Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - full transcript

♪ In a kingdom Old and grand ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely
Rules the land ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family by her side ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild ♪

♪ And daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

♪ Myth and mystery Everywhere ♪

♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪

♪ Loyal friends
Are always there ♪

♪ Loyal friends always there ♪

♪ Magic shines
From deep within ♪

♪ Magic shines from within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

Previously, on Elena of Avalor.

Forget Takaína.

We almost lost
our daughter today.

She is all that matters.

I am through
with these dark pursuits.

So be it. Akatok!



Come along, Carla.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Please, Princess,
can you reverse the spell?

I'll do anything you ask.

Gabe, take them back
to the castle.

I'll deal with you later.

[Elena] "The Lightning Warrior."

[Mateo] Um, Elena?

Do you really need
to practice left‐handed?

Why not just wait
for your right arm to heal?

Because Ash and Esteban
aren't going to wait

for my right arm to heal.

They could strike at any moment.

And I need to be...

I need to be...

[grunts and sighs]


Well, lefty‐scepter time it is.

‐[whistling] ‐Hi, Octavio.

Huh? Oh...

Worried Elena might destroy
the fountain again?

I was the first six times.

But not now.

[Mateo] All right, Elena.

Let's make some applesauce.



‐[woman gasps] ‐Huh?


Oh! Whew.

[grunts and scoffs]

Quita Moz,

what are you doing in Avalor?

The flames have spoken to me,

About the past or the future?

Well, both.

Long ago, in the time of Maru,

I had a pupil.

The most powerful magical
fighter I have ever seen.

Ixlan, also known
as the Lightning Warrior.

I thought Ixlan had perished

along with the rest
of the Maruvians,

but according to the flames,

the Lightning Warrior
has been locked away

under a dark‐magic spell
on La Isla de Yalcatura.

You'll need such a warrior
on your side

for the struggle ahead, Elena.

And so you must release Ixlan.

Naomi, do you know that island?

Does a brig sloop
have two masts?

‐No? ‐Yes?

I can get you there.

Mateo, you'll undo the curse,
then we'll bring Ixlan‐‐

No! Your wizard cannot
undo this curse.

With all due respect,
wise oracle,

I'm pretty sure I can handle it.

To undo a dark‐magic spell,
you need to use dark magic.

Yeah, nope, I can't do that.

To free Ixlan, you will need
a malvago to cast the spell.

A malvago?

Did the flames happen
to mention a plan B

that doesn't involve
a dark wizard?

Elena, you have two malvagos,

right here in your
very own dungeon.

Victor and Carla Delgado.

No way. Out of the question.

Well, what choice do we have?

First of all,
why would they even help us?

Because we're going to give them
a reason to help...

as soon as we think of one.

[laughs nervously]

And even if they agreed,

how could I trust them
after all the times

they've lied and endangered us?

That's true, but Victor refused
to go with Ash.

And Carla did turn herself in.

People can change.

You'll never know
if you can trust them...

until you trust them.

[keys rattling]

Ash, no!

‐Huh? ‐Papi!


Where am I?

Oh, Papi, there's so much
to catch you up on.

First, Mama turned you to stone,
and I couldn't leave you so‐‐


We brought you back
for a reason.

I need you, both of you,

to use your dark magic
to release a Maruvian warrior

from an encasing spell.

If you help me,

I'll let you live out your days
on Soledad Island.

It's not exactly freedom,

but it's better than this.

That's my deal.

[both] We'll take it.

But don't even think about

trying to double‐cross me.

We've changed, Elena.

You'll see, we're not the same.

[cell door opens and closes]

All right.

‐We'll catch up later then.
‐[door slams]

‐Oh! ‐Ah‐ah‐ah‐ah!

These stay locked up

until it's time to free
the Lightning Warrior.


Yes. Of course.

Anchor's aweigh.

[stomach gurgles]

Elena, how's lunch coming along?

Everything's under control.

[pots clatter]

Please, let us help
you with that.

Better yet, we'll cook for you.

Nice try, but I'm not
untying you.

We're not asking
for our tamboritas.

Just a couple of aprons.

What harm could possibly
come of it?

[laughs] Well...

other than an exceptional meal.

‐But I'm a great cook, so...


[laughs nervously]

‐Do you have the‐‐? ‐Garlic?

Four cloves finely chopped.

‐And the‐‐
‐Cilantro. Here you go.



I missed cooking with you, Papi.


Are you crying?

It's the onions.

We have not cut the onions yet.

What is it, Carlita?

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

It's just...

what if we never get to make
a meal together again?

Let us simply enjoy this one.

And treasure our memories
of simpler times.

♪ I remember a simpler time ♪

♪ Before our path
Had turned to crime ♪

♪ Life was humble but true ♪

♪ You and I were all
That we knew ♪

♪ Before the darkness Of night ♪

♪ There was laughter And light ♪

[Carla] ♪ I remember
those early years ♪

♪ Before our life
Was filled with tears ♪

♪ I knew my days of the week ♪

♪ By the dishes we'd eat ♪

♪ On Fridays We made feijoada ♪

♪ On Sundays It was enchilada ♪

♪ La vida It can be so strange ♪

♪ What you think you want
Can change ♪

♪ All the mistakes
That have been made ♪

♪ Leave scars that will
Never fade ♪

♪ And so for now
Let's just pretend ♪

♪ It's way back when ♪

♪ For one last meal
Let's just pretend ♪

♪ It's way back ♪

♪ When ♪

[inhales deeply]

I know that smell.


You always did have
a great nose.

How would you know that?

I spent many days at the palace

as a young boy.

Esteban, Princess Elena and I

would play together
in the garden.

[laughs] Hide‐and‐seek.

And then we would cook
all afternoon.

You and Princess Elena? Friends?

[sigh] Once upon a time.

Mm, delicious as always.


Although you still over‐pepper.

[both laugh]

♪ La vida It can be so strange ♪

♪ What you think you know
Can change ♪

♪ All the mistakes
That have been made ♪

♪ Leave scars that will
Never fade ♪

♪ And so for now
Let's just pretend ♪

♪ It's way back when ♪

♪ For one last meal
Let's just pretend ♪

♪ It's way back when ♪

♪ Life was easier then ♪

♪ Could it be that way again? ♪

♪ One day it may Come again ♪

♪ Like we were way back ♪

♪ When ♪

[Naomi] Land ho! Port side!

La Isla De Yalacatura.

Ahem, the stew
will have to wait.

What? But‐‐

Here you go.

Oh, thanks, Carla.

Any chance Soledad Island
is like this?

Because I wouldn't mind
being exiled here.

Well, this is it.

Ready to meet the most
powerful magical warrior

Quita Moz has ever seen?

Reverse the encasing spell.

If you try anything else,
I'll be ready.

Cahuetzi, quicaniz.

Cahuetzi, quicaniz.
Cahuetzi, quicaniz.


[pants and grunts]




You're a woman?

I am a warrior.


The Scepter of Light.

It's you.

Quita said I might meet
a princess one day,

wielding such a scepter.

I, Ixlan, the Lightning Warrior,

defender of Maruvians,

am at your service, Princess.


Me, a princess?


No, no, no. This isn't mine.


I, Ixlan...

‐Nope. ‐Uh...

I, Ixlan...


Okay. No pressure.

I am the princess
Quita Moz told you about.

The one I so easily defeated?


I wouldn't say defeated.

Taken by surprise, maybe.

See, my scepter arm is broken,
so I'm a bit out of sorts.

Anyway, I'm Elena.

Then I will set aside
my disappointment.

I suppose I am
at your service...

Your Highness.

[laughs nervously]

So exactly how did you
defeat the Moyacu?

Sorry, the Moya‐who?

The creature
guarding this island.

Creature? We didn't see
a creature.

Quick, hand me a tamborita.

What do you think you're doing?


There's something moving
in the water.

You didn't see anything.

You were just trying
to get your tamborita back.

It's the same old story
with you.

Always scheming.


Oh, spare me the surprised act.

You know it's true.

[gasps] The Moyacu!


Quick, give me my gloves.

Gloves? What gloves?


[all scream]


‐[Moyacu belches]
‐[all screaming]

Did we just get swallowed?

On the bright side,

we got swallowed whole.

Hm, it appears you did not
get past the creature after all.

Thank you, ahem, I can see that.




I see two exit points.

Out through the mouth,
or up through the blowhole.

‐I vote for mouth. ‐Naomi...

if we can get the mouth open,
can you lasso its teeth?

Uh, in my sleep.

Then we'll pull the boat forward

until the sail
can catch the wind.

The question is,

how do we get the mouth open?





Or not easy.

Maybe she's ticklish?


If I had my gloves,
this would be no problem.

Right. The gloves.

Yeah, that's too bad.

Never mind. Make way.




Remind me why they call her
the Lightning Warrior again?

Princess, I beg you,
let us help.

I bet we could use
a blasting spell

to open its mouth.

I am not giving you tamboritas.

Why not?

A warrior always uses the most
powerful weapon she has

at her disposal.

Maybe we should consider it,

You know, since we don't
have any other options.

I guess Ixlan is right.

We need to use our most
powerful weapon.

‐Exactly. ‐Which is this.



[all scream]

‐Where's Victor? ‐Up there!

‐[panting] ‐[Carla] Papa!

What are you doing?

Like you said,
I tend to over‐pepper.


Maybe if we can get
the creature to sneeze,

she'll blow us out.

Hold on, let's just think
about this for a second‐‐


[Victor screams]

‐Carlita! ‐Papi!




Papi! Papi! Come back!

This is your fault.

If you had listened to my papa,

if you'd given us
even half a chance,

we wouldn't be in this mess.

‐Carla... ‐No, it's okay.

She's right.

But after everything
you've done,

how could I trust you?

It's like Quita Moz said:

you'll never know
if you can trust someone

until you actually try it.

I can help, if you let me.

Please, Elena.

[Victor shouting]


Quick. I can't hold it
much longer.


I'm on it.



[all straining]


Elena, my tamborita.

I can help keep it open.

[groaning loudly]


[Ixlan] Wizard, grab my hand.

Seal it!

[Moyacu groaning]



‐[all cheer] ‐Yes!

I put the Victor in victory.


Now I understand what the
sunbirds's flames saw in you.

As you can tell,
I am extremely impressed.

Oh, yes, obviously.

Princess Elena of Avalor,

I, Ixlan, the Lightning Warrior,

defender of Maruvians,

am wholeheartedly
at your service.

Victor and Carla Delgado,

you have honorably upheld
your end of the deal,

which is why the Grand Council
has agreed

to your exile
on Soledad Island‐‐

[Victor] No!

What do you mean, no?

Carla and I do not want
to go anywhere.

We want to stay here,
learn good magic,

and help you defend Avalor.

But why?

Being malvagos
was all you ever wanted.

Are you really willing
to fight against Ash?

Your wife?

Your mother?


We are.

Because you are a true leader.

Someone worth fighting for.

And also because we helped
create the threat you now face.

Yeah, sorry about that.

But first, I need to apologize

for all the pain I have caused
you and your family.

I know I cannot undo that,

and I may never receive
your forgiveness,

but I would like to try
to earn it.

We both would.

So, what do you say?

[wings flap]

[Elena, gasps] Quita Moz.

Quita Moz?

Well, I guess the flames
never tell him

when we're in the middle
of a meeting.


Good to see you again, Ixlan.

I missed you so very much.

Perhaps you have also
been missing these?

Finally, my gloves.

As you can see, I am ecstatic.

What is the deal
with the gloves?

[yells and grunts]


So that's why they call her
the Lightning Warrior.

Ah, I give up!

Princess Elena,
the doctor has arrived

to remove your cast.

[sighs] And just when I learned

how to use my left hand.

On the bright side,
you're scepti‐dextrous now.

‐Huh? ‐[laughs]

Good one!

‐But that is not funny. ‐I know.

It's kind of their thing.


En acualli, en malvago.

En catzacti,

en malvago, zanamo!

[both laugh]