Elena of Avalor (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Tides of Change - full transcript

Elena attempts to get a Unity Pact signed between the humans and the sirenas. Daria, the reef commander, enlists the help of evil shape shifting dolphins called malandros to prove to the sirenas that the humans still don't trust them.

♪ In a kingdom
old and grand ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ A princess bravely
rules the land ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ With her family
by her side ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ It's a wild
and daring ride ♪

♪ Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

♪ Myth and mystery everywhere ♪

♪ Myth and mystery
everywhere ♪

♪ Loyal friends
are always there ♪

♪ Loyal friends
always there ♪

♪ Magic shines
from deep within ♪

♪ Magic shines
from within ♪

♪ Let her royal reign begin ♪

♪ Elena, Elena ♪

♪ Elena of Avalor ♪

Previously, on Elena of Avalor...
- Shuriki is gone.


For good.

How am I...?
- The milagra.

It lets you breathe underwater!

Let this be remembered
as the day sirenas and humans

defended Avalor together

and began a new era of friendship.

"The Tides of Change."

OK, let's try that new power.


What happened?

It's my scepter.
It hasn't been working right

ever since Shuriki blasted it.

Princess Elena. The Grand Council
is waiting for you. - Oh, no!

I forgot about the meeting!

Sorry I'm late!

You should be,
since you called the meeting.

Now, what is so important, hm?

Shuriki is defeated,
peace has been restored...

Not to mention, we're supposed
to be on vacation.

This is true.
- Well...

about peace being restored,

I think it's important
we make our friendship

with the sirenas official and sign
a unity pact with King Pescoro. Hm?

That is ridiculous!

I cut short my pre-siesta
siesta for this?

I think that is an excellent idea.

Me, too! The sirenas helped us
defeat Shuriki. They are our allies.

Allies? They did
one nice thing!

That doesn't erase all the years
of bad things they've done.

I agree, but this pact
will give the sirenas a chance

to make up for those deeds.

This way, we can
put the past behind us

and create a stronger friendship.

I call for a vote.
All in favor of signing the unity pact?

Everyone should have the chance

to atone for past mistakes.

I still don't think
we can trust them.

It's four to one.
I'll go to Coronado

and talk to King Pescoro today.

You're making a big mistake.

Well, it might take a little time,

but she'll come around.

No, I won't!

Intruder! Intruder! Intruder!

Oh, it's you.

Stand down! It's just
Princess Elena.

What was that sound?

One of our coral alarms.

It alerts us when anyone
who is not a sirena

or accompanied by a sirena
gets too close to Coronado.

And you are way too close!

I'm... sorry?

Why all the security?

Because of the malandros.

- Nasty river dolphins

who want to invade our kingdom.

They can shapeshift
into other creatures.

But maybe you know that.

Maybe you're one of them!

Hey, quit it!

Save your ink, Ocho.

The sound would have driven her off

if she was a malandro.

Good point.
I just want to see King Pescoro!

I'll escort you to the palace.

But just so you know, that milagra
may let you breathe underwater,

but it doesn't give you permission

to drop by anytime you like.

No, it doesn't! Hm!

And, I was thinking,
after we sign the pact,

we could have a huge feast!

So, what do you think?

With all due respect, Your Majesty,

it will take more than a big lunch

to make everyone forget the past.

Daria raises a good point.

But Papá, we have to start

I'd finally get
to reunite with my human family.

Princess Elena,
are you certain all humans

are ready to accept us?

Yes! Well, almost everyone.

You know. Some may take
longer than others.

There you go! It's too soon.

It's never too soon for forgiveness!
Right, Mamá?

She's right! I forgave you
for sinking my ship.

I will sign the unity pact!

- Thank you, mi amor!

You're making a big mistake!


As my Reef Commander,
I'm counting on you

to make sure it is not.

Please assist Princess Elena
in arranging the feast.

As you wish.

Great! I'll meet you
in the palace canal.

Let's just go right now.
Come on, Marzel!

What? Oh! OK!

From Reef Commander
to party planner!

That's gotta sting.

Not as much as this, Cuco!

Nice try, inkspot!

OK, the first thing
we need to decide is food!

I was thinking
churrasco, paella, feijoada...

Sirenas only eat seaweed and kelp.

Um, sure!

Not a problem!

The royal chefs are whizzes
with seaweed recipes.

At least, they will be soon.

Next, location!

What about Punta Luz?

There are some nice
tide pools there.

And a not-so-nice shipwreck.

My parents told me
about the schooner

you sirenas ran aground there.

I'm sorry. It must have been
before we were born.

It's also where you humans
attacked a group

of innocent sirenas just last year.

Yeah! Last year!

OK, well, maybe we'll just
hold off choosing the location.

Better yet, why don't we hold
off on the whole Unity Pact?

That's one thing we agree on.

The only thing.

On the bright side,

we can go back
to choosing the location.

What about the big cove
just south of the city?

With the pretty rocks?

La Cala Vistosa?

That's perfect!

Did you hear that, Ocho?

There are plenty of humans who
will never forget our history.

I know I won't.

But that happened
a long time ago, Daria.

Well, only a fool
would trust humans!

They want us to sign the pact
so we let our guard down.

And then they'll
come after us again!

We have to stop King Pescoro
from signing the Unity Pact.

Right. And how are we
gonna do that?

With the help of a few
party crashers.

Uh, why are we going
towards the river?

You'll see.

Pay up, Mac!


Try to keep it together, Ocho.

Where do ya think
you're going, Sirena?

Same place you're going,
Torpe. To see Saloso.

No way I'm takin' you
to see... to see..

So, seaweed makes me sneeze.

It's a problem.

If you don't bring me to Saloso,

sneezing is going to be
the least of your problems.

I'm not bringin' you anywhere!

Then you leave me no choice.


Get him, Ocho!
- What?


Hey! What?

Oh. You little...!

Nobody inks Torpe
and gets away with it!


What an unwelcome surprise.

For you and me both.

Then what are you doin' here?

Sirenas and malandros
have a common enemy.


Heh. Tell me something
I don't know.

That wouldn't be hard.

But I'll start with this.

King Pescoro and the human princess

are signing a Unity Pact tomorrow.

And why should I care about that?

Because I trust humans

less than I trust you.

So I want you to help me
make sure the Pact isn't signed.

Yeah. Still not caring.

You care about
getting outta this dump.

That's why you keep trying to
get your fins on our kingdom.

Isn't it?

Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

What exactly are you proposing?

If you help me out,
I'll let you have

the coastline north of the city.


You got a deal!

When I get my flippers on you!

Meet me at the cove
tomorrow morning.

And bring "sneezy."

I need him to shapeshift
into a sirena

and you to shapeshift into a human.

I like this plan already.

As soon as he starts
singing the siren song,

you accuse the sirenas
of going back to their old ways.

We do that,
and the harpoons'll be a-flyin'!

Everyone will see

how the humans really feel
about sirenas.

Right, right, but...

Don't forget to turn off
your coral alarms,

or we'll never make it
past your palace.

Consider it done.

Let's go, Ocho.

Oh, I'm gonna...

Torpe! Get a hold of yourself,
and get over here!

Follow Daria. Find out
where every one

of those coral alarms are,
and once she shuts them off,

destroy them.

You got it, boss!



Well, we sure know
how to put on a feast!

The only thing left to do
is sign the Pact.

It's time.

I better warm up my pipes
for the siren song!

♪ Ma-Me-Mi-Mo-Mu... ♪

Your pipes are warm enough!
Get outta here!

With this Pact, we officially
put an end to the years

of fear and mistrust
between our people.

I just need a pen.


Now it's your turn, King Pescoro.

- Daria?

W-what is it?

I just...

didn't want to miss
the... big moment!

Who's singing?

I don't know.

Wait. Is that...?

The siren song!
- No!

Oh, no! The sirenas are trying
to sink the ship!

I command whoever is singing
to stop!


I'll stop 'im!

Uh... ooh! Gotta go!

Run, quickly!
- Grab the nets!

Grab the nets!

We have to calm
everyone down before...

I knew they couldn't be trusted!

We have to leave! Now!

Sirenas! Return to Coronado!

Wait! The Unity Pact!

Forget the Pact.
They're attacking us!

Time to dive on outta here, kids!

I'm sorry!

Your Highness, now!

I don't understand!

Maybe some of the sirenas are
not ready for peace after all.

Papá. We can't let one sirena
ruin this pact for everyone.

I'm sorry, mija. But Daria was right.
It's too soon.


How did they get past the alarms?

Hey! That's the sirena
who was singing!

Me, a sirena?

Think again!

Oh, that's not right.

Think again!

Wait. So the malandros
were behind this?

I'll handle this.

Now, hold it right there... hey!

What are you doing here?

This was not part of our deal!

Oh, but it was part of mine!

♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪

'Cause when you make a deal
with Saloso,

you better believe I'm gettin'
more than you bargained for.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ We were up a river
when you came to me ♪

♪ Made an offer
with real appeal ♪

♪ So ya gave me your trust
Now watch it go bust ♪

♪ And that's
the art of the steal ♪

♪ Was gettin' no respect
out in that ol' shipwreck ♪

♪ Had to figure out
a brand new deal ♪

♪ Now we're livin' large
'Cause we're in charge ♪

♪ Thanks to
the art of the steal ♪

♪ We were treated so mean
by your king and your queen ♪

♪ They threw us out
on our fins ♪

♪ Right on our fins ♪

♪ But we're back on track ♪

♪ For a big payback ♪

♪ Now the outsiders are in ♪

♪ I gave you just one look
and then I set the hook ♪

♪ Your proposal
was simply ideal ♪

♪ You fell for my charms
Turned off your alarms ♪

♪ And that's
the art of the steal ♪

♪ You were all double-crossed
That's why I'm the boss ♪

♪ The boss of ♪

♪ The art of the steal ♪

♪ The art of the steal ♪

♪ The art of the steal ♪

What deal is he talking about?

You wanna tell 'em, Daria,
or should I?

Uh-huh. Your beloved
Reef Commander

made a deal with us
to stop the Unity Pact.

But she made the mistake
of shutting off all your alarms.

So now, su casa es mi casa.
Huh? That means...

We know what it means.

Oh, OK. Lock 'em up, fellas!

Make a break for it!

I got one of 'em!

Oh, you get your flippers off me!

Sorry, boss.

But look! We caught 'em all!

Where's the princess?!

Oh. And Daria's gone, too.

Who cares?

We got the king and the castle.

The kingdom is ours!

Let me think.

Let me think. If we turn
the coral alarms back on,

the sound will drive
the malandros away.

Great plan!
Except one thing.


They can't all be destroyed!

Sure, they can!

Once you turned them off,
it was easy.

What's wrong, Daria?

Catfish got ya tongue?

- On it!

Again with the ink!

Swim, Ocho! Swim!

We should be celebrating right now.

What happened?

The sirenas showed
their true colors.

That's what happened.

Elena! Elena!


Stop where you are!

Naomi, it's OK!

Lower a ladder.

It wasn't a sirena singing.

It was a shapeshifting malandro,

and now, they've taken over
my kingdom!

That means there's still
a chance for peace!

This is great news!

Well, except for the part

where they took over your kingdom.

I need your help to save Coronado

and my family.
- Of course.

Wait. How do we know
Marisa's not lying?

Naomi, why are you being like this?


Because the sirenas
capsized my grandfather's ship.

I never got to meet him.

Never knew my own grandfather.

Because of them!


I don't know what to say.

There's nothing to say.
Just go.

No! When Shuriki
threatened our kingdom,

the sirenas saved us.

I'm gonna return the favor.

Now, who's with me?

I am.
- Me, too!


Let's get them some milagra.

All right!


This kelp really is magic!

Do we have a plan for what
to do when we get there?

I thought we were making this up
as we go along, you know?

Just like all the other times.



Looks like
your luck's run out, Daria.

So has yours.

I'm not scared of you!



How 'bout now?

Heh. Maybe a little.

Don't worry. I'll get you
out of there.

What are you doing?!

Flee while you can!

They'll come back with Saloso

and all of his guards!

We're not going anywhere
without you.

This is not your battle.
Why put yourselves at risk?

This is what allies do.
They protect one another.

I don't deserve your help.

I'm the reason all this happened!

I trusted the malandros.

Sometimes it's hard to know
who to trust.

But now, you know.

I'm sorry, Your Highness.

But there's nothing we can do now.

The malandros destroyed
all the coral alarms.

I-is there another way
to drive them off?

Yeah. Grow more coral alarms.
But that'll take too long.

Maybe not.


Not again!

Well, well.

What do we have here?

Uh, three humans, two sirenas,

and a really cute octopus.

Just get 'em!

Keep working on the coral.

We'll hold 'em off!



It's growing back!


Prepared to get inked!






So much for that.

Ay, ow! Oh, no!

The alarm's back on!

No, no!

Make it stop!

Oh! This isn't over, sirenas!

Yeah! One of these days...



If you still want a Unity Pact,

I'll be the first one to sign.

And I'll provide the ink.


I should have gone with you guys.

But I thought Marisa was lying.

Guess I was wrong about her.

Not just her.

The sirenas have changed.

I hope you're right.

Let's sign this Unity Pact.

I know some wounds
take a long time to heal.

Certainly longer than one feast.

But we have to start somewhere.

I agree!

And I hope we all try our best

to make this friendship
last forever.

All right! Let's break out
the kelp tacos!

What? They're delicious!

Then, let the feast resume!

Hear, hear!