Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 26 - Follow Your Nose/Leaf Charms - full transcript

While the three kids are smelling flowers, Ari has gotten a cold and he cannot smell anything. Elinor learns that on Camilla's necklace is a "leaf charm", so she wonders how leaves come in different shapes.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Big Trees"


ARI: Here we go folks.

If Ari can place these
last two blocks...

ARI: ...this will officially
be the tallest block tower

in the world!


Shhhh, right...

Need to whisper
and concentrate.

ARI: Stay right
there, little block.

No falling.

Uh oh.


One more block for
the world record.

ARI: [gasp]

Uh oh!


[blow blow]

[blow blow]



MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: [giggle]
Yeah, I know.

It's kinda fun when
it falls down.

ARI: I guess I'll
have to keep trying!

MR. BAT: Ari, are you
ready for school?

It's time to go.

ARI: Aww, can I build
one more tower?


MR. BAT: You
can't be late.

Remember, today is
a special day:

it's your class
field trip!

ARI: Oh, yes!

Field trip!




[playful laughter]

ARI: Hi, Elinor!
Hi, Olive!

OLIVE: Hey Ari!

ARI: Uh, what are
you doing?

OLIVE: [giggle]
We're hugging a tree!

I really love trees, so I
wanted to give this one a hug,

but my arms couldn't reach
all the way around.

helped her!

And now we're playing
ring around the tree.

KIDS: [giggle]
ARI: Nice.

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Ari, are you excited
for our field trip today?

ARI: Yeah!

Although it did
keep me...

from getting a world
record this morning.

ELINOR: A world

ARI: Yup, I'm trying to build
the tallest block tower...

in the world!

OLIVE: Ms. Mole said
we are going to see some...

tall trees today
for our field trip.

ARI: Really? I
love tall things.

How tall do you think
the trees will be?

OLIVE: Hmmm...

The trees in the

are already
pretty tall.

They're taller
than the school.

ELINOR: Maybe the trees on our
field trip will be even taller.

Taller than
my house!

ARI: That's pretty tall.

OLIVE: Or maybe, they'll be as
tall as the town hall tower!

ARI: Whoa, now that
would be tall.

ELINOR: Hmmm, I never
thought about it before.

I wonder how tall
a tree can get?

Alright, class!

Who's excited about
going on a field trip??

KIDS: [cheer]
Yeah! Me!

MS. MOLE: Well,
hop on board!

Good morning, kids!

ARI: Good morning
deputy mouse!

ELINOR: Hi, Deputy

OLIVE: Hello!

Deputy Mouse,

are you ready to
drive us back...

to school?

ARI: No!
OLIVE: We're already at school!

ELINOR: Ms. Mole!!!
ARI: What!?

MS. MOLE: [laugh]

Just some old
teacher silliness.

No, today we are going to
see something very special.

A very tall kind of
tree, called a Sequoia.

OLIVE: Sequoia.

I like that word!

ARI: How tall is a
Sequoia, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: Why it's the
tallest tree in the world!

KIDS: Oooohh...

forest, coming right up!




MS. MOLE: Alright

Who is ready to see
some tall trees?

OLIVE: Wow, these
trees are so tall!


But they are just
baby Sequoia trees.

The really tall trees are
the ones in the forest!

KIDS: Whhooooaaaa!

MS. MOLE: Follow me to
the giant Sequoias!

OLIVE: Ms. Mole, are these
the tall sequoia trees?

ARI: They must be!

Look how tall
they are.

ELINOR: I think they're taller
than the town hall tower.

MS. MOLE: Nope!

These are still young
Sequoia trees.

Let's keep going!

KIDS: Whoa! Wow!

MS. MOLE: Here we
are, kids!

What do you think?

Pretty tall, right?

OLIVE: Uh, Ms. Mole?

ARI: Ms. Mole, I think
we're in the wrong place.

ELINOR: Where are the
big trees, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: Right here!

You're standing right
next to one of them!

KIDS: Umm...

ARI: That's a tree?

I thought it was part
of a mountain.

it is a tree.

Look up!

ARI: Whoa!


ARI: Now that
is a tall tree!

ELINOR: How tall
is this tree?

OLIVE: Yeah, without
seeing the top,

we can't tell
how tall it is.

ARI: That sounds like a job
for everyone's favorite bat.

I'm talking
about me.

I'll fly up there and
check out the top!

MS. MOLE: Be careful
up there, Ari!

ARI: [panting]

ELINOR: Way to go Ari!

OLIVE: Yay! Wah-hoo!

ARI: [panting]

[heavy panting]

ARI: Wowww!

Whoa! I can't believe
how high up I am.


[wind blowing]

ARI: My hat!


Look out below!

ARI: [panting]


tall was it, Ari?

ARI: It's so tall!

It wasn't as wide
at the top, though.

It got thinner.

OLIVE: It took your hat
forever to fall down.

ELINOR: Is it higher than
the town hall tower?

ARI: Way higher!

I passed some birds
on the way up!

OLIVE: Is it taller
than the clouds?

ARI: I had to fly through a
cloud to get to the top.

OLIVE: What was
it like?

ARI: Mmm... cloudy.

ELINOR: I wonder...

Why is this sequoia
tree so tall?

OLIVE: Maybe it was
planted by a giant?

ARI: Or maybe it got
stretched out by some birds?

ELINOR: Those are
interesting ideas.

I know, maybe it
drank a lot of water.

MS. MOLE: You're right,

This forest is perfect for
these trees to grow in.

They have just the
right amount of air,

water, sun and food so they
just keep growing and growing.

ELINOR: Really?

OLIVE: Forever?

MS. MOLE: Yes,
some of these trees,

like this one, are
thousands of years old.

OLIVE: Wow, that's super-old.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole, does that mean
that we will also keep growing

and get really tall
like these trees?

MS. MOLE: Don't
I wish! [laugh]

We're not like
these trees

Animals like you and me stop
growing at some point.

OLIVE: Look how wide the
tree is here at the bottom.

I wish I could hug it like
I do our trees at home.

ELINOR: I'll help
you, Olive!

ARI: Me too!

OLIVE: Thanks!

KIDS: [giggle]

MS. MOLE: Oh my!

Ha ha, I love it!

ELINOR: Wow, all of us together
can't even reach around.

Why is the bottom of the
tree so wide, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: Hmmm, good
question, Elinor.

What do you think would
happen if the tree was thin...

from the very
bottom to the top?

KIDS: Hmm...

ARI: Woah!

This little tree
is really bendy.

ELINOR: Hmm...


I know!

If the tree was thin at the
bottom and all the way up,

it would be
really bendy.

And then it wouldn't be
able to stay up so tall.

ARI: It would fall over,
just like my block tower!

OLIVE: Oh, I get it.

So the tree has to be
wide at the bottom...

so that it can
grow really tall.

MS. MOLE: That's exactly
right, clever scientists!

Being really wide at the bottom
helps trees be really tall

without falling over.

KIDS: That's cool!
Awesome! Cool!


KIDS: ♪ Sequoias grow
up up and into the sky! ♪

♪ Sequoias grow big,
big, we wonder why! ♪

♪ How do those trees
grow so tall? ♪

♪ When the wind blows
why don't they fall? ♪

♪ These trees are wide,
down on the ground. ♪

♪ That really helps
them not fall down. ♪

♪ Sequoias grow up
up and into the sky! ♪

♪ Sequoias grow big,
big, we wonder why! ♪

KIDS: ♪ Se-quoi-as! ♪

ARI: I'm home!

MR. BAT: How was
your field trip?

ARI: Oh wow, it
was awesome.

We saw the tallest
trees in the world.

MR. BAT: Taller
than me?

ARI: Sooooo much
taller than you.

And it was also really
wide at the bottom.

And that gave me an idea for
how to build my block tower.

Miri, wanna
help me?

MIRI: [baby talk]

ARI: Just like the tree,

if you want
something to be tall,

it helps to be
wide at the bottom.

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: Thank you, Miri!

MR. BAT: Nice job, Ari.

But you know, the most fun thing
about building a tall tower


ARI: Making it
fall down!

ALL: [laugh]

ARI: Hi, Elinor!

ELINOR: Hi....

ELINOR: I've never seen
this kind of tree before!

How interesting!

I wonder
what it is?

SENOR TAPIR: You remind me of
another curious explorer...

who loved plants
more than anything.

Her name was
Ynes Mexia.


Mexia, took every chance, ♪

♪ To go and explore, and
look for new plants, ♪

♪ One day she heard of

♪ She went to find

♪ The tallest of palm trees,

♪ To find where
it grows, ♪

♪ She had to climb
way up there. ♪

♪ Hiking through

♪ And wind and sun,

♪ But she still had

♪ Took every chance,

♪ And look for
new plants! ♪

♪ "At last" she said, when
she first saw the tree, ♪

♪ Two hundred feet high,

♪ She wanted to have,

♪ so she took some

♪ Ynes Mexia, never

♪ She went and explored,

ARI: Awesome!


That is so


ELINOR: "Baby Steps"

OLIVE: I'm doing it,
I'm doing it!

ELINOR: Wow, way
to go Olive!

ARI: Who-hoo!!

It's Olive the awesome
roller-skating elephant.


OLIVE: Thanks guys...

Whoaa... whoooaaa!


ELINOR: Are you
all right, Olive?

OLIVE: Yup... whoa...

Ah... Uhh...
I'm fine.


Thanks to my gear.

ELINOR: You're
doing great!

OLIVE: Thanks,

MR. BAT: Those pads could
have helped you...

when you were
a baby, Ari.

You fell down
all the time.

ARI: What? Me?


I never fall
do... whoooah!


ARI: I meant to
do that!

ALL: [giggle]


MR. BAT: Let's settle
down here, kids.

ARI: Great idea, Dad.

Miri can crawl around
all she likes.

MR. BAT: Oh, I'm glad you're
always thinking about...

what your sister
needs, Ari.

MIRI: [cooing]

OLIVE: Oooh, there's
the skate-park.

Mr. Bat, can I go practice
my skating over there?

MR. BAT: Sure.
Go ahead, Olive.

OLIVE: Be back soon!

MR. BAT: Are you kids in the
mood for some baby playtime?

ARI: Yeah!

ELINOR: We love
playing with Miri.

MR. BAT: Ok dokie!

I'll be right here
if you need me.

Thanks kids!

ELINOR: No problem!

ARI: There's nothing more
fun than making Miri laugh.


[making funny noises]

MIRI: [giggle]

ELINOR: Funny but I
can beat that.

Hey Miri...


MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: Niiice.

But laughing isn't the
only thing Miri can do.



MIRI: [baby talk]

ELINOR: Whu-what?

I didn't know
Miri could wave.

ARI: I teach her
lots of things.



MIRI: [raspberry]

ELINOR: [giggle]
What else can she do?

ARI: Uhhmmm...

Oh, watch this!!

MIRI: [giggle]

ELINOR: Miri's so smart!

Let me try to teach
her something.

Hey Miri, can you
catch the ball?

ELINOR: Way to go Miri!

ELINOR: Did you
see that?

She rolled it back!

ARI: Yep, my little sister is
great at learning things.

MIRI: [giggle]

OLIVE: Step, step, step,
roll, roll, roll...

Wheee, I'm really

to get the hang of this.

OLIVE: [gasp]

LOLA: [efforts]


OLIVE: Whoa.

LOLA: Hey, you're in my little
brother Koa's class, right?

OLIVE: Uh-huh.

My name is Olive.

LOLA: Nice to meet
you Olive, I'm Lola.

I see you're a
roller-skater too.


LOLA: Niiiice.

LOLA: [effort]

OLIVE: [gasp] How
did you do that?

LOLA: Oh, it just takes
a little practice.

Keep skating, Olive.

You'll get the
hang of it.

OLIVE: I just have to
learn to jump like that.



ELINOR: Here ya
go, Miri,

catch the bally,
bally, ball.

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: Whoops,
there she goes.

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: Come on back,

ELINOR: Hmmm, I wonder
why babies crawl.

ARI: Uhhh, to go places?

ELINOR: [giggle]
No, I mean...

why does she crawl
instead of walk?

ELINOR: She has two
legs just like we do.

But instead of walking,
she crawls.

ARI: Hmm, maybe she hasn't
learned how to walk yet.

ELINOR: [gasp]
I know!

Let's teach Miri
how to walk.

She's really good
at learning things.

ARI: Yeah, we taught her
how to make funny faces,

how to play the maracas
and throw a ball.

I'm sure we can teach
her how to walk.

Can we try, Dad?

MR. BAT: Well, I'm
not sure she can...

but as long as you're
gentle and Miri likes it.

I'm pretty sure she'll let you
know if she doesn't.

ELINOR: Come on
Miri, let's try it.

ELINOR: You did it,
Miri, you're standing.

Now all you have to
do is walk.

ARI: It's not hard at all,
you just put one foot...

in front of the other
like this, see?


Step... whoooaa!

ARI: I meant
to do that.

MIRI: [giggle]

ELINOR: [giggle]

ARI: I know,

I'll show her what to do by
moving our feet together.

ARI: This is how
you do it, Miri,

step, step.

Now you try!

ARI: She's doing it
she's doing it she's...

ARI: ...not doing it.
MIRI: [baby talk]

ELINOR: Miri isn't
learning to walk...

like she learned to throw the
ball or play the maracas.

ARI: I wonder why not.

ELINOR: Hmmmm.

I think we need
more observations.


OLIVE: Skate,
skate, jump.


OLIVE: Okay, Olive, it
doesn't look that hard.

Just do like Lola
does and practice.

Skate, skate,
skate, jump... Uhhh.

OLIVE: Why can't
I do this?

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: See.

She's kinda standing
when I hold her up,

but then...

MIRI: [giggles]

ELINOR: That is
soo interesting.

ELINOR: Miri's legs are
really wobbly and wiggly...

compared to yours, Ari.

ARI: Well, I do have
super-strong legs.

ELINOR: Maybe that's
why Miri can't walk?

Because her legs
aren't strong enough?

MR. BAT: Nice
observing, Elinor.

Miri's still a baby and
her legs and body...

might not be quite
ready to walk yet.

You couldn't walk when you
were Miri's age either, Ari.

ARI: Whuuuut?

MR. BAT: You fell
down so much.

You couldn't talk,
or run, or even fly.

ARI: Or fly?


I don't remember that.

MR. BAT: It's true!

There were lots of
things you couldn't do...

when you were a baby,

like ride a bike, kick a soccer
ball or hit a home-run.

But as you grew up and your
body got bigger and stronger,

you were finally able to
do all those things...

and lots more too.

ELINOR: So when will
Miri learn to walk?

MR. BAT: Very soon,
I'm sure.

She'll get bigger and her
legs will get strong enough...

to hold her up.

Then she'll start walking,
and even running.

ARI: As fast as me?

MR. BAT: Ha! Maybe
faster, who knows?

In the meantime,
encourage her!

Cheer her on and help
Miri practice standing

and taking little baby steps so
when her body is ready,

she'll know what to do.

OLIVE: Okay Olive,
you can do this!


[oof] Ooohh...


ELINOR: Hey, Olive.

How's the roller
skating going?

OLIVE: [sigh]
Not good.

ARI: Well, I think
you're skating great.

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: And apparently,
so does Miri.

OLIVE: Yeah, well,

I guess I can skate
a little better,

but I wanted to do a
jump, like Lola.

she's amazing.

OLIVE: I know, but
when I tried to do

a jump like that,
I just couldn't.

[sigh] Skate,
skate, jump!


MIRI: [baby talk]

ELINOR: Maybe your legs aren't
ready to do a jump just yet.

Just like Miri's legs
aren't ready to walk.

OLIVE: What do
you mean?

ARI: We were trying to teach
Miri how to walk on her own,

but her legs aren't
strong enough.

Dad says she needs to
grow a little more...

before she can
really walk.

ELINOR: But in
the meantime,

cheer her on and help
her keep trying.

That way, when her
body is ready...

ARI: She'll be
able to do it!

OLIVE: Oh...

that's why it's easier
for Lola to jump.

She's older and her legs
are stronger than mine.

MR. BAT: Maybe you
need a little bit...

of encouragement
too, Olive.

Your legs will get stronger
the more you practice.

ELINOR: Go Olive!

ARI: Yeah!

MIRI: [baby talk]

OLIVE: Encouragement.

I like that word.

OLIVE: Whoa...

OLIVE: ♪ Keep on trying, ♪

♪ It's part of the fun. ♪

♪ And while you're
smiling. ♪

♪ Soon you'll get
it done. ♪

ARI: ♪ If you're not
quite ready. ♪

♪ You can still try now. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Soon you'll
be good to go. ♪

♪ And this is how... ♪

ALL: ♪ Baby steps,
baby steps. ♪

♪ Just take your time

♪ It might seem
it's taking long. ♪

♪ But your body's
getting strong. ♪

♪ So practice as you
sing this song. ♪

♪ And take your time
with baby steps. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ You can do it. ♪

♪ Even if it seems
you can't. ♪

♪ You want to walk
or jump. ♪

♪ But you fall down on
your pants. ♪

ARI:♪ You don't
have to worry. ♪

♪ You always have
a friend. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ So if you
fall down. ♪

♪ I'll help you
up again. ♪

ALL: ♪ Baby steps,
baby steps. ♪

♪ Just take your time
with baby steps. ♪

♪ It might seem
it's taking long. ♪

♪ But your body's
getting strong. ♪

♪ So practice as you
sing this song. ♪

♪ And take your time
with baby steps. ♪

MIRI: [giggle]

OLIVE: Okay, I feel
big and strong,

maybe I'm ready
to jump.


OLIVE: [giggle]
Or not.

LOLA: You're doing
great, Olive.

Keep on trying!


KIDS: Whoo-hoo!


ELINOR: You can
do it, Olive.

Go Olive!


ARI: You'll be jumping
in no ti... whoooaa!


ARI: I meant to
do that.

ALL: [giggle] [laugh]