Erkenci Kus (2018–2019): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

Sanem, who realized that Albatros was Can, now believes that real life can live like a fairy tale. And what will Sanem do with her secrets? Will it be possible to convince Emre of a confession?

** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra




You wrote "If only"

I was curious about the sequel.

If only...

Al ... Al ... albatross?

Are you Albatros?

As well? Are you Albatros Sr. Can at the same time?

What am I living in now?

Are you okay?

Yes I'm fine?

I am fine? Of course I'm fine.

I am fine.

I really can't believe it.

I read a lot of novels, but I never found such a thing.

It feels like my organs are starting to move.

Where's my stomach? Where is my heart? My legs ... my legs are shaking as much as that.

Mr. Can.

You look beautiful.

I also want to say something. Maybe you should give up "Mr. Can"?

After tonight, can it just be Can?

- Can. - Can.


Can ...

I ... it would be nice if I went now. I can go?

No, no, no. Where are you going?

Mr. Can. Can ..

I really don't feel right now.

It feels like my heart is going out.

I don't know, I think something happened to my heart.

As if I now have heart disease.

You don't have to go anywhere.

Stay close to me.

I will take care of your heart too.

Mr. Can ...


Can, let me out, I'll get some fresh air. This will help me

Otherwise, I’ll stay here like a magnet and I can’t go anywhere.

Let's go out together. At least I'll leave you at home.



Can it be better if I really go.

Let me go alone.

- We see. - We see.

See you, Can.

Hey look!

Look, look, Albatros is Mr. Can! You can believe?

Albatros is Mr. Can!

My heart is drunk ...

Under the stars ...

Excuse me, I'm sorry.

Let's go all together!

Under the stars ...

Albatros is Mr. Can! You can believe?

Please be as happy as I am.

Give me a round of applause.

Come on

Under the stars ...

thank you

I will not wander, even if my heart burns,

Even if it takes me time.

Even though my eyes are closed,

Under the stars.

Come on

Albatros is Mr. Can! You can believe? Kid?

A turn.

Come back again.

Even though my eyes are closed.

Under the stars

Albatros is Mr. Can!


Dad, how are you? It's ok?

You weren't sleeping, right? I'm calling you late at night.

Sure. Is it possible for Captain Aziz to fall asleep right now?

Where are you?

In Greece? Super, these places are like paradise.

They will help you, great.

I am fine.

Very well.

I am fine. Really, really, really well.

On the one hand, I miss you very much.

I wanted to hear your voice. Furthermore, I am very happy.

I called to share this with you. Yes

It was good to obey you and stay here in front of the company.

Well, the thing is ...

That what I was looking for and haven't found in the whole world, I finally found here in Istanbul.


No, you don't have to go to the doctor. Do not.

I don't have a fever. Do not.

No daddy. Yes, I say that, your son, Can Divit says that.


You can't say anything, you just started making fun.

I will tell you when you arrive. We will talk face to face.

What is happening? Beautiful things are happening.

I'll even introduce you to this beautiful thing.

Yes, when you come.

Do not come? Everyone misses you.

Are you going back, I wonder? You have traveled the whole world.


Okay, fine. I'm listening. Yes. I hear voices coming from behind me, okay.

Come on. I leave you.

May God reveal all your ways, Captain Aziz. Good evening.


From Earth to Sanem. Are you going back to our house?

I can't go back Osman

If someone who has experienced what I have experienced, he would never return to the world.

Why don't you react in some way?

I'm happy for you.

No. No, you don't understand anything.

That is, they are not topics that you can understand.

This is a feeling that no man can understand.

Where is Ayhan? When will Ayhan come?

Didn't I tell you? He went to talk to Ceycey about something. Why you called me?

If Ayhan is not here, who will I tell?

Where you alone


Osman, don't be offended.

No, when girls share kisses with 'someone', they talk to each other.

They say what they feel and talk.

I don't know, they scream, they hug and they turn around until they're dizzy.

Osman, I think I fell in love. Even if 45 years pass, I will never forget that.

What kind of Mr. Can are you? What kind of man is he?

What am I going to say now, for God's sake, Sanem?

Osman, it may not be related, but I think you can also fall in love with me.

I am not a teacher of love.

And in certain cases, I don't understand much. But...

Can a man who is not in love kiss like that?

If that's not love ...

Sanem, and if he is in love with you, what will you do?

Osman, what will I do if he is in love with me?

What will I do?

I told him all these lies.

He won't even look at my face. He won't want to see me again.

I already told him that I don't want him in a beautiful way.

When did I find myself in front of your door?

Ah, Sanem, ah.

Only if I leave the country, can I get rid of this issue.

What will I do, Osman?

Sanem, look, your condition is not right.

Calm down and think about what we're going to do, okay?

It's ok.

Pollen came out?

Do not know.

Sanem, dear sister. Did you say that Polen moved into Mr. Can's house?

Yes, I said that.

He has a girlfriend and they live in the same house, but does he share kisses with you?

I did not understand this part.

Yes, I don't understand now that you mention it.

Besides, if it's the albatross, why didn't he tell you all this time?

You went to lunch with Levent, thinking it was Albatros.

And wasn't Mr. Can with you?

It was so. Even pollen was with him.

So I don't understand that.

If he were an albatross, he would come the next day and tell you. Why didn't he tell you?

Also, did you go to the cabin with Polen?

Didn't you come back alone on your own?

I came back alone.

And what can I say now?

If I say that he loves you, you will be angry, and if I say that he does not love you, you will be angry.

Osman, my mind is very confused now.

But I want him to love me very much.

But I made many mistakes.

Why did I make so many mistakes, Osman? What am I going to do now?

Sanem, calm down first, okay?

You will find the answers to your questions.

Then you will decide what to do.

- OK? - It's ok.

I'll think about it later.


There are no kisses like that anywhere!


It's all right.

Yes, Deren?

Can, they called it "Organete"

They changed their mind about working with the actor, who we met for the photo shoot tomorrow.

They looked at Osman, it is really appreciated. They said they wanted to work with him.

Well, put a budget aside immediately.

Call Osman, let him go to the agency tomorrow. We talked and we got it right.

Well, that can be.

But Can, I want to tell you something else.

I'm very embarrassed and it bothers me to say that, but ...

Our budget has decreased slightly.

Can I use your camera to work?

I know it’s very valuable to you and you don’t give it to anyone.

But our photographer is very professional. I promise that your camera will not be damaged.

Of course, we can use it, I will take it tomorrow when I go.

It was very easy

You can give us the camera. Are you sure about that?

Yes, Deren, I'm sure. I'll get

Are you okay? Your voice sounds very happy.

Because I am very happy. I'm really, really good.

How beautiful is that.

When you left the party, we were suddenly very concerned.

I'm fine, Deren, very well. Good evening.

Good evening.

It turns out that Mr. Can is an albatross.

A plume of albatross feathers.

And his nickname is Divit.

Very romantic.

Wow!! Girl, come back to you.

I think this man is playing with you. What about pollen? Pollen

Shut up a little, your thoughts confuse.

I am your smart part. I am your prudence.

That love doesn't work, forget about that romance.

You slept in a hammock one night, once he kissed you, you have enough of that.

Is that what it says?

If this person is in love with you, you're done.

He won't leave you alone, he can divide.

With all the truths and thieves, your head will be pulverized.

Make pollen an excuse, give it to him, you can do it.

As if it were easy to escape. They gave themselves up.

From there, his imam attracts me.

I know the end of this case is bad, I know. I will do.

I will, won't I?

Of course not. I don't trust you at all.

You are a negative type.

A person just gets cold with you. Shut up, I'm going to bed.

Do not enter my thoughts in a dream.

So I was in the theater behind the stage, there was an order.

Suddenly, Mr. Can arrived in a tuxedo.

I thought it was a ghost, I lost my mind.

After that, he told me to get out of here. Mr. Can said, get out of here.

I thought he was fired.

Mr. Can said, just leave now or go on for the rest of your life.

It is funny?

But Ceycey, a man is not going to fire you in a tuxedo.

But these are the bosses, you can't understand them. They can shoot your pajamas.

Okay, but why did he wear a tuxedo? For the house party?

I don't know, it's Mr. Can, he changes constantly. You cannot ask for much.

You said that Sanem was there. What did she do?

Yes, Sanem was there and she was probably fired.

She was nowhere, she went down the stairs, I looked everywhere. And I came here.

Ayhan, this albatross, after all, is Sanem's love.

I helped your first meeting, you know?


Yes, I was very happy.

I hope they are happy too.

It's love. Love, love is very important.


I thought about this question about love, I didn't even think.

I saw romantic comedies, I read poems.

After that, she asked the environment what it was ...

With the seagulls whispering, watching the waves, and much of everything ...

I can not do this. Does not work.

I have to say this ...

Their love is not reciprocal. That is right.

It is safe, it is certain that you speak.

It’s true that accuracy is good, it’s good.

I'm glad you're sure.

Well, I'm leaving.

Wait a minute, wait, Ceycey.

But this ... that is, love ...

When they don't respond, they get upset. Are you upset?

I have a phobia of uncertainty.

You understand? That is, when you said that, it disappeared. It ended well.

What should I do with the girl who doesn't love me? I never had a love. For me, it would be a great stress.

Everything is good.

Wait, wait, but these arrived, they left, they don't seem to love.

You must experience the bitterness of love.

The bitterness of love will survive and, when the time comes, I will forget.

Because I'm Ceycey.

We see.

Ceycey! We'll see?

That is ... I don't say for myself, but as a life coach.

I have your number, Ayhan. We will solve this.

I am living with my mother and in the near future I will return to England.

I tried, but it didn't work. I am always for you. Pollen


How do you like cheese? I asked for Izmir especially for you.

Great, I have never had such delicious cheese in my life.

My beautiful daughter, enjoy.


Due to work, she is very hungry, apparently. Your full plate says that ...


Child, don't drink tea, let me make orange juice.

No, mom, thanks. I do not want.

Mevkibe, I forgot to pay the electricity bill.

The payment period has passed.

No I did not.

I will solve this. Don't worry dad. Give it to me

Thank you daughter. But it will be difficult for you.

Well, can you be like that?

Thank you daughter, thank you.

What did you do yesterday? Did you have fun at Mr. Can's house?

Yes, it was a beautiful night.

We dance, music, we talk. Everything was wonderful.

Can you eat raw cutlets?

Yes, he was delighted with them.

Everyone went.

They filled me with compliments and questions,

Are they daddy's raw chops? We never eat these delicious chops. How did you prepare them?

All of it. What are you looking at?

Nothing, I just wanted to see my sister.

Good morning. Good morning, Aydin family. Enjoy your food.

Sit down, daughter, have breakfast together.

No, Uncle Nihat, thank you. I already ate with my brother, I am satisfied.

Little sister, can you give me two minutes? Let's talk

What's going on, Ayhan?

I will. I have a problem with her. I will solve this.

Can't you talk to your friend for five minutes, Mevkibe?

It was 2 minutes, now 5. I don't understand.

Come on

Sanem, daughter, get the money for the light before I forget.

I will take care

Sanem has prepared raw cutlets, now he will pay the electricity bill. Very well, Sanem!

What are you saying?

What are you talking about?

I go to work, Sanem goes later.

See you, mother.

- Good morning. - Easy job.

We see.

Nihat, Mr. Can ate those raw cutlets. She is hoping for insignificant things.

He's building up hopes, honestly he has them. I'm going to go crazy I'm going to take a look.

I will listen.

Mr. Can is an albatross!


Wait a minute. How is this?

Are Albatros and Mr. Can a person? It's incredible!

Well, did he really kiss you? So?

How did he kiss?

It's nice to have a friend.

I didn't get that much energy from Osman.

Don't talk about it.

Tell me the details.

Where it happened? How? When?

Did he kiss you first? How do I pass?

It was the most romantic kiss in the world.

We were on the same balcony.

Music, stars.

And he was in the same tuxedo.

Everyone was crazy about my chops.

You can already tell that Sanem prepares wonderful raw chops.

You will be proud of me.

But I am my mother's daughter.

My mom taught me how to prepare raw cutlets, meaning she didn't teach me ...

And I know, this gift from her.

I will work in silence.

I will do my job.

I will also work with Sanem.

Because I also have a job.

See you, Mevkibe.

Do I close the door, mom?

No. No. I'm leaving too.

Take this, Mevkibe.

Ayhan has no single reason.

I swear.

They hugged each other in the room jumping.

Is it bad that they embraced, Mevkibe? How nice.

These girls are full of love.

What's good, Nihat?

The poor girl doesn't expect anything, because she ate her horrible chops. My girl!

Mevkibe, maybe you are exaggerating a little?

Our girls are constantly in this condition.

Sanem is always jumping.

And if Ayhan comes, then you cannot stop.

Well, well, our girls are a little weird and peculiar, but ...

Does this girl live in a fairytale world?

Do these chops look edible, for example? For the love of God.

I will tell you something.

Why didn't Leyla go to that party?

I wonder if something happened at work?

I wonder if she could be tired?

That is, normal people get tired after work, Mevkibe.

No, no

I'm a mother. I will understand this immediately. Well, I'll fix it, you'll see.

Yes, Mevkibe. You're right.

Well, let it be as you say.

Let's hurry, we haven't opened the store yet.

Let's get these papers.

Alright Nihat. It's ok.


Good Morning.

Good morning, Mr. Can.

Mr Can?

Have you returned to "Mr. Can" again?

What happened last night in your shiny head? Again, what's coming?

- Forgot it. - Forgot it?

All night long the voices in my thoughts wandered.


I told them their problems, so they know. Do you know?

I told.

I told you, it is very interesting for me to answer my questions.

Well, in that case, let's go to the office.

From the first minute you were confused, right?

You were confused

There is something ... a fly that flies. There is something.

Will you come to my office, Sanem?

That's exactly what I'm going to do, Mr. Can.

Mr. Can.


Of course, later, as you wish. Sanem


Can we talk about the shots?


Sanem, can you come to the office?



I shouldn't answer you "later". Mrs. Deren.

Sanem, to the office. Deren, I don't know what the issue is, but mine is much more important.

Very important.

What can be more important than a delivery officer?

I am also an officer and am at your side.

Ceycey, I want some coffee!

- According. -Coffee!


She screams for coffee. After. After


You say you are going to start an interrogation?


You said that when you find Albatros, you will interrogate him.

I think I will be at the interrogation.

Yes Yes Yes. I even prepared questions for you.


I prepared.

Super, ask.

What do you want to ask?

Well, I'll start.

First question.

How did you find out that I was the person you kissed? It was dark.

How did you know?

By the smell.

The first day I smelled it.

I didn't get that out of my head.

So as soon as ...

I smelled you, I understood immediately. I guessed.

So ... the next question.

That was...?

How long have you known?

It's been a while.

I've known for a long time.

-Long time? - Yes

During all this time, have you played with me? Tricked me?

You had a boyfriend, Sanem.

What should I say?

Should I say I kissed you and all that?

You couldn't

I could not.

It is logical.

Of course, I think so too.

I believe too.

The next question ...

Everyone the world for the boardroom!

I'm leaving then.

Are we okay now?

No we are not. I...

Once again I will check if I have another question.

If there are deficiencies, I will review them.

I'll wait. Do not hurry.


Mrs. Deren wants to see you before the meeting. Wait in the office.


I will go later.

Are you going later?

Yes, now I have work here.

Come on

Osman, look, I'm going to make a good introduction.

Then you will tell me.

I should please this family.

I have to settle in this family.

It's ok.

Mom, Dad, we have some good news.

Is it bad?

No. Understand correctly, there is nothing wrong.

For the first time it is not something related to Sanem.

Osman, we hear you.

Uncle Nihat, Aunt Mevkibe, how are you?

Well, seeing you is even better, Osman.

You were better than all the professionals yesterday.

Yes, yes, Mevkibe.

Very well son. We are proud of you.

Thanks. I'm ashamed.

I couldn't thank them during the shoot.

That boy has always been like that. He was like that as a child.

Someone broke the neighbor's window with the ball and he went to apologize.

He was a good boy. And now he is like that.

I was also a good boy. One of the boys managed to break the window with the ball.

And he gave whoever broke the window.

He received a lesson.

I came here to say something more.

The amount that was collected during filming by the food service.

Half is yours.

No. We cannot accept this, son.

That is, you are our son. You grew up in our hands.

No, it can't be.

How? Wait a minute. I was not a son to you?

Was Osman suddenly there?

Where is he, where am I going?

He's in the neighborhood, he's a butcher.

No, no, you can't.

We will honor Muzaffer and Ayhan.

And they tried hard.

Yes, this is good news.

Mom, dad, I swear, I got my first money first.

I am very fit for that.


We got a job thanks to Leyla.

The money earned by this business, that everyone has what corresponds.



What a beautiful heart you have, son!

If your parents were here, they would be proud of you.

Don't throw it on the floor. My God.

In fact, I suggest that you participate together if there are requests for farewells.


Of course, I can prepare sandwiches, if I don't have the pace, Melahat will help.

It will be excellent.

I will give you an invoice that must be sent to the office.

In the afternoon, he will give it to the girls.

No. I will do it myself.

In addition, you will look professional. Your aunt Mevkibe will be at the store.

- I'll see the girls at the right time. - Well, then I'll go to the butcher.

Thank you again.

Come on, good job.

This boy has a heart of gold. A very kind heart.

In this area there was a child with a heart of gold.

And they broke your heart.

For example, take a vase.

They threw it on the floor and broke it.

Come on, knock if you can.

Could you glue the pieces together? Can not.

Come on, they are kind.

We probably broke his heart.

Mevkibe, he is very vulnerable.

Good boy.

Poor, that is, he doesn't have his mother.

You called me, Mrs. Deren.

Sit down, Sanem.

Call Osman, tell him to go to the office.

In the evening, there will be an advertising photo session with the organic company.

We had an agreement with another actor, but they changed their mind and decided to photograph Osman.

The budget is not much.

But it is good for beginners.

If Osman agrees, I hope so, call the dressing room.

Osman will become an actor, I am very happy.

Today you should be in a 2-3 hour session. If he says no, we will work with another actor.

No, I will not call him and convince him.

Osman and you recently split up, but ...

are good friends, congratulations.

Yes, we are not just family.

I've known him since childhood.

He is very good.

Well, obviously, very good.

The boyfriend you broke up with two days ago.

It shows no reaction to the fact that you arrive with your boss completely wet.

Prepare your vegan chops. Interesting...

- What else do you want, Mrs. Deren? - Here it is. Sanem, wait.


You are very talented, smart and young.

You can get up and work for yourself.

You know your strength.

You don't need anyone's help.

Reject the idea of ​​involving Can in these situations or ...


Or the boss will reject it in the end.

Or someone will put sticks in your wheels, with each of your mistakes.

The end of these films is always like that, Sanem.

I warn you like a woman.

Like friend.

It ended up being advice from a friend.

So I call Osman, he is also my friend.

So I close my circle of friends.

Easy work


Where were you yesterday? Tuxedo and all that?

Personal matter, very personal.

You won't say that, right?

We talk in the afternoon.

Can Divit talk to me in the afternoon?


I just know that Polen was very upset.

Well, I wouldn't like it to be that way, but it had to be that way.

How did you become a reserved person?

Well, okay, we talked at night.

And you have strange behavior. How curious you are.

I'm going to a meeting. the company changed the director.

He will also come, I will become familiar with him.

You will do this, I will not go. I have more important things to do.

What things?

Well, I will not ask. I'm leaving.

We see.

How do I look, Mevkibe? Do I look like the father of two daughters?

Yes, I swear.

Look at me, if something is offered to you, don't agree.

Well don't worry.

I almost forget. Give me those bills.

That's what I'm saying.

Maybe this company, that ...

Well, I don't know ... Sanem's credit.

I thought about it.

We will work and pay our debt little by little.

Because of us Sanem has a debt. Let's take the weight of that off your shoulders.

Look, look at the girls.

Sanem all the time is with Can and more.

Leyla was sick in the morning, take a look.

Well, don't worry, I'll check them both out.

I am concerned about them.

Okay, I'll fix it, don't think about it.


Go Go.

As he is handsome, this suit suits him very well.

No, we use what has remained since our youth.


It's up to me, don't worry.

Goodbye goodbye.

Mevkibe, what do you want to talk to me about?

Come here, let's talk.

What do you want to talk about?

Let's talk, come.

I do not know anything.

What don't you know daughter?

What am I going to know, Mevkibe?

What do I know about this life?

What did you say to Sanem in the morning?

Oh Because of you, our friendship relationship is going through difficult days all the time.

We talk about chops and then about my training.

They said well, we solved this problem with my brother.

We congratulate ourselves.

Get to the point, let's go.

So I will tell you in more detail.

When they talked about catering,

Mevkibe, we think, doesn't our life consist of catering?

Why are you sitting here? What are you waiting for?

Look, there is an application. I will show you

The people here are involved in a few days.

They will bake cakes and deliver ads.

Do people make others cook their food?

Oh, the century has changed completely. Where are your old days?

And yet it is not called that.

They call it a house party, it sounds much better.

Look, there the woman wants dolma, so also 6 kg. It is for me.

Then write.

Come on

Do you like this cost?

Let's split it in half.

Won't it be so cheap?

Daughter, we have everything in the store. I'm embarrassed. That will be it.


I launched the offer. When the answer comes, I will inform you.

Wait, we were talking about Sanem.

We can't because I have everything, this is all the information.

Focus on the dolma.

Oh Unscrupulous, she deceived me again.

Rahmi, tea!

Immediately, sister!

Can we talk for 2 minutes?

Just 2 minutes?

Yes, 2, because I have a very urgent matter at the bank.

I have to leave in 2 minutes.

Wait, come here. Sit down

I don't understand these matters, but ...

I did, I sent it immediately.

How fast I solved it.

Maybe I'm a genius?

What are you doing?

I am doing something very important. I'm watching you

A very, very good hobby.

Where are you going?

You want to go?

Take me

I did not mean that. I go myself, see you.

Sanem! Stop! It hasn't been 2 minutes, Sanem!

No, I ask why you were there.

Friends, it was the theater building.

In addition, he is the boss! What difference does? One minute! Listen to this.

They ask and ask, but they don't listen!

It's incredible!

What is happening?

We're talking about the party that ended yesterday morning.

But I didn't go with Sanem. She got out of the taxi on the way.


I went to help Ceycey.

Because he is my best friend. If it's not him, then who am I going to help?

Yes, Sanem went and helped me.

You came to the theater, right? Yes

Where did you miss? Where did you go in a moment? I was looking for you everywhere.

Oh! Why are you pinching me?

Shut up!

Why are you doing this?

What are you doing here?

Ceycey, Güliz, the goods arrived, will check quickly.

Let's go all together. We go to the meeting.

- Let's go to the meeting. Sanem.

Where were you yesterday? What are you doing again?

Sister, do you remember the chops I cooked at home?

I brought these chops to Mr. Can's house and then went to the party.

But it looked like it would be boring and I changed my mind.

And I went to help Ceycey.

Okay, Sanem, shut up.



Aren't you going to ask more questions?

I won't! I'm not in the mood.

What happened? Why not?

It's personal.

I don't know, maybe I will.

Maybe you will tell me?

I did not expect that from you!

Maybe I'm telling you, Sanem, maybe.

Maybe I will say that.

Well, when you decide, you're going to tell me, okay?

You will find me whenever you want. But don't forget to tell me.

So, friends, let's talk about organic products.

Are the preparations finished?

Yes, Mr. Can.

Ceycey, is the theater ready?

Are you ready, Mr. Can. If you hadn't kicked me yesterday, it would have been faster, but ...


Customers will be in 3 at the theater, we will be ready before that time.

So everything must be simple.

Sanem, did you call Osman?

I called, but didn't answer. I'll call you again.

Well, call him. Everything for your actions.

Mrs. Deren.

If Osman is going to participate, can I do that too?

Call Mrs. Aylin?

Why are you going to call Aylin?

She said to call the acting vacancies.

Güliz, which agency do you work for?

Güliz, who do you work for?

Güliz, you must call me!

There is no Aylin! Do not interrupt

And won't we call Aylin for a little inspection?

Has arrived.

How did it arrive?

A good person keeps his word, Deren.

They are my customers.

You will keep an eye on your customers.

But I will show you this in time.

I'm after you, don't worry.

Well, okay, are we going?

You arrived early, you will have to wait.

Can you come and go later?

Then I will wait at Emre's office.

This woman does not go out.

Don't stop, don't stay behind.

Yes, what is this woman doing at Emre's office?

Maybe we work, Deren?

Ceycey, I solved the problem with the camera.

I fix everything, I trust you, okay?

Good. And I trust the cover.

- good. Go ahead.

Ceycey, be very careful with this camera.

If something happens to her, it could kill us

This is a very rare specimen.

I understood

All details are specially prepared, clear.

But, Mrs. Deren, from your words, I was nervous.

Why are you talking? I will die of stress!

Soon everyone will be under stress! Please, do not say that!

Why do I always do these things?

- Have you panicked enough? Yes!

Enough enough for me.

If you have enough panic, that's fine.

- Get away from Aylin. - What tactics.

Don't you dare approach!

Everything for work!

I will tell you something.

Something happened between them at the 40th birthday party.

How did she get to Emre's office?

Is not strange? The woman does not leave the agency.

Is this our topic now, Güliz?

You cannot say anything.

Take care of the work a little.

Well thank you.

Miss Aylin?

Are you looking for Mr. Emre? You're not in the office, let me help you.

You can't help me at all.

I will wait for Emre in his office.

I can't leave you in your office, I'm sorry.

Emre doesn't want anyone in his office in his absence.

He doesn't like it.

As your personal assistant, I am responsible for this.

So I can't let you in.

Please come here, you can wait here.

This way.

What will I do?


I thought I had fallen!

My God!


Hi, Ceycey, how are you?

I'm fine, Ayhan.

I don't know what to do with this camera. I need to find a safe place for him.

I wonder where can I put this?

Did you tell me?

I did not understand, what kind of device?

It doesn't matter, why did you call?

I'm calling you...

The case of the mentor.

I saw the schedule.

He is very strict, I decide which day you write.

What is happening? It's ok?

Why is this woman like this? It is always close. Why is he here all the time?

Everywhere he appears in front of me all the time.

She is watching me.

I swear I will die of stress.

That woman?

Which woman is in your circle?

Ayhan, can I call you later? I'm not free right now.



Did you talk about a woman?

He talked about a woman.

Won't she get out of here?

Crazy woman.

Why do you wink at me?

She's crazy, crazy.

If I tell someone who is winking at me, no one will believe me.

I wonder what he's trying to do.


Here it is.

- Enjoy. - easy work.

I hear you, Sanem. Did something bad happen?

Osman, can you give me a few hours? Can you leave the store to the seller?

The seller is not, but I will close now, I will.

Can you be offended?

No, no

It is not connected by that.

I go to his office to question him.

I'm melting, he's so kind to me.

I forgot the question I wanted to ask. What will I do?

Sanem, don't be like that. We talked about it.

What about?

What are we talking about, Osman? I remember nothing. What are we talking about?

I know that we can't be together.

I lied to him so much.

He will never love me, I know, but I can't stand it.

Wait, I'll get it.

Good? Wait,

Wait, I didn't care about that for you.

It is something else.

An organic photography company wants you.


Did they like me?

You were born as an actor, Osman.

Congratulations my friend. You will come?

And will Leyla go to the session? I'm trying to stay away from her.

There will be a small team.

Why do you want to stay away from my sister? Do not understand.

She is not interested in me, I understand.

Well, let's talk at the meeting.


Stay away from Can.

It's easy to say, right, Osman?

Very clear. I will try, I will try.

Let's go to the next question.

While there is no one around.

Mr. Can, how do you like interrogations?

I just want to go through those unnecessary parts and move up to the next level.

In what sense is the next level?

That is, can we stay at that level?

I'm waiting for the question, Sanem.

Question ... What did I want to ask?

I remembered that.

You said you didn't tell me you were an albatross, because I had a boyfriend.

Why didn't you admit that you were Albatros when I broke up with my boyfriend?

This is what will surprise you.

I told you, but you didn't hear.

You said that?


At night we went to the cabin.

When we dance

I told you, but you ...

You put your head on my chest and fell asleep.

And you didn't listen

I put my head on your chest and danced ... yes.

So, let's not touch on this topic.

Well, I have my answer. You said that, I got it.

I'm happy to tell you everything.

But can we go somewhere alone?

Maybe you will interrogate me completely.

So ... well, it won't be in parts.

As for me, be partial.

I think it's really good like that.

Tea is not enough, tea is necessary.

And the coffee is finished, you also need to buy it.

So I have to call the locker room.

And most likely, I can't bring tea. I have a lot of work, a lot.

We have to do this.

Hi Emre

I was waiting for you.

How are you?

Well, thanks and you?

I am fine.

Aylin, let's go to the office.


Your secretary wouldn't let me in your office.

Can you believe that?

Leyla is right.

Like my ex-girlfriend, at the agency they don't remember her very well.

Look behind the movements a little bit now.

Do you think it worries me?

No, not at all.

I would have turned this Leyla off for a minute, but ...

Let her pray that she has more important things to do.

What are the most important things?

Tell me too.

Participate in customer service.

Wrap your love


Aylin, your business here is starting to bother me.

Emre, it will be good if you get used to my presence at Fikri Harika.

Because we have a car project, which we must do together.

As well?

Didn't you give my brother a problem?

Didn't I tell you no?

But I can't take second place in the project where Deren is the creative.

Today is the photo shoot of the organic company, but we are waiting for it.

Aylin, Deren is an intelligent woman, stop playing with her, okay?

Better go to the photo shoot and wait there.

No thanks, it's good to be here.

Ah, Aylin, ah.

Tell me, Emre.

It will be good if you don't tell me what to do.

I do nothing, I just feel.

As you know, sitting here, in addition to the stress of the situation, gives you nothing else. Check it yourself.

Let them get a little nervous. I will pour fuel into the fire. See you later

See you later.

Cr. Can, what do you mean by two tea? What do two teas mean? How should I understand this?

My God! It is better to put a samovar here. The Lord will calm down and I will rest.


Are you ordering two teas, one tea is not enough for you? Do you want to go crazy?

- What happened to your ears? Something happened? - No.

And that means I'm not going to ask you anymore. But that is not how we agreed.

- Mr. Can, what's going on? - Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I'll show you. On here. Are you going to do this, Sanem? I will show you. Please.

Father. Father.


Daddy, what are you doing here?

Nothing important. I just brought an invoice to Mr. Can.

Invoice here.

I don't know why, but today something is wrong with Sanem. I ordered two teas and she yelled at me.

But then I will be more careful. I'm sorry, Sanem.

What are you too? Nothing happened, I was really wrong, I didn't want to show my lack of respect.

Yes, it is also possible. Yes

Sanem, how are you talking to Mr. Can? Is your boss convenient? Daughter

Forgive my daughter, Mr. Can.

This is probably because she previously worked at the store, she never learned to speak to the boss.

No, no Nothing happened. At work, we are all friends. That's why Sanem can talk to me anything she wants.

The most important thing is that she speaks.

Ааа, how is it possible. After all, you are my boss, I can't afford it.

My job is to bring and drink tea.

After all, I don't just bring you tea. I bring tea for everyone in this office.

Dad, let's get out of here quickly. Mr. Can has a lot of work.

Sanem, you can go and we will sit with Brother Nihat.

Brother Nihat ?!

Well, then I'll sit down until I have a cup of tea.

Please have a seat Please, please. And I will sit next to you.

- You have a very good office. - Yes

If you still want tea, then I come.

Leyla, I was looking for you. Before the customers arrive, I would like to review everything thoroughly.

Mr. Emre, I already checked. I checked everything. If you want to check it out for yourself, please. I made copies for customers. They are at the table.

You are wonderful.

Mr. Emre, I hope I have not been wrong not to leave Mrs. Aylin in your office?

No. You did it well.

Leyla, you are not upset about yesterday.

No, Mr. Emre. What's the insult? After all, I told you that I went for a walk with my friends.

I told you about the salad. Have you managed to eat?

No, we don't eat. We eat pizza. We changed our minds

It's ok. I will do this so that you can forgive me. We are going to eat this salad.

Honestly, not necessarily. I need to check other documents. If you allow.

It is enough. Do not do it. We have to get to the photos.

Yes, Deren. We have to get the photos. Can you work a little faster, dear?

Everything is good. The same applies to your affairs.

Mr. Deren, Mrs. Deren!

What happened?

I can't find an Osman stylist. The last time he was preparing clothes, he didn't come for the pictures.

Güliz was responsible for the costume design.

The last time the shirts had short sleeves, now the suit doesn't fit Osman.

Mrs. Deren! Mrs. Deren! The lamps burn in the device. We need it again. What will we do now?

Mrs. Deren, there will be a trial there at night!

We ask you to change the afternoon date, but we are told to leave.

Why do all the problems appear now? How can you make so many mistakes in some photos?

Why is all this happening to me?

I was a little irritated, but with me everything is fine, I have to breathe a little.

I breathed, okay. Every game, I'm very motivated.

- Sanem! - I

Sanem, you're going to take an Osman measure. You go to the closet and bring all the matching outfits.

Ceycey. Call and tell them to prepare a new lighting.

I'll call the opera and fix everything. If there are more problems, we will resolve them.

Everything is good. The power is with us. Everyone to work!

- Deren. - what?

There are document changes for customers, but I will take care of them myself.

And you have so many problems. Calm down

Mrs. Deren, what should I do?

Stay away from Aylin. You make me scream!

Girl, are you looking at Dolma?

Where are you from, Mevkibe? You scared me terribly.

Look for new dolma orders. Come, look.

But you called and I told you that there are no new messages.

Child, maybe something came up during that time. Check

Well, I'll check that out.

No. This woman hasn't seen our offer yet.

I wanted to ask you something. You are here and Uncle Nihat at the company. Who is protecting the store?

Do you know, Brother Rahmi from the cafe? He will help us.

If not, then now we have bigger problems, we have to do the program. Check again.

Mevkibe, if someone writes something for you, you receive a notification by phone.

This means that we don't have to constantly turn the phone on and off. Nothing has changed on the phone since the morning.

I'm giving you a lot of trouble. Listen, I also have a phone. Download this program to my cell phone.

But where, what problem? I cannot download it to your phone because it has no memory.

What about my phone? My God It's a normal phone, I use it every day. What's up with him?

Sure. There is a big age difference between us, so I couldn't explain it to you.

He is very stupid for such serious programs. You can think so.


So I have to buy a smartphone. Then again, when we have financial problems, we have to spend money. But what can I do?

Difficult. When there are messages from women, call me.

Okay, Mevkibe, I'm going to ask you a question.


Are you jealous of Uncle Nihat? I mean, how does jealousy feel?

I think that sounds like a lot. Jealousy ignites a man's heart.

And then it destroys, driving the man crazy. Very strong feeling But I am not jealous. I am not jealous at all.

Why would I be jealous? My husband is in love with me and I am in love with my husband. So why should I be jealous?

Let him find one more handsome than me, I will be jealous. That is terrible. I mean, jealousy is terrible.

I understood. In a word, it is a bad feeling.

Where did this theme come from?

Well ... I have to write an article about jealousy. That's why I'm conducting interviews with people as beautiful as you.

- What is jealousy? - Write about me too.

Write: "Love is jealous". And yet beautiful, confident women are not jealous.

Of course, they are not jealous.

Safe women are not jealous. Good theme

- Mrs. Leyla?

I brought you a salad.

- Salad? - Yes

But I didn't ask.

This is an order for the name of Leyla Aydın. They told me it was you.

Yes this is true. Thanks

- Enjoy your meal. - Thanks.

My God, what is this? I didn't ask

Mrs. Leyla, I see that you received a salad. Enjoy your food.

Thank you, Mr. Emre.

Just promise that next time we'll eat together. Why are you working here?

There was chaos that I couldn't concentrate on. So I came here, Mr. Emre.

Good. When you're done eating, join. Maybe we will go together for the photos?


In that case, see you later.

Yes, yes. Mr. Yasar will also come. thank you

Güliz, are you hungry? I will not eat it

About, salad. Thank you very much I'm very hungry


Leyla, daughter?

Dad? Did you finish your affairs? Can I bring something?

No, thank you, daughter. Mr. Can has already visited me. Where is Sanem?

Today there will be pictures, so run somewhere here.

It's ok. Are you all right, daughter? Is sad. Nobody offended you?

No, everything is fine. I just had to prepare all the documents for the meeting.

That's why I'm so serious. When I work, I always mean it.

I'm happy. If something happens to you, they will have to deal with me.

Also, take care of Sanem. Sometimes she behaves stupidly. Good?

Dad, everyone has gotten used to her stupid behavior. Do not worry

It's ok.

In that case, I will go. Mom probably cares.

Okay daddy.

I'm proud of you. You work in such a beautiful place. See you later

See you at night. Dad, you are very good.

- You too, daughter. See you later - See you later.

Well, costumes already made.

Well, I'm taking it now. Do not be late. Arriving late for a plan is a very bad sign.

So you were here.

Mr Can?

Don't run, don't run. Where are you going?

What are you doing here?

I am waiting for this hearing to end. So I'm going to kidnap you.

Is the Lord always so direct?

And are you always so incomprehensible?

I won't ask any more questions. Everything is clear. Please don't talk about kidnapping me, okay? Please.

Sanem, you can't run anymore. After what happened yesterday, our place is here.

On here?

Here Sanem, don't run away anymore, please. Don't ask these questions again.

Ask me the correct question. Ask, I will answer.

Oh, Mr Can! Ceycey forgot the camera. Let me refer you right away.

I'm waiting here.

Well, ready for publication. Send it immediately. Hurry, it's very important. Immediately! - All right, Mrs. Deren.

- Mrs. Deren. - Yes

Everything is ready, Mrs. Deren. Sanem took care of the wardrobe and I turned on the lighting. The team is ready for photos. We are waiting for you.

Ceycey. - I'm listening.



Aylin dragged Güliz to her side. A suggestion to become an actress, and Güliz has already started working for Aylin.

I see Mrs. Deren. Really is. She dragged her over to her side.

And how it was? Did you like it?

In my opinion, you played so well that you have the potential for a star. You must play the main roles. Just like here.


You didn't go to acting school, right?

No, but I read books. Many books.

We have to do something, Ceycey! He will take us all to his side and then take over the company.

Maybe you're next, Ceycey.

I? Mrs. Deren, how can I resist this woman? I mean, you can convince me very easily. What do we do?

Let's do something. Let's do something, Mrs. Deren. I don't want to work for her. Come on, let's do something.

Don't be afraid, Ceycey. You are my employee, I will never leave you.

We will assess the situation. First, I'm going to make Aylin a little scared and then we'll plan something together.

Yes, let's plan something, Mrs. Deren. I will never go to his side. What do we have to fear?


Deren, are we going, dear?

Come, beloved Aylin. Hold on to me. Don't walk away from me.

Ceycey, did you start playing sports?

And what is it?

- It seems to me that you have developed muscles in your arms. - Thanks.

Mrs. Deren! Mrs. Deren!

Mevkibe, light work


Here, the tangerines are gone.

Ooh Tia Mevkibe, the bad news, it looks like we don't have a job

How is it? Why doesn't this work? Will they find better food than mine?

I will show you soon. They found people who offer a lower price.

found someone who offers a cheaper price

No. Really for a price, how can you?

Yes, I am Mevkibe.

... If I let you take my job so easily, my name is not Mevkibe. You will see girl.

Aunt Mevkibe, isn't it cheap?

No, no. You don't know yourself. If the price goes down, there will be more traffic.

Since you say that. Instead, they will move more with their fingers, because it is an application on your phone.

Oh, she found herself omniscient. Take this.

I said I could pay twice as much. You're doing it wrong.

You don't want to help us at all. I say I will pay double the amount. He hung up.

I didn't put it there.

Can can kill us if he finds out. It is a special, custom-made camera.

In Istanbul, there is only one person who can fix it, but it won't arrive until next week.

- Now you understand the gravity of the situation, Sanem? - Yes, Mrs. Deren. I swear!

Fell again!

Stop now.

The camera is completely broken.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Deren, we have to cancel the session. The customer will not accept other equipment. It is best to call immediately so as not to compromise further.

Let's be honest, I don't care! I'm saying that Can's camera is broken. He was very important to him.

I cannot handle the session at this point.

What's going on here?

Can ... happened ...

Say it

- Sanem? - Mr. Can?

Why are you crying?

Mr. Can, something happened.

When I ran, in my hands I had your camera ...

I suddenly lost my balance and his camera collapsed and broke.

It broke. We are very sorry

Let's see.



Leave it now.

There is still a small part.


He doesn't even know that.

Cover Cover

- Deren, get the whole team together. Go to the plan. I will fix and prepare the session. - Yes

How is it? Only one person can fix this. I called for him. He said he would be able to stay in a week. Can you fix this?

I'm fixing it, Deren. Pick up the equipment and enter the session immediately.


- Sanem? - Mr. Can.

Come to my office. Please.

Goodbye, Sanem.

This is the result of your clumsiness. Even I cannot save you. Go and go.

- Thank you for your support. - Go.

Now, those who belong to the team go with me and the rest go back to work.

I don't want any more problems. I can not take it anymore.

You saw it, right? It was a march of shame, did you see? They went there to say goodbye.

This was what most concerned us. She went there and now she will be released.

I could have freed her here, but I decided to invite her to the room to free her.

He did it rightly. Instead, he would also fire her. The camera broke into small pieces. Some of them are still here.

I wanted to hide all these pieces. I wonder what part of it is?

Hey, don't cry. OK? Do not Cry

I know how important it was to you.


It wasn't more important than your tears, okay? Don't cry, I have an old camera. I will take its parts and fix it in some way. I'm fixing it


But you will be punished.

You will be punished.

You will sit in front of me and you will not move until I finish.

- good? You promise? - I promise.

Translation: Ivete Barra

There is no place where I can escape you. I always come back to you.

I am waiting for you to burn like those moths that fly into the fire.

Let's see if it works. You should work. Smile

Yes. Smile a little more. Yes, very good. Look

Good. In that case, I'll take you to Ceycey.

- No, don't do that. I'll take it myself. Let's go together and then we'll go for a walk, okay? - good.

Come on. Leave it there, then I'll get it myself.

Child, isn't that your job? Isn't it your job to stop people from making mistakes?

Why do not you help me? Why are you doing this? Why don't you do your job?

Mevkoş, I wonder if you heard me? Didn't you say you would buy everything in bulk? So you picked up the phone and wrote.

Oh, this is my hurry. I have problems just I didn't solve it, they ran immediately.

I didn't count. 20 lire? Does that mean I worked so hard and only 20 lire?

Calculations show yes. 20 lire

Mevkibe, why do you always do that? Why are you in such a hurry? It always ends like this. Why are you in a hurry?

Take your time. Don't be in a hurry. Why are you constantly doing this?

- mother. - Be calmer.

She started talking to herself.

Mevkoş, don't lose contact.


It's too late.

It's great that Mr. Osman has become our actor. It is the face we were looking for.

I'm happy. We discovered this recently. Are we going to drink coffee while they change the landscape?

- Sure we can. - Come on.

Mr. Emre, I'm going to see what happened to Osman. I will let you know when everything is ready.

Good. Thank you, Leyla.

Aunt Mevkibe? Aunt Mevkibe?


In that case, I will go now. You don't even hear me

Together with Muzo, we will look for you, Mevkoş.

Ayhan, what's wrong, daughter?

Good, but...

What's wrong with Aunt Mevkibe?

He's experiencing an internal conflict. I will not mix. You will

Mevkibe! Mevkibe, are you okay?

I went out alone. I tried to understand everything, I asked myself questions. In the end, I left.

Well, it happens. It happened. Whatever you do, you do it well, my beautiful Mevkibe.

What have you done? What are all dolmas doing here?

Don't even ask. I don't want to see them anymore. I'm so tired that everything hurts. Do you know what I did all this for 20 lire? Only 20 lire

20 lire? What 20 lire?

My gain. Did you find the girls? You didn't call and I was worried.

Don't worry, fine. She is fine with Leyla. She has a good mood.

Sanem behaves as at home. Screaming and arguing with Mr. Can, but luckily he still protects her.

If she had another boss, she would have been released a long time ago.

- Did I get something wrong? - what?

Perhaps Sanem is right, joining his hopes with Mr. Can.

What a good boy. No, Mevkibe, calm down. Relax, Mevkibe, don't rush. Relax

What happened? You jumped around Osman, you made a fuss and you were dishonored. Relax

You are very tired, Mevkibe. Regardless of whether you are rushed or patient ...

I love you very much, Mevkibe.

I love you so much, Nihat.

- You have the perfect makeup. - So you say?

Yes, you have perfect skin. They do this so that it doesn't shine.



What are you doing here, Leyla?

Osman, the director of the client's company has changed, so I came to meet him.

You really like this golfer outfit.

Thanks. I play different types of business people.

But this entrepreneur simply has no rival. I'm sure the photos will be perfect.

Does not matter. Successful work


- See you later. - See you later.

We will continue, Mr. Osman.

Let's see. This hat really suits you very well.


Translation: Ivete Barra

When I lived at the boarding school, I met my friend. He became a famous chef. I want you to see.

Did you go to boarding school? Don't you live in Istanbul?

After my mother took Emre and left the country, my father was unable to recover for long.

Sometimes he didn't come home at night. I wanted to live in a room alone.

I didn't want to feel alone and I didn't want to be a burden on my father.

Does that mean you didn't grow up with Mr. Emre? Did not know

Let's sit here.

Emre grew up in Switzerland and me here. We saw each other several times a year.

I tried hard for my dad to take Emre, but he didn't want to.

Emre was very small and grew up there. Besides, he didn't even speak Turkish well.

We couldn't find a common language when he came here.

After Emre graduated, my father took him to work at the agency and I, although a little late, met brotherly love.

We grew up really missing you, that's why ... that's why ... I think you understand.

Do you really appreciate Mr. Emre?

Of course, who doesn't value their brothers?

Especially when you're a loner like me.

I told you the story of our family. I don't normally say these things to anyone.

Well, you make me feel like you're talking. You stimulate my appetite

I feel the same. I don't know when time goes by when we are together.

- So you say? - No. In fact, I wanted to say that you are flying very fast with you.

Well, shall we see my friend now? Well, let's go. I'm asking.

Come, I beg you, come.

It's ok.


Translation: Ivete Barra

Do not come?

I thought you would take something out of the house

No. I will not bother you

I will wait for you here.

Sanem, Polen left, you can't give a speech about it.

I will tell you directly. Pollen came out.

There was nothing between us.

This will not happen either. Furthermore, Güliz misunderstood everything.

I was really upset

Come on. I saw it. Were you upset, really?

I really wasn't upset.

I mean, I thought it was like a break between you.

I didn't want to interfere.

Come on. Come on

Come on

I became an amusement park.

- Face. -Welcome

How are you?

Well well.

Everything is ready. Hope you like.

I will introduce you to Sanem.

Hello Sanem. Hello

Everything happened in a hurry, I'm sorry.

But I will definitely wait for you at my institution.

We will talk to you when necessary.

At the restaurant. The second step will be in the restaurant.

Well, of course I will.

I'm leaving.

Let's go to...

Come on

What is it?

For us both.

Yes, I will eat your tear-stained eyes!

It's ok?

I am fine.

Relax, okay?

Don't think about anything, nothing.

We have dinner alone, okay?


Look great.

You are beautiful.

This time you will not escape.

No, no

We will not do this in time.

But friends, we are very relaxed.

It is impossible without a plan. and then the shooting will not end.

Because they move so slowly.


Miss Deren.

Hakan, you are very attentive, thank you very much.

You're welcome, Mrs. Deren.

Deren. Everything is good.

Emre is out talking to customers.

They are delighted with Osman.

Thank you very much for the unnecessary information, I have a lot of work.

I'm going to ask you something.

What do you want to achieve?

You are getting something exactly, but what exactly is it?

Orgate is now my client.


I don't want my customers to be taken away.

Tomorrow we will sign an annual contract with you and the customer.

Yes, unfortunately.

Like we arranged. Galina is yours and Orgate is for me.

That is, you don't need Galina.

Deren, dear.

Galina is just a brand, of course. I dont need.

Such a creative position and such limited imagination

Impossible, don't do this.

I'm very curious, where does this magnificent fantasy come from?

I like it that way.

In my head I constantly invent scenarios.

For example, we are now on the stage.

Imagine a scene like this.

Can can leave.

As always.

Aziz has now renounced all his business.

I marry Emre.

And I become the head of the agency, being Aylin Divit.

What do you think.

Sure. I don't expect such a scene for you.

But what is this? A scene from a horror movie?

No. Honey, comedy.

Aylin, you can make up comedy scenes that simple.

Wait. I'll tell you a more realistic scenario.

Yes, Mr. Aziz left.

And Can can leave.


But here I am!

There's Emre.

And we have Metin with the right to subscribe.

And you know that Metin is one of the best lawyers in Istanbul when it comes to contracts.

The slightest mistake, it will be equal to the salary.

Therefore, your script on the capture of Fikri Harik is very boring.

As boring as you are.

You are just a waste of time.

I have a lot of work. I'm leaving.

So can anyone come?

Add some nuts

Lawyer Metin.

And we will deal with you a little later.

How's everything going? Very well, right?


I have never had such delicious food in my life.

I don't understand how you ate unpleasant raw meat.


Yes, isn't it?

I love interesting dishes.

Polen cooked.

Why didn't you stay with me that night?

Why did you want to be alone with Pollen at home?

I thought you were gone.

Pollen stayed. So we met and came back.


As I said, only I took you there.

Only with you I wanted to stay.

I understand

You are so Beautiful.

What do you feel now?

Will you tell me? But honestly.

Not running away. Please.

I'm afraid.

Have no fear. I'm here.

That's why I'm scared.

Leave the fork.

I will take you to another place.


Come come.

How is everything? All right?

Yes, we are very satisfied.


By the way, he's Metin, our lawyer.

Come on Metin


I'm Selma

Much pleasure.

I am Onur. Much pleasure.

I'll ask you for five minutes.

So I'm going with you, okay?

Of course, we wait inside.

Good Morning.

See you. bye


Thank you brother, how are you?

Well, did you bring the contract?

I brought it, but I'll leave it and run, because I'm in a hurry.

I'm sorry. I'm boring you

But without a contract it is impossible.

No. No. You did the right thing.

By the way, did I prepare the contract too?

Tomorrow I will send it to you.

Listen to what I'm going to tell you.

Brother, listen

This Aylin is a very dangerous girl, brother.

Please stay away from her, okay?

Do not worry.

I'll take care of that.

We see.

For right. I prepared reports for your mother.

Contracts and all that.

We will talk to you, okay?

As well? My brother still doesn't know?

Brother, if your brother hears about his mother, he starts to get angry right away.

Metin. What did my brother say?

Didn't he say that while he was in the lead, my mom wasn't aware of any information about the agency?

You and I are going to destroy this.

Emre. What can I do?

His mother is a shareholder in this company.

She doesn't want that. When Uncle Aziz was there, it was not like that.

We do not send reports. But Can Can came and everything changed

Your mom wants this, it's your legal right.

And I stayed between the two fires.

Do not stand between the two fires. Metin.

Don't send any information to my mother, I don't know what to say to my brother.

Do you know my brother.

Come, see you.


Come on

Which is?

They fit well



Very, very pretty.

There are no keys.

Wait here calmly.

And I'll go before a minute


Mr. Can, where are you going?

I'll be right back.

Mr. Can ...


Mr Can?

Sanem, welcome.

Come on

Over here?

Right here.

Yes, very good, come. Sure. Take off your glasses.

Why did we come here?

We came here because I think this is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul.

And the owner won't get us?

He cannot, because this house is ours.

And only I can catch you.

It is very beautiful here.

If this house is yours, why don't you live here?

We live before

Our childhood happened here.

And then my father decided to start a new life in a new house, we left this house.

But this is a place where I feel very good, where I hear Istanbul very well

And every time I come to Istanbul, I run secretly here.

I am very curious.

Very cute.

Beautiful house

There is almost no place in the world that you have not gone to.

But I can say that the most beautiful is Istanbul.

Constantly changing, but at the same time reserved.

Always leave room for discovery.

That is why I am leaving and I always return to this city.

Maybe if you close your eyes? Perhaps then you will hear Istanbul's voice.

Istanbul's voice? I'll close

What do you hear?



The wind blows.

What else?


Children laughing.


And now?

My voice, your voice.

I fell in love with you, Sanem.

"I touched your dreams, your absence makes me feel cold"

If your heart stays with me, I love you madly ".

When I close my eyes, I only see you.

When are you and when are you not?

At my house, you are walking on the landfill, you.

In the cabin, you are running into the forest, you.

I look at the sky, you.

Only you.

You do not say anything?

Maybe I won't say anything.

Are you going to escape?

Where can I escape?

Just don't run away from me. Only once did you come to me and that night you were drunk.

The night I said "evil king, come here" right?

I tricked you then, right?

Do not.

You said, "King come here".

You owe me a dance, you told me.

You looked at me and smiled at me.

You put your head on my chest

And then you fell asleep.

Translation: Ivete Barra

This hard work always finds me, always in such tense places.

What is happening?

No, no

Zebo, Zebo, what are you doing here?

Ceycey, friend, in the dark you only see your mustache.

You are like a bat.

I can't find the stage.

There. I'll. I can not. I leave. I can not.

I can't find the stage.

Friend, this place is the backstage for our filming. What are you doing here?

I want to be an actor

Osman became an actor.

Butcher Osman became an actor. Why can't I become one?

I have to get to the set and stay ahead of Osman.

Out of here. Zebo. Go away, I'm working.

Everything fell.

Drop it, leave it, give it to me.

Zebo, mebo who you are. Amazing

Another time you came for the shooting, and everything was destroyed. Don't make me any trouble.

I have pain. And I want to be alone.

Did you say pain Mr. Ceycey, my friend?

Yes, I also feel pain.

You better ask me what the pain is.

The real pain is with me.

I have unrequited love.

Platonic love is with me.

I haven't lived since I ran after Sanem. I swear.


Do you have pain for love?


I also live the pain of love.

-Really? - Yes

With whom?

Don't ask, or I'll tell you who it is. Do not ask.

- Who is it ? - Don't ask, don't ask!

Oh ... don't ask!



I recently confessed my feelings.

We met and she said that my love is not returned.

One side tells me, forget it. The other tells me, follow her.

Cengiz Dzhengo, Forget the side that says you should forget

Hear the side that says Follow. Friend

Mr. Cengiz, my friend.

Because unrequited love is important.

And if you ask me, platonic love has its value.

Come here, we will be friends. Give me a hug.

Come here.

Come to me

No. I don't like hugs.

Come to me.

Oh, how unpleasant.

Man, the man is good at helping us.

You are crying like that.

We must be strong.


Do I have to keep waiting?

- Do you want it to come out? - No I did not say that.

Your confession


That you're in love with me

What are you very passionate about?

Maybe I won't speak at this point? Can you give me some time to think?

Time, you say?


Because I'm not sure.

I'm not sure how I feel.

I mean. Refers to...

You can't even admit it like I do, is that what you mean?

Well, it's not entirely true ...

I want to understand how I feel.

I'm going to think about it a little bit and then I'm going to tell you my decision



Tell me your decision.

Well, are you going to write me your decision or are you going to tell me?

= I will tell you. - You will tell me.

You are a very amazing woman.

I'm fascinated by you

- Thank you very much, have a good day. - Have a nice day.

He sent me a kiss.

Well, the distance from the movie is a little bit here.

Keep the light lower in the correct perspective.


The upper light is slightly less.

I'm filming.


Everyone looks at each other with anger, tension everywhere.

Yes and I like it

Güliz are you crazy?

Osman, where is he? The shots are already being made.

Where is Osman?


Silence in silence.

Mrs. Deren, we are ready. We can start

Silk, call Osman.

Translation: Ivete Barra

Osman, you are excellent.

- Bravo very elegant. - Thank you

You are in a normal state of beauty, and the costume is just beautiful.

It is not?

This is the first time that I have the same opinion. I am also in shock.

Allah, why are we applauding now?

Excuse me, I asked a question. Why are we applauding?

Are we applauding this guy because he put on a suit?

He hasn't done anything yet. Or did he do it, but we didn't see him?

Did the teacher say we started?

He didn't say that. In my opinion, he didn't say that.

I didn't hear it, it didn't come to me.

Friend. If you are silent, we will begin.

Easy work

What is it? They haven't started yet.

Shut up!

You scream across the room!

So friends.

We continue

Calm down, relax.

Very well.


Very good.

Very good.


We already talked to you

Is this how you drink?

This juice is crying now!

Please be a little more excited, participate a little in the situation.

The drink is tense now!

Muzaffer What are you doing? shut up

Can you shut up? Do we ask you what to drink?


Sit down now

What are you doing? Behave yourself

What are you doing?

He's tense.

Professor, he wanted to say his opinion, I'm sorry.


This is the same photograph.

Why are we silent? Is the sound recorded too?

Is there such a technology?

Why do you ask about everything?

Sit and watch silently.

So, since we are coming to an end, I will leave.

I have a reunion. I started a new business.


What work?

No. At the moment, we don't offer jobs to anyone.

Who! Which company? We know?

Deren, I mean, maybe we’re not that close in the first week?

We see.

We see.

You are a fox

Allah, Allah.


I'm going to ask you something.


Do you have Osman's number?

I have, why?

Give it to me

Sanem said he doesn't like that anymore.

Well, you're done with him.

Ay, Güliz, ask yourself.

Are you a teenager?

Look this.


It's not like this.

Mr. Emre, love this life. Fire and all that.

I would add chocolate and strawberries too.

Welcome, superman.

You're in a good mood

Super man? I?

You left the tuxedo party yesterday.

What have you done?

Save the world?

And you, then what? I go where I want to go.

Not all over the world, but your world was saving.

What a strange man you are.

I forced you to wear a tuxedo for the company's 40th anniversary.

And you put it yesterday and left.

Where did you go?

It's a long story.

I swear, it's a long story.

Tell me briefly.

Did you talk to Polen?

I talked

She's on the plane.

She did the right thing.

Brother why did you break up with this girl?

We're talking about Polen, brother.

Tell me about it.

Are you ready?



I fell in love with another.



Whose, tell me.


Our Sanem?

Our Sanem

Like crazy.

In life, for the first time,

Like crazy.

Like a school child.

The feet and hands are confused.




For right. It doesn't concern me, but

Why Sanem? What's wrong with Polen?

Tell me about it.

How to know? Sanem has an attachment that doesn't end.

I mean, I didn't see anyone like that.

It is not like a woman.

For life, for flowers, for literature.

For the starfish. He likes the Galapagos.

It is so different from the others.

Your head is working strangely.

I can not understand. I'm interested.

I am not bored with her.

I want her to be with me always.

I want us to always be together.

I like this.

Look at my brother, he fell in love.

It can be divided into love.

Anyway. Out of jokes.

Sanem doesn't suit you.

Why do you think that?

Sanem is naive, a pure girl.

You will hurt her.

I will not hurt you.

You will hurt her.

I will not hurt you!

You will hurt her.

I will not hurt you!

You will hurt her.

I will not hurt you! For the love of God!

Well, how long will it be?

How do you get bored and leave Istanbul?

What is she going to do, brother?

Will Sanem run after you?

Well, you're boring me. Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

I will not hurt you. I told you.

I will not hurt you. I would never hurt you. Why would that hurt Sanem? God!

Allah, Allah. Go find a glass.

Alone, this is mine.

Now it's mine. Go find one for yourself.

Come on, brother.

Just look...

You fall in love?

Come on

Don't have fun; Go fast

Come back immediately.

Translation: Ivete Barra

What do you think? Sanem?

I was watching the movie for a long time. I try to remember

A woman

He lied to someone.

And he stands in front of her.

And he says he loves you.

But a woman cannot admit anything.

And the ending is so painful.

I saw the sequel.

And now that girl in the movie is me.

That's weird.

You didn't know that I loved you.

A person does not choose who to fall in love with.

Osman, everything inside me hurts.

Please help me,

Give me advice, I can't.

I can not take it anymore.

I can't be with him and without him too.

In the distance I can't help it.

I don't know what I'm going to do.

Ayhan, are you crying?

My nerves are shattered.

I just broke my mood.

I've seen so many movies about love, it's not for me.

And when you tell me ...

It probably moved me.


Why are you crying?

I'm not crying. I'm an actor

What a difficult thing.

All because of Mr. Emre.

He ruined my life.

He put me in his games.

I want to confess everything to Mr. Can.

Then I will divide the brothers.

And I can't do that.

I can't do anything.

It's enough.

Change the air.

Does this suit us?

Look, sister, the plan is accurate.

You will forget about Mr. Can.

Forget it, get away from him.

We return to the old plan.

Yes Yes.

I can not.

Look, I fell in love.

I really fell in love.

I can't do this anymore, I'm sure.

Yesterday Today

I had such good days with him.

I can do nothing but dream of good morning.

I can't stop thinking about it.

And you can't admit it, what are you going to do?

Look, my brother and I are of a thought.

You will forget that.

You will run away, there is no other way out.

There would be another solution.

If only there was hope.

Yes, just

I wrote to him like that.

In both "if only"

You can fall in love with me.

You got it?

Previously, there was no hope, I thought he would not fall in love.

But he did it.

And I'm looking everywhere for "Yes" and I hope.

What are you doing?

No, no

Do not mind

Leave the phone!

Hello, Mr. Emre.

We need to speak urgently.

Can we see each other?

I'll send you the address.

Well thank you. Good evening.

Sanem, what are you going to talk to Emre about?

I don't know, I will try to convince you.

Let's go to Mr. Can, confess everything.

In the end, he is your brother, what can he do?

Let him say that he was jealous.

And Sanem got involved in those games.

Do not know.

And he will be forgiven.

We are brothers, we are at your side.

You, do what you want.

We will always be close to you, okay?

What happened? Sanem

Some problem?

Mr. Emre, I have something to ask you, but just listen to the ending.


I want to tell Mr. Can everything.

But I can not.

I tried a few times.

But I can not.

I have to expose you badly to say.

I mean, I have to say that it was Mr. Emre who did all this.

And I can't say that.

Because he will be very angry.

Sanem, we already discussed that.

I know.

One minute, listen to me.

Mr Can likes you very much.

That is, he loves you much more than you think.

You can be sure of that.

If you want, we go with him and tell him everything.

You will calm your conscience.

Maybe he will forgive me someday.


You fell in love, right?

I asked you Sanem, You fell in love with Can, huh?

Is that why you say that?

You don't think rationally.

Can certainly love me, we are brothers.

But I know him better than you do.

He will not forgive.

Wouldn't I talk to him?

Also if.

He will forgive you.

Everything will be fine.

There are Sanem things that he will not forgive.

What destroys your principles.

For example.

Lies from people you love.

I told you that I know him better than you.

So stop inventing exits.


There is no "but"

He can forgive me, but you never.

What are you waiting for?

Do you think you live in love?

He will be in love for a few days.

And then go. Can't you see?

He separated from Pollen, with whom he was together for so many years.

What are you waiting for Sanem?

He'll get back to work and he'll take you with him.

And are you going to live a wonderful life?

No, no

Is not it.

I want to...

I do not want!

I could do that. also

Can't you see how sorry I am?

Not only do you dream.

I'm talking about you.

I can't answer you.

Not being able to answer Can.

Forget the lies you said.

Do not do anything.

Live those moments.

But forget everything.

Live the moments?

You live your own days, after all that has been done.

And I should behave like you. You want this?


You are the cause of it all.

You are the cause of my pain.

You did this to me!

It's for you. I cannot admit this.

This burden is heavy for me.

Mr. Can will be disappointed.

If you find out you have a brother like you.

Enough, Sanem. It is enough!

Yes. He'll be disappointed if he finds out what I did.

I know my brother better than you.

He thinks he loves you.

And you dream too much.

Have you ever left a dream that you can build?

As well?

I knew that Sanem liked him, but can he also love her?

Completely in love. He loves her

That he doesn't accept that won't change the truth.

Vay Vay Vay

You look at Sanem.

That woman

I felt like Can looked at her.

But I thought he was just a womanizer.

In addition, he is also a good companion.

Before your eyes, a love story is spinning and you don't know anything.

Does she want to confess everything, say everything and you still attack me?

Well, I'm trying to think of something.

She's convinced, won't she say that?

So far, yes.

She has no courage, but if she loves my brother, I don't know what will happen.

Sanem will not survive.

I am telling you.

Emre, sit down and let's talk.


We need to take Can away from her.

You may need to go abroad again, stay away from the company

Or you will do harm to you and Can

I don't know what I'm going to do.

But I don't want to hurt you.

If you know. I do not want too.

But everything has already changed, Emre.

Your brother must get out of here.

If he finds out what you did to him.

For your brother, work and father.

You will lose everything.

He comes to the country once a year.

Then we won't have time to say anything.

Everything will be closed.

You're right.

This is the most correct.

But how.

Well, we'll sit down and make a plan together.


Don't do anything without me, understand?

I don't want my brother to suffer.

We sat down. I think about it and make a plan.

Emre. Do not worry

I don't want you, Can or even Sanem to be harmed.

She is in love, in a hopeless situation.

Believe me, your brother will leave this place so that no one will be upset.

Now I need to see a lawyer.

We will also see the contract.

And then I go and see you.



I can help.

I'm looking for something special, I'll see.

It's all right.

Translation: Ivete Barra

Let's go. Why are we going, Miss Deren?

There are people who go to their deaths with their feet.

We like them.

Would it be impossible without Miss Aylin?

Don't say silly things.

Of course, Aylin will be there.

We will sign an agreement with Aylin.

Preparation of promotional training.

We will all look at both.


Go, complete.

The customer is the customer.


Especially I called you. The contract is too long, you are good to read.

Take a photo with your photographic memory.

Learn, yes, to the last point ..

And we will be partners with "Gallina".

Okay. I'll do it. Do not worry.

What is it?

Ceycey, you sit forward.

Open Please.


Your father in my absence made changes.


I'll see.

Brother, how are you?

Brother, I missed you.

Come on

How are you?

With a lot of work.

Yes, leave this job, I don't know you anymore.

You will certainly walk at night. Yes, leave this job, I don't know you anymore.

You will certainly walk at night.

No, brother.

How are you Metin?

A long time has passed.

How are you, Aylin?

You are my brother?

I am jealous.

I feel like an adopted person.

Maybe because we are more beautiful than you?

Very envious

We go to the meeting.

No, no, don't go to the table, I made breakfast in the garden.

Soon the whole team will come.

Let's decide advertising first.

And then we add the last contract.

In short, good news.

Well, I agree.

So I'm going to make coffee.

Can already made tea.

It does not come to mind. For breakfast, coffee is very interesting.

We go to the garden.


Did everyone understand me?

Today is a very, very important day.

Don't embarrass me in front of Aylin.

Kerim, especially be very careful.

Separate our ideas from Aylin's ideas about the company.

So she says this is your idea, or I’m going to the hospital.

Well, Mrs. Deren, I've said that three times.

Well, don't make me speak four times.

Ceycey, you had copies of the contracts.

separated and analyzed.

We have to deal with this woman at the slightest mistake.

Mrs. Deren, let's not say that the word "error" bothers me.

Don't use such ridiculous words.

Will you attend the meeting?

I? What can I do? I will look at you with suspicion.

It will be scary to watch.

Too afraid to look.

The total day I am going to rage.

Sure. Great

A well thought out plan

So, are you ready? Put yourself in order. Sanem

We are not in justification, Sanem, come back to you.

Put yourself in order.

She says to get in order.

Look, call. Put yourself in order.

Can Allah fire me once?

Don't press me, don't force me.

Good Morning.

Welcome, you can go to the garden. I made you breakfast.

How do you say.

Can you help me with tea?

Come on

Come on

I will serve you tea, Mr. Can.

Not "Mr. Can", but Can, Can.


Say it, say it.

Say that. Mr. Can, I don't want a relationship with you. Say that.

I'm trying to do this.

What are you trying to do? What?

I wanted to take the camera

with my own hands

I wanted to be more careful since I broke.

But nobody trusted me, I took the camera, but three people jumped at the same time.

Even if you are not clumsy, they tried in vain.

Yes, I am not clumsy.

Just two cups to go?

For you and me.

Thank you, Mr. Can.

If you say "Mr. Can" again, when we're alone, then I'm going to have to kiss you.



Yes, Can.


Mr. Can.

Mr. Can.

That ... Mrs. Deren wants oats.

Is there any natural?

Oats? Emre also eats oats.

I play sports, but I like it. From the fiber source.

There's ... in the closet.

Take it.

In the closet.

- On here. - On here.

Sanem, come on ... come on.

We see.

It can not be.

I do not believe.

No, I'm not guessing. I do not believe.

"The one with messages" and the boss?

I will suspect

Welcome Sanem.

Hello, good appetite.

Good Morning.


So friends.


Very tasty, Can. Thanks



Everything is excellent. The pineapple is delicious.

By the way, Aylin, if there is a copy of the contract made by your lawyer, give it to me.

I'll have a look while you're at the meeting.

I have the original, but you can see. Sure.

- Ceycey. - Say it.

Can you bring my suitcase? She's in the chair.

Ceycey, and my bag on the chair? Can you bring it to me?

- Sure. - Thanks.

Why did you come here without a lawyer?

Because I can imagine myself, dear.

that meaningless self-confidence.

A bag.


From here I took it with my right hand.

And I took this chair with my left hand. From the chair, right hand. Sofa, left hand.

From the chair.

The chair on the left, sofa on the right.

Right left.


Yes. I took it from the right, so I'll give it to him.

Aylin, the folders were the same.

This scholarship was given to me by my lawyer.

It is probably fashionable among lawyers.

Of course ... it's fashion.

Fashion can dishonor people and lift them up, be careful, Metin.

This bag is not mine, Ceycey, you confused them.

Can, you can give it to him.

- Wait a minute, I'll take this. - Metin, what is this?

Wait a minute.

Wait, Metin. What are you sending my mom?

- Brother, please. - Sit down. Please wait.

Sit down, sit down. Come on

Everything that happens in the office, you tell my mom, don't you, Metin?

Brother, isn't your mother a member of that organization?

A partner is a partner. What happens to that? All the power is in me.

Look, Can, I wanted to tell you, but I was in an uncomfortable position and I couldn't. You got it?

Metin, what do you mean, "I wanted to tell you"?

You would have said in that case.

Now I hear about all this, don't you, Metin?

So you were late, weren't you?

Metin ... What did I tell you?

While I'm in charge of the organization, don't tell my mom what happens in the office, didn't I tell you?

Brother, calm down.

Emre, a moment. Wait a minute.

Metin, what are you doing? What did you do?

You put the subject on my back.

Brother, these are just unimportant documents.

Let all the documents be yours, Metin! Send them to my mom!

Can, I wanted to tell you.

Do you think the problem is the documents? Is that the only problem?

What do you say, Metin? So hard to understand?

I'm saying ... I wanted to tell you, don't you understand? I was going to say that.

Were you going to tell me? You would have told me, Metin.

Metin, you know me, you know that very well.

You know how much I hate secrets.

Isn't that so, Metin? You would have told me then.

I'm sorry, Metin, you can't be the office's lawyer. This is a matter of principle.

Speaks seriously?

The resignation has started.

What are you saying, brother?

Will you finish my 10 year job?

All fine brother. And get me out of your life, that's all.

Let it be. That's it, Metin.

Very well.

Don't be stupid, brother.

Are you going to erase your childhood friend because of this?

Friends, today there will be no meeting. Leave me alone with Metin.

stand up

Sanem, come on, Sanem. Come on

You see, Sanem, the consequences of the smallest lie.

I see, Mr. Emre.

That would be what you would have seen.

Don't put me in that mud. You could even imagine me, right?


Because you were busy with revenge.

The fast pace does not correspond to quick thinking, I will say.

He fired one of his best friends.

No matter how much I hate Mr. Emre, I think he's right this time.

What are you going to do?

How can I know, Ayhan? That's why I came to you.

We proceed in this way. We are going to make a big lie.

A big lie

That is. "I choose a modest life"

I'm going to move to India, something like that.

What are you talking about? I told him I don't like it and I don't want to, but I went to his house.

Why didn't you stop me? Why didn't you leave me?

Yes, that is, we don't stop, right?

Brother, can you bring two tea?

Is now the best time for tea?

What did we say to you with Osman? We told you, stay away.

Despite the fact that I love him, I will tell him that I don't like him.

What lie will I think? I don't want to lie

Let's think about it. Let's think about it

Think, think. Ayhan Think faster

Can I say that I will move to the Galapagos? Really no.

Really no.

My family can change direction.

Really no.

Can i get sick And that doesn't make sense.

I? Sick, we're going to think about that too.

They didn't bring tea ...

Bring that tea, I beg you. She can't think.

I'm stressed. Now...

Ayhan, come on. You are an instructor

Did you calm down?

No, Metin, I didn't calm down.

You know I can't stand the lies and the secret problems behind my back.

Interesting. I can't lie, why can't you take it?

What's the difference, Metin? It is a matter of principle.

I understand you, Can. And I know that very well.

But don't look so cruel to the world.

Because life is not always how you want it.

Relax your borders, okay?

Because in this way, no friend will remain around you.

Don't stay, Metin, don't stay. I do not care.

So there was no one but Akif and me, Can.

Metin, you are my faithful friend.

But I cannot accept your act so easily. You got it?

I can't work with you anymore. I cannot trust you.

But I will find a job for you. Do not worry.

I don't need a job, Can. Proposals come from everywhere.


I'm in this office because I want to be close to you.

Friendship is important to me.

You say you have nothing to say.

You can't say that you took my job and also your life.

You will always be my brother, Metin.

But you don't understand, do you?

Well, I can, I understand everything. But you also know that, brother.

As long as you continue this way, there will be no one else in your life.

This world does not revolve around you and your principles.


Will you come at night? Let Osman come too.

Tell him that we should sit down and work out a three-way plan.

Don't worry, we will find a big lie.

We are going to do this, but what are we going to find?

Look, we have the whole weekend to make a plan. I will not be going with Mr. Can over the weekend.

Tell Osman, come

- Well, that will come. We have to find something good.

He's a boy, he will give ideas on the male side ...

Can is here.


Sanem, can you come? We are going to walk a little.

How are you, Ayhan?

Well. Welcome


Maybe you shouldn't have come?

Sanem, please.

Come on

Sanem, are you okay? He asks you to go with him. Even I want to. I can go with you?

He calls me and I follow him like a moth.

What do I say? If you think of something, send a text message.

Tell the first lie that comes to your mind and then escapes it.

Hold this, take it.

-What I do? Should I take him home? - Take him home.

How are you, Baby?

Good afternoon, Mr. Can.

- Can. - Can.


You were very angry with today's incident. Do you feel better?

I wanted to see you to feel better. Now I'm better.

I understand

Did I do something wrong? Shouldn't you have come? I should go?

Do not stay. I mean, stay.

You want to say something again, but you can't ...

You are in this state, don't you want to say what you have in mind?

We cannot be together.



Because the reason ... I don't know how to explain it.



I see you as a friend, that's ...

I don't feel anything about the opposite sex.

What happened? Why do you laugh?

There will be something shocking about you again. I don't understand it, but something is going to happen.

Well, keep going. Let's see the absurdity you are going to say.

I'm not saying nonsense, but I say that.

I like you as a friend.

I mean, you don't impress me as a man.

Didn't your heart beat faster when we kissed in the theater?

Weren't your legs petrified and your hands were shaking?

Didn't you say that? Didn't you say that?

I said that, but I tried, actually.

- Not this way? - Not like this.

So it’s not like that. And how, if not?

How ... this is ...

I don't feel anything. I love spending time with you as a friend.

And it was like that with Osman, because I said it was a friendly compromise.

Maybe I don't have those feelings. Do not know.

Well, let's try. Let's see if there are those feelings.

Mr. Can, don't try, I don't think so.

We will continue as friends.

That is, we will continue the friendship between employee and boss.

Do not try

Sanem, do not test my patience .. Stop playing with me.

I am not kidding!

Besides, I don't need that. Why should I play?

Furthermore, should everyone admire him?

-Who will feel admiration for me? - Everyone except me.

Everything .. what is it all about? Is that déjà vu?

What curse is there in these rocks?

You constantly behave strangely when we get here.

We don't go to the rocks anymore.

You can't take it, but ...

I can't take it, yes.

You can't take it, but ... I DON'T LIKE YOU!

That's nice. I don't like you. Good joke.

You are good at pronouncing syllables and also excellent at saying nonsense.

This is my most important decision.

It's your last decision, right?

Sanem, don't try my patience.

What happens if I do this?

You will lose. You will run after me.

Ah, so it's a war. I'm ready. Let's see who is stronger: Sanem or Can.

Sure. Can is strong. You don't want to try this.

I want to. I want to

I don't like you.

I don't like you.

Look, you'll be sorry.

I won't.

Are you ready to fight me?

I'm ready.

Well, let's start then.

Let it begin

** ASK TURK BRASIL ** Translation: Ivete Barra