Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Festival of Lights - full transcript

Elena learns how to celebrate Hanukkah

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- ♪ In a kingdom old and grand ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

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- ♪ Elena ♪

- ♪ With her family by her side ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

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are always there ♪

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♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

Season 03 Episode 17

Episode Title: "Festival of Lights."

Before I present
my latest invention,

does anyone
want to guess what it is?

A moving staircase?

A flying carriage?

A sandwich maker?

No, but all great
ideas for my next invention.

Feast your eyes on...

The Royal Seal-o-matic!

- Oooh!
- Oh!


No longer will you
have to struggle and sweat

every time you stamp a seal
on a royal proclamation.

It's really not that hard.

Not now it isn't!

Allow me to demonstrate.

You just turn the crank,

insert the proclamations,

and let it do
the stamping for you.

And, ta-da!

- Huh? - Huh?
- Huh?


It worked yesterday.

Oh, no!

It's okay, Elena.

I'm sure I can fix it.

No, I meant, oh, no,
that ship is in trouble!

Guards. Have Captain Turner
launch a rescue boat.

At the rate it's sinking,

the rescue boat may not
get there in time.


Isa, come with me.

Let me help!

Nuh-uh, Bubbe.

I can't have you getting
wet and catching a cold.

Too late.
Now hand me a bucket.

A boat's on the way!

Just hold on!

We'll do our best!


The water's coming faster!

We have to get to shore!

You're right.
Let's see what we've got here.

Besides a sinking ship,
of course.

Get me the spare
cargo hook. Quick!


Very impressive, dear,
but what is it?

Well, it's either a catapult
or a big pile of junk.

And we're
about to find out which.


It's a catapult.

Everyone, grab hold
and help me pull.

We're barely moving.

Grab something and row.

Keep pulling!

We're not going to make it!

We have to swim for it!

Ari. Bubbe can't swim.

Then what do we do?

We're so close.

We just need a...

- bridge.
- Bridge?

Help me push.

Watch out!

Okay. Follow me

and don't let go.

Almost there.
Hold on tight!

We made it!

Just barely.

Barely is good enough.

Let's get you inside.

We can't thank you enough
for your help.

- It was such a mitzvah.
- A what?

In our kingdom,
a mitzvah means a good deed.

What kingdom is that?

I'm sorry.

It's like my manners
went down with the ship.

I'm Princess Rebeca
of Galonia,

and this is my brother
Prince Ari.

And this is Bubbe.

Which is what
we call our grandmother.

Welcome to Avalor.

I'm Princess Elena,

this is my sister
Princess Isabel,

and my abuelos
Luisa and Francisco.

What brings you to Avalor?

A shipwreck, apparently.

We hit a storm last night

when we were bringing our grandmother
back to Galonia for Hanukkah.

- Hanukkah?
- It's Bubbe's favorite holiday.

It celebrates a time when our
people defended their right

to follow
our most cherished traditions.

One of those traditions was to
keep a special lamp always lit.

But on
that very first Hanukkah,

there was only enough oil
to last for one night.

But it lasted
for eight nights.

It was a miracle!

Oh, no. I just realized.

My Hanukkiah
was in one of the crates

that fell overboard
in the storm.

What?! No!

Hanukkiahs hold the candles
we light for Hanukkah.

Our bubbe's was passed down
for generations in our family.

We were going to use it
tonight in Galonia.

I had everything all planned
and ready for when we arrived.

It was going to be
a perfect Hanukkah.

But now...

Princess Rebeca,
it would be our pleasure

to help you celebrate Hanukkah
here in our castle.

- Really?
- Another mitzvah!

Thank you.

There's just one problem.

Um, I don't know
how to celebrate Hanukkah.

We can tell you
all about it!

after we find a place

for my grandmother
to take a nap.

I was just resting my eyes.

We'll take care
of everything, Bubbe.

Don't you worry.

Okay, we have
a Hanukkah party to throw.

So, Princess Rebeca,
where do we start?

Well, Hanukkah is
my bubbe's favorite holiday,

so we need to get
the details just right.

♪ On Hanukkah night ♪

♪ We cook up plenty to eat ♪

♪ Bimuelos and latkes ♪

♪ Make such a good treat ♪

Just give me your Hanukkah
recipes, and I'll do my best.

♪ Then after the meal ♪

♪ We eat Hanukkah gelt ♪

♪ They're coins
made of chocolate ♪

♪ Just don't let them melt ♪

I know where we can get
the best chocolate.

♪ Hanukkah means
oh so much to my family ♪

♪ We honor our history
by kindling the lights ♪

♪ Remember the times
we prevailed over darkness ♪

♪ Sharing our blessings
for eight special nights ♪

♪ I must make sure things
are perfect this evening ♪

♪ My family, my bubbe
are counting on me ♪

♪ To celebrate all
of our family traditions ♪

♪ To bring us together
as close as can be ♪

♪ I'm hoping to fill them
with joy and delight ♪

♪ On Hanukkah night ♪

♪ This Hanukkah night ♪

♪ We play
"Spin the Dreidel" ♪

♪ Our most favorite game ♪

♪ Once you try it ♪

♪ You will feel the same ♪

- We can make a dreidel.
- Great idea!

♪ Then we gather at sunset ♪

♪ For the best part ♪

♪ When we light the candles ♪

♪ With all of our heart ♪

♪ Then the party can start ♪

♪ Hanukkah means
oh so much to my family ♪

♪ We honor our history
by kindling the lights ♪

♪ Remember the times
we prevailed over darkness ♪

♪ Sharing our blessings
for eight special nights ♪

♪ I must make sure things
are perfect this evening ♪

♪ My family, my bubbe
are counting on me ♪

♪ To celebrate
all of our family traditions ♪

♪ To bring us together
as close as can be ♪

♪ I'm hoping to fill them
with joy and delight ♪

♪ On Hanukkah night ♪

♪ This Hanukkah night ♪

♪ When we light
the candles ♪

♪ On Hanukkah night ♪

All right, you ready
to go get some chocolate?

Fun fact about me:

I'm never
not ready for chocolate.

Girls, girls!

I need your help
in the kitchen.

We followed
your family recipes,

but I need to make sure
we got it right.

- Oh, I'm sure...
- Abuela!


It's okay. My grandmother
does the same thing.

These latkes are perfect!

And the bimuelos?

Mmm! Just like
back in Galonia.

Oh, I want to try...

Mmm. They taste kind
of like our buñuelos.

And sound kind
of like them, too.

Yes, but it's the sauce
I'm most worried about.

You said it should
be honey orange,

but we don't have oranges,
so I used anoki berries.

Here you go.

Oh. It's... good.

You can't fool me.

I have spent a lifetime
cooking for mi familia,

and I know when they love
something and when they don't.

No, it's delicious.

- It's just...
- What?

It's not quite as sweet as
the sauce my bubbe is used to.

I knew it.

Is there something
you can add?

Sugar? More honey?

this is for Bubbe!

Hmm. We may
not have any oranges,

but guavas should add
the extra sweetness we need.

Will that be enough?

Huh. We have to make do
with what we have.

My grandmother says
the same thing all the time.

Great. While you get cooking,
we'll get chocolating.

So are we taking a coach?

Not exactly.

Hola, Princesa!

Whoa! We don't have
these in Galonia.

Well, no kingdom
is perfect.

So all you have
to do is climb...


Yeah, like that.

Now give the dreidel
a good spin.

Okay, now what?

You wait to see
what it lands on.

This means you get half
of what's in the pot!


It's okay, Ari.

I'm sure you'll win
the next time.

No, I was just thinking
about Bubbe's Hanukkiah.

She's had it since way
before I was born.

And now it's gone.

Maybe we can make her
a new one,

like we made the dreidels.


At school, we used to make
homemade Hanukkiahs with these.

They're the perfect size
to hold a candle.


Okay, I'll need
eight more of these.

Is this enough?

It's plenty.


Actually, you mind
if we have a nosh first?

Oh, I don't think
we have any...

whatever that is.

In my kingdom,
"nosh" means "snack."

Oh! We have
plenty of those.

- Mmm!
- Mmm!

Princess Elena!

Several crates
with the Galonia crest

have washed up
at the port.

Your grandmother's Hanukkiah
might be in one of them.

If we could find it,

I really could give her
the perfect Hanukkah!

We'll take the jaquins.

Please take the chocolate
back to the palace.

Oh, but hang on.

Oh. Emergency nosh.
Just in case.

Can you help us
open them?

Nah, I got it.

Huh. I should start wearing
my tiara more often.


Your grandmother sure
packed a lot of coats.

She thinks my parents
keep the palace too cold.

This is the last one.


We found it!

I can't wait to show...

It's broken.

No, no, no, no, no!

All the pieces are here.

Maybe we can glue it
back together.

Right, I can
totally do that.

I hope.

Isabel's workshop
has everything we need.

Good, because
it's getting late,

and we don't have
much time to fix it.

Fix what?

Uh, fix you
something to eat.

Are you hungry?

Am I hungry?

You can't fool me.

Something's wrong.

Come on, come on.
Tell your bubbe.

You know me
too well.

The truth is...

The truth is
we have great news.

We found your Hanukkiah.

It's a miracle.

Um, it is,
but it's pretty dirty.

- Uhh...
- And we barely have any time

to clean it up
for the candle lighting so...

Spending this Hanukkah
with my family,

my new friends,
and my Hanukkiah

makes me the luckiest bubbe
in the world.

Uh-huh. Super lucky.
See you in a few.

I need some glue,
a steady table, and a clamp!

It's okay.

I can fix it.

Here you go.





This is some workshop
you've got here.


My sister is
quite the inventor.

You two made
all these dreidels?

Don't they look
just like the ones back home?

These wooden ones do!

Oh, you also made
a Hanukkiah?

Yeah, but I guess now
we don't need it

because you found Bubbe's.

Hey, anyone
need an emergency nosh?


Wait a second.

You guys had chocolate
this whole time?

Uh! I only get one?

For now. We need to make
the rest into Hanukkah gelt.

Isa, you don't happen to have
any gold foil around, do you?

Of course.

What kind of scientist
doesn't have gold foil?

We need to cut the chocolate
into coin-shaped circles

and wrap them all
in gold foil.

gonna take forever.

Hmm. Not if we use
my Seal-o-matic!

It's been punching the stamp too
hard for royal proclamations,

but it might be
just right for this.


This is now official
Avaloran Hannukkah gelt.

By royal decree.

And this is an official
Galonian Hanukkiah.

It looks perfect!

I hope so.

Your Majesty, I have
the rest of the chocolate.

Just in time.

Oh! It's almost sundown.

What? We still have
to get everything set up.


We'll take these,
you bring the rest up later.

Is that it?
Is everything ready?

Hmm. It's just not exactly
how we arrange things at home,

but I'll sort it out.

Mm... yep!

Hmm. Like that.


That's good.



Oh! Okay.

Does it have to be a certain
way for your holiday?

No, this is just the way
my family always does it.

And I want this Hanukkah to
be just like Bubbe remembers.


- That's it.
- Great.

I'll go
get everyone.

Right after
I test the dreidels

to see which ones spin most
like the dreidels back home.

Oh, okay,
if you really need to.

No, not that one.

And that one tilts too much.

Close but not quite right.

No. Oh, that's pretty good.

Uhh... Rebeca!

I think they
all spin really well.

Oh! This is the one!

It's perfect!


The Hanukkiah!


I can put it back together.
Just give me a minute.

not even you can fix that.

How am I going to tell Bubbe?

She'll understand.

How? She's had
this Hanukkiah forever.

It's our family's
most treasured heirloom.

I better go find her.

Oh, I did it again.

Whoo, Gimel!

You won again, Francisco.

Beginner's luck.

Sorry to interrupt.

I have some bad news.

We were setting up
for the Hanukkah party,

and, well,
there's been an accident.

Was anyone hurt?

No, nothing like that.

But a few things
were damaged.

More than a few things.

The guava bimuelos
they made us were all smushed.

Oh, that's all right.

Luisa brought the first batch
up for a snack,

and it turns out,
I like bimuelos even better

when the sauce isn't so sweet.

Who knew?

Oh. Well, that's good,

but the best dreidel
Ari and Isabel made broke.

But we've still got this one.

It looks a bit different
than the ones back home,

but it spins for ages.
Look at it go!

there's one more thing.


I'll see if he's okay.

Bubbe, I'm really sorry.

I, uh... I need
a moment to myself.

All I wanted was to give my
bubbe the best Hanukkah ever.

I gave her the worst.

She knows you tried.

And she's not mad at you.

But I'm mad at myself.

I guess we'll
have to cancel the party.

You can't cancel Hanukkah!

Look what the children made me.

Isn't it lovely?

But, Bubbe, it's nothing
like your old one.

Nothing ever will be.
But that one's gone.

So I need a new one,
and this one's perfect.

That's what Hanukkah
is all about, dear.

Our people carrying on

even when faced
with the toughest challenges.

Making do
with what we have.

Not just that.

Making the most
of what we have.

For example, this Hanukkiah
will always remind me

of our new friends in Avalor,

and how my wonderful
grandchildren worked so hard

to make this
a special holiday.

And succeeded.

Oh, look, the sun is setting.

It's time to light
the candles.

Gather around, everyone.

This year, we celebrate
the Festival of Lights

in a new land

with new friends.

And so much
to be thankful for.

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