Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Giant Steps - full transcript

Naomi returns to Avalor to warn Elena about a growing magical threat to the kingdom.

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♪ In a kingdom
old and grand ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely
rules the land ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family
by her side ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild
and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪


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♪ Myth and mystery
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♪ Loyal friends
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♪ Magic shines
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Season 03 Episode 19

Episoade Title:
"Giant Steps"

[Naomi] Previously, on
"Elena of Avalor"...

Chatana. I am Ash,

the greatest malvago
who ever lived!

And I am Esteban,


She means "partner."

No, I don't. I freed you,
because I assembling

the most powerful force
of dark wizards

the world has ever seen.

When I was a kid,

I wanted to sail
the seventeen seas.

I still want all that.

Well, then, this isn't
goodbye, amiga.

Just... so long for now.

[Naomi Reads]
Episoade Title: "Giant Steps"

Land ho!

G'day, luv.
What can I getcha?

I'm expecting a letter.
For Naomi Turner?

Hmm... Let's see.

Ooh! From the Princess
of Avalor!

Dear Naomi...

I really miss... Ugh.


Dear Naomi...

♪ There's not much to tell
Everyone's doin' so great ♪

♪ The palace is lookin' swell
And the garden is first‐rate ♪

♪ We fixed up the leak
in the fountain ♪

♪ Repaired the old bell ♪

♪ Abuela says hola
And hopes that you're well ♪

Dear Elena...

♪ I'm visiting places ♪

♪ That I've never
been to before ♪

‐ ♪ It's all so exotic ♪
‐ [parrot squawking]

♪ Especially when
I go on shore ♪

♪ I'm so glad I'm out here ♪

♪ At one
with the wonderful sea ♪

♪ Just weather and water
and wind ♪

♪ And little old me ♪

‐♪ Everything's fine ♪
‐♪ I'm doing well ♪

‐♪ Running the kingdom ♪
‐♪ And catching a swell ♪

♪ So happy that you're having
such a fascinating trip ♪

♪ Master of my fate ♪

♪ And captain of your ship ♪

♪ I miss reading stories ♪

♪ And having a good cry
together ♪

♪ Or doing nothing at all ♪

♪ Simply watching
the weather ♪

♪ Acting like
two little girls ♪

♪ On the summertime lawn ♪

♪ I haven't stopped
thinking about you ♪

♪ Since you've been gone ♪

♪ I wish you were here
with me now ♪

♪ On this great expedition ♪

♪ Having a laugh on the bow ♪

♪ As we plan
our next mission ♪

♪ I feel so alone
every moment ♪

♪ That I think of you ♪

♪ But I can't give up now
I have to see this through ♪

♪ Everything's fine
Hope you're doing well ♪

♪ Running the kingdom ♪

♪ And catching a swell ♪

♪ So happy
that you're having ♪

♪ Such a fascinating trip ♪

♪ Master of your fate ♪

♪ And captain of my ship ♪

♪ Master of my fate ♪

♪ And captain of your ship ♪

♪ Sh - i - i - i -p ♪

Oi! You're gonna need
two more of those.

Ugh, it's all I have.

Ya got that right.


If you need money
for supplies,

you could always
try catching Tziloco.


An enchanted
crystal winged bat

that's been
terrorizing sailors for years.

There's a big reward
for his capture.

Heaps o' gold.

My reward‐chasing days
are behind me.

But I reckon a youngster
like you could manage.

Not that it'll be easy
with those strange new mates

he's been palling around with.

Ash and Esteban!

They're gathering forces!

Lucky for you,
I've got just the thing

to bag that bat.
It's called a "bolagro."

Doesn't matter how big
the thing is

you're trying to catch,
the bolagro

will magically expand
to trap it inside.

Oh, that's great,
but if I couldn't

afford the crackers,
how can I buy that?

Mm. I'll trade it
for your necklace.

Somebody needs to warn Elena

what Esteban is up to.

What happened? Where are we?

‐ Watch it!
‐ [Esteban groans]

I teleported us
to the Gateway to Vallestrella.

Ah. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Hey, that was my face!

I don't see why we went
to all this trouble

for a sparkly bat!

Normally, you would need
a jaquin's paw

to open the gateway.
But we have Tziloco.

One jaquin paw, coming up.

‐ Whoa!
‐ [yelps] Do you mind?!

Not at all.

Quiet! We do not want
to draw attention.

Too late.

We should go after them
before they warn the king.

Ah, let them go.

It won't matter
once we release

my most powerful creature:

the mighty giant, Kizin.

Are you using Farsight
to check on Naomi?

No! No. No‐no‐no‐no‐no.


So, what's she up to?



Wow, she sounds so life‐like.

That's because she's standing
right in front of you.

[gasps] Naomi?!

Whoa! Uh...! Ah...!

[laughs] I didn't
expect you back so soon!

Yeah, well, me, neither.

Oh, sorry. That didn't
come out right.

No, no, I know what you mean!

So, how's it going?

Do you love being captain
of your own ship?

Oh, yeah, it's great!

It's really, really great.

Come on, tell us everything!

Are you having
amazing adventures?

Meeting all kinds
of new people?

Actually, that's what I came
to talk to you about.

I just found out
Ash and Esteban

have teamed up
with a sorceress

and this weird magic bat.

I think that's... Chatana.

‐ Who?
‐ An ancient sorceress.

Well, at least, I thought
she was ancient.

I saw an etching of her once
in Vallestrella.

Princess Elena!

Luna? What's the matter?

Ash and Esteban were spotted
in Vallestrella!

Were they with
another sorceress?

And a crystal bat?

Yeah! How'd you know?

Mateo, go to your library
and find out

everything you can
about Chatana

and that crystal bat.
I'll have Gabe meet us

on the terrace
so we can fly back

with the jaquins.
Thanks for telling us.

Wait! I want to go with you.

You do?

I can't let you have
all the fun.

[laughs] The old team
back together!

[clears throat] For now.


Unh! [sighs]
Why are you stopping?

Well, you see
these wings glowing?

That means someone's
using magic to locate us.


Hm... It must be Elena.

Well, what are you
waiting for, Ash?

Do your... [stammering]
magic‐blocking spell.

[sighs] Ayamín!

What's happening?

It must be some kind
of cloaking spell.

They're on to us.

Well, that takes care of that.

For the moment,
but it's only a matter of time

before they find us...
unless I create a diversion.

Ooh! Yeah! A diversion!

What's a diversion?

Legs of a spider
Black as the night

Wings of an eagle
A web woven tight

Fast as the wind
Sharp as a bite

Conjure a creature
To give them a fright!

[spider‐eagles chirping]

Ugh. What are those?

Baby spider‐eagles.

[sighs] You could not
have made adult spider‐eagles?

Huh. Trust me, pal.
They'll get the job done.

They better.

Now, take us to Kizin.

[Gabe] I say we start
at the west end of the valley,

space ourselves out,
and sweep eastward.

[gasps] Look out!

‐ Whoa!
‐ [Elena screams]

What are those things?!

They're shooting us
with... spiderwebs?

[grunts] My wings!

[Luna grunting]
I can't fly!

[both screaming]

Oh! My scepter!

[both gasp]

[grunts] Got it!

[Elena screams]

‐ [Elena screaming]
‐ Elena, catch! [grunts]


[Luna] Hang on!
It's gonna be a hard landing!


Thanks, Mateo.

‐ [Gabe] Incoming!
‐ [gasps] Quincana!



Hey, thanks for
catching my scepter.

Never underestimate the power
of the lasso. [chuckles]

Ooh, wait till you
get a load of Kizin.

He's the fiercest creature
Chatana ever created.

After me, that is.

Do you see that mound?

My poor little one
is imprisoned underneath.

We will see about that.

Nahua Cencama Momaqua!




Hello, Kizin.

[chuckles] This is
the most dangerous creature

of the ancient world?

Any idea why Chatana

might have come back
to Vallestrella?

All her creatures
are locked up here.

Maybe she's gonna
set one of them free.

Or all of 'em.

[Kizin roaring]

Aw! What's the matter,
little one?

Kizin mad!

Ugh. I forgot
about the baby talk.

Kizin mad at Mama.
Mama left Kizin. [crying]

Why you not come for Kizin?

I was captured, darling.
I couldn't.

Eh... Mighty Kizin!

Great and powerful giant
of the ancient world.

Kizin like tall
funny‐looking man.

Ah, and we like Kizin!

Don't we, everyone?

‐ Absolutely.
‐ Indeed!


We need your help,
oh great one.

We want to punish the people
who, eh...

who did this to you.

Will you help our friends?

‐ No!
‐ No?

No. Kizin friends
trapped by Quita Moz.

Kizin go save
Kizin friends now.

You left Kizin!
Now, Kizin leave you!

‐ I'm outta here!
‐ Use your staff!


(muffled) Ouch.


I don't see Ash or Esteban.

Whoa. What is that thing?

One of Chatana's creatures.
A giant called Kizin.

Fly back to your palace
and bring more guards.

We're on it, Princesa!

Should we wait
for reinforcements?

The longer we wait,
the more damage he can do.

It says that Kizin's thick skin
deflects all forms of magic.

But he does have a weak spot.

An unprotected patch
on the bottom of his left foot.

That's all I need. Let's go.

Naomi, go run your lasso
across the far end

of the ravine. We'll get him
to chase us past you.

After we run by,
pull the rope tight,

and he'll trip over it.

You got it!

So when he trips on the rope,

he'll expose the bottom
of his feet.

Exactly. Then we blast
that soft spot

with everything we've got.
Now, let's move.


That'll work.

Ah, can't keep
a good bat down.

‐ Am I right, or am I right?
‐ [gasps]

Oh, hey, where'd everybody go?

The crystal bat!


Uhh... I've got time.


‐ Yes! I did it!
‐ [Kizin] Come back here!

‐ Huh?
‐ Kizin stomp you!

‐ [Kizin grunting]
‐ Naomi! Now!



Naomi, where are you?!



Unh! Ouchy!

[yelps] Ow! My arm!

‐ Elena!
‐ Don't worry about me.

‐ Just get him.
‐ [roaring]


Ooh! Magic!

Kizin needs magic.

‐ Huh? Whoa!
‐ [gasps] Mateo!


‐ Oh! You can come, too!
‐ Whoa!

‐ [Mateo] Aah! Put me down!
‐ [Gabe struggling]

‐ [Gabe] Let go of me!
‐ Gabe! Mateo!

[Gabe and Mateo struggling]

You tickle Kizin!
Stop tickling Kizin!

Stop tickling Kizin!

‐ OK.
‐ Sure. Sure thing.

‐ Elena!
‐ Ah! My arm!

Here. I'll make a sling.


Where did you go?

I saw the crystal bat
trying to get away.

I thought I could catch him
and be right back.

That wasn't the plan!
Why would you go after

the crystal bat
when we had to stop Kizin?

[sighs] For the reward.

Look, I wasn't trying
to find him,

but there he was,
and I just...

I need the money.

Why didn't you just tell me?

You could've
asked me for that.

I was too embarrassed!
You already gave me my boat.

If I'm gonna be captain
of my own ship,

I need to pay my own way.

I get that, but there's

more at stake here
than what you need.

This is about
protecting everyone in Avalor.

And when they needed you,
you weren't there.

You're right. I wasn't.

I'm sorry.

Princess Elena,

Luna is gathering
the Kings' Guard.

There's no time to wait.
Kizin's got Gabe and Mateo.

‐ [both gasp]
‐ Then hop on

and tell me
which way they went!

Naomi? You coming?

‐ Look out!
‐ Ah!

[all scream]

‐ [both grunt]
‐ Open!

Uh... OK. I'll try.


[yelps] Hey!

Oh! Sorry.

It's magically sealed.

Quita Moz protected it
with a powerful...

‐ You open!
‐ I don't know magic.

Ugh! Kizin open.


No Quita?

‐ [jars rattling]
‐ Huh?

Hello, friends.

[heavy rumbling]

‐ Uh‐oh.
‐ [Naomi] Duck!

[grunts] Ow.

‐ You!
‐ Uh...

Kizin no like you!

[Naomi grunting]


Gabe! The scepter!



Elena! Blast his foot!

Left handed? I'll try.

Blaze! Whoa!

‐ [grunts]
‐ Aah! Unh.


Whoo‐hoo! I'm free!

Oh! Oh! Ow! Ow!

Still free! Still free!




‐ [gasps] Naomi!
‐ Huh?

‐ [grunts]
‐ Aah!

Ha! We got him!

‐ Yes! Way to go, Naomi!
‐ You did it!

What about the bat?

Doesn't matter.
This was more important.

Way more important.

So, what do we do
with him now?

I'm sure Quita Moz
has an extra jar lying around.

Well, he did want to be
with his friends.

[grunts] Where is that
ridiculous bat

‐ when you need him?
‐ Wait for me!

‐ [both grunt]
‐ [sighs] Of course.

I had to ask!

Oh, hey, guys.

You weren't leaving
without me, were ya?

[sighs] We can't.


Oh, yeah, that's right.

We're leaving
without my little Kizin?

Eh, I never liked
that guy anyway.

Such a baby.

We will find
our next allies,

who are far more powerful,

on the other side
of the Kingdom.

[door opens]


Whatcha doin' here all alone?

Oh, you know, just looking
at all the letters

I never sent about how much
I missed you.

[chuckles] Sounds familiar.

I didn't want
to spoil your adventure.

It wasn't much
of an adventure without you.

‐ Really?
‐ I mean, I loved

being captain of my own ship.

But I didn't realize
how much I missed

being part of a team,
part of a cause

that's so much bigger than me.

So, I guess what I'm trying
to say is...

This is where I belong.

So you're staying?

I'm staying.

If only to see
Doña Paloma's face

when I show up at the next
Grand Council meeting.

Oh, yeah, um... about that.

I didn't know
when you were coming back,

so I put Julio
on the Grand Council. Sorry.


Then, I'll just have to find
another way to serve.

Good. Because
with everything going on,

we need you more than ever.

Can I get that in writing?


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