Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 20 - Episode #1.20 - full transcript

Can, brings Sanem to the beginning of the new campaign and starts working together. Meanwhile, Aylin steals all the information about the campaign and takes action.

-Erkenci Kus 20-

Come on ..
Let's go back to camp.

Ahh really?

"My friend is here. ..

Let's go right away ..
Before she starts to worry about me. "

But .. you are right.

No .. I meant come on, so you can sleep right away.

Come on ...
Come on ... you need to sleep.

Can Divit..

"The water sleeps ... but the enemy never sleeps."
It is a very good saying.

Do not forget that.

What is it?
What water? What enemy?

Whatever it was that you drank ..
I think you've had enough.

If you don't understand ..
I will explain it to you.

You are mine...

And that's it.

What's going on here?
Mr Can and Sanem ..

I'm so sorry..

I'm really sorry.

Is what I'm seeing real?

Is my mind deceiving me?

Why do I always run for things like that?

Why did I see that?
It will really traumatize me.

My traumas will increase ..

-Sanem, we ..
-I know, we ..

We are friends ...
I don't understand how I could do that.

How can I say something?

There was definitely something in that juice ..
Because I really ...

I'm not feeling well.

It was like, a slip up ..

You cannot get rid of what is hidden within yourself.

Here we go ... one more secret.
I won't be able to keep it.


Let's go back...

-I'm sorry ..
-No problem.



What happened?

-I saw CeyCey running nonstop ...
-Ah Ah

What's in that fruit juice?

Come here ..
Sit down a little bit.

Rest ... okay?

Drop it. Don't drink anymore.
I'll make a coffee and bring it to you

-Don't drink this anymore.

Hi guys ...

Ah Ah

What are you doing CeyCey?

What phobia struck him again, Guliz?

What did I do?



Yes, really ...
What did you do?

I don't know ..
I said things I should never have said.

But it was all because of this fruit juice ...
I don't know what's in it.

Don't lie.
Don't look for an excuse. The man said that ...

"You cannot get rid of what is hidden within yourself."

Yes ... there is a koala inside me ...
who wants to stay with Can and live here.

I hide some animal inside me ...
But I don't.

You could do that too ...

I don't .. I already said.
I do not do.

Besides .. what voice are you?
Is it possible that your inner voice is your enemy?

Do I want my inner voice?

My normal inner voice ... the
one that comes from inside me.

A natural.


A natural.

Find yourself

Find yourself in nature ...

That's it ...
'Find yourself'. That.

-Sanem ..

-Yes ..
-That's it

-Return to nature .. Find yourself
-Okay .. ok. Sit down first.

No .. not Mr Can. I found the 'slogan.

-Ok, just ..
-Find yourself

Find yourself in nature.

Listen ... "Find yourself in nature"


'Compass Sport', shows directions, right


Compass, outdoor sporting goods store.

It also tells customers where they should be

I mean ...
They say: Find yourself in nature.

So it says:
Let's be your compass (* Compass)

I understood that .. I understood, I understood.

Sanem .. I'll tell you something ...

Whatever you drank.
Drink this all the time .. Really.

Because this is good.
This is really good.


-So you really liked it?
-Is very beautiful.

-Friends ... We found our slogan.
-Our slogan

Our slogan is:

Find yourself in nature.

Sanem who discovered this slogan

Let's congratulate her.

Yes, it was me.

-Bravo ...
-Thank you very much

And as I promised ...
She will work with me on the campaign.


Yes .. together.

... In the project.
-In the project.

Ahh thank you .. I am very surprised.

I'm not so ..
I mean ..

I knew you would come up with something like that.

Sanem ..

Okay, okay.
Let's go.

Sister ... congratulations.

In fact .. I didn't think much.

You found it later ..

Well done Sanem, congratulations.
You were lucky again.

Thank you ... thank you very much Miss Deren.

-All this thanks to you.

Yes, but don't rely too much on your luck ...
Because managing a project is a very difficult job.

This job doesn't live on 'good luck'.

But you are very lucky ...

Because one of my hands is always on you. I always support you.

Um um ..

I am very grateful ...

And I..

I feel even more lucky.
Because I am going to work with Mr Can.

Because I also know that he will teach me many things. But...

I'll also ask you a few questions when I don't know. Of course.

You are a very knowledgeable person.


You are welcome..

Srta Sanem?

Congratulations ...
Your slogan reflects you exactly.

Simple, and of great quality.


Congratulations Congratulations.
You are brilliant.

What are you doing? What are you doing?
For the love of God.

What did you drink, girl?

This happened because of the fruit juice ...

How did you manage to find this?
How did you do that?

It came to my mind by chance ...

I was struggling with myself in thought.

With myself ...
I mean I was thinking about the campaign.

What would it be like if that was an idea?
Is it a good idea?

A very good idea ..
You have a natural talent ..


I swear I have to say that, the part of being a guest ...

I think you are on the right track ..

I swear, I don't know if it's the right or wrong way.
But we definitely decided on our way.

Very good idea.

The path ..

This ..
The idea is cool.

-As well?
-Can, don't do that..Please.

We have been friends for many years ...
I know your look.

Do you know him?

Then the mountain lion Can Divit
fell in love with a domestic bird.

Say, this is a rare bird.


By the way, the idea for the campaign is mine.
Did you know that?

-What is happening?


What's wrong with him?

We employ special patients in the company ...

Like this..


I was bored Ceycey ..
You are screaming like crazy about the camp ..

And it's making me scream ..

What is the noise friends?

Since we got the slogan ...
I thought it was 'Good night' for everyone.

Let's all sleep. Each one to his tent. Let's end the night.

You guys make me scream ...

Is he running from me?

Why would he do that?
Did you feel that way?

I think these feelings of yours are always deceiving you.

Good luck, God bless you Nihat ..

Bless you Mevkibe.

Carefully and slowly, okay?

Okay ..
Don't worry about anything Mevkibe

Of course ... of course ..
Carefully, carefully.

Let's go.

Highway E5 must be blocked.
Go to the road.

Don't let close-range customers in.
Allow those with luggage

Leave the front light on
Let your way be good.

May God forgive me

Come'll be back soon.
By God's will.

-Isn't it Brother Nihat?
-Brother Nihat?

Brother Nihat?



God protected us for a little while.
I hoped I wished for something else ..


An unexpected accident ..


From that day until today ...
The goddess sheds tears of amber.

So that the waves take the amber to the coast ...
And your loved one can find it.

When the woman gave it to me, she said ...
"You brought me back together with my beloved.

May it bring you luck.

And join you with your loved one.
Wherever she is ... "



Sanem ..

You are mine...

And that's it.


I wanted to breathe some fresh air ..

You didn't have a nightmare, or something again ... Did you?

No, I couldn't sleep.

Why are you here at this hour?
Why aren't you sleeping?

It's early for me ...

I'm on guard, fearing that a wolf or something will attack.


I wanted to apologize again, for what happened in the forest.

There is no saying that ...

What a person does while he is drunk is what he thinks when he is sober.

Probably something like this happened ...

I'm listening...

-Mr Can?
-Yes it's me.

I'm calling from the hospital ...

Unfortunately your brother had an accident ...


Where is he?

Okay, okay.
I am going immediately.

What happened?

Sanem ...

Emre had an accident.
He is in the hospital. I'm going there.

-Okay, I'm going too.
-Sanem, there's no need. You stay here.

In the morning, you tell what happened to whoever is here.

Mr Can, I will not leave you alone as long as you are in these conditions.
I'm going too. Let's go.

Mr Emre will be fine ..
Don't worry.

It happened because of me.

Can .. please.
Don't blame yourself.

I didn't hear him ..

And I told him everything to come out on my tongue.

He was very nervous.
Surely he must have lost all concentration.

The accident happened because of me.

Sr Can...

Mr Emre's doctor.

-I'm his brother.

First ..
He'll be fine soon.

The first intervention was performed on our patient. It
came with a cut on the neck, caused by the accident. Your life is not in danger.

Your brother was lucky ...
The wound did not affect the artery.

Otherwise ..
We couldn't have saved your brother.

Thank God..Thank you so much, thank you so much.
I can see him?

-He will be transferred to the room soon. The number is ...
- 1016

Room number 1016.
But he must be asleep, because of the effect of the drugs.

-If you want, you can see it.
-Thank you thank you.

May he be well soon!

I will accompany you ..

Thank God ..
Thank God, nothing happened.

But it could have happened.



Are you alright?
Are you in pain?

I'm pretty well.

May you be well soon, Mr Emre.

Thank you thank you very much.

- I'll be at the entrance.

- How did the accident happen?
-I do not know.

It happened suddenly ...

It is aptly called: 'accident'.

Who told you?

They called me here from the hospital.

I called you the last time.

It is saved under the name 'Brother'.
They saw it.

If you don't worry about coming here ..

Dont be silly.
Of course I would come.

Whatever we have been through ..

There is a connection between us.

That means that our connection hasn't been cut, right?

We will talk about this later.

Don't think about it now.
Just think about getting well, okay? Come on, sleep.

I'll be outside ...
Do you need anything?

No ..
Thank you.

I wonder ..
Should I call my sister?

It is too late ...
She will panic.

He slept?

He slept.

May he be well soon.
He is fine?

Sanem ..
Thank you very much.


For you coming with me.
For being on my side.

It's my pleasure.

Whenever you need..

I will be by your side, as long as you want.

- Want to drink tea?
-I want

Can, please.
Don't blame yourself anymore ...

Emre could have died Sanem.

And I would never forgive myself.

You two were angry at each other ...

How did we get to this condition?

I dont understand...

Emre was not such a person.
How could he do all this?

I can't recognize Emre anymore.

I think it is Miss Aylin, who influences Mr Emre.

Miss Aylin is a very bad person.


Her evil has come to you.

On her birthday ...
I still haven't forgotten what she did.

But I forgot...

I will never pay bad for evil.

In my opinion ..
You also have to leave what happened behind.

Everything in life...

Your money, your properties, your job, your career ...

You can lose them all in anger, but ...

Family and brotherhood are very different things.

That is ...
If they make a mistake, you have to continue with them ..

Mas Sanem ...


I know you are very sad ...

He made you experience a great disappointment ...
I know.

But in my opinion ..
He took a lesson, after everything that happened.

Everyone deserves another chance in life.

Especially if he is your brother.

I think you should hear it.

It's good that you're here ...

You improve my condition a lot ...

This will not ...

My mind won't get it out of my mind ...

What are they doing?

While everyone is comfortable?


Life is burning .. are you aware of this?

How much does life matter to you? I wonder.

The sun's rays pointed ...
But they must not have increased yet

-What is happening?
-There's a person ... there's a person in there.

Ayhan ... Ayhan.


-CeyCey good morning, what happened?
-Good day to you too.

He made my mouth slide ...

Saia Ayhan ..
Saia Ayhan.

-Go out Ayhan
-What happened CeyCey?

Ayhan ..

S can e sane ...

They kissed.
Like this...

Like this?


-They kissed like that?

They were kissing and I saw it.
Why do I see such moments, why?

Calm down.

Calm down.


-You calm down.

You talk and I calm down

-But they kissed ...

Where's Sanem?
She is not here.

I wonder where she may have gone.

How is she not here?
Isn't Sanem with you?

-Mr. Can ...
- What?

- Mr Can? Mr Can, good morning ..
-Calm down.

He is not here .. He is
not here.

- Yes Yes. I am fine.

I'm fine ..
Take care of your lives!

Take it easy CeyCey ...

Srta Whose ...

Friends .. I need to make a statement.

Let's get ready quickly ...
We have to go urgently

Unfortunately, Mr Emre had an accident.


There is no need to worry about that friends.
Do not worry.

Mr Can is with him.
And its condition is very good.

I will inform you about the development of everything.

But let's get ready, as soon as possible.
It's ok?

Miss Deren? Excuse me a second, Miss Deren.
Fine? I'll ask you a question, one second.

Srta Whose ...

Mr Can is with Sanem, I wonder?
Ayhan is asking about this.

She is with him CeyCey ..
Is there a time when she is not with him?

Since Sanem arrived ...
Nothing in our lives is going well.

Offf ... Offff

-Off Offf Offf
-Offf Offf too

-What is she saying?
-Look, she gets nervous when she hears they are together ...

-When they kiss, and ..
-Shiuuu ... There's no kiss or anything, there's no kiss.

Only we both know that.
It's a secret between you and me.


A secret again ...

- Collect your things .. come on.
-A secret.

Friends, in the forest there's
a spy ... There's a spy.

-Has a spy .. -CeyCey .. come on.

Collect your things.

I'm listening to Aylin ...

Hello, where are you dear Emre?
I tried to call you since yesterday. What did you do?

Have you been to camp?
What did you do?

I had an accident ..
I'm in the hospital.

What accident?

Are you serious?

I argued with my brother ..
I was nervous.

Then a car appeared in front of me and ...
I don't remember the rest.

Ok ... But nothing happened to you, did it?
If you answered the phone, then there is nothing with you.

You're fine, right?

I am fine..

Ok .. where are you?
I will go there too.

I said I'm fine, Aylin.


-You don't have to come.
-Dear Emre, please. I said I was going.

What hospital?

Take and drink this.
You will need to do this all day.




-Is Mr Emre okay?
-Yes, he's fine. Do not worry.

- May he be well soon, Mr Can.
-Thanks Leyla.

-How did this happen?
-I don't know exactly, but ....

Emre's doctor ..
Mr. Doctor ..

-I wanted to ask you about Emre's condition.
-I'm going to take a look at Mr Emre.

Okay, okay.
Upstairs, number 1016.

-Ok, sister.
-I will go too.


Sr Emre?

Mr Emre ... I was very scared ...
And I came as soon as I heard about the accident.

If I had known the night ...
I would have come at night.

How are you?
It's ok?

Well Leyla .. I'm fine.

I'm very happy.

Emre dear ...

How are you?

You scared me a lot ..
When you told me you had an accident.

I'm fine .. I
told you on the phone that I didn't need to come here.

My life, of course I would come.
As soon as I heard about the accident, I came.

But this is a hospital room ..
This place cannot be full.

Aylin !!

- I'll take a look at Sanem ...
-Leyla .. a minute. One minute.


Okay my life ..

If you want it like that ...
I just said it for you.

How are you doing?
Are you comfortable?

I talked to the doctor.
You can leave now.


Great ...
Let me take care of his discharge.

I already took care of his discharge.

Now I'm going to take my brother home.

And you will not come with us ..

Not for home, not for the company ...
Not for our lives.

We never want to see you again ..


I know what I'm going to do with you, Can Divit.

Mr Fabri ..
I need to talk to you about something very important.

Yes, it is urgent.

Okay, I'm going.

He was very nervous,
after the argument with Mr Can.

-Yes, it would be better if we didn't allow that. But ...
-That is.

-In that case ...
-I don't know what his condition is exactly ...

-Because we haven't reached them yet.
-Didn't you see your condition?

-Actually ..
-When we left, I soon thought something happened.

-Yes, I thought that too.
-I get sick in that office every day.

Nest of gossip ...

You have turned our beloved company
into a corner cafe.

- Continue Miss Deren ... Your coffee.
-I don't want to, I won't drink your cold coffee.

-Srta whose?

Have you heard from Mr Emre?
Did Mr Can call you?



There's nothing to tell you about it ...

And Can didn't call ..

-Do you know anything?
-I? How can I know, Miss Deren?

How would I know anything?

I'm asking if you spoke to Sanem, CeyCey?

Sanem? How can you know that?
Sanem doesn't know anything about that, for sure.

What would this poor girl know?

I don't know ..
Sanem and Can are not together?

- So you know that?

-As well? Can and Sanem 'together'?
-They are together??

No I did not say that. You said that.
I did not say such a thing. Miss Deren ...

You are saying that they are together.
Didn't she say that Guliz? Speak!!

-Answer ... I didn't say any of that.
-You said: "So you know"

-They are together???
-I do not know...

I did not say such a thing.
You said "together". And I said, "So you know".

CeyCey .. you will say everything you know.
Are they 'together' or not?

You knew they were together.
I don't know any of that. I said the same thing.

- I said something like that .. Don't press me.
-Ceycey don't go wrong.

-You will tell us everything you know.
-I don't know anything Miss Deren, don't press me.

I don't know, I don't know anything. You said that.
Why are you pressuring me? I said nothing.

-Are they together or not ??
-Sr Can and Sanem .. Ohhh Ohhh

What 'Ohhh'?


What's going on CeyCey?

-It's hot
-CeyCey come and sit.

What does Ohhh mean?
What does that mean?



Are you alright?

How beautiful it is ... How beautiful it is.
Get out ... get out.


You know fora .. you know fora.

Where are they?
Please God the doctor didn't change his mind at the last minute.

Why would it change?
You saw with your eyes, that he is fine.

Yes, he is fine. ..
But the man suffered a serious accident Sanem ..

He almost died.

We know...

We were scared too.


Of course you were scared.
What happened to Mr Can is good, but it is not enough.


Is that a lie, Sanem?

Guliz called me and told me everything ...
Mr Emre went to the camp.

They fought and argued ...
And he kicked the man out of the camp.

Mr Emre was so bad about it
that he ended up having an accident soon after.

Do you know how Mr Can got sick?

You know how bad he felt ...
After he found out about his brother's betrayals?

He learned of the accident and came to the hospital in a sorry state.
Did you know? No .. you didn't know.

If you had called me at night and told me.
I knew it.


What are you doing?

In some way, in some way ..
We are going to let their relationship improve.

Brother, what are you doing?

-We can go ..
-Thanks for everything.

Ohh God ..

- If you want, you can leave me alone at home ..
-Is that possible Emre?

Will I leave you alone, on the first day?
I stay with you today.

If I have nothing urgent at the company ...
I can stay with Mr Emre.

Of course, if you want Mr Emre.

It could be Leyla ..
That will be great.

Well, then, okay.
I'll take you home.


Sanem .. don't you feel sleepy or something?
Aren't you tired? Can work?

Yes ... - Yes? If so, then let's get to work immediately.

Okay ...
But first I want to go home and change my clothes.

So I go to the company to work.
You come?

I will ..
But you are in charge of the project ...

So ... you have the 'game ball'.
I trust your instincts.

- Am I in charge of the project?

I will take Emre and soon I will go there.

Okay ..

Nihat, please .. Be calm ..

How can I calm down Mevkibe?

I had to return the car this morning.
I had to make up a lot of excuses, to deliver tomorrow.

Okay dear ..
But you have already been too exalted. The money...

Don't say anything about Mevkibe money.
Don't say that word 'money' anymore ...

There are exactly 1000 Mevkibe lire.
The man asked for 1,000 lire for a small thing.

I was forced to leave the car at the garage ...
What kind of 'broken' was that? It can't be repaired?


No ... displacement.
It was not a 'broken' one, just a displacement.

If it was broken ..
We would not have been able to move.

Besides ...
God gives us sickness and healing too. Come on, let's go.

Remorse ...
May God forgive you ...

Muzaffer. when you say goodbye to someone.
You splash water behind the car.

It is not necessary to pour a lot of water on the car's windshield.

But sometimes someone must get out of the routine, old man.

I'll say something ...
Your pressure has risen again ...

Enough Muzzafer .. Enough.
God God.

You will cut my arm ..
It will be cut from here ...

Tell me, how much did it give?

-I would say that in total 35 ...

- Let's redo it again ...
-Nihat, calm my love .. Calm down.


Hold this ..
Deal with this matter without anyone knowing about it.

That's enough, right?

She gave you gold ...
Ahhh .. our mother.

Our mothers are like humans, who exchange money.

What a loyalty from our mothers ...
Our poor and tormented mothers ...

They are always here when we need them.

May God give me patience ...

Mevkibe .. I tried to make things better ..
But I only managed to make them worse.

Things are not going well ...
And I'm ashamed.

Don't think about it, for God's sake.
Let the problem be solved.

Then, you give me another one.

Ahh and if they can't buy it ...
Let's put it on Sanem at our wedding.

On the one hand "Yozgat" and on the other "Corum"

We'll put it right here ...

What do you say?

I am from 'Corum', and I will be responsible for everything.

Mevkibe ..
Before anything happens to my hand, I will.

It will be better if I go.

- Come on .. Mom, see you later ..
-My life ..

Where is Muzaffer going?
Where do you think you're going?

Dad ..
We will be together in the best and the worst.

Since I caused damage to the car ..
This problem is also mine too.

-Come on ... come on-May
God forgive us.

Do not squeeze anymore.
You almost took my arm off, Muzaffer.


Do not do that again.
That's enough.

But mom ... it's important.

As I said, Miss Aylin, to be quite honest ...
I was very surprised when you called me.

Besides ...
I heard that you left the company.

We do not have nothing in common...

Unlike Fabri ...
We have much more in common ...


That's it ...
I'm talking about Can Divit ...

HM hm

Both of us...

How to say that?
The person who causes inconvenience for both of us.

-Do you think that?
-And it's not?

We would not be much better.
If we defeated Can Divit?

-In addition, you would have Sanem's attention.
-You mention, that Sanem would pay attention to me like that?


Women like strong men ...

Let's let Can Divit play "Fikri Harika (* Great idea *), with your fingers now.

Be defeated, and lose everything you have ...
With your own hands.

And let's see if that way, Sanem remains beside him.

And what are we going to do to achieve that goal?

If Can Divit gets the campaign ...
He'll pay you back, which you gave him.

And then ...
Your membership will end.

And Miss Sanem, you won't have to create
the perfume for me.


So ..
You need to get Sanem to sign the contract right away.

And even if Can Divit gets the campaign ...
Sanem will owe you.

Good Morning...

Srta Sanem?

Sr CeyCey?

Is there anything you want to tell me,
or confess to Sanem?

-No ..

This .. has nothing.
I just want to sleep, there's nothing else.

Sanem ...

- I saw you and Mr Can kissing in the forest ...
-Shiuuu shut up CeyCey. What are you talking about?

I saw, I saw, I saw.

What did you see? Shut up.
Someone can hear you. What are you doing?

- Is the forest very beautiful, Sanem?
-CeyCey .. CeyCey. Please. Stay quiet.

-I saw you kissing ... -CeyCey .. CeyCey

I will tell everyone, that you are in love with Ayhan.

I will say that all objects related to Ayhan came in a box, from his hometown.

Are you going to keep your mouth shut now?
Will you promise me that?

- Did you kiss him first, or did he kiss you?
- It happened by accident.

How can this happen by accident?
Is it possible to kiss someone by accident?

Are you going to be 'hooked' on this now?

Mr Emre had an accident.
He almost died.


In fact, you are right.

Life is too short.
We need to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.

And if you're loving ...

Live freely ...
What can happen?

HM hm

You have now opened my mind ...

It did me good ...
Yes, you opened my mind.

Thank you .. Yes.
You helped me.

-That ..

But don't say that to me ...

Tell that to Ayhan.

-Good morning ...
-Good morning.

Can is coming ..
One second.

-Good morning Can ..
-Good morning Deren.

I made the necessary explanations to our friends ..
I told them, the details ..

If you want, we can start working immediately.

Thank you Deren ..
Glad you are here.

Ok .. as I said.
I have to stay calm. Fine.

Yes friends, we went through a sad situation ...
But we got out of it easily.

Emre is fine now, and has already been discharged.

Thank you all for the 'wishes for improvement' ..

Good good.
Once again, may he recover soon.

Mr Can .. I wanted to ask you something.

Will there be any changes in Compass planning, any changes in schedule?

No Guliz, there will be no changes.
On the contrary, we are ready to start.

Let's continue where we left off ...
What was our campaign slogan?

Find yourself in nature.

Find yourself ..

Friends, like yesterday we forgot ..
Let's thank those who deserve it.

Applause to Sanem, please.

-We are applauding because you guys kissed ...
-CeyCey shut up.


I am silent, silent.
I'll restrain myself ... I promise. Okay?


Friends .. that's enough.

We are thankful enough.
We will not lose focus, that's it.

And what do we always say?

It is the work that always speaks ..
Not the slogan, is it?


We tried the brand's products, in the camp ...

I think we know what this is about ...

Today we have a lot of work.
Because tomorrow we will have the presentation for the client.

Friends .. as I promised.
Let's work on the campaign ...

With the person who came up with the slogan idea.

By the way ...
Sanem will be the campaign coordinator, not Deren, as usual.

Me permite whose?



Of course dear, for sure.
After all, a promise is a promise.

Mr Can, I wanted to tell you something ...

CeyCey, don't confuse our minds ..
What do you mean?

About you and Sanem ...

-In the forest ...
-Ahhh, I'll call Ayhan.

I will say that I will be the project coordinator.
She will be very happy.

That is ... In the forest you said ..
That you would give a gift to anyone who had the idea of ​​the slogan.

I wonder what the present is.
That was the question.

That's right CeyCey.
But for now it remains a surprise.

First, let's prepare the campaign.
And then I'll give her a gift.

Yes Sanem ...
Dear coordinator ...

- Won't you greet your team?
-I will go

I'm going..

Friends, hello ...

I will be your new coordinator on this project ...


I'll tell you something ...

You are great ...
You couldn't be in another company. They are very lucky.

Thank you.

I became the coordinator ...

Miss Sanem .. can you come here?
I have a good idea.

- Really?
-Yes very good.

I probably wanted to believe you.

This is horrible...

Is very bad.

Sanem ...
Did you like that?

This is trash!

Miss Sanem ...
I did as you asked.

Redo it again.
And if you need to redo 4 more times ...

-But ...
-And if that's not enough ... redo it 10 more times.

Friends ..
What happened to your 'IQ'?

-Srta Sanem ...

- I copied the photos from Compass Sports
-I trust you CeyCey

Thank you very much Miss Sanem.

I'm sure you did a good job ...

Why can't I see it clearly?

Are you trying to ruin my eyes,
with these CeyCey 'pixels'?

-No Miss Sanem .. That ...
-You are fired.

Srta Sanem ...

I will fire all of you ..
From here, to here.

You are fired.

What are you looking at?
Finish ... Come on, come on.

Come on ..
This whole side, moving. Get up.

- Miss Sanem, I have two children .. - May
God take care of them, because I don't care.

This is not a Family Foundation ...

You are fired.

You sit ... not on this side.
This one.

-I'm dreaming. This is not real, I am dreaming.
-This one ...

Yes .. fired.

-Yes, fired.
-Where's my coffee? Are you the other one?

My name is Deren, not 'the other one'.
Here is Miss Sanem.

88ºC, coffee.

But I said 89º C Diren ...

But my name is Deren ...

Whatever ... it doesn't matter.

-What is it?
-This is the file you asked for Miss Sanem.

But the coffee is already cold.

Let's see ...


My eyes are really bleeding.

It could be good, if it had been just one.

Everything is horrible Soren.

-But my name is Deren ...
- Really ?

Did not like...

Does not fit.

-Does not fit?
-Don't serve Demet

For nothing, for nothing.
You are not good ...

The coffee is not good, the document is not good.

Everything is terrible ...

We better call you 'the other' again.

What happened to Deren?

Why do you do with people what you don't like
that they do to you?



You created a work of art again ...

- Seriously? Did you like it?
-I liked.

Sometimes I think, that in fact ...
I don't even imagine ...

I can't even imagine what this company would be like ...
If you weren't here.

Don't imagine, don't imagine.

I think I deserve a dinner ...

Alone .. You and me.


Who knows, maybe we can go to the cinema?

Then to a disco.
Who knows, maybe we’re going to the Maldives on our honeymoon.

Isn't it season?

You noticed?
How strange does Miss Deren look?

She was surprised because she thinks she has lost her position. I believe that this is the reason, and not for any other reason.

Ahhhh .. okay.
Everyone to work.

Come on .. good job.

May God not have an accident again ...
What do we say?

Amen .. Amen.

So, with your permission ..
I'll start.

Venha Aksaray, Aksaray, Aksaray, Aksaray, Aksaray, Aksaray
(* Aksaray é um bairro de Istambul *)

Muzaffer, son.
Are we a bus? Why are you screaming?

Daddy, what are we going to do?
We pay a lot for repairs.

Trying to cover the insurance ...
We will be completely upset here.

Who is the reason son?
Everything is your fault.

He threw a bucket of water on the front glass ...
and made me hit a tree.


I feel guilty, and I'm sorry for that.


I'll shout for Bakirkoy ...
(* Bakirkoy, Istanbul neighborhood *)

Venha Bakirkoy, Bakirkoy, Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy, Bakirkoy, Bakirkoy

Enough Muzaffer ...

Muzaffer, son ...

Vamos Bakirkoy, em Bakirkoy

God God...

-What are you doing Muzaffer, son?
-Dad, don't stop me. I'm in tune ...


That passenger will come here ...

This is the best taxi driver in Central Asia ...

-If you have money, come.

-Son, don't yell.
-If you have money, come in.

Son, don't shout. It's embarrassing us.
Everyone is looking at us.

Dad ... we'll find some
Bakirkoy passengers , people ...

Honest to the gaze of God ..
wide eyes ...

-Are you going to the airport, brother?

- Do you need a taxi?
-I was looking for one now.

And we were expecting a passenger.

Come please.

We will go immediately ..
We will fly to the airport.


Where did you go?

Left me here?

-Ooi yes, yes. Burned?

After 10 seconds, it passes.

- A little patience will pass.
-I believe.

Do it that way ...


-Can I serve you?

-You are putting the tea in a very good way.

That's it ...
And it seemed to me that you didn't prepare tea

How do you know?

It seems that it is not the particularly desired color.

- Do you think that?

What are you looking at?

The inspiration for me is coming from here.
Do not disturb me.

Go to work...

When your hand doesn't touch ...
It doesn't taste the same.

-The tea?
-The tea.

You end up really missing the smell

-The tea?

You also miss the taste ...

So on the lips ...

- Lips?

It is fragrant.

When you whisper like that in my ear ...
I feel strange.

Should I ... make tea again?
Or maybe we should drink something else?

No ..
We will not drink anything else for a while.

Because it doesn't help you much ...

You can do things, and regret it later ...

I didn't regret it ...

Didn't you regret it?

I'm sorry ..

I regretted it ..
But I did, because I was drunk ..

Because I bothered you.

I think I bothered you.
That's because I don't remember it very well.

You were drunk and you don't remember.

Cliché ..
But it is.

I can't hear anything ...

Can we go to the 'room'?

There are 4 companies ..
We are still in the competition.

And you know, that we haven't got the job yet.

-Hum hum
-So, let's go to work.

-Yes ...
-And take care of our business.

-Come on
-Hum Hum

Let's go...

Let's go.

My dear coordinator ...
Tell me, why didn't you like the latest 'shows'?

-Talk openly to me ...
-Very manly ...

He has strong macho habits ...

In addition ...
Here we need to change the painting of the walls.

He also calls her 'coordinator' ...

Just a minute...

Now I'm being seriously tested ...

Be calm Deren ...

Stay focused ..

Pay attention to everything, otherwise ..
You will lose your mind.

I also want to go to the bathroom.

Here ..
The sketches arrived, they are new.

- You start by reviewing them.

Okay .. I will
look immediately.

Ahhh, the sketches look very beautiful ...

-Good now ....
-Do you have any tips?

Do you have anything to add?

Well, we should definitely find the 'face' of the brand so that it can be used everywhere.

And use is easy ...
Both children, men and women could use it easily.

I believe that with that point of view ..
It should be that.

Can I say that the client will want to come up with that kind of thing?

I don't like to follow the established rules, for others ...

-Allow me to remind you that you think the same Mr Can.
- He's a very tough man.

-A very hard man ..
- He's my teacher ...

Perfectly ... then it surprised me.
I'm listening...


Now I will show you another 'vision' ...

They think a lot about shape ...
They will do it.



Hello, dear Lale
How are you?

I'm really sweet ... Did
your company enter the Compass competition?

Um ...
And when will you be presenting?

Do you want to win?


Because I had a bombardment of ideas.

Which is?

Did I ever say inaccurate things to you?

Only here will I get 30%

Okay ..
Then we will have a private meeting immediately.

For now, this is just between us.

No, that idea doesn't fit either.

What will I do with this charity ceiling?

I already have another headache ...
I swear, why did I get in more trouble?


Mommy .. Mommy .. Ohh

Mom .. mom .. mom .. mommy ohhh

I swear, everything hurts ...

My legs were asleep, as if they had been soaked with water from the Sakarya River.

Where were you Muzaffer?

Who is the assistant to the president?
Does the reception have a lot to do?

Is that assistant still alive, president?

I walked all over Istanbul ...

My heels are swollen ..
And my legs, look like hobbit legs.

Son ...
But why did you go so far?

Papa Nihat didn't want me in his taxi ...
He was angry.

Leave the conversation now ...
Listen, we have to do something, at a charity reception.

We need ideas .. ideas.

Okay ..
I'm certainly one of those 100 thousand ...

My head burned ..
It's time to go through an inspection.

If he fixes me, I will have a lot of ideas.

- Hello Mevkibe ... -
Hello, welcome.

How's Muzzo?
What are you doing?

How can be?
We live to die. How are you doing?

- Well ... I went running.

-Were you running?
Yes ... I decided to run every day.

We can say that I keep myself in the right mode during the day.

Of course, of course.

I found ... I found ...

Please ...
Now an idea has definitely come to mind.

And it is a very important idea.

Light on...

We will run with the women in our neighborhood ..
For a healthy lifestyle.

Ahh Ah no .. no. No running.
I like the person I saw.

Thank you ..
May God not want it, don't do it.

Yes, you shut up.
In my opinion Mevkibe, it is a great idea.

Let's give gas to the heels ,,,

Yes, yes, yes Ayhan?

Exactly ...
I think everyone wants to play a sport.

But alone, it's boring to play sports ...

If we all go together, I'll tell you.
This neighborhood will run for the Olympics.

So let's get ready for the sport.

You go, get up and inform everyone.

Come on, get up.
Stand up.

Say that tomorrow, all the women in the neighborhood will walk together ..

By the way, my store was open ...

-Let's talk about it
-Dearest Mrs. President, I can't run the Olympics.

- My work only at the Olympic Games will be appreciated.
-Let's go.

Great idea that came up ...

Did something happen?

It's like you're heating up again ...

No .. I wanted to see how things are going.

Walk correctly, as you can see.


Can ...
We are preparing there too.

I say, maybe something that we can improve?

Unfortunately our coordinator is not helping us at all.

Yes .. so can you help coordinator?
She herself here ...

Your negotiator ...

-I? I'm her ...
-Hum Hum


-What do you want specifically?
-Feedback .. reverse answer.

You have to give us feedback ..
To continue calmly ..


Everything goes as it should ...

And we work very well.

Deren, we have a very good job now.

Seriously ...
From Sanem, the devil left ... I should have seen it.


How wonderful...

How amazing ..

In fact ...
She is an egg with a surprise inside ...

And leave it to us ..
The friends in that company, in such a stupor.

There, tea, coffee ...

And where did it just not go? Where didn't you jump?
As soon as it didn't gallop?

It's the American dream ...

So .. this work is talking about it.

- We shouldn't think about who you are.

-Well, let's remember that ...

Can ...
Are we going to have a meeting then?



But in my opinion, we shouldn't go slow.

We'll go over the work one more time ... Let them come up with something. Then we get together.
I will tell you.

Is it for billboards?


But if I remember ..
At the presentation, the customer liked it a lot more ..

Remember correctly?

Correct, you're right ...
But Sanem's instincts are for that option.

And I trust Sanem.

- Instintos de Sanem ...
-Hum Hum

We decided.
Don't worry, Miss Deren.

I'm not worried...

Can ..
If there is nothing more to do here, I am going.

There is...

There is, there is something ... Do you
see it here?

I don't like it one bit.
Maybe you can get him out of there.


That ball?
Very stupid indeed.

I'll take ...

That does not interfere with your work ...

No no no no.
Don't touch it.

No, not now.
Do not shot.

U $ 5000 campaign remains on Sanem's instincts ...

I wonder if she knows the difference between a 'stimulus',
and what an 'instinct' is

What a disgusting thing ...
I'll leave it here.

What fell on my head?

Miss Sanem, where is she?
I do not see her.

-Maybe at Mr Can's office?
-Can be.

S Smith?

Miss Sanem ..
I .. I was looking for you.

I am worried about something, and I decided to come and talk in person.

Sure, sure.
I hear you...

I do not know where to start...

But I will say ...
Miss Sanem, I am frankly concerned ...

For what reason?

I started to think that you are deceiving me,
regarding the perfume.

-How could that be?

Only there were other things ... that's why.

Yes ..
But our company has its own requirements.

So, so as not to waste time ..
It seems to me that there is no other way but to provide us with your own fragrance

I told you I wouldn't give you my own fragrance ...

Srta Sanem ...

I do not think it is worth discussing on this subject.


It is an investment worth a million dollars.

A million dollar project.

Yes, and I don't have to remind you that I saved this company from ruin.

Many people...

Many families ...

You understand what I mean, right?

-I understand, okay.

So ..
Think about it in your spare time.

-Okay ...- See you tomorrow.

-Take care -Thank


It's ok? What?
What were they talking about?

He doesn't want another fragrance for the perfume ..
He wants mine.

-Didn't you say no?
-I said...

But I couldn't convince him ...
He insists.

I won't let you do something you don't want to.
Because of me, do you understand?


I will resolve this matter.

You won't give him the perfume, okay?


Do not be sad...

-Smile .. -Okay ..
I'll go down the file and I'll be right back.

Well, well, well, yes.
We are here with you girls and now it will be more fun.

Yes, look at this So
Yes girls doing together 1, 2, 3, 4 ..

Come on girls, more fun ...

No husbands, no children ...

You want to have fun, don't you?

Aunt Khakise, why aren't you having fun?
Your head tells you to warm up ...

You are standing there like a winter rug,
hidden behind the door.


She can't ... Dear President ...
Her youngest daughter-in-law, took all her gold and left.

She left her husband without a penny.
How can she have fun like that?


-Ohh see
-O que?

How is that?

Don't gossip here .. It causes problems.

- And you didn't know .. nobody knew.
-I did not know.

She just put on the clothes ...

You want to transform all the dirty clothes in the neighborhood,
into a morning TV show or something?

What's that 'Mevkibosh? Which is?
I only tell people the news.

What is wrong with it?
I don't like gossip. I keep it for myself.

I'm sorry ..
But you, relax and don't think about it anymore.

Enough ... ready.
Honestly enough.

Okay ... enough.
Each in his place.

Please Muzaffer ..
Send it back to its places.

To your seats ...

-Come on mom

-In the places ..
-Come on.

Very well..

Very well..

As the president said ..
You will walk like a thread ..

All in line, like a thread.
Hold the shoulders in the front one.

-These fats will melt .. Yes
-Thank you so much dear assistant.

Yes ..
Let's walk.

Ohh come here Aysun.
They're here, see?

All these people came together.
What's going on? Just look ..

You see? She makes herself a leader.

He brought people together and is trying to
take possession of them for sport.

Very well thought out.

But you will see what Aysun will invent.

- You'll see what I'm going to do. Will see.
-C'mon C'mon.

-This ...
-This or this?


-Isn't that it?



Okay ..
I'll tell you something .. I think this one too.

Despite the fact that you haven't learned about it.
Incredibly captured the angle.

If I studied, I can't even imagine how I would photograph ...

Who knows?

Did you meet Gamzé at the University?

Sudden change, right?
(* subject *)

Yes ..
We study at the same university.

However they are so close, it means ...

In fact, I was closest to your boyfriend ...

As well?
Does Gamzé have a boyfriend?

There was ... at that time there was.
I spoke to him with intimacy.

Did you speak intimately to Gamzé's ex?

Yes ...
He was my best friend at that time.

- Was he also your best friend?
-Hum Hum

I understand..


Now I am going to answer the question that you cannot ask ..
But that torments you.

Gamzé and I never had anything ...

God .. God ..
Why is it necessary to tell me this?

I don't care about anything ...

I don't know ...
It seemed like I wanted to ask and I couldn't

-No ..
-I may be wrong .. but I felt it

I don't know ..
I thought so.

Find yourself

Very good.

Very good slogan.

Very good idea.

Here it is ..
Here is your soup.

- Here it is ..

- What a delicious smell ... - I
'll give you a pillow, so that it will be more comfortable to eat.

-God bless your hands ..
-Good benefit ..

How are you doing?
Are you better, Mr Emre?

Is something hurting?

I feel good Leyla.
Just a little bit bored.

Okay ..
What do we do? Do you want something?

Can we watch television?
We watched a program.

Good idea..I started watching a program called 'Infinity'.
Did you see?

I love this program, Mr Emre.
An impressive series

A new series came out. Shall we see her?

Yes and ended with enthusiasm.

I say, this is not good.
Why are you stubborn?

What Sanem says is not important.

God God.

It's been two hours, and it's the same, Deren.

I put the kettle on to make
some tea for myself. Do you want?

Okay ..

-I'll take your tray

-I'm listening to Aylin.
-Emre I'm worried, how do you feel?

I'm fine ..

-Where are you? Are you alone?
-At my brother's house...

Leyla is here, looking after me.

-If it's not important ... I'll hang up.
-It's important ... very important.

It seems that your relationship with Can has improved ...

Now you don't need me anymore.

Now I'm a scapegoat ..

Is not true?

At some point it would happen ...

What you mean?

Can I call you later?
I call and talk ...

Take a second ...
I need to tell you something ...

Please Mr Emre ..
Your tea.

-Thank you very much ..
-Good advantage.

-We will see?

Ahh Sr Emre ...

-Srta whose?

This is a show ...
How did it look?

Did not work...

-But could you at least look?
-You only bring me useless ideas.

I told you so many times ..
Get out.

He didn't even look ...

What are you doing Guliz?
Guliz, that spoils.

-CeyCey ...
-I'm listening.

The energy that comes from Miss Deren, reaches every company.

Look .. in fact?
It hits everyone.

Yes ..
Recently she is like that. Very tense ...

-Completely out of routine ... In a little while she will fire herself.

To the point that it has reached, it is not itself.
I haven't been approaching her lately.

This sound...

Hello friends...

-I thought it was Miss Aylin ... -Ceycey, that's ...

Hello Miss Deren ...

-Hello ..
-I'm going to introduce you to Miss Ceyda

Director of our company.




-Welcome ..


Well .. I'm the one with the great ideas.
The coordinator .. Deren is my name.

-Enjoyed to meet you
-I'm also delighted.

I couldn't join you at the camp.
I was abroad ...

But I decided to come now and see where we are.

- What stage are we at?
- And .. and .. Stage ...

Let's do something. There are a lot of people here.
They are very stable.

Can I take you to Mr Can's office?

We will certainly introduce you
to our director immediately.

You are not going to CeyCey.
Bring us tea .. ok dear?

Honey, she said.
The director came.

Look how she treats me ..

We are here as a single family.

-I'm listening.
-C'mon C'mon.

Can, we have visitors.

Hi Can ..
Look who I brought you.

Our CEO (Director) Da Compass Sport: Miss Ceyda

-Hello welcome. I'm Can Divit.
-Hello, I'm Ceyda Sandzak

Very well Miss Ceyda

Call me Ceyda.

-Please ..

I will introduce you ..
This is Sanem, the project coordinator.

Very well Miss Sanem ...

Call me Sanem ...

Sanem ...

Sit down.

Here's the owner of Compass.
She is a very elegant woman.

Is she the owner?

Friends, she is not the owner.
It was the director general.

No friends, I informed myself.

-Her father is the owner of Compass.
-Guliz, is there a difference? Hmm?

For us this is the same.
Director or owner ... what's the difference?

Both in that case are allowed ...

They resign when they want ...
And then they come back when they are bored.


Be quiet ... It started again with the subject of 'resignation'.
Not what they say ...

It looks like they're getting together ...
Friends, get closer.

Ahhh I didn't see it right.
I didn't notice the complex depth. They are not together. I messed up.

Come on ... separate.

Why are you excited?
Why are you excited?

Please ..
The eyes can sometimes be confusing.

I'll tell you something Guliz ..
Long-legged women are in charge of companies.

What do you mean?

Are you concerned about the female population?

And here's Guliz ...

I am concerned that everyone has
legs so long that even Miss Aylin.

Yes, that worries me.

Another moment of approach ...


No, no. He turned his back ...
This is not Mr Can ... it is not.

Just talking ..

The woman is talking. I did not see it.
Didn't see what I do ??

- CeyCey .. they'll hear you now ...
- They won't hear.

They are just sitting ...
I can't understand.

Don't you read lips?
So go .. Read.

I can not concentrate

Ceyda .. I will tell you something for the first time ...

It has not yet been decided with which company, we will close the deal ...

But for me, this idea is excellent.
And this company is the right one ..



And Can has been interested in mountain sports for many years.

We can say that he is a true professional.

It looks nothing like these chefs in the white shirt up to the neck.

No .. he is not like them ..

Exactly ...
Yes, and he is very good at climbing.


- So you climb?

I can not believe...

-I climb too ..
-Really? Getting to the top?

Last month I reached the summit of Monza.

So, do you say Monza?
In the territory of Italy ..

Yes .. do you know these places?

They are now speaking Italian.

Yes I know.


I went there twice to camp alone ...

It was wonderful ...

I do not believe...

It is true.

What are they talking about?
I didn't understand anything but 'si'

Sanem ..
You are talking so much that I am distracting myself.

Do you know how to speak Italian Miss Deren?

Well, I understand ..
But I can't speak.

I don't understand that ...
But I really want to learn to speak.

With nerves, hands and legs are likely to tremble.

Yes, by the nerves ..
I think.

Beautiful photo ..
Who took it?

-Which one? That?

It was me..This is in Sri Lanka.
For three months I took tea pickers there.

Can .. rode an elephant?

It was running ...
It was indescribable ...

Ahhh really.
A great experience ...

No .. I didn't ride and I wouldn't.
Because I am against using them for commercial purposes.


That's it ...
There's an elephant shelter ...

What a domestic visa.

They are deprived of life, in their family environment.
And used to transport tourists.

And for the elephants that live in the forest ..
They created such a shelter.

I photographed them all, to prevent this.

Yes, I heard that.
And I really enjoyed it.

I have also been against these groups,
which use animals.

I didn't go myself, and instructed no one to go.

It did very well ..
At least someone should work with it ...

- For things to change ..

Here we have a Tarzan with such a soft heart ...

Okay .. I don't say why you are my boss ..
But because you are really kind.

-Can is wonderful.

I hear you, like you're telling
a fairy tale ...

But Sinharaja (* city in Sri Lanka *) made
a big impression on me.

Do you know that UNESCO recognized it
as a park with a unique biosphere?

Of course ... how would you not know?
Of course I know.

You have many common interests ...

It looks like a little

A little?

Ceyda has the spirit of the traveler ...

Maybe they met somewhere before?


If I had known ..
I would not have forgotten Can.

Now you've met..although late.

I'm sorry ..
I don't want to interrupt your conversation ...

But can we talk a little bit about work?

We have a very tight schedule ...

And the world problems are not over ...


So, please ladies ...

In my opinion ..
There is no need to talk about work.

I've seen it all.

I just wanted to familiarize myself with the companies
participating in the competition.

- Soon, I would like to see your presentation ... - Of course

So .. are you hungry?
Did we eat something? Sanem?

Why do you ask me that?
Question for the guests ..

After all, he got busy with today's job.
You worked too hard.

It spent a lot of energy.

I thought I would be hungry ..
That's why I asked you first ...

So .. are you hungry?

Great offer ..
But we have an interview at another company.

I give my word ... that next time.

Ok ...
When you want.

- Then we ask your permission ...
- Of course, of course. Make yourself comfortable

Ahh asking for permission ..Yes

- Honey, thank you very much.
- See you later, darling.

I wait for you ...

-Very happy to meet you
-I also ...

-See you Sanem
-See you soon

Then I will take you.

-Sanem ..
-See you later Ceyda.


Am I a 'foodie'?

God God.

And here it is ... huh?

Hunger .. hunger ..
Constantly calls me when it comes to food.

I already explained.
You worked hard, so I asked you first.

In any case ... I only care about your 'hunger'.

Because I am your close friend.

Close friend ... Yes, I'm hungry. I'll eat something.

- If your offer is up, let's eat.
-Of course it is. Let's go.

Let's go..

And why the cleavage?
It's the same job after all.

I'll answer and I'll be back ...

-Hello Ayhan, how are you?

Well CeyCey .. how are you?

I'm fine ..
Working here ... working.

I .. I
was thinking about you.

- Thinking about me?
-I was thinking of you?

I thought of Sanem ... we don't speak today.
How is she?

How's mr emre?
How is work at the company?

Ahh Mr Emre is fine, well.
He almost died. Did you know?

Well .. very interesting.
Life is too short.

We may not be here tomorrow.

Yes, I think so.

Each day, each moment is very precious.

And guided by that, I called you.
Maybe we can have dinner together tonight.

Such that?
You and me alone?


Ok ...
What time?


Ok .. Ok
see you later CeyCey.



What's it? Where you go?

-Where what? For what?
-No need to mumble here.

What happened? Where do they go alone?

Brother ...
CeyCey invited me to dinner today. I can go?

This is impossible.
You came back from camp yesterday with this guy.

Why this frequency?
Every day ... every day. Hmm?

What about?
Camping is one thing, that is another.

We're just going to have dinner together ... that's all.

Ayhan, I said no.

-Brother .. how is that 'impossible? Why?
-Ayhan, don't insist.

Why don't you let me go?

How can you not do ...
So do not allow me.

Is not it?


I did not mean that...

If I hurt you, I'm sorry.

You are right Ayhan.

Well .. you can go and plan everything.

No, no. I hurt you.

I told you I can go, in trouble.
It didn't hurt me.

-Just don't come back late.

You are a smart brother ..

I'm going to prepare myself then ..
Best brother ...

And the most beautiful brother.

Very dear ..

Don't come back late.

The girl is right ...

I haven't been able to confess my feelings
all these years.

I'll call her.

I'll call to see how you are.
Like friend.

Uauu ..

What an end ...

It was very good Mr Emre ..
Now how can I wait all week for the new chapter?

I'll let you know ..
We'll see together ...

Sure ..
We can see.

Leyla ...

How many things do we have in common ...

We didn't talk about it at all.

Due to work ..
There was no way, Mr Emre.


Now we can create opportunities.

We can spend more time together.


Your neck must be sore now.
I'll change sides ...

Thank you.

For nothing ..
Is it better? Right?

Mr Emre, I don't want to disturb you.
But do you know what I think?

Perhaps this accident will serve as a point of reconciliation with Mr Can ...

Can be...

I saw him at the hospital ..
He was really bad.

It is true .. it was clearly visible.

-Isn't it very tasty?

I understand, which is why you eat fast.

I'll tell you something ... all these people.

Every time I come here, they are the same people.

This is a very famous place.

How are you doing?

Every time I come here I see you ..
Do you like this place? Hmm?

Exactly ...
Enjoy it ...

-Good benefit

I had never eaten such delicious fish ...

Listen ..
would i take you in a bad place?

Did you think we were going to a common place?

I knew I would be delighted.


After the 'World Tour' meeting ..
I thought we were going to eat something like lobster.

Did you think that after talking about the whole world ..
I would take you to a magnificent place?

Is not it?

With lobsters .. lobsters

You must love this ...
Let it be a palamita (* crappie *), an anchovy ...

Nowhere in the world has such a thing.
Only here.

I'm tasted Turkish food ...

I don't know ..
I wish I could travel the world and try food from different countries.

A small loss ...

I'm talking about the kitchen ...

But if you want ... if you want.

I've offered you this before

We can travel together around the world.

From all over the world?

All the world.


But ... there's a 'but'.
First, we need to make money first.

I'm not so bad ..
I can still pay the bill ...

But if we are going to travel around the world and try different dishes .. then yes.

-You mean the campaign ... got it.

Well, it's with me. Do not worry.

With you?


Do you eat 2 more pieces?


I'm eating...

-You say
-No .. you say.



This place is very beautiful ..
I really enjoyed it.

I-I wanted to say ...
-Yes ... and how did you find him?

I told you ...
I really liked it here ...

No, as you found. I didn't send the geolocation. How did you find it then?

This is a very special place.

Yes, it really wasn't that difficult.
I asked some people.

And I found it easy.

It is our first dinner together ..

So ..
I want it to be unforgettable.

- If we don't forget ... it will be unforgettable.



HM hm

- Ayhan ...

I have to say something, to tell you something.

I still can't ...
But I need to tell you.

Otters ...

Ayhan otters ..
Otters are sleeping, holding hands.

When they are in love, they fall asleep holding hands. Very interesting isn't it?

I constantly think about it.
I am obsessed with such thoughts.

What do you think about that?

About the otters?

-Good animals ...

For example...

Otters ... I
used to call them that ...

Mama ... when she fed us ... she
put a piece of bread in our mouths

With the words: "now I'm going to end this".

I'll fix it ...
I'll fix it. That's how we shut up.

You opened your mouth to talk like that and suddenly ...

Zuzzz .. got you;
I understood. give me a hand?
I can take your hand

When the otters are in love.
They sleep holding their hands ...

Do you understand that Ayhan?

Otters hold their loved ones by the hands ... Hands.

Who knows, you may not be my otter.

-This is Love?

-So that's it ...
Fire ...

Yes ..
The napkins are lit ...

Ceuy Cey fire ..
It's burning.

It's on fire ..

Fire ... nobody knows

Everything here is on fire ...

What are you doing here?

Why are you drinking water here?

Get some water ... bring it here, huh?

Don't drink that water ...

You throw that water ...

CeyCey ...
What did you do?

I wanted to play at the table ... at the table.

Why me?

-I wanted to play at the table. Why are you hitting me?
-Why did you throw that at me?

-Why did you throw it at me?
-I wanted to play at the table ...

-You wet me all
-I wanted to put out the fire

Give it to me here ...


You played on purpose ...
-You played me

You did it deliberately.

Try ... try ...

Spin again.
When you hear a Click it means that the door has opened.


Are you sure this is your home?

Don't make trouble for us ... Looking at night?

Friend .. my beautiful friend.
My friend .. how many times do I have to explain?

What should I do? Show an ID?
Will a DNA test be enough?

To confirm ...

Do you need an official paper to confirm?

Why don't you ring the bell?

Is anyone there?
If so, they'll open it for you.

And we are not going to destroy this lock for nothing.

Friend .. don't ruin my patience.
Spoil the lock.

Screw the lock ...
I don't understand what you want.

Want money? Do you think you can't get money?

Besides ... I pay you in cash.
What else do you want?

Here's the money.

Now let's see if money really opens doors ...

Brother ... I swear to you.
You are an unusual person.

Thanks ..
Friends say that too.

Ohhh Lord ... help me ...
Caught up in the night.

What are you doing?

-Nothing happened.
-Get out of here.

-Get out -Nothing

Get out.

I put out the fire ..
And see what you do.

Anyway, we came by the name of the place ... We were eating, they threw water at us.

He talked so much about the otter ...

That we become otters ...


When you get angry, you look better.
Something new appears in you. Really.

What happened?
It's wet and shaking ...

What do otters do?

What do they do?

Hold your hands ...

Ayhan ..

-This is for you
-I'm all wet.

Very wet.
Completely wet.


- God bless your hands friend. Thank you.
-Open brother.

-Let's go

Health to your hands ..
I swear, there is no better place than your home.

Come on .. good job.

Thank God almighty ..

Finally, even if by force.
I managed to enter my house

Now I'm going to secretly get into my bed.
She on the other hand has a mother's heart ..

It will wake me up tomorrow with a kiss.

Because of you ... the door is locked.

How else? Woman alone at home.

The woman is alone at home.
So he locked the door. That house doesn't have a man.

If there was a man at home ..
The doors would be open.

God .. God
This is also closed.

Backup keys ...
I hope she didn't think to hide the backup keys.


Hurry up neighbors ..
A thief in my house !!




Are you son?

I do not know..

It's me?

No .. if you look back, you will see.
I felt bad, because he never looked at Mr Emre ..

- They spoke so beautifully.
-How would you like the scene of the fall of the man?

-Wasn't it cute?
-It was a very interesting scene.

I wonder how they did it ...

On the other hand, in action films everything is exaggerated.
But is it possible that much?


Apparently they saw a movie and now comes the criticism ...

-Hi Mr Can .. welcome.
-I am glad to see you ...

I swear ... we saw the program and we couldn't resist.
We saw the movie too.

They did it correctly ...
Apparently it was the best thing they did.

-You look good ..
-I'm fine.

-Thanks to Leyla.
-I will go now .. Before it's too late.

And you get some rest, Mr Emre.
You are very tired today.


See you soon Miss Nurse.

Leyla thank you very much.
Thanks to you, I wasn't so worried about him.

It was nothing ..
Good night!

I follow you...


What are you doing Nihat?
I ask you ... what is it?

I don't know Mevkibe ..
I came to ask you.

I beg you .. take it away. Let's go to bed.

Okay, I'll take it.
And what am I going to wear when I take it off?

Because I didn't find any more pajamas in my amário.


They're in the washer ...

Yes .. we see each other every morning.
We even say 'hello'.

They are in the same place all week.

What can I do Nihat?
I couldn't wash.

You know I'm very busy with work.
With requests from the neighborhood.

Yes Mevkibe ...
I'm also from the neighborhood. In fact, I'm the closest.

Don't we live in the same neighborhood?

Hi ..

Hello mom...


-What happened to Dad?
- What happened? What happened?

Don't ask me ... but your mother.

Come on Nihat .. why don't you wash yourself?
Would they break their hands?

The washer there, the soap there, the water there.
Everything is there.

Ahhh of course. You do not understand.
How to understand? You do not know.

Okay Mevkibe ...
I will cook, I will wash the dishes ..

And I will also wash .. I will do everything.
And you will be the husband.

-Nihat .. -Daddy

Don't interrupt me, daughter.

There is no daddy there near you ..
I am still the head of the house.

I am an important person, a family man.

-Nihat -Daddy
, come here.

God .. God ..
Isn't that like the other Mevkibe?

The man in the house is me.

Dad .. I say you come

Daughter is an hour saying come come come come.

Let it come? Let it come?

Nihat ...

It is silence.

Don't let it happen again

If the sister were here, ..
It would be okay.

Because the sister knows how to deal with it very well.

I understand ... But I understand enough to
explain my problems, Dad.

Mevkibe ...


I just said ...

That the language was confused ...

I wash .. even with
my own hands.

I'm going to hit the clothes ..
Hit .. hit ..

They will all be white, all clean Mevkibe.

Daddy .. don't let it happen again.

I will stroke ...
It will be so perfect Mevkibe.

Look ..
Let's look at the other side Mevkibe

Position .. Position .. Mevkosh

Mevkibe is currently unavailable ...

Try calling later ...

Call again..

Call again.

Mevkibe ...

-Mevkibe .. Mevkosh -
Ahh she shut up.

Call again
Mevkibe ... Mevkibe.

I call, I call.
We have no answer.

Let's not be scared ...

Slowly .. slowly ..
Come on.

Dad .. follow me.
Get down.

I'm going...


Does not reply...

I'll come down here.

Thank you very much
Here it is.

Ahh hi osman ...

-How are you doing?
I'm fine Leyla, how are you?

Osman, I wanted to call you. But I completely forgot.
I was with Mr Emre.

I couldn't answer ..

It's nothing, nothing
I just called you for ...

Mr Emre had an accident ...
I wanted to ask how he is. He is fine?

Okay, okay.
He's resting at home now.

Today I took care of him.,
Now that I came home.

It's because?

-Why were you taking care of him. Where is Miss Aylin? Why didn't she look?
-Mr Can took Mr Emre home ...

So, since Mr Can doesn't want to see Miss Aylin anymore.
She is not welcome in the house.

As well?

And Mr Emre said nothing about it.
Is it true?

Well ... Mr Emre started to see the Osman truth.

Today I'm very tired ...
I'm going home


-We'll see you soon
-Good night -Good night!

Good night...

How are you doing?

Well ..
how's mr emre?


How is mr can
Did you manage to get rid of the burden of guilt?

You got rid, lady, you got rid.

Why is he not guilty.

I hope that when Mr Emre lies.
He thinks about his actions. By God's will.

I know he really let you down ..

But it seems that he also learned a lesson,
after all that he went through.

Everyone in life deserves another chance.

Especially if it's your brother.
You should listen to him.

You need more than these actions to get back to the Emre company. It won't be that easy.

Get out of here, before I do something to you.


"Are you okay? Is there a problem?"
-I am fine

I can not sleep.

I couldn't even sleep.

They sent a photo of the car from the sentral service.

I could hardly believe my eyes.
You really came out unscathed.

God saved you.

Yes, it was very bad.

They say that life passes before your eyes ..

I tried this for the first time.

Anger .. anger ..
It becomes so insignificant.

Maybe I didn't have to argue with you
to get back to the company.

And I had to relate even more,
with everything that happened.

I shouldn't have blown you out of camp like

I'm sorry brother ...

I lost control.

About life, decisions, reasons.
I lost control of everything.

How did I become that person?

When will I turn this over?
I do not know.

That's the answer to your questions ...

I promise you...

You can't influence me anymore ...

I was so blind ..

That I didn't see what she was doing to Dad, the family.

I almost missed you.


It's all over.

I am ready to erase everything that happened.

You don't make me anymore, I'm sorry ..

Do not let me down.


I deserve your forgiveness, for all my mistakes.

And soon I will earn your trust.

I hope.


Health to your hands .. Everything was so good.
You cooked eggs ..

You cooked...

I cooked...

I thought it was your mother who did it.

One second ... one second.

She remains daddy ..

Now I get up at 5:30 and make eggs, Nihat

She said..


Mevkibe ...


Are they with the olives I made?

Is not it?
It was not?

No ..
I took them ..

Took out?
But why?

You dipped the olives in vinegar and lemon.

It was horrible.
As soon as I put it on, I took them off.

Are they ugly?

Mevkibe ... you appealed You
should be ashamed.

How many times have I asked to forgive myself?
How many times have I apologized?

You find another translator.
I have to leave.

Yes Yes

I also have to leave, because I have a presentation. I will change and leave.

See you mom.

I'm going too.
I will not speak to anyone who does not speak to me.

Find yourself in nature.

With this concept, we will be able to attract a large clientele.

Furthermore ..
I divided our goals according to age, sex and hobbies.

I'll show you.


- Yes, a very good idea.
-Yes, very good numbers.

We can make this individual slogan for each group.

There is no group, which we cannot reach
with the right approach.

Yes, Miss Aylin, you did an excellent job.

This is highly creative.

- It will be a very good project.

- We would like you to work with us.

I am very happy.

Não se arrependerão...
O cliente ficará encantado com a idéia.

Não duvidamos em absoluto.
Estamos muito excitados.

Parabéns então...
-Muito obrigada.


Graças a você Mevkbosh..
Comecei a praticar esportes.

De fato..
É possível sem você Melosh?

-Vamos perder peso assim..

Atenção todas as mulheres...

Ioga, pilates,rumba, zumba, chacha

Não se preocupe com a cabeça.

Não posso suportar você de manhã.

Fora daqui... fora daqui.

Não vamos tomar muito tempo..
Salvarei essa área de você e me vou. Se Deus quiser.

De quem mesmo você salvará esse bairro,
pelo amor de Deus?

Senhoras, faremos uma pequena propaganda e iremos.
Não vamos nos atrasar mais.

Como é uma democracia..
Vamos fazer um pequeno discurso

Aplausos pra nossa líder.

Obrigada.. faz o que você quer.

Muito obrigado
Tea amamos Sra Presidente.

Queridas irmãs...

Ficaremos encantados em vê-las nas nossas aulas de ioga.

E não tem nada que pagar..
Absolutamente nada.

Me dê um..
Deixe-me ver.

Pelo amor de Deus..
Vou perguntar...

Senhoras, o que estão fazendo?

Perdendo peso.

Caminhando na natureza,
respirando a puro.

Diz que caminhando, estarão saudáveis senhora?

Essa mulher deu a vocês esperanças desnecessárias.
vamos dar a vocês a cura

- Vou te mostrar..

Isso é comportamente de uma presidente?

Eu te peço.
Você está dando mau exemplo.


Lhes darei o curso de ioga em um salão de modas.

Peguem seu cupom aqui.

A sogra da minha cunhada começou a praticar ioga..
E hoje parece que tem 15 anos a menos.

Muito bem.

Ela era viúva e se casou pela terceira vez.

Essa mulher obrigará vocês..
Levarem postagens ao mercado como esporte

Sabem disso?

Não sabem..

Não digam que eu não avisei.


Isso não está na Índia.. Sim
Se envergonharam.

Ela me deixa louca...

Senhoras... Aysun diz.

O que vamos fazer agora com nosso cupom de ioga?

Todas nós vamos usá-los...

Quem gostou, vem comigo.

Para a beleza..

- Todas elas se foram...
-Tem ioga na casa do pai?


Até você?

Mamãe me aceitou de volta em casa, Presidente.


Bom dia pra todo mundo.

Bom dia Sr Can

- Todo mundo está pronto para um grande dia?


Eu estava pensando.

O que é interessante?

Associado a campanha..

Eu fico nervosa, quando o controle não está comigo.

Aguarde Deren.. esses serão seus melhores dias.

Estou muito interessada no que fará,
quando descobrir que perdeu.

Tá bom, tá bom.
Já passou.

Foi muito desgastante..
Mas valeu a pena.

Fizemos para obtermos melhores resultados.

E muito obrigado por dar uma oportunidade
para Sanem.

Não, não tem necessidade de me agradecer.

Só me perguntava...
Uma campanha tão grande.

Como confiou a uma pessoa tão inexperiente?

Sanem cannot think fast like us.
Nor can he make decisions easily. He has no initiative.

Do you know the story of the hare and the Deren tortoise?

I know Can ...
In the competition, it was the turtle's turn, right?

No .. I won't say that.

The point is to go faster all the way.

Look at the case ..

The turtle saw a lot of things,
which the hare did not see along the way.

Advertising is the ability to show people what they prefer.

And to show ..
First you have to see.

And Sanem has a talent for seeing,
which sometimes we don’t see Deren.

Keep calm ..

Break the rules...

You can be friends with Sanem ...

- No ... that's a lot.
-I say..

- I brought you tea ...
-Thanks Sanem.

Dessa vez não é pra você.....

Eu sei que você gosta de café, mas...

Bom proveito.

Muda.. você bebe café o tempo todo.
As vezes o chá é uma boa escolha.

Você trouxe pra mim...
Muito obrigada

O prazer é meu.

- Delicioso..
- Ela faz muito bem.

Bem, então me vou.
Desfrute do seu chá.

Você coleta tudo..
Tá bom?

Na última reunião vamos repassar tudo.

Como vemos no cronograma..
Nosso produto vai comprar uma empresa de themas.

Direi a vocês o nosso slogan.

O slogan da nossa campanha é:
Encontre-se a si mesmo.

E pegamos esse slogan, da companhia de acampamento.

Que pertence aos jardins orgânicos.

E nós planejamos que isso fique na memória de todos.

E para as fotos do outdoor...
Nós captamos bem.

Let's show some examples.

See ... This shows how far a person can go
in search of himself.

We found these images.

Perfectly ... I believe that.
I believe that we have all become partners.

Very well.

Sr Can..
Sr Can...

God bless your hands .. really.
May God bless your hands.

Thanks to all of you friends ...
And above all, thank Sanem.

Ehh ...

The gift for the person who created the Compass sport slogan ....

We said we would give her one ...

Now I'm going to give this gift friends ...

Yes, you did ..
They spoke in the forest .. I remember.

But don't we need to sign the contract?

Even if we don’t sign ..
That’s no problem.

But of course I believe that we will win.

Você ainda merece uma recompensa...



Que tipo de chaves?

Sr Can.. esse é um presente maravilhoso.
Eu estou encantada...

Fico feliz que gostou.

Podemos testar então?

Vamos testar...

Eu penso que é bom que seja você dirigindo...

Não fale.. apenas segure firme.

Tá bom.

Muito bom..
Muito obrigada...

Bom trabalho..


Estou encantada...
O que pensa?

- Precisamos conversar...
-O que houve? Qual é o problema?

Falamos em seu escritório?


O que houve?
Qual é o problema?

Ainda não posso acreditar...

Todas essas idéias que nos disseram
Pertencem a empresa do Can.

-Roubaram as idéias deles.
-Como assim?

Eu estava no acampamento junto com eles..
Quando essas idéias, e o slogan foram surgindo.

Eu ouvi tudo...

Tudo que eles nos mostraram...Slogan,imagens, idéias.
Tudo pertence a empresa do Can.

O que você pensa?
O que vamos fazer agora?

O que é certo.

Venha comigo.

Alô, alô Sr Emre... Como você está?
Se sente melhor?

Sim, sua voz soa bem..

É sério?

Ahh eu estou tão feliz que você falou com o Sr Can.

O que está fazendo?
Será que vem na empresa hoje?

Entendo.. bom.
A próxima vez então.

Tá bom..
Se precisar de algo, estou aqui.

Tá bom..
Nos vemos mais tarde.

Foi muito interessante.. muito lindo.

-Muito obrigada.
-É um prazer.. Desfrute, usando-a.

Se Deus quiser.

Provavelmente não vai querer..
Que eu te conduza o tempo todo..

-Eu quero..
-É possível que queira mesmo.

Mas se não quiser..
Pode me ensinar então.

É possível... é possível.

-Está bem

-Grande idéia
-Hum HUm

Estarei no escritório da Deren..

Tá bom



Uma moto tão linda...
Toda vermelha...Eu acho que foi um presente tão lindo.

Eu estou tão feliz Sanem...

Quando eu vi a caixa..Eu achei que era um anel que tinha lá.
E que ele te faria uma proposta.

-O que mais seria?
-Claro.. porque agora vocês são apenas 'amigos'

Que amizade...
Faíscas voam entre vocês..

São faíscas muito grandes entre nós.

Tento ficar longe, mas não consigo de forma alguma.
É como se a terra estivesse nos unindo.

Porque nada pode ficar antes do amor.

Você está bem?

Você está muito feliz desde ontem...
Não tem mais nenhum traço...

Eu falei com o Sr Emre...

Ele falou com o Sr Can e resolveram todos os problemas...

-Eu fiquei tão feliz Sanem...


Também estou muito feliz agora...


-Minha querida irmã...


Irmã.. está dificil pra mim..
Não me deixa respirar.

Sanem.. a irmandade é algo tão lindo.
Não vamos mais brigar. Tá bom?

Tá bom..
Não vamos mais.

Você não me deixa ser amorosa..


- Bem vindas...
-Graças a Deus Sanem...

-Onde está o Can?
-No escritório da Srta Deren. Que houve?

-Bem...-Vamos.. vamos. Levarei vocês..
Por aqui.

-De nada..

Sigam me.
Vou tirar a jaqueta. Por aqui..

Sr Can..
Estão te procurando...

Can precisamos falar com você urgentemente.

O que aconteceu?O que houve?
Há algum problema? Bem vindas.

O mais provável é que na sua empresa tenha alguém,
que compartilha informações...

- Compartilha informações? Como assim?
-Viemos de uma reunião de empresas..

Hoje outra empresa nos apresentou todas as idéias e o slogan que vocês tiveram no acampamento...

Exatamente iguais...

Que Deus te castigue...

Como é isso, Sanem?

Me explique tudo direito...


Eu quero ouvir sobre a sua apresentação...

Estamos prontos, em tudo.

Srta Ceyda.. está duvidando de nós?

Não, só quero entender o quanto roubaram.

Ok..Bom,por favor, vamos pra sala de reunião.

Eu as acompanho..

Outra vez...


Vocês.. está dizendo pra me acalmar.
É mesmo?

Tá bom.

Mas eu descobrirei quem fez isso.
-Tá bom.

E eu já imagino quem esteja por trás de tudo isso.
Eu vou descobrir.

Mas precisamos ter calma agora
É a decisão certa....

Nós vamos achar.. com certeza vamos.
Não se preocupe.

Está bem.

Vamos lá.

E fim...

Esse é o projeto que preparamos pra você.

Guliz, estou muito preocupado agora.
Eu olho além disso.

Eu vou ficar doida..

Sem muitas palavras...

Mas me sinto frustrada...

Eu vi o mesmo projeto em outra empresa.

Em circunstâncias normais..
Eu escolheria esse projeto.

Mas eu acredito em você e na Gamzé...

-O trabalho é seu Can.




-Muito obrigada

-Você é linda
-Ótima escolha...

Estou ouvindo Aylin...

Emre,estou te ligando desde ontem.
Onde você está?Por que não respondeu?

Eu não estava livre..
O que foi?

-Precisa ir a empresa imediatamente...
-Por que preciso ir a empresa?

Você precisa pegar a câmera escondida que eu coloquei lá.Se a encontrarem, é o nosso fim.

Que câmera escondida?

Aylin o que está dizendo?
Perdeu a cabeça?

Não querido, eu não perdi.
Na realidade preparei um plano muito bem...

Inclusive vendi o projeto da Compass Sport para outra empresa;

O que? O que? O que você fez?
Esse é o teu lindo plano?


Colocar uma câmera escondida na empresa que você foi expulsa?

Pegar informações da empresa e vender para outra?

Sabe o que acontecerá se descobrirem o que você fez?
Te colocarão na cadeia. Você está louca.

Não.. o que tenho que fazer Emre?
O que eu trabalhei durante meses, durante anos se foi como água..

E nem sequer podemos entrar na empresa.

Pensei que ficaria bravo, que faria algo.
Mas isso não funcionou também.

Você está se afastando de mim.

O que eu faria, se não isso?


Chega de problemas que você traz pra mim.
É o suficiente.

Emre , está bem.
Você tem que ir e pegar a câmera pra mim.

Eu não tenho que fazer nada..
Está bem?

-Limpe você mesma toda sujeira que fez
-É mesmo Emre querido?.

Se a Sra Humia souber tudo que
você fez para acabar com o Can...

Nem a sua parte e nem mesmo o lixo ela te dará.
Estou errada?

- Oi..

Olhe eles Sanem...

Como se fossem amigos, há muito tempo.

- Começarei a ficar com ciúmes...
-É mesmo?

Geralmente.. olhando assim.
Parece que eles se encaixam.

O que você diz?

Eu também acho.

Pode calar a boca?

Vou trazer chá...

-Claro... Tá bom.

Precisamos de tempo para entregar o trabalho,
e não perder a temporada.

Não se preocupe..
Não tem nada com que se preocupar...

Prestamos atenção especial a esse detalhe.
Não se preocupe.

Perfeito..Vou te dar os detalhes do pagamento.
Hoje transfiro para a conta.

Muito agradecido...

Eu só posso agradecer por ter confiado em nós.
Muito obrigado...

Por nada.

É melhor que encontre quem fez isso com você
Esse assunto me preocupou muito..

Não se preocupe, isso está me preocupando também.
Eu vou resolver tudo.

Tá bom..
Nos vemos logo.

Nos vemos logo...


-Está magoada?
-Ahh por que me magoaria, meu filho?

Estou magoada sim com a sua mãe..
Magoada por toda a vida

Isso é possível Sra Presidente?

Vocês são mulheres independentes.
Quando brigam entre si, os filhos se vêem afetados.

Juro que meu psicológico está abalado.

Você não viu Muzaffer?
Ela pegou todo mundo e levou...

Ela só levou as pessoas que queriam ioga.
Tudo´que é gratis é que nem mel pra elas.

Os dias que precisamos mais de pilates e ioga chegaram...

Ioga nem é conhecido na Índia..
Também temos que chegar a algo.

Precisamos de uma mudança radical.

Preciso fazer algo...

Precisamos fazer algo...

Can vai ter uma idéia...
Can vai ter uma idéia...

Can não tem idéias.. não deveria ter.

Minhas idéias são melhores..
Sempre mito criativas.

Estou me perguntando.. que idéia?

Vamos fazer uma biblioteca...

A idéia para entrar na lista das melhores..
Grande idéia.. seria melhor se ocorresse a mim.

Bem.. bem..
E você como assistente da Presidente,vai torná-la real.

Todo mundo vai saber...
E vamos torná-la algo útil.. Não é?

Então vou fazer como se fosse uma ideia minha...

Por que? Porque outros não podem dar idéias aqui.
Que sejam só nossas.

Queridos, seu servo está aqui novamente, diante de vocês.

Estamos abrindo uma biblioteca..
Precisamos coletar livros...

Engin, não tem livros? Bom..
Todos que tem livros tragam para nossa biblioteca.

Não entendo porque isso está acontecendo...

Por que nós começamos de novo?
Não consigo entender.

Verdade, não tem como se alegrar de fato.
É nosso trabalho.

Quem poderia fazer isso?


O que alguém poderia fazer?
Você está muito tensa, relaxe, é uma festa.

CeyCey, como relaxar?
Estou falando de um espião na empresa.

Quem pode ser?

É mesmo?

Sim.. com certeza eu esqueci tudo,
quando a festa começou.

Pode ser qualquer um, qualquer um Sanem

Todo mundo que nos rodeia pode ser.
Inclusive nós mesmos... Sim.

Não seja bobo CeyCey.
Tenha calma.

Sr Can nos olhou..

Sr Can nos olhou..

Não exagere..
Se comporte.

Interessante...ele ouviu?
Ele ouviu.

Sr Can me ouviu dizer
que podemos ser os 'agentes'.

-Ele ouviu.. ouviu

Como me comportar normalmemte?
Se é algo que fica dando voltar?

Como ser normal?

Eu não faço ioga pra me acalmar..Não posso me acalmar.
Olha, ele mesmo nos pegou. Nos acusam de algo que nem fizemos.

Agora eu entendo o que você está fazendo...

O que você está dizendo?

Dê a volta e dança...

-Eu digo, controle-se
-Como você não pode mostrar o formulário?

-Vê você mesmo...
-Como? Está bem?


Pode me ouvir, Can?

Sinto muito, não fique ofendida.
Sinto muito, escuto. Diga?

Eu digo, talvez revisemos as câmeras
Vamos ver os portáteis também.

Vamos olhar tudo.. e encontraremos esse espião.



-Bem vindo.. como está?
-Bem vindo...

Fiquei entediado em casa, resolvi vir a empresa.
Se não te incomodar podemos comer juntos

Bem.. bem.
De fato sim.Só que agora não é o momento.

-O que houve?
-Emre pra começar deixe tudo..

Você chegou no dia mais estranho da empresa.

Que está falando?
Que houve?

Tivemos um bom aproveitamento.
Mas nossas idéias foram roubadas e vendidas a outra empresa.

O que está dizendo?

Quem poderia fazer isso irmão?
Tem alguém em mente?

Como vou saber? Como vou saber?

Bem, vamos ao escritório...

Tá bom..
Preciso pegar algo no meu escritório e logo vou.

Sr Emre...você veio?

-Vim, vim
-Como você está?

- Bem.. como você está?
-Super.. muito bem. Obrigada

Emre querido...

Essa situação me lembrou o passado.
É possível que Aylin esteja envolvida?


Como Aylin conseguiria informações daqui?

Só se ela estiver em um acordo com alguém daqui.

Assim seria possível.

Não se preocupe Deren...

Eu vou consertar tudo, tá bom?

Tá bom.

Então eu vou...

Até logo sr Emre

CeyCey estou acabada
Sr Can suspeita de mim.

Quando saimos da reunião..
Ele olhou apenas pra mim.

E quando ele estava falando com a Srta Deren..
Ele só olhava pra mim. Você vê?

Acha isso? Não entre em pânico, fica calma.
Sem pânico, você me disse isso. Calma.

E eu não gostei de ver o jeito do Sr Emre,
depois de tudo.

Está parecendo que tudo vai cair em cima de mim.
Você vai ver..

-Eu vou

Algo está acontecendo...

Traga meus arquivos do meu escritório

Não é nada, não tem nada.
Ela só pediu pelos arquivos. Tenha calma.


Sim... Acalme-se.

Sr Emre...


Estava esperando pela Deren...

Vim pegar os arquivos...

Com certeza são esses...


Sr Fabri...

Srta Sanem?

-Podemos conversar um pouco?
-Está bem.

Sr Emre..

O que aconteceu com você?
Estava pensando em ir ao hospital hoje.

Mas você já está recuperado.

Estou melhor.. estou melhor.

Fico muito feliz em te ver aqui.

Como vai tudo com o Sr Can?
Relacionamento de vocês melhorou?


Fico feliz em ouvir isso.

Estão comemorando alguma coisa?
O que é?

Nós ganhamos a competição pelo projeto da 'Compass Sport'

É mesmo?

Muito bom, perfeito.

Onde você está, tudo ganha um novo sentido.
Um significado, é isso que eu vejo.


Sr Emre, preciso discutir algo com a Srta Sanem...

Com licença...

Claro, bom trabalho.
-Hum Hum

Até depois.

Que Deus abençoe..

Vocês são ótimas...


Boa sorte...
Deus seja louvado.

Isso veio de mim, para o nosso filho Muzaffer.
-Minha Tia Pakize... para ler tia Pakize

Para ler.. da tia Pakize

Bem, instruções de uso de uma geladeira?

Tia Pakize.. o que vamos fazer com isso?
-As vezes serve pra alguma coisa.

Grande Deus..
Isso é uma biblioteca.. e não uma loja de hardware..

Não se incomode...

Deixe eles trazerem.. deixa trazer.
Nós vamos organizar depois.

Mas querida Presidente...

Essas ai carregam todos os folhetos das lojas...

Melancia da Adana - 1,49 liras

Além do mais..
Essa não é a temporada da melancia.

Meus vizinhos, irmãos...

Vocês fizeram maravilhas
com o meu desejo de fazer o bem...

Graças a Deus..
O que eu poderia dizer?


Nós precisamos de mais livros
Mas vamos abrir a biblioteca

Vamos abrir... vamos abrir..
Vamos abrir.

Sugiro cada uma faça uma receita maravilhosa..

Só para o jantar..

Vamos participar?

-Quente pra mim..

-Doce pra mim..
-Eu vou fazer tudo muito bem.

-E eu vou ajudar..
-Sim você é a minha Tia Pakize

Se até a tia Pakize vai participa..
Significa que vocês estão mesmo no negócio.

E o que dizem os homens? Homens?

Vamos homens...


Estou chamando os homens..
Olhar masculino.

Tio Hussein, não precisa abaixar sua cabeça.

Além do mais, esse jogo acabou.
Não vão fazer nada?

As mulheres estão engajadas e determinadas..
Vamos cuidar da limpeza.

-Vejo você depois
-Até logo

-Eu vou olhar meu avô
-E eu a minha vó

Tio Hussein..
Onde você vai?

Nós vamos jantar...

Por favor.. como comer agora?

Um homem de 78 anos fugindo...

Muzaffer... deixa limpa você mesmo..
O que se pode fazer?


Vamos... vamos pra casa,

Temos muito trabalho..
Procure por livros marcados

Tá bom.

Parece que ontem, eu não fui claro o bastante Srta Sanem...

Eu quero o perfume...

E eu disse pra você, que não vou te dar aquele perfume.

Hum Hum

Nós fizemos um acordo

E infelizmente você me deixou em uma dificuldade..
Quero dizer, em uma situação muito difícil.

Por favor...

Por favor, faça o que é preciso.

Primeiro de tudo...

Aqui está..

Um contrato, que eu quero que você assine.

Um contrato?
-Sim... um pequeno procedimento para a empresa.

É apenas um documento, para formalizar o nosso acordo.

Sr. Fabri..

Bem vindo.

Obrigado Sr Can.

Estava falando com a Srta Sanem.
Como você sabe...

Não há chance de falar com ela, fora da empresa.

Você sabe que ela está no comando da nova campanha.

Sim...Eu sei.

Eu mostrei compreensão.
E por falar nisso...


Você conseguiu a campanha..

NÓS conseguimos a campanha.
Boa sorte pra nós.

-Muito obrigada.

O que é isso Sanem?

Sr Fabri preparou um contrato.

Como eu disse, há pouco tempo atrás...

É apenas um pequeno procedimento da empresa.

Se a Srta Sanem assinar isso imediatamente

Eu não quero ocupar mais o seu tempo.

Sr Fabri...
O que você chama de 'pequeno procedimento', é um contrato.

Isso não pode ser apressado.

Deixa Sanem ver o nosso advogado da empresa primeiro.

-E então ela vai considerar esse assunto com você novamente.
-Tá bom Sr Can.

Está parecendo que você não confia em mim. Hum?

Não torne isso pessoal.
É apenas um pequeno procedimento da empresa.


Sr Can... eu entendi muito bem.

Você fará o máximo para evitar que Sanem e eu assinemos este contrato.

Mas tem uma única coisa que eu não entendo...

Por que isso interessa tanto pra você?

Tudo que diz respeito a Sanem, me interessa.

Eu queria que...

Você tivesse mostrado esse interesse antes da Sanem me vender o seu perfume..

Em troca da compra das ações da empresa.

Isso aconteceu sem o meu conhecimento..

Porque se eu soubesse, nunca teria permitido que ela fizesse isso.

E agora você não pode fazer nada sobre isso...

Um acordo, é um acordo.
Certo Sanem?

Por isso Sanem vai fazer outra fragrância pra você.

Não...Isso não vai acontecer.
Eu não quero outra fragrância.

Parece que não vamos entrar em um acordo nessa questão.

Na verdade, eu não vim aqui para fazer um acordo com você Sr Can.

Ok? Chega.
Por favor.. Nos deixe fazer nosso trabalho aqui. Hum?

Seu Turco, provavelmente não é bom o bastante pra você entender.
Deixa que eu explico isso pra você na sua língua.

Você não pode forçar Sanem fazer algo que ela não quer fazer. Você entendeu?

Hum Hum

Espere aqui..

Espere aqui..

Houve uma tensão, por pouco tempo.
Vamos continuar com a nossa festa.

Foi uma falta de comunicação, não foi Sanem?

Acho que podemos resolver isso...
Não precisa ficar chateado.

Vamos ver o que ele vai trazer...

Isso é pelo que você pagou pelo perfume.
Pegue isso...

Não faça isso Can.

Recebemos apenas um pagamento adiantado...
Nós vamos afundar. Por favor não faça isso!

-Fique fora disso, tá bom?
-Sr Can por favor. Me deixe assinar isso.

Um segundo..

Sr Can...
Aqui diz 400 mil dólares..

Foi o preço que eu paguei, pela compra.


Eu quero o dobro desse valor.

O dobro? Hum?

O dobro..

Isso é apenas um procedimento comercial.

Você ouviu isso?

Todos vocês ouviram isso? Ele disse, o dobro.

O que você está dizendo? Hum?

Sr Can

-Sr Can
-Sr Can não faça isso.

Can. não faça isso.

Não.. não.
Deixa..Deixa isso.

Esse contrato não será assinado.
Deixa isso.

O dobro do valor?
O dobro??

Can, não faça isso. Por favor não.
Can..nós vamos quebrar. Por favor, não faça isso.

Nós vamos afundar..Can por favor não faça isso.

-Aqui... pegue isso.O dobro do valor. Saia agora.
-Não faça isso Can.

Vamos.. saia.

Por que você fez uma coisa dessas Sr Can?

O seu cheiro é só meu!

Você entende bem isso agora?