Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Zig Zag Plant/Butterfly Drinks - full transcript

Elinor, Ari, and Olive are surprised that one of the plants in pots at school is crooked instead of straight. Elinor decides to dress as a butterfly as part of a school project.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Butterfly Babies"

MR. BAT: What a beautiful
day for a walk in the park!

OLIVE: It's more of a
roll in the park for Miri.

KIDS: [giggle]

ARI: Are you having
fun, little Miri?

Who's the cutest little
sister in the world?

You are!
Yes, you are!

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: Awww....

MIRI: [cooing]

is so cute.

ARI: [giggle]
MIRI: [giggle]

She looks like a tiny version
of you and your dad, Ari.

OLIVE: Yeah, babies
are so adorable.

MR. BAT: Hey,
I'm adorable too!

KIDS: [laugh]

MR. BAT: You know,

I love visiting the
park with Miri...

because the whole
world is new to her.

Look around and pretend
you're new to the world.

What do you notice?

ARI: I see a butterfly!

KIDS: [gasp]

MIRI: [giggle]

ARI: It looks like Miri
thinks butterflies...

are pretty cool.

MIRI: [giggle]

MR. BAT: So kids
have you decided...

what you want to
do in the park?

ARI: I know!

Let's do some
butterfly-watching today.


ARI: I like butterflies.

They have wings,
just like like me.

KIDS: [giggle]

really pretty!

OLIVE: [gasp]
Wait, look.

There's a caterpillar
on this plant, too.

Caterpillars are
my favorite.

Maybe we should watch
caterpillars instead.


Butterflies and caterpillars
are both pretty interesting.

ARI: Yeah, but
butterflies can fly.

Flying just adds a little
extra coolness,

you know?

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Well, a
caterpillar can't fly,

but look how
many legs it has.

ELINOR: If I had
that many legs...

I would never
fall down.


ARI: [giggle]
OLIVE: [giggle]

OLIVE: [giggle] Elinor,
you are so funny!

ELINOR: What else is
interesting about butterflies

and caterpillars?

ARI: Well, butterflies have
awesome patterns on their wings.

They're so colorful!

I wish I had a
shirt like that.

OLIVE: True.

But just look at the
caterpillar's cool stripes.

I wish I had a pair of pants
with stripes like that!

ELINOR: They're
both pretty fancy!

ARI: Well, a


ARI: Hey, come
back here!

I was trying to tell my
friends how cool you are.

Quickly follow me!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: [gasp] It landed
on Miri's nose!

MIRI: [sneeze]

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: Butterflies
are great,

but baby bats are
pretty amazing, too.

ELINOR: You know,

I don't think I've ever
seen a baby butterfly.

ELINOR: I've seen bat
babies, bird babies,

bunny babies...

but no butterfly babies!

OLIVE: You're right,

I don't think I've ever
seen a baby butterfly either.

ARI: I wonder what baby
butterflies look like?


Well, Miri looks a lot
like you and your dad,

only smaller.

Maybe baby
butterflies look

just like grown-up
butterflies, but tinier.

ELINOR: I know what
we should do today.

Let's look for
baby butterflies.

Olive, is that okay?

I know you wanted
to see caterpillars.

OLIVE: Hmmm... That's true,
but now I'm really curious.

about baby butterflies.

Let's do it!

ARI: Okay!

MIRI: [baby talk]

ELINOR: Let's follow
that butterfly...

to see if it
has any babies.

ARI: Can we follow
the butterfly Dad?

MR. BAT: Okay,
don't go too far.

getting away!


We need more

MR. BAT: Happy
exploring, kids!


ARI: [gasp]

OLIVE: Ooohh!

ELINOR: [gasp]

ARI: It's like a
butterfly party!

ELINOR: Let's see if we can
find any baby butterflies.


OLIVE: Hmm...

These all look
the same size.

They must be

No butterfly
babies here.

babies here?


ARI: Just more grown-up
butterflies over here.

They sure are cool,

ELINOR: Did anyone find
any baby butterflies?

OLIVE: I just saw a bunch
of those orange butterflies,

and they all look like
grown-up butterflies.

ARI: Same here.

ELINOR: I wonder where all
the baby butterflies are?

ARI: Maybe baby butterflies
are too tiny to see?

OLIVE: Well, if they're
really small,

we'll need our magnifying
glass to see them.

OLIVE: Do you want
to look, Elinor?


Thanks, Olive.

ELINOR: I see a
baby spider...

standing next to a
grown-up spider.

Awww cute, but it's
not a baby butterfly.

OLIVE: And here
are some snails.

There's a big grown-up
snail and two baby snails.

They're very

But not baby

OLIVE: Hmmm...

What if we can't
see the baby butterflies,

because they're all
inside their houses?

ARI: I don't see any
little houses around.

OLIVE: Me neither.

ELINOR: I don't think
butterflies live in houses.

I think they
live outside.

ARI: Yeah.

How would they
even build a house?

They'd need a
really tiny hammer.

Ting ting ting...

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: We can't seem to
find any baby butterflies.

I wonder why not.

That is so

OLIVE: Hey, look.

It's a caterpillar!

ARI: It's got those fancy
stripes like we saw before.


OLIVE: Wait, what's
the caterpillar doing?

ELINOR: I don't know.

ARI: Huh...

[gasp] Whoa,
what's happening?

ELINOR: It looks like
it's turning green.

OLIVE: It turned
into something new.

It looks a little
like a green pea pod.

ELINOR: And now it's
just hanging there.

ARI: This is so awesome!

OLIVE: Oh! I see
another one of those...

green pod-things
over here.

OLIVE: And there's
one over here,

but it's darker.

OLIVE: Wait.

This one is moving.

ARI: What?

ELINOR: [gasp] It's
breaking open!

ARI: What is that?

Is it an alien?

I think it's
an alien!

OLIVE: It can't
be an alien...

Can it?


I don't think
that's an alien.

ARI: Whoa!

ELINOR: I think that's a...


KIDS: Butterfly!



ARI: What just

OLIVE: Huh...

Let's think about
what we saw.

OLIVE: First, we
saw a caterpillar.

ELINOR: And then we saw it
turn into a kind of pod.

ARI: But then we saw one
of those pods break open,

and an alien...

I mean, a butterfly,
came out.

OLIVE: But what
does this all mean?

ELINOR: Hmmm...
I think...

...that the caterpillars
turn into butterflies.

KIDS: [gasp]

ELINOR: First the caterpillar
turns into this pod like thing,

and then after a while,
it turns into a butterfly.

ARI: Ohhhh...

ELINOR: But that
would mean...

OLIVE: The butterfly
babies weren't missing.

They were right in front
of us this whole time.

ELINOR: Caterpillars
are baby butterflies!

That is so

ARI: I can't
believe it!

Baby butterflies
are caterpillars!?

OLIVE: And caterpillars
turn into butterflies?

ARI: Wait! Olive,
I just realized something.

If caterpillars
turn into butterflies,

then that means...

OLIVE: That the
animal I like...

ARI: And the
animal I like...

the same animal.

ELINOR: You both sure know how
to pick cool animals to watch.


ALL: ♪ Caterpillars
change. ♪

♪ As they grow, they turn

♪ Now we know. ♪

OLIVE: ♪ He's a caterpillar,
watch it climb up. ♪

♪ It wiggles and wiggles
and turns into a pod. ♪

ALL: ♪ Caterpillars
change. ♪

♪ As they grow, they
turn into butterflies. ♪

♪ Now we know. ♪

ARI: ♪ The pod
sits still. ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

ALL: ♪ Caterpillars
change. ♪

♪ As they grow, they turn

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

ARI: Dad! Dad! Dad!

Guess what?

We went looking for
baby butterflies,

but we couldn't
find any!

OLIVE: Yeah,

that's because we were
looking for tiny butterflies.

But then we found out...

ELINOR: Caterpillars
are the baby butterflies!

ARI: They change
into a pod,

and then a butterfly
comes out!

MR. BAT: Wow, you figured
that out by yourselves?

ARI: Yeah, we did it
by making observations!

MR. BAT: What smart
scientists you are!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Mr. Bat, it's
amazing that baby bats

like Miri look a lot
like grown up bats.

But caterpillars look really
different from butterflies!

MR. BAT: Yes, Elinor!

Some animals have babies that
look just like their parents,

and some animals have babies
that go through a big change.

When an animal
makes a big change,

it's called a

OLIVE: Me-ta-morph-o-sis.

I like that word.

MIRI: [giggles]

ELINOR: Aww...

ARI: You know, with Miri all
snuggled up in her blanket,

she kiiinda looks like
a caterpillar.

I wonder what
would happen...

if she turned into
a butterfly...

MR. BAT: Well, if she did,
she'd still be adorable,

just like her brother...

and their Dad.

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: Look at the

OLIVE: And they're all flying
in the same direction!

ELINOR: Where are
they all going?

SENOR TAPIR: Good question,

I have a song about two
scientists who figured that out.

and Norah Urquhart ♪

♪ were husband and wife, ♪

♪ who both really

♪ They lived up north
in Canada, ♪

♪ where bright
summer skies, ♪

♪ were filled with
monarch butterflies. ♪

♪ But every year before
it would freeze. ♪

♪ The butterflies all flew

♪ So, Fred and Norah decided
to find where butterflies,

♪ spent their
wintertime. ♪

♪ They tagged lots of

♪ ♪

♪ If you see where

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Fred and Nora never

♪ ♪

♪ After most of

♪ they finally

♪ Millions of monarchs on

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ They finally figured

butterfly amigos!


ELINOR: "Elinor's Circus"

ELINOR: Ladies and

Friends of alllll ages!

Welcome to the
Animal Town Circus!

ELINOR: Featuring...

The Amazing Ari!

AUDIENCE: [cheers]

ELINOR: Olive the

AUDIENCE: [cheers]

ELINOR: And...


The Extraordinary...


OLIVE: Elinor?



OLIVE: [giggle] You
were daydreaming.

What do you think
of our circus tent?

ELINOR: Wow, that
looks great!

Our circus show is
going to be amazing.

OLIVE: I know.

I hope everyone
loves it.

ARI: Of course,
they'll love it.

After all, we have
a real circus tent...

and a real circus

ARI: And a super-fancy
circus helmet.

What more could
you want?

ELINOR: A unicycle rider?

KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: I'll be riding
it by show time.

I'm sure I can
learn how to use it.

OLIVE: Oh! I have to
work on my part too.

My Mom made me these stilts,

and I haven't
tried them yet.


And I'll work on my
tight-rope walking!

let's see.

That log should
do the trick.

ELINOR: Make way for
The Extraordinary Elinor!

The brave tight-rope



This is trickier
than I thought.

ARI: Tell me about it.

ARI: I can get on my
unicycle and push off,

but then look
what happens.

Wh... Whoa... Whoa!

Whaaaa... I tip over.

Ahhhh! Ah!



OLIVE: I'm having
the same problem.


When I get
up on my stilts,

I can take a step...


and another ste...



[sigh] I can't stay up.

ELINOR: I know they
ride a unicycle,

walk a tight rope and use
stilts in a real circus,

so there has to
be a way to do them.

How do we stay up
without falling over?


Oh. Hi!

SIGGY: I'm Siggy!

It's short for

I just moved here!

ELINOR: I'm Elinor.

This is Ari,
and Olive.

OLIVE: Nice to meet you!
ARI: Hi!

SIGGY: What'cha doin'?

OLIVE: We're
putting on a circus!

SIGGY: Hmm...

OLIVE: It's like a show
where we do fun tricks.

Want to join us?

SIGGY: Yeah!

Can I watch?

I looove clapping and

so I'd be reeally
good at watching.

ELINOR: That would
be awesome.

Buuut our show's
not quite ready yet.

SIGGY: That's okay.

It'll take me a while to
find the perfect seat, y'know?

ELINOR: Sit anywhere
you like!

We'll get back
to practicing.

OLIVE: Whoaaa...

SIGGY: [effort]

SIGGY: Go, Elinor!

I'm... uh...
practicing my cheering!


SIGGY: Hm....

I'm gonna try
another seat.

ELINOR: [sigh]






Why do I keep
falling off?

OLIVE: Wait! I have
something that can help.

OLIVE: Costumes!

Maybe if we look like
we're part of a circus,

we'll be able to do
the tricks better.

ARI: Awesome!

SIGGY: Niiice!

That makes you guys
look really um...

really umm...


OLIVE: I feel circusy.

ELINOR: Ok, now we look like
we're part of a circus.

Maybe this will
help us.

ARI: Only one way
to find out!

[drum roll sounds]

ARI: [sigh]

Here it goes!

You can do this Ari!

ARI: Wooohooo!!

I'm doing it, I'm doing it!

Whoaa whoaaa
ah... ah...


ARI: Nope, still
not doing it.

SIGGY: Good try!
Good try, Ari!

ARI: Thanks, Siggy.

OLIVE: Let me try.


[effort] Whoa whoa
whoa... oof!

SIGGY: [clapping]

Thanks Siggy.

ELINOR: [effort]



ELINOR: Hmm, the costumes
didn't really help us stay up.

ARI: We look really
cool, though.

OLIVE: What else
can we try?

ARI: Whoops!

A streamer
came untied.

SIGGY: I'll do it!

I can put it back.




Yeah! Woo-hoo!

ELINOR: Wait a second!

Siggy, how'd
you do that?

SIGGY: Do what?
Tie a knot?


I was a squirrel

ELINOR: No, I mean how
did you skip over...

and walk across the
branch like that,

without tipping over?

SIGGY: Oh, that?

It's just something
that us squirrels do.

To keep from
falling over.

My Mom calls
it balancing.

OLIVE: Balancing!

I've heard that word.

ELINOR: How do
you do it?

SIGGY: Well, I just try to
make sure I don't lean

my body over too
far to one side.

And if I start to feel
myself tipping over...

I try to move part of
my body to the other side

to keep me up.


If my top goes
one way,

I just stick my big tail
out the other way.

Or if my tail goes
this way,

I just stick my body or my
arms out the other way.

To balance!

OLIVE: Wow, Siggy,
that is so cool.

ELINOR: It is cool!

Maybe it's something we can
try for our circus tricks!

ARI: But...

I don't have a tail
like Siggy does.

SIGGY: No, but you
have your wings.

You could use them
to help you balance.

ARI: Okay.

Here goes!

Whoaa... Whaaa...

ELINOR: Ari! Put your wing
out to the other side!

ARI: Whoa! Whoa!



ARI: Whew!
It worked!

KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: I thought I
was going to fall.

OLIVE: But you didn't!

ELINOR: Yeah, you
were tipping one way,

but then you put your
wing out the other way...

and you stayed up.

That's so interesting!

OLIVE: I want to
try it now.

Maybe I can use my
trunk to balance?

OLIVE: Okay.

Whoo... Whoooaaa...



ELINOR: Olive, move your
trunk in front of you!

OLIVE: Whoa!

[effort] Oh...
Oh... Oh...


[gasp] I didn't fall.

ELINOR: It worked!

OLIVE: I just reached out
the other way with my trunk,

and I stayed up.

ARI: That was so cool!

OLIVE: Maybe this stilt-walking
thing isn't so hard after all.

Thanks, Siggy!

SIGGY: Aw, it's as easy
as fallin' off a log.

I mean, not falling
off a log.

ELINOR: Hmmm... Well,
I don't have wings.

And I don't
have a trunk.

But I am The
Extraordinary Elinor.

ARI: You can
do it Elinor!

We know you can.

OLIVE: We'll cheer you
on from over here.

ELINOR: Hmm, I do
have my arms...

and ears...

I'll try that!

ELINOR: It's working!



ELINOR: Well it helps,

I wish my arms and
ears were longer.

I bet that would
help me balance more.

OLIVE: [giggle] It
would be funnier.

ELINOR: [giggle]

I wonder how I can
get longer arms.


ELINOR: [gasp]


Like this!

Maybe this'll help?

ELINOR: Drum roll, please!

ARI: [immitating drum roll]

ELINOR: [sigh]


[effort] Mmm...

Yes! I did it!

I really did it!

I felt I was
falling one way,

so I moved the stick the other
way, and I didn't fall.

OLIVE: You balanced!

ELINOR: We all balanced!

All thanks to Siggy.

SIGGY: [whispering]

ARI: [giggle]

Now we can cheer.

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Ladieees and

Let the Greatest Show
in Animal Town begin!


KIDS: ♪ To not fall
down when you ride. ♪

♪ Just stay even

♪ It's easier if you

♪ You can balance

KIDS: ♪ A big long tail
will help a lot ♪

♪ to keep you

♪ Just put it over

♪ You can balance

♪ A good long stick

OLIVE: ♪ I like to use my
nice, long snout ♪

ALL: ♪ Staying up is
what it's all about. ♪

♪ You can balance

♪ Just practice hard,

♪ You can balance

AUDIENCE: [cheer]

ELINOR: Siggy, we couldn't
have done it without you!

SIGGY: Uh....
ELINOR: Come take a bow!

SIGGY: Okay!

SIGGY: Thanks,
thanks everybody.


KIDS: [laugh]