Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 26 - Episode #1.26 - full transcript

A mysterious woman coming to visit the neighborhood adds a mess. Sanem will meet again at Can's house with this woman she discusses in the neighborhood. I wonder who this woman is?

Erkenci Kus - 26-

- Can Divit here?
- He's in, I'll notify him.

We will find him.

Sr Can...
Sr Can..

Excuse me?

Mr. Can?
We have received a report against you.

You will come to the police station with us.

It's a complaint, Mr. Can.

The accuser is Enzo Fabri.

No ... wait a minute.
How can you take him like this?

- Relax.
- What's the matter, sir?

Complete information can be obtained from the police station.

Calm down, please.
Nothing is going to happen.

But if I leave you in that state ...
I'll be thinking about it.

Don't let that happen.

Emre, call the lawyer.

I called him Mr. Can, he's on his way.

- I'm going too, I can't wait here.
- Sanem!

- Sanem?
- I can't leave him.

- Bring me my coat and purse.
- I'm coming too, Mr. Emre.

Stay here, Deren.
I call you.

Okay ..
But keep me updated.

I never thought I would see that day.

Assault, threats, injuries, theft.

With these charges, Can Divit will not be saved.

His lawyers did a good job.

Aylin, the war is just beginning.

He will answer for everything he did.
For everything.

Assault, personal injury.
Can you be accused of all this?

It is so in legal language.

Fabri provoked Can. Do you have that in mind? You have to keep that in mind.

Sanem, sister, calm down.

What is the situation?

The situation is much more serious than we think, Mr. Emre.

Because there is a recording of video cameras.

- In this case ...
- What do you mean? Is my brother going to prison?

It is too early to talk about it, because he has not yet given his testimony.

Your testimony is very important.
But we must be ready for everything.

Anything? What does that mean?
What does all this mean?

I need to see Can ...
If I talk to him, I'll calm down.

Can I see Can?

As he has not yet witnessed, it will be difficult to resolve.

I'll check what I can do in this situation and then we'll talk.

It's all right.
I will accompany you.

What does that mean? Sister, this is not going to convince me. I need to find someone who can convince me.

Sanem, my sister ...

Commissioner ..
I want to tell you something ...

It's all because of me.

Emre is calling.

Answer the phone, Fabri.

He's calling me now.

I'm listening, dear Emre.

Aylin, I have to speak to Fabri.
Where is he?

Emre, there is tension in your voice.
Did something happen?

- My brother was arrested.
- Ah Ah..Why?

When he wanted to take Fabri's shares, Can hit him and he filed a complaint against him.

I know that ..
But Fabri told me that there is no problem.

No problem? I am telling you that my brother was arrested. They arrested.

You destroyed our lives.

Emre, I'm tired of remembering that we are partners.

We are no longer partners.

Emre, you are not calm now.

You will probably be saying more nonsense.
So leave it to me.

I'll try to do something for Can, what do you say?

And what will you do?
Are you going to get him stuck?

No, Emre ..
I'm going to call Fabri and try to fix everything.

Now one of us must be reasonable.

Leave it with me.
I'm going to do this, okay?

I'll take care of that and call you, dear.

Of course, they are nervous.

A little.

That's nice

Leyla, where's Sanem?

She was allowed to see Mr. Can.

Leyla, thanks for coming.

Sanem was very concerned and you were confused. At such times I can remain calm. I thought I could help.

You did well.

Layla, I never meant to hurt you.

Mr. Emre, we are not going to talk about this, okay?

This is neither time nor place.

Are you crying now?

Sanem, don't cry, please.

If you cry like that, I'll be worried, you know?

I'm not crying.

What will happen now, Can?

Nothing, we have a lawyer, he'll take care of that.
Do not worry.

It's all because of me.

I am really sorry.

I didn't think it would happen.
Excuse me.

Sanem ..
That's all Fabri wants.

Your goal is to make us unhappy. If you get nervous and cry, you give him what he wants. Shall we let him do that?

Mas Can ...

Sanem, will you hear me?
I don't want you here, okay?

I will not leave and I will not leave you alone ..
It is impossible.

There is no need for that. The agency is full of work. You have to take care of this, okay?


Sanem, I'm begging you. And tell Emre not to wait here. It's not necessary, okay?

You must go now.


I love you very much.

I love you so much.

Sanem? Sanem?

Sanem ..
How's my brother doing?

Well, I can even say that he is stronger than all of us now.

As always.

- But he doesn't want us to wait here.
- How is that?

He wants us to take care of the job, the agency.
To irritate Fabri.

He is right. The lawyer will stay here, if something happens, he will inform us, okay?

Come on, let's go.

Sr. Emre?

Sr. Emre?

Is it true that Mr. Can was arrested?

What are they accusing Mr. Can of?

Can you say something about that?

Friends, this is a misunderstanding.

There is no prison, he only testifies.
That's it, okay?

- Thanks. I have nothing more to say.
- Please please.

Good job...

I wonder how it will be.

Have you had breakfast?
You are hungry?

I do not want. Thanks to you, I'm not hungry, Mrs. Mevkibe. And I don't think I'll be hungry for long.

Your shirt is wrinkled.
Maybe you want to change it?


People will say that the wife does not care about the husband.

They will say that I sent you to the street in a rumpled shirt.

Is a woman a good wife, because she is an ironer, Mrs. Mevkibe?

Well, will a wrinkled shirt be ironed, and my reputation ruined? How do you fix this?

Nihat, don't start again. Please.

For God's sake, Nihat, don't do this.

Please don't start.

I heard my daughter is getting married.
By the people on the street.

There is no marriage, I say there is not.

If this is the case, please let me know, Ms. Mevkibe, because I don't want to be surprised.


Okay, stop hugging, Mrs. Mevkibe.
Let me go.

I didn't hug you, Mr. Nihat ..
I just held you.

You almost fell to the floor, Mr. Nihat.

Yes, I almost fall because I'm a fool.

Is not true?

Am I a husband? No. I am a useless man, so I was rolling like a ball on the floor, right?

Ah, Nihat ... Ah, Nihat ...
I came to be reconciled with you.


And when did you ask for forgiveness? I think you are waiting now to apologize to you.

I don't expect anything from you, Nihat Aydın.

I don't wait.
I don't wait.

I'm sorry for that love.
I'm sorry.

If you don't want me, I don't want to either!

Can Divit?
You will be interrogated.

Ercan, what's going on?
How is the situation?

Good morning, Mr. Can.

The officer will read the charge and then question you.


We can start?


Mr. Can ..
Mr. Fabri has made an accusation against you.

You went to his place of work and threatened him with death.

After your objection, you attacked him ..

You insulted him and caused damage to the property.

There was none of those things.
I did not threaten you with death.

Mr. Can ..
Calm down, please.

I didn't threaten Fabri ..
I just went to your office to talk.

But it’s written in his complaint.

He claims that you threatened him in his office, and beat him up.

I said I wasn't threatening Fabri.
Why should I threaten you?

I went there just to meet and talk to Fabri.

Please ..
Calm down, Mr. Can.

Fabri did not want to commit.

So you hit him.

My God! My God!
Yes, he teased me.

He saw that I was angry and still teased me.

I couldn't control myself.
I should have, but I couldn't.

Mr. Can, please.

I found myself in this situation by the whims of a mentally ill man.

Please allow me to speak privately with my client.

Mr. Can, the situation is serious, the charges are heavy.

Therefore, I ask you to measure the words.

Not to make the situation worse.
Fine? Please.

Let's continue?


What happened to Mr. Can?

Did he really beat Fabri?

He wanted to hit him here before.
Do you remember how he approached him then?

I don't mean that ..
But if Mr. Can is arrested, the agency will go bankrupt.

If you go bankrupt, we'll give you two pompoms and you'll be dancing here, like those cheerleaders.

Don't be stupid, Ceycey. That is not what I wanted to say.

And what did you mean? Every morning, everyone talks about the company's bankruptcy. I don't want to hear that anymore.

Talk about something good!

- We will go bankrupt.
- Shut up!

What bankruptcy?
What bankruptcy?

Okay, fine, you're right.

We don't want to talk about it either, but more and more scandalous things are happening all the time. If all goes in this direction, the agency will go bankrupt.

And if she is, then what?
You work here, Güliz.

Aren't you working here, Güliz?

If this agency goes bankrupt.
Won't you lose your job, Güliz?

You don't have to spread negative energy!
Don't do that, I'm telling you!

It's all right.



Why are you screaming again like a crazy patient? Your voice is heard from a distance!

Mrs. Deren, Güliz applied henna and I helped her.

What are you saying, Ceycey?

Mrs. Deren, what about Mr. Can?
Mrs. Deren, what will happen?

Friends, I'm starting to get scared.
You guys are really scaring me.

Aii ...
I'm going to pass out soon!

Friends, we are responsible for the quality of work at this agency! That is all!



From now on, you are responsible for the order and peace of the agency. If there is a problem, you will answer for me.

I am responsible for order and order.
Everyone to work! Let's go.

All to the tables.

You said that we are going bankrupt and now you are reading magazines in peace ?!

Don't shout, Ceycey!

Calm down!

Don't act like that by my side!


Furthermore, Can's current situation is now a mystery among us.

We may not be talking about secrets, Mrs. Deren.

Because I can't keep a secret. Maybe we can replace it with another word, don't call it a secret.

Sra. Ceyda.

CEO ... CEO ...




What is the situation? Any news?

Mr. Dog was arrested.

What are you doing?

Mr. Can is a man who stays in the store for a long time.

I know the situation, that's why I'm here.
Deren, is there any progress?

Ahhh ... Do you

So, Ms. Ceyda, let's go to Mr. Can's office ...

I will tell you everything I know. Please.

Coffee for us.

"Pff". It's "pff" for you. You cannot keep your mouth shut even for a few minutes.

What can I not keep?
I changed the meaning and the woman got it wrong.

Why did you say?

She did not understand!
She already knew that!

I understand.
So, Sanem is responsible for everything.

Too bad. What a pity.

Unfortunately, it's really inconceivable, but ...

Mrs. Ceyda, I would like to ask you something.

Ask, of course.

Did McKinnen hear about this case?

He doesn't know the details.

He asked.
And I said it was a misunderstanding.

I am very happy! Really! You're great, Ceyda!
Thank you on behalf of our agency.

Apenas whose ...

Can must get out of here as soon as possible.

It will come out

I hope

Otherwise ..
McKinnen will never work with you.


You will miss this opportunity.

It's because?

You are welcome!

Mrs. Ceyda, I know I'm asking a lot of questions and you're wasting your time, but can I ask you something else?

Is it possible that McKinnen does not know the details of this case until everything is resolved?

I will try, Deren.

I'll try.

Okay, I'm going now.


Thank you very much for your time.

See you later.

However ..
If you discover anything, let me know, please.

Sure. We will be in constant contact.
Please, do not worry. Please.


Thank you for your time.

Oh, I can't breathe.

Anxiety started. Maybe it's the coffee?
I can not take it anymore.

I can not breath!

Goal, goal, mom, I swear, goal!

Goal in the fifth minute of extra time made fans happy, mom!

What is happening?
What is it?

The heroes of the Turkish police are not wasting time!

And we have a goal in the 90th minute!

Muzaffer - 5, Can Divit - 0!

Please, very much!

Sensational news! Known Can Divit detained.
What is it?

And yes, yes.
The boy made a mistake.

Everyone on the internet is writing about it.

This message is in trends.
Everyone knows about him. Like advertising.

What man.
All headlines belong to him for weeks.

What a shame.

Really, shame.

But Turkish justice is not sleeping.
Here's the answer.

Perhaps the judges will give you a life sentence.

And Sanem and I, hand in hand, are going to visit him for years.

I will, I will start preparing.

Stop, stand up.

You stay here. I will.
I want to see Mevkibe's face.

Girl, girl!

God grant me, God! Really, I wouldn't be so happy if I sold a thousand pieces of underwear.

Mevkoş, forgive me, but this time he is right.

He is right.

You must find an opportunity to talk to him.

You should tell him everything.
You should talk about San's relationship.

Girl, I wanted to say, but he didn't give me a chance.

Mevkoş, you are always right!

Give me a finger.

I was looking for you, Mevkibe.
Let the evil pass.

Did you tell her that Nihat was gone?
What did you say?

Girl, what could I tell her?
I was here with you all morning.

So what is she talking about?

How should I know?

I say: let the evil pass.
Can't you hear?

Sterile, is it time for you to come? Wait, let her finish her nails and I'll come to you, wait!

No, no, I will not stop you. You're in a hurry, I think. You must go to the police station.

Police station?


Which post?

I do not know.

What post, girl?

It looks like you don't know anything about it.

Your son-in-law was arrested!
You son-in-law!

I didn't know that either.

Fighting, fights! Everything is there.
He turned out to be a savage.

It's good that you can still escape.

- Tomorrow he can beat Sanem.
- Shut up!

I will hit you first!

What are you doing?

- Stop!
- Mevkibe, leave her, don't run!

I will kill you!

Girl ...

I have to take responsibility for this, right?

Emre and there?
What is the situation?

He was detained for questioning.

Friends ..
There is a little problem between Fabri and my brother.

That's why my brother was arrested.

We don't have detailed information yet.

Only Sanem went to see him.

Friends ..
Don't be upset and don't be sad.

Can only want one thing from us ...

May we always work well in the campaign.

To prepare and compensate for the absence of Can.

Aren't you going to explain anything, Mr. Emre?

Let's go back to work.

Friends, no noise and gossip!

Just work, please!

Emre ...

I wanted to tell you something ...

Mr. Emre, I would like to ask you something ...

If Mr. Can is arrested, will we drown as a company? Are our days numbered?

Will we drown immediately? Please tell me. Mr. Emre, you don't explain anything.

And Sanem looks down and says nothing.

Is there a secret? It's something?

Ceycey, what were we talking about and what are you doing?

But I ask a question.

I am asking a question. I am asking what people are curious about.

It's all right.

It's interesting.

Okay, Mr. Emre. I `m listening you.

Calm down, please, Ceycey.
Keep Calm.

I'm calm.

Ceycey, I say.

Emre, Ceyda came.

What does he say?

McKinnen does not know the details.

But if he finds out, he won't work with us for anything.

Look, I told you.

It cannot be so. I know that something is falling on our heads.

We're drowning, you don't realize.

The charges are very serious.

When am I leaving, Ercan? Say it.

As early as tomorrow.


Excuse me. We are waiting for Fabri's forensic results.

I hope they are in our favor.

I think he prepared wonderfully falsified results of the forensic examination.

Please, do not worry.
I do everything in my power, but ...

Please help me a little.

I'm asking for calm.

Mr. Can, if your meeting is over ...
Let's go to the detention center.

- We'll talk more.
- See you later.

Sr. Halit

He has a conflict with Fabri.

It is hard to believe that a man like Mr. Can found himself in such a situation.

And the situation will be bad for the company.

McKinnen can resign from cooperation with us.

Don't say those things.

Look at Mr. Can's situation.

Where did this man come from?

Sanem connected him to the agency.

Okay, but how could she know?

Let her give you the perfume.

What these perfumes are valuable.

She has a reason why she cannot return it.

And for Mr. Can, she created problems.

Sanem, Sanem, where are you going?
Any news?

No, there is no news. I am going to the file.
I’ll review the old campaigns.

Okay, I ...


I did it so you wouldn't be sad.

"If I kiss you now ..."

'Mind? "

"As if it was written in the 2018 Constitution. It is just a text for advertising!"

"Mr. Can, I finished the ad text you asked for.
I should take this for you."

"Forget this text. My heart is bleeding. I'm exhausted. I can't stand that I treat you this way. It's enough."

"Me too me too".

"What happened? What happened?

"He looks at us."

"Does he look like? Who's looking?

"The camera is looking."

"Where? My eyes cannot see, show me".

"Follow you. Don't look at her!

"Don't look at the camera, you had to install it yourself."

"Why did I do that? Why is she here?

Hello mom?

Sanem, daughter, what's going on again?

What was going to happen? Nothing happened.

I am doing my job. I am working.

They are talking about the police station.
Can you get arrested?

Mother, how come in prison?

He just made a statement.
Where did you find out?

Because of this internet.

What are you saying?

Is that what you're talking about?
Tell me what happened, my daughter.

Let her say.

There was a misunderstanding.
There was a misunderstanding between them and that is all.

They talk about beatings and things like that.

No .. none of those things.

There was a misunderstanding between them and they were a little bit quarrelsome.

Mom, I'm at work now, I can't speak here.

I'm going to go home and tell you everything. Good?

Ah, nothing serious.

No, no, that's fine. I am very happy. You will tell me later, daughter.

It's all right.
And how are you?

Daddy came back? Did you get along?

Don't mix your dad up now. Do not bother me.

Will your father come to an agreement?

He is stubborn. Stubborn.

Stubborn Nihat.

Do not bother me. I was mad.
Shutting down .. shutting down

Don't pull, Melahat.

Girl, put it down here.
Give to the water.

God, we don't know if we do a manicure or if we're fighting.

You are making me crazy.

Sanem, what's going on?
Why lie to your mother?

Did you hear, Ceycey?

I didn't listen, I just walked around.
I overheard the conversation and decided not to interrupt.

How are we going to save Mr. Can?

It is also related to him.

I have no idea.

I have no idea. If I could do something, I would do it. I have no idea.

Mr Fabri ..
Look ..

I thought that he, as an Italian, knew the concepts of reason and morality.

And what he does?

Cruel and immoral.

Well, nothing.

It's all because of your perfume, right?
Everything through perfume?

Yes. It's because of me.

Just look, he's crazy about him.

If Can didn't attach so much importance to that perfume, to my perfume, I would ...

Where would you go?
Impossible ... you can't go.

No, nothing like that.

Don't you remember, Sanem?
He wrote a check, the company would hardly be drowned.

We barely stopped him, Mr Can almost tore Mr Fabri to pieces before our eyes. You can not.

Forget that idea.

No smell, impossible ..
If Mr. Can hear about it, he will be furious. Do not you dare..

Ceycey, what to do?

So many people can be deprived of work. Once again, we may be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Everyone blames me for this situation.

Do you think I don't know?

Do you know?

It's all right. Think like that.

We are optimists.

Everything will be alright. You have to think like that. Can someone change the world with a fragrance? None of these things.

Forget the smell.

Then everything will be as before. Come here

Where is Sanem?

Where is Sanem? Where is Sanem?

On here.

And that's it.

Please, without sadness.
We will manage this in some way.

And he didn't take the clothes.

No, Mr. Emre should bring you things.
I hope

No, he looked like he wanted to stay there forever.

Mom, don't say that. How can you say that?

What are you saying, mom?

You said you would stay there forever.

A man would say, "Don't worry, he'll leave."

I'm talking about your father.
What are you talking?

About Can.

Everyone is thinking something else, daughter.

Mommy, won't Daddy come back for the night again?

He will not come that night.

Ah, these men, these men.

And these women.

They look at the wrinkled shirt.

That he was not ashamed of sleeping in the store.
Who knows who saw him through the window?

He goes to sleep, covered with bags of potatoes. He will say: "Mevkibe, Mevkibe".

Look, I swelled up again.

Hard as a stone.

I will go, I will lie down.
You guys clean up here .. I'm not well.

Okay, mom, all right, lie down.

Are you going to drink?

I don't even want to eat.

I do not want too.

I'm taking. Stand up.

I'll take it too, wait.

I, too, like my mother, am bloated.
What is wrong with me?

Too bad.

Oh, what a woman, oh, what a woman.
The huge store has turned into an office.

So many years of hard work.

See what we are now.

A huge store and Nihat became a guard.

Sister, no news from a lawyer?

Do not.

Thank you sister.

If that were the case, Mr. Emre would probably call, right?

Yes, yes, Emre will call.

I don't want to call and bother you.

Mr. Emre blames me for this situation.

She thinks I'm responsible for this.

Of course, this is a difficult situation ..
But you have nothing to do with it.

Is there anything else?

What blames you why?
Let him blame himself.

Oh my God, does he remember what he did to his brother?

How bad was he with his brother ...

... and now he blames you.

How can this be? Isn't it because of the bribe that he pulled the company into the fund?

Ayhan, there are things that you don't know.

It was in the past.

But sometimes man's past does not leave him alone.

Yes this is true.

It's all right.
We all know Mr. Can.

If he was not provoked, he would not do that.

Of course, he wouldn't do that.

Who knows what Fabri did to drive Can crazy.

But they will take that into account, right?

Sure, sure.
If it comes to light that was provoked, the court will take this into account.

Osman, don't talk about the court.
This is the last thing I want to think about.

Sister, but you have to accept that.

Mr. Can will be brought to justice.

That is, when they prove it was provoked, they will set you free.

Sanem, sister, don't worry.

This is Can Divit, your lawyers will do anything to get you out, you'll see.

Yes, we are not talking about it worrying you.

But you should be ready for anything, sister.
That's why we say that.

What's his name? Fabri?
It seems that Fabri is not going to withdraw his complaint.

What did I do?

Everyone blames me, Mr. Emre and everyone at the agency.

I think they are right, it all happened because of me.

Would it be rude if I went to my room?

No. Go girl, rest.
Nothing is going to happen.

Soon, we are going anyway.


See you later. We'll talk later.

It's all right.

I can hear you, mom.

Yes, fine.
No, it's just a misunderstanding.

There is a man who irritates my brother.

Such a small incident.

Yes, mother, as usual.

News about love for an employee?

Yes, there is something like that.

His name is Sanem.
She works with us.

The brother has serious intentions ..
But it is not known what will happen.

We still have many important things to do.

OK mother. After releasing I will call you immediately. It's all right.

Don't be nervous too.
I love you

"When she gave it to me, she said ..."

"You connected me with my beloved. Let this stone bring you happiness so that you too can connect with your beloved ..."

"... wherever she is ...".

I was the one who brought these problems to us and I will solve this, Can.


Hello, Miss Sanem.

Can we meet?
are you free?

Okay, let's meet.

I waited for you to call me ..
But I didn't think it would happen anytime soon.

I'm in a hurry, we have to talk.

It's all right.
I will be at the office all day.

Please come to me.

Not in the office.
I want to find myself somewhere else.

Yes, I know where it is.
Okay, I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Aylin, she just
called .. Sanem called me.

She wants to meet.

The bird is flying to the cage.

Yes, that's it.




Silence, he is coming ..

Oh my God ..
You never argue with your husbands, do you?

Did you see?
They fought.

Aren't you staying at home?

Of course not.

I saw him at the store when he was sleeping there.

No, no

He's at the police station, waiting for messages from a lawyer.

He will not come. He stayed at the store.

I will not let him in, Melahat, even if he comes.

No, I was sick.

And I had such a small hope that it would be better, Mevkibe.

But now I don't even have it.

Now it's impossible.

What did I do?

What did you do? You don't know what you did, Mevkibe.

She still doesn't know.

No, I cannot tolerate such whims.

Enough, I'm tired.


Can you not tolerate such whims?

I cannot tolerate such whims.

So whims.

I happen to hear that.

Wow, Mevkibe.

So many years with him, and he has pressure and diabetes, and he sleeps in the store.

So yes, Mevkibe?

He probably leaves the house.

The most probable.

Mevkibe never appreciated it.

What a pity.


Mrs. Sanem, welcome.

I ordered a coffee, do you drink anything?

No thank you. I have to get back to work, let's talk about why I came here.

It's all right.

Let's talk then.

I am listening to you.

I think you know what we're going to talk about.

Yes, I'm guessing what we're going to talk about.

But I would like to hear that from you.

I want you to drop the complaint against Can and get out of our lives ..

And also the company.

Mrs. Sanem, as you know, I am a businessman.

If I go into business, I hope to make a profit from it.

And if I enter, I won't stop fighting until I win.

I will give you my perfume.

But I have conditions.


First, you will drop the charge.

Then you will return the shares ..

Then I will give you my perfume.

Sanem, how can I know that you will not change your mind, as before?

I want you to disappear from our lives so much ...

... that I will do everything I need.

I will sign the contract.

I will not change my mind.

OK then

I will return the shares.

It's all right.

I have another request.


Don't let Can know about this contract.

I really do not understand.

Why are you so afraid of him?


This is not fear.

It's love.

I'm sure you don't know that feeling.

He'll be upset when he hears about this contract.

I don't want him to be angry.

Well, if you want, let it be.

I will prepare a contract.

I hope you are not late.

I won't be late, please don't worry, Mr. Fabri.

Mrs. Sanem, then also here tomorrow?

It's all right.

O Sr. Can.

Erkan, is there any progress?

Yes, you will leave.
Mr. Fabri withdrew his allegations.

Did he drop the charges?

As well?

Mrs. Aylin ...
I think it was she who made you cooperate.

I came here immediately ..
When Mr. Fabri's lawyer called me.

I can tell you everything in detail.

You have to ask me about it.
Mr. Can is gone and I am responsible for that now.

Good Morning

- What do we do?
- Good Morning.

Mr. Can will be released. There is nothing else we can do. We must be strong.

I'm here, don't be afraid.
Think like that.

Sanem ...
Sanem .. Where were you?

I had something to do and left.

But it can't be that way.
You must tell me about it.

I answer for everything here because Mr. Can is not here. OK?

You, right?


Don't forget that we are a family.
Please stay here.

What's the next step in our plan, dear Fabri?

What a flat ...

I gave my word to Sanem.

And of course I will keep my word.

I will give all shares of the company.

As well?

After what we've achieved, will you return them?

Aylin, I didn't say I would give them back.

I said I would give my shares back.

Dear Fabri, can you tell me where you see the difference?

Please sit.

I will give all of my actions.

To you.

As well?

For me?


So that you can return to the company as a heroine ...

The savior ...
They need it.

And besides ...
You will make them fall, like my secret representative.

Dear Fabri, you are good at combinations ...

However, you forget that I once got there as your representative and was dismissed.

Do not worry.

This time we have a partner.



Sanem wants this agreement to remain secret.

That's why you can go to Can without any problems. You say you convinced me ...

... selling my shares.

And how did I convince you?

Aylin, this is up to you .. I don't know, tell him that you found my weakness and blackmailed me, understand?

In fact, it is not something you do not expect.

That's why you can't have anything that can be used against you.

Because thanks to you, he got rid of me from the company.

And Sanem wants it to be a secret, so he can't say anything about it.

Exactly, that's why ...

Step by step, you will slowly destroy this company.

Fabri, this plan is great.

I admire your wisdom.

Don't worry, your plan works perfectly, you can trust me.

I do not doubt it.

Let's drink for our new plan.

I drink only for the victory, but ...

Not much else remains.

A little.

Friends, Mr. Dog arrived.

O Sr. Can.


Can? As well?
Get out of my way!

Can! I can not believe!
Thank goodness you are free.

Why did not you tell me?

I wanted to surprise you.

Can, how good of you to be here ..

Thank you, Deren.

Mr. Can, we knew that soon you will be free, but the company without you ...

Thank you, don't overdo it, Ceycey.

Mr. Can, welcome.
I will ask you something.

Was it difficult for you in prison?

Mr. Can, have you lost any weight yet?

Not ...

Colleagues, I only stayed there one night.
What are you saying?

But you know, cool walls ...

How do you know that, Ceycey?

I'm talking to my boss right now.

Colleagues, it's rude to interrogate like that!

It's not a problem, Deren.

Welcome, Mr. Can.

Thank you very much, Leyla.

Can you ask me something else? - Sure.

What did you miss the most?


Of this...

Tea made by my girlfriend's hands.

I missed that.

Sanem immediately went to do ..

Well done, Sanem.

Well done, Sanem.

Yes, it is very cool. Lets smile.

But how did it happen?
What did the lawyer say?

Yes, brother, what did the lawyer say?

The lawyer said it was thanks to Aylin.


Again, Aylin?

Did someone say Aylin?

They say that good people come when they talk about them.

Yes, thanks to me.

I found Fabri's weakness. AND ...

Blackmail it?


I just warned you.

I asked him to renounce his actions and interrupt contacts with the company.

And he gave me his actions.

Did you get shares?

Sim, Can.

I am your agency's new partner.

One nightmare ends, the second begins.

What a shame Can .. I didn't come here to fight.

I came to work.

Fabri left our life forever.

In my opinion, we must learn to trust each other.

We cannot decide that we trust each other, just because you decided, Aylin.

You must win first.

Can, after what I did for you ..
You should be thanking me.

To thank?
Did I ask you for such favors?

It is an issue between Fabri and me.
I would solve this.

It would be better if you did nothing.

It is not so easy, Can.

Let it be you.

You were his representative at that company.

How did it happen that you moved away from him so quickly?

This is called business.
Someone loses, someone wins.

I took the opportunity.

This may be true considering your rules.

But whatever your reason, I don't want to see you here.

I missed you too.

Emre, my dear ..
As your new partner, I want to speak with you.

Can we go to your office?

It's really happening ...


This also happened.

Very good..



Can, I can't believe it, Aylin ...

Okay, don't say anything.

I just have to hug you.

Can, I was really scared.

Okay, I'm with you.

Everyone is probably looking at us.

HM hm

It's all right.

We must work.

We have 24 hours to finish the cover, right?

Fabri ...

Let's forget about Fabri and those dark days, okay?

He's gone.

We will find a way to get rid of Aylin.

I don't trust her and I never will. Watch her.

Something is wrong with this story, I'm sure.

We will find out.
In time, everything will be revealed.

In that case, I'm going back to work.

Aylin, don't expect me to believe that.
I know you very well.

Emre, believe it or not.
That's the truth.

Aylin, a man like Fabri does not give up so easily.

I don't know what you found and blackmailed, that he gave you his actions.

Emre, my threats are very effective.

You know it well.

It doesn't matter, as a result, I got rid of Fabri and I have a 20% stake.

In my opinion, we should look at this from this perspective.

For me, the war is over.

I got what I wanted.

From now on, I just want to work well in this company and, for that, I need your support.

Listen to me, I did everything you wanted.

If you expect support from me ...

You give me all the shares.

Emre, of course I won't give it to you.
This is my security.

David, I need a meeting report, could you prepare for me?

I will prepare everything soon, Leyla.

Leyla, future documents for Mr. Emre.
If you have something to do, I can give it to him.

No, I'm going to give it to him, thank you.

Good job.

- Okay, can you bring them to my office?
- I'll bring you.

Emre, listen to me. We're in the same boat. We sail in one direction.

Wherever you go, I go and I.

But if you take a different path and make a mistake ... then we can solve this problem together.

Do you remember how happy we were?

What are you doing?

Emre, we ...

There is no such thing as "us", do you understand?

It's over, finally understand.

Okay, fine, Emre, I get it.

Calm down.

I understood very well.


From now on, we are just co-workers.

Let's make a Deal. I will not interfere in your business and will convince Can to let me stay here.

I don't think my brother can be convinced.

Emre, I don't think you understand me.
You have to do what I say.

Know that being close to you I suffer more than if I stayed away.

Why am I surprised?
He said that we cannot be together and that is the reason.

Was I surprised? Nothing and nothing.

Why am I so stupid?

No, from now on I will take care of people who take care of me.

I will take care of people who know how valuable I am to them.

Leyla, how are you?

Osman, it's okay.
And how are you?

Well too.
I got the script, I'm just reading.


What's up?
Any easy scenes? You're doing well?

Ah, of course you can do that. It was stupid.

Not alright. There are some action scenes, but the people on the team will help me.

Ooohh, action, great!

Okay, so I'm taking your time.
Do you work.

See you later.

- Leyla?
- Am I listening, Osman?

Would you like to meet me at night?
Of course, if you are not busy.

In the evening?
Can be. Can be.

Let's talk at night, okay?

Okay, let's talk at night.
Good job.

OK thank you.
See you later.

I missed you.

I missed you a lot.

I finished my job.

I will be ending soon. I'm just checking to see if anyone has run a similar campaign. Because I don't want my presentation to look similar.

You think well.

I did something like this, but it's not over yet.

Very good. Very good.
I think you are going in the right direction.

I'm glad you liked it.

In that case, end your case and leave as soon as possible. Let's be a little alone.

Yes, let's spend some time together.

I think so, we can go to the cottage in the mountains. Watch a movie, holding each other ..

Okay, let's go. We? We can not?

We can't, because recent events have dropped in my neighborhood like a bomb.

What are you saying? Everyone knows?

What do you think? We're talking about my neighborhood.

In fact, my mom told everyone, but it's not the only problem.

My mom and dad are still not reconciled.

Really? Not yet?

As we are a couple, bad things happen to us.

See what happened to us.

In that case, shall we eat something? We won't be long, and then I'll take you home.

Okay, I won't say no.
I will be ready in 5 minutes.

Okay, I'll get my things.

It's ok..

I was looking for you.

Sanem made his office in the archive. And how is Sanem? Comfortable? Away from everyone?

It's not like that, I'm looking for similar campaigns because ...

What happened, Deren? Why are you looking for me?

I wanted to show what I prepared for the presentation.

Can you email me everything? I'll look at home because I'm leaving soon.

But I thought we would talk about it.
Maybe you don't like something.

We will just waste time.

I'll call you if something like this happens.
Can we do that?

- Ok
- OK

See you later.

It is not yet something like that, because you would say "it was already there".

How can this be?

Thursday bazaar. Men's clothes.
You shouldn't care about that.

When did you take them home and bring them here?
Did you ask the girls for this?

No. Thank God, I still have the keys, mrs. Mevkibe.

But if you want, I can give it to you.

So are you really going to stay here?

All because of you.

What does this have to do with me?
Did you come and I didn't let you in?

You moved into the store alone.

People come and see everything.
You do not have shame?

So, should I be ashamed?

Do you want to make fun of people?

Do you think I was not ridiculed? I heard you gossip about me with other people on the phone.

You said you wouldn't tolerate those whims.

I mean, I ...

"I'm sick of it. I can't stand it." I heard it all with my own ears, Mrs. Mevkibe.

I was angry ...
What should I do?

Light work, Brother Nihat.
I came to pick up the empty plates.

Take them, son.

I wanted the Kadayif dessert ..
But they didn't bring me.

- It wasn't there anymore.
- Was not? It's all right.

- Good Morning.
- Greet your boss.

So are you eating in restaurants now ?! In that case, you don't need me anymore. You got rid of me quickly.

I thought you were hungry.
I made a borek, and I brought you.

I'm an idiot ..
Stupid. Stupid Mevkibe.

I'm hungry.
I'm hungry, Mevkibe.

I'm hungry for honesty.
Hungry for the truth.

Is it a borek with spinach?

Yes, with spinach, but not for you. It doesn't matter, you're hungry for honesty.

Eat at restaurants! Go, order a borek at the restaurant! God!

I am not hungry at all.
And I would not eat it anyway.

Take this, dear.

Very tasty, I ate everything.
What are the delicious fish here?

They are preparing them carefully.
They are prepared with love.

They put their heart into it. Yes.

Can, I was scared, you know?

When I saw you behind bars, I felt how you feel.

An albatross like you, in a closed place ...

Don't think about it anymore.
Do you know what worried me the most?

- What?
- You.

I was scared and worried about you.

I was afraid you would blame yourself.

I blamed and blamed myself.
I brought Fabri ...

We will not talk about this man anymore.

This happened because the moon stones broke.

I broke them.
They brought happiness, they lost their power, something happened to them.

Sanem, ..
My stones, my talisman, my guardian angel - it's you.

Don't be sad, don't worry.
I will be fine.

I want to hug you now.


Hug and never let go.

I will not let go.

I will not let go.

And if I let you go, my heart won't let go.

Two loving hearts will never go away.

I'm very happy that you left work early.

Yes Yes. None of us could concentrate on working because of problems with Mr. Can.

That's why I left.

You did well.

In the meantime, was Mr. Can released?
You said that Italian is very stubborn.

Yes, very stubborn.
But they are more stubborn than he is.

Aylin. You know, Aylin.

She found something in Fabri and threatened him.

And then Fabri withdrew his complaint.

And he gave her his actions.

Did he transfer his shares to Aylin?

Aylin? Aylin, who do we know?

Mr. Emre's ex-girlfriend.

Or girlfriend again.

I do not know.
Honestly, I don't care.

Mr. Can left and Fabri left our lives.
This is the most important thing for me.

But now it's Aylin.

Does that bother you?

Yes, Aylin is now one of the owners of the company.

I just work there, I can manage it in some way. Let Emre and Mr. Can think about it.

I just don't want Sanem to suffer, ..
I want everything to be okay. That's the most important.

It's not him?


I swear I will ask.

Excuse me, are you Osman Işık from the TV series?


Yes, it's girls.
It's really him.

We are big fans of your series.

Since you started participating, we’re not letting go of the screens.

You interpret very well, as if you are experimenting.

Thank you.

Can we take a picture?

Of course, of course.

Can your girlfriend take a picture of us?

Not me ...

Okay, I will do that.


Please, I took some pictures.

By the way, you are very good.

She is more beautiful than Ceren from the show.


We thank you.

Hey Osman, they already recognize you.

Yes, I was recognized for the first time.

I am also surprised.

To say one thing, soon you won't be able to walk safely down the street. You will see.

No, my dear. And what else?

Yes Yes. I think it will be like this.

Besides, the girls won't let you down.

But I want only one girl to show interest in me.

It's me

I mean ... They never argued for that long. Sometimes I think they make fun of us.

Dad never cried with us since childhood, he was not angry.

I mean, none of them did anything to bother us.

Do not worry, dear. Everything will be alright.

You will stabilize your relationship with your father, your parents will be reconciled. Do not worry.

Our love is enough for everyone.

Yes, you're right.

Our love is enough for everyone.

Let me take you home, you're late.

Okay, but don't come to our neighborhood, okay?

I got it.
We have specific limits.

Can, you always say you understand ..
But you block the neighborhood entrance with your car.

How many times have we been caught like this?

Man desires truth and integrity.

As if I had cheated or kept it a secret for the first time since we got married.

As if I kept something secret from him.


What "mother"? What?


You're doing it again! You prepared these delicacies. I wanted to say health to your hands! Mom, it's dangerous, turn it off.

I am here.

Mom, did you prepare all this?

Of course I prepared it.

Don't I usually do that?
Don't I cook in this house?

No mother.
Of course you are cooking.

Of course you cook delicious dishes. Look, it's like a wedding table. How would you cook wedding dishes?

I will do this.
I will prepare food for my daughters' weddings.

Mom, do you know that Can left?

Okay, God help you.

If there is no father, my daughters have a mother like me.

My daughters.


Is there no father?

Mommy, won't Daddy come tonight too?

He orders food from the restaurant.

As if he doesn't want what I prepare.

Mom, don't do this.


Why are you doing this?

That means the dad is still in the store, right?


Do not object. I will bring peace!
That's enough, I will!

No, I don't want to reconcile!

Tell her, don't let her say that I was crying ...

No, not at all, mom.

I swear he will be happy.
He became my enemy.

Mom, is it possible?
Oh my God

Why are you doing this?

Do not Cry. Come, sit down. Sit down for a few minutes. I will give you water.

Sit down, mother. Wait, I'll give you water.

I am sore because I have been standing for a long time.


How will we solve our problems if you are silent?

I know. You say you had to think before we created these problems.

I hear you.

When I was little, when I heard the sound of lightning, when it shone, I was always afraid and ran away to sleep with you and my mother.

When you turn your face as it is now, it's like I'm on a boat in the fog ...

They break the lightning and blink, as if it never stopped.

You came to me first ..

When lightning came.

Because you were never mad at me.

I couldn't, and you knew it.

So you hugged me, your little feet in my hands ...

I remember they were cold and you were warming them up.

When did you grow up, daughter?

I do not understand this.


I hurt you a lot.
Maybe it brought you shame, but ...

No, you didn't embarrass me.
It's possible?

You do not do anything wrong.

But I am concerned.

As a father.

My beautiful daughter, my dear daughter ..
My daughter on the heart of the bird.

Today I am and tomorrow I will not be me.

Don't say that, dad.

But this is the law of nature.

I'm not saying anything. This comes from more power.

But I will never ask why you did it because I trust you so much.

And I will say that whoever saddens you ..
First you will see me ..


Look me in the eye now.

And tell me.

Did you find a man who can protect you when lightning strikes?

I found.

Will you forgive me, dad?

I am not mad at you ..
I have nothing to forgive you.

My injured bird.

It's all right.

Let's go home.
Mom is very nervous too.

No. Not so fast.

I will not forgive your mother.

But, father, listen to me.

No. No, daughter.

Your mother hurt me a lot.

I cannot forgive you.

But ...

She cooked Kadayif for you. (* Sweet, "furry" cake, also called angelic hair *)



No, I can't.
I can not go.

Dad ...

Don't interfere with our relationship, okay?

Do not freeze here. Go now.


And never grow up so fast again, okay?

He's stubborn, stubborn.

Mom, don't say that.

Go, look.
He turned the store into a home.

And if you ask him no, he is not to blame!
It's all my fault! Everything is me!

It hurt a lot because you didn't tell him anything.

Honey, I was going to say.

But what should I do?
The people in the neighborhood proved to be faster than me.

But do you know mom?
I don't understand anything.

You allow local gossips to destroy such a long love.

It's possible?

It's because of him.

Mom, don't say that.

He must be sorry too.

Are you looking if daddy came?

He didn't come, right?

He did not come. I even said Kadayif.
But Dad resisted that.

Even if it's Kadayif?


Despite being Kadayif.

I don't want to upset you, but ...

Dad forgave me.

I am his daughter.
I am his youngest daughter, he couldn't hurt me.

If he doesn't, don't come.

Granted, let him not come.

If he doesn't, don't come!

My God!

Of course, you are his daughter, he will forgive you.
If he doesn't want to, don't come.

Eat it all if you want. He can stay there.

If he doesn't, don't come.

I thought she was going to hit me with this apron.

Sanem, do you realize that many years of love are falling apart before our eyes?


Only you found love here.
And everyone is in bad shape.

Well, I found love, but ...

You'll also find it.

Don't close the door so fast.

Do not lose hope.

Today I saw Emre and Aylin kissing.

At Emre's office.

In the office?

In the office?
How can they kiss in the office?

This is unethical.


I think like that too.

They may not respect me ...

But don't they respect all of your employees?


I didn't notice Mr Emre's character, Sanem.

That's why I'm nervous.

But I made a decision! Now I'm going to spend time with people who interest me and who respect me.

I will be with them!

For example ..
I think of giving Osman a chance.




Today we have tea together.

I love Osman very much!

From the beginning I was in favor of Osman!

I am very happy.

Yes, I get on very well with him.

I hope you are happy with Osman.

Thank you sister.

I have to tell you something too.

Which is?

For Fabri to withdraw his complaint and return the shares ...

I agreed to give you my perfume.

To save Can.

But then Aylin came to the company ...

Didn't you know about this Aylin case?

I did not know.

He deceived me!

What if he can know?

I know I made a mistake again.

I hid something from him again ..
But it was all because of Can.

By the time ...

I will confess, I will be honest with him.

Yes, you must say.

But don't say that now.

First, let everything calm down.
Then explain everything.

In the end, you had good intentions.

The truth?

Yes, everything to save him.

Do not worry.

They are nervous.

Are you still working?

What is it?
I still work ...

There was little time for the presentation.

Tomorrow everything should be ready.
So I work to make everything go well.

Okay, why don't you rest?

You probably didn't sleep last night.

I didn't fall asleep, of course. How could I sleep?

I didn't even close my eyes.

Does not matter. How do you feel? What are you doing? We don't even speak.

Okay, how else could it be?

Because everything happened quickly ...

Hoping to get rid of Fabri, we are now dealing with Aylin.

Although it is better than Fabri.

And if Aylin did not receive these shares, there would be no presentation.

That's true, of course ...

But everything that happened is not normal in my opinion.

Fabri withdrew his complaint and transferred his shares.

Very strange.

I saw anger and hatred in your eyes.
The fact that he gives up so easily is not normal.

Brother, we are talking about Aylin.
She could blackmail him.

And Fabri is not someone you can trust.

Do you remember what McKinnen said at dinner?

I do not know.

But I can't believe that Fabri dropped his complaint.

Well ... there is something else, I think.

You are right, brother.

But don't worry, I'll take care of it.

At least we can keep an eye on Aylin.

I mean .. since she will be at the agency ...

I don't trust her, Emre.

Do not.

Not forever.

At least now we will not argue with her.

Don't worry, I'll keep the balance between us.

OK Alright.

It belongs to you.

But I don't think you should trust her again.

I think so.

Do not.


It's all right.

I'm going to sleep.

Good night.

It's all right.

- Sleep well.
- I'm going.

"Are you sleeping, dear?"

No, I haven't slept yet.

I was thinking of you.

I was worried about you. It's all right? Did you speak to your father? Did he come home?

I talked with. He didn't come home. He has not yet reconciled with my mother. But Dad forgave me.


He asked if I found a man who could protect me during the thunder.

I said I found it.

You said that?

Am I that man?

Yes, you.

I want to kiss you a lot now. It's impossible on the phone. The technology is not so developed.

You are too kind.

I love you very much, Can.

I love you too, my one.

Mom is here.
I better hang up.


In that case, I will slowly go on a trip.

Travel? Where?

I will travel to your dreams.
I must prepare myself.

Is that possible, Can?

What you want?
Where should we be in a dream?

Let it be Galapagos.

You are talking about Galapagos.

It will be a fantastic dream.

Okay, it will be the best dream.

In that case, I'm leaving.

OK, deal.
Good night.

Good night, my only one.

Ahh dad ..

Children, tell your father that Kadayif is over.


Tell my mother that Kadayif cannot heal a broken heart.


Tell my father that he should come yesterday.

This train has escaped.
But he can still come in, give it to him.

Tell him I won't be long, don't worry.

Really? Ask your father why.

Tell her.

Let's say that the house is not managed by the president of the association.

Someone has to work from morning to night.

Make money for bread.

My God! Tell your dad, are we stopped at home while he's working?

Daughters, tell your mother that I will not argue in the morning! Because she has to go to the administration and someone has to go to the store.

Couldn't he ask his neighbors for help? Couldn't they help you? Tell your father.

I think they will never stop ..
We have to go.

Yes, let's go.

Thank you .. great.
Tell that to your father.

Thank you! Thanks to the great president! Tell your mother!

Of course, let it be a homemade chicken!
Tell that to your father.

I agree, tell her what will happen then?

This time it's taking too long.
I think they are serious.

Yes. Why did this happen?
They never did that before.

Sanem ..
Do you have the perfume you prepared?

Yes, I will leave the agency for a moment and take it to Fabri.

And then we will forget about all these problems forever.

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

Good Morning

Good Morning

- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.

Good morning darling.

Good Morning

Friends, today all our attention and energy, all our talent is concentrated in "Redmod Cosmetics". Is that clear?


Despite what we've been through, we're going to prepare a bombing campaign for them.


It's all right.

- I did not hear? According?
- Sure. Of course yes.

In this case, all the creators of the conference room.

Your perfume drives me crazy.

Yes, friends, Redmod.
This is the biggest campaign that our agency has ever had.

That is why everyone, everyone must do their best.

I suppose you have finished preparing.

First of all, I will look at everything you did and then summarize the presentation.

Yes, Ceycey, come on.

Yes, friends, you are great.

But I think we're a little tired. Let's get some rest, let's go out and eat something. We are hungry.

And then we'll meet again.


You're great.

Do you want to go out and eat something?

I actually have a little question to resolve.
I thought about taking care of that.

Small question? What?
I will go too.

No, relations between my parents are strained.
I thought I would try to do something for them, to reconcile them.

Yes, I understood.

Maybe I will also go and talk to your father?

They are a little tense.

Okay, sure ...
As you wish.

I will be back soon.

Have a good profit.


See you later.

What is that look? Where you go?
What flowers are these?

I'm going to Sanem, mom.
I want to visit you.

I congratulate you on getting rid of a guy called Can Divit. I will tell her that I am here.

You are making me crazy.
Give it back.

Mom, no.
Sanem must be free of that traitor.

That's why I have to calm her down.

You will do nothing.

Give it back.

No, no
I'm going to ask her what. Well, please.

Muzo, what look is that?

A new look What's up?
My previous appearance will not return.

Well, you can change your look a little bit ..
But you are still the same.

Very funny. I wonder what will happen if I go to Sanem with flowers.


Girl, don't you know what happened?

Can Divit was arrested.
There are so many articles from here to Rome.

Even the law in Rome will not save you.

Yes, but Can has already left.
The charge was dropped.

How is that? Again, is there no goal?
Again, is there no goal?

What goal? What are you saying, Muzo?
I dont understand.

Girl, after yesterday I thought he would be in prison.
It shouldn't be like that.

But he is innocent.
He did not do anything.

How is that?

How could he be innocent? He hit another man, wounded him, did many things. This guy is guilty.

- I said he didn't do anything.
- Not.

- No, that man is guilty.
- I'm tired, I'm leaving.

Leave it.

- He's guilty.
- Leave it.

- For God's sake, I swear it's unfair.
- For God's sake, go inside. Leave this matter.

Can ...
We have guests.

- Hello. Ceydа?
- Can, how are you?

- I was very worried.
- Thank you, Ceyda.

- Let it go quickly.
- Thanks.

Sr. McKinnen.

We came without notice, but ...

Well, what is that?
Come when you want.

Today we had a very productive meeting about the campaign.

Can, listen ..
I will speak very openly now.


I heard that serious problems with Fabri appeared yesterday.

But Ceyda told me it was a misunderstanding.

Yes Yes.
Unfortunately it happened.

I think an honest person like you shouldn't be working with someone like that.

Neither I nor my agency is associated with that person anymore.

Please make sure.

You know about your problems with Fabri.
Your fears are normal.

I understand your concerns, but I guarantee you did not make a mistake in choosing. We will not disappoint you.

Believe me, it calmed me down.

Sit down, I'm going to order a coffee.

No, we still have something to do.
We came just for a moment.

It's all right.

In that case, see you tomorrow.

See you later.

Can, see you later.

Ceyda, thank you very much.

Is nothing. I hope you prepare well.

Do not worry.

Can, what's up?
No problem, right?

No do not worry.
No problem.


Mr. McKinnen continues to cooperate with us.

The Aylin issue also pisses me off, but I am happy that we are no longer associated with Fabri.

Well, yes.

Mrs. Sanem, aren't you going to sit down?

I will not sit.
I brought the perfume.

All the ingredients and details are here.

The smell I wanted.

Courageous, sexy and at the same time very innocent.

The products I used and how to make them ..
I wrote everything here ..

Great great.
In that case, we will not waste time.

We have a little detail to do ... A contract that says you gave us your perfume and we can use it.

I did what you wanted.

But it looks like you didn't do the same.
There was no Aylin in our contract.

Miss San, you asked me to drop the charge.
I made it.

You asked me to give up your actions.
That's what I did

I didn't say from the beginning that I would give them back to Can. So I did everything you asked.

Please don't play with me ..

Sanem, Can should be grateful. For this perfume is very important to me and very valuable.

Otherwise ..
No force would compel me to drop the charge.

Therefore, it is better not to test your happiness.

Yes, it's over.

Yes, the end.

I hope we don't see each other again.

Who knows?

Perhaps we will meet.

You didn't say anything, right?

No, what could I say?
I said nothing.

Ceyda had already eased the situation anyway.

But McKinnen was a little concerned.
He is right.

I just said that we won't let them down.

You did well.

What else could you say?

I'm leaving now.

On purpose ...

What did you do with Sanem?
Have you ever proposed to her?

No, old man.
I didn't get a chance.

We didn't see each other last night.

But I'm counting on tonight.

I hope it's not a problem.

Everything is a problem. All.

- Sister.
- Sanem, sister.

Did anyone ask about me?

No nobody.

- Okay, and Can?
- Can is in his office.

McKinnen and Ceyda came.

As well?

This woman probably installed cameras at the agency.

When I leave, she comes here.

They left quickly.

I wonder what they were talking about.

I don't know, but Mr. McKinnen was happy.
Apparently everything went well.

OK Alright.
I'm happy.

What did you do?
Did you solve the problem?

This matter is now over.

Sister, I don't know what to say.
I don't know if I congratulate ...

Would you like that not to happen again?

I don't know, sister. I hope it is good.
Does not matter.

- I'll check Can. See you later.
- Well, dear. See you later.

The color of the tea looks perfect again.

It looks like the color of love.

Yes, because I made it with love.

Don't plan anything for the night.
I'm kidnapping you.

No, you can't kidnap me.

I mean, the situation at home ...

What is the situation at home? You ...

Didn't you go talk to them?

Didn't you see them?

Ah ... Sim.

Yes, yes, but my father had a lot of work.

My mom was still busy ..

That's why I didn't find a good time to talk.

That's why I'm going to talk to them tonight.

I mean, I hope they come to an agreement.

Because it saddens me that they behave like that.

I understand, dear. It's all right.

In that case, I'll take you home.

But first, let's stop somewhere.


You'll see, we'll see.

We will check this out.
This place is still unknown.

You will see along the way.

In that case, I'll go with you.

It's all right.

Leave the glass.

Leyla, are you free?

I'm listening, Mr. Emre.

Future PR agency documents on the market.

Yes, I sent you information by email.

And I left a file on your desk.

I know.
I saw the message and looked through the documents.

- Well, in that case?
- In this case ...

In that case, you could bring the documents.

We would check them together.

I had notes for you.

Yes, I was going to do that ,,
But you were too busy.

Please send me the notes by email.
I'll take a look at them.

- Emre, how are you?
- Well Aylin.

Hello, Osman?
How are you doing?

I love this group.

Have you checked when they give a concert?

Super! I'm free on the weekend. It's all right.

Emre ,,
I wanted to ask you a few questions about the contract.

Wait a minute, Aylin.

I have something to do.

At night I'm free.
If you want, we can meet at night.

It's all right.
I call you when I leave work.

Come, see you later.

- Emre.
- Aylin

Go to my office.
When I'm done, I'll go, okay?

Yes, Mr. Emre, anything else?

Sim, Leyla.

Do you have plans for the night, Mrs. Leyla?

This is none of your business.

You said you liked me.

And after 3 days you flirt with others.

My actions do not concern you, Mr. Emre.


You test my feelings.

You are no longer honest.

You cannot ask me questions.

You cannot interfere in my affairs.

If it interferes with our work, I will go.

We need to review the documents.

I don't have to do anything with you right now.


I say we have to work.

I say I have notes.

Okay, Mr. Emre.

Wait a minute.
I will take care of that soon.

Please write your notes here.
I will look before the end of the job.


We don't have to do anything together.

Well, we're here.

- I leave?
- We left.



What will we do here?

- Here is a list of things to do.
- When crossing the road, first look to the left and then to the right.

Onde, Can? Can.. Can


Let's go fishing?
Can't we fish?

And was the fish good when you ate it?

But Can, they are two different things.

I won't feed you anymore, but I'll teach you how to fish.
I'm kidding, nothing will be like this.

- Is it a fishing rod?
- Don't take care of the fishing rod.

We are not going fishing. We will do something else. It will be something extraordinary. This time, the fish will catch us.

How is that?

Well, I'll tell you everything.

When I was little, I always came here.

I mean, after our mom left us and left. So I felt alone and sad.

For example, when I had a dream, I came here with the hope that it would come true.

This means that we come to realize the dream.

Well done. Yes ...

You can think of a wish.

This is the first time that I share this with anyone.



It's a little childish.

That's why I brought someone here for the first time.

Maybe not this piece specifically ..
But it is my secret place.

The sea is my dream too.

A well of dreams?
What did you dream of when you came here?

That mom and dad would be reconciled.

I mean ...

After my mom left us and took Emre.

Can, I ...

No, it's nothing, Sanem.
Besides that ...

Later, my parents were not at the same sea.

I understood that later.

So I decided to change my desires.

But it is not too late for your parents.
There's a lot of hope ...

Because they love each other so much.

That ... In that case ...

Do we go to wishes when we are here?

I will show you soon.

Now ...

Let's get small pieces of paper from here.

Let's write wishes and tie them to a stick.

So we threw them into the sea.

And the fish, if they accept it, will take that away.

Do the fish really catch these pieces of paper?

You can check it out yourself.

- Really?
- Yes

- In that case, let's write.
- We wrote.

That's what we want to see in our neighborhood.

And people say they have no money.

I wonder who this is?

Do not.

Who is this?

Why did he stop?


He raises the mask.

I need to check.

I swear I would fall on the plane with my eyes.

Brother, what is this?
Some problem?

Suddenly he stopped.
- We'll fix this.

I swear, the engine is like gold.

It will take a long time?

Please rest.
I'll take care of that, lady.

Don't worry, I will help you.
Also, welcome to our neighborhood.

What do you do?

I am very afraid of cats.

Sorry lady.
In our neighborhood it happens.

We have a president.
On the one hand, she is building a Home for cats ...

- On the other, a kennel, bird feeder. The neighborhood turned into a forest.
- OK Alright.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.
I'm going to check what's with the car.

I am always waiting for you.
This is a store for you, my sister.

May I ask you?

Of course yes.
I `m listening you.

Is there a home for sale?

Yes, just this one ...
Because only she has a "for sale" poster.

It is nowhere else.

No, there
are no other places, madame.

There are several options in the neighborhood.
If you like it, then we can release this house.

Just one is not enough for me.

How is that not enough?

How much do you need?
How many houses will you live in?

For the love of God, stop saying that.

Maybe if it was an island.

Island? This lady wants to buy an island. You are the Hollywood star, do you want to sink our neighborhood?

Wait a moment, I'm begging you.

If we renew this place according to the French concept ...

That would be good.

Exactly Our neighborhood is ready for renovation.
You are in the right place.

I will help you with everything, you can stay calm.
Yes, there is a subway there.

The truth is that helicopters make a lot of noise.

If you stay here, I will help you with everything.

If you stay here, can I offer you something to drink? Tea, coffee, ayran, soda. What you want?

Can you find mineral water?

With gas...

Okay, I will find.
We have it in the neighborhood.

It is not soda water. I'll take care of that.
I will give lemon water immediately.


İshan, will we be shouting in front of this lady in the middle of the district? I will help this lady.

Madam, we have a store there.

Everything has it ..

But ...

Wait a minute, son.

- Please.
- Thanks.

Excuse me. I did not want. Please.

- Are you taking her to the store?
- Oh, please.

- Don't do that, son.
- I'll help her.

What helps?

Mrs. Mevkibe is the owner of this store.

In addition, she is our president.

This raises the level of culture.

The woman opened a library here.

- OK Alright.
- Everything is in the store, starting with cold drinks ...

Finished in toilet paper.

Please, dear lady.

This is the heart of our neighborhood, our store.

Madam President

My respect. Pleasant job.
Good luck with the iron, boss.

The lady's car broke down on our street.

She wanted to drink something cold, so I brought her for you.



Bring a chair so that you don't stand.

Please please.

Do not.

That's nice

Tea, coffee?
What you want?

I wonder if you have mineral water?

Mineral water?
Ah ... soda. Normal sparkling water.

Mineral water.

I'm opening it now.

The most real of real waters, the water of Hormet.
At your disposal from 1926.

Produced in 2018, please don't get me wrong.

Very authentic.

What did you do ?
God, there must be some stain.

No, no, it won't stay.
It's just water, there will be no stains.

This material is unique.

The stain is made even when a drop of rain is dropped on it.

You don't have to talk when you don't know, right?


If the material is so unique, it is a solution for unique stains.

Hormet napkins.
They have been with us since 1976.

They eliminate stains.

Please leave!

Muzaffer, you don't have to.
Let it go.

You do not need that.


You are ready?

Wait, I wanted to write something more. I have had a dream since the beginning of elementary school.

By God, there is no more space.
If it was, then please.

Let's play now.

Do you want to play?

- Together -

- Together
- Yes.

Hold on.

Come here

You close your eyes.

- Fine.
- Fine?

It's all right.

Take a deep breath.

Think of all your wishes.

Ok ...
Are you ready?

- Yes
- Let's see.

- I'm ready.
- 1



If the fish eat these cards, our wishes will come true, right?


When are we going to pull the stick?

Listen to your inner voice ..
And it will tell you when you have to pull.

It's all right.
In that case, I will concentrate.


How is that?

How is that?

Look, they all disappeared.

Can, Can. See, all eaten.
Then our wishes will come true.

I will ask you for something.

What did you ask for, besides the reconciliation between your mother and father?

I'm not telling.

Do you want to keep it a secret?

What did you want?

When your wish comes true, it's mine too ...

... will be implemented automatically.

It's all right.

And when will those wishes come true?

Didn't you write the date?

How is that?

Which date?

You had to write the date.
Just think about it.

Imagine that this is a petition to the Ministry of Demand and Fisheries.

You have to think like that.
You understand me?

Name, surname, signature, passport number.

The first word spoken.

Well done. Registry information. Is important.
That's all you need to write.

Why are you making fun of me?

I am not preaching.

Come on.

To the sea.


Let's go.

Okay, so I'm jumping.

It's not like this.
I meant that we would go.

Shall we ride a horse?

I don't have such fantastic wishes.
We go normally. Come on.

But I have to go home.

You know what? You will not believe. It was one of my wishes. I wanted to take my beloved home again.

How quickly it came true.

You are so much fun with me.
But in that case, mom and dad will be reconciled.

You make me laugh.
We came here and you are playing all the time.

You are playing with me all the time. Let's go.

But laughter is health, Can.

I'm so sorry.

There's a bit of confusion here.
The president has family problems.

This is happening in all families.
Right, my son?

No, no ..
Not in all families.

This is apparently typical for this area.

And how is this happening in your neighborhood?

We don't have neighborhoods.

There are residences.

If there is a fight in the family ..
Who goes out goes to a five star hotel.

Master, are you sure?

We checked everything, but something is still wrong.

We will check again.

I don't know brother.
Let's check the fluids.

Where's the boy?


Where is Muzaffer?
He left the store and left.

Try calling.
I feel like this is going to work now.

Start it ..

Run, start ...
Now it will work.

What is it?
Do you fix it now?

We caught a big fish, Aysun.
Do not say anything.

Whose car is this?

A woman came to him.
He's your age.

But this is her behavior. Billionaire.


She said she would buy the whole area, Aysun.

He says that a house is not enough.
Reconstruction, France and other things.

She has a lot of money.
Trust me.

We are going to dance, Aysun. I feel it.

I'm sure it will work.
We must not miss this opportunity.

After all, it is a beautiful area.

The atmosphere is like in small towns near Marseille.

But this imitation, of course.

No, this is not an imitation.
You got it Bad.

Our neighborhood is not fake.

We have our grocery store, butcher.

We are like a family.

Neighborhood president.

My president.

Yes, our neighborhood is like that.

Excuse me.

What are you president?
Why don't I understand a lot?

President of the foundation to transform our neighborhood.
Especially by improving living conditions.

How can you improve them?

What do you mean?

Because this neighborhood is very old.

Dear Madame, places change thanks to people.
What will change if you change buildings ?!

Where is the woman?

You better not ask.
Her sick son took her to Mevkibe.

For Mevkibe?

Do not ask.

My God. Take care of the store and I'll check it out. - good. It's all right.

Try calling again.

Is your name Leyla?

No, I'm Mevkibe.
Leyla is my daughter. It is in your honor.

So do you have a daughter?

Two daughters.

Yes, he has two ...
The second is Sanem.


Yes, Sanem. We wanted to, but they didn't give it to us. But love knows no obstacles. This is fate.

Nothing like that. He's making it up. Everything is Muzaffer.

I understand, I understand.

There are strange relationships in such places.

And what is your name?

I'm Aysun Kaya, welcome.

- It's an honor for our neighborhood.
- Thanks.

Let me know, my mother ...

Son, why did you bring her to such a miserable place? You can find ants and lice here.

Aysun, go away alone until I threw you away.
Get out, Aysun. Come on.

Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be. You are interested in this district, and Aysun knows this very well. I will help.

Yes Yes. I'm interested ..
A good place to invest.

You may be interested in another area.
We don't have places where you can invest.

How not?
Yes, there is ..

It is a paradise for investors.

I saw that many houses are for sale.

No, it is not for you.
You can not do that.

This is not so certain, my lady.

Okay Can, will I get out of here?

Our neighborhood.

The limit of happiness, right?

Excuse me.

Sanem, don't worry, ok?

Your mom and dad love each other.

If not, would you be like this? You were very lucky to have grown up in a house full of love.

You grew up with your parents who are full of love.

The fish reminded me of my family.

Fish read our wishes, right?

The fish left all their affairs and read our wishes. One by one.

I got tired. I hope my car has already been repaired.

- Fixed, fixed, lady.
- Repaired, repaired.


In that case, I will go.

See you later.

See you bye.

Madam, I checked the car, I don't see any problem. But we will check again. Please, do not worry.

Please be careful.
You have dirty hands.

Please drink our coffee and refresh yourself a little.

Por favor. Que tipo de café você bebe? Simples?




Meu Deus.

O que é esse lugar?
O que é esse lugar?


O que você está fazendo?



Por que você chutou uma tigela de aveia?

Eu não quero mexer com você.


Eu não quero mexer com você também. Eu respeito sua idade e peço respeitosamente. Por favor, encha a tigela com mingau.

Estou falando com você.
Você não pode sair.

Por favor, afaste-se.

Senhora, sinto muito.
Peço desculpas por todos eles.

Eu vou resolver tudo daqui a pouco.
Por favor.

Sanem, por que você está fazendo isso?
Ela veio aqui para investir em nosso bairro.

Nosso status vai mudar. Não aja assim.

No começo, deixe-a investir na mudança de seu caráter.

Que ela seja um humano primeiro e depois venha para cá.

Você não pode sair até encher a tigela com mingau.

Tome isso.

Me dê isso.

Não feche.
Você pode abrir a janela?

Abra a janela.
Abra a janela.

Às vezes tentamos resolver algo com dinheiro..
Mas você não terá força suficiente para isso.

Mustafa, vá embora. Vá.

Por favor, senhora?

Olhe para ela.
Sem vergonha!

Bom trabalho, minha filha. Que inveja de você.
Nós acabamos..

Estamos no fundo. Muito obrigado, Sanem.

Por quê?

Você está chateado porque você não chegou perto dela?


Tudo está perdido.


Garota maluca

- Venha aqui
- Onde você está filha?

Além disso, ela ainda grita.

"Até você dizer" Mr. Emre "para mim, não haverá artigos."

"Okay, Emre. I got used to it.
I've been talking to you for so many years."

"It will be good if you get used to the new one."

"They couldn't find an important document, so I came. I had to do it."

"That it wouldn't be like I left."

"Leyla, give it to me too."

"Osman, I'll call you later, okay? I'm working now. I'll call you in 10 minutes."

Three days. Three days.
She was still talking to me.

Are you so crazy, do you boil your blood, do you feel so cold?

I wanted to take a break. In the end it's cool.

I see that. I noticed.

I wonder what's heating you up so much?

Leave me alone.
You better tell me how you doing. You did it?

I couldn't, unfortunately.


Because Sanem's parents were arguing, of course, because of us. The situation is very bad.

It is true that my father forgave Sanem, but it is still bad between him and mother Mevkibe. So I couldn't.

Well no.
What are you saying?

Sanem only thinks about the family ..
So I had to postpone it for later.

I can not do anything.
I am waiting for the right moment.

I think you shouldn't be in a hurry.

You know when the right time will come.

Will we sit here?
In that case, I'll get something hot to warm up.

I made a cup of coffee.

Where's that Boncuk?

All the cats ran away from that.

There is no Boncuk anywhere.
Does not exist.

I don't think she did anything bad for Boniecki?

I'm sure she wouldn't dare.

Daughter, what are you talking to yourself?

I'm still mad at this woman, mom.
All the cats ran away from that.

It's not over yet ...

And how sensitive is that. When mineral water dripped over her, she lifted the entire area at her feet.

It's a pity that you haven't seen it.

In addition, she is looking for a home in our area.

I swear if she moves here, I will argue with her every day.

No, she will not dare.

Mom, are you making this sweater for my dad? Are you sewing for him?

Why should I do this?
It is for me.

For you?

Isn't it too wide?

I want it off. This is what I like. Am I sewing for him? God .. God .. Did you finish the hearing? It's over?

I'm here.


How are you mom?

Very well ... great daughter.

Veja como é legal. Minhas filhas estão comigo. Que Deus ajude quem fica na loja e tem que sobreviver.

Eu vou dormir. Eu vou dormir.

Amanhã tenho muitas coisas para fazer em casa.
Eu vou cuidar disso. E vocês limpam aqui.

Mãe, isso não pode ficar assim..
Amanhã vou falar com meu pai e vou arrumar tudo.

Sim mãe.
A Irmã, eu irei e juntas seremos mais convincentes.

Não se atrevam a se meterem este assunto.
Se vocês fizerem isso, eu juro que será ruim.

Não interfiram.

Ok mãe. Tudo bem.

Tudo bem.

Não importa.

Afinal de contas, isso não nos interessa de maneira alguma. Certo, irmã?

É verdade irmãzinha.

Sanem, o que vamos fazer agora?

Isso não pode continuar assim.
Conversa não é suficiente,temos que pensar em outra coisa.

O quê?

Temos que preparar um bom plano.

Sim, sim.
Conversas não vão resolver isso.

Você tem que inventar algo.

Mas amanhã eu tenho uma apresentação.

Eu fiz tanto hoje!

Agora você pensa um pouco.

Ok, irmãzinha.
Eu penso

Amanhã será um ótimo dia.

Sim. Estou muito nervosa com a apresentação de amanhã. Eu devo estar cheio de energia.

Quero começar com as palavras "Toda mulher ..." para mostrar a força das mulheres.

Muito bom!

Quando você veio para casa, viu Boncuk?

O que é isso Boncuk?

Toda mulher ... mulher.

Eu posso retirar essa parte fora?

Você está pronta para decolar, bebê?

Can, eu inventei alguma coisa, eu escrevi ...

Mas como você pode ver, eu fico nervosa ...

Quero dizer ... eu não acho que posso fazer isso.

Deixe que outra pessoa apresente.

Deixe a Sra. Deren fazer isso.
Ela tem mais talento para persuadir as pessoas.

Eu não posso fazer isso. É um grande negócio. Não quero que a percamos por minha causa.

Eu ... E, em geral, quem sou eu?

Eu vou te dizer quem você é.

Você é um anjo que com um toque ilumina tudo com luz.

Você é meu anjo.

É mesmo?

E o que você acha?

Tudo que você toca, não se transforma em pedras preciosas?


O que quer que você faça, não fica lindo?


Você não me deixa louco toda vez que me abraça?
Isso não está acontecendo?

Eu deixo!

Eu faço sim.

Sim, bom.
Nós não nos motivamos agora dessa maneira, certo?

Não! Você acha que realmente precisa disso?

Então eu vou dizer isso ...

Você fez tantas campanhas, você as executou.

Você está deixando todo mundo louco.
Você não está fazendo isso?




Vá e ganhe essa luta, mestre.
Não vou dizer mais nada.

Oh! Na minha opinião, estávamos loucos de amor.

Nesse caso, vou limpar aqui.

Até que eu caí.

Desta vez eu estou bem preparada, Can.

Onde eles estão, Ceycey?

Aqui estão eles, Sra. Deren.

Por que você não os levou para o escritório?

Eu não sei, Sra. Deren.
Eles vieram e sentaram-se aqui.

Eu sou Deren Keskin, diretora de criação.

Prazer em conhecê-la.

Sra. Ayça. Ele irá, em vez do Sr. Erdinça, cooperar com você como nosso representante na Turquia.

Realmente? Prazer em conhecê-la.

Por favor, vou levá-los para a sala de conferências.

- Por aqui
- Sim

Por favor.


Por favor. Bem-vindos.
Esta é a nossa sala de conferências.

Bem vindos..

Eu vou apresentar para você, Sra. Ayça.

Ela será nosso representante na Turquia.

Muito bom conhecer você, Sra. Ayça.
Eu sou Can Divit.

- Sanem.
- Ayça.

Bem vindo...

A reunião já começou?
Eu estou atrasada?

Aylin, você não pode participar desta reunião.

Como não posso participar?

Emre, eu sou co-proprietário desta empresa.
Você não entende isso.

Aylin, se você entrar por esta porta..
Meu irmão vai parar a apresentação.

E ele vai te jogar para fora da porta.

Você realmente quer isso?

Aylin, me escute.
Esta campanha é muito importante para nós.

Me dê um tempo.

Eu vou consertar seus relacionamentos.

Tudo bem.

Mas um pouco!
Um pouco.

Se você quiser, podemos começar a apresentação.

Tudo bem.

Srta. Sanem, por favor.


Estou começando.

Finalmente, ela estará usando o batom na certidão de casamento no Escritório de Impostos.

Ouça o nosso slogan.

Crie beleza!

- Maravilhoso! Eu gosto muito disso! Incrível!
- Super

Estou muito feliz que você goste.


Muito obrigada.

A campanha pertence a você, Sr. Can.

Muito obrigado.

Foi ótimo.




Eu estava nervosa.

Foi difícil.


Eu tenho uma estranha premonição ...

Que premonição?

Agora está tudo bem, todo mundo está feliz.

Sim. Que bom que é, Ceycey.

E se tudo mudar?

Se tudo ficar diferente?

Como é isso?

Apenas pense ...

A Sra. Aylin será nossa diretora.
Ela nos tratará como escravos.

Parece-me que será algo terrível.

Ceycey, não diga essas coisas. O universo pode coletar essa energia ruim! Jogue esses pensamentos fora! Lance!

Eu não direciono esses pensamentos para o universo, o universo me direciona para tais pensamentos.

É um sentimento!

Não pense sobre essas coisas, Ceycey.
Não me assuste.

Eu também estou com medo.

Sorria! Você sempre sorriu, você falou sobre energia positiva.


Segure, coma.

Está tudo bem?

Sim sim sim.

Sanem, quero parabenizá-la.
Você foi muito bem com a apresentação.


Muito obrigada, Sra. Deren.

De nada.

- irmãzinha.
- Irmã!

Meus parabens.

Eu estava terrivelmente nervosa.
Eu pensei que não poderia fazer isso.

Mas você fez um ótimo trabalho.



Obrigado, Sr. Emre.

Então sim, amigos. Eu quero agradecer pelo trabalho que vocês colocaram neste projeto.

Mas! Mas vocês não acham que uma comemoração tão pequena não é suficiente para uma vitória tão grande?

Claro que sim.

- Sim!
- Vamos fazer uma festa? O que vocês dizem?

Sim sim sim!

Bem! Nesse caso, faremos uma festa na casa do Sr. Can.

Vamos começar a festa.

Organize uma festa para nós, chefe!

Chefe, organize uma festa para nós!

Chefe, organize uma festa para nós!

O que há, a humanidade?
Que festa?

Can, decidimos organizar uma festa. Nós não lhe contamos, mas vamos providenciar em sua casa.

Nós não aceitamos uma recusa.

Você já me viu recusar?

Estou sempre pronto.

Estamos começando a festa!

Vamos para a casa do Sr Can.



Sr. Can..Sr. Can..
Posso ser DJ nesta festa?


Eu te amo muito, Can.

Você disse isso na frente de todos?

Sim, não tenho mais medo.

Eu também te amo demais.

Ainda não está muito alto.


- De onde ela veio?
- Olá, Ceyda.

Achei que a festa não poderia ser a mesma sem a Sra. Ceyda, então liguei para ela imediatamente.

Sim. É impossível que ela não estivesse aqui.

Só você fez falta aqui.

Eu também te recebo, minha querida.

Eu também me recebo, querida.

Te parabenizo mais uma vez.

Amigos, aplausos para Ceyda.

Por quê?

Por quê?

Não vale a pena. Eu fiz alguma coisa?

É verdade, não vale a pena.

Não, não Você merece esse aplauso. Você me apresentou a McKinnen.

E depois do que aconteceu, você nos ajudou a manter um bom relacionamento com ele. Isso não é suficiente.

Eu realmente parabenizo você.
Todos esses aplausos são para você.

É isso mesmo, senhora Ceyda.
Obrigada por tudo.

Você pode me chamar de Ceyda.


Nesse caso, por favor.

Na minha opinião, nós temos que beber pela amizade.


Mas não se esqueça da nossa empresa.

Não se esqueça da "Compass"!

Então você encontrou seu amor.


Que bom, que bom.

As pessoas estão surpresas.
Tal amor em tais momentos.


Mas nós nunca fomos separados.

Pode parecer estranho para você, mas ...

Mesmo que a gente não se veja, conseguimos nos ouvir..
Acredita nisso?

Isso é a mais pura verdade

Portanto, ninguém é capaz de nos separar tão facilmente.

Nesse caso, vamos beber.

Vou te trazer um copo de água gelada.

Para ajudar a descer o que ficou preso na garganta.

Porta.. estão batendo na porta.
Eu vou abrir..

Como isso é possível?

É você de novo?
Estamos nos encontrando novamente, tia?

Que tia, meu amor?

Por que você está falando com uma tia?

É por causa do respeito pela sua idade.

Ok, provavelmente você está trabalhando aqui.

Eu não tenho que me preocupar com você.

Pendure apenas, tá bom?

Espere um pouco, espere um minuto.

Eu não posso deixar você entrar.

Quem é você para falar comigo assim?

Eu posso..

Eu sou a anfitriã desta casa.

Espere um minuto!
É o suficiente!

Pegue um casaco e uma bolsa!

Deixe aquele que te convidou, te deixar entrar ...

Sanem, por que você está gritando?
O que aconteceu?




Isso é uma piada?

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