Elinor Wonders Why (2020-…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Wind in the Web/The Pokey Plant - full transcript

Elinor and her friends volunteer to help Mr. Raccoon put up a sign for his bakery, but the sign keeps blowing away in the fall breeze! Elinor observes a spider in its web and sees how the wind doesn't seem to affect the web at all. Then, it's Plant Day at school and Elinor is super excited to get a beautiful plant to take home!

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♪ Wherever I go ♪

♪ I see things that I want to

know ♪

♪ Wherever I am ♪

♪ I find things I want to

understand ♪

♪ Go and explore ♪

♪ Listen and see ♪

♪ Just follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do birds sing? ♪

♪ And how do they fly? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Why do ants march? ♪

♪ And where do they hide? ♪

♪ There's so much to learn ♪

♪ Wherever you turn ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ And follow your curiosity ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Ask a question ♪

♪ What will you find? ♪

♪ Elinor Wonders Why ♪

♪ Just listen and see ♪

♪ Come and wonder with me ♪

(Wind blowing)

>> It's kind of windy today.

>> I love days like this.


>> Whoa, there are leaves

blowing everywhere.

>> Ooh, so many pretty colors.

>> The cool fall air is so nice.

I love feeling the wind on my



>> And don't forget the leaves.

(Both giggling)

>> Funny.

>> Wait, did you say that wind

is air, the stuff we breathe?


>> Yup, wind is just air moving



>> Here it comes!


Wow, that wind is pushy.

Whoa, whoa, wah!

(All laughing)

>> Here, I'll help you.

(Bell ringing)


>> Hello, Mr. Raccoon.

>> Here you go, Mr. Raccoon!

>> Oh, thank you, Elinor.

Hello, Olive and Ari, how are

you on this fine day?

>> We're enjoying the wind.



What happened to your arm?

>> Unfortunately, I sprained my

arm mixing ingredients last

night and now I have to let it


My other arm is doing twice the


>> What's that, Mr. Raccoon?

>> This?

Oh, today is a very special day.


I baked some delicious treats.

Pretzels and bagels.

I call it pretzel and bagel day.

>> Ooh, I love pretzels!

>> And I love bagels.

They're my favorite baked goody.

Uh, actually most baked goodies

are my favorite, but I

especially like bagels.


>> Well, I like them too, Ari,

and I'd like everyone to come

try them.

So I'm going to put up this sign

over there by the Town Centre.

Can you help me with this,


>> ARI: Whoa!

>> I also have some special

Swiss soy cheese that I want

everyone to try.

>> I love cheese!

>> Great!

Well, come by my store anytime

and I'll give you all some free



>> Mr. Raccoon, can we help you?

>> Hm.

>> Yeah, we can put the sign up

for you.

>> We love pretzels, bagels, and

cheese, and we want everyone to

know about them, too.

>> Oh, wow.

That's so nice of you kids.

That would really help me.

Thank you.

>> No problem, Mr. Raccoon.

We'll put up the sign and

everybody's going to come try

your awesome treats.

>> That sounds great.

>> Yay!

>> Let's go.

>> Goodbye.

>> I think this is a good place.

>> Let's put up the sign.

>> There we go.

>> I think that looks pretty


>> It makes me hungry for a

bagel right now.

>> Everything makes you hungry,


>> No, some things also make me


(All laughing)

>> What's that?

>> Look!

>> Check this out.

>> Yeah.

>> Oh, is Mr. Raccoon making

bagels and pretzels today?

>> ALL: Yeah.

>> Awesome. I'll go check it


>> Yes, the sign is working.


>> Uh-oh, it's getting windy


>> Yeah, and the wind is pushing

the sign.

(All sighing)

>> It didn't blow away.

(Wind blowing)

>> Oh, no!

>> Follow the sign!




>> Where did it go?

>> I don't know.

>> You two look down there and

I'll look around here.


Look at how the wind is pushing

the leaves.

>> Elinor, we found it!

>> Ah-ha!


>> Thanks for catching our sign,

Deputy Mouse


>> Ready?

Let's go put this sign up again.

>> Yep, we want everyone to know

about the bagels and pretzels.

>> And cheese.

I'm so glad we found. Mr.

Raccoon's sign.

>> Uh-oh, the wind is blowing


>> What should we do?

>> The wind might blow the sign

away like before.

>> Hm, maybe we can put some

branches in front of it to

block the wind.

(Wind blowing)

>> Hm, then nobody will be able

to see the sign.

>> What if we use some rocks to

hold it down?

>> Good idea, but then we'd have

to lay it down flat and nobody

would see it.

>> Hm, this is tricky.


>> ooh, a spider.


Olive, Ari, come see.

There's a spider web here.

>> I love spider webs.

They're so cool.

>> Whoa, here comes that pushy

wind again.

>> Did you see that?

The wind pushed the leaves

pretty hard.

>> And me, too.



>> But the spider web didn't get

pushed as much, it barely moved.

>> That's right, I noticed that,


>> Look there it is again!

The wind's pushing the leaves

more than it's pushing the web.

>> Hm, that is so interesting!

>> Why doesn't the web get

pushed very much?

>> I don't know.

Mr. Raccoon's sign gets pushed

by the wind a lot and the

leaves get pushed a lot, but

the spider web doesn't.

I think we need more


>> Good idea.

I'll write it down to help us

tell the difference.

One side for pushed a lot and

one side for not pushed a lot.

>> Okay, the sign got pushed a


>> The spider web didn't get

pushed as much.

>> Good, what else?

>> Well, the leaves get pushed

a lot.

>> Right

Hm, I feel like we're missing

one more thing.

>> Whoa, whoa!

Whoa, whoa!


>> And Ari gets pushed a lot

with his wings open.

>> Mm, is that a bagel?


(All laughing)

>> Okay, let's see.

What's different about the

things that got pushed by the

wind and the spider web?

>> ALL: Hmm.

(Wind blowing)

>> I have an idea!

Maybe it's about what's missing!

>> Uh, what do you mean, Elinor?

>> I mean the holes.

The web has holes in it.

>> Oh, I get it.

>> You're right, Elinor.

The web has holes in it, but the

sign, the leaves, and Ari's

wings don't.

Maybe things with holes don't

get pushed by the wind as much.

>> That makes sense.

The wind goes right through the


Hmm, that gives me the best idea

for our sign.

Olive, do you have scissors in

your bag?

>> Sure do.

>> Thanks.

Let's fix this sign.

♪ Whoosh, whoosh ♪

♪ The wind goes whoosh ♪

♪ Whoosh, whoosh ♪

♪ The wind can push ♪

♪ Ari and the sign both got

pushed ♪

♪ The wind blew them ♪

♪ Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ♪

♪ The spider web has lots of

holes ♪

♪ It barely moves when the wind

blows ♪

♪ If we add some holes here and

there ♪

♪ Our sign won't fly off

anywhere ♪

♪ Whoosh, whoosh ♪

♪ The wind goes whoosh ♪

♪ Whoosh, whoosh ♪

♪ The wind can push ♪

>> Our holes are in the perfect

place, right in the middle of

the pretzels.

>> And the bagels and the


Mm, cheese.

(Elinor & Olive laughing)


Here comes the wind.

Do you think it's gonna work?

>> Come on sign, come on holes!

(Sign wobbling)

(Wind blowing)

>> Yay, it worked!

The wind push the sign a little

bit, but it didn't blow away.

>> We did it!

>> Yay!


>> Ah!

>> Yes!

>> Well, done, kids.

Everybody in town wants to be

part of pretzel and bagel day

and they all say it's because

they saw the sign.

>> Well, we almost couldn't put

the sign up because it was so


>> One time, the wind even blew

the sign away.

>> But then we saw a spider web

and figured out that if he put

holes in the sign the wind

wouldn't push it as much.

>> Oh, that's very clever,


The holes help the wind get

through the sign.


>> I think you're right, Mr.





>> Yep, that makes a "hole" lot

of sense.

Get it?

>> Oh, Ari.

(All laughing)


(Kids giggling)

>> It's so windy today, Ms.


>> It sure is Olive.

While I was walking here today

my favorite hat blew away.

>> Oh, no, the wind can be so


>> Yes, but did you know that

some critters need a push from

the wind, like these spiders?

Let's take a look.

This is a nest for baby spiders.

Maybe if we're very quiet a

baby will come out.

>> KIDS: Aww!

>> MS. MOLE: Welcome to the

world little one, but this baby

isn't alone, it has lots of

brothers and sisters.

So our spider needs to go

somewhere less crowded where

it'll have enough space and

lots of food.

It climbs somewhere high, and

sticks out a leg to feel the


The spider makes some silk

threads, and whoosh, the wind

carries it into the sky.

>> KIDS: Whoa!

>> Where's our baby spider


>> Why, anywhere the wind takes


Most spiders sail for a short

time, but some sail for a long


They can fly as high as a

mountain or out to sea, but at

last it lands.

Good job, spider.

This looks like a nice place for

a new home, and that's the end

of our story about spiders who

ride the wind.

>> I guess the winds pushiness

can be helpful.

(All laughing)

Ooh, what interesting flowers.

The leaves are so green.

>> Hi, Elinor, want to walk to

school with us?

>> Sure, I can't wait for

school today.

>> Why, is it a special day?

>> Yes, it's a very special day.

>> Oh, is it extra snacks day?

Or maybe it's cake day.

>> No, silly, it's Plant Day!

>> Plant Day is the best.

Ms. Mole is going to give each

one of us a different plant to

take home.

>> I've been looking forward to

it for weeks.

I can't wait to get my own

little baby plant to take care


>> Yeah, I help they care of my

baby sister sometimes.

>> Um, I think that's a little

different, Ari.

>> You're right, my baby sister

isn't a plant.

Although, she does like to play

in the dirt sometimes.

(All laughing)

>> I really want my plant to

grow, grow, grow.


>> I bet my plants going to be

green with lots of leaves.

We are going to have so much fun

together, and then it might even

grow a flower!

>> Uh, flowers are okay, but I

want to plant that hangs from

the ceiling like me.

(Both laughing)

>> That's fun.

I just want something with big

leaves and lots of colour.

>> I can't wait.

Let's go get our plants.

>> Okay!

>> MS. MOLE: Alright, everyone,

let's get started.

We have an exciting day today.

>> Huh?

Where are you, Ms. Mole?

>> What?

Oh, you can't see me?


Welcome to plant day everyone.

(All laughing)

>> Yay!

>> Okay, today, everyone is

going to get one of these

plants to take home.

>> ELINOR: Wow.

>> KOA: Cool!

>> Not me though.

You can't take me home.

(Kids laughing)

Your job is to take care of

these little plants and help

them grow.

>> How do we take care of our

plants, Ms. Mole?

>> Do we read books to them?

>> Do we take them for walks?

>> Do they like to play games?

>> Do they like to drink soup?

>> Oh, dear, so many good


Actually, it's pretty simple.

Most plants just need water and


>> Do they like juice?

I like apple juice and orange

juice and--


>> Thank you, Ari.

No, it just water.

Each plant comes with

instructions that show you how

much water and sun they need.

This one has three drops.

So you water it three days a


Now, next week, I want each of

you to tell the class what you

learned about your plant.

Remember, each plant is

different, but they all need

love and care.

>> Which plant do I get, Ms.


>> Everyone line up and you'll

find out.


>> So excited!

I can't wait to see my plant.

I bet it's going to be green

with lots of leaves.

>> Koa, this plant is called a


>> Sweet.

It's so totally chill.

>> Ari this one is called an


It likes to hang from the


>> Awesome.

We can hang out together.

(Both laughing)

Olive, this one is called a red


>> Wow, I love the color.


>> Here you go, Elinor.

A cactus.

>> Oh, okay.


>> Alright, everyone time to

get to know all about your

little plants.

>> I got a colourful plant with

big leaves just like I wanted.

>> And I got a plant that hangs

from the ceiling just like I


I'm going to hang it right next

to my bed and look at it while I

hang upside down, so it's gonna

look right side up?


Okay, if I'm upside down but

the plant is hanging right side


Is it going to look upright




Ouch, something just poked me.

What is that, Elinor?


>> Sorry, Ari, this is what

Ms. Mole gave me.

I thought I was going to get a

plant like you and Olive, but

instead she gave me a cactus.

>> A cactus?

They should call it an ouch-us.

>> But, Elinor, you did get a


Cactuses are plants, too.

>> What?

>> I read that in my nature


It says that a cactus is a kind

of plant.

>> Really?

That's a plant?

Just like these two are plants?

>> So, I did get a plant.

But why does it look so


Why doesn't it have any leaves?

>> I don't know, but it also

doesn't need a lot of water.

The instructions say you only

water it once a week.

>> Wow, once a week?

That's amazing.

>> I'd be so thirsty if I only

drank water once a week.


>> I'm pretty sure you're not a

cactus, Ari.

(Both laughing)

>> Look.

Hm, both of your plants need

water every few days.

Hm, that is so interesting!

I wonder why a cactus is so


>> And pokey.

>> Let's see if we can figure it


We need more observations.

Okay, why is a cactus so

different from other plants?

>> It has spikes and it doesn't

have leaves or thin stems, like

other plants.

>> This really pokes my



>> Let's take a closer look.


It's definitely green like

other plants, but the shape is

very different.


>> Sorry!

>> Uh-oh!

I accidentally poked the cactus!

I hope it's not hurt.

Can I use the magnifying glass?


I think the plan is okay, but

look, there's water coming out

of the little hole you made.

>> You're right.

I think I read about this in my

nature book, too.

>> Huh.

>> Here, it is, cactus.

It says that cactuses are not

like other plants.

They live in places that are hot

and dry, so they keep thick and

rounded to help them keep water


>> That's why cactuses have a

different shape.

They're full of water.

>> And that's why they don't

need water every day.

They already have it.

>> Cool!

>> The book also says that

having water inside means that

lots of thirsty animals, like

birds and lizards, want to eat

the cactus.

>> All this talk of eating makes

me hungry.

>> Ari, do you always carry a


>> It's important to be



>> Here you go, birdie.

Sunflower seats are delicious.

Am I right?


Hey, birds, I don't have enough

seeds to share with all of you.

Shoo, birds, shoo!






>> The birds can't get your

seeds because of the pokey



Ari, that's it!

>> That's what?

>> I think that's why the cactus

has spikes.

It doesn't want animals to eat

it, so it uses spikes to protect


>> I think you're right, Elinor.

That makes sense.

>> Woo-hoo!

We solved the mystery!

Okay, here you go, birdies.

>> I was a little sad when I

didn't get a regular plant, but

now I know cactuses are so cool.

I'm going to take really good

care of you.

♪ Some things are different ♪


♪ Or not what you thought they'd

be ♪


♪ But that's what makes them

special ♪


♪ If you notice and see ♪


♪ A cactus is so cool ♪

♪ It's not like other plants ♪

♪ It's round with lots of

spikes ♪

♪ That can poke you in your

pants ♪

♪ Some things are different ♪


♪ Or not what you thought they'd

be ♪


♪ But that's what makes them

special ♪


♪ If you notice and see ♪


>> OLIVE & ARI: Bye!

>> See you later!

>> Okay, kids, I hope you had a

great week taking care of your


Now, who wants to be the first

to tell us what they learned?


Ah, Elinor, come on up.

(Clearing throat)

>> I learned that cactuses are

so cool.

They are plants but they're not

thin and leafy.

They are thick and round

because they hold water inside

and they have pokey spikes to

protect them from animals that

want to eat them.

(Kids exclaiming)

Even though this cactus was not

what I was expecting, I loved

taking care of it.

Each plant is different, but

they all need water and sun and


>> Look, it has flowers.

>> I didn't know a cactus had



>> Awesome!

>> Wow!

>> Cool.

>> Cool!

>> Ooh!