Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Sanem'in "Bugüne kadar benimle ilgili bildigin her sey yalan" demesinden sonra Can'in kalbini ne yumusatabilir? Artik aralarindaki bagin gücü test ediliyor.

Erkenci Kus 16

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Everything you know about me is a lie.

That Sanem you love ...

She is a big lie.

Simply a lie

Can ...

Wait a second ... a second.

Give me a second, because I didn't understand.

I'm trying to connect things.

Now .. a robbery, the ring, Osman

And so on, everything I heard ...

I can not understand...

Can, I'm really ...

Wait, Sanem, I will ask and you will answer. OK?

I mean, let's move on with a question and an answer. Until it becomes easy.

You were never engaged to Osman, correct?

And all those stories ...

the ring...

you hugging Osman and things like that at the camp ...

everything was just acting.

So .. you cheated on me for weeks. I didn't get very close to you,

because you had a fiance. And you know it.

And seeing this, looking into my eyes. You kept lying to me.

Is that Sanem?

Can, I really ...

Sanem .. wait a second ... Wait a second .. You

Osman knew it all too well ...

So..Leyla, Ayhan ... you all played with me. They tricked me .. That's great.

Ok ... I want to ask you something. I want to ask...

Were your parents at it too?


They weren't ...

What kind of person are you Sanem? Hmm?

Telling lies one after another ... So I couldn't really know you.

I was forced to lie ...

And then there's the story about the break with Osman.

After the 'breakup with Osman', you started telling other lies. Right Sanem?

Can, if you can hear me ...

Can you wait a second? One second...

I'm trying to understand. Wait a second ... Wait

Just a minute .. Now let's go back to the beginning ...

You came to my house to steal. By the way, we're talking about real theft, right?

In the full sense of the word, right? So is this serious?

Not as you think ...

How is it not how I think?

How is it not how I think?

I can't think of anything. I can't think correctly right now, Sanem.

I'm about to go crazy, do you understand that?

Who are you Sanem?


You're talking about stealing. What's going on? What a robbery? What did you do at my house?

I had to get a folder ...

What folder?

The folder that was in your house.

What did the folder in my house have to do with you?

Besides, why do you have to come to my house like a thief, instead of asking me to give you the folder?

Because you shouldn't see ...

What was in that folder that I shouldn't see? What?

What was that folder doing at my house?

Was there anything about you in that folder? Can you finally explain to me?

No .. there was nothing about me. I don't even know what was in the folder.

All I knew was that you shouldn't see that.

I swear I will go crazy ... I swear .. I will.

Ok .. Who told you to sneak into my house and steal the folder?

Who told you to do this Sanem?


Mr. Emre


Emre? Hmm?

The story is getting more bizarre ...

So Emre said to you, "Go to the house and sneak out,

there is a folder that my brother should not see and steal it. Is that what Sanem is saying?

Yes..and you picked me up at your house that night ...

And I...

I told you there was something in the pocket of Mr Emre's suit.

And it was a ring that came out of my pocket .. I just ...

What was in that folder that you hid from me?

I do not know...

I don't know what was in that folder.

All I knew ... was that you shouldn't see the folder.

You want to say that Emre told you to steal the folder,

and you don't know what was in it.

Is that Sanem?

Stop lying now Sanem ... Stop playing with me Sanem.

Enough ...

Welcome, Mr Emre. - I brought the second payment


I stopped all company payments ...

I took all the money I had there. I have to pay creditors ...

And I brought it for you.

If we don't sign the contracts of the company 'Yeret' ... -Don't worry

Tomorrow afternoon this agreement will be signed. Within a short period of time

after signing the contract. The company will make the payment.

Let creditors wait a few more days.

I organized everything ...

If anyone finds out that I took money from the cashier. It's the end of me.

And if they find out that I gave you the money ...

It will be the end of us.

You got it?

Are you sure about these people?

I'm sure Tomorrow we will sign the contract.

You will live with what you will earn from 'Yeret'. The side you chose.

Can, I swear I'm telling the truth ...

I really don't know what was in that folder.

He just told me to get the folder ....

I couldn't take it any other way.

Hello brother ... -Where are you Emre?

I am on the street...

What happened?

-Come home immediately.

What's wrong, is there a problem?

I told you to go home immediately!

Can, please. Can you hear me?


Can, please ...

Sanem ... it's very difficult for me,

look at you right now .. I mean ...

I don't really know you .. I never knew who you were.

Can you please .. not go



Hello Sanem ...

Mr. Emre, I told Can everything ...

How did you tell him?


What did you say to him?

That you sent me to your house to get a folder ...

And that the engagement ring belongs to you.

And that my engagement was a lie. I told him everything.

Sanem, what are you talking about? Are you crazy now?

How can you do this to me?

Damn it!!

I don't know ... I couldn't stand it anymore, I couldn't help myself.

That's why my brother called me home, right?


I'm also going there.

Did you just tell him about the briefcase and the engagement?

What about the company files I gave you?

The photographer's license ... You didn't talk about these things, right?

I couldn't say any more. He got in the car and drove away.

Mr. Emre .. please. We'll tell him everything.

We will tell him and receive our punishment.

Sanem, Sanem .. Listen ...

Mr. Emre, please.

Please, let's tell him everything and get it over with.

I can not take it anymore.

Sanem ... don't you dare come here.

Don't you dare say anything to my brother, okay?

Now, this is between him and me ...

You destroyed me...

You destroyed me.

Emre ...

Sit in front of me now ...

Sit down !!

Emre ... I will calmly ask you now. And you will immediately tell me the whole truth.

You sent Sanem here in this house, and told her to come in and get a folder.

Yes, I said ...


What was in the folder?


Do you still want to be my partner?

Honey, I sent the dossier via mail. Has arrived?

No, what is it?

The red folder with company documents. You must sign, as my partner.

Can you sign, and send me back?

You do not care...

Emre ...

Look, I'm trying to stay calm. Don't play with luck.

You put Sanem in that house as a thief, and asked her to take a folder that I shouldn't be seeing.

She said...

What's in that damn folder? Now will you tell me everything Emre, or ...

Or what?

Or, you will regret being born Erem.

I will do this, you know.



The folder had documents concerning Mother.

Documents about the company, which were sent to mom.

God, again mom? Again, mom.

What were you doing with Metin, sending documents to mom?

What did I tell you so much? What did I say Emre? Say ...

I didn't say that this woman wouldn't receive any documents. Didn't I?

There is no child in front of you, who will do whatever you say.

Who do you think you are? Just because you became the head of the company, does everything have to be how you want it to be?

I invested in this company, much more than you ...

And mom 40% of the 100%.

So, if you were a man you would be in front of me and I would say that you sent these documents to my mother

If you were a man I would say in front of Dad that you want to be the 'head' of the company.

Not to put me ... But no You just throw and prepare hidden documents

sends the mother. and about her bad influence ... You include other people in your dirty game.

What dirty game? What are you talking about?

What kind of theater was it, when you came back with Aylin?


They gave money to Sanem, they gave money to Osman. Why this whole game?

Aylin was not to blame. She wanted to protect Sanem. That is all.

Aylin bought the ring, and when it fell. She defended the girl

so that you don't misunderstand. Because you are sensitive.

How did you convince Sanem to enter this house and get the folder?

It wasn't difficult, you know ...

Emre, choose with words. Be careful what you say

How did you convince Sanem to enter this house?

She needed money, and I gave it.

Sanem ...

Did it for money?

You are lying. Sanem wouldn't do that.

40,000 lire ... When she first came to the company. I gave her 40 thousand.

I told her to steal, and she did.

If you don't believe me, you can look at the company.

Emre, go ... Emre go ...

Don't say another word

Get out, get out Emre

Go, or I will go. Emre skirt

Can ...

We can talk?

For the first time in years I trusted someone ... And it was you,

For the first time in my life I fell in love with someone like that .. And it was for you

I believed in your innocence, which was different.

In your kind heart ... Where is the Sanem that I love?

I am here, I am here. Look ...

I made a mistake, say what you want. Give me any punishment.

I'm ready to take it

I agree with everything ... I'm here, in front of you

If you deny it all. Say ... I'm listening, if you say it wasn't like that.

Say you didn't lie to me, and you didn't play with me.

Didn't play with me in front of everyone

If you say that, say ... I will listen. Or go away.

I can't go, I can't go ... I don't know how to live without you

I can't do this ... I can't.

Sanem ...


No connection with you interests me anymore.

Go away...

Or I will break your heart.


Curse ... curse.

What is your name?


Sanem ...

How can you be so innocent?

I hope that in life, you don't bother with unimportant matters

Because you deserve to be very, very, very happy.

From the first day I smelled it, I couldn't forget ...

It doesn't get out of my head.

I fell in love with you Sanem ...

I have to go..

5 more minutes ... 5 minutes

5 minutes

Ahhh Nihat, ate all the bread in the basket before breakfast.

Deus Mevkibe .. Cut thin pieces and I don't realize

After I realize

Leyla, daughter

See if Sanem has woken up yet?


Daughter, when your father asked to 'See', you should go and look.

We can shout SANEM too


Hi mommy

Come daughter, breakfast is ready. Waiting for you.

No mom, I'm not hungry. I'll be late for work.

Leyla? Again, her with tears and swollen eyes.

Are you in a hurry to go to work?


I don't know mom

Ah Leyla, don't you care about your sister at all?

She said nothing, make her speak and then tell us.

Well, I'm going to work. See you later.

Events, events ... What's going on and we don't know?

Sanem ...


What happened? Why did you cry?

Can and I broke up ...

When? Why?

I made a mistake...

But yesterday I thought a lot ... I thought and cried.

I decided to go and talk and try to fix everything.

What mistake did you make? What happened?

Found out about Osman. I tricked him about Osman and left me.

What mistake? About the engagement?

About the ring, the engagement ... He knew everything.

I knew what I was doing. It was clear that it would have this result.

Sanem, sister .. Talk, explain yourself, justify yourself.

Look, in the end you did it ... because it was necessary.

You didn't know it could happen. Things got out of hand

You were not to blame.

Don't worry, I'm with you. To go somewhere for us to talk?

Maybe later. The more I talk, the more I want to cry.

Let's go...

Ok ... my soul

Oh my God, oh my God So here it is, here it is

What happened? Why are you talking to yourself?

I wonder what kind of person hurts Sanem. Finding out that she and Osman are engaged.

Now it makes the girl cry.

Oh my God I don't really know who it is, I couldn't hear

I did not understand that.

I know who did it ...


Once this guy came to my store. Precisely, he threatened my family.


Very problematic type, so I left the store.



Lord, Lord

He came a few times, I saw him

When did he come?

I recently saw him.


When I see him, I go away

Does it have anything to do with the Mafia?

I'm sure to tell you He's the Mafia, that's for sure.

This is Istanbul. It is not necessary for the Mafia to be stupid, showing that it is the Mafia.

He is one of them

It is true, it is.

Otherwise, why would you threaten me?

What's going on with us?

What's going on with us?

Tell me something ... Was Sanem in a relationship with him?

I swear I don't know ..

Look at that, us thinking you were the 'disgrace' of the neighborhood. And he came and scared you.

For the love of God Melikhat .. Look how you are talking about me.

Well, I may have been lying for years. But we work with conscience.

What are you talking about, Jackal? I have many chores

Oh God, come on, hurry up. Go

I'm going..

I haven't bothered with you yet

Oh my god ... this girl

Hi, come here. Do you know what's going on?

Our Sanem is in trouble with the Mafia.

So it refers to ...

Sanem ...

Sister .. are you okay?

I look really bad when I see you like this.

I'm fine, I'm fine. I made the decision to be face to face with him and everything.

Get up sister, and speak.

Justify it, or you decide I think so.

However, this is no longer a big problem.

Anyway, in general ... I always or be with you sister.

I won't let you get hurt by anyone.

C'mon C'mon.

I just don't know how I'm going to put up with Aylin's face today.

Today it will be very, very difficult.

What's going on here?

What did you think there?

This is mine, stay away.

Go, go. What are you doing?

That box came from my homeland

My mother saw me in a dream and sent me this gift.

CeyCey, we are very interested. What do you have there? Will you tell us where you are from?

I ask you, where are you from?

Okay, so ask

For example, I'm from Adapazarly

Are you from Adapazarly?

You know they say that Adapazarly is the center. From everyone who has a brain here

Yes I know.

And I'm from Malatya

Malatya? -Yes


I'm from Manisa ..

Manisa? Yes

I have relatives in Manisa

Show me now -Come on, come on.

Show it soon ..

Get away ..


Sanem, my relatives saw me in dreams. That's why they sent gifts from my homeland.

You cannot count dreams, otherwise they will not come true.

And everyone wants to know ... Leave me ...

If anything happens, how will I know?

Okay, okay. Let go

Now I'm very interested in what's inside.

Let go, let go. I need to take this box straight home.

Let's go.

Aren't we CeyCey friends?

CeyCey, CeyCey .. We are also interested.

Can ... I couldn't sleep all night.

I wanted to tell you everything.

I know you don't want to hear me. But please, let me talk

If you don't want to, you don't have to look at me.

I said it all yesterday ... Don't you understand?

I understood...

I want to explain myself to you

I don't want to hear a word from you, Sanem.

But you have ...

Because I'm not done

I don't believe your words.

I don't want to hear your lies. Can you leave Sanem?

I made a mistake, I know

But I didn't know you yet. I swear...

Sanem ... Are you going out, or am I going out?

Can .. please.

Now you can call me Mr. Can, instead of just Can.

Can? When did it arrive? I did not see you

You can go Sanem.

Mr. Can, I wanted to speak with you when it becomes available.

Sanem, Can said to leave. Didn't you hear?

Okay, Mr. Can

No matter what you do, this Sanem is always in your office.

You really allow your employees too much

What was Deren?

I wanted to say, for us to look at the evaluation of new projects.

Can look?

Be sure to write ...

Don't abandon your dreams

I don't want to go to the company at all.

Emre, he is not the owner of the company.

Don't let it destroy you.

This exploration left you in your current state.

That company is up, thanks to you. Do not forget

Now comes the scandal.

Well ... so be it, my love.

What does he think he is?

You are also the owner of the shares of that company.

He can't do anything, don't worry.

Okay ... go ahead.

I will go later.


Yes, we studied the outcome of the groups. Is there anything else?

Nothing more.


Can ... are you okay?

Not too bad ... You collect loans, I will take the results to the file.


The pen ... I forgot the pen



You're welcome

Good Morning...

Are you going to a meeting?

You shouldn't come here.

Can ... I'm the project negotiator.

If you need to say something, we will tell you.

You better go to your office. You can't stay here.

Go and wait in your office Aylin We can call you, or we can't. But you wait ..

Okay, call when you need it.

It will not be necessary. For what?

What's he doing here?


How dare you come here?


Get out of here

Come out, let's go

Let's go

Aren't you listening? What are you doing here yet?

Who are you expelling from the company?

I have the same right to be here in the company as you do.

Listen here Emre ... We will see who's who in this company And I will beat you

Now we have other problems. Get out of the way immediately

You're out of your mind ... So I will.

But you can't explain me about the company.

I'll be back...

You better get used to it ...

Don't you dare come back ...

What? Go .. go. Everyone in their places

CeyCey, I prepared a file. Those that Mr Deren asked for, I separated.

What are you doing? Could you wait a while?

I can't ... He doesn't want to look me in the face. I need to talk to him.

Sanem, you bother him too much. I should make you a little quiet, shouldn't I?

He can fire her

Can we open the box? Maybe your mood changes. Let's open?

Let's open?


Let's open...


Let's go...

Mr. Can

Mr. Can ... I didn't steal from you.

I borrowed.

Can you hear me?


You can't tell me to go ...

You don't want me to go ... I know that.

Sanem ... I didn't tell you to go. Why you owe the company

You borrowed money from Emre. And that is deducted from your salary every month


So, you have to return the money you took.

Until you pay, you can't go anywhere.

Then, you can do whatever you want. I dont care.

What kind of Mafia is this chasing Sanem?

How am I supposed to know about Mafia affairs?

I don't understand these matters.

But I heard something ... that they will attack our street and hit Osman

He's a rich man, I know that too.

Ahhhhh, he's also eyeing Sanem.

Well, look at Sanem ... Everyone falls in love with her.

Only the Mafia was missing.

This is love Aysun. Do not say that.

She's crazy ...

There are many types, like the ones that forced me to leave my business, and I came to the laundry in the morning and at night, to wash clothes.

Just to be a little closer to you.

What are you saying?

Hi, hi Come on ...

What did you say? What are you saying? Let my ears hear this



I was already leaving. I need to renew my rental contracts.

My business here is over.

I'll make a new contract, check everything. and give it to you without error.

I got it.

I have no small notes. Could you give me a little 200 lire?

Here it is ...

Here it is? How little? 200 lire is not enough for you

100, 200 lire is a lot of money

I swear he cheats ...

I'm going

I will disfigure this man's face ...

I'm going to hit you

I would hit you. But my protein power is gone. Finished protein

Okay, come and sit down. come on

Hello Mr. Emre

Why are you calling me? I don't even want to hear your voice.

Did you see what you did yesterday?


Did you see the result of talking to my brother without telling me?

Yes, I saw...

Out of the case ...

Ahhhhhhh You don't know my brother.

You and I broke up for him.

No more words on surveillance, or photography.



Otherwise, there will be no return after the next step.

Let me think about it ...

Leave me in peace...

Out of boredom, I made cupcakes for you

Ahhh Mevkibe. You could always be bored with Mevkibe.

Any news from Sanem?

No, I called Leyla. She didn't return, we can call together.

She is definitely upset about Can.

Nihat, can something happen to her?

Well, what is that Mevkibe?

Nihat ...

What if he kissed her?

Ohh my God ... God where did you get all this from? How did you get on that subject?

I'm a girl's father .. Don't fill my head with these things

I can be angry and soon go to attack this company.

God God...

Ok Nihat, don't be nervous.

Sir ... what is that?

Ayson looking at us and saying something to Semre?

Always doing this ...

What's that?

"Look, look, Mevkibe made cupcakes. I brought them to Nihat and he didn't give us."

That is what they are saying.

Maybe they want ...

What was Semre? Why do you look at us that way?

No .. not Mevkibe. I'm just waiting for her at my store

There's something wrong...

God ... Something's wrong

My head is already spinning ..

As Mr Can said ... Customers want an advertisement full of adventure

I listen to ideas, come on ..

Maybe looking up a mountain road in a car ...

No ... this is a classic. Someone else?

Yes CeyCey

We see the car on the mountain road. It goes up ..

And he keeps going up the hill ... When suddenly, he falls to the precipice

Everyone inside is trapped.

Then the predatory animals arrive and decide to eat them all.

With the help of CGI, these animals and sounds increase

If we go with the roar .. At the same time we will be safe in the car.

Bring it on .. I suggest you show it to customers


Your proposal is to throw the mountain car ... Set up an accident ..

Big idea...

I suggest adding sounds and graphics via CGI.

You are proposing to sink the company as soon as possible CeyCey

What are you talking about CeyCey?

More ideas?

Miss Deren, I suggest that we start with extreme sports.

Every day they do crazy things

It is not?

This is good ... But the important thing is how the presentation will be

Sanem ...

Do you have any ideas to surprise us at this meeting?


I'm talking to you Sanem ...

Sanem ... I'm talking to you.

I'm listening...

I said your internship is coming to an end ...

If you want to be a copywriter in that company. You should at least know what happens at the meeting.

Sorry ... you're right

Today the weather is heavy .. I don't understand.

What will we do? A 10-minute break for coffee

Then we'll meet again. What does Can tell me?


It's impossible...

Nobody move.

I changed my mind ... Let's be very distracted like that

Let everyone write their ideas ... And we'll talk about it together.

Sanem ...

Want to bring us coffee?

You are not listening at all.

Ok, I bring

I will help you

Sit down CeyCey

You work with ideas, because you're training.

Let's continue...

Why isn't my writing sister at the meeting?

Miss Deren, thanks to Mr. Can. It brought me back to the 'take and bring' position. I make coffee.


Sister, don't mind this. Forget it, right?

Say whatever you want ... Come in through one ear and out the other Don't listen.

Did you hear what they are saying in the neighborhood about Sanem?

Shut up, look over there

Good Morning.

Good Morning.

God, what's going on in that place? What happens?

Should we call Melihat?

Are you sure what Mevkibe is talking about?

Good job...


What's it?

What kind of gossip is running this neighborhood?

I do not know either. I have no idea.

They say nonsense .. Sanem is upset, Sanem is depressed



Sanem is upset, Sanem is depressed E?

As well? What happened?

God .. God ... We still don't know, what happened

What is the neighborhood talking about?

Ahh saw that she was discouraged, down

And they assumed it was a depression.

What happened? What's wrong with Sanem?

Ahh Mr. Can ..


The meeting is over.

These folders need to be assigned.

Ok Mr Can


Where are you going?

I am a little tired. I'll eat something.

Let's eat together. I will go too.

Ok ... I'll wait for you outside.


Sanem, thanks.

Ayhan ...

What happened dear? Did Osman run away? Did you escape?

Why would he run?

You do not know? They want to beat Osman.

Who's gonna hit him? Why do you want to hit my brother?

The Mafia .. one of them is obsessed with Sanem

The man is armed, he's the dangerous type. You're imagining that Sanem and Osman had something.

They said they will come here and kill Osman.

The man was in prison. For the love of God Ayhan, run.

Run, tell your brother to close the butcher shop and save your life

What are you talking? What Mafia, do we have to escape?

I'm going with my brother ...

Run, run dear

If you need help, I will

Ohh Osman .. my boy.

Aunt .. aunt .. Watch out. Are you alright?

I almost fell

Are you alright?

I am fine...



Murat has arrived ...

Welcome ... What happened?

How's Can?

I need to speak to you urgently. We come?


Deren ...

Answer that .. answer please.



Brother .. where were you?

Where should I be? It was in maintenance. What is this panic?

Tell me honestly. Is someone threatening you?


A client threatened me ...

Who said? Who did? Who is it?

If the price of meat goes up, instead of meat, it will be grass. He said.

Brother, are you kidding me?

My legs are shaking with fear. Is playing?

I do not understand anything. Who would threaten me?

I called Sanem, and she doesn't answer me

I dont understand.

Give me water, I feel bad. Give me some water and I'll tell you what's going on.

Come on ... calm down.

I almost lost my mind when I didn't see you here.

Speak Aylin

Honey, what are you doing?

I am distant from the company. I'm going to go crazy, what's going on there?

How's Can? Calmed down?

How's Deren? Screaming like crazy?

Even ... I miss her.


I'm in a hurry now.

Yeret's director, Mr Murat has arrived. They'll probably sign the contract now.

I need to collect the agreement.


Now Can will see that it was his brother who got the biggest customer for the company.

Maybe .. Maybe thanks to that, our relationship will improve.

Baby don't do that. You still want to please Can.

He didn't even talk to me, because I lied

He will never forgive you now. Don't get your hopes up in vain.

Aylin I'm in a hurry now.

See you later.

Ok dear, after the meeting with Murat, call me.

Are you sure Murat, who doesn't want to drink anything? Just talk? Have a drink.

I'm sure ... I'm sure.

I make you some chamomile tea It seems tense.

No thank you.

Well, I'm listening

Can ...


Can you are my old friend


And you know, how much it cost, to become 'the head' of Yeret

For years I worked in the Middle East to take control of the company.

I know, I know Murat

And I never tried under the pretext of our friendship, to get my job.

I followed the whole procedure and your father did so too.

Yes, it remains so ... Nothing has changed.

You speak, as if there is some kind of problem.

Hi, I'm Emre Divit

Brother of Can

I am Murat.

Can is my friend since university


How have we not met before?

Hello Hello

You probably came for the contract. This one

Yes ... We were going to sign a contract with you ...

But it ended ... Because our director took a bribe.

And one of the companies that bribed him

Are you.


What? Like??


I don't even know your company's director.

Bring this man here, we will meet. There is nothing like that.

He packed up and left. Yesterday was gone

He left a letter of introduction, thanking for everything.

And a list of bribes.

Murat .. is this possible? Don't you know our company?

What case can our company have with bribes? Don't you know us?

I am 100% sure. That's why I say

We all know.

We are old friends. I couldn't imagine such a thing about you.

But I wanted to come and tell you that in person.

This is a sub-agreement and it bothers me a lot

I don't know what to say Murat

I do not know

Nothing I say will do any good.

I will find that out.


Okay, see you later

You did it?


Hello, Ayhan?

I cannot say now what happened. I'll tell you when I get back, okay?

What Mafia?

For who? Who's saying?

I'm not understanding anything. We will talk when I get home.

See you later.


Yes, me...

I brought a recommendation for the presentation

Where's Can?

Mr Can did not come.

Why did you come then? I would send someone to pick you up.

It's too far Who sent you?

I was sent by Mr Can

I brought this

Sanem, are you okay?

Are you crying? What happened to you?

It's nothing .. I'm going

Wait, wait, wait there You're not going anywhere

I will not leave you in this condition ... Your voice is shaking

Come, calm down and then you go.


Look at this...

Look at everything

I can't believe what I'm hearing.

Did you make a cash bribe with the company's money? Without asking me?

Brother, I warned you

I said you were spending a lot of money. Profits falling ... but did you hear me?

So are we in that position?

Because of falling profits, or because of your greed?

Where did the bribe come from? What bribe?

What kind of villain have you become?

Mr Emre is busy now.

Okay, we will pay by the end of this week.

Yes I know, I know. But this week is impossible

Okay, I'll let you know

Good Morning.

I need Mr Emre .. But they are in an ugly war

What do I do? Maybe I'll go over there and make them stop?

Don't be stupid. This is not possible now.

You can go immediately and lie down, facing the lion in the middle of these two.

Then you say. Eat me lion, you can eat me.

What happened?

What a fright..

Miss Deren, they are fighting badly. Yell at each other

But you can't understand what they say.

I can read lips

I attended courses, so let's see

What they say?

Be more patient

I need to tune

Mr Emre says to Mr Can: I love you very much, you are the only love of my life.

Mr. Can is now responding

And Mr Can, says to Mr Emre: 'I love you very much too`

May God forgive me ... This moved me deeply.

There. Probably will have a hug. That's what I think will happen.

I don't understand .. But this is how I wanted to understand

Maybe because of that, I don't understand much What else can I say?

Are they trying to fire each other?

If so they are very stupid, after all the 2 are bosses.

And they will continue this until tomorrow morning.

No, no I think they are talking about Miss Aylin




Hope so

So be it

That's true

But there seems to be something else going on.

I never saw them that way

Yes, very intense

Very very

Suddenly, a movement.

Hello Mr Cenk How are you?

How can we stop being corporate?

No ... As far as I know the payment is ok

I'm not in the company right now.

I will look and I will return to you Mr Cenk

I'm sure there is no problem. Stay calm.

Okay Good morning ...

Okay, let's see some more. Maybe they will stop

Did you understand what they say?

No Miss Deren ... You better go look there

I can not.

Brother .. is right.

I'll work it out ... I'll think of something, okay?

What else do you think to do about it?

About what? After you embarrassed us?

The father, the company and all of us.

God give you what you deserve

Before Daddy brought you in. Everything was good.

I did it for the company

Then go...

Nobody is going anywhere until Daddy comes back. OK?

For Dad .. This company is very important and I would not leave it in the hands of hypocrites like you.

Brother ... We need money

Let's get it with mom


Shall we sell the shares and get the money back?

Go away Emre Go away

Get lost I don't want to look at you anymore.

Emre, go away.

Emre skirt

Don't stay in front of me anymore.

Do you feel better?

Do I understand you correctly?

You lied to Can .. But you didn't do it on purpose

He left you, and now he doesn't even look you in the face?


Sanem, I don't want to hurt you. But it will not be easy.

I know...

I know Can ... He doesn't forgive.

No ... I don't expect you to forgive me

I want to tell him everything I experienced I want him to look at me and understand how I feel

But he doesn't even look at me

Don't look, don't look But out of stubbornness

What to do?

I will talk to him. Do you want?

Don't Akif Don't do this.

I don't want any problems in your friendship, because of me.

And I don't even know why I told you that

Okay, see you later

I don't know what to tell you Sanem, I'm just sorry.

Thanks for the tea

See you later

See you soon Sanem

For example

The neighborhood is in trouble

The street is surrounded by armed men

What Mafia? Who is the Mafia? This is our neighborhood. Can you come in here?

I heard it with my own ears. I'm saying.

How can this be? Did you see the Mafia in our neighborhood?

Friends, stay calm. I tell you, I already called Sanem.

There is no Mafia.

It doesn't, it doesn't.

Yes, there is a Mafia. I heard.

I listened with my own ears.

Oh my God...

If they come, they will come to us.

What's the matter with you? What's going on?

Oh God ... God

I left this neighborhood for 3 days to join the army

And the place was dominated by the Mafia?

What to do? It is time to strengthen our defenses again. Osman?

We will close the entrances and exits of the neighborhood.

No problem. I will call my boys. They will catch you ... be at peace.

It's a good idea.

What a good idea, what?

This is the worst idea in my life, better not to have any more ideas.

We will save our neighborhood ourselves.

We will build our own plans.

And you man, return to your place

Walk, marching

What kind of man is that?

Okay, okay.

Aysun .. call me if you need to.

I didn't hear what he said after "Aysun", I better not have heard it at all. Otherwise there would be a scandal.

Aysun he said, I didn't hear anymore ...

It's time to say

It's time to tell Mevkibe. Besides, she already suspects that something is wrong.


No, no .. Don't do it for God's sake. Nihat has a weak heart

He's been like this since the attack, we better not talk. And hide it from them.

We won't say anything


Shall we hide from them?

Sure, sure.

Sister, you spread those rumors all over the neighborhood.

As if I did that ... Mr Osman

Because of Sanem, we will have problems.

You still mad at me, instead of thanking me

For the love of God

Who will have problems because of Sanem?

What happened to Sanem?


Say Melihat, say it.

The mafia is chasing Sanem

Armed people

He fell in love with Sanem, discovered that Osman was her fiance. And now they’re gonna come here to kill you.

Why do you believe that?

We just talked to her, back at the store.

We speak by video call

She was working in her office, at the company.

If someone chased her ... Well, I don't know if anyone could chase her But would she hide from us?

Where did that come from? Who started this rumor about the Mafia?

Don't you have anything else to do? Oxygen does not flow from gossip to the brain.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Red .. red

Let's go home

Everyone to their homes

Oh my god .. oh my god

Can I buy meat at the same time?

Come on, come on Mevkibe

Let's go to the store

Nobody listens to me You do what you want

Everyone knows you

Did you see the fight of the 2 brothers?

I swear Mr Can was very angry

First time I see him like this

Okay, I will return

Don't worry about any of that. Is not true

Yes .. We'll talk later.

What's happening?

Sanem, sister. We are having big problems.

Mr Emre and Mr Can had an ugly fight.

Everyone knew that Mr. Emre was bribing the company Yeret

Everyone is in a panic, constantly calling

We lost several customers. I don't know what we're going to do now.

So, Mr Emre, did you make a bribe?

This is something expected of him

He did it for the good of the company.

And he is sorry for that.

This is Mr Can .. Sit in that boss chair

And don't listen to Mr Emre. Because if you had listened, today we would not be in that situation.

Don't be stupid

Have you seen Mr. Can? Is he at the office?

She is at Miss Deren's office, discussing further actions.

They're calling again ...

We will see...


I have to vacate the apartment. I'll stay on the street

And I have a phobia ..

Phobia of darkness, phobia of thieves

What am I going to do?


Is this tea for Mr Can?

Yes Yes

In the morning I was walking through the bush, I couldn't bring it to him at all

The tea will cool

Ok .. Let me take it

Hold this for me

Very brave girl

I am sure, she is confident in her actions

She takes it and does it. Confident and very confident girl

I heard about what happened. I'm sorry

I know you don't want anyone to touch your stones..but

seeing them on the floor, I couldn't resist.

Thank you very much .. You tidied the whole office

You can go.

Yes .. I will call you back.


I'm here


Did you see the news?

We are finished, we are finished. We are finished, finished

Mr Emre's name was not mentioned. But in all the headlines, they talk about bribery.

Everywhere, everywhere. Look there ...

Social media also talks about it

Miss Deren We have already lost several customers. What are we going to do?

Understandable .. Our competitors, did this to try to ruin us.

We are on the verge of ruin

My God .. Why are we going to break?

Okay .. I know it's easy to panic now

Gulyz, you will tell the company's public relations manager to immediately print a rebuttal.

Miss Deren, Lex requires an urgent meeting

I cannot contact Mr Fabry and Mrs Remida

'Obido' suspended all projects.

And the "Detergent" advertisement was canceled

Miss Deren, this is the second big company that we lost today.

What a nightmare ...

Miss Deren .. The collectors are calling nonstop I don't know what else to do.

Can ...

Can .. what's going on? Are we going to break?

Because we lose all customers.

Transfer all customers to me ...

In 5 minutes, come to my Deren office.


Miss Deren

Hey, what happened?

Miss Deren -CeyCey

Some creditors have come and are standing at the door. What do I do?


This is what we will do ... close the doors. Yes, and Mr Emre is not

Drop your cell phones. No more news flow.

We will have an urgent meeting in the conference room.

First I'm going to talk to Mr Can and then I'll be back.

Miss Deren ...

Say it?

What can I do?

Don't disturb Mr. Can, Sanem is enough.

Because now he has to think sensibly


Here it is

Thank you

Thank you

Mevkibe, I'll get the money changed from here ...

Ah okay, dear Come on

I'll give you...

Here it is

Have a nice day -Have a nice day too, come back often

Well Mevkibe, you're tired. Rest a little

Mom, Dad .. I'm going to the bottom line right away.

Our neighborhood is against the Mafia

Until it gets more serious

Our street will be visited by rich, cute, beautiful strangers.

Inflated people, with long hair, with a beard I won't go into details

Our neighborhood is in danger

What will we do son? Tell them not to come to our neighborhood?

So, exactly we will say this

We write on the door in large letters Outside people are prohibited

If necessary we will give money,

hiring people to protect us

If you allow me ... I become a protector.

Muzzafer, family people won't hurt us

It's not like that, Dad. Times have changed, anyone can do harm

But I already prepared myself. From now on, I have the complete kit

Here it is

Stun gun ...

Son, don't point this out to us.

My God .. God

He keeps turning. My son, be free from sin. Do not do it

No, no .. Don't be afraid.

Son .. -This has battery, works with electricity

Okay Muzzafer

There's a button here

Now we are ready.


Well, it means that you must trust your friends, and scare your enemies.

And now the next one on the list?

Pepper Spray

No .. Don't be afraid.

I sneeze it in the face and in the mouth .. Let's see if the Mafia comes again

We keep away from sin

Wait ... that's not all

The handcuffs

Don't misunderstand It's for our protection

God .. God .. Forgive him

One more thing...

Ether ... In place of a thousand words

Like this

Don't do that son Muzzafer. We'll pass out and fall here with the smell

They won't meet us until three days later

Okay, okay

I exaggerated a little. But the neighborhood is still under threat.

For the love of God Mevkibe .. Get him out of here, say something.

Do something.



My son


You are a lion, a real lion. How many lions like that are in our neighborhood?

Let's go...

Your mother is like that too

But you've been watching too much film. What other Mafia?

Someone chasing Sanem ... Son, don't think about this nonsense

My son .. Go home

Mom .. Many things happen in the world ...

Muzaffer my son. You keep squeezing it.

Okay, you're going to defend the Vai neighborhood.

I hope nothing bad happens to us

I hope...

By God ... come on.

No .. Don't be afraid.

This is a stun gun, son. What are you afraid of now? They say the Mafia comes, we have to be prepared.

Despite this, Mevkibe is very quiet here

Come here, sit Come on ..


Come come

Good Morning...

I'm looking for Miss Sanem


She is our daughter. But she is not here, she is at work. Because she works

Did you come from Mr Can?

Mr. Can?

Okay .. Have a nice day.



We urgently need to get money.

First of all, to pay off debts

No bank wants to grant us a Can loan. We lost many customers.

What do we do? Who knows, call your father?

Don't Deren .. Never

My father must not know about this. OK?

God forbid ... He would have a fit.

We'll think of something until tomorrow.

But tomorrow will be too late.

There are people standing there at the door.

I think you should talk to Emre.


I know you're going to be mad at me. But Emre owns 10%, he has the right to vote.

My brother has no right to vote, okay?

Subject closed.

Okay Can ...

Subject closed.

what should I do now? I will try to bring back the customers we lost.

Mr. Can ... It's Mr. Remide .. You didn't answer her, she called me.

Here Tia Remide

I'm fine, everything is in order. Thank you.

Yes..there's a big crisis. We are fighting.

We lost customers ...

Rumors that we broke and so on.


Thank you very much for your support.

If only your support saves us ...

Do not worry. We will resolve this situation, somehow.

No ... she's here. Here, he did not resign, he continues to work.


Okay ... Well, Aunt Remide, it doesn't start. For the love of God. Good...

Right .. no

It didn't work with Sanem ...

It didn't, and it never will.

Right Aunt Remide. We'll talk later.

Okay, come on. See you later.

I'll get the phone ..

Listening to mom

Daughter .. Where are you?

I'm at work, mom. Where else would he be? What happened?

A man in a car came to ask about you.

Who is it?

That's what I ask. Who is it?

A man in a luxury car. He said he was looking for Sanem.

My daughter ... is it the Mafia? Is someone chasing you? Tell us the truth, daughter.

Mom .. what mafia? What are you talking about? I am conducting my work.

I'm going home after work.

If something like this were happening ... You would tell us, aren't you, daughter?

Yes mom ... I would say. Don't squeeze me like that.

God .. God ... We only care. You are Sanem ... We can expect anything from you

Yes, you are right. We exaggerate with the Mafia. Not so bad right?

Turning off..

Okay, right. Shutting down too. Don't call me mommy, don't call me.

Sanem? What happened?

Mom ... Speaking of a Mafia type, I didn't even understand. Someone asked for me.

It was probably a homonym.


She said she was going to hang up, and not to call anymore.

Said I was pushing her.

He said he doesn't have any of that.

God God..

Yes ... We need it in the short term.

Please ... Don't believe what they are saying. In business, this happens.

It is not necessary to inflate this matter.

Really ... we spent years working.

Fast ... fast ... fast.

I thought it was Mr Can ... You walk like him.

I thought you were Mr Can

I thought Sanem was Mr Can

Friends .. I will be brief

Today we have lost many customers.

Due to the fact, that everyone panicked .. People need to be safe.

People that we owe a lot to. They are urgently expecting money from us.

Other companies keep an eye on our customers. They are spreading the rumor that we broke.

Whoever heard this, started to be scared even more.

Tomorrow will be a very difficult day for us.

and for those we owe .. Journalists, customers

Mr. Can Are we fired? Is everyone fired?

You don't have to come tomorrow.

We are not able to work.

He's going to fire us, he's starting. The resignation arrived.

I will try to come back with good news.

I hope Can

Because in fact, this company is our everything.

Friends, I appreciate your support.

We will call them.

You can go now.

Let's go...

Do not worry...

You can handle it well.

I believe you.

Emre ...

Honey, stop worrying.

You look like a boy ... who lost his beak. Your offended brother, you lost the company

Do not do it

Aylin .. what are you saying? Me? Do you want me to organize a party in honor of that?

No .. not a party

For example .. We can make this crisis an opportunity.

That's it, the story of a bad pregnancy.

With the bribes on the back of Can. The company will be closed.

Can go away ..

You are my partner in the other company

Several customers And we send your customers to me ..

Saw? This is the opportunity for you.

I do not believe that.

What are you talking about?

My father?

Your father is not here.

And we'll talk about it when he arrives. We are not talking about him, but about Can.

You still want to win Can's love.

Without knowing it, you don't want him to go abroad.

Even without knowing what you did .. You still love him.

Do not understand...

You can't understand ... Because you don't have a brother.

Hum and

Even if you hate it ... You still love without a brother.

I admire him, I love him.

But at the same time I hate him


Take these feelings and let's go. Hold on to hate.

Because sooner or later your brother will find out about your tricks.

There is no other way out.

To save some things, it is not too late. For example .. the company.

How will you do that?

Get some money somewhere ...

The money I got from the company, can be returned with the sale of this house.

This house?

This house that you gave me .. Do you want the sale?

Don't blame me Emre ... This house is my guarantee.

I can't sell it.

What about the fact that you have this house?

And the fact that it was only I that interested you?

Emre, I'm sorry. But I need to have a guarantee for myself.

I am a woman, I use my head.

In my opinion .. If you leave your emotional wounds, and start doing things like me. You will be fine.

Or start a company with me ...

Or find another way to save yourself.

Where you go?

Somewhere away from you.

They said the company sank

and Emre apparently ran away.

And what should a man do?

Flee from Mr Can's hatred

With Mr Can, how will the company be saved?

Now tell me, how Can you handle this. I'm very worried.

He doesn't speak to anyone. Just talk to Miss Deren, don't talk to me.

If he doesn't speak, leave him without speaking. Do not press it.

What did you do? I don't understand .. I just said that I was committed to Osman.

As if it were a giant lie.

He's a fickle man ..

This I tell you

Okay, let's not bring this up.

Ok sister ...

If you're not busy Can we meet?

Sanem .. company message. I have to go back there, sister.

Do not worry. We'll talk later, okay?

Okay, good job

Come on ... We'll meet at home.

Mr. Fabri

Miss Sanem, I was looking for you. Do you have a few minutes?

Yes I have.

Then come in. I'll take you home, we'll talk on the way.


I open .. Thank you very much


Let's go

Miss Sanem, I have an offer for you.

You know that in a few months, we will be presenting a new perfume, which will be made.

Yes, we are just working on it.


According to our research .. This new perfume business gave very, very bad results

It has become very obvious, so we need something new.

To reach the market, it adapts to our new perfume.

I mean, your perfume.

What do you mean, with my perfume?

The scent I smelled at that party, when I met you.

It was magnificent, something great

I couldn't get it out of my head.

Did you say, that you did it yourself?

Yes .. But it's not a perfume, it's a cream


So, if you make a perfume. Will it be something stronger?


Clean up, so let's let them look in our lab, and run tests.

And if you want, come to our team.

Together with you, we will improve this perfume.

If you want, you can get a training.

You choose, whether you want it here, or if you want it abroad.

What do you think?

Mr Fabri .. It is a very very good offer.

I say it is an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime.

But in my opinion, it's the wrong time.

Sanem ...

There is no such thing as the wrong time.

There are correct decisions.

The company is in a very difficult situation. Perhaps you know;

No ... I didn't know. But why in a difficult situation?

There are many rumors about the company.

They say it broke. We are all very upset about this

That's it, I can't go and leave you in that position right now. And I don't want to go

I understand...

And the ring?

The engagement ring.

Did you and Mr Can break up?


I'm sorry

Very sad

Well, if you don't want to leave work .. Don't leave.

But Sanem ... I want your perfume.

Look, when you can come. And with our team you can improve the perfume.

You will also have support to have a new life.

I will give you this power by proxy.

What do you say?

Can I think a little?

So think ... Before we get to your home.

I will wait quietly here.

Can, brother. You drank too much.

Leave me

Why are we here drinking? Why don't you tell me why?

Because of Sanem, Dad, work

For Sanem, our ending, For Sanem, my 'hopelessness'.

For Sanem ...

Is this mainly due to Sanem?

If you don't forgive the girl. Why does she keep working for you?

You are looking for excuses, not to lose sight of you, brother.

You still love this girl.

She owes the company. It will be resolved.

Do not speak as a person who attaches importance to money.

40 thousand lire she took.

Didn't you ask what she wanted the money for?

I don't need to ask, I already know.

To save your father's store, that's why.


Everything for that lie.

I had a girlfriend ...

What do I have to do? Pretend to be silly?

Lying and lying? Looking into my eyes She had the opportunity

How many times did I ask her what she was hiding.

From what you say, won't you forgive her?

I will not forgive. Ended.

So let her go, let her go. Don't torture the girl.

Can ...

When you see Sanem again, look in your eyes for a few minutes.

If you keep saying you don't feel anything I won't say anything more about it Can

Where you go?

I'm tired. You stay

Brother? Isn't it your home? Why do I have to stay?

I was attracted by a strong aroma ..

The most wonderful scent I have experienced in my life.

Everything was dark, nothing was seen

I couldn't move much

I was relaxing, so I turned my head and: Sanem

Mr Fabri .. I made a decision

I can't give you that perfume.

This perfume is very special to me .. And all the events associated with it.

Take the opportunity only if it presents itself once.

In my opinion .. think carefully.

Yes I know. Thank you very much for the proposal. But my answer is no.

I'm not used to 'refusals, of course. I am very surprised by this.

My decision is final

I'm going back to the company, okay? Can you leave me here?


Murat, Miss is going down

Yes Mr Fabri

Thank you very much

Only you

The one on my side. Who understands me better

Mr. Emre



I want to thank you ... From the first days at the company, you are with me.

I didn't recognize your value

How is that possible, Mr. Emre? I learned many things from you. I owe you a debt.

Mr. Emre Everything will be fine.

Look, I've always admired you. Your ability to make quick decisions, your mind, your posture.

You've gone through so many crises, and you can handle it.

Thanks Leyla

You don't know what that means to me.


Shall we take a walk?


You told me never to give up on writing or even my dreams.

In my dreams there's only you

Now I can only communicate with you when I write.

I wrote here, everything I lived from the first day.

If you read it, you will know everything.

I know I lied to you.

I caused the loss of the photos, your photographer's license.

I was the spy for the company you were looking for from day one.

I know you will never forgive me.

Especially after reading that letter. You will never forgive me.

I want you to remember me being honest, even if it's too late.

And despite all my lies

Believe in that one truth ...

All my feelings for you are real.

Sanem, full of love hidden under lies ... It was real.

Every moment I spent with you,

it was for me, all the kindness.

I love you so much, Can Divit

Love you so much!

I will always love you.

God God


Doesn't Leyla answer?

Does not reply.

They used to explain when they were late. Nowadays adults, they think it is not necessary.

The two do not, both.

I am very concerned about Sanem Mevkibe. She was crying when she left the house this morning.

Yes, we called and she said she was fine.

But after all these conversations about the Mafia. Is worrying me

I want them to come and sit on my knee Mevkibe.

Me too Nihat, me too.

Mommy Daddy

Where were you daughter?

Where's Sanem?

Sanem left work, a few hours ago. He said he was coming home. Didn't she arrive?

No, it hasn't arrived.

Are you sure daughter? Did she say she was coming home?

Yes mom, I said I was coming home. I'm sure.

Wait, I'll call her.

We call daughter, we call. Her cell is off.

The last time we called was when we thought the Mafia was chasing her.

She said she was fine. So we don't worry.

And after that, we were unable to speak to her.

Mevkibe, did something happen to her?

I'm very worried. Please do something ..

Mom, why are you doing this? Daddy's pressure will go up.

Dad .. I ask you. What Mafia?

I'm going to Ayhan, take a look over there. Sanem will soon arrive, without exaggeration.

I will look there and come back.


I will not stand here. I'll take a walk in the neighborhood

I'm going too. Wait.

Why this silence? Is it the silence of death now?

Previously there were social networks? Everyone talked. Where are they buried?

Talk to me, I'm real. A real person, talk to me.



Osman, have you seen Sanem?

We talked, she said she would come for the night.

But he didn't come and he didn't care.

How come Sanem didn't come?

Sanem didn't go .. Where should she go? One minute

One minute

Sanem said he was coming and she didn't come.

God .. it's the Mafia. I swear

I swear, the Mafia took that girl away.

What Mafia?

I am going crazy. What is it about the Osman mafia?

It's a silly and long story. Really, where is Sanem?

God God..

She left a few hours ago, said she was coming home,

and it didn't arrive.

The cell phone is turned off.

But they said that she was sad and discouraged when you embraced.

I was sad, not in a mood .. cell phone turned off, hug

It hasn't arrived yet .. I'm talking, something happened to her

Muzzo, calm brother. Let's go by parts, let's look.

Come on- Forgot your purse

They are talking about the Leyla Mafia. They said the Mafia is hanging around here

This Mafia

And you close the door -Okay

And turn off the light.

Sanem ...

What are you doing here?

I had one last thing to do ...

Can ... can I approach you? I mean, can I sit next to you for 2 minutes?

If you allow me

What are you thinking about?

About Sanem ...

In the smell of Sanem ...

About Sanem ...

and her smile ...

About Sanem ...

and her touch ...

Over Sanem's eyes ...

I want to kiss Sanem ...


stay away from it.

Keep her close to me ...

But you are not that Sanem ...


-Hello CeyCey .. Sorry to bother you at this hour

At these hours?

Ohhh ... I wonder why I'm not sleeping at this hour.

I wanted to ask you ...

Did you see Sanem?

Sanem was leaving work when I last saw her.

Then I don't know about her, why? What happened? Sanem gone?

No, no. Do not worry..

Do not worry.

Good night then.

Okay, Ayhan, I wanted to tell you something.

Haven't you had time to start with a man since yesterday?

Because I cannot be interested in you. That means I don't think about you.

I didn't start, I didn't start. According?

I will wait until your phobias pass. I will not start with a man on my own.

Okay .. excellent. That was the best news I heard today.

Run, run, run Mevkibe

Did you find her?

No, we couldn't find it.

Good night CeyCey

Who? Sanem? Sanem? What happened, Sanem?

Have you found Sanem?



No, we didn't find her.

I swear, if this Mafia story is true

If they were chasing Sanem, it will soon be us

Today I saw a dark, suspicious car in the area.

I wrote down the plaque

On here

I'm going to look for that car.

If necessary, I will contact the road authorities.

Muzzo .. Muzzafer

Don't say nonsense, come here

God, God ... am I going to freak Cade that Mevkibe girl?

It's already 3 am

Maybe we can call Mr Can?

No, she is not with Mr Can.

Separated? What about 'separated'?

Ahh because today they worked separately.

They are not together. I'm sure about that.

Shall we call the hospitals? -Not

Maybe we should call Nihat police.

Aren't you overdoing it?

Every time we go to the police, she can be home.

Yes mom, Ayhan is right. Come on, let's go home.

No, no No, daughter.

I can not

If it were a normal day, everything would be fine

But she had swollen eyes from crying. She's in trouble.

Okay Mevkive, calm down.

This Mafia talk exhausted us.

We will go to the police. Me and Mevkibe.

C'mon C'mon.

Then we will go.

We have to go, what are we going to do?

God God

I told you

Said she would be home.

In vain, we spent a night at the police station.

I will kill you...

I will kill her

What is happening?

I'll show you what's going on ...


Show you




Come here

I'll get you Sanem

God .. God be calm Mevkibe

This time you will see

You are a complete disaster

You have a new adventure every day.

Then life is darkened, another disaster.

I didn't understand, how you escaped from Aunt Mevkibe

I told her that they asked me to come back to the company.

Thanks to you sister, I couldn't say anything else

No ... She was very worried about you.


What a great adventure it was for all of us

I'm going to open the store, I can't sleep.

Sorry .. Because of me you didn't sleep.

I told you sister, that I would return to the company, and then you went to look for me at the police station.

You could expect Leyla.

Ohhhh, she went to the shower. Until she leaves it will be late, I'll be late. See you later.

See you later Sanem - See you later

I want to sleep a lot, stretched like a star




We are finished.

I swear we're done.

Is Sanem gone yet?


Is Sanem gone yet?

Muzzo, where have you been all night?

I didn't sleep all night. I was looking for the car. I found him

After I found it, I followed and found out whose it is


But wait .. What mafia?

Italian mafia

Italian mafia?


Friend, the Italian Mafia is known.

His name is Enzo Fabri.

Firms, companies, exports, spa, clothing

I warn you, he is very dangerous.

The man is incredibly dangerous.

Muzzo .. For God's sake, go away

Could there be an Italian mobster named Enzo Fabri?

Muzzo, I really want to sleep. I'm going to the store.

Stop nonsense.

And I went to bed.

Where are you going brother and sister?

Such that? God forbid, the mafia is after you.

What to say, may God not want. You will be wanted by the Mafia.




God, that car




Follow that car

Miss Sanem

I thought about it all night, I have an unusual offer for you

Mr. Fabri, I told you

In fact...

Sanem, I'm trying to explain

Miss Sanem, listen to me, please.

I understand that, from the moment that the company passes .. It makes you upset. right?

Yes it's true

I can resolve this crisis in the company.

Like? Could you really do that?

Miss Sanem .. If I say so, what will I do ..

It's because I will.

I will take care of all the company's debts.

You give me the perfume of the party in return.

If ... I don't give you that perfume?

And tell you that I will do a better one?

I can try hundreds of times. Better and better, you can be sure.

Miss Sanem .. you negotiate well.

I do not want it.

But, I will think ..

And by the end of the day, I will inform you of my decision, okay?


I will take you to work.

We are on the right way?

Fine. Thank you very much.

God .. God Your youngest daughter will kill us in the end Nihat

They themselves are guilty of Mevkibe.

Didn't Ayhan tell us that she was always at home while we were looking for her?

She said, but in that mother's heart. I worry every time.

I was scared Nihat

Don't be afraid Mevkibe ...

You raised our daughters, strong like you.

I am very proud of you all.

They are crazy, but I love them very much. Thank goodness I gave birth to them, right Nihat?

Right, Mevkibe


Did I scold you badly?

As always Mevkibe .. A little strong

Thank goodness, this time no pasta roll

I used to chase her like this

Yes friends .. You made me happy, coming today.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Mr Can says he is not coming

Here is a team spirit.

Thank you. Thank you very much

Well, we lost a lot of prestige

We lose?

I will not hide anything from you

The situation is very serious

We only have Mr Remide and several small firms.

No response from Mr Fabri yet.

Yes, if Mr. Fabri does not leave us, we will breathe again.

Now friends, let's make cuts

For what purpose?

We need to reduce unnecessary expenses

Talking about unnecessary spending ...

Shall we start with the lowest level?

With them? Let's start at the top.

From the highest top, you've never heard of. Come on

Don't talk nonsense CeyCey


You still don't learn anything from me.

We need to keep our motivation with ideas, friends.

Ceycey taught me something

First we smile and then we are happy. Come on friends.

Yes, yes It is a vital attitude

Come on friends

Friends, when we smile, we are full of positivism

So we were happy. Use this method. Let's have some fun.

Smile ... Please smile

Smile, smile

Smile .. come on

Smile like that hahaha

Haha ha

Smile like that -Smile

Let's smile ..

He can't smile. it will ruin my nerves. I won't

Let's smile .. Smile

Come on ... smile



You, smile you, smile.

You can't smile, it's no use.

come on

1,2,3 ...

Very good very good. When Mr. Can arrives, I want those smiles on their faces.

We will smile for Mr Can friends.

We will continue. Several times

Yes, you can't stop laughing. Let's laugh more.

Come on ... smile

Smile ... smile.

Why can't you smile? Smile

Smile .. smile

You are not laughing.

Yes, everyone laughed Enough

Now everyone, get to work, please.

Good job.

He is coming

We don't know what has been said, or the problems in your head. Smile


Friends, you all came. Thank you so much for that

Everyone came, the whole team

Certainly, there may be those who did not come. But that is your choice.

Great joke

Friends, it would be good to undo those horrible expressions on their faces

You don't have to pretend

The situation is clear, we need a solution


Everyone to work.


-CeyCey say, what happened?

Sanem, we are on pins and needles.

The situation is very difficult.

Shall we open my box?

It could be our last minutes at the company.

Let's open, come

Okay, let's open it. First I will take tea to Mr. Can

I'll be back

Okay I'll be in the break room then.

Hum- Hum



I sent you a letter, can you turn on the computer?

I have compiled a list of our lost customers.

And the ones we're going to lose

And a list that we can retrieve.


If you are not well, we will not speak.

No, let's talk.

What is it?

The letter C in an envelope

A letter


Who in our century would write a letter, knowing that they can send an email?

What is it?

Who wrote?


Someone? Who is that someone?

I brought your tea


What is impossible Deren?


Can’t have tea and I don’t.

I have a headache Sanem

If it is not difficult for you. Can you bring me a double espresso?


Let it be double

Ok, Miss Deren


Come on, good job.

One second, just one second. I want to talk to you for a second.

One second, just one second

Good afternoon sir. Does Mr Mahmut stop by? Don't misjudge me, I'm not a beggar

What are you talking about? What is Mahmut?

Thank you.

What are you doing?

What am I doing? City life is known to everyone.

What a mess I took 4 vehicles and they all took me to the wrong places.

And then I couldn't go back

If you can drop me off near the subway I can drive.

Or if you look there for that light, that one there

God ... he really lost consciousness

It was easier than I thought.

God God ... Huge Italian mafia

God .. God Now I oppose the entire Italian Mafia

Denise, put this on my desk and bring a green folder?


I spoke to our public relations. She will do some good news about us

But we need something stronger. I'm working on it


What does he keep doing here?

Can, calm down.

He shouldn't appear before my eyes.


Can, take it easy. We really have a lot of problems now

I promise to speak to Emre, myself. Do not worry.

Your coffee


Of course ... I couldn't talk to Fabri. I'm going crazy.

We need to know if he is going to work with us or not.

Can ... Are you listening?

Wait a minute

Sanem, Sanem Come here

Well done, now that she bought a phone, Mom calls more and more. Well done

Anything I do, it's all a mistake.

Okay, forget it.

Tell me. Were you with Mr. Can yesterday?

No .. Were you with Mr Emre?



So there is no problem.



So good work.


CeyCey I'm here

Sanem ... welcome. I'm very anxious. What will we do?

Open it for me? What do you say? Is ready?

Let's open it, we both need it. Let's open, at least we get a little distracted.

I put a blindfold on, to be surprised.

How do I see?

A great idea


I opened

What is it? Something is holding

Open your eyes

No, I want to open the lid first.

No .. I need it urgently for today. I can't wait a week

Up to that point? Until that day I was given loans. Did you really appreciate something?


Good Morning.


Why did they put this on?


What is it?

Free Amore

A French book about love.


Free Amore

- French-

How it all fit in that little box. Did it all come from your homeland?

We have people who, when they see you in their dreams, send gifts.

For example .. The suffering of love, Spirits of Love Nails of love,

I love you.

And the person finds himself completely in love

Violin .. I always wanted to play a violin

As soon as it holds

It's spoiled, because of the long road

Due to travel?

Yes, because of the trip

Play the violin and find your love.

Is it a hidden message?


No, no. Nothing -Wait, wait. What else will come out?

Ahhh pancakes, pancakes from my land

I found out by the smell

They are very tasty .. You will see.

Is not it? Looks like...

Seems what?

I think it is

Nothing like that No .. Tasty pancakes are nothing

What did the pancake look like?




See, T-Shirt


Is this a joke? This is pure Ayhan

Like Ayhan

Where does it look like?

How does it look like?

Look, who is this?

Yes, maybe it seems a little

What about that? It is?

Who is it?

Be quiet, be quiet

How are you denying it? Here it is.

It seems to be her


Here is Ayhan

Be quiet

We saw in our dream, a girl whose name starts with the letter A, ends with N. And in the middle has the letter H.

They drew as they could; Play the violin, read the books, show her all of it.

Win this girl's heart, until you win, don't return to your homeland.

This girl is your destiny.

Only the address changes. Everything there refers to Ayhan

The homeland points to Ayhan

What should I do? How to end my phobias?

She's in love with you

Take it for yourself, go and say it all.

Don't fall into my position. Live and be happy

What is your position? Mr Can is in love with you.

Your relationship may be bitter. But in love, I know. He loves you. I am the master of business now.

Put this on the door handle, and here it is

Love is the place ... It probably means that I built my house. It should be in that sense

This number has been disabled

He blocked me?

Ohh Emre

It was not a good thing to block me. You should not have done this

What's it? Don't you have good news?

They'll never give us a loan. We have debtors, but they froze. Taking advantage of the situation.

Can, what do we do now?

Yesterday people came for their money tomorrow more will come.

It is also impossible to close the doors.

I don't have much in Istanbul, in a territory, a couple of houses

Can I try to mortgage

Seeing the studio in New York

Unfortunately we don't have much time.

So we sell our shares. I have 10%, Emre 10% Together 20%

Can .. You need Emre's permission to do this ..

I can do it, I'll fix it now.

You shouldn't be angry right now. I'll talk to Emre myself

But, to whom would we sell the shares?

Other companies take advantage of this.

They will come out a little cheaper, but when they are pressed, they soon start making proposals

In fact, if we had a partner, in a large company ..

We can improve our image. A great idea.

Well, then we need to call other companies.

Do you want me to call someone?

League, there's nothing to hide

One way or another, everyone will know in an instant


You are very upset now, I know. However everything will be resolved, we will get out of it.

I came to collect the empty glasses

I'll start calling


Italian mafia

Mom .. Ether .. I swear I was an idiot and I made myself sleep.

What an ass, I ended up sleeping

Luckily, I gave you a strong dose Good

Sanem, the things I'm doing for you. What things do you run from? It is not clear.

I'll get you out of here

Why are you looking?

Do not fall or stress so much. There is nothing to be afraid of.

I didn't come for you, I'll take my things and leave.

Maniac, maniac

No, no This is impossible. We sell 20% of the company, not 50%

Okay, good morning. bye

Why did you come here?

What are you doing here?

I wanted to ask ... Are you okay?

Trying to get money.

I can't seem to fix it, so I came

Do you care about this company?


I asked you to sell the house, but you didn't want to. Is that what the company means to you?

I don't care about this company Emre, I care about our company

Please stop blocking my calls. You can't escape me like that.

Aylin. for the love of god, go away

Are you sure?

What are you doing? Why did you bring this here?


In this folder you have files from your company. Remember them, before you forget

If Can sees these documents, what will he think of his dear brother?

Are you threatening me? Did you come here to threaten me?

Did you really think you could leave me?

After so many years of invested work

After that, I will never be with you again


You always say that, but then go back

Why do you know i'm right

You have no use for Can

Even though sometimes you forget

But you want me very much. In love with me.

This folder can stay here, I have a copy

See you later my love

Something is happening CeyCey

Yes, I also feel that something is happening.

I will ask you later about something personal. It's ok?


God, God ... The Italian mafia sleeps like a baby on my shoulder. I'm still a good person

What are you doing Are you crazy?

What am I doing? So can you scream? -Are you a bandit?

What are you doing? We're going to have an accident

Get your hands out of here

Get your hands off

You are kidnapping someone

You are crazy?

Let me out

I'll end with you

You crazy, see if you like

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Let me drive

Stop the car, get out

Stay quiet

Look at this

Open the windows, open

Open the window

My eyes

I will kill you I will kill you

What are you talking?

I swear it's not real

Is not real

Friends, the situation is not very good.

We put up 20% of the company's shares for sale.

Nobody gives a word

Only one advertising company made an offer.

And they will not call soon and give their decision.

This is the situation.

But Can, this offer will not save us. These are actions that we will waste in vain.

You have nothing more to do. It is better than regret.

Emre ...

Did you receive any kind of offer?

Unfortunately not.

Let's go

Friends .. Social networks, internet, media, press. We will prepare our announcement.

We will not make any announcement about the bribe.

We will not dishonor ourselves.

Deren .. We will examine the remaining advertising companies.

Well, no problem. Nothing falls into our hands.

Ok .. let's do some business friends

CeyCey, come here

CeyCey .. If someone gets up from the table and goes up to our floor ...

Immediately send me a message, okay? My cell phone is with me, don't you dare forget.


Where you go?

I'll tell you later.

I'll make some calls.

Is Emre a partner at Aylin?

That was the reason ...

I have to get the red folder. See how, and when you do, call me right away, okay?

Ahh, they took that folder Mr Emre

As well? What do you mean led?

I accidentally put it with the other folders, and Mr Can said he wanted to see all the folders he had left on the table

Curse ... curse. -What happened?

Sanem .. Do you understand what you did?

What have I done now Mr Emre?

Now look for that folder, before my brother finds out. It won't be the end.

What does Muzzo want again?

What are we doing again on this 'show'?

Brother, he called. I said it was urgent, how am I supposed to know?

No .. I will not. I feel something is not going to go well

Brother, we're already at the door, don't be silly. Let's go in and see what he says.

Hello Uncle Abdullah

Welcome young people


Muzzo, what is this man?

What's that? Why is he tied up, for God's sake?

Why are you talking so softly?

This is our exhibition, what about Uncle Abdullah? Is not hearing anything

Uncle Abdullah is deaf

Muzzo, seriously. Who is this man?

This man? It is the right hand of the Italian mafia. This is the man.

You? Are you kidnapping someone?

I swear..

Shut up

Wow, this man knows Turkish.

He's even cursing and cursing in Turkish. And he has no accent.

Ayhan, it's the Italian Mafia, not a man. The man came from Turkey.

There, we will call them and we will go together the 3 of us to ask you to leave Sanem alone.

If they don't leave Sanem in peace. We will say that this man is with us. And we will hand it over to Uncle Abdullah

Muzzafer Did you really kidnap him?

Yes, I did. From now on I am in a competition with Enzo Fabri. Soon I will be in front of him, and he will start to feel panic.

For God's sake, it's creating problems for you. What do you want from us?

What are you doing?

No, you cannot do that. You won't untie him, for Sanem's sake. Be understanding.

Sanem? What Sanem? Are you going to be arrested because you kidnapped a man? You will never see the light of day again.

Release the Muzzo man.

No Ayhan, the system doesn't work like that with the Mafia. in the Mafia, the system is exchange.

Deliver us to Sanem, and we return this man.

But why are they scared? This man kidnapped her. Can we make tea? I want tea

What is he saying? -In this place, am I just normal?

Only you are normal, I am also normal. At some point even Uncle Abdullah is normal.

Osman, the situation is normal ...

Brother, do you need something?

Can we offer tea, water?

Do you want to go to the bathroom?

What did he say?

I think he wants to go to the bathroom.

Hum-Hum? -Hmm

Call for offer.

Let's go together.

I'm listening .. Yes, yes

I understand, thank you.

They declined the offer.

So we're going to declare the company down, friends.

The brake?

Buyers are waiting at the door. The news that we really broke.

Yes, and they realize that there is no escape.

We will be the first to not dishonor. We will announce the break.

Call a lawyer.

I will call you. But my hands won't let me call


Okay, I'll call now.

Mr can

Could you not call now? Wait a little more?


Until this situation resolves, don't give up.

Give me a break.

Time will not change anything Sanem.

In addition, there is nothing to change. If it's all over, we need to accept and go our way.

Unless you're expecting help from heaven. With your permission.

Mr. Can

Mr Fabri

Welcome. Why are you here?

My friend said that we have a difficult situation here. And I came running.

Yes, that's it.

Our perfume in the world, represents us, yes?


Yours, Yours, Yours, Yours, Your Every prestige of yours, means my prestige, right?

In the middle of the season, I don't want to look for a new agency.

Because even if I look for a better one in the world, I will not find you. It's impossible

Many thanks for your support. But we are now in a great crisis.

I didn't come here to say whether we will continue to work with you or not.

I came to support you in material terms.

Mr Fabri, please don't be offended. But I can't borrow it from my client.

I speak very bad Turkish, or did not know how to explain it correctly.

Well what I mean is this ... I want to buy 20% of the shares and become your partner.


We are saved?

Mr. Fabri

To be honest, I don't know if it is right, to become a partner of my client, whose advertising we represent.

Mr Can, why wouldn't it be right? Have the client and the partner at the same time?

Please accept.

Yes, Mr Can


I'm sorry Mr Fabri

Can, Mr Fabri came here to help us. Would it be good to refuse that?

Miss Deren is right.

Mr. Can, I know this is a difficult situation. Sell ​​me a 20% stake

And I will give you back, I promise that.


Okay, I trust you.


He accepted.

Get ready, get ready. Let's get the whole team together.

Let's take a selfie -Everyone

Selfie, let's make this moment infinite

Are ready?

Yes -All smiling


I'll take

Yes, it worked very well.

Immediately I will put this photo on the internet. From there, we will offer it to the entire media.

Then everyone will know that we continue to work with you.

Well, I think it's a good idea.

Mr Fabri Welcome to our circle

Thank you

For nothing, it's always a pleasure

Mr can

Congratulations Congratulations

We will make a contract immediately. Formal, of course, but as long as it's official.

Let's go, please.

Come on -Can

Saved, we're saved

Don't look like that. As if they had never seen a contract.

But we want to know

How curious you are. Pretend they're working

How ugly



I can't see. Can you look and see if Fabri signed it?


Should I look openly, or not?




He took the pen in his hands


Towards the contract, as if thinking about signing. I see that. These comments are mine ..


That's all, he signed.

Thank God It's our job

Everyone come here

All together

Please, let's go.


Here's our new partner. Mr Fabri

Congratulations Congratulations

You don't need that Mr Can

I will not interfere with the management of the company.

In fact, the reason I'm here

It's Sanem

She is the reason for this


Because I wanted to buy her special perfume.

I wanted to buy the perfume,

and I also wanted her to work with me.

But she said she doesn't want to leave

the company.

So I said ... if she doesn't want to come.

I will go to the company

In summary Mr Can ...

The reason why we became partners

Went to Sanem

I did not know

that you were seeing each other.

Sanem and I have been seeing each other for a long time

Isn't it Sanem?

So Mr. Can

Sometimes I'll kidnap Sanem

to work together

Because she accepted my offer ... But nothing is going to happen.

There will be a stage where we will need to promote this perfume.

In short .. she agreed to give me

your personal perfume.

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