Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Water You Doing?/Thinking About Blinking - full transcript

Elinor, Ari, and Olive put rocks in a river to get across, but this results in a nearby pond to decrease in water level. After besting his classmates in a staring competition, Ari tries to best a fish.

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♪ ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪ I see things that

♪ ♪

♪ I find things that

♪ Go and explore,

♪ just follow your

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do birds sing

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Why do ants march

♪ There's so much

♪ wherever you turn, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ and follow your


♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Ask a question,

♪ ♪

♪ ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Follow
That Roly Poly"

ELINOR: Welcome Explorers
Olive, Ari, Sally, and Tito.

It's time for the
Explorers' pledge.

KIDS: An Explorer is brave,
an Explorer is kind.

An Explorer is curious,
who knows what we'll find!

KIDS: [cheer]

TITO: Wow, I can't wait to
go on an Explorer adventure...

I'll be brave and
kind and...


What does
curious mean?

question, Tito.

Curious means you really want
to find out about new things.

OLIVE: Yep, we explorers
are verrrrrry curious,

so we ask lots
of questions.

TITO: Fun!


What kind of

ARI: Any kind of question,
like the one you just asked.

TITO: Oh. [giggles]

Yay me!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Okay, Explorers, now
that we've said our pledge,

it's time for the
best part of the Club.


Follow me!


TITO: This is
sooo exciting!!

Where are we going
to explore today?

ELINOR: Hmm, well...

that depends on what
we want to see.

OLIVE: I'd like to see some
interesting new plants.

ARI: I want to see
cool new animals,

like lizards or bugs.

SALLY: I just want
to find some sticks.

ARI: Huh?

SALLY: What?
I love sticks.

ELINOR: Well, I want to be
like the great explorers.

Exploring the sea.

Or a jungle.

Or even a new city!!

ARI: Uhh, Elinor,

I don't think we
can go that far.

OLIVE: My Mom said we're
supposed to stay...

around the woods
near the Clubhouse.

TITO: Yeah, and I'm supposed
to be home for lunch.

ELINOR: [sigh]
You're right...

But we can still explore.

Come on.


KIDS: [sing-song]
♪ Let's go exploring, ♪

♪ exploring,
exploring... ♪

♪ Let's go exploring, ♪

♪ exploring,
exploring... ♪

ARI: Whooaa!

ARI: Huh?
Something hit me!

OLIVE: I saw it!

I think it was
that little rock.

ARI: Yep that
must be it.

OLIVE: Whoa.

ELINOR: What are
you all looking at?

OLIVE: A rock.

ELINOR: A rock?

But Explorers, we have so
much more to explore...

new plants, new animals,
a jungle, the sea,

a new city...

and... and sticks.

ARI: Yeah, but this is a really
cool rock, Elinor.


ELINOR: Oooooh,
you're right, Ari.

I've never seen a rock
like this one before.

It's tiny and round and
has lots of lines on it.

ARI: Wait a minute,
is this rock moving?

TITO: I thought rocks
don't move, right?

ELINOR: We need
more observations.

ELINOR: [gasp]
It has legs!

TITO: A rock
with legs?

I'm scared.

OLIVE: You don't
have to worry, Tito.

Explorers are brave,

TITO: Oh yeah.

ELINOR: You know what,
this isn't a rock at all.

It looks like some
kind of bug.

ARI: That is
so coooool!

OLIVE: It has one,
two, three, four,

five, six, seven
pairs of legs?

OLIVE: Hmmmm.

Let me check my
Nature Book.

Ok, so...

Hmmm... Forest

OLIVE: Oh! I think we
found a Roly Poly!

OLIVE: Listen to this.

Roly Polys, or Pill Bugs,
actually aren't bugs at all.

KIDS: huh?

OLIVE: They are similar
to lobsters and crabs...

but they live under
logs and rocks.

ELINOR: Really?

That is sooo

OLIVE: And it says here that
Roly Polys roll up into a ball

to protect themselves when
they're feeling nervous.

ARI: Yikes!

I don't think the Roly
Poly is nervous anymore.

Now it's just...


[laughs] Whoa!

There ya go,
little Roly Poly.

TITO: Where's it
going now?

ELINOR: Let's find out...
Follow that Roly Poly!

KIDS: [oof]

ARI: Sorry!

KIDS: [oof]

ARI: The Roly Poly
doesn't go very fast.

OLIVE: That's because
it's so small.

And it seems to be
checking things out.


ELINOR: You're right Olive.

I think it's exploring.

TITO: Just like us!

OLIVE: Hmm... I wonder
what things look like...

to a little Roly Poly.

ELINOR: Let's find out.

Let's be Roly Polies, and
observe things from the ground,

just like a Roly
Poly does.

SALLY: That puddle
looks like an ocean.

TITO: The grass looks like
a jungle from down here.

ARI: Wow!

This rock looks
just like a mountain!

Climb it, Roly Poly,
all the way to the top!

OLIVE: Yep, it's
exploring for sure.

You go, Roly Poly.

ELINOR: I know!

Let's make this Roly Poly a
member of the Exploring Club.

OLIVE: [gasp]
Great idea, Elinor!

Only... Roly Poly's
don't talk,

so it can't say the
Exploring Pledge.

ELINOR: Then let's do the
Explorers Pledge for him.


KIDS: An Explorer is
brave, an Explorer is kind!

An Explorer is curious,
who knows what we'll find!

ARI: Welcome to the
Club, Roly Pol-uh-oh...

OLIVE: Where'd the
Roly Poly go?

ELINOR: There it is!!

TITO: [gasp]
It's gone!

OLIVE: It went
under the log.

[gasp] Let's go see it
come out the other side.

ELINOR: Come on
Explorer Roly Poly,

we're waiting for you so
we can keep exploring!

ARI: Roly Poly...?

TITO: It's not
coming out.

OLIVE: Maybe it's
stuck under there.


ELINOR: Look at that!

There are all kinds of
animals under this log!

ARI: What are all
those things?

ELINOR: We definitely
need more observations!

ELINOR: Whoa, there are
worms and beetles...

and spiders...

ARI: [gasp] and
more roly polies.

ELINOR: Look at all
the legs on this one.

OLIVE: Hmm... Let me
check my nature book.

That's a millipede.

ELINOR: Bye Mrs. Millipede.

TITO: They're all
munching on that old log.

It's like their
lunch room.

SALLY: And these ants are
walking over a puddle...

on a stick.

Just like I wanted!

OLIVE: Those little plants that
are growing out of the log...

must look just like
trees to them.

ELINOR: There are all kinds
of animals under this log.

ARI: Maybe this
is their town.

Just like we live
in Animal Town.

ARI: We'll call it
Log Town!

ELINOR: Wow, it's so
much fun to explore.


KIDS: ♪ Explore,
Explore, ♪

♪ just walk out
the door! ♪

♪ The whole world
is there, ♪

♪ what are you
waiting for? ♪

♪ Explore,
explore, ♪

then explore
some more,

♪ You don't know what you'll
find until you explore. ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Who knows
where you'll go, ♪

♪ and what you
will see, ♪

OLIVE: ♪ It could be a
forest, a cave or the sea, ♪

ARI: ♪ You might climb
a mountain, ♪

♪ or wade through
a bog ♪

ELINOR: ♪ Or you might find a
town under a rock or a log! ♪

ALL: ♪ Explore,
Explore, ♪

♪ just walk out

♪ The whole world

♪ what are you

♪ Explore,

♪ then explore

♪ You don't know what you'll

ARI: Hey! Where are they going?
KIDS: [gasp]

OLIVE: They're all

Look, the Roly Polies
are all rolled up.

TITO: They must
be nervous.

ARI: Of what?

OLIVE: Of us!

We probably look
huge to them, Ari.

ARI: Oh, no! Let's not
make them nervous.

ELINOR: You're right.

Let's put the roof
back on Log Town.

SALLY: Wait!

C'mon little bugs, get
back inside the log.

TITO: Oh, sweet.

Now they won't be
squished by accident...

when we roll
the log back over.

ELINOR: That was a really
nice thing to do, Sally.

TITO: Perfect!

ARI: Bye, bye
Roly Poly,

thanks for showing
us around Log Town.


ELINOR: Wow, what a great
day to go exploring.

OLIVE: I got to see plants
that grow out of logs.

ARI: I got to meet a new
animal, the Roly Poly,

and we got to visit a
whole new town under a log.

TITO: It was a
real adventure!

SALLY: And I found
some sticks!

KIDS: [laugh]

OLIVE: Everyone got to
explore what they wanted.

Except you, Elinor.

I'm sorry we didn't explore
far away places...

like real explorers.

ELINOR: That's ok,

We discovered cool
new things nearby.

And we were
real explorers.

Tito, you were brave when
you first saw the Roly Poly.

And Sally, you were
kind when you made sure...

our Log Town friends
were safe.

But most important...

ARI: We were all

KIDS: Yay! Yeah!

TITO: Where are we going
to explore tomorrow?

ARI: Well, we could explore
the mess in my room.

Who knows what we'll
find hiding under there.

Just sayin...

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: What are you doing
with that pot, Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: I'm finding a nice
spot for it in the closet.

OLIVE: A plant in
the closet?

But don't plants need
sunlight to help them grow?

MS. MOLE: They
sure do, Olive!

But this is not
a plant.

It's a mushroom!

MS. MOLE: Mushrooms actually
like to grow in the dark.

ARI: Cool.

I didn't know mushrooms
weren't plants!

MS. MOLE: That's right!
ARI: Wow!

MS. MOLE: Come on in and
I'll read you a book...

about the amazing
world of mushrooms.

MS. MOLE: They
don't need sunlight.

They like to grow
in dark places,

like under this log!

MS. MOLE: They get what
they need from the ground...

using their roots.

MS. MOLE: Mushrooms can grow in
places where it's totally dark,

like underground
in a cave!

KIDS: Wow! Ooooh.

OLIVE: I like how they are
so many different colors.

MS. MOLE: Me too!

ELINOR: Look, that
one is pink!

OLIVE: I see a
blue one!

ARI: I spot a
spotted mushroom!

MS. MOLE: And that's not
even the most amazing color.

Some mushrooms can
even glow in the dark.

ELINOR: What, really?

for yourselves...

ARI: [gasp]

ELINOR: [gasp]
ARI: Wow!

ARI: That is amazing!

OLIVE: I wish I could
glow in the dark.

MS. MOLE: I think you kids
are already plenty bright.

ALL: [laugh]


ELINOR: "Rain Rain
Don't Go Away"

ARI: [effort]

ARI: [effort]

OLIVE: It's such a
nice day today.

I'm so glad we're
going to the park.

ARI: I know!

It's the perfect day to
run and jump and...


[sing-song] Pabadabadabah...

pabada pooh..


KIDS: [laugh]

OLIVE: Nice moves,

ARI: Whew!

All this sunny day dancing
has made me thiiiirsty.

OLIVE: I have
some water.

Here you go.

ARI: Ooooh!


Thanks, Olive!

OLIVE: You're welcome.

I can't wait to get to
the park to look at clouds.

Drawing them is one
of my favorite things.

ARI: Oh, those
are nice.

Very... cloudy.

OLIVE: Thanks.

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: C'mon!


ELINOR: Olive, Ari!

KIDS: [gasp]

ELINOR: There's the
frog we always see...

on his favorite rock.

Hi Froggy!

Or should I say,

FROG: [ribbit]

ELINOR: I think he
answered me!

I guess I can
speak "frog!"

ARI: Ooh, ooh, let me
try, let me try:

Ribbit! Ribbit!

ARI: Wait, was I
speaking frog or toad?

ELINOR: Hmmmm...

I notice Froggy's pond looks
kind of different today.

ARI: What do you mean,

ELINOR: We can get
closer to his rock...

because the pond seems smaller
and his rock seems taller.

OLIVE: Oh no,

fish needs lots of water
in the pond to swim.

ARI: Uh oh,
where did it go?

ELINOR: And these plants
are looking a little droopy.

OLIVE: And their leaves
are turning brown.

They must
be thirsty.

ARI: Op, hang on...

Norma and Lulu
are crossing.

ELINOR: But, are they
crossing though?

OLIVE: I know
snails are slow,

but this is really slow.

ELINOR: Hmm... maybe
they're thirsty, too?


OLIVE: The ground is
nice and dry here.

This is a nice spot for
us to look at clouds.

ELINOR: There are
so many pretty ones.

What shapes do
you see?

ARI: Oooh, there's one.

It's... cloud shaped!

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: They're
all cloud shaped!

I think that one
looks like a fish!

OLIVE: A fish cloud!

ARI: And, that one
looks like...

a piece of pie!


ARI: Oh... Or maybe
I'm just hungry.

ELINOR: [giggles]

OLIVE: [gasp] That one
looks like a butterfly.

I'm gonna draw it.

ELINOR: What does that
one look like to you, Ari?

It's soo big
and dark.

ARI: I dunno.

I guess it looks like...

Uh, like like...

ARI: Rain!

OLIVE: Rain?

ELINOR: I don't see anything
shaped like rain...

ELINOR: Ok, I see it now.

OLIVE: Aw...
Oh, no!

It's raining.

ARI: So much for
looking at clouds.

OLIVE: It's really
raining hard.

We'd better go
inside somewhere.

ARI: I know!

Quickly, follow me!


OLIVE: Awww...

I really wanted to
look at clouds today.

And now we're
getting all wet.

Who needs
rain anyway?

ELINOR: Hmm, that's an
interesting question, Olive.

Who does need rain?

ARI: Well, I think
it's fun to get wet!

But I'm not sure why
anyone needs rain.

ELINOR: I wonder...

Let's figure out
rains good for.

We need more

OLIVE: Observations?


In the rain?

ELINOR: Why not?

The best time to
observe rain is...

when it's raining!

OLIVE: I guess
that make sense.

I just don't like the
"getting wet" part.


ARI: But Olive, this
rain is warm and nice...

it's like a giant
outdoor shower!

ELINOR: Or a water
fountain from the sky!


OLIVE: Uhh, why don't
we go inside...

and enjoy it through
the window?

ARI: [singsong]
Pabadabadah... padabadoobah!

Haha, this is awesome!

I can dance in
the rain too!



Olive, don't you want
to figure out...

what happens
when it rains?

OLIVE: Wellll... I
know you get wet.

ELINOR: We'll be
rain detectives.

Come on!!



OLIVE: I guess that
does look like fun.


OLIVE: [giggle]

OLIVE: [gasp]
Hey, look!

These flowers over here
opened up in the rain.

They must love
the rain.

ELINOR: Let's see what
else happens when it rains!

ARI: Yeah!


ELINOR: Olive,
watch out!


OLIVE: Norma and Lulu are
crossing the path again.

ELINOR: They're sure
going a lot faster this time.

ARI: Maybe rain helps
snails move faster?

ELINOR: Look at
their shiny slime trails.

ARI: Ohhh... I bet it's easier
for the snails to move...

when their bellies
are wet.

ELINOR: So, the rain makes
things better for snails, too.

OLIVE: And it makes
Norma and Lulu all shiny!

FROG: [ribbit]
ARI: Oh, hi, Froggy.

How do you like
the rain?

Oh! Sorry! I mean,
ribbit ribbit!

FROG: [ribbit]

ELINOR: Look! The
rain is filling up the pond.

ARI: Whoa... no wonder
Froggy looks so happy,

He has more room
to swim around!

And look at the fish!

They're swimming
around a lot more too.

OLIVE: Do you think the
fish know it's raining?

ELINOR: Sure, looks like it,
and they must be happy...

to have their pond full
of fresh water.

ELINOR: I think we figured out
what happens when it rains

and who needs
the rain.

Lots of plants and

OLIVE: Yeah, rain waters the
plants and fills the ponds

for the frogs and the
fish to live in.

ARI: And it even helps
snails move better!

ELINOR: We solved the
mystery, rain detectives!


ALL: ♪ Why do we
need the rain, ♪

♪ to fall down
from the sky? ♪

♪ Why do we need
the rain, ♪

♪ Why can't it just
stay dry? ♪

OLIVE: ♪ Rain makes
the grass green, ♪

♪ It waters

ARI: ♪ Rain helps the
flowers bloom, ♪

♪ for all the birds
and bees. ♪

ARI: ♪ Frogs and slugs
and snails, ♪

♪ Move better when
they're wet, ♪

ALL: ♪ Fish need
water in their pond, ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

ALL: ♪ Why do we
need the rain? ♪

♪ To fall down

♪ Why do we need

♪ Why can't it just

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: That was
so much fun.

I'm going to draw what we
learned in my notebook.

OLIVE: Oh, no.
ELINOR: [gasp]

OLIVE: My notebook
is all wet!

How am I going
to draw in it?

ARI: I bet my mom
can help you.

Come on!

KIDS: [laughter]

FROG: [ribbit, ribbit]


MRS. BAT: Your notebook will
be dry in no time, Olive.

OLIVE: Wow, thanks,
Mrs. Bat!

MRS. BAT: No worries.

Rain is wet, you
can't avoid it.

The good thing is,
you can always get dry.

ELINOR: All this rain
talk is making me thirsty.

May we have water to
drink, please, Mrs. Bat?

MRS. BAT: Sure Elinor,
I'll be right back.

ELINOR: Thanks!

OLIVE: I just thought
of something.

When we want water, we can
just get it from the kitchen...

or from our water bottles.

But when frogs or ponds
or snails need water,

they have to
wait for rain!

ELINOR: You're right!

That means rain is
extra important to them.

MRS. BAT: And for us too.

We're all part of
the same forest.

Here's some water.

And also some run gear and
umbrellas to keep you all dry,

if you go back outside.

OLIVE: Thanks, Mrs. Bat.

Now that I know the rain is
good for plants and animals,

it's so much fun
to play in it.

ARI: [singsong] Pada, pada
pooh, padabadabadadah... dadaaa!

Ok, who's ready to go back...

and play in the
rain some more?

ARI: Ooh, Me! Me! Me! Me!
Me... Me!

KIDS: [laugh]

ELINOR: I'm ready!

OLIVE: Me too!


ARI: Then, let's go
play in the rain!

[birds chirping]

ELINOR: [gasp]

ARI: Sunshine?!!

ELINOR: Where'd all
the rain go?

ARI: Just when we got all
rain coated and rain booted,

there's no more rain.

OLIVE: Awww.

[birds chirping]

ELINOR: That's okay!

We can still be
rain detectives.

Things look so different
when they're wet.


OLIVE: Ooooh!

You're right.

The plants look
greener and shinier.

OLIVE: Whoa, that spiderweb
has raindrops sticking to it.

It looks so sparkly.

ELINOR: [sniff] And the
air smells really fresh.

OLIVE: Wow, the rain
gives us so much.


ARI: [giggles]

Sorry, I just
couldn't resist.

ELINOR: [giggle]
That's okay, Ari.

OLIVE: I think you found
the best thing rain gives us.

OLIVE: Puddles!!!!!


KIDS: Woohoo!!

OLIVE: Yeah!
ELINOR: Hey! [giggles]

ELINOR: Woohoo!! [giggles]
ARI: Whooa, whooa!

OLIVE: [laughs]

KIDS: [cheer]