Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - full transcript

♪ In a kingdom
Old and grand ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely
Rules the land ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family by her side ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild
And daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

♪ Myth and mystery
Everywhere ♪

♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪

♪ Loyal friends
Are always there ♪

♪ Loyal friends always there ♪

♪ Magic shines
From deep within ♪

♪ Magic shines from within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪


Hi, Marzel.

What's going on?

Well, today is Día de los Muertos,

the day we honor our loved ones
who have passed away.

By throwing a party?

Not exactly.

We celebrate their memory
by building altars

and decorating them
with their favorite things.

And in Nueva Vista,
we float the altars out to sea.

Looks like I'm going
to have dinner for weeks.


I meant, that's a beautiful custom.

Are those your parents?
- Cherries were Papi's favorite.

And Mami loved sweet bread.
- Mijita, have you seen your abuelo?

He hasn't been here all morning.
- No, I haven't.

But I think I know
where to find him.

Abuelo, you shouldn't
be carrying so much.

Elena, I may be old,
but I am not incapable.

I know, but our altar
is way down the beach.

This is for a different altar.

Who are these men?

Dear friends I lost
many years ago in a shipwreck.

No, it was not thesirenas' fault.

It was mine.


What are you talking about?

It was a clear day.

I was steering the ship
with my two friends aboard.

Then, out of nowhere,
the ship just capsized.

I had no idea what hit us.

I was the only survivor.


Por favor.

Someone get him a mop
for all those tears.

Well, I think it is beautiful
when a man can say how he feels.

Aye, forget your feelings.

I wish I could feel
this pan de muerto.

Abuelo, your friends are here.

Yes, they are in my heart.

Yeah, they're also
behind your back.

What? You can see us?


Elena? - Right, I probably should
have told you this before, but...

I have the ability to see ghosts

on Día de los Muertos.

She's joking, right?
- I hope so.

Aw! He doesn't
believe her.

He will when you tell him
El Guerrero says hello.

And El Místico.

El Guerrero and El Místico say hi.

How did you...?
Nobody knows their code names.

Code names?

They really are here.

I have missed you, amigos.
- They're over there.

And we have missed you, El Capitán.

El Capitán?

It has been a long time
since anyone called me that.

Wait, what did you need
a code name for?

It's a secret I have kept
for many years.

But you should know
the truth about...

Los Tres.


♪ When we were three
Young noblemen ♪

♪ We yearned to cure
Our kingdom's ills ♪

♪ But back then
Royals weren't allowed ♪

♪ To risk our lives
With dangerous thrills ♪

♪ We vowed to form
A secret club ♪

♪ We'd put on masks
And bravely face ♪

♪ All those who threatened
Avalor ♪

♪ And that's how we became ♪

♪ Los Tres ♪

♪ When a villain
Broke the law ♪

♪ We were bound to stop him ♪

♪ When a burglar
Tried to steal ♪

♪ We gave him
A sound whoppin' ♪

♪ Avalorans had no clue ♪

♪ Who was fighting
For their rights ♪

♪ They only knew
That they could all ♪

♪ Sleep safely at night ♪

♪ In those days I felt
I was living the dream ♪

♪ Knowing we each
Had a role in the team ♪

♪ Guerrero our fighter
Had all the moves ♪

♪ Místico was the brains
And kept our path smooth ♪

And what about you, El Capitán?

♪ I was a bit
Of a Renaissance man ♪

♪ Horse rider, sea diver
And ship capitán ♪

♪ I guided our ship
Until one fateful day ♪

♪ My friends may be gone ♪

♪ But their memories stay ♪

♪ The memories stay ♪

♪ When a villain
Broke the law ♪

♪ We were bound to stop him ♪

♪ When a burglar
Tried to steal ♪

♪ We gave him
A sound whoppin' ♪

♪ Los Tres ♪

♪ Avalorans had no clue ♪

♪ Who was fighting
For their rights ♪

♪ They only knew
That they could all ♪

♪ Sleep safely at night ♪

♪ And now you've heard
The legend ♪

♪ Of my friends and I ♪

♪ Los Tres ♪

♪ The legend ♪

♪ Of Los ♪

♪ Tres ♪

I had no idea you were such a hero.

I was.

Until that last mission.

What was the mission?

To find a powerful magic shield

before the Macoco.

The who-what-co?
- I heard stories of the Macoco.

He's an ocean beast who tried
to attack Avalor years ago.

The Royal Wizard used magic

to send him back into the ocean.

But then the Macoco began searching

for a legendary shield
that could block all magic.

El Escudo.

El Místico found a map
to the island

where the shield was hidden.

But our ship sank on the way.

It was the only mission
Los Tres never completed.

But wait, Los Tres
are back together... sort of.

We could complete
the mission today.

The Macoco must still be
out there, searching.

But with your help, Elena,
we could secure the shield

and make sure Avalor
is safe forever.

What are they saying?

They want to complete the mission.

What better way to honor
the memory of my old friends.

And make up for past mistakes.

But everyone's waiting for us.

Well, we will tell them
we are picking up

something special for the altars.

We need you, Elena.

Only you can see my friends.

Will you help Los Tres
complete our final mission?

You must.
- Por favor.

Okay, I will.

- Viva Los Tres!

Please promise
you'll be careful, Abuelo.

Of course, mijita.

That is not being careful.

You're too old
to be leaping around like this.

I am just a little out of practice.

He'll be fine.

Okay, so what's the plan?

Well, there is a hidden map
in our old ship

which shows the exact location
of the shield.

But your ship sank.

How are we going to find it?
It could be anywhere.

I know every shipwreck
in these waters.

What did yours looks like?

It was a schooner.

And it waved a flag with
the Los Tres mask.

I've seen that one.
It's not too far.

Follow me.

He's asirena?
- They're our friends now.


What else has changed
in Avalor since we passed on?

Well, besides the color
of El Capitán's hair?

That guy's funny.

It's just ahead,
about a hundred fins down.

Want me to try and find the map?

- Yes.

Thank you, Marzel,
but this is a job for Los Tres.

Okay. Well, good luck
with the mission.

Viva Los Tres!

Now, to get that map.

Wait, you're not seriously thinking

of diving down there
yourself, are you?

Of course I am.
- But it's too deep.

I once held my breath
over 20 minutes.

It is true.

While wrestling a shark.

Also true.
- During a typhoon.

Okay, but that was a long time ago.

And I can breathe
underwater with my magic kelp.

I'll go get it.

Why didn't you stop him?

We're ghosts.
We can't stop anyone.

I'm going after him.

I'm coming, Abuelo.

She's as stubborn as a mule.

You know who she reminds me of?

- Luisa.

Hola, again.

You scared me.

Not as much as you're scaring us.

Don't you think that you might
be overreacting

just a little bit?

Or a big bit.


He found it!
- Of course he did.

He is El Capitán.


I've got you.

Why did you come down there?

I was afraid you might
run out of breath.

I was doing fine.
I got the map.

Which I am trying to read.

- Ha-ha!

The shield is in a cave
on this deserted island.

The shield is here.

We'll be there in no time.

Anchors aweigh.
- I'll get it.

I told you after we wasted
all those years

searching for that shield,

if we just hunkered
down here and waited,

someone would come back
for the map.

Did I not tell you that?

Yeah, but where was it?

We looked everywhere, man.

The hull, the cabins, the deck,
the cabins again.


What difference does it make
where it was?

They got it, and now
they're going to lead us

straight to the shield.

Ha! How does it feel?

Two can play that game.

So don't be swatting me unless
you want to get swatted back,

because I will...!

Can we go now?
Before we lose them?


Now we can go.

Okay, amigos, es la hora.

Los Tres!

El Místico says
we must go past this hill.


There was a rustling.

I didn't hear anything.

I'm going to scout the area.


It was probably
just the wind, and...

And I may fall and break
my frail, old bones?


Maybe El Capitán
could've climbed that tree,

but you're not him anymore.

You're just Abuelo.

Plus, we're this close
to completing

the last mission of Los Tres.

Let's finish it.


It's just an old guy and a girl.

Ooh, this is going to be too easy.


♪ Tracking, tracking, tracking ♪

Keep it down.
- Sorry.

This is the place.

We are going to need a torch.

I will gather dry wood,
find some flint, and...


Or she can do that.

So magical, this one.

There's nothing here.

It could be hidden.
Or buried.


It's been glitchy lately.

Fear not.

This is where being
a ghost comes in handy.

El Guerrero, search the floors.

I'll search the walls.

The walls?

What are you talking about?

They're looking for it.


There's a chest in here.

- Over there.



That's it.

El Escudo.

Mission accomplished, amigos.

- Viva Los Tres.

Now, how about we get it
back to the ship?

Here. I'll help you.

No, no, stop worrying about me.

You should hold on to your scepter,

in case we run into trouble.

Abuelo, we're not going
to run into any...


Why, thank you.
We'd love some.

The Macoco!

We meet again.

What do you mean, again?

Who do you think sank your ship

all those years ago?

But I thought I...
- We sank it. all right.

But we couldn't find the map.

Not in the hull, the cabins,
the deck or the cabins again.


Lucky for us, you knocked over
that door on us and woke us up.


Then we followed you here.

Out of the ocean...

Enough already.

Let's get the shield and... Hey!

- Give us the shield.

The shield!


That's for before.

Now let's get out of here, man.
We got a kingdom to invade.

Abuelo, are you okay?

You... you were right.

I am too old for this.

I am not El Capitán anymore.

I am just Abuelo.

What? Ridiculous.

El Capitán never gives up.

It's up to you, Elena.

Avalor is in danger.

Now, go.

I'll stop that thing.

We still believe in you,
El Capitán.

There he is!

This way!

Whoa, that's a big drop.

So we better find another way down.


Come on.


Good try, but the shield
stops the magic.

Yeah, but it can't stop
a flying kick.

Your kicks would go
right though them.

Who's she talking to?
- I don't know.

But yours won't.
Just do as I do...

and give them a flying kick!

That hurt.
- The shield!

No, you don't!




I've got you, mijita.

El Capitán is back!

Viva, El Capitán!

That way.
- This way!

No that way.

Got it.

I'll get the shield
out of his hands.

Then you can blast him.

Okay, Capitán.

Seriously, you think
you can beat us, old man?

Who are you calling old?

You are going to get it.

Yeah. Twice over.

Elena, now!


I hope we land on your head!

Take it!

All right, I'm going back
for round two, because...

No way I'm getting blasted again.
We're out of here.


When I get my fin on you...
- Stop following me!

I'm never alone!

What got into you back there?

I may not be as quick as I used to
be, but I will always be El Capitán.

And thanks to El Capitán, you can lock
this up safely in the Royal Treasury.

I'm sorry I underestimated you, Abuelo.
I won't do it again.

- Over there.

I think Elena has earned
her own code name.

I agree.
- Me too.

They like the idea.
- Now what shall it be?

Ah, I know.

La Mágica.

Because you are the most
magical person I have ever met.

And we live in the spirit world
now, so that's saying a lot.

La Mágica.

I like it.

La Mágica it is.

Good, we're not too late.

Where have you two been?

Getting marigolds for the altar.

But you can never have too many.

We're about to send the altars out.
- Great. We'll help.

You left this on the ship.

Elena, thank you for reuniting
me with my friends one last time.

Well, the memory of Los Tres will
always live on with you, El Capitán.

There is no Los Tres anymore,

From now on, we are...

Los Cuatro.