Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - What We May Be - full transcript

Cookie needs to plan a family dinner that will impress Angelo's mother; home video pushes Cookie to confront secrets about her relationship with her father; Andre puts together a surprising duet.

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Previously on Empire...
What is that?

I wouldn't be able to handle

if you lost this election
because of me.

No. I think you should go.

I'm gonna put myself out there,
in solidarity,

alongside Ms. Lyon
and women everywhere.

I love you, Angelo.

What about Freda Gatz?

I heard she out.

I hear she's dope.

Freda's the one, Shine.

She's all yours.

You know, her father was

locked up with Lucious
and Frank Gathers.

He got killed up there.

The whole concept of the album,

it's about my family,
the secrets.

I'm-a set us all free.

Jamal, wake up.

I think Jamal O.D.'d.

why is it like pulling teeth

every time I talk to you?

Just get to the damn studio,
girl, okay?

Look, I have not had
my morning coffee yet.

I'm not trying to have
this argument with you...

This bitch hung up on me?

What's up?

Aw, you look agitated. Let me
tell you what you're thinking.

You're thinking, "Didn't I"

just break up with this fool?
Why is he at my door?

But he's got
my favorite mocha latte.

"Maybe I should..."


when I'm agitated, the last
thing you need to be doing

is telling me
why I'm agitated, okay?

Look, I have a record
to produce,

and I have an artist who's
acting like a two-year-old.

Get your punk ass in the studio.

So thank you for the latte.
Now, why are you here?

Snatch your weave, I can...

I got your text.

I'm glad you enjoyed
the press conference.

Okay. Can I get my...?

Come here.

I know you know
how I feel about you.

And I think I know
how you feel about me.

So I need to know,

are you in or are you out?

N-Now, wait...

Did you just give me
an ultimatum?


Hold up. Wait.

So does this mean you're in?

I think this means you're in.

Donkey of the Day today goes

to one of Lucious Lyon's
khaki-colored kids, Jamal Lyon.

Here's a guy born
into music royalty,

and then he bitched up
after he got shot. Damn.

I blame your daddy.
It's hard for me to believe

that Lucious could raise such
a soft-ass individual. You know

he's a donkey,
but he's more like a turkey.

He's Donkey of the Day,

but he's Turkey of the Year.

T-T-Turkey of the Year.

Okay, so what is this for?

Bring me in on a Saturday
to, what, attack me?

No. Everything that Charlamagne
is saying is true,

and it's time
we do something about that.

Where's Mom?

Where's your mama?

She's in charge of music;
This is business.

And right now your stats
are dropping on Empire XStream,

so we need to have a little
conversation about this, son.

I wish that you
literally did not even

buy this-this streaming service,

because, ever since you did,
it kills all creativity.

It's all about numbers now.
It's always been about numbers.

And right now you ain't puttin'
none up. I'm over here lookin'

at the money that you're
burnin' through to record

this so-called new music of
yours that ain't nobody heard.

- That's numbers, too, Mal.
- No,

I-I actually heard a lot of
the tracks, and they're lit.

Okay, where they at? A-And
what in the hell is this?

Um, a visual team?
You shootin' a video

and you ain't even finished
the damn record yet?

It's not a video.
It's a visual...

I-It's like a musical museum.

Um, are you kidding me?

I have the chance right now

to possibly do something
that could change the game.

But if y'all just keep on
killing me with stats,

it's not gonna happen.
No, the only person

that's killing you right now,
Mal, is you.

'Cause the one thing that ain't
changed in the music business

is artists
that don't perform, they die.

He's right, Jamal.
If you don't...

I'm so sorry, Steve.
I'm-I'm not trying to be rude,

but you are in PR.
And my father clearly stated

that this is a business meeting.
So I guess maybe he just needed

a whole bunch of extra bodies
or something. I don't know.

But if you are done
now talking business,

Lucious, then I'm cool.

Look, the numbers are right
where we want them, okay?

So just sit tight,
let me take care of it.

- I always do, all right?
- Sounds good, Dre.

Yeah, let me look over

the numbers and then
I'll just give you a...

Um, let me call you back.

All right,
I'll talk to you later.



What's that face for?

I have an invitation for you

and also a warning.

Okay. The invitation:

Tomorrow night,
it'll be six years

since my brother Stone died.

Every year we have a memorial
for him up by the first building

he and Shine ever bought.

All of our people turn up.

We sing and we party
and we family.

And I would like it if you came.

Of course.

Now for the warning:

Shine kind of wants to kill you.

You and your father sold me

a damn bill of goods
with this Freda Gatz mess.

I told her Lucious
signed her to my label.

That if I ever believed a Lyon,

then I've been played.

She's never gonna record
for Empire again.

I know I didn't spare
your punk-ass life

just to be played.

Look, I had no idea
that Freda felt that way,


I'll fix it. How?

What if I get her to come
to your party tomorrow night?

That's for family. Exactly.

I think it's a great idea,

Shine, and I think you
need to bring Freda.

There you go.

Why aren't you
taking this seriously, man?

Drugs are a big deal.

Dude, you need to relax.

He was passed out, not dead.

Yeah, this time.

That doesn't make it okay
for you to feed him drugs.

I'm not some dope boy getting
some white girl hooked on crack.

I'm a producer.

I take the same pills as Jamal.

Hell, everyone does.

Are you that ignorant?

"Everyone does it" is not
an excuse when you got a sit...

Wait, wait, wait. You know what,
let me tell you something...

Stop. Hey. We're not doing that.

You're right.

We're not doing that.


Now, look, studio time is booked
and I sent you those stems

and you still haven't
worked on them.

I got you.

That's the stuff
I was telling you about.

It's a little less harsh than
what the doctor's giving you.

I don't want a repeat
of the other night, all right?

Look, I know that we need to
talk about what happened, okay?

But I can't right now. My
mama's on the way up. So later.

You haven't told her what happened...
I said later.

That means later.

Y'all need to back up
off me for a second.

Hey, Ma.


Look at my ho'ish baby.

Got two grown men sprung.

First of all, I'm not ho'in'.


Look, D-Major is my producer,

and Philip is just my
therapist. That's it.

Look, boy, I got 15 minutes.

Let me hear this new music.

I got to meet
Angelo's stuck-up mama.

You're meeting his mama already?

I think she just want

to check out my black ass.

You mean your naked selfie
black ass?

Don't be fresh.

Now, come on, boy.

Let me hear this.
This is a song for you.

Randy, we good, man. Thank you.
What is all this?

Look, first of all,
you're not just hearin' it,

you're not just listening to it.

You're seeing it.
You're supposed to live it.

Okay, is that what all
of this is about?

That's what all this is.
Sit down.

My God, that's me.

That's Candace.

That's Carol...

Where'd you get these, Jamal?

Aunt Carol gave me a whole bunch
of home videos.

This-this... sound,

it's-it's on a whole new

level for you. Yeah?

Yes. Yeah?

I remember that.

Your dad seems so cool.

No, no, no. No, no. Stop!

Stop it! Jamal, shut this down.

Shut it down. Wait...

No, shut it down!
Mom, what is wrong?

You-you can't...

you can't use those videos.

You had no right
digging that stuff up.

Mom, you and-and Dad
and the whole...

I c... No, I got to go! Mom...

just wait... And don't
use those videos, Jamal!

I'm gonna be late
for Angelo's mama.


How you doing?

I haven't seen
your mother yet, dear.


She's about
to make her entrance.

Everyone knows
that I dislike artifice,

so I'm going
to thank you all in advance

for your very generous
contributions to Angelo's

mayoral campaign.
Please fill out the cards,

place them in the little velvet
bags being passed around

by my staff, and enjoy

the champagne et canapés,
mes amis.

Well done, Mother.

So, where is Cookie Lyon?

Um, I don't know.

Let's give her... a few more

You don't know?

I don't. Mother.

Am I to understand that I am

being stood up by this woman?

After what the whole
world saw sagging

in that pitiful
little naked photo?

This was to be our
statement to our people

that she's not
that kind of person.

I realize that.

This will never do, child.

Boy, I'm telling you,
these packs are like

84% human.

All you got to do is take 'em

to my homegirl down in Bed-Stuy,

she will have
your dreads flowin', okay?

Like, down-your-back flowin'.

Down my back? Yeah.

Now give me a
second so I can talk

to my nephew, please.
Hey, Aunt Carol.

Hi, baby. Hot damn, Jamal Lyon!

Hey. What's going on, brother?

This your nephew? Hi...

Yes, it is.
Goddamn. Can I take a picture?

Okay, wait, wait. No.

Why don't you go get
the Malaysian hair

down on aisle nine?

Man, I'm a big...
Come on, go ahead.

Thank you, man. They got
the pink and the yellow.

Man, I'm a fan, man.
Yo, I appreciate you.

Thank you.
The purple, too. Okay, okay.

And what you bring me?

Okay, who is this?

How you doing?

Hi. I'm Auntie Carol.

Yeah, Aunt Carol...

He's so cute, okay.

Hey, this is Philip, Aunt Carol.

He's my, um...

Never mind, but

you aired me out
with those videos, Aunt Carol.

All right, what's going on?


Nephew, they're basically
the tea of all teas.

It's the reason why me, Cookie
and Candace be at it so much.

Well, look, I'm trying
to launch my entire album

based on that one song,

so, please.

Why did my mom freak out
like that?

What album?

We been waiting on your ass
since that gay,

bald-headed chick
shot you at the ASAs.


I just never seen her like that.

You know? So I get that
it's bad, but I need to know.

I was hoping
she was gonna come clean.

If I tell you, you know
she gonna fight me,

and that bitch can go.
I get it, Aunt Carol.

It goes all the way back to when
Cookie first met Lucious.


Hey, look...

Can I have a minute with my man?

You sure he's your man?


Go fetch.

Little cheap-ass bag.

Come on, Olive Oil.

You, too.

Look, please don't make me
say sorry more than once.

Well, let me hear you say it
for a first time,

before I make any decisions.

I just did. And that's
not cutting it, Cookie.

This was a big deal.

I know. And don't talk over me.

Now, music is to your family
what politics is to mine,

and I respect that.

But you disrespected my mother.

It's not cool.

Okay. I'm sorry.

See? I said it again.

Look, something came up.

Jamal found these
old videos, and...

I can't really...

explain it... right now.

The memories...

It's-it's just...

My father, th-those images.

I chose Lucious,

and I should have
chosen someone like you.

All right.

Why'd you keep me out so late?

I broke my curfew.

Like you wanted to leave.

Come here, give me a kiss.

Okay, I got to go.

I'm sorry, Dad. The girls...
They kept me out longer

than I thought. No.

I can't do this no more.
You got to go.

Dad. You got to go.

Dad. No, please.
No, I'm sorry. I...

Guns and money?
I know that's his.

I know this is Lucious!

Dad, look, I'm sorry. I just...

Look, I promise I won't...
I won't see him again.

Baby girl, as much as
it's killing me,

you got to go.

I got two other girls
to think of.

I ain't got time for this.
Dad, I'm sorry.

Please, Dad.

I can't let that boy ruin them
like he ruined you.

Damn, Loretha!

Dad, I'm sorry.

Dad. Dad, please!



Dad, please.

Can I please
just make it up to you?

Can I just take your mother
and you out to dinner?

Um, where does she like to go?
Where's her favorite restaurant?

Is it here?
What does she like to eat?

I'll have the staff make it.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Please. Okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay.


Dinner here. Okay.

With your boys, all right?
I'll pick the menu.

Yeah, my mother's
big on family, so...

she'll probably like your
sons, especially Andre.

She went to Penn.

So, yeah. I didn't know that.

Okay, consider it done.


You gonna sing
whatever you were singing

to them cheap bitches you was
talking to, grinning all...

all up in their faces?

They were here on time, so...

You know I'm crazy.

Come here.
That's not how you hold her.

Give me. I know, baby.

Your daddy's stupid.

And I shouldn't have to beg
y'all to go to dinner.

You haven't begged us.
You yelled at us.

'Cause y'all keep bickering.
'Cause he took my girl!

And now you're taking
my daughter?

Hakeem, you don't want
to dig that up, man.

Hey! Hey! Look. Shut up!

I don't ask for much.

Yes, you do. Have you met you?

I'll be there.

When is it?

Tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. sharp.

Tomorrow night? Yup.

I can't make it.

Andre, I need you!

Okay? Now I never
ask you for nothing.


I'm sorry I reacted
the way I did.

You know I didn't
do that to hurt you.

I know. It's just...

It brought up a
lot of heavy stuff.

Stuff I thought I buried.

That's all we do is bury stuff.

This family and its secrets.

Ma, we can't do what Dad did
with Andre and Grandma.

You can talk to me.

If you love me,
you ain't got to lie to me.

Stop. Stop right here.

Daddy. Daddy.

Please, please, wake up. Dad!

Dad, wake up... Candace!

Candace?! Candace,
what happened?!

Daddy had a heart attack.
What happened?

We're gonna go with them
to the hospital.

Okay, come on. Come on! No.

We are going with them
to the hospital.

You stressed Daddy out enough.

Go be with Lucious.

That's who you want to be with
anyways, right?


Daddy died that night.

It was three days

since he kicked me out.

Me and your father were
holed up in a motel somewhere.

A neighbor had to come get me.

Candace blamed me,
and she was right.

My daddy was my life...

until I met that boy.

Mom... And after that,

we were all each other had.

Your father and I...

We-we practically
raised each other. I mean,

hustling and surviving together
in the streets.

I don't know what to say.

That's why all roads
lead to Lucious.

For Carol, for Candace,

for all of us.

If you need to use those videos
because they inspire you,

I will let you do that, Jamal,
but I can't watch that mess.

I hear you.

So you gonna show up
for me tomorrow,

help me get my new
man's mama in line?

Look, if it helps you
get over Lucious, I'm there.

I'm already over his ass. Good.

Might even gonna sit
in-between Hakeem and Andre.

Better wear a helmet.

Put Nessa there. Ooh!

Okay, teach me how to be
a society bitch, Candace.

You only got one
night, so there's only

so much I can do.

Damn, you act like I ain't got
no kind of home training.

Come on, it ain't all that.

So fake ass.

You know you ain't nothing
but an Oreo.

When you gonna...?

Do you want my help or not?

All right.

Let's start with the placement.
The what?

That's French
for the little white card

that tells you where to sit.

Girl, forget those cards!

I need you to observe
however I move,

I need to learn
how to conversate.

You know, like, just
watch my mannerisms.

What do I say
to this bougie bitch?

Like, I mean, I shouldn't call
her a bitch. That's his mama.

It's "converse," and don't
talk with your mouth full.

With Angelo's mother being
one of those old-school,

minority, sorority chicks,

you're gonna have
to really come correct.

How you know she in a sorority?

I looked her up online.

She's in the same one
as Coretta Scott King,

Maya Angelou and Rosa Parks.

Ha. So if you get stuck
for something say,

start quoting one of them.

But I don't know
what they be saying.

I take solace in something
Maya Angelou once said.

"We cannot repair
what we cannot see.

Our souls contain our destiny."

Wait, didn't Beyoncé
say something like that?

Maybe, but it sounds

like something Maya
could have said,

so you're gonna have
to "Melania Trump"

the hell out of this situation.
No, you didn't!

Yes, snatch from the best,

'cause let me tell you,
you can't tell me

she didn't copy off of Michelle.

Bitch took every line,

all of it,
the whole damn thing...


ladies, ladies,
surprise, surprise.

I have a feeling it's not.

What are you doing here,

Well, my boy Giuseppe's just
showing me around the spot.

You know, Big Mike is
getting out of the joint

tomorrow night,
so we decided to throw

a nice little celebratory party,

take over the rest
of the establishment.

I hope their rowdy asses
ain't too much for.

Angelo's highfalutin mama.

As soon as I say the name

Lyon, the place is miraculously
booked tomorrow night.

Le... Le Cirque
has the patio open.

Patio? I am not trying

to sit and dig gnats
out of my teeth all night.

No. Hang up. It's over.

We'll never find
a place in time.

Lucious has eyes, ears
and tentacles everywhere.

I'm just gonna call Angelo

and tell him it's over.

Tell him his mama
was right about me.

Maybe I'm not about that life.

If his mama was right,
was our daddy wrong?

Cookie gon' be a star.

Cookie gon' marry a president.

Cookie gon' be president.

Come on, do this for Daddy.

Loretha, we had plans.

Howard. Maybe medical school.

I have an idea.


You should do the dinner here.

I practically have penises

hanging on the walls.

That's not how you
hold your baby.

You don't hold her
in a headlock.

You got to hold her
with her head

close to your chest so she
can hear your heartbeat.

Mom said that's how
you hold a baby.

Your mama's country.

She ain't held a baby
since your were a baby.

Look, um, you're gonna
have to watch Bella

for a couple hours
for me tonight.

What? Me and Bella alone?

You got this. Look,
I have no idea

where Anika went to, but I
know you can handle the baby

even though your mama
think you still a boy.

I'm supposed
to go to Mom's tonight.

You'll get there.

Run into a tight spot,
just... yell for Juanita.

Yeah, I got to go
finish getting ready.

We got this.

Okay, guys, when y'all done
rolling that up, make sure y'all

take it in there somewhere.
Be careful with that.

Where they going
with my leopard chairs?

To storage. Diana Dubois

is on the board of PETA.

People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals? Yeah, well,

I know what the hell it means.
You better go back there

and get those fur coats from
out of there, 'cause she gonna

snatch her own edges out
when she find those.

Porsha, we need some
more silk pillows.

Alexa, will you add yellow silk

pillows to my shopping cart.
Nice ones.

Sure, yellow silk pillows
are now in your cart.

Can you ask Alexa
to get the dumbasses

back up here? They hung
my picture wrong. Hey.

Hey, guys, come on back, 'cause

it's not right, it's crooked,

and she don't like it like that.

Okay, three forks? What you need

the third one for? Jackie O

had three.

Michelle O had three.

Cookie Holloway Lyon Dubois...

shall have three.

Okay, whatever.

Porsha, come back here
and help me.

Alexa, can you help me
find a new job?

Little girl, you got to chill.
Where the hell'd they go?

Here, you take her.
I'm good. I possess

none of those skills.
Look, look, you could...

you could call Shine.

What? He raised Nessa,
didn't he?

Why you such
a no-good-idea-having fool?

But you giving me a good idea.

I'm-a call Jamal.
He did have a baby for, like,

two seconds. See? You see
how that work? I'm-a...

I'm-a go to the kitchen.
You need something?

Breast milk.
All right. I got you.

You're special, Loretha.

You're the one.

You put too much on me, Dad.

I put everything on you.

You got this, Cookie.

Hey! Hey, Ma.

I'm not late, am I? I'm right
on time, right? That's fine.

All right, look, I was working
on your song. It's your song,

It's-it's everything, it's raw,
it's real, it's so... it's dope.

Okay, I can't wait to hear
the song. Why you got shades on?

Boy, are you high?

No. Ma, it's from the new meds.
Come on.

It makes my face a little, I
don't know, my eyes sensitive.

Well, does it
make your brain stupid?

Jamal, you know how important
this night is for me.

Why would you start
new meds tonight?


you're nervous,
and I understand.

But you don't need to be.
I'm good, okay? I swear.

Yo, your place is perfect.
This place is dope.

Please... Don't worry
about nothing.

Jesus, please stop me
from killing my child tonight.

Aah! God!

Boy, go put some water
on your face.

Get it together!
A'ight! Yeah, yeah, a'ight.


Hello. Hey.

Come in. All right. Here we go.

You look gorgeous. Thank you.

So, please allow me
to introduce you to my mother.

Mother, this is Cookie.

Cookie, this is

Diana. Very nice

to meet you.

Lovely decor, Cookie.

Thank you.

But really, you shouldn't have.

Mother... I-I shouldn't have?

No, you didn't
have to redo your entire place

just to impress me.

I do adore Mondrian, though.

I, for one,

do not even want to know you

if you do not love Mondrian.

Mrs. Dubois, you are everything.

My name is Jamal.

Hey... What... She smell good.

This is my son Jamal.
She's incredible.

Jamal, come here, why don't you
make yourself useful?

Here, here, boy.
Best to shut your mouth.


That's, um...

Mom... That's my middle son.

He-he's a free spirit.

One in every family.

No, there isn't, Mother,

but if-if there were
more Jamals around,

the-the world
would be a better place.

That's for sure. Yes.

Don't try too hard
honey, it'll backfire

in your face.

Well, I can't wait

till you meet my eldest son.


He should be here in a minute.

He went to... he went to Penn.
He went to Penn.

Yes, so you'll have
a lot to talk about.

Very intelligent.
And my baby, Hakeem.

We are so proud of him.

So, Hakeem talking about
he can't come.

'Cause he's talking about he's

all the way at home by himself.

Get the door. Get the door.

Can't pick up the phone, dummy.


Hey, Mom. Hakeem...

what the hell is going on?

Give her to me, give her to me.

Look, I don't want to hear it.
You were right.

Can you just please
make her stop crying?

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh...
- What's up?

Hey, Hakeem, this is my mother.

Mother, this is Hakeem.

How you doing?


- Gangsta.
- Hoo!

We here today to celebrate
the life of Stone Parker.


Six years gone
and snatched too soon.

Now, we standing

in one of the first buildings

that he and I
ever bought together.

But look at us now.

We own this block and 20
more just like it.



Now, let's raise a glass

to our friend, our soldier,

- Stone Parker.
- Stone!

Now let's have a party.


You looking for Andre?

He ain't gonna show up.

All right, now.

Look around you.

This is your family.

This where you belong.

This is... this is sanctified.

Now, you know any one
of these boys will kill

or die for you,
right here, right now.

And you know that.

This where you belong.

Looks like he made his choice.

Come on, let's have a party.

Enough of that.

- Stone!
- Stone!

Where's the child's mother?
I don't be keeping tabs on her

like that. I see.

Another free spirit?

Following the example
you were given, no doubt.

Mother. Mrs. Dubois,
you be mad shady,

and I catch that, I clock that.

Jamal, Jamal, shut up.

Here, boy, take your baby.

Um, everyone,
please have a seat.

The bouillabaisse
will be served now.

What... Wait, wait, wait,
hold up.

Did-did I fail
to tell you that my mother

is deathly allergic
to-to seafood?

My God.

Our whole dinner lived
at the bottom of the ocean.

Cookie, no.

Andre. Coo...

Where the hell are they?

My lord. Hakeem!

Give me my child, please.

Come to Mama. What the hell

is wrong with you,
taking a baby out of the house

without telling some damn body?

Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Lucious Lyon.

Cookie's ex-husband.

That woman right there
is my wife Anika.

She just gave birth
to my granddaughter, my son's

baby mama. I know, it's crazy.

He somehow got her pregnant

during the time
he was proposing to his fiancée

and getting left
at the damn altar.



I got to raise that damn baby,

the same way I had to raise

all these kids, 'cause she

was spending 17 years in prison.

Dad, don't, don't.

Why don't you chill and
live your life. Exist.

Look at you over here, talking.

You looking a little crispy

around the edges.

I see you've met the gay one,

and you've met
the irresponsible one.

Where's Andre at?

Where's the crazy one?

¶ The king is what I mean,

I'm not rapping.

It's your choice.

Just like it was your choice
to pull that trigger.

You can choose to use your voice
and pick yourself up or not.

Your choice to run forever
or stop and stand up.

You came.

Yeah, yeah. I brought Freda.

Yeah. I want you to know

I'm good for my word, but...

I got to go.

Okay? I promised my mom that
I'd be there... You can't...

I promised my mom I'd
be there for her tonight.

Andre, this is a
special night for me.

This means a lot to me.

And I invited you so
that you could be here

with the rest of my family.

So it would mean a lot to
me if you actually stayed.

How y'all doin'?

Y'all know what Stone was to me.

He was more like a father
than a brother.

So this is for the man

that we love,
the man that we lost,

and... for the family
that we gained.



All right, look,

if your name is not Dubois
or Lyon, get the hell out.

Take the damn fish with you.

Just go.

Cookie, don't do that.

Thank y'all.
Thank you, thank you, get out.

Lucious and Anika.

Sit down.

Hakeem, go get that

peach cobbler for me,
out of the kitchen.

And I got some Cold Duck
to wash it down.

Yeah, this...

this is my family.

Well, most of them, anyway.

But, yeah.

We are a twisted tree,

but I wouldn't trade

one gay, one high,

one low, one crazy,

one lazy branch of it.

This is who we are.

Take it or leave it.
Jamal, sing us a song.

That's what we do around here.

We celebrate who we are.

I actually do have something.

I've been working on it all day.

It's a song about my mother.

Song about me.

Daddy, please.

This is the music
I was talking about.

I'm coming back.

I can tell you've
gone above and beyond

to try to impress me.

But my blood ain't blue.

My granddaddy was a bootlegger.

His daddy was a smuggler.

Now, we managed to
scrub ourselves clean,

but you and your family remind
me of where we came from.

I see why.

Angelo's attracted to you.

You got fire in you.

You just make sure that fire
doesn't burn my child.

My only child.

Ooh, and don't imagine I
didn't see that lambskin jacket

stuffed in the back
of your closet.


Busted? Who's busted? Yeah. Me.

Your mama... she...


You ready? Yes.

Good night, Cookie. Good night.

And the cobbler was
delicious, by the way.

Thank you.

Well, you did good.

I think maybe I should come over

a little bit later...

and just show you
how good you did.

You go tuck your mama in,
and you come back,

and then you tuck me in.
I'm gonna do that.

Stop. She is out there.

Stop it.



You know what? I, um...

I didn't know Stone.

But I know rocks like Stone.

My father, Frank Gathers,
he was one of 'em.

I've got to thank

Andre Lyon for reminding me

that even though
my rock is gone,

I still got a voice
and a choice.

Today, I'm choosing
to fight over flight.

You've just watched Empire.

Now here are a few more shows
to check out from Fox.

Do you two have any idea
what this number is?

- Last night's winning Lotto.
- The number of cats in your apartment.

It's the amount of money you two cost the
city working together for three days.

You've been on the job 25 years.
Not a nick on you.

You get partnered with Riggs
three days,

you crashed two cars
and nearly got yourself killed.

- You ever feel like you made the wrong career choice?
- Yeah, the day I met you.

Lethal Weapon. Wednesdays.

Man, take the damn shades off!

Man, put the damn shades
back on.

On Fox.