Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 28 - The Unsinkable Lynx/Rocky the Rock - full transcript

A feline friend walks on the snow without going down, much to the amazement of Elinor and her pals. Ari tries to make a pet out of a pebble.

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♪ EL IN OR : Wh er ev er I g o,

♪ I see things that
I want to know. ♪

♪ Wherever I am, ♪

♪ I find things that
I want to understand. ♪

♪ Go and explore,
listen and see, ♪

♪ just follow your
curiosity. ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much
to learn, ♪

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ just listen and see, ♪

♪ and follow your
curiosity. ♪


♪ ALL: Elinor wonders why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find? ♪

♪ ALL: Elinor Wonders Why! ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


Unsinkable Lynx"

ELINOR: Hmmm...

Okay, everyone.

I think we're ready
for today's game,

but let's make sure.

Do we have...


SILAS: We have snow!

ELINOR: Do we have
our snow clothes?

OLIVE: We're
warm and toasty.

ELINOR: Do we have a
bunch of awesome friends?

KOA: We are
totally awesome.

ELINOR: Great!

It looks like we're ready
to play a game of...

snow tag!

KIDS: Yaaay!

[cheer] Woo-hoo!

ARI: Wait.

I thought you said we were
going to play Snow tennis.

ELINOR: Snow Tennis?

How do you
play that?

ARI: I don't know.

I thought you knew!

That's why I brought
these rackets.

OLIVE: [ giggle ]

Ari, we're playing
Snow tag today.

It's just like regular tag, but
we play it in a snowy field.

ARI: Ok!

I guess I won't
be needing these.

ELINOR: Wow, there is so
much snow in the field today.

Look how deep
it is.

OLIVE: Yeah, this might make it
a little hard to run around.

ELINOR: I guess it's not snow
tag if there isn't any snow.

Should we start
the game?

KIDS: [cheer]

SILAS: Can I be It?



You're the
fastest runner,

so I'm guessing you
won't be it for long.

ARI: Yeah, Silas.

I bet cheetahs are fast,
even in the snow.

SILAS: I'll give you a
really big head start.

I'll count to 25.

KIDS: Ok! Yeah!

SILAS: Ok, ready...

SILAS: One, two,
three, four, five,

six-seven, eight
nine, ten, eleven,

twelve, thirteen, fourteen,
fifteen, sixteen, seventeen...

OLIVE: Silas even
counts fast!

ELINOR: [giggle]

SILAS: ...twenty-three,
twenty-four, twenty-five.

SILAS: Ready or
not, here I come!

Uh.... Hmmm...

Ah, yea!

ARI: Uh oh.



ARI: Oh! [giggle]
[sigh] Nice one, Silas.

Now I'm it.

SILAS: [giggle]

OLIVE: [gasp]

ARI: [panting]
It's... really... hard...

to move...
in this snow.

KIDS: [panting]

OLIVE: Yeah...

I have to lift my foot
up high to take a step...

and then it sinks
in the snow.

ELINOR: Me too.


I wonder if there's a way
to run better in the snow.

OLIVE: Oh look,
it's Gael.

ARI: Who's Gael?

OLIVE: He's new
in town!

His family just moved
here from up north.




GAEL: Hi, everybody.
I'm Gael.

KIDS: Hello! Hi!

SILAS: Welcome
to Animal Town.

GAEL: Thanks, I really
like it here.

ARI: What's it like
up north, Gael?

GAEL: Well, it's
a bit snowier.

really cold?

GAEL: Yeah.

But don't worry.
I'm a lynx,

and lynxes have really thick
fur to keep us warm.

KIDS: Wow! Yeah! Cool!

OLIVE: Well, Gael,
you're just in time.

We're playing a
game of Snow Tag.

Want to join us?

GAEL: Great!

Um, what's
Snow Tag?

OLIVE: It's just
like regular tag,

but we play it in
the snowy field.

ARI: And right now,
it's really snowy.


KIDS: [giggle]

GAEL: Oh! Ok.
Where I'm from,

it's almost always snowy,
so we just call it tag.

ELINOR: Does anyone
want to be It this time?

GAEL: I'll be It.

ELINOR: Ok, count
to ten and then,

it's snow tag time!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Watch
out for Silas.

He's really fast.

GAEL: One, two,
three, four, five,

six, seven, eight,
nine, ten.

Here I come!


OLIVE: [gasp]


KOA: Whoa!

GAEL: [giggle]

ELINOR: [giggle]

ARI: Ahhhh!

GAEL: [giggle]

ARI: [gasp] Look! Gael
is chasing Silas!

SILAS: [panting]

GAEL: Tag!

SILAS: [panting] Hahaha
nice, you got me!

SILAS: [giggle]
GAEL: [giggle]

ARI: Whoa, look!
Gael tagged Silas!

OLIVE: Nobody
ever tags Silas.

ELINOR: Gael did.

ARI: I thought cheetahs were
the fastest animals at running.

OLIVE: Not at
snow tag.

Look, Silas is trying
to catch Gael now.

SILAS: [sigh]

The snow sure is
deep over here.

ELINOR: Wow, look.

Silas sinks into
the snow,

but Gael doesn't.

ARI: Whoa.
You're right.

It's like Gael can run
on top of the snow.

OLIVE: Yeah.

Maybe that's why he can
run faster in the deep snow.

Silas has to run
through the snow,

but Gael just runs
on top of it.

ELINOR: That is
so interesting!


SILAS: [panting]
Phew, I give up.

GAEL: Are you ok,

SILAS: [panting]

You're way
faster than me.

ELINOR: Wow, Gael.

I can't believe you
made Silas tired.

OLIVE: You're so fast
running in the snow.

ARI: Yeah, I got tired
just watching it!


Oof! That's gonna
hurt in the morning.

KIDS: [laughter]

ARI: Did you eat some kind of
special breakfast this morning?

don't think so.

I ate the same thing
I eat every morning:

Oatmeal with
extra maple syrup.

ARI: Mmm, I love
maple syrup.

[stomach gurgle]

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Hmm. Gael, we noticed
that you don't sink...

in the deep snow as
much as we do.

Is that why you
can run faster?

OLIVE: Yeah, when we
walk in the snow, we sink.

But you don't.

GAEL: Huh... I hadn't
thought about it before.

GAEL: You're right!

I always walk on
top of the snow.

It's what
lynxes do.

KOA: Whoa!

ELINOR: Hmmm...

I wonder why you don't sink
in the snow like we do, Gael.

You're about the
same size as us.

ELINOR: There must
be another reason.

We need more

ARI: Maybe it's
because Gael is a cat,

and cats can walk on
top of the snow.

OLIVE: But cheetahs
are also cats,

and Silas can't walk
on top of the snow.

has thick fur.

Maybe thick fur helps you
run on top of the snow?

KOA: Umm, I also have thick fur,
but I sink in the snow.


I know, Gael
has long ears.

Maybe having long ears keep
you from sinking in the snow.

OLIVE: Uh, Elinor...

ELINOR: [gasp] Oops,

I forgot I have long ears too,
and I sink in the snow.

ARI: Well, whatever
the reason,

I think it's super
awesome, Gael.

Give me a high five!

ELINOR: Gael, I see something
else that's different about you.

Your paws and feet are bigger
than our paws and feet.

OLIVE: They are
so cool.

They're big and
wide and furry.

GAEL: Thanks!

We lynxes all have paws
and feet like this.

ELINOR: Maybe that's why
you don't sink as much, Gael.

ARI: Yeah, none of us
has paws like that!

ELINOR: When we
step in the snow,

our smaller feet sink.

ELINOR: Then maybe because
your feet are so wide,

they don't
sink as much.

GAEL: Huh... I
think you're right!

OLIVE: We figured
it out!

KIDS: [cheer]


KIDS: ♪ Listen up
friends, listen well. ♪

♪ We have a new
lynx friend, ♪

♪ The unsinkable Gael! ♪

OLIVE: ♪ His feet
are wide, ♪

♪ He's got fluffy toes. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ These amazing feet, ♪

♪ Won't sink in the snow. ♪

ARI: ♪ Having wide feet, ♪

♪ Helps you
stay on top. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ So you can
run faster and never stop.♪

♪ KIDS: Listen up
friends, listen well. ♪

♪ We have a new
lynx friend, ♪

♪ The unsinkable
Gaaaaaaaaeeeel! ♪

KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: Look at me! I'm not
sinking in the snow.


ARI: Haha look! Now I
have wide feet like Gael!

And I don't sink
in the deep snow!

ELINOR: Ari, you just
gave me an idea.

Maybe we can all
have feet like Gael.

OLIVE: Yeah, if we can find wide
things to put on our feet,

then we can walk on
top of the snow, too.

KOA: I've got two flying
discs at home I could use.

SILAS: I have some
toy plates at home.

OLIVE: I have a couple
of ping-pong paddles.

ELINOR: And I have things
at home I can use, too.

ELINOR: Great, let's
see what we can make!



ELINOR: Ta-da!
We did it.

GAEL: Those look

KOA: Cool, I have
lynx feet.

ELINOR: Who wants to
try theirs first?

OLIVE: I do!

OLIVE: [giggle]
They work!

Having wide feet keeps you
from sinking in the snow.

ARI: And now we can run
on top of the snow...

instead of through
the snow.

Watch me zoom
like Gael!



ARI: [giggle] Umm, it
might take some practice...

to be like him.

KIDS: [giggle]

GAEL: All this tromping
around in snow...

makes me feel like
I'm back up north.

Thanks for making me
feel so welcome.

ELINOR: Thank you
for teaching us

something new today.


who wants to play...

snow tag!

KIDS: [cheer]
Yes! Yeah! Woo-hoo!

I'm still it!

KIDS: [playful giggles]



MS. MOLE: [efforts]

OLIVE: Ms. Mole?
What are those?

MS. MOLE: These are
my ptarmigan feet,

for walking on
the snow.

GAEL: Your what?

ptarmigan feet.

I made them myself.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole,
what are ptarmigan feet?

MS. MOLE: Oh, they
are so much fun.

Let's read about them!

ptarmigan is a bird,

an amazing bird
with amazing feet.

In the summer, the ptarmigan's
feet have no feathers.

But watch this!

MS. MOLE: When it
starts to snow,

the ptarmigan changes!

What do you see?

ELINOR: It turned white!

MS. MOLE: That's right!

The ptarmigan grows white
feathers all over its body.

But my favorite
part is the feet!

OLIVE: Wow! It's feet
are bigger now.

MS. MOLE: Yes!

The ptarmigan grows fluffy
feathers on its feet,

and its toenails
grow longer.

GAEL: Why does
it do that?

MS. MOLE: Having bigger
feet makes it easier...

to walk on top
of the snow.

It's like a built-in pair
of snowshoes!

ELINOR: Just like Gael.

He has huge paws.

MS. MOLE: Now, let's see how
my ptarmigan feet work!

ALL: [giggle]


KIDS: [playful giggle]

ELINOR: "Rocky the Rock"

ARI: Knock! Knock!

ELINOR: Who's there?

ARI: Owls say.

ELINOR: Owls say who?

ARI: Yes, they
do say "Woooo".

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: I've got
another one.

Knock! Knock!

OLIVE: Who's there?

ARI: Says.

OLIVE: Says who?

ARI: Says me,
that's who!

KIDS: [laugh]

OLIVE: Your jokes
are so funny!

You even made a
rock smile. Look!

ARI: Wow!

This is a really nice
rock, it's so smooth...

and just the right size
and it has a smile...

Wanna hear another
joke, rock?

You do?

Okay! Here goes.

Knock! Knock!

ARI: [Rocky's Voice]
Who's there?

ARI: Nose.

AR: [Rocky's Voice]
Nose who?

ARI: I nose plenty more
knock-knock jokes!

ARI: [Rocky's Voice]

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: Rock, we are going
to be good friends.

I will call you...


[ school bell ]

ARI: Oh! That's the
school bell!

C'mon Rocky,
lets go inside!

ARI: Ms. Mole, meet
my new friend Rocky.

MS. MOLE: Well, hello!

Pleased to meet
you, Rocky.

I hope you have a good
time in our class.

ARI: And now, my favorite
time of all...

snack time!

Let's see what Dad packed
in my lunch-box today.

Mom and Dad always take
such good care of me.

Mmmmm... Pickles.

My favorite!

ARI: Are you hungry
too, Rocky?

Maybe you don't have
a Mom and Dad...

to pack you
a lunch box.

ARI: Don't worry, buddy.

I'll take care of you.

My Dad always packs
extra snacks.

You can have
some of mine.

OLIVE: Whatcha
doing, Ari?

ARI: Just taking
care of Rocky.

Like my Mom and Dad
take care of me.

ELINOR: That's so nice.

ARI: I'm trying to feed him, but
he doesn't seem very hungry.

OLIVE: Maybe he
doesn't like pickles?

ARI: Huh, I guess not,

but if I'm going to take
good care of Rocky,

I gotta feed him.

What does a rock
like to eat?

OLIVE: Uh... I dunno,
maybe mud pies?

ELINOR: Or maybe...


Maybe rocks
don't eat.

Are they even alive?

OLIVE: Good question.

I've never thought
about that.

ARI: But rocks are
part of nature,

and lots of things
in nature are alive.

So... maybe rocks
are too?

OLIVE: Dun, dun, dunnnn,
sounds like a mystery.

Is Rocky the rock
alive... or not?

figure it out!

We can start by
comparing Rocky

to things we know
are alive.

OLIVE: Good idea.

We can see how they're different
and how they're the same.

How about we compare
Rocky to...


ARI: Good choice.

I am definitely

First thing,

Ari is really
good at eating.

Rocky, not so much.

OLIVE: Eating, got it.


ARI: Ok, what else do
things that are alive do?

ELINOR: You just
did it right now.

ARI: I did?

OLIVE: Talking!
Rocky doesn't talk,

so that's one more thing we
do that Rocky doesn't.

ARI: Yeah...

but... trees
don't talk.

And I'm pretty sure
they're alive.

OLIVE: You're right.

Butterflies don't
talk either.

And they are
definitely alive.

ELINOR: That's true.

So, you don't have to
talk to be alive.

OLIVE: Okay what
else does Ari do?

ARI: How about this?

ARI: Ahem.

Beep boop beep boop boop
beep beep beep boop.

Beep boop.

Or this!

ARI: Ta-dah!

OLIVE: [giggle]
Nice moves, Ari.

ELINOR: That's one
thing Ari does for sure.

He moves, a lot!

OLIVE: [giggle]

And he's not the only
one that moves.


ELINOR: Wooooow!

Alive things
really do move!

OLIVE: And Rocky?

ELINOR: It doesn't
look like he moves.

OLIVE: Now we have
two things Ari

and other alive things do
that Rocky doesn't do.

Eat and move.

ARI: Wait a sec...

watch this!

Rocky can move!

OLIVE: That doesn't
count, Ari.

Rocky didn't
move by himself.

ELINOR: Yeah, you
moved Rocky.

OLIVE: Wait a minute,
trees don't move either.

ELINOR: Yes, they do,
when they grow.

OLIVE: Right.

ARI: Hmm, but do
rocks grow?

ELINOR: I don't know.

I've never seen a
rock grow before.

ARI: I've never seen
a tree grow either,

I just know they do it...
very slooooowly.

KIDS: [laugh]

OLIVE: I've never noticed
Ms. Mole growing either.

And she is
definitely alive.

ELINOR: Let's ask her.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole,
do you grow?

OLIVE: Do you grow
taller, like a tree does?

ARI: Or like me!

I'm growing all
the time,

well at least that's
what my Mom says.

MS. MOLE: Yes, you kids
are all growing fast, Ari.

But I'm not
growing anymore.

Grown-ups don't grow.

ELINOR: Because
you're all grown up!

MS. MOLE: That's right,

But I used to grow, when I
was a little kid like you.

ARI: [gasp]
You... were...

a little kid!!????

MS. MOLE: [laugh] A looong
time ago, Ari. Haha!

But why all the questions
about growing?

ELINOR: We're trying
to figure out...

if Rocky, The Rock
is alive or not.

OLIVE: We thought about
what alive things do,

like eat, and move
or grow.

MS. MOLE: This is a
wonderful investigation,

young scientists.

Do you want to include
more scientists?

KIDS: [cheer]
Awesome! Woo-hoo!

MS. MOLE: Ok Class,
Ari's friend Rocky is a rock

and he, Olive and Elinor are
trying to figure out...

if a rock is
alive or not.

Any ideas?

TITO: Umm... Rocks
are pretty cool.

SILAS: And they're a lot
of fun to play with.

MS. MOLE: Well, let's
figure it out together.

Everyone who thinks
a rock is alive,

stand on this side.

TITO: For sure!

MS. MOLE: And those who
think a rock isn't alive...

stand over there,
on that side.

KIDS: [giggle]

MS. MOLE: Okay, tell us
all about your observations.

OLIVE: Ok, to figure out
if a rock is alive...

we decided to compare Rocky to
things we know are alive...

like butterflies and trees.

OLIVE: And this
is what we found.

Rocky can't do things
that living things can do.

Like eat.

ARI: I can definitely
do that!

ELINOR: And move...

like Ari and other
living animals do.

OLIVE: And we also
wondered if a rock grows...

like a tree.

ELINOR: Or like us kids.

ARI: Or like
Ms. Mole...

[whispering] Did you know she
used to be a little kid too?

TITO: Really?

No way!

ARI: [whispering]
I know!


TITO: I've had my lucky
rock since I was little...

and it hasn't
grown at all.

OLIVE: But you've grown,
right Tito?

TITO: I sure have!

ELINOR: So, it looks
like rocks don't eat...

or move or grow.

OLIVE: Like living
things do.

MS. MOLE: Nice
observations, you three,

I like the way
you think.

So what does the
class think now.

Is Rocky the
Rock alive?

KIDS: [giggle]

LIZZIE: Umm...

ELINOR: Okay, so I guess we all
think that Rocky isn't alive.

OLIVE: Buuuut...
Rocky is still... awesome!

KIDS: [cheer]
Yeah! Woo-hoo! Yeah!

ARI: Whew!

I guess that means
I don't have to figure out

what to feed you, Rocky.

But don't worry

I'll still take
care of you.


ARI: ♪ My friend Rocky ♪

♪ Happens to be a rock. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Rocky
doesn't eat ♪

♪ and Rocky
doesn't walk. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ But Ari's pal Rocky
is still a lot of fun, ♪

ARI: ♪ So I'll take
care of Rocky, ♪

♪ until the day is done. ♪

KIDS: ♪ All of nature
needs our care. ♪

♪ The fish in the ocean,
the birds in the air, ♪

♪ the plants and
the mountains, ♪

♪ the rivers and the sea, ♪

♪ all of nature is
our home, ♪

♪ a special place
for you and me. ♪

ARI: ♪ My friend Rocky, ♪

♪ might be a rock, ♪

ELINOR: ♪ But rocks
are part of nature, ♪

♪ even if they don't talk. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ If we
pay attention, ♪

♪ to all our nature friends, ♪

ALL: ♪ Then we'll
have a wonderful world, ♪

♪ for us all to live in! ♪

♪ With rocky! ♪

MS. MOLE: Now let's
all go outside

and make our own nature
friends with rocks,

or plants or puddles
or anything!

Ari and Rocky,
lead the way!!

ARI: Woo-hoo!


Follow me...
and rocky!!

KIDS: [giggle]


little butterfly,

wanna be nature

Whoa, you sure
can flutter.

OLIVE: Hey tree, now
that we're friends,

mind if I give
you a hug?

OLIVE: Ahhhh, that
feels so good.

ARI: Well, I'm
sticking with Rocky.

He never gets tired
of my jokes.

Knock-knock, Rocky.

ARI: [Rocky Voice]
Who's there?

ARI: Ari.

ARI: [Rocky Voice]
Ari who?

ARI: Ari-n't you glad I
didn't say knock-knock again?



You don't you think
that's funny?

ARI: Wha-oh, let me
fix that for ya, buddy.

ARI: [Rocky Voice]
Ahhh, that's better,

thanks Ari.

ARI: [Rocky Voice]

that joke never
gets old.