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- ♪ Elena ♪

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- ♪ Elena ♪

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- ♪ Elena ♪

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Season 03 Episode 16

[Elena] Previously, on
"Elena of Avalor"...

Elena, the prisoners
have escaped.

There are others who would be
all too happy to assist us.

We simply need to gather them
and join forces.

We will defeat Princess Elena.

[Naomi reads]
Episode Title: "The Last Laugh."

[bell clangs]

I'm up! I'm up!

[yawns and laughs]

[slurps and sighs]

[horse whinnies]

Miss Turner.

Morning, Armando.

- You ready?
- Let's do this.


What's all that?

Well, it turns out
when Esteban was chancellor,

he actually did
real work.

So we're hunkering down
for the next three days

and catching up
on all the paperwork.

[grunts and sighs]

Another glamorous day
on the Grand Council.

Okay, last three

Guard uniforms,
kitchen supplies,

and new signs
for the port.

Approved, approved and approved.

Three stacks down,
30 to go.

Princess Elena, Naomi,
I'm sorry to interrupt,

but we have an unexpected

- [grunts]
- Nomes!


I can't believe it's you.
How long has it been?

Six years?
When did you get here?

Just sailed into port.

They said I'd find you
up here.

Nice digs.

Hey, I just work here.

Naomi's on my Grand Council.

I'm Princess Elena.

I'm Veronica.
But you can call me "V."

What brings you
to Avalor, V?

Nomes and I promised to meet
back up on my 18th birthday.

Oh, right.
I totally forgot.

V's birthday is tomorrow.

Oh, well, if you don't
have any plans tonight,

why don't you stay
for a pre-birthday dinner?

Hm, let's see.

Dinner in a fancy palace,
or cold beans and tuna?

Tough choice, but I think
I'll stick around.

And ever since she pried
that gator off my leg,

we were pretty much

Wow. That's incredible.

So how'd you two meet?

Uh, Naomi ran up to me
and told me how to do my job.

Sounds like Nomes.

Technically, I told her
not to let anyone tell her

how to do her job.

And then I decided I couldn't
do the job without her.

Well, hopefully you can manage
without her tomorrow,

because we have
big birthday plans.

- We do?
- [gasps]

You forgot that too?

We're supposed to sail out
to Isla de Sueños

and dig up the time capsule we
buried there when we were kids.

Oh, the time capsule.


Ooh, we're kind of
in the middle

of a big Grand Council
catch-up session, so...

I'm sure you can make do
without Naomi for one day.

Actually, we can't.

We're on a really tight

[inhales sharply]


Ugh, she's right.

Sorry, V.

Please don't be mad.
Are you mad?

I can tell you're mad.

We always said
we'd do this together.

It was your idea to begin with.

Can't it wait till after
these meetings?

I'm only in Avalor for a day.

I ship out tomorrow
at sunset.


Hey, it's okay.

We'll do it next birthday.



I'll go.

But what about...?

Like you said,
it's just one day.

They can make do
without me.

Now that's the Nomes
I remember.

Let the birthday bash begin.

[bell clanging]

[horse whinnies]

Morning, Miss Turner.

Miss Turner?

- [bell clangs]
- [gasps]


I'll be back by sunset!

Tell them to start
without me!

Do you feel it, Nomes?

Nothing beats having the wind
at your back,

your best mate at your side,
and untold adventures ahead.

♪ We used to borrow
Papa's boat ♪

♪ And sail around the port ♪

♪ Fly pirate flags
And walk the plank ♪

♪ And then we'd storm the fort ♪

♪ When our papas
Came a-searchin' ♪

♪ We'd give them all the slip ♪

♪ Until that day
In Breakers Bay ♪

♪ We almost wrecked the ship ♪

♪ We never set our anchor
Our spirits, they ran free ♪

♪ As wild as wintery weather
As swift as a summer sea ♪

♪ There is no finer thrill ♪

♪ Than to watch
The mainsail bend ♪

♪ Having fun
In the noonday sun ♪

♪ And chasing down the wind ♪

♪ When waves are breaking
On the bow ♪

♪ I love the salt and foam ♪

♪ The more we leave
The land behind ♪

♪ The more I feel at home ♪

♪ I miss the mighty ocean
I miss the open sky ♪

♪ I miss the chance
To hoist the sail ♪

- ♪ When you say ♪
- ♪ Let her fly ♪

♪ Aye ♪

♪ We never set our anchor ♪

♪ Our spirits
They ran free ♪

♪ As wild as wintery weather
As swift as a summer sea ♪

♪ There is no finer thrill ♪

♪ Than to watch
The mainsail bend ♪

♪ Having fun
In the noonday sun ♪

♪ And chasing down the wind ♪

♪ We'll have fun
In the noonday sun ♪

- ♪ Chasing down ♪
- ♪ Chasing down the wind ♪

[yelps and groans]

I still do not understand
why we need this sorceress?

Chatana was the greatest
sorceress of the ancient world.



Long ago,
she used her magic

to conjure up creatures
so powerful

they nearly destroyed
Vallestrella and Maru.

And if we free her,

what is to keep her
from destroying us?

The same thing that keeps me
from destroying you.

We are stronger
as allies.

Plus, I have something
she desperately needs.

A tiara?

Chatana's golden diadem.

The source of all her power.

To get it back,
she will do whatever we ask.




Chatana will be the first member
of our new force.

And when that force
is assembled,

Avalor will be at our mercy.

Ah, we are here.

And where is that,


Is... is that her?


The winged sorceress.

The Maruvians
imprisoned her

and some of her creatures here
for eternity.

But eternity
never counted on me.

- Huh?
- Despoloz!

What is that?


[both scream and grunt]

Fiendish Maruvians.

The vault was booby-trapped.

I should have known.

Where are we?

Miles away from where
we need to be.

Quick, teleport us
back to the vault.

I cannot get us all the way back
there in one jump.

Well, anything's better
than walking.

Hm. This is true.


Elena, come quick!

It just appeared
out of nowhere.

Is that Maruvian?
What does it say?

I don't know.
It's written in Old Maruvian.

I can only read classical.

We need Professor Mendoza.

She's in Cordoba
doing research.

But Naomi's been studying
Old Maruvian with her.

- She could read it.
- [door opens]

- [Armando] Princess Elena.
- Huh?


Oh, there you are.
Is Naomi with you?

She went sailing with Veronica.

She what?





You got soft
working in that comfy palace.

Har, har.

It's actually not that easy
running a kingdom.

But do you love it?

- Huh?
- When we were growing up,

all we ever talked about
was sailing.

We dreamed that someday
we'd go out and see the world.

But it looks like you just want
to stay in Avalor now.

So I just hope you love that

as much as you used
to love this.

There. Beneath those trees.

It looks like an ancient
Maruvian outpost.

They hid it well enough.

Can you translate
the inscription?

It's not that easy.

Old Maruvian is written
with a system of runes,

totally different from
classical Maruvian pictograms...

- Mateo!
- Right.

We should be able
to look up the words

in this Old Maruvian dictionary
and translate it.

Okay, that one is...


That means "Magic."


"Word." Got it.

"Magic word."


Wait, "magic word escape"?

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

"Nahua cencama momaqua."

[both scream]

[giggles and chatters]


Hey, give that back!


I'll get it.


We are free, Pili.

Yeah, free to put the hurt
on whoever did this to us.

Oh, I am bringing the heat,
I tell you.

Quickly, Pili.

While Chiki-Chiki
keeps them busy,

we must find
my golden diadem.

Then we will be

[Pili] Speak for yourself.
I'm already unstoppable.


Come back here, you little...

- [Chiki-Chiki cackling]
- Boy, he's fast.

Hang on.
I'll use a freezing spell.



- Mateo?
- What's so funny?


[blows raspberry]


- What was that thing?
- [laughing]

A laughing gnome.

Whatever I said opened the vault
and let him out!


Then say it again
and let us out.

I don't remember
all the words.

I'd have to look them up again.

But... but the dictionary's
out there.

Naomi could read them.

Skylar, go find Naomi.

She went to Isla de Sueños
with Veronica.

I'm on it.

Hey, remember where we buried
the time capsule?

I didn't forget

[both grunt]

It's all there.

- Octy!
- [squeaks]

My old necklace.

Hey, look what else is here.

The letters we wrote
to ourselves.

"To be opened in 10 years."

"Dear Old Me."
Wow, I was mean.

"Dear Old Me,
by the time you read this,

"here are the things I hope
you have done.

Number one:
own a practical sweater."


You were such a dreamer.

Ha, ha.

"Number two, sail the Seventeen
Seas of the EverRealm."


"Three, climb the tallest
mountain in Norberg."

Hey, I did that too.

Whoa, you've done everything
on your list?

Actually, I don't own
a practical sweater.

Okay, your turn.

Nomes? What's wrong?

"You will be the captain
of your own ship."

Hey, life doesn't always
take you where you expect.

I had one dream, V.

One dream.

I'm not the captain
of my own ship.

Most days, I'm not even
the captain of my own life.

Well, it's never too late
to make your dreams come true.


Skylar? What are you
doing here?

The Princesa's in trouble.

- Big trouble?
- Does she have any other kind?

Good point. I got to go.

But I'll find you at the port
before you leave.


Okay, but I sail at sunset.

Elena! Mateo!

- [Mateo laughing]
- [Elena] Naomi!

Get us out of here!

Hang on.


"Nahua cencama momaqua."

[Mateo cackling]

It's the worst day of my life.

Uh, what's wrong with him?

He got hit with
some kind of spell

when we released
a laughing gnome

from this Maruvian vault.

It's called a Chiki-Chiki,
and why would you do that?

We were trying
to read the markings,

and it just happened.

You read them out loud?

But the warning says not to.

What warning?

The warning that's written

a mile high in the sky?

How were we supposed
to know that?

You're the Maruvian expert,
and you weren't here.

Could we settle this later?

Mateo's right.

First, we have to catch
that gnome.

Well, you two can take it
from here, right?

Wait. You're not coming?

No. You don't need me.

Just freeze it, llevaluq it
back here, and seal it up.

I'm sorry, do you have somewhere
you need to be?

I want to see V
before she leaves.

Seriously? None of this
would have happened

if you'd just been here
when we needed you.

It was just a council meeting.

I didn't know all this
was going to happen.

When you joined
the council,

you made a promise to be ready
for whatever comes along.

It's your responsibility.

All I wanted was one day
to myself.

If that's so important to you,
then fine.

Go! Come on, Mateo.

Let's go catch this
shimmy-shimmy thing.

It's Chiki-Chiki.




"Nahua cencama cazá."


They need a disempowering spell
to stop him.

[Mateo laughing]

There he is!



[people shouting]


can't... aim.

- I'll hold it steady.
- Tala...




- Hey, that's my scepter!
- No!

He'll put the laughing spell
on you too.




- Naomi?
- [grunts]

Nahua cencama cazá.



[chattering defiantly]

Ha-ha! Looks like the spell
worked after all, gnome.

Oh! Oh!

Oh, finally.

Oh, oh, everything hurts.

You got him!

Yup. Now let's get him back
where he belongs.

And I wouldn't mind a ride
this time.

That vault is way out
in the jungle.

My poor Chiki-Chicki.


I will miss him dearly.

Eh, you can always
make a new one.

Good point.

Come, we must find
my golden diadem.


Who are you?

I am Ash,

the greatest malvago
who ever lived.

And I am Esteban, her...


She means partner.

No, I don't.

I freed you
because I am assembling

the most powerful force of dark
wizards the world has ever seen.

And why should I help you?

Because I have this.

My diadem.

Ah, ah, ah. In due time.

Once we are victorious,

you can rule Vallestrella
for all eternity.

We will seal the portal
between our worlds,

and no one will ever intrude
on your kingdom again.


What do you think, Pili?

Well, she's clearly evil
and rotten to the core.

- And that one...
- Huh?

...may be even worse.


This is true.

[Chiki-Chiki grumbling]

Stand back, everyone.


Nahua cencama quazica.


That takes care of that.

Maybe you can still catch V
before she leaves.

Where's her boat?


She's gone.

"For when you're ready
to be the captain.

Love, V."

[seagulls squawking]

[door creaking]

- Hey.
- Hey.

Listen, you were right
to be upset.

Being on the Grand Council
is a big responsibility.

By joining it, I was making
a promise to show up

whenever duty called.

But today I learned

that I don't want
that responsibility anymore.

What are you saying?

I'm resigning
from the Grand Council.


Because of this.

It's the letter that kid-me
wrote to now-me.

"You will be the captain
of your own ship."

[Naomi] When I was a kid,
I wanted to sail the Seventeen Seas.

Explore the world.

Blaze my own trail.

And now that I'm grown up,
I still want all that.

So you're leaving?

I'll be back someday.

Will you write?

Of course.

You better write back.


Well, then this isn't goodbye,

Just so long for now.

Best friends forever
means forever.

No amount of time or distance
could change that.

Here's the problem, though.

If you're going to be captain
of your own ship,

you're going to need a ship.

And I think I can
help you with that.


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