Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Ms. Mole's Glasses/Elinor Stops the Squish - full transcript

Ms. Mole forgets her glasses at school, Elinor and her friends follow her to return them. Elinor and her friends want to bring Mz. Mole a cupcake for her birthday, but they're worried it will get squished on the way to school.

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want to

know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪

(Bell ringing)

>> WOMAN: Goodbye, kids!

See you tomorrow!


>> Today was the best day ever.

We got to play hopscotch and had

milk for a snack!

>> But Ari, we play hopscotch

and have milk every day.

>> And that's why every day is

the best day ever, Elinor.

(Elinor laughing)

>> Okay, I'm ready.

>> Bye, Ms. Mole!

>> Goodbye, kids!

>> Ms. Mole?

>> Yes, Elinor?

>> What do you do after school

is finished?

>> Oh, I do lots of things,


Today, I'm doing some shopping.

>> Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute.

You mean teachers go places

besides school?

(Ms. Mole laughing)

>> Sure.

We teachers are just like

everybody else, Ari.

>> Wow.

>> What are you shopping for,

Ms. Mole?

>> Well, Olive--


--first, I'm going to get some

fresh bread from Mr. Raccoon's


>> Ooh, I love fresh bread.

It smells so yummy.


>> I think we better go get Ari

a snack, Ms. Mole.

>> Bye, see you tomorrow!

>> Have fun, kids!


>> I didn't know teachers did

things outside of school.

I thought they lived in the



>> Ari, if Ms. Mole lived in

the school, where would she


>> You mean teachers sleep, too?


(Elinor, Olive laughing)


>> Wait.

I forgot my notebook.

I must have left it on my chair.

>> Let's go back and get it.


>> I found my notebook!

>> Great!

Good thing we came back.


>> Ms. Mole's glasses!

Ms. Mole left these on her desk.

>> Uh-oh.

>> She was cleaning them before.

She must have forgotten to put

them back on.

>> Do you think she needs them?

>> My dad uses glasses.

He says he can't see anything

without them.

>> Oh, no.

What if Ms. Mole needs them to


>> ELINOR: Hmm...

>> What should we do?

>> Let's find Ms. Mole and give

her back her glasses.

>> Yeah, good idea!

But how do we find her?

>> Mm... she said she was going

to the bakery first.

>> Then let's go to the bakery.

Come on!

>> Goodbye, Mr. Raccoon!


>> Come on, we're almost there!


>> Mmm, something sure smells

good around here.

(Door opening, bell ringing)

>> ELINOR: Hi, Mr. Raccoon.

>> Well, hello, Elinor, Olive,

and Ari.

How can I help you?

(Ari sniffing)

>> It smells so good here.

>> It sure does, Ari.


Mr. Raccoon, we're looking for

Ms. Mole.

Olive found her glasses in the

classroom, and we want to give

them back to her.

>> Aw, how nice of you.

She was here a minute ago, and

I did notice she wasn't wearing

her glasses.

But she had no trouble picking

out a nice loaf of pumpernickel


>> I wonder...

How did Ms. Mole pick out the

pumpernickel bread without her


(Ari sniffing)

>> Here is the pumpernickel


(Sniffing, sighing)

Oh, it smells so good!



Ooh, and here's the sourdough.


>> That's it!

She must have smelled the bread!

(Olive sniffing)

>> I think you're right.

>> Well, I do bake the

best-smelling bread in town.

Of course, I'm also the only

baker in town.


And all my breads smell


Close your eyes and try to smell

which one is which.


>> I smell... rye bread.

>> I think--


--I smell sourdough.


>> Yum!

That's definitely banana bread,

my favourite.

>> You're each right.

Now, go ahead taste the samples.

>> Yes!

>> Ooh.

>> Yummy.

Thanks, Mr. Raccoon.

>> Wait.

We still need to find Ms. Mole.

Did she say where she was going?

>> Why, yes.

She said she was going to the

fruit stand near the park.

Maybe you can find her there.

>> Thanks, Mr. Raccoon!

>> Goodbye.


>> And now to get some fruit.

>> Hi, Ms. Mole.

How are you today?

>> I'm well, Ms. Llama.

Thank you very much.


>> I guess Ms. Mole didn't need

her glasses to pick out the


>> She just used her nose.

>> There's Ms. Llama's fruit


Hi, Ms. Llama!

>> Oh, hello, kids.

What can I help you with today?

>> We're looking for our

teacher, Ms. Mole.

>> You kids just missed her.

She was here a minute ago.

>> Aw.

We found her glasses, and we're

trying to return them to her.

>> How nice of you.

I did notice she wasn't wearing

her glasses.

But she had no trouble picking

out the fruits she wanted.

She got three apples, two

oranges, and some grapes.

>> How did Ms. Mole know which

fruit to pick?

The fruits don't really smell

that much.


And there are different kinds.

>> ALL: Hmm...

>> Ooh, feel how smooth this

apple is.

>> And feel this orange.

It's got little bumps.

>> These grapes are small and


Ooh, and a little squishy.

>> The fruits all feel


>> That's it!

Ms. Mole must have used her

hands to feel which fruit was


>> MS. LLAMA: That's right,


Fruit can be different sizes,

bigger and smaller, and also

have different textures.

That means they feel different,

like how the oranges feel bumpy

and the apples feel smooth when

you hold them in your hand.

Would you like to try some apple

slices before you go?

>> Thanks.

>> Yeah.

>> Sure.

>> Thanks for the fruit,

Ms. Llama.

Hmm, do you know where Ms.

Mole was going next?

>> She said she was going to

the park.

>> Thanks!

>> She has bread and fruit.

Maybe she's going to have a


>> Let's go and find her!

Bye, Ms. Llama!

Now, where is Ms. Mole?

>> I'll look around here.

Do you want to look up that


>> Sure.

>> Hey, Elinor!


Hey, Olive!

I don't see Ms. Mole!

Do you see her anywhere that


>> What?

>> ARI: I said, have you seen

Ms. Mole?

>> Boo!


>> Is somebody looking for me?

(All laughing)

>> Ms. Mole, we've been looking

all over for you.

How did you find us?

>> Yeah, how, Ms. Mole?


>> Oh, it was easy.

I could hear you.

We moles have great hearing,

especially for loud things,

like little bats.

>> Like me!

(Elinor, Olive laughing)

>> You left your glasses in the

classroom, Ms. Mole, so we

wanted to bring them to you.

>> Why, thank you.

That's very kind of you to track

me all the way to the park.

Ah, that's a bit better.

>> Can you see really well now,

Ms. Mole?

>> No, my glasses help me see

better, but not perfectly.

And that's okay.

Do you know why?

>> Why?

>> Moles like me don't need

strong eyes.

We live in dark tunnels, so we

use our noses and our ears and

our paws to get around.

>> Oh, now, we get it.

You used your nose to smell the

loaf of bread.

And you used your hands feel the

fruit to tell them apart.

>> And you used your ears to

hear us and find us in the park.

>> Very good!

I'm glad you understand.

♪ When I need to know ♪

♪ Where I should go ♪

♪ I sometimes smell ♪


♪ Using my nose ♪

♪ When I need to choose ♪

♪ Something I want ♪

♪ I sometimes feel ♪

♪ Using my hands ♪

♪ In this great big world ♪

♪ There is so much to know ♪

♪ When I need to find ♪

♪ Things that are near ♪

♪ I sometimes hear ♪

♪ Using my ears ♪

♪ In this great big world ♪

♪ There is so much to know ♪

♪ So much to hear and smell and

see ♪

♪ What do you know ♪

And now, let's have a picnic!


>> ARI: Awesome!

I love a picnic.

Taste is my favourite sense to


>> Ah-ah-ah, Ari!

>> Oh.


>> Let's wait for everyone to

sit down first.

>> Wait, Ms. Mole.

How did you know Ari was

reaching for the fruit?

>> Did you see, smell, or hear


>> Oh, I don't need my eyes,

nose, or ears to know that Ari

is always hungry.

I just use my head!

(All laughing)

>> Mr. Dog, we're looking for

Señor Tapir.

>> I can help.

Watch this trick.

(Mr. Dog sniffing)

Hello, Señor Tapir.

>> Wow!

Your nose found me.

That reminds me of a song about

a scientist named Alexandra


♪ Some use their eyes ♪

♪ To tell who is who ♪

♪ That one is Jim ♪

♪ This one is Lou ♪

♪ A dog's best sense ♪

♪ Comes from their nose ♪

♪ Is that how they tell Mike

from Rose? ♪

♪ Professor Horowitz wondered

that too ♪

♪ What do dogs use to tell who

is who? ♪

♪ She did a test ♪

♪ She found a surprise ♪

♪ Dogs use their nose ♪

♪ Like we use our eyes ♪

♪ Just one sniff with a dog's

super nose ♪

♪ Their world comes alive ♪

♪ With scents that it knows ♪

♪ Rose has a smell ♪

♪ Mike does as well ♪

♪ For dogs it is clear ♪

♪ Mike is right here ♪

♪ Just one sniff with a dog's

super nose ♪

♪ The world comes alive ♪

♪ With scents that it knows ♪

♪ Just one sniff with a dog's

super nose ♪

♪ The world comes alive ♪

♪ With scents that it knows ♪


So, you see, dogs use their

sense of smell to figure out

who is who.

>> MS. MOLE: And that's the end

of the lesson, kids.

Which means it's time for...

snack time!

(All cheering)

>> Ooh, it's snack time, snack


I love snack time!

Let's see what I got!

(Zipper opening)

I got--

(Unhappily) Huh, carrot sticks.

>> Ari, you got carrot sticks?

I love carrot sticks!

They're my favourite.

Let's see what I got.

(Unhappily) Mm, raisins.

>> Elinor, you got raisins?

That's awesome!

Raisins are my favourite!

>> BOTH: Want to share?

>> Olive, did you find your


>> It's in here somewhere.


Aha, found it!

Elinor, Ari, did you notice?

It's Ms. Mole's birthday


>> Uh... teachers have



>> Of course they do.

Let's do something nice for her.

>> Okay.

We could... make her a picture.


>> Oh.

>> Bless you!

She already has a lot of


>> How about a craft?

>> OLIVE: Hmm...

She has a lot of those, too.

I know!

I'll bring her a cupcake


My mom made a whole batch for

her book club.

(Elinor gasping)

In fact--


--I got one for a snack!

Aw, it's squished.

I wonder how that happened.

>> It must have gotten squished

inside your bag.

>> You do carry a lot of stuff

with you, Olive.

>> But I need all my books with


>> Is everything alright, kids?

>> Yes!

(Ari, Elinor gasping)

>> There's no cupcake!

(Chuckling nervously)

>> Huh?



>> Phew!

Good thing we didn't mention


I'd hate to spoil the surprise.

>> Yeah.

(Laughing sheepishly)

>> Well, I'd hate to spoil the

cupcake tomorrow.

What if it goes squish inside

my bag like this one?

>> Don't worry, Olive.

We'll just have to find a way to

stop the squish.


I know.

Maybe you could carry the

cupcake on a plate so it

doesn't squish.

>> I could, but what if I trip?







>> That would squish it,


What if I fly it to school?


>> That might squish the

cupcake, too.

>> BOY: Heads up!


>> ELINOR: Oh, no!

Poor turtle!

>> Sorry!

Is the turtle okay?

>> Phew!

Yeah, he's okay.

>> He hardly even noticed.

>> The ball just bounced off

his shell.

>> Yeah, turtles have really

hard shells.

I read about it in my nature


Every turtle is born with a

shell, and they will grow

bigger as they get older.

>> Whoa!

>> They have shells to protect

themselves from other animals.

>> And balls.

>> Cool!

>> What are you playing, Rollie?

>> Oh, my sister and I are just

playing ball.

>> Doesn't that hurt?

>> We armadillos have a

protective shell, see?


>> Just like a turtle!

Can you hide your head and your

arms inside your shell, too?

>> Uh, no, but I can roll up

really tight.

>> Whoa!

>> It's like you turned into a


(Rollie talking, muffled)

>> What did you say, Rollie?

>> I said this shell helps

protect me.

(Ari, Olive, Elinor laughing)


Nice and hard.

Anyway, I got to roll.

See you later!

>> Wow.

That's so cool.

>> It's like he has a helmet

for his whole body!

>> Hmm...

>> Phew!

Speaking of "whole body," my

whole body is thirsty.

>> Well, you came to the right


>> ELINOR: Hello, Ms. Llama.

>> Would you like a free sample

of coconut water?

>> Yes, please!

Thanks, Ms. Llama.

>> Ooh, can I squeeze out the


I do it all the time with


>> Oh, but coconuts are a bit

different than oranges.



The outside of this coconut is



>> I think you have to peel it

first, like this.


How are you supposed to get into

this thing?

>> You have to go through the


I'll show you.


>> So that's how you get

coconut water out.

>> Ah, it's delicious!

>> Yeah, thanks, Ms. Llama.

>> Ms. Llama, why are coconuts

so hard?

>> Oh, good question, Elinor.

Coconuts are the fruit of palm


Palm trees grow really high, so

the shell protects the coconut

when it falls off the tree.

The shell also protects the

coconut until it's ready to


Because sometimes, the coconut

travels a long way before it

finds just the right place to


>> Whoa!

>> That is c-c-cool.

>> Yes, coconuts are very


And what brings you to the park

today, kids?

>> Well, Ms. Llama, we're

trying to figure out how to

stop the squish.

>> The squish?


>> Hmm...

>> Olive wants to bring a

cupcake tomorrow for Ms. Mole's


But everything Olive puts in her

bag gets squished.

>> I like to carry a lot of


>> I see.

Huh, that is a hard problem.

Or a soft and squishy problem.


>> That is so interesting!

It isn't just turtles and

armadillos that have shells to

protect their insides.

Coconuts have them, too!

>> Huh.

That is pretty cool.

>> MS. LLAMA: That's right,


Lots of things in nature have

shells to protect them.

Let's take a look around and


>> Yeah!

We need more observations.

♪ A shell, a shell ♪

♪ Protected by a shell ♪

♪ A shell is such a clever way ♪

♪ To keep you safe and well ♪

♪ There's a beetle ♪

♪ Look how small ♪

♪ Oops, it bumped into a wall ♪

♪ But see, it didn't hurt at

all ♪

♪ It has a kind of shell ♪

♪ A shell, a shell ♪

♪ Protected by a shell ♪

♪ A shell is such a clever way ♪

♪ To keep you safe and well ♪

♪ You see that snail? ♪

♪ I have a hunch ♪

♪ A bird would like him for her

lunch ♪

♪ But shells are much too hard

to crunch ♪

♪ That's why it has a shell ♪

♪ A shell, a shell ♪

♪ Protected by a shell ♪

♪ A shell is such a clever way ♪

♪ To keep you safe and well ♪

>> Wow, Ms. Llama.

I never knew so many things in

nature had hard outsides to

protect their insides.

>> Oh, yes, Olive.

Shells are very good protection.

>> And I just got an idea of

how to protect Ms. Mole's


>> Hello, Rollie.

Good morning, Sally.

>> I've never gift-wrapped

something like this before.

Hold the ribbon tight, Ari.

>> Hurry!

(Ari gasping)

Here comes Ms. Mole!

>> Okay, ready?

>> KIDS: Happy birthday,

Ms. Mole!

>> Oh, my!

What a surprise!

>> We got you a birthday--




Hey, my hand is stuck!


(Elinor gasping)

>> Watch out!

>> Oh, no!


>> I can't look!


>> My goodness!

And what do we have here?

>> Uh... better open it and

find out.

>> Oh, it's beautiful!

>> ARI: Phew.

>> Thank you, kids.

What a clever idea to put it

inside a coconut shell.

>> We did it so it wouldn't

get squished in my bag.

>> We noticed that a lot of

animals and plants have hard

outsides to protect their


So we made a coconut shell into

a cupcake carrier!

>> And there's even a snug

little pocket to hold the


>> Ms. Llama scooped it out of

the inside of the coconut for


>> That means you're not the

only one with a special snack

today, Ms. Mole.

We brought coconut to share!

(All cheering)

(Continuing to cheer)