Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - full transcript

♪ In a kingdom old and grand ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely rules the land ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family by her side ♪
- ♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

♪ Of Avalor ♪

♪ Making mystery everywhere ♪

♪ Royal friends Are always there ♪

♪ Magic shines From deep within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

It's Prince Marzel!

How does he do that?

His mother used to be human,
so he gets legs

when he's out of the water.

Isn't he amazing?

Whoa, whoa!

Hi, Your Highness.

Hey, everyone, what's up?
Good to see ya.

Loria, are those new shells?

Mm, they really
bring out your eyes.

Cuco, buddy!

Taking your legs out
for a stroll, are you?

Better than that, Cuco.

I'm going to teach him
how to play discus.

Now that there's finally peace
between sirenas and humans,

I asked Elena to teach me
everything about life on land,

starting with the fun stuff.

So, let's discus!

Whoo! Pretty good,
for your first toss.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Let's keep playing.

Yes! Whoa!

Well, if the object of the game

is to fall on your face,
you're doing great!

Thanks, Cuco.
- Anytime, pal.

You just started walking last week.

It'll take some time
to get used to having legs.

If you say so.

But, uh, maybe we should
pick this up some other time.

Princess Elena!

Wow! What is that?

And why are those e animals tied to it?
- It's a carriage.

The horses pull it so we
can go faster than walking.

- Princess Elena,

we need you back at the palace to
finalize the plans for the Royal Retreat.

You want to take a ride?

So what is this Royal Retreat?

Well, it's a small gathering of
rulers from across the EverRealm.

I'm hosting the retreat
here this year.

And what do you guys do?
- We relax, have some fun,

then share ideas on how to run
our kingdoms and serve our people.

Mm. It's too bad my father isn't going.
He's a great ruler.

You know what, Marzel?
King Pescoro should be at this retreat.

- Really? -What better way
to show the other rulers

that the sirenas of Coronado
are now our friends?

Let's go ask him now.

This is more like it.

How's your milagra holding up?

Want to swim by the forest
and get some more?

I can breathe just fine.

Prince Marzel, come quick!
King Pescoro's in trouble.


What happened?

I helped a little one
out of this wreck

but ended up getting
trapped myself.

The mast is breaking!

We have to get him out of there!

I can't see what
you're caught on, but...

Ocho, wrap yoyourself around my arm.
- Right!


What do you see?

His tail is wedged

between those wooden thingies.

Okay, guide my hand to them.

Elena, get ready to pull.

Marzel, hurry!


Are you okay?
- Yes, thanks to you...

I may have spoken too soon.

A royal retreat with other kings.

I'm honored to be invited.

Pap・ you should rest
until your fin heals.

You're right, Marisa.

Your presence will be missed,
Your Majesty.

But maybe Marzel
could attend in your place.

Me? I thought the retreat
was only for rulers.

And one day you will be, mijo.

Our kingdom should be represented.

I need you to be there for us.

For me.

I will, Pap・.

You can count on me.

See you at the palace tomorrow!

Can't wait.

What's goin' down at the palace?

Elena's hosting a royal retreat,

and I'm representing Coronado.

So what's your game plan?

Game plan?

Well, this retreat's
on land, right?

Um, yeah.

Well, from what I saw today,

you can barely put one foot
in front of the other.

How are you gonna fit in
with all those fancy kings?

Yep, I need a game plan.

I can't blow this, Cuco.
My father's depending on me.

I have to show those humans

a sirena can stand tall
amongst them.

Yeah. You got to be
part of their world.


♪ I will be the odd
Fish out of water ♪

♪ When I go to This royal retreat ♪

♪ I will flounder around
Like I have two left fins ♪

♪ No, I mean, like I have ♪

♪ Two left feet ♪

♪ So to honor
The wish of my father ♪

♪ I know just how
I'll make a stand ♪

♪ I'm bound to astound ♪

♪ All those kings In their crowns ♪

♪ By becoming the most ♪

♪ Royal man ♪

♪ Be the man, be the man ♪

♪ I must be The most royal man ♪

♪ I'll trade in my fifins
For a nice pair of boots ♪

♪ And maybe change into
A nice pair of suits ♪

♪ Oh, that is exactly
How I'm gonna prove ♪

♪ All I am ♪

♪ 'Cause I'll soon Be the most ♪

♪ Royal man ♪

♪ I will dress to impress
In the fanciest clothes ♪

♪ Get a coat, hat and vest
With big buckles and bows ♪

♪ I will learn how to strut
Much more elegantly ♪

♪ Henceforth, I will speak
Oh, so eloquently ♪

♪ I will hold my head up high ♪

♪ And bow low to the floor ♪

♪ The most noblest nobleman ♪

♪ To step ashore ♪

♪ I'll to everything
They do and more ♪

♪ Be the man, be the man ♪

♪ I must be The most royal man ♪

♪ I'll cast aside habits
I've had since my birth ♪

♪ 'Cause even though I may be
Both surf and turf ♪

♪ Only my human side
Will prove my worth ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ I will be the toast ♪

♪ The toast of every coast ♪

♪ Yes, I will be the most ♪

♪ Royal man ♪

Princess Elena!

King Joaquin!

So good to see you again.
King Raja.

Your Highness!
- King Lars!

Your High... Whoa!
- Are you okay?

Oh, ja.

I am just so excited!

As am I.
So, what fanciful adventure

do you have planned for us today?

Well, first, we're gonna have
a surprise guest...

Prince Marzel of Coronado.

I am not familiar
with that kingdom.

That's because
it's where the sirenas live.


He'll sink our ships!

Oh, they don't do that anymore.

They're our friends now.

That's why I invited Marzel...
So you can see for yourselves.

Well, any friend of yours
is a friend of ours.

Unless he tries to sink our ships.

No one's gonna sink your ship, Raja.
I promise.

So, where is he?

I'm sure he'll swim up any minute.

Greetings and salutations,

royal hyenas... I mean, highnesses.

- Prince Marzel

of Coronado, at your services.

My profuse apologies.

I, uh, thought you were a sirena.

As my mother is human
and my father is a sirena,

in the watery deep
I have a tailfin,

and on land I walk
on these appendages.

You mean legs?

If you want to sound
like a commoner.

Will youou
excuse us for just a second?

Marzel, what's with the
outfit and the accent?

I want to make a good
impression on the other kings.

Then just be yourself.
- There's too much at stake.

I need to put my best foot forward.
Now, where were we?

- Oh, careful, my friend!

Thank you, Raja.
So, what is first on the agenda?

Well, I had planned for us
to spend the day doing

each king's favorite hobby, but...

maybe we should stay at the palace

and, uh, play chess?

Stay at the palace?

Ha! Pish-posh.

I would love to partake in these
fine fellows' favorite festivities.

What's first?

Well, Lars loves horseback riding.

Oh, indeed I do.
Almost as much as chocolate.

Then let us commence

with the riding of the horses.

You ride these enormous creatures?

Uh, maybe we should
do something else.

How difficult can it be?

I imagine the horse
does all the work.

Turn around!
- Try keeping your feet in the stirrups!


What are stirrups?

Careful again, my friend.

Uh, maybe we should move on
to another activity.

What about my favorite... olaball?

Oh, but there's so much
running and kicking and...

Let us do this olaball.

You have just been Raja'ed.

Elena, I find myself unguarded!

Hey, at least your shoe scored.

It's okay, Marzel.

Oh, you should have
seen my first game.

He spent more time on the
ground than on his fins...

I-I mean... I mean feet.

Ah, thank you, my good friend.

Let us venture forth and engage
in King Raja's favorite hobby.

Rock climbing?

Oh, yes.
There is nothing like the thrill

of conquering a mountain
with only your hands and feet.


Oh! Look at that view!

What are you all still
doing down there?

- -Look,
I'm not sure I could even climb that.

You don't have to...
- Here I come, King Raja!

Wait! You should put on
the safety... rope.


- Are you okay?

Never been better.
But alas I must go.

So sorry.

Marzel, where are you going?

I can't do anything right up here.

I'm just embarrassing myself

and my people and my father.

I'm going home.

Let us come with you.

- What? -You want to
make a good impression?

Well, instead of trying to act
like you were born on land,

why not take us to your home,
to Coronado?

Then you can just,
you know, be Marzel.


is a splendid idea!

- -How would
you gentle-kings like a tour

of my underwater world?

Oh, that would be wonderful!
- I'd love that.

Me too!

So this kelp will help us
to breathe underwater?

Why, yes, as long as
I only wrap your upper bodies.

Were I to wrap your legs,
you would all turn into sirenas.

But you'll be fine.
I've done this plenty of times.

Now, if you are readady
for the most royal adventure,

let us dive in, shall we?


Welcome to Coronado.


Your palace is the most
stunning I have ever seen.

I'm glad you like it here.

Hey, Marzel.
- What is that?

Oh, that's Cuco.
He's a caballo marino

and my best friend.

Oh, these must be
your new royal buddies.

Such wonders!

See? They're having
a great t time.

And thanks for losing the accent.

Huh? Oh, right.
The accent.

if you think that is impressive,

wait until you feast your eyes

on the majestic Milagra Forest.

It's where the magic kelp grows.

Uh, Marzel?

That forest is off-limits.
You know that.

Follow me, gentle-kings!

What is up with that
ridiculous accent?

Don't ask. Marzel, wait!

Here we are... the milagra forest!

Join hands, everyone.

If Cuco said it was off-limits,
we really shouldn't...

Faster! Faster!

As you wish, Raja!
Hold on!

Marzel, slow down!

Ha, ha, ha! Yes!

My legs are stuck!

Mine too!

Oh, no!

We have to untangle them,

or they'll turn into...


We're sirenas now?

You have to turn us back!

- Marzel, can you undo it?

I-I dodon't know.
But maybe my father can.

Follow me to the palace.

I just have to figure out
how to use this thing!

Mijo, how did the retreat go?


You turned them into sirenas?

What were you thinking, Marzel?

I wasn't.

I was just trying to impress them.

And you, Pap・.

Is there any way to
make them human again?

It's just not possible.

What about the Red Avari blossom?

If they eat it, they can
reverse the transformation.

Yes, yes,
but they would have to eat it

before their tails stop glowing,

or the transformation
will be complete.

And the flower only grows
on Isla Botigua.

But that's so far.
- You'd never make it in time.

So we'll have to live as sirenas?

- Forever?

I'm so sorry.

Marzel, don't go!

You said you wanted to
impress your father.

Well, if you want to
prove to him and the kings

that you can be a future leader,

then you need to start acting
like one right now.

But Isla Botigua is too far away.

Then you have to figure out
how to get there faster.

Look, yesterday you found
a way to save your father.

Not by pretending to be
something you're not...

Just by being you.


We need to get there
faster than we can swim.

I've got it!

It's just like your horse-drawn
carriage, except underwater.

Cuco, take us to Isla Botigua!

All right. you folks
better get a good grip.

We're here!

Do you see any red Avari flowers?

Up there!
- Whoa!

And who's gonna climb up
and get 'em?

I would, but at the moment

I am unfortunately missing my legs.

Perhaps, uh, Prince Marzel?
- Me?

You all saw how bad
I am at climbing.

I'll do it.

Hurry! The glow
is starting to fade!


Are you all right?

I twisted my ankle.

It's up to you, Marzel.

Do not worry.
I will talk you through it.


You can count on me.

That's it.

Keep your weight over your feet.

Go for the handhold on your left.

Don't pull with your arms,
push with your legs!

Where do I go now?

Uh, the foothold up on your right!


- Whoopsie.

Got 'em!
- Quickly! We're out of time!

Quick! Eat!

My legs!
Oh, my legs are back!

Oh, I am so happy I could dance!

In fact, I think I will.
- Me too.

Look at me! Look at me!

I wish I knew how to dance.
- Don't let that stop you.

It's not stopping them.

Look at me!

Ah, yes!

Pap・ we made it to the island!
- And?

Your son risked his life for us.

I have never seen such bravery.

You have honored
your family today, mijo.

I'm so proud of you, Marzel.
- Thanks.

Well, I'd say the first day of the
Royal Retreat was quite an adventure.

If this wawas day one of your retreat,
what are you gonna do for day two?

I think I have an idea.

I'm gonna warn you,

I'm not the best discus player.

Neither am I.

But I love to play.

Then let's discus!


Whoo! Ha!

I got it! Yes!