El Cid (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - La conjura - full transcript

Young Ruy has just been named squire to prince Sancho, the eldest son of King Fernando of Leon. One night, he unveils a plot to dethrone the King, in which someone he loves is involved.

My name is Rodrigo Díaz.

I was born in Vivar,

on the border of the kingdoms
of Castile, Aragón and Navarre.

Three brothers occupied their thrones.

In fratricidal wars, they fought
for tributes from the taifa kings,

weakened after the fall
of the Córdoba Caliphate.

My father died fighting for Fernando I,

King of León and Castile.

He left me a sword as his legacy.

With this sword,

today, I have reached glory.

But when I fall in battle,

I'm sure no one will remember my name.

Just as no one remembers my father's.


Champion! Champion! Champion!


{\an8}Ruy is coming with me to León.

I've lost my husband, Father.

Now you want me to lose my son too.

Do you want to stay here?

Or come with me to be a knight?

-He's only 12.
-I was a page at 10.

His father just died!

You want the same for him?

Guarding the border?

-King Fernando sent him here.
-For 15 years!

Ruy is coming with me.

-And I'm taking this.

-It was my father's!
-You'll have it when you're worthy.


Don't worry,

I'll give you a much more powerful weapon.

Take this cross.

Keep it with you, son.

It will protect you always.


This is where you will start as a page.

Come on.

Come on, boy!

Well done, son.
You'll soon be a knight of the realm.

Don't put false hopes
into his little head.

Damn you, Ruy.

How did you know it?

-I have a good memory.
-That will take you far.

Hopefully to a knighthood.

You have to be a squire first.

And until that day comes,
take care of these.

She's already been whipped
for manipulating the measurements.

When we went to her house,
she was tampering with the scales again.

What is your judgment, Sancho?

-Have her beaten again.
-If she does it again?

Hang her and make an example of her.

Father, may I?

Were her doors forced open?

She wouldn't open them.

In that case,
she must not be whipped.

Law states that not even the king's
officials may enter a house by force.

And your husband? Was he in the fields?

Yes, Your Highness.

No woman can be arrested
in her husband's absence.

So says our charter.

-She's free to go.
-Thank you, Your Royal Highness.

Learn from your brother, Sancho.



You haven't forgotten me.

How could I forget you?

You've changed.

Still talking to the birds?

Get away from my fiancée!

-Go clean your stable.

Teach your grandson his place!

Come on.

You're really happy I'm back, I see.

I'm sorry.

A good warrior saves his strength
for the battles he can win.

I would win, Grandfather.

Why provoke the Count of León's son?

-Should I just bow my head?
-Stay away from Jimena!

-Jimena and I are fr--
-Are nothing!

And Jimena is a lady,

so treat her like one.

I couldn't wait to see you.


Lady Elvira.

How wonderful,
you've returned from Asturias!

-Lady Urraca.
-The lovely Jimena.

You were quick to flirt with your fiancé.

Come, we have some catching up to do.

You look so beautiful.

A papal bull will be issued.

My lady will be able to take
her rightful place.

She will be the rightful queen of León.

In exchange for what?

Initiating a war against God's enemies.

Everything is ready.

Have you spoken to King Ramiro?

Aragón is with us.

And Navarre will support our cause.

The joust is the perfect time.

The presence of Ramiro
and his troops will seal the deal.

All of León's nobility is with you.

They will rise up against King Fernando.

My husband must not die.

He must return to Castile.

My lady,

King Fernando has forgotten his duties
as a prince of Christendom.

He would rather accept infidel gold

than recover Toledo or Zaragoza.

I agreed on one condition.

No blood would be spilled,
least of all Fernando's.

As you command, Your Majesty.

My children cannot be harmed.

We're worried about Sancho.

He'll never accept it.

I'll take care of Sancho.

We're surrounded by pages.

With so many handsome young men around,

there must be one you like.


I'll take whoever our parents choose.

And so will you.

Of course.

What do we know?
It's not like we have eyes or anything.

I just hope I get a very handsome prince.

Or a toothless old man.

Whatever suits Father and the kingdom.


Not you!

I prefer Jimena.

Tell me, Jimena.

When were you betrothed?

I was 10.

I like Orduño. So good-looking.

And the son of a count, too!

Not a bad lineage.

For a non-princess.

Thank you, my lady.

And tell me,

has his dagger pierced your plum?

-My lady!

I have never committed that sin.

Poor Orduño.

His parts must feel like he's been stung
by a dozen wasps.

You know you're getting a good deal.

It's better than that loser, Ruy, anyway.

Elvira, for God's sake, not Ruy!

He doesn't have enough land
for his own grave.

Attention, everybody!

Welcome Lisardo, the new page.

Ruy, look after him.

I'm a squire.

And I'm in charge here.

Go help with the bedding for the horses.

Yes, my lord.

Don't worry.

He may seem foolish now,

but after a week,
you'll see he's a complete moron.

I'll be right with you.

After my boys finish their work.

Somebody get me a horse.

Lady Urraca.

I am to be knighted in a few days.

I only ask one favor.

Will you be my patroness
and buckle my spurs?

With pleasure.

My ladies,

we pages bow at your feet.

A mere page like you

should not speak
to distinguished ladies.


a lady needs more than words...

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.


Like master, like servant.

You've spoiled Ruy so much,
he even disrespects your sisters.

He only bowed. As Vellido did with you.

Vellido is to be knighted.

Ruy is just a page.

That can be remedied.

Come here, Ruy.

As of today,
I'm appointing you my new squire.


Just like that?

What do you want? A pat on the back?

All right. There you go.

My Ladies,

the pages and a new squire
bow at your feet.

Never disrespect me again,
you son of a bitch.

Sancho and your grandfather
can't protect you.

That's right, go!

Hide in a hole like your father.

My teeth.

Leave us alone.

You'll bathe me
like when I was little?

You'll always be little to me.

Even if you're not a child.

You're a real prince.


A prince of nothing.

Don't talk like that.

You'll show them in the joust.

The Aragón men won't make it easy.

You have to do better than Sancho
to impress Father.

Remember that.

Would you like Father to make me his heir?


Am I easier to manipulate?

Because you're my favorite,


Can I tell you a secret?

Come. Come.

Why, you...

Get off!

-Good, my lord?
-Yes, Lisardo.

Let's go, brother!

Watch and learn.

The time has come.

It's a stallion, not a mare!

-Let's go. Come on!
-Hold your arm up.

I don't want García to joust.

Let another knight do it.

He's my son, Sancha. He has to.

Helping him won't protect him.

Observe the just order of the world.

Look at them.

This is how God must see us
from his heavenly throne.

We must never be seen like this.


How was the conclave?

Fernando will return to Castile.

With his retinue.
That's what the queen wants.

I'm tired of compromising with her
and the bishop.

What does she want?

For Fernando to kill us

like he did our King Bermudo?

To kill us like he did his brother García
at Atapuerca?

Of course, Her Highness,

the queen,

will not agree to be involved otherwise.

And she is León.

What are we going to do?

There's only one thing to do.

Spoils from Atapuerca.

I took it from King García's body.

It will look like the revenge
of a Navarrese.

Anyone who gets in the way,

kill them.

-Keep your back straight!
-Come on, Alfonso!


-Lean back.

Good, son, very good.

-All luck!
-Want me to do it again?


Take it to the stable before it gets cold.


Your Highness, León expects you to win.

I'm very proud of you.

You will shine in the joust.

Come with me.

I need to win
with my brother Ramiro's champions.

-We will try.
-Don't try.

I want you to win.

-God willing.

You don't understand.

One day, you, you will be my successor.

And we need to show everyone your worth.
The people admire strength and courage.

If you are a good leader,

they'll follow you forever.

And remember, Zaragoza may be at stake.


They finance our kingdoms

and losing would show weakness.

If the Moors pay tributes
to my brother Ramiro,

it would mean war to get them back.

Why not conquer the Moors?

Only they have access
to the eastern markets, son.

To silk, to Damascus steel, to spices...
It finances their kingdoms

and ours.

More can be done for Christendom
with their gold

than with their bodies.

Mother. Mother.

Why does Father only see Sancho?

Sancho is the prince.

Because he was born first with
something hanging between his legs?

It's the law.

Men's law, Mother. Men's law!

The throne of León belongs to you.

He won the throne
by right of conquest.

He was accepted
because he was your husband.

Enough, Urraca!

Why defend him?

Do you like being submissive?


If I were male,
Bermudo would not be king.

Your father defended my rights.

And got the throne in the process.

He's a good man.

One day, you'll understand.

Of course, Mother.

Have mercy, my lord.


I want you in Latin class.

Without wisdom, being a Count

won't make you any better
than those beggars.

Yes, Father.

What happened?

I fell.

You're useless, son.

Are you okay?

-You punched him?
-Shut up.

Just what he needed.

Now he's stupid and gap-toothed.

No, sorry.

Can I help you?

Alfonso is my lord.

It is my duty.

Can you tell me why you're angry, then?

I'm not angry.

Let me.

-It's fine.

Damn it. Damn it!

I'm not angry.

I just wish sometimes I could
take a horse and go.

And leave me?

Would you come with me?

We're engaged,


But we'd have to go far away,

or your father would kill us.

I like your smile.

Just his smile?

My lady.

Go on, I don't want to interrupt.

You're not interrupting, my lady.

Jimena, darling, leave us alone.

I must speak to my brother's squire.

And don't worry.

What just happened is
between me and your conscience.

How's the new squire?

My lady, Ruy...

is nobody.

Can you imagine
if he made a mistake in the joust

and Sancho bit the dust because of him?

One wrongly tied saddle strap...

and bam!

And, given how proud my brother is,

Ruy would be cleaning horse shit
for the rest of his life.

Who knows?

Perhaps fate will be kind to us.

It will be, my lady.

Where the hell do you go at night?

-Go to sleep.


Don't do anything crazy.

-I've seen you look at the king.

He betrayed your dad.

-I won't kill him.

I swear.

But I also swear that someday
he'll know who I am.

I'll be the best warrior

and win battles serving him.

Then I'll speak of my father
to his betrayer.


I can't give you a title,

but I can give you this.

My sword.

With it you can achieve anything,

but you have to be the best.


Finish them all.

{\an8}ATAPUERCA, 1054 AD

The king is dead!

The King of Navarre is dead!

Brother, no!


Damn you.

Be loyal to the king.

You have nothing else.


You don't have to climb the wall
like a thief to wield your father's sword.

How long have you known?

The first day you did it.

When will you give it to me?

I told you.

When you are worthy.

But don't forget that this is much more
important than any sword.

Sancho made me a squire.

-Son of the one who betrayed my father.

But he's my lord.

You saw your father die, Ruy.

Don't repeat his mistake.

Now go.

I want to sleep.

Are you a sign?

Or am I just a fool talking to a bird?

No, it can't be.

Oh, my God!

The king.

If we lose the contest,
it will be humiliating.

It wasn't my idea.

Your Highness,

a joust always
marks a meeting between kings.


I don't know why you had
to invite him just now.

-Fernando the Great!

Welcome to my kingdom.

Beautiful Sancha.


You brought elephants.
Thinking of crossing the Alps?

Friesian horses.

The latest of the French cavalry.

Falling from that height must hurt.

That won't happen tomorrow.

Cousin, I wouldn't talk so fast
if I were you.

You remember García?


You're simply ravishing.

Beltrán, the last time I saw you,
you were a snot-nosed child.

I've grown up.

May God have mercy on that donkey lover.

My lord...

After the last bout, on my mark.

Your Highness.


What's wrong?

-Sorry, my lord.
-Are you worried about me?

Don't be.

I will fight nobly

and if God is with me, I will win.
If not...

I'll take a hard fall.

Afraid of disappointing your father?

Only my king.

The crown comes before blood?

Always, Ruy.

A good king must serve his God.

And a vassal, his king.

Loyalty is the best virtue.
Don't forget it.

My father would have said that.

-Tell me what's going on.
-You can't help me.

What do you mean?

I'm your best friend.

-Swear you won't say anything.
-I swear.

-I swear.

They're gonna kill the king.

-My grandfather.


To save the king,
I turn in my grandfather.

If I keep quiet...

See why you can't help me?

Grandfather or king?

It's an impossible decision, so...

Castile or León?

The food is exquisite!
Everything is, I love it!

Ruy, just flip the coin already.

Only traitors cover for a traitor.

I have to tell the king.


-Think carefully.
-I am.

Amelia's sick

The daughter of the good king

Find out who she serves,
I'd like a new chambermaid.

And the other to my sister
For you to marry her off

My heart is withering

He is dashing.

More dashing than Ruy?

For having my beloved

You have killed me

Even a fire-eater!

You spare no expense, brother.

The Moors must be paying very well!

Al-Muqtadir knows the largest
tree provides the best shade.

Otherwise he'd pay you.

Ah, yes! Fernando the Great!

But you only got one province, Castile!

León's wasteland, he called it.

And he became king of León,
having inherited only a wasteland.

His credit is having married you.

You know that.

You're just irritated
that I conquered León, not you.

The crown belonged to Sancha.
She shared the throne with you.

After that, we know what happened.

You kept what was hers.

No one is paying us any attention.

It's strange, yes.

Remember the day García
and I trapped you in a well?

When he got out,
he was crying like a girl!


-Noble and loyal brother.
-And jealous, remember.

I gave him half of Castile
and he attacked me.

And you killed him!

Calm down! Calm down.

I'm sure your brother doesn't mean
to insult our hospitality.

Right, Ramiro?

Of course not, my dear Sancha.

Beautiful Sancha.

Why didn't Father grant me your hand,

as the first-born?

You're his bastard.


-Say again?

-Please. Please.

My lords!

In the name of God!

Behave like kings,

if you can't behave like brothers!

My dear brother-in-law,

save it for the joust.

The joust.

I'm sure my son Beltrán will win it.

He can't handle Sancho.


More wine!

-Let's go.

I need to talk to the king.

And what? Betray your grandfather?

I'll say someone wants him dead,

but I won't say who.

And he won't ask you anything else?

Got a better idea?

I didn't kill our brother.


The bastard's name was Diego.


Now you only have me, Fernando the Great.

It's just you and me.

Just you and me.

That's enough.

I think we should retire to our quarters.

Your Highness.

I stink.

Let's go, Almanzor.


I love you.

What a night.

Can't remember anything.

You can't drink like you used to.

Excuse me.

Champions of León,

may God guide your arm.

Have faith, brother.


you only have to do better than Sancho.

And you, make sure to help your lord.

You know how.

Your Highness.

Our people are ready.

After the last joust,
I'll drop this handkerchief.

That will be the signal.


no blood.

No one is to touch my family.

Your Highnesses,


distinguished citizens
of the royal city of León!

Four of our courageous champions

and four knights of the kingdom of Aragón

will be measured today
for the greater honor of God

and his kingdoms.

May the most gallant and virtuous champion

be granted victory

and immortal fame.

Let the joust begin!

My son Sancho is going to win.

-Good, García!
-Come on!

-Come on, brother!

Don't be daunted, okay? Don't be!

Look how he holds it.

The Norman way. It's foolproof.

-That's it.
-Show them what León is made of!

Come on!

No, damn it! No!

Good luck.

Not luck. Balls.

Come on.

Good! Good!

Victory should never depend on luck.

My son. My son.

Tie the straps tightly.

Well done, Alfonso!

My lord, set the lance as they do.

No, ridiculous.

You must wield the lance.

It won't last a minute fixed.

-My lord--
-Enough, Ruy.

The Norman way.

I want you to give Ruy a message.

As you wish.


-My lady, what's the message?
-I don't know, think of one. Go.

Go on.


My lady Elvira

reminds you we'll be at the chestnut tree.

I thought you'd keep your word.

I see I was wrong.

Ruy was watching the saddle.

Oh! Look.

She really wants you to come.

Now he's not.

I didn't forget, my lady.

Yes! At this rate, my son will wipe out
your whole family!

My lord!

My lord.

My lord, please.

Hold the lance like them.

-I said no!
-This isn't a battlefield.

It's too narrow.


Álvar. Álvar.

I need you to take over.


If you fail,

you know what's in store for you.

There are no guards behind the box.

And remember, the last bout.

I'll pay you the rest after.

Where's Ruy?

-Taking a leak.

-I'll kill him!
-Sorry, my lord.

-Tighten the strap!
-Yes, my lord!

-Come on!
-Let's go!

Your Highnesses,

nobles and citizens of Aragón and León,

the joust is at its last stage.

Each contender holds in his hands

the glory and honor of his whole kingdom.

From León,

on a dark chestnut horse
and colors of red and gold,

heir to the throne of León
and the province of Castile,

Sancho Fernández!

Hail Sancho!

Come on, Sancho!

From the kingdom of Aragón,

a horse with a black coat
and satin steel colors,

heir to the throne of Aragón,

and Sobrarbe, and Ribagorza,

Beltrán Ramírez!

Sancho, be careful.

It's impossible to knock him
off that horse.

Speak for yourself, little brother.

Look how the donkey lover parades around.

Come on!

Let's go!



Beltrán! Beltrán! Beltrán!

My lord!



The king lives.

If we rise up now,
Sancha will send him to Castile,

but he'll come back and kill us all.

You said so yourself.

-Are you afraid?

But if we die,

León will be lost forever.

Goddamn it!

It was a clean joust, brother.

Congratulations on Aragón's victory.


His neck is broken.

Then whose blood is this?

It does not please God
that we neglect our brotherly love.

Let us resolve to cooperate.

With faith, brother,

with faith,

our kingdoms can prosper together.

May God save you, Fernando.

May God save you.

Do you think you and cousin Beltrán...

I'll never win a throne in bed.

I'm glad you made peace.

This is no time for peace, son.

This is time to strike.

I'm sorry, my lady.

What happened?

I heard your husband
knew everything.

I couldn't risk it.

Too much is at stake.

There was something going on today.

I'm sure my brother had a card to play.

Someone has betrayed us.

We have to find him.

Find out who it was.

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