposal.

CeyCey will make me the proposal ..

But is this dress for me? It was probably his mother's.

We are going to get engaged then ... How romantic.

CeyCey ... I can't believe it. And you hid it all from me.

He wanted ... he wanted to surprise me. Ayhan, girl.

Are you going to marry.

You're going with Polen to the workshop, aren't you?

Give me a break .. I couldn't refuse and said yes.

There was nothing I could do. I said yes.

I didn't want to either. I didn't want to go too.

Brother, what are you doing?


Design for the book, going to the workshop. I do not understand this.

Mrs. Huma comes .. "Confront the fact" and I ..

I agree. .. I say yes. OK?. Why does she pressure me.

Ok enough ... She presses me so hard, I can't take it. I don't want to deal with her and in the end I say yes.

"Confront the fact", right?


Okay .. Let's think about it.

When Sanem gave the 'smell' to Fabri, and didn't tell you ... Did she also "confront the fact"?


Is not the same thing? It's the same.

This is different, it is different. This is not the same.

Both .. Both are exactly the same.

You say that your history with Polen is in the past. Somehow you remain close to her ..

What did this girl want from you? Hmm?

As well?

Just a little understanding is what she wanted. Just understanding.

What do you mean, Emre?

Think about it. Do you really love this girl?

You think about it a little.

I loved Sanem very much. And I still ...

And she is still very special to me.

Special, isn't it?

Is it possible to hurt a special person so much? Leave it and then go?

Brother .. It was your love for her that gave me courage.

You disappointed me a lot.

Come on, go away. You go away.

And she leaves too ... Everyone leaves. OK?


- Tea is a passion for me. -Enjoy your meal.

Guess what I did today?

I will guess ..

Did you see a writer?

Did you agree with a translator?

Close, but related to the book. With the Polen book.

I can't think of anything.

There is a food workshop. A very famous chef arrived.

I forgot the name. I think you know for sure.

The number of participants is limited.

I received an invitation for both of us.

- And we go together? - Yes, let's go together.

I don't need any of that .. I can do anything in the kitchen.

I'm good at it. Cooking is something special.

It comes from within. This cannot be learned, I think.

Of course, of course, of course.

Is that why you can't even break an egg?

But you are right.

I apologize.

Mom. I'm listening to mom.

I'm listening to mom. Really?

I cooked sarma recently.

Ok ... In the closet. OK see you later.

They are delighted.

Did you prepare the sarma that was in your mother's hands?

I cooked. Mom doesn't like to brag.

You mean you are a master in this business.

Perfect .. So let's go to the workshop.

Organize the show. And at the same time wake up the monster inside you.

We will see you .. Learn something if possible

I do not know. I don't want to embarrass the chef.

Let's do a show together. Nothing will happen, I think.



Let's show them now ...

Ok .. We will then.


- Super. - Let's go.

I'll get ready.


I'm going to break eggs.

Food recipes.

I apologize .. I'm late

On the bridge he had attempted suicide. In the end he was persuaded.

No, you are not late. Welcome.

Hello. Welcome.

Hello. Are you ready.

Pollen in the kitchen. First..

And getting ready. Sure.


Come on, show me the show.

I do not believe..

I do not believe.

What a beautiful kitchen.

Hello. Hi, Can.

Hello, Yigit.

Yigit, what are you doing here?


True .. A great coincidence.

You didn't tell me anything about it.

And you didn't tell me any of that.

Apparently, you don't speak. There is no connection between you.

OK. We, apparently, arrived with a goal.

Then an apron, an apron.

Yigit, you're on the red team.

Thank you Sanem.

Perfect .. So the kitchen is a place of secrets.

What we do?

Hello. Welcome.

Chef ..

You can work here.

This is a stove.

I'll get acquainted.

Hi stove.

Take what is necessary and begin. Tools under the counter.

Now now.

Sanem, he said downstairs.


I want to cook pilaf.


- I want to cook pilaf. -Down.

Clearly, we are committed to ideas.


I caught. Down.

Sir, what is this?

Is there fire somewhere?

No, president. This is an ambulance.

- Ambulance? -Yes.

What happened ?

Something happened?

Our Sanir was poisoned by food.

Our Sanir

As well? Is there any detail?

He's dirty, you know.

You probably didn't wash your vegetables and fruits well.

Look how many are here, they are fast. Even the ambulance.

- Coming soon - Arrived

I do not know.

Dad .. Ambulances arrived in our area.

God, zombies.

What are zombies?

Combi, I said ... Combi, the commander.

I am going now. Combi, Combi here ..

Sister Mevkibe, what have you done to us? Do you see our condition?

Look at our faces.

Look at us ..

You see?

Look at our condition.

We were poisoned.

Mom, look at Sister Fitnat's face. It is impossible to look at it.

Who is this guy?

What's wrong with them?

A crowd in front of the store.

Was there this crowd with us?

Son, wait. God forbid, it's like an attack.

Well, if we don't have what will happen? Even if it does.

One minute, I didn't understand, daughter. What have I done to you?

What did I sell you?

Girl .. I don't sell that.

How did it not sell?

The police arrived.

Mother, the police.

Then I will go. I'm going to open the store.

Officer, here they are. I make a report.

Calm down, friends, calm down.

One minute

- Calm calm. - Are you Mrs. Mevkibe and Mrs. Aysun?


You received a report ..


No, I think it's a misunderstanding. This is a mistake.

Madam, you have joked about the health of so many people. We are going to the police.

Understood? God bless you. At least it didn't happen to me.

Thank God.

- I mean ... - Are you ready?

We are now in front of Ms. Mevkibe's store, which played with people's health.

Mevkibe, did you receive a report?

Hey Mevkibe. Mevkibe.

Now ... help ... help.

Try this cucumber.

Ahhh the master is watching ... The master is coming.

Can darling, what are you doing? Are you alright? Slower.

I want my business to make a sound.


By the way .. I prepared this for you at home.

It was great.

I restarted everything.

He forgot, Polen.

You forgot everything.

You should know how he forgot.

Yes friends. To become a cook ..

On a par with taste. Cooking is very important.

Working in the kitchen, one of the important things is to work cleanly and maintain order.

You can work as a team or one at a time.

But we must not forget that with a partner ... You need to work in harmony.

I think I'm the luckiest person here, boss.

Hum Hum ..

Precisely, precisely. And we were very lucky in our time.

We make a great team. Shared work, but.

It means it was not enough .. It was not enough.

Master. Boss, you said about the work process. You noticed this especially.

Regarding work .. Of course, according to my thoughts.

A kind of shared soul.

I think it is necessary.

With a partner in the kitchen.

Like what?

For example .. Let's say that there is a very special recipe.

There is a formula. Belonging only to you. Exclusive

The smell that drives you crazy. Dizzy. You go crazy.

How can I say? It is as if it unites the two of you. What makes you like it.

It makes you a team. A recipe that nobody knows.

Here, if you find this recipe and taste .. You will be an inseparable team, partners.


You broke up, you think .. I couldn't speak, but you broke up

At the end of the day he ran away and left.

He's an adult man .. What should I tell him to go back to?

And then we get that taste

It was caught, the taste was caught

Am I saying that we don't get the taste?

Can ... Could you pass me the salt?

He got caught ... we got the taste.

- Here, here's the salt. - That's not it, my life.

My life, did she say? My life?

Your life is asking for salt.

I do not deny that.

Life is talking.

I don't deny it. This person was sometimes forced to leave.

Why the departure departure?

And the deceased had dreams. Do you understand, chef?

Do you understand, chef? I'm saying that he loved it very much ..

The kitchen?

Kitchen, chef, kitchen. What else would it be? We're talking about the kitchen. Yes.

Why does he leave if he loves?

Ask, boss, ask why to leave. Ask in person. Let's see what he says.

Are you also asking? This is not my boss, master. Do not misunderstand.

After all, did we say that there is a special recipe, a formula that unites these two?


And this other partner goes and gives and this formula, this recipe.

As if I never warned you ..

As if I didn't speak as a friend. You go and give it to the chef at another restaurant.

Then give it back.

Without the knowledge of the other?

It is without the knowledge of the other. Exactly. This magical recipe falls into the hands of someone else.

It's possible?

In addition, the recipe was not the same.

Sanem, give me a lemon, dear?

It was not the same. If it were the same ...

Honey..he wants a lemon. Give him a lemon. You gave mushrooms.

Let each one deal with their partner.

Is there a difference? The formula given was given.

Has the magic been ruined? Yes. Is it betrayal? IT IS..

It was a formula that belonged to both .. That united them.

So you can imagine how important this was.

Can .. Chop the calm slowly .. slowly.

You interrupt a lot .. Shut up.

I'll think about it.

Don't think .. Respond immediately.

Don't just look from your side.

It really is, you cannot forgive.

Think of yourself.

You think of yourself here.

Why, it's interesting to think about it. How was this perfume given?

Did you think for example? Why did they give this perfume?

But no, no one is listening.

The person is immediately guilty.

And it is impossible after all. I am less valuable than this onion here ..

You are crying?

I'm crying because of the onion. Are tears unforgivable?

Have you been cooks before?

- We were in love. - We were in love.

We were cooks.

We were cooks.

We are friends.

This story is from a different chef.

I understood. I think the other chefs acted stupidly when they split up.

Hum Hum ..

I will pass this on to my friend.

I'll call them as soon as we leave and tell him.

They lost many other recipes, because of just one. Fools.

We will miss a good, but we are not able to see this, unfortunately.

And you're messing things up. Messing up.

He knows what he says .. He knows.

So, friends .. Let's start preparing our vegetables together.

And you continue.

Sanem, is everything ready?

Is ready. I'm dying here ..

Onions ..

I can not believe this.

I can't believe my eyes.


CeyCey, my love! Welcome.

What love is that? And Brother Osman ...

No, my brother is not. Why did you ask about my brother?

Do you want to ask me something special?

You can ask now .. Because I am ready!

Yes, I wanted to ask a secret question. How did you find out?

Assumption ... Assumption.

I'm full of feelings for you.

I have incredible feelings for you, CeyCeyy!

Thank you Ayhan. May your hands be full of gold.

Are they full of gold? What do you mean? Speak.

I wanted to propose something to you, Ayhan.

Propose! Propose me! But dancing like that, come on!

- Propose now! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! - How I like it ...

In general, this situation. I need to explain the situation.

No, no. You can quickly say everything at once! Like this.

In general, when I'm with you ..

Yes! Yes! Yes! I accept, I accept to be your wife

Yes! Yes .. CeyCey yes.

I accept to marry you! I accept to be your wife

- Ayhan? - Ayhan.


What did this girl want from you?

She just wanted you to understand her.

I wanted a little understanding.

Come on .. Go away. Go and let her go. Everyone goes, okay? All.

Then apron. Because today you look very beautiful, so don't get dirty.


It's my pleasure.


Okay, right?

Exactly. Perfect .. Now fry.

And it will add taste.

- The man is so interested. - It is not?

Perfect ... Perfect ..

Now we have improved the taste a lot.

- Sumptuous .. - If you want, you can repeat.


And add tomatoes now.

But you didn't set yours on fire.

Turn turn.

It burns a lot.

What's it?


Okay, wait a minute.

Ok .. ok .. We are burning!

I wanted to pour water into the pot!

Breathe! Breathe! Stay with me!

Please don't touch me! Do not touch me!

Forgive me, please.

Don't ask me for forgiveness, Sanem.

And if possible, stay away from my environment. If possible.

Polen, do you want me to take you?

No. No, I can do it myself.

Do not pay attention. If you want, one day we can practice cooking at my house.


Your sister is leaving. Go there and take care of your sister. Don't be distracted here.

What did he mean by "my home"?

He said "my home".

What does he mean?

- In your house ... - He said, not in my house, in his.

What is all this proximity, in a few days? Did you go to this Yigit's house?

What does that mean? What question is that?

Why do you get into my stuff?

We will not talk about it, this is an elementary question of friends .. Being your friend

"I used to cook for you too ... Remember, Can?"

What does that have to do with anything now?

Like your friend!

Sanem, did you go to his house or not? Tell me the truth. Answer me.

Are you talking nonsense Can! Do you understand what you are saying?

I wonder who you put in that house on the mountain. When did you say that no one had gone there?

Polen came and went .. How many women were there?

"Can you pass me the salt, my life?"

Sanem, we need to talk seriously.

I have nothing to talk to you about. And I don't have time either.

Yes, let's talk .. Come with me.

Not! I'm not going anywhere! I'm not going anywhere!

Let's get out of here separately Can! I'm going to take a taxi, okay?

Years later, you can't stand in front of me like that with a cane in your hands, you can't think about me.

Give me a second! Years later, when we find ourselves with a cane in hand, I will use the same smell!

Then you will tremble, your cane will break like this.

Can you go after your princess and comfort her? Go and console her.

I will not hear you .. You talk too much!

Can? What are you doing?

Be careful with the head.

I can not understand. You embarrass us in front of people.

- Be careful with your head. -Can, please release me.

Can .... Can, let me go.

What he is doing?

Really, he's taking you away now.

Can, I will complain to you for violating human rights.

Are you still talking ..

Can .. let me go. Can, let me go.

Sit there.

Can! Can, what are you doing now .. What bad manners.

Open this door!

I locked the door, don't shake it. Don't even scream like a child.

- Can ... You can't take me anywhere. - I'll take you anyway ..

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