Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 28 - Episode #1.28 - full transcript

Sanem learns that Murat and Ceyda are together at the bar. Together they think they will go to the mountain house. On the one hand, there is a hectic hustle in the neighborhood.

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Erkenci Kus - 28 -

You want to say something?

Can .. I would love to accept your proposal, but ...


But what, Sanem?

We don't get rid of those "buts".

What does "I would love to accept" mean?

I cannot accept, Can.

I cannot say that I accept.

Do you refuse?

No, I could not say that .. I will not say that it is impossible ...

Okay, so what do you mean, Sanem? It is difficult for me to understand.

Can .. There is something important that I have to tell you ...

More important than us? More important than that moment?

I need to tell you this quickly .. You should know.

- Can, I ... - Sanem! Sanem!



Mr Can .. Forgive me for disturbing you, but ...

No, my dear, come .. But as you know ...

There was a critical situation, I was unable to speak to Sanem, so I asked Mr. Emre.

- What happened? - Sanem, Mom felt weak.

What? And how is she?

Okay, I think her pressure has dropped, my sister. Melahat called and told us to go quickly.

- C'mon C'mon. - C'mon C'mon.

Mr. Can, our parents fought over your articles in the press, so it's better if we go with Sanem ...

I understand, I understand. I don't have to go, is that what you say?

Mr. Emre is waiting.

Can, if they came .. Why don't I go with them?

Okay, Emre will take you away.

Let me know.

It's all right. See you later.

Please forgive me.

What happened to my mother?

Shut up.

I'll tell you ...

How you do not know?

She felt weak, Sanem.

Sister, call Mom right away ... Ask her how she feels.

Sanem, calm down, wait a minute, please. With mom, everything is fine, don't worry.

As well? So, what is this?

Sanem, calm down .. Did you talk to my brother?

Did I tell you about Fabri, my sister?

I didn't say anything .. I wanted to, but you came ...

We achieved that.

How do we achieve this?

Sanem, I know everything .. I saw you at Fabri's company.

As well?

I couldn't speak to you yesterday, I told Leyla, it occurred to me.

Besides, am I hiding the fact that I gave my fragrance to Fabri, and found out that I lied to lie again?

There was no other way, San.

If you told my brother, he would never believe you again. He would leave everything and leave.

Would you leave?

Yes, leaving everything behind.

My brother didn't trust anyone that way. He didn't love anyone.

You aroused feelings in him .. You demolished the walls.

But Can hates it when someone lies to him or hides something.

I lied to him again.

I will tell him everything.


Stop, little sister.


Sanem, you're right, you're right .. Didn't I answer for all my lies?

Will I let you go through this again?

This time he will not listen and will leave.

Sister, what am I going to do?

Sister, we will find the way out.

Can made the proposal for me.

We know. What did you answer?

I said that I cannot accept it.

Did you say "no"?

No, I was lying so much, could I really say yes? I feel guilty.

I will not say "yes" until I admit everything.

At the moment, this is the right Sanem decision.

Mom came, my brother is tense, it can be a moment of decision, you know him well.

He doesn't know the real Sanem.

So come on

"I can't accept it, Can."

"I can't say that I accept."

Okay, Mr. Emre ...

Very boring.

You will see.

I think so.

Don't gossip.

Don't gossip.

It will definitely be like that.

- You will not believe. - It will get worse.

I think that Mrs. Huma, will make Mr. Emre sit in Mr. Can's place.

It looks even worse.

In my opinion, she will make Mr Can not be the head of the company, only Mr Emre.

It can be like this, you can do this. She is the main boss. Who can interrupt, right? Can it be like this.


In addition, Ms. Hüma loves Mr. Emre more.

Why? Because as a child she took Mr. Emre with her and left Mr. Can with Mr. Aziz.

And so.

And so?

-Yes. - Shut up!

You've been gossiping since morning.

What is it?

You are just talking.

Everyone is gossiping through you, Güliz.

I'll tell you, Mrs. Deren will be there, Mrs. Aylin, then don't say I didn't say.

I suppose so, I'm telling you.

Gossip, Güliz.

At the agency, there is no place where you would not gossip.

Wherever you set foot, there are rumors everywhere. Gossip is everywhere.

That's enough .. It means that Deren will leave and Aylin will come.

Deren will leave and Sanem will come. Why am I not coming?

- What you are? - Deren came.


On here! Mrs. Deren is here. Please.

What is it? Is it cardboard? Is it a cardboard woman or what? Straw man?

What is this woman? She is alive. It is also some kind of organism. She also has feelings, voice and tone.

Yes I am. I live, I live

You're right, you're right .. Ceycey doesn't feel right.

And how are you, Mrs. Deren? You feel good?

It's all right.

Do not.

Do not.

How can I feel good? How can I feel good about you? What's going on here?

Friends, you gather here when there is gossip. But when it comes to work, where are you?

To the work!

You are right, you are right.

You've heard of it. To the work.

Don't look at me like that, Güliz.


Why don't I come to Mrs. Deren's place?

- That's your goal. - Why don't you compliment me on your gossip?

Sanem .. Don't worry, everything will be fine.

Can's expression does not leave my mind.

He was very sad and hurt.

Sister ... You are right.

Now I understand you, but you did all of this to not afflict Can, never forget that. Fine?

If you want .. Call now and tell me that mom is fine.

You tell him not to worry and you will hear his voice.

And we will be calmer.

Let's go.


Can, I came to the neighborhood, decided to call and say that my mother is fine. Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

I'm happy.

Sister Melahat exaggerated a little and was confused.

And how are you?

Well .. Okay.

Thank you for letting me know.

You're welcome.

Give her my wishes for a quick recovery.

Or don't, don't say .. Don't make her angry, leave it. See you later.

See you later.

He spoke to me coldly .. I am drowning in my lies.

I hope it was the best, as you said, Emre.


Sanem, Sanem, little sister .. Everything will be fine, don't worry.

Am I listening to mom?

Emre, where are you? And Can disappeared?

I'm outside, I'm working things out and my brother has things too.

We won't be going to the agency today, until tonight, okay?

Well, do what you want, but bring your brother home, don't let him stay somewhere.

It is very difficult, my brother is very depressed.

Why? What happened again?

Always scandals and adventures!

That's why we are going to have dinner in the evening to talk about it. I am calling your brother.

Mother, don't press him, he fought with Sanem.

What happened? Why did he fight with Sanem?

What could have happened, a country girl, pushing you with a wedding?

Yes, it is because of the wedding .. But it is not what you think.

My brother proposed and she did not accept ..

What are you saying?

Why did Sanem reject his brother's engagement proposal?

I don't know mom. When I get home, let's talk, okay?

Okay kisses.

What happened?

Just look..

Can made the request to Sanem, and she didn't accept it?

That's right, Aylin.


Certainly wonderful ... But I can't understand why she rejected the engagement?

Who knows.

Something about this girl is wrong, now I'm sure of it.

Well, I'm going home, I'm going to find out about Emre.

Okay, Mrs. Hüma.

I see you my sweet.

- Hi - Fabri, I have good news.

Excuse me?

Sanem rejected Can's proposal.


- They fought? - As far as I know, no, but ...

In my opinion, this is not normal. No, something is wrong here.

Of course, she lied to Can, so she feels guilty ... That's why she didn't accept it.

I wonder how Can she felt after she rejected the proposal.

I wonder what the lie Sanem invented in the form of an explanation?

Maybe she is lying now ... But if I know Sanem, she will not lie for long.

We're going to do this, let's get to the point. I want to know everything about you, Aylin.

Fabri, I'm trying to gain confidence, but they hide everything from me.

Aylin, I don't have any more time, I gave you these actions to work for me,

Do what you want, but get all the details of this campaign for me.


Can calling.

Super, great.

I told you that everything would go away, come back and speak.

It's all right.

- Hello - Hello, is your mother okay, Sanem?

Yes, yes, everything is fine with my mom.

With the pressure, is everything okay?

Yes, yes, everything is fine.

Okay, so .. Great.

So we have to talk, San.

- Can ... - Sanem.

You have to explain everything to me after what happened at the cabin. Fine?

I'm leaving now. We will meet in an hour by the sea.

Of course, he is waiting for an answer from me. He wants to know why I didn't accept the proposal. He wants to understand, talk.

- Okay and? - What should I say?

I do not know. We will think what to say. At least decide what not to say.

It's all right.

Come, sit down.

He will ask why I rejected the engagement.

Why didn't I accept it?

Good job.

Is this campaign for "Redmode"?

No, Mrs. Aylin. These are sketches for another company ...

Looks good.


And you dear? Are you preparing this for "Redmode"?

No, Mrs. Aylin.

Good job. Is this for "Redmode"?

No, this is for an old company.

It was a beautiful campaign.

Güliz, can I ask you?

I am listening, I am listening, Mrs. Aylin.

I don't know if you know it or not, but we have a chance to work with the biggest company ...

But nobody is working on it.

Where are the preliminary sketches? I want to see.

Mrs. Aylinn ... I'm not aware of that, but it looks like Sanem is doing it.

And where are those sketches?

- I have no idea. - Well, bravo!

We work with the largest company in the history of our agency ...

But nobody cares! They don't even know where it is, who's working on it.

Your end will come! Be sure!

- Sanem worked on the files. - Why did you say?

Finally, I heard the answer to my question!

Everyone to work!

Güliz ...

What did she say again?

I do not know. Just screams like Mrs. Deren.

Yes, until yesterday she couldn't even get into that agency, and now she's acting like a boss.

She's the boss anyway.

It owns 20% of the agency's shares.

Don't remind me, Ceycey.

She is poisoned with her strength.

I want to poison myself with my strength too.

Yes, I want to become strong and poison myself.

For example, Mrs. Aylin may fire you.

If he tells you to leave now, you will have to leave.

Ceycey, how many times have I told you not to transmit negative energy to the universe.

I did not give any energy to the universe. I just gave an example.

Güliz, close your eyes.

- For what? - Close!

Reach out, open your hand.

- Open it .. - What do you want Ceycey?

- You scare me. - Don't open your eyes.

Keep calm. Keep calm.

- Yes - What is it, Ceycey. I'm afraid.

What is happening?

What "aaa"?

- I wonder what that is? - What is it?

Ceycey, what's going on. Say at least.

Open it.

It is a protection against Mrs. Aylin. I use that too.

А-а, Ceycey.

Thank you

You're welcome...

- Ceycey. - I'm listening.

Tell you a secret?

No, don't tell me any secrets.

- No, this is very important, I will explode differently. - No, no.

I do not want. I am leaving.

Don't go, wait. I will say.

Do not.

Aylin caught Mr. Emre. I think they are together again.

I was relieved.

- It's impossible. - How is that impossible?

Yes. Because Mr. Emre and Ley ...

"Ley" what?


What "Ley-ley"? What are you saying?

Ley ... leylek (stork). Yes, Leylek. It's all right.

After winter they return to their previous nest.

They say he saw a stork flying in the air.

They say the stork brought you.

What are you saying, Ceycey?

Well, look on the internet. They come winter and come back.

In the hot season of the year.

They say he saw a stork flying in the air.

- You arrived? - Yes, Mom, we broke up earlier today.

- If you finished before, where are you going? - I'm going to Ayhan while I have time.

Of course, as long as you have time, don't help your mom. Come on, go.

Oh my god Leyla.

Yes mom.

Where are you going? Come here

I need to work.

Come here, come on.

Come here, come baby.

- What happened mom? - Child ...

I have so many questions in my head.

Answer them. I'm cooking inside. A little more and I will explode.

OK mother. You ask and I will answer.


What's the matter with Osman? In all languages ​​only "Leyla-Osman, Leyla-Osman".


Osman has been coming in the last few days ...

He told me about his feelings.



Of course, oh thank God .. A clean, honest and courageous boy.

It suits you in everything.

Mom, it's too soon. There is nothing serious.


Do you like this blond boss?

No mother. What does this have to do with it? He does not like me.

Look child. If you ask me, then Osman is a better variant for you.

If it's nothing serious, don't play with this boy's feelings.

See how honestly he confessed his feelings to you.

Mom, why would I have fun with your feelings?

And if you have serious intentions ...

Tell everyone, as it suits me. Not to disgrace yourself in front of the neighborhood.

It is also true .. But everything is just beginning ...

Yes, Osman has had feelings like that for me for a long time, but ...

I haven't gotten used to them yet.

Leyla, I don't understand what you are saying?

I cannot, at this age, put order in your thoughts daughter ..

Listen, if your dad finds out about someone else, this time he definitely will have a heart attack.

First of all.

And secondly, don't do what you don't want others to do to you, daughter.


No mother". I told you everything, you understood me.

Ok kid?

He's a good boy. He's like our son.

OK mother.

Think about it. Okay daughter?

My Leyla

Yes, Osman?

How are you, Leyla?

- Everything is fine and you? - For me too. I am working on a script.

I wanted to say that guys praise a restaurant. If you are free, we will go to him tonight.

I can't tonight. I brought work home, I need to work.

I understand. I will finish tomorrow early. We can go and tomorrow.

I think tomorrow's work will be delayed until late.

Because we count the budget, for a new company.

I dont know.

I understand. So call yourself when you're free.

Well, I'm busy every day this week. I don't want to promise anything.

We speak, and we will keep in touch.

See you later.

What did you want to tell me, Sanem?

- When? - "When?"

Are you going to pretend you don't understand? In the cabin ...

When I proposed to you.

You said you wanted to tell me something. What was this?

- Can, really ... - You said it was very important.

What could have been more important than that moment?

Can, I ..

It seems to me that we are in a hurry.

This is .. Our neighborhood, my family, your family.

In my opinion, everything puts pressure on you.

Sanem, we discussed this many times.

Didn't we argue?

We love each other.


What can pressure me?

I dont care.

- We argued, but ... - But what?

Your mom has arrived.

That's why I think you're a little confused.

Well, my mom came. That is my problem.

Even if my mother's return disturbs my thoughts, it has nothing to do with you.

Your mother didn't like me at all.

I mean, from the beginning, we didn't get along ... Me and your mother.

That's why I think so ...

- Sanem, I think you're looking for excuses. - No, Can.

You are looking, Sanem .. You are looking.

You make excuses.

And for that there is an explanation ...

You and I don't want the same.

- As well? - Our feelings don't ...

You don't feel the same as me.

- I love you very much. - And I love you so much.

It makes no sense to talk more about it.

So ...

I said it all and I don't know what else I could add.

From now on, you must decide what you want.

Decide what you want, Sanem.

It's all right.

"Remember if".

Another slogan of the hardest working girl in the class.

Let's see what's up there.

I'm tired of these secrets, just secrets and secrets.


What are you doing?

- Ceycey, what are you doing? - Doesn't work or what?

Nothing, I just came. I have no special reasons.

I only control colleagues.

- So get out of here if you don't have business. - What do you mean "get out"? The company, the room? Like?

Ceycey, get out of here.

Okay, so I'm leaving.

- Ceycey! - Yes .. Okay.

What is it? Why didn't it work? I dont understand.



- Aylin, can you wait a moment? - How are you, Deren?

I heard that you are very nervous. Yelling at employees.

Yes, my sweet.

I don't know if you are aware, but we cooperate with the biggest company in our company's history.

But nobody cares about that fact.

Someone had to take care of that.

Sure, but how can you know?

You don't manage this campaign, do you?

Is she looked after by Sanem too?

Where did you get that from?

There was no doubt. You are already starting to think.

And are you just standing and waiting?

Deren, you have to agree with Ms. Hüma.

This woman thinks the agency is very busy.

Come here You are still talking about it for everyone.

I am a person who has successfully completed many projects at this agency. You got it?

First of all, I have an impeccable past here.

The past is the past, dear.

Let me ask you a question.

What slogan did you invent for McKinnen's new perfume campaign?

Well, I have some thoughts on that, but I will not share them with you.

I haven't worked on it yet.

As I thought, sweet.

So I decided to share with you the slogan that I proposed.

And what is this?

"Remember if".

"Remember if".

Well, very pleasant to the ear, but ...

Wait a minute, Aylin.

Why are you sharing this with me?

Because Deren .. I don't like Sanem any more than you do.

I prefer you to be more successful than Sanem.

Besides, you start to be a little forgotten in this agency.

I want them to remember you before it's too late.

"Remember if".

"Remember if".

Act now, my sweet.

In my opinion .. You will develop a brilliant project.

How many smart women were left at the agency?

We must help each other.

Let's go...

"Remember if".

Colleagues, I urgently need a pen.

Urgency. Go away.

I need to make a note urgently, because I will forget.

"Remember if".

"Remember if". Now I think of the slogan.

It goes through my eyes.

Too easy.

Mrs. Deren, what are you doing? This is our co-worker. What do you use it for?

- Mrs. Deren! - What ...

I work here, Ceycey.

Don't distract me when I work.

Didn't you understand that for so many years?

Everyone should be silent while working.

"Remember if".

What is "ps"? I am a cat?

Don't say "ps" when you call me, you better feed me right away.

Put a bowl here, eat in the morning.

Why do you let her write on your back? Do not lean.


Haven't you left yet?

No, Leyla has something to do.

I mean, did it evaporate?

What is this nonsense? Why should Leyla evaporate?

This day or another ... Let's go out another time.

- And next time she'll have something to do again. -Ayhan, why are you saying that?

Leyla's attitude towards me has changed. She is interested in me.

It would be better if she was interested.

What does that mean?

Brother, I couldn't decide if I would show you .. For fear of hurting you, but ...

I think it will be better now if I show you.

Look this Picture.

She and Emre meet.

No. This is past. Leyla told me that she was no longer seeing him.

This is a new photo, brother.

Ceycey sent it.

Ceycey took it out.

This girl is dating you and Emre.

I told you not to trust her. It will break your heart.

Besides, it's not worthy of you.

You deserve the best, brother.

It's okay, Ayhan.

Say no more.

I have to go up.

Would you like some tea? Do you want a cup of tea?

What did Can say?

She will change and leave.

But it cannot. He goes out every night.

It's all because of this girl!

Mother. You know perfectly well that it’s not Sanem’s fault.

It doesn't matter, dear.

Look. This girl did something to her brother and now he is not himself.

But it's normal, of course.

You can't expect anything more from a girl from such a neighborhood.

Mom, what are you talking about?

It's all right. It's all right.

I won't say a word.

Son, I am your mother. I want to know what is going on in your life.

You must know perfectly well that he won't want to talk to you.

I know.

I will not ask directly.

Emre, I'm leaving.


Maybe not right away?

Perhaps we, as a mother and two beautiful children, have tea together?

What are you trying to do? I dont understand.

- I'm trying to rebuild the relationship between us. - You do not understand.

There are no relationships between us that you can reconstruct. There is no relationship between us!

It wasn't and it won't be, okay?

Mom, what did I tell you, why are you doing this?

It's all right.

- Hello Hello.

How are you, Ceyda?

It's okay, Mrs. Hüma. How are you doing?

I'm trying to stay. I am sad because of Can.

And what happened to Can?

We argue again. You know, our relationships are not the best. I'm trying to get close to him, but he's running away.

I think he fought with Sanem. It looks like they split up.

Really? I'm surprised.

Why are you surprised, beloved? It was immediately clear that nothing would come of it.

What beautiful energy comes from you ...

Maybe Can notice that ..

Perhaps he will soon realize this, Ms. Hüma.

I really felt better when I heard your voice.

I'm sure it would also be easier for Can if he heard your voice.

Thanks. I send kisses.

Me too, kiss.

- Ceyda? - Can. How are you doing?

- Well, all right. And how are you? - I am also well.

I left work, but somehow I don't want to go home.

- I wanted to come to you if you were home. - No, no, Ceyda, I'm not at home.

Where are you? I will go.

Of course, if you are not busy.

Do not come.

Comes. Come, of course.

It's all right. Send the address, I'm going.

It worked!


For now, I just found that ... But this is a campaign plan.

I think it is enough.

If we make minor corrections, we can create our plan.

And the process will be faster. It was 3-4 weeks before the presentation of the products.

We need to be vigilant because we have to introduce our perfume to Redmode.

Fabri, will you make it?

We have to do this, Aylin.

But I need some details.

I need to know about each step.

Because I will arrest you with your own actions.

- I'll do everything in my hands. - Not.

You will do more than is in your hands, okay?

You should have joined us and not separated.

You really separated us.

I hurt Can a lot. And I'm still doing it.

I hope I don't miss Can.

- Sanem? - Hello Can?

- What are you doing? - Anything. I'm at the bar, having a drink.

At the bar?

Are you alone?


I was alone and now Ceyda has arrived.

Cey ... Cey ... Ceyda?


Okay, so I'm not going to bother you. I'm hanging up.

Fine. OK.

Cey ... Ceyda? Not! I didn't hear well.


How is that?

Cey ... Ceyda.

It's impossible.

Ceyda at the bar. Why is she at the bar? Ceyda ...

I will drink the same as you.

Please do the same.

How nice it is to sit alone, right?

I really needed this.

And, what do we drink from?

I do not know.

Does something bother you?

A little.

Do you want to share?

I do not want to talk about that.

Is this related to Sanem? Have you ever fought?

- I already told Ceyda that I don't want to talk about it. - Fine...

Let's drink for something.

Let's drink for freedom.

For the freedom we love so much.

We will drink for those who love freedom.

Ceyda, we really don't have as much in common as you think.

Give me darts.


We have more in common than you think, but you are blind!

"You rejected the request of a man as wonderful as Can."

"You stepped on your pride, you disappointed him, and now you hope it can only belong to you?"

Shut up! I really want you to shut up!


Enough! Enough! Enough!

This is not a problem that I cannot solve.

I can handle him!

I think I'm losing my mind.


I'm asking for the same .. But this time 2 glasses.

Can, I dreamed of this for so long. You will not believe.


What else did you dream of?

IT IS ...

I will not bring you two glasses .. It will be too much.

I will bring you one. Can be?

Where were we?

I'm impressed.

I think it was a good knockout.

Very good..

I think I'm getting sick. I'm losing my mind.

I really lose my mind.

I can't even find a place for myself.





Sister, sister !!!

What is happening?

OK Alright. Do not scream. Do not scream. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, it's me.

Horrible things are happening.

Horrible things are happening, little sister.

Can and Ceyda are at the bar. Together. There is alcohol. The night is long, long legs .. Another project. Campaign.

Can and Ceyda are alone at the bar.

What should I do?

What are you saying, in the middle of the night, sister. I do not understand anything.

They are at the bar, that is, they are alone at the bar.

They probably went home a long time ago.

They went home?

So they went home together?

Did they go to a house?

What does "hmmm" mean?

What if something happens between Can and Ceyda?

Nothing is going to happen. Do not think like that.

If you think about it, then it will happen.

At the moment I can't think of anything else.

In fact, I can't think of anything. You have to help me, little sister. Stand up.

Sanem, I want to sleep. Let's talk tomorrow, please.

No. No. No. No. Won't you sleep?

Stay with me! Stay with me!

We lost.

We lost the patient.

You look like a princess.

But if you snore, you make sounds like a truck. I don't really understand that.

Sister, I'm going through a nervous breakdown now. Wake up, please.




Sister, I want to ask you something.

Did they go home together?

You are sleeping?

Does a sleeping man blink?

What should I do?

Sleep soundly. You are safe.

What should I do?

Stay quiet.

Brother Sinan

It's impossible.

Brother Sinan .. Brother Sinan is a friend of my father. He would tell him everything.

Good night.

I am here if anything.

What should I do?

Hello, Osman?

Osman, did you sleep?

I wanted to ask you something.

The tires are very good.

Very good.

Sanem, it's not a problem .. If you want, I'll take you.

It is impossible, Osman. I'm bothering you at this hour anyway.

No, my dear, what is this?

- Where are you going? For Can? - Yes I must immediately give you an urgent surprise.

An urgent surprise?

Exactly, an urgent surprise.

I understand.

Listen, they’re completely turning, right?

Sanem. Inside. They are automatic mirrors.

I tested you, I know.

I know I know. Why shouldn't I know? I tested you.

Good and light?

Are the lights also automatic? This is very important to me.

The lights are also inside. Look. On here.

Osman, I checked.

Of course I know. I know they are there.

The clutch is slightly compressed.


I don't use the clutch. It is not my style.

How is that?

Of course, the clutch is very important.

I was checking on you!

In that case, I'm running away.


I wanted to say that I don't use keys.

Yes, Osman?

Don't be free. Go home.

Well, be careful.

Belts are a very important element.

They save their lives.

I have already called.

Maybe I'll take you, Sanem?


I checked you out.

I will be back in 4 days.

I did really well. Bravo, San.

You drive very well. Good job.

The light is not on.

This means that it has not yet arrived.

I don't see it clearly.

Do not.

Do not.

"Maybe they came over a long time ago."

How is that?

"They came a long time ago ..."

"And they even slept hugging each other."

I'm really going to bite you right away, and that's not a compliment and a threat.


Stop for a second.

He is alone. Alone.

I won such a long road in vain.

I trust him.

Okay, you can go. Thanks.

What happened?

Carefully, carefully. What did you do? You felt.

Who hit me? Did someone hit me?

Is not it ...

What am I doing?

What is happening?

What is it?

It is not, and it is not.

Maybe both at once?



You don't have to turn around. Here is the button.

Then press it.

- Your documents? - No alcohol.

What are you doing here, Sanem?

I parked

But I didn't look in the rearview mirror ...

I parked so well.

Or maybe I’ll go a little bit forward or back? If someone arrives, they can park safely.

God. No, don't do anything, leave it here, it's not worth spending more.

Why did you come, Sanem?

And most importantly, why do you leave without a word?

Why did you come, why are you leaving?

I was worried about you ...

... I was worried about you.

And so.

Are you worried


You could have called.

You cannot speak on the phone while driving.

These are the rules.

There is a punishment for that. You can not.

That's why I couldn't call, I didn't.

I sat at the wheel and left because my two hands were on the wheel, so I came ...

Well done. Whose car is this?

Osman. It's new.

He was new. He bought it recently, but ...

It would be nice if it weren't so new.

What were you doing?

You probably come straight from the bar.

You came alone? You decided to go home.


What worries you is that I was with Ceyda, right?


Cey ...

Aaaa, that curly, with long legs?

No, where did you get it from, where did it come from?

I didn't take it out of the blue, Sanem. I came home alone.


Perfectly. May everyone come home whole and healthy.

May everyone come home. Great.

Did you come here because you were worried?

To see if I came with Ceyda or not, right?


Yes, I was worried.

After all, I'm your girlfriend and I can worry, right?

- I was worried. - So you don't trust me?

How is that?

I do not trust? How is this possible?

You got it wrong, I didn't think about it.

I don't want you to think that I don't trust you.

I don't trust Ceyda.

So do you think I could do something like that? Yes?

Do not.

You got it Bad. None of these things.

But she went to the bar. Why did she go?

Sanem, I didn't call her.

And I didn't want her to come.

She got there, what should I do?

Can anyone come where he was not invited?

Can anyone stay where he is not welcome?

- Perfectly, you better answer me. - Fine.

- The man you want to see next ... - Okay.

Why isn't he where he's welcome?

How is that?

You are not with me.

You leave me alone.

And you punish me for my loneliness. Do you understand, Sanem?

You do not trust me.

You don't trust me at all. You don't trust me so much that you came here for me.

How can you think of me, even though I know it's in my heart.

Take the phone, take it.

- Can, please ... - Take him.

- Take ... - No.

- All because of me ... - Here.

Let it stay with you. Check this out.

No, no, I'm asking you, Can.

No .. Take it Can.


Forgive me please.

I am really sorry. Yes, I'm jealous of you.

I don't know, I'm confused, I don't understand what happened, but ...

When Ceyda came to you ... I thought ...

No, no .. You were right.

Yes, people are jealous of their loved ones, right?

Thank you for understanding me.

No, Sanem .. I think we should get to know each other better.

Don't worry, you won't hear any more about marriage, you won't make a proposal.

And I think you should grow up, a little bit more mature.

It doesn't matter, I ...

I'm going to get a car and drive you home, okay?

You must have secretly left the house and escaped if anyone notices ...

They will be very concerned about you. The truth? Did I know you well?

Let it stay like this.

I'll leave you.

Can .. Can I'm begging you, don't leave me.

You can not. There are little problems in all relationships, and do you just leave me?

At home. I will leave you home.

You talked about it from the beginning.

No, I will go alone.

I will go alone. Do not worry.

Yes? Yes?

Not because someone sees you, you're right, there will be rumors.

Because it's a shame. Because we are a couple.

Because I love you so much, because love is a sin.

Looking at you from afar is not a shame.

But loving you is a shame. Love is a disgrace.

Can ..


Good Morning. Good Morning.

To the work?

Yes, I'm trying to do that.

Sanem said he had business and left without waiting for me.

In the morning she came to me to apologize. And she was not well.

Yes, recently with Can they have a somewhat tense relationship.

He proposed marriage to Sanem.

But Sanem was unable to agree for some reasons.

She regretted it.

He loves you very much, but ...

But ... no matter how much you love it, sometimes it's impossible.

The heart cannot keep up with dreams.


Leyla, I understand everything.

What do you mean?

- You love this man. - What man?


- Osman, it's just ... - Leyla ...

Don't say anything, please.

Now you are going to say something to comfort me and I will start to hope again.

I am very tired of having hope.

But I know ...

He will hurt you again.

2 + 1, skyscrapers, 3500 lire.

2 + 1, separate bathroom for parents and children ...

4,500 lire. Why, then, give a separate toilet?

What is it? The price looks good.

Animals are completely prohibited ...

Crazy. What will happen as animals at home?

I don't have pets, but I don't agree with that.

- Sanem. - Good morning Ceycey.

Good morning, Sanem. Until the morning when I didn't sleep, I couldn't close my eyes.

I was also unable to sleep.

The owner of the house is throwing me out.

What happens in all relationships, what is the case?

Very expensive, who will pay so much money? Who are they?

Who is Ceyda?

What is it? Will I go and speak, gather my courage and talk about what's going on?

Of course, what am I looking for here? I will speak to a real estate agent.

I'll tell him about all of my conditions, okay.

After all, we are human beings, we also have feelings.

We also have our own needs.

I also have feelings. I'm jealous, this is normal!

I will speak. Well, of course, Sanem.


- Exactly. - Yes

- Can ... Good morning. - Good Morning.

Can, I'm here because of last night ...

In the afternoon, I meet Mr. McKinnen about the Redmode campaign.

There is still time, but we must start thinking about the ideas of the creative department.

To show the samples.

Well, I'm going to make an appointment immediately.

Preparations have already been completed.

Ok .. You are great.

And I am you ... that's not it.

You too. You are also great.

Very cool.

And this is great.

- Good Morning. -Good Morning.

Good Morning

Even more convenient, of course.

Mom, I have a job, I go to my office.

Good luck.

And good luck to me.

Ok, we got on well ...

Mrs. Hüma ...

Son, look ahead.

Is saying "son" maternal compassion? Should I talk to you "mom"?

- Yes Don't you rent an apartment sometimes? - What?

It can be 2 + 1 and 1 + 1.

Is it a real estate agency or something, son?

No, I'm looking for an apartment, so I decided to consult with you.

Good morning, Mrs. Humo, please, your coffee.

Good Morning

A great smell.

Guliz, right?

Yes, Mrs. Guliz.

She is still Guliz and I am still Ceycey.

Office boy, get a coat.

Still Ceycey.

Office kid.


How do you feel?

- You look elegant again. - Thank you.

I go to Emre's office and even more.

OK see ya.

Good morning, Emre.

Good morning, Aylin.

I just wanted to talk, come on.

Finally, you decided to speak to me.

Particularly, are you talking about?

I like it.

What are you doing with Fabri?

Emre, thanks to me Fabri belongs to the past, I remember you.

Aylin, you can fool everyone here, but I never.

I know you gave Fabri Sanem's perfume.

I was a little surprised, you know?

This is also a punishment for great love.

But you don't seem to know about that, do you?

You are still playing in front of me.

When Sanem gave Fabri his perfume ...

Fabri took a step back.

He's still in the game.

And that you were involved in this matter, he gave you shares.

A good plan.

What's your next plan?


I admire your imagination, dear.

Stop it, I'm tired of your games.

I don't play games, Emre.

Do you know what would happen if your brother found out?

OK but ...

I know what will happen when your brother finds out what Sanem did.

What if he learns about the things you did behind him?

And besides, Ms. Huma also doesn't know anything about it.

Aylin and blackmail.

Blackmail and Aylin.

Believe me, I'm not even surprised.

Be ashamed, Emre. I am not threatening.

I just remember the situation we are in.

You have to pay for everything, beloved.

I told you a thousand times.

But I will say it again.

I am not your beloved.

And I paid for my achievements.

Don't worry, you will also pay.

Yes, but I will not pay.

I am asking you to pay, I also remember.

And I advise you to be careful.


Did you go to Emre?

He was busy. Okay, I'll fall later.

Honey, if you still have any hope for Emre ...

I advise you to suppress that feeling.

I'm back with Emre again.

Of course, nobody knows in the office.

Because, in light of recent events, everyone must like me here a little.

Listen sweetness ..

You work here, of course, that you and Emre are going to work together.

But I advise you, don't wait any longer.

You can say that I defend my rights to him.

Light work.

So friends.

What are your thoughts on the Redmode campaign?

Yes, Ceycey. I am listening to you, I am waiting for a long history of you.

So yes.

The young man has lived in the same house for 6 years.

Later, the owner decided to expel him.

But he couldn't find a better tenant for him.

Because we are talking about a tenant who has not been late with payment even one day.

And then, of course, he is upset.

Losing all hope, wandering and entering the cosmetics store.

Surprised, he walks around the store ...

Returns to the previous state.

He does it suddenly.

And he sees Redmode. Of course, he is interested in this product, he accepts.

He thinks what it is.

He looks and likes him. It smells beautiful.

He goes and asks the cashier, "Can I buy?"

If you pay, of course. What a funny dialogue.

I wonder where this is going to end?

I will add some drama to the comedy.

That people wouldn't think that ...

Because that's how it is in life.


No, when is the word "perfume" that comes to mind, Ceycey?

I talked about perfumes.

So I went to perfume.

At first, the public doesn't know what it is.

- Well, easy. - Then I showed the perfume.


And now I will continue, if I can, Mr. Can.

Relax, Ceycey, I can hear you.

It's all right. It's all right. Yes.

So I'm going home. Suddenly, at the doorbell, the owner of the house returned.

Two people with him.

What will happen? Will they kick me out?

Germany's children have returned.

What happened?

I'm about to collect.

Ceycey, what happened?

I have problems with the house. The owner throws me out of the house, Mr. Can. They talked about Germany and I have the same problem.

- But it's that phrase. Go, Ceycey. The home owner's children return from abroad.

So the tenant ...

... they throw it out.


Yes, you spoke well, Ceycey. Do you want to continue?

Mr. Can, can I continue when I feel a little better?

While Ceycey is recovering, is there anyone who has other ideas?

Can, I actually worked on the project.


Let me start by referring to the slogan.

Idea. The slogan "Remember".

It's all right. Pleasant hearing.


You know that according to science ...

In the human brain, some part is responsible for remembering odors.

It's proved.

For example, we go somewhere and we smell very pleasant.

And we remember the man we really love.

Without being aware of it, we leave a trail in human memory.

I thought we could use that as a slogan.

Your perfume is your brand.

For example, imagine a crowd in advertising.

Everyone's fragrances dissolve in the air.

Only the Redmode fragrance remains in the air.

And we see it as a trail.

And our actors in advertising meet, following this trail.

Very stupid, Mr. Can.

What does stupid mean?

This smell cannot remain in the air as a physical trace.

Not in this place.

But how is that?

What happened, San?

It was my slogan.

- what? - How is that?

How is that?

I worked on it. And in the notebook I wrote the slogan "Remember".

On here. I will show you.


How is that?

What are you insisting on now?

That I stole it!

No, I don't mean anything like that.

I just want to say it was my slogan.

What did I do?

I got your slogan from your notebook.

And I did a campaign project with that. Did I steal it?

So my head is not working? Am I not an advertiser?

Is my head not working? Did I steal it?

Easy, Deren. Relax. Wait.

Sanem, Deren would never do that. In such projects, such campaigns ...

Can it be like this. There may be some cases.

Two people can have the same idea. It's possible.

Do you have anything to say about this slogan?

No, I ... I didn't have time to develop it.

So what? So you have to dedicate time, don't you?

So, advertising is a serious task.

It's okay, Deren. Relax.

Relax. OK

You're right .. Yes, the ad requires full concentration.

I think the slogan is a bomb.

A wonderful slogan. We can start with that.

You will be the creative director of the project, Deren.

Yes, we can leave.

We are starting to work quickly.

In that case, come on friends.

I will examine this topic.

Deren, how was it?

- Did you steal that slogan from Sanem's notebook? - Yes ... Fantastic, right?

But don't think about it now, dear.

Think of applause. I think you miss that.

How dare you do that? How can you mix me up in your villainy?

Deren, are you scolding me?

Thanks to me you are responsible for Redmode.

And again you are Can's right hand. Do not forget that.

If you want, I can tell the whole story.

And let Sanem be at the forefront.

And you will become a thief.

What do you think?

Just as I thought.

I think you should stay close to me for your own good, Deren.

Let's talk about ideas for McKinnen.

If he agrees, we can work faster.

Of course .. Come on.

Sanem, stay here. Think of new ideas.

It's all right.

I think the boss separated his love from work, Sanem.

This agency is getting more fun every day.

Hello, Muzaffer.

Thank you, but the situation is not good.

The neighborhood is in trouble.

The foundation in our district has stopped working.

The battle between you and Father Nihat has taken you out for ten years.

In the field of culture and art.

That's what our neighborhood needs to do.

That's what they say.

You speak well. I neglected the foundation.

We need to organize a meeting.

Yes, but there is no place for them. The roof of the foundation collapsed.

Did you call a foreman?

Of course I called. This is not your first job. Repairs.

But he won't do it before the party.

We can set up a meeting here, but ...

What do we do?

We can call a speaker.

It's all right. Accord. We can call a speaker, but ...

We can call, but what will he say?

What do we do? I do not know what to say?

It's a conversation. He spoke earlier. We will not mix.

Let's wait, let's see what he says. Let him come, let him speak.

Ahh, I know. I think he should talk about healthy living.

Yes it's right.

I heard that Aunt Zehra's daughter became a nutritionist.

She just passed her exams. We can invite you as a speaker, sitting at home.


Yes, he can talk about GDO, corn syrup.

He can tell people not to eat gluten-free bread.

So go and invite her.

It's all right. In this case, I will invite you. Let's see if he'll agree.

And you can tell everyone about it.

I'm sure he will agree if I propose 100 lire to him.

Don't even talk like that.

He will come for sure.


How are you, Saniye?

Everything is good. And how are you

Thanks. We started our foundation meetings in our district. I wanted you to know.

I thought you were here.

Was the meeting so bad?

I see that your brother did not take you.

Can is really cool for me.

He keeps me at a distance.

As if I were a foreigner.

I'm guessing.

I always let you down.

Even if I talk to him face to face ...

And so he will be disappointed.

I wish it was a different way out.

I understand you.

You cannot reach your loved one, even if you look her in the eye every day.

Is very difficult.

Very difficult. Very difficult.

It doesn't matter, it will calm down in a few days.

Then you will talk.

I have no other choice.

It's all right. Did you leave the bar together?

No. I also thought it would be like this, but ...

Can kept his distance.

I understand dear. I understand.

I kiss you, Ceyda dear I missed you so much.

See you later.

See you later.

I understand. He's awkward. We can do something.

We will find some alternative.


Friends, you probably know that Meral just became a nutritionist.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

But she was unable to find a job. What a pity.

Look at me. There was a young man who loved you.

Why didn't you leave him?

She was only interested in the university.

Melihat, look at me. Melihat. Do not change the subject.

Excuse me, dear.

What is the relationship?

I'm here fighting for your future.

Well, don't talk to each other.

Who am I talking to?

Who he speaks to!

Who am I talking to? I'm talking with you!

Don't speak, or I promise to share you.

Please continue, Madam President.

Gentlemen, is it cool?

So we organized this meeting ...

... for you, let our district be shared.


And Meral did not refuse us, thank you. She came here.

And now it will enlighten you. He will tell you smart things.

Give me God.

Please start Professor Meral.

Thank you Aunt Mevkibe.

We can start with questions about healthy nutrition, if you have one.

Are you wondering about something? Something you would like to know?

Meral, they say you can lose weight by eating ...

... but it does not work.

What is this diet?

Can you say what it is?

I eat only one loaf and I cannot lose weight.

Lose weight..

I started to practice ...

I eat, I eat ... I eat only lemons.

But is this possible? When will you all talk at once?

It's not like this. Wait a moment.

What are the three white goods?

A good question.

Yes, what are the three white goods? We can start with that. What are these three good things?

Yes, what is good?

Oven, refrigerator, freezer.

Stay away from these three assets.

So that you don't fill your stomachs with food.

It is not exactly like that.

We call 3 white dobama ...

Sugar, flour and salt.

Yes, now you know what is good.

I will show you.

Sugar, flour and salt.

What are they? Poison.

You will not buy or sell.

We will collect whoever wants to buy or sell.

Yes, he is right.


Good God

What God? Remember if.

You don't remember, I will remember you. Mukker died because he ate too much cake.

He tried to eat 3 cakes at once.

He couldn't do that.

We ate the rest at the funeral.

Do you remember ...

Was it tasty?

Delicious, of course.

Oh, go ahead, Meral.

You here.

What's going on here? Mevkibe?

The coffee is ready.

Thank you darling.

You're welcome.

Once again the taste has changed.

Nobody in this agency maintains the standard.

I think everyone should pay more attention to their work.

Like my children.

They cannot maintain standards in their private lives. And they can't keep them at work.

But I will change that. Do not worry.

How are you going to do that?

If I can help with anything ...

I will help with pleasure.

Of course dear.

I know. Your head works like mine.

Same frequency.

I've always admired you.

You are very dear to me.

Thank you dear.

- Leyla! - Güliz. Excuse me.

I didn't really see you, I looked at the phone.

All right?

It's all right.

You clumsy.

How can you be so clumsy?

I am very surprised.

I do not have words.

Stupid Leyla. Stupid Leyla.

Why do I let myself be treated like this?

Why am I doing this?

What am I doing here?

I have to get out of here.

I have to leave immediately.

Hello, Osman. Where are you Do you have time?

Can we meet at a cafe if you are free? I need to talk to you about something.

It's all right. I'm already collecting.

See you later.

What relationship does it have? You're not that old, girl.


Where did you get that from?

Things got out of hand.

They really got out of hand.


Move on. What is happening?

God! You talk about diseases in my store.

Mevkibe, why did you call them here?

They will not speak ill of my store.

Meral told them about healthy nutrition.

What should it be, these people only ate unhealthy until now?

Where did this idea come from? Like?

No of course not.

Dad, you definitely know what you sell in your store.

You have everything healthy, but you can see your hips.

If I love God, everyone is fat as hell. Look at Melihat.

And it's just gases.

Yes! Certainly!

We take the lead through your products.

What does it mean, by God?

Brother Nihat, we are not trying to slander you.

We are just trying to offer healthier products as an alternative to this store.

Dlatgo Tia Mevkibe called me ...

A child, where can we find an alternative to sugar?

She said it is.

Yes it is. I know they are. I know companies that produce organic food.

He says they are.

Friends, I also know companies that produce organic food.

I also know that organic food is very expensive, so I don't have it here.

Have a nice day, come on.

- We can sell them. - We can not.

- We can. - We can not.

We can't, Mevkibe. I've been running this store for 20 years.

I am selling burkul for 4 lire.

Who will buy organic burkul here?

I'm going to buy, me.

You buy, you buy. You can't even pay for lettuce. How do you want to buy?

Go now! Skirt!


Go and go.

Go on, change your mind.

I will not change. Go out. Go out.

He came.

Listen to me.


We met with Mr. McCann.

We are returning from the meeting.

We gave him our ideas and our willingness to cooperate.

She heard us.

And we got permission!

Exactly, zero corrections.

Cheers. Tea, Mr Can?

Ceycey, I will help you later. Thanks.

It's all right.

You have to go down to the Redmond campaign. You have to design this.

Deren will give you details.

We meet here after lunch.

I believe that we can destroy Fabri's campaign.

We will do that.

I believe in you. Let's do a good job.


I'm going to have my coffee.

Very well, Mrs. Deren! The legend came back.

I brought you tea.



Enjoy your food..

In that case ... I'm sorry ...

I thought ... Would you like to go to the movies tonight?

Maybe we will?

I'm busy at night, Sanem.


I will be watching the match with the guys.

From the photo club.

I neglected them, so I have to reward them.

I understand.

Maybe another time.


Enjoy your food.

Sanem? It's all right?

It's all right. It's all right. Is nothing.

Please tell me.

I asked him if we were going anywhere at night, but he said he was planning an evening with his friends.

He's moving away from me.

How can I prevent it?

Can Divit .. How's it going?

It's not flying, Emre.

I am very bored. I have enough of things that are happening beyond my control.

I am very tired of not being able to solve them, to understand them.

What is happening? Did something happen between you and Sanem?

And what else could happen?

I proposed to a woman who supposedly loves me so much, and she said she can't make my proposal come true.

I'm asking: why?

And in response I hear a lot of nonsense.

Then why? What is the real reason? Is she hiding something from me?

No, what can you hide?

So, what's the reason?

Brother, don't talk like you don't know women.

They are not like us. We see the whole picture and all the details.

Details, exactly. You said it well.

I'm sure Sanem has his reasons.

But what surprises me most ...

Can Divit ... You live in the moment. You live as you want. Instead of resisting the wave, you flow with it.

You're right .. Why am I so sharp?

- If something is going to happen, it will happen. - Exactly.

Laugh a little.

-Thanks, Emre. - You're welcome.

"Yes, the situation is like that."

"So you are saying that the McKinnen campaign is ready?"

Yes, I really liked the performance.

Well, then, we're moving.

Can .. I'm going ..

"Erkenci Kus" (Early Bird)

There is nothing more to do. I didn't find anything about the campaign.

At night I go to work, I have a lot of free time.

Do you have the attitude of a child offended by a broken toy or do you think so?

I always break my toys, so I don't know.

And as a child, my dolls always had broken arms or legs.

Sanem, I've been thinking for a long time.

I respect your decisions.

No matter how much I dislike them, no matter how much I disagree with them, I will not condemn you and impose my vision.

No, no, you don't, Can.

I just love you and I'm really worried. It is not in my hands.

Because I never loved anyone in my life like you.

Me too, Sanem.

Have you ever seen a place where two streams connect?

Do not.

I saw it once during the trip.

Two streams that flow calmly in the place where they are, become the craziest waters in the world.

In foamy chaos. They boil, float, lose total control over themselves and seem to forget how to swim.

They fight each other as if they are really fighting.

And then, in the future, the water learned to swim more calmly.

We are two streams that they found.

That’s why it’s happening to us.

I think we should find a way to go together.

Find, Can?

We already met. From now on, even if we want to, we will not get lost.

I think you just need more time.

Let's go where the two currents connect?

If we want, we will combine all flows.

In that case, I will go.

- See you later. - See you later.

Sister, are you leaving now?

Yes, I finished my job.

I go out too. You are going home, right?

- Yes, OK.

Wait a minute, what happened? It's all right?

Sanem, I'm going to take a vacation for a while.

How is that?

Then I will find another job.

Wait a minute.

How is that? What happened?

Emre is with Aylin again. Also, in the middle of the office.

Did you see?


Mrs. Aylin said that they are together again.

They are just trying to hide it for now.

I don't think this is true.

San, I saw it myself. She stroked Emre's hair like that.

I can't stand this.

Really. I can not take it anymore.

I can't get rid of this. It's like a disease. As soon as I think I've recovered, I'm sick again.

Well, don't be nervous anymore.

You're right In the end, I know from experience that being around is very difficult.

Well, make it happy, okay?

Make a decision to be happy and act that way.

It's all right.

I want to get out of here.

So come on. Let's get out of here. Don't let anyone see you crying.

Congratulations, Deren.

You won McKinnen.

Well, yes. Thanks to you, the beginning was a little unplanned, but yes, I did it.


Who are you, Deren? Perhaps it is enough to get lost in details?

Just talk about work.

And what is the problem that power is passed on to trusted people?

Is there anyone in this agency who deserves this position more?

You know how long I've admired your talent.

Thank you.

It's my pleasure. Mrs. Hüma will notice this soon.

Only the two of us can restore this agency to its previous state.

But you have to spend a day without love dramas.

Let's see what miracles you created?

Aren't you ashamed, Deren? Deren, we are on the same side.

I just want to see how the campaign progresses.

Okay, you can see.

Once again, as always, you have created something wonderful, Deren.

What should I say? "Osman, I agree."

It's not like this.

"I agree."


Osman, good to see you.


- Sit down, how are you? - good.

Leyla, is there a problem? You suddenly called me here.

No, no I called you to tell you something.

I'm listening ...

I agree.

What do you agree with?

Well, be your girlfriend ...

I mean, you would be my boyfriend. I mean, I agree to be a couple, Osman.

How hard it was to say ...

Leyla, are you serious?

Yes, seriously, Osman. I'm very serious

So are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure. I say willingly.

Osman, you are a very good person and you have always been with me.

You always showed me your love.

Because I love you so much.

And yes, don't let it be a secret. Let everyone know.

What do you say?

Yes? Let the whole world know! And I'm not going to let just a couple stay.

In the sense?

May everything be in accordance with tradition.

How is that?

Leyla, let me come to you and ask for your hand. Let's get involved.

Leyla, I'm sure of you. I don't want to hear rumors in our neighborhood. It's not about you or your family.

- They irritate me with these things, you know. - Yes Yes.

Say "yes" and I will ask for your hand.

You are right, Osman, I say yes. Come and ask for my hand!

Okay, so I'm going tonight.


Why wait? I've waited so long for this moment that I don't want another moment.

Yes, you are right, we will not expect anything.

I haven't told my parents yet. I have to tell them.

But this is not a problem. I will think of something. You come today.

Great, so I have to do this and that, this ... this ... this ...

Then I go ...

- Oh God! - Osman!

We are getting married! We are getting married!

Aj, Osman ...

Let's get married..

In that case, congratulations.

I also congratulate you. Let us be successful.

Let us be successful.

I'll go home.

What I'll do? I'm going to run!

In that case, run, Osman!

- See you later. - See you later.

Oh God! We are getting married! It will be a wedding!



What will Osman do?

-He will come and ask for my hand tonight. I wanted that. - You wanted?


Sister, are you sure? Don't make hasty decisions, please.

Sanem, everyone has their own life. Who is Emre and who am I?

Mom is right.

Have you seen Mrs. Hüma?

How will I become your daughter-in-law?

Even though everything was fine with Emre, now I think ...

Mrs. Hüma would never accept me as a daughter-in-law.

And he won't accept me ...

But that is not the point. After all, who doesn't love you?

Little sister, so you don't regret it later ...

Sanem, I want to be like people.

With people who love me. This is wrong?

Sister, are you sure?

If you want, of course, let it happen, but ...

I want.

But do Mom and Dad know?

Do not.

How is that not?

Osman has no parents. Who will he come to ask?

I didn't think about it.

Sister, what do you think? What were you thinking?

- Sanem, what should we do? - I have no idea, let's start with our parents.

But how do we say that? Sister, you make good plans, you always have good plans. Think.

- Should I ask for a girl? -Me? - Yes


You. You will ask for Leyla for me.

Brother, for God's sake, don't talk nonsense.

Leyla will not agree. Yes, we must go there to disgrace ourselves.

You will suffer later.

Ayhan, she asked me to go and ask for her. She proposed herself.

- Ice queen? - Don't say that, she will be your sister-in-law.

God! Maybe something has happened? Where did it suddenly come from? Maybe he has amnesia? Sometimes it happens.

Don't talk nonsense. She came and repeated it many times. She told us not to hide and let everyone know that we are a couple!

And this guy? Emre.

I recently showed you pictures of you.

They broke up. Leyla is a determined girl, you know. She chose me.

Okay, but who's going to ask for it?

I can not. I'm at the wrong age, you need someone older. Isn't that a tradition?

Yes? Who could it be?

Osman, son, give me a kilo of defatted yogurt and give me some mint.

At night I do dolma and eat with appetite. I feel really good.

What are you looking at children for? Did I order an orange? Isn't it meat? Come on!

They both look at me like that.

Sister, can you sit down?

Sister Melahat, sit down for a second.

What happened? What happened? Did something happen?

Can I ask you something?

What do you want to ask me, child?

Oh God! Listen everyone! We're going to have a wedding! We're going to have a wedding!

Sister, let it stay between us! Between us!

Leyla and Osman are getting married! Thank God!

What happened?

I will be my mother-in-law! Leyla and Osman are getting married!

Seriously?! Seriously?!

Osman, I swear I thought of that! So are you getting married?

What wedding? What are you talking? I'm just going to work on it.

Son, this is how it happens. First playmates, then engagement and then at the wedding.

So let's have a wedding! They will play drums and pipes! We're going to have a wedding! Friends!

I swear, I will make this public!

Brother, you should stay with us ...

We are not going to bother you because the news has already spread.

I will give it to my sister Melahat and I will go.

Sister Melahat!

What did you say? Mevkibe, what did she say?

She said, "Osman".

Me ...

She will come and ask for her hand.

He said he would ask for her hand tonight.

How can such a thing be announced unexpectedly?

Dad, didn't you always say you don't need to create topics to gossip with your neighbors?

He spoke, he spoke. Isn't that true, dad?

We are going to make an engagement so that everything ends as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to finish it so quickly, daughter? People should get to know each other first.

Mother, I've known Osman since I was a child, for years.

Also, you said yourself that Osman is right for me. What happened?

I said. What happened? Isn't that true, dad?

How should I return it to you?

"With the will of God and the word of the Prophet ..."

... I give my daughter an Osman! "Say yes and it's done!

Just look, look!

Am I going to give you a stranger?

Daddy, he's not a stranger.

This is Osman, Osman! A butcher from our neighborhood - Osman!

Well, yes.

Honest and hardworking boy.

A little exaggerated, but I fully agree with Sanem.

Not ...

Do not.

No ... I'm going to hide in the store.

I will do this, I will do this.

That would work. They will press the bell, press and go.

Daddy, there is really nothing to worry about.

Let's just organize something in the family circle.

This is our Osman.

No, they are crazy! They are crazy daughters! What are they saying, Nihat?

They talk about tonight! What they say?

I think we have to spend this! The sister's colleagues already have 300 or 400 children!

San, I think you could think of something better, little sister.

The young people met, fell in love and fell in love. All that's left is ...

These words reserved for my father, I will not tell them.

All we have to do is bring our loved ones together!

Let's say yes.

Look at her ...

- Do you know what I'm going to do to you? - mother!

Sanem, save me!

I will kill you!

Don't run away in that direction!

Nihat, bring coffee when you come.


Let God send you some daughters.

Then you will understand me.

It's good here, it's good here.

Let me see, brother.

You know, I think this is the right time.

You are very beautiful.

I don't know, I have doubts. Muzo, what are you going to say?

I don't think so.

It doesn't suit me, I look really bad.

You have wide arms and I have narrow ones, so I look like that.

Look, is it probably too big a suit?

Muzo, we're talking about me. I will ask for a hand.

Really, my friend?

You are such a beautiful boy and I am not.

I need to look better.

Why would you look even better? You are floating, old man.

Get away from the mirror!

What are you doing?

Muzo! We are asking the girl's hand for her brother! For my brother!

Do you understand where we are going?

We're going to ask his girlfriend's girlfriend, Aunt Mevkibe.

If Father Nihat starts to work ...

... and see what the action is going on, whoever marries Leyla, will he think who to give to Sanem? And who will stand before him?

Question Mark

I need a tie.

Where's the tie?

I'm going to take this tie.

Muzo, get out. There is only one.

- Get out of here. Please.

- I need it, really! - Boy, leave it! There is only one tie!

What are you going to do, man? Are you going to paint your eyes?

Are you going to paint your eyes?

Let's go!

Brother, what are you supposed to be?

Bravo .. bravo .. Look what you did!

What is it? A little stretched. What is the problem?

I must look good.

You already have an advantage.

I need shoes, I need shoes.

Oh my shoes!

- Wait, I'll try. What size do you use? - Muzo, leave those shoes!

- Don't overdo it, don't overdo it, brother. Give it back. - Alliance, just an alliance.

And what should I wear?

So put it on again, brother.

Don't stretch!

San, you're wearing a red color.

Maybe call Can?

I wonder if he will come if I call?

Comes. He had plans with friends. Will he come anyway?

Maybe he will come. Why not?

I better call.

I call.

- San. - Sister.

I had an earring ...

Such with purple stone. Where is it? You have it?

What purple earrings with stone?

The ones I bought two years ago.

Such a hanging.

I do not remember. Describe them a little.

I bought a long white jacket with them.

I know you liked the earrings, but the jacket didn't. You spoke to return it.

You described the jacket well, but the earrings ...

Why don't you remember? These dangle earrings that you liked so much!

Well, they should be in the office. Sister.

Sister .. Please calm down.

Everything will be fine, don't worry.

- This will pass, right? -Yes


Now everything will be fine.

It will stay.

I'll give you earrings ...

I am calling.

Am I listening, dear?

Dear? Well, since you said "honey", I'll get to the point right away.

In the evening they will come to ask for my sister's hand.

Ask for the hand? Leyla?


Yes, Osman will ask and Leyla will agree.

Isn't that a little unexpected? Sanem, you didn't say anything ...

About this.

Honestly, I'm surprised.

Yes, it happened a little unexpectedly.

In the evening they will come to ask for your hands.

They will seal the engagement.

I wanted to ask if you would like to come too?

But you probably have plans with friends ...

I think, but I forgot ...

I forgot. Honestly, I remembered it now when I called.

It would be nice if you came.

Well, of course I will come.

But the last time your parents had a fight with similar news.

Will it be in place? I don't know myself ...

No, Sister Melahat exaggerated this situation.

What are you saying?

I mean, none of that. Absolutely nothing. There is nothing to talk about.

With you have nothing to do, you can be calm.

It's all right. In that case, I will go.

I hope ... We are waiting, I am waiting ...

If you don't know how to lie, don't lie, Sanem.

You've already sold a refrigerator, so why not sell the box?

People stopped completely to understand everything.

Hello Ceycey? I wanted to call you.

Hello Ayhan? I wanted to ask if you have a refrigerator box?

A box from the fridge?

Why do you need a box?

I will make a home for myself. Yes, Ayhan. I saw on the computer how things are done.

I will do the same. If you look at your size, I will feel comfortable.

Why are you trying to get into the refrigerator box?

I'm moving. That's why I collect boxes.

And so. Nobody wants to give the box, so I called you to find out if you have one.

Why do you want to call me?

Or did you find a home? Do you want to surprise me?

No, no, not at home.

I mean ... we're going to ask for help today.

We asked my brother's girlfriend for his hand.

I called to ask if you want to come too.

Ayhan, I have other priorities in my life now.

I'm sorry, I can't go.

From, Ceycey. What are you saying?

I said something and you regret it.

Will you come or not?

I will not go, Ayhan. No, I won't.

Okay, don't come.

- Who is this girl? - Leyla

- Our Leyla? - Yes

Well, that changes everything. I don't think I should miss this opportunity.

OK I go.

- Okay ... Until tonight.

See you later.

I will ask in other stores.

Although nobody gives such a box.

Can son ... Welcome.

I'm going to get dressed and go out.

But ...

Maybe it's better if I don't go.

- Sister, can I come in? - Come in, sister.


You really like this dress.


Sister. I'm listening.

I want to tell you something.

- If you made that decision in a fit of anger ... - No, sister.

They say that even the worst decision is better than inaction.

They speak very well.

Because if you don't start deciding on your life ...

You will have to live with the decisions that others make.

That's better.

Sister, remember, as in childhood ...


I always liked to play games.

And you always protected me.

Yes, I had to walk after you.

- But you protected me too. - Of course I did.

But I still want to protect you.

Sanem, little sister, everything is fine.

- I know what I am doing. - Obviously you know.

You always knew what you were doing. I'm sure of it.

But I'm still here.

Don't forget that, okay?

- I love you very much. - I'm a lot too.

OK now. Your makeup will break. Hold your lashes ...

The longest ones, painted with paint. Look.

First, you held it and then you said.

Well, this is not going to flow.

It flows.

Erdem, I'm sorry. What can I do? I'm sorry, man. Yes, I promised.

I couldn't do anything because we're talking about Sister San.

That's why I have to go.

Yes, it's a family home evening. Exactly.

Yes Yes.

It's all right. Refer the boys.

I'll take care of that soon, okay? See you later.

Are you going for something interesting?

You look very handsome. They will take you to the groom.

Do not touch.

One from the head.

Good job.

Now it's time for another one.

It won't be easy, but ...

I know what I'm going to do.

Praise the Almighty.

I still can't believe my brother is engaged.

Now it's my turn. I'm next.

But ... I didn't say I'm engaged to you.

I didn't actually say that you should get involved with someone else.

I mean ... I don't know what I'm saying.

Ayhan, can you be silent? Your brother is watching us.

And you shouldn't be talking about it.

Ask for the girl's hand. Your father is watching.

Not now. God God everything is in order, Ceycey.

But ask.

Let's ask.

To ask.

I came because I want to hear these words. I'm starting to worry.

Ask, otherwise it will be very bad.

They'll think you've changed your mind.

They will think that you regret that decision.

Quick, ask. I want to see, otherwise it will be bad. Should the girl wait? To ask.

Say "by God's will ...".

Can you shut up? Don't talk nonsense. Shut up.

Leyla, I think you should ask what type of coffee our guests prefer.

It is obvious that the groom will drink salty coffee.

I have experience because I already asked for a hand.

You're right Café.

What coffee are you going to drink? You salted and you?



Dad, I know what you drink.


Yes, please, latte, and if not, it's Ethiopia.

Latte, and if not, it's Ethiopia.

If not.

- Ayhan, how about you? - Normal.

So everyone wants a different one.

Come on.

We ordered five cups of coffee. The girl will be difficult.

I swear it will be difficult for her.

Why is he looking at me like that?

Maybe he thinks I'm a fiance?

Mom, look how well I pack. You see?

Mom, and coffee?

Daughter, Melahat is going to ask for a hand and she is not here yet.

She's probably busy gossiping.

In that case, you take care of the coffee.

Who? -Me?

I can not. I don't know how to make coffee with foam.

I can not. I don't know how to make coffee with foam!

But you know how to get married. Come on.

Hurry up. You have time to come to Melahat.

Also, I am very curious to know what you will say when your husband asks for her.



He talks about the Ottoman.

What are you doing here?

Mom, I'm packing.

On here.

I swear, Daddy Nihata, I don't say that as a brother or a friend.

Osman is a really wonderful person.

The perfect son-in-law.

I swear it's a lion! Lion.

Lion! I swear.

Mr. Nihat, by the way, your future son-in-law is geared towards a career. I mean, he has a good job.

Yes this is true. A butcher is a profession that will never die.

Being a butcher means having a gold bracelet.

This will always be the case.

I was talking about acting.

Melahat sisters are long gone, right?

Where could Sister Melahat be trapped?

Who knows who she was asking?

Who knows, maybe she asked for someone else? Who knows where she went?

What a great joke, right? Right now.

I have a great sense of time.

I open! I open!

I'll check! I'll check!

Very beautiful.

Red looks completely different.


By the way, hello.

Welcome. I lost my senses.

Is it a leaf?


Very charming.

Are these stars?

Let the stars stay there.

- Are you going in? - Yes

You came just in time.

- Slippers - Slippers. Okay, okay

- Even on such a day, is everyone putting on slippers? -Yes Yes.

Do you have so many slippers? Was it enough for everyone?

Yes, that was enough. They came with their slippers.

I didn't expect it, so I have to resolve the bonds.

It might take a while.

It's nothing, it's nothing.

I'll wait. I am here.

Let me see you. Stay here.

Sorted out.

Praise the Almighty.

How is the situation? There is no tension, right?

Not alright.

I am going.

Yes Yes.

I will say "a good night".

Go further.

Good evening everyone.

Good evening, Mr. Can.

Good night, but why? We were about to celebrate in the family circle, and here Can Divit ...

- Hello. - Hello, Mr. Can, son.

- Hello, Mr. Nihat. How are you doing? - I'm sweating a little.

Are you sweating?

- Mrs. Mevkibe is not here? -Good question.

Of course, it would be better if she were here. Mevkibe!

Mom is in the kitchen, dad.

- I'll say hello to her. - Fine.

I will take you there ..


How will you be greeted? I swear he will secretly ask for a hand. I swear, he'll ask for a hand.

Muzo, don't talk nonsense. Sit down.


Muzo, please.

OK Alright.

It doesn't work, mom. It doesn't work I can't do it with foam.

It works! Do you want to give your guests espresso?


Good night.

Hello, Can .. How are you?

Thank you, Mrs. Mevkibe. And how are you? - Good.

- Leyla, how are you? - Can.

How beautiful you look! I mean, you are always beautiful, but even more beautiful today.

It is like? Did you come for yourself? Do you feel better? Pressure and those issues.

It's better, better!

At first I was a little nervous, but ...

She was nervous, but she is good.

Okay, great, great.

When are they going to ask for a hand?

We do not know.

We don't know anything.

The coffee seems to boil.

Mom! I told you, right?

Why didn't you teach me this before?

Whoever wanted to learn! Sorry, Can.

Is nothing.

Mom, I told you. I can not.

I'm sorry, Mr. Can.

We already understand that. Let's see what you give us.

- Sorry, Can. - Is nothing.

I don't want you to get me wrong ... But I can show you a few ways.

- Sure, with your permission. - Sure, please.


Of course, Mr. Can. Show me.

Show me please.

You know that coffee can be made in 4 ways.

I was in Greece and there I learned something incredible. I will show you. It's very tasty.

The bell .. I will see.

Don't be distracted. I am going.

Let's pour this out.

- Yes Yes. I will take. - Watch your hands.

Sister Melahat?


We were afraid you wouldn't come.

Forgive me child. Prospective? Prospective?

They came. We gave it to Leyla.

- Did you give Leyla? - Yes - Didn't you wait for me?

I was kidding, I was kidding.

I have to go to the kitchen.

OK Alright.

Yes, let's check.

Do not rush with the spill. Slowly so that the foam does not escape.

Good, a lot of foam came out.

I swear I wouldn't even do that. Praise your hands.

Well, it's nothing.

Do you understand, Leyla? It is not so difficult.

I understand, Mr. Can, and this is very good. As my mother showed, it was difficult, but now it is not.

God God

If you understand, make 4 more and serve us .. Ok daughter?

Okay, I will do that.

Will you do this. The can teacher taught you.

Hello son.

- Is the brother home? - No, he left.

He called me. I called back, but he didn't answer, so I was worried.

He went to Sanem's house for the engagement.

That's probably why he silences the phone.

Engagement? How is that?

Is my brother asking for Sanem?

No, they are asking for Sanem's sister, Leyla.

Are they asking for Leyla?

Yes, she found someone from the neighborhood.

Osman ...

It doesn't matter who it is. Your engagement ceremony is just going on.

I'm leaving, mom.

Emre, where is it? You just arrived.


And then my tenant immediately wanted to leave.

Let it be removed!

My God, this man told me about it in the morning and disappeared at night.

He picked up his things and left. Good tenant, not late with rent.

I won't be late either.

It was a very nice and clean guy.

I am also clean. I will clean and watch everything. I take good care of your home.

Where can I find such a tenant ?!

- Here it is. Here I am! - What? - You just found it!

Sister Melahat. With the consent of the Supreme and with the blessing of the prophet, I would like to marry.

How is that?

My God, son, are you crazy?

Well no. Still what? Mevkibe!

It’s not like that, I didn’t mean it. Everything is completely wrong.

- Why did you bring this guy here ?! - He's crazy! Still what!

No, it's not like that! You are my mother's age, not like that!

Aren't you ashamed to sit here and suddenly ask her for a hand?

You got me wrong. You could at least hear me! You don't listen to what I'm saying to you!

I'm looking for a house, I want to find an apartment. In that sense, I asked!

My God, why did you kneel down and ask for a hand ?!

- Okay, I understand everything. - I wanted to play, what's wrong with that ?!

I'm making a career, I'm at the top. I have a prestigious job. I mean ... I'm a team player.

I am the same man as you, yours.

And besides, he is a friend of Sanem and Leyla and my love ...

Is my best friend.

-A friend of mine and Sanem's - Say that you are interceding for me.

And I am interceding for him. I promise you.

Miss Melahat, are you going to rent your apartment?

- I'm renting. - Alive!


- Okay, leave me! - You will not regret.

Congratulate me. Congratulate me



Congratulations! In the morning you were a little nervous, and I hope the ice melted between us, didn't you?

What happened?

- Ceycey found an apartment. - Congratulations, hurray!

What happened?

The house became a madhouse. Come on.

Do not hesitate. Do not hesitate. Don't you dare do that, Leyla. I cannot lose you. For nothing I can lose you.

Answer that phone, Leyla. Answer.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the reason for our visit is known to you. We will not drag any more.

You are right, Sister Melahat. Really.

Our neighbor, Nebahat, had a daughter, Şükran. They dragged, dragged and finally the girls gave.

The girl stayed at home until it dried out like dried grapes.

You are right They asked for a Nebahat daughter, and her father did not return it and did not deliver it.

And it finally got that way. He is right. Later, some distant relatives asked him, but he also did not give it to them.

She stayed at home and hasn't married until now.

Melahat, do you speak? Don't drag, the boy has gone pale. Come on.

It's all right. You know our son and we know your daughter. The truth?

In that case, with the consent of the Supreme and with the blessing of our prophet, I ask your daughter Leyla's hand for our son Osman.

Are you giving up on her, Mr. Nihacie?

I give this, right?


Give it back to me, you must.

I surrender.

But don't let it go too far. Be somewhere nearby, okay?

I cannot stay away from my daughters. I cannot be separated from them.

Okay daddy.

In that case, congratulations.

Well done.

I wish you all the best.

Kiss your hand.






Mr. Emre?

Leyla, what are you doing?

Let me explain everything.

I don't want to hear anything.

It is not what you think. You make a big mistake.

I made the biggest mistake when I heard you.

Leave me alone. I'm finally happy.

Who came?

Mr. Emre?

What are you doing here?

Mr. Emre tried to call Mr. Can, but he failed. So he called me. Apparently, there are some problems. Right, Mr. Emre?

Yes, Sanem.

Can? Can ??

What happened, Emre?

Brother, I couldn't talk to you, so I came.

This is true, you couldn't call me.

I will say goodbye to everyone and come. Wait for me calmly in the car.

Go now.

Once again all the best.

C'mon C'mon.

It's all right?

Yes, fine.

Oh! Oh, Emre. Oh!

I thought you were smarter than your brother.

But you are so stupid.

Well, at least the girl went to another one. And you will soon recover.

But we have to save your brother ...

Hi? Hi sweetie

The same for me too. Thanks.

Oh, Emre. What is happening?

How did you get to that point with Leyla?

Leyla made a choice, brother.

And that's all.

She was angry when she saw you. Did you see what she was in for?

It seemed to you.

Leyla is a smart girl.

Is that you

I mean, we both know you weren't there because of me.

Of course, you got there after hearing the engagement message. This is very significant.

Why did you go there?

I don't know brother.

I wanted to know ...

I wanted to know how Leyla feels.

If you don't look at it, it was a mistake.

We are not going to continue this conversation.

Let me just say this ...

... I never saw you like that, Emre.


I mean, you and Leyla are really upset.

I wonder why this happened?

We are very different, brother. We realized that, brother.

We live in different worlds.

It is better to be angry now than later.

And Leyla deserves happiness.

Me too.

It's all right.

In between.

You're going out, right?

And then you've tried it on my bed, so it's good.

Not! It won't be that funny anymore.

It's good for you.

Do not worry. You will be leaving soon.

Girls, where are you going one by one?


-Move me. - In between.

Move daughter!

Mom, you'll see that I'm about to fall.

Did you fit in?

The three of us can't fit together anymore, right?

Once you fit so well in my arms.

It was so good when you were little.

It is a pity that you are no longer a child. How can you grow so fast?

The truth?

We grew up very soon.

I, for one, would like to return to childhood for a moment.

Don't worry, don't worry, there are no problems ... Ah ...

My love

Even in childhood, you had many concerns.

Literally, as if all the problems in the world were falling on your head.

Since we're talking about childhood ...

For example, I don't remember what kind of child my sister was.

Well, "little old man". As if she was never small.

She was an adult from birth.

Just joke, joke, but then you'll miss me.

Of course we will miss you.

You are here with me.

And now you're thinking that you're going to leave.

But you will not leave.

Everything that is associated with you is literally the gift of heaven.

Your first hair I cut you. One black and the other completely shiny.

My God

His first shoes, which I made myself knit.

And then your first words.

This silly girl said "dad".

And you, "mom".

My first daughter's first word was "mommy".

So I forgot all the problems and concerns.

And now you think you're leaving.

But you cannot leave. The only relationship between mother and child that can be broken is ...

... the umbilical cord.

The rest is in the heart.

In that case, we start a battle!

Like me ...

God is ...


My God.

But you are very abused!

Let's go to bed.

At night you cannot sleep, and in the morning you have a problem getting up.

Please. These are the chocolates that were brought in for the engagement.

Give me Sanem. Sanem.

Treat yourself to chocolate. These are engagement chocolates.

Okay, take a piece.

How did this happen?

Congratulations, Leyla. I wish you happiness.

Thank you, Mrs. Deren.

Give it to me.

But it seems to me that this happened a little unexpectedly, right? We didn't know that.

Yes, it came out a little.

Why unexpectedly, Mrs. Deren? I think if people love it, this is not unexpected.

She doesn't know that feeling. Therefore, he does not understand these things.

What are you laughing at? Do you know this feeling? You have someone?

Ceycey, if you're not ashamed. You broke my heart.

I didn't say that to offend or hurt you. I just looked at this matter from the side.

Don't talk stupid, Ceycey. Could you finally shut up?

How are you going ...

Don't press me.



Thank you, Mr. Emre.

Well, let's celebrate even more! Leyla, all the best.

- Thank you, Ceycey. - Sure.

You made the right decision, Leyla.

Everything will be wonderful.



Are you feeling well, sister?

Very well. Great.

And it will be even better.

Now all I have to do is ask Mr. Can to leave.

It's all right.

You'll get some rest. I'm sure it will do you good.

I don't want to upset myself or Osman, Sanem.

It's the best I can do.

I think I will look for another job. I will not be returning here.

It's all right.

Listen. Do this so that you are happy. OK?

- It will make me happy. That's nice.

Can ..

Can! Something terrible has happened! Can ...

What happened, Deren? What again?

Fabbri launched the perfume before us and even used our slogan! Can you imagine that?

Did you see? And what are we going to do now?

I see.

How is that?

McKinnen calls.

With us it's the end. Now we can't fix anything. For us.

I'm listening, Mr. McKinnen.

Yes, I saw. Unfortunately I saw it.

Exactly the same project as ours.

I don't know, Mr. McKinnen. And I have no idea how it could have happened.

I ...

No, I'll find out. Of course I'll find out.

I will find out who did this.

It's all right. I'm at the agency. Welcome. I'm waiting for you.

Everywhere. Just look


Mr. Can .. Mr. Can, is everywhere.



Show me.

Mrs. Deren.


Please look. They are everywhere.

What is it? What is it?

I'm starting to get angry.

Photos, slogans, ad size.

Even the labels are exactly the same as ours.

Yes. And tonight, Mr. Fabbri presents new perfumes. He is in a hurry.

Someone stole our project and gave Fabbriem. There is no other explanation.

Why are you looking at me, Ceycey?

Aylin. Where's Aylin?


She is not here.

Aylin! Aylin didn't come to the agency today, right?

Do not.

She didn't come to the agency, right? Why would she come here? She already did her thing!

She saw the project, right?

Can calm down. Please.

How can I calm down, Sanem? She stole all of our work. He plays with us like a cat with a mouse.

It's all right. In that case, we will prepare a new project. We will do this again.

This is the end, Sanem. I'm sorry, but this is the end.

We are an agency that cannot protect its own ideas.

Do you think McKinnen, after all this, will continue to work with us?

Mr. Can, you received the invitation.

Güliz, is this the right time?

But this is from Enzo Fabbri. An invitation to today's presentation.

Give it to me, Güliz. In.

I broke his nose. But you can see that it was not enough.

The bastard.

I dared to send a tester for this new perfume.

Show. I am very curious about what is there.

What a smell, Deren. What's the difference?

No. He is in such a hurry, because he invested a million dollars.

Apparently, he really believes in these perfumes. And so.