Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 37 - Feed the Birds/Señor Tapir Says Adios - full transcript

Elinor learns that some birds stay in winter instead of going some place warmer. Señor Tapir is going on a months-long trip tomorrow, thus his neighbors decide to give him special goodbyes.

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want to

know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪


>> It's starting to snow!



(Geese honking)

It's some geese flying south for

the winter.

Bye, geese!

See you next spring!



I know who that is!

Chicky, I'm so glad to see you!

You're my favorite chickadee

bird friend.


You sound happy.



Yum, that berry looks yummy.

Bye, Chicky!


Oh, you're back?

Another berry?

You must be hungry.

>> Elinor, time to come in!

>> Coming Mom!

Bye, Chicky!

Guess what, Mom.

I saw Chicky today.

>> Oh, your chickadee bird


How is she?

>> She's great, but why is she

still here?

>> What do you mean?

>> Ms. Mole said birds fly

south where it's warm in winter,

because it's hard to find food

when the snow comes.

>> That's true.

>> So, why didn't Chicky fly

south like the geese I saw


>> Well, not all birds fly

somewhere warm for the winter,


Lots of birds stay here, not

just Chicky.

The ones that stay are the ones

that can find food.

Mwah, now, have a good sleep,

honey bunny.

I'll see you in the morning.

Sweet dreams.

(Door closing)

>> But how is Chicky going to

find food with all the snow?

Wow, look at all the snow!

Uh-oh, that's the bush where

Chicky got the berries.

It's covered in snow now.


Where are you?


>> Hey, Elinor, what are you


>> Hi Ari, hi Olive.

I'm looking for my friend



>> Oh, you mean the little bird

with the pretty black feathers

in her head?

>> Yep, that's her.

>> I love her, she's so


>> But don't birds fly south in

the winter?

>> Not all of them.

My Mom said some birds stay


>> Ari, what are you eating?

>> Sunflower seeds!

Want some?

>> BOTH: Sure!

(All crunching)

>> I'm a little worried about


>> Why?

>> Yesterday I saw her picking

some berries from that little

berry bush.

>> What bush?

I don't see any bush.

Just a lump of sn--

Ooh, I get it.

>> Chicky's berry bush is

covered in snow.

>> Yup, everything is covered

in snow.

>> Then how is Chicky going to

find berries?

Or any kind of food?

>> My mom said birds that stay

here can find food, but I don't

see how they can do it with all

this snow.

>> Huh.

>> I know, I'll get my

binoculars, and we'll see if we

can find Chicky.

We need more observations!

>> So, how do birds find food in

the winter?

>> Maybe they order pizza.

>> Mm, I don't think birds have


>> Right, good point.

>> I know, maybe they put their

food in lunch boxes, like we do.

>> Maybe, but how would they

carry them?

They're way too big.

>> You're right.

Maybe they have backpacks.

>> Look, I see something

fluttering in the trees!

>> Let's go check it out.

>> Come on!

Over there!

Those birds are eating some


(All laughing)

>> And that bird is pulling bugs

out of the tree.

>> Wow!

>> Cool!

And look those birds are

eating seeds from a sunflower.

(Munching, giggling)


>> Come on!

>> Wow, winter birds find food

in all kinds of hidden places.

Berries, bugs in trees,

sunflowers left over from



>> Anywhere they can.

>> That is so interesting!

But what about Chicky?

We still don't know where she's

getting her food.



>> That's Chicky!

I know it's her because she

always goes


Come on!

>> There she is!

>> What's she doing?

>> I'll take a closer look.

>> Hey, there are seeds and

berries inside this tree.

>> I'll bet Chicky put them


I saw her flying off with

berries in her beak yesterday.

>> Smart Chicky!

It's like her own little tree

lunch box, so I was sort of


>> So, that's how she gets food

during the winter.

When she's hungry she just goes

to the tree and gets some, but I

noticed there weren't many seeds

in that hole.

>> Uh-oh, what if Chicky runs

out of food before the end of


>> I know, let's give her some

of our sunflower seeds.

>> Great idea.

>> Here you go, Chicky, some

nice seeds for you.



>> BOTH: Whoa!

>> She landed on me!

She landed on me!

I can't believe Chicky landed on


>> Let's go tell my Mom!


And then we saw birds looking

for food in all kinds of cool

places, Mom.

>> Like bugs inside trees.

>> And leftover apples.

>> Yep, it's tricky, but birds

who stay here in winter find

food anywhere they can.

That's called foraging, when you

look in all kinds of places.

Like when Chicky foraged for

sunflower seeds on Olive's


(All giggling)

>> Wait a minute, I know how we

can help Chicky.

Let's build bird-feeders so

Chicky and other birds can get

more food in winter.

>> But what will we make it out


>> I know, let's forage around

the house and look for things

we can use to make bird-feeders.

>> That's a fabulous plan!

Forage away, kids!

♪ Let's feed the birds ♪

♪ Let's feed the birds ♪

♪ Winter is snowy ♪

♪ So, let's feed the birds ♪

♪ Chicky needs a feeder ♪

♪ We'll build her something

great ♪

♪ From things we find around the

house ♪

♪ Some string, a tube ♪

♪ A paper plate ♪

♪ We'll build a birdfeeder ♪

♪ And when our work is through ♪

♪ She'll have lots of food to

eat ♪

♪ And all her friends will,

too ♪

♪ Let's feed the birds ♪

♪ Let's feed the birds ♪

♪ Winter is snowy ♪

♪ So, let's feed the birds ♪

>> Huh?!

>> Finished!

>> You made a milk carton into a

birdfeeder house.

That is so smart, Olive!

>> Oh, this isn't just a house.

>> It's a birdfeeder library!


>> This way the birds will have

something to read while they

have a snack!

(Kids giggling)

>> I made a flying saucer bird

feeder from two paper plates.

The top plate is the roof, and

the bottom plate is for the





Take us to your birdseed.


>> Let's see your birdfeeder,


>> Here it is!

>> It looks just like Chicky's


>> I made it out of a

paper-towel roll.

You just pour the food in the

top and it comes out this hole

on the side.

>> Cool, there sure are lots of

different ways to make a


>> Hm, now, we just have to

fill them up with food.

Ari, can we have some of your

sunflower seeds, please?

>> Sure thing!

Uh-oh, we ate them all.

>> Oh, no!

Now what are we going to do?


>> Hm, sunflower seeds, eh?

>> Mom, you have a secret hiding


>> Just like Chicky.

(Kids giggling)

>> Thanks, Mom.

What else do birds like to eat,


>> Uh, apples.

>> I have some apples right


I'll cut up some slices.

>> And bugs!

>> Sorry, kids, no bugs in my


(Kids laughing)

>> There we are.


>> Nice work, Ari.


Now all we need is...


>> It's Chicky!


>> Look, she's using the

birdfeeder you made, Elinor!

(Birds chirping)

>> And so are all her bird


>> Take as much food as you

want, birdies!

(Birds chirping)

>> We made these special

bird-feeders from all the stuff

we foraged around the house.

>> Uh-huh, that's right, we


(Stomach growling)

Wow, watching those birds makes

me hungry.

>> Maybe we should build an

Ari-feeder next!

(All giggling)


>> Senor Tapir, how do

chickadees keep warm in the


They don't have winter coats or

fur like us.

>> You know what, Elinor?

A scientist named Richard Hill

had the same question.

Lights, please.

♪ How do chickadees keep warm in

the winter? ♪

♪ Richard Hill wanted to know ♪

♪ When the temperature's

dropping, oh, why don't they

stop and become popsicles in the

snow? ♪

♪ The shape of a chickadee's

shadow gave Richard ♪

♪ The answer that he found ♪

♪ 'Cause in chilly weather,

birds poof up their feathers ♪

♪ The colder it gets then the

more they get round ♪

♪ Chickadee-dee-dee ♪

♪ Your shadow helped them see ♪

♪ How you poof up your feathers

in a cold winter storm ♪

♪ Chickadee-dee-dee ♪

♪ Your shadow helped them see ♪

♪ The way you stay toasty and

warm ♪

♪ Toasty and warm ♪

♪ As you perch on your seat,

your feathers trap heat ♪

♪ From your chickadee head to

your chickadee feet ♪

♪ Chickadee-dee-dee ♪

♪ Your shadow helped them see ♪

♪ The way you stay toasty and

warm ♪

♪ Toasty and warm ♪

(Kids cheering)

Gracias, amigos!

♪ When something you see ♪

♪ Tickles your curiosity ♪

♪ When you have to know more ♪

♪ And questions pull you out

the door ♪

♪ Let's go, let's explore ♪

(Kids cheering)

And that's a song about a

scientist who explored the


>> We love your songs about

scientists, Senor Tapir.

>> My favorites are the ones

where you sing about a scientist

who explores and then they ask

questions and then they discover



>> Yes, isn't learning about

scientists fun?

I'm so glad you like them and I

love playing and sharing these

songs with all of you.

>> Will you sing us another one,

Senor Tapir?

>> Aw, I would love to, Elinor,

but I have to tell you something


>> What is it, Senor Tapir?

>> The time has come for me to

leave Animal Town.

>> What?

>> Why?

>> That's a bummer.

>> You're leaving?

>> Yes, tomorrow I'm sad to say.

Now that winter is coming, it's

time for me to go to another


>> To another town?

>> But why?

>> Well, it's my job, you see.

I'm a traveling musical

instrument sales-animal, and my

job is to go from town to town

playing music and sharing these

wonderful instruments with


>> I hope they love your songs

as much as we do.

>> Yeah!

>> Aw, thank you, kids.

That really makes my heart sing,

and you know how much my heart

likes to sing.


But don't worry, kids, I'll be

back again next year.

>> Woah, next year?!

I can't wait that long!


>> I always come back to Animal

Town in the Spring.

Before you know it, the flowers

will be in bloom and you'll see

me again.

Who knows, maybe I'll have new

songs to sing to you.


>> Awesome!

>> Well, I hope to see you again

tomorrow to say goodbye before

I leave, but now it's time for

you to go.

Thank you.

Muchas gracias.



>> Bye, Senor Tapir!

See you tomorrow.

>> See you later!


>> It is getting kinda chilly.

It feels a little like winter


>> It's too bad Senor Tapir has

to leave.

>> Yeah, who's gonna sing us

songs about scientists now?

>> Hey, I know, why don't we do

something special for Senor

Tapir before he leaves?

>> Great idea, Elinor!

He always is doing nice things

for us, we should do something

nice for him, but what should we


>> Hm.

>> Hi, kids.

You look like you're trying to

figure something out.

>> Mom, Senor Tapir is leaving


>> Yes, I heard.

I bet you kids must be sad.

>> Yeah, we're really going to

miss him.

>> Mom, we want to give Senor

Tapir something special.

>> That's very sweet of you,


I'm sure you'll find just the

right thing to give Senor Tapir

before he leaves tomorrow.

>> I hope so.

>> It's time to get home.

Goodnight, Elinor.

Goodnight, Ranger Rabbit!

>> Bye-bye!

>> See you tomorrow!


(Birds singing)


What's that?

(Birds singing)

Hm, I wonder what those sounds




>> Mom!

>> Huh?


What is it, dear?

>> I heard an interesting sound

outside that woke me up!

>> Hm, what kind of sound was


>> I don't know, I want to go

outside and find out.

Will you come with me, Mom?


>> Well, I guess it's never too

early in the morning to be

curious, is it?

>> Yay!

(Bird singing)

There are the sounds again.

Come on, we need more ob--



We need more observations!



(Bird singing)


(Bird singing)

There it is!

That's the sound I heard!

>> Hm, that is an interesting


What do you think it is?

>> I don't know.

I don't think I've ever heard it


(Bird singing)

There it is again.

I think it's coming from over


>> I think you're right.

(Bird singing)

>> Look, it's those birds in the

tree that are making the sound.


>> Mm-hm, those are wood

thrushes and magnolia warblers.

>> But Mom, I've never heard a

bird make those sounds before.

Birds usually sound like chirp

chirp, chirp-chirp-chirp, chirp,


These sound more like


I wonder why do these birds

sound different?

>> Keep observing, Elinor, I

think you might find out soon.

(Bird singing)

>> Wow, look at that all those

birds leaving.

(Birds singing)

It looks like they're all going

the same way.

(Wind blowing)


Mom, are the birds leaving for

the winter, like Senor Tapir?

>> Yes, they are.

They're migrating.

You see, some birds don't like

the cold, so when it's almost

winter, they fly away somewhere


>> Migrating?

>> Yes, these birds are on their

way there now.


>> Is that why they are making

that special sound?

Because they're on a trip?

>> Yes, some birds make a

special sound or call when

they're flying together for the


(Birds singing)

>> What's wrong, Elinor?

>> I'm just a little sad that

the birds are leaving, just like

Senor Tapir.

>> Oh, don't worry, Elinor.

The birds and Senor Tapir will

come back next year.

Sometimes things in nature

leave, but then they come back.

>> Yeah, it's nice that the

birds make special sounds, when

they go on a trip.

>> Mm-hm!

>> Mom, that's it!

I think I know what we can give

Senor Tapir before he leaves.

Come on!

>> Well, have a good trip, Senor


Here, I baked you some fresh

snacks for your trip.

>> Wow, thank you, Mr. Raccoon!

I should sing a song about how

yummy your treats are.

>> Oh, well, thank you.

I do bake the best treats in


Of course, I'm the only baker

in town.

>> Thanks for all of your

beautiful songs, Senor Tapir.

>> Thank you, Ms. Llama, I'll

miss your fruits and your

special sauces.

Muy deliciosas!

>> Aww, gee.

>> Well, now it's time for me to


>> Senor Tapir, Senor Tapir!

>> Elinor, kids, I'm so glad you

came to say goodbye.

I didn't want to leave Animal

Town before saying adios one

last time.

>> Senor Tapir, we made

something special for you to

take on your trip.

>> Something special?

What is it?

>> Well, we were trying to think

of what to give you.

>> Because you're always singing

fun songs to us.

>> And then I heard an

interesting sound outside that

woke me up.

>> Yeah, Elinor told us all

about it.

It was birds, and they were

leaving too.

>> And when they leave for the

winter, they make a special bird


>> That's so interesting!

>> Yes, it is!

So we had the idea to make a

special song for you for your

trip, just like the birds have

a special call when they go on

a trip.

>> How wonderful, kids!

I can't wait to hear it.

>> Great!

>> Yes!

♪ It's time for some birds to

fly, fly away ♪

♪ It's getting too cold for them

to stay ♪

♪ And just like the birds we

sing, sing a song ♪

♪ To say goodbye, but not for

long ♪

♪ When friends say goodbye ♪

♪ Just sing them this tune ♪

♪ And they'll come right back ♪

♪ You'll see them soon ♪

♪ You'll see them soon ♪

♪ Oh, Senor Tapir ♪

♪ Thanks for your songs ♪

♪ Please think of us ♪

♪ As you travel along ♪

♪ Oh, Senor Tapir ♪

♪ Please hear our words ♪

♪ Please come right back ♪

♪ Just like the birds ♪

♪ When friends say goodbye ♪

♪ Just sing them this tune ♪

♪ And they'll come right back ♪

♪ You'll see them soon ♪

♪ You'll see them soon ♪



>> That song was absolutely

wonderful, kids!

I'll remember this special song

and take it with me on my


>> We're so glad you liked it,

Senor Tapir.

>> It's our way of saying


>> Where I come from, we say

"adios and hasta luego" which

means "goodbye and see you


>> "Hasta luego", I like that.

>> Okay.

>> KIDS: Aww.


>> I'm going to miss your songs

about scientists, Senor Tapir.

>> Well, you don't need me to

sing to you about scientists,


You are all great scientists


Just look how much you learn by

listening and observing!

>> Yeah!

>> That's right!

>> Goodbye, everyone!

>> Adios, Senor Tapir.

>> And hasta luego!

>> Adios and hasta luego,