Empire (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Toil and Trouble, Part 2 - full transcript

As Lucious gets ready to launch EMPIRE Las Vegas with Giuliana at his side, Cookie pulls together her own team of allies to wreak havoc on the opening. The final five minutes will leave viewers speechless in the second half.

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Previously on Empire...


- Barry...
- Come to get my girl.

Just so we're clear, she's mine.

I decided to hold off on the
release of When Cookie Met Lucious.

I'm gonna join Dad's show in Vegas.

Giuliana is a cancer,

and if we don't root that
bitch out, we all die.

Charlotte is deadly serious about

keeping the thug element out of Vegas.

We'll just have to give her.

Biggie and 'Pac times ten.

- Mama, what did you do?
- They ruined one of mine,

so I took one of theirs.

Wait till you find out
where I found Bella.

♪ Players ♪

♪ Put yo' pinky rings up to the moon ♪

♪ Girls, what y'all tryin' to do? ♪

♪ 24-karat magic ♪

♪ In the air ♪

♪ Head to toe, so, player ♪

♪ Uh, look out! ♪

♪ Pop pop, it's show
time ♪
♪ Show time

♪ Show time ♪ Show time

♪ Guess who's back again ♪

♪ Oh, they don't know?

♪ Go on, tell 'em ♪

♪ I bet they know soon as we
walk in ♪
♪ Showin' up ♪

♪ Wearing Cuban links ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Designer minks ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Inglewood's finest shoes

♪ Whoop, whoop ♪

♪ Don't look too hard
might hurt ya'self ♪

♪ Known to give the
color red the blues ♪

Welcome to Vegas, big-daddy style.

Welcome to Vegas, baby!

Hey, put my mama on the phone.

Yes, sir.

It's Mr. Lyon.

Dwight? How long do you plan on

keeping me cooped up in here?

You're gonna stay in there
until you're no longer

having this episode you're having.

I'm not having an episode.

I put steel in the skull of your enemy.

You know what, I don't know
what you're talking about,

and I'm sure you don't either.

Take your medication.

Juanita will tell me
when you're under control.

Thank you.

You know, it's not sanitary
to keep that in here.

Oh, my goodness, Ma, you
just need to, like, cut it.

You know what I'm saying?
You know why I'm doing it.

Mm-mm, I can't.

Shoot, maybe because your devilish father

tricked you into pulling
When Cookie Met Lucious

so Inferno could get ahead.

Ma, it's not some sort of conspiracy.

If I do Inferno, then
that'll get the fans excited

for When Cookie Met
Lucious actually drops.

Dad knows that, I know that,
you should know that, too.

What does Giuliana have to say, huh?

Who... Did she put her two cents in?

You know this is all her idea.

Once she gets rid of me,

she coming after you and your brothers.

- Trust me on that.
- Oh, my Lord.

Ma, first of all I don't
deal with that woman.

Second of all, she has no sort of power

to get rid of you.

You Cookie Lyon, Ma. Like, come on.

Just come to the show.

I can't, the bitch had me black-booked.

Yeah, If I go anywhere
near Laviticus Vegas...

the cameras will recognize my face

and set off the alarms...
ain't that some bull?

Yeah, that is some bull.

Look, you ain't got to
worry about that, all right?

I'll talk to Dad. Just come to the show.

Yeah, you do that.

I'm only coming to see
you perform, anyway.

That's the only reason
you should be coming.

You think you could also

get Hakeem to come, you
know what I'm saying?

He don't need to be
by himself here and...

I mean, we tried to convince
him to be in the show, but...

His head ain't been in the
game since Bella went missing.

Don't you worry about that,
though, I will take care of him.

I'm not gonna leave him
by hisself, you know that.

I know.

♪ Get it back to the Tri-State ♪

♪ That's the rocket launcher
or that golden Smithen ♪

♪ Smith and Wesson, it'll
eject ya, golden hit ya... ♪

Nothing worked, so I'm
gonna try it my way.

Get off the phone!

You're not gonna find Bella by

releasing a bunch of
idiots on the street.

Whoa. Who you calling an idiot?

Right. We the new wave,
mama. This is how we do.

This is reckless.

Okay, Hakeem, you guys
have already completely

- vandalized the DuBois...
- I don't care!

Give me a second.

Let's go, people.


Oh, hello, dear.

It's your soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law.

What do you want?

I want you to come

and get rid of your things, Boo Boo.

I don't want to be
reminded you ever existed.


you have a whole pile of mail.

Unless you want me to start opening it.

Don't touch it.

I will be back as soon as I can.

All righty. I'll be expecting you.

Turn it around.

Look, Hakeem, listen.

I know that you're
worried, I'm worried, too.

But don't be crazy, like
your grandmother, all right?

I know that Bella's all right.

I can...

I can feel it.

Trust me.

♪ How lucky can one guy be? ♪

♪ I kissed her and she kissed me... ♪

Wow, the venue is amazing.

I can't wait to see
Inferno light up this space.

Now, there is one thing I'd like to share

with both of you.

September 7, 1996.

Yes. That would be the
day that Tupac was shot.

You know your Vegas history.

Well, actually, Charlotte,

she knows her hip-hop history.

Well, that's semantics.

In any case, earlier that evening,

Mr. Shakur and Mr. Suge Knight

and a gang of their gangster friends

stomped out their rival in the lobby

of the MGM Grand.

My father was gaming
commissioner back then,

and he lost his job
because of those vile thugs.

If there's any ruckus

on the opening night of Inferno,

it'll be the last time
Empire sets foot on the Strip.

She told you.

She told you.

I ran the plan by Cookie, she's on board.

When the show starts, ten of our people

will be positioned inside the theater.

We count down, another ten or
12 will bust through the door,

and all hell breaks loose.

Cookie said no fireworks,

just boots and bats.

She's just worried
about Jamal and his PTSD.

Whatever. If I can live through bipolar,

he can live through this.

When it's all said and
done, we'll be positioned

to take over the lease and start our own

independent venture in Vegas.

You tell Cookie about the
final piece of the plan?

Hell no. No matter what he does to her,

she'll always be in love with him.

You really hate him, huh?

What'd he do to you?


More than you could ever imagine.

I'm the only one that
knows what he truly is.

That's why I got to kill him.

You sure?


Andre, this is Franco.

He's the best there is

- at blowing stuff up.
- Really?

How come I never heard of him?

You aren't supposed to hear

about guys like me, if
we do our jobs right.

All right, here's the deal.

While the pre-show's getting started.

Franco gets everything ready outside.

Soon as we start brawling,

Lucious' security will rush
him out the back entrance,

trying to protect his ass.

That's when we get him.

It's remotely triggered
by this phone app,

so, at the push of a button...


Just like that. Boom.

I'm not going to Vegas
until I find Bella.

Listen, son, I've got it

on great authority
that Bella's all right.

What authority?

I can't go into details right now,

but I was this close to finding her,

and then something...

came up.

But I haven't given up

my search for her, son.

Well, Grandma thinks you...

No, no, don't even ever

listen to anything that
your grandmother says.

She is out of her freakin' mind.

Look, baby, I'm not gonna go to Vegas

if you don't go, okay?

I would never leave you alone.

Well, what about Anika, Ma?

Don't worry about Anika.

Anika got her own mama,

she's got her own
daddy to look after her.

- Yeah.
- You worry about you.

Look at this place right now.

Why is she acting so calm?

Like she don't even
care about Bella no more.

Well, baby, women have a certain strength

when it comes to when it
comes to stuff like that.

We have to stay calm,

even when we don't want to,
for the sake of our children.

Listen to your mama.

She's very wise.

But you need to take care
of you right now. Mm-hmm.

Oh, don't feel the need to hide your joy.

I'm just as happy as you

to be leaving this... hellhole and you.

I'm not hiding anything.

I've been dancing around
in my skivvies for days.


Why do you need those?

Oh, I just figured that maybe Lucious

might want me to take everything with me.

Hmm. Your mail.

Oh, yes.

Don't forget to tell the
post office you moved.

I think the big one is
from your divorce lawyer.

Oh, yes! Finally.

Oh, careful.

You don't want to rip it,

in case it's a check, or something.

Why don't you use the letter opener?


As head of the Nevada Gaming Commission,

it is my honor to welcome
Laviticus Resort and Casino

to the Las Vegas Strip.

I and the NGC have been working

very closely with Lucious Lyon

to ensure that Laviticus
will provide safe,

enjoyable, family-friendly entertainment

to our great city.

We hope that Inferno will be
Vegas's next big sensation.

Thank you.

If you have any questions,

refer to the press release.

Honey, why don't you, uh, go to
the car and get the kids ready?

Commissioner Frost.

Nice to see you again.

Andre, good to see you.

This is my husband.

Mitt Frost. Good to meet you.

Andre Lyon. Pleasure.

I wasn't expecting to see
you until later in the week.

I came early in case I'm needed.

Once I hammer out a deal,
I like to stay on top of it.

Know what I mean, Mitt?

Yes, speaking of which,

we should continue the conversation

we started in my office.

It's just, right now,

we have to go.

Our son Brigham

has a soccer game.


- Well, pleasure to meet you, Mitt.
- You as well.



This is the official gaming license,

we are no longer in probation.


You kept your promise.

Is this everything?

Yeah. Well, I just have

a couple more signatures, and...

Excuse me for a second.

Of course.

- I don't even have it.
- Send me the...

Excuse me.


Look, um...

I got you invited to
the opening of Inferno.

Oh. Thought I was black-booked.

I pulled some strings.

I'm-a have you sit in the
V.I.P. section with Dre

and Hakeem.

He needs you.

He needs both of us right now, 'cause...

I don't know if we're
gonna find that little girl.

I can't have you backstage though.

Bitch's rules?

Look, I just don't
want any trouble, Cook,

this is a big move for the company.

I mean, we're thinking about franchising

Laviticus clubs all around the world,

so I'm talking about a global Empire.

Right. So who gonna sit
on the throne with you?

Get out of my face, Lucious.

- Hey,
- Boo.

I know exactly who you should date next.

It needs to be, like,
a dope-ass businessman,

not, like, an artist.

Like, we're both done
with artists forever.

Nah, I'm done with the
dudes for a minute. Come on.

So there's a chance for you and me, then?

- Hey...
- What's up, y'all?

Welcome to open mic night
at Laviticus New York!

Oh, up first, we got a
fine brother by the name

of Warren Hall, let's bring him out!

Sorry, I'm a little bit nervous,
but thanks for having me.

In my other life,

I'm a buttoned-up lawyer, so...

I'm not used to all these cool people.

And frankly, if I had known

Jamal Lyon was gonna be here,

I probably wouldn't have signed
up to sing "Born to Love U."

Eh, you good, man.

It's like trying to carve the David

when you got Michelangelo
sitting here watching you.

Okay, you the David

and the Michelangelo, okay?

♪ Hmm ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Here we go again, here we go again ♪

♪ Fire and emotion, ooh ♪

♪ All up in your face,
about to walk away ♪

♪ Both our hearts are broken, ooh ♪

♪ But the moment you're
gone all my colors fade ♪

♪ Them bullets and balls
start to ricochet, oh ♪

♪ I'm defenseless, you
leave me blown away ♪

♪ I was born to love you ♪

♪ And nobody else will do ♪

♪ I would rather die
than live without you ♪

♪ And everybody know it too ♪

♪ Don't know why we go to war ♪

♪ But the one thing that's for sure ♪

♪ I was born to love you ♪

♪ And no, I... ♪

Ow! Okay!

♪ I was born to love you ♪

Yeah! That's right!

♪ I was born to love you. ♪

Hello, dear.

Lisel is just getting her ready for you.


Call the police, then!

- I don't care!
- Get the baby out of here.

I don't care, call the police!

Get off me, man.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Dubois,

- he pushed past me.
- It's quite all right.

- I knew it.
- Hakeem, what are you doing here?

I followed you. My
grandma might be crazy,

but she ain't stupid.

She told me you were sketchy.

Relax. Easy, son.

I ain't your son.

Thank God my mom

didn't marry yo ass.

Now, does these people have my daughter?

We know where she is.

Where is she?

She's safe and sound.

Tell me right now.

Look, I just want to see her again.

I'll do anything.


You heard him, he said he'd do anything.

I'm gonna choose to believe him.

I missed you.

We are very happy

to reunite you with your daughter.

But it comes at a price.

First, you will reassure your
family that Bella is just fine.

Social Services found her, she's
safely back with her mother,

and then, you will wait

to hear from us what we
require you to do next.

Time for the all-new
Laviticus Resort and Casino

on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip,

Lucious Lyon's Inferno!

Everybody start to sing

♪ Everybody start to sing ♪

♪ Now you're singing with a swing ♪

Sing, sing, sing, sing

Everybody start to sing...

All right, you better
get back to your family.

I saw Mitt in the lobby
buying T-shirts for the kids.

Well, then, we have plenty of time.

Mitt's indecisive.

Plus, I want to tie up all of
these loose ends on our deal.

- You mean these loose ends?
- Mm-hmm.


Damn, you make me crazy.

Every time I watch that
video I made of us...

You made a video?

My favorite part's where
you yank off my belt,

moaning you can't wait

to see if what they
say about black men...


You're extorting me.

That's a harsh word.

I think I like gentle persuasion better.

I bet Mitt's made up his mind by now.

Hope you and your family enjoy the show.

Good-bye, Mrs. Frost.

♪ If you feelin'... ♪

Good looking out, Pablo.

I got you.

Mm-hmm. Hey, how you doing?

♪ It's that time ♪

♪ Shake that now, shake that now ♪

♪ If you feelin', if you feelin' ♪

♪ Like I'm feelin', like I'm feelin' ♪

♪ It's that time ♪

♪ Shake that now, shake that now ♪

♪ Don't fight the grinnin'... ♪


You understand me when I say

take care of my family, right?


You know what time it is.

Watch for the signal.

I knew I would catch you back here.

What are you up to?

I'm just coming to wish Jamal good luck,

like any good mother.

That's why you're here?

Mm-hmm. Aw, hell.

She just can't respect
boundaries, can she?

It depends on what those boundaries are.

I think you need to
tell her to have a seat.

I think I'm-a get

security to do that.


Uh, that goon better
not put his hands on me.

- I know that damn much.
- What's about to be said

right here, you need to
listen with both ears.

This club, my money,

my fruits of my labor, that's
all for the woman that I love...

Get your finger out of my face.

And for my children.

So, Giuliana, it's time
for you to kick rocks.

- Webb, get her out of here, please.
- Ma'am, please.

- What are you talking about?
- Come on.

What are you talking about, Lucious?

Cookie is the love of my life.

Always was,

always will be.

But you said you loved me.

And then you took $10 million from me.


That's fine, but this
club still belongs to me.

Oh, not according to
those papers you signed

in my conference room
with all those lawyers;

they were on my payroll.

Empire owns all of this.

Laviticus is mine,
lock, stock and barrel.

I would tell you to watch your back,

but I think you already
know what I'm capable of.

Let's go.

Right now, you capable

of getting escorted out
of the club that we took.

Bye, bitch.

You just gonna let her
talk to you like that

and threaten you?

I'm letting her leave with some dignity.

I got what I wanted.

Both of us made a bunch
of sacrifices, baby.

You sacrificed 17 years for me.

I did all that with Giuliana for you.

Show's on in two, L.

But why make me suffer
like that, Lucious?

Because I wanted to see
your face when this happens.

- Come here.
- When what happens?

Come on.

Come on ♪

When Laviticus Las Vegas presents

When Cookie Met Lucious.

♪ Let me hear you ♪

♪ Mama, I love you ♪

♪ Mama, Mama, Mama ♪

♪ I do love you, yeah ♪

♪ Mama, I love you ♪

♪ Mama, Mama, Mama ♪

♪ I do love you ♪
♪ Listen, Mama

♪ So many words to describe you ♪

♪ "Strong" would be an understatement ♪

♪ "Warrior" would ♪

♪ Suit you so much better ♪

♪ 'Cause you been fighting ♪

♪ Seeing so much beauty ♪

♪ From within ♪

♪ You didn't have to
get what you giving ♪

♪ You're so special ♪

♪ I just want to take
this time to let you know ♪

♪ There ain't nothing more precious ♪

♪ In this whole world ♪

You were right, as you usually are.

The moment that I heard
his finished album,

I knew that that was our show.

It's the story of that little girl

that I fell in love
with, that turned into

this beautiful woman that's
in front of me right now.

So, Jamal's been keeping
this a secret for two weeks?

Okay, wait, I got to make a phone call.

♪ What this world can offer ♪


- Call off your boys.
- What?

- Call them off right now!
- Why?

Call them off now, damn it.

You hear me?

♪ To look in her eyes ♪

♪ She's such a queen;
the perfect example ♪

♪ Of pure royalty ♪

♪ She gives it all so unselfishly ♪

♪ She does it all ♪

♪ Just for loyalty ♪

♪ That's my mama ♪

♪ Oh, I never knew someone ♪

♪ To sacrifice ♪

♪ Everything for love ♪

♪ Even gave up their whole life ♪

♪ Mama ♪

♪ Oh, Mama ♪

♪ Mama ♪

♪ You're the reason ♪

♪ For my ♪

♪ Being here ♪

♪ Mama, I'm so grateful ♪

♪ Yes, I am ♪

♪ I'm gonna be ♪

♪ The one to guide your heart ♪

♪ We are who we are ♪

♪ Because you loved us ♪

♪ From the start ♪

♪ Mama ♪

♪ The start ♪ Mama ♪

Greet Cookie, y'all. ♪
Everything you been through ♪

♪ Oh, nothing I wouldn't do for you ♪

♪ Mama, I love you

♪ Mama, mama, mama, I do love you ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Mama, I love you

♪ Mama, Mama, Mama, I do love you ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah.

Oh, that was beautiful, baby.

That was beautiful.

- Ah! God, man.
- Yeah, that was for trying to trick me.

We gonna have to start protecting you.

- You want some more?
- No.


Yo, I can't get no family love?

Hakeem! My brother!

I knew you'd come.

How you feeling, man?

- Perfect.
- Yeah.

I got something to tell y'all.

Can it wait? I've got to go out there.

Wait, wait, you performing?

Yeah, I'm doing a song for
When Cookie Met Lucious.

- Kill it, Dad.
- Thank you.

He wanted to write a song.

It's dope. It's for the future.

Come on.

♪ Some people spend

♪ Most their lives

♪ Looking for someone to lean on ♪

I have held dreams

♪ Once or twice

♪ Always with no one to dream on ♪

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ I was just out to find ♪

♪ My own line of reason

♪ Oh, my, the freedom

♪ 'Cause life is a ball of twine ♪

♪ To be rolled out

♪ And weaved on

♪ So I just hold ♪

♪ On tight ♪

♪ Keep hoping things ♪

♪ Will turn around ♪

♪ I'm so glad ♪

♪ Now that

♪ Finally found a love I can lean on ♪

♪ Finally found ♪

♪ The truth to believe on ♪

♪ Finally found ♪

♪ This dream I can dream on with you ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ You see in every
person that you meet ♪

♪ There's this little
piece of God in them ♪

Tell it!

♪ So I just ♪ Dream on ♪

♪ I'm not gonna dramatize this ♪

Come on, Daddy!

♪ Dream on ♪
♪ 'Cause everyone's got ♪

♪ A different life to lead on

♪ Dream on ♪
♪ I just got to

♪ Handle mine and

♪ Dream on ♪

♪ Try to find me a
better way and ease on ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ 'Cause life is a mound of clay ♪

♪ To be rolled out and then shaped ♪

♪ Sometimes our things break

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ But I'm out to find it, too ♪

♪ So the rest of it's on you ♪

♪ So I just

♪ Hold

♪ On tight

♪ Keep hoping things ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Will turn around

♪ I'm ♪

♪ So glad

♪ Now that I've finally found ♪

♪ A love I can lean on

♪ Finally found the truth to

♪ Believe on Yeah!

♪ Finally found

♪ This dream I

♪ Can dream on

♪ With you

♪ Dream on ♪

♪ With you

♪ With you ♪ Dream on ♪

♪ With you ♪

♪ Dream on with you.

I love you, Mom.

That's a lot, baby!

So, we are all very eager to hear

about your little performance.

I was mediocre.

My voice cracked twice,

and my chords were a little murky.

But Jamal Lyon thinks I'm gorgeous.


Because we are.

The DuBois twins are ready
for battle. Lyons beware.

Well, knowing Jamal as I do,

I'm pretty sure this will be
one of our easier conquests.

Angelo, do not be smug.

The Lyon family is formidable.

However, I am confident about Hakeem.


here we go.



♪ Baby, it's you ♪

♪ I'll always be thinking of you ♪

♪ I...

So, what you got to tell us, boy?

Dad, you killed it. Thank you, son.

Thank you, but who really killed
it was this mug right here.

- No, that's you, baby.
- Oh, yeah,

- both of y'all were good.
- All you.

Okay, look, look, what
do you have to tell us?

Okay, so, look,

Anika found Bella.

- What? Where?
- Are you serious? Where? When?

- And, what... have you seen her?
- I seen her, Mom,

I held her in my arms.

I even got a picture of us.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's amazing.

And she's okay?

Where is she? Wait, whose house is that?

It's Anika's parents' house.

She's there safe and sound with them.

This day couldn't get better, man.

♪ Give yourself a
round of applause... ♪

Hi, yes, this is Anika Calhoun.

You guys... no, no,
no, everything's divine.

I was just wondering, you
guys wouldn't happen to have

some, uh, hot sauce, would you?


Yes, thank you, thank you.



It's your future ex-mother-in-law.

Some more mail came for you.

If you're still at the hotel,
I can just have it messengered.

Yes, actually, can you
send it to The Peninsula

in the penthouse suite?


Thank you.



How long's it take to get
some hot sauce in here?

Anika Lyon?

I prefer "Calhoun."

You're under arrest for
the murder of Tariq Cousins.

Excuse me?

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,

the court will appoint one for you.

Hey, Loretha?

Loretha. Hey, Loretha...

- Oh, I know her.
- Is that Barry Hudson from Philly?

Hey, is that Bar... Barry?

Oh, let him in.

Let him in, Webb. Come
back. Guys, guys, let him in.

Look at this. See? Hey.

- Barry, hey.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

Oh, we're on vacation.

Oh, my goodness, have a seat.

How are you, brother? Good to see you.

Uh, actually, uh,
celebrating a big milestone.

Y'all want something to drink?

No, no, no, no, no, thank you, though.

- This is my wife, Michelle.
- Oh. Hi, how are you?

Nice to meet you. This is Cookie.

She saw that Lucious Lyon
was opening a show here.

Uh, sold out, but we got scalped tickets.

She's a huge fan.

She always teased that I was

confabulating when I
claimed I used to know you.

- Ah.
- Can you blame me?

I mean, Barry isn't exactly a hepcat.

Yeah, Barry knows us.

I'm sure he wished he never met us.

Oh, come on, we were
just crazy kids, right?

Everything worked out.

I'm a doctor, married to a doctor.

Michelle and I had

a nice, little family
practice out in Bala Cynwyd.

"Had"? What happened?

Oh, well, the big milestone

that we're celebrating is retirement.

O-Our daughter, Sarah,
graduated from med school

and joined the practice,

and we just turned the
whole thing over to her.

- Your daughter's a doctor?
- Wow, that's amazing.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

So now we can just...

cut loose,

see the world, enjoy each other.

Anyway, um, here's my card.

I know you've probably got
a million people to talk to,

but maybe we can all have
dinner before we leave town.

I'd like that. We'd like that.

Yeah, you know what? Let...

why don't we take a picture together?

- Oh. Oh, wow, that's nice of you to...
- thank you.

Let's just break protocol.

Appreciate it.

Come on, y'all got scalped tickets.

You might as well get a real picture.

Oh, appreciate it. There you go.

Oh, good one, baby.

Okay, good. Thank you so much, really.

No, no, thank y'all. Thanks
y'all for, uh, having us come in.

Yeah, thanks.

It was such a pleasure seeing you.

- I can't believe all these years.
- You, too.

- Congratulations again.
- Thank you.

- Yeah.
- My man.

Pleasure seeing you again.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

- Y'all take care.
- Thank you.

Come on.

Hey, man, I told you we could see them.

They're so sweet. They're nice people.

That's crazy.


I'm not gonna lie...

that kind of stirred up my feelings.

Did you see the way they were
holding hands with each other

and looking at each other?

- Mm-hmm.
- Say to hell with it.

Why don't we just take a page

right out of Barry
and-and Michelle's book?

I want to see the world with you, Cook.

I want to write a new page in our story,

far away from the
backbiting and the drama.

You created that drama
by pitting your sons

against each other.

I created it, but together
we can uncreate it.

What you doing down there, Grandpa?

Better get off them arthritic knees.

What do you say?

What do I say what?

Say yes.

See the world with me.

I say your ass need to have a ring.

I can buy you a whole jewelry store.


I've been looking for you all day.

Where the hell you been? Shine
told me you backing out...

Shut up. Shut up, boy. We not
gonna mention that no more.

Hey, y'all, look who I found.

- Uh-oh, Dre.
- Hey.

- What's up? - Hey, what's up?
- There you are.

- Bro, bro, what's up, man?
- What's up?

Listen up, y'all, um,

your mother and I have something

we want to share with you three.

We made a decision.

What kind of decision?

A big one.

We have decided to step down
from the day-to-day operations

of Empire.

Hold on, wait, is one of y'all sick?

- No.
- No.

The opposite.

We are actually very
well and of sound mind,

and now that you've got Bella back...

And that bitch is gone...

and I don't want to
ever hear her name again.

Okay. Forgive me.

Um, we just realized

that life is too short.

- Mm.
- And we want to spend the rest of it

doing something we fantasized
about when we were kids.

Being happy.

Being happy.

And, Jamal, you been talking forever

about us breaking the cycle.

Well, it's time.

And it's time that I...

do something I should've done years ago.

What's this?

The keys to the kingdom, literally.

Those are my office keys.

Thirsty is gonna have
some papers drawn up

for the board's approval,
but it's all yours, Dre.

- Mine?
- Yes, baby.

We should've done this a long time ago.

Hakeem and-and Jamal are artists,

with huge

careers ahead of them

and they need a strong
company to stand behind them.

And, baby, XStream,

Empire XStream, that was all you.

This Vegas deal

was all you.

You are the one

to take Empire to the next level.

Said that I was a liability.

I was scared of you.

Because I'd grown up

with a mother that had your issues

and so they became issues for me.

But I've found out that condition

that you were born
with, it gave you a brain

that can outmaneuver any
man on the chessboard,

including myself.

And you can control it
when you have the support

of your family around you. That's right.

And when you're taking
care of yourself, son,

you're unstoppable.

And I want y'all to make sure
y'all give him the support

- that he needs.
- That's right.

You deserve it, bro.


Y'all already know.

The boss.

Congrats, man.

Look, your mother and I

want you to know know
how very proud we are

to have you as our firstborn.

Lucious, just tell the boy you love him.

- The hell out of here.
- Ugh.

Well, look, I'm-a fly
back on the jet tonight.

I want to get back so I
can be ready with Bella.

All right.

Give her a hug for me. Kiss her for me.

Wait for me 'cause I'm-a
roll with you, a'ight?

- Hurry up.
- You have a show to do.

When Cookie Met Lucious
is officially dropping.

I know, but we a hit.

Look, I'll be back on Sunday.

I just want to spend
the weekend in New York.

Ah, yeah, I met somebody.
Dang, all up in my business.

Mm-hmm. All up in here.


It's all good... Shine!

Where's Franco?

He's not answering his phone.

Franco left already. I
got the app right here.

Well, give it to me. I'm calling it off.

Come again.

My family just handed me
control of the company, Shine.


I promise you you won't be left out.

Okay, Lucious just mounted a hit show.

You get a piece of that,
too. Give me the app.

Give me the phone. Come
on, give me the app.

Shine, give me...

Man, keep your promises.

It's so funny.

You always saying we from the same place.

We ain't the same!

There's a code.

And the code says you can't bring it back

when the bullet leaves the gun.

You started this. I'm-a finish it.

Now get him out of here.
You'll have to shoot me.

Get off of me!


Let's go to Bermuda.

We talked about that when we were kids.

Bermuda is played out, child.

You have to take me to Turks and Caicos.

Well, then why don't I
just buy us our own island?

Oh, you think you slick?

You think you can get in my drawers

by saying something slick like that?

- No, I want to get in your heart.
- Oh.

Come on.



What, boy?


Get away from the car!





No, it's lit. No, no, no, no.



"To my friend, Lucious Lyon.

"I can't wait until
you come back roaring.

"Best wishes

"for a speedy recovery.

All my love, Stevie."

Dad, that's amazing, man.

It's Stevie, huh? Yeah.

He's in a coma. He can't hear nothing.

Shut up, boy.

He can hear a lot more than you think.

I've had patients in
your father's condition

come out of comas after months,

actually, sometimes even years,

and recall everything.

So, you might want to watch what you say.

Can you please make sure

that those scans that Dr.
West ordered are loaded in?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

So, it's, uh, story time.

Tonight I was gonna read
the short story by Borges,

the one you said that he loved.







You can go.

Oh, no, we're not going
nowhere no time soon.

You mind telling us
why you sent that nurse

for the scans?

Mrs. Lyon, you know
that I am not at liberty

to discuss his test results.

Okay, well, then are you at
liberty to lose your damn job?


Because... no, we are
paying for all of this.

Okay, but calm down.

She's just trying to help, Mom.

You supposed to do what I tell you to do.

- Just calm down.
- It's okay.

She's just helping out.

It's all right. She
doesn't need to calm down.

I understand. This is very stressful.

Yeah, I'm stressed

and the last thing you should be doing

is telling me how stressed I am.

- It's rude.
- Ma.

Mom, let's-let's just go.

You know what?

All right.

Give me my stuff, boy.

Look, I know you some kind of
special nurse and all of that,

but it's been three months

and he still look like a vegetable,

so maybe you ain't so damn special.

- Come on, Dad.
- We'll see you tomorrow.

Yes, you will see me tomorrow.

Mom, Mom.

Look, Ma. Come here.

What? Dad.

I'm-I'm not tripping.

H-His eyes were open.
They're closed now,

but I swear, they-they fluttered.

- Pop, can you hear us?
- Dad.


Ooh! There he is.

- Lucious. Lucious!
- Yeah.

- Lucious! Lucious.
- Yo, what's up, Dad?

- Come on, man, what's up?
- Hi, Dad. It's Hakeem, Dad.

Welcome back.

Wait, Ma, he's trying to say something.

Cookie, yes. Cookie.

Who are you?


It's us.

Yeah, we're here.

Yeah, Dad.

It's Hakeem.

It's okay.

- It's your family.
- Yeah, man, it's all right.

- We're here.
- Yeah.