Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Burrowing Owl Girl/Olive's Tree - full transcript

While exploring in the desert, Elinor sees something very surprising. Olive is sad that her favorite tree in the park has been fallen over.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: "Frozen Fish."


ARI: [panting]

You're it!

ARI: I thought I was
already it.

ELINOR: Were you?

Oops! Then...

I guess I'm it now!

ELINOR: And now you're it!

ARI: Hey!

KIDS: [laughter]

where are we going?

RANGER RABBIT: You'll see.

Here we are!


ELINOR: We're at
Mossy Lake!

RANGER RABBIT: That's right.

It's the biggest
lake in Animal Town.

KIDS: Wow!

ARI: What are you doing,
Ranger Rabbit?

checking to see...

how the lake is
doing, Ari.

I come out here every summer,
fall, winter, and spring

to write down observations
about how the lake changes

from season to season.

OLIVE: I love writing
down observations.

It's one of my
favorite things to do.

RANGER RABBIT: Well, the water
is definitely colder...

now that it's fall.

But it's still liquid,

which means it's
still flowing.

still have a few ducks...

that haven't flown south
for the winter.

ARI: Baaah!

That water is
pretty cold!

Better hurry up, ducks.

OLIVE: Wow!!
There they go.

ARI: [laugh]

[ducks quacking]

ELINOR: Bye ducks!

Have a good trip!!

ELINOR: Olive!

Look at this!

OLIVE: What is it Elinor?

ELINOR: I saw a splash.

It was right out there.

[gasp] It's a fish!

OLIVE: That's
definitely not a duck!

KIDS: [laughter]

that fish is a lake trout.

There are a lot of
trout this year,

that's good.

ELINOR: Hmmm...

Why do the fish
jump like that?

probably trying to catch...

and eat the bugs that are on
the surface of the water.

ARI: [gasp] Look!

Another fish!

KIDS: Wow!

OLIVE: Wait for it...

wait for it...

KIDS: Splash!

ELINOR: I'm going to
name the fish Splashy.

OLIVE: Okay.

OLIVE: Look, Splashy!

I drew you!

You're my favorite
observation today!

[wind blowing]

OLIVE: It's really
getting chilly.

is almost here, kids.

Let's hike back to the
ranger station to warm up.

OLIVE: Bye, Splashy!

ARI: See you next time
we come to the lake!

ELINOR: Stay warm!




MS. MOLE: [ efforts]

ARI: Whoa, look
at all the snow!

ELINOR: I'm so excited!

I can't wait to go ice
skating on the lake!

RANGER RABBIT: Great dear!

But before we skate, I need
to make sure the ice...

is safe enough
to skate on.

Wait here, kids.

ARI: Great idea!


Mossy Lake doesn't look at
all like it did in the fall.

ARI: Yeah, it doesn't
even look like a lake!

It looks more like a
big thick piece of ice.

ELINOR: And thick ice is
perfect for ice skating!


Okay, everyone!

Mossy Lake is officially
open for ice skating!

ALL: [cheer]


ARI: Woo-hoo!



Whoa! Wah! Wah!

Wah! Whoa! Whoa!


Huh! Whoa! Waaahhh...

[gasp] Thanks!
OLIVE: [giggle]


KIDS: [giggle]


MS. MOLE: [efforts]



ELINOR: Weeee! [giggle]

ARI: Cool!


Uooh! That's gonna
hurt in the morning.

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Woooo!
[giggle] Weeee!

Great skating, kids!

Here, have some
hot chocolate.

ELINOR: Thanks Mom.

ARI: It's pretty amazing
to think that...

this is the same lake
where we hiked in the fall.

ELINOR: And where we
met Splashy the fish!

OLIVE: In the spring,
summer, and fall,

the lake is full
of water.

But in the winter, the
liquid water turns to ice!

That is so cool!

ELINOR: [gasp]

OLIVE: What's wrong, Elinor?

ELINOR: If the lake
has turned to ice...

what happened
to Splashy?

ARI: Huh?

ELINOR: The fish we
saw in the fall.

It was swimming
in the lake,

but now the water
is frozen.

OLIVE: Oooh, I never
thought about that.


ELINOR: It feels hard
and solid, all right.

ELINOR: Do you think
Splashy is okay?

I hope she didn't
get frozen, too!


Maybe Splashy went
south for the winter,

like the ducks we saw.

[ducks quacking]

ARI: Uhh, Olive, fish
can't fly like birds.

OLIVE: Riiiight.

ARI: Let's take a look.

Maybe we can see
inside the ice.

ELINOR: Good idea, Ari,
we need more observations.

ARI: [efforts]

ARI: whoa-ahh!

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: I can't
see anything.

OLIVE: Me neither.

ARI: I see something...


KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: I know! What if we try
to melt a little of the ice...

so it turns into liquid
water again?

My trunk is nice
and warm.


OLIVE: Mmmm...


ELINOR: Is the
ice melting?

OLIVE: Dot really.

Ad dow by trung
isth cold.

ARI: Hmmm...

And we still can't
see anything.

ELINOR: Hmmm, I wonder what
happened to Splashy.

And what about all of the
other fish in the lake?

How can they swim?

Or find food?

MS. MOLE: [laughter]
ELINOR: Hmm...

MS. MOLE: [laughter]

OLIVE: What's that?

ARI: [effort]




ARI: Look!

It's a hole, be
right back...


I saw Ranger Rabbit make it
when she was checking the ice.


KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Holes are perfect
for making observations!

ELINOR: Look, there's
water down there!

ARI: Ow!

OLIVE: [giggle] Hey!

ARI: You're right!

OLIVE: There's water
under the ice!

ELINOR: I thought the
whole lake was frozen.

OLIVE: Whoa! Maybe the lake is
still full of liquid water...

ARI: ...and the ice
is just on top.

ELINOR: Mom! Mom!



ELINOR: We see water
in that hole!

Does that mean most of
the lake isn't frozen?

RANGER RABBIT: That's right!

Usually only the top of
the lake freezes into ice.

The rest of the lake
is still liquid.

That's why I made
the hole.

To check that the ice was
thick enough to skate on.

KIDS: Ooooh!

ELINOR: So, if there's still
water under the ice...

The fish could still be
swimming around down there!

you if you'd like.

I need to make the hole bigger
to check on the trout anyway.

KIDS: [gasps]


Look! The fish are swimming
around under the ice!

[gasp] And that one
looks like Splashy!

OLIVE: What do the fish do
under there all winter?

all kinds of things.

Some bury themselves in the
sand at the bottom...

and go to sleep.

Some get close to their
friends to stay warm.

But other fish, like
the trout, stay awake.

They just move more slowly, and
eat as much as they can find.

ELINOR: That is
so interesting!

RANGER RABBIT: Animals find
lots of ways to keep going,

even when the
weather changes.

OLIVE: So, all the time
we've been skating...

ARI: ...there's been a whole
lake full of fish underneath us!



ELINOR: ♪ Lakes are fun
to dip your toes in, ♪

♪ but in the winter,
they get frozen. ♪

ALL: ♪ Ice, ice, ice
on the top... ♪

liquid water on
the bottom!

OLIVE: ♪ When the ice is
hard and strong, ♪

♪ fish can live all
winter long. ♪

ALL: ♪ Ice, ice, ice
on the top... ♪

♪ liquid water on
the bottom! ♪

ALL: ♪ When winter
winds start blowing, ♪

♪ animals they

♪ They change with
every season, ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Even when
it's freezin'! ♪

ARI: ♪ Ice is nice. ♪

♪ Ice is nice. ♪

♪ It's so nice... ♪

♪ I said it twice. ♪

KIDS: ♪ Ice on the top. ♪

♪ Water on the
bottom. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Lakes have fish
if you can spot 'em, ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Even when
it's after autumn, ♪

ARI: ♪ So grab your ice
skates if you've got 'em! ♪

ALL: ♪ Ice, ice, ice
on the top... ♪

♪ liquid water on
the bottom! ♪

RANGER RABBIT: So you see,
when the weather changed,

and the lake froze,

the fish found a way
to stay healthy.

ELINOR: [sigh] I'm so glad
Splashy and the other fish...

are okay, Mom.

OLIVE: And I'm glad we
could help observe the fish.

ARI: Whoa! Whoa waah....

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!



The fish stay under
the ice all winter,

I'll use my wings to
stay over the ice!

ELINOR: [gasp]

ARI: Haha! You're it!


KIDS: [giggle]


ELINOR: I think
it was that way.

ARI: I'm pretty sure
it was over there.

OLIVE: Where did it go?

MS. MOLE: Now just what
are you all looking for?

OLIVE: This really neat pond we
saw the last time we were here.

MS. MOLE: Oh, that
is a neat pond!

OLIVE: But now
it's gone!

MS. MOLE: It's a
spring-time pond.

And what happens a
lot in the spring?

ARI: It rains a lot?

ELINOR: Oh, I get it.

Now it's summer and
there isn't much rain,

so the pond is
all dried up.

MS. MOLE: That's right.

ARI: But there were so
many little critters...

living in the pond.

What happened to them?

MS. MOLE: Those critters
have some very clever...

ways to survive.

Let's read about one of my
favorites, called Daphnia.

ELINOR: Look how they
bounce up and down!

OLIVE: Are those little
eggs on her back?

MS. MOLE: Yes, those
are her babies!

ARI: Uh-oh!

Their pond is drying up!

We should warn them.

MS. MOLE: Not to worry, the
momma daphnia makes a special

case that keeps her eggs
safe as the pond dries up.

ELINOR: Don't the little
eggs need water?

MS. MOLE: They do.

But if they are in
their special case,

they can wait for the spring
rains to fill up the pond again.

Then, pop!

Out come the new
little daphnia.

OLIVE: The babies are
bouncing up and down.

MS. MOLE: Nature has a lot of
clever tricks to help

pond creatures survive
the hot, dry summer.

ARI: Yay, the little
critters survived.
KIDS: Yay!


ELINOR: "Pirate Treasure."

ELINOR: Captain Elinor
steers the pirate ship...

through the open seas.

Ready for adventure!

OLIVE: First Mate Olive keeps
an eye out for islands...


ELINOR: "Arrr?"

What does that mean?

OLIVE: I don't actually
know what it means,

but pirates say "Arrr"
all the time.

ELINOR: Ok, got it...

I mean...


Got it!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Where's Ari?

ELINOR: He's hiding a treasure
chest for our treasure hunt!

OLIVE: A treasure hunt?

Arrrr, that'll be fun!

I'll keep an eye
out for him.


ARI: [sniffs]


ARI: Wah-uh!

ARI: [humming]


ARI: Who...Whoah!

ARI: Wow! I can see all of
Animal Town from here!


A tree with a
hole in it!

This is the perfect hiding
spot for pirate treasure.



ELINOR: Any sign of
Treasure-Keeper Ari?

OLIVE: Hmmm....


There he is!


Arrr! [giggle]

ARI: Hey, my name's
Arrr-i, not Arrr.

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: Welcome back!

Treasure-Keeper Ari, did you
hide the pirate treasure chest?

ARI: You bet.

I found a great
place for it too.

Now you just have
to find it!


OLIVE: Okay, did you
make a treasure map?

Pirates always use
a treasure map.

ARI: A map? Pfff....

Why would we need that?

ELINOR: Maps show you where
places and things are.

If we had a map, it could
help us find the treasure.

ARI: Oh...

I didn't make one.

OLIVE: That's okay.

We can make one now if you
can tell us where you went.

Then we can follow it to
find the treasure!

OLIVE: Here's where
we are now...

the Pirate Ship Log.

Where did you hide
the treasure, Ari?

ARI: I hid it in a
tree on a hill.

ELINOR: Great, "X"
marks the spot!

How do we get there?

ARI: We go that way!

And then...


down another way,
I think...

and, um...

And then I'm not sure...


Did you forget where you
hid our treasure chest?

ARI: No!

I remember exactly
where I hid it...

I just forgot which way
I went to get there.


ELINOR: Yeah, if you
hid it in a tree,

maybe we just have to look
in trees until we find it.

ARI: Look in all the
trees in the forest?

There are way
too many.

ELINOR: I guess so.

How can we find
the treasure...

if Ari doesn't remember
how to get to it?

KIDS: Hmm...

SIGGY: Ahoy!

Permission to come
aboard your pirate ship?

ELINOR: Of course Siggy,
c'mon up!

SIGGY: [efforts]

OLIVE: Woah! Where
did those come from?

SIGGY: These acorns?

I hid them here
a while ago...

so my little brothers
wouldn't eat them.

We squirrels are really
good at hiding things...

and finding them later.

ARI: But how did you remember
you hid them right there?

SIGGY: Squirrels always hide
things near landmarks...

so we know where
to find them.


What's a landmark?

SIGGY: Well, a landmark is
something that is easy to find

and easy to remember.

You can use it to figure
out where things are.

OLIVE: [gasp] Like
this giant log!

SIGGY: Yeah! This is
a great landmark...

because it looks like
a pirate ship.

You can't forget it.

ELINOR: Ohh, that
is so interesting.

Ari, do you remember seeing
any landmarks on your way

to hide the treasure?

ARI: Hmmm...

Yeah I think I did...

when I left here to
hide the treasure,

I passed a really cool bush with
yellow flowers in a field!


If we can find that landmark
maybe it will help us...

find the right way back
to the treasure.

OLIVE: Great idea!

SIGGY: Hmmm...

A bush with yellow
flowers in a field?

I think I know
where that is!

Can I join your
pirate crew?

I know my way around
the forest...

I can be your navigator
and show you around!

ELINOR: We always have
room for more pirates.

Welcome aboard
Navigator Siggy.


SIGGY: Arrr!

ELINOR: Now let's go
find our treasure!

KIDS: Aye aye Captain!

ARI: Yo ho ho!

There it is!

I knew I went this way.

ARI: See? It's the only bush
with yellow flowers on it.

All the other bushes
here have red flowers.

That's what made
me remember it.

OLIVE: And the yellow
flowers are so bright...

that they're hard
to miss.

SIGGY: What a perfect

It's different and
easy to find.

OLIVE: I'll put it
on the map.

OLIVE: Ok... so we started
at the Pirate Log here...

and walked this way to
the Yellow Bush.

ELINOR: What did you
do next, Ari?

ARI: Hmm...

I remember I stood on a
funny looking rock...

to get a better look.

The rock reminded me
of a turtle.

SIGGY: I know that rock!

It's over this way!


ARI: Woo-hoo!

We're on the
right track!

This is the rock I saw before.

OLIVE: That rock is
easy to spot.

ELINOR: It sure is big.

SIGGY: I call it
Turtle Rock.

Doesn't it look
like a turtle?

That part's the head, and
that part's the shell.

ELINOR: It really does
look like a turtle!

SIGGY: That's what makes
this such a great landmark.

It's easy to find and
easy to remember.

OLIVE: I'll add it
to the map!

OLIVE: So, after
the yellow bush...

we went down the forest path
until we got to Turtle Rock.

Where to next, Ari?

ARI: Oh, I remember!

Not too far from here, I
crossed a stream in a field.

SIGGY: I know
that stream.

Follow this squirrel!


OLIVE: Hmm...

we can't go
any further.

ELINOR: Yeah, this stream's
way too wide for us to cross.

Are you sure you
came this way, Ari?

ARI: Sure I'm sure!

I couldn't fly across when
I was holding the treasure,

so I crossed on...

[gasp] those three
big stones.

SIGGY: It's like a
stone bridge.

OLIVE: Wow, another
great landmark.

It's the only way to
cross the stream,

so it's easy to
see and remember.

ELINOR: Let's add it
to the map.

OLIVE: Okay, then
what did you do?

ARI: I hopped
across the stones,

and then I hid our
treasure on the other side.

ELINOR: We're so close!


[cough] I mean...



ELINOR: [efforts]

KIDS: [efforts]

KIDS: Wow! Whoa!

ARI: Pretty cool, right?

Told you I found a great
place to hide the treasure.

SIGGY: But... umm...

where is it?

ARI: It's umm...

OLIVE: Wait a minute, since
we're the pirate crew...

ELINOR: We should be the
ones who find the treasure.


KIDS: Arrrr!

ARI: You are all cold.


Extremely cold!

Wait! Elinor is getting

a little warmer...

little warmer...

Wow! Ok, now you
are red hot!

ELINOR: [gasp]

ARI: Doo Doolooloo Doo Do
Do Doooooo!


ELINOR: The treasure!

OLIVE: We found it!

SIGGY: Arrrr!

OLIVE: I'm so excited,

we finally get to see
what's inside!

ARI: Snacks!

OLIVE: Awesome!

ELINOR: I'm so glad you
came with us, Siggy.

The best treasure is one you
can share with your friends.

OLIVE: Right!

SIGGY: Yeah!



OLIVE: Now that we
have this map,

we know how to get
here again.

We just follow
the landmarks!

ELINOR: From the Pirate Log,
we go to the Yellow Bush.

Then down the path
to Turtle Rock...

SIGGY: ...across the stream
on the Stone Bridge,

and then up the hill
to this tree!

ARI: Maps are awesome!

ELINOR: Ok, back to
our ship, Pirate Crew!

Let's go!


ELINOR: ♪ Yo ho me
mateys! ♪

KIDS: ♪ A pirate crew
are we! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Yo ho
me mateys, ♪

KIDS: ♪ We sail on
the high seas! ♪

ALL: ♪ When you search for
treasure high and low, ♪

♪ be sure to check your
map as you go, ♪

♪ landmarks help you
chart your way, ♪

♪ to find your prize
without delay. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ The Stone Bridge let
us cross the stream, ♪

♪ and helped our
treasure-searching team! ♪

ARI: ♪ We passed right
by Turtle Rock, ♪

♪ while out on our
treasure walk! ♪

SIGGY: ♪ The yellow bush
helped us mark our way, ♪

♪ as we searched for
treasure on this fine day. ♪

ALL: ♪ Landmarks that
catch your eyes, ♪

♪ will help you find
your hidden prize! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Yo ho
me mateys! ♪

KIDS: ♪ A pirate
crew are we! ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Yo ho me
mateys, ♪

KIDS: ♪ We sail on
the high seas! ♪

ALL: ♪ A-hoy!!! ♪

SIGGY: Woo-hoo!

KIDS: [cheer]
ARI: Yo-hohoho!

ELINOR: Ready to set sail?

SIGGY: Wait, what
your ship is called?

ELINOR: It has the best name
for this crew of pirates.

The Friend-Ship.


KIDS: Arrrr!

KIDS: [giggle]

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!