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♪ In a kingdom
old and grand ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely
rules the land ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family
by her side ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild
and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪


♪ Myth and mystery
everywhere ♪

♪ Myth and mystery
everywhere ♪

♪ Loyal friends
are always there ♪

♪ Loyal friends
always there ♪

♪ Magic shines
from deep within ♪

♪ Magic shines
from within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪


♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

♪ Aval-o-o-o-o-o-r ♪

Season 03 Episode 21

[Gabe Reads:] Title:
"Crash Course."

All right, come on, guys.

Keep pushing.
Don't let up.

Bend your knees, Miguel.

Come on, Rico,
keep your elbow up.


Any chance we could
take a break, sir?

Not yet, Rico.

Captain Nuñez, ahem,
a word?

Of course,
Your Highness.

Okay, team, let's run through
drill 17.

[both groan]

You've been at this
since sunrise.

Aren't you worried that
you might be working them

just a little too hard?

We need to be prepared.

The last time we had Ash
in our sights, we lost her.

That's not going
to happen again.

You have my word.



[all grunt]

Huh? Aah!

- Rico!
- [Bronzino] Levoltario.

Whoa! Ah!


- Oh, whoa.
- [Gabe] Whoa.



Lieutenant, you okay?

Yeah. That was close.

- Ha-ha!
- [guard] Check out that robe.

- Who is he?
- Thank you, thank you.



- [guard 1] He's amazing.
- [guard 2] Wow!

Thank you for saving
our guard.

All in a day's work
for the Great Bronzino.

Whew! Sorry.
I took the stairs.

Bronzino, Elena.
Elena, Bronzino.

Ah, ah, ah.
The Great Bronzino.

The flowers came out of nowhere!

Whoa, you have
to teach me that one.

Well, thank you,
Your Greatness.

What brings you
to Avalor?

I'm visiting
for the weekend,

from the Kingdom of Hectoria.

I invited him so we could
swap spells,

trade magic tips.

A meeting of the magical minds,
if you will.

Princess Elena!

The Grand Council is convening
soon to discuss strategy.

Excuse me. I've got to go.
Avalor has a,

"dark sorceress who's trying to
take over our kingdom problem"


Ugh! Those are
the absolute worst.

Am I right?

Good thing I rescued this guy.

You're going to need
all the help you can get.

Hey, Great Bronzino,
can you make me fly too?


Whoa, whoa! Look at me!

I'm flying! Yeah!

Whoa, I wish
I knew magic.

We need to talk.

- About what...?
- Oh!

There you are,

I was hoping to catch you before
the Grand Council meeting.

It's imperative we discuss
who will replace Esteban

as royal chancellor.

And you have
a recommendation?

As a matter of fact, I do.


I'm sorry, this meeting
is for Council members only.

Relax, I'm just
clearing out my stuff.

Oh, well, by all means.

Out with the old,
in with the new.

[clears throat]

As I was saying...

- Elena!
- Elena!

Gabe has a terrible idea.

Elena will be
the judge of that.

Look, my guards are always
outmatched by magical villains,

because we aren't magical.

So, why not quickly
teach my guards magic?

That way, we can use swords
and tamboritas.

Except that I can't
"quickly" train anyone.

There are no shortcuts
to magic.

Of course not, but...

what if you just trained
the best guards,

and only taught them
a few spells?

I suppose that could work.

But only if you let me
train the guards my way.

You can't teach magic

Excellent. Now that
that's settled, off you go,

Yeah, let's get
those tamboritas.

Oh, I forgot.

We can't.

Why not?

When the Kupi-Kupi
got loose in the palace,

he destroyed all my spare

Can't you just make
some new ones?

It's not that simple.

I mean, a malvago
can make a wand

out of practically anything.

But for the rest of us...

A tamborita gets its power
from a tiny spark of magic

inside the drum,
called a chispa.

And where can we get
a chispa?

They're only found
in La Cuna de Fuego,

a magically hidden valley
near Mesa Roja.

It looks like it takes
about a day to get there.

Well, I can go collect
more chispas

while you begin
the training.

Oh, that'd be great.

I'll go too.
I can read the map for you.

And the Maruvian.

No no, there's no need.

I grew up near Mesa Roja,

so I am the perfect

I mean, guide.

You can both go.

And we have
a class to get to.

Okay, squad, listen up.

I chose the four of you because
you are the best of the best.

And when this training
is complete,

you will be unbeatable.

Royal Wizard,
they're all yours.

Who's ready
to make some magic?

- I am!
- Bring it!

Just as a soldier
needs a strong sword,

a wizard needs the right tools.


A book?



But where's our tamboritas?

Oh, no, no, no.

You're not ready for tamboritas.

Please open your magic manuals
to page one.

Watch me,
and follow the diagram.

We flap and clap.

Come on, just like me.

Flap and clap.

We flap and clap.
We flap and clap.

We flap and clap.


Couldn't we be learning
the words to a levitation spell

or a freezing spell?

Anything but this
chicken dance.

It's way too soon
for spells.

First, you have to master
the basics.

- But this is...
- You agreed to do this my way.


Fine. Flap and clap.
Flap and clap.

- I think I got it.
- Not even close.

But let's move on to one
of the most exciting things

any new wizard learns:

the Maruvian alphabet!

Take out your quills,

You too, Captain.


Mateo said Mesa Roja
is straight over...

Straight over the pass and left
into the canyons, I know.

Just follow me.

Or we could follow the map
Mateo gave us.

You don't need a map

when you know this land
as well as I do.

This way.

Okay, now repeat after me:

"Primo Pepe peeled a plátano
para Papá."

[all mumble]

Good try, but it's important
to really enunciate.

Once again.

[Bronzino] "Primo Pepe
peeled a plátano para Papá."


The one and only.

That was amazing.

Oh, there's another one
you got to show me.

Anyway, we were in the middle
of enunciating...

Guards, let's take
a water break.

- Brilliant idea.
- But I'm not done...

I'll have mine with a squeeze
of lemon, my good wizard.

Well, I guess a break
might be good.

I'll be right back.

So how are the magic lessons

They're not.
That's the problem.

Well, what has he
taught you so far?

Canaza? Llevaluq?

Impress me.

Flap. Clap. Flap. Clap.

Flap. Clap.

That's it.

He taught you a playground

That's what I said.

He won't even give us

Well, I can fix that.

I just happen to have
these souvenir tamboritas

- [all gasp]
- Customized with your

very own picture
of the Great Bronzino.

You get a tamborita,
and you get a tamborita,

- you get a tamborita.
- This is so cool.

Everyone gets a tamborita!

Oh! Yes!


Can you teach us
a little magic, huh?


These are just souvenirs.

You'll have to wait for Mateo

to give you
the real thing.

But he's not
teaching us anything.

You're the Great Bronzino.
Teach us something great.

Why not?

Everyone should know
a little magic.

♪ You can fly in the sky
Like an eagle ♪

♪ Loop-de-looping
Wherever you please ♪

♪ Go soaring like a bird
Just say the magic word ♪

♪ And life will be
Easy as a breeze ♪

♪ When you're faced
With a fearsome opponent ♪

♪ You can hide
In the top of a tree ♪


♪ Stop lions in their tracks ♪

♪ Grow muscles to the max ♪

♪ And still make it home
In time for tea ♪

♪ You can tidy up your room ♪

♪ Or clean a spot
Off your cape ♪

♪ When you're facing danger
It will help you escape ♪

♪ If your money's running low
There's no need to moan ♪

♪ Just open up your wallet
And take out a loan ♪

♪ When you master magic
All your troubles go away ♪

♪ It elevates you
Lets you rise above the fray ♪

♪ If it helps you cut a corner
Then tell me, what's the harm? ♪

♪ Magic makes life easier ♪

♪ And it works like a charm ♪

♪ You'll never
Lack for friends ♪

♪ When you're the toast
Of the town ♪

♪ So revel in the glory
All the fame and renown ♪

♪ You'll have the kind of life
You only dreamed of before ♪

♪ With magic you're the hero
Everyone will adore ♪

♪ When you master magic
All your troubles go away ♪

♪ It elevates you ♪

♪ Lets you rise above the fray ♪

♪ If it helps you cut a corner
Then tell me, what's the harm? ♪

♪ Magic makes life easier ♪

♪ It works like a charm ♪

♪ It works like a charm ♪

♪ Magic works like a charm ♪

♪ ...charm ♪

Now, who wants to learn some
real magic from a real wizard?

All right! Yeah!

Let's do this.

- [wind gusts]
- Whoa!

Be right back.

It's so important
for a leader

to surround herself
with the best people,

wouldn't you agree?

Is this your way of asking me
to consider you for chancellor?

You must admit

I really am the only
qualified candidate.

I got the book back.

I have experience,

and a track record
of success.

Hello? Guys?

And you can count on me
to never, ever lead you astray.

- Hey!
- What is it?

We just passed Mesa Roja.

Oh! Thanks for catching that,

That's why I'm here.


Ah, there they are.

[all, chanting]
Go, Rico! Go, Rico!

Go, Rico! Go, Rico!

Oh, no!

Put him down.

Bronzino, I'm so sorry they
pressured you into doing this.

- Here.
- Thanks, compadre.

Okay, who's next?

Wait, hang on.

They're not ready
to use tamboritas.


No harm in having
a little fun.

Right, guys?

Sure beats doing
tongue twisters.

I'll have you know
those tongue twisters...

Mateo, can I talk to you?

What's going on?

I thought we agreed
to do this my way.

We did.

But now Bronzino's teaching us
actual magic.

Stuff we can use as guards.

If you're not careful,

that stuff could get
somebody hurt.

Look, I know you mean the best,
but his way is just faster.

But my way
is the right way.

Look, we don't have time
for your way.

If Ash and Esteban
attack Avalor,

my guards need to be ready.

I'm really sorry, Mateo,

but I have to ask Bronzino
to take over the training.


Great Bronzino.

Would you be our new
magic instructor?

[all, chanting]
Bronzino! Bronzino! Bronzino!

- Bronzino! Bronzino!
- Ugh!

Mateo said
the hidden valley

is concealed behind
an enchanted arch.

[wind whistling]

it's not marked here.

So much for your map.

I suggest
we search on foot.

Hm, this way
looks promising.

[grass rustling]

Oh, wait one second.

This hardly seems like the time
to stop and admire the scenery.

The grass is blowing
away from the wall.

As if the wind were coming
from the wall.

Or behind it.

Coyo nawah kalikwah.

You found it.



La Cuna de Fuego.

[gasps] I see the chispas.
Wait here.

Doña, it says there's a special
way to harvest a chispa.

- Ah!
- Here. Lean on me.



I found the chispas.

[gasps] You weren't supposed
to take them all.

Why not?

- Ugh!
- [thunder crashes]


W-W-W-What happened?

You can only harvest one branch
of the chispas at a time.

You take the whole thing...

- [thunder crashes]
- [lightning crackles]

You get a face
full of lightning.

Okay. Dazzle me!



This is awesome.

Now show us magic we could use
against an evil malvago.

How about a pushing spell?

Now, that's what
I'm talking about.

Okay, push away.

Hit it firmly and say,


No, no, no,
you said it wrong.

Rico, bring the castle back.

There has to be a spell in here
that can help.

Wait, I saw Mateo do this.


[all gasp]

- Well, that didn't help.
- I'll fix it.



Okay, no. Vicarsi!


Is that...

[sniffs and gasps]


Bronzino, you turned the palace
and everyone in it

into gingerbread.

No, I didn't. He did.

Well, fix it. Now!

I don't know how.

I didn't read that chapter.

I didn't even know there was
a gingerbread spell.

What? I thought you were
a "master wizard."

You know,
the Great Bronzino?


Okay, okay, okay.

There is one spell.



- [Bronzino] Hyah!
- [horse whinnies]

[hooves galloping]

Where'd he go?

I'm pretty sure
that's a vanishing act.

I can't believe
he just ran away.

What are we going to do?

Why didn't you tell me
there were special instructions

before I went up there?

I tried.

But you charged up
the hill anyway.

What is going on with you?


I thought if I got the chispas,

I could earn your trust
and convince you

to make me the new

Doña Paloma, it takes time
to build that kind of trust.

There's no shortcut.

I... I know.

I'm sorry I ruined
the mission.

Well, don't give up
just yet.

It says there is a way
to restore the chispas.

But it means we'll have
to go back into the storm.

[thunder crashes]

I'll do whatever
you need.

Okay, come on out. Hurry.

Seal it.

Thanks, I'm not used
to using my left arm.

Then I'll help you.

Seal it.

[wind gusts]


Toktlee choktlee hekuppah!


Naomi, maybe you should
try it this time.

Ugh! We have to find



How are you not gingerbread?

I was out in the garden,
but that's not the question.

The question is, why is
everything else gingerbread?

It was Bronzino.

His spell went haywire,
and then he disappeared...

- kind of.
- Huh!

I thought he was the guy
who knew how to do cool stuff.

[Mateo sighs]

Why would you pick him
over me?

I thought I was your friend.

You are my friend.

It's just...


I have a lot to prove,
you know?

Ash and Esteban
escaped on my watch.

So I thought if my guards
learned magic...


...we could finally beat them,

and I could prove
that making me captain

was the right choice.

But I should have trusted you.

Because you were right
about not taking shortcuts.

And also,
because you are my friend.

I'm sorry.

[Rico chomping]

Stop eating the palace, Rico.

Sorry, Captain.

I accept your apology.

So can you fix it?


But only with the combined
power of a group spell.

And to do that,
we'd need real tamboritas,

not toys.

Would these help?

Yes! Just in time.

Mateo, why does the palace
look like gingerbread?

It's a long story.
But don't worry, we can fix it.

Everyone pick up
your tamboritas!

Choctli quatic!

All right!
What are the magic words?

You're not ready
for the magic words.

- Wait, what?
- We don't have time for this.

One good rain and the palace
will turn to mush.

Company, ten-hut!

Royal Wizard Mateo
is in charge,

so we will take our time
and do exactly as he says.

That's an order.

Thank you, Captain.

Okay, first things first.

Raise your arms...

and we flap and clap.

Flap and clap.

- Not this again.
- [Mateo] Flap and clap.

- Rico.
- [Mateo] But this time,

since you're holding

you'll be hitting the drum
when you clap.


It was a practice drill.

Exactly. Now try it.

Flap and clap.

Flap and clap.


Now repeat the spell
after me.

But make sure you enunciate.

If you don't say the words
exactly right,

the spell won't work.


Mitzomo ticarsi.

Mitzomo ticarsi.

Mitzomo ticarsi.

Okay, I think
everyone's got it.

Aim at the palace.

In three, two, one...

Mitzomo ticarsi!


- Yes!
- No way!

- Whoo-hoo!
- We're wizards!

Well cast, Gabe.

Thanks, Mateo.

You know, Avalor's lucky to have
you as its Royal Wizard.

Thanks for noticing.

Would you consider coming back
to teach us a few more spells?

I mean, if Ash turns anyone
to gingerbread, we're all set,

but we could really use
a good teacher.

We'll resume training

All right!

- Whoa!
- [all, chanting] Mateo!

Mateo! Mateo!

[all cheering]

But first, you're going
to tell us that long story

about the gingerbread palace.

Yes, something doesn't
smell right.

And it's not
the gingerbread.

Mateo! Mateo! Mateo! Mateo!


[all cheering]

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