Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 35 - The Little Drummer/Rest is Best - full transcript

Elinor and Olive help Ari deal with a woodpecker whose loud pecking is keeping Miri awake. Olive spends much of the night reading her book, and becomes too tired to do things in the morning.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that
I want to know. ♪

♪ Wherever I am, ♪

♪ I find things that
I want to understand. ♪

♪ Go and explore,
listen and see, ♪

♪ just follow your
curiosity. ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much
to learn, ♪

♪ wherever you turn,

♪ just listen and see, ♪

♪ and follow your
curiosity. ♪


♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor Wonders Why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.

ELINOR: "The Little Drummer"

[crowd cheering]

ARI: Are you ready
to rock?

[crowd cheering]


ELINOR: Ari! Ari!

We're ready!

ARI: Whaaa? Huh?


ELINOR: Ari, [giggles]
you were daydreaming.

I said we're ready.

OLIVE: Yeah, you were gonna
teach us how to play the drums.

ARI: Okay, I'm gonna
play something,

then you play
the same thing.

Try this.


ELINOR: [drumming]

Ha! I did it!

ARI: Nice.

Okay Olive,
your turn.


OLIVE: [drumming]

This is fun.

ARI: Okay, Elinor, try this.


[ muffled drumming ]

MIRI: [baby coo]

MRS. BAT: Oh dear.


MRS. BAT: Ari? Ari!!

[druming continues]

MRS. BAT: Ari!?
ARI: Whoah! Hi Mom.

MRS. BAT: Ari, Miri
is taking a nap,

and your drum playing
is a little loud.

Could you kids
please play quietly...

so you don't
wake her up?

ARI: Oh, yeah, of
course Mom.

MRS. BAT: Thanks kids.

ARI: Wanna hear
something cool?

ELNOR: Sure.
OLIVE: Yeah!

ARI: Wah


OLIVE: What are the
blankets gonna do?

ARI: Watch!

Listen to this...

[muffled drumming]

OLIVE: It's quiet now!

ELINOR: The blanket
made the drum less loud.

That's so interesting.

ARI: Yeah, playing the
drums loud is way more fun,

but this way I can play
them when Miri's napping.

ELINOR: Hmm...

Just in case, maybe we should
we play something else now?

OLIVE: We could
play outside.

ARI: Great idea, let's ask
my mom if that's okay.

[ drumming sound ]

MRS. BAT: Ari, I can
still hear the drums!

ARI: It's not me,

I'm right here.

MRS. BAT: Oh, sorry.

I didn't see
you there.

[ drumming sound ]

ELINOR: What is that sound?
Where's it coming from?

[ drumming sound ]

OLIVE: I think it's...
coming from outside?

ARI: Yeah, it's that
woodpecker again.

ELINOR: A woodpecker?

MRS. BAT: It's back?

[ drumming sound ]
MIRI: [crying]

MRS. BAT [sigh] It
keeps waking Miri up.

MIRI: [crying]

MRS. BAT: Coming Miri!

ELINOR: Mrs. Bat, can we
go outside to see it?

MRS. BAT: Please do...

and if you figure out why
it's pecking on the mailbox,

let me know!

ELINOR: Let's go!


ELINOR: There it is!

[woodpecker chirps]

OLIVE: It is a woodpecker!

Look at the red
feathers on its head!

OLIVE: and it is pecking
on the mailbox.

ELINOR: That's so

Why is the woodpecker pecking
on your mailbox, Ari?

ARI: I dunno.

OLIVE: Hmmm. I read about
woodpeckers in my nature book.

OLIVE: Woodpeckers are
birds that peck on trees...

with their pointy beaks.

That's how they
find bugs to eat.

ELINOR: Hmmmm, maybe it's
pecking on your mailbox...

because there
are bugs inside?

We'd better check.

[metalic drumming sound]

OLIVE: Look,
it flew away.

ARI: Yeah, but
it'll be back.

Quick, let's go see if there
are any bugs in the mailbox.

OLIVE: Hmmmm,
no bugs here.

ARI: Hmmm,
I wonder...


ARI: Ahaaaa!!!!!!!

ARI: Huh, no bugs.

OLIVE: Look at this!

I can see where
it was pecking.

ARI: Hmm...

ELINOR: It's dented.

But why would the
woodpecker peck here?

ARI: Not sure.

They're called Woodpeckers,
not Mailboxpeckers.

KIDS: [giggles]

OLIVE: Yeah, if there
are no bugs inside,

why is it pecking on
the mailbox?

ELINOR: Let's see if the
woodpecker comes back.

We need more

There it is!

[metalic drumming sound]

OLIVE: That's
really loud.

[ drumming sound ]
ARI: [gasp]

Wait! Do you
hear that?

[ drumming sound ]

ELINOR: It sounds like...

[drumming sound]
...another woodpecker.

OLIVE: [gasp]
I see it!

There is another

[drumming sound]

ELINOR: And it has red
feathers on its head too,

like the other
woodpecker does.

[ drumming sound]

ELINOR: It looks like
it's pecking on the tree.

OLIVE: Maybe it's
looking for bugs to eat.

Lemme check!

[drumming sound]

OLIVE: No, it doesn't look
like it's eating bugs.

Wow, it's beak
moves so fast...

And the sound
is so loud!

[drumming sound]

ARI: Yeah, it's like a little
drummer. With feathers.

[metalic drumming sound]

[metalic drumming sound]

[drumming sound]

[metalic drumming sound]

ELINOR: They're taking turns
making pecking sounds.

It's almost like they're...

MRS. BAT: Kiiiids?

ARI: Yeah Mom?

MRS. BAT: [out loud]
Where did you go?

ARI: We're over here!

MRS. BAT: Lunch
is almost ready!

ELINOR: [gasp] I think
I figured it out.

The woodpeckers are
talking to each other!

OLIVE: Just like Ari and his
mom were talking to each other!

It's like one
woodpecker goes...

peck peck peck to say
'Hi, I'm over here!'

ARI: Ohhh!

And then the other
woodpecker goes...

peck peck peck to say
'And I'm over here!'

ELINOR: Wow, so woodpeckers
peck on wood to look for food

and to talk to each other.

[metalic drumming sound]
[drumming sound]

[ muffled drumming sound ]

MIRI: [crying]

[metalic drumming sound]

ARI: Uh oh, the woodpecker
pecking the mailbox

woke Miri up again.

MIRI: [ crying ]

[metalic drumming sound]

ELINOR: That woodpecker
really is loud.

I wonder how we can get it
to peck more quietly.

ARI: Yeah, peck
more quietly.

[gasp] Wait,
my drums!

OLIVE: What about em?

ARI: I made my drums
quiet with a blanket!

Maybe we can make
the mailbox quiet...

by putting a
blanket inside it.

[metalic drumming sound]

ELINOR: Great idea,
let's try it out!

ARI: Be right back.

[metalic drumming sound]

ELINOR: There it goes!

Okay, now let's try putting
the blanket in the mailbox.

ARI: Let's do it!

Has anyone ever had
a mailbox band?

[crowd cheering]

ARI: This one's
called Mailbox Rock!

[metalic drumming sound]



ARI: Oh, sorry. Hehe.

ARI: Okay,
let's find out.

[metalic drumming sound]

OLIVE: Whoah that's loud.

Be careful we don't want
to wake up Miri.

ARI: Right. Better
try the blanket.

ELINOR: Ari, now drum
on the mailbox.

[quiet drumming sound]

ELINOR: Yes! It worked!
It's quieter!

ARI: Just like my drums
in my bedroom.

The blanket made
it quieter!

ELINOR: Okay, let's
go back and observe

what the woodpecker does.

[woodpecker chirps]

MRS. BAT: Oh there's
that woodpecker again.

[sigh] And Miri
just fell asleep.

ARI: It's okay
mom, watch!

[quiet drumming sound]

MRS. BAT: Oh, it's
much quieter now!

Wow kids, how did
you do that?

ELINOR: Well we figured
out that woodpeckers...

talk to each other by
pecking on things...

that make loud sounds.

OLIVE: And that's why
the woodpecker...

was pecking on
the mailbox.

ARI: So we put a blanket
inside to make it less loud.

OLIVE: Look!

[drumming sound]
It's pecking on a tree now!

ELINOR: Now that the
mailbox is quieter,

the woodpecker found
something else to peck on,

far from the house!

MRS. BAT: That is just
marvelous, kids!


KIDS: ♪ A rat-a-tat-tat.
A bibbidy-bum. ♪

♪ Woodpecker's peck like
the sound of the drum. ♪

♪ A rat-a-tat-tat.
A bibbidy bow. ♪

♪ Woodpecker's peck so
they can be loud. ♪

♪ When a woodpecker
wants to say "I'm right here!" ♪

♪ To talk to woodpeckers
flying far and near. ♪

♪ It taps with its beak to
make a loud sound. ♪

♪ Because woodpeckers are
the best drummers around! ♪

♪ A rat-a-tat-tat.
A bibbidy-bum. ♪

♪ Woodpecker's peck like
the sound of the drum, ♪

♪ a rat-a-tat-tat,
a bibbidy bow. ♪

♪ Woodpecker's peck so
they can be loud. ♪

[drumming sound]

MRS. BAT: Ari, do you hear that
sound coming from the house?

ARI: Uh, I don't
hear anything.

MRS. BAT: Exactly.

Your sister is finally asleep.

MIRI: [cooing]

MRS. BAT: Oh, this is
wonderful. Thanks kids.

ELINOR: You're welcome,
Mrs. Bat!

Hi Mr. Pig.

MR. PIG: [gasp]


MRS. BAT: Whoops, how are we
supposed to get our mail now?

ALL: [laughing]

[drumming sound]
MRS. BAT: Oh..

MIRI: [crying]

ARI: Here we go again.

MIRI: [crying]

ELINOR: I love being outside.

I can hear so
many birds!

[drumming sound]

OLIVE: I hear
a woodpecker.

ARI: I see a

Is that it?

[drumming sound]

OLIVE: That one is making
a different sound.

[drumming sound]

There's the first
sound again.

I guess there are two
different woodpeckers...

making two
different sounds.

That's so interesting!

MS. MOLE: In fact,
there are more than...

two hundred kinds
of woodpeckers!

KIDS: Wow!

MS. MOLE: Mhmm!
Here, I'll show you.

MS. MOLE: Lots of birds
talk to each other...

by singing songs.

[birds chirp]

[birds chirp] MS. MOLE: But
woodpeckers don't sing.

ELINOR: Can they still talk
to each other, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: Yes!

ARI: How do they
do that?

MS. MOLE: They drum
with their beaks!

Listen to this
Hairy Woodpecker.

[drumming sound]

MS. MOLE: This is a
Pileated Woodpecker.

[drumming sound]

MS. MOLE: My favorite
woodpecker is this one,

the Yellow-bellied

[drumming sound]
MS. MOLE: It gets creative,

switching between fast
and slow drumming!

These are just
a few of the over...

two hundred kinds
of woodpeckers.

They come in different
sizes, shapes, and colors,

[drumming sound]
And they make different sounds.

ARI: I want to drum
like a woodpecker.

MS. MOLE: I thought
you'd never ask!

Here you go!

OLIVE: Thank you!

KIDS: [laugh]

KIDS: [drum]


ELINOR: "Rest is Best"

ELINOR: Hmmm. What
should we play today?

ARI: We could play catch.


We did that yesterday.

ARI: Right [gasp]
ELINOR: [gasp]

ARI: Look at those
butterflies go.

[giggle] They look like
they're chasing each other.


Are you thinking what
I'm thinking?

ELINOR: Let's play tag!
ARI: Let's play tag!

ARI: You know who
loves tag?


Let's go!

ELINOR: Hi, Olive.

OLIVE: Hi, Elinor.
Hi Ari.

ARI: What are
you reading?

OLIVE: A really fun book.

It's about a princess who
goes into a magical forest

to rescue a prince.

What's inside
that forest?

Dun dun dunnn...

is a mystery!

ARI: Whoa. That does
sound good.

ELINOR: We're going
to play tag.

Want to play with us?

OLIVE: That sounds like fun.


I really want to
finish this book.

OLIVE: Okay,
I'll play tag.

KIDS: [cheer]

OLIVE: I'm it!
ARI: Woo-hoo!

MS. ELEPHANT: All right,
my little bookworm...

it's time to sleep.

OLIVE: But Mom, the princess is
almost at the magical forest.

I want to know
what happens next.

MS. ELEPHANT: Oh, sweetheart,
you know your book...

will still be there
in the morning.

Now it's time to sleep.

Nighttime is when
little elephants sleep.

How about I give you five
more minutes to read?

Then it's lights out.


Thanks, mom.

Night, night.

MS. ELEPHANT: Goodnight,

Remember, just five
more minutes.

OLIVE: Right. Just
five more minutes.

OLIVE: Oops.

I think that was a little
more than five minutes.


ARI: [whistle]

ELINOR: Morning, Ari!
You sound happy.

ARI: Yep!

I slept so much
last night.

And now I can't
wait to play tag.

ELINOR: [giggles]
Me too!

Let's go get Olive.

I wonder if Olive
finished her book.

ELINOR: Hi Olive!

OLIVE: [yawn]
Hi Nelinor.

I mean,
Hi Relinor.

I mean...

Hi friends.

ELINOR: Olive,
are you ok?

OLIVE: Yeah.


ARI: Did you finish
your book?


I got closer, though.

My mom let me read for
five extra minutes,

but the book was so good
that I accidentally...

read for a lot longer.

ELINOR: So, you
didn't sleep?

OLIVE: I slept a little.

ARI: Huh.

I thought everyone
has to sleep.

ELINOR: Hmm, I've never
really thought about it before.

Why do we need
to sleep?

What's it good for?

OLIVE: That's a [yawn]
good question.

ELINOR: I know!

Let's see if we can
find any animals...

sleeping on the way
to school.

Maybe that will help us
figure out why we sleep.

OLIVE: Yeaaa [yawn].

I mean, yeah.

I'll draw them on
my note pad.

There's an owl!

ARI: Cool!

Ooh... Owl take
a closer look.

KIDS: [giggle]

ARI: Its eyes are closed.

I think it's sleeping.

ELINOR: My mom told me that
most owls sleep during the day,

when we're awake.

ELINOR: They fly
around at night,

when we're asleep.

OLIVE: There.

A sleeping owl.

ELINOR: Okay. Let's get
more observations.

OLIVE: [snores]

[snores] Op!

OLIVE: I see a liz-yawn.

ARI: What's a lizyawn?

ELINOR: Oh, it's
a lizard!

It's not moving.

I'm going to get
a closer look.

ELINOR: [whispering]
Yes, it's eyes are closed.

I think it's sleeping.

ELINOR: [giggle] I guess
it was time to wake up!

OLIVE: Right.

We saw a
sleeping lizard.

ELINOR: I wonder if
there are any sleeping

animals in the water.

ELINOR: I see a fish!

I wonder if
it's sleeping.

ARI: Hmm... but
its eyes are open.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole said fish
can't close their eyes

because they
don't have eyelids.

ELINOR: Hmm. If fish can't
close their eyes I wonder...

does that mean they
don't sleep?

I always close my
eyes when I sleep.

ARI: Psst! Olive...

It's a mystery.


ARI: A sleeping
fish mystery...

OLIVE: [giggle] Right.

Fish with eyes open.

ELINOR: So, we saw
a sleeping owl,

a sleeping lizard, and a
fish with its eyes open.

OLIVE: If fish don't sleep, then
maybe I don't have to, either.

That means I can stay up
and read every night!

Then I can
finish my book.

Okay, let's go
to the pool.

ELINOR: Do you
mean the school?

OLIVE: Oops. That's
what I meant.

KIDS: [chuckle]


ELINOR: Hey, Olive.

ARI: Did you get to
the part of the book

where the princess
saves the prince?


I can't seem to
read very well.

When I look down, the words
look fuzzy and blurry...

and I keep losing
my place.

ARI: Hmm.

Do you want to come
play tag instead?

OLIVE: Okay [yawn]

Maybe running
around will help.

ELINOR: Yay! Do you
want to be It?

OLIVE: You bet I do.

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: [panting]

OLIVE: Whew. I feel
tired already.

ELINOR: Olive, are
you okay?

ARI: Yeah, what's
up, Olive?

OLIVE: I don't know.

I just can't run as
fast as I usually can.


Let's think.

You can't run as fast as usual,
and it's hard to read a book.

OLIVE: Yup. That's
all true [yawn].

ARI: Olive, I think your
yawns are getting louder.

ELINOR: Wait. That
yawn gives me an idea.

I usually yawn
when I'm sleepy.

Ari, you slept a lot
last night, right?

ARI: I sure did!

ELINOR: And I did too!

And we both can
run really fast.

But Olive, you didn't sleep very
much and now you feel tired.

You're right.

ELINOR: Maybe that's what
sleeping is good for.

If we don't sleep,
we feel tired.

ARI: Yeah, and we can't do
the things we usually do.

OLIVE: That makes
[yawns] ...sense.

MS. MOLE: Hmm... Olive, that
was the loudest yawn...

I've ever heard.

Are you okay?

ELINOR: Ms. Mole, Olive
stayed up really late...

and she didn't get
a lot of sleep.

ARI: Yeah, and now
she's really tired...

and can't read her book
or play tag well.

ELINOR: We think that's
why we need to sleep!

So we don't feel tired.

MS. MOLE: You're right!

Sleep is very important,

especially when
you're a growing kid!

When you sleep, your body
rests and gets more energy.

So when you wake up, you can do
all the things you like to do.

OLIVE: Ms. Mole, do all
animals need to sleep?

MS. MOLE: Most of them do, but
some rest in different ways.

MS. MOLE: A green
tree frog has sticky toes,

and it sleeps by sticking itself
the underside of a leaf.

MS. MOLE: A toucan turns its
head all the way around

and tucks its big beak
into its back feathers.

ELINOR: That's so

Different animals rest
in different ways.


Ms. Mole, we saw a fish
earlier that wasn't moving,

but its eyes
were open.

Was it just resting in
a different way?

MS. MOLE: Yes!

Fish don't have eyelids,
so they can rest or sleep with

their eyes open.


If I sleep, then I can
play and read more.

I guess sleeping is
pretty important.

ELINOR: Yeah, and
it's so interesting.


ALL: ♪ Why should
you rest. ♪

♪ When you're all
tired out? ♪

♪ When the night
winds blow. ♪

♪ And the owls
fly about?? ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Your body
needs rest. ♪

♪ So you can play. ♪

♪ You sleep all night. ♪

♪ To have fun all day. ♪

ALL: ♪ Why should
you rest. ♪

♪ When you're all
tired out? ♪

♪ When the night
winds blow. ♪

♪ And the owls
fly about? ♪

ARI: ♪ When you sleep.

♪ You get more energy. ♪

♪ Your body heals up. ♪

♪ To feel as good
as can be. ♪

ALL: ♪ That's why
you rest. ♪

♪ When you're
all tired out. ♪

♪ When the night
winds blow. ♪

♪ And the owls
fly about. ♪

MS. MOLE: Shhhhh.

ELINOR: Oh, looks like
Olive fell asleep.

ARI: Maybe she's finishing
her story in her dreams.

OLIVE: [calm breath]

ELINOR: Well, Olive's story
definitely has a happy ending.

OLIVE: [calm breath]