Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Speedy Swimming/Strawberry Jam - full transcript

After looking at how animals such as ducks swim with their webbed feet, Elinor and her friends have a great idea. During a weekend at camp, Mr. Rabbit dives right in for a very special birthday surprise.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Burrowing
Owl Girl"

[door bell]

MR. RABBIT: Did anyone
order a rabbit family?


BIBI: Ahh, come
here you!

BIBI: Ooh! My favorite son!

Your favorite?

Uh, Mom, [giggle]

I'm your only son.

BIBI: Well, it's a good thing
you're my favorite then.

ALL: [giggle]

BIBI: And my favourite

soo good to see
you, dear.


You too, BiBi.

BIBI: Where's Elinor?

I don't know.

But guess whooo has a
special surprise for you.

ELINOR: Surprise!

Whoo, whoooo!

BIBI: Oh, wow!

An owl!

I've never had an
owl visit me before.

It's me!

BIBI: Elinor!

I thought you were
a real owl.

ELINOR: [giggle] Do you like
my owl costume?

I made it for costume
day at school.

Mom helped a little.

Yes, and since then...

she's been wearing
it a lot.

ELINOR: Every day!

Owls are some of my
favorite animals.

BIBI: Really?

I love owls too.

sooo interesting!

RANGER RABBIT: Well, we're
helping your Grandpa today,

honey bunny, and that means
you're going to stay with BiBi

for the afternoon.

ELINOR: Awesome!

I can't wait to tell
you all about owls, BiBi.

I know everything there
is to know about them!

BIBI: Everything?


BIBI: Well, I wouldn't
be so sure of that, Elinor.

Nature always seems to find
a way to surprise you.

ELINOR: Watch me!

Who whooo
whooo whoooo!

ALL: [giggle]

BIBI: [giggle]
Oh dear.

ELINOR: Whoooo!

ELINOR: Whatcha
doin' BiBi?

BIBI: A little

I'm trying to figure out
which type of sand...

my cactuses like
the best.

ELINOR: Cool!!

Well, I did a lot of
investigating about owls...

with my Mom, and that's how
I know all about them.

ELINOR: Owls sleep all day, and
they're only awake at night.

They're super good
at flying,

and they live waaay
up in the trees.

I observed them

BIBI: That's wonderful,
Owl Girl Elinor,

but just remember, a good
scientist knows there's always

more to find out, so keep
asking questions.

ELINOR: And that means make lots
and lots of observations!

BIBI: Exactly!

ELINOR: Whooooo whoooo
whoosh whooo whooo!


ELINOR: What's that?

ELINOR: Two eyes?

ELINOR: [gasp]
It's an owl!

Hello, little owl.

Look at me,
I'm an owl too.

Hoot! Hoot!
Hoot! Hoot!

[owl hoots]

ELINOR: Wait a minute...
It's the middle of the day.

Why are you awake,
little owl?

You're supposed to be
sleeping right now,

so you can be
awake at night.

That's what owls do!

[owl hoots]


ELINOR: I wonder why this
owl isn't sleeping.

[owl cooing]


Now it's running
on the ground?

But owls are supposed
to fly in the sky.

Is that even an owl?


I just saw an
impossible animal!

BIBI: A what?

ELINOR: An animal
that can't be!

It looks like an
animal that I know,

but it's not doing the things
that it's supposed to do!

BIBI: An impossible

That is sooo

ELINOR: I don't

BIBI: Well, you know
what a scientist does...

when she sees something
she doesn't understand.


She needs...

More observations!!

ELINOR: Come on, BiBi!


[owl hoot]

ELINOR: There it is!

That's the animal
I saw earlier.

It looks like an owl,
but it can't be an owl.

This bird is awake
during the day...

and owls are only
awake at night.

BIBI: I see.

[owl cooing]

ELINOR: [whispering]
It's coming closer.

BIBI: Aww, it's
pretty cute.

ELINOR: BiBi look!

It's running away!

Let's follow it so we
can keep observing.




ELINOR: BiBi! The little
bird went into that hole...

in the ground.

Do you think that's
where it lives?

BIBI: Well, it sure
looks like it.

Holes in the ground like
that are called burrows.


Then it's definitely not an owl,
because owls live in trees.


ELINOR: Only...

It really does
look like an owl.

It's got big eyes, and a
beak, and feathers...

BIBI: This is true.

ELINOR: But how can it be an
owl if it's awake in the day,

and runs on the ground,
and lives in a hole?

BIBI: That's a really
good question Elinor.

ELINOR: I just
don't get it.

BIBI: Oh, look.

Just what I was
looking for.

BIBI: I found another
cactus for my investigation.

Isn't it a beauty?

ELINOR: Uhhhm, are you
sure that's a cactus, BiBi?

It doesn't look anything
like your other cactuses.

BIBI: Good observation!

But this is
a cactus.

There are many different
kinds of cactuses,

and they're not
all the same.

Nature is full of things
that look similar at first...

but when you look more closely
there are differences...


those two rocks.

ELINOR: Oh, I see.

One has a stripe.

BIBI: But they are
both rocks.

ELINOR: Oooooh.

[owl hoots]

ELINOR: Maybe this
animal is an owl,

but it's just a
different kind of owl.

BIBI: As a matter
fact, it is.

Good thinking,
little scientist.

There are different
kinds of owls,

just like there are
different kinds of cactuses...

and different
kinds of rocks.

This one here is called
a burrowing owl.

ELINOR: Oh, I know!

Is it because they
live in burrows?

BIBI: That's right.

Burrowing Owls live
in the desert...

and stay awake
during the day.

And guess what else?

They don't make the
holes they live in.

They use the holes that
other animals made...

and don't need anymore.

ELINOR: Awww, what
a smart little owl.

[owl cooing]

ELINOR: I thought I knew
everything there was to know...

about owls, but I
guess I didn't.

BIBI: Well, nature is full
of surprises, Elinor.

There's always
more to learn.

[owl hoots]

ELINOR: What's it
doing now?

BIBI: I don't know.

I've never seen a
burrowing owl do that.

I wonder why.

ELINOR: Maybe it's
decorating its front door.

BIBI: Maybe.

Or maybe that's its
rock collection.

ALL: [giggle]

ELINOR: It kinda looks like
its making a little fence.


That turtle was going to
walk into the hole,


but it got stopped by
the sticks and rocks.

Maybe the owl put them there to
keep other animals out.

BIBI: I think you're
right Elinor.

That's amazing.

I did not know burrowing
owls did that.

ELINOR: You didn't?


BIBI: Nope!

ELINOR: I guess there is
always more to learn.

Even for my BiBi!

BIBI: [giggle]
Oh dear.


is full of surprises. ♪

♪ The closer you

♪ The more you

♪ Animals are all
shapes and sizes. ♪

♪ Nature is full

ELINOR: ♪ I thought there
was only one kind of owl. ♪

♪ That sleeps all day
and flies about. ♪

[owl hoots]

BIBI: ♪ Keep your mind open,
and look all around, ♪

ELINOR: ♪ You might find an
owl that runs on the ground. ♪

is full of surprises. ♪

♪ The closer you look. ♪

♪ The more you will see. ♪

♪ Animals are all
shapes and sizes. ♪

♪ Nature is full
of surprises. ♪


[door bell]

MR. RABBIT: We're back!

BIBI: Aww, my favourite
rabbit family.


RANGER RABBIT: So, did you
and Elinor have fun today?

BIBI: Of course!

We made lots of

It was all sooo

Where is Elinor anyway?

BIBI: Oh, I'm not sure.

She was around
here some... place.

ELINOR: Surprise!

ALL: [giggle]

ELINOR: Whooo-whoo.

Do you like
my burrow?

MR. RABBIT: Your burrow?

I didn't know Owls
had burrows.

ELINOR: Neither did I.

But then Bibi and I met
a special kind of owl.

It's awake during the day,
runs on the ground,

and lives in a burrow!

MR. RABBIT: Really!?

ELINOR: It's amazing,
isn't it?

Nature is full
of surprises.

MR. RABBIT: That's right!

burrowing owl girl!

ALL: [laugh]
ELINOR: Woo... Whoo... Woo...

ARI: I'm thirsty.

OLIVE: It's so dry out
here in the hot desert.

ELINOR: Hmmm... I wonder if
there is any animals...

that can live out here.

SENOR TAPIR: Hey kids,
that's a great question.

KIDS: Senor Tapir!

not much water here

and that reminds me about a
scientist that wondered,

what kind of life
survives in the desert?


SENOR TAPIR: ♪ O... O...
Roseli Ocampo... ♪

♪ ♪

♪ all of the places where

♪ Where all life
is alive, ♪

♪ it needs water to

♪ Rain drops water

♪ but in the desert

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ the creatures that

♪ O... O...
Roseli Ocampo ♪

♪ Wanted to know if things
could live in the desert cold? ♪

♪ Roseli looked

♪ and what do

♪ she found life

♪ O... O...
Roseli Ocampo ♪

♪ now she knows. ♪

♪ Life can live in
the desert cold! ♪


KIDS: [cheer] Yay!


ELINOR: "Olive's Tree"

ARI: Are we
there yet?

OLIVE: [chuckle]


ARI: Is that it?

OLIVE: Nope.

ARI: What about
that one?

OLIVE: Sorry.

ELINOR: [effort]

ARI: Is this the place?

OLIVE: We're
almost there, Ari.

You'll see, it's the best
spot in the whole forest.

Follow me!



OLIVE: Over here!



OLIVE: Welcome
to my tree!

ELINOR: Oh, Olive,
it's sooo beautiful!

ARI: This is the most
amazing tree I've ever seen.

OLIVE: Yeah, it's
pretty special.

My mom and I come
here all the time.

And she used to come here
when she was little,

just like me.

ELINOR: Wow...

this tree must
be really old.

OLIVE: Yep, and it's the best
place in the world for playing,

climbing, napping, oh,
and picnicking...

ARI: Did I hear

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: What should
we do first, Olive?

OLIVE: Anything we want!

KIDS: [giggle]

ARI: Whoa! Wha..whaaa...


KIDS: [cheer]


ARI: Boo!

KIDS: [giggle]

ARI: Whatcha
doing now, Olive?

OLIVE: Drawing a picture
of my special tree.

I draw a new one every
time I come up here.

I've been here
so many times...

I've almost filled up
this whole book!

ARI: Cool.

I wanna see!

ARI: Yow!

ELINOR: Are you okay Ari?

ARI: Yeah, but
something hit me.

ELINOR: It fell
off the tree.

ARI: Is the tree
mad at me?

OLIVE: Noooo.

It's just dropping a
seed on the ground.

ARI: Trees have seeds?

OLIVE: Uh-huh.

My Mom told me acorns like this
one are oak tree seeds...

and this is an
oak tree.

ELINOR: Wow, Olive, you sure
know a lot about trees.

OLIVE: Yeah, my Mom and I
really love trees.

ARI: Me too!

OLIVE: Wait, Ari!
ARI: Huh?

OLIVE: Don't sit there,
you'll shmush that tree!

ARI: [gasp]

ARI: Are you sure
that's a tree?

It looks like a
little weed to me.

OLIVE: Nope, that's what
a tree looks like...

when it first comes
out of the seed.

Here, take a look.

ELINOR: So this little
plant is a baby tree?


My mom said trees start
out as little seeds,

then they become little
sprouts like this one...

and finally, big grown-up
trees like this!

ARI: Wow, it's so neat to
think that this giant tree...

came from a
teeny-tiny acorn.


ARI: Ahhhh!

ELINOR: Oh, no!
Are you okay, Ari?

ARI: Yeah.
I'm fine.

OLIVE: I wonder what
happened to the branch.

ARI: I don't know.

It just...

you know... broke.

OLIVE: Aww, poor tree.

ELINOR: Don't worry Olive.

Your tree has
lots of branches.

OLIVE: Yeah, I
guess you're right.

And this branch looks
kinda different anyway.

But, I've been a little worried
about the tree lately.

The bark is getting crumbly
and falling off in spots.

ELINOR: I'm sure
it's ok.

We can come check the tree
again some other day.

[wind blowing]

OLIVE: [gasp]

ARI: It's getting windy.

We should probably
head home.

ELINOR: I think it's
almost time for dinner.

ARI: Did you say dinner?

Let's go!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: See you later,


Did the wind really blow
down all of this, Mom?

It sure did.

There were some very
strong winds last night.

ARI: Strong enough to
knock branches off of trees?


ELINOR: Mom, can the wind
blow over a whole tree?

RANGER RABBIT: Well, trees have
roots that go into the ground,

and that helps keep them
from getting blown over.


If the wind is
strong enough,

it could blow over
a whole tree.

OLIVE: [gasp]
My tree!

ELINOR: [gasp] Mom, we have to
go and check Olive's tree.

RANGER RABBIT: Okay, you go
ahead and I'll catch up.

ELINOR: I'm sure
your tree is ok, Olive.

ARI: Yeah, I can't
wait to climb...

OLIVE: [gasp] My tree!

ELINOR: Oooooh...

ARI: Exactly! I can't
wait to climb your tree.

OLIVE: No, my tree!


OLIVE: Oh, no!

ELINOR: Poor tree.

OLIVE: What happened?

It looks like it just...


ELINOR: It was the wind!

The wind must have pushed
the tree over last night!

ARI: Okay, then let's
push it back up.

I got this.

I'll just...



ARI: Nope.
Not happening.

OLIVE: But we have
to do something!

My tree can't stay
on the ground.

What's going on kids?

You're just in time!

We have to put
Olive's tree back up.


ELINOR: Can you
fix it, Mom?

kids, it looks like...

this tree was very old.

It must have
gotten sick.

OLIVE: Trees get sick?

They do, Olive.

Sometimes you can tell
when a tree is sick.


Yesterday, one of
the branches broke,

and it looked
really dark inside.

ARI: And the bark looked
kinda funny in some spots.

OLIVE: Does that mean
that the tree was sick?

RANGER RABBIT: Yes, it looks
like it's been sick for a while.

ELINOR: There's a big
hole in the tree.

tree gets sick like this,

it becomes weak and can't
hold itself up very well.

The wind last night must
have been strong enough...

to just push it over.

OLIVE: So...

we can't put my
tree back up...


afraid not, Olive.

OLIVE: Oh...

I'm so sorry Olive.

Elinor told me this
was your special tree.

It sounds like you had a lot
of really fun times here.

OLIVE: Yeah, I did.

Me and my Mom and
my Grandma too.

OLIVE: One time, my Mom and I
counted the stars all night,

then slept
under our tree.

And one time we spent
all day raking up...

my tree's leaves and then
I jumped in the pile.

And this was the
branch we used...

when my mom taught
me how to climb.

But now the tree
fell down...

and we won't be able
to climb it again.

Olive, and I understand why...

that would make
you sad.

ELINOR: Mom...

what happens to trees
when they fall down?

a good question, Elinor.

And I think the answer
might help make you all...

feel a little better.

RANGER RABBIT: Your special
tree will still be around...

for many more years.

It's going to become what
we Park Rangers call...

a wildlife tree.

OLIVE: A wildlife tree?


A wildlife tree is
the very last step...

in a tree's life cycle.

OLIVE: Is the life cycle like
how this tree started

as an acorn, then
grew all the way up...

from a sprout to
a big tree?

That's right, Olive!

Let's take a walk in the
woods and I'll show you.


ARI: Whoa!


ELINOR: So this is
a wildlife tree?

It sure is, Elinor.

This is a tree that fell
down a long time ago,

and now it's a very
important part of the forest.

Wildlife trees are
homes to lots of different

types of creatures.

ARI: Look!
A lizard!

OLIVE: And look!

A bird made a nest
in the tree.

[birds chirping]

ELINOR: That's
so interesting.


And as the tree gets even older,
it's going to break down

and become part of
the soil,

helping new plants and
trees grow in its place.

OLIVE: Wow, so even if
a tree falls down,

it's still a part of
the forest.


OLIVE: I know that my
tree is going to help...

lots of plants
and creatures,

but I'm still gonna
miss seeing...

it stand up big and tall.

ELINOR: It was a
really nice tree, Olive.

Maybe we can still come
visit all the time.

ARI: Yeah, think of all the new
kinds of fun we can have...

with it now that it's
a wildlife tree.

Maybe we'll meet some
new creatures.

OLIVE: I guess it will
be pretty cool to see...

what kinds of animals and
plants make my tree their home.


I don't think you're going
to have to wait very long

to find out.


KIDS: Awwww!


KIDS: ♪ A tree can grow
both big and small. ♪

♪ No matter the size,
we love them all! ♪

♪ We climb their branches
and give us shade! ♪

♪ Trees are the best
things ever made! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ It starts with a
seed planted in the ground. ♪

♪ That becomes a sprout,
they're all around! ♪

ARI: ♪ It grows bigger,
as big as me. ♪

♪ But real soon, it's a
full grown tree! ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Then one day,
it's a wildlife tree. ♪

♪ Just as important I
hope you'll see. ♪

♪ Because it helps new
plants to grow. ♪

♪ And it's home to
animals we know! ♪

ALL: ♪ A tree can grow
both big and small. ♪

♪ No matter the size,
we love them all! ♪

♪ We climb their branches
and give us shade! ♪

♪ Trees are the best
things ever made! ♪

♪ Oooooo! ♪

ELINOR: How are you
feeling now, Olive?

OLIVE: Better, thanks.

My mom's gonna be sad
that the tree fell down,

but I think she'll
be happy to know...

it's still a part
of the forest.

ARI: And Olive, don't
forget one thing...

OLIVE: The sprout!

You're right, Ari.

I forgot this tree sprout is
going to grow into a big,

big tree!

are no other trees around,

so this sprout must be
from an acorn...

that fell off
your tree, Olive.

KIDS: [gasp]

OLIVE: Hello,
baby tree!