Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Make Music Naturally/Light the Way - full transcript

The three kids learn different musical sounds in the midst of a big concert. While Mr. Rabbit has trouble sleeping, Elinor and her friends decide to see fireflies.

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♪ELINOR: Wherever I go,

♪I see things that
I want to know.♪

♪Wherever I am,♪

♪I find things that
I want to understand.♪

♪Go and explore,
listen and see,♪

♪just follow your

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do birds sing
and how do they fly?♪

♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Why do ants march
and where do they hide?♪

♪There's so much
to learn,♪

♪ wherever you turn,

♪just listen and see,♪

♪and follow your


♪ALL: Elinor wonders why!♪

♪ELINOR: Ask a question,
what will you find?♪

♪ALL: Elinor Wonders Why!♪

♪ELINOR: Just listen and see,
come and wonder with me.


ELINOR: "Water You Doing?"

ELINOR: Hands up if you
want to go exploring!

ARI: Ohh me me
me me me!

I love to go

It means I get to
run and jump and...

ARI: [efforts] Whoa!



Whoa whoa!

ARI: Ok, Elinor, where
should we go explore?

ELINOR: Hmmm...

let's see...

Ooh, how about the
big tree on the hill?

ARI: Yeah!

OLIVE: Wait a second.

Look at this.

ARI: Cool!


OLIVE: Yeah.

Look, they're trying to get from
one side of this puddle...

to the other side.

Because they can't swim,

they climb up this rock and
leaf and onto this stick,

and that gets them to
the other side.

ARI: Cool.

A stick bridge.

ELINOR: Ants are
so clever.


They always find a way to
get to where they're going.

ELINOR: And speaking
of going...

let's get going
to that tree.

ARI: Oh! Hey,
I have an idea.

Let's pretend to
be ants!

ELINOR: What do
you mean?

ARI: Let's see if we can get
to the tree on that hill...

without walking on
the ground.

Just like the ants
walked on that stick...

to cross the puddle.

Like this.


ARI: Ta-daaaa!

OLIVE: That's fun!

I wonder how long we can go
without touching the ground.

ARI: Yeah, I wonder...

KIDS: [giggle]

ELINOR: No, flying
doesn't count.

ARI: Just kidding.

ARI: [effort]

OLIVE: [effort]

KIDS: [efforts]



[efforts, giggles]





OLIVE: Uh oh,

I think we ran out
of places to step on.

ELINOR: Ready?

One... Two...

KIDS: ...Three!

KIDS: [laughter]

ARI: Haha, that
was fun.

OLIVE: Well, we almost
made it to the tree.

ELINOR: I guess we'll have
to run the rest of the way...

on the ground.

Let's go explore...


There's a stream
in the way.


We can't get to the other
side without getting wet.

ELINOR: Hmm, I wonder
how we can get across.

ARI: Woah!

Did you see that
little fish?

ARI: Hello,
little fishy!

You look
pretty happy.

OLIVE: It must be nice to
have your own swimming pool.

ARI: Any ideas how we can
get across, little fishy?

ELINOR: I know!

Let's be like
the ants again!

OLIVE: What do you
mean, Elinor?

ELINOR: I mean, the
ants didn't give up...

and turn around when
they got to the puddle.

They found a way!

OLIVE: You're
right Elinor!

ARI: Yeah!

ELINOR: The stream
isn't as wide up there.

Maybe it'll be
easier to cross.



It's not as wide, so it's
not as far to the other side.

Maybe we can get across
here without getting wet.

OLIVE: Hmmm,
I don't know.

I don't think I
can jump that far.

ELINOR: We need
more ideas...

OLIVE: I'll draw
in my notebook.

This is the stream.

And this is us
on one side.

ELINOR: And we want to
get to the other side,

but it's too
far to jump.

What could we use to
help us get across?

ARI: All I
see is rocks.

ELINOR: Rocks!
That's it!

ARI: Uh?
What's it?

ELINOR: Remember when we
were pretending to be ants,

and we walked on things
instead of on the ground?

ARI: Mhm.

ELINOR: What if we put
some big rocks in the water?

OLIVE: Then we could walk
on the rocks to get across.

ARI: Awesome idea!

Let's do it!

ELINOR: Ready?

OLIVE: Ready!
ARI: Ready!

KIDS: [efforts]

OLIVE: Perfect!

Now, just one more
rock like that,

and we can
walk across.

KIDS: [efforts]

built our own path.

OLIVE: Well, let's
see if it works.

KIDS: [efforts]

KIDS: [efforts]

ARI: We did it!

ELINOR: We found a way,
just like the ants!

Now we can go
explore that tree.



KIDS: [laughter]

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: [gasp]

ARI: Uhhh!

KIDS: [giggle]

OLIVE: It was a great
idea to go to that tree.

ELINOR: There was
so much to explore.

Those big leaves made
it nice and shady.

And I've never seen
this kind of nut before.

ARI: Hey, let's go show our
fishy friend what we found.


ELINOR: Oh! There's
a big puddle here.

I don't remember
stepping in a puddle...

when we came
across before.

OLIVE: Maybe we just
stepped around it.

ELINOR: Mmm, maybe.

ARI: Come on! Let's
go see fishy.

ARI: Yaaa!

KIDS: [effort]

ARI: Hey little fishy.
Look what we...


ELINOR: What's
the matter, Ari?

ARI: There was lots of
water in fishy's pool before,

but now there's
hardly any.

OLIVE: [gasp]
What happened?

ELINOR: Fishy doesn't have a
lot of room to move around in.

ARI: That can't
be good.

If the water keeps
getting lower...

OLIVE: [gasp] We
have to help fishy.

Fishy needs more
water to live in.

ARI: The water in fishy's
pool used to be this high,

and now it's a
lot lower.

OLIVE: The water
must've gone somewhere.

ELINOR: Hmmm...

I think I have an idea.

Let's go back to where
we crossed the stream.


We need more

ARI: Bye again
Fishy, we'll be back!

ELINOR: There's less
water in fishy's pool,

but there's more water here
next to the rocks we moved.

OLIVE: You're right,

But what does
that mean?

ARI: Hey, did you
see that twig?

ELINOR: I saw it!

OLIVE: Here comes
another one.

ARI: It's going around the
rocks and into that puddle.

OLIVE: So, the water's
making a puddle here,

instead of going down
to fishy's pool.

ELINOR: Uh oh.

When we put the rocks
in the stream...

to get to the
other side...

ELINOR: ...we made a wall
that stops the water

ELINOR: ...we made a wall
that stops the water

from going to
fishy's pool.

OLIVE: We never meant
for that to happen.

ELINOR: Oh, poor fishy.

All because we wanted
to explore that tree.

ARI: We have to fix it,

or fishy might not have
any water left to swim in.

ELINOR: But what
can we do?

OLIVE: Let's pull
the rocks back,

so the water can
go through again.

KIDS: [efforts]

ARI: It's working.

Let's move the
other one away.

KIDS: [efforts]

We undid it!

ARI: Let's go see if there's
more water in fishy's pool.

Come on Olive.

OLIVE: Um... That
might be a problem.

OLIVE: Now that
the rocks are gone,

I can't get
across anymore!

ELINOR: Uh oh.

We can't put
the rocks back.

What should
we do?

I know!

ELINOR: Remember the ants
we saw crossing over

the puddle on
the stick?

ELINOR: Maybe we could make
a bridge like the ants made.

OLIVE: We have the rocks
on the side of the stream.

We can make
a bridge.

Like this.

ARI: Hmm.

What about the logs we
were walking on before?

One of those
might work.

idea Ari.

Let's go.


KIDS: ♪We'll find
a way, find a way ♪

♪If we try and
try again,♪

♪we'll find a
better way.♪

♪First we built a
wall of rocks.♪

♪Because we
didn't know.♪

♪It would stop the
stream from going♪

♪Where it
used to go.♪

KIDS: ♪We'll find
a way, ♪

♪Find a way.♪

♪If we try and
try again.♪

♪We'll find a
better way.♪

♪So we built a
little bridge.♪

♪That lets the
stream go through.♪

♪Now we go just
where we want.♪

♪And the stream
can too!♪

KIDS: ♪We found
a way. ♪

♪Found a way.♪

♪We tried and
tried again.♪

♪And found a
better way!♪

ELINOR: Come on Olive.

Cross the bridge.


It works!

KIDS: Yay!

ARI: Yay! Let's
go tell fishy.


ARI: Hi fishy!

We're really sorry we took
water away from your pool.

OLIVE: We didn't know
the rocks we moved

would stop the water
from going through.

ELINOR: But just
like ants,

we didn't give up and
we found a better way.

We built a bridge!

It's much better, because
it doesn't stop the water.

Right fishy?

ARI: Fishy says...


KIDS: [laugh]

ARI: Wow, that
fish is so jumpy!

ELINOR: Where did
that fish come from?

MS. MOLE: That fish is on its
way to lay eggs up the river.

OLIVE: I didn't know
fish could lay eggs.

MS. MOLE: They sure can!

Momma fish has to
find a safer spot...

where the water moves
much more slowly.

Let's have a look..

MS. MOLE: Some fish,
like salmon,

start life as tiny eggs.

In the spring after
many weeks,

the baby fish hatch
from their eggs.

KIDS: Awww.

MS. MOLE: The baby fish
are carried down the river,

pushed by the water.

Little baby fish
go down the river...

and eventually go
out to sea...

to grow bigger
and stronger.

MS. MOLE: It's so strong, that
now it can swim up the river,

when it's time to lay eggs.

ELINOR: But Ms. Mole!

There's something
blocking the way!

How can the fish swim
up the river now?

MS. MOLE: Good observation!

Someone built
a "dam".

Fish can jump very
high, but not that high!

MS. MOLE: Luckily,
whoever built the dam...

built a "fish
ladder" too.

MS. MOLE: It can jump up
each step in the ladder...

to get over the dam...

and back to the same calm
pool where it was born.

ALL: [laugh]

ELINOR: Our fish
made it too!

Welcome home,
fishy friend.


ELINOR: "Thinking
About Blinking"

ELINOR: [humming]



where is everybody?


OLIVE: Hi, Elinor!

ELINOR: You startled
me Olive.


OLIVE: Sorry.

But you've gotta
come quick!

You should see this!

CAMILLA: Come one,
come all!

Welcome, everyone, to
today's staring contest!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: What's a
staring contest?

OLIVE: A staring contest
is when two players...

stare into each other's eyes
until one of them blinks...

like this!

OLIVE: The one who does
not blink wins the contest!


your current champion,

he has brown hair and
the longest stare...


KIDS: [cheer]
KOA: [laugh]

KIDS: [cheer]

CAMILLA: Playing
with him today,

the bat with all that...


KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: I'll win this thing
in the blink of an eye.

KIDS: [giggle]

CAMILLA: Remember,

whoever can go the
longest without blinking wins.




KOA: Uh?!

KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: Good game, Koa,
good game.

KOA: [giggle] Whoa!
ARI: Yay!

KIDS: [cheer]

ARI: Anyone else wanna
have a staring contest?

ARI: Yay!



ARI: Yes!

MS. MOLE: Huh?

ARI: Woo-hoo!

ARI: Who's the best at
not blinking their eyes?

"Eye" am!

Get it? Eye?

Woot Woot!

KIDS: [cheer]

ELINOR: Ari's so good
at not blinking.

OLIVE: Yeah. He's
the not-blinking king.

ELINOR: Hmm...
But I wonder...

Why do we have
to blink?


Why do we have
to blink?


I've never thought
about it before.

OLIVE: My eyes
close when I sleep,

maybe blinking is how
our eyes try to go to bed?

ELINOR: But none of the kids
in the contest seemed sleepy.

Maybe it's our
eyes clapping...

because they like
what they see?

KIDS: [giggle]

that can't be it,

I don't hear any
clapping when I blink.

ELINOR: You're right.


I know!

We need more

ELINOR: Okay, I'll watch
you and see if you blink.

ELINOR: You just
did it.

OLIVE: I did?

OLIVE: You just
blinked too.

ELINOR: Really?

But, I wasn't even
thinking about blinking.

OLIVE: I guess we blink
without even noticing.

Maybe it's something our
body does all by itself.

ELINOR: Whoa...

Let's see what happens
when we try not to blink.

ELINOR: Wow, it's really
hard not to blink.

My eyes start to
water and feel tired.

OLIVE: Yeah, it
must be something...

our bodies have to do.

ELINOR: But why?

It's a mystery.

OLIVE: It's a
blinking mystery!

ARI: Woo hoo!

This is the best
day ever.

I'm the best starer
in the world!

ARI: Watcha doing?

ELINOR: We're trying to
learn everything...

we can about

OLIVE: So far we've learned that
you blink without thinking...

and that it's really
hard not to blink.

ARI: Cool, this is
an awesome idea.

If I can know more
about blinking...

I can win even more
staring contests.


Let's go learn more
about blinking.

OLIVE: Look Ari, I think
someone is following you.

ELINOR: A fish!

Oooh he's so cute!

ARI: Well bubble back
to you too Fishy-fish,

[sigh] you should'a
seen me today.

I was so good
at staring!

OLIVER: Hey, Ari, I
think it likes you.

ARI: Hmm...

Can you follow this!?!

ELINOR: Hey, Fishy-fish, you
haven't blinked once...

since we met you.

ARI: You're right!

Fishy-fish, you're
the perfect player...

to have a staring
contest with.

OLIVE: I don't know,

That fish seems really
good at not blinking.

ARI: Mergh...

I could beat it with
my eyes closed!

OLIVE: But your eyes
need to be open.

ARI: Oh...

That's fine.

This contest is
gonna be so awesome

you won't be able to
close your eyes!

OLIVE: Umm... you're not
supposed to close your eyes...

in a staring contest.

ARI: Huh... oh yeah.

Never mind, let
the contest begin!

ARI: [gasp]

That's impossible!

ELINOR: Wow, that Fish
doesn't blink at all.

ARI: All right,

Let's have another
staring contest.

MS. MOLE: [whistles]

ELINOR: [gasp]
OLIVE: [gasp]

ELINOR: Hi Ms. Mole.

MS. MOLE: Hi, Elinor.
Hi, Olive.

MS. MOLE: Hi Ari.

Hi, umm,
staring Fish.

MS. MOLE: That's better.

OLIVE: Whatcha doing,
Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: I was cleaning
the school windows,

but my sponges
got dry.

And I can't clean
with dry sponges!


How did they get dry,
Ms. Mole?

MS. MOLE: I left
them out too long.

Wet things get dry if you
leave them out in the open.

What are you
kids up to?

OLIVE: Ari's in a staring
contest with this fish.

ARI: [groans]

I can't keep my
eyes open!

I have to blink!

You win, Fishy-fish.


the champion.

ARI: I tried really hard
to keep from blinking,

but then my eyes
felt scratchy...

like they were, I guess
dry or something...

and then...
I blinked!

ELINOR: Hmmm...


ELINOR: [gasp]
Maybe that's it.

ARI: You think I need
a sponge to win?

ELINOR: [giggle] No,
maybe our eyes dry out...

because we leave
them open.

Just like Ms. Mole's
sponges got dry...

when she left
them out.

ELINOR: But, when
we close our eyes,

we keep them wet.

ARI: Hmmm...
I think you're right.

When I close my
eyes or blink,

it makes them feel
wetter and better.


ELINOR: That's
why we blink!

To keep our eyes wet.

ARI: And the longer
we don't blink,

the more dry our
eyes get.

OLIVE: Hmm...

I wonder if that's why the
fish doesn't have to blink.


His eyes are always in the
water so they can't get dry.

They're always wet!

MS. MOLE: Oh my little
scientists have done it again!

Great observations,

We blink to keep our
eyes from getting too dry.

MS. MOLE: That's why
fish don't need to blink,

they're always in
the water.

In fact, most fish,
like this one here,

don't even have eyelids.

They don't need them!

OLIVE: Cool!

ARI: I knew something
was fishy about that fish!

No wonder you won, you don't
even have eyelids to blink.

MS. MOLE: Our bodies
do a lot of things...

without you having
to think about it,

like breathing
or blinking.

It's just your body's
way of making sure...

it stays safe
and healthy.

ARI: So, our bodies
are the real champions!

ELINOR: We did it!

We solved the

ARI: Yeah!
OLIVE: Wah-hoo!


ARI: ♪Did you know
you're always blinking? ♪

ELINOR:♪ You do it
without thinking. ♪

OLIVE: ♪Take a minute,
let that sink in. ♪

ELINOR: ♪Well, it's just
sooooo interesting! ♪

ARI: ♪Blinking in
your bedroom. ♪

ELINOR: ♪Blinking
during class. ♪

ELINOR: ♪Blinking
when it's playtime. ♪

OLIVE: ♪Or when you're
rolling in the grass. ♪

ARI: ♪It's easier
to see ♪

♪ when your eyes are
nice and wet,♪

♪ your body does it just
so you don't forget! ♪

ARI: ♪You don't want
them to get dry! ♪

♪ Blinking is bath
time for your eyes! ♪

ELINOR: ♪So you see,
you're always blinking. ♪

ARI: ♪You do it
without thinking. ♪

OLIVE: ♪Take a minute,
let that sink in! ♪

ELINOR: ♪Wow, that is
soooo interesting! ♪

ARI: Well, I guess you can't
keep your eyes open forever...

unless you're a fish.

MS. MOLE: That's right,

you don't want your eyes to
get all dry like my sponges!

OLIVE: Does this mean
you're going to quit

staring contests, Ari?

ARI: Not yet, I still have
to beat Fishy-fish.

ELINOR: How are you
going to do that?

ARI: I have an idea.

Olive, may I have
some paper and a crayon?

Olive, may I have
some paper and a crayon?

ARI: Ta-daa!


ELINOR: I gotta feeling
he's gonna be there...

for a loooong time.

ALL: [laugh]



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