Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Lizard Lounge/Feathers - full transcript

Mrs. Beaver wants to build a new park bench in a perfect spot, but there's a giant rock in the way. No problem, they'll just move it, but then they run into another problem: lizards, who keep reappearing on the rock! Then, when Ari finds a particularly cool feather and puts it in his cap, Elinor starts to wonder why birds have feathers in the first place.

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want

to know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪

(Birds chirping)


>> What a wonderful day for

a walk!

>> Yeah, Mom, I love sunny


There are so many interesting

things to see and smell and



>> Elinor, you notice

interesting things on any kind

of day!

>> Hmm, I notice things on rainy

days, and windy days and cloudy


Hey, it's true, Olive!

I notice things on all kinds of



>> Phew!

Wait up, guys!

How do you walk so fast?

>> Oh, Ari, you look like you

could use a break.

Let's stop here for a minute.

>> Good, I'm a bit thirsty!


>> Ah, that's better.


(Wind rustling)

>> Brrrr....

I feel a little bit chilly here!

>> Really?

I'm not cold.

It's nice and toasty in the sun.

>> Wow, the sun can really warm

you up!

>> Yeah, standing in the shade

cools you down, and the sun

warms you up.





>> That's so neat!

>> Okay, let's keep going!

Ari, are you feeling better?

>> Yeah, thanks, Mrs. Rabbit!

Parents are the best!


>> Why, thank you, Ari.

>> BEAVER: Oh no, no, no, no...

That wasn't the plan...

>> I wonder what's going on?

>> Nope, nope, nope!

That just won't do.

>> Hello, Mrs. Beaver.

Is something wrong?

>> Is something wrong?

Oh, only everything!

We can't do anything today.

We are supposed to build a new

park bench right over there!

>> That's a great spot for

a bench!

It would have such a nice view

of the river.

>> Oh, I see.

That rock is in the way.

>> Yep.

>> Do you need help moving it?

I'm super strong, I can do it!

>> Thanks, Ari, but moving the

rock is not the problem.

The problem is that there are

two lizards sitting on the rock

and they just won't budge!

And of course, park rules say we

can't build something if there

are animals there.

Oh, we've tried everything to

get them to leave so we can move

the rock and build our bench,

but nothing works!

>> Did you try shoo-ing them


>> Yup.

>> Did you try calling them to

come over here?

>> Tried it.

>> Did you wave your arms?

>> Yes.

>> Did you try whistling them


>> Yup.

>> Did you try singing a song

and doing a silly dance?

Like this!

♪ La, la, la, la, laaa.... ♪

♪ Pa-dam pow-chhh ♪

Hey, it could work!


>> Oh, Ari!

Do the lizards ever move?

>> Yes, they do leave at the end

of the day, but by then it's

too dark for us to work!

>> What about in the morning?

>> Every morning they come back

and climb on top of the rock


>> Mrs. Beaver, have you thought

about building the bench in a

different spot?

>> A different spot?

Oh, no, no, no, no!

The plans say we have to build

it there!

Oh, if we don't figure out

something soon, we won't be able

to build the bench!

>> Hmm.

Can I take a look at the plans,

Mrs. Beaver?

>> Oh, please do!

>> Hmm, that is so interesting!

I wonder why the lizards like

that rock so much?

>> There's another rock right

over there.

I wonder why the lizards like

this rock, and not that other


>> Good question, Ari.

If we knew what they liked about

that rock, maybe we could figure

out a way to move them to

another rock!

>> Hmm, it sounds like we need

more observations!

>> Yeah!

>> Cool!

>> Okay, why do the lizards like

to sit on that rock so much?

>> Maybe they like the view

of the river?

>> But they're looking the wrong


>> Maybe they're playing a super

long game of freeze tag?

>> Hmm, but they do move.

They leave at the end of the day

and come back in the morning.

And I've never heard of lizards

playing tag.

>> I wonder what lizards do like

to do?

>> I know!

Let's learn more about lizards.

Olive, do you have your nature


>> Of course!

It's my favourite book!

Let's see... ladybugs...

leaves, lily pads ...

Ah, here it is, lizards!

Lizards are animals with scaly


They mostly eat bugs...

>> Crunchy!


>> And they also eat worms.

>> Slurpy!



>> But they also like fruit!

>> I like fruit!

>> And it says here that lizards

can't make heat all by


So they need the sun to warm

themselves up.

>> That is so interesting.

>> Cool!

>> Hmm...

(Wind blowing)

>> Speaking of cool, I'm feeling

a little chilly here in the


I'm gonna move over here where

it's sunny.

Ahh, that's better.

>> Oh...

That's it, it's the sun!

The lizards must like that rock

over there because it's in the


>> You're right!

They look nice and toasty over


>> Oh, the rock is where they

sit to get warm!

>> Hmm.

But why do they leave at the end

of the day?

>> Hmm...

I know!

There is no sun out at the end

of the day.

That's why they leave!

>> That's it!

Let's go tell Mrs. Beaver

and my mom!

>> Uh-oh.

>> Mom, I think we discovered


The lizards like to sit on that

rock because it's in the sun.

>> Lizards use the sun to warm

themselves up.

>> And that other rock is too

shady and cool for them.

>> I think you're right, kids.

Lizards can't get warm by

themselves, so they like to sit

in places that get a lot of sun.

>> Huh, well, I'm glad we

figured that out, but how do we

get them to move!?

>> Hmm, well, now that we know

why they like that rock, maybe

we can figure out how to make

them move to another rock.

>> Yeah, we need to get the sun

off of their rock and onto

another rock.

>> Okay, all we have to do is

move the sun from there to over


Uh, Mr. Buffalo, can you

move the sun?

(Snorting, grunting)


>> Ari, we can't move the sun!

>> No, but we can move that

other rock into a sunny spot.

>> Great idea!

Let's go!

>> I'm super strong!





>> Perfect!

That's just the way lizards

like it.

Nice and sunny!

>> We can make it even nicer for

the lizards.

Let's get them some snacks!

♪ In the sun, in the sun ♪

♪ You can feel warm

and have more fun ♪

♪ We want to find

the perfect spot ♪

♪ For lizards to feel

nice and hot ♪

♪ Worms look really gross

to eat ♪

♪ But lizards think

they're quite a treat ♪

♪ In the sun, in the sun ♪

♪ You can feel warm

and have more fun ♪

♪ Feel warm

♪ And have more fun! ♪

>> The lizards haven't moved.

>> Oh, it didn't work!

We won't be able to build the

park bench!

>> Hmm.

>> But we made them the perfect


>> Maybe they haven't noticed


>> Hey, lizards, look at that

warm rock over there!

>> It's in the sun!

>> Check it out!

It's got worms and fruit and

it's nice and warm!

>> They're not moving.

>> I guess they like their rock.

>> But our rock is sunny and

warm, too!

>> Don't move.

That's it!

Your shadow!

We need shade!

Good thinking, Ari!

>> Yeah!

Umm... wait, what?


Oh, I get it!

I can make shade on the rock to

cool it down!

Leave it to me!

>> They still aren't moving!

>> It must not be cool enough


>> I... can't... fly forever!

>> It's working.


>> Oh, we did it!


>> They moved!

Good job, kids!

>> Oh, thank you!

Thank you so much, kids!

Now we can build the bench and

finish the project!

>> And the lizards can still

stay warm on their new rock.

>> Good job, Ari!

>> Phew!


Now I'm a bit hungry too!

>> Well, the lizards ate the

fruit but there are still some

worms left!

>> Okay, I'm not that hungry.


>> Where did Ms. Mole go?

She was just here.

>> Isn't it story time?

>> Surprise!

(Kids gasping)

Here I am!


I love it, because today's story

time is about surprises, and

what lizards do when they get


This lizard is about to get

a big surprise.

(Bird screeching)

Look out, up in the sky!

There's a hawk!


The hawk swoops down, but then

something surprising happens.

The lizard's tail falls off!

>> ARI: Whoa!

>> Don't worry, kids, our lizard

friend isn't hurt.

A lizard can drop its tail on


>> Ooh, wow!


>> The tail wiggles so that the

lizard can escape.

>> Is the lizard okay without

a tail?

>> Yes, and this lizard has one

more surprise for you.

Over the next few months,

the lizard grows a new tail.

>> KIDS: Whoa, cool!

>> And that's the end of our





Nice try, Ari, but it's not so

easy to surprise this old mole.

>> You're right!

Ms. Mole, you are one cool

teacher, and you win...

(Imitating a drum roll)

The surprise prize!

(All laughing)


>> Whoo-hoo!


Oh yeah!

Flying is so fun!

(Birds chirping)

>> Huh?



Oh, cool!

A bird feather!

(Blowing gently)

Wow, that's so neat!







You're my new lucky feather!

I can't wait to show Olive and



(Kids laughing)

(Kids laughing)


>> There!


>> Nice!

>> What do you think, Olive?

>> I think our sand castle came

out pretty well, Elinor.

>> Yeah, but it doesn't look

quite done yet.

>> Really?



>> There they are!

They're gonna love my lucky


>> What do you think it


>> Hmm, I don't know.

I just feel like it's missing


>> What if we add a tower?

>> Aww, they didn't notice.

>> Hmm, I don't think we need

another one.


>> Or maybe we need a flag?

>> That would be nice!

>> Something bright and


(Clearing throat)

>> Oh, hi, Ari!

>> When did you get here?

>> I...

Never mind.

Hi, Elinor!

Hi, Olive!

Notice anything extra cool about

me today?


>> Is that a new shirt?

>> It's a nice colour.


>> No, you guys!

Look, on my hat!

>> Whoa...

Is that a feather?

>> Cool!

It's so bright and colourful.

Where did you get it?

>> Well, let me tell you!

I was walking in the forest,

when suddenly, I heard something

moving up in the trees!

And then, this feather came

floating down, and it landed

right on my head!

>> Wow, how lucky!

A bird feather!

>> It is lucky!

I call it my lucky feather!

>> Can I see it?


>> My turn!


(Blowing gently)


>> It's really pretty.

>> Wow, it looks like it has

little hairs when I brush it

with my finger!

That is so interesting!

>> I didn't notice that.

>> And the colours are so


>> It would be cool if we had


>> I wonder, why do birds have



>> Good question, Elinor.


I know, maybe birds use their

feathers to tickle each other?


>> Wait, my parents have pillows

with feathers in them.

Maybe birds have feathers to

sleep on them?

>> ALL: Hmm.

>> It's a mystery.

Why do birds have feathers?

>> I have an idea!

Let's go look for some birds and

see if we can figure it out!

>> Yes!

I'll get my notepad!

>> We need more observations!



>> There sure are lots of birds

around here!

>> Let's watch and observe them!

♪ Why do birds have feathers? ♪


♪ Let's find out together ♪


♪ We'll find some birds,

and take a look ♪

♪ We'll draw what we notice

in our book ♪

♪ Why do birds have feathers? ♪


♪ Let's find out together ♪


♪ Flying high,

and singing loud ♪

♪ We'll find answers

all around ♪

♪ Why do birds have feathers? ♪


♪ Let's find out together ♪


♪ Oh-oh yeah ♪

>> I'll go this way.

>> I'll go that way.


(Bird chirping)


(Bird chirping)

>> Hey, little birdie!

We're trying to figure out what

your feathers are for.

Can you tell me?

Hold up, hold up!

>> Hmmm.

(Bird chirping)

You have wings just like I do.

But yours are made out of


I think I figured it out!

Birds have feathers to help them


I can't wait to tell Olive and


(Bird squawking)


>> You two birds are really


I wonder if you like being blue.

It's my favourite colour.




There we go.

That looks better.


You wear blue on your head too!

>> Hmm.

I think I figured it out!

Feathers are for being

colourful, just like my bow!

I can't wait to tell Ari and




>> Ooh...




Ooh, pretty ducks!

It's a whole duck family!


Hello, duck family!

Can you tell me why birds have




That water must be cold!

But you all look so nice and

warm with those soft and cozy



I think I figured it out!

Birds use feathers to stay warm!

I can't wait to tell Ari and



>> ALL: Hey guys!

I figured it out!



>> Wait, guys, one at a time!

>> Okay, I'll go first.

I think birds need feathers to

help them fly!

Their wings are made of


>> Yeah.

>> That makes sense.

But wait...

I have a different idea.

I saw birds that had bright blue


I think birds use feathers so

they can be colourful.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Maybe...


>> But I have a different idea,


I saw a duck family coming out

of the water, and their feathers

were like a snuggly coat.

I think birds use feathers to

stay warm.

>> Okay.

>> That also makes sense.

>> But definitely flying is the

most important.

That must be why birds have


>> But if birds didn't have

colourful feathers they would

all look the same!

I think birds have feathers to

have colour.

>> I don't know.

If they didn't have feathers,

they would get so cold!

So I think feathers are to stay


>> We have three good ideas!

>> Which one is the real reason

why birds have feathers?

>> Hmm...

How can we figure it out?

>> Hmm...

Do you little scientists mind

if I ask you a few questions?

>> Sure, Ms. Mole!

>> Ari, that's a nice hat.

Why did you pick that one today?

>> Um, thanks!

It's my favourite and it keeps

me warm!

>> So you chose your hat to keep

you warm?

>> Yeah.

Also, it has a secret pocket

for snacks!


>> Olive, what about you?

Why did you choose that shirt

and that skirt?

>> Well, blue is my favourite

colour, of course!

>> Ah!

So you chose your clothes

because of the colour?

>> Mmm-hmm, I love blue!

>> And what about you, Elinor?

Why did you choose that jacket?

>> It looked like it might rain

this morning, so I picked this


>> Ah, yes, of course!

So you chose it to stay dry?

>> That's right, Ms. Mole.

>> Good.

Now tell me, what's the reason

we wear any clothes at all?

>> To stay dry!

>> To stay warm!

>> To show colours!

>> So, which is it?

Is there just one reason?

>> They're all good reasons!

>> That's right!

Sometimes there's more than one

reason for something!

Your clothes help you in many

ways, just like feathers help

birds in many ways.

>> I get it!

>> There's more than one reason

why birds have feathers!

>> Yeah, birds have feathers to

fly and to stay warm, and to be


>> We all figured it out!

>> All right, all right,

all right!

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> Awesome!

>> Yay!

>> Whoo-hoo!


>> Wait, I thought of one more

thing feathers are good for.

There we go!

They're also good for finishing

sand castles!