Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Bird Song/No Need to Shout - full transcript

Elinor's Dad is having trouble sleeping in because of the noisy birds outside his window, so Elinor decides to find out why birds sing, and hopefully get her Dad a little peace and quiet! Then, Elinor loses her voice just before she and her friends are supposed to sing their song for the class. She needs to figure out another way to perform, so she and her friends observe nature for some ideas.

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want to

know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪

(Bird singing)


(Bird singing)


>> Wha...?

(Bird singing)

What is that?

(Birdsong stops)


That's better...


(Bird chirping)

Oh, gee, oh....



(Bird singing)


Ooh, eeh!


(Bird chirping)

>> ELINOR: Hmmm.

(Bird chirping)


Who's that?

(Bird chirping)

Oh, good morning, little bird!

Thank you for that nice wake-up


I'll be outside soon.

Maybe we can play!

Good morning Mom!

>> Good morning, Elinor!

How are you this morning?

>> I'm great, Mom!

I just heard a cute little bird

singing a really pretty wake-up


>> That's great dear.


>> Good morning.

>> Morning, Dad!

Did you hear that cute bird

singing this morning?



I sure did, Elinor.

>> Wasn't the song pretty?

>> Yes...

Pretty loud.

>> (Giggling) Did it wake you

up, dear?

I know you wanted to sleep in


>> Well, I tried to go back

to sleep but I couldn't.

Why do birds have to sing right

outside my window?


>> Good question, Dad!


And why do birds sing anyway?

>> Hmm...


Lizards don't sing.

Plants don't sing.

Some bugs make nice sounds,

but I don't think they sing.

>> Oh, thank goodness for that!


>> So why do birds sing?

>> That is a good question,


Why do you think birds sing?

>> Hmm...

Maybe they're practicing to

give a big singing concert


>> (Chuckling)

That is a fun idea.

Have you ever heard of birds

giving a concert?

>> No, you're right.

Birds don't give concerts.

So why do they sing?

Maybe they just like waking

up sleeping bunnies?


>> If I figure out why birds

sing, then maybe I can figure

out how to keep them from

waking you up Dad!

>> Thank you, Elinor.

That's the best idea I've heard

all morning.

>> Hmm...

I need more observations!

>> Then you might want to use

these binoculars.

They're good for watching birds.

>> Ok, I'm going to figure

out this mystery!

Thanks for the breakfast, Mom!

See you later, Dad!



(Snoring, muttering)

>> (Whispering) Don't worry,


I'll figure this out for you.

(Birds singing)

Okay, let's find some birds

and make some observations!

Hmm, that doesn't look right.

These are supposed to make

things look closer, not farther





That's better!





Hello, butterfly.


There's a cute little bird.

Sing for me, birdie!


What's that?

>> ARI: Hi, Elinor!

Whatcha doing?


>> Hi, Ari.

Hi, Olive!

>> Hi, Elinor!

>> I'm using these binoculars

to look for birds.

I'm trying to answer a question!

>> Cool!

Uh, what's the question?

>> I want to know why birds


Plants don't sing, lizards don't


Why do birds sing?

>> Uh, of course birds sing!

They are birds!

>> But why do they sing, Ari?

>> Oh!


Uh... I never thought about it


You're right, I don't know!

>> OLIVE: We'll help you,


Let's all solve the mystery


>> Yeah!

>> Okay!

We'll all watch the birds and

try to figure out what makes

them sing.

(Birds singing)

>> There's one that way!

>> I heard one this way!

>> I think there's one over


(Birds singing)


There are a lot of birds in the


>> Let's split up!

I'll look for birds over here...

>> And I'll listen for some

over there!

>> Great idea!

Now we can get more


>> Okay, birds, I'm ready,

let's hear some songs!

(Birds singing)


(Birds singing)

Hmm, you look like you're

looking for something.

(Bird singing)

Ooh, another bird.

They sound kind of the same.

I wonder if they know each


>> Hi, cute little bird!

You look like a baby version of

the other bird!

>> You look like you're

looking for something too.

(Bird singing)

Hey, you must be the mama bird!

Are you looking for your baby?

(Bird singing)

(Bird chirping)

Yes, your baby is over there!

(Bird chirping)

(Birds chirping)

Yay, you found each other!


(Rustling branches)

>> ARI: Olive!?

Where are you?!

>> OLIVE: I'm over here!

Who's calling me?

>> It's me Ari!

>> Ari?

>> Yes!

>> Where are you?

>> Here!

>> OLIVE: Where's here?

>> ARI: I'm right next to a


>> OLIVE: Which tree?

>> ARI: The one beside me.

>> OLIVE: Besides you where?

>> ELINOR: Hmm...

>> (Sighing) What does it look


>> Uh, it's tall, with a

bunch of leaves.

>> That sounds just like

the tree I'm standing next to.

(Birds singing)

>> Oh, I see you!

>> I see you too!

>> Guys, I think I've figured it


I think I know why birds sing.

>> What?


>> Yeah, we haven't seen a

lot of birds yet.

>> You two helped me figure

it out!

>> BOTH: We did?

>> I was looking around,

and then I saw a mama bird

trying to find her baby bird.

(Bird chirping)

>> OLIVE: Awww!

>> ELINOR: Both birds were

singing, and then I realized

they were doing the same

thing you and Ari were doing!

>> ARI: They were?

>> ELINOR: Yes!

They were talking to find each


>> ARI: Wait, am I supposed to

be a baby bird?


>> No, Elinor means the birds

called to each other with their

singing the way we did with our


>> ELINOR: Mmm-hmm.

>> Oh yeah!

When we couldn't find each


>> Birds use singing to talk

to each other!

That's why they sing!

>> Ohhh...

I get it.

It's bird talk!

>> Yes!

That is so interesting!

♪ We know it's true ♪

♪ Birds like to sing,

but why do they sing? ♪

♪ It's for lots of things ♪

♪ A singing bird can say,

"How do you do!" ♪

♪ Or "This is my tree",

or even "I love you" ♪

♪ Birds like to sing ♪

♪ And now we can see! ♪

♪ They're talking to each other,

just like you and me! ♪

>> ALL: Whoa!



>> We solved the mystery!

>> We know why birds sing!

>> Hmmm... and that gives me

an idea to help my dad.

(Birds singing)

(Owl hooting, crickets chirping)

(Bird singing)


(Whistles imitating bird)


>> Come on, little bird.


Let's go sing somewhere else.


(Bird singing)

(Birds singing)

Sleep well, Dad!


(Birds singing)


>> Ah!

(Alarm clock blaring)

Ooh, no!


(Crying) Oh gee...


(Birds singing)

>> Let's sing about a scientist

named Irene Pepperberg and her

talking bird who knew more than

100 words.

Words such as "two" and "blue".

♪ This is a song about

a scientist who wondered

if birds could talk like we do ♪

♪ Her name is Irene Pepperberg

and Alex the parrot was her

special bird ♪

♪ Irene wondered if she could

show that Alex could say a lot

more than "hello" ♪

♪ She said "What colour?"

He said "Blue" ♪

♪ She said "How many?"

He said "Two" ♪

♪ What a bird ♪

♪ "Oh, what a bird", said

scientist Irene Pepperberg ♪

♪ What colour's bigger?

He said "Red" ♪

♪ What do you want?

He said, "Yummy" and "bread" ♪

♪ Shapes and colours and

counting to eight ♪

♪ Alex could really

communicate ♪

♪ What a bird ♪

♪ "Oh, what a bird", said

scientist Irene Pepperberg ♪

♪ So many words ♪

♪ So many words ♪

♪ Her bird knew over 100 words ♪


>> Okay, are you ready?

>> Ready!

>> Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the first ever

performance of a new song

by Elinor, Ari and Olive,

called "The Feelings Song."


♪ If you feel...

Glad! ♪

♪ Let me know you're glad,

and we'll be glad together! ♪

♪ If you feel...

Sad! ♪

♪ Let me know you're sad

and I'll try to make it better ♪

♪ If you feel...

Silly! ♪

♪ Let me know you're silly ♪

♪ And we'll laugh and

giggle together ♪

♪ So always let your feelings

out ♪

♪ Smile or frown or giggle

or shout ♪

♪ 'Cause I can be a friend

for real... ♪

♪ If I know just how you feel! ♪

♪ If I know just how you

feeeeeeel! ♪

>> Wow!

Everyone's going to love our


>> Yeah!

I can't wait to sing it to

Ms. Mole and the whole class


>> I want it to be perfect,

so I'm going to practice and

practice and practice.

>> Don't forget what Ms. Mole

said: "If you practice too

much, you might lose your


>> My dad lost his voice once.

He couldn't talk for a whole


>> I'm just so excited, I

can't stop singing.

See you tomorrow.

>> Bye.

>> Bye.

♪ If you feel glad ♪

let me know you're glad ♪

♪ And we'll be glad together ♪

♪ If you feel sad,

let me know you're sad ♪

♪ And I'll try to make it

better! ♪

♪ If you feel silly...

let me know you're silly ♪

♪ And we'll laugh and giggle

together! ♪

(Muffled): ♪ So always let your

feelings out ♪

♪ A smile or a frown or a giggle

and shout ♪

♪ 'Cause I can be a friend

for real... ♪

♪ If I know just how you feel! ♪

♪ If I know just how you

feeeeeeel! ♪


>> Hi, Elinor!

Are you ready to sing our song

in class today?


>> What's wrong with your voice?

>> Do you have a cold?

>> Then why does your voice

sound scratchy like that?

Wait a second.

Did you practice our song all


(Olive gasping)

>> Oh!

You practiced so much you lost

your voice!

>> What about our song?

We told Ms. Mole we'd sing it


>> We can't sing the song

without you.

We made it up to sing together.

>> Right.

If you don't sing, we don't


If you lost your voice from all

that practicing, maybe you just

need to give it a rest.

Speaking of time... we'd better

actually get to school.

(Bird singing)


There's Mr. Dog!

Hi, Mr. Dog!


>> Oh, good morning, kids!

How nice to see you!

>> (Giggling) Mr. Dog!

Your tail is tickling me!

>> (Chuckling) Oops!

Sorry, Ari!

I can't help it!

Wagging our tail is the way we

dogs show we're happy.

And I'm happy to see you!

>> (Giggling) We're happy to

see you too.

>> (Laughing) Yeah.

Except I don't have a tail to


>> (Chuckling) Oh.

You're awfully quiet today,


(Voice croaking)

>> We made up a new song,

and Elinor practiced it so much

last night, that her voice got


>> Yeah, and we're supposed to

sing it for the whole class,

but we can't unless Elinor gets

her voice back.

>> Oh, Elinor!

After all that practicing,

you must be disappointed you

can't sing your song.

>> Hey!

Your tail stopped wagging and

tickling me.

>> And your ears went down too.

Is that because you're sad for


>> My ears do show how I'm


But I don't feel sad for Elinor.

I just understand how she feels.

Dogs are very empathetic.

>> And we understand how you

feel, even when you don't say


Everyone knows how you're

feeling, because they see your

tail and ears.

As Elinor would say, "That's

so interesting!"

>> (Giggling) Well, I'd better

get back to my work.

I hope you all get to perform

your song... one way or another!

>> ARI: Bye Mr. Dog!

>> ARI'S MOM: Ari!


You forgot your lunch!

>> Whoa!

I forgot my lunch?

How does that even happen?

>> You were so excited about

singing your song.

Are you two as excited about

the song as Ari is?

>> We may not be able to sing

our song today.

Elinor lost her voice.

>> She's giving her voice a


We hope maybe she'll get it back

before the end of the day.

>> That's a good plan, Elinor.

(Baby crying)

>> Aw!

What's wrong with baby Miri?

>> She's just hungry.

She always goes like this when

she's hungry.

Don't you, little Sis.

(Growling playfully)

(Baby giggling)

And when she rubs her eyes, it

means she's tired, right Mom?

>> That's right.

I'd better get her home for her

snack and a nap!

I hope Elinor's voice gets

better in time to sing your




>> Wow.

You sure know a lot about

babies, Ari.

>> I just know a lot about my

baby sister.

I can tell what she wants,

even though she can't talk yet.

>> The same way we could tell

how Mr. Dog felt when his tail

was wagging and his ears

drooped down.

>> Huh?

What is it Elinor?

Did you get your voice back?

>> You have a headache?

Oh, your finger hurts?

>> Uh...

You have an idea??

>> All right, what's your idea?

What's she doing?

>> Oh!

You want us to sing our song?

>> But we already said

we don't want to sing the song

without you.

>> You want us to look at you?

You're happy?

>> But now you're sad.

I don't get it.

>> I think I do!

We can tell how Elinor is

feeling by the look on her face.

>> O...kay?

>> Uh-huh!

Just like we could tell Mr. Dog

was happy when he wagged his


>> And the way little Miri

let us know she was tired by

rubbing her eyes.

>> Exactly!

That is so interesting!

>> Wait, I don't get it.

>> Elinor's figured out a way

to sing our song, even if she

doesn't have her voice!

Come on.

>> BOTH: Ms. Mole!

Ms. Mole!

>> Oh!

Good morning, my fine singing


Are you all ready to sing your

new Feelings Song for the class?

>> Well, we thought we weren't

going to be able to sing our


>> Because Elinor practiced

so much, she lost her voice.

>> And we didn't want to

sing "The Feelings Song" without


>> But then we made some


>> You did?

Well, good for you!

What did you observe?


I... I am not sure I understand.

>> We observed that when

Mr. Dog wagged his tail, that

meant he was happy.


>> Okay?

>> So even if he didn't talk

to us, we could tell how he


>> Yeah, and then we observed

my little sister... and I knew

she was hungry because when

she's hungry, she always does



So, we knew how she felt!

>> And that gave Elinor...

>> BOTH: An idea!

>> Even if you can't use your

voice, there are still ways to

show your friends how you feel,

or what you're thinking.

>> Yeah.

By the way your face looks,

or your body moves.

So Elinor helped us realize we

can sing our song...

>> BOTH: With Elinor!

>> And now, Ari, Olive and

Elinor are going to present

"The Feelings Song!"

>> Ari and I are going to

sing, but Elinor's going to

show the feelings instead of

singing them.

>> Yeah and if you can tell

what she's feeling, you can

join in!

♪ If you feel... ♪

>> She looks... happy?

>> Or glad!

>> You betcha!

♪ If you feel...

Glad! ♪

♪ Let me know you're glad,

and we'll be glad together! ♪

♪ If you feel... ♪

>> Now she's... sad?

>> Perfect!

♪ If you feel...

Sad! ♪

♪ Let me know you're sad

and I'll try to make it better ♪

♪ If you feel...

Silly! ♪

♪ Let me know you're silly ♪

♪ And we'll laugh and

giggle together ♪

♪ So always let your feelings

out ♪

♪ Smile or frown or giggle

or shout ♪

♪ 'Cause I can be a friend

for real... ♪

♪ If I know just how you feel! ♪

♪ If I know just how you

feeeeeeel! ♪


>> That was a wonderful!

Thank you for showing us there

are a lot of ways to

communicate how we feel!

It's important to communicate in

many ways.

>> I think our song was even

better with Elinor showing

the feelings.

>> Me too.

What do you think Elinor?

>> (Scratchy voice) I feel...

>> You don't have to say

how you feel Elinor...

we can tell.


You feel very...

>> Very...

>> Happy!