Ergo Proxy (2006): Season 1, Episode 23 - Dairinin - full transcript

The closed paradise Romdo?s mysterious veil that covers the world is finally stripped off. What will become of Vince, Re-l and Pino.

You're finally here.

I was tired of waiting
for this moment.

Who are you?

I told you, didn't l?

I am you,
and you are me.

Let's welcome home the man

who relied on his
loved one's mercy

erased his memory,
and ran away.

Stop it!

What do you mean?

Re-l Mayer

your services are
no longer needed.

From here on out,
it's between him and me.

Are you good for nothing?

What's he doing?

For the sake of
the coming age

I have quietly arranged
for the dome's destruction.

He, too, seems to have awakened
to the destructive impulse.

As we have also.

It's no use.

Accept your fate.

Even if you two survive,
you'll never win.

All the same, I'm not running away
from the present moment.

Even if what lies ahead is
a more painful reality

I'm doing what I need to do.

Promise me
you'll come back, Vincent.




Now, take a good look.

That's how you appear.

It is the mask of a man
who has avoided his fate.

Let's make sure again.

Did you really lose your memory?

Or did you not have
memories to begin with?

Perhaps you're a fool

who's deluded himself into believing
his memory was simply lost.

In the end you still don't
have a clue, do you?


My journey.
That's what it took.

The ruined world is
coming back to life.

I saw what was
happening out there

heard it, touched it, tasted it,
felt it with my very own soul.

If I hadn't

I never would have thought
of coming back here.

Arks and cradles are certainly
nurturing environments

but they don't
provide an education.

And facing the world on your own
can be an eye opening experience.

It seems you've managed
to get my message.

Tell me! What are we?
What are Proxies?

A Proxy.

The answer lies in the name itself.

We are the Creator's agents.

The Creator



That's when
it all became clear to me

Where are we?

The entire malicious trap
set for us by the Creator.

After his long suffering

the moment the
agent completed his task

and the human race
was restored

our body readjusted.

That is the pulse of the awakening.

The start of the
Proxy elimination program.

So, you created the human race

But we cannot defy it.

It's an extremely logical system.

The irony is that

even though the
Proxy is god's servant

once he has carried out
his mission

he's superfluous in the promised land,
which he's brought about.

In fact, he's a monster,
nothing more than an evil spirit.

But what if the logical plan
also caused a spirit to develop

within this ark
intended to be abandoned?

Why did the Creator give us souls?

We wouldn't suffer without souls.

You know why.

there's no need to answer.

Because the experiments we carried out
taught us something.

We realized we were worshiped,
betrayed, and driven to despair

by these failed creations of ours.

And yet we still love them.

The Creator wanted to
be loved as well.

It's as if we sensed it
from within our solitude.

That is precisely why
they must be punished.

If you've restored the
human race as they wanted

then what's left for us to do?

Have you realized something

Vincent Law,
the man without a memory?

That proves you are the shadow
who was taken prisoner in advance.

He controlled you

caused the failed creations
to have feelings and

once again extinguished
the human race

which had been restored.

Then the human race

The shadow knows.

He knows the fate of
those who paid the price of wishing

for a god in a godless world

that the human race would
have to be destroyed.

Because they led the world to
its collapse and then ran away.

Just as you ran away from Romdeau,
the world you yourself created

Vincent Law is the after image of
the Proxy One who'd lost all hope.

Or should I say, he is the “double”
Ergo Proxy left behind here

merely an imposter.

An imposter

But a very good imposter.

Think about it.

You also despaired
and left this place

running away from everything.

We're the same,
you and me.

Shut up.

Then fight!

Number 5, Number 8


Reserve power has been shut down
for the entire dome.

There's no stopping its collapse.


Follow your instincts!

Set yourself free!

I know how bad it feels to be rejected,
as if you were nothing.

I don't care who I was
before I became me.

I'm me and
no one else.

That is the only truth.

There's only one truth,
that's for sure.

Those people who destroyed
themselves left a message

and we tore it up,
threw it away

and then ran off, didn't we?

That's right.

Ergo Proxy is you as well as me.

Proxy One.

You've been forsaken.

It's pointless.

You haven't changed.

You make me sick.

You don't get it?

Our roles are finished here.

Romdeau's finished.

And the failed citizens
simply go away.

That's not true.

There still must be
something we can do.

It's the end.

This is the gods' fight.

There's nothing
pseudo-humans like us can do.

As cogs in the wheel,
all we can do is shut our mouths.

Yes, like Donov did.

My grandfather wanted to
meet the Creator.

Even if that was the
reason I was born

I don't care.

All this time I've wanted to love
my grandfather with my whole heart.

I wanted to feel loved.

Just to be loved.

But the Regent refused
to do even that.

It was the same for him.

The only one he could open up to
was Vincent Law, no, Ergo Proxy.

Just like you.


It's too bad.

Proxies can't live
under blue skies.

The Amrita cells won't permit it.

What do you mean?

They, too, are due to be
wiped off the face of the planet.

Is that where you were, my darling?

Re-l 2 Real.


You're complete.

I've created a god!

Come on, Real.

Embrace me.

Not that way.

Don't go.

Why does Real always
leave me behind?

Don't go.


But Vincent Law is not you!

They're imitations made by a failure.
What's there to think twice about?!

What do you know?!

I know.

I told you, I am

It's you!
That's why you came back

to kill me!

-There's no need to save the world.

-There's no need to save the world.
-Over there.

But then what's the difference?
Any more slaughter is

Stop it!

The Proxy'sjob is done!

Is that you again, Monad?


At last, we meet.

I've been looking for you forever.

Stay out of this, Monad.

the agent's job is done.

I'll exterminate
the pseudo-human race

and the immortal victor
will meet his doom.

Was this part of the plan as well?

This was my vengeance.

The rest is up to you.

It becomes your world.


Are you laying the
entire burden on me again?

You don't have to save this world.

I know.
It's more than you can do.

So, stop.
It's OK.

Cut it out, Monad.

It's all over.

I don't want to see
anyone suffer anymore.


You're running away again?

Don't listen to anyone.

You can close the sacred eye.

Please don't, Monad

That's right.

They were all told not to
listen to the Proxy.

But I want to help Vince.

I wonder why
I'm different from everybody.

There's nothing
different about you.


When they say cogito has
created a fledgling self

it means someone is
following their own will.

It doesn't mean
you have to ignore Proxies.

You hear it too?

You just need to do
what your heart tells you.

Where's my papa?

He told me to give this to you.

Let's hurry, Pino.

Cogito was built into the Proxy Plan.
It was mankind's safety valve.

AutoReivs werejust
part of the Proxy Plan.

Their revolt helped bring
about the plars ruin.

That's enough, Daedalus.

In other words

bringing back the human race through
the Proxy project wasrt the first option.

Everything here right now is
an obstacle to the first option.

That includes you and me.

Despite all our pain

and love

even our souls are


Go, Re-l.

There's still a truth
you have to face, isn't there?

That gave me trouble

but you're my favorite, Re-l.


You don't have much time.

Go straight through here

follow the maintenance rail
and you'll come to the plug vent.


I'm sorry, Daedalus.

I'm sick and tired of
hearing you say that, Re-l.

I'd better go, Daedalus.


Run, Re-l!

That's it.

What is this brilliant light?

It's the sacred light.

A sign of the resurrection.

The sun.


It always shines so beautifully here.
The true blue sky goes on forever.

That's why you don't have to
worry about anything anymore.



What is it?

Why do you look so sad?

Forget about everything.

I'm sorry.


I can't let myself forget any more.

I'm not talking about
a mission or fate.

I mean living with and facing
one another, colliding with each other

supporting each other,
holding each other

What's there to like about
that sort of reality?

A place where
it's dark and cold

and there's no knowing
what lies ahead.

But that's our reality.

It may be all those things you said, but
there's someone waiting for me there.

You mean her, right?

I'm giving this back to you, Monad.


Goodbye, Real.

Goodbye, my darling.

No, you mustn't fly so high.

Oh, I didn't realize the
world could be so beautiful.


which sky should I search for?

I hear it.

The plan

the cradle

You're the ones
who were calling me, weren't you?


the future you chose really is

Let's welcome the Creator.


That sky


You came back?


Vincent Law

you truly are the shadow.

I was immortal but you killed me.

You broke the pulse's spell.

She plagued you
and loved you.

She liberated the ones
who were flawed as well.

Well said.

A woman who sees the future,
is that it?

She certainly is your reality,
Vincent Law.

The sun returns,
our world is over.


Live, Vincent.

Your existence will be a
punishment for the Creator.

Damn it.
I've come this far

I guess this is it.

Re-l Re-l!

Re-l Re-l!

Re-l Re-l!


I believe.

You're Raul's

I'm protecting Pino.

That's his order and
my final duty as his Entourage.

She found this for me as well.

What about Vincent?

Don't worry.

I can hear his voice.

I can see you, Vince!

Distance 1,107 units!

He sure is a pain in the ass.

Guess we don't have much choice,
shall we go pick him up?


This is the world that faces us,
a world called “reality.”

But together with Re-l
and the other survivors

I face the world.

A land on the road to recovery.

For the first time in thousands of years,
the real mankind returns

and now the fight begins.

I am Ergo Proxy.

The Agent of Death.

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