Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 21 - Episode #1.21 - full transcript

Erkenci Kus 21

-Here it is. Double everything. Get it ..- Don't do it Can
-Go away.

Why did you do such a thing, Mr Can?

Your smell is just mine.

Do you understand that now?

Just a few hours ago ..
You were thinking that Can suspected you were the spy.

And what is it now?

HM hm

He doesn't suspect me.
I'm sure.

How can you be so sure?

It looks like you didn't see it, the way he protected me from Mr Fabri.

And more...

The way he said,
"You smell like me."


I think what he did,
it has nothing to do with you.

It was just stubbornness of man ...

What does this have to do with it?
How nasty you are ...


Get out of my mind ..
Get out.

He likes my smell ...

Good Morning...

Good Morning.

-Good morning Mr Can
-Good morning ...

-Good job friends.

- I'm renewing the company's security system, Can.

You are excellent ...
This needs to be installed as soon as possible ...

-For that kind of incident, it won't happen again.

Certainly..They scheduled it for next week.
But I got them to come before.


Is everything ready for filming, tomorrow's catalog?
-Everything is ready..

-Hum-Don't worry ..

- There's one more thing

-Which is?
-This is Not With Me.

It's not me.
It looks like you have something. I'm listening.


Can, in fact ... I wanted to talk about something you already know.
The check you signed for Fabri.

I mean..

I thought that after receiving the advance from Ceyda,
we could fix the situation.

And you know what the company's situation is.

-Deren ...
-I'm listening.

I'll tell you something ...
Sometimes ... now and then.

-I think about the company .. did you know?
-I did not mean that..

Of course you think ...
But what I was trying to say ...

I am selling my house, Deren.

Which house?

Ahhh ..
You are selling your small house ..

- Although this is ... -
Deren? I'm taking care of it.

Do not worry.
I'll tell you something ...

I'm not fully awake yet,
since morning.

Can you remove that expression
"We are finished" from your face?

Please .. I ask you that.
You take care of the crew ...

And the storm is in me.
I take care of the storm.


The crew is with me.
I'm focused now. No panic.

Yes ma'am. Please ..
Good morning.


-Welcome, and good morning.
-Good Morning...

I brought your tea, Mr Can.

Um ..
So .. I must go now.

Fine. And do not forget.
The crew is with you, and the storm is on me.

Ok ..
The crew is with me.

-Amazing ...

-Amazing ... tea -Tea

Enjoy it.

Saying incredible to you
is not enough.

Beautiful outfit ..
Maybe a special collection, because it's pink ..

I woke up like that today ...

-Good ...
-Hum ..

Actually ... I made you a present.
And I wanted to give it to you.

A gift? For me?

I know this is nothing ..
Compared to what you did for me, but ...

What did I do?

You confronted Mr Fabri, because of me.

I'll tell you something ...

Do not mention the name of this despicable to me.
This is now my problem.

The issue was my perfume.
This happened because of me.

But .. is it your perfume?

I think this smell is mine!

As well?

Like this...

At that night...

When I didn't even see your face ...

The first night, when we met ...

The night that changed my life ...
In the dark ...

While I was sailing like a ship ...
No sails and no rudder ...

There are things in life that will never change ...

You understand me?

I understand...

I dont understand...

I don't understand, what I understand ..

And what I don't understand.

I feel hot here ...

I better give you your gift ..
Before I break it ...

What is it?

- I made this perfume
myself ... - For me?

-The herbs?
- In fact...

I did it with a single flower.

And has a name?
The flower...

-Unnamed flower ...
-No name?

Because it is very rare, of course.
But yes, it has a name.

It is underground violet.


It is a rare type ...
Very rare to see ..

IT IS ..

Even for me to find one ...

It was like a miracle.

It seems ...
It looks very strong, but ...

But its stem is very delicate.

And you can hide, indefinitely from everyone.


In the spring, if she wants ...
Get out of the basement.

It blooms even under the ground

Your smell ...

It can be felt ...

And she can be seen ...

Did you see its color?

I saw...

Did you smell it?

I felt..

Did you understand that it came to the surface,
just for you?

I understood..

Sr Can...

I didn't understand Mr Can ..
I didn't understand.

I didn't understand about the file ...

Mr Can ..
The camera system has been installed.

The cameras record everything.
Nothing is kept secret.

The cameras are wonderful things.

It is impossible to place a camera here ...
Don't let a camera be installed here.

You can't have cameras here.

Very good...

If my eyes shine like a "nameless one"
Who presents her color to the world for the first time ...

My dear...

It's the time when you say to me,
"You are a poet"

I just wrote this poem for you.

Or don't read it as a poem, if you want to.

Because every year, I will write this again.

And after the cold starts ..

Traveling thousands of kilometers ..

The joy of the bird flying to the south ..

I will write to you again ...

In every era, in every era ...

In the unique language of love ...

We were even late in installing the
camera system, Miss Deren.

In fact ...
Previously, there were cameras here.

But Mr Aziz said that employees could
be uncomfortable with this. And removed everything.

He is a very correct person.

A very correct person ...

Should people who work for Mr. Aziz's company be like that?

This is an elite place.
You work at this company ... What does 'spy' mean?

CeyCey ...
Who are you yelling at now?

Miss Deren .. I'm shouting at everyone.
If there's a spy here, I'm trying to catch him now.

Because he will surrender by his gestures ..

He will move in some way, he will move his shoulders ...
Something will happen.

CeyCey ... You're constantly screaming like crazy
at people .. I don't like it.

You have to learn to control yourself CeyCey.

You have to learn to control your CeyCey anger.
I haven't been able to make you learn that, all these years.

-You're right.-You can't teach me all these years, Miss Deren, right?
-Miss Deren ...

-You're right ... right, right right ... -
Miss Deren ...

The security guard who was on duty in the building when we were camping, came.

Okay, take him to Mr. Can's office.

I'm leaving now.


-Don't yell at people ..- Okay.
-Do not scream.

-Don't scream ..
-Because you don't scream too, right?

Ferdy .. think a little son.
Force your memory ..

We were at the camp, the whole company.
There was nobody here that day.

Who could come? It could be anyone

It could be the postman, some delivery man ...
Who? Try to remember.

-Actually, she came, Mr Can ...

-Miss Aylin came ...
-Why am I not surprised by that?

My dear Mr Ferdy ..
How can you let someone in that company cut calls?

How can such a thing happen?

What kind of security system is this ??

Miss Deren ..
She said she wanted to get her personal stuff.

And when she said that you knew that.
I couldn't do anything else.

And you believed that, didn't you?

-Bravo ... Congratulations.

I'm sorry ..
I'm sorry, Miss Deren.

Sorry, Mr. Ferdy , I'm sorry, I'm going to apologize too.

Let's all apologize ..
And let the work fall

Come on, we are all sorry.
How beautiful it is.

Okay Deren .. ok.
Calm down ... calm down.

Calm down ... calm down for 2 seconds ..
We know this Aylin's actions.

She can speak in a threatening tone, okay?

Ferdy, my dear brother ...
Don't let us think that we have a weak security system, okay?

Please Mr Ferdy ...
From now on, be very careful, please.

Ok Mr Can ...

I apologize again ..
I'm sorry.

But when we were at the camp.
There was nothing clear about the campaign yet.

Sanem dear, we are talking about a
very private matter . Could you leave us alone?

But Sanem is right Deren ...

Bravo Sanem ...

We were at camp that day.
None of us were here.

There was no idea about the campaign yet.
There was no slogan, there was absolutely nothing.

What could Aylin steal, if she came here?


There is only one way out ...
As in the past ...

There's a spy in the company ...

There is something...

I just think...

-Sanem, is Aylin the spy?
-And what did he say.

They will definitely kick us out ...

Along with the mole (spy) or something.
Like the mole family

Look ...

This is the mole (the spy) ...
She looks like a mole, you see?

-It's impossible for me to be CeyCey ...- I said you look like a mole.
I gave just one example.

And do you know what they will do now?

They will bring the truck and place it in front of the company door.

They will put us in this truck, while they are hitting our mouths with the brushes

Then the doors will still close in our face.
Yes, they will kick us out.

CeyCey, calm down ...

You're saying CeyCey nonsense.

No ...
Because if I were in their place, I would do that.

Yes .. what is that?

Spy, insect. mole, squirrel ...

-This place became a zoo.
-CeyCey !!

You burned my career ...

You broke up with me ..
That's what you did ...

-Don't be silly ..

-Don't overdo it ..
-Ceycey .. one second ...

It makes no sense to blame one or the other now ...

-Yes ..- Who should I blame?
My brother-in-law in the village?


Or should I blame my uncle, who cuts Shawarma in London?
(* Shawarma, thin slices of roasted meat *)

Who should I blame?

The person I blame is here ...

What are you saying Ceycey?

-Aylin language ...


For a while ...
You and Miss Aylin were constantly together ...

Constantly .. and what happened?
What did she say? Tell me.

What are you talking about CeyCey?
Get back to common sense ..

You can be the spy ...
I suspect you now.

Perhaps that woman spread to you,
like a virus.

-What are you talking about CeyCey?
-You are under her influence.

Yes ... you
've never been like this before

She put on a lot of makeup ...
To hide and disguise her expressions and gestures, under her makeup.

You also started putting on a lot of makeup ...

It could be you.

-Ceycey, calm down.
-Don't call me CeyCey.

- How many times have I told you not to interrupt me?
-CeyCey, come back to you.

But you stop ... you stop.

All cameras will see everything you do.

They'll get you all.
They will take everything that happens here.

One second ... one second.
One second...

Sanem ...

What if the spy put a camera before us?

After your confused conversation ...
For the first time, you say something right CeyCey.

-As well?
-That's very logical. Maybe the spy is someone from the outside. Yes..

Maybe he came, put on a camera and left.
This is possible too.

My brain is working very fast now.

I'm thinking strange things ...
It's working really fast.

-That makes sense ...
-Don't push ... don't push like that.

We will behave naturally ..
As if we don't know anything.

We will act normal ..
As in our daily lives ..

What are you doing Sanem?
How are you?


What are you doing?

No, no. I can not.
What will we do now?

-Let's look for the camera, of course.
-Okay .. but how do we find her?

We will search secretly ...
We will search secretly and find.

Okay, but the camera is already hidden.
They must have hidden the camera.


-Okay .. let's start looking then.

-I'm going there .. No. Here a little.

I'll search here...

Will I look in normal places?

Why don't you come up here, for example?

I'm ready to forget everything that happened ...

That's enough ... don't act on my back ...
And don't even disappoint me again.

I'm listening to Aylin ..

Dear Emre ..
Why can't we meet?

What are you trying to do?
I can't recognize you anymore ..

Isn't it clear what I'm trying to do ??

I'm trying to win my brother's trust ...
Have a little patience.

Emre, what do you have in mind?

-I'm going there, we need to talk.
-You will not come here at all

Wait for news from me ...
I'll tell you everything ..

Trust me a little ...



No, no.
This cannot be so

It can't be like this ...
I think ...

We should put ourselves in the spy's shoes
for a moment ...

- Put yourself in the spy's shoes.
-I can not do that.

Sanem .. don't tell me that ...
I can't be the spy.

-I don't like these things ...
-Ceycey .. wait a minute.

Where did the idea for the campaign first come from? Where did it come from in our minds?

In the forest...


When we got back to the company ..
Where did we present the idea for the campaign?

In Mr Can's office ...

It's nowhere ...

You searched?
Did you look under the CeyCey vase?

-I don't think it would be under the vase Miss Deren ...
-They put the camera in here. Look it up.

- Before there was a snow globe here?

Yes ... I concentrated on this place ..
My senses were going towards him.

-Okay ... continue.
-What snow globe?

You bothered with him while we were working here. Then he handed it to Miss Deren and asked to get him out of here.

Ahh .. he was there.

What happened to Deren?

Yes .. You didn't want to and I took it.

-Now, where did I take you?
-What's the location now? Where it is located?

I'm thinking ... where did I take it?
I took it to my office.

"Miss Deren ... is that possible? Let's go to your office right away."
-Running to my office ...

Ohh God.

Where? Where?

I put it somewhere around here ...

Are you sure, Deren?

I'm sure.
It looks so ... I don't know ...

Yes Yes.
It was on top of the pink box. I remember.

Was he there?

I don't know ..
I really have no idea where I put it.

Miss Deren, how do you not know?
Don't you know where you put it ??

-I don't know ..
-How is that possible?

Where's your brain and your intelligence?

Get out CeyCey, I'm really sad ...
And you're treating me badly ... Get out.


-Get out because I know where I put it.
-Go back to work .. Aren't you working?

What are we going to do now?

-I think you're on the right track ..
-How? Is the camera in the snow globe?

Are you sure about that?

It seems so.

Someone took it and destroyed it. But who?

Who could it be?
Whoever's with Aylin.

We talk about many things here ...

We talk about many things.
We talk about everything.

I'm done ... I'm done.
It's the end.

Emre ... I hope it's not you.

Sr. Emre?


I was waiting for Deren ...

Could he have done that?

You're not going to stop until you get into it, are you?

I want to make a wish...

Yes, I'm going to get in.
What's wrong with that?

Although I do not support you in any act you do ...
Now I have the same opinion.

I think you should go and say ...

But I'm not sure ...
I didn't see if it was him, I just think.

I just saw that he was in Miss Deren's office ..
And the snow globe was in his hands.

That's why I think he took it and took it.


A salad...

There is no "then" here ...
I need to tell Mr Can.


Yes .. but what if he didn't do it?
What if it wasn't him?

What I would do?
It would be very shameful.

100 out of 100


Ok .. You can write it down .. ok.
Okay, Brother Ahmet.

Murat ...
Take this to the file.

Okay, Miss Deren.


But put it in a good place ...

Well, Miss Deren ..
I will put it according to the week.

Srta Whose ...

I have a small business to do.
And I wanted to ask your permission.

What business now, Sanem?
What's the deal out there ...

... which is more important, than what you do here,
on a working day?


I wanted to buy a memory card,
for the camera to work.

Okay .. so you can go.

But on your way, stop at the printer and check the posters we ask for.

- So that no problem happens at the last minute.
-But I..

Since you are the coordinator of this project.
You have to control everything.


You cannot be a coordinator,
only to be called a coordinator.

The coordinator has her responsibilities ...

What will happen if you don't
check the posters?

At the last minute, if something happens ...
What are you going to say to the team? " Good..."

-Okay, I understand;

But if you give up and refuse to be a coordinator.
If you want it is different, of course

No, no.
I will not do that .. of course.

What are you doing?


-Are you running from me?

_ What are you doing?
-Miss Deren ...

-Are you running from me?
-No, no. I have work to do ...

-Come here .. I have a job for you..Come here.
-Hum -Hum

You go to the printing shop together ..
And you go to check the posters together.

I don't want any mistakes.
We have a lot of work.

Sure sure
Miss Deren ..

About my panic attack that
happened some time ago ...

Don't remember ... I'm trying to forget.

Go and don't do anything stupid ...
Finish the job and go back to the company.

Yes Yes.

We are waiting for you again ...

We are waiting for you ..

Mevkibe ..
Do you want a lemonade or a yogurt?


Bread with cheese?


Mevkibe Aydin?

- Yes Yes. she is Mevkibe Aydin.
-Pick these flowers for you, sister.

-From who? Who sent this?
- There's a card inside sir ...

How nice ...
God .. God ..

I wonder who wrote this, Mevkibe ..
I wonder who ...

I'm so curious ...
How kind and cute ...

My orange slice ...
Come and feel my flower ...

What did I say that saddened you?

Let my mouth and tongue dry ..

Stop cleaning and washing ..
The machine is too complicated ..

I am nobody without you.
Forgive me Mevkibe.

Remetente: Nihat Aydin

It's me Mevkibe ...
What did you think? How are you doing? Surprise?

Did you write gum poetry, brother?

What you want?

So good work.

Will you forgive me Mevkibe?

You forgive me?


Forgive me?


She didn't forgive me ...

-President ... good morning.
-What did you do son? Did you solve the invitations?

Ahh I solved it .. I solved it.

I planned for the night ...

And I printed it in the morning.

Here are the invitations to our library.

Look ..
You are smart .. very good.

Okay..Why are you whispering?
I don't understand this.

I swore to keep silent ..
I don't speak in front of Nihat.

You took a big oath ...
I don't understand what you say.

Sanem..when you change the direction ...
I stay out and end up getting wet, yes.

Did you say it was Mr Emre,
who took the snow globe from the table?

Yes ..
But I will talk to him ..

You will not speak to him.
You will speak to Mr Can.

Go there and tell Mr Can everything.
Tell him.

Together, we will act only in this way.

-I'm listening to Ayhan ...
-Tomorrow is the opening of our neighborhood library.

Look .. will you come, for sure?
I don't want you to refuse.

I will ... I will ...
Sanem ... Sanem.

The drops ... I'm getting wet again.

I will even do this Ayhan ...
I will bring books.

I have a lot of love story books.
I can donate them.

I don't need them after all.
Many books and so on.

It's raining...

You are very silly and fun ..
You knew, didn't you?

Yes ..
CeyCey is right ...

I need to talk to Can.
First, I have to talk to Can.

Sanem ??

-Sanem .. I'm wet.

Come here...

Great great.
Only 200 thousand lire, right?

Super .. super. Thank you very much for reporting this to me.
Thank you thank you very much.

Yes ...
I'll go to the bank to get the necessary signatures.

Okay thank you.
Good job.

Yes, Mr Ibrahim, I am listening.

No, no. This is not going to save Mr Ibrahim ...
It really is not going to save.

We already gave a low price ...

Of course .. Yes .. yes. No, no.
I don't have time to wait. I need to sell now.

It's okay. It is a little low price.
But I need the money right now ..

Yes, ok.
Thanks, good work.


-Welcome ...
-Thank you, but .. at the wrong time.

No, no.
It's nothing important.

-How's Ceyda?
-Well, thank you. And you?

I'm fine too.
Please .. sit down.

What are you going to drink?
Tea, coffee, or something else?

No .. nothing.

Do you have any news Can? How are the preparations
for the photo shoot going? Tell me.

I was going to call you anyway ..

To discuss the details.

First, I will say that the studio
we are going to photograph is ready.

- What does "we go" mean?
-Yes I will. I will photograph.


-How wonderful Can ..
-What incredible news.

To be honest, I wanted to make this proposal to you.
But you already came with this.

The name "Compass Sport" for me is special.

And is there still something we can do
for the company Fikri Harika?

If you want, we can pay the full amount ..
Or even more.

You are very kind. Really, thank you very much.
But it is not necessary.

Imagine that this partnership
will continue for a long time.

Obviously, we will do a good job with you.

I understand, indeed. Thank you.
But this is really not necessary.

Can, I wanted to ask you about the spy.
What happened? Any news?

- That depends on me. Consider it resolved.
-Super news ..

For sure ...
I'm very happy.

Well, then we are not going to arrest you ..

- Judging from the fact that we exchanged good news ... We are ready to go.
-Before that I had to say ...



See you later..

-Can, I wanted to ask you something ...
-Of course ..

I always wanted to do a photo shoot,
with a professional photographer ...

Since you will be taking the photos for the catalog.
Could you take some pictures of me?

Ehhh ..

To be honest ...
I really am not taking such photographs.

Can't you make an exception for me?

I feel uncomfortable on camera.

But if you're behind the lens, I'll be calm.

Can, come on. Don't hurt Ceyda.
This will be a memory.

-You know ..
-It's going to be okay. Certainly,

Well, at your request ..
Tomorrow we will take some pictures.

Thank you...

- Then, we'll go .. - Okay

- See you later ... - See you

And more..

Your perfume is very good.

You are too kind.
Thank you.

What is the brand?

It has no mark.
It is special.

It suits you.

- See you later - See you

-With whom did you speak?

I was talking to a friend.


-Your mouth ended up in your ears ...
-My mouth?

Ahh because I was laughing the
whole time.

I am a positive person brother ..
And anyway, how does the mouth get to the ear?


You are my sister...

The only thing I have in life, did you know?

I want you to be happy.

I say, maybe ..
Aren't you going a little too fast?

Not so fast brother ...

I already want to live a relationship slowly ...

I want to lay on a solid foundation

Do not worry.


I trust you.

You are the most understandable of all the brothers.
You are the king..King

I will eat you ... I swear.
I will go.

Look at this little girl.
She has grown up and is already in a relationship.

And she is building this on a solid foundation.
Look look..

I'm going home to get something ...

See you later.

Come on .. look at her.

God .. God ..
You see this little girl ..

-Muzzo ...
- What?

Do not meddle in this matter, brother.

How can I not meddle, brother?

Am I not family?
Aren't we childhood friends?

Ayhan is like my sister.

Her relationship with solid foundations
makes me happy, Osman.

And in general ..
My problem is not Ayhan, but you.


You didn't do anything for your love for Leyla ...
Except to butcher a meat

You buried your love in steak and steak.

I swear you can write Leyla on a sausage tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. And hang on the wall.

But what happens?
You are busy with your meat.

The 'white collar' man comes ..

And you will sit in the front seat ..

What's in your hands? Nothing.

He is a 'white collar'.
How about you? A white 'whisk'.

There is still a factory difference between you ...

Despite that, if you do anything, in addition to meatballs. Make it in the shape of a heart.

Leila is not going to eat this.
Why? Because she is a vegetarian.

Spit on such paradoxes

No brother .. I don't want to get involved.

If this is a red line, then that's fine.
I just expressed my opinion, as a friend Osman.

Do you think I don't know?

I don't know Muzzo?

Since childhood, whenever I see Leyla.
My legs and hands don't obey me ..

A hundred proposals come from the heart's mind.

But I can't get it out of my mouth.

No .. as i show myself.
I don't know, Muzzo.

I do not know...

Now it has occurred to me.
Would you believe?

Sister Mevkibe, brought books to the library.
Where do I leave them?

- Leave it under the table, near the TV, son.
-Ok, sister.

Thank you .. Thank you so

- Mrs. Mevkibe ... I'm listening.
-How are you Can? It's ok?

-I'm fine and you?
-Well indeed. Thank you.

Actually ...
I called to report some great news.

That idea that you had ...
That is, the library idea.

I am listening ..
I am listening.

We brought this to life, along with the neighborhood.

Super .. great news ..
I was very happy.

Me too me too.
This is ... the initial step, of course.

Well .. great. Thank God.
This will get even better.

Although we're just starting
the library, but ...

I mean ..
I want to thank you.

My first project .. my success.
It is our success.

It's the perfect thing for the neighborhood.

Tomorrow night among the residents, we will make an opening ...

As the father of this idea, if you join us ..
I will be very happy.

Okay, I'll be clear.
With pleasure.


Perfect .. I will wait.

-Okay, see you then.
- See you soon, good job.


Come on Sanem .. I believe you.
Good luck.

Can .. I need to tell you something.

Sanem, if it is nothing related to work and if
it is not urgent. Please don't interrupt me.

I can barely organize my thoughts
and stay focused, really.

The catalog has no products. Neither do

There are not enough models to photograph.

-I have to do many things now, please.
-Can, but I ...

And by the way .. Ceyda came here today.

Ceyda? Where did she come from?

She came at the Sanem company.
Where else would Ceyda go?

Why? What did Ceyda say?

-What did Ceyda say?

Well, the woman came to accompany my work.
He placed orders, talked about payment.

He acted like a professional.
And that was it.

But as you realized ..

We have nothing to show her.
I noticed this today.

God God..

So that's it ..
If you have nothing to show Can ..

Show your 'love'.

Show him pity, show his mercy ...

You certainly showed her something ...
Didn't you?


And by the way ... she liked my smell.

-Do you smell?

-Like? Did she smell you?
-No, it didn't 'smell' me specifically.


She must have smelled
me while she was kissing me.

-Kissing? Did she kiss you too?
-She kissed me on the cheek.

On the left and on the right ..
While I was leaving and saying goodbye.

-Like this.
-No ... She should have kissed your lips too

That is, it smelled and approached much more.

-Of course, she would like that.
-You also .. shouldn't have made this perfume so good.

Where did I get this perfume from?

Of course, she liked it.
The poor woman is trying to be my friend.

You would become.

You should have said .. There is a campaign of friends.
And there's a discount for you.

You should say, so let's be friends.

What do you mean by campaign ..
discount and all that nonsense?

I say, I wanted you to say ..
"I'm friends with everyone ..."

Sanem is my friend ...

Deren is my friend ..
Gamzé is my friend ..

You should have said,
"Come on, join us and let's be friends."

-Like a normal friend ..
-Okay, so what kind of friend am I?

You are special...

As well?

You are beautiful .. special.

Linda .. as a friend?

Of course ... as a friend.

- Simply ...- Can?
-Your friend Deren has arrived ...

"What happened, Deren? What happened?"

Can .. we have a big problem.

One of the models of the campaign .. He
is not able to come tomorrow.

I looked, but we don't have a suitable replacement.

What will we do?

Let's call Osman.
Let him come to the photo shoot.

Bravo Sanem .. Subject resolved.
Call Osman, if it's not difficult.

I ask..


I'll call ...

I'm very distracted now ...
I need to concentrate.

Tell me, why did you come ..
What did you want to tell me? I'm listening.

But first I have to answer that call.
Yes, it is very important.

Yes, I'm listening.



No .. I am not selling the house cheaper.
You won't pay.

Of course ... If the customer is serious ...
We can meet.

Ok .. you tell me.
Thanks, good work.

Can ..
Are you selling your home, or did I hear you wrong?

Um um, that's right.
I'm selling the house. My house in the mountains.

-Because of Fabri?

Can .. you ..

-You love your house so much.
-Sanem, I'll tell you ..

There is nothing expensive enough ..
Not more important than you. You got it?

I'm not going to let this Fabri 'cucumber' hurt you.

Realtor calling ..

I'm listening...


Exactly ... Yes.

Sim ..
Hum HUm

No. I'm listening ... No ...
No, no.

What's up? What did you say?

I changed my mind ..
I couldn't say ...


Can put his house in the mountains up for sale,
because of Mr Fabri.

He loves that CeyCey house very much.
I'm sure you're very sad now.

I did not want to touch the subject,
given this situation.

But I made a decision.
I will speak to Mr. Emre, and clear it up.

But listen ...

-Trying to clarify, do not confuse Sanem.
-I'm leaving now. You cover me up, okay?

Okay ..
I can help with that.

No problem..

Where's my parasol?

-Osman, good job ..
-Thanks, sister.

I'm listening..

Yes it's me.

Are you calling me for
a magazine photo shoot?

Yes ..
When do you need it?


In fact, that day I ...

Say yes. Yes Yes.


Okay, okay.
I will.

Thank you thank you.
Have a nice day.

What's up? What's up?

They asked me to photograph,
for a magazine.

Ahhh I knew.
Come here.

And who would they call, if not you?

Of course they would call you.

Brother .. I think that maybe you
can advance your career in that direction.


-No .. this job is not for me.
-What do you mean 'it's not for me'?

Ohh God .. God ...
Look how many people.

Where would they find someone as beautiful as you?

Ahhh .. let me see the king ..

Do not exaggerate,...

Why would I need to exaggerate?
Look at that wonderful man.

And the eyes? Brown eyes...

Sanem ...

Mr Emre ... can we talk?


I'm listening to Sanem. What happened?
Is there a problem in the company?

I know you got the snow globe.


What are you talking about?

I'm talking about the snow globe.
That it had a hidden camera in it.

We found the camera in Mr Can's office
and didn't understand anything.

So she gave it to Miss Deren ...
She took it to her office and disappeared. Someone took it.

AND? What relationship does this have to me?

Mr Emre, I saw you at Miss Deren's office ...
You were playing with a snow globe.

Soon after he disappeared ... you took it.

Sanem ...

What are you trying to say?

I'm listening...

Compelling, and you?

I know you keep doing
things behind your brother's back.

I thought you would learn a lesson
from the experience you had. But you haven't changed.

You don't get involved in matters that don't concern you.

That concerns me, yes, and the company too.

How can you do that, looking into your brother's eyes?

Listen here ...
Don't you dare tell my brother that.

So you confess?
You did it.

I don't have to explain anything to you.
Keep your mouth shut.

And I don't have to obey your orders ...

Okay ..
I look forward to hearing from you.


Good job.



Haven't you realized yet,
that you shouldn't meddle in other people's affairs?

I need to resolve this.


What happened, didn't you expect?

No, I was just thinking a little ...
I decided to get some fresh air.

I called you, inviting you to eat something.
If you want to.

Well no ..
And look at that, the weather is terrible.

Okay .. as you wish.

Tell me, how are things at the company?

Today we install security cameras in the company.

By the way ...
Aylin was in the company.

Aren't you surprised?

You're suprised?

In fact, no.

Ahh mom you scared me.

Your mom wants to say something ..
What does she say?

She says this ...
"Why aren't you talking?"

What are we going to say?
She doesn't ask anything.

Shall we say something without reason?

Daddy .. she's not talking to you right now.

She's asking Sanem and me.
As we are, if we are well.


Well mom ...
working and everything.

She will make a speech ...

Mom .. start talking now.
It's too long.

Yes mom .. The sister understands you perfectly.
But Dad and I don't understand.

Speak .. so we can all understand then.

She didn't say that Dad doesn't understand.

Sanem, you should learn too ...
That's what she says.

This is my only flaw in this life.

Okay Mevkibe ... he won't do that.

Isn't that insult too long?


Yes mom..

Daddy has been your husband for so many years ...

Is it fair to hurt him and make him sad, on purpose?

Yes, you said a certain daughter.
Is it fair to do this on purpose?

Is it fair to be sad, for God's sake?
But accept that, Mevkibe. After he became President ..

He started to ignore his house and us.

She said she will destroy this table.

No ... that's not what she said Sanem ...

Dad .. you must be silent.

Mom has been with you for so many years ...

Now she is talking to her daughters.

How do you understand that?

What she said?
What did she do?

Mom .. what is that?
Can you really say something like that?

Ehh Sanem ..
When are you going to take us for a ride on your motorcycle?

Mr Can will teach me ... as soon as he teaches.

Look .. I know that.
I know those brown eyes. I understood.

I understood her ...

Mr. Dog who will teach me.

Well ..
Drive carefully.

She called Mr Can ..

Inviting you to open the library


And then celebrate their success together.

And then Mom is going to do Borek.

Are you going to do Borek, Mevkibe?

With vegetables and eggplants?

I don't think translation is necessary, Dad.

I did not understand.

Thank you .. I already ate.
I will stand up.

Good use sister.


Ok .. I'll translate ...

-Daddy ...

She said she loves you very, very much.

And you already want to make peace. Don't get up.

And he did it because of stubbornness.

Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh
You go out everywhere, from all sides.

Wait .. look.

Xxxo you have to press this, for the combo.
But it doesn't work

-The buttons don't work ...
-It's like always. Do not work.

Look, game over. Ended.
My eyes are hurting, that's enough.

I will say something .. your eyes look normal.
Come to work tomorrow.



-Well .. let's work together ..
-Come ..

I want to sleep...

Come back tomorrow, with more strength.

You still work out.
Practice a little. Shoot a lot.

But I beat you.


I'm fine, I'm fine.
How are you?

Yes, we are very busy ..
During this period.

By the way, I talked to my brother.
We understand each other, I'm going back to the company.

All thanks to the actions you gave ...

Okay, okay.
Do not worry.

Ok ...
I'll tell you that ....

What I'll do?

It is so difficult to know something and not speak.

I won't be able to go on like this.
Tomorrow I will tell him everything.

Take care ...
so that it doesn't end badly.

Why would this end badly? What was done?
I did nothing.

I don't know ...
In the end, you go up between two brothers.

Look at what Mr Emre did.

- Sanem, can I come in dear sister?
-Of course ... between sister.

Sister .. are you okay?

You changed your mood quickly.
Something happened?

Sister .. I will tell you something.

Well, talk.

It's about Mr Emre.

Um ..
Is he coming back to the company?

So you're not going to say anything good.

Sister ... remember the hidden camera in
Miss Deren's office ?

Okay, I know.

But how is this related to Mr Emre?

I saw him with the snow globe, in
Miss Deren's office .

And then the snow globe disappeared ...


And what about it? It attracted his attention,
and he took it to look.

This does not mean that he is the spy.

And he and Mr Cn also got along ...
He wouldn't do that.

He almost went to the other world ...

Would I jeopardize their relationship by
doing these things?

I also wanted to make sure of that ...


I was very worried ..
So I went to Mr Emre and asked.

And what did he say? Denied?

He threatened me to keep my mouth shut.


As well?

Sister .. I'm sorry.
I wasn't sure if I would tell you or not.

He again betrayed Mr Can,
and his confidence.

No, you did it right, sister.

You did the right thing.


Sanem ..
When are you going to talk to Mr Can?

-How are you doing?
-Well, Mr Can.

Immediately, I cannot contain myself anymore.

Speak sister .. speak.

I also want to say a few words
with Mr Emre today.

Say .. give him a decent answer.

Is coming...

-Good morning ...
-Good morning.

-Good morning
-Good morning.

-Good morning ..
-Good morning.

You closed the door ..
That means you have something important to say.

Yes .. but I don't know where to start.

- Yes, but anyway I have to say.


-It was Mr Emre who took the snow globe.
-Ahh that.

Okay .. Okay.

-Why aren't you surprised?
-Because I knew ..

- How did you know?
- He told me yesterday.

In the sense of?
What did he say?


There is something I want to tell you.

More precisely ... show.

What happened?

This thing was in my office.

The camera is here.

We soon lost sight of that.
When we started looking, it suddenly disappeared.

I know, because I got this.

How did you get it?

-Why did you need this?
-Don't get mad that way. Calm down.

-Why did you need that?
-Calm down, I'll tell you everything. Sit down. I'll tell.


After the accident, the first day I went to the company ...
You were looking for a spy.

-And I suspected Aylin ...
-Of course, wasn't she?


Yes .. it was her.

First she didn't confess ...

So I used her weakness for me ...
And she confessed everything.

But why did you get that?
Why didn't you come at me the right way?

What do you think?

You could be nervous like that, and
everything would get out of hand.

Does Aylin know you have it now?


She knows.

Sure you know ..

But she knows that I can't do anything.

I said that in exchange for the camera, we would not report it.


Everything is so confusing at the company ...

Do you want more news about us?


We will not destroy the trust of the
remaining customers,

Aren't we going to do anything?

I told Aylin that in exchange for the camera, there would be no police.

But if you want, okay.
It's your decision.

For now, okay.
We will not do anything.

Her fear is enough.

Are you mad at me?

You did what you had to do ...

On the contrary, I am satisfied.
For choosing us.

Emre, listen ...

I don't care what punishment this woman is
going to receive, okay?

This woman alone will do us nothing.
It is enough that you are with us.

Do not worry...

I will be with you.

Leave Aylin out of our lives ...

It's already ...

Do not worry.

That's it ... until everything is fine.

It seems that Aylin is not involved in anything else ..

Except espionage.

Can, I think Mr Emre has something
to do with this case.


What makes you think that?

I saw him in Miss Deren's office.
And he had the snow globe in his hands.

He also told me that.
I know about that.

Do you have any proof in your hands?


- No, but ... -
Salem, this is very normal ...

You don't trust's very normal.
If you look at the past.

I know what you think of me ... okay?

But I heard you ... and after listening ...
I gave him a chance.

And the past has been crossed out.

What should I do?
You would do that too.

I am wrong?

-Leyla ...
-Sr Emre.

While you were gone, there were new moves.
I brought you a look.


You did well .. thanks.

Are you alright?

I am fine.

If you have nothing to say, I will go back to the
office. I have many things to do.


Why don't you talk to me?

-Some problem?
-Why should I talk to you, Mr Emre?

What would we talk about?

When you had problems with your brother,
we talked. Do you remember?

And then he told me that he wanted everything to go back
to normal in his life.

But it turns out that you are now
involved in espionage Mr Emre.

Shall we talk about it now?

Mr Emre .. you looking into my eyes .. You
lied to me.

And I want to believe that you are
a good person.

But you are a bad man, and a bad brother.

I don't know if it feeds your ego.
But you are a very good liar.

Leyla .. hear me.

I can explain...

I don't want to hear any more, Mr Erem.
I think I've heard enough.


Sanem .. I said everything that occurred to me.
I expressed everything, everything. What did you do?

Did you tell Mr Can?

I told ...


Mr Can already knew everything ...
Mr Emre told him everything.

As well?

How did he tell?
Did you say he was a spy?

No .. not like that.

He heard about Aylin and everything she did

Mr Emre then suspected her ...
and recognized ...

Snow globe, camera .. He found everything.

But you told me that he recognized everything ..
The snow globe, the camera ...

Sister ..
He admitted. Acknowledged.

I told you everything, the way it was.

I think he's playing a game.
I dont understand.

So, Mr. Emre is not to blame ...

He said .. but I don't believe it.

Sanem, what did you do? What did you do?
How am I going to look him in the eye now?

If he is innocent ..
Why did he threaten me then?

He was afraid that I would tell Can everything.
So he went and told himself.

-He is not innocent.-Sanem .. you don't need to know everything and
solve everything, sister.

So he said everything he needed to Mr Can.


Why did he threaten me?

-Maybe, because he wanted to say it first.
-He's a dishonest man.

Look ... I feel something.
He is lying.

Sanem ..
Don't do anything until you come to, okay?

Be sure before you blame people ..
I told him everything I could.

Okay sister .. ok.

You will see that there is something wrong with all this.

Sanem? Sanem. Ahhh

God ... God ..
Again a children's book. Put here.

Please ...
And these are children's books.

Mom I swear ..
People bring all unnecessary children's books to the library.

And this is childish.

Yes .. and this one is childish.

It all started with culture ..
And it ended with my mother’s fairy tales, mom

They are beautiful, and necessary, of course.

Care ..
Step by step.

I will start reading while you
go to work in the chicken coop.

Because the library is not for us.

Muzaffer without discouragement ...
You're starting to make me nervous, son.


I'm thinking now ..
Where are we going to find another type of book.

A book shows the interest of a people.
I don't know how many books they sent us.

I think maybe I should write a book.

I'm going to write a book, for our library.

For example:
50 Muzaffer Tones.

I would say: "Don't be stupid" ..
But now it seems that it has become your profession, son.

What do you mean?

Won't we find other books for me?
How to find? I do not know.

I don't know ..
"The incubation period lasts 21 days". I know that.

Mevkibe Aydin?

-I'm listening ... it's me.
- We have something for you on the street. Can look?


In the street?

-Get it .. bring it, bring it, bring it. Fast fast.
-What is that son?


We asked for something more ...
They said books, books came

- Where did they come from?
-The one who sent it was Can Divit.

Sent by the incredible Can Divit.

He read a whole truckload of books, and sent us.

Muzaffer .. vê

I see, of course. I see ... I
just can't add, unfortunately.

An educated, cultured and presentable boy ...

The ideal boy.

Come .. let's order the books.

Ohh a truck arrived there.

There are books there. In fact, they are going to open this "library".

Library !!

Whatever ... it doesn't matter.

Ihsan ...


-Come here ..

-This library will not be opened Ihsan ..
-God .. God.

This Mevkibe, will not be able to obtain it with the Muzaffer.

How is it going to be?
Look how many books are being loaded.


There is no need for details.

Think of something like sabotage.
Think about how to destroy Mevkibe.


I'll think ...
That the person who read this pile of books ...

Find your own problem.


Okay, okay.
I think.


Look..the models came.

Okay ...

I see beautiful people ...

But this is all due to proteins,
and food colors

Um ...
Of course, yes.

What's going on, CeyCey?

- Mr Can, the professional models have arrived.
-Yes, they are very good.

Of course they are not as good as you are.
-And they can't be ...


Of course not.

What's that?

-The years passed ... how I missed it ...
-I missed it too.

Also felt ..
Do you see?

I still thought, who looks at me?

I thought about that too ...

Ahh Mr Can ..
Let me introduce you.

-Sinan .. my friend since primary school.


-Nice to meet you ...
-Hello, my pleasure.

-Sanem in elementary school, she was my best friend. We were always together.

Isn't it Sanem?

What you are?

Yes, all the girls jumped rope ...
And I played football with Sinan.

She had red shorts.
How did they look on you?

-I didn't forget ...
-Didn't you?

-How would I forget, beautiful?
-Beautiful in the same way?

Short up here ... and still beautiful ??

Not that short.
Is it possible to use it this way?

So ..
Like football shorts.

-All the girls were so in love with you.

As an "we were" in love ??

They ... They were in love.
They ... They were. Not me.

I was quiet ... do you remember?

-I remember ..
-How would she forget? With her memory ...

She has photographic memory, as you know.

She remembers everything and everyone.
It is true .


Sinan, we'll talk later.
I need to work now, okay?

But don't go ... I found you after these years.
Let's have: Poems, coffee and conversation

I won't disappear ...

You'll be gone ... You have to go now.
Because you have driving lessons on the bike.

What kind of memory is this?
You remember, you don't remember.

If you don't remember easily ..
You don't remember.

-Ahh yes so that's it. I have driving lessons.
-Yes true.

-I forgot .. I have driving class
-Okay, so we set up for another time.

It is not?

-Come on ...
-If it were, but it doesn't work like that Sinan.

Because Sanem is very busy and is not working. Do you know what we do?

Let's start, preparing you ...

So do this ..
because we have a lot of work.

Before filming, you talk to each other.

Well .. you are so ...
We will prepare you

Sinan ...
Let's talk ...

CeyCey ... Ceycey.
Take our friend Sinan.

Take him.

-Take it and prepare it. You do it very well.

It does very well ...
You are advertising employees..Well, got it?

-Okay Mr Can
-Manage this.

I want to drink coffee.

-No tea, I want coffee-Coffee? coffee?
-Give me a mug.

-Mr Can -I
miss 'my soul'. Is it clean?

Yes ..
Yes, coffee.

You spilled ...

-How long is it? I don't understand.
What kind of homesickness do you feel for your school friend?

In conversation, in front of everyone in the company.
This is unacceptable.

Anyone who sees you like this .. You
will think that you are friends of the army,

They will think the same of you ..
Seeing Ceyda and Gamzé.

- Girl commander ... -
Commander? What do you mean?

Neighbor ... I mean, mountain, army friends.
Friends I say.

Are you now changing the subject ??

- No ... absolutely not.
-Sanem, I'll tell you something ..

These models are used to the attention of the girls ...

Be careful .. calm.
Control yourself, establish order.

But with what right do you interfere in my affairs?

Being your friend ... as your friend.

I am your friend. Sinan is your friend,
and I am your friend.

- Not like that ... -
What way then?

-Good .. not like that.

-Sinan is a normal friend.
-And I?

-Special ..

Special? Special?
What you mean? How many evasive words ...

I don't know ..
I think I have no idea ...

I learned those words from you ...


You said special ...

I didn't say that .. you did.

You said special.
You are special .. you said so.

It is like your good,
and you cannot enter.

But it also doesn't let anyone enter your area.

Anyway ..
We have driving lessons.

-Yes, yes
-I'm going to class.

Together ... I will too.

See if you can .. ..
We were in love .. Girls.

They were in love ..
The girls were ..

They were..

There was not that ...
It is not so.

Afff Aylin ..

-Finally ...
-Aylin, what are you doing?

Dear Emre, where are you?

I went to your house, I wasn't there.
Did you make up with your brother and are you at the company?

-It's the most likely, isn't it?
-Aylin, are you out of your mind?

-What are you doing in front of the company?
-Going dear Emre. You left me crazy.

I say we need to talk ...
And you don't care.

Now it's impossible for Aylin. It is not possible now.

Now you can Emre.

You either come here .. or I go there.

You will go nowhere.
I am going. Now get out of the company.


That's fine ..
I'll be on the back street.

Okay, I'm going.


What is so important?
What do you want to talk to me about?

I want that snow globe, Emre.

Aylin ...

- I won't give you that globe.
- What do you mean 'it won't work'. Yes, it will.

I will not give ...
Because I gave it to my brother.


-What did you do?

I needed to gain my brother's trust.
And I got it

-Cheating on me?
-Aylin, my brother suspected you.

Sanem saw me taking the snow globe.

What should I do?
Let her tell him before me?

You are not as smart as you think ...

What did Can do? Didn't you blame you?

No ... not to blame.

If he realized ... he would hand you over to the police.

Won't you do it now?

No ... you won't.

Aylin ...

Don't come here anymore.

Wait for news from me ...

Osman, we'll call you soon.
I have a few things to work out.

You wait here.
Soon we will meet again, okay?


Ahh Guliz, come here.
I'll leave you with Guliz.

- "And she entrusted the sheep to the wolf ..."

You look great again.

- Coffee? Good use
-Thank you very much.

I'll ask you a question ...
Do you work your body?

No ... I don't do anything special.


How are you doing? After us, did you have proposals?

No .. I was too busy.
I didn't have time for that.

As well? Didn't you get involved in that business?

You didn't sign with any agency, did you?

That is why...

Osman .. welcome.

-You look great. How wonderful it is to work together again.

Sim, sim Srta Deren.

Did you know that it is not yet established in
any agency?

Oh, really?

My friend has a recruitment agency.

He sends actors to very successful projects.

I have his business card, somewhere ...

-Do you know Guliz?
-Yes Yes. That's right.


Be sure to know ..
I also remember you, as a friend ...

You must deal with your appearance with much more professionalism ...

Without you, this sector loses a lot ....

I did not understand what you said.


Osman dear ..

Don't be so modest ...
In this area you have to be on top.

Deren's advice ...

She is right ... she is right.
Okay Osman, sit down.

Sr. Emre?

Why do not you talk to me? Hmm?
Why don't you look me in the eye?

Mr Emre .. how am I going to look?
Is it possible to look at you now?

I said everything that was necessary, and what was not.
Without understanding ..

Yes, you did.

So you owe me an apology ...

I'm sorry .. I beg your pardon.

I changed my mind ..
You will not be saved by an apology.

I do not know what to do.
I feel so uncomfortable in front of you.

-Let's think .... let's think.
-You need an agency.

What will we do? What will we do?

Shall we go out to eat?

Certainly Mr Emre. Sure. I'll ask.

-Or what are we going to eat?
-Ehhh ...

So .. as soon as we go, we will eat salad.

We can?

-I'll go to the file ... and I'll be right back.

Sanem .. you hold tight.
Relax a little in the direction, relax a little.

Don't hold on too tight, relax a little.

-Relax a little, a little more


But if you can't go ... neither can I ...

We can.

You hold on, like someone is going to take it and steal it.

-What kind of thing is that?
-Fine. Wait, wait. Let's take it easy ... take it easy.


Ok ..
Now we can go down.

I'm leaving Mr Can.

Mr Can, why do we go out on a motorcycle in rainy weather? We are obliged?

I saw it in the weather forecast ..
It will rain for another 3 months.

When will I teach you?
Shall we wait for summer? Will you have to wait long?


You need to learn how to drive
under difficult conditions.

After that, it is easier to learn to drive
under normal conditions.

Besides, while you were driving, I noticed something ...
Do you look at these mirrors?

Of course I did.

They are clean ...

A little rain has just dripped ..
The mirrors are absolutely clean ..

I did not say that...

You look at the mirrors. Do you
control what's going on on the right, on the left?

Check if someone has approached you
maliciously from the other side?

If someone appears around you ...
If a dog crosses your path ...

-You check this?
-Mr Can, the street is absolutely empty.

Who will reach me?

This is not true.
At any moment, someone may appear.

What's more, you won't be driving on an
empty street.

Tomorrow you will drive in traffic.
These roads are always very crowded. Any danger is possible

Therefore, you need to correctly
check everything that happens through them.

- But you made me very nervous..While I was driving. Much.

And you were immediately nervous.
At the first minute she was nervous.

This is not a joke. You need to control your tension.
Am I expressing myself clearly? Hmm?

-You don't have to be nervous right away.
-Ok, but once you sit behind me ...

You check back and I'll look ahead.

God .. God ..
Is that a rule of the road?

Whoever sits in the back has to look at the road?
When did this rule come about?

Behind every successful woman, there is a man.
Do not forget it.

Ohh this is not true.
You changed because it suits you. It's not like this.

The driver must look at the road.

And not the one who sits behind you,
who has to watch every minute.

I'll ask you a question ...
Don't you have these mirrors only in cars?

Why do we need them on the bike too?

What ... what ... What is that?

Is that a makeup mirror?
Is there a mirror here for you to fix your lipstick?

What is this mirror for?

Ahhhh ...

I was looking for you in them ...

What are you saying?

Look at me...


Look like a hobby.

Do not look when you are on a motorcycle.
When you're driving, just look ahead.

And behind ..
Look behind the mirrors ...

Can I explain? Don't turn your head.
But watch out of the corner of your eyes.

-I know what I'm going to do ...

-What happened?
- I swear I know ...

-You ...
-I won't use that.

Let's dress you right ...
There's no other way ...

I'll be like a Robocop with this.
I won't be able to ride the bike like this.

You just need to be a robot now ..

Joints are very important.
Security is very important.

Something can happen, all the time.

And I would feel guilty. We have to do it.
It is the beginning of everything .. come here.

Give me your knees and elbows ...

-I don't want to ... I don't want to.
Come here .. come here.

-I don't want to ... I don't want Mr Can
-It's no use running ... there's no use running.

It is necessary to attach this ...

Here it is.

Hmm ..

Like this.

Don't try to hold on tight ... okay?
You don't have to.

-It already belongs to you ...
-The motorcycle?

A motorcycle ..

Don't push hard .. and don't let go.

And so you are ready to go wherever you want ..
Ready to "take" where you want to go.

-You're talking about the bike.
-Yes, I'm just talking about the bike.


Look at the mirrors ..

But don't take too long on the roads you pass.

You understood me?

-A motorbike ..
-A motorbike?

Now imagine the places you can go ...

And imagine the places we can go together ...

-With the bike?
-With the bike.

And who do you want it to be?

With a friend..

A special friend?

A road mate ...

You talked about a fellow traveler ..
I think so too.

It will be the most correct.
We will now see the elbow and knee pads.


- I think we are well prepared.
-We are?

Is ready?

Ahhhhh, here we go.

Ramie .. put this table there at the beginning.

So that it doesn't get in the middle ..
The chairs too, yes.

- Who put this here?
- Books? I'll get them. Cake?

Cake, it's here too.

Separate savory and sweet, son.

But President ... I swear.
I started to help and soon go to coma.

Did you have to have a Lahmadzhun with nuts?

But you have to do it too ..
It's our job.

Don't get tired, are you, son?
Don't get tired.

Yes, it is our library.

In fact .. in fact.

Started? Started? Tell me if I'm late?
I ask you .. tell me.

-Pray to the Almighty.
-I swear I was afraid I already started.

But there was time ..

Thank God ..
I swear I took it and came.

No seeds in the library, it can't be, can it?

You bring seeds to the library, by God ...

-Mevkibe, what happened to Mr. Nihat.
He's so cute.

I saw .. I saw.
Very beautiful.

Also made a huge bouquet of roses written:
Forgive me Mevkibe

Because the guilt is also great.

I'm sorry ..
But what is it?

Stay still.

-Go ... go ..
-God .. God .. What a bear.

-Sr Nihat is the pride of our neighborhood.
-He was always handsome ...

But today it is in a special way.

Friends, bring your books on time.


-Aiii-Mevkibe ...
-My dear.


I'm sorry Mevkibe ..

Forgive me Mevkibe.

Sorry ... sorry ...
Sorry, sorry.

"What happened? Did he trick you?"
-No, Mr Nihat would not do that.

Do you know?

You forgive me? Forgive me?

-What does she say?

"Get it out of my sight, he closes the entrance."

She said to take it off ..


Ahhh what a pity ...


-Sorry ... sorry
-How is it possible to do this with him?

-But is that possible?
-Come on ... to the chairs.

Mevkibe .. listen.
You did it wrong ... don't say I didn't warn you.

-I know what I did .. don't meddle.
-You know very well. I'm sorry for him.

Okay, I'm going inside.

Ok Osman,
let's take you to training soon, ok?

-Okay ..
Please .. please. I accompany you.

Yes friends .. how are you?

-Well ..

Super .. hum?
How is it going?

You do nothing. You
just 'come together'.

Nobody does anything ...

We are currently working on a campaign.

Get ready.

Specifically, he's going crazy.

Leyla, I'm done with my business.
If you finished yours, can we go together?

Ahhhh I am not going to our Osman neighborhood.

Hum..And why?
We have an opening there today.

You and your mom were so busy.

For sure ... it is today, isn't it?

I'm going to have dinner with Mr Emre ...

Ahh it's fine ...

Dinner with Mr Emre is more important.
What could be more important than that?

-Osman, it's a business dinner. Job.

I understand ... I understand.

Ok .. But what should I say to Aunt Mevkibe?

Say you had an important job
to do at the office, so you can't come.

Osman, for sure she will be very excited
and will not notice.

If she notices, I think of something.
I'll go near the end, okay?


Sure, okay.

In general, don't be upset ...
It seems that coming here has upset you.

Good job.

-Osman, what are you saying?
-Guliz, can we go?

Ok, I will go.
Girls, you do. Osman ...

We arrived ...

Ms. Mevkibe?

-Welcome Can ..
-Thanks, how are you?

- Well, honestly, well. Is that you?
-I'm fine ... need help?

What else do you want to do?

We have opened a large library, thanks to you.

But it seems that it is necessary ...
-Give me..

By God .. Could we have done this alone?

Once again we are the crumbs, and he is the bread.

Boy well done ..


-How are you, brother?
-Well ... how are you?

Welcome Dear.

-Do you have tea?
-Yes, brother.

-Perfectly ..
-Where's Leyla, daughter?

-I do not know. Didn't she come?
-Did not come. Wait, I'll call her.

An adult compared to me ...

Mr Emre .. I am really ashamed.

Sorry ... sorry.
But what can I do?

I can't help when I remember what
you were talking to me about.

True ... How could I say things
without knowing the heart of the matter.

I still don't believe that.

Of course, you were also right.
Everything indicated it was me.

My past mistakes ..

Mr Emre ... I knew you were a good person.

I should have heard my heart's voice.

Is that bad? We left work early, we came to eat.
What else do we need?

Of course ..
And I feel really good about food ...

-Already proved?
-How could I lose?

I couldn't miss it ...

Let's see ...

My mother calling ...

-Leyla..where are you daughter?

The inauguration will start soon ..

Mom .. I forgot to tell you.
I have work to do and I will stay longer.

Very well daughter .. very well.

"My mom has enemies ..
They don't leave her alone ..

I will stay with my mother .. I will
not even think about it. "Very well.

Mom .. but I stayed because there were problems.
I'll explain later.

Otherwise, I would be with you from beginning to end.

Daughter ... your boss is here ..
If you want, he'll send you home.

Mr. Can has arrived?

He arrived ... of course. He was invited and he came.
Not everyone is like you.


Come on daughter .. come on.
Let's do a good deed for the neighborhood.

Welcome Shukufe.

She hung up ..

Let's go...

Should you be somewhere else?

Mr Emre ... remember what I told you,
that my mother became President of the neighborhood?

HM hm

Today my mom is doing her first business.

She opened a library in our neighborhood.
And today is the inauguration.

And how I'm a little late.
She scolded me.


- Can we go there ..

We..Well, if you don't mind.
And my brother is there.

Sure, no problem.
That would be great, but ...

Is it possible to get up quickly and get out?

If this is an important day for your mother ..
You need to be beside her.

Don't you say that family is the most important?

Ok .. so let's go.

About the rest, I will not speak.
I will say that we are coming from work.

Ok .. Thank you, Mr Emre.

Lord God ..

I'll ask for the bill.

Mr Emre, I will pay ...

Okay, you pay
And I ask for the bill.



The bill..

Put it up there son ...

Look at Mrs Betel ..
What a miniature is she ..

Take a look,.

My favorite ...

It has a patio ..
It looks like it is very beautiful.

Perfectly good.
I liked.

-Mr Can ...
-How's sister?

Good people from our neighborhood ...

Dear sisters ...

European matches before you.

It's not a joke.
It is true. Truth.


What are they doing?

Ladies ..
You have never seen anything like this before.

And before the match, your favorite TV series ..
"Forgive me" will be shown on the big screen.

-Where are you going?
- And the library?

Sister Vildan, do you still have the potato salad ??

That is all?
Did we leave you like this?

So they don't just eat these things, these cakes.

We brought you grilled sausage sandwiches,
especially for you.

We don't know borders ...

Come on, my dear.

-Come on, for God's sake
-Come back here.

Sister Vildan ... come back here.

And finally, before you ...
The author of this wonderful image ...

The brain of our team ...
Our main sponsor. : Mrs. Aysun.

Our dear ...

This is Aysun .. this is Aysun.
This is the beautiful neighborhood of Aysun ..

And I am here before you.

Everyone can eat, drink as much as they want.
Have fun ... Enjoy.

Of course ...
I need to understand this ...

-Mom ... -Mevkibe.

I swear I have never seen a yard so hungry in my life.

- These people have to starve to the brain ..
-Calm down ..

"May your brain starve, Sister Humel."
-Come here..

-Sister Humel, you ate a salad with tomatoes
-Come here ..


Mrs. Mevkibe .. it doesn't matter.
Everything is so beautiful.

Nothing is bad ...


Shut up and walk.

Is it scissors?

Quiet ..
Come on ... just walk.

-Ayhan .. -Anda

Come here ... eat cabbage rolls.

What to do? I'm going to do it
You can't.

No, I will not eat ..
I feel very bad, I swear I will.

Ayhan, what are you doing?
You'll kill me? Kill and bury here?

´-CeyCey? -What is it? Is the blood flowing?
I died?

CeyCey looks at me.
Don't be silly, why would I kill you?

God .. God ..
You are here, for something else.

-For what?
-We will sabotage.

Well, sabotage ... so it's sabotage ...
Sabotage is possible. Because I organize sabotage every day.

I don't get up in the morning
if I don't have sabotage.

Ayhan, what sabotage?
What are you talking about?

CeyCey .. do you know how much Aunt Mevkibe
has tormented herself to open this library?

And Mr Can also came ..
Everyone helped, everyone is busy

And now we cannot let anyone else,
spoil this opening.

So, we're going to cut the cable.

We're going to cut the cable, but ...
Which cable are we going to cut? I do not know wich.

Maybe that cable?

Maybe we can follow that cable and see where it goes.

Down here ... it's the water line.

Maybe I will pull this out .. Can't you?

Ayhan ...

If you want sabotage,
then you need to do it right.

What is that, Hum?
Some kind of cable.

-Scissors ...

Solid cables so it's not easy ...

Ahh like in the movies ..
3, 2, the cable is cut.

Thinking .. blue or red?
Is not it?

Yes..something like that.

They cut the blue, then the red. In their heads, everything also mixes.
They are not sure.

But here are 3 colors ...

Yes ... now I'm excited.
Don't disturb me anymore, please.

I need to concentrate.

Something is missing ...
There is something that is not enough.

No enthusiasm ...
I'm not enthusiastic enough.

Count to 10 backwards.

Okay ..
10, 9, 8 ...

-Difficult decision ...

-Actually, the world is in my hands.

01:30:14,020 --> 01:30:16,060

Come on CeyCey.

01:30:18,760 --> 01:30:20,200

Which one?

No ... it's not blue.

I can't look ...


Very well .. you are great.

What happened?

They won't ... they won't.
Wait a minute ... don't go.

Ihsan what happened?
Fix it.

Ahhh you don't need this.
So it should be.

But did they really need the sausage sandwich?
They took the sandwich and left.

By God .. I want to thank you Aysun.

You gave great support
to the opening of the library.

Our neighborhood is full .. Thank you

Friends, are we going to applaud Aysun?

We applaud .. thank you for the sandwiches ...

What are you doing? Why applaud?

Ahh Mr Emre ..


-How are you doing?
-I am fine.

If you can't come ... you can't eat too.

I'm sorry.
Leyla was with me, we were at the company.

Really, debt is paramount.

-The debt is pimordial

Thank you thank you very much.

Come on ... come in.

Yes Yes. We will.

-Come on Mr. Emre
-That's going with him.

The truth is, despite all the problems ...
I want to thank you for everything.

-For everything ... for everything.

If it weren't for you ..
None of this would have happened.

If it weren't for you, none of this would have happened
Sanem ...

That's it ... if it weren't for you.

I would not have known this world.

How it all ended ..

As I was saying...

Girl .. they really are ..

... in love with each other.

We are in my neighborhood, so we need to keep
a little distance. We're friends..

- Eles podem não entender...


Eles são muito apropriados..

Olhe pra mim Melihat...

Não conte a ninguém sobre isso.
Ninguém deve saber.

Muito obrigada Mevkibe...

Eu sou uma fofoqueira?
Constantemente me atinge com isso.

Vem aqui menina.. vamos.
-Me deixa.. eu vou.

-Vem cá menina..
-E você não pode agradá-los.

Hummm.. Deus sabe...
Eu não aguento esse brilho em tudo...


Não olhem.. não fofoquem.

Ohh fofoqueiras.. ohh fofoqueiras..

Por Deus, não está cansada de se desonrar?
Está tentando o que?

Abri mesmo a biblioteca. Eu abri a biblioteca.

Você se esqueceu de tudo isso.
Agora entendo porque você não aprovou o casamento de Muzaffer e Sanem.

The beauty of our miss.
It is destined for something much greater.

Bravo ... By God ..

Smart you woman ...
Now you also get Leyla for the other guy.

Ohh you work well.

It is not life ... and no Turkish delights.

What are you saying woman?

Are you listening, what are you saying?

The mother-in-law is a son-in-law hunter.

But look here, don't worry ... Well, it happened like henna day today.
(* Henna day, occurs the day before the wedding *)

But the gifts were not brought today.

Aysun can give you something ..
But don't expect too much.

Aysun, you are now ...

By God .. I'll get you now ...

-For girl .. stop
-Come on

Stay there .. You have two children inside.-

One second ... one second
For God ...

One second ... one second
For God ...

I'm delighted ...
Everything is so beautiful.

I imagine myself reading books,
all my life.

-It happens to you?
-Hum Um, it happens.

Lying in the field ..
Reading books.

Sitting on a park bench ..
Reading books ..

Even when I go ...
I want to read a book.

Read all the books about love, about passion.

But this is probably not enough in life.


Reading all of this may not be enough in life.

But maybe enough for you, to
write your love story.

That is not...

Galapagos ...

The place you would like to go.

-Galapagos ...
-Yes .. Did you read it?

No..I didn't read it.

Well, here are events that happened,
millions of years ago.

Millions of years ago?

As well?

Sanem ...

Com um amor que vai ser lembrado
por milhões de anos..

Seu companheiro de estrada, C.


Como assim?

Que tipo de homem é você?

Não sei sobre o livro.
Mas nós estamos dando a essas pessoas.

- Razões para um milhão de anos de fofocas...
-De geração pra geração, não é?

De netos até bisnetos..
Não vão se cansar nunca.

- Elas não vão ter vida suficiente...-Vamos, então.
- É a minha opinião.

- Você está como nos livros Sanem..
-Por que?

Coloquei alguns livros pra você.
Certifique-se de lê-los, quando acabar esse.

Muito obrigada Sanem..
Nós leremos com certeza.



-Como está?
-Bem, decidimos experimentar...


Pegue meu irmão, meu pesar...

Você está cansado da festa também?

Did society also expel you?

Muzzo ..
Are you all right? Feels good?


Well .. is it that bad?

I don't feel well. I'm not crazy.
The Muzzo you are trying to contact ..

Not Available.
You are talking to the wall now.

Why didn't anyone warn you, son?
Am I the only invisible person in the neighborhood?

-Muzzo .. did you drink again?
-I drank...

I drink lemonade ...

-Brother .. is it lemonade? -What did I say? I drink lemonade.
But I drank 24 glasses.

After the 15th glass, even water doesn't help, Osman.

Brother .. what are you doing?

What am I doing son?

What am I doing wrong? Love is the same, but sometimes,
when in excess, it hurts just one person.

It's true ...

By God ...
If I exhale, I'll be in love with 500bpm


Brother, what are you doing?
Calm down.

What did we do brother? What have we done besides loving?

And the rich guys come and take our love.

Honestly, I only have you
to understand me Osman.

A boy like you ... A lion ... a lion.
A lion.

And I don't understand brother?
Do not understand.

And in that case ... there is definitely something.

Why was he suddenly so full of love for the neighborhood?

This 'sincere' behavior of yours.
It's all a lie, I know.

But I am watching you.

I'm watching you Emre Divit

I throw myself at you, your first mistake.
Do not worry.

Daughter, go to sleep, because it is already late.
Look at the time.

I was going to lie down now mom ...

Girl .. look here .. You are
tired I know.But nothing for nothing..right?

Ahhh, you want to gossip mom.

Yes, by God everything went well.
I am very happy for your neighborhood.

That's really good.

Most of the books in the library, you sent them.

Not son, not so much.

It is good to support these good deeds ...


You also supported Ms. Mevkibe,
in the campaign, for Mayor of the neighborhood.

IT IS...

Well, I say that between you and Sanem,
there's been a very close relationship lately

Tell me a little ...

What's new? What is happening?

So Aysun was silent ...
She didn't know what to say, with so much envy.

She attacked you and your sister, you know?

-As well? What she said?
-You, your sister ... Mr Can, Mr Emre ... these things.

-I can't do anything, so they don't talk about it ..
-Yes, you can't.


Is there something going on between you and Mr Can?

What would you have?

What would happen? We're friends.

We're just friends...

Ahh yes, of course.

Just like you and Osman ...

Well, not like that.
We are a little closer ...

But friends ..
Sure, friends.

Two friends who love each other ...

I don't understand how they became such friends ...

I mean ..
You guys are a little bit different, in the end.

I mean we were born and raised in
different worlds , I know that.

But what counts, the most important ..
It is the heart.

He has a very good heart.
He's a very good man.

A very smart girl ..

Of course ..
Not without some "oddities"

Sometimes, you don't know what to expect from her.

Of course, there are some things I don't like about him.
For example, it is very stubborn.

If he makes a decision ...

No one else in the world can
convince him.

It's no use ... it's like a rock.

-But we get along really well.
-Look into my eyes...

Do you think I believe that daughter?

Daughter, we have also experienced this in life ..

This is clear to you ..

You are in love...

So can you see that?

Mom, but can you tell?
Looking from the other side?

We don't want others to notice.
That they don't realize.

Me deixe agora e fale sobre você...
O que se passa entre você e a Leyla?


Bom, nós somos apenas amigos..

Que conversa é essa sobre o Sr Emre?
Me conte tudo..

Mmãe.. você ouviu a Tia Aysun? De onde veio isso?


Meus olhos azuis de boba apaixonada..
Apaixonada, isso é claro.

Como assim claro?

Sim, na minha opinião, tudo está claro.

Não precisa esconder isso.
Eu fico muito feliz por você.

Leyla é uma garota muito agradável ,trabalhadora e carinhosa.

Ela me atrai, isso não vou negar.

Que ela seja tão bonita...

Que tenha o coração tão doce...

Ela me lembra o meu lado bom...

E o que eu posso dizer?
Que fico feliz por ter se afastado da Aylin.

Leyla é uma boa influência sobre você.
É isso.

Também estou feliz.

I am also happy ..
For having left Aylin.

I'll refresh myself with a drink.
Have you ever eaten a box of tangerines ..

But it seems that he still wants more.
I'll bring it to you.

C'mon C'mon.

But, anyway ...
I don't like this Mr. Emre.

Won't he hurt Leyla?

Look here, this guy is cunning ..
In his eyes there is cunning ..

I don't know ..
I do n't know him very well.

Daughter look ..

I married your father for love ...

I want you to experience,
those feelings too.


They say it is best to find your equal.

And they say right ... right?

As well?

Mr Can, and Mr Emre, have a world completely
different from ours. We are different.


Mas isso só é impossível nos filmes turcos antigos...

Eu não quero ofender você filha...
Nem vou te machucar.

Eu falo tudo, para o seu bem...

Em primeiro lugar..
Não esteja com pessoas que possam te ofender.


Segundo...Mais uma vez que essa Aysun falar de você.
Vou enlouquecer,fazer algo e ser mandada pra prisão.

Tá bom..
Mas você não pode ouvir a Tia Aysun.

A família está em colapso.
Logo seremos divididos.

Realmente, eu não quero ouvir a Aysun.

-Sim, prometo.

Venha, vou te dar beijo.


Ahh DEus.. eu dei a luz a ela..
Eu dei a luz a ela..

Sr Can,muito obrigada.
Apesar da sua agenda lotada, você nos atendeu.

Sim, claro.
Obrigado por fazer esse trabalho de assistência social.

Durante vários anos acompanho com orgulho
o trabalho da Fundação 'Ending"..

Fazer parte disso é uma honra pra mim.
Estou pronto para ajudar, no que for preciso.

Muito obrigada...Nós realmente precisamos de pessoas que
queiram fazer a caridade.

Esse ano juntamente com os programaseducacionais, decidimos criar um projeto
voltado a saúde.

Estamos em conjunto com profissionais dessa área.

Gostaria de falar disso depois?

Ótimo, ótimo..Queremos ajudar, não apenas financeiramente..
Nossa empresa vai apoiar em tudo que precisarem.

Se vocês quiserem,
posso participar da próxima reunião.

And so together we decide the direction of our

Thank you very much ... We will tell you the date of the next meeting as
soon as we decide.

Great great.
Thank you very much for your time.

We will meet soon.
I accompany you, I have to take some pictures.

-Okay ..

-Thank you mom ...
-Good use daughter.

-Good morning dad
-Good morning daughter.

Good Morning.

-For you a very good morning.
-Thank God.

She considered me a man, and greeted me.
Give it to her daughter.

Dad .. mommy hears you.
She just can't speak.

Ah, it's not like that, daughter.
And so..

Do not you hear me.

You don't need to look where she turns her eyes.
But for those who forced you to do that, Mr. Nihat

She said.

Enough ... what is this ??

Is your wife confused?
You cannot speak to her without a translator.

Dad ... We told you how to
treat a woman. You know she has this character.

What kind of character, daughter? For God's sake ... what did I do?
Did I kill a man?

Dad .. enough.

I wanted to wear clean pajamas ..
And have a hot meal for dinner.

My underwear has been in the basket for 3 weeks.

Okay daddy.

What do you see? Is she the boss?
And what are we? Pickles?

I am the head of this house, I am the president of this house.

Se ela tem que apreciar alguém, em primeiro lugar
ela tem que me respeitar. Isso é tudo.

Ahh Mevkibe, se você não entendeu,
vou explicar mais uma vez.

A família toda se tornou anormal...

Papai, eu juro..
Agora você está igual a mamãe completamente.Sabia?

Agora nem eu consigo traduzir você.

Não traduza filha.. deixa.
Não traduza nada.

Com os outros, sua mãe canta que nem um
pássaro. Mas comigo, é que nem uma parede.

Estou indo também...
Também estou atrasado.

Foi excelente...
Agora se vire, e deixe a bolsa nas suas costas.

Gire de repente e fique parado.

Turn around like this, and keep your facial expression.
Turn around when I say 3, okay?

3 and turn around.

01:46:40,960 --> 01:46:41,875
Only the back ..

Not much.

Well, excellent .. You can go.

-Next ..
-Come .. yes.

-Osman.. Sr Osman. Osman.

An advice ..
We will correct, we will change the clothes. One minute.

You already know what to do ...
You already have experience ..

- Standing here .. and let's do this.
-You should do it like this ..

-CeyCey, the professional motivation for later ..

You are a good decoration ..
But you can leave.

It's ok.

Sanem, we are going according to plan ..
Aren't we?

And there is no change ... if I had I would say.

Why are you screaming?
Do you want to make me nervous? Fine.

I'll say something else Sanem ...

I am very anxious with Ayhan's brother ..
Is this remarkable?

Did I show a lot of attention?



You look more normal than usual ...

It's good for you.


Look away ...

Hello .. My regards.

Exactly, Osman.

Now as if you were going to cut wood and leave.
Just a couple of steps.

Or smile ... girls love your smile.
Like this.

- Isn't that right, Guliz?
-Course is;

Exactly .. Smile brother.
Smile a lot.

I like it.

Sr Can...

Mr Can, the memory card is full ..
I would like to ask if it is possible to transfer it to another place.

Sanem, you're already a professional.
Why are you asking me? Do it if necessary.

You know.

So you completely trust me.


Essa garota, nunca se afasta do Can.
Sempre está perto dele.

-Qual é o nome dela?

Sua motivação é muito alta...Os assistentes estão tão motivados assim,
em outras empresas?

É uma garota...

Será que podem se afastar um pouco?

Porque vocês estão na frente da luz..
E está afetando as fotos.

-Não querida, do outro lado. Meu lado direito.

-Lado direto...

-Como? Assim?
-Não..não é isso. A esquerda, um pouco mais pra esquerda.

Não.. saiam dai.
Vão pra trás completamente. Vão.. vão.

-Não estamos atrapalhando agora?
-Muito bem.

Se você fala, então está bem.

Sanem.. eu não vi,mas ouvi.
Sim eu notei, fez muito bem. Bravo.

-Ficou excelente
-Sem defeitos..

-Como um espelho..
-Sim, como um espelho.

Bem, creio que foi o suficiente Osman.
Juro que foi suficiente.

Faremos um descanso para que todos de troquem..

Vamos terminar rapidamente..
A fim de evitar o engarrafamento a noite.

Nós temos muito trabalho.

Quais são as suas ações certas?
Antes, durante e depois.

-É mesmo?
-É sim.

Isso foi o que aconteceu depois das suas palavras.

Nós não criamos uma sombra,não precisamos de uma.

- Can? Está tudo indo muito bem.

-Obrigado..- Quando fizermos uma pausa...
Você será capaz de manter a palavra que me deu?

- You take some pictures of me?
-Yes, bravo

We're going to take it off, I haven't forgotten.

I saw a beautiful swing on the street.
Can we bring it here?

It's impossible..

We already worked quickly so as not to be late.

You take a picture here ... Then I make an adjustment to look like
it was on the swing.

Ahh, is that possible, querdia?

Is it possible, and why wouldn't it be?
We live in the age of technology

We remove wrinkles in old women ..
When they are here.

We improved with the help of photoshop ..
Making them younger.

I can do this.

I'm sorry, you misunderstood ..
I didn't mean to call you old.

- Can ... what are we waiting for?
-Lets do this..

When I arrived it was raining.

Desde o lado técnico, até o lado visual..
A rua não é uma boa escolha.

Podemos não obter os resultados esperados.
E creio que é melhor usar essas montagens aqui.

-Vamos fazer isso aqui mesmo.O que me diz?-Tá bom,então vou me trocar;
Trouxe algumas roupas.

Você trouxe roupas?

Então coloque, eu vou resolver.

Você fala que é necessário manter a ordem,
para não ficarmos presos num engarrafamento..E faz isso?

É certo fazer isso no meio do trabalho?

Você pode mudar o cartão de memória...
Se não for dificil.

Cartão de memória.

Fabri, não tenho certeza
Se você está fazendo a coisa certa.

É um passo grande demais,em termos comerciais.

Eu sei Mina...

Você tem certeza?

Ou seja, tem como fazer você
mudar de idéia?

Mina, sente-se por favor Sente-se


E me escute...

Eu sei que você pensa de mim e da empresa.

Mas eu vejo tudo...

Ouça.. só estou preocupada.Que os resultados não sejam como quer.
Você entende agora?

Está tudo sob controle, está bem?

Ok, como você quiser.

A decisão é sua.

Mas devo dizer que esse é um risco inútil.

Acho que você está muito enganado,
em confiar em alguém dessa forma.

Mina.. eu não confio em ninguém..
Até o fim dessa minha vida.

Nesse mundo eu confio em uma única pessoa..

Eu mesmo.

Osman.. nem posso acreditar.

Como podem as roupas se ajustarem tão bem
a alguém assim. Você está perfeito.


Juro que estou muito feliz.
Costumo comprar calças...

Mas só uso depois que dou 'bainha'.

-Não posso acreditar..
-Temos uma costureira no bairro..

Ela só trabalha, graças a mim.

Você é tão engraçado.
Vou te perguntar algo..

Talvez possamos ir a algum lugar depois?

Logo vai terminar..
O Sr Can trabalha rapidamente.

O que está acontecendo CeyCey?-Talvez você devesse diminuir um pouco,
porque está indo rápido demais.

Hum? Diminua...
Segure os freios.

Não fale bobagens CeyCey..
Não fale bobagens.

Osman.. estou falando aqui...
Podemos tomar um café e conversarmos.

O que acha?

Eu não sei..
A verdade é que tenho coisas para fazer no meu trabalho.

Tenho que dar ao nosso cozinheiro,
10 kg de carne para o Kebab.

Vai, vai.. você vai.
Vamos agora para a maquiagem..Vamos.

Eu resolvo com Gamzé, vem Ceyda.

Uma mulher como eu,
não pode lidar com elas?

Que batalha é essa?

Srta Deren, todos estamos focados.certifique-se que tudo está bem..
Que tudo ficará bem.


-Porque eu não tenho humor nenhum.

Eu achei...

Isso aqui não é adequado?

Na realidade pode ser.
Quer tentar?

-Devo colocar?
-Coloque ai em cima.

-Sinem o que você está fazendo?
-Não é Sinem senhora. É Sanem!!!

Está bem..
Não fique nervosa.

Oh Oh

É tão difícl lembrar o meu nome?

Você cruzou a fronteira mais uma vez.

Que está fazendo com essa mulher??
Que está fazendo com essa mulher??

Eu tenho uma idéia...

Não seria bom ela usar isso?

-Por favor..
-Você deixou cair a sua jaqueta.

A jaqueta caiu...

- Você pretende beber?
-Muito esportivo..

- Sr Can, está empoeirado.

É preto..
Então atrai mesmo.

-Essas suas pulseiras são novas?
-Elas tem uma explicação muito longa.

Te contarei mais tarde.

Me diga quando estiver livre...

Eu peguei.


Muita saúde..
Saúde pra você.

Essa luz não está muito fraca?

Me perdoa por favor.. Sr Can.

- Isso é soberbo...
- Juro que ficou muito bom. Está ótimo.

Obrigada querida...

-Muito obrigada Can..
- Foi um prazer, não precisa agradecer.

Mas foi inesquecível não foi?
O Sr Can fotografou você.

-Ele normalmente nunca faz isso.

Sim ele não faz.Graças a Deus que acabou
Can, você é muito amável.

Mas vocês devem estar muito cansados.
Posso lhes oferecer chá?

Isso seria muito bom.

Sim, eu não bebi nada desde que cheguei.
Vou beber chá para relaxar.

-Deixa que eu pegoComeçarei a baixar as fotos.
-Dê a ela.

-Bem, não exagere
-Vamos, não pise na linha


A máquina está sem fotos...

Como assim?

-Como assim, está sem fotos?
- O que aconteceu?

-Não tem nenhuma..
-Acabei de ver.. estava tudo ai.

Sr Can, será que você?

Não, impossível.
Claro que você tirou.

-Verdade, não estão aqui...
-Como é possível? Não entendo.

Como pode ser possível isso?
No nosso trabalho, não tem lugar pra erro.

Bom, não vamos nos preocupar muito..
Vamos olhar positivamente pra isso.

Assunto encerrado.
Sinto muito, primeira vez que me acontece isso.

Creio que não devemos mais pensar nisso.

O que aconteceu, já foi, acabou.

-Creio que é mesmo triste..
Afinal Sr Can Divit é um fotógrafo excelente.

Mas eu também acho isso.
E tenho orgulho em trabalhar com ele.

Agora vamos pensar no trabalho,
em refazer tudo. Será um desafio

Sim, o intervalo acabou Sr Can.
Nós os modelos estamos de volta.


-Vamos então..
- Tá bom.

O que está me dizendo?
Estão casados os nossos Betul e Tolga?

Eles se odiavam.

Como dizem, o amor também começa
em uma briga.


Por Deus..

Você não tem ninguém?

- Como não? Uma garota tão linda como você.


-Não é assim...
- Como fez isso Sr Can, é fantástico.

Tudo que sei vou ensinar a você CeyCey
Você tem uma luz.

Mas com uma condição..

Mandar esse rapaz de volta pra casa.

Sr Can, não posso fazer isso.

-Não posso fazer Sr Can-Você quer aprender?
-Eu quero.

Tudo bem CeyCey..

E amigos do primário...

Que lindo isso..
Vocês conversam muito bem,não queria interromper.

Mas temos que trabalhar..
Senão só acabaremos amanhã.

Todos tem uma vida, familia e tudo mais..

-Já vamos Sr Can..
-Por favor.. por favor.

De quem é esse trabalho?
Está tudo em desordem...

Tinha que estar tudo arrumado, em ordem..

O chefe estã interessado em você, mais do que devia?

Não é nada disso.

Chegamos Sr Can.
Tá bom?

Havia um travesseiro na cadeira,
um colchão vermelho no chão.

Havia um travesseiro colorido ao lado do vermelho.
Os travesseiros devem ficar ao lado.

A lenha está um pouco mais perto de mim..

Olha isso..
Como ela se lembra disso tudo?

-Ela tem memória fotográfica..
-Sim, ela tem isso

O Pika(*tipo de pássaro*) comum, no lado direito da barraca e no chão.

O mesmo aconteceu na foto..
Acho que entendo a memória fotográfica.

Bem,bem feito. Tudo colocado em seus lugares.

Pika comum...

- O que significa isso?
- O pika comum mede cerca de 10-12 cm de altura

-Conhecimentos, ok?-Da familia de pássaros canoros.
Eles vivem nas florestas.

Eles tem uma curva, aqui..
Um longo bico, e uma cauda grossa.



Parece que tudo está pronto..
Podemos voltar a trabalhar.


Você parece que está pressionado..

Relaxe um pouco, movimente os ombros..


Por que você está pressionando o menino assim?

Menino? Ele é um menino?


Menino? É um menino??

Ele se esforça pra agradar você.

Por que ele deveria estar tenso?
isso já é a condição natural dele.

Ele é naturalmente tenso..Tem homens que estão tensos e querem parecer legais?
Aí está.

Me explica..
Como você se ligou a esse 'ouriço' na escola?

- Ouriço?
-Sim, bem ouriço

Porque ele é como um ouriço, tenso,duro.
Desde o nascimento,por isso é assim.

Sinam.. parece que você viu um urso na floresta...

Então enfrente ele, como se tivesse congelado.
Ahh eu não sei como explicar.

Mude sua expressão.. seja natural

Você sabe do que precisamos?
Algo mais natural

Você estudou inglês?
Algo forte, como os homens de " Lost".

Eu acho que você está com ciúmes do Sinan.

Pose irmão.. faça pose.

Sinan...Faça como se você fosse um estudando..
Que foi pego fazendo algo errado.

Eu expliquei melhor?

Você fica parado assim, parecendo um coelho.

Por que eu deveria estar com ciúmes dele?
Por que eu deveria ter ciúmes dele?

Porque ele é bonito..

Você também acha o Sinan bonito?
-Não, eu não acho. Você que acha.

Como eu deveria saber?

Sinan...Você sabe o que está acontecendo?
Você sabe qual é o problema?

Humm... como vou dizer isso?

Sabe aqueles filmes de terror suburbanos baratos, de baixo orçamento, de baixa qualidade, de terceira classe?

Você está parecendo um ator desses filmes. Hum.

Mude isso irmão.
Mude sua pose

-Eu acho ele bonito?

-Quem você acha bonito então?

Quero dizer...
Eu não acho o Sinan bonito.

Quando você me perguntou de repente..
Eu fiquei nervosa.

Você está me envergonhando agora.

Você não está ofendido, está?

Às vezes sou muito duro até eu conseguir o que eu quero. Mas tudo acabou lindamente.

Não é com você.. Não leve para o lado pessoal. Realmente eu sinto muito.

Vem cá irmão.. Vem.

Não se ofenda..
Você é muito bom.Nós fizemos lindas fotos.

Quero dizer, você fez. Você entendeu?

Vamos a última pose..
Me mostre.

Eu queria te dizer algo..também te acho muito bonita.
E isso não é nada pra se envergonhar..

É verdade,

Apenas mais algumas fotos...

Por que você está olhando assim?

- Querida, eu entendi isso tudo muito bem.

A mente do Can está preenchida apenas
pela Sanem,é isso?

-Sim, eu notei.
-E então?

Só que a mente dessa garota esta mais preenchida
ainda com o Can.

Vai ser uma grande decepção pra ela.

Como assim?

Estou dizendo que, quando eu estiver com o Can,
ela vai ficar muito decepcionada.

Você está determinada a isso?
Ele é o seu objetivo agora?

É isso mesmo?

Não vai demorar muito..Você me conhece..
Quando eu quero uma coisa, eu consigo.



A sessão de fotos acabou.
Amigos, obrigado a todos...

Irmão.. estava procurando por você.
Onde estava? Vem aqui

-O que aconteceu?
-O advogado do Fabri veio

-O que ele quer?
-Não disse.

-Olá, queria falar comigo?
-Can Divit?

-Sim sou eu

Sou o representante do Enzo Fabri aqui.
Ele pediu que lhe entregasse isso.

É o cheque que eu assinei pra ele.
Qual é o problema?

Sim, ele quer que você pegue o cheque de volta,

Se houver problemas com o cheque resolveremos.
Tudo estará na conta amanhã.

Não.. não.
O Sr Fabri não aceitará nenhum dinheiro seu.

Como assim não aceitará?

Ele se recusa a vender as ações.
A sociedade entre as empresas continua.

Como assim recusa? O que é isso?

-Você está brincando?-Não posso dar mais informações...
Só vim devolver o cheque.

O que eles dizem é interessante?

Eu não sei..
Eles parecem tensos...

O que ele está tentando fazer?
Você entendeu? Por que eu não entendo.

Ele está atrás do que?
Por que está fazendo isso? HUm?

- Ele está com muita raiva.. Posso ir até lá?
-Claro que não. Não se meta.

Estou esperando ele se acalmar..
Então vou lá e descubro.

Faça o seu negócio.
Tudo é divertido pra vocês.

Eu não me divirto...

Responda a quem perguntar...

-Eu não vou dizer nada

O que quer dizer 'recusa'?
O que quer dizer?

Isso não pode ser recusado..

Irmão.. vamos chamar um advogado..
Sentar e conversar.. Se acalme.

Can, o que aconteceu?

-Nada Deren..
-Posso ajudar em alguma coisa?

-Não Deren.. Não.. Não
-Ok, se precisar de alguma coisa, estou no meu escritório.

Tá bom.

Vou falar com essa pessoa..
Deixa que me diga qual é o seu problema.

Número indisponível

Vê, número indisponível.

Ele fez de propósito..
Mas eu sei o que vou fazer com ele...

Ele não sabe.. nem imagina.

-Sai.. sai.. sai..

Eu não disse para prestar atenção ao trabalho??

O que ela está fazendo aqui?

O que você está fazendo aqui Aylin?

Agora não é a hora certa.
Quer que eu conte desde o começo?

Deren querida...senti muito a sua falta também.

- Como se atreve a vir aqui?
-Olá pra você também Can.

- O que é que você está fazendo aqui Aylin?
-Provavelmente ninguém sabe né? O Fabri não contou?

-O que?
-O que?

A questão agora está comigo...

Can, estou aqui como representante do Sr Fabri.

-O que você está dizendo?-Como?

Digo que..
O Sr Fabri recusou a vender suas ações, que você provavelmente já sabe.

Aylin, não nos enrole.. fale.

O Sr Fabri continuará com a sociedade com essa empresa. Mas como não entende muito desses assuntos..

Me contratou como representante das ações dele.

Ahh aqui está o documento.

-Isso é possível?Ele pode fazer uma coisa dessas?
- Eu não sei Sanem.. eu não sei.

Eu trouxe uma cópia..

Então você pode olhar, olhar, até ficar cansado.

Aylin,saia antes que você piore a situação.

Eu não vou a lugar algum Emre...

Estou aqui como representante de Enzo Fabri.

Vocês gostando ou não...
Não me importo.

Tudo dentro da lei, como pode ver.


Pare.. você não pode fazer nada..

Vou para o meu escritório.

Senti tanta falta de vocês..
Especialmente você CeyCey.

-Ela sentiu mais falta de mim..

Tá bom..

- Onde está o Fabri?
-Vocês tem hora marcada?


Então não pode falar com ele.
Sinto muito.

Eu mesmo encontro ele.


- Fabri...
-Senhor.. por favor.Não pode entrar assim

-Sr Fabri não está aqui Pode se retirar?

Não está

Sr Fabri não está.

Estou falando com você.. Onde vai?
Vou chamar a segurança.

Chame quem você quiser..

Senhor, me coloca numa situação dificil.

É o escritório do Fabri?

Senhor, pode se retirar?

Como pode ver.. ele não está.

Por favor..saia.


-Ele não está..

-Senhor por favor, pode sair?
-Sr Can?

Sr Can?

-O que está acontecendo?
-Onde está o Fabri?

-Qual é o problema? Posso te ajudar?
- Você pode..

-Você pode.. sim pode

Cadê o seu chefe? Onde ele está?

Tenha calma.. relaxe.

-Ahhh o Sr Fabri voou para a Itália hoje.
-Ahhh fez o que fez e voou pra Itália.

Desapareceu, não é mesmo?
Vou fazer uma coisa...

Vou te dizer algo...

Ele não vai ser capaz de fugir de mim..
Que ele esteja bem avisado. Diga isso a ele.

Eu direi...
Tenha um bom dia Sr Can.



- O rapaz durão foi embora?
-Ele ficou muito irritado, invadiu e foi muito ruim.

Mas posso dizer uma coisa?
Foi bom que você ficou no meu escritório e não saiu..

Caso contrário, ficaria muito complicado isso.

- Ele ficou completamente louco, não?

Vamos ao meu escritório..
Bushek ,mande os seguranças.

Está bem senhor.

-Você não pode falar comigo assim
-Eu falo como eu quiser...

-Você cruzou o seu limite...
Por que?

Eu também lutei como você, para essa empresa ser
o que é hoje Emre.

Mas você sabe valorizar isso? Não

Você fez coisas escondidas dessa empresa muitas vezes..

E você nos traiu...

Eu fiz tudo sozinha Emre querido?

Pensa agora um pouco...

Aylin, eu paguei por isso, tá bom?

Não vai me enganar novamente...

Nunca vou deixar você tomando posse dessa empresa.

Nunca mais vai se repetir..

O que estão olhando?

Vai ser bom que entendam que eu voltei a essa empresa. E bem mais forte que antes.

Cuidem dos seus trabalhos..

Muito boa performance...

Já te disse..
Somos feitos do mesmo material..

O que devemos fazer, então?
Como derrotar Can Divit?

Emre tem um plano...

Não é Emre querido?

Você não venderá suas ações...

Mas isso é o bastante para nossa luta?


Você fará da Aylin sua representante...

Aylin vai entrar na empresa...

E o que acontecerá a seguir, virá facilmente.

Ou seja..
Juntos, nós vamos resolver tudo.

Como no passado.

Não se preocupe com nada.

E o Can?
O que acontecerá quando descobrir isso?

Ele não vai notar...

Como assim?


Quando chegar na empresa como sua representante..
Vai enlouquecer o meu irmão.

E ele cometerá erro após erro.

Não se preocupe...

Eu o conheço muito bem.

E o resto, é comigo e Aylin.

Então, chamarei o meu advogado..

Está bem,
Por favor.


Ninguém vai me fazer acreditar,
que o Sr Emre não sabia disso.

Podemos conversar?

Eu não posso Sanem...
Já temos muitos problemas na nossa cabeça.

Nos falamos depois...

Não acredito nesses seus truques.

Sei bem o que está tentando fazer.

O que você sabe Sanem?


O que anda vendo nos seus sonhos?

Você também está nesse jogo.

Você, Srta Aylin e Fabri estão jogando um jogo bem sujo com o Can.

Eu sempre imagino que não tem como você piorar..
Mas você consegue fazer isso.

Pra você ver..Estamos nessa situação hoje,
por causa do negócio estúpido que você fez.

Sim eu sei.
Cometi um erro.. mas você...

Você é irmão dele.

Ele acredita em você..
Ele quer acreditar em você.

Como pode ser tão ruim assim??

Está bem, vamos dizer que é tudo um jogo.

E eu estou nesse jogo...

Vamos fazer um acordo então?

Eu mando Aylin pra fora daqui,
da mesma forma que eu trouxe...

E você deixa essa empresa imediatamente...

Por que?

Já que você se importa tanto com o Can...

Saia dessa empresa.. e suma da vida dele.
Vá embora.

Eu levo Aylin embora.

E trago as ações de volta.

Que me diz?

Você aceita?