Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Backyard Soup/Colorful and Tasty - full transcript

Elinor learns that different plants grow in different environments. The kids learn that flowers are colorful and aromatic to attract bees and find ways to draw customers to their bake sale table.

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want to

know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪

>> Okay.

We need to find all of the

vegetables on this list.

>> ARI: Mmm.

I love having dinner at your

house, Elinor.

>> And tonight is a special


We're having my favourite!

Backyard soup.

>> Yay!

Wait a minute.

Is that soup made from your


Like, leaves and mud?



>> No, silly!

It's vegetable soup, but we call

it "backyard soup" because we

use vegetables that grow in our

backyard garden.

>> Phew, that sounds better!

>> I think we got everything.

Peas, potatoes, cauliflower,

carrots, and radishes.

>> That's a lot of different


>> Mmm-hm, my mom says these

veggie plants need a lot of

water to help them grow, so it's

good that it's been raining a



>> And rain makes the ground so


Don't plants need sunshine too?

>> Yep, water and sun help

plants grow big and strong

to make all these veggies.

>> That turn into our dinner!


>> Thanks for picking the

veggies and helping to make the

soup, kids.


>> Mmm-mm!

It's so good!

Can I have another bowl!

>> A third bowl of soup, whoa!

Well, of course!

>> Thank you!


Can I come over for dinner again


>> You're always welcome, Ari.

But tomorrow, we're taking the

train to visit Elinor's


>> Yay, I love riding the train!

And I can't wait to see Baba

and Bibi again.

>> Who are Baba and Bibi?

>> That's what I call my


What do you call your grandpa

and grandma?

>> Oh, I call mine Grandpa and



>> We have to take the train

because they live far away in

a place called Desert Town.

>> Oh.

>> I haven't been there since

I was a baby bunny, so I don't

really remember what it's like.

>> What are you going to do


>> Hmm.

I know!

I can show Baba and Bibi how to

make backyard soup at their


If you loved it, Baba and Bibi

are gonna love it too.

>> Great idea!

Can I have a fourth bowl?




>> I'm so excited to see Baba

and Bibi!

>> Oh, I'm sure they're excited

to see you, too, Elinor.

(Train whistle blowing)


>> Here we go!

Yay, we're here!

(Gasping) Baba, Bibi!

>> Come here and get a hug, my

sweet little Elinor!

>> Me too!


>> I'm not so little anymore!


>> And don't forget about me.


>> Great to see you, Dad.

>> Oh, come here.


How was your trip?

>> It was so fun!

I looked out the window the

whole time.

>> Well, I love riding trains

and looking out the window too.

You see so many interesting


>> Wiggle giggle!


>> Ah, dear!

>> Yeah, I saw lots of big trees

and bushes, and then later I saw

smaller plants.

>> Well, what do you think of

Desert Town so far?

>> I like it!

It's so different here.

>> How so, Elinor?

>> Well, first of all...

It's a lot hotter here.


And I also notice that the

ground looks different.

There's almost no grass, and the

dirt doesn't look like the dirt

back home.

It's so dusty!

At home, the ground is wet and


>> That's a great observation,


>> Welcome to the desert!

It's dry and hot here.

>> Hmm.

>> That means there's less water

around, Elinor.

It doesn't rain as much in the

desert, so the ground looks and

feels dry.

>> That is so interesting!

Well, dry or wet, I'm just happy

to see you, Baba and Bibi.

>> Oh, you're too much, little


>> Ah...

Wow, I was thirsty.

>> What would you like to do

first, Elinor?


>> I know just the thing!

I want to show you how to make

my favourite soup.

>> You are going to show us how

to make soup?

Heh-heh, this I gotta see!

>> Well, you'll have to help me

with the cooking part.

But I'm going to get all the

ingredients from your garden.

>> Wonderful!

What's it called?

>> It's called "Backyard soup."

>> Well, that is so interesting!

>> And delicious, you'll see.

Which way is your garden?

>> The backyard is through that


>> Okay, I'll be right back.


Let's see, I need peas,

potatoes, cauliflower, carrots,

and radishes.

Okay, first, peas.



Hmm, where are the peas?

I'll try the next vegetable.


They have to have potatoes.


No potatoes either?



>> What's wrong, Elinor?

>> Your backyard garden doesn't

have peas or potatoes, or any of

the veggies we need for backyard


>> Really, none of them?

>> Not one, all the plants are


I didn't recognize any of them.

Why don't the same veggies that

grow in my garden at home grow

in this garden?

>> Well, I wonder.

What do you think is different

about this garden and the one

you have at home?

>> Hmm, that's a good question.

Let's go find out.

We need more observations!

Okay, what's different here?

(Cicadas droning)

It's much hotter and sunnier.

And the ground is really dry.

That means there's a lot less

water here.


Maybe that's why the plants are


A plant that likes to drink lots

of water and doesn't like a lot

of sun might not grow very well


That's it!

Baba, Bibi!

I think I figured it out.

The plants we have at home

probably wouldn't like it here

because it's really sunny and

there isn't much water.

But I bet the plants here do.

>> That's right, Elinor.

The desert gets more sun and

less water.

>> So the plants that grow here

don't need as much water, and

they like having a lot of heat

and sun.


>> That's so interesting!

>> Here, let us show you what we

do grow in our desert garden.

These are peppers.

>> Oh!

>> And here are some beans.

And, oh, this one is called


>> Cool!


>> What's wrong, Elinor?

>> Well, I'm happy that these

plants like to grow here, but

that means I can't show you how

to make my favourite soup.

None of the veggies in the

recipe grow here.

>> Well, Elinor, I think that

the vegetables we have here are

different, but how you make the

soup can be just the same.

>> Really?

You can make soup out of these


>> Why, yes!

And it's delicious!


>> Even those plants?

>> Yes, they're called cactuses,

and they taste great in a soup.


Just be careful when you touch


>> Ooh.



>> Oh, and don't forget the most

important ingredient in any

family dish, Elinor.

>> What's that, Bibi?

>> Lots and lots of love!

♪ Plants need water,

plants need sun ♪

♪ Some like a little,

some like a ton ♪

♪ Back at home,

it's very wet ♪

♪ But here, the water

is hard to get ♪

♪ Soup at home has carrots

and peas ♪

♪ But here the soup

has cactus and beans ♪

♪ Plants need water,

plants need sun ♪

♪ Some like a little,

some like a ton ♪



>> Mmm, wow, this is so tasty,



>> I told you cactus was


>> It sure is.


>> What are you writing, Elinor?

>> I'm making a new recipe.

It's called "Desert soup."

>> Great idea!

And I want to take some desert

veggies home.

I think Ari is going to love

desert soup.

>> We're making soup for Ari?

Yeah, we're gonna need a bigger



>> Hi, Elinor!

>> Hi!


I've never seen this kind of

tree before.

How interesting!

I wonder what it is?

>> You remind me of another

curious explorer who loved

plants more than anything.

Her name was Ines Mejia.

♪ Ines Mejia took every chance ♪

♪ To go and explore

and look for new plants ♪

♪ One day she heard

of a really tall tree ♪

♪ She went to find it

out of curiosity ♪

♪ The tallest of palm trees,

it likes mountain air ♪

♪ To find where it grows

she had to climb way up there ♪

♪ Hiking through storms

and wind and sun ♪

♪ She got a bit lost

but she still had fun ♪

♪ Ines Mejia took every chance ♪

♪ To go and explore

and look for new plants ♪

♪ "At last," she said,

when she first saw the tree ♪

♪ 200 feet high,

as tall as she could see ♪

♪ She wanted to have this tree

back home ♪

♪ So she took some seeds

to grow her own ♪

♪ Ines Mejia never missed

a chance ♪

♪ She went and explored

and found new plants ♪

>> ARI: Awesome!

>> OLIVE: Wow!

>> That is so interesting!

>> Mmm!

Oh, that's the last batch, kids.

They are all done.


>> I can't wait to set up our

carrot cupcake stand!

>> Me too, Elinor.

I bet everyone is going to love

our cupcakes.

>> Yeah, they smell so good.



>> I'm almost done with our


What do you guys think?

>> It looks great, Olive!

>> Yeah, it's making me want to

grab... a cupcake!



>> Now, now, Ari.

Remember, they are for your

cupcake stand, to share with

everyone in the park.


>> But shouldn't we taste one?

You know, just to make sure they

came out okay.

>> Well, you already tasted the

ingredients on their own, then

again when we mixed them to make

the batter, and then you tasted

a cupcake from the first batch.

If you keep tasting so much,

there won't be any left for

everyone else.

>> Yeah, but what if something

went wrong in the oven this


We have to make sure they taste


It's called "double checking."

>> Oh, double checking.

Double checking, indeed.

Okay, we'll try one more.

Here you go.


>> Wow, they're so good.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Mm-hm!

>> Not bad, if I do say so


>> It's a good thing we double



>> Whoa!

>> This is going to be so fun!

>> These cupcakes are going to

make everyone's day.


Whoa, whoa!

Ah, ah!


>> Coming, Ari?

>> Yep.

>> I can't wait for everyone to

try our cupcakes.

I bet we'll run out.

>> Okay!

Who wants some delicious


>> Ahem!

We have some cupcakes here!

>> Really tasty cupcakes!

>> Huh.

>> I said, who wants some



>> Is anyone going to have a


I didn't mean you, Ari.

>> Aww.


>> Doesn't anyone want our


>> KOA: Oh, hey, guys!

I didn't notice you over there.

What are you doing?

>> Hi, Koa, we made some really

tasty cupcakes.

>> And set up this awesome

cupcake stand.

>> But nobody has come by

to have one.



>> Aw, that's a bummer.

Nobody has stopped by?

>> Whoa, did you guys see that?!

>> What is it, Elinor?

>> First I saw a bee fly and go

that way, and then I saw another

bee do the same thing.

>> Oh yeah, there goes another


>> Hmm.

>> Elinor, where are you going?

>> I'm following those bees!

>> Oh, I want to come too!

>> Koa, will you keep an eye on

our cupcake stand for a minute?

You can have a cupcake.

>> No sweat.


>> Where did they go?



>> There's another one!

Let's follow it!


>> Mmm, do you smell that?

It smells nice.

>> What is it?


>> It smells like...


>> Whoa!


>> Wow, look at all the bees!

>> And all the colourful


>> Look, the bees are all

buzzing around them.

>> Why are they all here?

>> Hmm, I remember reading about

this in my nature book.

Bees like to drink the juice

that's inside of the flowers.

It's called nectar.

>> Oh, so that's why they're


They're having a snack.

>> Well, there are a lot of

flowers here.

That must be why there are so

many bees.

Hmm, but I wonder.

How did the bees find these


>> What do you mean?

>> I mean, how do they know how

to get here?

We followed the bees to get

here, but how did the bees find

this place?

>> Huh, you're right!

This place is kind of hard to


>> Yeah, if we hadn't followed

the bees, I don't think we would

have ever found these flowers.

>> Hmm.

That's so interesting!

We need more observations.

Okay, how did the bees find the


>> I know, maybe they have a


My parents use a map to find

our way when we go hiking.

>> I don't think bees can carry


But maybe they followed some


>> But I didn't see any signs in

the forest.

Did you?

>> Um, no.

>> Hmm.

I know, why don't we think like

bees to figure it out?

>> Think like bees?

>> Yeah, let's imagine that we

are bees.

If I were a bee, how would I

find where the flowers are?

>> I can do that.

Let me try!

Bzzz... where are the flowers?

Any flowers over here?

Calling all flowers!

>> What did you notice, Ari?

>> Well, I noticed that even

from way up high, I could still

see the flowers.

That's because they're so bright

and colourful.

>> Hmm, I never thought about

that before.

The bright colours makes them

easy to find.

>> So maybe that's how the bees

find the flowers.

By their colour!

>> Yeah, but that only works

when they're close enough to see

the flowers.

How do they find the flowers

from far away?


>> Mmm.

I like how these flowers smell.


>> Wait, I remember I could

smell the flowers before we even

saw them.

>> That's it!

The bees must have followed the

flower smell to get here.

>> I get it!

When they're far away, the bees

smell the flowers!

>> And once they're closer, they

can see their bright colours.

We figured it out!


>> Wow!

The flowers look and smell good.

That's such a smart way for the

flowers to get the bees to come



>> Olive, Ari, I think I figured

out how to get everyone to come

try our cupcakes!

>> How?

>> We'll make our cupcake stand

smelly and bright, like the

flowers, so everyone else can

find us.

>> Great idea!

I'll go get some art supplies.

>> Okay, we'll meet you back at

the cupcake stand.

>> Whoo-hoo!

>> Okay, Elinor, here are all

the coloured papers and crayons

from the house.

>> Great.

Let's make our cupcake stand

easy to find!

♪ Buzz, buzz, buzz,

think like a bee ♪

♪ Bees find flowers

so cleverly ♪

♪ Buzz, buzz, buzz,

think like a bee ♪

♪ Let's make our table

so bright to see ♪

♪ Buzz, buzz, buzz,

we can tell ♪

♪ Bees find flowers

by following their smell ♪

♪ Buzz, buzz, buzz,

think like a bee ♪

♪ Now our table

is easy to see ♪

>> Whoa!

Everyone will for sure be able

to find your cupcake stand now.

>> Thank you, Koa.

I hope it works.

>> But what is the fan for?

>> I'll show you!

>> Oh, good idea, Elinor!

Spread that yummy smell around.


>> Mmm.

Something smells tasty.

It's coming from that stand over





>> Cupcakes!

>> It's working!

Everyone is finding our stand!

>> Just like how the bees found

the flowers!

>> Here you go, Ms. Giraffe!

Wow, I can't "bee-lieve" it!

Get it, because of the bees?


>> We ran out of cupcakes!

We're going to have to make


>> That's okay.

It just means...


More cupcake tasting!