Emily in Paris (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - A Kiss Is Just a Kiss - full transcript

A sweet new acquaintance helps Emily sniff out a potentially huge new client, but a messy workplace liaison endangers the deal.


I can the flowers?

The… The pink roses?

- Je comprends pas.
- Uh, the rosé rose...

- The… The rosé roses...
- Ah, non!

Non, mademoiselle.

Those are not for you.
They're roses from the South.

Hmm? What?


- Oh.
- These are for you.

- Um, I...
- Bonjour, Claudette.

She wants the nice roses, not those.

Cinq soixante.

It's five euros sixty,
but round it up to six.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh. Merci very much.

Thank you.
My lousy French gets me nowhere.

No. She's not nice to anyone.

You're nice and French
and you speak English?

Of course.

- I grew up watching American TV.
- Ah.

And you? Visiting from the States?

I live here now.

Wow. I just heard myself
say that out loud,

and I didn't even believe me.

- Emily.
- Camille.


And how did you get so lucky
to move to Paris?

Oh, I work
for a big marketing firm in Chicago

that acquired
a smaller marketing firm here.

I'm kind of like the, uh,
American point of view.

And how do they feel about that?

A lot like that flower lady.


You really have to go
to Le Marché des Enfants Rouges.

- It's in the Marais.
- Okay.

You have so many cool places
to check out there.

Just take the metro to Filles du Calvaire.

Ooh. Oh, God,
the last time I took the metro,

I ended up in the 21st arrondissement.

Um, there is only 20.


This city is so overwhelming.


Paris seems like a big city,
but it's really just a small town.

You'll realize
after you spend some time here.

Actually, what are you doing tonight?

Uh, if it's Tuesday,
it must be language class.

Hmm. I have a better idea for you.

I work for an art gallery,
and we're having an opening tonight.

- Hmm.
- Fun crowd and some people from Chicago.

- Oh.
- Do you know Randy Zimmer?

The hotel guy?

I mean, I've heard of him.
He's like the new Ian Schrager.

- No offense to the old one.
- Well, he's looking at art

for his new hotel in Paris. Come!

It's at Galerie de Garipuy, in the fourth.

Which is next to the fifth?

Which is just across the river.

You'll get the hang of it!

Okay, I have to go.

- Okay.
- Mwah!

- Oh! I'm sorry.
- I'm not.

See you tonight, right?




Ah, mademoiselle.

Vos paquets sont arrivés.
Vos paquets. Paquets.

- American paquets.
- My paquets!


Um, madame, c'est possible pour…

Je suis occupée.

Oh, yeah, okay, no.

Never mind, then. I got it.

- I got it.
- But who's got you?

Okay. There you go. You got it?

No worries.


Oh, my God.

You know…

We have bricks here in Paris.

It's just a few things
from home I can't live without.

Not that.

That's from my office.

- What kind of business are you in?
- Marketing.

Oh, no…

My Trader Joe's organic chunky unsalted.

My ex.


Oh, no, him I can live without,
but the peanut butter…

You're in Paris now.

I'm sure we can find you
something better than peanut butter.

Mm! Oh, my God!

I feel like
I've never had an omelet before.

This was amazing.

You sure
you don't wanna go back to peanut butter?

No, you've ruined me forever.

So, you market lingerie?

Luxury goods.

The lingerie was a gift.

From a client.

- You must have made him very happy.
- I hope so. Professionally.

Wait, that didn't sound right either.
The truth is the gift is an issue for me.

- Why?
- First, he's married.

Second, he's having an affair with my boss

who would love to see me
on the next flight back to Chicago.

And three, it's wildly inappropriate.

- It sounds messy.
- It is.

And I hate messes.

Even as a kid, I had rules.
My peas couldn't touch my carrots.

I had to have the sauce on the side,
and I liked my meat uncut.

And on that note,
I'm going to help you clean up

before I go.

Oh. Oh, no, no. No, no.

- It… It… That ruins the pan.
- It's soap.

Uh, see, that's the secret to our omelets.
We never clean. We let things season.

Those are my rules.


Oh, they're beautiful. Thank you.


- Who's she in there with?
- Antoine.

- Sounds like they're fighting.
- You're a genius.

What are they saying?

Basically, she says
that he doesn't appreciate her,

and now he's threatening
to meet with other agencies.

Oh, God. Uh, I have to do something.

Uh-uh. No, no, the last thing she needs
is you riding in on his perfume bottle.

Okay, well, if a client walks

right after I got there,
there's only one person to blame.

Tous les mois y a un problème.

Toujours le même cinéma.
Qu'est-ce que tu veux?

- I...
- Non!

I hope I'm not interrupting.

Of course you are!

The American in Paris. Come on in!

Uh, I just wanted to tell you
that I'm supposed to see

Randy Zimmer tonight.


From the hotel group.

Your idea! You know, um,

to… to have Antoine's company

create a signature fragrance
for their hotels.

- It could be really big for Maison Lavaux.
- Why didn't you tell me this?

Because we weren't prepared
to mention it yet.

It's really cutting edge. Very new.

Exciting. It was a great idea, Sylvie.

How do you know Zimmer?


Uh, our mutual friend in Paris.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Anyway, um…

I just wanted to let you know
that they loved it.

Preliminarily, I mean. So, wish me luck.

I don't think I have to.

Oh! Um…

These are for you.

Happy Tuesday.



Smart girl.


What do you think you're doing?

Julien told me
he was taking agency meetings.

I was just trying to help.

I don't need you to come in and rescue me.

And I certainly don't need to take credit
for an idea I don't even know I like.

- You will.
- Don't be so sure.

Oh, and by the way,

that little present of yours
from La Perla,

who is it from again?

Uh, just… uh, my friend.
My new friend, Gabriel.

Gabriel? Oh mon Dieu!

You've made so many new friends
in Paris it seems, huh?

- Luc and I'd like to take you to lunch.
- But I...



What are you up to
with Sylvie and Antoine?

Has anyone noticed
this is a very dysfunctional workplace?

I think you're the one bringing the drama.

- Moi? Are you serious?
- She thinks we don't know.

Know what?

What's that smell?

Danger. Sylvie saw that box
from La Perla on your desk.

Yes, it was…

It was from a friend.

Quelle coïncidence!

La Perla happens to be
Antoine's go-to place.

A lot of people go there. It's famous.

Luc, help me.

I've worked with Sylvie
for almost 12 years.

She seems scary,
but she's actually very nice.

Nice? She stepped on your head
to get where she is.

Well, she's good at her job, okay?

The point is,

Antoine was a young, hot client,
and he pursued Sylvie. Hard.

- Well, was he married then?
- Of course.

He had a wife, and then he got a Sylvie.

- And that was all he needed for a while.
- You guys really aren't smelling this?

No. Now, it's one thing
to cheat on your wife with your mistress.

It's another thing
to cheat on your mistress

with a young American.

- What?
- Mm-hmm.

There's no way.

Okay, all he's saying

is that if that lingerie
wasn't from your new friend,

and if you're thinking
of starting something with him,

think again.

Ugh, merde!

I stepped in shit.

Uh, you definitely did.

Why the hell are you trying to get
that woman to like you so much?

She's my boss,
whose boyfriend, our client,

sent me lingerie that I'm going to return.

Uh, it belongs to you.

And he belongs to his wife and Sylvie.

And whoever else he's bangin',
so why not you?

you haven't done Paris right

until you've had
at least one wildly inappropriate affair.

Well, I'm more interested
in having Sylvie's respect.

That, you'll never get.

Look, does he wanna buy you clothes

and take you
to all the great places in Paris?

- Probably.
- Then introduce him to me.

- I don't give a damn about Sophie.
- Sylvie.


- Merci.
- Bonsoir.

Oh là là! Nice gallery.
How did you get invited to this?

I met a girl shopping for flowers
in my neighborhood.

She saved me from buying bad roses,

told me about some cute brunch spots,
and invited me to this opening.

Oh, my God,
do you think she was hitting on you?

What? Uh, not until now.

Ooh, there he is.

- Who?
- Randy Zimmer.

- Talking to the gorgeous blonde?
- Yeah, that's Camille.

- Maybe you should be hitting on her.
- Oh, would you stop!

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, wish me luck.

Good luck, biche.

- Emily!
- Bonjour.

- Hi.
- So glad you made it.

- Oh, so Chicago meet Chicago.
- Oh.

Randy Zimmer. Emily Cooper.

- I'm such a huge fan.
- Oh, thank you.

Emily just moved from Chicago
to work here at a marketing firm.

- Ah.
- Did I get that right?

- Perfect.
- Right.

So, let's talk later
about that piece you like.

All right. Don't forget.

- Thank you again.
- I'm so glad you made it.

It's so exciting that you're opening
a Zimmer hotel in Paris!

Yeah… uh, November.

I remember you said
in the March 2010 Business Week,

when the Zimmer Zurich opened,
that you wanted your flagship here.

- Uh, you, uh, memorized my interviews?
- Yep.

When the Zimmer South Beach
opened in 2015,

you told Architectural Digest
that a good hotel should have an echo.

Yes, wow.

Thank you.

Uh, so why don't you?

Why don't I what?

To have an echo,
you have to tease all the senses.

Not just gorgeous views, expensive sheets,

but… the smell.

- What's wrong with the smell?
- Well, nothing.

There… There is no smell.

That's the point.

It's like a blank billboard
on Madison Avenue.

Empty real estate going to waste.

Go on.

Well, when you're selling a house,

the one thing you should do
is bake cookies.

The smell reminds people
of home and warmth

- and sugar and butter and a happy place.
- Uh-huh.

You need some cookies, Randy.

- Are you gonna hand me a cookie?
- My card.

Well, that was a nice elevator pitch.
I'm here till tomorrow.

Show me what you got, Chicago.

- Welcome to Savoir.
- Oh. Hi. Thanks.

Uh, Randy Zimmer, this is Antoine Lambert,

the proprietor
and master nose of Maison Lavaux.

Enchanté, Randy.

Oh, and this is the head of Savoir,
Sylvie Grateau.

- Enchantée.
- Enchanté.

So, we have the head…

And the nose.

- What does that make you?
- Mouth?

I thought she was the legs.

- Ah.
- Okay. Um, shall we get started?

- Suivez-moi.
- Uh, yeah. Merci.

Creating a scent
is like writing a symphony.

- Mm!
- I'll give you another example.

For our current signature scent,
De L'Heure,

we started with a simple melody.

Top notes of bergamot, mandarin, vetiver.

The middle notes are considered
the heart of the fragrance.


Provençal lavender.

And then, for some depth and richness,

base notes of indole.

Which, surprisingly,
has the same molecular compound as merde.

Did he just say...?

- Shit.
- Your specialty.

I know, that sounds crazy, but it's true.

Like in life,
one has to balance the sweet with, um…



That's what makes a parfum compliqué.


It is an interesting idea,

but it's a…

…it's a big decision,
and I'm leavin' tomorrow.

Oh, what a pity.

Maybe you'll find
a nice perfumer in Chicago.

I want to make this happen, Sylvie.

Are you still a client here?

Uh, why don't we all get dinner tonight
and keep talking?

That's a great idea.
I'm up for anything with a Michelin star.

- I've got some ideas.
- No, no.

you're the expert on everything in Paris,

so you make the reservation

and make sure
we don't disappoint our friend Randy

on his last night.

- Hmm?
- I'm on it.

- Good.
- Thanks.

Restaurant Chez Chloé.
Vous êtes à la réservation.


- Tonight. Now?
- Ce soir? Non, malheureusement...

- It's très important.
- It's impossible.

- We are completely booked.
- Yes, I understand it's completely full.

Thank you.

Thank you for this wonderful idea.

And I know it was you.

- We aim to please.
- That's good to know.

Did my gift please you the other day?

Oh, um…
Yes, it… it was very thoughtful, but, uh…

No, it was unnecessary.

Oh, not at all.

- And a tad inappropriate.
- Ah. According to whom?

Me. I don't usually accept lingerie
from clients.

Especially married clients.

Is that what you think?
You think I bought it for me?


I didn't buy it for me. It was for you.

I wanted you to feel sexy and powerful.

A bold woman,
unafraid to take on the world.

Even Paris.

But I apologize. I understand
you may have different boundaries.

Yes, I… I do.
I like to keep things tidy.

Professional life
and personal life separate.

The Container Store is my happy place.

Well, this is the French way.
And now that you're in Paris,

you'll find that the most wonderful things
exist outside of your…

How do you say? Your… box?

Let's just keep it to container.

make a reservation at the Grand Véfour.



No one can get in there last minute.
It's impossible.

She hates me.


How did you do this?

I went online every five seconds
until there was a cancellation.

All right. Wait right here.

- Bonsoir, madame.
- Bonsoir, monsieur.

A table for six personnes,
under the name Emily Cooper.

Well, I'm impressed.

I've never been able
to get a reservation here.

Emily is amazing.

Yeah, what would be amazing
is if we eventually sat down.

Remember the first time
I took you here, Sylvie?



We don't have a reservation for that name.

Uh, yes, you do. Uh, I confirmed online.

No, I'm sorry.

- Hmm.
- Okay. See?

Here's the e-mail confirmation.

Six people, 9:00 p.m., 08/11.

Wonderful. We'll see you November 8th.

You're booked 8th November.

This is 11th August.

- Oh, my God, you reverse the dates.
- No, you reverse the dates.

- Okay, could you...
- Non, désolé, c'est pas possible.

- But it's, like, really important...
- Bonsoir, madame.


- Hello.
- Hi. Gabriel. It's Emily.

- Who?
- Emily!

Emily Cooper, your neighbor.

Oh, Emily, hi!

It's hard to hear you.

Yeah, I've got a massive favor, okay?
I have a very important client...

- Oh, the lingerie.
- Yeah, yeah, and some others.

- Can you take six?
- Uh, tonight?

- Yes, perfect.
- No, no, no, I...

I really need your help, Gabriel, okay?
My job depends on it.

We're planning to close in 30 minutes.

Okay, I'll see you in 15. Merci.

Yes! Ha.

Okay, I have some good news
and some great news.

What's the good news?

Dinner tonight is actually in the fifth.

Personally prepared

by one of the most up-and-coming
young chefs in Paris.

And what's the great news?

We're all coming back to Le Grand Véfour

on November 8th
for the opening of Zimmer Paris!

- All right.
- Great.



We need that personality element.

Une note de sensualité,
une note d'élégance.

Une note… une petite pincée d'érotisme
et un peu de romance.

I'm thinking, uh, cashmere wood,

blooming jasmine,

exotic orchids
could be exquisitely romantic.

Oh, of course, for your hotel,
you'd want something a bit more coquin.

- Coquin?
- Naughty.


And lucky for you,
that's Antoine's specialty.

I just think there's something so romantic
about a signature scent in a hotel chain.

You know, like a perfect marriage.

Let's call it an affair.
Much more romantic.


That's why people go to hotels.

Especially in Paris.

You want your fragrance to remind people

of the beauty
of the moment they spent together.

And that they can revisit
again and again and again.

Yeah, well, fragrances fade
over time.

Well, one only needs to reapply,

and the passion comes flooding back.

From my point of view, Randy,
the scent of your hotel

becomes an aphrodisiac.

Very interesting proposition.

So many possibilities.

So many.

A toast to lovers!

To lovers!

Old and new.

I will drink to that.

Okay, Antoine.

Let's nail down the scent.

I'll have my attorneys
contact you tomorrow.


Well, I guess that means
you're staying at Savoir, huh?

Of course, Sylvie.
I would never leave you.

I would like to raise our glasses again

to an affair of legends:

Zimmer Hotels and Maison Lavaux.

- Santé.
- Santé.

Oh, and here is our brilliant
and amazing chef,

and my friend, Gabriel.

- Bonsoir.
- Bravo! Bravo!

It may not be Le Grand Véfour, but…

Oh, I'd rather go where no one's gone
and let them follow.

You be careful.
We may steal you for the Zimmer.

Well, she has my number.

Thank you all for being here.

- Formidable. Merci beaucoup.
- Thank you.

So, that's your new friend Gabriel?



- Super bon.
- Thank you.


- That… That was amazing.
- That was nothing.

No, it was above and beyond.
You made me look great out here.

Well, it's not a hard thing to do.

Shall we go?

Oh! Thank you for the meal.

- It was incroyable.
- You're welcome.

And may I just say,
you have an exquisite taste in lingerie.

- I have what?
- You do.

- He really does. Yeah.
- Bonsoir.

Thank you again.

- I'll... No, I'll see you late...
- Au revoir.

I'll see you later.


I have to say
that you did a good job today.

Look, Sylvie, I want us to win together.

And maybe
some things get lost in translation,

but… just… just know
that I'm finding my way.

We're going for drinks.
You can join us if you want,

but I think you have better things to do.

He lives downstairs.
I don't wanna make it complicated.

Oh, sometimes
the best relationships are complicated.

- Did you forget something?
- I did.

- Emily!
- Camille, hi! Wait, this is so crazy.

We keep running into each other
in this neighborhood.

I just had dinner with Randy Zimmer.

- Here?
- Yeah, no, the food's fabulous.

I know. The chef is my boyfriend.

- Gabriel?
- Yes. Do you know him?

Not really… Um, well, he lives
in the apartment right below me,

which is right down the street
from the flower market

where you and I met.

Do you guys know each other?

- Turns out, we do.
- See?

I told you.

Paris seems like a big city,
but it's really just a small town.

I'm so happy to see you. Mwah!