Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Frozen Fish/Pirate Treasure - full transcript

After the lake freezes over, the three children learn and discover where the fish are going. Ari has organized a treasure hunt, but the kids try and help him remember where the snacks are.

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♪ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪I see things that
I want to know.♪

♪Wherever I am,♪

♪I find things that
I want to understand.♪

♪Go and explore,
listen and see,♪

♪just follow your

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly?♪

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide?♪

♪There's so much
to learn,♪

♪ wherever you turn,

♪just listen and see,♪

♪and follow your


♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find?♪

♪ALL: Elinor Wonders Why!♪

♪ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Zig Zag Plant"


ELINOR: Olive, look how much our
little baby plants have grown.

OLIVE: Wow, Elinor!

They've grown so much since
we planted them as seeds!

ELINOR: Mmhm... and
it's only been a few days.

I wonder how tall
they're gonna get?

OLIVE: I hope they grow
as tall as me.

ELINOR: I hope they grow
as tall as me...

and my ears.

KIDS: [chuckle]

ARI: Ok, this time I'm
sure I'm going to do it.



[effort] Ah!


are you ok?

ARI: I'm ok.

Maybe I should have
counted to three.

KIDS: [laugh]

MS. MOLE: Hello kids!

How are our little class
plants doing today?

ELINOR: They are doing
so well, Ms. Mole!

I'll show you!

ELINOR: Look how
tall they've grown.

OLIVE: Yeah!

I love how they're all growing
straight up out of the ground.

MS. MOLE: That's right!

Plants grow up towards the sky,
no matter where you plant them.

Here, let me show you.

MS. MOLE: They grow up if you
plant them in a field...

Or on a hill...

Or on a steep

Or even on the
side of a cliff!

KIDS: Wow!


Oh my goodness!

ELINOR: C'mon,
little plants.

You can do it!

Grow up, up, up!

OLIVE: Let's measure
how tall they are.

This one is about...

one crayon high.

ARI: Hey! That's fun.

Usually we draw our
observations with crayons.

But we can use crayons to
measure observations too.

MS. MOLE: I love it!

Ok, school is almost over, so
let's water the little plants.

Make sure you give
them a little extra today.

ELINOR: Why do they need
extra water, Ms. Mole?

Are they extra thirsty?

MS. MOLE: Well, Elinor,
tomorrow is the weekend,

and there's no school
for two days.

and there's no school
for two days.

So, there won't be anybody
here to water them!

ARI: Two days without school
will give me lots of time...

to practice my backflips.

MS. MOLE: Hahaha,
okay kids class is over!

Let's go grab
your things.

ELINOR: I can't wait to see
how much the plants grow...

over the weekend.

OLIVE: Me too.

ARI: Ooh!

One more backflip.

One, two...



Aww yi yi.


ELINOR: [panting]
Good morning, Ms. Mole.

MS. MOLE: Well well, you're
both here bright and early!

ELINOR: We just... [panting]
couldn't... [panting]


OLIVE: To... [panting] see...
[panting] how much...

ELINOR: The plants grew!

OLIVE: They've been
growing the whole weekend!

I wonder how
tall they got?

MS. MOLE: [laugh]

ELINOR: Wow, look
how much they grew.

OLIVE: They are so much taller,
I hardly recognize them.

OLIVE: Let's
measure them.

This one is... one...

two crayons high.

ELINOR: Good job
little plant.

I knew you would
grow taller.

ARI: Hi, Elinor,
Hi Olive!

Guess what?

I spent the whole weekend
practicing my backflip.

Ready to check it out?

ELINOR: Sure, Ari.

ARI: Prepare to
be impressed.


Hup! Whoa!


Hooo, maybe I should've
counted to four.

ARI: Huh, I don't
get it.

I practiced for
two whole days.

ARI: Wait, it's been
two whole days...

since we checked
our plants.

How are they doing?

ELINOR: Olive and I just
measured one of them...

and it's two
crayons high.

ARI: Wow, it
grew a lot!

ARI: Hey! This one isn't
as tall as the others.

OLIVE: It looks like a...


ELINOR: [gasp] It does
look like a zig-zag!

Look! It grew up and
then to the side...

then grew up again!

That's amazing.

ARI: Hey, it's
just like me.

When I'm not zigging,
I'm zagging!

[sing-songy] Zig zag, zig zag,
zig zig zig zag!

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: I wonder why this
plant looks like that...

and the others don't?

OLIVE: Yeah, all the
other plants...

look like they
grew straight up.

ARI: Hmmm, maybe it's a
different kind of plant?

ELINOR: But...

the leaves look like
they're the same shape.

I think it's the
same kind of plant.

OLIVE: But why would this plant
grow in a different shape?

ELINOR: Maybe it has a different
kind of dirt in the pot.

Hmm... We need
more observations!

OLIVE: Here ya go.

ELINOR: Thanks!

ELINOR: The dirt looks
the same, but...



what's this?

ELINOR: There's a little
pile of dirt there.

I don't remember seeing
that before, do you?

OLIVE: Uh uh.

ARI: Oooh...

Maybe it's a clue
to our mystery!

OLIVE: But what
does it mean?

I don't know...

ARI: We need a clue,
about our clue.

ELINOR: Something
must have happened...

to make the plant grow
in a zig-zag.


ELINOR: Let's see if the
other kids have any ideas.

OLIVE: I know!

I'll write down what
they say in my notebook.


OLIVE: Camilla...

Do you know why one of the
plants grew like a zig-zag?

CAMILLA: I'm so glad
you said plants.

I was just thinking about
the beautiful petunias...

that my mom planted
in our garden.

I love plants
with flowers.

I love daisy's and
poppies and...

Oh, roses smell
so nice, and...

ELINOR: Um, Camilla, what
does this have to do...

with the class plants?

I don't know.

Do the class plants
have flowers?

OLIVE: Uh, we'll
come back later.

ELINOR: Koa, do you know
why one of the class plants...

grew in a zig-zag?

KOA: Nope.

OLIVE: Did you see
anything happen to it?

KOA: Nope.

ELINOR: Have you ever seen a
plant grow in a zig-zag before?

KOA: Hmmm....


ARI: Do you ever say
anything besides "nope"?

KOA: Mmmm...



ARI: Sally, do you know
why one of the plants...

grew in a zig-zag?

SALLY: It wasn't me.
Not me.

I wasn't even there.

Is the plant ok?

Should we call the
plant doctor?

I was over here playing
the whole time.

I'm sorry, did you say the plant
grew in a zig-zag??

ARI: I guess
that's a no.

ELINOR: Hmm, no one knows
what happened...

to make the plant grow
like a zig-zag.

OLIVE: Well, we were the last
ones to leave school that day.

And I don't remember
seeing anything strange...

happen to the plants.

ELINOR: [gasp]
I have an idea.

Let's think about what
happened that day.

ELINOR: Ok, we were right
here talking to Ms. Mole...

just before we
went home.

OLIVE: I remember that.

She said plants grow
up towards the sky,

no matter where
you plant them.

We also watered
the plants.



and then I think
we went home.

ARI: [gasp]

I just remembered: I
practiced my backflip...

just as we were

I was standing right here
like this and then...

One, two...




Ari knocked over the plant and
spilled a little bit of dirt,

just like the
other little pile.

OLIVE: Ari, maybe you
knocked over the plant...

when we left before
the weekend,

like you did just now.

That's how the first
pile of dirt got there.

ELINOR: That means the plant was
on its side when we went home.

ELINOR: Now this part of
the plant is going up.

I think that's a clue.

ARI: What do you mean?

I'm still clueless.

ELINOR: First, the plant grew
straight up from the pot,

just like all the
other plants.

But then it got
knocked over,

so it was on its
side all weekend.

But plants
always grow up,

so it must have changed
which way it was growing.

OLIVE: That's just like
in Ms. Mole's book.

Plants grow up
towards the sky,

no matter which way
the ground is.

ELINOR: That's right.

ARI: Yes!

I think we
figured it out.

But wait...

That explains the
first zig,

but what about
the zag?

OLIVE: Yeah, why
did it bend one way...

and then bend back
the other way?

MS. MOLE: Hello, kids.

Oh, did that plant get
knocked over again?

ELINOR: Ms. Mole, why
did you say...

this plant got knocked
over again?

MS. MOLE: Well, because it
was knocked over before.

I came into school yesterday to
prepare some things for today,

and I found that little
plant on its side.

So, I picked it up and
set it straight again.

ELINOR: [gasp] I think I
know what happened.

OLIVE: Me too!

ARI: Me three!

ELINOR: This plant
started growing up,

just like all the others...

ARI: But then I knocked it
over and put it on its side.

OLIVE: So the plant changed the
way it was growing to go up.

That made the first zig.

ELINOR: Then Ms. Mole picked up
the pot and set it straight.

ARI: So the plant turned
again to keep growing up.

Zig and then zag!

ELINOR: That's it!

We solved the mystery.


KIDS: ♪Up, up, up! ♪

♪Plants grow up.♪

♪Even if the ground
tilts a lot.♪

♪ Up on a mountain

♪Or on a hillside♪

♪Plants will grow up
to the sky!♪

♪This little plant♪

♪Zigged and zagged.♪

♪What could have made
it grow like that?♪

♪Up, up, up!♪

♪Plants grow up.♪

♪Even if the ground
tilts a lot.♪

ELINOR: Ms. Mole,
do you think it's ok...

that the plant grew
like that?

MS. MOLE: Of course!

Most plants will find a
way to grow upwards,

even if it takes a
zig and a zag.

OLIVE: Well, I think
it looks pretty cool.

ARI: I think it looks...


ARI: [gasp]
I did it!

I did a backflip!

ELINOR: Wow, Ari, how
did you do it?

ARI: Well, I did just like
the plant

and went up, up, up!

KIDS: [laugh]

MS. MOLE: Come on...
You can do it!

ELINOR: [giggle] Ms. Mole,
who are you talking to?

MS. MOLE: The plants!

I'm watching them grow.

ARI: You can't watch
plants grow, Ms. Mole.

They grow too slowly.

MS. MOLE: Some plants can grow
quicker than you might think.

Look here.

MS. MOLE: All plants need
water and sunlight to grow.

Some plants grow slowly, and
some plants grow quickly.

A cactus like this one...

might grow very slowly,

while bamboo plants like
this one can grow very quickly.

MS. MOLE: By lunchtime, the
bamboo has grown much taller.

ARI: Why didn't
the cactus grow?

MS. MOLE: It did grow.

But only a little.

Let's check in with them
at dinner time.

ELINOR: Wow! The bamboo
is even taller!

MS. MOLE: When
it gets bigger,

it can grow 35 inches
taller in a single day!

MS. MOLE: 35 inches is
as tall as you, Ari!

ARI: Wow!

But the cactus
is still small.

MS. MOLE: It's growing, but
so slowly it's hard to see.

Some cactus take a
year to grow one inch.

ARI: If I could be a plant,
I'd want to be bamboo.

Then I'd be a
giant in no time!

ALL: [laugh]

ELINOR: Look Ms. Mole!

The garden
is growing!

MS. MOLE: Ooh!

I wonder how big
it will get.

There's only one
way to find out!

ARI: If this is going
to take a while,

I'm going to need
a snack.

ALL: [laugh]


ELINOR: "Butterfly Drinks"

MS. MOLE: Ok class,
that's it for today.

Oh, and don't forget,
Monday is insect day!

Everyone needs to come dressed
as their favorite insect.

KIDS: [cheer]

I love insects!

KOA: Yeah, they're
so totally chill...

MS. MOLE:Hahaha,
yes they are.

Alright, you little
rug bugs, off you go!


KIDS: [laugh] [cheer]


ELINOR: I can't wait
for insect day.

What kind of insect
are you gonna be, Ari?

ARI: I don't know.

I haven't picked one.

All I know is that it's
gotta be super-duper cool.

OLIVE: Wow, there are so many
amazing kinds of insects.

Listen to this!

Did you know that ants
have two stomachs?

ARI: Cool!

ARI: I wish I had
two stomachs!

Then I could eat
lunch twice!

ELINOR: [laugh]

OLIVE: And did you know that
caterpillars have twelve eyes?!


ELINOR: Whoo! That's
a lot of eyes!

ARI: Which insect are you going
to pick for your costume?

OLIVE: I don't know!

They are so many.

I'm gonna have to
read this whole book...

just to learn
about all of them!

ARI: I think Olive
is bugging out.

ARI: Get it?
ELINOR: [giggle]

Bugging... out.

ELINOR: [giggle]

Well, I know what my
insect costume is gonna be.

Well, I know what my
insect costume is gonna be.

OLIVE: Oooh tell us, Elinor!

ELINOR: I'm going to be...

a butterfly!

KIDS: [giggle]
ELINOR: Woo-hoo!

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: I just think
butterflies are so interesting.

I love their big wings and all
their colors and spots.

ARI: I've always wondered
about butterflies.

OLIVE: Wondered what,

ARI: Why is it called
a "butter fly".

Does it fly like butter?

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: [gasp] Oh, what's
that one called?

OLIVE: That one's called...

a dragonfly.

ARI: A Dragon? Fly?

Like a dragon?

That flies?!

That is so cool!

ARI: I'm going to
be a Dragonfly!

And breathe fire.


OLIVE: I love It!

OLIVE: Raaarr!
ARI: Raaarr!

Are you going to be
a Dragonfly too, Olive?

OLIVE: No, I just
like going Raaaarr!

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: Raaaarrrr!

KIDS: [giggle]

[birds chirping]


MR. RABBIT: Hi Elinor.

ELINOR: I can't talk
right now, Dad,

I'm super busy!

ELINOR: I'm making a butterfly
costume for insect day!


Can I help?

ELINOR: Mmm, ok!

You can be my assistant
if you want.

you're the boss.

ELINOR: Ms. Mole said it has to
be something special,

so I want my costume to be
just like a real butterfly.

MR. RABBIT: How very
scientific of you.

Where do we start?

ELINOR: We're gonna
draw the costume,

and then we're
going to make it.

ELINOR: Butterflies have a body,
and a head with two antennae...

and four wings...

ELINOR: Some kids think a
butterfly has two big wings,

but actually, it has
four smaller wings.

ELINOR: And it
has one...



How many legs do
butterflies have?

Is it two?

Or four...?

MR. RABBIT: That's
a good question, Elinor.

MR. RABBIT: Oh, I see
some butterflies outside.

You know, sometimes the
best way to know something...

is to see or hear
it for yourself.

ELINOR: [gasp] Let's go outside
and look at the butterflies!


there's a butterfly!


ELINOR: Let's take
a closer look.

I love butterflies.

See it has four wings.

ELINOR: It has one,
two, three, four,

five... six legs!

Butterflies have six legs.

MR. RABBIT: That's
a lot of legs.


I thought I knew everything
about butterflies,

but they're even more
interesting than I thought.

but they're even more
interesting than I thought.

MR. RABBIT: Good thing
we checked.

ELINOR: You're a
good assistant, dad.

ALL: [laugh]

ELINOR: Wow, there are
so many butterflies today.

I wonder what
they're doing.

MR. RABBIT: Well, the
flowers are in bloom,

so I think they're
out drinking.

ELINOR: Butterflies
get thirsty?

MR. RABBIT: And hungry!

They drink their
food from flowers.

ELINOR: Oh, like bees?

MR. RABBIT: That's right.

They drink the nectar,

that's the watery juice that
flowers have inside.

ELINOR: Ohhh...

MR. RABBIT: See, this flower has
its nectar all the way inside.


Butterflies are the best!

Let's go back and
make the costume.


let's see it.

ELINOR: Ta da!

We did it!

ELINOR: [giggle]

MR.RABBIT: You look great.

ELINOR: [giggle]

RANGER RABBIT: [chuckle]
Oh my!

There's a butterfly
in our kitchen!

ELINOR: [giggle]
It's me, mom!

I made a butterfly
costume for school.


ELINOR: I had some help.

ALL: [giggle]

it's lovely.

ELINOR: I wanted it to look
just like a real butterfly,

so we went outside
to observe some.

ELINOR: See, it
has six legs...

and look, I can
move my wings!


ELINOR: I can flyyyyy!

ALL: [giggle]

RANGER RABBIT: Careful you
don't fly away!


All this assistant work
has made me thirsty.

I imagine you must
be thirsty too, Elinor.


Just like a real butterfly,
I'm thirsty too.


Thank you dear.

MR. RABBIT: Here you
go Elinor.

ELINOR: Thanks Dad!

[effort] Uhhh...

Mmmmm... uh.

[effort] Uhhh?




careful there Elinor.

MR. RABBIT: You know,

you can always take your
arms out of the wings.

ELINOR: Yeah... I know.

ELINOR: I wanted to drink just
like a real butterfly does.

ELINOR: Hmmm, I wonder...

How do the real butterflies
drink from the flowers?

ELINOR: I know that butterflies
don't have hands.

And I saw that the nectar was
all the way inside the flower.

ELINOR: How do they get to
the nectar to drink it?

Good question, Elinor.

What do you think?

ELINOR: Hmmm...

Maybe they tip the flower like
a cup using their feet?

ELINOR: Or maybe they squeeze
the nectar out with their wings?

MR. RABBIT: Remember
the last time...

we had a question
about butterflies?

we had a question
about butterflies?

What did we do?

ELINOR: We went outside
to look at them.

Great idea, Dad!

We need more




Um, can someone open
the door for me?

MR. RABBIT: [giggle]

ELINOR: Thanks, Dad!

Let's goooo...!

behind you, boss.


There's a butterfly.

ELINOR: I think it's
going to have a drink!

ELINOR: [gasp]
Did you see that?

It unrolled something
from its mouth.

ELINOR: Look, it's
using it to drink!

It's like a straw.

That's how the butterfly
drinks from the flower.

MR. RABBIT: Yes, that straw
is called a proboscis.

It's a part of
their mouth.

that is so cool.


ELINOR: ♪Butterfly!
Butterfly! ♪

♪How do you drink
from flowers?♪

♪Butterflies can't
hold a cup.♪

♪And they have no lips
to drink nectar up.♪

♪But butterflies have
a special mouth.♪

♪Long and thin to
suck nectar out.♪

♪ELINOR: Butterfly!

♪How do you drink
from flowers?♪


♪Sucking up juice,
It's your special power!♪

ELINOR: [gasp] Dad, I
think I know how to make

my butterfly costume
even better!

Follow me!

ELINOR: Nice costume,

But what are you?

OLIVE: I'm a special kind of
beetle I read about in my book.

It has a funny name that made
it the perfect insect for me!

It's called....
a bookworm!

[giggle] Even though
it's not a worm.

ELINOR: [giggle]

ARI: Elinor!

Nice butterfly

OLIVE: Yeah, you look just
like a real butterfly!

ELINOR: Thanks!

I like your
costume too, Ari.

ARI: Thanks, it's
a dragonfly.

Which I learned is
not actually a dragon,

but it's still
super-duper cool.

Dragonflies are some of the
best flyers in nature.

OLIVE: Cool!

What's in the
cups, Ari?

ARI: Oh, Ms. Mole brought some
honey water for everyone.

MS. MOLE: Alright, kids...

Buzz on over and
grab a drink.

You must bee


Bee thirsty, ya see?

Ha! It's aaa
buzzz... hehe...


OLIVE: Aww, that's so...


KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: [effort]

ARI: Oh, do you
need help Elinor?

ELINOR: That's ok, Ari.

I learned that butterflies
are not just colorful,

they're also
really clever!

Look how they drink!


OLIVE: Wow, that
is so clever.

ARI: I didn't know
butterflies could do that.

ELINOR: See, being a butterfly
doesn't bug me at all.

ALL: [laugh]

OLIVE: Oh, that's a
good one Elinor.



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