Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 29 - Echolocation/Ears to You - full transcript

Ari comes up with a way to project sound to find things without seeing. Elinor, Ari, and Olive learn about the ears of various creatures.

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♪ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪I see things that
I want to know.♪

♪Wherever I am,♪

♪I find things that
I want to understand.♪

♪Go and explore,
listen and see,♪

♪just follow your

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly?♪

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide?♪

♪There's so much
to learn,♪

♪ wherever you turn,

♪just listen and see,♪

♪and follow your


♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find?♪

♪ALL: Elinor Wonders Why!♪

♪ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "A Change of Art"

MR. LION: Hmmm...

KIDS: Oooooh!

ARI: Wow!

OLIVE: Yeah!
ELINOR: Ooohh...

SALLY: Amazing!

MR. LION: Hmmm...

KIDS: Coool!
Oooooh! Wow!

MR. LION: And that's
the joy of painting!

ELINOR: That's great,
Mr. Lion!

OLIVE: Yeah, your painting looks
just like the bowl of fruit!

ARI: Mmm.

It looks so real, it's
making me hungry!

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: What? I'm
a fruit bat.

MR. LION: [chuckle]
Thanks, kids.

And now, it's your
turn to paint!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Are we going to paint
the bowl of fruit, Mr. Lion?

MR. LION: You can.

Or you can paint
whatever you want!

Art isn't about rules, it's
a way to show your feelings...

about what you
want to paint.

ELINOR: But I don't know
what I want to paint.

MR. LION: You will!

Just think about
something you love,

and let your heart
tell your brain,

then let your brain
tell your fingers,

then let your fingers
pick up a paintbrush

and create something

MR. LION: But before
you start!

The most important
thing of all,

something you
cannot forget!


Everyone come take some
from the table over there.

KIDS: Awesome!

Yay! Yay! Yay!


OLIVE: Oh! That's a lot
of green paint, Elinor.

ELINOR: Yup! Mr. Lion said
to paint something we love,

so I'm going to
paint nature.

ELINOR: I'm going to
paint the trees,

and the bushes, and the
leaves, and the grass...

ARI: Yup, you're definitely
going to need a lot of green.

ARI: Yup, you're definitely
going to need a lot of green.

about you, Ari?

ARI: Hmmm...

Well, I love fruit, so
that's what I want to paint.

But... Mr. Lion already
painted that bowl of fruit.

ELINOR: I think
that's okay, Ari.

You can paint something even if
someone else already did.

OLIVE: [sigh] I'm glad
you said that, Elinor.

Because I love nature, too, and
I also want to paint the forest.

ELINOR: That's great!

We can both be
nature painters!


ARI: It's time...

to make art!

KIDS: [giggle]


MR. LION: Wow, Sally,
look at that sunrise!

...Javier, I love those
melting clocks, how unusual!

Beautiful work, Ari!

That apple looks tasty
enough to eat,

but I'm not going to,
because it's a painting.

ARI: [chuckle]

ELINOR: I'm painting a
scene. I'm using the green.

And now some blue.

How 'bout you?

OLIVE: [chuckle]

ELINOR: What do
you think, Olive?

OLIVE: That's really
nice, Elinor!

ELINOR: Mr. Lion is right...

it's so fun to paint
what you love.

ELINOR: [gasp]

Olive, that's beautiful!

OLIVE: Thanks!

I'm trying to paint all of the
things I notice in nature.

ELINOR: [giggle]

Needs more birds.


ELINOR: Your painting
is so good.

It looks ...real.

OLIVE: You think so?

Thanks, Elinor!

ELINOR: [sigh] I wish
mine looked real, too.

ARI: It doesn't have
to look real, Elinor!

ARI: See?

I've added some robots
to my painting.

ARI: [with robot voice]
Robots eating fruit.

Bee boop
bee boop.

ELINOR: [giggle]


MR. LION: Elinor, there
isn't a "good" or "bad"...

way to make art.

Art is just your own way of
showing how you feel...

about what
you're painting.

ELINOR: Hmmmm...

Thanks, Mr. Lion.

Okay, I'm going to make my
painting really show...

how much I
love nature!

ELINOR: I'm painting
a scene.

I'm using
the green.

ELINOR: Uh-oh.

I'm out of
green paint.

ELINOR: Hmm...

ELINOR: I'm getting
the green.

ELINOR: I'm getting
more green... [efforts]

Hmmm... we're
out of green paint.

ARI: Elinor, can you please
hand me the blue paint?

I think my fruit-and-robot
picture needs a blue dragon.

ELINOR: It looks like we're
out of blue paint, too.

ARI: We're out?

OLIVE: What about brown?

I need more brown paint
for the tree trunks.

OLIVE: There's no
more brown paint?

ARI: Mr. Lion?

It looks like we're
out of paint.

It looks like we're
out of paint.

Do you have more?

MR. LION: Hmm...

MR. LION: Oh no!

I thought I brought
enough paint,

but it looks
like we ran out.

SALLY: But how am
I going to finish...

my painting of my
favorite tree?

TITO: And how am I going to
finish painting my mom?

ELINOR: Now what
do we do?

ARI: It's an

MR. LION: Ah! I'm
so sorry, kids.

We'll have to wait
until next week...

to finish your

I'll be sure to bring
more paint then.


ELINOR: Aw, I really wanted
to finish my nature painting.

OLIVE: Me too.

ARI: Yeah, now we'll have
to wait a whole week.

ARI: [with robot voice]
Cannot paint blue dragon.

Very sad.

Beep Boop
beep boop...

[gasp] [oooof]

[giggle] I'm okay!


Ari, your smock has
green stains on it.

ARI: Sure.

That's what it's for...

to keep my clothes from
getting paint on them!

OLIVE: But these stains
weren't here a minute ago.

ELINOR: I don't think these
stains came from the paint.

I think they're
from the grass.

OLIVE: You mean like the stains
you get on your pants...

sometimes when you're
playing in the grass?


That is so

ELINOR: I wonder...

ELINOR: Wow, look!

The green from the grass
gets on my canvas.

OLIVE: It's like you're
painting with it.

ARI: Whoa, cool!

OLIVE: [gasp] Maybe we can use
it to finish our paintings!

ELINOR: We can use grass
to paint the grass!

ARI: Yeah, but that
only gives us green.

How do we paint
the other colors?

ELINOR: Hmm...

I wonder what else we can use
to paint with around here.

We need more


OLIVE: Maybe we can
use the petals...

from this flower
to make yellow.

ELINOR: That works!

ARI: This dirt is brown...

and this dirt is
more like orange.

ELINOR: That works,

ELINOR: And this rock
is like chalk...

we could use
this for white!

OLIVE: Looks like
the rock works too.

ARI: We can paint
with nature!

ELINOR: Let's go
tell Mr. Lion!



ELINOR: Mr. Lion!
Mr. Lion!

Guess what!

We can finish our
paintings after all!

ARI: I had a grass
stain on my smock,

and Elinor thought that
maybe we could paint...

with colors
from nature!

OLIVE: We found all
kinds of colorful plants

and nature things.

Some of them
should work.

ELINOR: We can use
nature to paint nature!

MR. LION: What a
great idea, kids!

You're right...
there are no rules in art.

Not even that you
have to use paint.

ARI: Wait.

I still need blue
for my dragon.

[gasp] I'll be
right back.

MR. LION: Another

ARI: Umm... Mr. Lion, can I
use this blueberry...

to paint my
blue dragon.

MR. LION: Let's use
all the colors of nature.


♪ The world is full of colors
that can all be found. ♪

♪ Hanging from the trees or
growing in the ground. ♪

♪ Put down your pencil, 'cause
here's the greatest part: ♪

♪ Nature is a
work of art! ♪

ELINOR: ♪A berry's blue. ♪

OLIVE: ♪The grass is green. ♪

ARI: ♪The dirt is brown. ♪

MR. LION: ♪And hello! Flowers

e orange, pink, and yellow. ♪

ARI: ♪You don't always need
to buy things in stores. ♪

ELINOR: ♪You might find
them if you look outdoors. ♪

OLIVE: ♪Put berries
in your painting, ♪

♪ instead of in
a tart. ♪

ARI: ♪The world is
full of colors, ♪

♪ so pick one up
and start. ♪

KIDS: ♪Nature is
a work of art! ♪

♪Nature is a work
of art!♪

MR. LION: ♪You see it
all around you; ♪

♪ you feel it in
your heaaaaaart! ♪

ALL: ♪Nature is
a work of aaarrrrrt! ♪

ELINOR: Hmm... Now how do I
paint with this flower?

MR. LION: Remember, Elinor,
there are no rules in art.

Maybe what you need...
is glue!

ELINOR: [gasp] Yes!

OLIVE: Wow. A picture
of nature, by nature,

in nature, made
with nature.

ARI: The dandelion is the
sun... what a cool idea!

ELINOR: I love how my
painting turned out.

Like you said, Mr. Lion, it
shows how much I love nature...

because it's beautiful,
and interesting,

and full of surprises.

MR. LION: See?

I told you not to
worry, Elinor.

Art isn't about
right or wrong,

it's just a way to share your
feelings and ideas with others.

ELINOR: Well, it's easy to share
my feelings about Nature...

it's so colorful!

ARI: Yup!

My dragon agrees.

ALL: [giggle]

Can I look yet?

ELINOR: [giggle]



ELINOR: I used blueberry
juice to paint your picture!

looks just like me.

That reminds me of
a song about a scientist

who discovered lots of art
painted on rocks...

from thousands
of years ago.

SENOR TAPIR: ♪Doctor Sada Mire
is an awesome scientist. ♪

♪ She explored the
ancient desert's ♪

♪ rocky caves
and cliffs. ♪

♪ She found amazing paintings
from a long time ago. ♪

♪ Of snakes, giraffes,
horses, sheep, ♪

♪ goats and antelope!

SENOR TAPIR: ♪Oh rockin'
ancient rock art. ♪

♪ Let's celebrate!

♪ The rockin'
ancient rock art, ♪

♪ Still colorful today!

♪ Folks painted wonderful
colors on the rocks. ♪

♪ Colors that didn't come
from a store or a box. ♪

♪ The colors came from nature,
and things in the ground. ♪

♪ Like dirt and clay
and juice, ♪

♪ and other things
that they found. ♪

SENOR TAPIR: ♪Oh rockin'
ancient rock art. ♪

♪ Let's celebrate!

♪ The rockin'
ancient rock art, ♪

♪ Still colorful today!

♪ Red and green and pink
and brown and yellow, ♪

♪ black and white.

♪ The colors from so long ago
are still shining bright! ♪

♪Oh rockin'
ancient rock art. ♪

♪ Let's celebrate!

♪ The rockin' ancient rock
art, still colorful today! ♪

ARI: Cool!
Elinor: Oh!


ELINOR: "Litterbug"

ELINOR: Here it comes!

ARI: I got it...
I got it...


OLIVE: [giggle]
Looks like I got it.

OLIVE: [efforts]
ARI: [gasp]

ELINOR: This one
is mine!

ARI: Oh, no!

Not this time!


Amazing catch,
Mrs. Hippo!

Want to play
with us?

I'd love to, kiddos,

but I'm cleaning up litter
in the park today.

ELINOR: My Mom told
me you'd be here...

so we asked our parents if
we could help you today.

MRS. HIPPO: Oh, the more
the merrier [chuckle]

ARI: But...

I don't see
any litter?

MRS. HIPPO: That's because
I already cleaned up...

this part of the park.

But, I still have
lots to do.

ELINOR: Keeping all
of Animal Town clean...

must be a big job,
Mrs. Hippo.

MRS. HIPPO: Hop in!

Let's go clean
up the park!


ELINOR: Where did all
this litter come from?

MRS. HIPPO: Even towns as
wonderful as Animal Town...

can have litter.

Sometimes, people drop
litter by accident...

or it falls out
of trash cans

or it may get blown
around by the wind...

OLIVE: I see what
you mean.

ELINOR: I don't see any more
litter around here, Mrs. Hippo.

Where to next?

Where to next?

MRS. HIPPO: Actually,
Elinor, we're all done...

cleaning up the park.

ELINOR: Great!

MRS. HIPPO: You kids
were such a huge help,

we finished early.

ARI: Aww, I really liked
helping clean up Animal Town.

MRS. HIPPO: Thanks
a bunch, Ari.

Well, since we
finished early,

I thought I might
take my helpers...

on a cart ride
around town!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: This is gonna be
so much fun!!!

KIDS: [cheering]



ARI: Wow, Mrs. Hippo.

My mom makes me clean
up my room all the time,

but it's never
this much fun!

thanks a bunch, Ari.

You kids really made
cleaning easy today.

I've never been
done so fast.

OLIVE: [gasp] Uh...

I'm not so sure
we're done.

ELINOR: uh-oh!

MRS. HIPPO: Oh my!

ELINOR: Oh, no!
What happened?

OLIVE: There's more
litter in the park!

MRS. HIPPO: But we haven't
been gone very long.

I wonder where it
all came from.

ARI: There's only one
explanation for how...

all this litter got
here so fast.

Animal Town has...

a litterbug!

ELINOR: A litterbug?

ARI: Yeah!

Someone who leaves
litter on the ground.

whoever left this litter...

did it by accident and
doesn't know they did it.

ELINOR: And if they don't
know they're doing it...

ARI: They could
still be doing it!

OLIVE: We need to figure out
where all this litter came from.

MRS. HIPPO: Great idea!

Let's work as
a team.

I'll pick up the litter here and
you kiddos look around town

for clues about where the
litter might be coming from.

ELINOR: You got it,
Mrs. Hippo.

OLIVE: If you wanna find out
where the litter is coming from,

follow the litter trail.

Let's go!


ARI: Looks like the
litterbug came this way.

ELINOR: Sure does.


OLIVE: Look, there's
Ms. Llama!

What is she doing?

ELINOR: She looks like
she's putting her litter...

on the ground!

ARI: [gasp] Could Ms. Llama
be the litterbug?!

Ms. Llama.

Hello kids!

ELINOR: May we ask
what you're doing?

ARI: Yeah, it looks like you're
putting litter on the ground.

goodness gracious!

No Ari this
isn't litter,

it's scraps of food
for composting.

it's scraps of food
for composting.

ELINOR: Composting?


Whenever I have leftover
fruits or vegetables...

or bread from my restaurant,
I dump it here

instead of in the trash.

After a while, all this old
food turns into nice soil

for my garden.

ARI: Amazing.

MS. LLAMA: Would you kids like
to help me spread it around?

ARI: Hmm...
sounds messy.

I'm in!

OLIVE: Me too.
Every little bit helps.


ARI: [gasp]


ELINOR: I can't
believe all that food...

can go right back into
the soil like this.


OLIVE: Yeah, and it
makes less trash...

because we're re-using
the old food.

ARI: Phew...

And here I thought you might
be the litterbug, Ms. Llama.


ELINOR: Someone has been leaving
litter around Animal Town.

MS. LLAMA: I always reduce,
reuse and recycle.

ARI: Uh... we still need to
find the litterbug.

MS. LLAMA: You kids
better get back to it.


ELINOR: Bye, Ms. Llama.

MS. LLAMA: Thanks
for your help.


There's more litter
on the ground.


think we got it all.

This is the last piece.

OLIVE: The litter ended
near Mr. Raccoon's shop.

Maybe he saw something?

ELINOR: There he is.

OLIVE: [gasp] He's
got a bag of litter.

A big bag of litter!

ELINOR: And it looks
like he's pouring water...

all over the sidewalk.

ARI: [gasp] Could Mr. Raccoon
be the litterbug?

ELINOR: Let's go ask him.

ARI: Mr. Raccooo...

I am so sorry, Ari!

I didn't even
see you there!

Here you go!

ARI: Thanks,
Mister Raccoon.

ELINOR: We're trying to figure
out who is leaving litter...

around Animal Town.

MR. RACCOON: Ah yes, I
saw a lot of litter here...

in front of my shop.

It took me a while
to pick it all up.

That's what's
in this bag.

OLIVE: Well, that explains
why the litter ends...

at Mr. Raccoon's shop.

ARI: Oh, I thought

you were the litterbug,
Mr. Raccoon.

[cuckles] not me.

I always try to keep
everything clean.

That's why I'm spraying
down my sidewalk,

to clean up where this
litter used to be.

But don't worry, I'm using rain
water from my rain barrel.

ELINOR: But it's
not raining.

OLIVE: Yeah!

And what's a rain barrel?

take a look.

The rain barrel collects
water every time it rains,

The rain barrel collects
water every time it rains,

and saves it for later.

That way, when I wash my
sidewalk or water my grass,

I'm not wasting
new water.

I'm re-using rain water.

Saving water and
re-using it...

is one way we help
keep our town clean.

ARI: Phew!

I'm glad you're not the
litterbug, Mr. Raccoon.

OLIVE: Hey, there's new
litter on the sidewalk!

ARI: But the sidewalk was
clean a few minutes ago.

That means it must
be the litterbug!

ELINOR: Whoever is leaving
this litter must be nearby.

ARI: Let's go!

ELINOT: See you later,
Mr. Raccoon!

MR. RACCOON: Goodbye!

ARI: Oh, we're
so close!

Come on.

It looks like the
litterbug is...

ELINOR: Mrs. Hippo?

hey kiddos!

I've been looking all over
for you, dontcha know.

Did you figure out where all
that litter is coming from?

ELINOR: I think we
did, Mrs. Hippo.

It's coming from us.


How can that be?

OLIVE: It looks like we didn't
close the litter bags properly.

ELINOR: So when we
drove around town,

the litter fell out
and went everywhere.

MRS. HIPPO: Oh my!

I didn't know we were
spreading more litter around.

ARI: It's okay,
Mrs. Hippo.

We just made
a mistake.

Don't worry, I make
'em all the time.

Whoa whoa!

ARI: See?

ALL: [giggle]

MRS. HIPPO: Well, it
won't happen again.

From now on, these bags
will be tied up tight!

ELINOR: Here, Mrs.
Hippo, I'll help you.

After all, we can all help
make our town cleaner.

MRS. HIPPO: You can
sure say that again.


ELINOR:♪To keep your
world nice and green. ♪

♪ You just have to
keep it clean. ♪

♪Follow these steps
and you will see.♪

♪Helping is easy
as can be?♪

OLIVE: ♪When you're done with
fruit don't throw it away. ♪

♪ Compost that all
night and day. ♪

♪It makes less litter
and that doesn't hurt.♪

♪'Cause compost really
helps the dirt!♪

ARI: ♪When watering
plants don't use a hose. ♪

♪There's a better way
that everyone knows.♪

♪Catch some rain as it
falls from the sky.♪

♪And use that water when
your plants get dry!♪

ELINOR: ♪Here's one more
thing that you can do. ♪

♪To keep the world
looking good as new.♪

♪When you see litter
on the ground.♪

♪Throw it in the cans
that are all around!♪

ALL: ♪To keep your
world nice and green. ♪

♪You just have to
keep it clean.♪

♪Follow these steps
and you will see.♪

♪Helping is easy
as can be!♪

MRS. HIPPO: Thanks
again, kids.

You helped me
clean up,

and reminded me to keep my
litter in the trash bag.

and reminded me to keep my
litter in the trash bag.

OLIVE: No problem,
Mrs. Hippo.

We love to help keep
Animal Town clean.

ELINOR: Yeah, because no
matter how old you are,

everyone can do their part to
keep their town beautiful!

ARI: [eating]

Whoops! Sorry, I
dropped some litter.

But don't worry...

I'm doing my part.