Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Big Trees/Baby Steps - full transcript

Will Ari find himself a way to make the best block tower in the world? As Elinor and Ari help Miri walk, Olive doesn't know how to do a special jump.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.

[bee buzzing]


ELINOR: "To Bee or
not to Bee"

ELINOR: Hmm...
How about here?

OLIVE: Hmm...
It's a little rocky.

Not bad, but we can
find a better place.


KOA: Whoa, you guys sure
are picky about picnics.

ARI: Well, it is your first
picnic with us, Koa.

We want everything
to be just right.

ELINOR: Yeah, we want
to find...

the perfect picnic
spot for you!

OLIVE: [gasp]
How about...

Hmm... no, too wet.

KOA: How about
that spot?

ARI: Oooooo.

OLIVE: Look at all
the nice flowers.


That's a perfect
spot for a picnic!

ARI: Alright!

I'm hungry!

Let's get this
picnic started.

ELINOR: So what do you
think of the picnic, Koa?

KOA: [chewing]


ARI: He said
he loves it.

What? I speak chewing.

KOA: [chewing]

ARI: And he also loves his
sandwich because it tastes...

KOA: Delicious!

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: That's great, Koa.

[bee buzzing]

KOA: Whooooa!

ARI: Huh?

KOA: Whoa!

OLIVE: It looks like
our picnic is a...

OLIVE: ...Success?

KOA: Uh, excuse me.

OLIVE: Are you okay, Koa?

KOA: Yeah, totally.

I'm just trying to find a
comfy spot on the blanket.

I'll move over.

[bee buzzing]

KOA: [gasp]
Ah! Yikes!

Uhh... Ahhhh!


[bee buzzing]

OLIVE: Uh, Koa, are
you sure you're okay?

KOA: Oh, yeah.
You know uh...

I'm just... still
trying to get comfy.

[nervous laughter]

KOA: [sigh]


ELINOR: Koa, it's okay.

It's just a...

KOA: Bee! Bee! Bee!

Bee! Bee! Bee!

ARI: Argh! Now they're
buzzing around me!

OLIVE: Me too!

ARI: Why are the
bees being so buzzy?

ELINOR: I don't know.

Let's move our blanket
to a new spot!

KOA: Good idea!


ARI: Ahh...
This is better.

No bees here.

KOA: Mm-hmmm.

OLIVE: I wonder why
those bees started...

to buzz around
us so much?

ELINOR: Yeah, bees don't
usually bother us like that.

KOA: [chewing]

ARI: Oh.

He says bees make
him nervous.

ELINOR: But...

bees are really
good for nature.

They pollinate all
these nice flowers.

OLIVE: And make
yummy honey.

KOA: [chewing]

ARI: He said...
'but they also sting!'

KOA: I don't want
to get stung.

Bee stings... sting!

ARI: Oh, that's why
they're called bee stings.

They sting.

ELINOR: I know my cousin
gets really sick...

if he gets stung
by a bee.

He has to carry around
special medicine.

OLIVE: He's probably
allergic to them.

Are you allergic
to bees, Koa?

KOA: Uh... no.

I'm not allergic.

I just don't like...



[bees buzzing]

ARI: Yikes!

ARI: Let's take this
picnic to go!

ARI: The bees got all
buzzy on us again.

ELINOR: Yeah, I wonder
what happened?

KOA: I sure hope they're not
in the mood for stinging.

OLIVE: The bees never
buzzed like that before.

ELINOR: That's true.

They usually
don't bother us.

C'mon, we need more

ELINOR: Where's Koa?

KOA: I'm good.

I'll just stay here.
[bees buzzing]


[bee buzing]

ARI: Where are
those bees going?

ARI: [gasp]


[gasp] Hmmmm!!

Honey fell out
of the sky!

It's raining
goopy sweetness.

My dream has
come true!

ELINOR: [giggle]
Honey fell, all right,

but not out of
the sky.

It fell out of
that bee hive.


This is where
the bees live.

Maybe that's why they
were buzzing around us.

We got too close
to their home.

ELINOR: Hmm...

Well, it explains why there
were buzzing around us here,

but what about our
first picnic spot?

ELINOR: It was near
all those flowers.

ARI: Oh yeah, bees
love flowers.

They like to drink that
sweet, sweet nectar

that's inside
the flowers.

OLIVE: Yes, that's why
the bees were there.


why were they buzzing
around us so much today?

We're not flowers.

ARI: My mom says I get
a little too excited...

if I drink
too much juice.

So, maybe the bees
drank too much nectar.

OLIVE: Or maybe they liked
the smell of the honey...

and jam sandwiches.

ELINOR: Maybe...

Let's go take a closer
look at the bees.

Although we have
to be careful.

Koa, do you want to come?

KOA: [yelling] No,
I'm cool right here, thanks.

OLIVE: Uh-oh.

If we don't figure out what's
going on with these bees,

Koa may never come to a
picnic with us again.

[bee buzzing]

ELINOR: Then let's
get observing.

ELINOR: [whispers] The bee
seems much less buzzy now.

OLIVE: It just looks like
a normal bee doing...

bee stuff.


This bee doesn't seem to
want to sting us at all.

That is so interesting!

OLIVE: Maybe there's something
about this in my nature book.

OLIVE: It says here that
honeybees usually only sting

when they feel scared.

OLIVE: Ohhh...

and it says that stinging
actually hurts the bees

more than it hurts us.

So they only do it when they
feel they have no other choice.

ARI: Soo, what
did you find?

OLIVE: [gasp]
ELINOR: [gasp]

ELINOR: [giggle] Ari,
you scared us!

OLIVE: Yeah! From down here
you almost look like a big,

giant monster.

ARI: A giant monster?


[monster voice] I am
the unstoppable Ari!


KOA: Hey, what
are you do... Ahh!


KOA: [whew]

Ah! More bees!

ELINOR: That's it!

Koa, wait!

Don't wave your
arms at the bee!

KOA: But, it
might sting me.

I want it to go away.

ELINOR: And it will,
if you stay calm.

Just watch.

[bee buzzing]

Everything's fine.

OLIVE: Wow! Elinor,
how did you figure that out?

ELINOR: I just tried
to think like a bee.

ELINOR: At our picnic, the bees
were just flying around....

like normal until...

Koa started waving
his arms at them.

After that...

ARI: They started to
buzz at us.

ELINOR: That's right.

And that's what
happened just now.

That bee on the
flower was calm...

OLIVE: Until Koa started
waving his arms at it.

Then it started
buzzing at him.

KOA: Totally!

Because bees want
to sting me!

ELINOR: Yes, but only because
they're afraid of you.

KOA: They're afraid
of me?

Why? I don't sting.

They sting!

ELINOR: But bees are
really tiny and to them,

you're like a super
giant monster!


OLIVE: [giggle]
You're right, Elinor.

Honeybees only sting animals
when they feel scared.

ELINOR: And unless
you're allergic,

the sting hurts the bees
more than it hurts us!

KOA: Oh, I didn't know
bees were scared of me...

KOA: I'm sorry for scaring
you, little bee bud.

I didn't know waving my
arm made you afraid.

I totally get it now.

[bee buzzing]

KOA: Whoa, I got a bee...

on my nose...

ELINOR: Remember, bees
don't want to sting you...

unless you scare them.

KOA: Right, so I'm
just gonna... chill?

I guess?

[bee buzzing]

KOA: [gasp]

that was great.

You kept calm and the
bee left you alone.

ARI: And the most
important thing is,

you didn't get scared.

KOA: Actually, I was
super scared,

but I stayed chill because I
did not want to scare the bee!

OLIVE: Now that's what
I call Bee-ing cool.

Get it?


KIDS: [laugh]


ELINOR: ♪ Sometimes bees
can give you a sting, ♪

♪ Ouch! ♪

♪ And that is not a
very fun thing, ♪

♪ No it's not,
nuh-uh. ♪

♪ But just think
like a bee. ♪

♪ They feel tiny next
to you and me. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Bees do lots of good,
Like pollinating flowers. ♪

ARI: ♪ And make honey, which
takes hours and hours! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Sometimes bees
can give you a sting, ♪

♪ ouch! ♪

♪ And that is not a
very fun thing, ♪

♪ no it's not,
nuh-uh. ♪

♪ But just think
like a bee. ♪

♪ They feel tiny next to
you and me? ♪

KIDS: ♪ We can all
live together. ♪

♪ If we remember
just one thing. ♪

♪ Think about how

♪ And you might

♪ ♪

KIDS: [laugh]


ELINOR: Now this is
what I call a picnic.

ARI: Yea, finally!


KOA: Yeah, thanks

Not just for the tasty honey
and jam sandwich,

but also for helping me
not be scared of...

KOA: [chewing]

ARI: He said, 'Bees.'

ELINOR: I think we
got that one, Ari!

KIDS: [laugh]

[bee buzzing]

MS. MOLE: I'm so glad I
planted these flowers here.

The bees just
love them.

ELINOR: There are
so many bees!


That bee looks different
from the others.

MS. MOLE: That one
isn't a bee at all.

It's pretending
to be a bee.

KIDS: [gasp]

OLIVE: If it's not really a
bee, then what is it?

MS. MOLE: That insect you saw is
actually a kind of fly.

It's called a flower fly because
it hangs out on flowers.

MS. MOLE: This is a bee.

MS. MOLE: And this
is a flower fly.

MS. MOLE: And they look
a lot alike.

They both have
see-through wings.

They both have beautiful
yellow and black stripes.

MS. MOLE: But look closely.

Do you see any

ARI: I do!

The bee has four wings,
but the fly only has two.

OLIVE: The fly has big,
bulging eyes.

And the bee has
much smaller ones.

MS. MOLE: Even so, that fly
looks a lot like the bee.

ELINOR: Why does the fly
pretend to be a bee?

MS. MOLE: Most animals
know not to bother bees...

because bees can sting.

If the fly pretends
to be a bee,

this fly won't get
bothered by anyone.

MS. MOLE: Look at me,
I'm a bee!

MS. MOLE: Bzz! Bzz!

ARI: We know it's you,
Ms. Mole.

ALL: [laugh]

ARI: Vroom...
vroom... vroom...

ELINOR: "Turtle Crossing"

ARI: Wooo-Hooo!!!

Here come the
Animal Town Racers,

zooming around the
brand new bike path!

ARI: Awesome Ari is
in the lead...

ELINOR: Honk! Honk!

ARI: ...But here comes
Elinor the Racing Rabbit

and now they're
neck and neck.

They are both really whipping
around the big bend...

But wait, what's this?

It's Olive
The Incredible!!

Coming from behind
and taking the lead!

ELINOR: [panting] Whoa
Olive, you're really good

on your new balance bike.

OLIVE: Thanks!

ARI: Look at her

Now that's what
I call fast!

OLIVE: Uh-oh!

ARI: Whoa!!

What's up, Olive?

ELINOR: Why did you
stop so fast?

OLIVE: Look!

ELINOR: A baby turtle!

ARI: He's so cute.

ARI: And here's the turtle,
putting one foot forward...

really slooowly,

now it's stepping with
its other foot,

now it's moving it's
whooooole body,

and now it's taking a
little break.

Hold on,

it looks like the turtle is
moving its other foot...

Another break.

This is going to
take some time.

ELINOR: Come on little
turtle, you can do it!

OLIVE: Hurry, turtle, you
have to get off the path!

What if other
bikers come?

They might hit you.

ARI: Hmmm.

Good point, Olive.

ELINOR: We'd better
guard this turtle.

ELINOR: Oh, here
comes Ms. Mole.

Careful, Ms. Mole,
turtle crossing.

MS. MOLE: Uh-oh.

Hello kids!

KIDS: [gasp]

OLIVE: Go slow,
please, Koa.

Turtle on the road.

KOA: Haha whoa!

ARI: Annnd it
looks like...


The turtle has done it!

It's crossed the path!

KIDS: Yay!

ARI: See you later,
turtle friend.

OLIVE: Now that the
turtle is safe...

Race ya!!!

ARI: Yes!
ELINOR: Woo-hoo!


ARI: And here's Elinor
the Racing Rabbit,

scooting towards the
big bend again,

with Awesome Ari on his trike
right beside but...

OLIVE: [trumpet]

ARI: Here comes Olive the
Incredible once again!

ELINOR: Oooooo...

OLIVE: [giggles]
I can't help it.

I just love
going fast!


ELINOR: Go Olive!

ARI: Wooo-hoooo!

OLIVE: [giggle]


OLIVE: Wha-oh!

ELINOR: There's
the turtle again.

OLIVE: The turtle
is back again?

ARI: How can that be?

ELINOR: C'mon, let's
guard it again.

ELINOR: Why does this turtle
keep crossing the road?

OLIVE: Uhhh, to get
to the other side.

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Yeah, but why?

And it's going in the
same direction...

from here to there.

ARI: Maybe it forgot its lunch
at home and had to go back.

I do that aaallll
the time.

KIDS: [giggle]
[bicycle bell]

ARI: Excuse me,
turtle crossing.

KIDS: [sigh]

OLIVE: We can't guard
the turtle all day.

What if it decides to cross
when we're not here?

We have to
figure this out.

ELINOR: We need
more observations.

Follow that turtle!

ELINOR: Wait a minute...
it's not just one turtle.

OLIVE: It's two
little turtles.

ARI: And a big
turtle too, look.

ELINOR: So it wasn't the same
turtle crossing the road.

OLIVE: It was a different
turtle each time.

ARI: I guess they were coming
to float in the pond.

OLIVE: Yeah, but what
were they doing...

on the other side of the
road in the first place?

ELINOR: Let's go
and check it out.

We need even more

KIDS: [gasps]

OLIVE: More little

broken eggshells.

What are they
doing here?

ARI: Maybe the turtles were
playing with some chickens.

OLIVE: Hmmm.

But I don't see
any chickens, Ari.

ELINOR: Maybe the little
turtles came out of the eggs?

OLIVE: Oh yeah, I read about
this in my Nature Book.

Turtles hatch from eggs,
just like baby birds.

ARI: Uh-oh, this little
one is on the move.

Go turtle!

OLIVE: It's heading
towards the bike path.

ELINOR: Wait a

that's why the little
turtles were crossing.

They hatched on this
side of the path...

OLIVE: But now they want to get
to the pond on the other side.

ARI: Ohhhh!

That makes sense...

And there it goes.

It's gonna take
a while.

OLIVE: Okay, now we
know the problem.


OLIVE: The new bike path goes
right through where the turtles

walk to get from the
nest to the pond.

ELINOR: That's not fair.

The turtles were
here first.

OLIVE: You're right,

ARI: We should
do something.


RANGER RABBIT: Well if it isn't
the Animal Town racers.

How is the new bike path?

ELINOR: Not good Mom.

OLIVE: We keep
getting stopped.

ARI: By turtles!


ELINOR: Yes, see.

I do see.

A Momma turtle made her nest
in this dry sandy spot...

turtles do that.

OLIVE: And then
she laid eggs.

ARI: And when the babies
came out of the eggs,

they headed straight
for the pond.

ELINOR: Right across
the new bike path.



is very helpful, Olive.

It's my job to take care of
all the animals in the Park,

but I didn't realize the bike
path put the turtles in danger.


let's try to solve the
problem together.

What do you think
we should do?

KIDS: Hmm...

ARI: I've got it!


OLIVE: Uh, but how do
we get the turtles...

up into the sky in
the first place?

ARI: Uhhh...
A turtle launcher?


sure that's safer, Ari.

Even with parachutes.

ARI: Well, I guess
you're right.

OLIVE: You know there's really
only one fair thing to do.

ELINOR: What's that?

OLIVE: Like you said, Elinor,
the turtles were here first.

ELINOR: Right!

And the babies have to make
it to the pond safely.

Soooo, we need to
move the bike path.

OLIVE: Okay.

OLIVE: You mean,
like this?

ELINOR: Yes, can
we do it Mom?

RANGER RABBIT: I think so, let
me talk with Mrs. Beaver.

KIDS: Awesome!

ELINOR: Thanks Mom!


what do you think?

Can we move the path?

MRS. BEAVER : We have to move
the path, Ranger Rabbit.

For the turtles' safety.

All right, crew!

Let's get to work!


KIDS: ♪ Take care,
take care. ♪

♪ When you're
out in nature. ♪

♪ Remember to share. ♪

♪ Take care,
take care. ♪

♪ Think of the
animals, ♪

♪ Already there. ♪

♪ Take care! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Out in
the forest, ♪

♪ Watch where
you go. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ There are birds
in the trees, ♪

♪ ♪

ARI:♪ They all need
their homes. ♪

♪ To be happy
and safe ♪

ELINOR: ♪ If you pay
attention, ♪

♪ It'll all work

ALL: ♪ Take care,
take care. ♪

♪ Think of the

♪ ♪

♪ When you're out

♪ Take care,

♪ ♪

♪ Take care! ♪

ELINOR: We did it!

Nice job everyone.

Now the turtles will
be safe because...

everyone will ride
around them.


ELINOR: Thank you!

MRS. BEAVER: And we couldn't
have done it without you kids.

ELINOR: No problem,
Mrs. Beaver.

ARI: We love
to help out.

It's what we do.

ELINOR: Hey, where's Olive?

OLIVE: Over here!

ELINOR: Whoa, great
turtle drawing.

OLIVE: It's a turtle
crossing sign...

so everyone will know that
there are turtles around here.

Very nice, Olive.

Now everyone will
be careful...

even if they're not
on the bike path.

MRS. BEAVER: And the turtles
can go as slowly as they want.

OLIVE: Awww,
it's so cute.

ELINOR: Take as long
as you like, little one.

ARI: Annnnd, here's
the little turtle,

on its way to
the pond.

It puts out
one foot...

then mooooves
its whole body,

then is it going to
take another step?


not sure...

but we know how this
is going to go, folks...


OLIVE: Yep, that turtle
sure does go slow.

ELINOR: Really slow.

OLIVE: Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

ELINOR: Maybe...

While the turtle
goes slow,

we can go...

ELINOR: ...fast!

KIDS: [giggle]

ARI: Yeah! And here
are the Animal Town Racers.

OLIVE: Wooo!

ARI: Whoa!

OLIVE: Yeah!

ARI: Look at her go!

Blasting around their
new bike path...

ELINOR: [giggle]

ARI: Away from the turtles
who like to go slow


KIDS: [laughter]