Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - full transcript

How's the party going?

Wonderful, super.

Except I'm reeking to high heaven from the barbecue. I'll go change.

Hold this.

Give it here.

Don't drink it!

I'm going to drink it.

Oh, Mr. Can.

Oh, Mr. Rıfat. Is Deren okay?

She's fine. I gave her some coffee. She's lying down.

'She'll be back to her old self soon.'

'Good, wonderful.'

Could you go outside and serve the guests a bit?

'Okay, sure.'

Sorry if I'm tiring you.

Don't mention it.

'Come on.'

See you later.

Not again!


What are you doing here?


I was going to go to Mr. Emre's room. I accidentally came here.

So, you were going to Emre's room half-naked like this?

Yes. Wait, no. Have you no shame?

I'm really sorry. That's not what I meant.

Then what'd you mean?

Whatever I meant, can I go now?

Sanem, last time you were in my living room, and now you're in my bedroom. What are you doing? Huh?

Really, I don't know why it keeps happening either.

It's happening somehow. It's a coincidence.

A coincidence, huh?

Sanem, why are you in my room? Why are you in my room in this getup?

This is your room?


I fell into the pool. My clothes got wet.

Mr. Emre told me to go to his room to dry them.

You fell into the pool?

Yes, is that so inconceivable?

Not at all, I mean it's you, anything can happen with you. I expect it from you.

Just so.

I feel like falling into the pool again, let me go and do that.


You're mobbing me right now.

You're psychologically abusing your employee right now.

Like– Like, are we not going to be able to work properly at our company? Like, you keep interfering.

Sanem, you're the one entering my room. There's abuse, trespassing, using private property...

I never, ever touched any of your property.


I can't go out like this, could you go so I could change?

I'm going. I'm gone.

Where's the ring?

You're obsessed with that ring! Ring, ring, ring, ring!

It's in my bag!

Like, why is it in your bag? I get it, your mothers don't know, but your mothers aren't here. So why is it in your bag?

Because it looks better in my bag. Could you leave?

I don't have anything else to say to that.

I'm gone. I've left. I've left.

Why me?

–Thank you for everything.
– Thank you.

– It was great, thank you.
– Thank you.

– Everything was great.
– See you later.


What's up?

Come, welcome, brother.

Dude, there's a party and you didn't invite me.

It's the agency's party, that's why. Come.

Dude, aren't I this agency's attorney? Day and night, I pore over these contracts.

Contracts, contracts, contracts.

Contracts, contracts, contracts.

Contracts, contracts, contracts.

My brother. How's it going?

Good, you?

Come sit.

Did you bring the contract?

I brought it, but the terms are serious.

Well, that's what you'd expect from a model. Arzu Taş.

Dude, quit talking crap. Give it here.

What contract is this?

Oh, you don't know about your brother's idea yet?

No, I don't.

You know that girl you worked with last year, Arzu Taş? The model.

She's the face of Deja now. So in your terms, if we can get her to sign this contract, we get all of their advertising campaigns.

Sounds good, sounds good.

So, what's the hurry? We could have looked over the contract together.

Dude, the girl became a world-class model, everyone's after her. We have to hurry.

If we can get this job, we get two or three years of campaigns.

Great, wonderful.

Oh, Deren, are you okay? How are you?

Oh Can, I'm really sorry. I think it's because I drank in the sun.

Not a problem at all. If you're fine, it's all good. It happens.

I got the contract, but I'm going to eye it over one last time.

While I'm doing that, you call Arzu. Tell her we're accepting her terms at any rate, and let's get her to sign the conract, okay?

Okay. Sure, I'll take care of it. She wanted to work with us too, anyway.

And first thing in the morning, prepare the presentation, begin the shoot preparations, because we have very little time left.

J.J., you can drop Deren off, right?

Of course.

Wonderful, super. See you.

Okay, then, see you later, Mr. Emre, Metin.

See you, Deren.

See you.

It's good to see you.

See you, Metin.

Okay. Ahem.

Did I say something today? I don't even remember anything.

No, I mean, you were pretty normal.


I mean, you have some foolish moves. You messed everything up. It really didn't suit the venue, I'll tell you that. Please.

I disgraced myself.

"MY LOVE: Are we still not talking?"

Dude, I'm a sucker for Deren.

"My brother's about to get a big project."

'But she won't even look at my face.'

Like, there's no hope.

She's a good girl. Very hardworking too.

Emre, what's up with you?

Good, you? Everything okay?

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

"MY LOVE is calling."
Excuse me, I'll be right back.

"MY LOVE is calling."

There's someone, but he won't say who.

As if you say a lot yourself. You never call or ask.

You'd think one would take their friend out for drinks—

You're dressed.

Everyone's gone.

Yes, I'm dressed. I forgot my phone.

Should I drop you off?

Thank you, you have guests, don't worry about it.

Whoa. Sanem, you were here?

Yes. I'm leaving now.

I'm leaving too. I'll drop you off?

Okay. Good day.

'Good day.'

What's happening, bro?

What do you mean?

Stop it, Can. Something's going on, and I need to figure out what tonight.

Anyway, stop being lazy and bring us some drinks.

Dude, what are you, a scourge? Go get whatever drink you want, they're all there.

Dude, I'm going to solve your riddle. There's something there, but whatever.

Are you used to the ring?

I'm not used to it. Take it off, put it on, I'm going crazy.

I hope you don't put it in your pocket and lose it.

Mr. Emre.


The ring is too expensive. I mean, I shouldn't keep it any longer. You take it, and take care of it.

It's insured, don't worry. Wear it for now. Then we'll say you broke up with your fiancé, okay?

And I told Mr. Can so many lies for no reason.

Don't worry about these things. Look, my brother's up to something. We have to stop him.

I can't do it. I know someone has to stop Mr. Can, but I really can't keep doing this.

Sanem, do I have to keep reminding you of our agreement? Huh?

I helped you, and you promised to help me, right?

By the way, did the money I gave you help?

Were you able to pay your father's debts?

Yes. Yes, but I haven't been able to tell my dad.

He'll probably ask where I found 40,000 liras.

But I don't know what to tell him.

I understand. Okay. Come, let me drop you off.

Mr. Emre.


It wouldn't look good if I went into the neighborhood with a nice car like this.

Could you drop me off at a bus stop near there?

Alright. Jump in.


Nihat, come my love, the weather's really nice. Let's go for a walk.

Ah... Nihat. What happened? Are you sick? Is your blood pressure up? Let me go get the machi—

No, Mevkibe, no, don't worry, I'm fine. It's nothing. Let's go talk in the backyard, okay?



Mevkibe. I've decided to sell the store.

Oh, Nihat.

I thought you were going to get some credit, pay off your debts.

They're not giving me any, Mevkibe.

Ali the wholesaler is waiting for his money.

I don't want anyone saying that Nihat doesn't pay back his loans.

I'm going to go tomorrow and find a buyer, and hand over the grocery store.

Are you sad, Mevkibe?

Of course I'm sad. How could I not be?

Look, for the first time in my life, I made a miscalculation.

I bought too much inventory.

You know how our loan is 40,000 liras? The goods inside are around 100,000 liras.

Once we pay off our loan, we can get by with the rest of the money, hmm?

Sure, but...

– We do have our retirement pension.
– Yes.

And Sanem is working now.

If only Leyla could get back to work.
My God, Nihat, she's turning into a grocer.

But don't tell the girls anything for now, okay?

I won't.

And weren't you the one telling me, drop all these things and let's go on vacation together?

Oh, Nihat. Will we really, just us two?

Of course we'll do it. You and me.

What was that place Sanem was obsessed with? Alabosia.

Can we go there too? We'll send Sanem a postcard from there.

Mevkibe, you're a fine woman.

Of course I am.

Let me go take a walk, to keep my form.

You'll see what your wife looks like on vacation.



For God's sake...

Okay, bro. See you later.


Sis! Welcome!


What happened? You okay?

How can I be okay?

There was a barbecue party at Mr. Can's house.

Mr. Can caught me naked in his bedroom.

What are you saying? What were you doing in Mr. Can's room?

Why were you naked?

Look here. They didn't put something in your drink, right?

No way. I was going to go to Mr. Emre's room, but I accidentally went into Mr. Can's room.

What were you going to do in Mr. Emre's room naked?

Can you just explain this to me properly, from the top?

Okay, it was like this...

Ahmet, take these. This too. Give it to your mother too, okay? Read it over, my friend.

What's this?

This is my website's promotion.

This is great!

Here you go. Here you go. This is my website. Self-development, life–

What are you doing, dude! Why are you throwing it on the ground?

My God! I put money into this. A little respect! There's effort in this, effort.

Okay, okay.

Good evening, Mr. Murat.

Good evening, girls.

What coaching?

Mr. Murat, you can eye it over. Good night to you.

'Good night then.'

Are you sure this will work? Who in our neighborhood is going to need a life coach?

Maybe we should go to Nişantaşı or something.

Keep going, you'll see. Your first advice from your life coach: never give up.

What are you guys doing, you two peas in a pod?

Here, Zebercet, Ayhan's new venture.

Nah, he doesn't need it, he's my–

He's my... uh, assistant, so he already knows about it. He'll pass it out.

Since I'm her assistant, I already know about it. I'll pass it out. We'll pass it out together. Come.

I'm really busy right now. You start passing them out, and we'll meet at the beach.

Oh, the beach works. That works. But it's your words, not mine.

May our new venture go well.

Let's hope so.

See you later.

I'll be at the beach. Same place.

It's summer, and Zebercet's palms are sweating again.

Yeah, sis. Anyway, start talking.

Did you not know about the candy company job? We missed out on a huge client.

I know. They did it too quickly, before I realized.

But I'm preparing a contract right now.

Aylin, I don't think you understand. It's too late.

Whoever reaches an agreement with Arzu Taş also gets the candy company job.

And we were the ones that reached an agreement with Arzu Taş.

What do you mean "we"? "We" is you and me. Who are you calling "we"?

It's just a habit. I'm sorry.

Deren signed Arzu Taş on.

But the contract isn't signed yet. So anything can happen.

Maybe she won't sign their contract, and work with me instead.

Aylin, it's not that easy.

We have to find someone who knows her. In the end, she's a world-class model. We're talking about Arzu Taş.

Emre, you're going to drive me crazy.

If I put the right contract in front of her, she'll work with me too.

Aylin, look. We just founded the company. We're new. She won't work with us.

I'm going to get that job.


What is it, Emre, what?

This agency's both of ours. I'll remind you.

And let me remind you of this.

If my father and brother learn what I've done, I'll be out of a job...

...and I'll lose my family, alright?

Now you calm down a little, and don't get us into trouble. Understand?

I can't calm down. I'm going to get that job.

And I won't get you in trouble, don't worry.

With your permission, I'm going to go work.

Good, work. But just to let you know, these ambitious moods of yours are really starting to scare me.

Leyla? What's up?

Good, Osman. What's up with you?

Good, but...

What are you doing here all alone?

Well, I'm a bit out of sorts, so I was just sitting.

What are you doing? What are those?

Oh. Well, Ayhan made some fliers, so I came to pass them out. Have you seen Ayhan?

No, I haven't.


Uh, then I'll sit with you. We can wait together.


Leyla, what happened? Why are you crying?

Osman, I've been suspended from work.

What do you mean?

There's a spy who's leaking information to another company. They think it's me.

Man, Ayhan, we did a good job passing these out.

Seriously. There's only a few left, huh?

Auntie, good evening.

Thank you.

Hi Sis. When'd you get here?

What happened? Why are you crying?

It's nothing, Sanem.

What do you mean, they think you're a spy? Getting suspended?

Who do these people think they are?

Don't you worry, I'm going to go tomorrow and tell your bosses what's what.

Don't talk nonsense, Osman, what's happening to you?

Osman dear, don't talk nonsense, what's happening to you?

While I'm here, you don't need to worry about it. I'm this girl's brother-in-law.

Leyla dear, I'll go tomorrow and meet with your boss.

What do you mean brother-in-law, Zebercet?

You want to talk about this now? You want to argue now? In front of everyone? In my sister-in-law's darkest hour?


Oh, Mom.

Muzaffer, what are you doing with this girl? What did we say? What did we talk about?

– Sanem!
– Mom.

What are you doing here with these people?

Mom, what are you talking about? We're just having a conversation.

Come on Mother, of course she'll be with me. Who else is she going to be with?

No, I won't. I won't be with you. I won't be with anyone, Zebercet.

Won't be with anyon– Who'd like you, anyway?

Look here, look. You're talking back and forth again. You better not drive me crazy again, Aysun.

Come on! But please!

I'm betting right now, I'm going to fix all the relationship problems in this neighborhood. I'm going to be all of your coaches.

Let's hope so.

Hello, Aylin.

Hello, my dear Arzu.

You look wonderful.

As always. You're not too shabby either.

What will you drink, my love?

No, I'm in detox. When you said it was an emergency this morning, I came right over. I'm very busy.

I'm busy too. I founded an agency.

I know.

I heard you had big falling out with Mr. Aziz.

You were involved in some bad stuff.

It's slander, my love. I got a raw deal.

But I got back up. I became the boss of my own agency.

Actually, that's why I wanted to meet with you.

I got back up, you say.

Then, wait, let me guess.

You're going to say, "for old time's sake." But, honey, I don't work with small companies like that.

I mean, the Arzu Taş.

(speaks French)

I especially do not have anything to do with newly-founded, small agencies.

But that's okay, it's been a long time since we've seen each other.

Now, I have a conference call for a photo shoot in America tomorrow.

You're right, Arzu dear, I was going to say "for old time's sake".

We used to spend so much time together, right?
We ate and drank together.

Look what I have left from those days.

Look, sweetie, what I have left from the old days.

Why did you keep my old photo? Why would you do something like this?

I thought we'd laugh at it later.

You wouldn't want that photo in the press, would you?

This is a very old photo, Aylin, very old!

I know, sweetie.

Your flappy ears, fixed. Got new Hollywood cheeks.

Nose was fixed too. I wonder if once Deja sees this photo of you...

Will they still want you as the face of their brand?

Are you seriously going to give this to the press?

I mean, this is no joking matter, dear Arzu.

Think about it, social media will go crazy. Everyone's going to come down on you.

Press conferences will be held.

Why bother?

I think you should call your manager, and we should spend some wonderful time together like old times.

It's horrible what you're doing.

Dear Arzu, you know this industry's ugliness better than me.

You've ruined quite a few people's careers on your way to the top.

I think you should hurry and call your manager.
I have the contract with me. We'll sign it right now.

You can keep that photo. I have lots of them, ready for the press.

With your permission, I'll go call my manager.

Sure, go ahead.

"MY LOVE is calling"

Emre dear, I told you to trust your lover, didn't I?

I got Arzu Taş.

Hmm. Sure, Berkay. I'll add that article to the contract.

"CAN is calling"

Good morning, Can.

'Good morning, Deren.'

Did you send the contract? No problems, right?

Nope. No problems.

She'll sign the contract in a bit.

Great. You gather the team then, and let's get the advertising campaign done.

I'll be there soon.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Do I know you from somewhere?

You may have seen me on TV.

Really? Uh, then...

Were you at this company's 40th anniversary party?

Yes, I was there, why?

Where were you sitting?

Excuse me? I don't understand.

I'm asking you if you have a lover.

Who are you?

I'm really sorry, I came at this from the wrong angle.

I was actually searching for someone with a beard.

I don't have a beard. I came here with a false beard.

Yeah, right.

Agh! What are you doing?

Oh, I'm so sorry, I was looking for someone with a beard.

You ruined everything! What beard? Give me that.

Fine, whatever.

You don't have the mentality to be my albatross anyway.

A false beard? Ridiculous.

Mr. Can? Should we get your vehicle into the parking garage?

Sounds good, okay.

Mr. Can, it took me four hours to get this beard on. I'm sorry.

It's not a problem, you can come back later.

Thank you.

The search continues, eh?

Yes, I think the spy in the company is definitely Leyla.

Are you sure?

I mean, since she left, Aylin hasn't been able to steal our clients.

She's right. I was suspicious when she was handing over her computer anyway.

What are you guys up to? What are you talking about?

Oh, we're suspicious that your sister is the spy, we're very suspicious.

I mean, I thought her actions were really—

Wow, I can't believe you.

Don't even try to defend your sister. If you noticed, Mr. Can still hasn't called her. I think it's suspicious.

Don't talk nonsense.

My sister isn't the spying type. Besides, she's in ruins since she's left work.

At least don't gossip while I'm right here.

Leyla isn't the spy, my beauties.

Mr. Can hasn't called her because her computer is still being examined.

If I hear you talking about an assistant again, I'll make a complaint to the Asistants Union. Now go!

Go! Shameless.

Coming here and making gossip.

Saying, she's an agent, she's something or other. It's nonsen–

They're getting into my head too. They took me in and got into my head.

Güliz, are you okay? This is the first time I'm seeing you this angry.

I'm going to audition for a role in the commercial. I was in the "stern boss" role. How was it?

It was great. You were shining. Brilliant.

Shining is a good thing, of course.

Of course. It's important.

– J.J.!
– Your mother!

Uh, I mean, yes.

Can you call the creatives to my room.


Güliz, can you come and take notes?


Is this the tea you made?


But I drank from that.

Think about the albatross. Think about the albatross.

You think you deserve that girl, you old lecher?

Look at him, shameless.

Mom, who are you talking to?

Who do you think? The television.

Look at what he's saying.

Who's saying what?

My child, my eyes are burning. Take these onions and help me.

Take the cutting board too, you can't cut it without it.


The food comes to you, coffee, slippers to your feet...

No way. You think those things happen by pressuring her? No, those things happen with love.

Shameless old man.

This man wants to get married?

That's a grandpa! Wow.
How old is he? He's got one foot in the grave.

That's what I'm saying.

Okay Mom, but how do you know what they're saying?

Turn up the volume and watch. You're watching it on mute, like a crazy person.

My child, they keep rerunning it. I've memorized it by now.

My child, don't cut it so thick. Your dad won't eat it like that. My love only likes it thin.


Should we make imam bayıldı or karnıyarık?

Let's make imam bayıldı, Mom. It's easier.


And I have some vegan pasta. I'll eat that for dinner.

Wait a minute, what's happening?

What happened?

I'm turning into a housewife.

I've become a part time housewife, part time grocer.

Soap operas in the morning.

Onions, tomatoes.

What am I doing?

You're making imam bayıldı, my child, what's wrong with that?

Enough. I can't do these kind of things.

I'm going to go talk to Mr. Emre.

I'm not this kind of woman.

I can't be a housewife.

I can't be a housewife!

Oh dear. My girl's gone crazy.

And you, shut up!


Okay, friends.

We've reached an agreement with Arzu Taş for a photo shoot for the Deja firm.

Deja will be advertising their new candy, so let's immediately begin preparations for the photo shoot.

Uh, why Arzu Taş?


Because J.J., Arzu Taş is the face of Deja's advertising, and whoever she reaches an agreement with gets the entire campaign.


Okay, let's get quotes from the photographers. Who do you recommend for this job?

"SUDE MANAGER is calling"
– I'm very sorry, Arzu's manager is calling.


It could be Ahmet Tugay. He's the one who photographed Ms. Arzu before.

True. Good choice.

Sure. Let's call him.


Arzu won't be working with us.

She decided to work with Aylin.

How? Didn't you reach an agreement with her this morning?

Yes, I did. I can't believe this either.

Okay, call Arzu's manager at once and give it to me.

(mouths) Okay.

Her phone's off.

Doesn't Arzu have her own phone? Call her.

Where did Aylin learn about this project?

She turned hers off too, because she knows we're going to call.

So what now? Did we lose the project?

Not so fast. Where is Arzu staying?

Can, she already made an agreement. What are you going to do?

Besides, she's returning to Rome tonight.

Deren, I asked you where she was staying.

Fine, I wrote it here somewhere, in my agenda book.

Uh, Mr. Can?

If there is an actor emergency, I can play the part in the commercial.

Güliz, believe me, this is not the time.

Deren, you'll let me know.

Are you discouraged?

Quite the opposite.

Rejection drives me.

This is how acting is.




I'm going to Ağva. Just letting you know.

You're going to Ağva? Why?

To meet with Arzu Taş.

I don't know how she did it, but Aylin took the job right out of our hands again. I'm going to go get it back.

I see.

Oh, Mr. Can. I was just looking for you.

Is this an emergency? I have to leave.

We finished examining Ms. Leyla's computer.

Emails were sent to Ms. Aylin.

Actually, someone tried to delete their traces.

After some effort, we were able to recover the old traces.

In that case, we're going to have to talk to Leyla.

I'll talk to her.

She's your assistant. It would be better if I talked to her.

I understand.

I mean, I don't think Leyla could do something like this.

Whoever did it was very professional.

They installed a program to delete all digital tracks.

I know Ms. Leyla, it can't be her.

Okay, we'll know more when we talk to her.

– Okay, Nazım, you can get back to work.
– Thank you.

Uh, Mr. Emre. I brought the files you wanted.

Okay, thank you.

I'm gone then.


Why don't you take Sanem with you? Maybe you'll need help.



I mean, Mr. Can won't need anything.
I think he can take care of himself.

Of course, if he needs to get somewhere, I'll go with him.

But where are we going?

To Ağva.

I'll be in the parking garage.

Sanem, do what you have to do, just don't let him meet with Arzu Taş.

We have to stop my brother from getting that job.

Who's Arzu Taş? How am I going to stop him? How am I going to do that?

Just don't let him meet with Arzu.

Stop him from getting to the hotel.

Well, how am I going to stop us from getting to the hotel?

I'm seriously about to crazy, Mr. Emre.

I'll say it like this.

If my brother gets that job, we're finished. Got it?

Come on, figure something out. Go, go, go.


'Mr. Can, why did you come back?'

I forgot my jacket.

Uh, I'll bring it.

You go. I'll bring it, okay?

Sure, okay. But hurry. I'm outside.


Damn it, Sanem. Now you're a thief.

You start preparing as if there will be a shoot. Decor, costumes, crew, everything should be ready.

Can, Arzu won't pick up her phone. Are you sure? I hope we're not preparing for nothing.

Fine, this is the new contract.

I wish I was coming too.

No need, Sanem's coming.

Oh, Mr. Can!

Your jacket.


My driver's license is missing.


I think it fell out.

If you want, I'll search the office.

No, never mind.

No, seriously, I can look. Just wait.

Nah, never mind that now. We don't have time anyway.

Do you drive? I mean, do you have a license?


Okay, then you drive.

Are you ready?


What's going on?

Sanem, what are you doing? Why are you letting go of the steering wheel? What are you doing, for God's sake?

Sorry, sorry.

I apologize, Mr. Can.

Sanem, you're doing 40 right now.

People are getting cancer from how slow you're going.

We've got an entourage behind us. They're going crazy.

Who drives this slowly, Sanem? Look, you're doing 40.

Uh, but Mr. Can, I have a phobia. I can't go over 40.

Sanem, you're not even doing 40, you're at 20 right now.

Besides, if you go like this, we're gonna have an accident. This is more dangerous.

People are going crazy, they're going nuts.

They're trying to pass you, and you're gonna make them crash.

Look, I'm asking you, can you go faster?
Step on the gas a little, please.

Give the road what it deserves.

Uh, well, I can't step on it. Uh...

The gas pedal's settings are wrong.

What do you mean the gas pedal settings are wrong?

Step on it, just step on it! Don't let your foot be afraid. Look, go faster.

Look, a little courage. You don't need to be afraid.

Okay. You asked for this.

Sanem, what are you doing? I told you to step on it, but you're killing the pedal.

You have no moderation. You have no measure. You're out of control.

You're slamming on the gas. Calm down.

But Mr. Can, I told you. This car's gas settings are broken.

No, no. You– You're actually crazy.

I understand now. You're crazy.

Take a right up there.

Sanem, what are you doing? Turn right.

Uh, I didn't like that turn, Mr. Can. I'll turn at some side road up ahead.


What's up?

Why are you looking at me like that?

You never know why he does that. You never know.

I don't know, I–

– She's coming. She's coming. She's coming.
– Oh?

What's up, friends? What are you doing?

Why are you looking at me all weird, like you've never seen me before?

We're– we're– we're just surprised. We're just surprised to see you. Surprised. I mean– It's nothing.

How's it nothing? What do you mean nothing? You're fired. Turns out you're the spy.

What? What are you saying?

What do you mean, what am I saying?

The computers here were examined. FBI-looking types came here, they kept looking day and night.

Okay? They installed programs, then they deleted the programs, they did something.

And they recovered the sent emails, and you–

In short, some emails were sent from your computer to Aylin.

Güliz, why are you interrupting me? I was at the climax of the story.

You're taking too long.

Friends, I swear to you, I didn't send any of those emails.

Look, I swear, if they were sent, someone else must have sent it from my computer.

I swear!

Is that so?

That's right J.J., are you doubting me?

That's what I said!

I said, "This girl wouldn't do anything like this. Someone else must have done it."

But what are you going to do? How are you going to prove it? You're fired for sure, there's nothing you can do.

What are we going to do? We have to do something for you. Let's find you another job!

Or just go home and sit around.

J.J.! Stop talking nonsense and getting on my nerves.

I'm about to hit you and throw you over the bannister.

Güliz, how do you know all this?

You know that weird guy with the huge glasses,

the one where you can't understand what he's saying, Nazım?
– Nazım, yes, yes.

– The one in IT.
– Yes!

He told me. I don't know.

Wow. Would you look at this Nazım guy?

I'll go ask him what's what.

Let me turn his glasses into contacts, then he'll see.

Is Mr. Emre in his office?


I'll ask him.

I'm still not convinced. Maybe she's in cahoots with Nazım.

Don't believe everything you hear, don't be naïve.

Yes, you're right, you're right, true.


Something happened.

Something happened.

Of course something happened.

I was waiting for something to happen anyway. It was unavoidable.

I bet it's a flat tire.


Ah! Yeah.

It's a flat tire.

Bravo. High five. Expert driver. Put her there.

What are we going to do now?

Can you give me the jack from the trunk? If you don't mind.


Jack. Yes.

Ah, can I get the keys, Mr. Can?

Of course.

If you don't mind.

Thank you.




'Okay, we'll take care of it.'

Okay, thank you.

I'll call you back.


Mr. Emre.

What are you doing here? Huh?

Mr. Emre, last time I checked, I work at this company... unless I'm fired.

I didn't want it to come out like that. I'm sorry, I'm a bit out of it these days.

Mr. Emre, I'm aware of what the IT guy said.

But no one could possibly believe this, right?

You of all people know I didn't do something like this, right Mr. Emre?

Well, the emails were sent from your computer.

But I didn't send those emails, Mr. Emre, I swear to you.

Whoever this spy is, he sent the emails from my computer.

Why he'd do something like this, I don't understand. Why is this happening to me?

I don't understand, but you trust me, right Mr. Emre?

I'm sending the budget documents in a bit from Leyla's email. Okay?

Let me know as soon as you receive them. We have to delete them.


Okay, calm down. Of course I trust you.

Look, I promise you, we'll find that spy and clear your name, okay?


Now go home.

If Can hears you came, he'll be angry.

Yes, Mr. Emre. Good day.

Good day.

What's this?

Is this what we're giving to Arzu Taş to wear?

Burn this.

Yes, Ms. Aylin.

"MY LOVE" is calling

Yes, my love?

Aylin, my brother found out you got the job.

He's going to Ağva to talk her out of it.

There's no way he'll convince her. I tied Arzu down for good this time.

Are you sure?

Look, you know my brother, right? Huh?

He won't come back here until he gets that job.

Yes I'm sure, Emre.

I got her in her weakest spot this time.

'Her vanity.'

I'm working right now, I have to choose a costume.

Fine, okay.

You're not wearing the ring again.

Is that how little you care about your fiancé?

No, it's really hot outside, so my finger keeps changing size...

Isn't it hot?

Should we get going?

Come, come.

I think I should drive from here, huh?

But I was great until now.

Yeah, you were wonderful.

Leyla. Leyla. Leyla, stop, wait.

Now what, Güliz?

What did Mr. Emre say? What happened? Are you fired?

What kind of question is that, Güliz?

You must have your eyes on my title or something. Do you want to be Mr. Emre's assistant or something?

No thanks, honey. While Mr. Can is still around.

Shame on you, Leyla. I just wanted to support you in case you were fired. But you're just as catty as usual.

I'm not fired, Güliz. Okay? I'm not fired.

Okay Leyla, I understand. Okay. There's no firing going on.

Moreover, Mr. Can and Mr. Emre are going to talk, and everything will be fine.

And everyone will know I'm not the spy.

But that four-eyed Nazım guy? He's got a lot to answer for.

Ah, great. I'm so glad you took this side road.

But this isn't my fault. This is your fault.

Great, no cell signal either.

What are we going to do now?

What else? We're gonna walk.

How are we going to walk in the forest? We'll get lost here. Maybe we should wait?

Wait for what, Sanem?

Besides, my sense of direction is very good, trust me.

Can you get my coat from the car?

If you don't mind.

Get the keys too.

I'd rather trust a rock.

Come on.

I'm coming!

The car can stay here.

Here you go.



Whoa, whoa.

Come, step over here. Watch out, this place is muddy.

You picked a great time to wear white.

Look, a spiderwort flower! They're so beautiful.

Sanem, don't you think it's not really a good time to pick flowers, right now?

But Mr. Can, these are very rare.

They're wildflowers. What if I just pick a few?

What are you going to do with the flowers?

I'm going to make my own perfume.

So you make your own perfume. Very interesting.

It's not like the bottled perfumes you're thinking of.

I make cream from it. It's my grandmother's recipe.

She smells so peculiar. Like wildflowers.

So that's why you...

That's why I what?

Nothing, never mind.

You pick the flowers, then we'll go.

Okay, I'm done anyway.

There are a lot of flies.


And they're biting too.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Nihat.

Thanks Mustafa, you too.

Here, Nihat.

Thank you, dear.

Any buyers for the grocery store, Nihat?

Well, Yılmaz has a cousin, but apparently he hasn't gotten all the money together yet.

He can't do it anyway, he can't do it.

He's not a careful person, this place will be covered in dirt.

Disgusting, dusty. No, no, he won't do. We can't give it to him.

Okay, Ceren has a friend in the military, he's waiting to hear back from the bank about getting some credit.

He won't do either. Do we know him?

Is he a thief, who's his family, who's his mother?

Is he a gangster?

It won't do, we can't give our store to people like that.

Okay, I'll say this to the rest of the candidates.

I'll tell them to bring a background check, bring a health report.

"Is there anything fishy in your past? My wife isn't convinced. Are you a gangster or something?"–


Okay, okay, I'm kidding.



We should ask the buyer to keep the store's name.

Promise me. Is that okay?


I'll tell him, "Look, when I came here 30 years ago, I called a woman whose name I didn't know 'Leyla'."

"Then I loved her. I married her. Then I named our firstborn child 'Leyla'."

"So this grocery store is very important, got it? Don't change the name." Okay?


Maybe you can sing our song too.

Ah, come on. Someone's going to hear.

Who's going to hear? Please, Nihat, you haven't sung it in so long. Please?

Okay, okay.

Look, I'm only going to sing it once.

(whispers) Okay.



What happened to you?

Come here, let me see.

Oh my goodness.

What happened, child?

I think my career is over.

Ah, don't say that. You're at the beginning of your life. Nothing is over. Can't happen.

No, no, this time it's over for sure, Dad.

Leyla, let me tell you something.

Let me be your life coach.

Look, I swear, it'll be really good for you, trust me.

Okay, fine, do it.

I don't have anything else to do anyway. Let's go.

Wait a minute, did you get an appointment from me?

I don't think you did. Let me take a look.

See if I have any customers. Since I'm kind of busy.

I do have a customer today.

But I'll definitely call you, okay? Definitely. Promise.

Okay, I'm leaving. Ciao!

What does "ciao" mean, girl?

"Ciao"... means "see you later" in Italian. It's like a farewell.

(clicks teeth)


Girl, go with Ayhan. You'll learn Italian or something.

You'll find another job! How nice.

Sanem is working all ladylike in the office. Beautiful, beautiful.

My baby.

My child.

Does my child want some tea?

My baby!

Mr. Can, are you aware we're lost?

I really don't get what you meant when you said your sense of direction was good, but we're actually lost.

The search-and-rescue team is going to find us covered in moss at the bottom of a tree.

We're going to be wolf food.


The hotel. You're fantastic.

I'll talk to the valet. He'll get the car out of the forest.

Meanwhile, you check in. Okay?

You got it.

Are you in line?


Hello, welcome.

Thank you.

A conference suite was prepared for us. Under the name Can Divit.

Did you say "Can Divit"?

Is he staying here?

Yes, and you are...?

I'm Arzu Taş.

I take it you are his assistant.

Yes, I'm his assistant. I–

I've seen your photos in the magazines before, full body shots. Your legs are really long in person too.


You were checking out, right? I didn't misunderstand?

You might want to do it right now so you don't get stuck in traffic.

I'll definitely say hello to Mr. Can for you.

Please give these ladies priority. They're checking out.

Just a second. Just a second.

Cancel our flights, Sude. We're staying here tonight too.

Arzu, what's going on?

I said "Can Divit", honey. "Can Divit".

Handsome, cool, smart, rich.

'And a bachelor. Do you get it?'

Have them bring back our luggage. We're staying here tonight.

How do I look?

Ah, you're excellent.


With all due respect, are you sure you're okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

No, there's this dryness in your skin. A yellowing of your color. You don't look healthy at all.

You look weird, look.

No, no, you're the same. I always tell you, honey, you're excellent.

Get me an appointment from the spa. I have to get ready.

How long will Mr. Can be here?

Days. He'll be here for days. Please go back to what you're doing.

What's happening Sanem, what are you doing?

Uh, we came here for nothing, Mr. Can.

Ms. Arzu has left the hotel, and she left you a message saying hello.

I think we should go back.

Ah, no, no, Ms. Arzu is still in our hotel.

She changed her mind. This is her luggage.

Oh. I'm going in then.

This is your room, sir.

Here. Thanks very much. I'm going into the shower, I smell terrible.

Just a minute. Give me that money.


What do you mean why?

Maybe you'll learn to keep your nose out of other people's business.

I took your money.


I'll grab his clothes and run away. Great idea.

That was an albatross tattoo?

This is an albatross tattoo.

Is this a joke? How is this possible?

I've had this tattoo for a long time, Sanem. Why?

An albatross tattoo?

Well, this is a very—

This is a very unusual coincidence.

Well, if it was usual, it wouldn't be a coincidence, would it?

Did you call Arzu, Sanem? Did you get an appointment?

Yes, yes. I got it.

And before that, I'm going to take these to the dry cleaner so they'll be clean.

Why don't I just go in the shower, and we can take care of those in some other way?

Dry cleaning is kind of a long hassle. With a brush, a wet cloth, or something.

We don't want to wait, right?

Ah, no.

I mean, it won't make a difference.

I met with Ms. Arzu, she has something to do for an hour or two.

So your clothes can be cleaned by then.

Okay, fine. Take them. But hurry.

Of course.

And you can stand like Zeus–

I mean, take a nice shower.

I'll take care of this and come back.



Thank you.

Room 306. When will I get them?

I can have them sent to your room in 15 minutes.


Don't hurry.

Please clean them slowly, with care. We have until the evening.

Don't hurry one bit!


Is Ms. Arzu inside?

She's in a massage right now.

Um, could you let me know when she's done with the massage?

You can't?

Okay, I'll come back in a little while. Goodbye.

Where are you?

I'm in Ağva. So much action.

What are you doing in Ağva, Sanemsie?

Sanemsie? Is she in the neighborhood? Say hi for me.


Is that Zebercet?

What Zebercet? What were you saying again?

I'm with Mr. Can at a hotel in Ağva.

I can't go into the room because he's naked, I'm outside.

Girl, one moment you're naked, the next, he's naked. I don't get it.

You know how Mr. Can is trying to sell the company?

I'm trying to sabotage him with all sorts of clever moves.

'You know Ms. Arzu? She doesn't care about the job or anything. All she's worried about is getting Mr. Can to be her lover.'

You have to see this woman, she's super hot. She's a model anyway, you can imagine.

But not to worry, I fixed it.

All of Mr. Can's clothes are at the dry cleaners. He's naked in the room.

And what happens when he's naked in the room? He won't be able to leave. And...


What happened? Sanemsie?

Hello? Hello, what happened?

What happened? Ayhan, what happened? Something happened!

Muzo, just stop, for God's sake.


Mr. Can, your clothes are ready, here you are.

I'll take those.

– Can you wait two seconds?
– Of course.

No need to tip him.

– Here you go, my friend.
– Thank you very much, sir.

Mr. Can, here you are.

I'll go change.

You do that.

Miss, can you give me my money, please?


I'll get it, I'll get it!


Uh, hello, Mr. Can.

I'm Arzu Taş's manager, Sude.

Arzu learned you're at the hotel and wants to have coffee. What do you say?

Uh, hello. I came to meet with Ms. Arzu anyway. What time should we meet?

– (mouths) He came to see me, to see me!
– Uh, we will be free in an hour.

If you like, we can settle on the venue when we're done. Okay?

Okay, I will be waiting for your call.

Okay, we will see you later.

Come on, hurry!

Wow, Sanem, bravo. You took care of this too. You're surprising me.

I'll go get some cold water.

Some very cold water.

Come on, are you finished yet?


There are a lot of questions, I'm doing the ones I know first.

If I have time, I'll come back to the other ones.

Ayhan, it says "tax office". Why am I filling this out?

Look, this is the customer information form, okay?

Once you fill it out, I'll have all the information I need about you.

Let me see that. You left this one blank.

It says "passport". I don't have a passport.

Besides, you already know everything about me. We've been neighbors for 20 years.

Zebercet, do you want Sanem?

Shame on you.

Doesn't the sea want water? Doesn't the moon want the sun?

Doesn't the head want a brain?

Then, rule 1:

No complaining.

Rule 2: if Ayhan is telling you something, she knows what she's talking about.

Rule 3: whatever Ayhan says, she's right.

Rule 4...

Cash only.

You want that in advance too.


So can we say we have a deal?

Here goes. Life coach. Coach!

Uh, excuse me.

I just talked on the phone, but it's not working anymore. Where can I get some signal?

How would I know?

Seriously, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Wow, thanks a lot for that info.

'...the house is being refurbished.'

– As you know, when they come over, they never go home.
– Hello? Mr. Emre?

– Just a second.
– Excuse me.

Just a second. Just a minute. Hello? Hello?

– What's happening?
–Excuse me, could you go sit over there?

– Oh my.
– Thank you very much.


Mr. Emre, I was able to prevent Ms. Arzu and Mr. Can from meeting, but her manager called.

In about 20 minutes, everything may go awry.

Could have gone awry.

I have a great idea.

I've got a lot of confidence in this plan.

Good day.

Thank you, sister. You can come back!



He doesn't have photos with any girls.

Remote villages in Africa.

Photos of migrants.


This man is definitely single.

I can't believe it.

He seriously came here just to see me.

Clearly, he didn't forget me.

What do you mean? You two know each other?

Well, you know. We meet time to time in Europe or America.

He doesn't really talk to me, but...

Obviously, he was impressed.


Wait a second, Arzu.

This Can is the son of Fikri Harika's owner.

Yeah, so what?

What do you mean "so what?" sweetie?

Didn't you just cancel a contract with this man today?

But wait a second.

Maybe he's here to convince you. Could it be? It could be.

No. He doesn't really concern himself with that stuff.

He's a big-shot photographer. A real artist.

The man travels the world. He's only ever in Istanbul for one or two days.

You say that, but I'm still a bit suspicious.

Honey, if he came to convince me, then let him convince me, right?

Of course, you're right, sweetie.

Uh, Sude.

It feels as if my arms have gotten thicker.

I feel bloated and ugly.

Did I gain weight?


You know that's not possible, sweetie.

Let me see. No, you're amazing. You're excellent.

You're Arzu Taş, for goodness' sake.

Ayhan, Ayhan.

Where are we, Ayhan? Where have we come? We're so far from home. I'm getting worried.

Besides, where is Sanem? What was talked about on the phone? It's my right to know.

My consulting fees do not include my best friend's secrets.

What is included in that 60 TL then, may I ask?

The roads to Sanem's heart.

Seriously? Now you hooked me.

You should have led with that. Now, what are we doing?

Our first job is your hands.

Muzo, we have to solve this sweating thing.

Ayhan, I thought I was great.

It's hand sweat. Forehead sweat means you're working hard, so what's wrong with hand sweat?

Besides, I like myself like this.

But I don't like you like this. God.

Remember the first rule. No complaining.

We're here anyway.

Where are we?

Ah! "Skin beauty."

What does that mean? "Skin beauty."

It means "beauty of the skin".

We're going to make you beautiful, put yourself in Ayhan's hands.

Ugh, I know these kinds of places. They're ripoffs.

You're going to become beautiful.

But it says— it says "skincare."

I've been appraising everything since we got here.

The armchairs, couches, furniture — they're all designer.



Are you looking at the flowers. Are you seeing those flowers?

They're all custom made, they made them all realistic. All of them.

Every wall has a painting. Everything is a work of art.

Hell, there's a steel construction over there, a pretty penny.

This is going to be reflected in the bill.

Who will be paying that bill, I wonder, my beloved life coach?

You and I are going to pay. Probably mostly me.

Muzo, you're turning out to be quite the miser. God.

We're doing all this for you.

Do something else for me. Change my image.

Make me loved. Make Sanem love me.

What is this business with my hand? So what if they sweat?

Besides, it's hot in here. It could be a venue problem.

So you say.

So I say, but I can't get you to listen.


– Ah, Doctor.
– Hello, Doctor.


My regards.

You're our patient, I take it.

No, I'm not sick. It's just that my hands are a little sweaty.

We can solve this problem in your hands very easily in 10 minutes, with Botox.

Oh, with Botox.

With Botox, yes, yes.

What's Botox?

Botox is something like this. Your hands—

Never mind your hands.

I don't think we need to hear about it.
Aren't we going to see it once it's done anyway?

Of course. Besides, it's her specialty.


Uh, Muzo. You sit for a bit and wait.

Look, there are magazines here, read a magazine. Have fun, okay? I'll be back.


Could I talk to you for a second?

(whispers) Negotiate the price. Negotiate.

I'm going to negotiate, bro. Calm down.

(whispers) Don't let me get ripped off. Ayhan, money doesn't grow on trees, Ayhan!

Uh, Doctor, it's like this.

My friend is afraid of needles.

He faints when he sees a needle and stuff.

So how can we do this? Is there a way to do this job without letting him see the needle?

Uh, miss, since Botox is a procedure done with a needle, it's not really possible.

How do we do it without him seeing it?

How do we do it? You're right.


Ayhan, listen to this.

People who feel the pangs of love live longer.

I'm really happy for you then, Muzo.

By the way, I'm his life coach, Ayhan.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

So you and I are colleagues.

We can do this Botox thing immediately, right?

Of course, we can do it now, it's a 10-minute procedure.

Emre, why do you keep looking around?

We're in a college café. Who's going to see us here?

That's not why. You know my brother.

Before it was "My dad will see", now it's "My brother will see."

What a calamity I must be in your life.

You're the best calamity to happen to me.

Oh, stop it Emre.

Look at this, we can't even enjoy our love because of work.

Arzu's phone still doesn't have signal.

Aylin, are you aware of how competitive you're being? Huh?

Your eyes go crazy when you talk about work.

We call that being a successful businesswoman, my love.

Still no news from your Sanem?

I called but couldn't reach her.

Don't worry.

Can will get his rejection in a little while and return.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Mr. Can wanted me to give this to you.

There's a boat tour. He will be waiting for you there.

Okay, but who are you?

I work at reception.

I have the flu. My boss told me to put on a mask.

Okay honey, thank you. Thanks.

Oh my God, Sude.

It says "you and me", says "boat tour".

Let me see.

Oh my God, this great.

Wow, he really came here to declare his love to me.

Slow down!

Uh, your mask will crack, that's why.

Come on, come on. I'm coming too. I'll watch secretly.

Sude, come on, Sude.

– I'll wait at a secret location.
– We're going on a boat! With Mr. Can, Sude!

I know the woman's a specialist, but if she's going to cure me with a pill or something, we could have just gotten that from the pharmacy.

I swear, we're going to get ripped off. We came to this high fashion place.

God, you're so obsessed with the bill.

Just calm down, Muzo.


Okay, we can go inside. They've prepared our room. Please.

Of course. Thank you. Please, you go ahead, Doctor. Ladies first.

No, please, go ahead. Thank you, thank you.


Doctor, can we have a couple minutes?

Of course.



Fear is nothing. You're going to face your fears now. Being afraid of Botox? Come on.

Yeah, being afraid of Botox? Come on.

I'm not afraid of Botox anyway. I'm just afraid of hospitals.

Look at this smell, feels like this.

Okay, so what exactly is it about hospitals that makes you afraid?

The steep medical bills.

They're going to overcharge us, rip us off.

'This is a fashionable place. We're going to get scored on three, five times.'

Forget about the bill already.

Calm down, take a deep breath.

Look, imagine a world with Botox.

Where your hands don't sweat.

Where Sanem loves you. Where she's in love with you.

A world where I'm hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm with Sanem.

Man, forget the Botox. Who's this Botox? Ha!

You know me. I can juice press a rock.

What is Botox to me?

"What is Botox?"

Doctor, come, now's the the perfect time.

Okay, let's begin then.


Huh? Doctor?


He fainted. Uh–

Doctor, he's fainted. Let's call it natural anesthetic. Botox him now.

Uh, okay then.

Why didn't they call yet?

Uh, if you want, I'll call their room.

I'll call them and ask, okay?

Yeah, call them, let's just get this done and leave.

Of course.



Could you connect me to Arzu Taş's room?

What's that?

She left?


'Okay, thanks.'

(mouths) She left.

Uh, they just went out for a bicycle tour.

Bicycle tour?

Yes. They'll only be back by evening.

Back by evening?

God. Is this woman playing games with me?

(Under breath) As if you didn't do the same to Mr. Emre.

What didn't I do to Emre?

Mr. Can, it's obvious this woman doesn't want to meet with us.

Maybe we should call Mr. Emre, he can mediate for us, and we can go back now?

I came all this way, I'm not going back without finishing this.

Where do you rent bicycles? Come, let's see.

Uh, Mr. Can, are we going to be able to find Ms. Arzu in that huge forest?

Maybe we shouldn't go.

The hotel gave us the route. This is the only road from the hotel. We'll catch up to her at some point.

You think so, huh?

The bicycle's color is kind of weird, but there's nothing we can do, it's this pair's style.

I can't ride very fast though.

Hmm? I thought we'd race.

What is it, Sanem?

Uh, well...

I read about this place in a magazine.

Can we stop for a couple minutes?

Sure, sure we can stop. Of course, once you see it in a magazine, you don't forget it, right?

But be careful, that place is pretty steep. It's a cliff.


Ah, there it is. The Briderock.

They thought it looked like a bride, that's why they named it that.

Do you know its story?

No, I don't know it. But tell me, I like stories.

Okay, I'll tell you.

There once was a beautiful girl who lived in Ağva. But she had never left Ağva.

Then one day, a stranger came to Ağva.

He was a captain who traveled all around the world.

He hadn't yet been able to find love.

But when he saw the girl from Ağva, he fell in love with her.

The girl fell in love with him too.

Then, they decided to get married. The captain asked the girl's father for her hand in marriage.

The father said he wouldn't give his daughter away to a stranger and turned him down.

So they decided to elope.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you.

No, you didn't bore me at all. I want to hear the rest.

Um, then the girl went to the coast like they agreed, to wait for the captain, wearing her wedding dress.

But she waited for hours, even days, and the captain didn't come.

The girl was very sad.

She said, "If I can't be with the one I love, let me become either a bird or a rock."

Then, she turned into a rock.

It's a sad story.

Actually, it's not so sad. The girl–

I think we should leave this place before something bad happens, okay?

But we were going to look for Ms. Arzu.

Never mind that. If she's going to call, she'll call.

I'm not feeling it anymore. It's up to her.

Come on. Careful.

We're waiting for it be available.

Ms. Arzu, hello, I've been searching for you everywhere.

That is so nice to hear.

I've been after you since this morning too.

You didn't come on the boat tour.

You broke my heart.

Uh... wasn't it a bicycle tour?

Oh my...

I think the reception mixed it up.

I mean, this hotel has so many tours and activities.

Everyone's going on tour after tour.

Please, let's talk inside.


We're going to talk in the room? Why don't we talk downstairs?

Your assistant seems very excited as well.

Let me unlock the room for you.

Please, Ms. Arzu.

Thank you.

What can I get you? A drink?

I'm on a detox, I can't drink anything right now.

Please call me Arzu. How many times have we met already?

And I'll call you Can.

Of course you can't!

I mean, of course you can't just sit without drinking anything.

Let me bring you a cold water, at least. You may have sweated.

(under breath) If it's even possible to sweat while wearing that little.

Okay, I'll take it.

Uh, Can, why don't we talk in private?

Sure, let's go out to the terrace.


I'll bring your water then.

Arzu, my reason for coming here—

Your room's view is so beautiful.


Here you are, I brought your water.

But I don't know if it's cold or not. If you like, let's go and check its temperature together.

I'll check it myself.

It's cold enough.

It's fine, is what I mean.

I'm here if you need anything.

Thank you, Sanem.

We don't need anything.

Okay, I'll leave then.

I'll take the cup too–

No, I'll keep it. I'll bring it.

She's such a sweet girl.

She is.

Ugh. I can't hear anything.

What am I going to do?

I'm glad there are no paparazzi around.

Think about it, what if they saw us like this?

You, the trendiest bachelor in the country, and me, the trendiest top model...

We'd be in the headlines. "Couple of the year."

Yeah, good thing there are no paparazzi.


You're right.

Arzu, I want to talk about my offer to you.


Actually, I really want to work with you too, Can.

I don't accept your agreement with Aylin.

I'm going to destroy it, just so you know.

We need you as a company. We need your help.

I can't understand anything.

Your assistant is very, uh, keen.

Anyway, what were we saying?

I can't accept something like this, Arzu.

In the morning, you were ready to sign a contract with us.

And then you change your mind and sign one with Aylin.
In the morning, you were ready to sign a contract with us.

And then you change your mind and sign one with Aylin.

This isn't something one can accept.

By "us", you mean your agency?

As in your father's agency?

You're in charge now?

For a little while.

Wow, I can't believe it. You're adding this responsibility on top of all the other things you do?

I didn't know you were the boss.

Don't work with Aylin, come to us.

Well... I can't just come back.

Because... Aylin is blackmailing me.


Blackmail? What blackmail?

Uh, I'm really embarrassed.


We'll find a solution. Please just tell me.

But when you look into my eyes and say "please", I buckle under.

Uh, I have these old photos.

Fat, unibrow, moles on my face.

Aylin is using those against me.

Imagine if she leaks those on social media.

I'll be ruined, Can, ruined!

Why don't you post them yourself on social media?


Post them yourself, before she can.

I don't know.

Trust me.

Post the photos yourself, and under them, write,

"I love myself in any shape or form, beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Wow, that's so poetic.

How do you know all this?

I'll post them right now, I'm so excited.



What kind of place is this?


Hello? Mr. Emre?

"SANEM is calling."


Mr. Emre.


Sanem, I've been calling since the morning and your phone's off. I couldn't reach you.

What? I can't hear– There is no cell signal here.

If only you knew what I've been going through here.

I couldn't stop Mr. Can and Ms. Arzu from meeting.

What are you saying, Sanem? What did I tell you?

I can't quite hear you. Hello?

'I said, what did I tell you, Sanem?'

Ms. Arzu stuck to Mr. Can like an octopus, I couldn't stop them.

What did they talk about?

She said something like she wanted to work with him, but I couldn't hear the rest.

Try to break them apart.

Let me know if there are any developments, okay?

Ugh. Okay. Okay.

Ugh, how am I going to do this?

I can't believe this.

In seven minutes, I got 1240 likes!

This is great. You're a genius, Can.


As you can see, you no longer need to work with Aylin.

Uh, I signed a contract with Aylin.

You know very well she's going to make it hard for me.

What are you offering me?

What do you want?

Let's talk about that later.

'But, jobwise, it'd be enough if you're the one taking my photos.'

'Ohoho, now that won't work. I don't take fashion photos, you know this.'

But I'll get you the best–

You are the best. Your–

I'm here!

I thought you looked cold.

It looked like the sun was going away, so I didn't want you to catch something.

Here you go.

Look, the sun's gone.

And your water has gone warm. It's burning hot.

Let me bring you a cold water, okay?

My water is fine, and I don't need a shawl either.

In fact, it's really hot. Thank you.

Oh. I thought the sun was gone.

I have anemia, so I thought everyone felt the same way.

I guess so.

I should go then.


Think of this as the beginning of a long partnership.

You and me.

It doesn't matter who shoots me. I don't care if it's Ahmet, Mehmet, whatever.

But then I'd work with Aylin.


You and me.


Please, if not for me, then for the agency.



Okay. Okay. I'll do the shoot.


Then we'll celebrate tonight, just you and I.


That's enough.


The hotel's on fire!

What are you saying? We spent all this money on this place.

We spent so much.

Fire! The hotel's on fire!

Who's burning? Where?

Where's the fire?


What? What fire?

The hotel's burning!

What! It's a disaster!

Run, run! It's burning!

– What are you doing with this? Leave it!
– There's a fire, a fire!

There's a fire! Throw it!

Fire! There's a fire!

The hotel's on fire.

Let it burn! I got caught in the shower, man. It's burning.

Who pressed this thing?

I don't know!

The hotel's on fire! I think we should get out right now.

Are you hungry?

Yes, I'm hungry.

I have to have dinner with Arzu, but if you're hungry, call for room service, alright?

I don't want it.

I know a great restaurant that I read about in a magazine, Kısmet's Place.

I'll eat there.

Whatever comes out of the sea, I'll eat it.

The hotel's on fire! God!

Müge, you're ripping it off!

Ms. Melahat, I'm thinking maybe we should dye my hair black.

That black over there looks really nice. Why don't we make my hair jet black, what do you say?


That red next to it is great too.

– (mouths) That's enough.
–We can make it red too.

Half black, half red on the tips. Like flames. Whatever I want.

I think it'd look great. Huh?

Okay then, come on.

Get up. Up, up, up.

Get up.

Actually, I wonder if we should cut my hair.


'Yeah, really, let's cut it short.'

'I'll freshen up, relax.'


Actually, you know what we should do, Ms. Melahat?

Let's dye my hair black, then let's cut it short, like Matilda. It'd be great.

What do you say, should we cut it?

Uh uh. Let's not cut it.


Because you're depressed, Leyla.

I'm depressed?

No, I'm depressed.

Girl, what does a depressed woman do?

She messes with her hair.

She cuts it, dyes it.

Then she goes home, doesn't like it, cries and cries, goes to the salon, then she attacks the stylist.

So I'm sorry, Ms. Leyla, we as an establishment can't serve you today, I'm afraid.

Ms. Melahat, where are you coming up with this?

I'm not depressed. I'm fine. My life is going great.

Can't serve me.

I don't want your service!

Did I come to the salon to get criticized and scolded, or to do my hair?

God! I'm leaving.


And I'm taking your towel!

My child, my child–

It's always the hairstylists' fault, isn't it?

Girl, why are you yelling at my daughter?

So what? I'm real victim here, me. I'm a victim.

What happened, Ms. Melahat?

Don't worry about it.

Uh, if you're available, me and Muzo are coming in for a manicure tonight.

With Muzo?

Yes, Ms. Melahat. With Muzo.

What's wrong? Are you surprised?

These days, men are just as pampered as women.

I decided to escape from the stresses of day-to-day life by taking care of my personal hygiene.

Now, I'm a metrosexual too.


Where's your mother, I haven't seen her in a while.

Let me put it like this, Mother.

My mom and I have decided to take a break from coming over to your house for a while.

A short break from asking for Sanem's hand.

But only a short break. We'll rest for a bit, then we'll come back strong.

Until then, Ayhan and I–

Ayhan and I–

Uh, Muzo and I will walk around a bit, then we'll come for a manicure.

We'll do a lap around the block.

See you later.

Say hello to my father, Nihat.

Okay, bye. Much love.

– Didn't I tell you to keep it between us?
– Okay, okay. My hands...



Aren't Muzaffer and Ayhan tight as thieves these days?

I guess he forgot about Sanem.

Don't say I didn't tell you.

Don't tell me, Melahat. I won't say you didn't tell me. Don't tell me.

Come on!

Mr. Can, you–

When I saw you, I couldn't resist.



It's like I'm dreaming.

Yes, you're dreaming right now.

Ugh. What are you doing, Sanem? Pull yourself together.

I'm so happy. I couldn't haven even dreamt of this.

Look, we're here together, alone.

Should we order? What would you like?

Ahem. This is my dinner.

Yeah, I'm on detox.

I won't eat anything either. I'll get a double whiskey.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir?

I'll get a double whiskey on the rocks, and a coffee.


They put parsley, bananas, and apples in this... (fades away)

Mr. Can? Weren't you going to have dinner with Ms. Arzu?

Let's just say it ended early. Can I sit?

Of course.

What are you eating? What came out of the sea for you?


It's the season for it.

But they don't give you silverware.

You have to eat it with your hands. Can you do that?

Excuse me. Can I get another plate of sardines?

Yes, sir.

Isn't it hard?

I mean, taking photographs of migrants, refugees, African children?

No. You get used to it after a while.

To be honest, to me, living in Istanbul for longer than a few days is the difficult thing.

It's strange to see people worrying about stuff like detoxing when there's so much pain in the world.

Did you know I'm going to settle in the Galapagos one day?



Wow. Ambitious. Why Galapagos?


I saw it my dream.

I'll settle there... and write my own novel.

Write away.

Definitely write. I'd love to read it.

By the way, Galapagos is where the albatross visits.

I know.

When you're embarrassed, you're very childlike.

How did you manage to stay so innocent?

I don't know.

You're cold.

Instead of me holding it, this coat's better off on your shoulders.

Thank you.

When I talk to you one-on-one like this, I say, "He's such a good person."

"How can he..."

How can I...? How can I what?

Why did you fire Leyla?

Sanem, I didn't fire Leyla.

It just took a long time for her computer to be examined.

Yeah, sure. You're a real angel.

You're doing all this out of the goodness of your heart. You have no ulterior motives.


What do you mean, "all this"? Sanem?

What are you saying? Be frank with me.

I'm saying you're my boss.

I'm saying, why are we here?

I'm saying, what are you trying to do? I'm know what's going on.

I understand.

I apologize.

From now on, I'll be professional.


We're coming.

The car is ready, let's go.

Sanem, I called but couldn't reach you. Why aren't you returning my calls?

I couldn't call, Mr. Emre.

Arzu Taş has reached an agreement with Mr. Can.

I couldn't prevent it, I apologize.

Sanem, do you know how serious this is?

When my brother signs big clients, the agency slips further from our hands.

I'm telling you he's going to sell the company, and you're still out there having fun.

Mr. Emre, what fun? The woman is obsessed with him. What can I do?


think about what I did for you.

Okay. You're right.

I'm sorry.

Am I fired?

You're not fired.

But I don't want any more mistakes, okay?

Good night.

Good night, Mr. Emre. Good night.

I can drive if you wish.

Doesn't matter, I'll pay the ticket if I get one, come on.




We're here.

How? Where are we?

To your house.

How do you know where I live?

Your mother called while you were sleeping. She gave me the address.

Mr. Can, you talked to my mother?

Uh huh. She was worried about you.

(under breath) You have no idea what kind of trouble you've gotten yourself into.

Good night, Mr. Can.

Thank you very much.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night.

Good evening, my son.

Good evening, Mrs. Mevkibe. How are you?

I'm well, thank you, how are you?

I'm well too, thank you.

You went out of your way to come all the way here and bring our girl home. Thank you.

Don't even mention it.

Hello. I'm Ayhan.

I'm Can.


Which Can?

Oh, Can.

And I'm Aycan— I mean, Ayhan. Nice to meet you.

Uh, hello, sir, I'm Melahat. I'm their neighbor. Welcome.

Would you like some börek? I just made it.

What's in it?


Oh, nice.

Don't do it!

That börek is addicting.

It's not a problem.

Welcome, Sanem dear.

Hello, sir-brother. I'm Muzaffer.

I wonder who you are, coming at this hour to bring our neighborhood's pretty girl home?

I'm Can. Hello.

Ew. His hands are wet. Disgusting.

You fell right into the Twilight Zone right now.

Uh, Mr. Can is my boss.

Oh, your boss.

A boss that drives you home.

Thank you, Mr. Can. You really are a beloved ("can") person.

Giving a ride to every employee is some feat.

But when Sanem is married, we'll take care of that, at least.


Don't, Muzaffer.

Uh, Mr. Can, thank you for the ride. I'll walk you back to the car.

Please, come in and have some of our tea, since you came all this way. Please.


Mr. Can, I'll walk you to your car.

Mr. Can is very tired. And there's work tomorrow.

This way, Mr. Can.

But we'll be expecting you later.

We'll be expecting you.

– See you later. Good night.
– Good night.

– It's late. It's late. Another time, perhaps. It's late.
– Good night.

Come again.

Thank you very much, Mr. Can.

You're welcome.

Mevkibe, you should have thrown water after him.

The movie's over, neighborhood, everyone go home! Good night.

Ayhan, I'll explain tomorrow. Bye.

Bye, sis.


Good night.

Ms. Melahat, come.

Come on.

You, you, you. You're going to explain everything to me. From the beginning.

– I'm going to explain it to you, come on.
– Who's this kid? He's so–

Ms. Nurten, come on! Good night!

' handsome.'


That Mr. Can is such a nice, handsome, polite kid.

Good night, Mom.

Look at me. Come here.

If it wasn't for Mr. Can, I'd be worried sick.

You didn't leave much unsaid to the man. What am I, in elementary school? I just went to Ağva.

Look into my eyes.


Mom, don't look at me like that, I'm getting nervous.

Is there something between you and Mr. Can or not?

What something?

Mom, there's nothing like that.


You really are telling the truth.
I'd be surprised if there was something, anyway.

Good night, Mom, good night.

Just a minute, I'm not finished! Sanem!

Every day is a new hope

Holding onto your dreams, forget the day

It's like there are hundreds of birds in my heart

Hugging your dreams, fly, fly away

The pigeon on the powerline

The playboy in the mansion

The drunk on the sidewalk

Good morning to you, too

The sparrow in song

The auntie in the window

The sleepless lover

Good morning to you, too

The pigeon on the sidewalk

The playboy in the mansion

The drunk on the sidewalk

Good morning to you, too

The sparrow in song

The auntie in the window

The sleepless lover

Good morning to you, too

Mr. Can, hello. Güliz called, you asked for me?

Welcome, Leyla. Come, let's go this way.

Hello, Ms. Deren.

Would you like a drink?

I'm fine, thank you very much.

You can have this if you want.

No, you enjoy.

I'm very out of sorts, Leyla.

I've had all the computers examined. They're all clean.

Except they've been working on yours for a few days.

I know, Mr. Can, but look–

Leyla, emails were sent from that computer to Aylin.

Our budgets, projects, and more.

Then a special program was installed and they were all deleted.

The recovered emails and reports, I have them all.

I didn't do it.

I know.

How do you know?

I checked.

When the emails were sent to Aylin, you were on vacation.

Moreover, Aylin tried to steal another of our projects yesterday.

Again, you weren't at the office.

So you can't be the spy, but it must be someone you know.

Leyla, who did you lend that computer to?

Mr. Can, the computer is under my name.

But if they need it, anyone can use it.

And since the documents are on the computer, I just don't know, it could be anyone.


I apologize, I made you upset.

You can return to your job.

But if you think of something, absolutely let me know, okay?

Yes, Mr. Can. Don't worry. Look,

I want to find that spy just as much as you.

Besides, I wouldn't do anything to upset Mr. Emre. You'll understand when you get to know me better.

In fact, if you allow me, I'll find that spy and bring them to you.

You have my permission.

Okay. Can I return to the office today?

Sure, yes.

Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Can.

Thank you. Thank you.

I'll see you at the office.

See you.



Sis? What are you doing here?

Sanem, Mr. Can was convinced I'm not the spy, I'm going back to work, sis!

I can't believe it!

I'm so happy for you.

Except, they dragged you through the mud. I was so pissed.

It's okay, it's okay, I'm in such a good mood that I'm not even thinking about that.


Did you use my lipstick again?

I can't even be happy with you for two minutes. So annoying.

How many times do I have to tell you not to use my makeup?


You're Arzu's assistant for today, but she's a bit cranky.

Do whatever she says and don't leave her side, okay?

I don't want anything to do with that woman.

What did you say?

Uh, she must have sunstroke. Of course she'll do it.


What are you doing? You want to get fired?

I don't want to be her assistant.

What the?


Your assistant for today is Sanem, Ms. Arzu.

We've met.

I've been suffering since the morning, there are flies everywhere. I'm already itching.

She says flies, she says she's suffering.

Okay, I'll take care of it right now.

Aha, it's right here.

Excuse me.

Arzu dear.

I brought your lollipops for the shoot, sweetie.

All of these?

Yeah, probably.


Can, do you see what I have to endure for my career?

I'm putting sugar into my body during my detox process.

I see it Arzu dear, how can I not?

Besides, why don't you like these?

I love these, they're great. I think you'll like them too.

Organic, I had them made them organic just for you.

Can I tell you something? It won't take long at all. I'll finish it quick.

Except, Ms. Arzu's makeup is messed up, her forehead is shining, can we get that fixed?



Something smells, what is that?

– Something disgusting–
– What did you do? Huh?

What's this? Some brown thing is burning over there.

Ugh, what is this smoke?

It's disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting!

No, no, I just burned some coffee to keep the flies away.

You're going to kill me!

– Are you trying to kill me?
– What are you doing?

Arzu dear. Hey! Wait a minute.

Arzu dear, can you calm down? We'll take care of everything.

When you get heated like this, your makeup gets messed up.

Let's fix Ms. Arzu's hair, her hair's messed up too.

My makeup's messed up, they're going to do my hair, go!

Wait, there are more flies there!

What are you doing?

But Mr. Can, there are even more flies over there.

He bought so much and filled up the entire store. Ah, my love.

Mevkibe, three boxes of canned borlotti bean.

For God's sake, you really laid it on thick, Nihat.

Who in this neighborhood is going to eat all these canned beans?

I'll eat it, Mevkibe. Okay?

I asked you for help, but you ended up being my accountant.

Hello there!

Hello, İhsan. What is it?


I heard you couldn't find a buyer for the store, Mr. Nihat, huh?

We'll find one, İhsan. We'll find one.

That's what I'm saying!

Opportunity knocks!

Since you couldn't find a buyer, I'll take the store! How much?

100,000 liras.

101,200, actually.

That's a nice bit of money, sis.

I'll give you 40,000, clean.

40,000? What are you saying? Just the goods inside are 100,000, İhsan.

Daddy-o, you can take those with you, I don't need them anyway.

I just need the store. Yep.

Look here, İhsan.

Where'd you hear about the 40,000 loan?

I've got little birds, sis.

In this neighborhood, if someone owes someone money, they come tweet in my ear.

But I told Mr. Nihat before, if you wanted a loan, you could have gotten it from me, but he didn't want it.

So I thought I'd buy the store, what else can I do?

We don't do business with loansharks, Mr. İhsan. Go on. Go find another door to knock on, İhsan, go on.

Perish the thought, sis. What are you talk– You're really hurting my feelings.

Okay, fine, you know best.

But if you change your mind, you got 40,000 straight in your pocket. Hot money.

Go on, go.

Not one more penny. Alright?


Sis. Bro. Good luck, goodbye.


İhsan, stop.

Ah, just what I wanted to hear. I'm coming, bro!

Nihat, what are you doing? For God's sake, Nihat, you're giving away all these goods for free?

Don't do it, please Nihat, don't do it.

Okay, Mevkibe, calm down.

Look, we have a debt. We have to pay it.

Otherwise I can't look anyone in the eye again.

Okay, it's a deal İhsan, it's yours.

Then I'll take the goods. I'm not giving them to this guy.


– I won't give them to him.
– Mevkibe!

What are you doing? Have you gone mad? Calm down!

I'm not giving them to you! I'm taking them!

Neighbor Mevkibe?

Melahat? Come here, girl.

Mevkibe, what are you doing? Calm down. Everyone's looking at us.

Come, Melahat, come.

What's happening?

Take this.

Take this, let it be my gift to you.

Tell everyone in the neighborhood that everything in the grocery store is free today. Go on!

Mevkibe, have you gone mad, for God's sake?

Yes, I've gone mad, Mr. Nihat.

Look here!

If you're İhsan the Jackal, then I'm Mevkibe of Forty Years.

You crossed the wrong person, Mr. İhsan.

Come on! Free for everyone!

(no audio) Hurry!

Yes, yes, none of these are too bad.

Hi. I'm Hakan.

Sorry. Sanem.

Are we going to do your makeup too?

Mine? Why?

Oh, no. I'm an errand girl on the set.

When I saw you, I thought you were a model or something.

Me? A model? No, no.

Can I ask you something?


Is your beard real?

Yes. Do you want to touch it?

No, that's not necessary. I'll take your word for it.

Were you at the 40th anniversary party last week?

I was there. Were you there too?


It was great.

This one doesn't seem that bad, right?

Let's take a look at the customer folder.

Uh, could you put your number in this for me?

Were you sitting in the loggia?

Honey, what would I be doing in the loggia? I was in the makeup room.

Then why would you need my number?

You're not the albatross. You're wasting my time.

What albatross?

You expect me to explain that to you right now?

Sanem! Could you come here?

Yes, Mr. Can?

Sanem, you have to take care of Arzu.

Okay. I'll take care of her, I–

Sanem, you can text, meet, or chat with people after the set, I don't care.

Go do your work.

Mr. Can, why are you looking daggers at me? Did I do something bad?

Should I look at you some other way?

No, that's not what I meant, I–


Okay, you can go.

Okay, now eyes on me.

Move the lollipop a bit to the left.

Just like that, very nice.


One more lollipop, then we're done.

J.J., Arzu will change costumes.

She will.



Here you are, your vegetable juice.

One fourth of a spinach, quarter of an avocado, half a beet, half a pineapple, five stalks of parsley.

Ugh, what is this? It's vile. Make it again.

Add two more stalks of parsley. Or–

Or I changed my mind.

Steep some white tea in water heated to 88 degrees. Grate two lemon slices.

Actually, one slice.

To balance the vitamins.

I'll take those vitamins and–


I thought they would be in it.


88 degrees.

As if it were 90 degrees...

The princess would turn into a pumpkin.

What are you doing?

Mr. Can.

I was measuring Ms. Arzu's tea's temperature.

Where'd that thing on your head come from?

Oh, I made this on the set, my apologies.

No, no, don't take it off, it's very nice.

Thank you.

I'll pour the hot water. Her gullet can burn.

– Can this be? Please. Yes.
– I'm telling you I can't eat it.

– It has to be eaten. Friends, someone explain it to her, this won't work.
– Do you think we want to make you uncomfortable?

– I feel it right here.
– You being unhappy is the last thing we want.

Here you are, your herbal tea.

Forget the tea right now. Go. Go.

Arzu dear, you know it's in our agreement.

One of our products is a strawberry lollipop.

So you need to eat it.

I clearly can't explain.

I'm telling you I'm allergic. Allergy!

I'll be hospitalized. I get swollen, red, itchy.

I get ugly.


What happened, Arzu?

Can, I'm allergic to strawberries. I can't eat this.


Take the lemon lollipops. There's red food coloring inside. Paint them with it.

J.J. can help you. J.J.!

Of course.

This is what intelligence looks like.

You saved my life, Can. My hero.

Don't raise it too much, it's splattering. It's going to get on our clothes.

Look at my hands.

The world is such an unjust place, J.J.

So it is. Especially for low-level employees like us.

The handsome ones are bad.

Who's handsome? Who's bad?

The floozies are hot.

Who's a floozy? Who's hot?

And of course, when the floozies and the bad ones like each other, the low-level employees' hearts ache.

Whose heart is aching? What low-level employee?

Did I say my heart was aching?


What's going on?

And this turned out terrible, I couldn't do it at all. And my hand's all dirty. Why don't you do it?

It smells really bad too.

I've been eating candy for hours now. My stomach hurts.

Her energy's a bit low. But it's normal.

Arzu, endure one more round. Okay?

Act like you're eating the world's best candy and pose a few more times, then we're done, promise.

Let's stand up.

Turn towards me a bit.

And I'll ask you to look up.


That's enough, friends, it's a wrap.



Oh no!

Let's see it in slow motion, I didn't see it!

Are you okay? Let's get up. Come.

I'm fine, I'm fine.


Why are you guys laughing? Come on.

The poor woman must have tripped on a rock.

What rock, Sanem? Show it to me. Which rock?

How could I know which rock, Mr. Can? Tell your gardener.

If there's a rock, he should clean it up.

What's going on? Father Nihat?

My God. Mr. Mehmet, why don't you just go through me? Watch where you're going. Slowly, go!

Come on!

What's he going to do with all that soda–

– Mo– Mother dear?
– That's enough. Go.

Mother? What's going on?

We're handing over the store.

How? We're handing over our store? Who are we handing it over to? Why are we handing it over?

Nihat had a loan to a wholesaler, so we handed it over.

I almost forgot! Here's some liquid soap, take it to your mother.

I don't want liquid soap.

And what a shame, Mother.

My father is in a spiral of debt, our store is lost, and I'm the last to hear about it.

But wait, you have a tough son-in-law.

Leave it to me! I won't leave our store to anyone!

Mr. Erdoğan! Leave it!

Mr. Erdoğan! Mr. Erdoğan, let go of the bags!

My son, drop that bag!

Let go– let go of it!


Auntie, let go! These are the store's goods.

Over there! We lost two more waters!

'I'm going to find a way to stay over here tonight.'

This thing ends tonight.

'I'm so excited!'

Okay honey, we'll talk later. Wish me luck, okay?


Didn't everyone leave? What are you still doing here?

I'm cleaning up the costumes.


That thing in your hair look good on you.

Come on honey, finish up your work and go.

We'll be going, don't worry.


Arzu, we tired you out, but it was seriously worth it.

I'm looking at the photos, there are some wonderful frames.

Thank you, thank you for everything.

When you and I are together, that was inevitable, Can.

Uh, I'll email these to you and we'll talk. Do you have a driver?

But you're being mean, closing the laptop and all that.

Are you trying to get rid of me?

No, no, no, not at all. I'm sorry if you took it that way.

Okay, then.

My show is in the morning.

So I'm free until the morning.

And it's not worth going back to the hotel for a couple of hours.

Maybe you have a guest room for me?

Uh, yes, I have one, sure. No problem.

Oh, Sanem!

You're still here?

Yes, I was cleaning up the things, but I'm done, so I'll go now.

Leave it, you were exhausted all day. I'll take care of the rest.

You don't have to do this.

You can go, I mean.

Well, if you say "go", I'll go.

If you say "don't go", I won't.

What is that nonsense, like a riddle or something?

You go, honey, we're good here.

But before you go, if you could make me some vegetable juice... Go ahead and make me some.

I'm really hungry.

Come on Can dear, let's go watch the stars for a bit.


'Can! Come already.'

You wanted vegetable juice? You got it.

One strawberry couldn't hurt.

Or two.

Or three. At worst, she'll get itchy.

What are you doing, Sanem?


Mr. Can.

Did you just come?

Mmhmm, just now.

I'll pour the water for you. One second.



That was wonderful. I loved it.

Sanem? Are you okay?

The poor girl's falling asleep.

Good night, dear Sanem. Sweet dreams, sweetie.

Good night.

Good night, Sanem. Good night!

"SANEM is calling"

Hello? It's me, Ayhan, your family's personal counselor.

Hello, Ayhan?

Ayhan, very bad things are happening. I'm seriously a really bad, vile person.

What happened? What happened?

You know my dark-souled boss, Mr. Can?

The exceedingly... handsome one?

There was a photo shoot at his house.

You know Arzu, the model lady?

She kept flirting with Mr. Can, and I got really mad.

I got wrapped up in a wave of jealousy.

I stepped on the woman's dress, and all of a sudden, she was kissing the ground.

Thank God she didn't break her nose or something.

The woman has this beauty obsession.

You're going to say, "Of course, she's a model", but she has a complex or something.

She keeps having body image crises.

Sanemsie, I don't know if it's me, but I didn't understand any of that.

The woman is allergic to strawberries, Ayhan.

What should I do? Should I apologize? I don't know.

But the woman played so many games.

She's trying to become lovers with Mr. Can.

What can I do?

To prevent it–

Why are you trying to prevent it? Did Mr. Emre tell you to prevent it?

No, he didn't say that.

I just felt like it.


I don't know.

Look here, girl.

You mentioned jealousy too.

You don't think you're...

in love with this evil king, are you?


'What happened to your albatross?'

You kept saying, "I'm betraying the albatross."

I'm in love with the albatross.

That's not the point.

I'm telling you the woman has a strawberry allergy.
I put a bunch of strawberries in her drink.

The woman might be hospitalized soon.

What? Come again? What'd you do?

My bag.

Ayhan, I forgot my bag inside. Gotta go, bye!

Sanem– Sanemsie?

The sky is so beautiful tonight.

Should we gaze at the sky together?

Uh, Arzu.

I'm exhausted after today.

I'm really sleepy too.

You must be tired too.

Let's go to bed, eh?

You're a handful, aren't you?

Wait a bit. There's time for that.

I think we should enjoy the night first.

Oh, no. No.

I think you misunderstood.

I don't have any intention of that. You know?


I don't un–



Mr. Can, I forgot my bag, so that's why I returned.

I'll just get it then, my bag.


I'll just go then.

Arzu, I'm very sleepy, I'm going to go sleep. Have a nice trip, okay?

If that's so, then I want a kiss to commemorate tonight.

Please don't let anything happen. Please.

Arzu, something's coming over you.

Finally, you understand. Why were you playing so hard to get?

One kiss.

No, Arzu, no, not like that. Your–

Kiss, one kiss.

Arzu, what's happening to you? Arzu, just a second. Arzu.

It looks really bad. Maybe we should go to a hospital, Arzu, your face is swollen.

My face– ah– ah–

I'm having a reaction.

I'm sure she put strawberries in my drink–

I'm rui–

Don't l– Don't look at me. Don't look at me!

Stop, don't look at me! I'm going to the hospital!


Was that really necessary?

Were you jealous?

No more escaping.